August 4th, 2011 (#890)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 4th, 2011:

Money Boys Who Manage the Carnage:

"The News Today says World Imploding,
Nations' Money Presses Hot with Reloading,
Of Course Experts are Taken by Surprise
As Banking Spin-Merchants Pour Out Lies,
But, Wait and See, There'll Be a World Meeting
Of All the Wise Men Who're Fat from Feeding
On the World's Naive for Many a Century,
Their Crimes Deserve Life Penitentiary,
However, They'll Come Up with a New Solution,
The World Bank in Charge of All Devolution
And the IMF to Rig All the Books,
They're Good at Cooking These Men in Suits,
Austerity for All, Except for Themselves,
These Gnomic Creatures, Or are They Elves?
Out of Chaos, More Order Regardless of Damage,
Gnomes say God Left Them Eden to Manage"
© Alan Watt August 4th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė August 4th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on August 4th, 2011.  For newcomers look into the website,, and youíll find hundreds of audios which hopefully will give you shortcuts to understanding this, the real world, the world youíre not taught about at school, the world that your media doesnít talk about, and actually itís closer to science fiction I suppose than what youíre given as reality, because a super-structure of integrated associations run the world, and they have for an awful long time, not by happenstance, not just because theyíre rich, but because they set out well over a hundred years ago to make it so, and thatís how you always plan the future for yours, for you and your own, that is, and to make sure that theyíll always be in power, your offspring will always take over from where you left off, simple as that.  Old idea, and itís actually been done a long time ago, and generations have lived through this system.  Itís based on eugenics and superiority, and thatís the world as we have it today, basically.  Weíre going through an incredible time of change, and this time of change was talked about in the biographies, generally, of the big boys who helped plan it.  They love to boast about it.  And they said the time would come when the useless eaters would be superfluous basically, in a postindustrial society.  And thatís what weíre in today.  In the Western countries, weíre not industrialists anymore, thatís all been given to China, thanks to you and your kindness with your tax money, because you funded all the factories to move through the World Trade Organization Agreement, at least your governments did.  So, help yourself to the audios, and youíll start to understand how this all works. 


And remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me keep going by buying the books and discs I have for sale at  And from the US to Canada, remember, you can still use a personal check or an international postal money order, or PayPal to order.  Youíll find the button on the .com site, just follow it up with an email with name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Straight donations are certainly welcome.  And across the rest of the world itís the same idea. Youíve got Money Gram, Western Union, and PayPal.  And hopefully, I can tick on a little bit longer.  Iím not backed by anybody.  I donít bring on advertisers as guests to sell you anything.  If I did, Iíd be very sitting pretty right now.  And that way Iíve got more leeway to be open and honest about what I think, as far as this system goes.  So, itís up to you to keep me going. 


We are going through the biggest changes, planned a long time ago.  Some of the books from a hundred years ago, talked about this change, and called it the biggest change since the Industrial Revolution, where millions were put off their land into the big industrial cities that had just been built, to live in utter poverty, as they helped to mass produce for the rest of the world.  As I say, thatís been given to China today, and we are now the useless eaters in the West.  Because now they tell us, from the Club of Rome that we are a post-consumerist society.  They call it austerity.  So, in other words, everything that you earn, instead of having superfluous money to spend on yourself, or what you want to spend it on, that will go back to the government, and the world government as well, thatís the United Nations, in taxes and fees.  And you wonít have to buy all that junk anymore that doesnít last very long anyway, from China.  Itís not meant to last very long. 


So, youíre post-consumer, and youíre in an Age of Austerity.  And thatís what theyíre ramming home to you.  And thatís what all of this planned global crisis is, happening now, a few years after the so-called bank crashes that just happened by themselves.  Right at the right time to bring in austerity, by the way, because they want to bring in the IMF, the World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements up to its proper status as they were meant to do.  Thatís what they planned during the big Bretton Woods Agreement during World War II.  And they said that eventually these banks will run the world.  So, youíre being trained now to go through a fear crisis, and a poverty crisis, and then theyíll come out with the answer and youíll breathe a sigh of relief.  Thatís how it works.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about the big system weíre being trained to accept.  Itís a new system, and theyíve already talked over the many years, and Iíve read the articles here on the air, that they want a global currency eventually, and that prior to that too, they want to basically bring in a similar currency as the Euro has to the United Americas.  And of course, theyíre talking about that now with the stock markets going down once again.  They actually say on the Council on Foreign Relations, and they said it the last time too, that they can use this crisis, of course, to help amalgamate the countries even further in the Americas.  So, everything is being used to their advantage at the top.  The rest of it is to terrify you, so that youíll beg government to do something, which of course theyíll dust off some old thing that theyíve drafted up years ago and say, we just happen to have this ready, and hereís your new system.  Thatís what they always do.  These are big, big, dramas we go through. 


Also, whatís coming up too is the coming food shortages, because I read last year, and before that too, that the Council on Foreign Relations, especially the British headquarters for the same organization, they call it the Royal Institute of International Affairs over there, because theyíre allowed to use the word royal, but at Chatham House theyíve had think tanks working on the coming global food shortages for the last sixteen years.  They just knew it was going to happen.  Why, because you see, the big members who own the organization also own the agribusiness across the world as well, and theyíll make it happen at the right time.  Theyíre also buying up all the water supplies too.  Same people. 


And for the last few years too, Iíve watched the spraying going on like crazy in the skies.  Since í98 it really started on pretty well a daily basis in Canada, especially in Ontario.  And then with the HAARP banging away too, I can pick it up on the short wave all the time, exactly what Teller said would happen.  And Teller was the guy who came up with the idea of spraying the skies with metallic particles.  It could cause warming or cooling depending on the type of particle they used.  They could also couple it with electromagnetic pulse frequencies, like HAARP in other words.  Itís called HAARP today, H-A-A-R-P.  And it basically gives them a great circuit across the world.  They could use whole continents, douse whole continents in it.  Not only does it effect the mood, but it also effects the weather, and thatís in the treaty at the United Nations, by the way, that they can use this technology, from the í70s.  They can actually use it and create hurricanes, storms, droughts, whatever they want, flooding.  And weíve watched this happening to the breadbaskets in Canada and the States for quite some years.  They either both get it at the same time, drought, or they both get flooding.  And this is whatís been happening. 


Flood affected farmers to benefit from $448 million


Flood affected farmers on the Prairies (Alan: In Canada.)will benefit from around $448 million in funding this year.


Federal and provincial governments in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta will make assistance available to farmers dealing with excess moisture.


(A: Thatís what they call this spraying.  The last time actually, it was a few years ago, I saw that somebodyís house was floating away, because a river burst its bank, and the CBC was there, and the woman was crying, of course, and her house is sort of floating away, and right above them, you saw all these chemtrails criss-crossing the sky, just all over the place.  Nobody mentioned that, of course, in the little talk they had with her.  Anyway, this article says:)


ďExtreme weather and flooding is once again hurting our Prairie farmers,Ē federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz said. ďGovernments have come together once again to develop a relief package that will help producers restore damaged cropland and transport feed or livestock so they can continue to produce the high quality grains and livestock the world has come to expect."


(A: Iím sure itís all GM now, anyway.)


As part of the AgriRecovery initiative,


(A: $30 theyíre going to get.)


$30 will be made available per acre of crop land that could not be seeded as of June 20, 2011, and crop land that was seeded, but then flooded out on or before July 31, 2011.


Livestock producers and also get assistance to help cover extra costs such as renting pasture and transporting feed or livestock.


So, your food is just going to continue to skyrocket, as this continues, because, I know, just by my own studies too, and by, as I say, the United Nations various treaties theyíve signed and the amendments to the weather warfare treaties since the í70s onwards, that theyíre actually using it.  Plus, I can use my own eyes, and I can pick up the HAARP pulses, the woodpecker, they call it, on the short wave radio.  So, I have no problem understanding whatís really going on.  Creating flood or drought, they can do either, quite easily.  Actually itís routine nowadays. 


And what we get too, during all of this, is:


Markets tumble on fears of U.S. slowdown, (A: Whatís a slowdown in the US?  Thereís no work left.  And the:)debt crises


North American stock markets racked up big losses Thursday afternoon over rising pessimism about slowing economic conditions.


The S&P/TSX composite index plunged 432.61 points to 12,383.41, while the TSX Venture Exchange fell 101.18 points (A: Etc, etc.)


The Canadian dollar also got caught up in the downdraft


(A: I like how they word it all.  Downdraft, like itís blowing up and down.)


as tumbling prices for oil and metals helped push the currency down 1.7 cents to 102.19 cents US.


(A: Thatís amazing, because last week you were getting 94 cents of the American to a Canadian dollar.)


New York markets also fell hard with the Dow Jones industrial average tumbling 359.8 points to 11,536.64. (A: Etc, etc.)


Just a couple of weeks ago, investors were concerned the U.S. economy had hit a soft patch.


(A: I love the terminology, soft patch.  Itís all manipulated, eh?  I know what happens to me.  You end up on your back if you hit a soft patch in a field.)


Since then a raft of economic data have raised worries about the economy slipping back into recession.


(A: Weíve never been out of it.)


Manufacturing, consumer spending and hiring by private companies are below levels that are consistent with a healthy economy.


(A: These are the experts talking, you know.  We need these experts.)


"It has now become completely about the economy," said Sid Mokhtari, market technician at CIBC World Markets.


"The evidence suggest there is now the risk of a serious economic slowdown."


Slowdown, slipping, and all the rest of it, and downdrafts and updrafts.  That sounds like the weather station.  Anyway, thatís the nonsense weíre fed, because itís all planned this way, because we have to go into, weíre in the global system.  Weíre in, not just a global system of countries, partnering with other countries through treaties into one system, but also, they must get all the moneys into the one system as well.  And the only way to do it is to train you all.  Itís not because of the guys who are manipulating it.  They know whatís going on.  They never suffer.  Itís to do with training you all for new systems, so as weíll all breathe a sigh of relief when itís all done.  ďOh, thank god, weíve got some new currency and nothing will happen again.Ē  Thatís what they always tell you, eh, after depressions.  ďThis will never happen again.  Weíve got experts working on it.Ē 


And then youíve got:


Food Stamp Nation: Alabama Helps Push U.S. Program to All-Time High


Alabama is responsible for much of the 1.1 million increase in food stamp recipients after horrific storms tore through the area and led some residents to seek disaster relief, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.


Some 45.8 million people collected food stamps in May, up from 44 million in April, according to the USDA. That's an all-time high, up 12 percent from a year ago and an astonishing 34 percent from two years ago.


(A: Everything is percentages now.  Itís like George Orwellís Department of Statistics, because weíre all Socialist now, you see.)


Comparing May 2010 to May 2011, more than 20 states have seen double-digit percent growth in individuals seeking food assistance benefits.


(A: Well, I guess the New World Order is right on track.  Look where theyíre going, eh.)


"The rise in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program indicates that the economy is still in tough shape and for a lot of people the recession has not ended," Nicholas Colas, chief market strategist for ConvergEx, told ABC News.


(A: So anyway, in Alabama alone:)


Of Alabama's more than 4.7 million residents, 1.7 million are receiving assistance for food based on figures from the USDA. The figure has more than doubled from May 2010 to May 2011 for the state's residents.


(A: So, itís also up too, in the Midwest.)


In Illinois, food stamps have risen by 46 percent in Cook County, 133 percent in DuPage County, 84 percent in Lake County, 96 percent in Kane County, 168 percent in McHenry County and 74 percent in Will County, according to the Daily Herald.


Amazing, eh?  The land of opportunity.  It was for some, mind you, the opportunists all came, and theyíre all running the country right now.  And then you get the same thing too, it says:


£35bn wiped off UK shares as fear stalks the world economy


(A: Weíre all getting the same message, eh.  It says:)


Index drops by 132 points to 5,585.74


That is down 2.5% after third consecutive day of drops


A massive £35billion was wiped off the value of Britainís biggest companies yesterday as the global economy sunk deeper into crisis.


(A: It wonít matter to them, because theyíre all over the planet, in other things as well.)


Stock markets around the world fell as the debt storm in America blew back across the Atlantic to Europe and threatened to engulf Italy and Spain.


(A: This global society is just wonderful.  Weíve had nothing but panic and mayhem since they started it.† Same with the Euro as well.  Weíre all amalgamating, and weíll be rich and promises of peace and prosperity they called it.  Now everybody is bailing out everybody else, until thereís nothing left to bail out.)


Panicked investors were also rattled by signs of a severe slowdown in the United States, the worldís biggest economy, as it edged closer to a double-dip recession.


In New York, the Dow Jones index of American stocks recovered only slightly after falling for eight straight days.


The loss of confidence on financial markets


(A: Etc, etc, etc.  And it says, hereís the important part.)


The Rise in Permanent Jobless

The number of Britons who will never find work has risen by as much as half a million as a result of damage done during the recession,


(A: Why do they call it recession?)


leading economists say.


Even when the economy has recovered around two million will still be jobless.


I can remember Margaret Thatcher, and she was well in on this global society, and she always played the Conservative.  It was quite a joke.  In fact, she destroyed all the minerís unions and closed down the mines, by buying in massive amounts of coal from what was then Communist Poland, this great Conservative.  Ended the coal mining industry by bringing it in from the Communists, the great Conservative that she was.  And she also said, by the way, on national television at the time, there are millions who will never see work in their lifetime.  This generation, many of them will never see work in their lifetime.  Get used to it, she says.  See, itís planned a long time ago, folks.  A long time ago.  Weíre just living through the script.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just reading through the news thatís all over the world right now, but itís a lot for the US and Canada, as they build the tensions up, before they give us the solutions, of course.  And its says:


"Sudden And Unexpected" Burst Of Downsizing Causes Layoffs To Explode Nearly 60% In July


July was a HUGE month for layoffs according to a survey from Challenger.


A sudden and unexpected burst in private-sector downsizing


(A: They call it downsizing, which is layoffs, of course.)


pushed the number of announced job cuts to a 16-month high of 66,414 in July, according the latest report on downsizing


(A: Which is layoff)


activity released Wednesday by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.


The 66,414 job cuts last month were up 60 percent from the previous month, when employers announced plans to shed 41,432 workers. The July figure was 59 percent higher than the 41,676 layoffs recorded in July 2010. It was the largest monthly total since March 2010, when 67,611 job cuts were announced by the nationís employers.


The July job-cut surge was dominated by a flurry of large layoffs by a handful of private-sector employers, including Merck & Co., Borders, Cisco Systems, Lockheed Martin


(A: This Lockheed Martin is amazing.  They do all the census for all the countries.  They do your taxes for all the countries too.  A lot of other things, and they outsource it all to India as well.  This company, this is a weapons manufacturer, and itís gotten right into the observing you type mentality, with its camera systems and computer systems to all countries now.  Itís really the global one thatís been marked for watching all of us, Lockheed Martin.  Anyway, and it says:)


and Boston Scientific. The job cuts from these five companies alone accounted for 38,100 or 57 percent of the July total.


And then it gives you a month-by-month total, etc, just to show you whatís really going on in the great land of opportunity, all planned a long time ago.  They talked about what were they going to do with the peasants when they move all the stuff to China.  They talked about this before they did it.  They knew what they were going to do.  And a service economy is what they said theyíd replace it by, which is where you buy things from abroad, and then you simply pass it round from middle men, until it ends up on the shop floor and you buy it.  Thatís what it means.  And, of course, you cannot survive long as a service economy.  They knew that years ago.  They talked about that in Britain, before they even joined the Common Market, in fact.  So, thatís what they plan to bring in for the peasants, as they bring down the old structure, the old world system, to bring in the New World Order, and this is all part of it, of course.  But donít worry, itís not to go on forever.  Eventually, thereís to be no nations, and even the regions will sort of mellow down into a few or a handful of big super city-states they said for the ultra-elite.  The rest of the peasants I guess just die off up to the year 2050, according to the articles Iíve read on the air here, from their big think tanks at NATO.  Anyway, weíre going through it now.


And then, the Bank of New York Mellon to slap fees on some big deposits amid the global race to cash.  And it says:


Bank of New York Mellon is preparing to charge some large depositors to hold their cash, in the latest sign of the worries roiling global markets.


The big US custodial bank said this week in a note to clients that it will begin slapping a fee next week on customers that have vastly increased their deposit balances over the past month.


The bank cited the heavy dollar deposits as received over recent weeks, as investors and corporations retreat from financial markets, amid Europeís debt crisis, and the recent debate over US government borrowing.


(A: What debate?)


ďIn a way theyíre pushing out this hot money that came in over the last couple of weeks, or at least trying to offset their expenses associated with taking it in,Ē said Brian Smedley, a rates strategist at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch.  ďThis has led to lower front end rates across the board.Ē


Anyway, I think we should just cut up that melon and spread some slices around to all of us, I think.  How about that, eh?  I want to mention too, Iím also going to put up tonight a link to a newspaper in Canada.  It ties in with the first article, where youíll see the new storm clouds.  We used to see the old type.  Weíve got the new normals now, storm clouds, as they come in, and theyíre like big swirling vortexes, right above you.  You see them in Ontario all the time.  Even from the satellite youíll see them, and itís swirling, just swirling like a big vortex over you, and itís hot, and then it will pour down like crazy on you, and sometimes it just hovers there and just builds up the heat and does nothing else.  And even in the satellite youíll see the red for heat buildup.  Itís incredible.  When it passes over this area of Ontario, it turns back to green.  So, theyíre definitely HAARPing away, and of course, again, you think itís all science fiction.  Itís actually old stuff, and itís well recorded.  Itís all patented, the whole bit, itís up and running. 


And tonight too, Iíll even put up a link to a fellow who got the right idea, looking at the Antarctic.  And youíll see all the different foreign bases there, and American, and Canadian, and lots of other ones, and they all have these HAARP arrays, all over the place, and in Antarctica too, I guess to match the ones up in Alaska, just exactly what Tesla suggested they do for standing wave technologies.  And youíll see those big, massive, like golf ball structures they have, huge things, and thatís their over the ground radar too, which is also used in conjunction with superheating the atmosphere in specific points.  I laughed when they brought those things out, because they tried to con the Canadian public, when they first brought them out, that it was ultra-sensitive devices to detect particles coming in, for solar particles, they said.  Iím not kidding you.  This is the rubbish they told Canadians, and I just did a quick look up, and saw what it really, really was, which was all documented and all the rest of it.  And they even have floating ones now on platforms to go around the coast.  Weíre getting HAARPed from all directions, superheating the atmosphere.  And they even tried exploding parts of the atmosphere too, which is also documented in Canada and Australia.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just pointing out all the apparent mayhem and chaos, whether itís real or not, whoever knows, thatís been bombarded throughout the media in just one day, basically.  And thatís to get us all ready for the changes to come.  But real people really suffer during all of this too, as we all get trained to go into new systems, and more government control, and more government authorities and bureaucracies to deal with and all that, because that will come out of it too, as you well know. Weíre the most over-regulated planet, I guess, in the whole cosmos, and definitely in all of time on this one.† They havenít stopped yet.  Theyíve got an awful lot to go.  Maybe thatís the only hiring that goes on, is for government, I think, nowadays.  And this is from Australia. 


Eighty-Five Australian Building and Construction Firms Go Under in a Month; Crazy to Buy a House in Australia Now


(A: And itís true enough, because now itís Fabian Socialist run, and carbon taxes going straight ahead, farmers who canít plant because governments designated their areas as carbon sinks.  I guess you can build a little rockery, like a fire outside, sit in it at night, and imagine a real fire that used to get lit in it.  You know, thatís as far as you can go.  Use your imagination, because you canít actually light one, because itís giving off nasty carbon.  Anyway, there you go with the building houses there.  It says:)


The implosion in Australian housing is now in full swing as Eighty-five building and construction firms go under in a month


The building and construction industry seems to be bearing the brunt of the brittle Australian economy, with more than 85 companies either entering administration, liquidation or being hit by a winding up notice over the past month in Victoria and New South Wales alone.


Over the past fortnight, Safi Brothers Constructions, Port Melbourne Building Supplies, Coastline Bricklaying and Blue Hills Bricklaying have entered administration. Others to have collapsed of late include plumbers, plasterers and landscape gardeners.


(A: And they had a lot more associated with the building corporations as well, the whole industry.  It says:)


"An awful lot of tradies couldn't pay their bills during the GFC, and now the ATO is coming to get them," Sanderson says.


(A: I guess we can figure out what all that means.)


"Whereas other industries might continue to limp on, small trades might not have the ability."


So, itís worldwide.  And thatís what they want, a worldwide crisis so the big boys can come in, just like Obama did, with his new Congress, you know, the Council of Twelve Wise Men.  And the same thing will happen for the world too.  Iím sure itís all planned and the boys are all picked for it.  And weíll hear about this as things get worse, no doubt.  And things just limp along.  And also, the cons that are going on by the banks.  Well, we know about the cons.  We knew about the whole building and the mortgage rackets.  Theyíre rackets, actually, call them what they are.  Theyíre rackets.  Money itself is a racket, mind you, but the guys who run it are marketeers and racketeers, and everything to do with it really is a racket today.  To get on ahead, you must be taught very young by the right people of how to think, not linearly, but around things.  You must see them from all angles and how you can personally profit and benefit.  And theyíre taught that at a very early age.  And you donít make money by being a tradesmen and actually making something thatís useful.  You make money by handling and creating money out of nothing.  And thatís the real con of this world that we live in. But it controls us all.  Isnít that amazing.  Billions of people are controlled by something called money.  And they have no participation in the creation of it, or even deciding how much itís really worth for its purchasing power.  And even if you collect some of it, they can devalue it so fast itís worth nothing.  What a joke, eh.  This is the 21st century, and theyíre still playing the same con.  Anyway, this happened to one guy Ė itís happened to lots, actually Ė at St. Petersburg.  It says:


Saji Mathew missed the Oct. 12 mortgage payment on the Mobil gas station he co-owns.


(A: He missed one day, right.)


On Oct. 13, he took the money to the bank, thinking that would make things right.


He tried to make his November and December payments as well. But each time, BB&T kicked back his money.


Ten months later, Mathew is still trying to pay. In circuit court on Tuesday, he offered BB&T $50,000, the total amount due since October.


BB&T didn't want the money.† It wants the gas station.


(A: See, they give you something thatís nothing, you make it into something, and you just miss that amount by an hour, the payment by an hour or whatever, and these guys have already sized up what itís now worth, you see.  And theyíll have insiders who want it too, you know.  It says:)


"They won't take my money,'' said Mathew. "I want them to take it. I was one day behind paying the mortgage."


BB&T's stance flabbergasted the judge in the case.


"All the people that understand anything about mortgage foreclosures need to know this stuff," Circuit Judge Amy Williams said in court. "This is the idiocrasy of this stuff. This is why we're in a worldwide financial crisis because there's no business sense any more in the foreclosure industry, none. And it blows my mind. Totally blows my mind.''


You see, itís a racket.  Everything is utterly corrupt.  Canít we understand it?  Everything thatís supposed to be on the up-and-up and respectable is actually a racket.  Itís always been a racket.  Iíve got articles here on all the businesses and agribusinesses, that the government is funding with your tax money, so that youíll buy that stuff that the government is funding, because theyíve got all these deals worked with the big agribusinesses.  Thatís why theyíve got all the GM stuff in all your foods and so on.  Thatís why they churned out dog food now thatís actually primarily GM corn.  Itís just astonishing the public have no idea of how theyíre managed and controlled and killed off too with all the poisons.  Anyway, thatís a whole different thing all together.


Hereís Britain too.  Britainís one of the most corrupt countries as well, even with their local councils across the country.  Youíve got these different cliques that are in charge of the counties and the cities, much like New York.  New York has even put movies out on them theyíre so corrupt.  Itís just the way it is.  Everybody knows everybody at the top and they all make their deals.


Chief Constable and his deputy are both suspended after being arrested in corruption probe


(A: This is only one of many.)


One of Britainís most senior police officers was arrested on suspicion of corruption yesterday.


Cleveland Chief Constable Sean Price, 53, and his deputy Derek Bonnard, 45, are being quizzed by detectives investigating allegations of misconduct, abuse of position and corrupt practice.


A chief constable has not been arrested and charged with an offence since 1958.


(A: So itís the first time since 1958 that someone has been arrested.  That shows you how strong Masonry is, eh?)


Mr Price, who is one of the most highly paid officers in Britain thanks to a gold-plated perks package which takes his salary to £191,905,


(A: Not bad, eh?  They say crime doesnít pay, eh?)


was suspended from duty along with his deputy yesterday.


The forceís former solicitor Caroline Llewellyn,


(A: This is a lawyer.)


who left last month after 36 years with a £213,000 redundancy payoff, was also held yesterday.


(A: Because she was in on all the scams.)


The shock arrests came after Her Majestyís Inspectorate of Constabulary asked Warwickshire Police to investigate allegations of corruption regarding business practices at the force in May this year.


(A: And what it ends up is theyíre all giving contracts out on stuff.  Contracts all over the place, much like Ottawa and Montreal and Toronto, and gee, I could go on all night with all the different names.  Thatís the way it really works.  Folk have no idea that everything thatís supposed to be official, as I say, and on the up-and-up is actually corrupt.  It says here, one of the things they were doing:)


In 2009, local heating and plumbing firm Combi UK won a contract to carry out maintenance work at police buildings. It is unclear who signed off the contract.


(A: Thatís how they do it.  Itís always a scrawl, eh?)


Mr McLuckie, who openly acknowledged that he was paid £900


(A: Thatís why heís called McLuckie.)


a month to advise the company about health and safety and employment issues, has denied any wrongdoing and says he took no part in the contract negotiations.


He resigned just days after the probe was launched, saying he had been subject to a Ďcharacter assassinationí.


They always say that, eh.  They get indignant on television, and my god, you know, and they wave their arms and the whole bit, all that woeful stuff, sackcloth and ashes.  But you know darn well this is how the old boys club works.  And lots of other ones too.  They were tacking on cash to all their tabs and their costs, and giving out contracts for the town and city, etc, etc, and getting the right people jobs, which is normal amongst them too, generally their own relatives.  Iíll put this article up as well, tonight.  And we all know this stuff, really, but we donít want to think about it. 


Another thing too, of course, is the unification of Africa, the African Union.  And, of course, people canít remember that far back, when strangely enough, when the African army was really storming through, funded by the West and the East, by the way, with their armaments.  And they got rid of Rhodesia, and other countries along the way, the US President and the British Prime Ministers were all dead silent about it, as they were kicking all the folk out of the country and all that kind of stuff, except for Mandela and different ones, who eventually came out and talked about the African Union, the African Union.  And itís just like the European Union in a sense.  Thatís where they want it to go, you see.  And of course, the guys in Africa donít plan this.  Itís planned by the big boys that already run the money for the world.  And theyíve got South Africa now lending out to parts of Africa, to bail out other countries in Africa, just like Europe is doing.


South Africa lends Swaziland $355 mln


South Africa has agreed to a 2.4 billion rand ($355 million) bailout for Swaziland to help the impoverished southern African nation through a chronic cash crisis, the Times of Swaziland said on Wednesday.


The paper cited King Mswati III, Africa's last absolute monarch, as saying it was ďvery fortunateĒ that South Africa had come to Swaziland's aid after international lenders such as the International Monetary Fund had withheld support.


ďWe are thankful and also appreciate the assistance we have received


This king by the way spends it all on himself.  You know, but whatís new, eh?  So all this integration and globalization is just great.  Peace and prosperity they call it.  Well, the ones at the top definitely get the prosperity, and they get a lot of peace as well.  Theyíre always on holiday with all that cash.  This is what weíre living through today, utter, diabolical corruption.  Societies that are totally degraded by the culture industry, which is an all-out war on the public, if you canít figure it out.  Itís not giving the public what they want, itís training the public this is what you want.  This is what youíre getting.  Because we mimic what we see and what we do.  A whole war has been waged, waged for an awful long time, on the first world countries, and itís been awfully successful.  Very, very successful. 


And then the EU too, Iíll put up an email.  It was to do with someone who resigned there, because up in this great Soviet system they call the EU Parliament, which is run by secret guys at the top, itís so antidemocratic.  They actually say that now by the way, that itís not democratic.  Isnít that amazing.  That someone resigned, and she went on about the fact that to get on there, you have to prostitute yourself to all the bigwigs at the very, very top.  Iíll put that email up.  That was pulled from the EU site, but someone managed to grab it, and then another article as well about why this all happened and explains it too.


Everything now is corrupt, you understand.  Thereís no concept of right and wrong anymore, but there never was with the ones who run the world.  At least not the one that you think about as right and wrong.  And theyíve got a lot of society like that too.  They always say that if psychopaths are in charge of society or countries, then they give you a psychopathic culture, where we try and emulate them, not to the same extent, but we do take on a lot of their behavior.  Unfortunately, in a monetary system that is true.  But the ones at the top are absolutely corrupt.  The ones that you see on television, giving lovely speeches all written by their speech writers.  Itís utterly, utterly corrupt. 


And then, Canada, which is awfully socialist and awfully good that way, I can remember years ago talking on the air about how in Vancouver, out West, they had films out to show youngsters at school, they were under twelve I think, some of them, how to use needles for heroin, because thereís so much heroin flooding into the country.  And how to use the needles safely.  So, theyíre teaching school children that.  Theyíre even giving them lessons in school, knowing a good lot of them will grow up to be on crack, you see.  Now itís going even further:


Vancouver to hand out clean, unused crack pipes


(A: Thatís awfully nice, eh.)


Among the impoverished drug addicts in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, crack cocaine users face an extra hurdle to feed their addiction.


Heroin users can pick up clean needles from needle-exchange programs or the city's controversial safe-injection site, which have at least partly curbed risky needle sharing. But crack pipes are more difficult to come by.


(A: Amazing how they can afford that stuff, but they canít afford a pipe, eh?  Even a corncob one.)


Some crack smokers can afford to buy small glass or Pyrex stems to use as pipes. Others fashion makeshift pipes from bottles, cans or even hollow car antennas. And in many cases, they just simply share, potentially putting themselves at risk of contracting disease.


(A: So now theyíre launching a pilot project there, thatís there to:)


distribute clean, unused crack pipes to drug users.


As far as Iím concerned thatís basically giving the go-ahead and saying thatís okay.  If the authorities say itís okay, then itís okay to do it.  But it is, too, I can remember years ago reading, at least in the 80s, late 80s, that the RCMP said at the time that the big banks in Canada would all immediately crash if they were to go ahead and arrest all the big amounts of cocaine and heroin flooding into the country.  It was keeping the banks afloat, just like it is in the US.  And in the US too, of course, theyíve come up with the fact that the US government agencies have been dealing with importing drugs for years and years and years now.  Another article came out today on that topic as well. 


Now, weíll go to the callers.  Thereís Steve from Texas, hanging on there.  Is Steve there?


Steve: Yeah, good evening, Alan.  Thanks for taking my call.† I wanted to call in because last night you touched on an important topic about adaptation, and how we donít ask questions, and we just go along with whatever weíre presented with.† I had a very good, important conversation with someone last night about the airport scanners.  The question came up to ask me if I would travel to Europe.  You know, sarcastically I joked, yeah, I would travel, you know, once they removed the scanners from the airport.  And you know, she made an interesting comment, as if to say, well, why wouldnít I travel, or why wouldnít I go through the scanners.  And you know, I object, saying that I feel that I havenít done anything wrong, why should I have to go through a scanner and be bombarded with radiation, you know, unwillingly.  And she stated, well, and itís interesting, you know, she compared it to breathing air outside.  She said, well, if thatís the case, then you might as well not go outside and breathe, because you know, itís the same thing.  But itís interesting how breathing is something that you have to do to survive.  Thatís something that you canít consciously control, but buying an airline ticket and boarding a plane is something that you can control. Itís something that we should stop, if we would just simply step back and not contribute to the airlines and board their planes.


Alan: If people would just say that, you know.  I mean, radiation, thereís an article that just came out too in the British Medical Journal, after years of study on CAT Scans for instance, they said itís equal to about 500 chest X-Rays and that pretty well everybody that theyíve checked on years later has come down with cancer.  So they know the darn stuff, what itís doing to you.  And yet, theyíre trying to train the public to be dosed with something thatís potentially lethal.  Not only that, their own union for the guards around the airport have warned them all, they said the death rate and cancer is skyrocketing amongst their own staff at these airports.  So, this is a killer, and weíve got to say no.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just to finish with Steven there, heís talking about, people should just stop.  I wish they would just stop going to these places and using their so-called services, because people have the right to travel.  You understand thereís many ways to restrict your right to travel, unless itís on their terms.  If you travel, youíre going to come down with something down the road thatís not going to be very pleasant.  And thatís wrong.  And of course, we know that even Israel, that sells an awful lot of these things, these particular scanners, is in the business of it, and that came because one of the guys at the top of Homeland Security, once he left that went into the business, and made sure that it was all pushed on the American people, all these scanners, and Israel itself will not use them, because they say theyíre no use for what theyíre supposed to do.  Theyíre actually no use, except they might kill you, but theyíre no use for detecting anything, the things theyíre after.  So, they wonít even use it in Israel, but the US are used as schmucks to use it.  So, itís incredible.  And the people have to stop it, because you donít want yourself or those you love to come down with diseases down the road, just like the TSA staff are coming down with now, and thatís on their own union website.  They said that thereís a high percentage of cancers now developing amongst all their own guards, because theyíre standing around this stuff all day long.  Now, weíll try Willis from Idaho, if heís still there.  Are you there, Willis?  Hello, Willis?


Willis: Hello, Iím here.† Say, Iíve got a two-part question.  I hope we can get this in.  Iím coming to some conclusions that Iím really not liking.  This has all happened before, and itís going to happen again.  Weíve had this technology, weíve been this technologically advanced before.  They built the pyramids.  They have those giant petraglyphs that you can only see from the sky.  Iím wondering, every time we start to get, the masses start to get educated and start to get an understanding, they burn down the Library of Alexandria.  Every time they start to do that, this is just a test tube, this whole thing.  If there is a god, he doesnít care much about us.  These people keep this technology, they keep this information and this understanding, and they manipulate our DNA and we come back as a little bit different each time, if thatís the case.  Iím not liking what Iím thinking.  Am I on the wrong track?


Alan: Thereís no doubt about it, I keep saying, like Charles Fort said, weíre farmed.  Weíre farmed, you understand.  And Karl Marx did say some truths in his various writings, and he said that the only true worth and value comes from human labor.  That means youíve got to have a lot of division of labor.  That means the masses are the laborers, and youíve got this clique at the top, which they call government, which is interlaced with corporations, and these guys live with their private jets, and lots of servants, and big, big mansions.  So, youíve got to understand, this is how this system really is.  Itís a class system.  And they bring eugenics into it.  As I mentioned, Bertrand Russell said, eventually the world managers, this is in his own writings, the guy who attended all these world meetings, helped set up this system that youíre now going through.  He said, eventually the world leaders and the management class, because of their special education, and again, their selective breeding, their specially chosen mates for offspring, he said, eventually theyíll become a separate species from the working class.  Well, technically, thatís happened.  Weíre dumbed down.  Weíre poisoned.  Weíre inoculated to be stupid.  And we donít live that long now, at least healthily, and they can fine-tune it right down now, with all your inoculations, that youíll kick the bucket around 60 or 65, just before you get your pension.  I mean, itís that precise. 


Willis: Over and over and over again, theyíve done this.  How many millions of years has this been going on, do you think?


Alan: Well, Iím sure itís an old science.  And killing off the peasantry is nothing new for, you know, herd management.  And they call it herd management at the top.  Thanks for calling.  And from Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, itís good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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