Aug. 1, 2011 (#887)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 1, 2011:

Ageing Politicians, the Dear Old Sweeties,
Sold Everyone Out with Debt and Treaties:

"Governments Argue About Trillions, Public Turn Pale,
And via WTO, Countries are Up for Sale,
It Starts with a Chunk Here and There,
Then Firesale Continues "Till the Cupboard is Bare",
Quigley's New Feudal Overlords are in Position,
Peasants are Uneasy of This World in Transition,
Most Proles Sense it Coming, Some Choose Denial,
Wishing for Miracles from Bankers of Belial,
Most Really Hope They won't Get Much Strife,
Live to the End without Altering Their Life,
Selfishness Leaves it to the Next Generation,
"I'm Alright Jack, Let Them Get Vexation,"
Apathy and Propaganda Target the Hopeless
In the Global War Making Proles All Homeless"
© Alan Watt Aug. 1, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 1, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 1st, 2011.  For newcomers, look into the web site and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  Thereís hundreds to choose from and by the end of it, if youíre still pretty sane, youíll have found that thereís a massive superstructure above government, above all governments, above all media in fact Ė it owns them both Ė and how they bring in their new world order, really. These belong to a system which they often refer to as the parallel government, the one that really works, the one thatís not elected, the one that doesnít have your approval for anything, not that the other ones do either.  But itís an old system set up a long time ago and I try and show you the organizations, foundations and the fronts, multibillion, sometimes multitrillion-dollar foundations which hire and own actually the non-governmental organizations.  They own the United Nations and theyíre bringing us all into this new wonderful utopia where people, some people, are more equal than others as you well know.  Itís very much Orwellian in a sense but itís got a touch of both communism and fascism in it as well.  Theyíre both the same as far as Iím concerned; they both treat the ones at the bottom like a big army of robots and get you even happy at times by being all one together, losing your individuality in the service of the world state.  So really, we shouldnít get hung up on the words.  Itís what they do and the similarities that they have in common that really points out that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck than itís the same duck. 


And thatís really what it is, a world of service Ė thatís why youíll be born in the future Ė and of course, an elite at the top and a vanishing middle class.  The middle class is to be replaced, and is being replaced, and probably has been replaced, by a technocratic bunch who work on all the electronics and systems which monitor you, etc.  So thatís the new world order, really, that theyíre bringing in, a world where you will serve.  Youíll literally serve the world state, and that came from the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations when they set up their organizations a long time ago.  And weíre pretty well there. 


Itís a sad thing, but we are, in a sense, the proles of Orwell at the bottom, where they give us electronic music, music actually made by a machine, produced and created by a machine, and we sing along with songs thinking itís all quite natural.  Thatís the kind of world that we live in.  They give you the culture.  They tell you what to think about.  They give you tidbits to argue about.  They give you many camps to join that go nowhere actually; you just go around in circles.  And nothing ever affects those at the top. Theyíre left free really to push this kind of Trotskyite future program down your throats because thatís what Trotsky was all about.  You know, the dialectic:  if man evolves then why wait two or three hundred years for a world government?  Simply get the dialectic going Ė get battles going, skirmishes going Ė and then bring out a body for world peace and dominate the whole planet.  In other words, speeding up evolution, as they think itís really all about.  And they make it happen.  If you make it happen then you guide the outcomes of all conflicts, and thatís whatís been happening for a long time. 


In the US right now itís all about this new Super Congress, of a chosen few really, who will be in league with the bankers, and who will really be working for the bankers, now plonked right in the middle of Congress and they will be responsible for all... much the same as Canada.  Canadaís got a governor for the Bank of Canada whoís really appointed by the government to talk to the guys that we loan from; thatís really what it is.  Thatís what theyíre bringing to the USA as well.  Itís an astonishing system.  The media always gives you nonsense about it and makes you think itís a drama.  The drama is all for your benefit.  This long, drawn out soap opera.... will they, wonít they, will they, wonít they, will they, wonít they... until you say please do something. Then they come out and they put the last nail in the coffin of any law, which is the Constitution; itís out the window.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big drama in Congress, as they keep putting a gun to their heads and then pointing at your head, and back and forth and back and forth Ė will they, wonít they, will they, wonít they Ė and the Presidentís coming out saying, oh my God thereíll be riots in the street and thereíll be no welfare checks going out.  And itís all lies too because you see, the welfare system has a special drawing right from a different fund, which they already know but the public donít.  And theyíre playing a massive drama to give themselves more power for, really, finishing off the US.  And thatís what it is really, finishing them off, because the US has been paying for this world organization to bring in its world government, since the beginning of the League of Nations in fact.  They funded that, the League of Nations, then they funded the United Nations.  And they pay the biggest amount to the United Nations than any other country, plus they put more money across the world to other countries than any other nation in existence. 


And theyíre building bases across the world, have been since Reaganís day because Jeane Kirkpatrick, when they brought her on board, and she was a real far-left commie... strange that, working with the right wing, isnít it, unless theyíre both the same.  Anyway, she was the one who came up with the idea of rather than having to go along with geopolitics, knowing where we want to go over the many years, and just going into the these countries temporarily, why donít we build permanent bases and then use them as staging bases for the next countries. And thatís what weíre doing, you see.  Weíre watching them getting built all across the world, massive compounds, meant to last for maybe 150-200 years.  And youíve got to pay for all the rest of them that are still to go.  You still got Iran to go, remember, and Syria, all the same list that was on the neo-conservativesí list and the New American Century list.  Obamaís taken them up too, because it doesnít matter what puppet they put in front of you, itís the same agenda that goes on, between houses, and Jefferson said that too.  He said that, if you see an agenda, the same agenda going on between changes in the House, he meant Congress and parties, he says, know then that youíre under tyranny.  But of course no one reads that stuff anymore, especially those who are supposedly running the country.  But thatís how it really is folks.  Thatís how it really is. 


Iíve said for years, America, for a long time, has been nothing but a battering ram to serve a different agency to gain world power.  Theyíre the collecting agency.  They are the battering ram.  They are the army, the shock force. They are the ones with a massive tax base, in good and bad times, and theyíre still using it across the entire planet, but not at home.  It was so obvious when the World Trade Organization and all your politicians, from all the countries actually, signed on to it to say that yeah, weíd fund, the first world countries would fund all the third world countries to come up to a certain status.  That was the end of it right there, because they knew.  And then they sent letters to all corporations telling them that theyíd fund them, with the tax money, the taxpayerís money, to up and move to China, and theyíd fund the resurrection of their systems over in China, their factories, and theyíd also fund them for any losses incurred for a 10 year period renewable after another 10 years, and for another 20 years.  So what company wouldnít go where the labor is so cheap?  AND they said, oh weíll be a service economy; thatís where you buy in baking from another country and you pass it around until itís sold in the cafeteria.  Basically thatís what it is, a service economy; you pass things around.  And all economists know that true wealth and all the different layers of taxation that also help the country all come from manufacturing.  So they had nothing to replace it with. They know how long a dog will paddle in a pool, that it canít get out of, and then you sink. Well, thatís what a service economy is.  That was all discussed in Britain when they were the first ones to try it; those were the words that were used.  Eventually youíd drown and nothing has been set up to replace it.  So that tells you where youíre supposed to finish up, at the end, once youíve done it all for this global establishment.


But you know, every government is utterly corrupt.  They all belong to their little secret clubs, mainly one major secret club.  Professor Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, talked about it and he did say that every President and the top honchos around him were all members of the same club Ė that was the Council on Foreign Relations Ė of all parties by the wayAnd he said, they havenít had an independent person, that wasnít a member of this club, under its previous names either, from the 1880s onwards.  The same with Britain and elsewhere.  And I can verify that from the books Iíve got from the CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs going back to the 20s and 30s.  They were always about a global governance system with themselves in charge, standardizing every culture in the world into the same system and bringing in this one world monopoly, that they of course would reap for their own benefit. 


Talking about corruption, you see, the ones below, and other players too, are allowed to be corrupt in politics.  In fact, I donít think honest people can get off in politics and stay there because there have been books in Canada written by people who tried and did get in to politics; theyíd get into the either provincial or federal governments.  And they put books out saying they were getting set up, because the first thing that happens is youíre approached by, you know, the full-timers, the ones who have done a career in politics and they try to get you in to see if youíre corruptible. And if you are theyíre friends with you, but if youíre not theyíll set you up in some way or another and make your life hell.  And you either get out quickly, or, as I say, they will definitely get you in a bedroom scene, or something, or fake something up for you.  Thatís how corrupt it is in politics. 


Now, Joe Biden has been a lifer in politics.  Heís worked with all the biggies, the State Department Ė heís worked and helped to plunder other countries Ė throughout his life.  He has various affiliations with different countries.† Hereís Joe Biden here.  It shows you the nerve of these guys. 


Joe Biden collecting rent from Secret Service / Rachel Rose Hartman / Aug 1, 2011


Joe Biden is a landlord to the Secret Service.

That's right.

The Washington Times reports that Biden has collected $13,200 from the Secret Service since April to rent a cottage adjacent to his Wilmington, Del., home and continues to charge the agency rent. The Secret Service has agreed to pay $2,200 per month for use of the house in order to provide security to the Biden family,  (Alan:  Isnít that a deal?  Who... what kind of people would even think of that?  Guess.  Guess.  Hmm?...  Isnít that something?  So the taxpayer is funding all of Bidenís security and Biden also charges the security their rent money, since he rents the house out. Itís just amazing. Thereís chutzpa for you, eh?  But thatís the way it is.)  according to Edwin M. Donovan, special agent in charge at the Secret Service's Office of Government and Public Affairs in Washington.


(By the way, that's no discount on the rent--the Times reports that's the amount paid by the previous tenant.)


Some of the watchdog types interviewed by the Times questioned whether the agreement is appropriate, (A:  Oh, come on.  Come on.)  especially given Biden's deficit reduction leadership role. (A:  [Alan laughing.] Well thatís not for him, eh.)  Leslie Paige, spokeswoman for Citizens Against Government Waste, (A:  I could say something but I wonít.) said there's no question Biden deserves protection, "but this arrangement seems bizarre to me."  (A:  Really?  Itís alien to you, actually; thatís the problem.  Thatís the problem, you donít really get it, that itís actually kind of alien to you.)


Anyway, thatís the chutzpa they got as they live high on the hog and decide all of your fates and the fates of the world.  Quite something isnít it?  Quite something indeed.  Then you get this one too, it says...


NIH sends more than $90 million in taxpayer-funded grants to China / 07/26/2011 / Matthew Boyle


(A:  Isnít that sweet?  China, the big multi trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, ongoing trillion dollar corporation.)


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) sent more than $90 million of U.S. taxpayersí money overseas to China for various public health research projects, a new report shows.


For example, in a $17 million study, a Chinese researcher from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention investigated whether 420 prostitutes and 241 of their clients were willing to use ďmicrobicidesĒ (a class of medications that includes nonoxynol-9) during sexual activity in order to combat sexually transmitted diseases. (A:  They couldnít have done that at home, eh?  They had to give it to China.)  Some of the prostitutes were only 14 years old.


Between 2003 and 2008, the NIH spent more than $17 million funding the study of AIDS and HIV in Kaiyuan County, Yunnan Province, China. According to the Traditional Values Coalition, which dug up these and other grant records, the single published result of this research is an article titled ďMicrobicide Acceptability and Associated Factors Among Female Sex Workers and Male Clients in Kaiyuan County, Yunnan Province, China.Ē  (A:  So, the US is helping them to push on their Communist Manifesto here, over in China.  Plus of course, you didnít know that, as they cut back on everything in America, youíre still funding a lot of their hospitals to get built in other provinces. So is Britain, by the way, as the National Health Service goes down.  So weíre awfully sweet, awfully nice to these people, and I guess why not since no one complains about it.  Really.  No one complains.  This has gone on forever, this kind of nonsense, you see.)


Another NIH-funded program spent $3,618,235 in taxpayer money teaching ďa cadre of highly trained research scientistsĒ in the Tuberculosis and HIV training in China. The projectís goal was to have those scientists ultimately remain in China and increase their capacity to educate Chinese citizens about public health and epidemics.  (A:  Isnít that nice.  Aw yeah.  And here they are going to borrow trillions of bucks in the US, eh.  I guess they must be needing it all elsewhere, maybe even in China.)


The NIH gave more than $150,000 to a Chinese researcher between 2005 and 2009 to learn more about acupuncture. (A:  Isnít that sweet?  I mean, donít you know all there is, in China, about acupuncture?  They just canít find enough ways to throw your cash around.)  In both 2005 and 2007, the researcher was paid more than $60,000 to study the craft at Massachusetts General Hospital. In both 2008 and 2009, records show NIH continued funding the research, which was, at that point, taking place in China.


Over the course of the past five years, the NIH has also granted $2 million to a U.S.-based researcher who splits his time between Harvard University and the University of Georgia. The funding supported an attempt to develop a vaccine for Schistosomiasis, a parasite-spread infection thatís increasingly common in China. (A:  Canít the Chinese afford any of this themselves?  Hmm?  Oh dear... Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  And talking about China too, now, I talked about last week as well where you can basically buy your green card if you want to invest in the US.  What they donít tell you, too, is that the first world countries, especially the US, will match dollar for dollar, sometimes 10 to 1 in fact, to buy part of the US up.  Thatís not bad for your green cards.   And then you get yourself and all of your extended family in, but itís all your business partners as well. 


Chinese rush to buy US land / 2011-07-28 / Ben Yue


One Chinese office worker paid $8,800 through an online auction by chance and bought 1,000 square meters of land in Miami of US, the Guangzhou Daily reported on Wednesday.


The Florida-based seller, United Solutions of American LLC, (A:  I guess thatís the solution all right; they just sell it all off, eh?) said the land belonged to a company near bankruptcy.  (A:  Maybe itís the government.)


Zhuang Nuo, the auction host from Chinese property agency Soufun International, said the land seller also put 100 pieces of 1,000 sq m land up for auction and will offer 30 US investment immigration application forms for the Chinese group buyers who spend more than $200,000.


The 100 pieces of land sold out on July 22 from 73 Chinese buyers. One of them bought 20 pieces.  (A:  Which is just, you know, peanuts for them in China, because after all, their health care is paid by the West and stuff like that.)


Anyway, thatís how well theyíre doing.  And then this article, too...


China's Answer To Inflation:

SkyNet - Foxconn Plans To Replace Workers With Millions Of Robots / Tyler Durden on 07/31/2011


SkyNet has taken over the market, it now appears poised to make labor and wages redundant (and while we hardly welcome our new robotic overlords, we doubt anyone would shed a tear if the House and Senate replaced its 535 corpulent windbags with a bunch of Johnny 5s engaged in binary colloquies). The world's biggest non-debt based slave-driver, Taiwanese technology giant Foxconn, also known as the place where all of your iPhones, Pads, etc, are made, has just announced that it will deal with rising wages by doing what US-based quants have figured out years ago: outsource it all to robots. About a million of them. The irony is that the last time we looked at Foxconn, we asked: "what happens when this million realizes it can only buy half a McRib sandwich with the money it makes, courtesy of the primary US export to China, and demands a pay raise. What happens to Apple margins then?" (A:  And it goes on and on and on.)


Anyway, thatís the way itís going and thatís how they deal with inflation in China.  You just get robots in and they do the work.  Thatís not too bad, eh?  And itís amazing, though, as I say, amazing to see how much is going to these countries.  Donít forget, under the World Trade Organization all your tax money is building up Brazil, has been for a few years now.  Thatís why itís called an Ďup-and-coming countryí and an Ďemerging nationí, just like China was, and the same with India too.  So any investor is guaranteed, through this massive purse of course, that you all pay into, this world purse, that theyíll back it 10, maybe 20, maybe 100 dollars to everyone that you invest.  So you canít really fail there if you come from those countries.  Itís not bad, eh?  Not bad.  There are deals around these days, I thought there wasnít, but thereís an awful lot of deals still going on apparently. 


And itís quite amazing too, to see that everything in the media, the mainstream that they give you, is propaganda.  In one form or another itís propaganda.  Even when they criticize something at times thereís always propaganda behind it. And you find even in Britain where they have had their health care slashed to the bone, because they do want to privatize it, at least the government wants to privatize it, theyíre also getting paid to put out bad stories about the National Health Service.  There are lobby groups out behind it.  It says...


Private healthcare group lobbied competition body for NHS inquiry / 29 July 2011


Some irritating headlines today covering a report into competition by the NHS's 'independent watchdog', the Co-operation and Competition Panel (CCP). NHS 'cuts waiting lists by letting people die' was the Daily Mail's measured take.


This refers to the reportís claim that some health service trusts are imposing minimum waiting times on private healthcare companies, something they are fiercely opposed to because it Ďremoves an aspect of differentiation between providersí.


While the headlines in no way reflect the reality on the ground (average waiting times are just eight weeks (A:  Well, Iíve heard different stuff, personally, from different people Iíve talked to.) for what are non-emergency and therefore non-life threatening operations), they also completely miss the point of the report:


The aim of the CCP report is to force NHS commissioners to give more work to the private sector. (A:  As they take over, you see.)  According to David Worskett, director of the NHS Partners Network, a private healthcare lobby group, the report would mean his members would be more willing to begin legal proceedings where private companies thought the NHS rules on competition had been broken.


The importance of the report to the private sector is exposed in an investigation by SpinWatch, reported in the Guardian today (below). It reveals how the NHS Partners Network lobbied and colluded with the CCP to get the report commissioned.  (A:  Itís the old story, theyíre bringing out the politicians and wine and dine them with 200-300 pound a plate meals and stuff like that, and thereíll be money under the table Ė and it actually has a little bit of that in here.  So Iíll put this link up tonight too at to let you know how it all works together.)


Hereís another thing too.  We know weíre getting poisoned of course with the food; itís all part of the depopulation plan.  Stomach cancers and intestinal cancers have skyrocketed over the years, and what better to do it than more and more toxins in your food.  And itís amazing too that no one tests this stuff.  Youíre not allowed to test it because your governments all agreed with the poison makers that no one else can test the poisons because of a patent on it, but youíre supposed to eat it, and be trusting.  Back with more on this after this break.


Hi folks, we're back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the biotech industry and the new corn that theyíve got out too.  Itís just amazing what theyíre giving us in our food supply.  Theyíve altered everything.  This one also creates a synthetic toxin.  And actually itís a synthetic insecticide; it makes it itself; plus it gets dosed with the usual Roundup so every cell in the plant is toxic.  But thatís all right for us.  The elite donít eat that stuff.  It says here that...


Genetically engineered maize with synthetic toxin approved for usage in EU food and feed / Christoph Then / 28 July 2011


. . .   It produces a combination of three different insecticidal toxins, one of which is synthesised artificially. (A:  Well, thatís what synthesized means generally.)  Further, the plants are made tolerant to the herbicide glyphosate (known as Roundup).


The organisations are filing a formal request for internal review of the EU Commissionís decision according Article 10 of Regulation (EC) No. 1367/2006 because the legally required high level of protection for consumers, (A:  Well, thereís none.  You wonít get it either; this is a must-be deal, this whole genetic modification of your food industry.  Governments across the world are passing it like crazy without testing it, and they donít want to test it.  They know what itís doing.  They know what it will do.  And thatís the way itís going to be.) farm animals and the environment are not met and legal requirements for monitoring of health effects have been ignored completely. (A:  Thatís normal.)  They argue that the authorisation should be withdrawn.


ďThis maize produces a unique combination of insecticidal proteins. In the parts of this plant, a synthetic Bt toxin is produced. Its toxicity might affect a much wider spectrum of species than expected. (A:  Well, it ends up in YOU, eh.)  Further combined effects have to be expected with the other toxins and the residues from spraying with the herbicide. These risks can (A:  I wouldnít say Ďcaní; they know it does...) impact both on health and the environment,Ē . . . 


So anyway, Iíll put that link up as well and you can have a look at that if youíre in the mood for it, and hopefully youíll do it after youíve eaten because you wonít want to eat afterwards. 


Alan:  Now thereís Larry hanging on from Louisiana.  Are you there Larry?


Larry:  Hi Alan.  Yeah, you briefly mentioned that Constitution, I think referring to the United States.  Iíve come to the opinion, and Iím born here and I was in the service and I swore allegiance to it and all that.  But Iíve come to realize, that I believe that it was no good from the beginning and Iíll give you three reasons.  Itís a top down thing.  I think it was written by highly educated men to send a fairytale strong delusion into the peopleís minds so that theyíd think they would have a freedom.  So what, 51% sends their word to the top, to men who can speak for them.  Now, no man, itís understood well, can speak for you; if you are sane only you can speak for yourself.  Reason number two.  I think it was written to put a cushion between the royals of the world and the people so that the people would believe another delusion that those royals would have no power.  Number three.  I think it was written to keep the people in agreeance with the original murder and theft of the indigenous peoples of this land.  So if you see the people being removed from the land today theyíre only getting back what theyíre agreeing and have agreed to give out. †What do you think?


Alan:  Well I think youíre right on, actually.  I mean, Iíve looked at it so many times and read the histories of the ones who supposedly drafted it up, in secrecy mind you.  I mean, the general public, you know the people, were outside and they werenít allowed in, as you would say, to speak for themselves.  They were all big landowners, that were granted titles by the royalty of Europe by the way; thatís where they got them from, or their parents did before them.  And a lot of them were lawyers and lawyers donít make mistakes that you could drive busses through, or tractor trailers through.  They could have sewn it up if they wanted to but they left so many gaping holes, that obviously were to benefit a few.  But they did say they based it on the form of ancient Rome.  Now, ancient Rome was not democratic as you think of it.  They had a congress and they had their senate, certainly, but it was for an elite only.  And they believed, themselves that most people couldnít manage themselves properly, you needed a special oligarchy to tell you what to do.  And some of them actually said that eventually down the road maybe theyíll be ready for democracy if they can manage themselves but we kind of doubt it.  So I think youíre quite right.  The world at that time needed a new, a new knight on a white horse to guide the world into a world government.  Because even Franklin said it, he said we hope this constitution, this confederation, he says, will end up being a confederation of the world. So the idea of world government was already there.  And of course, they didnít give everyone the same kind of rights, etc.  Some of them actually said, they wanted a wall between not church and state but a wall between the congress and the senate and the people.  And I think thatís more true; the only ones who get access to the politicians are the lobbyists and the big corporations.  The people donít get access to them at all, never mind be listened to.  So I think it was set up to do a job, to lead the world as a new white knight.  Everyone else you see, was known to be corrupt.  Britain had plundered everywhere.  France had plundered everywhere; Portugal, Spain and others.  But of course the US was a new one, you see.  So the idea of getting born in a revolution, and actual ordinary people winning their freedoms, really appealed to the ordinary people across the world, and so it became a world leader right from the get-go in that respect.  But you can tell from the very beginning. 


Most Americans do not know their history, that the big boys were already the multi-billionaires by the 1800s.  It was a fairly new country but they had factory towns across the US.  The wild west was a small era, on a small part of the US, the rest of it was factory towns where you were owned by your factory boss and that you paid all your wage back, which was generally in tokens by the way, they didnít give you cash.  It paid back into the companyís store for your food.  They even supplied you with your company ministers or priests.  And the average person doesnít know that at all, the history of the US.  It was meant for international corporations to emerge and take over.  Monopoly is the name of the game.  So I think youíre quite right. 


Now, the white guy is awfully good at fighting wars for everyone else; he never benefits from it; he gets a little tin star and heís generally quite happy with a bit of tin hanging on his breast.  And thatís all he gets out of all the plunder that the big corporations get because armies are used for economic purposes, for their bosses.  And when you look at the US, itís been used as a battering ram, for the whole of the 20th century into the 21st century, and itís going down the tubes.  And the ordinary people are getting nothing at all except sold down the river. 


And now of course, they want the white folk and the black folk to move into the reservations.  Thatís what Agenda 21 is.  You have to move into your community, which is reservations.  It was done to the red man before them, now itís to be done to the rest.  And this new super elite have to take over and rewild all the rest where you used to live, for their own amusement in the future, where theyíll pop down from helicopters and go hunting and stuff like that, stuff that you canít do.  But thatís the reality of this world.  Weíre conned all the time. And it is true that Washington, if you look into the history books written at the time, and he admitted it himself, that he started off with a good acreage, or mileage actually, of land he owned personally, and after the end of the war, the revolutionary war, he owned 20 times that much.  It was mile after mile after mile of land.  So it certainly benefitted them personally as they took over the land and everything on it during that particular war. 


The people were left outside and that famous little quote that they give you when they ask Franklin what kind of constitution have you given us, or law system or legal system, and he says, a Republic if you can keep it, with that little smile he apparently always used.  So they knew the agenda.  They absolutely knew the agenda from the get-go.  And everybodyís been used. And itís been such an affective propaganda tool that the mass of the public will never get that through their heads.  Theyíve all been used, for an awful long time.  Theyíre still being used, to keep the world safe you understand, as you all go under.  And yeah, itís time people took a real clear look at the Constitution.  Even that little part, it said in it too, that all treaties are binding.  And I was reading an article today about that too, with treaties to spread wealth across the world theyíve already made, and they were justifying it through that little bit in the Constitution.


Larry:  Just one little caveat, Alan.  You mentioned the word Ďreservation.í  People, look, the places they call reservations today, that they put the original people on the land in, are still called Ďprisoner of war camps.í


Alan:  Thatís right.


Larry:  Thank you, Alan. 


Alan:  I agree.  Thanks for calling.  And thatís what your little community area and your Agenda 21 part is too.  Itís a little prison camp.  Just like the Soviet Union, the test bed, where you wonít be allowed outside your area without special passes, and generally youíll get turned down most of the time.  And thereís Jo-Marie from California.  Are you there?


Jo-Marie:  Iíve been listening to you for a while and Iíve been thinking about how you say money is a farce.  And you know, it is, and I wish people could see that.  I talk about how I think we should have a true cashless society, not the one that the globalists want to put upon us.  I get called communist and...  People are just so conditioned to believe thatís a bad thing.  And thatís going to be a big problem because weíve had money on this planet for a long time that itís scary to think of doing without it.  Okay, thatís one.  Number two.  Iím wondering, why do you think they chose Brazil and India to be built up?  Do you know why it was those two countries?


Alan:  Well, I know India, Iíve got books from the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations Ė which is the same organization, one in the US and one in Britain Ė going back to the 1920s and 30s.  And the one that they had in the 1938 meeting I think it is, in Australia that year, all your top politicians from the US were there too, and Canada and all over, and the bankers as well.  They talked about bringing in... using the British Empire as a basis; that was the whole idea of it.  And America was to take it over and expand it, which theyíve been doing.  And they said, the man from India, the top member from India stood up and he says, when will you allow us to move into your countries?  And the other one spoke up and says, itís not time now, the people arenít ready for it yet, to multiculturalism, weíll have to work on them for quite a few years. And they actually said, it probably wonít be until about the 1960s or 70s; that was like 40 years down the road, he said, where weíll be able to start bringing you in in large numbers.  And thatís exactly how they did it too.  So the futureís always planned by them. 


And when it comes to money as well, money is a con game.  Itís a pure con game.  Itís based on nothing.  Youíve got a bunch of international bankers that supposedly lend to the central banks of governments, the private banks of governments that run the government, and then of course the government has to print up cash and then sell off their bonds.  And itís the same guys who are lending you, by the way, the cash, that buy the bonds.  Itís going in a big, big circle.  Only when it comes back to the bond holders, theyíre going to get massive interest on debt already, you see.  And I read an article just recently where Lord Edmund Rothschild, he gave an interview and he was blaming all the banks for the crash and young guys with BlackBerrys and they werenít spending time thinking about their deals, they were just doing it fast.  And then in another article right after it, it mentioned that he was one of the biggest bond holders for the United States.  He probably owns the majority shares.  And heíll do the same with Australia, Canada and everything else too.  So itís an absolute farce and con game because, really, money was meant to be a form that would help barter, where two people were bartering:  Iíve got a sack of rice, youíve got a sack of corn, letís exchange and decide how much is worth what, weight-wise.  And in comes the third man, thatís the middleman with the coin.  And maybe the first couple of times heíll give you a coin for each sack, and then you start to realize that this is okay, you know.  And next time he comes, oh, no, youíll have to pay me back with that coin and another one of the coins, because itís gone up, the commodity has gone up in price.  And once he starts that racket Ė and thatís all it is, is a pure racket of conology Ė youíre stuck, youíre hooked.  One generation is all they need to use it on before you forget how to barter, how to get along without it.  And once youíre on money, and this is an ancient technique, even the Phoenicians were doing this in ancient times.  They were forcing it on countries, when they were using other countries to invade countries and take over.  In other words, they would lend to a country, tell them to get an army built up, and then in exchange for debt, theyíd say, use that army and go and invade this country over there, and weíll come along with you, and youíll help us introduce our money system, to countries that never used money before.  And once the folk are using your money system, just one generation goes on, then you start taxing it back from them.  And if you canít get it in direct taxes from them you start taking land and goods, real things off them. And itís never changed from then till this day. And the guys who work with money are the richest people on the planet.  The people who make things and produce things that you actually need get very little at the bottom.  So itís an absolute racket designed for the money men, by the money men, and controlled by the money men.  And itís time it was all stopped, like we all dug our heels in and from one day onwards STOP USING THE DARN STUFF and go back to your government issuing its own cash and not borrowing a single cent from anybody else.  And if they canít live within their means, itís tough luck, they canít go and borrow.  Thatís how, but itís not meant to be that way.  Thereís a small club in this world; you have royalty, you have royal managers of money, just like you have royalty running countries and sitting on thrones.  You have royalty who have dealt with this for thousands of years too, dynasties, and itís time we got them out of the picture.  But they wonít let it happen; theyíll have wars before theyíd ever let that happen.  


Jo-Marie:  How far back does money go?  I never read it in any history book but Iím wondering, when was it introduced?


Alan:  Well, they were using it for maybe 1,000 years or more in the form of gold strips, or silver strips; silver was first on the market.  And you wound it around your forearm like a bangle; it mentions that in the Bible somewhere.  And you could break pieces off or chisel them off and eventually weight it in exchange for something.  About 800 BC they came in with the idea of minting it as coinage.  And before that, as I say, it was just wound in strips.  The Phoenicians actually cut triangular-shaped strips of silver and gold and weighed it and that was what they used as money.  They always used scales for the money. 


Jo-Marie:  Oh, okay.  So it goes back that far.  Do you think it goes back even further than that?


Alan:  Oh, probably.  I mean, the Phoenicians were on the go for hundreds and hundreds of years and they had deals with every country as they lent money to them, that as the ones who were indebted to them, in payment, they would help them, to bring the Phoenicians in with them when they were going on to plunder another country.  The Phoenicians had gold mines and silver mines as far as the Urals in Russia; they were all over the place.  The Phoenicians also took over lands through conquest by using other peopleís armies, much like whatís happening to America today by the way.  And they also had factory towns along the coast of the Mediterranean where the people were literally slaves trying to pay off debt, just like today. 


Jo-Marie:  Okay, one more thing before I go.  Do you have any idea of who introduced money to the population on this planet?


Alan:  Well, we do know from the writings of some of the Greek philosophers, especially who often got married to, they called it the Levant, women from the Levant whose fathers were money lenders, that it goes back to the Middle East thousands of years ago. 


Jo-Marie:  Okay. Well, thank you very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and thereís Clinton from Ontario on the line.  Are you there Clinton?


Clinton:  Yes I am, Alan; thanks for taking my call.  Tonight youíre speaking of how the USA is the battering ram of the world.  Now, many of your listeners know this, Iím sure, and even the ones who donít listen to you, know that the USA has been the big brother so to speak, or the big police agency of the world since World War II.† Now, ever since then they have set up command centers all throughout the world.  Thereís one in South America, US SOUTHCOM, AFRICOM, Central Command in the Middle East, a European command and also a USA Pacific Command.  So, in other words, they more or less have control of the world right now, the way it sits.† Now, Alex Jones mentioned, last week when you were on his show, he asked you a question of how you think they might bring upon the martial law or what would happen.  Now, the US Northern Command is definitely going to take control of that, I think, and I think you would agree there.† Now, the thing with this that scares me is that, and your listeners can look this up, they can search it or Wikipedia it, but it clearly tells you that US Northern Command will take outright control of Canada, Mexico and the USA of course, and they will control the land and 500 nautical miles of each shoreline.  So that tells me more or less that no oneís coming in and no oneís leaving in a time of crisis. 


Alan:  Oh, yeah.  And plus too, Kissinger, in a speech he gave in California quite a few years ago, said the same thing.  He said, the American people would welcome the intervention of the United Nations peacekeepers in times of great crisis, and they could be made to be so.  So remember too, youíve got all of that on the go.  Youíve got NATO as well that is to come in.  And thereís also a rapid reaction deployment force as well.  I read an article recently, itís a massive army now they can just call in at any time and fly to any of the first world countries in times of crisis.  So youíve got all this to deal with as well.  Plus as well, as I mentioned last week, Iíve mentioned the different troops that have been studying, have been working in Canadian bases for many years now.  They bring them in in sections.  Itís mainly an officer class, and theyíre being taught Canadian civic law.  Now, why would you be giving Russians and other ones courses in Canadian civic law?  Itís so they can come back and if they have to come back with all of their men at one time they will know all the laws of that area or that land, etc.  Thatís what itís for.  Theyíve been doing this for years.


Clinton:  Well, thatís what I wanted to ask you about, is with this thing with China coming into the United States and maybe not rumors but probably fact, that theyíre coming in and buying land up and whatnot.  Now, the possibility that I think is that not only are they buying up land but theyíre bringing in, perhaps foreign troops, into the land.


Alan:  Thereís actually clauses they have that they can bring in their own people to protect their own estate, and that also goes for their factories or anything else theyíve set up as well.  And theyíve got deals with the Americans that alter all the different treaties, especially the Constitution or whatís left of it.  They can actually use American troops to defend them too for any particular reason.


Clinton:  Now, the thing I was going to get at there is, maybe not the American troops because so many of them are deployed overseas.† Now, with this Northern Command, thereís a strong possibility that they have foreign troops with this command whereas they will not think twice about shooting a US citizen or a Canadian citizen or a Mexican citizen.


Alan:  Well, to be honest with you, I think even the special multi-jurisdictional task forces, thatís all armed forces, including your policemen, who also get trained over in Afghanistan for Canada by the way, they get stints over there, the SWAT teams, and then they come back into uniforms here.  They will deal with that job as well.  They wonít care either who theyíre told to kill, I think, to be honest with you. 


Clinton:  Okay, thanks Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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