July 27th, 2011 (#884)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 27th, 2011:

Super Congress, Never Relaxes,
Paying Debt by Future Taxes:

"The Super Congress Rises Above the Sorrow,
A Private Group Who'll Lend and Borrow,
Directly Dealing with Bankers' Men,
Dealing with Pounds, Euros and Yen,
And for Each Note Made, More Debt to Pay,
Plus Interest Accumulating Every Day,
As Government Builds into the Sky,
Wishing the People Below Goodbye,
Being Lofty and Mighty the Needs are Greater,
Until it Collapses with Debt Sooner or Later"
© Alan Watt July 27th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė July 27th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July the 27th 2011.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  Thereís hundreds to choose from.  And hopefully youíll be a bit wiser, afterwards, when you understand the world is not the way itís presented to you through your education or via the media.  Youíll understand that literally the centuries are planned in advance and all the major wars that you see are only parts of strategies along the way, and global warming, all this nonsense, the carbon taxes, these are all ways to bring in a big agenda for control over everyone across the planet.  So, I try and give you the foundations that are involved with it, the sources like the Club of Rome who came up with the idea of global warming.  They said that would fit the bill.  And of course, all the other organizations, the foundations, the bankers, who were involved in running the future, your future, and for those who have children, the few who do, their future as well.  Help yourself to them.


And remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And remember from the US, you can still use a personal check to Canada, or you can send cash, or you can send an international postal money order from your post office, or you can use PayPal.  Youíll find the button on the .com site.  Use that, and follow it with an email with name, address, and order.  Iíll get it out to you.  And straight donations, believe you me, are certainly welcome.  And the dollar is still plummeting, of course, during this soap opera, the drama, which is all dragged on really for your benefit, not for the politicians, to make you breathe a sigh of relief when they come up with their big new plan, and the dollar is halved in value.  And from across the world too, remember, you can still order using PayPal.  You can use Western Union or Money Gram.  And once again, straight donations are certainly welcome, because weíre on a roller coaster. 


Thatís what life is.  Itís a planned roller coaster.  Nothing happens on a massive scale by accident.  Thereís no such thing as employing thousands of think tanks across the planet by all your governments, and they didnít see something coming.  Thatís impossible.  They know exactly whatís coming down the road, especially all the manmade things, and inflation, deflation, etc, is all part of it.  But the big, big dramas that they display for the public, as I say, are for the publicís benefit. They must train you that youíre in a massive crisis.  Itís all your fault, remember.  Itís always your fault.  And theyíll have to come up with drastic measures to remedy the situations. Itís astonishing, as you get raped and plundered, over and over and over again, with bankers and utterly corrupt politicians. 


I really donít believe that you could be an honest politician and stay in politics.  You would get set up and removed.  Thatís happened in Canada.  Some politicians have actually written books about it after they got out, how they were set up, and how the others would try and coerce them into taking bribes from the lobbyists, just like they were all doing.  And if you donít fit in, then, of course, they canít trust you, because youíre honest.  An honest person is therefore untrustworthy, and they have to get rid of you.  Itís a free-for-all in Congress in the US, as the politicians there jack up their salaries with lots of lobbying fees and so on.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  There used to be a program or show on British television called, ďYes, MinisterĒ, and it was a comedy, which parodied what really went on, in a sense, in Parliament, and the bureaucracies that deal with Parliament.  And in one particular episode, they showed you the main minister, who was talking about the incredible spending that they did just hiring ministers.  And they did a survey on it.  So, he said, what did the survey say?  Weíve got to do something about all this debt.  He says, well, our survey said we need a thousand new bureaucrats.  So, they kept adding bureaucrats to their staff.  And, of course, itís really jobs for the boys, because you donít realize that bureaucrats in federal positions, and even provincial in Canada and federal in the States, and state legislatures, and so on, they get their families all involved.  Itís really a family thing, a family affair.  And itís great work, because generally you can never get fired, and you donít do an awful lot, and someone else always takes the blame for anything going wrong.  But, in the US, of course, we know darn well this soap opera to do with, ďis he going to get the cash, isnít he?  Will America fall?  Will it rise?  Will it fall?  Will it rise?Ē  Itís like a gun getting pointed at your head all the time with all the blackmail.  Thereís something more behind it, as you well know.  Thereís something they want to do, and I think this is probably what it is.  It says:


Super Congress': Debt Ceiling Negotiators Aim To Create New Legislative Body


Debt ceiling negotiators think they've hit on a solution to address the debt ceiling impasse and the public's unwillingness to let go of benefits such as Medicare and Social Security that have been earned over a lifetime of work: Create a new Congress.


This "Super Congress," (Alan: They call it.) composed of members of both chambers and both parties, isn't mentioned anywhere in the Constitution, but would be granted extraordinary new powers. Under a plan put forth by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his counterpart Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), legislation to lift the debt ceiling would be accompanied by the creation of a 12-member panel made up of 12 lawmakers -- six from each chamber and six from each party.


Legislation approved by the Super Congress -- which some on Capitol Hill are calling the "super committee" -- would then be fast-tracked through both chambers, where it couldn't be amended by simple, regular lawmakers, who'd have the ability only to cast an up or down vote. With the weight of both leaderships behind it, a product originated by the Super Congress would have a strong chance of moving through the little Congress and quickly becoming law. A Super Congress would be less accountable than the system that exists today,


(A: Thatís what the big bankers want.)


and would find it easier to strip the public of popular benefits. Negotiators are currently considering cutting the mortgage deduction and tax credits for retirement savings, for instance, extremely popular policies that would be difficult to slice up using the traditional legislative process.


So, anyway, Iím sure thereís something to this, and this is probably why theyíve been dragging this out, so that the public will give a sigh of relief when they announce some new highfalutin organization that isnít supposed to be there at all, but theyíve just made it up, and youíll breathe a sigh of relief and say, ďoh, good.  Thank goodness the money will start flowing again.Ē  And thereís a lot more to it too, as you well know.  Itís interesting, reading down on it, Obama said America wasnít a banana republic.  In other words, he should get this extra cash that heís asking for.  Really, when you look at some of the banana republics, they donít owe any money, some of them.  And what they do owe is miniscule compared to what the US owes. And by the time the US is finished off Ė because theyíve still got to fight the war yet with Syria, and then Iran, thatís all part of the New American Century plan thatís still going on with this administration Ė then America has really had it for the amount of money that theyíre owing across the planet to just about everybody there is.  Quite something. 


And the corruption too, within the US, itís a war-making machine, you know, the Congress, when you look at the people and characters involved in it.  And I noticed yesterday, someone sent me an email to do with Feinstein for instance.  You have these lifer politicians.  You know, politics was never meant to be lifers, like it was a trade or an occupation.  It was supposed to be a one-time thing for any person who went into it.  How itís changed, eh.  It says here, this guy who wrote into me says:


For Diane Feinstein to accuse Gaddafi of running Libya poorly, out of favoritism and graft, is simply astonishing.  Gaddafi was the envy of the financial world.


(A: And he was, by the way.)


No debt, tons of gold, oil, and a massive water project.  The US on the other hand is flat broke and the entire system is run on massive corruption and graft.


(A: And thatís true.  It says:)


Feinstein is supposedly the fifth wealthiest Senator in the US, and she makes millions and millions off the wars.  Feinstein knows all about graft.  Her billionaire investment banker husband, Richard Bloom, has been investigated for getting enormous no-bid government contracts to do with China and the US military.


So, thereís the hypocrisy for you.  And these are the guys who want you to go off and flatten everybody else across the planet, so they can get in there and all their war machinery can get in, and new stuff comes in, and of course, they get the contracts.  Thereís corruption for you, as far as Iím concerned.  Itís just astonishing, but itís so open, really in the US, isnít it?  Britain is much better at that.  Theyíve had hundreds of years of hiding it, behind the House of Lords, so no one knows whoís getting the deals made.  But the US is more open about it.  So, anyway, thatís really whatís happening.  They want a new Super Congress in the US, and theyíll probably deal with the banker boys they borrow from and all the big bondholders.  Quite something else.  I noticed too that the Rothschild family are some of the biggest bondholders for US debt.  Theyíre buying it up like crazy. 


Anyway, I was going to mention too that this New World Order is to take over, remember, Iíve gone through the agenda, everything that you need for survival, personally.  And thatís food, shelter, water, clothing, heat, everything that you need for survival will be run by big international corporations.  And they donít want you to be independent in any way whatsoever.  Even with the watershed nonsense that came down quite a few years back, when they were going around the country, and Canada too, and around town halls, trying to get everyone to go along with watersheds, meaning that all water that comes down from the sky eventually flows somewhere, so it really wasnít yours.  And not only that, then the Department of Wateries and Waterways should be in charge of it all, basically.  And if you had a rain barrel outside your door, then really you were stealing somebody elseís water, because that belonged to some corporation, you know.  Itís just astonishing what we put up with, because they use different terminology than straightforward talk, you see.  Now, it says:


Citi's Top Economist Says The Water Market Will Soon Eclipse Oil


(A: And it is.  Itís going to be one of the biggest markets there is.  It already is, when youíve got private corporations owning the entire fresh water industry for Europe, for instance.  And it says:)


Citi economist Willem Buiter tells clients to invest in the water industry which will soon become hotter than oil (via FT Alphaville):


I expect to see in the near future a massive expansion of investment in the water sector, including the production of fresh, clean water from other sources (desalination, purification), storage, shipping and transportation of water. I expect to see pipeline networks that will exceed the capacity of those for oil and gas today.


I see fleets of water tankers (single-hulled!) and storage facilities that will dwarf those we currently have for oil, natural gas and LNG. I see new canal systems dug for water transportation, similar in ambition and scale to those currently in progress in China, linking the Yangtze River in the South to the Yellow River in the arid north.


(A: And then he goes on to India and other countries, as well.  He says:)


Water as an Asset Class

I expect to see a globally integrated market for fresh water within 25 to 30 years.


(A: Well, itís already working right now.  It just hasnít got the whole world yet.)


Once the spot markets for water are integrated, futures markets and other derivative water-based financial instruments ó puts, calls, swaps ó both exchange-traded and OTC will follow. There will be different grades and types of fresh water, just the way we have light sweet and heavy sour crude oil today. Water as an asset class will, in my view, become eventually the single most important physical-commodity based asset class, dwarfing oil, copper, agricultural commodities and precious metals.


So, thatís why the big boys are into globalization as well.  Do you understand, this falls in with Karl Marx.  He talked about this system, where one massive factory in the world somewhere would make all the shoes for the world.  And one other massive factory would make all the refrigerators for instance that you would need.  Whatever you would actually need, one factory would make it.  And at the moment, theyíve based most of it in China, as we well know, and China didnít pick up on that by its own.  It didnít even get the cash to start it on its own.  Even their engineers were all trained in the West.  And then, of course, we gave them all of the deals to upload all the factories from the West right across to China through the World Trade Organization that our tax money helped fund.  That was awful nice of us all.  Most folk floated through it, not even knowing that, that they were giving the biggest gifts on the planet to China.  So that the owners could get awfully cheaply made stuff to sell to you at a very high price.  Thatís how the world is really planned though. 


And Iím also putting up tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, with all these other links, Iíll put up some of the history of the North American Union.  And this was from 2007, but itís got all the things that have been done up until 2007.  Thereís other sites to do with whatís happened since then, because itís still ongoing, as we integrate the Americas.  And folk donít even know.  Itís odd too that you can show some people the actual articles from the meetings that theyíve had, these big huge meetings and they still donít want to believe you.  Itís strange that, isnít it?  But as soon as someone on mainstream television comes out, a popular face and says the same thing, theyíll suddenly believe it, and you canít even ask them, well why wouldnít you believe me?  Itís strange.  Itís something in their head.  Theyíre trained to believe experts only, or familiar faces.  People in authority, in other words. 


And Iíve mentioned before about all my life Iíve heard about the population boomers and the baby boomers that they talked about from the í50s onwards, basically, and how there was going to be a massive, massive catastrophe down the road when they get old.  And they never explained why there would be a catastrophe when they got old.  It would be very costly etc, but they never said why.† Well, see, they already knew in the í50s when they were publishing all this stuff.  And theyíd already had the international meeting for the United Nations, in Britain, led off by the King of England at the time, right after World War II, that they were going to depopulate the planet.  So, Iíll continue on that theme and tell you how it went from then on.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about population control.  And, as I say, towards the end of World War II, the bigwigs up there, who, you know, the guys who are our lords and masters, decided there was still too many of us, and that World War II wouldnít kill enough off.  And so, they had a big meeting in London, and the King was there, and he oversaw it.  And they talked about upcoming baby boomers.  That was their big problem.  You see, what the public didnít know, but these guys knew, is that they were going to give you a system where theyíd encourage promiscuity but no children.  And Iíve mentioned before, from the books of Huxley, Julian Huxley, the first CEO of UNESCO, at the United Nations, where he said that very thing. He said, weíll create a very promiscuous society, where they can do anything they want, as long as they donít have children.  And thatís happened, of course.  So, these guys already knew that there were going to be baby boomers with no children to take care of them, in other words, all before it happened.  Amazing, isnít it?  You think they donít plan ahead?  Of course they plan ahead.  Thatís what the government is there for.  Thatís what thousands of bureaucrats are there for.  And theyíre not silly buffoons.  They really do look into all this data, and they do work out the future, and theyíre pretty accurate. 


So, they knew by the end of the í70s and í80s that there would be very few children, and thatís why they also knew theyíd bring in massive immigration to pay off the national debt.  It was all worked out back during World War II.  Amazing, isnít it.  Anyway, this article here is about something similar in Australia.  It says:


In recent years, there has been intense debate about the population size to which Australia should aim in the 21st century. Some argue for a much lower population than we have now. The environmentalist, Tim Flannery, for example, has suggested that Australians might opt for a future population of between 6 and 12 million people. Others argue for a considerably larger population.


And it goes on to the different sides of the whole thing.  And then they go into the demographic reality, etc, etc, etc.  And then how theyíd have to bring in immigration, etc, once again, because the people in Australia are losing their fertility it says here.  Like everywhere, else, you know, where civilization comes, something kicks in, and we start changing their clothing, and wearing strange things, and guys donít really want to get married, and neither do the women either by the way, and thereís no incentive to have children anymore.  Youíre told to have fun forever until youíre going along in crutches at the age of 60 still dressing like a youngster.  Thatís what theyíve given you as a culture.  And this was all decided a long time ago.  And it ties in with the Council on Foreign Relations that met in Australia in 1937 or í38 with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, all sponsored by Mr. Rockefeller in the US, and they talked about this whole future world and where they would even bring the immigration from into Australia and into Britain, and they were dead on.  They said they would start with India and Britain and maybe Greece and other countries, for Australia.  And then later on, bring in people from even the African countries into Australia, like a timetable.  And you think youíre just stumbling along down through time.  And yet, non-elected organizations that run your parliaments have already decided before you were even born, how it was all going to go.  But yeah, itís amazing.  Youíre all becoming infertile, but everyone apparently is having a good time.  And apparently, thatís all that really matters, isnít it?  Having a good time?


And I just want to touch tonight too, on all of the incredible criminal laws, really that are happening with more and more government officials, Iíve got different articles on them, just walking out of Parliament in Britain, right into the very groups that lobbied these particular characters in all of the areas that are in vogue now.  And thatís security and security machinery and war-making stuff and so on.  Also, Iím going to put up an article here, to show you at least the stuff that they claim is above board:


Ministerial gifts, hospitality, travel and meetings with external organizations in the Ministry of Defence.


And it actually names these different ones, and all the gifts they got from all the different countries that are lobbying them, while they were still members of the British service, basically.  Itís not legal to take gifts, supposedly.  Iím sure they all do it, but itís not supposed to be legal.  If they do it the wise way, theyíll do it like Tony Blair.  You leave office, and then you get rewarded with 24 seats on different boards that you donít have to attend, and you get a few million pounds right off the bat, because youíve been an awfully good boy.  But thatís the real world that we do live in.  Itís just astonishing.  And I wanted to touch too on regionalism, just before I go on to callers.


Governor Cuomo Launches Long Island Regional Economic Development Council


(A: This is a copy of Britain for the regionalism.  I hope you realize thatís what it is.  And it says.)


Council Will Drive Local Economic Development and Improve Business Climate Statewide
Long Island Regional Council to be Led by Stuart Rabinowitz & Kevin Law


It says here.  So, thatís to kick it off there for New York and it will go across the rest of the US states as well.  Itís pretty well the same as I can see.  Thatís building houses, everything, that looks like regionalism and Communitarianism to me, jobs as well.  Jobs for those areas.  So, thatís Communitarianism.  And again, unelected councils.  So, there you are.  Thatís pretty well there as well.  Now, thereís callers on the line.  Thereís Lucretia from Oregon.  Are you there, Lucretia?


Lucretia: I am, Alan.  Thank you.† I wanted to ask you a couple of questions dealing with scalar energy or HAARP, and I guess my first question was that, you know, you mentioned in your incredible books, that are ten times deeper than all the wonderful programs youíve done. I mean, boy, I just grew so much.  I really encourage everybody that loves you to buy both of your books, theyíre amazing.  But you mentioned Nikola Tesla, and you know Nikola is like Nicholas, St. Nick.  What is Tesla?  You said there was something to the last name.  What was that?


Alan: Tesla is like the tessellated floor of the Masonic lodge.  Some of them say tesserated, and some say tessellated.  And even Albert Pike argued over it.  Itís to do with the black and the white, the good, the evil, the dark, the light, thatís what itís really to do with, but hold on, and weíll come back after this.


Alan: Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix, talking to Lucretia about Nikola Tesla basically.  A mysterious guy that Iím sure, the story weíre given about him is very superficial, obviously, because I really donít believe that a man comes out of nowhere and just knows exactly what he wants to do, knows itís going to work, and has to invent a whole bunch of electronic gadgets to make the main gadget.  And so he makes all of these for the first time, all these super capacitors and so on, just to make his main gadget.  And weíll never even know who, really, I think who he really, really was. 


Lucretia: I donít think so either.  And I heard you on Alex yesterday, saying that maybe theyíre a couple of hundred years ahead of us, but I know in your books, you think theyíre bringing these technologies back out, you know, that are maybe thousands of years old.  But I guess my question is, I had heard Dr. Judy Wood a number of times.  I actually went to the site, Dr. Judy Wood, and first watched the video with John Hutchinson, and have you met John Hutchinson or talked with him, because he supposedly has reproduced a lot of Nikola Teslaís items, including floating a seventy-pound cannonball using frequencies that repel.† And make it weightless.  Have you talked with him? 


Alan: No, but Iíve seen a bunch of videos from different people across the world, who are into this particular area of science, who have done the same thing. So, it seems to be an old technology.  We forget, for instance, even that one of the favorite hobbies of Benjamin Franklin was playing with electricity.  We tend to think itís more of a 20th century thing, which it wasnít.  And Franklin was playing with it, and batteries, and trying to find useful purposes for it, and that was the in-thing in the 1700s, and even before.  So, electricity has been around for a long, long time.  And weíve got to realize that even the ancient Romans Ė Benjamin Franklin, you see, if youíre a Mason at that time especially, a Mason longs to be known as a scientist.  That was the in-thing in the 1700s.  So, you had Jefferson who was into inventing things, quite important things.  And of course, Franklin too.  And they eventually put the lightning rod after Franklin, but they borrowed that, because the Romans had lightning rods, and they used to have it on the temple of Jupiter.  And on certain nights, when it was really overcast, like it gets here and very warm, you know thereís a thunderstorm coming, people would flood into the temple to watch the display. And sometimes lightning would strike the rod.  And then the big idol of Jupiter would light up.  And it actually has in the history books at one time, about five or six of these priests were all holding hands and touching the big idol when it got struck by lightning and they all got killed.  So, that was quite a display.  Anyway, so itís as old as the hills, electricity.  And as I say, thereís no doubt about it.  They have found batteries, legitimate batteries made of clay, and theyíve got lead and copper plates in them, and, just like a modern car battery, add the acid and wire it up and on go the lights.  So they had this.


Lucretia: Did you watch the video, itís called the new Hiroshima, that Dr. Judy Wood?  Thereís a number of other buildings that I like had no clue, like three, four and five, or four, five and six, that are totally gone, and thereís sixty-foot holes.  Itís like they evaporated those buildings and literally, the dust floated into the air and away and they literally, everything was removed. 


Alan: Well, even the stories have been removed.  I mean, the day that they started bombing Libya, it was as though it had never happened; Japan just disappeared from the news media.  I noticed yesterday, theyíre in an awful mess in Japan, and no one is offering them aid.


Lucretia: No, I understand that, Alan, but Iím just saying, you know, we heard about towers one, two, and some people heard about seven being demolished or brought down.  But we didnít hear about like three, four, and five where the buildings are gone.  And even building one and two, you can hear George Stephanopoulos that day saying, God, thereís no building.  And thereís only like two, three inches of dust.  And supposedly the dust went down to one-hundredth of a red blood cell, as far as the size.  There was no dust left.  And cars were either disrupted or turned over, but perfectly fine, paint and everything normal, or they were totally toasted and wasted and rusted, and even anything steel on them was gone. 


Alan: Yeah.  I do know that.  The whole thing stunk.


Lucretia: There was something in the dust, and there was something that they used, some scalar or whatever, that just literally repelled all particles and they just became dust and then floated up and evaporated.


Alan: Well, the technology is certainly there.  And I know that when it happened in the US, with the great bombings that went on there, that the same thing happened there.  Now, personally, Iíve got a different theory on what happened in the US.  I think the first attempt at bombing the towers a few years prior to that.  I do know that the company they got in to try and reinforce any damage and go through the whole buildings for a few years, actually, I think they were the ones who planted all of the special new explosives.  And I think they were done a few years beforehand, and they just sat and waited for the right time and then blew up the buildings when the aircraft approached and went into them.  Thatís my opinion, because thereís no way, as I say.  And it goes against all science.  You cannot simply evaporate steel just like that.  It just doesnít happen.  It was a few months later in fact in Brazil, a plane went into a high-rise there, also made by the same group that built that, that happened to be the Bin Laden group by the way, and the Bush Consortium.  And the plane went into it, there was a fire on one floor, and thatís all that happened.  It didnít come down and melt and all of that.


Lucretia: Well, Iím wondering through the satellites, I know on the illuminati card deck they say the satellites donít just report the weather, they make the weather.  And John Hutchinson said the satellites are putting out frequencies that are killing the trees.


Alan: Well, I donít know about killing the trees, but the satellites, the Star Wars Program, when it first came out, had a lot of information put in the media at the time, and they did say that these could be arrayed, satellite arrays.  And they could certainly be used for new kinds of particle beam weaponry, to be used on enemies.  So, Iím sure, if we knew what was floating up around space, around here, we wouldnít sleep at night at all to be honest with you.  Itís that bad, I think.


Lucretia: Well, I think that 9/11 was a lot scarier though.  I think itís way more, itís far scarier technology than we realize.


Alan: Theyíll always have way advanced technology.  Theyíll show you the latest stealth fighter.  And even when they showed us the first stealth fighter, during the Bosnian War, you look into the records and they actually had it for thirty years prior to that, before we knew about it.  So, itís the same with everything.  And when they show you the latest one, Iím sure theyíve got a nice little beautiful UFO from Area 51 that probably does a better job of it, that they wonít use just yet.  


Thatís the world youíre living in.  And during warfare too, itís the same thing.  The first people who must be told the lies are your own people, ďWell, this is the latest gadget weíve got,Ē because itís your own people who start talking and then the enemy find out.  So, you never tell your own people just how far ahead you are.  You never, ever do that.  And they keep us in the dark.  On the weaponry side of things, you donít even want to go into it, and even into the Janeís Magazine, the military magazine of all the stuff theyíre working on, because youíll have nightmares, honestly.


Lucretia: I hear you.  And I know in your book, you said, Shakespeare said the world is a stage, and they certainly do set up their stages for giving us our reality.


Alan: Yes.  Oh, they give us a show.  They give us a show. Thereís no doubt about it.  Thanks for calling, and Iíll try and take Larry now, from Louisiana if heís hanging on there.  Is Larry still there?


Larry: Hi, Alan.  You know, with all this shooting going on around, I think itís well understood that nobody is responsible for your personal safety except for you.† No matter how much you pay the policy enforcement agents.  What is, and you donít have to answer this if you think Iím getting too personal.  What is your view on the use of a firearm to defend yourself and the lives of your family?


Alan: Well, Iíll give you the Canadian perspective first, all right.  The official Canadian perspective is youíre allowed to use just enough force to defend yourself, and your family, but no more than just enough force.  Thatís how it is, itís cloudily worded in other words.  We have had cases in Canada where people have defended themselves from burglars breaking in, and one guy fell down during the burglary, by himself, he wasnít knocked down, and he cut his legs and he sued the people for having broken glass.  They were working on something inside the house at the time.  So he sued successfully.  Theyíve tried to demoralize the people so much by saying, oh, no, no, you canít do anything.  In other words, in Canada, you can almost legally stand there and allow yourself to be murdered.  Thatís a good Canadian.  Thatís the definition of a good Canadian.  But obviously, obviously nature being nature, never mind politics and agendas, nature being nature, you should be able to use ultimate force.


Larry: Ultimate force.  Now, I heard a doctor, he had a doctorate, and he worked at a, he was one of those bigwig teachers at a Mennonite university saying, oh, he would never use a gun to defend himself.  Now, isnít it the democracies and the policy enforcement agencies, and things like that, isnít that whatís come through to disarm the people at large?  He applauded the president up there, I think Norway, because the president said, weíre going to get more democracy and more safety.  In other words, more police.  But isnít that the exact thing that disarms the people and makes them soft targets.  That guy wasnít ready to die that day.  Heís not dead.  Okay.  And theyíll be the first ones.  Theyíre like a burden on society, these people that wonít use firearms.  Theyíll be the first ones to call the policy enforcement agent, which is what, 90 minutes away, so the carnage is done before they ever get there. 


Alan: The police arenít really there to save life, you understand.  The police are there to report a crime and arrest someone.  Thatís all they come for.  They donít care whoís right, wrong, or anything else.  They just come to arrest someone for a crime.  It doesnít matter who it is.  And often itís the caller actually who gets arrested.  However, youíve got to look into the United Nations treaty that was signed by the US, Canada, and all the countries, back in the sixties, and it was complete disarmament for a peaceful world.  And in there, it meant complete disarmament.  The US President signed it, Britain, everybody else signed it too.  And it literally meant the only authority that will have the use of ultimate force, that means to kill, will be the United Nations.  Thatís the goal weíre heading towards right now, in fact.  And the people themselves will have no right whatsoever even to defend themselves.  Thatís basically written into that law, that treaty that was signed at the United Nations.  Iíll try and find that link tonight and put it up on the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, but itís for complete disarmament in a peaceful world.  And the only ones who can use authority or force on behalf of the United Nations are your recognized police forces and so on.  But an individual technically would have to allow themselves to be murdered, or at least fight back with maybe matchsticks or something, I donít know, if youíre allowed to have matches, or maybe a club.  But if you hurt that person, believe you me, even if they come into your home in the middle of the night and raped your children, if you hurt them, the laws, literally, theyíll spend about two months in court trying to figure out just how much force you used to try and save yourself and your family and decide if it was too much, or whatever.  Thatís how crazy it is now. 


Itís to teach, you see, the whole world is being taught a lesson right now, that weíre all at the bottom, at the bottom level, all the junk gene people.  Thatís all of us.  Weíre not up there, you see, with the multi-billionaires.  Weíll squabble with ourselves anyway.  Thatís what theyíre taught.  There will always be domestic violence, there will always be different squabbles breaking out, drunks, drugs, that kind of thing, jealousies, neighbors fighting, and thatís the way itís seen.  They donít come in and say whoís right and whoís wrong.  They just see a bunch of folk arguing, theyíll arrest the whole lot of them.  Thatís all they care about now.  And they take that now as part of their training.  Thatís a normal given for them.  However, in the end, when it comes to deadly force, the United Nations is to be the only one eventually allowed to use it.


Larry: Well, that really is just a complete form of insanity.  And if you do not meet deadly force with deadly force, that is firearm against firearm, and your familyís blood comes running on the ground, then it is on your hands. 


Alan: Well, technically, I donít think you could even live with yourself, could you?  You know, you couldnít live with yourself knowing that you did nothing.


Larry: Exactly.  Thank you, Alan.  Appreciate your program.


Alan: And thanks for calling.  And now thereís Bob from Texas there.  Are you there, Bob?


Bob: Hello.  Hello, Alan.  Thank you for taking my call.  I have a quick couple of questions.  Iíve been reading, since weíre nose-diving into Communism, I got a book on quotations from Chairman Mao Tse Tung.  Interesting, I got it, happened to get it at a used bookstore.  But itís so prophetic.  You know, Iím sitting here, and itís like I can, and then I also got Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the Communist Manifesto, and itís you know, itís like a checklist.  You can just check off everything thatís happening, to where we are becoming, or actually we are, in some very, you know, initial stages of Marxism.


Alan: Oh, youíre beyond that. 


Bob: And then I was wondering too, what are we to do with this?  You know, you know about this.  I am, what Iím doing is Iím writing all this stuff down, and Iím putting in things that are happening today, to kind of show people, look, this is whatís happening.  Iím doing this at work.  You know, and I donít care if they think Iím a nut, or whatever.  And also there was a thing in here, and you know, you being in Canada, there was something, Norman Bethune.  I mean, Mao praised him, but then, you know, he was like the author or the pusher of Socialized medicine for Canada, and kind of lauded as the hero, but then he wound up dying, they said he died of blood poisoning by operating on troops and so forth, but I kind of wonder if he didnít start seeing some things, you know, because the author of this book was killed in a weird plane crash.  Do you see what Iím saying?  Itís like once they come into some sort of truth, all of a sudden they die.


Alan: Well, Norman Bethune was the great hero, they say, of Canada, who went off to help the Communists.  And they have statues of him in Toronto parks alongside Mao Tse Tung and different Chinese leaders, literally, in Canada.  And they went up.  All these statues went up in the time of Pierre Trudeau who was a Prime Minister here, who also was a Communist, but he ran under the Liberal; like Khrushchev said, they donít call them Communists in this country, here we call them Liberal.  And he was a Communist, because he was a young Communist leader for the Comintern for Canada, and Trudeau led the Canadian delegation over to Moscow in 1952.  Every newspaper knew that at the time, but when Trudeau ran for office, none of them happened to mention that fact.  So, up went all the statues to the Communists across Canada.


Bob: You know Mao, he said, in memory of Norman Bethune, December 21, 1939: What kind of spirit is this that makes a foreigner selflessly adopt the cause of the Chinese peopleís liberation for his own?


Alan: Thatís correct. 


Bob: I mean, when you read this, this book is incredible.


Alan: Yes, another one is a book called, You Can Trust the Communists.  Read that one too.  You Can Trust the Communists.  Very interesting.


Bob: Thanks a lot, Alan.


Alan: Back after this.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And thereís Frank now.  Is Frank there?  Hello?  Is Frank there?


Frank: Can you shed any light on the significance of the name Ford, as far as the Ford Foundation and the different fronts and whatnot that are always mentioned.  Iím always hearing about the Ford Foundations are sponsoring this and that, internationally and in the United States.  And Iím not talking about the modeling agency or the Ford Motor Company.  But is there not some significance to the Ford Foundation?


Alan: Yes.  I think the Ford Foundation, it still goes under the Ford Foundation, but I think the same board that runs the Rockefeller Foundation took it over.  They manage it today. 


Frank: Okay.  I was just wondering where the name Ford came from.  I was assuming that was not Henry Ford.


Alan: Iím not sure if it was, but it was definitely made up, I think, after he died, regardless.  And it might have been, and taken over eventually, because all of these multi-millionaires set up foundations for charitable purposes, supposedly, which is a sort of tax write-off for them.  And that was the reason they started them off.  However, I do know that the Ford was taken over by the same board members ultimately as the Rockefeller Foundation.  Some of them also sit on the boards of Carnegie and Guggenheim Foundations as well. 


Frank: Okay.  Okay, thank you, Alan. 


Alan: Yeah, thanks for calling.


And itís really strange, that, that youíll have the same people chair-hopping from one board to the other, but itís really the same people doing a round in charge of billions and billions of dollars and funding nongovernmental organizations that end up lobbying government and this is really what they now call democracy, those with the biggest lobbying groups that appear to come from the populace, are really funded and run by foundations, which comprise the parallel government, as they say.  Thanks for calling, everybody.  And from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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