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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 15, 2011:

Morality & Cameron -- Brought to His Notice, England Not Land of Lotus:

"P.M. "Canny" Cameron has Postured His Stance,
There'll Be No More Riots if He Gets the Chance,
Switching His Glare to a Look of Piety,
(A Trick Learned by Politicos, Psychopathic Variety),
He Bewailed the Avalanche of Moral Collapse
And Vowed a New Program for the Lowly Saps
On Moral Renewal, Throwing Lots of Booty
At Unemployed Experts Who Will Teach You "Duty",
Turning Slumdwellers' Rage Away from Hate
Into Willing Docility to Serve the State,
Elastic Democracy Will Morph Once More,
Into More Blatant Feudalism as in Days of Yore"
© Alan Watt Aug. 15, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 15, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 15th of August 2011.  For newcomers, you should look into  Hopefully you’ll get shortcuts to understanding this massive superstructure of a system, all around the world, that runs all the governments together and runs all the agendas together, with foundations, international money lenders, hundreds, well actually thousands of non-governmental organizations, all funded by the foundations, all bypasses what you think of as politics.  In fact, they put the politicians in.  I try to give you some of the history behind this global effort, starting at least in London; it’s much older than that actually but it starts in London to all intents and purposes with actual force.  I’ve gone through the history, from even Carroll Quigley who was a historian for this particular group, at least the American branch of it, where he laid out quite succinctly and with detailed notes from their own archives basically from the CFR, how they’d bring in this global system, a new feudal type system.  And that’s what we’re going through today. 


So help yourself to the archives section at and there’s hundreds of audios to choose from.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you so you can help me by buying the books and disks I have for sale at  I don’t bring on guests as advertisers.  Most hosts do and that’s how they make their cash.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by advertisers directly to RBN for broadcasting this and for paying for their staff and equipment and hopefully helping with their bills as well.  So you can help me with mine by buying the books and disks.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are awfully welcome as well. 


On this broadcast I try and put things together and not get too emotionally wrapped up in things.  That’s what most articles are really meant for, to happen to you; that’s why they’re released en mass in fact, especially things after rioting in London and that kind of thing.  You find so many irrelevant articles on ridiculous things coming in every day and you’re supposed to read through them.  That’s meant to sort of disassociate your mind from what’s going on in reality.  And the big boys that control the world, believe you me, don’t employ thousands and thousands and thousands of psychologists and neuroscientists and neurolinguistics and so on for nothing.  They know how to control the masses and that’s what they intend to do. 


So I try and cut through that to show you how we got to where we are, where it’s supposed to go from now, and where they eventually intend to take the human species, if you like, because they make no bones about it if you read enough of their scientific journals and magazines. See where the funding is going to as well, to do all the experimentation.  Again too, I often refer to the Department of Defence’s, their think tank’s own projections for the next 50 years.  You don’t pay these guys millions of pounds or bucks for twaddling in between crystal balls.  They take all present data on how they’re going to manage the world as they bring us into this brand new system, a new system where eventually in 30 years’ time you’ll be serving the world state.  That will be your function and duty in life, is to serve the world state.  And right now we’re in a sorry state because we’re in the chaos part of it all and the chaos is supposed to be managed.  And believe you me, all media does its best to manage the chaos by omitting most of it from these irrelevant articles they throw around the internet or in mainstream.  So we’ll go into some of that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, it’s interesting the older you get the more you understand, because somewhere in the back of your memory you’ve stored an awful lot of information, even the trivia too, some of it unfortunately.  But you also see the patterns of control when things go awry in government control over the masses – as they always say, the masses, and that’s all of the people who are not up at the top obviously.  You see that with the riots for instance in England.  There’s even references to supposedly riots that could have happened in the States at the same time but they pulled the plug by blocking various iphone traffic and different stuff to do with communications, especially in San Francisco. 


They’re trying to tie all this in together and of course what you really are getting a whiff of is the fact that the governments are very, very happy during this time of quantitative easing, which is of course inflation, and bailing out banks one after the other, still bailing them out yet, maybe forever who knows.  They want us to go into a global society or system like the EU and when a country goes down, maybe on the other side of the world, you’re supposed to reach in and bail them out too.  And it’s all from borrowed money supposedly, borrowed money BY governments from these strange few international money lenders who basically own your country afterwards because they buy the bonds as well – you find it’s the same bunch buying the bonds – and they own your politics, etc, but ultimately the taxpayer is put down as guarantor of paying off all the loans that you take to pay off the banks.  This will go on forever.  It’s a form of slavery of course, and no one wants to mention that at all.  It’s slavery, defacto slavery.  Even Jefferson said the same thing, if you’re born into a system where a generation has to try and pay off the debts of a previous generation then that generation is therefore basically living in slavery.  And that’s what it is.  It’s never been any different.  It’s never been different at all.


And yet people still go along in their day to day life, because we’re trained to go along in day to day life, and go through our customary routines during the day and watch the same, whatever things that are on television that you’re addicted to, you’ll watch them.  Routine is part of sucking you in to the system to make you basically phase out so you don’t think about the big things that are happening.  And that’s how you’re managed generally.  But even then when the economy goes down the tubes and inflation kicks in, then the quiet places, the places you keep quiet, and the police always outnumber or almost outnumber the residents sometimes, like parts of London, they get annoyed when the natives get upset, you see. And the people at the bottom always feel it first.  The more middle class you get the less you’ll feel the pinch of the pennies as they go back to the government.  But at the bottom they see the inflation first; they’re on fixed incomes and of course the riots start.  There’s nothing new in this technique; it’s happened over and over before down through history. 


The politicians would much rather that you watch the Queen and get reruns of royal marriages and golden carriages, but don’t think about those, you know, those folk there that are all stuck in that area, don’t talk about them, don’t think about them, and everything will be okay.  But they get awfully upset when riots start.  It’s only now we’re starting to see the barrage of media and all the confusing stories that are coming out of there, which are, I think, put out by intent.  As I said before, you can get so bombarded with information but you can’t absorb it, you can’t make head nor tails of it because each one is contradicting the other.  That’s a method of causing a sort of dissociative state, so you just forget about it and give up on it and shake your head and walk away.  That’s what it’s about. 


They hope, of course, to settle those areas back down to the “don’t be seen and don’t be heard” situation once again.  And every country’s got it. As I say, these situations didn’t happen by themselves, because we know through successive governments – it doesn’t matter, right-wing, left-wing, because it’s all the same bird – they go on with the same agendas of mass immigration. And even the so-called right-wing group in Britain, with Thatcher, said that they’d have to massively increase immigration because the British people – you know, after being good and all that and not having children like they were told not to – they said they couldn’t pay off the debt because they weren’t having children, so they’d have to bring in massive immigration.  And this is the excuse they used for bringing in massive immigration to a country that’s never really been out of a depression.  Really, they came out of World War II into almost the same state of depression as they left it. They had a brief burst in the 60s to about 1970 and then back down again.  So really, why would you bring in massive immigration when they already said that the country really shouldn’t go over 48 million or so, and you’re up to 70 million or more, and counting?  It makes no sense, unless you want riots down the road, obviously.


Remember too, in Thatcher’s day and before Thatcher’s day, they’d already planned this Economic Union, and the free flow of goods and labor, supposedly, which is from the Royal Institute of International Affairs’ ploy.  They came out with all this stuff.  They set up the agreements for it.  They set up the structure for the Economic Union. They did the same with the North American Union.  By the way, the Prime Minister of Canada is all over Latin America right now signing deals with all the countries down there as they try to integrate it.  Before they used to bring them down to meet the US President and the Mexican President at the same time, but the public caught on to that so now they do it individually and sign the same agreements maybe a month apart.  Getting back to Britain, as I say, it’s only a system to break down the entire structure of society, as they do away with nations, as they do away with the culture; Blair’s assistant Prime Minister said the same thing, that he was told by Blair to open the floodgates to immigration


Why would you do it when you can’t afford it, and you have no work to put them to?  And then you crowd them all into the same area where there’s no work?  And just walk away?  It makes no sense at all, unless you want trouble, because you will get trouble when people are poor.  I remember, it was about a year ago or so, or two years, that one of the main ministers, as they call these politicians in Britain, mentioned that fact in Parliament and he got hell for saying so, saying the obvious.  He says, you know, when people at the bottom can’t afford the basic necessities and unemployment is going rampant, crime always goes up.  He made a common sense statement derived from facts, and he was derided for saying the truth, something as basic as that.  So it makes you wonder, with all their political correctness in Parliaments, I don’t think you could ever possibly get through to them at the top what’s really going on, because they’re like the characters in George Orwell’s 1984.  They’re the bureaucratic level of society.  They have their political correctness driven into them.  That’s how they get up the ladder is by adopting every PC thing that comes down the pike, till they can’t mention truth anymore.  That’s how bad it really is.  And all countries are like that today.  All countries are.  They’re all terrified of saying what’s the wrong thing. The wrong thing is going to be what you think yourself.  You must give the party line on everything.  And one party’s line is going to be the same as the next party’s line.  Because this is a global society idea. 


It’s so interesting to see this feudalistic state, and it is a feudalistic state we’re in, where you have this public/private partnership deal with everything today, until even local authorities are taken over by private players, or actors as they like to call it at the United Nations.  And you get appointees, just appointing themselves to school boards and your council boards, and they’re all going green, etc, etc.  And you find you have to pay them, unless you dig deeper and then you find no you didn’t have to pay them at all.  They basically adopted themselves into the system and they’re running you.  And the public don’t have time to watch all this stuff, what’s happening.  They don’t have time.  When they come home from work they’re dead beat; they just zonk out.  They’re doing rotten jobs.  How many people in an office do you actually hear coming home saying, I had a great day at the office?  Hmm?  They sit and do ridiculous stuff, repetitive stuff, boring stuff, and they zonk out when they get home, and they want to tune off into fantasy.   And that’s where they go.  And they have no idea what their local council’s even up to and the plans that they all have for you.  You have no idea of all the UN agreements, all the way down to your local council, that are being implemented.  They have no idea.  And you don’t have time.  You need a full-time person, you know, employed by your community, yourselves in other words, to watch what’s going on.  Because even your local papers won’t tell you.  It’s astonishing. 


It’s astonishing in an era of supposedly mass information, and here’s the drawback from mass information, is that you do have the whole planet now.  Rather than concentrate on your own area, your own country – not that you’ve got a country anymore; they’re called ‘states’ now, and ‘regions’ – but you’re supposed to worry about things all over the planet.  Even if you know about them there’s nothing you can do about them.  So why bother?  But you won’t know what’s happening in your own area because we’re supposed to think globally now and that’s what your news is, it’s all global, global, global.  Amazing isn’t it?  And when we’re all focusing globally all these characters truly are, from the United Nations all the way down to your area, are acting locally.  And that was part of their slogans of course, probably still is. 


Getting back to this feudalistic idea... They’ve stopped calling it democracy by the way, even though this is not democratic; there are more appointees now to government probably than elected representatives, when you go into who’s behind everybody else.  And the bureaucracies are there regardless of what clowns they put on for you to jeer at or applaud.  The bureaucrats know what their jobs happen to be because they’ve all integrated with the United Nations a long time ago, and that’s the agendas that they take. 


Now, Britain, and I’ll put up a link tonight if I can find it again.  It’s a guy in London from the West Indies talking, just yelling out at this police cordon where the riots took place, and just raging off some of the facts as he sees them and experiences them.  I have no doubt what he’s telling is the truth because he lives there.  He’s talking about, where are the police, you know.  The police stand back, he says, and they watch people getting their heads kicked in, you know, on the corner; they won’t go near them and stop it.  He says, where’s the army?  They’re in Afghanistan.  He says, do any of you want your troops in Afghanistan?  He says, of course you don’t.  He’s stating basic facts.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just talking about how things are really set up in advance for the problems that eventually emerge.  You cannot believe, I hope people really don’t believe that politicians truly are the guys running their countries.  Because the politicians, they don’t even know, even when they leave office, the names of all the different departments in a government.  They don’t even know who runs them.  The politicians themselves are run by advisors, who are nonelected as well, and these advisors belong to a global clique, put it that way, who know exactly where to guide the front man.  And the script writers are part of it too, they make sure that he says all the right things for the right times.  But they don’t really know what’s going on; they are there to fill their pockets. 


I’ve never had time for politicians.  I’ve met quite a few and they’re all smug and of course they all pretend they’re attentive to you.  But that’s what a psychopath does. They either are very good salesmen, going door to door selling vacuum cleaners, or they’re in politics.  Study after study in psychiatry, that have gone into psychopathy, have mentioned they lump the politician in with the hysterical psychopath, along with the actress or actor, because they love attention.  They love getting attention.  And that’s what they do, they’re grandstanders basically.  But the ones behind them are a completely different story, who’ve been trained for many, many years, maybe from very early years some of them I’m sure, to basically run the country and the world, judged basically on the history that’s been collected down through the ages on the public.  There’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to dealing with the general public, how to manage them. 


We know too that we’ve watched Hollywood and music television, that’s not run by black men, push rap and all the different culture to do with gangs and riots, and success and sex, to make it a big, big thing for everyone to adopt.  We’ve watched that for many, many years.  Then you see the mentality of the young ones getting raised on this kind of stuff going out and acting out just what they’ve seen on television, and they’ve seen it for years and years and years, and you wonder why it’s happening.  You wonder why it’s happening.  You understand, any government could create any kind of culture they wished.  And when they wanted, when they want down the road, to have violence, etc, they will give you the violence, and they’ll prepare the way for it, just like tilling a field before you plant, you prepare the soil, etc.  Well that’s what they do with us.  They know exactly when to make each step happen for the global system that’s emerging, because it’s not to be democratic, you understand.  They’ll use it to the bitter end, this term democracy, even though you’ve never seen any of it. 


The Club of Rome, the big think tank for the United Nations has said that this system has to be an authoritarian system.  And of course, that’s what the eugenicists all wanted from the beginning, where the so-called better people would manage all the rest, the ones who couldn’t figure out which door to go out, etc – that’s how basically they talk about it.  And they’re teaching us step by step that WE need a new system.  That’s what it is.  It’s not a response to something that happened. What happened had to happen and it was sparked off.  There’s another little link I’ll put up tonight too where it will show you that the police, the guy that was shot, this guy that supposedly sparked it all off, the police had been snooping around there for days before on this bridge, before they actually shot the guy.  So there’s more to it than meets the eye.  Government never lets anything happen unless it wants it to happen, on a big scale, especially with the cops all standing back when they could have nipped it in the bud very quickly at the beginning. 


Darcus Howe BBC News Interview On Riots -


Clapham Junction Speaker (London Riots 2011) 2 of 2 -


Unusual-Police-Activity-Before-London-Riot.flv -


And their answer to it is, it’s interesting their answer to it.  Here’s part of their answer, internationalism, again, is going to fix the problem.  And Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain, wants to bring in this guy here, this character...


US 'supercop' Bill Bratton says riot arrests not only answer / 13 August 2011


Communities cannot "arrest their way out" of gang crime, the prime minister's new crime adviser, US "supercop" Bill Bratton, has warned.


The former New York police chief meets David Cameron next month to discuss violence in English cities and says the issue is for society as a whole. 


He’s also one of the top guys in this global system; it’s like a private cop deal, almost like Blackwater.  And here he is, David Cameron wants to give him a job.  It’s interesting too, when you go into Wiki and you find out this guy that runs between different countries; he’s run off between Israel and back to the States, and here and there and everywhere, to Britain.  He’s even got an Order of the Knight of something or another that the British gave him in 2009.  He’s been married to about 4 women and I think the last one’s in Hollywood and newscasting, and actressing, and a lawyer, and that kind of stuff; you can’t really tell the difference when it comes to America.  It’s all mushed together, fact and fiction, because why would lawyers be doing part-time actressing and stuff like that?  Anyway, here they are wanting to bring in this guy to bring it in line with the US. 


Now, the US as well, is interesting because an FBI chief, through a contact I’ve got, gave me a big pile of the gang slogans and their symbols, across the US, a few years ago.  And every one was Masonic.  And there’s no way these guys would know the history of these symbols and what they stand for, these guys that probably hardly ever went to school, didn’t want to go to school.  And yet here’s all these amazingly intricate symbols for each of the gangs.  There’s definitely something else involved in this.  And you always need gangs or a group so that you can get an uprising when you need them, to say, see, you need more protection.  That’s why they keep these people around.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the riots and how they happened on cue.  Of course they had to happen because inflation is going through the roof and those at the bottom can’t stretch the bucks to buy even the necessities; that’s obviously going to happen over and over again anywhere when these things do occur.  In fact, that’s already happened.  Some of the first riots they had in Greece and other places before they collapsed the banks was to do with food and transportation and the cost of fuel, etc.  So it’s not hard to start riots, put it that way.  And it’s all techniques.  And the big boys know how to do it and probably are very, very good at even predicting exactly when it would happen, even if you didn’t instigate it yourself. 


I got to laugh as well at how they come out in Britain; it’s almost like a royal decree when they give out these... what Mr Cameron’s going to tell the press.  What he’s going to tell them.  In other words, they give you a facsimile from his script writers, made up by his advisors, that he probably hasn’t even read himself yet, and they give it out to the public to read.  Just like the Queen does, you know.  So they’re still living in this kind of strange era.  But it says...


UK riots: David Cameron confronts Britain's 'moral collapse'

David Cameron is to promise to confront the “moral collapse” in British society that led to last week’s riots and try to assert his authority over police chiefs who have publicly attacked him. / James Kirkup, Tom Whitehead and Andrew Gilligan / 14 Aug 2011


The Prime Minister, facing unprecedented criticism from the police, will say he has the strength to “take on and defeat” social problems caused by a weak and “demoralised” state.  (Alan:  No kidding.)


Mr Cameron will use a speech in his Oxfordshire constituency to underline his personal leadership in dealing with the root causes of last week’s violence. (A:  Well that will take a miracle because it’s been so long, right.)


Both police and politicians faced criticism for the slow initial response to the riots, but Mr Cameron will declare: “I will not be found wanting.”  (A:  I wonder if they’ll keep this guy on as a script writer.)


The aftermath of the disturbances has seen relations between the Government and the police sink to a new low. Four police chiefs yesterday made public attacks on Mr Cameron’s law-and-order agenda.


One chief constable told The Daily Telegraph that the Prime Minister had been “disrespectful” and risks losing the support of the police.  (A:  So, you got more politics dealing with inside politics, even all departments of government, including the police; they’re all playing games with each other as they hold on to their own power basically.)


• The Home Office said there had been a total of 2,800 arrests, 1,300 charged and more than 1,000 who have already appeared in court;  (A:  So, it just shows you that they knew everybody that was doing the rioting or the looting when it was happening because they’ve got cameras everywhere.  And they just sat back and let it all happen.)


• Detectives warned that it could be months before the ringleaders of the disturbances are identified and apprehended;


• Thousands of people attended a “peace rally” in Birmingham, where the father of a man killed last week said messages of support from the public gave him “strength in my heart”.


(A:  Anyway, it’s just amazing.  He’s blaming it on... You understand, the whole culture is corrupt.  They’ve had years of decadence getting thrown at them, via the government institutions, including the BBC because they’re paid for by the taxpayer via the government, and by the people too through taxation and licensing.  And they’ve given nothing but filth, degradation for years and years and years and hyped it up again with this crazy music, if they want to call it that, that’s meant to be degrading and they turn around after... no one gets married anymore, no one has children. They’re doing exactly what Julian Huxley from UNESCO said they wanted them to do, at that level.  And they’re all surprised?  They’re surprised?  So they turned around and he says...)


Mr Cameron will also blame “children without fathers . . . 


(A:  NO kidding.  No kidding.  You have to understand what the whole feminist revolution was REALLY, really all about.  And you have to associate that too with the Communist Manifesto because every plank has been fulfilled in the Communist Manifesto.  The elimination of the family unit; they’d have to get the dad out the way.  And when youngsters don’t have dads they’re fair game for anybody to come along, either perverts or gang leaders or whatever it happens to be, that’s going to take them under their wing and say, I’ll protect you, or, I’ll show you the ropes.  And that’s how things happen in real life.  And it says...)


Mending that “broken society”, Mr Cameron will say (A:  I love this thing, this ‘will say’...), is his fundamental aim in politics. 


So you destroy the system, you destroy the culture, exactly what Blair’s assistant Prime Minister told the press, destroying the culture of Britain forever so they could never bring it back.  That’s happened.  And now they’re pretending they’re going to try and restore a culture and morals, etc?  Who’s kidding who?  What ARE morals anyway?  Define morality.  You see, if you lost your basis of where it all came from you can’t get back to it.  You can’t do it.  You just simply can’t do it, because there’s nothing in the up-and-coming generations to remember.  All they know is THIS present system, and all the entertainment THEY’VE been shown, that’s glorified, on television, day after day after day.  It’s no different than farming.  You can get generations of farmers, and they’ve had them all over the States and Canada, and if there’s one boy born and he decides to go off to the city and do some other work, that’s it lost.  All that knowledge can be lost, just with one son leaving, so quickly.  You never can go back, because he doesn’t know.  He won’t know and his children won’t know.  And it’s the same with culture in general.  And culture is whatever the ones that want it to be, at the top, MAKE it.  That’s what culture is. 


Plato said the same thing too.  He said, in his own day, that culture was always determined and created from the TOP.  They could not allow a true grass roots culture from the public to emerge because those elite, the aristocracy would lose control over them. That’s what he said.  It’s always been that way.  So whatever culture that you are acting out and have adopted, unwittingly, generally you don’t know, you think it’s normal – it’s there, it must be normal, right – is all planned by much, much higher authorities than you’ll ever, ever imagine, and you’ll never hear about it.  You’ll think it’s all spontaneous.  I can remember when they came out with the song talking about “My Generation”.  That was all part of the system too, in communism, where they’d have to separate the generations, literally have them at odds with each other.  All funded by, again, the governments and very wealthy people that ran the entertainment industries, knowing what they were doing.  The ones who sung them often didn’t know what they were doing.  It hasn’t changed today. 


The culture industry is a massive industry, very important to rule a country or a world; you have to create a culture and make it easily ruled.  And you don’t want people standing together as families, or units, or ethnic groups, or anything.  You want to make sure you destroy everything forever, and you give them this vague replacement of political correctness that’s generally so out of whack with reality, it doesn’t matter. But it isn’t intended to bring a reality, a TRUE functional reality to you.  It’s only important that you believe it.  Very Orwellian but that’s how it is in real life. 


They always give you, too, the most extreme example of immigrants coming in to countries, who get put up on welfare.  And I have to say, personally I believe, this is all set up by the government too, to augment the tension, to heighten the tension that you have in these communities where people either have all been put there together, or like most countries across the world, they end up in their own regions of a city.  Even from ancient history you’ll find the people segmented them into regions of a city, a quadrant where they were happy amongst their own.  Here’s an article here, it’s meant to cause rage, you see. 


Jobless Somali refugees are put up in lavish £2m, six bedroom house paid for by the taxpayer / Daily Mail Reporter / 15th August 2011


(A:  This kind of ties in with one that was out a few months ago where there was someone from, I don’t know whether it was Bulgaria or Romania I think it was, who literally played all the different grants he could get under welfare, from a whole borough or area, and he eventually bought a castle back home.  No kidding.  But they knew what they were doing, the ones at the top; they’re not stupid, because ordinary people at the bottom who are on welfare don’t get anything like this.)


A family of refugees has moved into a £2million home in one of the country’s most exclusive neighbourhoods at taxpayers’ expense.


Unemployed Saeed Khaliif is being handed almost £8,000 a month to pay the rent on his house (A:  That’s just for the rent.), one of the most expensive ever to be funded by housing benefit.  (A:  Well, who’s running the housing benefit?)


The Somali refugee, 49, demanded to be moved to the six-bedroom property in West Hampstead, North-West London, with his wife Sayida and their children after deciding their previous accommodation was inadequate.


Their old house, in Coventry, also had six bedrooms but, at £1,000 a month, was a fraction of the burden on the Government. (A:  It’s not the government.  It’s the taxpayer, right.)


The family say they wanted to be near friends and relatives in the capital.


But it is understood they left damage estimated at £600 in the Coventry property and did not pay their final month’s rent.


Their new home has a 90ft garden and has been recently refurbished, with an en suite master bedroom, modern kitchen and large living room. It is minutes from West Hampstead Underground station and the neighbourhood is home to comedian Stephen Fry and actress Emma Thompson.


Estate agents described the property as a ‘stunning six-bedroom, two reception house’ when it was on the market recently for £2million.  (A:  Anyway, it says here, the government agencies are making sure that he gets this, and all the money on top of that to pay for his family, hasn’t worked since he’s been in the country for a few years.)


This is meant to cause discord, which I’m sure it will, because as I say, the average person coming into the country doesn’t get anything like this.  So why are they giving it to this one?  And really playing it up?  It’s to cause more ANGER, you see, cause more anger, and to get people against people.  And that’s why the article is there and that’s why they made this happen.  That’s why they made it happen. Even pensioners don’t get this kind of cash.  So everyone’s played as a sucker and it’s all to do with emotional warping, as I say, because you got to put emotion outside of everything and always look at things as they actually are, without emotion.  When you get emotive about something, someone’s playing you on a hook, in the media that is. 


Now, America is a big battering ram.  It’s the battering ram to bring in the new world order, always has been as far as I can see, through history.  It’s funded the United Nations; the Royal Institute of International Affairs sent Kipling over at the beginning of the 20th century to hand over the torch, basically, to America. They’d already taxed the British out under the ground basically and they thought, here’s a new place here with all these taxpayers and industry, what a base for it to get young guys for the military and the taxpayers to fund the military.  So they were to take over as the policeman of the world, something that nobody voted for obviously.  But the US has been stuck with that ever since and it’s still doing it yet today for reasons that most people don’t even question.  We don’t even think, why are you all over the world? 


War Inc. – Pentagon sucks in American youth / 12 August, 2011


(A:  And how they need the youth all the time for the military.)

As the US economy remains on a consistent downward spiral, one thing the government is never shy to invest endless cash in is the Pentagon.


Which – on its end – is pumping millions of dollars into luring in the young population of America into enrolling into the military. RT looks at some of those mesmerizing techniques, and what kind of effect they have had on those fit to serve.


A hunt for American youth to hunt down the next American enemy. War incorporated – a robust business machine – is operating at full capacity in the US. From televised ads, to Hollywood blockbusters, to video games, to American presidents dubbing soldiers the real Patriots. The image of the American warrior is portrayed as that of the invincible hero.


Times Square in New York is one of the number one entertainment spots in the Big Apple. It lures in millions from around the world and across the US. Apart from flashy lights and billboards there is a recruitment centre – one of hundreds just in New York.

The mesmerizing techniques luring young Americans into serving are more sophisticated than ever before.


“Sponsoring video games tournaments, paintball tournaments and going up to these young kids and say ‘Hey, the US military needs you, we see your skills at this video game,’ and of course to a 15, or 16 or 17 year old, this is something that’s very enticing,” said Iraq war veteran Michael Prysner.


“It’s a cruel and deceptive type of recruitment. They want to use all the hippest tools they have to make being in the military as cool as possible,” said media critic and filmmaker Danny Schechter.


Now a cinematographer, Edward Pages dedicated 10 years to being a US soldier. He thought it was the honorable thing to do.


“If they presented war for what it was nobody would join,” said Edward.  (A:  And it’s true.  And actually if they made it mandatory that only people over 35 or 40 could go into the military, well, hardly anybody would go at all.  You got to get CHILDREN who think they’re immortal, you see.  And they’ve watched all the movies and they think they ARE immortal:  that will never happen to me, the bad guys get killed in the movies.  And the government will always tell you who the bad guys are.)


But they do join- having played one computer game, and seen one war movie too many.


“There are no second chances in real life. You can re-set a game, you can re-start a movie, there are no second chances when you are actually out there and your life is at risk for something that most of these young men have no idea really the true reasons why they are even out there,” Edward explained.


By the time some of these reasons are realized, it is often too late.


“To expand the military influence and domination in these regions of the world that are currently off limits to US imperialism.” Michael Prysner named one.


“The problem is a lot of these kids don’t know – once they get in, it’s hard to get out,” said Danny Schechter.


For some – the way out is suicide. A military report says 80 percent of soldiers in Afghanistan have seen a friend killed or injured, the gore of war quickly replacing its promised glory.


However, nothing stops the military propaganda (A:  ...machine....) campaign.


“They’re spending hundreds of millions of dollars every year on recruiting groups and recruiting people, glorifying war, glorifying the killing of people whether it’s necessary or not," said war veteran Jake Diliberto from Washington DC.


A dire economy at home also comes in handy for the Pentagon.  (A:  That’s something they learned from the British Empire as well.)


“There is a joke in the military that the best recruiter is an economic downturn,” said economist Richard Wolff. And that recruiter is raging on. “What happened after 2008 that solved their problem was the desperation of millions of Americans. We had an economic crisis, we’ve had unemployment zoom up,” explained Wolff.


But no matter the times, the power of the Pentagon seems eternal.


It’s the standard routine that been used down through the ages.  In Britain the conglomerations, and they’re all conglomerations in Britain as they are in America, the conglomerates, the cartels, would get together and start laying people off, knowing darn well they could hire new ones the following day. But the ones who were put out of work very early would immediately join up with the military, there’s nothing else there.  And at that time the military used to come around the towns, and the factory towns, when all the unemployment was stepped up, and they’d join up on the spot.  That’s all you need is, you know, some trumpets and a drum, or a brass band and a flag waving, and promises.... promises, and away they go.  And of course once they joined up the factories immediately opened again and that was that.  It was all worked out with the government, that they could do it together. 


We’re really suckers, you understand, at the bottom.  We don’t know what’s going on.  You don’t know that they’re almost like vampires above you in a sense, who live on you.  And how you think, in fact they all generally make you think the way that you do about things, and that’s their talent, that’s their skill.  They’re awfully well paid as well and have wonderful letters behind their names, lots of them.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll go to the callers.  There’s Werner from Canada hangin’ on the line here.  Are you there Werner?


Werner:  Yeah, good evening, Alan.  I just tuned in later, towards the latter end of the show, the last thing what you were talking about, you know, young fellas going to war.  I understand that it is the law that they have to be 19 years old to buy booze and smokes.  Because the government is concerned about their health.  [Caller laughing.]


Alan:  Yeah, I know. 


Werner:  What a joke!


Alan:  It is a joke.  It is a joke, absolutely.


Werner:  And haven’t they established that the male brain is not fully developed until the mid-20s, and sometimes it takes even longer?


Alan:  Often, often longer. 


Werner:  And send basically children out to war... isn’t that child abuse?


Alan:  Yes.  And they’ve always known this, but that’s why they pick the children.  They’re still living half in fantasy, and hope and fantasy is all mixed together, and they think they’re immortal.  You do think you’re immortal when you’re that age. 


Werner:  Yeah.  I say, this is completely irresponsible.


Alan:  It is.


Werner:  And shouldn’t we demand a responsible government?


Alan:  Well, we can demand all we want until you realize that your governments have nothing to do with you.  They don’t have anything to do with the people anymore.


Werner:  They dance to a different drummer.


Alan:  Yes.  Really, it’s just Government Inc. and they’re just one of many across the globe, on this global agenda, serving the corporations, and the scientists of course and academia at the top helping them. 


Werner:  And, we shall not forget, who is being called in the scriptures the prince of this world.


Alan:  Oh it’s true.  There’s no doubt about it, you’ve got... When you see the behavior... This is the amazing thing about this speech by Cameron that he will say; these guys are the most corrupt at the top.  I mean, even when they visit Canada, in the G20, Canada lays on prostitutes, male and female, for all the visiting dignitaries.  That’s in the mainstream news here, you know.  Male and female; how young will those children be, I wonder, some of them.  And we allow this to go on.  See, they already live in a different reality at the top; they’re not in our reality at all.  And they’re talking about morality of the people at the bottom?


Werner:  They lay out one reality for us and another reality for themselves.


Alan:  Absolutely.


Werner:  I thought they did away with the class system?


Alan:  Oh, no, no.  Anything but.  In fact, if anything it’s been growing, this class system, at one awful rate for the last 25-30 years. They keep talking about the gulf between the rich and the poor is getting wider and wider; the UN announces it every year, I think with glee probably.  And we are.  We can’t imagine all the rackets that the ones at the top in politics are into.  When Prime Ministers can leave and by the time they’ve left politics they get handed 20 director seats, they don’t have to even turn up; that’s for all the lobbying things they push through.


Werner:  I don’t know if you remember Sinclair Stevens.  Conflict of interest.  They seem to have forgotten it all.


Alan:  Yes, they do forget.  And there’s been many, many since.  And they all end up getting... they’re multi-millionaires when they leave because that’s when they get their payoffs or paybacks from all the lobbyists for getting contracts through.


Werner:  So much about being committed to the welfare of the people.


Alan:  Oh, yeah.  Well, it isn’t even stale anymore.  It’s beyond even being stale, all these platitudes that come out from their mouths.  They don’t even know who we are.  They wouldn’t care if they were running China or Canada:  the peasant is the peasant the world over today, and it’s a global plantation, except for those who are psychopathic enough to get to the top with help from their friends or their families.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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