July 25th, 2011 (#882)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 25th, 2011:

No-One Knew, Surprise, Surprise,
Truth Submerged Under Lies:

"Norway Now Hit and Will Come Under
The System That Tears Nations Asunder,
Revolutionary Democracy for World Peace,
By Using War Till All Combats Cease,
Then for a Century it's Terror Within,
It Worked for Stalin, Kept Him In,
Then We'll Toil as One to Pay Off World Debt
And Save the Planet by Not Breeding, Yet
There'll Be Permits for Those Who Manage
This Interdependency and Cause the Damage,
Debtocracy Will Ensure, No People is Free,
More Cons to Come, Just Wait and See"
© Alan Watt July 25th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė July 25th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July the 25th, 2011.  For newcomers, you should always look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  Thereís hundreds to choose from.  And hopefully, youíll understand that this big system around the world really is around the world.  Itís over the world in a sense.  Itís over all governments.  One big system, which is called globalism, and single governments and all of the usual stuff.  Iím sure youíre all pretty well wise to what itís all about nowadays, because itís in the daily newspapers, even.  Weíre so used to hearing the names of the IMF, World Bank, and these kind of umbrella organizations of the United Nations, that we think itís always been this way.  And we adapt.  We adapt into every new facet of the new democracy, as they like to call it, thatís spearheading across the world.  So, hopefully, as I say, look into that, and hopefully youíll get the shortcuts to understanding the big organizations, at least the history of how it came to be, and who was behind it, and how really countries are kept in utter darkness until you merge into the new system.  Most will adapt into it, without even knowing itís changed, because our lives are very short, and this is an intergenerational program. 


And remember too, that you can support me, because I donít bring on guests who advertise, but you can support me by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US, you can still use a personal check to Canada, and you can also use an international postal money order from your post office.  Or send cash.  Or use PayPal to order.  Use the donation button, and then follow it with an email, with your name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Across the rest of the world, youíve got Western Union, or Money Gram, or again, PayPal.  And remember, straight donations are really welcome, as well, because weíre in these austere times as we continue to bail out banks across the world on the quiet, the QT, as they say.  And itís really the bondholders weíre bailing out, the private boys, the guys that are trillionaires.  And, of course, we canít let them suffer, because life is tough enough for them, apparently.  But thatís the world weíre living in. 


Weíre living in a world thatís steamrolling ahead under something thatís called Revolutionary Democracy.  That was first heard in the Bush Jr. era, when the Neo-Conservatives, as they called themselves then, came out with the term.  Thereís documentaries that have been done on mainstream about them, from members who were in it, talking about what Revolutionary Democracy means.  It means forcing it upon peoples who either have never heard of it, or they donít particularly want it.  But thatís the idea of peace.  Peace comes through revolution and forcing folk under a single global democracy.  And even democracy is constantly being reinterpreted as to its actual meaning.  If you ask 100 people, you get a lot of different answers what it actually means, because really the public have very little input at all on what their governments are up to.  Actually, I would say none, personally.  I think itís all authorized non-governmental organizations now that are the constituents of the democratic countries.  In fact, the United Nations has that on its website, this new democracy must comprise of groups, NGOs, working with our governments.  And thatís what we have today.  The general silent majority are out of the picture, and theyíre quite content to be out of the picture, mind you.  And theyíre well entertained, as life goes by, and their little short lives end up as everyone elseís does.  Thatís the world that weíre in today. 


And of course, thereís always opposition to this Revolutionary Democracy, because you just canít throw people together and expect everything just to be happy, especially those who are living through the great changes.  And yet, thatís what they want everyone to do.  Thereís always been riots already with the multicultural immigration, forced immigration.  Iíve gone through the reasons why.  It isnít just because those countries are getting bombed and the folk want out and they want to live in another country.  Itís because the people in the Western countries are not having enough children, and the bankers want them in to pay off the debt.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Itís amazing how life imitates fiction.  And we always get predictive programming before any major happening occurs, because in this day and age, no one can actually do anything without being monitored.  Itís impossible.  Itís actually impossible.  And everyone has been profiled.  And those folk who are into chat rooms and the forums have all been profiled too, and theyíre constantly watched and everything is saved.  Literally, everything that we do, electronically, and even when youíre out walking at times too, if youíre being followed, theyíll definitely be picking up what youíre about.  And this whole thing in Norway, of course, as we well know stinks to high heaven.  Especially when you see predictive programming coming out in advance, because Captain America came out, of course, this month, and the whole thing starts off with a massive invasion and explosion in Norway, just to kick the whole movie off.  And itís about a kind of post-World War II, Nazi idea of taking over the World.  So, as I say, you cannot dismiss these things as coincidences, especially when youíve watched them all your life, because, same with 9/11, there were so many movies made at that time to do with 9/11, and youíd have 9/11 for the heights of bridges that youíd drive under, and that kind of stuff.  So, itís the same thing with these movies that come out for predictive programming.  And how it works, really, is to familiarize you with an idea before the event happens.  And you kind of float through the actual event itself.  And itís kind of familiar.  So youíre more prone to accept the propaganda thatís spewed out at the time.


And of course, nothing makes any sense with this Norwegian thing.  As I say, you cannot be in these forums.  You cannot be belonging to these particular groups and expressing your opinions without being profiled.  And believe you me, really, really monitored, cell phones, everything.  Everything is kept, of course.  And this doesnít make any sense at all.  And for this young fellow who decided to supposedly become a kind of strange martyr or hero, depending on what group heís actually playing towards, theyíre labeling him as a Nazi, even though he didnít have the Nazi traits.  They even labeled him to the Unabomber, but the Unabomber was called the Unabomber because he targeted specific professors in university, who were into basically a new form or running the world and running the people.  He was actually a professor who was going to join them, and he turned against them.  He said it was a horrific system they were bringing in, and thatís why he started targeting these particular people.  And Iíve done talks on that before.  So, heís not a Unabomber, at all.  And if he wanted massive impact, he would have obviously waited until the government offices were full to get maximum impact, but he didnít.  Because thatís what a terrorist does, is to get shock value, massive shock and horror, the bigger the better.  And he didnít do that.  Weíll never know the whole story to this.  And there will be various stories coming out. 


They already are coming out from all kinds of media makers, I call them, who will spin them for their own benefit, because everyone in this world today on any level is really involved in their own particular agenda, put it that way.  There are so many security companies, private and governmental agencies working on their own little plans for this global order.  You donít know who to believe.  And, of course, the best propaganda makes sure thereís a lot of truth there.  Itís the last few parts of it, the 10% or whatever, that gives the spin.  So, weíll never get all of the story coming out of this at all, except that none of it, really, as I say, makes any sense for the little that they actually have given the public.  But it will drag out as time goes on.  And there will be all kinds of crazy ones coming out too, with their ideas.  Itís the aliens, itís this, itís that, and all that kind of nonsense.  So, generally, when these things happen, I just wait to see what their final stories are going to be, and itís after that event generally that little bits of the real truth start to trickle into reality and we get to talk about it in a more logical fashion.  But youíve always got to ask who benefits.  And if this guy was thinking about starting off some kind of Revolution, I would say that heís benefited the very people, and Iím not talking about Muslims, Iím talking about the Cultural Socialists, as he called them, or Marxists, heís benefited them more than ever, because those are the ones that everyone knows are really at the top of the tree these days.  And theyíre all for global governance.  And itís a global governance, you see, it doesnít matter what it takes to get to global governance.  It doesnít matter when they cram cultures together very quickly, instead of giving them time to assimilate and adapt to the new system and become part of the new country.  They come in masses.  And thereís always turmoil when that happens.  Thatís the story of history. 


The guys at the top are not stupid.  They make this happen.  They know itís going to happen.  Personally, I think they want it to happen.  Thatís my personal opinion.  Especially when they bring them on mass, and then the government itself, like some countries in the British Commonwealth, will print their own newspapers for them, in their own tongue.  And I can remember years ago reading one, well, I was trying to read it actually.  It was from India.  And a guy in a store there I knew very well.  It was printed by the Canadian government.  And I said, could you read that, the article for me?  He said he didnít want to.  I says, why?  He said, because itís not nice about white people.  And I thought, gee, theyíre using the taxpayers of Canadians to agitate these people.  Why would they be doing that?  Why would that be getting done?  Of course, the governments would tell you itís to get them into their leftwing groups that they favor for this global system, if we can call them even leftwing. 


What is rightwing or leftwing anymore, anyway?  What does it really mean?  Because it keeps changing, again, just like democracy keeps changing.  And leftwing at one time meant Marxism, an international system.  And rightwing meant basically that you were happy with the way things were.  Nationalist, basically.  It doesnít have to be a kind of fascist type of system, where you go off for more Lebensraum, living space, as they say.  But literally, you were happy with your own little place, but youíre not allowed to have that anymore, you see, under internationalism.  And not only are the countries in the West already burdened down with massive debts and taxes, theyíre burdened down too with so many coming in from across the seas that need help right off the boat, basically for healthcare and money and accommodation.  And Britain, Iíve even read the articles on the air, has been advertising itís the best one in Europe for about thirty years now.  So, I said thirty years ago, with this kind of immigration, itís obvious to me they were setting up the chessboard for something to come down the pike, down the road, in other words.  Something was going to happen.  And I knew it would either be some kind of war on those countries.  Now youíve got homegrown terrorism, and then they can put everyone, it doesnít matter who you happen to be, under the same, you peg them all the same.  Youíre all potential terrorists.  And only, I imagine through this idea of terrorism and police state security, can they really force a New World Order across the whole world like this, because thatís what weíre in.  And this could all have been avoided, as I say.  But then you get into the other side of things.  We are financial units.  Iíve said this for so long, and never mind all their propaganda and the multiculturalism, and weíre one big, happy face.  We are looked upon, all of us, from all different countries, as individual economic units. 


And looking into the International Monetary Fund, today, these are the guys, again, a private organization, but given some strange kind of legitimacy through the United Nations.  Theyíre basically a debt collector.  Thatís what they really are, a lender.  Theyíre the last resort if youíre broke and you canít get a loan, you get it from the International Monetary Fund at an awfully high interest rate.  Thatís what it is. 


And, theyíre all in on this globalization system, because, within this New World Order, near the top, you have the money boys and the money families that are really royal families to do with money, they intermarry each other.  You have regal families, royal families, that conquered countries, like the Queen and all that, and theyíre the descendents of them, and they own all thatís on the Earth and underneath the sea, and all that kind of stuff.  You also have the banking royal families that went into it that way.  And, of course, since money runs all the countries, technically Iíd say the bankers are more important than the hereditary royalty that got it through slaughter and pillage.  Regardless of all that, and regardless of the suffering thatís caused around the world, and the wars that are forced upon countries to make them democratic by bombing them, and putting in Color Revolutions to get it all started, hereís an article from the International Monetary Fund.  And this is what they think of you, right.  And this article is called:


Geriatric Deadbeats


(Alan: Geriatric Deadbeats, right?  These are the guys at the United Nations, you know.  It says:)


As the number of older voters relative to younger ones increases around the globe, the creditworthiness of borrowing countries could declineóresulting in less external lending and more sovereign debt defaults.


(A: This is all they care about.  Youíre just numbers to them.)


Because lenders cannot easily confiscate a government's assets in the case of a default, they must rely almost completely on the creditworthiness of a sovereign in deciding whether to make a loan. To the many factors affecting a nation's creditworthinessósuch as macroeconomic strength and past debt-payment recordólenders must add aging.


And basically, it goes on about what their big worry is at the top.  Thereís too many old folk now, you see, old folk that never had children, to pay off the debt.  And, as I was saying before, and Iíve read the articles from the mainstream, recently, in fact, where theyíre talking about the need to bring in immigration, and from top politicians like Tony Blair and all the rest of them, to pay off the debt.  They donít care who they bring in, because the peasant in China is just the same as the peasant in Britain to them, at the top.  Thatís all you are, just peasants.  So, here you are.  They gave you a culture telling you not to have children since the í60s.  And donít forget for a second, their government departments, every country has got them to do with population numbers and facts and figures and all that kind of stuff.  Statistics, basically.  And they knew darn well when they were pushing this ďdonít have any children, just stay single and have a great time.  Weíll give you all the pill for free.Ē  They knew darn well the time would come when there was no children to pay off the debt.  So, they had it planned to bring in all the foreigners.  So, donít blame the foreigners.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And as I said before, I wonít go into too much.  Iíll listen to the callers to see what they think about the whole thing in Norway, but, as I say, weíll never get the whole truth on this, obviously.  As I say, youíd never get away with this in this day and age.  You canít do it.  Especially if youíre already on chat rooms and forums, and believe you me, if this fellow was in England beforehand, he would have been well monitored too, before and after.  And this doesnít make any sense at all, especially since the CIA already warned Norway that its security was too lax, along with Assange, which makes you kind of suspicious.  And Norway too was pulling out of bombing Libya.  Theyíd had enough bombing.  And theyíd paid off their national debt, by the way, and they didnít want to fork money out to Europe to help them bail out this enormous black hole that goes out into outer space.  So, they had it coming, you might say.  And bang, thatís it.  Now everybody is in there to help them, you know, to set up the police state.  And Bingo.  So, who benefits in the long run?  Weíll soon find out, of course.  Itís a shame that, Norway was an awfully nice place at one time.  Now, weíll go to Darren in Ireland, if heís hanging on there.


Darren: Hi, Alan, howís it going?


Alan: Not too bad, yeah.


Darren: Them forums are pretty funny, because even the word forum is really to form someoneís own opinion or form someoneís opinion.


Alan: Thatís right.  Well, you get in-formed.  They form within.  They literally form you within your brain.


Darren: Yeah.  Itís funny because itís kind of the same scenario I guess as Japan was in, when it kind of magically, this earthquake came along, and they then had to go to the IMF and entered into all these other international kind of organizations.


Alan: Thatís right. And for the first time too, because Japan really, it always managed, it sold all its debt to its own people.  It didnít sell it to outsiders.  And they were kind of nationalistic.  So you canít have nationalism in this day and age, you know. 


Darren: Itís funny, because I was actually in the middle of reading Brave New World again, and thereís actually, I think itís the very first page, where you know, heís giving them the tour of the plant, and he actually says, Iím trying to find the page right here, but he says, he mentions that there was an earthquake in Japan and they had to clone more people to send over there.  I thought that was a kind of funny little seg bit there.


Alan: It might fit in now that theyíve admitted in Britain that theyíve cloned hundreds of animal-human hybrids.  Literally, weíre living the science fiction.


Darren: Yes, itís crazy.  Iíve always wondered why they gave us the likes of, I know itís still classified as a New Age Movement, but the likes of Yoga or maybe Martial Arts.  I know, I guess, that you should take some parts for good, but I guess there must be a reason behind it even being out there. 


Alan: Yoga is easily explained, because Madame Blavatsky, her mission was to set up a system, mainly for women.  In fact, Blavatsky, people donít know it, she set up these homes for women, single women.  There was lots of unemployment at that time too, and destitution, and it ended up in a scandal, because she ended up having lesbian affairs with them.  Actually, thatís a fact.  Iíve got the old prints of the time.  Anyway, her job was to merge the cultures of India with that mainly of Britain, maybe other parts of Europe too, but mainly of Britain, for the future, when they would blend the countries together.  And that was started off in the 1800s.  And then, of course, you had Besant and other ones would take over, Alice Bailey, members of the Fabian Society, for women, for womenís rights, they helped to kick off the feminist movement, all funded by the Astor family.  So, this was started a long time ago, this whole move towards multicultural integration. But they already knew at that time which people they would bring in to which countries, and mainly from about the 60s onwards it was from India, they initially brought them into Britain.  The same thing happened, you know, I can remember many years ago when Judo was a big thing from Japan, Judo and Karate, and suddenly it was Kung Fu.  And it was at the same time that they were signing all the deals for bringing in, getting us used to the idea of Chinese in a similar manner of ourselves, the fighting stuff on television, the Kung Fu, the great series on television, and really that was in preparation for the World Trade Organization and getting the most favored nation status.  Weíre always programmed ahead for whatís to come, you see, even through fiction, you know.


Darren: So, is there any good in it at all?  I know, I can see why, because even at that time you had mass immigration of people from the Asian borders from when I guess all that came out, martial arts.  Itís funny, because Iíve been reading on the news about all these hackers.  Hackers this and hackers that and hackers are fighting against all these organizations and hacking into peopleís files and all that, but I think itís in preparation for them merely shutting down the internet.  Itís like theyíre fighting against themselves, and then itís like, oh, we have to go in now and stop these hackers, you know, that are causing us problems.  Youíre going to have to have an ID to find out who these hackers are.


Alan: Yes.  Thereís no doubt about it at all.  The internet is already one of the most valuable tools for getting us all profiled daily and updated by ourselves daily.  Everybody volunteers their information.  So, itís a great security tool already, but youíre right.  It was always intended theyíd eventually police it and drag it down into a level where you couldnít really use free speech.  Free speech now, youíre scared to even use the term free speech.  They think youíre odd.  They think youíre probably a crazy person if you want free speech.  They think theyíve got free speech, but you donít have free speech.  If you had free speech you could talk about anything at all, no matter how mad it was, that would be free speech.  But youíre not even allowed that.  You get punished for saying certain things today, so, itís already policed, but it will get worse.  It will get worse, no doubt.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Tonight too, Iím putting up a list for the US to see how much their politicians have in the kitty.  And itís a good comparison.  I think the Democrats have a bit more cash than the Republicans, individually Iím talking about.  So, Iíll put that list up for you to peruse to see which bunch of millionaires you want to vote for, the leftwing or the rightwing.  Now, thereís Rick from New York on the line.  Are you there, Rick?  Hello?


Rick: Yes.  How are you doing, Alan?


Alan: Not too bad.


Rick: Yeah.  I canít believe how ignorant people are in the US if they havenít read the Constitution to see that only Congress has the power to coin and distribute money, you know, with the Federal Reserve illusion.  Itís just amazing to me that in the mass media obviously thatís tightly controlled by the CFR, that itís never mentioned that the Congress does have that power, and that the Federal Reserve is a private institution run by international bankers to bankrupt the world through printing worthless fiat money thatís based on a system where we have to pay interest on every dollar thatís printed by them that they have the monopoly on that.


Alan: Itís the same system across the world now, though.  Each country has got a Central Bank, same idea.  Theyíre all in touch with other Central Banks.  In fact, they even borrow from each other sometimes.  And through the IMF again, and the World Bank, theyíre all colluding together for this wonderful system.  And I put up a video a few times, a link to a video called, ďOh, CanadaĒ, because Canada had no debt at all, because it had its own bank at one time, even through the Great Depression, right through to the 1930s, and they came from all over, including the US, to find out how it worked in Canada.  And it was very simple.  Canada basically printed its own money.  It minted its own coin.  And it sold it off to the bankers.  The rest of it was put in through big projects, roads and so on.  And it didnít lose any money because they were getting cash through the banks that they sold it to, who then loaned it out to the public.  So, thatís how it worked, but, of course, they had to get that brought down. And they did.  Now the Bank of Canada is just a room where an appointed governor from the government meets with the international money boys for borrowing.  Thatís all it is, is a room.  And we get our cash in Canada printed n Germany now.


Rick: Wow.  Yeah, also, one article I was reading, American Free Press had an article on comprehensive annual financial reports that the government has two sets of books, and the US government, and they have a slush fund going in terms of like the money.  Theyíre always saying that they have no money and that theyíre not making enough in revenue, but actually, in actuality on the second set of books, they have billions and billions of dollars that they donít report, and they donít mention that in the US media also. 


Alan: Well, the whole thing, government is a racket, you know.  Government is a racket.  I mean, I was surprised when the last manufactured crash happened.  They could have kept the bubbles going forever if they wanted to, but it was planned that way to bring you into this new system of greening and austerity, etc, to get the next part of the big worldwide Socialist plan through.  And I was surprised to see that even local governments, your local councils were investing in places like Iceland.  Where did they get the money to invest?  Because supposedly they had nothing left at the end of each year as they taxed you and taxed you, including your provincial or state government.  Same thing.  Theyíre all investing abroad.  Nobody knew they were even doing that.  So, itís just a massive racket.  Youíre right on with it.  Itís corrupt.  See, government is by its very nature corrupt, and it has to be.  If it starts off, I donít care who starts it off, it will be corrupt within a generation and thatís what Jefferson said.  He was quite right. They knew by history thatís what happens.  And then you get a clique in there.  And then they have to start lying to the public about what theyíre doing.  And then the lying becomes the normal and that forever more.  And thatís how it is today.  They talk to us like children at the bottom now.  Thatís really how it is.


Rick: Yeah, the US, I mean, the US was built on a low tax system in terms of like industry and everything else, what was going on years ago.  But now, because of these vested interests, the corporate welfare and stuff like that, you know, and everything.


Alan: Well, theyíre already talking in todayís paper about forgiving the taxes for the international corporations again in the US.  Give them a write-off for the year, so they donít have to pay any taxes.


Rick: I mean, like GE paid no tax, hardly any tax in the last year since Obama has been in office, because Jeffery Immelt who runs GE is very close friends of Obama, and they favor people, what do you call it, finance Obama and so forth, you know, to get these tax breaks.


Alan: Yeah.  So, itís literally, and then again too, if you mention the Constitution, itís taught to the police in the US now, heís probably a radical right-winger.  And so even the Constitution has been, again by careful manipulation of the minds of people through countless little movies and so on, they think of people who follow the Constitution as bad people.  Itís astonishing how mind control works, isnít it?  But it works very, very effectively.


Rick: But in terms of like the Ron Paul question, I mean, I agree with him when it comes to Federal Reserve policy and everything else and, you know, getting rid of the military-industrial complex, but boy, what I donít like about Ron Paul is his adherence to the Austrian School of Economics, and that because heís a Libertarian, he wants to destroy Social Security and Medicare, and I think thatís a bad idea in the current environment that weíre in right now economically.† Thatís just my opinion, you know.


Alan: Well, the thing is, a country the size with the population of the US should be able to take care of its own people very well.  And the reason it prospered so much too, literally, and this is in their general history books, is because of the lack of bureaucratic and governmental oversight and involvement in business.  They left you alone to get on with business.  And low taxation.  Thatís why the US took off.  And now itís the same as every other country now.  Youíve got masses.  You canít, youíre sitting filling forms out all day for the government if youíre trying to run a small business.  So, yeah, unfortunately, itís caught up there too. 


Rick: Alright, Alan.  Thanks for the time and have a good evening. 


Alan: And you too.  Bye now.  And thereís Alex from New York as well.  Are you there, Alex?


Alex: Hey, I have a couple of questions for you, but I wanted to start off with something that Iíve had a lot of trouble figuring out and thatís the topic of Charles Manson.† What do you think about him?  I have a feeling that like, I figured out that he was a mind control subject.  That was pretty easy to figure out.  But I feel at some point he kind of turned on the people who were handling him or something, because I donít understand why he was in jail, given such an unfair trial and all that.  And Iím not so sure what he was used for.


Alan: Well, weíll never know.  The thing is, the US had so many little experiments going on across the country back then, including free love groupies, little communes all across the country.  And again, using drugs, and different kinds of drugs too, and the observation of their subjects.  Manson definitely was involved with something like that, initially.  And, of course, he had his little groupies there, The Family they called themselves.  And he certainly wasnít an idiot at all by any means.  But he got into trouble, of course, with the killing of that actress, mind you.


Alex: Do you think they wanted him to do that, or was that something that just got out of control?


Alan: Weíll never really know what triggered it off and why her, even though I think it was Polanskiís wife, I think.


Alex: Yeah, it was.


Alan: And of course, heíd done Rosemaryís Baby [Roman Polanski] to do with black magic and the breeding of a child of Satan.  So, weíll never really know, except that there was a lot of involvement to do with the cults at that time.  The CIA were into trying out different kinds of cult groups, including Satanism by the way.  Youíll use anything you can for your subjects.  It doesnít matter if they even believe in it, if youíre managing it.  It was Sharon Tate, I think, that he ended up killing.  And again, in a very ritualistic fashion.  So, weíll never get the whole story.  But he definitely had a lot of the lowdown on a lot of different people in politics and so on, as though he knew them pretty well.  That was the odd part about it. 


Alex: Yeah, listening to his interview, he makes like a lot of allusions to people.  Like yesterday, I was watching an interview and he was saying something about how thereís a lot of people working for World Peace and something like that.  And like, the interviewer just, like a lot of the things he says, he just like, kind of just moved over it as though it was nothing, but itís like clear he knows that thereís big moves going on to create a sort of one world government.  He even talks about that there is a one world government thatís going to happen very soon, and sooner than you think. 


Alan: Yeah, it was already, thatís right.  It was already happening.  It had been happening since they signed the declaration in San Francisco at the United Nations.  Every country signed away its sovereignty right there.  And so he knew that.  Also, you had the same thing with the Jonestown Massacre.  You had the CIA involvement there.  In fact, Jones himself had been given permission by President Reagan at the time to go into the psychiatric hospitals and use his techniques on the patients.  And he was given free reign basically into a lot of even high security psychiatric places.  So, thereís always a CIA involvement, and again, the pipelining of very powerful drugs in, and theyíre never arrested for the drugs, of course.  No one comes near them for that.  So, these are all experiments as far as I can see.  These experiments still go on today, with different techniques, of course, but theyíre still going on today. 


Alex: Also, I was talking about Lord of the Rings a lot on the show recently.  I just finished reading it, and very interesting, at the end, when Frodo and another hobbit get back to the Shire, they discover that the Shire is kind of under a Communist dictatorship type thing where Sauron came to the Shire and suddenly, like before there was plentiful food and everything, and they come back and thereís no food in the Shire anymore.  Whatís going on?  And theyíre like, the new guy came and heís sharing it with everyone supposedly, but yet, everyone is scared of this guy, and they barely see any of the food that heís supposedly taking away to share.  And then they overthrow this guy and everything and it just seemed like a very anti-Communist type statement that they put in there at the end.


Alan: Itís austerity for the ones who do all the work.  For the more elite types, in the categories of elite, which is also in Lord of the Rings of course, itís about elite ones from the top down.  The ones at the bottom do all the work, and of course, then they have to share whatís left under austerity measures.  And thatís what youíve got there.  Thanks for calling.  And now weíll go on to Dion from New York, if heís there. 


Dion: Alan, hi.  I first have a quick anecdote to tell you.  I built houses out east on Long Island.  Itís a very affluent part of the United States.  And Iím working for, I just was working for a multi-billionaire, and we had to bring some tile samples out from Manhattan to show this billionaire and have him and her choose what theyíd like in their new home.  And they also, they bought the building next to them in Manhattan, and I walked through that building to show them the samples, and they were constructing in that building.  On the wall, in big black spray paint, while sparks were flying and saws were cutting and everything, it was under construction, there was a big all-seeing eye in spray paint on the side.  And itís just these things.  And I told my brother about it, and he kind of laughed it off, because he knows what Iím into and these things I think about, but just a little story for your listeners.  These things arenít coincidences, you know.† Theyíre lucky charms, you know.


Alan: Thatís right.  And highly symbolic of again a World System where everyone is under surveillance.  Basically thatís what it means today.  Weíre all under surveillance.


Dion: But thatís a very true story, and itís not a coincidence.  And I want to know, Alan, I just broke up with my girlfriend over these subjects, because we just totally disagreed on everything, even though I really love her.  You know, I had to break it off, because I couldnít spend the rest of my life, you know, just like sacrificing my sanity to kind of just like talk about, you know, subjects that the media wants us to talk about and not really whatís going on.  But I wanted to know, if you have any advice of just how to deal with like not being able to wake up the person that you love.  And you know, itís really sad and frustrating.  You know, Iím just looking for some advice.


Alan: Itís one of the hardest things you can do.  Sometimes it happens to the woman.  Iíve had cases who have contacted me, where the woman wakes up and the guy doesnít.  And thereís no happy ground there, because human nature generally goes the same way, that initially youíll try to humor them, but youíre living inside your head, and then you feel youíre imprisoned, because you canít discuss what you want to discuss.  But the other person will expect you to listen to trivia all day long and the approved stuff from the mainstream.  And it generally never works.  Thereís no way you can sublimate it to that level where you can actually go along with it, unless youíre out of the house a lot.  You know.  I mean, thatís basically it.


Dion: The other weird thing is like, I wonder even with her and some other people I meet, I think like, I donít think Iím that smart of a guy.  Iím above average, you know, intelligence, but I just wonder, if all these people, like my girlfriend, she was very good at math.  She could compute things so quickly.  And I was like, why canít you see reality, you know, if you can do all these other things way better than me.  Something is missing.  I donít know what it is. 


Alan: Well, what youíre mixing up is intellect and education.  See, thereís a big difference between being intelligent.  Iíve met illiterate people that were incredibly intelligent who had thought things out for themselves and could see through all the little cons that go along, and very street savvy.  Thereís a big difference between having an education, thereís a lot of educated fools out there.  An awful lot of them in fact.  And in fact, when you really go into even some of the bigger peopleís writings, they admit that, that the more education you get, the less of an actual distinct thinking reasoning individual you are.  And that is very, very true.  The easiest people to manipulate are those with more education, because they belong to a peer group and they want to adapt to whatever is new and politically correct, because they have a craving to stay with that group.  The person lower down is more apt to get it, to get whatís actually happening, because they have no need to belong to a particular group.  But most folk do mix up education with basically IQ. 


Dion: Iíve noticed that. And thereís like a snobbishness too.  Like, who are you to tell me whatís right, when Iím just begging people just to like look at things that Iíve seen, not to listen to what I say.


Alan: Well, remember what Bertrand Russell said.  He said, the orators used to think at one time that you needed a good oratory, good reasoning power, to bring people around to getting behind you on a topic.  He said, but we find we do more with a brass band and waving flags.  And thatís how, thatís what we use today.  Itís emotion that does it.  Not reasoning anymore.  Thanks for calling.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And weíll go to Dave from Arizona, if heís still there.  Is Dave from Arizona there?  Hello?  Are you there?


Dave: Hi.† Yeah, thereís just one thing, I wanted to point out a couple of things on the Norway shooting.  Itís kind of interesting.  If you study the guy, basically what the newspapers are saying about him, and if you go and you watch his video that he made about the Knights Templar and all that, his basic thing was that he has to protect the white race and the European customs and all this.  Well, what does the guy do?  The guy goes and kills white people, white Europeans.† The very people that in his video heís sworn to protect.


Alan: I know.  And apparently the youngsters on the island were of the Labor Youth Wing, apparently, so thatís why he supposedly went after them.  But he did accuse his government of being traitors.  If that was the case, you think he would have waited until they were all in the government building rather than it be a holiday, to make an example of them, but it doesnít make sense at all.  None of this really makes sense.  Plus, he was really into really Islamiphobic writers, who were Israeli some of them.  He was all for their writings.  He just had a thing about Islam, and that was his main target.


Dave: Thatís what I mean.  Why would the guy take out white Europeans when his whole thing was against Islam?


Alan: I guess he couldnít find enough Islamics on an island.  It makes no sense at all.  What he was hoping to do was to get copycats and other cells that would spring up and bring back, restore something.  And even though he didnít really say he was a Christian, in fact he actually said I think in his little video that the Templars stood up against all kinds of hate and bigotry of all religions; to try and bring back some guys on horses with lances today is like a youngsterís emotional dream.  It doesnít fit in with the character of this guy that didnít seem immature in his writings except for those things.  Itís almost like thereís two different people here working on the documentation that theyíve given to the public. 


Dave: Sort of like a cover story.


Alan: Yeah, because he didnít seem the romanticized type, Knights Templars, etc.  I mean, he claims he was a millionaire before he was twenty-four in business.  He had a couple of degrees.  The writing was well written for someone from Norway, as opposed to some of the emails that youíve seen written that he put out there on Facebook.  Some of the emails were terrible English, but this stuff was written in perfect English, grammatically and all the rest of it, so thereís more to this than meets the eye.  And we probably wonít get told the whole story.  Plus, I wonder why the cops didnít shoot him.


Dave: Well, thatís another interesting part.  I donít know if you read this, but supposedly the cops called out his name, it like deactivated him.  He put his gun down and turned himself in.


Alan: Or did he give up the Masonic gesture for help and mercy, which they also use as well.  Weíll never really know, but thereís definitely, definitely people knew what he was going to do.  Iím talking about agencies as well that had to have been tracking him.


Dave: Well, how did they know his name?


Alan: Well, apparently he did put it up on the internet a few hours beforehand, but heíd been obviously tracked for some time.  And weíll find out down the road what happens, maybe, if weíre lucky.  Or we might never hear from him again, once heís in prison, heíll disappear as most of them do.


Dave: Thanks, Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.  And Bob from Texas, maybe you can call tomorrow.  Thank you.



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