July 26th, 2011 (#883)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 26th, 2011:

Down the Drain, Adieu Adieu,
To Borrow More is to Devalue:

"Savings Disappear Like Grains of Sand,
A Corrupt Money System Rules the Land
And No-One Attempts to Bring it Down,
For Mr. Moneybags Wears the Crown,
Why?--After Crashing, Does it Remain,
Surely Someone "Up There's" Sane,
But Riches You See is Not the Sole Goal,
Those Managing Wealth are Maintaining Control,
Yes, Their Control is the Source of All Power,
Other Systems Subordinate Under the Tower,
The U.S. is Bankrupt and Borrowing Yet,
Buried in Corruption, Gimmicks and Debt"
© Alan Watt July 26th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – July 26th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 26th of July 2011.  For newcomers to the broadcast, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  There’s hundreds to choose from.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a shortcut to understanding the big soap opera which you were born into, with all of its incredible levels of deceit and lies.  And it’s getting worse all the time from governments and media, as they dumb us all down, and they actually use dumb-speak to us and they actually talk about it and write about it now.  And we’re supposed to believe all the nonsensical fairy tales they keep telling us.  I try to show you the shortcuts to understanding the big picture of how this system really works, by giving you the books and the authors and the globalists who are involved in the big society at the top that basically plans the future all the time.  Your future, everybody’s future and what they’re going to do with nations and all that kind of thing.  Because really, we live in a long-term business plan, and that’s what it is.  It’s someone else’s long-term business plan.  It’s a poorly written soap, but it does the job, because it’s the only one we’re allowed to watch.  That’s called life, you see.  So, help yourself to those. 


Remember too, you’re the audience that bring me to you, so you could help me out by buying the books and discs I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And remember, all the sites listed there have transcripts in English of a lot of the talks I’ve given too for print-up, and if you want transcripts in other languages, go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and take your pick from the choice offered there. 


Now, we are living in a soap opera, and it really does get worse and worse all the time.  It’s like they started it with pretty good producers, a good script, a long, long, long time ago, and then they just hire cheaper and cheaper writers, until you can always tell what’s coming along the pike.  Apart from all the books that the top players do put out, especially in their biographies, they tell you what’s coming down the pike.  And I can remember, oh, about twenty-odd years ago, twenty-five years ago, even, they talked about what happens when we get a global society.  What will all the big military-industrial complexes do, because they have them across the world, in every country?  And they gave all the different ideas that were being tossed around by big players at the time.  And they said they’d have to get into the private sector and the public sector, and especially into police.  And of course, that was the whole idea of the militarization of the police, who now are given Jane’s Magazine to choose their armored vehicles from.  I mean, that literally is planned a long time ago.  And we’re taught today that we’re just bumbling along, stumbling along, day-by-day, and things just happen and we have to intervene and just make our minds up in a Parliament or a Congress on the spur of the moment.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Because we’re living through, as I say, a script. 


A script, literally, and even to do with what happened in Norway was pretty well right on queue, because everyone was complaining about all this nonsense about terrorism everywhere across the globe, and nothing was happening back home.  They had to make something happen, and something did happen.  And of course, they have all their new gadgets and gizmos and laws ready to throw again on the general public and use to stop it happening again.  We’ve heard this before.  We’re as well as basically allowing them, almost at the stage of allowing them to get chipped so they can track us from our house or to the bathroom or something or back again, because that’s how ridiculous it’s all getting.  And that is the purpose too, by the way.  Literally, so they can track you twenty-four hours a day.  That was all discussed when they brought out the whole agenda for the total information network.  Total information is not partial information.  I hope you understand that.  It’s total.  Everything they can possibly find out about every single being has to be recorded and kept in databases, and all put together nicely and neatly packaged for the future.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about the big soap opera, and it is a soap opera because, as I say, in soaps, especially the poor soaps, I guess they’re all the same now, you always know what’s going to happen next, or what has to happen next.  And that’s the system in which we live too.  We always know what has to happen next.  As I say, the big boys, through the United Nations and all of their disclosures, have pretty well told the whole world where it’s supposed to go.  And there’s no say in the matter if you or anybody wants to go along with them.  You’re given no choice in the matter.  It’s simply planned that way.  And there’s no doubt about it that the top dogs will do all they can to bring it about.  And they do believe, you see, they do truly believe that the peasant of one country is the same as the peasant of another country, and therefore, you’re all the junk genes at the bottom.  You’re basically the bottom level of taxpayer.  You’re the laboring class who will never rise above it, because you don’t have the right genes to do so.  They have discussed this stuff in some of their works from academia.  They actually believe it.  And therefore, the future that they want to bring in, eventually, down the road, 2040, 2050, and there onwards, is their Brave New World scenario, where literally, we’ll have a great leap forward.  Not the junk genes.  They’ll die off, supposedly, but the ones with the right genes will leap forward into this Brave New World, where they can create new types of semi-humans that will serve them better, without having to give you entertainment, or give you terrible news stories and explanations for what they’re really doing at the top.  They won’t have to do any of that anymore.  And it will be such a happier time for them.  And this is how they envisage the future. 


Darwin himself talked about this same kind of thing, where he talked about the preparation for the big oak tree to grow.  And he starts off with the soil and how different insects come in there, and then eventually it’s followed with bacterium and then more insects come in there, die off, and more bacterium. And eventually, the soil is all ready for that acorn to get planted and it grows.  He’s talking about an upper type class.  I hope you understand.  And all of the bugs that came and went, and the bacterium, that’s all of you.  I hope you understand what they’re actually saying.  And that’s how they view you.  We’re staging rockets, that’s what we are.  We’re stages in a rocket to boost the payload on into the future.  That’s our purpose.  And again, that’s all part of the Darwinian theory.  As different species and different types within species die off, the better ones go on, so they claim.  And that is the world that’s being brought in, right now, as we live, if this is what’s called living.  Because, again, we’re going through the greatest charade, when the countries that are supposedly utterly bankrupt are smashing countries like Libya, which is probably one of the few countries that has paid off all of its debts.  It’s astonishing.


And today’s paper:


California Seeks $5B ‘Bridge’ Loan to Pay Bills


Because again of the Congressional Soap Opera.  Will they give us the cash to continue, or won’t they?  That’s what it is.  And we’re getting blackmail statements coming out from presidents and other people saying, if you don’t give us what we want, this extra money, $2 or $3 trillion, that’s all we’re asking for, then the checks won’t go out and the welfare guys will be unhappy, and all the public employees are going to be very unhappy and watch out.  That’s basically blackmail.  And all they want is $2 or $3 trillion extra.  That’s all.  I can remember when Reagan, President Reagan asked for a trillion for the first time.  No one had ever asked for one trillion for the whole year.  This is $2 or $3 trillion extra they’re asking for now, on top of the trillions.  And of course, everybody is suffering in the US, because the US dollar is worth very little right now.  It won’t boost up again.  It will never go back up to where it was, but it won’t boost up again much higher than where it is now, until they pass this, this final deadline of agreeing to go along with it.  And then, of course, the bond holders will buy them all up of course at usury interest fees and we’ll flow along for a little while more, until the US can finish off its main job.  And its main job is to standardize the last few countries on the list that Bush had.  That’s what it is.  And we’re living through this, as I say, terrible soap opera.  Terrible soap opera. 


And you know they’re going to get it.  Obama is going to get his cash, or at least the group behind him is, because the front man really is generally not even in the know of what’s really happening.  He doesn’t have to know.  But until that happens, as I say, it’s a stranglehold on everyone with bated breath until they say, okay you’ve got it, and that’s it.  Oh, thank God, and then your dollar is worth half again what it was worth before.  What a joke.  And they want to keep this same system going, supposedly, until the end of the cosmos, I suppose, even though it’s never worked for the people.  It never will work for the people.  Even though the bankers plunder you on average twice a century, they’re going to keep that same system in place.  Astonishing, truly astonishing.


Anyway, there’s a caller hanging on from Sweden.  It’s Thomas from Sweden.  I’ll take him now.  Hello, Thomas.  Hello?


Thomas: Alan, we spoke maybe a month ago, or something like that.  Well, I want to comment on something about Norway and the terror attacks, if that’s okay.  In Sweden now, I spoke to my girlfriend and she lives on an island right now, and there was some farmers there firing off their rifles on the their property, shooting on, I don’t know, cans or old bottles or something like that.  And this paranoid berry picker phoned police and the police came in two trucks.  And they were like, “Get to the ground!”  And all that.  And then when they explained, like, yeah, but it’s our property.  They were like, well, okay, yeah, but it’s good for our police force to have something to exercise on, you know.  So, the paranoia is already working.


Alan: Oh, it’s working.  It was working even after 9/11, because this is how fast it works.  I remember my neighbor, who goes hunting every year, he always fires about five shots maximum as he sights in his rifle, and that’s all he’ll do, five shots.  He’s got his own land, his own hill, and the hill was the backstop, and some neighbor from a village two miles away, that just moved in from the city, paranoid as can be, heard the shots, and the SWAT teams came in.  So, here he was firing on his own land.  So, yeah, it doesn’t take long to put the paranoia across the whole planet.  Even a backfire from a car now and everybody is going to duck for a while.


Thomas: Yeah.  Exactly.  And another thing is that they’ve passed a law here in Sweden, if you drop a gum paper on the street, the police here, they fine you with maybe say a hundred dollar fine or something like that.  It’s basically communistic laws.  You know, rat on your neighbor.


Alan: Yes.  Well, Sweden is pretty far ahead that way. 


Thomas: It’s so ridiculous.


Alan: Yes, it is.


Thomas: And I lived in Oslo last year, so I’m pretty upset at what’s been happening, but I try to keep my head cool.  And I’ve called people in Oslo and the whole city is in chaos, apparently emotionally.  And when I look at the news feed, it’s disgusting in the sense that they’ve been giving us such fantastic storylines, that he’s like a right-wing Nazi Christian, he’s a white Al Qaeda Nazi or something like that.  It’s just disgusting.


Alan: It is disgusting.  They’ve all jumped on the same bandwagon.  And in reality, we don’t even know much about him at all.  And we probably will never get told much about him, either.  And it might surprise everybody to find out who he actually really is, if they ever dare to tell us.  But I often think too, that it’s got a whole bunch of people off the hook right now.  You had the Murdoch newspaper group, in really hot water.  It wasn’t just for bugging the occasional person’s phone call.  These guys were bugging politicians, taking prime ministers across the planet in private jets and all the rest of it.  They had the blackmail dope on everybody.  Literally.  I mean, Murdoch was the big head honcho behind the news.  And the news ends up being your reality, especially when every source that it comes through he owns.  So, literally, and Murdoch too is actually a national of a foreign power, and no one seems to bother about that little bit there.  Suddenly that’s gone from the media.  Cameron, his role in it, getting backed by Murdoch is gone from the media.  And there’s Cameron up there saying, oh, Britain is in deep sympathy.  It’s almost made to order, isn’t it?  It’s got him off the hook and he’s so concerned about Norwegians.  Yeah, right.


Thomas: Yeah.  Yeah, right.  But I mean, in Sweden, in Stockholm, in the capital, we had an attack last year that was supposed to be a failed one, because he only killed himself.  But I know a guy who puts up surveillance cameras as a living.  And the private security companies now, they’ve made it sort of a pop or something like that.  If you put up an illegal camera, they pay the fee that you’re charged with and then the cameras are allowed to stay up.  So, if you put up an illegal camera, you only have to pay a fee, but you can keep the camera up.  And I haven’t heard it in any newspaper.  I heard it from a friend who works in the surveillance business.  So, we’re being monitored and surveilled in numerous places without even knowing it.


Alan: It’s again like where Orwell, George Orwell talked about in 1984, when they even had cameras and microphones in the forests, so you couldn’t escape from them at all.  And he wasn’t far wrong in fact.


Thomas: Yeah.  And the worst thing is that these cameras are so advanced they can create a 3D image of you, out of a 2D image, because their computer can estimate what you look like in 3D.


Alan: Yeah.  It’s amazing.  It truly is amazing.  None of us really thought we were worth that much concern, did we?  Ha, ha, ha.


Thomas: No.  I mean, it’s insane.


Alan: Thanks for calling though.  And back, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And there’s another caller.  I don’t know who it is.  It says Fairweather, from Pennsylvania.  Hello?  Are you there?


Fairweather: Yes, Mr. Watt.  I just got done reading The Next Million Years by Charles Darwin.  And I had three impressions in it.  One, that the Earth is much older than any scientist would lead you to believe.  Two, there was never a meteorite that destroyed the dinosaurs and that.  Three, that homo sapiens sapiens is not the first intelligent life form on this planet.  There were other intelligent organisms before us.  Now, why would Darwin, if that’s true, lead the reader to believe that?  Why would he wish to lead the reader to believe that if I’m accurate?


Alan: Maybe it’s not just for the reader.  Remember, most of these books are put out and never read by the general public and their peer group reads them.  And they have archives, real archives of real histories, on high levels.  I’ve mentioned that before, even quoted some authors and some top professors.  Apparently about one in sixty or about one in eighty even professors gets a chance to look inside a real archive to do with his own particular profession or his area of research.  So, there are small elite groups at the top there who have their own special areas, and they have a different understanding of the past than the one that they give the general population.


Now, initially too, a lot of these particular groups, remember, the Darwins were very inbred people with money, all down through maybe many centuries.  Who knows?  They only intermarried with the Wedgwood family and eventually the Galton family.  And the Huxleys too are related to them.  However, you’ll find that I’m sure they’ve been given a completely different sense of the past, what came before man, what kind of man there was, and suchlike.  Personally I think they all died, I think the dinosaurs actually went under because they owed too much debt, I think, the way we’re going as well.  Because we’re becoming the dinosaur right now.  But, seriously, getting back to it.  They do talk about different types of humans and the Cro-Magnon especially, of having a much larger brain than modern man, for instance.  But they do mention too that this creature would be a hard kind of creature to tame.  Maybe too wild, too intelligent.  So, who knows.  Who knows what’s tampered in the past.  I do think personally, something has tampered with us in the past, a long time ago.  I think we were much, much cleverer, at one time.  I know in my own lifetime the IQ has dropped, and that doesn’t happen by itself.  You’re born with an IQ, basically.  Something caused it to drop.  So, just like that can happen, because of maybe injections, or the alteration of hormones, which again, in The Next Million Years, that particular Charles advocated.  We are getting dumbed down.  We are changing.


And by the way, even professor Carroll Quigley, who was a historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, he refers to in his time, back in the ’60s, when he was writing his book, he said that a sudden thing has happened, a sudden, odd change has happened.  And he said, women have suddenly, suddenly is the key, and this can be verified with medical records too in institutions and teaching hospitals, suddenly in the ’60s women stopped having the same hips they used to have and pelvic width they used to have, prior to the 1960s.  A physical change happened to the structure of women, suddenly, and yet there’s no big concern about it.  We’re constantly being modified.  Constantly being modified.


Fairweather: How would they modify people like going that long ago?  How would they go to do that?


Alan: Why not?  Why not, really, because, it’s like Plato in the Republic and he talks about his Uncle Solon going off to Egypt, and finding out that the Greeks were far, far older than he himself knew.  The Egyptian priests knew it.  They had the previous histories of the pre-Greek period, but the present, that present population of Greeks didn’t even know how old they were themselves.  They had no idea at all.  Or even where they came from before that.  But the Egyptians had the records.  So, if you want to rule a world by a specific system, especially of money, for instance, you don’t want the public knowing what’s happened before, especially if you’ve taken down empires in ancient times or even pre-historic times.  Remember historic times and prehistoric is just to do with the records that are left.  If there’s no records, it’s called prehistoric, if there’s no writing.  But who knows? 


We do know that Moscow University and Museum, and in other museums, they have found what they claim to be, and they are on display, very well polished microscope lenses.  Now, a microscope by reversing it and enlarging the lens, you’ve got a telescope for instance.  And we already know that the ancient Egyptians and the ancient people of India were also really deeply into astronomy.  Not just astrology, but astronomy as well.  They had the records of the great cycles of 25,500 or so thousand years.  They knew this would happen every 25,500 thousand years, the same kind of cycle.  To know it the first time, means you had to have done it before to prove it, you understand.  So, they’re telling you right there that they’d already studied, they’d been around for an awful long time to verify their initial findings.  So, if they found microscopes, or at least the lenses for what could be microscopes, than what’s to stop them from looking at bacterium or sperm for that matter?  We know they were into selective breeding, special breeding.  That’s what Royal Bloodlines were all about.  They even married their sisters to keep it going, but they were into medicine as well.  And one of the pharaohs wrote one of the first what was called medical books in history, even including surgery as well.  So, they were into an awful lot, they weren’t just around under the sun, having a good old time to themselves with slaves fetching their booze for them.  They actually had their scientific classes in those days.


When you go into Charles Galton Darwin, remember, he was a physicist.  He was no dummy.  He was part of the Manhattan Project for the bomb.  And for him to write a book like that, he wasn’t just, you know, wafting off into the ether about a few ideas.  He was talking about stuff he knew, and by the understanding of how they would plan the future, this elite group.  Hold on, and we’ll be back after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And we’re talking about just a question about Charles Galton Darwin and why he puts into his books some things which aren’t put out in mainstream science or really pummeled into the public’s heads.  And part of it too, they didn’t want to go into past types of humans, including the knowledge of where you got it all from, is that at that time, they were afraid, not so much afraid in the fifties, but they had been before that, afraid of religious backlash about, oh, Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, and so on.  And yet on the other hand, they mixed with rabbis who talked about that was not the first creation, you know, there was many creations before that.  So there’s always a lot of hints about previous times, previous civilizations, previous humanities and what happened to them.  We don’t know.  We’re not allowed to know.  But I have no doubt at all, we’re far older than we’re told.  And it seems almost like a global warming/climate change mantra to make us believe the same thing in the past that we all began about the same time to fit in with religious stories that they were going to give the general public, while they kept another understanding to themselves in the high elite circles.  And that’s probably what happened. 


You look even at, you’ll often see in Egypt, for instance, and you’ll see it in all your medical wagons, you’ll see the caduceus, which is the intertwined snakes.  And that’s basically what you’re looking at is the double helix of your DNA. That’s what you’re looking at right there.  So, I am pretty certain they were further ahead than we’re allowed to know.  They’ve also got on display in the Cairo Museum, batteries which worked just like a modern car battery.  You just add the acid to it, give it a charge and wire it up, and on comes your electric light.  That’s something else that broke out to the world in about the mid-60s for the first time.  So, yeah, we’re kept, we are mushrooms kept in the dark at this level.  We’re not supposed to understand too much either.  That’s what you’ve got to understand as well.  We’re not supposed to understand too much.  We’re supposed to be children who play.  And if we don’t play, they’ll give us lots of confusion, to live amongst, including all the conspiracy theories as well.  They give us lots of those.  They give us lots of stories to run around in circles with and go nowhere.  So, as I say, all we have is a big question mark about the past, except that they keep going further and further back, even with archeology, as they keep unearthing new temples and such.  Some of them that they’ve found are 10,000BC in areas that they never even thought humans even existed at that time.  So they’re finding older and older ones all the time.  Will we ever be told the truth?  I very much doubt it.  Very much doubt it.


Fairweather: The bomb started not long after World War II, and the leap from technology, like the surveillance aircraft, the night vision, was just like bam, overnight.


Alan: NATO still uses a sniping documentary series of a video that was used by Germany in World War II.  They have never improved on the ability to camouflage themselves, how to be a sniper.  On this particular video, you’ll see them unroll a little umbrella-like device, like a small miniature umbrella.  That was infrared to detect heat off enemies up to a mile away, handheld, you know, you could put it in your backpack.  All that stuff they had during World War II, including night scopes and night vision.


Fairweather: But it seems to me like all these advanced civilizations throughout time, they have an interest in the stars.  Why is that?


Alan: Well, pretty well at nighttime, you sit in the dark, there’s not much else to see.  But if you’re living in the desert, you’ve got to understand too, you’ve got the most beautiful picture of the stars, probably from anywhere else in the world.  It’s a dry atmosphere and it gets kind of cool at night.  The stars, before all the world spraying went on, the stars used to be awfully, awfully beautiful.  And of course, the priests also used it as a form or writing, you might say, because they drew up stories in the stars.  And you know yourself, if you say, that is Orion, that’s the Hunter.  Now, it doesn’t look to you like anything like a hunter at all.  It isn’t until you look at it the way that they filled in the lines and added and fudged it quite a bit to make sure that you could see it was a hunter that you understood what they were talking about.  Without the lines there, you’d never, ever figure out that was a hunter.  Anyway, they gave you stories in the stars.  And the stories had all to do with on the one level, a plan for the future.  There’s no doubt about that, because they use the symbols of the zodiac for parts of a plan for the future.  They always use that.  And they all had their esoteric ones for the priests as well, esoteric stories for the priests.  And that way, they could basically tell the general population one fairy story, which kept them all happy and amazed, and on the other hand for the initiates and higher members, they get an entirely different meaning about what it was all about to do with the cycles of the ages, they called them, and how to rule an age, you must make sure that while you’re ruling it, you must prepare the next age to rule, or you would lose that ability to rule.  And it’s never changed from thousands of years ago to the present time.  When you look into the think tank projects, for the United Nations, for their military wing for NATO, for the British military, for the US military, they’re working up to fifty years to a hundred years down the road to all possible crisis that could happen at certain stages.  Well, it’s no different from those who plan and work and run the economy and own the economy.  They have to do the same thing as well.  They must be in on the know of what’s to happen in a hundred years hence.  In other words, it’s all for a small elite group who understand the sciences to maintain power through centuries, down through time.  That’s really what it’s about.  That’s it. 


Fairweather: It’s good talking to you, Mr. Watt. 


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Yeah, we’ll never get told the full scoop on any history.  But they have their little chuckles to do with the meaning of the zodiac, the symbols of the zodiac, and you can find all of the meanings if you just go into the Greek mythologies. You get a lot of the meanings there, which are both exoteric and esoteric if you stop and think about them.  Very important that you stop and think about them.  It’s also important that when you read books like Charles Galton Darwin that you remember these people don’t waste words.  When they use words, take particular attention to the little phrases they’re saying, because they really mean what they’re saying.  Most folk read stuff and they gloss over little parts of it.  But you’ve got to remember, these people, especially these people are very meticulous on the words they choose, and how they put things together, because they mean what they say.  And to give you an example of that, here’s an article on John Holdren, that everyone should know by now, he wants massive depopulation.  He’s an elitist.  A eugenicist as well.  He’s in for conservation, because that’s their term for bringing down the population of all the useless eaters in the world.  And he’s now appointed, like we’re living in an age of appointees now.  They’re attached to every council from your local to federal level. 


Obama’s Science Czar Advocates De-developing the US to a World of Zero Growth.


(Alan: Right?  Now, if this guy had ever run for politics, which he hasn’t – he doesn’t have to; he just gets appointed – he’d never get voted in by anybody, because he wants to take everything away and just demolish all the dams and everything that give you what you call civilization as you know it today.  And it says here:)


Holdren has co-authored works in the past that called for a campaign to “de-develop the United States” and said people need to eventually face up to a “world of zero net physical growth.”


(A: Right?  Zero net physical growth)


He also co-authored a passage that said:


(A: Now, listen to this.  I said, the meaning of the words is very important and the way they put them together.)


“The fetus, given the opportunity to develop properly before birth, and given the essential early socializing experiences and sufficient nourishing food during the crucial early years after birth, will ultimately develop into a human being.


(A: Now, what does that tell you?  That means that one who isn’t given the proper food and nutrition etc, right, and socialization, meaning indoctrination, will not develop into a proper human being.  He says:)


Where any of these essential elements is lacking, the resultant individual will be deficient in some respect.”


(A: Now these guys mean that anyone who can’t catch on to, and agree with the elitists on what’s to be done with the world, is somehow deficient.  In fact, this article pretty well starts off with that, because when he’s asked about it, he says, if you read it and you have a problem, then you’re misreading it.  So read it properly, in other words.  He’s telling you how it’s to be.  And it says:)


CNSNews.com approached Holdren after an event at the National Press Club held by the Merage Foundation for the American Dream and the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars. The event was open to pre-credentialed media.


(A: And Holdren right off the bat told the media, he says:)


“You’re not going to get an interview,”


(A: He wouldn’t talk to them.  And then the reporter persisted, and he says:)


“I just want to ask you real quick about a lot of your past work. I’ve read it and--”


(A: Said this reporter.  And Holdren says:)


“No, no. Listen, this is a stale topic,” …. “If you read it and you have a problem, you’re misreading it. I didn’t come here to be interviewed. I came here to honor my friends.”


(A: And that was that.  It says:)


In 1995, Holdren co-authored a chapter with Paul Ehrlich and Gretchen Daily—“The Meaning of Sustainability: Biogeophysical Aspects”--that was included in a book published by the World Bank.


(A: For the United Nations.)


Ehrlich and Daily are associated with the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford University, and Ehrlich is best known for his 1968 bestseller, The Population Bomb.


In “The Meaning of Sustainability: Biogeophysical Aspects,” Holdren, Ehrlich and Daily said:


“We know for certain, for example, that: No form of material growth (including population growth) other than asymptotic growth, is sustainable; [m]any of the practices inadequately supporting today’s population of 5.5 billion people are unsustainable; and [a]t the sustainability limit, there will be a tradeoff between population and energy-matter throughput per person, hence, ultimately, between economic activity per person and well-being per person.


(A: In other words, your well-being and all the rest of it is to go down the tubes, because these characters say there’s too many of you.  That’s how they would tell you it by the way, “of you.”  They don’t include themselves.  See, they’re above human, you understand.  They’re above human.  You’re human. They’re above human.  But they want you to live in a very primitive society, until you all die off.  It says:)


“This is enough to say quite a lot about what needs to be faced up to eventually (a world of zero net physical growth), what should be done now (change unsustainable practices, reduce excessive material consumption, slow down population growth), and what the penalty will be for postponing attention to population limitation (lower well-being per person).”


(A: Now, you think about it, how are you going to slow down population growth, because we’re already plummeting in first world countries.  Have been for years, according to the official census that comes out.  They’re talking about the whole population in general, because they don’t differentiate between one country and the next.  They look upon themselves as the masters of the world.  It says.)


In their 1973 book “Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions,” Holdren and co-authors Paul and Anne Ehrlich wrote:


“A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States. De-devolopment means bringing our economic system (especially patterns of consumption) into line with the realities of ecology and the global resource situation. Resources and energy must be diverted from frivolous and wasteful uses in overdeveloped countries to filling the genuine needs of underdeveloped countries.”


Now, they wrote that back in 1973, and what’s happened recently since the bank crashes that were all planned, you hear the word, austerity, austerity.  And then you heard about the redistribution of wealth, across the world. See, all these characters are technically Marxists, you see.  Because that’s what Marx came out with, the redistribution of wealth across the world.  And many of the Marxists now are squealing because they never thought that they as working class were going to get taxed, and their cash was going to get thrown across the whole darn world.  They thought it was the rich.  No, it’s everybody, because the ones at the top are way above the rich.  What you would consider rich.  We’re living through a business plan.  A complete business plan. 


And they want to de-develop your countries into what they call a wilderness state.  A pre-Columbian era of wilderness.  That’s what they want.  That’s what the rewilding projects are all about, putting wolves in and pumas in, down in Florida and much, much more.  So, none of these guys as I say are ever elected to anything.  They’re always appointed to top positions in government, but they have the voice of a Czar.  That’s why they’re calling them, Science Czars.  And they’re running your local communities too.  Everywhere, until eventually you can’t buy or sell a house without your ecological impact studies that are going to cost you a fortune.  And much, much more than that, of course.  That’s the world you’re living in.  You’re already under a totalitarian system.  You have been for a long time, but now its face is right out in the open for those who care to actually look at it and see what it is. 


Now, there’s Bob from Texas hanging on. Are you there, Bob?


Bob: Hello, Alan.  Good to hear you.  Hey, I heard you on Alex Jones today.  Tried to call in but they had quite a few calls and I was interested in what you had to say on I guess the humanoid experiments that are going on in the UK or have been for the past three years.


Alan: Oh, longer than that.  I can even remember reading articles about that many years ago, about them experimenting with human and animal hybrids.  Maybe fifteen or more years ago, in fact.


Bob: You know, it kind of makes me wonder if, you know, they’ve got the mind control down to a science with certain drugs and frequencies that interact with drug chemical reactions clicking in the brain, neurons and so forth.  It makes you wonder, you know, if they could create a sockpuppet humanoid, you know a Bourne Identity, kind of their own identity.  Does that sound farfetched?  Does that sound way out there?


Alan: No, not at all, because they did, again, I used to go through all the newspapers and cut out all the important bits you’d find.  Once in a while, you’d find an important bit.  And it would hit you between the eyes, and you’d say, Wow, I’m sure they’ll be talking about this for another year to come.  And that would be the last you’d hear of it.  They talked about creating these hybrids many, many years ago.  They said they had the technology to do it then.  We know for a fact that on public broadcasting, even, there was a series there on what they called the Ark Projects, there’s 3 Arks across the world, they claim, where they have all DNA from all life, all life, right down to the vegetable.


Bob: They were talking, I read in the Archeological Magazine, I was in a doctor’s office waiting, and they were talking about actually that they could bring a Neanderthal man back just by scraping his DNA but there was ethics involved.  And they wouldn’t know if that would be right.  There’s still a controversy over the ethics. 


Alan: Well, I’ll tell you one thing.  If their brain is that big, as big as they say, we should put them in charge of the planet here and maybe see if they can find a way to get rid of this silly banking system, this corrupt banking system, and let countries, if they allow us to have countries, that is, anymore.  Let countries literally print their own cash up, and do it the old-fashioned way, where there was no debt at all and you didn’t sell it off to bond holders.  Can you believe, you actually sell your debt, for every dollar that’s created they sell that off as a bond, basically, with a promise to pay an interest on it, leading to more debt.


Bob: Yeah.  Something that you didn’t even have anything to do with.  It’s so criminal, man.


Alan: It is.  Absolutely.


Bob: They would throw us in jail and throw the key away.  You know, it’s unbelievable.


Alan: It is unbelievable. 


Bob: And you know, I’ll talk to you later.


Alan: Yeah, but thanks for calling.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And the last caller there is Joey from Arkansas.  Are you there, Joey?


Joey: Hey, Alan.  Population control agenda is really way on its way in the Philippines.  I just recently came back and now there are three bills that they’re debating.  One is reproductive healthcare law, which is abortion, essentially.  Divorce law, and same sex marriage law.  So, I totally believe that.  But my question really is along these lines.  I haven’t been back in twenty-five years and when I came back, just recently, three months ago, the culture has shifted so much that it’s more of like when I watch the media, the television, the commercials, it seems like I’m watching Chinese TV.  You know, the women are Chinese looking, even thought they’re Philippino.  And products like skin whitening and all that is just all over the place.  And all the young women and young adult women are essentially sucked into this trend.  And I wonder, what’s the psychology behind all that.


Alan: Well, we’re going into a global culture, a global system run by a global system.  And it’s far easier to have the cultures adapt and change to match basically the projected image for the whole world than to go to each country and give them a different one.  So you’re getting them to emulate on a level the American culture, or I call it Hollywood culture, because they were given permission by the CFR to create the world culture back in the sixties.  And so, it’s easier for the world managers to give the same system across the entire planet.  And it’s all aimed, mainly at the young too, who will, through peer pressure, and they make it very sexy.  They’ll want to be part of it.  They’ll want to look like that, behave like that, etc.  So, it’s really just part of the culture creation for the whole planet that you’re seeing happening. 


Joey: That’s the question I really have.  If there is a realignment, would Philippines go by way of China?  I’m Philippino by the way.  Would Philippines go by way of China, like China would just swallow up the Philippines?  That’s basically what’s going on. 


Alan: We must always think of that, I’ll tell you why, because the Council for Pacific Rim relations was set up by the Council on Foreign Relations.  It was a front for the Foreign Relations, before World War II.  Their job was to ultimately work a lot of the Pacific Region into one trading bloc and eventually they knew they’d have one master over it, and that master would be China. I’ve got their old books here talking about it at their world meetings.  So, you are seeing the preparation stage for all of that happening.  And for those who think that’s ludicrous, don’t forget that when Churchill and Roosevelt met with Stalin during World War II, they divvied up a post-World War II, before the end came. They divvied up Europe and said, oh, the Communists can have these countries.  These are whole populations just getting traded off, like on a chessboard.  So, don’t think for a minute they wouldn’t do the same thing with the Philippines.


Joey: Well that’s the thing, because I’m thinking about retiring over there, and all that.  And I don’t know if I want to live under basically a Chinese rule.  Just recently the Forbes magazine came out with the top 500 or something like that, and ten billionaires from the Philippines, eight of them are Chinese.  I’m thinking, is the Philippines already owned by China?


Alan: Pretty well.  They’re moving in fast.  And they’ve probably been given some deal by the US and others, yep, down the road, you can eventually have it.


Joey: Wow.  Well, that was just really eye opening.  After I saw all that, after being absent for twenty-five years, I was shocked. 


Alan: Yeah.  Thanks for calling.  That’s the music there.  And I’ll talk about that maybe next week.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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