August 11th, 2011 (#895)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 11th, 2011:

Remember, Listen, Roll the Old Cornea,
Managing Masses an Ancient Formula:

"There's an Old Elite, Brazen with Audacity,
Which Brought Immigration Beyond Carrying Capacity,
At the Time When Unemployment Hit the Top
Encouragement of Immigration Did Not Stop,
Crime, Violence and Fear and Hate,
Brought Permanent Authoritarian Welfare State,
The Chessboard Has its Players and Pawns,
Pawns are Left Brewing till Time Comes Along
When Pent-Up Rage is Allowed its Day,
The Outcome, This Police State is Here to Stay,
Such an Old Formula is Used by the Elite
So the Son's Guaranteed Father's Government Seat"
© Alan Watt August 11th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė August 11th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on August the 11th, 2011.  For newcomers, look into the website,  Youíll find hundreds of audios there to help you understand this system that you live under, the big system, that which is behind all of that, as they often say.  Weíre always stuck on the consequences of things rather than the causes of things, so I try to give you an idea of the system as it really is, above the media, above governments, the big system that runs the world, all interconnected.  Has been for an awful long time, your whole life long, and your parents too, and how literally, these sciences of understanding and controlling whole populations of people are very ancient indeed.  So, help yourself to the audios, and hopefully youíll get shortcuts to the big knowing or understanding. 


Remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can purchase the discs and books that I have for sale at, because I donít bring on advertisers.  I donít sell you anything thatís going to make you live forever.  And itís up to you therefore to keep me going by buying the books and discs.  So, from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check remember.  You can also use an international postal money order.  You can use PayPal to order.  Use the donation button youíll see on the website and follow it up with an email with name, address, order, and Iíll get it out to you.  And straight donations are certainly welcome, as we go plummeting down into this planned inflationary period, after bailing out banks. 


Weíre still bailing the banks out yet, but thatís okay though.  Thatís the biggest welfare state on the planet, is the banking system.  And they laugh up their sleeves, you know, $10,000 dollar sleeves that is, in their suits, all the time, at us at the bottom.  Meanwhile, weíre supposed to be happy with government, be awfully obedient and awfully nice, and complain about rioters in London who have no work at all, most of them.  So, thatís the hypocrisy of the system we live in.  Itís always been like that, really, and Iíll talk a little bit about that tonight.


Across the world too, remember, you can also buy the books and discs with using Western Union or Money Gram, and once again, PayPal.  And straight donations too are certainly, certainly welcome.  Remember, all those sites listed also have transcripts for print-up too, if you want to, in English.  And if you go into, you can find transcripts in other languages of a lot of the talks, not all of them, but a lot of the talks Iíve given. 


And, as I say too, weíre always, weíre so quick to turn on people, and itís always the bottom ones who riot first, because theyíve got nothing to hold on to, basically.  The middle classes are trying to hang on with the skin of their teeth to mortgages and jobs and that kind of stuff, while your government constantly, especially in Europe, throws money around in a circle from bank to bank to bank, and they just never have enough to stop this gap, this big hole, to plug it up, thatís supposed to be the EU banking system.  What a scam and a con.  Itís even more amazing to me that we actually take it for real.  Thatís the amazing part.  Itís better than any science fiction movie.  Where does the money all go?  We donít know.  Weíre sending it out that way, you know.  And thatís the last you hear of it.  They need another plug shortly from you, and youíve all to divvy up, and then you go into austerity, and then you have to cut back spending at home, for all the essential systems that you already have built up.  And when people start rioting, all hell breaks loose, basically, and the government comes in as though they were from a previous century, as though things had never been bad in the country, and tell you, you know, itís just a bunch of rioters.  Itís quite something else though, to watch it happening. 


And thereís so many sides involved in the conflicts there, because, I get letters here from all kinds.  I get them from Marxist societies, from all societies, and extreme right-wingers, and everything else, so you see all the sides that are involved in the effects of it all.  And I try and concentrate on the causes of it, because, you see, thereís people who have been at war with the world for an awful long time, and they never told you that you were the target.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about how we dwell on the symptoms of things.  Itís like you canít talk about the disease, you can only describe the symptoms.  And we see the fallout and then everyone goes tribal in their different camps and they all turn on each other, as though theyíve immediately forgotten the state thatís been going on, especially since 2001, but even before that too.  When you realize that the whole of Europe was conned, very stealthily too by the way, because many, many years groups worked in secret to bring out the European Union, and lied to their own populations, and they no sooner have it, than even before they finished it all up, theyíre flooding the countries with mass immigration and the countries already didnít have enough work, because theyíd already been given their work and their economies and their factories over to places like China and Taiwan and other countries.  So, you understand, thereís something else going on here. 


Thereís obviously something else going on.  The people at the top are not stupid.  And yet weíre supposed to, and people do, immediately the riots start, they forget whatís been going on.  They forget 9/11 and 7/7 in London, and they forget all that stuff and all the things that donít match up, because we know for a fact that they wanted a police state even before 9/11 happened in 2001.  Bill Clinton tried to pass bills to that effect too. 


Canada did pass them, by the way, and even the journalists at the time in Canada wondered what this omnibus law bill was getting rammed through for, and Allan Rock rammed it through in Canada, about 1998.  And it was literally a police state, a whole bunch of laws they were putting through, because nothing was happening at the time.  These guys knew where they were going with all of this.  All of this stuff.  And even Thatcher on her big tours across Canada and the world was talking about the New World Order, and the biggest problem they would have is fundamentalist religion.  And she meant all kinds, of course, at the same time, but she did stress the fact that the Middle East would be one big target, so weíve been going through all of these planned changes and planned wars for a long time. 


And youíve got to understand something, at the very root of all of this too.  You must remember that the elite have had an awful long time, Iím talking about the banking elite, by the way.  They run the countries, you understand that.  Every country has copied a system that never worked for the people.  Every single country copied it.  Why?  Because they were infiltrated and top guys were bribed, thatís why.  Youíve got international money lenders, not too many of them, and their families, who not only own the central banking systems which they got introduced but they also own basically your military-industrial complex as well.  They own it all.


I was looking through a CFR video from the CFR one day, and they showed you on the computer screen some of the big ones, Goldman Sachs, guys like that, how many companies they own.  And thereís General Electric and all the usual boys underneath them.  And you understand, this is the power that a few families can wield, on behalf of other people too, mind you.  Itís much bigger than that.  And they get everybody fighting everybody else.  And because people have no long-term memory today, they donít really stop before theyíre even rioting.  They actually simply let a burst of anger and pent-up frustration out in one go, and everybody is fair game.  And it always starts at the bottom level, as I say.  In every country thatís tradition.  Thatís what happens. 


Why would you bring in mass immigration to a country that Britain itself said many, many, many years ago that its maximum capacity for having a peaceful society was about 48 million, max?  Thatís if times are good.  Thatís if thereís work there too.  And all weíve had for many, many years is deindustrialization, service economies, mass immigration, lots of welfare, in come the drugs as well to make sure.  I can remember Maggie Thatcher when she said that, she changed all the laws for the bars, for the pubs. Because at one time they closed during the afternoon for a few hours and then opened up about five or six and then again they closed around midnight.  She changed it all, because, and she actually said this, it was in the mainstream at the time.  She said, itís better to have all the unemployed youngsters in the bars drunk than having them rioting on the streets.  And she meant it.  Well, who taught her this?  Because these guys are taught this stuff.  Old stuff.  Today, itís drugs of course. 


But to make sure it happens, because I really do believe that thereís a big conflict they want to have worldwide with all of the so-called minorities involved in it, because they need a world order, you understand.  Weíre still talking in terms of countries.  The EU Union at the top donít mention countries anymore.  Just like the United Nations, they call them states or regions.  Itís only the people living in the countries that call themselves, ďIím living in a country.  Iím in a nation.Ē  They still think they are.  But they want a worldwide conflagration to bring in a standardized system across the whole globe.  Theyíve written about it in their think tanks for the Department of Defence, their future projections.  Rapid deployment forces came out years ago, the whole idea of shifting coordinated troops in action with other troops from other regions, very quickly across the planet to any spot to do mainly with civil unrest, long before you had the bank crashes.  Because they knew they were going to bring the bank crashes in. 


You know, government itself is so tiered, just like the compartmentalization within MI5, MI6, and every other agency, CIA, that you can be working in a job your whole life, and thinking youíre doing all the right stuff, never knowing thereís a group above you who are doing something to your own detriment at the bottom.  Thatís quite common.  Everything is run like secret societies.  What do you think government really is but a secret society?  Have you ever wondered about that?  When they split off cabinets as they call them in government, and each one is shrouded in secrecy.  They canít tell anybody what theyíre up to.  Thatís what they call a secret society.  Government is a secret society.  The public never know daily who the lobbyists are going in and out to see all the top politicians.  Why not?  Why arenít the public good enough to be told this?  But thatís the way itís always been, and I canít see itís ever going to change anyway. 


So, thereís another game afoot here.  And tonight Iíll put up a video too.  Itís Tottingham a week after riots started, to see the damage thatís been done.  And this is being used too, to bring in a new system of total, total police networking, surveillancing, more surveillance and more intrusion into everybodyís lives.  Thatís really whatís coming out of this.  Thatís what itís intended to do, obviously.  Itís intended to do that.  And meanwhile too, you will have your agitators amongst the rioters from different countries even, coming into this, which they have been, and agitating too.  Some of them are Marxists, other ones arenít, but there are definitely a whole bunch of different professionals involved in the agitations.  And that will come out much, much later, after theyíve passed stacks of new laws.  Thatís how it always is done, you see. 


And another link too, tonight is to do with the U.S.ís military plan for London-like riots, for the London types of riots they expect to have in the US.  And it says:


With British Prime Minister David Cameron authorizing the use of rubber bullets and water canons in the wake of the turbulent London riots spreading through Britain, questions have been raised about how authorities in the US would respond to a similar domestic disturbance threatening the nationís ability. 


According to the National Journalís White House correspondent Marc Ambinder the US already has a game plan in place. 


If what happened in London ever happened in the US, the military has plans -- CONPLAN (Alan: I like the Con part.) 3501 and 3502 -- to suppress the insurrection,' he tweeted.


The mysterious reference to a numbered military plan generated a flurry of interest on Twitter, as NPR host Michael Norris shot back, I want to know more about the militaryís plan to suppress any potential insurrection, CONPLAN 3501 and CONPLAN 3502.


Interestingly, the CONPLAN which stands for Operational Plan and Concept Format at the Pentagon, Ambinder references a popular subject amongst conspiracy theorists and critics of Martial Law.


According to public policy organization, CONPLAN 3502 is the USís military plan for assisting state and local authorities in the event of a riot or major civil disturbance.  Tasks performed by military forces may include joint patrolling with law enforcement officers, securing key buildings, memorials, intersections and bridges, and acting as a quick reaction force. 


Again, they planned that.  I was reading articles about this stuff twenty years ago.  Because they always plan the future.  You cannot leave anything to chance in the future if you hold true power, you understand that.  And therefore, just like any big business, governments plan way ahead for all contingencies, including the crashes.  They know darn well when the bubbles have got too big and theyíre ready to burst.  They know that, years in advance, many, many years.  In fact, they allow it to happen, otherwise theyíd stop it, right?  And theyíd tell all the sharks to get wise and to clean up their act.  Greenspan used to do that.  Heíd come on once in a while and tell them itís getting too hot, cool it.  And that was the message to all the guys who love blowing bubbles in the stock market to bring things down a bit.  But, no, this one was allowed to happen and continue, because itís part of the plan to impoverish the people, and thatís what itís about. 


And, as I say, when everyone is fighting each other, itís just astonishing to see how quickly everybody divides into their racial lines.  In Britain, youíve got white folk really masquerading for the television, as far as I can see, and just stomping around.  And then youíve got the Sikhs too, supposedly guarding their stores, etc.  Itís like some ancient city in the Middle East.  Thatís what itís like.  Where you had your different quarters for different people.  They called them quarters.  And thatís what theyíve turned Britain into.  And just like well trained, you know, animals, everyone runs into their corner when trouble starts, and they donít ask why itís all happening.  And they immediately forget actually, if they ever knew, why things are happening, they forget it all, and they start fighting each other.  Thatís interesting, isnít it?  I find that quite fascinating how human behavior can always be predicted, and therefore, if you set up the situations, you can guide the outcome.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And Iíll put another link up to a similar article to do with the riots as well, how would the US deal with them, from the Mail Online.  Itís interesting, the different wording they have, because again, all the media in Britain is trying to sway all the public to just go after one group, you see.  And it says:


As thugs have wreaked havoc with riots throughout the UK, many have speculated about what authorities should have done to put the violence to a swift end.


And then they use the words like thugs and all the usual stuff.  You know, thuggery and thugs.  Thugs actually came from India.  Thatís where the term came from, the Thugi, who were a secret society, which used to go around and theyíd join up merchants with their trails, their caravans, and then theyíd garrote them basically.  And they worshipped Kali.  Theyíre using that term now for the British folks.  Itís quite interesting to see the terms, which are meant to cause emotive changes in the hearers, to basically make them think one way only.  As I keep saying, why would you bring so many immigrants in, advertise for thirty years that if you want welfare, this is the place to come?  I can remember this, when they were doing that.  Mainstream was talking about that.  That there was, they call them immigration shoppers, and they would give lists that were handed out in different countries with a list of the countries where you can get different, better benefits and welfare and all the rest of it, and apartments.  And naturally, what do you think would happen?  What do you think would happen?  Hmm?  Well, what did happen happened.


And this is the outcome of it, because, as I say, even after World War II, even the general public donít know it, that Britain was given a period of twenty to thirty years to deindustralize completely.  That was part of the deal, the New Deal, actually, in the lend-lease program set out by the US government, prior to joining the EU.  Folk donít know whatís even going on. 


Anyway, as I say, Iíll give you two articles, and you can see the difference in writing and style, and also an article on Google about its handing over the European user data to the US intelligence agencies.  Weíre all global anyway.  I donít know what the problem is.  I mean, Iíve known this for years, so why donít we just admit it.  Youíve got a global military-industrial complex running the planet with the bankers, of course.


Google has admitted complying with requests from US intelligence agencies for data stored in its European data centers, most likely in violation of European Union data protection laws.


Well, theyíve got treaties, so it doesnít make any difference to do all that.  But theyíve mentioned that before, they were going to do this, and they have done it.  So, Iím never surprised what comes up.


A new device thatís come in too, and quite a few years ago I read on the air about literally how they could tattoo basically a microcircuit.† They can do it, just like itís copper anyway as a base, and you can tattoo them and put chips in them literally.† Well hereís:


Electronic tattoo 'could revolutionise patient monitoring'


(A: Itís all because they want to help patients, theyíve made all this, they put billions into this technology, you see.  You know that.  They love helping sick people.  Iíve seen that all over the world.)


An "electronic tattoo" could herald a revolution in the way patients are monitored and provide a breakthrough in computer gaming,


(A: So itís for computer gaming, as well.)


say US scientists.


They used the device, which is thinner than a human hair, to monitor the heart and brain, according to a study in the journal Science.


(A: So itís monitoring basically your brain patterns too.)


The sensor attaches to human skin just like a temporary tattoo and can move, wrinkle and stretch without breaking.


Researchers hope it could replace bulky equipment currently used in hospitals.


A mass of cables, wires, gel-coated sticky pads and monitors are currently needed to keep track of a patient's vital signs.


Scientists say this can be "distressing", such as when a patient with heart problems has to wear a bulky monitor for a month "in order to capture abnormal but rare cardiac events".


With the tattoo, all the electronic parts are built out of wavy, snake-like components, which mean they can cope with being stretched and squeezed.


(A: I guess hit in the head with batons, too.  They wonít damage them.)


There are also tiny solar cells which can generate power or get energy from electromagnetic radiation.


(A: I guess even your cellphone will charge it.)


The device is small, less than 50 micrometres thick - less than the diameter of a human hair.


So, they can stick it on your body by a little sheet of plastic, just moisten it and brush it on, and itís like a temporary tattoo.  Well, believe you me, they do have the permanent ones as well.  And that will come across the globe as they keep pushing all this stuff, step by step, getting you used to the idea.  In fact, you might go missing in a riot or something like that, and they can find you and know who you are.  They can ID you and tell your relatives where you are.  And theyíll all say, okay, I want one of them. 


Anyway, thatís the world, as I say, itís just going crazy, but itís crazy like a fox, because there is a war on the world.  Itís been on the world for centuries, and the populations never knew it.  They end up fighting each other, because they donít see the real target.  They donít see whoís threatening them.


'Hacktivists' threaten to destroy Facebook on November 5 over privacy policy

'Anonymous' group claims networking site passes on information


'Facebook knows more about you than your family,' it says

Hackers launch operation in video uploaded to YouTube


The group of hackers known as Anonymous has vowed to 'destroy' Facebook on November 5, the night which commemorates Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.


(A: Also, it was that V, the movie, that they kind of modeled that on too.)


The 'hacktivists', infamous for meddling with the American government and for their support for WikiLeaks, have announced that they will focus on bringing down the social networking site because of its privacy policy.


Facebook was started in 2004 and has more than 750 million users worldwide. Its 27-year-old CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is thought to be worth £8.3 billion ($13.5 billion) according to Forbes.


(A: Well, heís definitely one of the highest security organizations on the planet.  Thatís who made him who he is, obviously.  And it says:)


Anonymous, whose members have been known to wear Guy Fawkes hats - copying the film V for Vendetta - when they appear in public, has launched what it calls 'Operation Facebook'.


And theyíre really ticked off.  No wonder, that Facebook has been the greatest stealth weapon for an awful long time.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And Iíll put that link up tonight too.  You can have a look through it on what Anonymous thinks of, as I say, Facebook, because itís disgusting, really, that everyone is conned so simply and easily, in advance of course, by people who knew in advance what the whole operation of Facebook was meant to be in the first place.  They did too.  They knew what it was meant to be, and Iím not fooled by little geniuses that are portrayed in Hollywood versions.  Iíd rather stick to the usual facts that people are created to be the frontmen for the big agenda.  And they are.  They are created like that.  You can create stars quite easily and give them a myth. 


And we know for a fact that Bill Gates was the same.  Bill Gates was just like Monsanto.  With Monsanto, if youíre caught with their seed on your land, even if itís a mile inland from any road or anything, and a bird put it there, then tough luck on you, apparently, according to all the judges in Canada.  They fine you anyway, for having their property on your land.  And the same thing with Facebook too.  Itís the same idea, that you put your information up and suddenly the NSA, everybody has got it instantly, and they get funded too, Facebook, for doing all that.  So, itís really an operation for intelligence gathering, just like the NSA, and various other ones as well.


And now, the thing about the riots too, it says Whitehall, thatís where all the civil servants are in London:


Whitehall's iPads, limo tours and free lunches at private clubs all paid for on plastic by YOU


(A: This is when the whole country is told to go austere and pay Green Taxes and everything else and use less energy.  Theyíre the most taxed people on the planet, you know, in Britain.)


A catalogue of excess spending on Government credit cards has emerged in recent weeks.


Everything from a limousine tour of California to Apple iPads and luxury hotel rooms has been paid for on the procurement cards.


(A: Thatís your taxpayersí cards.)


And when civil servants are not flashing the plastic, their town hall colleagues milk the taxpayer-funded perk to pay for high-end international trips.


Last year alone, Government departments ran up £25 million in credit card bills on first-class flights, five-star hotels, exclusive restaurants and shopping sprees.


(A: Not to mention the prostitutes too that always leak into the paper.)


Despite orders to tighten their belts and cut budgets, civil servants spent more than £370,000 on food.


(A: Nothing but the best, eh?  And non-GM, as well.)


Golf, theatre trips and other leisure activities soaked up another £117,000.

Almost £3 million went on travel, half of it on plush hotels in exotic locations in countries including Mexico, Indonesia and Dubai.


There are more than 140,000 procurement cards in use across Government departments and quangos.


But some of the exposed spending has sparked condemnation from Coalition Ministers and value-for-money campaigners alike.


The disclosure of bills from recent years revealed that civil servants lavished more than £60,000 on dining at top-rated restaurants.


(A: Well, they canít eat like you.  Theyíre important people, you understand.  They have to have red carpets and meet foreign dignitaries and take them out boozing and whoring, I mean, stuff like that.  You know what Iím saying.  And you canít have them going to some little dive that you would probably maybe just afford.  It says:)


They included the Cinnamon Club in Westminster and Quo Vadis, a private dining club in Soho. Another £5,000 was spent on fast food.


Nearly £500,000 went on shopping sprees on websites such as Amazon and stores including Harrods.


Mandarins also used the cards to settle bills at luxury resorts, such as the Shangri La in Sydney, Australia. In addition, more than £2 million went on away days and residential training at exclusive British retreats.


It has emerged that on a trip to California in 2008, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport spent £4,400 on limousines from a firm promising the Ďmost luxurious fleetí.


(A: Well, they know how to be austere, donít they?)


Margaret Hodge, then Labour Culture Minister, also blew thousands to stay with two civil servants in the five-star Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica on a PR trip. It caters for Ďdiscriminating guests seeking luxury and pamperingí.


(A: Thatís what it says there.)


The Department for International Development, which oversees Britainís aid to poor countries,


(A: They should give it back to themselves.)


used the plastic to pay for £190,000 of flights last year and stay at grand resorts in places like Dubai. Two months ago, the Cabinet Office was accused of refusing to release details of individual spending by civil servants. However, critic Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, has claimed the card system led to a Ďbreakdown of financial controlsí.


In other words, theyíre all utterly corrupt, you see.  But you see, they donít have to follow the rules that you follow, because theyíre important people.  They came out of different wombs, and theyíre very, very special.  And youíre all just the trash of the world, you understand.  And theyíve got big decisions to make.  Big, big decisions to make to save the world and save the planet, and save all of you lot.  And you canít help but envy and commiserate with them too, when they have to have tough decisions like where can they stay tonight, you know, with their masseurs, and lots of perks on top of it. 


Now, Al Gore, Al Gore, I always call him Al-e-gory, because heís a good allegory, who really has played scam after scam on the public.  Again, launched like a star, launched by the media.  Thatís how you create stars.  You make sure they get lots of write-ups, massive access to all media, and they come up with a good con.  And the good con, of course was carbon taxation, which was dreamed up by the Club of Rome for the United Nations to take over the world, basically.  And Iíve got a little video here where he actually pushes for an American Spring, like a Revolutionary Spring, like they have, like the US is funding over in the Middle East with all the mercenaries there.  He wants one in America.  And it would be interesting what group heís actually catering to to have this American Spring.  So, Iíll put that link up as well, and you can try and figure this guy out.  If you donít know theyíre all con men by now, then I have no time for you, personally. 


School ethics course linked to Nazism, says Nile


(A: This is in Australia.  It says:)


Conservative New South Wales crossbench MP Fred Nile has introduced his private member's bill to abolish school ethics classes,


(A: Now, ethics was awfully important at one time.  If you do want people to have a culture, etc, you have to teach them what ethics is all about.  It says:)


arguing the course is based on a philosophy linked to Nazism and communism.


(A: See, their ethics course, the new one, is moral relativity, where anything goes, basically.  Which is the same as the elite use.  ďWell, we do this because we can do that, and this is what weíre doing.Ē  And itís the right thing, and okay, millions of you will be sacrificed in the process, but itís just the way it has to be.  Thatís basically the type of ethics they teach today.)


The Christian Democratic Party MP told the upper house his bill would abolish ethics classes in public schools at the end of this school year, saying that with just 2700 students enrolled, the program had been a failure.


"It's relative ethics, which is the basis of secular humanism and I believe ... this is the philosophy we saw during World War II with the Nazis and with the communists,"


(A: And he was dead on with that.  Thatís exactly what they were teaching.)


Mr Nile told the Legislative Council.


Ethics classes were introduced by the former Labor government as an alternative for children who did not want to attend traditional scripture classes.


The Reverend Nile provoked anger among Greens (A: the Green Party) and Labor MPs when he said the "dangerous" secular humanist philosophy taught in the ethics course had led to the worst atrocities committed during World War II.† A: And afterwards too, I might add.)


"Situation ethics,


You know, if thereís five of you on a boat, and youíre all starving, should you eat the one thatís weakest?  And literally, thatís the sort of stuff theyíre taught.  And once you break the taboos, you understand, you can start to rationalize anything that you do.  And that is the technique of the elite.  In fact, thatís how they use it as well. 


And this is a little interesting article.  The CIA, thereís a little inquiry, they always have little inquiries into things to do with organizations that get caught once in a while doing something.  They get a slap on the wrist.


Federal judge: CIA not in contempt for destroying interrogation tapes


Then-CIA Director Michael Hayden said the tapes were not "relevant to any internal, legislative or judicial inquires.


The ACLU sought a contempt citation against the CIA


The move challenged the destruction of interrogation videotapes


A federal judge rejected the ACLU's contempt motion


So, in other words, the CIA can do whatever they want, and any evidence they get in their own hands, they simply destroy it.  Well, they can, because, well, they can.  Itís as simple as that, isnít it?  You understand, how can you even prattle about democracy, when youíve got such secret agencies?  And you donít know what theyíre up to.  People take it for granted, like the movies, oh, theyíre there to help us.  Really?  No.  They were never there to help you.  Never, never.  These are organizations that instigate uprisings across the planet, always have done.  Bump off any enemy or any character that wonít take the Central Banking System, whoís not for globalist mentality with a Central Bank for the planet.  And theyíve been doing this forever.  And they run alongside the ones you supposedly vote in, but you never vote in the guys in the CIA, so literally, youíve got a secret society running the show.  And ask them any questions and they say, well, we canít tell you for reasons of national security.  And thatís it.


 Then it says:


Who's doing Mubarak's bidding in Washington?


The Egyptian regime pays big money to lobbyists with big names -- like Podesta, Livingston -- from both parties


As protests rage on in Egypt, the close relationship between the U.S. government and the regime of Hosni Mubarak has already garnered a lot of attention. But it's also worth taking a moment to examine the lobbying muscle that Egypt employs to secure its interests in Washington, including a mammoth $1.3 billion annual military aid package.


(A: Thatís part of the deal if you want to do business with the States, youíve got to buy so much of the weaponry.  It says:)


Founded by brothers Tony and John Podesta in the late 1980s, the Podesta Group has been retained by some of the biggest corporations in the country, including Wal-Mart, BP and Lockheed Martin. Tony Podesta's bio boasts that "if you want something done in Washington, DC, you go to Tony Podesta."


Thatís awfully similar to Mr. Mandelson in Britain, because he had an ad in the paper saying, Iím Mandy, buy me.  In other words, he was saying that he had all the connections if you want to lobby, you go through him.  Everything is done this way now in the open.  And folk still think theyíre living in a strange thing, this elastic thing called democracy.  Not that I want Communism either mind you, because all the isms, Fascism, Communism, theyíre all the same.  Youíve just got another bunch of elite running your lives and telling you to breathe more shallowly to save CO2 and stuff like that.  Itís just the same thing.


And then:


San Diego Police Become Domestic Intelligence Players

The San Diego Police Departmentís (SDPD) Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) has set an example for other U.S. police departments by successfully becoming active participants in the national intelligence community, according to a report from a nonpartisan homeland security think tank at The George Washington University.


In the 17-page report ďRunning a Three-Legged RaceĒ for the Homeland Security Policy Institute (HSPI), authors Andrew G. Mills, the commanding officer of criminal intelligence and counter terrorism for the SDPD, and Joseph R. Clark, a policy analyst at HSPI, describe how the CIU


(A: You need a dictionary for all this, donít you, to find out what it all means.)


modified its practices to determine what terrorism threats exist in the San Diego area and how to collect relevant information on targeted individuals and groups.


Thatís why I say donít belong to any group.  Itís best to be an individual altogether, because you donít really want to belong to groups, because theyíre always used.  And they never realize it until itís too late, that theyíve been used for someone elseís goal.  Kind of like all the Socialists that fought for the Russian Revolution, and then, in the middle of the night, a coup happened and a smaller group, letís call them the Bolsheviks, jumped in and took over.  They all get used, you know.


And thereís another one too.


The USDAís Incestuous Relationship with the Rural Council & the United Nations


(A: Itís to do with Agenda 21, and how theyíre implementing it in so many different ways.)



The Forest Service is also on the USDAís Invasive Species Council, and issued a report about Invasive Species titled ďAddressing the Four Threats in an International Context,Ē which states ďWhile the U.S. is not party to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD),


(A: Now this came out with the 1992, Maurice Strong coalition group that met in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro.  Forest, theyíve not signed on to it, but theyíre doing it just the same.  The US always does this.  They always say, oh, weíre not signing on to it.  You know, they claimed too that they didnít sign on to the League of Nations, but the US funded the League of Nations to start up.  They gave it all the startup money.  But they told you years later, we always had a man sitting there with voting rights.  They always lie to their own people, you know.  Anyway, it says:)


forest service experts participate in invasive species working groups sponsored by the CBD to share information and establish guidelines for border control, mitigation, and management.Ē


Does this vague supposed difference between ďparty toĒ and ďparticipateĒ seem a little loosey goosey to you?  (The Convention on Biological Diversity is a United Nations treaty that our U.S. Senate didnít ratify, so it seems like U.S. government agencies shouldnít be a ďparty toĒ participating in these ďworking groups.Ē)  


(A: At all.  It also says:)


 ďThe Forest Service is a member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN),


(A: Did you know that?  of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)


an international partnership of government agencies and non-governmental organizations


(A: The NGOs that are all funded by the big bankers)


 interested in nature conservation.  The IUCN hosts the Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG).Ē


I think they make all these little terms so that literally the average person hears it and they just give up.  But itís another con to bring you into the same world treaties as everybody else has been forced to sign on to.  And Iíll put this link up tonight as well, just to let you know how itís really going.  Now, the last big war is to get all the children drugged, as well as chipped.  Hereís an article too.


Big Pharma's push to drug children: the last marketing frontier


Well, theyíve already done an awful lot of it.  And this is from back in 2008, so you can take it from there to where it is now, and you can see how they really pushed it through with payoffs, lots of payola.  Thereís always lots of payola in all of this stuff, eh. 


And I wanted to put up one too about the London Riots where an older fellow, an old fellow from the West Indies, and who was a broadcaster himself, I guess with one of the British stations is asked by, is given an interview about the riots.  And he canít finish what heís trying to tell this silly woman, who keeps prattling on, trying to steer him back into the conversation.  Heís trying to say why itís happening.  And he said he saw it coming years ago, which everybody saw it coming years ago.  Itís interesting.  Iíll put that link up too.  And you can really see how things are taking off from there. 


We live in a world, as I say, where you could have as much media as you want, but youíre still insular.  If you canít fathom that youíre bombarded with different techniques, all meant to give you what the government wants to give you, which means your way of thinking, youíll never figure it out.  And weíre so quick to point and all the rest of it.  But as I say, why do you bring in mass immigration to countries, that they knew could only hold so many in a good economic climate, and we havenít had a good economic climate in places like Britain for 30 years, really.


Now, thereís some callers on the line.  Thereís Mike from Wyoming there.  Are you there, Mike?


Mike: Yes, I am, Alan.† Well, a couple of times, now Iíve got two questions, actually, a number of times, youíve mentioned that Freemasonry goes at least to the 40th degree if not on to the 90th degree and maybe even beyond that.  Who is your source on that?


Alan:  If you go into, it was Aleister Crowley, who was a member of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  Before that he also was a member of the Grand Lodge of England.  Go into his own writings, and heís got a couple of memoirs out there.  And he also mentions that his particular organization, which pre-existed by the way his taking it over.  It was already in existence, the Order Templi Orientis, they have 96 degrees.  And youíll find that in his own writings.  In his book he tells you that.


Mike: Thanks.  The other question I had is what is the relationship between Freemasonry and the police.  And is it the same here in the US as it is in the UK?


Alan: Well, itís more obvious if you know what youíre looking at in Britain, because the policemen generally wear the checkerboard around their hat, like the chessboard, in a band.  Hold on, and weíll come back to that when we get back from this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking to Mike from Wyoming about Freemasonry, and the difference too between Britain maybe and America.  But itís not really different at all, if you just look at all the symbols.  You understand, they keep telling you that they have a language of symbols.  And, as I say, in Britain, itís easy to see the band around the policemanís helmet.  If itís a kind of flatter helmet theyíre using or hat theyíre using, they have the checkerboard system around it.  And if you go into America, even the American Marshal, youíve got the six-pointed star.  America is full of the ancient religion and its symbols in Washington DC and elsewhere.  And it predates Christianity, all of the symbols.  So, youíve got to ask yourself where it all came from.  It is very, very ancient indeed.  Modern Freemasonry sprung up in the 1700s, and is a different front for something else, where thereís lots of payola for those involved, where they can bypass petty bureaucracy, as they say, and get to the top rather quickly.  They can get bank loans awfully fast, things like that.  So, it helps them get ahead, but theyíre a front in itself.  And Freemasonry around the world have made it part of their movement to have all children getting chipped.  Thatís on their own websites if you look them up.  Theyíre pushing the chip for all children.  Are you still there, Mike?


Mike: In the US, I know police typically join the Fraternal Order of Police.† They have all their lodges.  But thatís distinct from Freemasonic lodges, which they can separately join.  If you join, and I assume they have fraternal order of police lodges in the UK as well.


Alan: They have ads on television here for the Fraternity of Police Association.  Itís actually called the Fraternity of Police in Canada, their Lodge, and they have ads on television once in a while.


Mike: So, are their rituals pretty much a duplication of Freemasonic?


Alan: Absolutely.† Police are always told that itís a great insurance policy, because the public still technically have a right to sue you individually as policemen, and therefore, it helps to get the guys to come together as a brotherhood to protect their own.  Itís a prime command.  You must protect your own.  It doesnít matter what heís done.  As long as he hasnít broken any Masonic laws, thatís the difference.  But they must get together and protect him, and so they get their books all rigged to give the same story.  And weíve see that happen over and over again.  But itís a big insurance policy if youíre going to be a policeman and anything happens.  These guys will stand up.  So will the judge too, generally.


Mike: Sure, the gang mentality.  All righty.  Thank you, Alan.


Alan: And thanks for calling.† And thatís the way it is.  Now, thereís Jane from Ontario.  Are you there, Jane?


Jane: Hi.  My comment, or question goes back to the topic of the group Anonymous planning to attack Facebook.† The fact that theyíre getting media coverage.


Alan: Yeah, I know. 


Jane: Does that mean that theyíre maybe put there by the elites, or at least the elites are using them, like thereís been a lot of publicity in the past few months about hacking, which could be a preparation for cracking down on.


Alan: Weíll never know.  What we do know is with the hacking thatís going on, these are never 18 or 19 year olds as they try and portray them.  I mean, some of these characters here have to have been way up in very high tech fields.  It takes years to achieve to become proficient enough to hack such important sites.  Weíll never really ever know.  But obviously, theyíve given handouts to the media.  And the media is picking up on it.  And they will, you understand, itís time now for the internet to be completely policed.  That means that youíll have to second-guess everything that you do, before you send an email or whatever, because everything has got to become politically correct.  And thatís a way of training us then, through the computer.  So, weíll have to wait and see what happens.  Thanks for calling.


Jane: Okay.  Bye.


Alan: Bye now.† Because a few of these groups have emailed me, and I know theyíre really ticked off, if theyíre really serious about all these things of whatís going on.  I donít blame them.  Weíre in a corrupt system thatís blatantly corrupt.  From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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