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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 17, 2011:

Eugenicists and Silent War, Giggling and Sneers,
Decimate Populations, Unwitting "Volunteers":

"Being Wild or Domesticated Dictates How We Decide
To Tackle the Problem of Our Own Genocide,
I.Q.'s are Dropping, Young Men Less Virile,
Too Many Find They are Almost Sterile,
Yes, The New God of Science, Looking at Health,
Seems to Be Waging P.R. War by Lies and Stealth,
Something's Wrong as We're Dumber and Sicker,
Yet Professionals Tell Us to Believe and Not Bicker,
Just to Obey Them, "It's for Your Own Good"
Mandating Pesticide-Laden GM Food,
Vaccines for Everything Except Preventing Disease,
Injected Biowarfare Takes Us Down with Ease"
© Alan Watt Aug. 17, 2011


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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 17th of August 2011.  For newcomers, look into and you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of audios in the archives section where you can hopefully piece together the real system that runs the world, not the media front man and the tomato-throwing bunch – that’s what politicians are for, to catch the tomatoes – but the real guys that manage the world, the foundations, the organizations, that never intended democracy across the world, although they use the term very often as they bomb other countries into democracy.  But it’s really a system, a system planned a long time ago.  I try to give you the history of it and some of the big players in it, and once you catch on you can just take off by yourself, rather quickly, by going into the proper sites – the Council on Foreign Relations, all the foundations, the United Nations – and watch them all networking together, and read their long, boring reports.  But they’ll tell you what the future’s going to be, because they make it happen.  You see, they make the future happen, the one that they plan. 


That’s what you’re going through right now, with the chaos, as they bring in a new world order and a global society, not a nice happy plantation but really a rather horrid thing as they depopulate the planet and gradually sterilize everyone on it too through various means, inoculations, spraying, chemtrails, that type of stuff – which is going on – and the food that you’re forced to eat now, the GM rubbish.  They know exactly how to manage the planet and bring it down.  We are the peasants at the bottom and believe you me, class distinction is very well and strong, never been stronger in fact.  Since the days of Darwin they justified their actions as they formed their clubs to deal with the future.  So I try and go into that and show you what’s really going on, and it’s explains the chaos today.  It’s chaotic like a fox, of course, because it knows exactly where it’s heading, and we’re all forced to go along with it. 


Remember too, you are the audience who bring me to you so you can help support me by buying the books and disks at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations, honestly, are really, really welcome.  I don’t bring on the guests that generally appear as experts and then terrify you for an hour, and then do their pitch to save your life by flogging something to you.  So it’s up to you to keep me going.  The ads on this show that you hear are paid directly by advertisers to Republic Broadcasting Network to air this program, for their time, staff, equipment, and hopefully to help them with their bills, because I’m sure they got enough in this day and age, everything is so expensive.  So you can help me out with my by buying the books, etc. 


I try and chronicle the events; I mean, I’ve watched them for years.  I’ve been watching them since I was young because I wasn’t happy with the stories that were being told in school about history.  And just like Orwell’s 1984, I saw history going down the tubes in my own lifetime and being rewritten, quite a few times in fact, in different areas, different events.  And it’s the same today as they rewrite history.  Today they’re very quick, actually, rewriting it. They give you the official stance rather quickly, on 9/11 for instance, things like that.  Here’s the official, authorized version, and that will be it, written in stone forever amen.  That’s how they pretty well do it.  And yet at the same time, 60-70 years after an event they’ll release stuff from the official secrets act that’s now up for review by the public and you find out that the past was absolutely bogus in the big things that they brought off and fooled the people about then.  We’re constantly lied to, and that’s how you manage people.  You don’t tell them the truth.  You treat them like children.  That’s quite acceptable at the top, of every country, in what’s called the democratic world. 


Democracy is a front.  As I say, it was set up a long time ago when people were pushing for more rights and the elite found a way to take over and champion those rights and actually bring you in a full circle back into slavery.  And that’s what it truly is.  It’s a front, a very elastic band – that’s what I call democracy, it’s an elastic band – and it’s constantly changing definitions.  Try to get a straight definition of democracy, you won’t get it.  A hundred years ago they said democracy would be up to those more powerful groups, and that also included what became known as non-governmental organizations.  So the foundations, the bankers, running the NGOs, these armies of NGOs, run, basically, the policies of the world, and the politicians are in on it too.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix.  We never get the real story on anything, I believe, at the bottom level.  Everything’s management.  Everything goes through PR agencies, from government, from all departments of government, even your police will go through PR agencies or they have their own specially designed PR group within the police force itself.  You often see that term, that word, the term, ‘PR’ in front of someone’s name as a spokesperson.  And that’s Public Relations, which used to be called propaganda.  It still is propaganda, you understand.  In other words, something must be made palatable to the public, so it’s reworded or even misled in fact, to mislead you, so that you will come up with the impressions the government wants you to have.  You’re never told the truth.  Never told the truth. 


When you have, especially across, say, the British Commonwealth countries, as it’s now called – that was an invention of the Royal Institute of International Affairs; before that it was the British Dominions and then it became Commonwealth and then this nice family of the Commonwealth of Nations, as the Queen keeps saying; that’s where all the wealth of the commoners are robbed and given to the rich.  So anyway, we never get the truth on anything.  And once in a blue moon you’ll get the occasional little exclamation from a politician that’s just left office, who says something true and then it’s suddenly gone, it’s forgotten about, there’s no hullabaloo about it.  But when the Vice Prime Minister, or assistant Prime Minister to Tony Blair came out and said that he had been ordered through his whole term to open the floodgates to immigration – not just immigration from any other country but from the ones with the most diverse nations, or cultures, so they’d be in opposition to the British culture’s – in order to destroy the British culture forever.  And that’s been successful. 


It didn’t start with Blair either because even after World War II, and before World War II, they said that they wanted the end of the nation-state.  And to do so you’d have to eradicate all memory of what used to be whatever culture you happened to have.  And it’s been awfully successful across the way.  That’s why you must import trouble into your own country and then point at the trouble and go through a song and dance, and no one ever asks, well who brought all these people in, and into a slum area, and gave them no work?  You know.  Why did they do that too?  Well, why they do it is because they can always get them to riot when they want to get them to riot; that’s why they keep them there.  These are all strategies, you understand, and if they kept the cultures as it used to be, with fairly closed immigration, then you couldn’t even get martial law put across the people if they’re all the same type, basically, backgrounds, cultures and history.  So that’s basically why, the Labour Party especially, but the same thing happened with Thatcher when she was in; she opened the floodgates too.  That’s why they keep them around.  And it’s for internationalism. 


This international world you’re going into is not to be a happy family at all.  It’s to be really a chaotic system as we go through it, with the experts managing every facet of our lives.  In order to manage every facet of your life they must make everything dysfunctional, including the family unit, which was all the Marxian agenda.  And believe you me, there’s plenty of right wingers, I mean real right wingers, who have studied Marx really in depth and they agree with a lot of what he had to say.  It fits their international theories very, very well.  And we’re into this new feudal type system where corporations are – they used to call it Fascism – but corporations are working completely, daily, with governments; in fact, government farms out a lot of its work to these private corporations.  So that tells me who’s got the real power.  Remember too, that private corporations are not voted in by you so there’s no comeback on them whatsoever.  They say, we’re a private corporation; we can do what we want.  And that’s what government will tell you too:  we don’t deal with that; this corporation deals with that part of society


So that’s what it’s done, of course, and what we’re getting now after the riots in England, is the aftermath.  And they’re all posturing in Parliament as they go through their routines and shaking fingers, etc.  And they’re the most corrupt people of all, in Parliament.  They’re more corrupt, openly now, than they used to be. They used to be very good in Britain at hiding the corruption because all the media would send the right people in to mix with the politicians and they all played the game, as they say.  They played the game:  Oh, I won’t report this and I won’t report that.  But now it’s more open because there’s a lot of things that they do that you just can’t hide anymore.  There’s an article here; it says here...


UK NEEDS 45 HOMES A DAY (Alan:  ....built...) FOR (A:  ...immigrants...) MIGRANTS

(A: 45, that’s what they would need; they worked it out.) / 17th August 2011 / Daily Star Reporter


TAXPAYERS face a £1billion annual bill for the next 25 years to provide enough council houses for cash-strapped Britain’s soaring immigrant population. 


(A:  Now, they’ve advertised, as I say, for 30-odd years in Britain as the best country to come to if you want welfare and free health care, etc.  So naturally it was very appealing.  It was almost like a poster they’d put out every so often for holiday makers.  That’s what it was like, vacation in Britain, just go and live there.  And this happened every few months; they’d float the same thing.  They actually called it shopping for countries and different headlines like that because Britain made it known that they’d bring them all in.  As I say, they had to destroy the nation-state.  This is to happen to every country across the world eventually, destroy the nation-state.  Then you got a whole world which is dysfunctional, which means you got a tough world government which will run it ‘properly,’ like the Fabians say.  The Fabians, with their famous glass window, had the founders bashing the world into its ‘proper’ shape on a blacksmith’s anvil using hammers.  This is the Fabian agenda that we’re living through today.  And it’s got all groups on it; there’s no right wing or left wing.  There’s only one elite group at the top and all the lower politicians that will do anything, bend over in any direction to make sure they try and get up there too; they’re craving to get up the ladder.  So anyway, UK would need 45 homes a day, for the migrants, and it would cost £1billion per year to house them, in a country where there’s even less work; even in today’s paper they’re telling you there’s less and less work all the time.  And it says...)


The warning comes in a report from campaign group ­MigrationWatch as the UK population is predicted to hit 70million by 2030, driven largely by immigration. 


Well that’s what they wanted.  And Maggie Thatcher said it too, well there’s not enough of the British folk, the old stock, having children, because they were doing good and only having their 1.1 child per person idea, and there’s not enough to pay off the national debt, which constantly...  it was never intended to fix the problem; it’s to destroy the nation-state.  Maggie Thatcher was totally aware of that too.   They’re all in on it, you know, all these actors.  Here’s a good one here, though, a good article.  It says...


Immigration officer (A:  In the UK.) comes home to find family of Romanian gypsies squatting in her house, wearing her clothes and drinking her wine (after telling neighbours she'd died) (A:  That’s not a bad one, eh?) / Inderdeep Bains and Simon Neville / 17th August 2011


An immigration officer returned home to find gipsies had moved in, ransacked the place and dressed in her clothes.


Julia High was even offered a glass of her own wine by the Romanian squatters.


They claimed they had rented the property from her ‘son’ because she had died, and produced a set of fake documents. (A:  They’re very quick, on the mark, aren’t they?)  Miss High, 55, has no son.


The family of five adults and three children had ripped up carpets, emptied the fridge and dumped her belongings in bin bags in the garden of her £270,000 home.  (A:  That’s not bad being an immigration officer.  Anything to do with the government’s not bad, eh?  £270,000 for your house, eh?)


They left water damage to the kitchen and bathroom, while a computer and digital cameras were missing. Only her beds and wardrobes were left intact. And once evicted, they squatted in another home two streets away. 


So they’ve had this problem in Britain for a while as they, you know, this wonderful amalgamation of Europe, they can come straight through and go to where the cash is.  And that’s what they’re doing.  Naturally, that’s what they’re doing, right.  But these are the sort of little comical ones you get, in a sense.  They know what they’re doing at the top.   They know exactly what they’re doing at the top.  We’re living, truly, in a fool’s paradise, or hell; it depends on where you live.  And it’s going to get worse because that’s the intention.  Years ago the RAND Corporation did studies on coming riots and future world disturbances.  They knew darn well they were going to have crashes and depressions, because they’d make it happen, you see, because they want a unified currency, starting off with regional currencies, things like that.  So you got to always cause the problem to come out with the solution for it.  So they run the world in this way. 


They talked about eventually, when they started off with this generation Y and then generation X, etc.  They were talking about the downgrading of work to fill the people coming up, the youngsters.  And once you get to X you’re written off basically.  That’s what it means; you’re written off.  And they wonder why people are rioting?  When Thatcher’s day was on the go she said the same thing.  Because you see, they were deindustrializing Britain at the time, without telling the British people.  You’d hear it on the news every night.  If you couldn’t figure that out there was something wrong with you.  But they’d keep telling you, another factory’s just gone offshore, another factory’s closed down, just one after another.  And she says, a generation is growing up, right now, that will never see work in their lifetime, so get used to it.  That was the upper class rubbish that came out of her mouth.  But it’s real.  And so, naturally, down the road you get rioting too, as you’re down to X, Y and Z, as they say.  So here we are, Z’s been written off too, totally, and they riot once in a while and they come out with martial law for them basically, and point fingers at them for not looking hard enough for work.  Utter farce, but all contrived.  They’re not stupid at the top.  You don’t hire think tanks, thousands of them, to work on each problem.  They know exactly what’s going to happen.


And it says here, Guantanamo Bay as well, it was supposed to be closed down with Obama, that’s awfully good at saying things but doing much of the opposite. 


Gitmo running smoothly amid protests and lawsuits / 24 June, 2011


At least a dozen people have been arrested in Washington for disrupting Congress hearings. They were yelling about torture at Guantanamo Bay. The US prison for terror suspects is still operating despite Barack Obama’s election promise to close it. 


Since when do politicians lie, eh?  And you’ll vote them in again the next time again, won’t you?  You’ll go for somebody else that will say, I promise, and then you go and vote, put your little X down.  [Alan laughing.]  You never learn.  You just never learn do you?  But it’s amazing.  After I come back from this break I’ll talk about how Israel’s come out with a new idea of how to make you rather mellow, and it’s a pacemaker for your brain.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Remember, that Soma was Huxley’s idea in his book Brave New World of a kind of drug which would make everybody happy, regardless of how you were living or living in a byre, or amongst the pigs or whatever.  It didn’t matter, you’d feel quite happy.  That’s always been, again, the goal of those at the top. They can either make you awfully stupid by destroying brain cells and giving you terrible entertainment to watch – that will make you stupid at all times – but also they thought about the brain.  The brain is an important part, obviously, because it’s technically you, as they say.  


They have people like Persinger and other professors working for, oh, years and years and years on finding ways to control your brain.  Of course they always come out with some new gimmick and gadget just like DARPA did with the chip that would help the paraplegic email, maybe one out of five times it was successful, they said, but we haven’t really heard a follow up from that so we don’t know. But I mean, that was the Military Complex telling us they just wanted to help paraplegics.  The same thing, oh, we like to help the paraplegics, and poor people.  Well here’s from Israel and it says...


A Pacemaker For Your Brain; Or, How They Will Control Us / Michael_Byrne / Jun 30, 2010


While you’re still thinking hard about just how much your unconscious brain is more in control of you than ‘you’ are, chew on this too: scientists at Israel’s Tel Aviv University are crafting a tiny implantable chip that delivers precise electrical impulses to different parts of the brain. This may be, they believe, the cure for not just depression (A:  And everybody’s depressed when you’re out of work and stuff like that, and we’re going down the tubes, right.), but Parkinson’s disease (A:  Isn’t that wonderful, they just care about Parkinson’s disease and elderly people?) – both of which respond well to conventional electro-therapies—and maybe even brain damage from strokes or injuries.  (A:  They always put the ‘may’ in as well, all the things that they have no idea about, they just tack it on.  It sounds good.)


Which is a potential breakthrough and amazing but, from where I sit, the part to chew on is the sort of almost literal rewiring or reconfiguring of consciousness. Like, the brain functions as a tangled mess of electrical impulses. It’s just pathways of electricity. So: What else can we do? How precise can we get? Or am I just being freaked and paranoid about the idea of people running around with behavior-modifying chips in their skulls?  (A:  Because that’s what it’s about, you see.)


The heart kind of pacemaker is purely mechanics; the ReNaChip—as it’s being called—deals with consciousness. That thing we know really nothing about. We don’t even really understand all that well how ECT (A:  Electro Convulsive) therapy works in its traditional, seizure-inducing form.


It all feels like when you’re a (A:  ...child...) kid and you take a radio apart or something and it’s not working anymore, but after jamming some stuff around in it, a warble comes out. You have no reason why, but you take it as a discovery and just keeping poking it and making that warble again, imagining you fixed something. Then again, you could argue that that describes a lot of medicine.  (A:  And that’s true too, a lot of medicine is totally bogus, and how they try to explain it... they don’t know how to explain it.)


So, here’s a chip, as I say, that’s really going to make you happy when you shouldn’t perhaps be happy.  Maybe you’ve got reasons not to be happy and it’s only by reasoning out why you’re not happy can you make change at all.  But if you can’t make change and you don’t know you’re unhappy then you could live in squalor and filth and be, you know, walked over by the elite.  And they certainly are all for anything that will make that kind of thing work.  And of course, it’s a chip in the brain; I’m sure too, they can interface that with signals from your cell phone towers and lots of other nice little things.  So, a good little article, keep your eye on this one and see where it’s going, and also who’s funding it.  You’ll definitely find that the Military Complex is involved in it too. 


Years ago I remember seeing a little article on how some fast food restaurants were dissuading youngsters from hanging around by using a very high pitched signal sound which made it uncomfortable to stand around.  They didn’t know why, it was so high pitched, but it made them all feel uncomfortable and they’d walk off, so that they wouldn’t congregate outside the stores. They’re using it now in sports stadiums and it says...


High-pitched sound used to silence Dortmund fans (A:  This is in Germany.) / August 16, 2011


(CNN) -- An employee of German Bundesliga club Hoffenheim has admitted to using a device which emits a high-pitched sound to stop Borussia Dortmund fans singing offensive songs during their match at the Rhein-Neckar Arena on Saturday.


The purpose of the noise, according to the employee, was to stop Dortmund's traveling supporters from chanting insults at Hoffenheim's owner Dietmar Hopp.


The club, which gained promotion to Germany's top division in 2008, distanced themselves from the employee's actions and denied any knowledge that the device was being used.  (A:  Sure.  It must have cost thousands to implement it in the first place, so they all know it’s there.  So they’ve pinned it on an employee of Hoffenheim...)


"An employee of Hoffenheim admitted to using a corresponding [sound] device, on Saturday during the match against Borussia Dortmund," read a statement on Hoffenheim's official web site.


He had longed for a 'remedy' to the insults directed at [club owner] Dietmar Hopp.  (A:  That was the excuse that they gave.)


So they used this on the people and it doesn’t say much about the effects of it, but I guess they didn’t enjoy the game too much regardless.  You’d be surprised at how many times they’ve used sports arenas for testing things out on the general public, because it’s a beautiful place to do it, and then observe their reactions.  With the cameras inside you can get really close-ups of the faces, expressions, as you’re doing various things to them.  It’s an ideal little laboratory right there. 


And ha!  Here’s an article too, about historians and how historians keep altering things, etc, giving you false impressions in their classes.


Historians say Michael Gove risks turning history lessons into propaganda classes (A:  Like it’s never been that, eh? [Alan chuckles.]) / Charlotte Higgins / 17 August 2011


The education minister, Michael Gove, wants school history lessons to portray Britain 'as a beacon of liberty'. (A:   I wonder for whom?  Who would that be for?)


Gove has said history in schools ought to "celebrate (A:  Everything is about celebration today, eh?  There was one article, it was on some gay thing, and it says we’re supposed to celebrate their sexuality.  I don’t want to celebrate.  Since when do you celebrate somebody who’s just found out what their little appendage does? and they’re so overwhelmed with it they want to keep doing this forever? even in the streets?  I mean, really?  Do you want to celebrate?  It used to all be done in your home, quietly, nobody asked questions and nobody wanted to know.  But today, no, everybody’s to celebrate these ridiculous things, isn’t it?) the distinguished role of these islands in the history of the world" and portray Britain as "a beacon of liberty for others to emulate".  (A:  [Alan laughing.] Ah, this guy must have either been in politics or he’s going to run for it after he becomes tossed out of this school.)


But Tom Devine, professor of history at the University of Edinburgh, said: "I am root-and-branch opposed to Gove's approach. It smells of whiggery (A: they call it, the old-fashioned term, Whigs...); of history as chauvinism. You cannot pick out aspects of the past that may be pleasing to people."  (A:  Aargh... back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about history and how they constantly change it anyway, and politicize it, and add things and detract things, and give you false versions.  And this particular professor was speaking at a conference of historians and it’s quite interesting what was said. 


It smells of whiggery; of history as chauvinism. You cannot pick out aspects of the past that may be pleasing to people." 


Devine was speaking before a debate on history teaching at the Edinburgh international book festival, where he will be joined by Professor Linda Colley of Princeton University, and RW Johnson, the emeritus fellow in politics at Oxford.


Devine said of the Aberdeen-raised Gove: "I find it remarkable someone educated in the Scottish system can come up with this nonsense."  (A:  I’d loved to have been there.)


Speaking about Gove's contention earlier this year that the history syllabus "doesn't mention a single historical figure, except William Wilberforce and Olaudah Equiano" – key figures in the British movement to abolish slavery (A:  That was abroad, that is, not at home.) – he accused the secretary of state of creating "straw men". "The syllabus is not devoid of content. History teaching has never been more exciting."


Also speaking in Friday's debate, which is organised by the London Review of Books, is South Africa-based historian RW Johnson, who warned against the follies of a celebratory (A:  ...making celebrations basically, out of a...), nationalist syllabus.


"I live in South Africa, a society where nationalism is running riot in history teaching, and the results are disastrous," he said. History teaching before 1994 was there to "bolster up Afrikaner nationalism, and black South Africans were merely the objects of history.


"Now, under the ANC, that has completely reversed. The years 1652-1994 are simply called 'the oppression' and everything about that period is lost. (A:  So they threw out everything.)  You wouldn't know that South Africa fought in two world wars, sent troops to Korea and did other things. (A:  ...other than whites suppressing blacks.)  When it comes to 20th-century history, black people are portrayed as martyrs, heroes, victims and the whites as simply bastards. It is just as much a distortion as was Afrikaner history."


He said, though, that teaching ought to be done through a frame of narrative history. "If you don't have that you are a bit lost: we need to be able to look at the way things work out over a very long period: what the French call the longue durée."


Devine, who has advised the Scottish government on history teaching, agreed, saying that "one of the most important things about the discipline is to convey a sense of change over time, to do which you must present events chronologically".  (A:  But history is bunkum anyway because it’s always the winners that write it.  And even the ANC now are writing their own history and that’s what it ends up being, a lot of nonsense ultimately.  The only thing you can be sure of is that there’s never much truth in it.  There’s always a dominant party or elite group dominating all the rest of them, and the rest of them are still slaves in one form or another.  You don’t have to be called a slave to be a slave.  You can be called a worker with a very low wage, for instance, and you’re still a slave because you don’t need a slave master to beat you and throw the occasional bit of rags to cover yourself up; you’re left enough money to go out and buy your own, you see.  And we’re awfully good at being poor downtrodden slaves, that they call workers.  It’s more efficient that way.)


He acknowledged that in Scotland there was a danger of the ruling Scottish National party "pushing Scottish history in a Braveheart direction".


Linda Colley, professor of history at Princeton, who also speaks in Friday's debate, said she welcomed Gove's interest in the teaching of history.


"But the best way to do it," she said, "is to make history compulsory to 16, as it is in many European countries."  (A:  And they’re all giving them the European history now, in the EU, which is even more bogus than ever before, constantly, constantly altering history.)


Devine condemned the quality of the debate over history teaching in England. "In Scotland, there would have been incandescence in the academic community and also in civil society. It has been a poverty-stricken and parsimonious debate."  (A:  That’s because they keep people in poverty all the time and then give them fictitious history and tell them to be proud.)


But that’s the nature of the world, isn’t it?  Nothing really changes.  It’s human nature and the dominants will always give you your history regardless.  And even, they put you in prison now if you debate things like 9/11 or stuff like that, you know, they call you nutters or possible terrorists.  You’re a word... you’re a vocal terrorist, you know, for saying that it was an inside job.


In the US, of course, the land of the brave and all that stuff, and the free, and more mythology, it says...


Democrat questions TSA over Israeli-style ‘chat downs’ / Eric W. Dolan / August 15th, 2011


(A:  ‘Chat downs,’ you see.  Might as well go the whole Israel way, system now – I think so.  Because all this stuff was introduced by Israel, via politicians with dual citizenship.  And they also have the stuff made in Israel, a lot of these x-ray machines, etc.  Now you’ve got Israeli style chat downs, to see if you’re a mental, or a mind terrorist, perhaps, you see.  It says...)


Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) on Monday called for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to halt the implementation of a new behavioral screening program that is modeled after Israel's airport security screening methods.


He is a ranking member of the House Committee on Homeland Security.


The 60-day Behavior Detection Officer pilot program began Monday at the Boston Logan International Airport. In the new "Assessor" screenings, TSA officers will ask passengers a few personal questions (A:  I bet it’s very personal.) and look for signs that they may be hiding something. (A:  Can you believe that?  Here you are going to get groped and the whole bit with these people, and get x-rayed, for maybe the 100th time in a few months, if you’re a businessman, and you’re a bit nervous and now they want to question you as well, you know.  And you’re supposed to be just quite normal... what’s normal?  What’s normal in that situation?  Maybe you got that Israeli chip in your brain to, you know, pacify you, I don’t know.)  TSA officers will ask passengers a few personal questions (A:  I bet it’s very personal.) and look for signs that they may be hiding something. Suspicious passengers will be sent to a secondary screening or referred to a law enforcement officer.  (A:  So maybe they’ll throw you off to Guantanamo Bay then and get the truth out of you, you know.)


In a letter (PDF) to TSA Administrator John Pistole, (A:  And the PDF is on here, the link.) Thompson questioned why the agency had decided to implement a "scientifically unproven technique," noting there "is no scientific validation, limited or comprehensive, of the efficacy of the Assessor model of screening to detect persons who pose a security risk to aviation."


Thompson is skeptical that the results of the pilot program can determine how the agency should proceed with the "chat downs."


"Although the [Behavior Detection Officers] may not have interviewed a sufficient number of passengers to yield a statistically significant result during this 60 day period, (A:  Well, if you’re never finding terrorists, and you only do a certain amount of people in a 60 day period, what do they hope to find out?)  TSA representatives indicated during the briefing that the agency plans on using the results of the pilot to determine whether the 'assessor' program should be expanded."  (A:  That’s nationwide in other words.)


"As Congress and the Executive Branch continue to negotiate historic reductions in federal spending, it is curious that TSA continues to deploy personnel and divert dwindling budget resources to this unproven, costly and potentially ineffective security screening protocol," he added.  (A:  Well maybe they should give you Pentothal shots as well.  Get you in a chair, have a light shining on you and give you an injection...  Now, where are you REALLY going?  Where are you really going?  You see.)


The Behavior Detection Officer pilot program is part of a nearly $1 billion national program called the Screening Passengers by Observation Technique (SPOT) program.  (A:  SPOT program... isn’t that nice?  S-P-O-T.  [Alan laughing.])


So there’s where your cash goes.  And isn’t that a great business? with the Military-Industrial Complex that now have to go into the civilian arenas because they’re running out of wars.  They’ve only got a couple left to go, Syria and Libya and Iran, and then they’re pretty well finished, you know.  Then it goes on to...


New 'enterprise zones' announced around England / 17 August 2011


(A:  Awfully interesting, this part.)

The government has announced locations for new "enterprise zones" in England to try to boost economic growth.  (A:  Another joke.)


Ministers (A:  ...who are politicians...) said 30,000 new jobs would be created by 2015 by giving cheaper business rates, superfast broadband and lower levels of planning control.  (A:  You understand, they put most small businesses out, which is the agenda by the way.  In the future we’ve only to have these massive corporate stores, these long chains of stores.  This goes all the way back to even Karl Marx talking about certain things that were related to this.  And of course wherever they go, these monopolies always put the small guys out.  And then government helps that by making the small guy fill in paperwork half of his day, half of his working day.  And that’s no kidding.  So they’re going to give them a break on paperwork I guess, or maybe they’ll give a new migrant a job doing all your paperwork for you and let you actually sell things.)


New zones were announced at sites including Cheshire, Essex, Cornwall, Gosport, Hereford and Humber Estuary.


They have been criticised by some, who argue that they will not create jobs but displace them from other areas.  (A:  ...which they’ve done before and actually that happened.)


Plans for 21 nationwide zones were originally set out in March's Budget.


Bids to host one of the zones were submitted by 30 local groups, made up of council and business leaders.  (A:  And it’s all part of communitarianism as well, I should add, because Agenda 21 has its communitarianism idea where the big boys will make up the new feudal overlords over your entire little area there, your little township, where you make beads and sell them to the Chinese, things like that.)


And there’s a mass convoy in Australia going on right now, because Australia’s really getting hit with the Fabian Socialism idea of social engineering.  It says...


Mass convoy to make 'real' voices heard / Ean Higgins / August 15, 2011


FOR some it's climate change alarmism; for others too much wasted taxpayers' money on boatpeople, school halls, or pink batts; and for others still it's the importation of Chinese apples, the temporary ban on the live cattle trade, or same-sex couples rearing children.


But the common thread in what is emerging as a national Tea Party-style revolt in the form of a "Convoy of No Confidence" to Canberra is a burning conviction that politicians of all persuasions have lost touch with the real-life needs of the common man and woman they are supposed to represent.  (A:  And ‘supposed to’ is accurate because you understand, there’s a different agenda at work.  You’ve got to understand that to start with.  These politicians are handpicked, they’re groomed and they all know this is a global society that they have to push, with all of its repercussions and destruction of nations and cultures and everything else.  That’s the reason.  It’s not just out of touch, this is their agenda, you understand.  I hope you do.)


What began as a truckies protest against the carbon tax has grown into a mass alliance of those outside the urban elites who feel they have lost their voice.


It's an amalgam of butchers, bakers and candlestick makers who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.


The convoy, whose drivers will start their engines this week from around the country and converge on Canberra next Monday, was conceived by the National Road Freight Association.


But it now looks likely to be joined by a wide range of supporters and vehicles ranging from big rigs to utes to campervans, and even motorcycles.


They will ride under the banner "Real people -- facing the forgotten issues with friendship and a little fun."


The first of a total of 11 convoys -- each with its own leaders and colours -- will set off tomorrow from Port Hedland in Western Australia, led by truck owner-driver Peter Whytcross.  (A:  So as I say, that’s the reality.  It’s not that they’re out of touch.  It’s that they’ve got a global agenda and they’re part of a globalist system.  They don’t take their instructions from the people, haven’t done that for an awful long time in fact.)




Unethical scientific experiments: going to extremes

(A:  You’ll never really know what’s always going on.  It’s way beyond even what I’m going to read here.  But it’s to do with twinning, twins, etc.) / 16 Aug 2011


Separating Twins

The experiment: Splitting up twins after birth – and then controlling every aspect of their environment.


The premise: In the quest to tease out the interplay of nature and nurture, researchers have one obvious resource: identical twins, whose genes are nearly 100 per cent the same. Twins almost always grow up together in essentially the same environment. A few studies have been able to track those separated at a young age, usually by adoption, but it’s impossible to control or analyse all the ways that their lives differ. If scientists could control the siblings’ environment from the start, they could construct a rigorously designed study. It would be one of the least ethical imaginable, but it might be the only way (short of cloning humans for research) (A:  Which they’ve already done.) that we’d ever solve some big questions about genetics and upbringing.  (A:  Total socialist again, Fabianism.  It’s right from George Bernard Shaw’s idea, the Superman, and also the right of the elite to do these experiments.  It’s over 100 years old.)


How it works: Expectant mothers would need to be recruited ahead of time, so that the children’s environments could differ from the moment of birth. After choosing the factors to investigate, researchers could construct test homes, ensuring that every aspect of the children’s upbringing, from diet to climate, was controlled and measured.  (A:  Well that’s great.  You can’t ask the children can you? or babies?  But they’re going to do it anyway.)


It’s all about us, actually.  All the rat testing and mice testing stuff you’ve watched your whole life, it’s all about us.  That’s what they show you on TV, is the rats and the mice.  Do you think they haven’t done it all on humans?  The Soviets did it all on humans.  In The Soviet Story you even saw a whole bunch of them – I think it was that one, I’ve got a whole bunch here – because that was to be based on scientific society.  You actually see all these prisoners with the tops of their heads sewn off, maybe 20 in a row, and all these guys going around prodding them all, the bare brain itself.  It’s all been done.  But of course, the stuff they put out from the Soviets, even at that time, was rats and mice and all the rest of it.  No, no, no.  They do it to humans.  And don’t think for a minute that there’s not organizations at the top of your scientific community, that’s got immunity for doing the same kind of stuff in your own countries.  That’s the reality of it all. 


The Prime Minister of Britain...


PM Defends Jail Terms For Facebook Posts

(A:  The ones who, they claim, were basically helping to promote some of these riots.  Even though the two guys they got didn’t have any riots at their own place, their own town.  One is 20 years old and one’s 22.) / August 17, 2011 / Sophy Ridge, political correspondent


Jordan Blackshaw, 20, and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, both received four-year jail terms for inciting disorder on Facebook.  (A:  I’ll put at up as well.)


And one I definitely want to get to too, is to do with Nikola Aleksic, who is has come out talking about, really, what’s happening to do with the GM foods coming in; he doesn’t want it there.  It’s Serbia, actually; he’s in Serbia. 


Serbia’s Nikola Aleksic to President Tadic:

Stop GMO, Stop Chemtrails,

Or I Will Call the People of Serbia to the Streets / Brian Andrews / August 16th, 2011


(A:  So here they’re getting people, more important people now, and it always takes another country, where they’re not so brainwashed as we are here and dumbed down with the rotten food we’re on, which is making our IQ plummet.  It says...)


Nikola Aleksic - english subtitles  --


In this remarkable video from Serbia (English transcript is below), Nikola Aleksic, Director of the Ecological Movement of Novi Sad, issues a stern warning to the president Boris Tadic to stop importing food based upon GMO and stop the chemtrail spraying, or he will call and personally lead the people of Serbia to the streets.  (A:  Well someone’s got some guts somewhere.)  He concludes his speech by saying: “You can be sure that, I, Nikola Aleksic, will keep my word – even at the cost of my own life.”


Aleksic also implores the Serbian army to “defend you people and sky over Serbia”, and tells the people of Serbia that now is no time to be cowards – they need to stand up for their rights for themselves and their children.


Here’s the transcript of Nikola Aleksic’s amazing speech:


“National Assembly and the Government of Serbia,


The recent events surrounding the intentions for legalizing the growing genetically modified organisms (GMO) have shown that these GMO plans must be put under public supervision and control since they betray the national interests of the Serbian people.


They must not play with the state and our lives, no matter who wants them.  (A:  And isn’t that the most basic thing that we should all be saying?  And that shows you we’re all domesticated.  Because when people go to take over your food supply and force this stuff on you, which they’ve done in the West, then something nefarious is going on.  And literally you’re at their mercy when you have to get their seeds, every year, because you can’t save the seeds, never mind what it does to your body.)


The legalization of the growing GMO in Serbia would mean that we would have to open our borders to import such food and products.  (A:  It’s true.  You become slaves to the guy who dishes out the seed.)


Import of such hazardous foods would start the biggest genocide over the Serbian people.  (A:  It’s true.  You cannot allow your food supply to be in the hands of international corporations, especially all these biologists who all work for the Military-Industrial Complex before they made your food, making things like Agent Orange and other things that would kill people.  Do you ever think that’s a bit odd?  Do you?  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through The Matrix, reading this article, this very important article of how other countries deal with being poisoned.  You know, not like the Western countries that are already dumbed down with inoculations and ah, well, what’s on television and you know, that’s all they want to know.  So here’s someone who’s a bit more wilder, he’s not been so domesticated, and he’s in Serbia, talking about calling the masses to the streets if need be.  He says...


See our sky Serbian citizens!


You can see it for yourself!  See the traces of poison that comes from unmarked planes daily.  From the moment when our own government signed the so-called Partnership for Peace (on December 14, 2006) (A:  Does that ring a bell, to North Americans, Partnership for Peace?), the sky over Serbia is completely under the network of poison trails, which felonious planes pour daily like we are insects and not people.  (A:  I said that years ago, it’s like they’re spraying Raid on us here, like bugs.)


Above us are implemented “vivo” experiments as in concentration camps during World War II.


Above is us is open genocide!  Our traitorous government allowed it.


They have sold their own people in order to remain in a position where they were bought by criminal representative of foreign agencies.


Do you have a right to be a coward?


Can you be a coward when you and your children are constantly sprayed with poisons, of which nobody in our government will tell you what toxins we are being bombarded with?


Can you be a coward when you know that this traitorous team sold you and surrendered you to the mercy and disfavor of the most felonious organization in the world?


I, Nikola Aleksic, the director of the Ecology Movement of Novi Sad, in Serbia, which is the only organization that is advocating and fighting for the protection of the health and life of the population, CAN NOT AND WILL NOT BE SILENT!


Publicly, I demand that the army of Serbia constitutionally defend its people and its skies over Serbia.


They should take down unmarked planes and the criminals who are carrying out genocide over our population.


If the Serbian Army, back I 1991, had an excuse for betraying the people and the state, explaining that it was a political group army, I ask them today with open heart: Whose army are you now since you allow complete and public poisoning of your own people by spraying from the sky with unmarked planes of the most felonious organization in the world.


Are you aware of the consequences of your betrayal?


Do you think that your children will not breathe the sprayed poisons?  That your children will be exempted from the genocide?  (A:  Then he gives a speech to the soldiers and so on.)


But that’s the sort of speech, the only speech that they’ll listen to at the top, only because they get a bit, you know, nervous... maybe not in the West because we’re all pretty doped down and domesticated with sprays and injections and the food, that this guy’s talking about.  So I’ll put this link up tonight and you can have a good look at it yourself.  But you see, these people over there, generally, they grow their own food, they haven’t had all the injections you’ve had, and they’ve not been sprayed up until about 2006.  And they see it right away because like a wild animal, being normal, you see things in your environment rather quickly and you see what’s odd.  And you don’t wait for the media to mention it.  Or you’ll say, well if the media doesn’t mention it, it cannot be important; that’s how you’re taught to think in the West.  But a natural person who’s not domesticated will see that.


And they still have some sort of chance over there.  And let’s hope something gets done somewhere because nothing seems to be happening in the West to stop all this stuff, as we get basically microwaved to death, as towers go up everywhere, and we also get Smart Meters put on us.  And we’re getting more injections than ever before; they’re even talking about giving us annual boosters now just to make sure we’re really kaputsky.  And no doubt too, we’ll end up with the little chips down the road, from Israel, which will make us quite happy, under the circumstances. After all, like Freud says, it’s just a matter of being happy, isn’t it? ; it doesn’t matter what the problems are, you won’t have the problems if you’re just happy.  And that’s the way it’s supposed to go.  Science, eh, science...  the séance of science. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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