Aug. 10, 2011 (#894)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 10, 2011:

"Communist-Fascist" Solutions,
Destroy Traditional Institutions:

"Rows of Dominoes Set Up in Advance,
Years of Planning Left Nothing to Chance,
Can't Have Riots with Nothing to Hate,
So Create Generations of Welfare State,
Unemployment High -- Bring in Mass Immigration,
Criminals Injured on Job -- Give Compensation,
Blair's Admission Should have Caused a Rupture,
He said He Wished to Destroy British Culture,
We've Seen the Movement which Destroys, Trashes,
So the Phoenix can Rise Out of its Ashes,
The Total Police State, Initially Cheered
As Saviour, till Jeckyll-like, It Will Be Feared"
© Alan Watt Aug. 10, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 10, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 10th 2011.  For newcomers, look into the web site and hopefully youíll find lots of shortcuts to understanding this world that youíre born into, and how it really works and how itís always really worked, and how big institutions, organizations, big money, and the banking fraternity of course, really have their own superstructure of government, world government, and how they have a big business plan for the planet. And thatís really what it is.  Thousands of think tanks across the whole globe working for them on specific parts of their society as they bring it into this world order, and into the future that they want to bring us all into.  Not all of us actually, all of us wonít be here, but they certainly know who they want to bring through into the next Brave New World scenario. So help yourself to the audios; thereís lots to choose from.  All the sites listed on the .com site also have transcripts of a lot of the talks in English for print up and if you want print up in other languages look at and help yourself from the variety offer there.  Remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you so you can support me by buying the books and disks that I have for sale at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Iíll get the orders out as fast as I can.  Remember, straight donations are certainly welcome as well, in these hard times that weíre going through. 


Itís an interesting time we are going through because in some ways weíre lucky to see it all happening, especially when youíve been watching this for an awful long time, many years, to see where itís all going and you know the plan, you know the big agenda, youíve read the books by the big boys themselves who love to boast about their part in making this all happen and designing a future.  Most of what weíre going through now was designed 50-70 years ago actually, every part of it, including all the internationalism, and the banks, etc, international banking, IMF, The World Bank, the United Nations.  So really youíre going through, as I say, an agenda, straightforward, nothing really complicated about it.  The only thing that makes you disbelieve it is because the media give you a daily version of the Ďaccidentalí theory of progress, as they call it, in history.  And thereís nothing accidental about it.  Anything that happens on a world scale, on a large scale, is meant to happen that way because you donít hire all these think tanks and pay tremendous wages to specialists to have them screw up like this, any more than you would do in the banks either.  The banking crash happened on queue because it was meant to happen. 


How else were they going to force you into something they called Ďausterityí for post-consumerist societies?  Hmm?  Ask you nicely?  No, of course they do it this way instead.  And then of course the other part of it is that energy is going to be the big buck, really, that youíll spend it all on in the future.  Rather than having extra money to play with and buy things from the stores, youíll be paying everything in taxes and fees for everything.  Thatís what energyís all about.  They can give you a quarter of what theyíre supplying you with now and charge you a hundred times as much for it if they want to. So theyíre not going to lose out by giving you less.  Itís all worked out well in advance and theyíre even talking about the global energy grid.  One day thereíll be one company in charge of all of the electrical supplies of the world, just the same as it is with the water supplies as they amalgamate and amalgamate and take over the entire water system of the planet, and that will match the food boys as well.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and as we go through this big whirlwind weíre going through at the moment, nothing is by chance of course.  Whether itís rioting across the world, especially in Britain as it certainly is, and the austerity measures that are cutting back on food stamps inside the United States too, which will probably down the road eventually spark riots as well, which they know at the top.  And Iíve said for years, you understand, you cannot plan for all of this stage, where you have mass unemployment because most of your factories have all gone overseas thanks to your politicians signing agreements through the World Trade Organization, pretty well forcing them to go, but paying them to go as well.  That happened across the first world countries over the years and they knew there would be nothing left to take up the slack for the ones at the bottom, who are not professional people and who donít like academia and sitting reading books or anything like that, and thatís most of the population today. 


However, youíll find that nothing was unforeseen.  They didnít simply say weíll give all the factories to China and wait and see what happens.  They knew what would happen and they probably knew as well exactly when trouble would start.  They also have other plans too, such as bringing down the dollar, which is underway right now of course.  Because they always said that once America and the West had financed the third world countries up to a certain living standard, then the US and the others would have to come down to a certain level, and theyíd meet in some happy never-never land in between.  Thatís supposedly whatís happening now.  And Iíve always said the US, who is the main supplier of cash to the United Nations, would be the one that would also be the military might for the United Nations to bring all this about, to standardize the world. And once they were almost finished you would see the rumblings as they pulled the rug from underneath your feet at home.  And thatís whatís happening now too. 


Britainís ahead of it all of course.  You understand, theyíve been building up this military force long before 9/11.  Because they have their projections from the Ministry of Defence, renewed every other year, for the next 50 years generally, and what they expect to happen.  And theyíre not looking at a crystal ball.  They have all their professionals, in from all the other think tanks, who are dealing and implementing agenda.  And they know the kind of fallout these agendas will cause.  So they tell you as it is basically.  Theyíve already told us.  As Iíve mentioned before, I first mentioned in 2007 the Ministry of Defence, which matched the US one that came out about 8 months later, exactly matched it, eventually the world will end up in some super city-states, nations would be gone.  And some of these city-states would be high tech, very, very high tech, very elite people living inside them, and they might even have their own wars between cities down the road.  So we seem to be going that way.  And at the moment too, all the ones that are left over from the last type century, of workers, welfare systems, all that, are just all the weeds that they want to control, and disappear basically.  So youíre seeing the start of it now as the rioting happens in Britain. 


In Britain right now apparently almost every major city is under attack from within, right across the whole of England now.  And itís obviously managed as well but thereís also a lot of hatred there because there are different ethnic groups fighting away.  I said that 30 years ago, that theyíre making sure theyíre bringing in all the people who will do the rioting down the road.  If it was just the British people themselves you couldnít even get martial law put on them because thereíd be no reason to do it.  You have to bring the people in.  You have to create a welfare state, and when theyíre on a welfare state you do spoil them; thereís no doubt about it.  Britain has advertised itís the best welfare state in the papers for 30 years! and thatís why all the refugees and everybody who wants to be a refugee, or an immigrant, goes to Britain, if you want to live on welfare.  And when you cut the welfare off, or if the welfare money doesnít keep up with inflation youíve got after bailing out all the big banks, then you get rioting.  Thatís whatís happening.  Quite something to watch it, as I say.


Tonight Iíll put up some links about it.


England riots: day four aftermath Ė Wednesday - / 10 August 2011


It says the Prime Minister is going to bring in the troops, etc, and they will put pay to that.  This will also teach the general population that youíre not safe.  You understand?  Thatís the real part of this agenda.  Youíre all not safe and you really need us; you really need the military police state.  Thatís what theyíre telling you here.  They had to do something because nothing was happening, obviously.  You got a massive police state and nothingís happening.  So you got to make things happen and say, see, we told you.† And thatís why they are allowing all this rioting to continue. They could have whacked it very quickly on the first night of it if they wanted to but they didnít. So they let it happen and that gives word to all the rest of them across the country, get out of your beds, if you ever do get out of them, get out now and do some rioting and looting and thatís whatís been going on. So it is managed to an extent.


As far as the events that triggered it, I think itís all bogus to be honest with you.  At least most of it is pretty bogus.  I think there is much, much more to it than meets the eye. Thereís definitely pent-up rage, massive pent-up rage.  Youíve also got the most degenerate society thatís ever been created.  It definitely is in Britain because theyíve destroyed what was the family unit pretty well.  They get nothing but perversion and sex on television, have done for years now, all kinds of perversions now that are now called normals.  And itís rammed down their throats until theyíre so politically correct that they donít know what common sense is anymore.  Literally.  And theyíre scared if they have common sense; theyíre scared to mention it because theyíll be pooh-poohed by the ones who are all downloaded with PC. 


So thatís what you have.  Anyway, you got all this stuff happening in Britain.  We wonít get the death toll, by the way, until itís over.  Because I saw this the last time and when this happened, I remember too, there were gangs going into old age homes Ė they have streets there for homes, old age people Ė and they were dousing them with gasoline and setting them on fire.  I can remember when that happened, and they kept that quiet from the public for quite a while.  Itís a racial type riot, you see, and they donít want to stir it any more than they want.  If they do go into the racial issue then that means theyíll want to stir it up more, so weíll know.  And actually, there are some articles today thatís pretty well proven that. 


Plus you also have white militia on the street now that are just taking over the streets, older guys generally, who have had enough.  And theyíre trying to protect their own property and their neighbors and clear it out of all the hooligans, as theyíre being termed, and theyíve all got baseball bats like crazy because thatís about the only thing they can buy there.  Thatís the biggest seller right now on eBay is aluminum baseball bats, to bash some heads in.  Thatís all theyíre left with unfortunately, again too, in a socialist society like Britain.


Socialism is an interesting term.  Most of the people at the bottom level who think theyíre socialists donít understand what it means, at least they donít understand what the elite mean by using the term.  The elite have a completely different idea.  Itís an ordered society, with a definite hierarchy who run everything according to a scientific method, as they call it, and eugenics is heavily put in there too.  Nothing to do with helping the working people or anything like that at all.  And technically too, even the Darwinists, and Galton, Sir Frances Galton, they were technically socialists as well. They wrote to George Bernard Shaw, the Fabian, one of the Fabian Society founders, and they believed in the scientifically led society of the ultra-bright and elite, and of course the rich and famous.  So people can use the same terms and yet never understand theyíre actually talking at cross-purposes in a sense.  Itís like sitting with 10 folk, youíre all talking about God and youíre sharing your sandwiches and everything else, and you can leave the meeting never realizing that you might be sitting with a bunch of Satanists on one side and Voodoo priests on the other.  As long as you all use the same term ĎGodí youíre all quite happy; thatís how silly people are.


So tonight Iíll put up this one about all the things that are happening, as these riots continue and they spread.  And theyíve been allowed to spread obviously up until now. They do say that thereís been about 760 arrests made in London alone I think, which is nothing at all compared to the amount of looters that were out there.  And I think thereís only about 1,500 arrested in total or something like that.  But as I say, weíll never get the true story coming out until itís all over and done.  Iíve noticed even on the BBC and different ones, theyíll always pick certain people to photograph and try to evade the obvious.  And thatís rather sad as well because you have to always talk facts when youíre talking about things.  And Iíll put up a link too, about the London riots.  Itís by a politician I believe. 


London Riots: Government Prepares Troops, Martial Law Imminent Ė


And also...

'London needs army to crush thugs - call back Afghan troops' Ė


Itís about time they used them for something else, since the taxpayerís been paying for them, so as that the elite can get their poppies out of Afghanistan.  Iíll go back too, to this society, because you understand, itís so corrupt.  Itís incredibly corrupt.  And obviously itís corrupt from the very, very top because in an atheistic society once youíre all into the sciences and you have to pooh-pooh all ideas of anything beyond science, and what youíre given as facts, even though the facts keep changing, youíll get corruption. There are no rights or wrongs.  Thereís moral relativity.  And eventually they become very cocky at the top, and they share the loot. They actually think that itís their right to share the loot at the top.  You see that in politicians as well when theyíre caught with their hands in the cookie jar.  Iíll put this link up again; Iíve mentioned it already. 


Chief Constable and his deputy are both suspended after being arrested in corruption probe / Rebecca Camber / 4th August 2011


One of Britainís most senior police officers was arrested on suspicion of corruption yesterday.


Cleveland Chief Constable Sean Price, 53, and his deputy Derek Bonnard, 45, are being quizzed by detectives investigating allegations of misconduct, abuse of position and corrupt practice.  (Alan:  And itís the first time since 1958 somebody at that level has been arrested.) 


A chief constable has not been arrested and charged with an offence since 1958.  (A:  Whether he gets away with it or not, who knows?  And I mentioned his salary the last time I read this too...)


Mr Price, who is one of the most highly paid officers in Britain thanks to a gold-plated perks package which takes his salary to £191,905 (A:  ...per annum...), was suspended from duty along with his deputy yesterday.  (A:  Well, theyíll probably give him a big settlement too, another gold-plated settlement, to go with his pension, or else theyíll promote him.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím back weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just talking about how thing happen on cue.  If you build up a police state youíve got to use them once in a while otherwise the folk keep saying, especially when youíre broke, why are we paying for all this?  So youíve got to make sure that everybody gets the message.  And with enough looting, in Britain for instance, they will keep the pulse on the people.  Theyíve got instant feedback from all their twittering, etc; they know what theyíre talking about so they know when theyíve had enough.  And just at the right time when theyíve had enough theyíll come in and use the big force, everybody will cheer, and then it will legitimize the police state you see.  But you got to get people keep coming into the country.  Itís already sinking with the weight of people coming in all the time, from all over Europe and Africa, because itís the best welfare place on the planet.  Thatís their ad for the last 30 years.  So you always need that to use them for rioting at the right time.


Other things are happening too and theyíre getting quashed under all of this.  This article here is interesting.  Itís just like Japan.  We had the big, basically the nuclear holocaust, which it really was.  Iíve always said, isnít it strange, it stopped immediately the day they went to bomb Libya?  It suddenly didnít exist anymore.  It was a footnote and then gone all together.  And itís still going on today.  Weíre still getting radiation coming across the water and covering the Americas.  Hawaii really got dosed in the stuff.  And weíre not too worried about or even think about that.  You see, leave it up to experts to think about, you just go and play.  Then of course we have so many other stories just going missing and this article kind of ties some of it together.  The same thing happened with Norway, youíll notice.  It says...


Norway Never Happened, Just Ask The Police (Suppressed Video)



(A:  It shows you a little video here; itís awfully interesting.  It says...)


Breivik/Berwick Never Captured but ďExtractedĒ By ďLodge BrothersĒ  (A:  ...which are all cops, you see, because all Masons they are.  All the cops are Masons in Norway too, like they are everywhere else.  But whatís interesting too, Breivik, thereís much more to this guy than theyíll ever tell us because you actually wonder if heís actually even Norwegian in the full sense of the word.  The guy definitely had plastic surgery supposedly to make himself more Aryan looking, whatever that means.  And his father was a very high diplomat in the Norwegian government.  He must be too important to tell us who the guy actually is.  Thereís much more to this than meets the eye.  Anyway it says here...)


The Norway killings, more and more fully complicit police terrorism, Freemasons, Israeli agents (A:  I guess thatís to do with the Oslo Accord; theyíve never forgiven Oslo for that accord to give Palestinians their homeland.), carefully timed slaughter, has gone silent.  The other suspects, gone from the planet, disappeared, no names, just stories of arrests, even films of the suspects homes, but now as though it had never happened.  (A:  Just like Japan.)


Murder of a SEAL team in Afghanistan, one more stage in the 9/11 coverup, cleansing the American military of the witnesses to the phony bin Laden theatre.


Riots now in Britain, increasingly seeming staged by government agent provacateurs, we are told timed to bury questions about the Iraq inquiry coverup. (A:  Actually, itís more to do with the Murdoch story, who kind of ran the government through blackmail; he had tabs on all the different politiciansí phones, plus he took them to all the, you know, specific high level, kind of kinky parties across the planet on his private jets.)


Then there was the Murdoch story, top government counter-terrorism officials quit, should have been arrested, waterboarded, should have brought down the entire government but, instead, a ďpie throwerĒ gets 6 weeks in jail.  (A:  Thatís really whatís happening, isnít it?)


All we have today for you is one simple video from CNN, suppressed, forgotten, but seeded with just enough to take it all down. 


This simple story of a simple man, not heroism but humanity.  Remember this quote:  (A:  And they give you a little quote, because this was a guy who was on a boat.  HE went into the island and got some of them out.)


ďOne girl started crying.  He tried to keep her from causing others to panic. ĎWe have to have an agreement,í he told his passengers. ĎWe should keep quiet until we get out of here.íĒ  (A:  Itís quite an interesting little video; itís disappeared from CNN and everywhere else, because it shows you when the Norwegians said they had no helicopters or anything, youíll see lots of them flying overhead, and just as the police, I guess, were too busy with other things. And you also see around the island lots of boats, and other boats going in too, to help.  Itís quite an interesting little thing.)


On a day there were NO helicopters in Norway, they were seen scurrying overhead, all available to the police who conveniently avoided them.† On a day when locals found boats to rescue the children, police could find none, not for hours.† But the helicopters did exist, there were three landing zones on the small island and nothing ever touched down.† In fact, look for films of the hunt and capture, they donít exist either.† Berwick/Breivik wasnít captured, he was extracted.


Then again, we have reliable reports that, when the police finally came ashore, they called out, ďBrevick, where are you, are you there?Ē


They were looking for him.† He put down his weapon carefully, no barrage of gunfire as would have happened anywhere else on earth, and Brevick, also known as Andy Berwick, quietly went with those who appeared to be his friends, those who helped him get his weapons permit, those who were supposedly doing ďsurveillanceĒ on him because of terror and weapons ďquestions,Ē his fellow lodge brothers, his fellow Freemasons.


The Norwegian police, almost to a man, are Freemasons.


The bomb is now forgotten, not a car bomb in a square but something equal to an entire rail car of TNTÖ(A:  Obviously.  If the guy got tons of this stuff, and they said that he got tons of the fertilizer, you would never get it all in, especially mixed with the diesel, into a little car.  It just wouldnít fit, you know.  Anyway...) . . . no fertilizer residue, no forensic evidence of a fertilizer bomb. The police made the whole thing up.


Where is the trail leading?† Before everything went black, Berwickís claimed associates, now proven very real, many were arrested, perhaps released, one more killing in Oslo and arrests but no prisoners while others fled to Britain and Sweden and Denmark, fled or simply went back to work.


Yesterday, CNN began blaming Iran for killing the Navy SEALS in Afghanistan.  (A:  And it goes on and on and on. But itís quite interesting all the different agencies that are involved in this cover-up.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iím also putting up on the website at the end of the broadcast, all these links Iíve mentioned already, but also a couple... Thereís one on the fight to stop Agenda 21; itís an update.  Iíll put that up as well.  And then thereís also more stuff to do with whatís happening in Britain and how theyíre calling it racial riots basically. 


Update On The Fight to Stop Agenda 21 - / Tom Deweese / August 4, 2011


These riots were about race. Why ignore the fact? - / August 7th, 2011


The folk really have had enough of shootings and muggings and so on over the years, which is exactly what the government wanted.  Thatís why they brought lots of folk in and says go on welfare.  They also allowed the drugs to run for years and years and years.  The same thing happened in Toronto before when there was lots of shootings.  It was mainly black on black and it was because the police stopped the drugs from flowing in and so they end up shooting each other for the last of the drugs.  Once they have laws passed, which they did, thatís what they were using it for in Canada, had the laws passed.  The very day that it was passed the drugs were allowed to flow in and all the shooting stopped.  Thatís a standard thing.  Everyone is used and they donít even know theyíre getting used, for higher purposes.  Thatís just the way it is in this mysterious world.  Itís only mysterious if you believe the media.


Alan:  Now, there are a couple of callers on the line; thereís Martin from North Carolina hanginí on.  Are you there Martin?


Martin:  Hello.  First of all Iíd like to say itís an honor to speak with you.  You are the first person that I really woke up to.  I have a comment and a question.  My comment is, well, Iím an up-and-coming, I guess you would call it, a future leader of the academia or scientific leadership that youíve talked about, in the socialist program that we have here.  And twice now in my career I have had, and during internships, been addressed by high government, high ranking government officials telling us how great it would be to have a brain chip.  How it would give you a sixth sense, or you could play music in your brain off of your brain chip.  And theyíre openly admitting this now.  And theyíre trying to get the future leaders of tomorrow in on the deal so that they will, you know, push it down the pike.† And my question is, how does Einstein... was he a player in all this?  How did he play a role in the system as it rolls along like you teach?


Alan:  Well what you do, and this is how itís done.  If you look into, say, the 18th century you had all these philosophers coming out, mainly in Germany and the countries around Germany.  And what you do to change society... Remember, society was basically a religious type of society, at least the culture was; it doesnít matter if you believed in it or not as long as you went along with the culture.  It gave you your norms and your social taboos, that kind of thing, so everyone knew the rules.  And to change society and to change those who have sway over society to overthrow it, you have to find either an equal God or a more powerful God or they use logic and use science.  So they chose science.  That was the idea.  So the philosophers came forward to try and point out all the fallacies of religion in order to elevate themselves up to a higher position and to get society working in a different direction.  And believe you me, it wasnít to free society either, you know; donít make that mistake.  But, what they do too is they give you heroes, just like today.  You still make some scientists today celebrities.  And Iíve mentioned too, the Unabomber and Iíve got that link up to the Unabomber, what he was on about.  He was after a group of scientists that also belonged to the Frankfurt School, who belonged to cybernetics societies as well, who wanted to bring in this high-tech socialist system to control people basically.  And one of them, on that video, youíll hear him talking about it, one of the present people who still makes scientists celebrities.  Youíll hear him saying that.  He says, thatís what I did; I make people celebrities; I make rock star celebrities but I also make scientists celebrities.... to be the new priests of this modern age.  And so Einstein was brought forth for that reason, amongst others.  His history doesnít jive with all the accolades thatís been given to him because when you read the books by Snow and others, the few people who were given access to private interviews with him.  He said, all Einstein ever talked about was politics; he wanted a socialist world order, etc, etc, but when it came to science he didnít talk about anything.  When you go into his history he was regarded as an idiot at school, by his teachers; he left with pretty well no qualifications.  His parents pulled some strings and he got a job in the patent office.  Now, the patent offices exist so as that the Military-Industrial boys and those who control things can steal your patents; thatís what itís for.  So I guess he must have done an awful good job so they probably asked him what he wanted to be and he probably said a famous scientist. So they gave him a good cover story, he was associated with atomic weaponry, even though he didnít really have anything to do with it; it was a whole bunch of different people who worked on the atomic bomb, and it was a Norwegian who put the final bit in which they needed to create the bomb. But he ended up getting all the accolades for it too.   So thatís the power of the press and propaganda.  Regardless, his main job was to give talks around the world about a new kind of globalistic society, a different kind of system, etc.  So thatís what they give you, the same as Carl Sagan with his secular humanism, etc, debasing man off his pedestal onto the ground along with the animals, that kind of stuff.  And we sit back listening to these new priests and weíre captivated by the shows that are put on, on television.  So thatís what you do.  Thatís how you do it.  Thatís why you put them up there.


Martin:  And one more thing before I go.† To your listeners, when Alan Watt talks about the brain chip and how theyíre coming down the pike, I know firsthand that it is policy.  It is US government policy.  There are people in place that think about this.  And just be wary and may God go with you.


Alan:  And you too.  You take care.  Itís interesting that even the internet was given by ARPA, what they called it at first, which is now called DARPA, and the same group were the first ones to openly admit they implanted a remote chip, in other words it doesnít need wires, into the brain of a paraplegic.  So hereís the Military-Industrial boys at the top, in charge of terrorism and everything, and high-tech weaponry for the military, helping a paraplegic because they just love paraplegics obviously. But no.  It was to see if they could actually use this technique on them.   And then that article I read last night from 2007 from The Guardian, with its 90 pages attached to it too Ė itís on my web site in the archives if you go in Ė from the Military-Industrial boys.  It was actually the Ministry of Defense for Britain, they said that theyíd possibly do that down the road, is brain-chip all of the population.  Thatís from the Ministry of Defence for the UK and NATO.  So they are on board with this idea of brain chips. 


Alan:  Now weíll go to Bob from Texas next if heís still there.  Are you there Bob?


Bob:  Hello Alan.  I wanted to talk to you about whatís going on in the UK.  Itís tragic and to me I can see the design in all of this.† And you know, you were talking about the brain chips and so forth, Iím looking at Nick Begichís, Angels Donít Play This HAARP, on page 150.  It talks about a captain, a director of US Naval, US Navyís electromagnetic radiation project, from 1970 to 1977.  In 1985 he was quoted in Omni, that with the right electromagnetic field, for example, you might be able to produce the same effects of psychoactive drugs, the idea first kicked around by the CIA and early researchers were now being pursued by the military for controlling human behavior, a prospect of profound implications.† I see such... you know to me I think it is almost impossible to believe that such a mass of people... I know that there are social influences that, you know, that are involved in this thing.  But it is very hard to swallow that so many people could just go on such a rampage without having some sort of influence...


Alan:  Well, thatís the problem.  I mean, Britain is like everywhere else.  They gave you a rap culture for years, taught the youngsters to do whatever they wanted to, and to be tough, you know, to be awfully tough guys, and you couple that with the welfare state, you couple that with inflation.  And youíre ready to spark them.  However, you can certainly go into Brzezinskiís book, Between Two Ages, and heís working up there with the NSA and the whole bit.  He said that we can use technotronic warfare on the public.  He says, we can bathe a whole continent with technotronic signals which can alter their behavior and make people aggressive or very passive, or even knock them out.  And I do know in Britain, theyíve got some really strange, strange antennas that theyíre putting up in all the big crowded housing estates. They look like big microphones actually, thatís what they look like, instead of the usual girders.  Itís like big microphones, massive cables going into them too for incredible power.  And no oneís explained what theyíre for.  Thereís no ĎRogersí name or nothing on the sides of it telling you what they are.  So the governments have put these up where there are masses of crowds of populations. So I think personally theyíre doing it, theyíre using this kind of technology. And by the same token, they could calm them all down just as fast too.


Bob:  Yeah, yeah, and I think itís interesting how, you know, all of a sudden the police will just stand and say, look, see... Itís almost a display.  To me itís quite obvious.† You canít finger a thing because, you know, as far as saying, well you know, Iíve got definite proof here.  All you have to do is read, and look up to the skies.  I know the UK has been sprayed immensely with these chemtrails, unbelievably.  Iíve been seeing some of the things posted from some of my friends and so forth and they have been being sprayed, just bombarded with this stuff.


Alan:  They are.  And also they have one of the highest populations for inoculations of all kinds, massive campaigns over there.  So theyíre always sticking new needles into people all the time from infancy onwards.  And when you go into the history of inoculations, especially the ones who designed them, then you find they all belong to the Eugenics Societies and their main problem was the coming Ďmassesí as they called them, how to dumb them down, how to control them. And here they are giving you shots, inventing shots for you.  You start to get rather suspicious. 


Bob:  Yeah.  If you can pinpoint something, GPS satellite, if you can pinpoint directions and so forth, and signals, you can pinpoint all sorts of radio frequencies.


Alan:  Oh, thereís no doubt.  Thereís no doubt at all.  There was even an article from Finland a couple of years ago, I kept it, from a scientist who found out a way to use a standing mast, a standard big mast youíll see in the countryside, the tall ones for cell phones, and target a person, within line of sight, even if theyíre miles away, within 3 feet basically.  It would leave everybody else in the crowd alone but they could actually target that person, without moving anything on top of this big antenna.  They could literally hone in on them. Understand, everybody has their own frequency, a body frequency, and itís just as exact as a fingerprint.  Once they have that frequency they can actually target you.  And itís not science fiction.  Itís patented and the militaryís got ahold of it. 


Bob:  Yeah.  And you know, the same thing going on in the cities in the US.  There are certain cities that are being... you know, Philadelphia is one thatís coming out.† You know, if people can start maybe reading things like this, what Iím talking about...


Alan:  Hereís the problem.  It isnít just being informed about it.  Youíre left saying, what do you do about it?  Because you see, when you realize that thereís a farce of government, thereís a farce of any kind of input from the public, unless youíre a special PC group or something theyíll listen to you.  Really, they donít listen to the majority of the public, although they know what weíre all complaining about, all the time.  They know exactly what weíre complaining about, but they donít listen to us, because youíre living an agenda.  Thatís when you have to sit down and say, well what do we do about this?  Because these guys, in their own military manuals, because the American military projection up to the year 2040-2050 is exactly the same as the British one, by the way.  Itís like, what do we do with all these people?  Thereís going to be mob riots everywhere of unemployed people in America, and weíll have to use all this special weaponry to deal with them, including neutron bombs.  This is from the militaryís own think tank, which they published.  I mean, they mean what they say, they know theyíre bringing it on obviously because you donít go overboard into imagination unless you can make it all happen.  So theyíre talking about using neutron bombs.


Bob:  So itís like what do you do?  I mean, what do you do, Alan?


Alan:  Thatís the big kicker.  And again, they try to bring you around to politics, oh if we can just get the right guy in politics.† Whoís kidding who?† Youíve got a monolithic structure.


Bob:  Everything in politics is nothing but diversion.


Alan:  Itís diversion.


Bob:  Itís one diversion after another diversion so they can sign their policies into action without people seeing it.


Alan:  And keep the same corrupt banking system going and everything else.  So obviously itís a monolith and somehow the monolith has to be taken down without destroying the country, and some honesty put in there.† And I canít see any other way you can do it, other than it being like a jury system where every single person who lives there has to do x-amount of weeks in government.  Youíd have to rotate them all the time to stop a permanent clique.


Bob:  Exactly.  Yeah, to keep them from forming some sort of alliance.


Alan:  They do it, yeah, thatís the first thing they do is form another little cabal and youíre back with the same money con.  And thatís really what it all revolves around.


Bob:  What do you think about the, like, democracy of the people, you know, where people have a direct... kind of like the Switzerland thing, itís a direct democracy approach?


Alan:  Youíve got more input for sure; the problem is weíre not Switzerland.  Switzerland has a kind of monoculture you might say.  The Club of Rome, the big think tank that works for the United Nations that came up with the global warming scam Ė that was their job to find a reason to bring...  Anyway, they did say some truths as well.  They said there were so many competing, conflicting groups in democracies they could never get on together.  And thatís true.  You would find that thereíd be groups from all types of society wanting to be on top, and what about this and what about that and what about the fact I canít buy a new dress, even though youíre a guy, stuff like that.  Iím not kidding you.  Thatís the kind of nonsense youíd hear.  And so youíd probably need a period of chaos before you could rebuild again.  I think thatís probably what youíd have to do.


Bob:  Okay.  Well, thank you kind sir. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Bob:  Itís good to hear you... and appreciate you.


Alan:  Well, you take care. 


Bob:  Bye-bye.


Alan:  Bye now.  But thatís true.  Without that, you see all these other groups that ask for and demand crazy things are all managed by the government.  Thatís why theyíre all funded by the government.  And you would probably need something that was not in the plan, the big global agenda, some catastrophe that no one had foreseen, and simply wasnít brought on by the elite, and then you start all over afterwards.  As it stands right now I donít see how they can possibly lose at the top because theyíve got a military machine they can transfer across the globe so fast to deal with this; itís to deal with flashmobs and riots.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  And that is true, what do you do with all of the information, and I think people who are bit wise can at least try and get out of the cities if they can, because whatís happening in Britain is going to happen elsewhere too.  Thatís how they plan to contain you.  Thatís what theyíve shown you in all their sci-fi movies over the years, people living in the rubble of cities scrounging around for things to eat, or killing each other, and the guys with the latest body armor suits and the big, big machine guns lording it over them.  Thatís what theyíve been showing you for years. Thatís predictive programming of course, so once you see the real thing it all seems quite normal.  They can make anything seem normal, because theyíve prepared your mind for it in advance. 


And as the nails get put in the coffins of what was normalcy, that held anything together, and they tried to finish off the religions, well, certain religions, and also push all the bizarre stuff to do with bringing all minorities, tiny, tiny minorities up to a high level of visibility in the media, etc, theyíre really pushing harder too, to make you all feel insane actually.  Hereís an article here...


Husband and husband? New online push for Bert and Ernie to have a gay wedding on 'Sesame Street' / Jennifer Madison / 10th August 2011


Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie told to get married - From: NewsCore / / August 11, 2011


...for the children.  Isnít that nice?  And another one too, about ďdid you know that Spiderman is now half black, half Latino and may be gay?Ē  I guess thatís very politically correct, I donít know.


Marvel Comics reveals the new Spider Man is black - and he could be gay in the future / Daniel Bates / 3rd August 2011


And then of course, youíve got the...


LGBT children's programming

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia / well, a whole bunch of links on that.  Itís quite interesting whatís going on.  Then you couple it with all of the other stuff, in amongst all the chaos and the fires going off in London and the looting, and you really have to say, what on earth is the media doing?  Itís trying to put you into a kaleidoscopic schizophrenia.  Thatís what itís doing, as it pushes all this other stuff out too.† Thereís another one too...


American Apparel CEO launches a 'Teenagers do it better' T-shirt hot on the heels of a string of sexual harassment claims / Daisy Dumas / 10th August 2011


Another guy whoís another pedophile probably. Anyway, thatís what youíve got. 


Youíve got all this stuff coming out at the same time so that the average person, who is not grounded in who they are, will be kind of lost and feel a kind of helpless floating, in this sea of new normals, new normals where police come, and the military too, will be launched across England, and you will see armored vehicles and everything happening, just like the movies, just like all the predictive programming, and at the same time youíll have guys dressed like women and vice-versa, and all kinds of things going on at the same time. 


Thatís the world thatís planned for you because you see, sanity must be kicked out the window before they bring in the last phases of this. And this is all to do with neuroscientists involved in it, top psychologists who are helping the think tanks guide us all into this part of destruction, to bring in the new society that will emerge down the road afterwards. So weíve got this from now to the year 2050 or so to go, of just increasing chaos and what appears for the general public to be madness.  Thatís how you create a war, thatís how you guide a war; you guide the outcome. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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