Aug. 23, 2011 (#903)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 23, 2011:

Always, with Technique and a Master Plan,
You can Bring Out Man's Inhumanity to Man:

"The Military Grabs Youth Who're Trained to Kill,
Too Young for Wisdom to Equate Kill with Chill,
Every Year There's a Few Million Souls,
Turn 18 for Recruitment or Face the Dole,
Unemployment is Good for the Military Machine,
With its Honed Bonding Tactics to Make Men Keen
On Killing the Enemy, Bang-Bang You're Dead,
Unlike Playtime, You don't Head Home to Be Fed,
And the People You Kill, Each One You Slaughter,
Could Be Your Father, Mother or Daughter,
Once You're Out and Support is Gone,
Pharma Quietens Nightmares of Lives Gone Wrong,
Hi-jacked Before Manhood for Political Game,
Geopolitics and Slaughter Leaves Them Insane"
© Alan Watt Aug. 23, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 23, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 23rd 2011.  For newcomers, you should look at the web site; thereís hundreds of audios for free download where hopefully, some of you will be able to tie things together to see the big picture of this one system that runs the whole world.  Itís very visible today, called globalism and different names for the same thing.  But I show you how it really started up, give you a bit of its history too, and many of the big players down through the last couple of hundred years, actually, who have helped and worked their whole lives towards this goal Ė they benefited awfully well from it too, mind you; they donít do it for free Ė and where itís all supposed to go, the kind of society they want to bring in globally once theyíve slaughtered everybody else who resists them.  And thatís really what itís all about, is slaughtering, isnít it?  And then the plundering of the worldís resources, the same stuff that came out from the Milner Group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs a long time ago, or the Council on Foreign Relations in America.  So itís the same agenda thatís going on and it explains why things are happening, for those who donít know, and tells you where itís going. 


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can help me keep going by, hopefully at least, buying or donating to me.  You can find out how to do it at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Straight donations, believe you me, are certainly welcome.  I thought the mail was still on strike because there are so few letters coming in here.  So weíll see how it goes.  Otherwise Iíll be off to do other things. 


I try and basically chronicle the things, the events of the world as weíre going through the big system.  At one time not long ago, you know, it was all local news you got, or national news.  If you notice today, itís frustrating news from all over the world.  You get frustrated because there is nothing you can do about it, because the decisions are made way out of your reach.  It shows you the kind of system weíre already in, where alliances and treaties are made and decisions to bomb countries are made, in other countries, and weíve got nothing to do with it really.  Itís meant to frustrate you, really.  And most folk donít mind because they are Orwellís proles, as he called them.  the proles donít count; thatís the silent majority that are quite happy with their indoctrination and with their lifestyle, and with their fun at home and they donít want to be bothered with this. And partly too, itís because their indoctrination has taken so well on them, they donít realize that theyíre indoctrinated, and they love their entertainment.    So itís only the activists, generally, that can get a voice out there and even then youíve got to be so careful because youíll find with all opposing groups, to whatever theyíre opposing, theyíre somehow connected somewhere if you really do your homework.  Itís hard to find out whatís genuine, what isnít genuine, or what real goals the opposing groups have as well.  Itís just astonishing; I get this every day when I look into things. 


So I always tell people try and hang onto your own individuality and your sanity as you go through the major changes in the world.  Because I knew this was coming long before 9/11 happened and the night of 9/11 I mentioned it, that the hardest thing to hold onto will be your sanity as we go through massive changes, and at a breakneck speed, which will speed up as time goes on.  And itís called the condition of flux.  Thatís where we are in now, flux, where all morality, all that used to be, is swept away to bring in the new.  Thatís what the occultists have said for years.  Occultist, meaning they were just secret groups, basically, that help plan the world, and clubs that they formed that sound often as though they belong to government but most of them are actually independent of government; theyíre private.  So weíll touch on some of these things tonight when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and long before they gave us the computer they talked about leading up to giving us this new method of communication, which they would never name at the time.  They kept talking about information wars and how they were already getting ready for them before the public got them, which meant a lot of money would be going from governments and special agencies into setting up a lot of sites out there, once they gave you the internet, that would lead you around in circles, and other things too, mix your mind up.  And youíll be on track with something and then theyíd throw you off the track; thatís really what they do.  So in other words, they werenít giving you the internet so that you could just intelligently go through it like a university course and say, okay I know all I need to know about this particular subject now.  No, it was meant to lead you; it was for political purposes, and not just for the publics.  


As we know, a lot of sites have already been pulled across the world because they were politically incorrect.  They didnít go along with the status quo. They didnít join the sides, opposing sides or whatever, that they were supposed to join.  Because thatís really what they give you, do you want this or that?  Just like politics; do you want left-wing, right-wing?  Even today with political sites youíll find, do you really want to live under a totalitarian fascist regime, or do you want to live under a communist regime?  I mean, they still give you the same stuff. And youíll find most of the opposing ones are still Marxist in nature.  Personally I donít want to live under either; thatís just the way I think.  I really donít fancy working for the state and being told by the state how to be and how to think and all that kind of stuff.  And fascism and communism basically end up on the same path.  So I donít want that for myself.  But youíll find that for a lot of people that youíll follow, theyíre actually Marxist still.  They still have this vision of a utopia where everyone works for the greater good, as they say, and serves the world state, and itís all peaches and cream except that some are more equal than others in such utopias, according to George Orwell and he was spot on with that.


Human nature, unfortunately, I think, has always been dominated by people who rise to the top called psychopaths.  Iíve talked about this over the years, Iíve read different articles about psychopathy, Iíve explained about psychopathy.  Then a book came out and it was called Political Ponerology, a very good insight into the political psychopaths that all countries seem to get. And I think itís always been this way; I really do.  I think itís always been this, the psychopaths who seek power.  They have a hunger for it, and incredible wealth too; itís an exaggerated need.  And they climb to the top, by any means possible.  Theyíre very ruthless in getting to the top.  So anyway, after we get plundered again by the same bankers, who got to the top of course, we find that a survey was done in New Zealand on psychopathy and it says...


Psychopaths and big money - it all adds up / Phil Taylor / Aug 20, 2011


Commerce students returned 'significantly higher primary psychopathy scores than science or arts majors'. Psychopaths prefer commerce degrees - that's the finding of a world-first study examining university students' personalities and course preferences.


Victoria University students with higher scores for psychopathy traits tended to opt to study commerce, with law next most popular.  (Alan:  That explains a lot doesnít it?)


The study of 903 undergraduates found that significantly fewer with high psychopathy scores chose science and fewer still went for arts.


The paper - Greed is good? (A:  Thatís what they called the survey.)  Student disciplinary choice and self-reported psychopathy - published this month in the international Journal of Personality and Individual Differences was sparked by fallout of the world financial crisis.  (A:  Plunder... we should really call it what it is.  It was plunder.  It was crooks that run the system and they plundered us.)


The role of high-profile financiers in the global recession made the idea of the psychopath in organisations increasingly relevant, said Victoria University associate professor of psychology Marc Wilson, who conducted the research with colleague Karena McCarthy.


The financial crisis prompted questions about what constituted success, says Professor Wilson, as the likes of former Lehman Brothers boss Dick Fuld and Bernie Madoff - the investment adviser who ran what has been described as the biggest Ponzi scheme in history - shifted from "aspirational hero to pariah and, in some cases, convict".


While research had been done into psychopathy in the workplace, there was a gap regarding student degree choices.


Students did surveys designed to measure psychopathic traits.


Distinctions were most apparent for what is referred to as primary psychopathy characterised by the statement, "For me, what is right is what I can get away with".


The study found males scored higher for psychopathy, regardless of degree.


But male and female commerce students returned "significantly higher primary psychopathy scores than science or arts majors".


Professor Wilson notes that commerce students did not stand out for secondary psychopathy - which measures disorganised lifestyle - and therefore fall into the group sometimes referred to as the "successful psychopaths".


Those who ended up in prison tended to rate highly in both psychopathy measures, combining coldness and impulsiveness.  (A:  Thatís the low-level type, the ones who are recidivists for prisons; if they see jewelry in the window they just smash it on the spot and they keep repeating the same behavior. The better ones use the law and they use the legal system, and generally they dominate the legal system and they dominate the money system.)


"Psychopaths are not all serial killers although probably all serial killers are psychopaths."


As nurture as well as nature influences psychopathic tendencies, Dr Wilson says, commerce is more likely than other areas to endorse and so enhance psychopathic traits.


Enron, where ruthless and unethical behaviour aimed at improving the company's bottom line was rewarded with bonuses, was often cited as a case study.


Professor Wilson believes we need to be alert to psychopathic behaviour for reasons beyond the financial impact when organisations such as Enron and Lehman Brothers crash.  (A:  I would say, all of them actually; theyíre still plundering us yet.)


"A true corporate psychopath (A:  ... they actually use the word...) is an arsehole. One of the reasons they get ahead is that they ... work in a context where personally getting ahead helps the company and so they are rewarded for it. But they are also more likely to stab people in the back to get promoted."


Some companies, says Professor Wilson, promote themselves as ethical. Google's slogan for a time was "Don't be evil".  (A:  So they always pretend that theyíre very ethical.  Itís like Wal-Mart is part of your community.  [Alan laughing.]  Thatís why theyíre here, right?)


"That's the context one would hope that the corporate psychopath wouldn't be able to do well in, but unfortunately over the last decade or so there has been this confluence of factors where some people ... find themselves making pots of cash at the expense of other people and it has worked fine until the whole thing went belly-up."  (A:  Most of them go belly-up with their greed.  But they also know that the publicís going to bail them out because their pals who are also in politics will make sure that happens.  Thatís an area that they didnít really examine here, was how many end up in politics. But when you see most of the politicians are lawyers, I guess maybe they do.)


So thatís psychopathy, and I think itís a natural thing because most folk canít recognize them.  Most folk want to follow leaders, thatís why theyíre supplied with them, and they always send you up the garden path. Plunder too, you can understand too, looking at these characters from NATO for instance, dressed in their camo gear giving the same spiels as they did with the Gulf War 1 in the US, the same thing, same background and so on. Hereís a guy with the camo probably standing inside a hot office in some country in Holland, talking on behalf of NATO saying that, yeah we havenít killed any civilians.  And meanwhile, thereís all these videos coming out where thereís houses after houses, even schoolhouses, with little legs and fingers sticking out of them. These are psychopaths that they get for public relations.  Theyíre absolute psychopaths. They have no emotional ties to anyone. They have no empathy for anyone.  And theyíve lied all their lives.  They belong to the father of lies, as they say.  Thatís all they know.  But they get rewarded for doing so.  And their press does the same thing, because itís not our press.  I shouldnít say our press; the press is also owned by the same banking boys as well.


Thatís the world we live in.  And people unfortunately follow the leaders.  Even in the book Political Ponerology, they also said that the psychopath, in any era, in any situation, will smell the wind, the political wind, or the mood of the public, and they will join whatever side they see is going to become dominant, and theyíll get in in a higher position and work their way to the top.  Thatís why you end up with catastrophes often, since they supply you with leaders.  Theyíre awfully good at that; done it for an awful long time.  And nothing gets better for the public does it?  Even when you vote Presidents or Prime Ministers in and out the same agenda goes on, because theyíve signed treaties galore, that that one person, even if they were honest, couldnít go through them all.  They could only go through a tiny, tiny fraction of all the treaties that have been signed with the United Nations and other groups, so it must go ahead, until theyíre destroyed.  And no one destroys these treaties, you notice?  They just stay there.


That was one of the first things I clued into when I was young.  I says, well if this next party really is hell-bent to oppose the other party, why donít they just tear up all the laws that the last bunch put in?  It doesnít happen.  It doesnít happen.  That should be a clue to everyone.  Jefferson said it too, when you see the house changing Ė thatís parties changing Ė but the same agenda is continuing, know then that youíre under tyranny.  But no one listens, eh? 


Itís interesting too, someone send me a link to some of the quotes from Carroll Quigley, Professor Carroll Quigley who was a really a big shot at the State Department and other places.  He trained all your top politicians, especially for the State Departments and so on.


Carroll Quigley - Quotes


ďThe argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can Ďthrow the rascals outí (A:  Thatís why you vote the next bunch in, ah, weíre so sick of the last lot.  Thatís what democracy is to the general public.) at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policyĒ (A:  So the same policies continue.  That was from...) (Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966.)   


 ďThe powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim (A:  Heís talking about the club that started this whole global agenda off a long time ago.) . . . 


 ďThe powers of financial capitalism (A:  Now, who are the powers of financial capitalism?  Hmm?) had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert (A:  And thatís what theyíve got across the world, central banks; even when they bomb the Arab countries, they put in a central bank thatís linked to the IMF for loans.), by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.Ē (Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, p. 324. 1966.)    (A:  And then he goes on about how he learned this, because he worked for them and had access to the archives.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, just touching on Carroll Quigley.  And remember too, Iíll put links up at the end of the broadcast to all these topics Iím mentioning tonight.  Professor Quigley, as I say, he was actually a historian for the Council on Foreign Relations which is the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which again, are private organizations.  And private organizations run the world, not the governments.  They put their own people into politics too.  He mentions in his book The Anglo-American Establishment for instance, that the US and Britain hadnít had a member in since the late 1800s that wasnít a member of this organization, even when it had different names.  He says here...


ďThe powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. (A:  Well thatís already been done.)  This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.Ē (Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, p. 324. 1966.)    (A:  Then he goes on to say this, and this is often quoted by other people who havenít read the whole book but it says...)


 ďThere does exist, and has existed for a generation (A:  And this was written in the 60s.), an international Anglophile network (A:  Meaning they were based in London; thatís really what it was.) which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. (A:  Actually, thatís what Iím saying, all the opposing groups seem to belong to the same organization.)  I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960's, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policiesÖbut in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.Ē (A:  It really has been.  Itís been running the world for a couple of hundred years, at least.  It really has.  All the wars and everything... he mentions that in The Anglo-American Establishment as well.)  (Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, p. 950. 1964.)   


So Iíll put that link up too and you can have a look through this particular site, which is called Our Republic.  You can go through some more of it for yourselves. 


Part of the idea of this world theyíre bringing in too, is through government legislation, private companies, again a feudal system you see, end up getting the land or even the ocean at times, the sea coast definitely because under Agenda 21, if you read through the whole lot of it, they want to remove people from the coastal areas.  And theyíve been doing it in some countries; Canada was one of the first ones to kill off the fishing industry by banning fisherman in the East coast of Canada to fish, and of course they had to move.  So theyíve got nice beaches left, but you canít go on some of them because basically theyíre kind of like UN biospheres and Iíll explain some of this tonight.  Because theyíre doing it now to Australia; theyíre really hammering Australia arenít they?  It says...


'No-fish' zones to sink house prices / August 26, 2011  / David Nankervis


The zones are being proposed under the Marine Parks conservation plan.  (A:  Where did this come from?  Well it came, actually, from the 1992 World Earth Summit, again, by private groups funded by the foundations.  Actually, the foundations drafted up the whole treaty that all the countries signed into.  Thatís democracy at work for you, eh?  The public havenít a clue about it, or havenít even heard about it, and werenít consulted about it.  So private organizations do it all for you and hand it to the government that signs it into law.  Then you find out you canít walk here and you canít go there.  Anyway, it says...)


The value of thousands of holiday shacks, rental properties and homes in or near the planned 140 no-go zones across South Australia will fall by 25 per cent on average, State MP and former valuer-general John Darley has warned.


"Fishing is a big attraction at many coastal towns across the state and if you take that away then demand and prices will fall," Mr Darley said. "And a lot of shacks have been built in areas they wouldn't have if it weren't for the fishing - so their value will fall even further."


Mr Darley said the introduction next year of the zones would have a similar impact on the coastal real estate market as the recent drought had on property prices in Goolwa. 


This is all Agenda 21, if you donít know.  Tonight Iíll put up a link and a PDF to the treaties that Australiaís signed, the rest of the world has signed too but Australia signed them.  Itís got all the dates for different implementations of different parts to come into play.  And of course remember too, this is Part 1.  Part 2 comes out next year, the Second Earth Summit, which is going to be a big green, happy conference; itís all decided in advance, much like the stuff on climate change.  They go there for a big hurrah and slap each other on the backs for getting all this stuff done.  So anyway, the big boys will be there.   Your politicians are there to sign it into law and then you get the next part of it coming up. So thatís how it really works.  Weíre just living through a script, you understand. 


Marine Protected Areas -  Background Paper February 2006 -


And an article here too, it says...


New EPA rule could lead to rolling blackouts in Texas,

PUC chairwoman says / Aug. 19, 2011 / Jack Z. Smith


The head of the Texas Public Utility Commission expressed concern Friday that a new federal air quality rule, set to take effect Jan. 1, will cause disruptions in electric service.  (A:  Everybodyís coming down.  See, energyís going to go through the roof, and thatís the new goal, you see.  They can give you less of it and you have to pay maybe 10-20 times as much for that little bit youíre going to be left with.  So theyíre not going to lose money as they cut back, giving you less electricity.  Itís already happening in Canada.  So Iíll put this article up tonight as well.)


Itís just amazing, as I say, and I get so sick of watching the agenda go on, because you know what theyíre going to do.  As I say, the New American Century crew published on their own web sites, for years, that they wanted to take out Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, etc, all lined up.  And here theyíre doing it.  And you think youíre not living through a script.  Iíll touch on that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix, and talking about the US.  You get so sick of these wars, donít you?  Because you know theyíre all coming.  Theyíre all written down in order and here we are living through what they printed out in the 90s, the 1990s, living through it and of course we get all the public relations propaganda and all different sides of the whole darn thing.  But the fact is we know the Color Revolutions were all sponsored from the West, your own tax money went into it too, and then the big boys like Soros behind it and the Rockefellers and so on. And they trained these guys to go into these countries, over the years, and prepare; prepare it, just like a field you see, you prepare a field before you plant.  And they get everyone set up to rebel and then they send in professional mercenaries and get it going.  And then they call them rebels, you see.  And itís just a con.  And seeing is believing.  Itís like Wag the Dog, the movie:  itís on TV it must be true, see.  And you get so sick of this.  Anyway, it doesnít matter.  Itís the big agenda. 


Even when they tell you figures like this, like $896 million, it says, that the US military intervention in Libya has cost, to date.  I think itís a lot more than that because it was all NATO planes that were bombing Tripoli all last night, and the US is heavily involved in that, plus supplying arms and men too.  So itís not rebels at all. And theyíre all pally now with al-Qaeda, just like Orwell talked about:  who are we fighting today, East Asia, West Asia? †They keep changing alliances, you see, for the publicís view that is.  And here they are cheering on al-Qaeda, that theyíre paying to basically overthrow Libya.  [Alan chuckles.]  That is quite something, eh?  Quite something.  And weíre supposed to swallow this stuff.  Most folk do.  Theyíll munch their chips and then wait to see their favorite program coming on television.  Anyway, it says...


US Military Intervention in Libya Cost At Least $896 Million / Luis Martinez / August 22, 2011


(A: far.  Itís a lot more than that.  In the billions, obviously.)

The cost of U.S. military intervention in Libya has cost American taxpayers an estimated $896 million through July 31, the Pentagon said today.


The price tag includes the amounts for daily military operations, munitions used in the operation and humanitarian assistance for the Libyan people.   (A:  The humanitarian assistance, I think, is cluster bombs.)


The U.S. has also promised $25 million in non-lethal aid to the Libyan Transitional National Council (A:  Thatís their puppet government.), half of which the Defense Department has already on MREís (military lingo for Meals, Ready to Eat).  


The military delivered 120,000 Halal MREís to Benghazi in May and a second shipment that included medical supplies, boots, tents, uniforms, and personal protective gear in June.   (A:  They also supplied the craft too, to bring in mercenaries overnight into Tripoli.  Well anyway, itíll be in the billions.  And nobody really cares back home, because they donít see it, so fast, on their dollar, which is already plummeting.)


And everybody gets used, you understand, in this big global agenda, and some countries are used more than others.  Hereís an article too.  Although itís supposedly broke, and to go further with rolling blackouts and cutting back on welfare, as far as it goes with weaponry itís just gung-ho, isnít it?  Thereís never enough of it, new weaponry.  It says...


US has new catastrophic killing machine / Aug 20, 2011


The new type of explosive material tested on Friday mixes metals and polymers -- oxidizers -- to create a chemical explosion on impact, is as strong as aluminum and is as dense as steel, but is "less likely to kill innocent bystanders," (A:  This is their first statement, right.) the state-run BBC quoted US Navy scientists as saying.


High-Density Reactive Materials (HDRM) combine and explode only when the projectile hits the target, and are very durable, significantly enhancing the explosive effect, which increases the chances of a "catastrophic kill," (A:  That sounds pretty lethal to me... catastrophic kill...) according to the military scientists.


Clifford Bedford, a researcher involved in the development of the new material, said, "In the case of a steel missile you explosively launch it, it goes through the target and all the kinetic energy is dissipated into the target."


"With the reactive material missile, you have the same explosive launch -- however, it disintegrates within the target and liberates chemical energy, and this chemical and kinetic energy combined gives you the enhanced effect," he added.  (A:  An enhanced effect... you know, are you talking about photography or something, eh?  This is like blowing folk up.  Anyway, you get psychopaths in that area too, of science; thereís quite a lot of them in science.  Well paid, theyíre always well-funded and well paid.)


A couple of articles too, it says...


U.S. deeply troubled by Israeli settlement plans - / Nir Elias / Aug 15, 2011


And then the other one is to do with the fact that US aid will still go to Israel regardless of the slump in the American dollar. 


US Congressman: US Economic Woes Wonít Affect Israel Aid - / 8/15/11


So everything is predictable, as I say, in this world that you live in.  But an article here too, is for Europeans, in the big, new soviet union theyíve got.  Again, the guys who dreamed up, the cabals of bankers Ė Quigley mentions them, who dreamed up taking over the world by the banking, central banks, in a feudalistic fashion Ė also mentioned the fact that, just like Marx, they wanted a unified Europe, run by the same organization, and Iíll put up a site tonight.  Itís called...


EU Facts


The Information and Documents that mark the Beginning of the End for the ďBrussels EUĒ Experiment


Itís not too bad.  Itís got a lot of links on it, on things, all the dirty tricks thatíve been played on the Europeans too, to get them into it.  Now weíve watched them being plundered by the same central banks that Quigley talked about, as they pass money and borrow money from the IMF to give to other countries to bail them out.  Itís just astonishing, isnít it?  We call this the pinnacle of the best minds.  They canít figure anything better than to try to plug a hole by making all the countries borrow to throw into countries that are sinking.  Itís just incredible that we actually accept this guff.  This guff.† Thatís what itís called.  Guff.


And everyone knows too, that there was an earthquake towards New York, all the way to Chicago, I think, that area today.  It says here...


Buildings emptied as earthquake hits New York, other coastal cities / 8/23/11 / Tim Herrera


A 5.9 magnitude earthquake centered about 35 miles north of Richmond, Va., sent tremors all along the East Coast Tuesday afternoon, with rumbles felt in New York City, Washington, D.C. and North Carolina, and as far north as Rhode Island and Boston, the National Weather Service told amNewYork.


The twitterverse exploded with reports of shaking felt all over the city and greater New York area, with some Manhattan buildings being evacuated and people on the street reportedly frightened. 


Anyway, itís happening across the world; every so often in the cycles you go through these earthquake periods.  People think we go around the sun like a bicycle wheel, you know, spinning beautifully on this axis, but it doesnít.  Itís mainly oblong and even then itís never really the same distance from the sun from one year to the next.  So every so often in the great scheme of things, as it goes through these great cycles, you get more earthquakes, and we are in the earthquake period now.  Some countries have that listed in their histories; other ones donít because theyíre not old enough. 


And this article here is quite interesting because itís like magic, you know, stage magic.  Itís the art of misdirection, as youíre watching one hand the other handís doing the real work.  But you have to really watch, across the world, the little bits of news that come out, while theyíre bombing people and showing their lovely new jets and stuff.  And thatís what they do, donít they?  They try to get you all absorbed:  wow, look at that jet coming down, boom, up they go, and theyíll tell you that, oh that was bad guys in there, then they tell you later it was a school.  But it doesnít matter.  We get caught up in this because weíre easily manipulated, you see.  Weíre understood perfectly well.  And it says here, this is Israel...


China enters the Middle East / SHALOM WALD AND GEDALIAH AFTERMAN  / 08/23/2011


Does a visit here by a top defense official spell a shift in Chinaís positions?  (A:  Iíve told you that China was to take over from the US as the US went under.  That was stated back in the 40s, the 1940s, by the heads of Oxford University at the time.  And hereís a member of the big club too, that Quigley talked about.† They said, American would take over from Britain, of course; it had already done so by World War II and it would be the policeman of the world.  But after that theyíd rise China up to such a power, then China would take over. So here it is.  Now Chinaís sending high military guys over to Israel in fact, to the Middle East.)


Following Israelís media these days, everything looks like business as usual: strikes, scandals, another public commission, another damning report by the State Comptroller, Tzipi once again sniping at Bibi, another day of Arab soldiers slaughtering Arabs... (A:  Thatís what they mean by Libya right now.  A complete disgust of all Arabs.  Anyway...)  Nothing new. (A: says.)


But there is one item that overshadows all others, though few Israelis seem to have paid any attention to it.


This week was the first-ever visit by a Chinese Chief of Staff, General Chen Bingde (A:  Strange name for a Chinaman.), to Israel. The visit ďsignals warming bilateral ties,Ē writes the official China Daily, somewhat innocuously.


In fact, the visit signals much more.


For years this rising super-power has been entering the Middle East as quietly as possible, strengthening its economic, political and military presence, while declining Europe has struggled to maintain its presence.


There have been several recent signs Ė some of them publicĖ that China may be planning to become more assertive and even-handed in its treatment of the region.  (A:  By the way, the CFR and the rest of them have been pretty well pushing China to get involved in the global policing.) China may be moving away from some of its traditional support for Arab positions. There is little doubt that Chenís visit (his itinerary did not include other regional countries, just Ukraine and Russia) was followed closely and with suspicion by Ankara, Cairo, Teheran as well as Ramallah.  (A:  Because they know, they know what the agenda is.)


Sino-Jewish and sino-Israeli relations have a long and, on balance, very positive history. In January 1950, Israel became the first country in the region to recognize the Peopleís Republic of China. In November 1973, Zedong remarked to Henry Kissinger that he had nothing against the Jews, on the contrary Ė a remarkable statement at a time when anti-Semitic campaigns were reaching a new high in the Soviet bloc.


After China and Israel established diplomatic relations in 1992, bi-lateral relations and mutual high-level visits developed at a brisk pace, including ties in the defense sector. These relations came to a precipitous halt in 2000, when massive American pressure forced Israel to cancel a contract to sell China an Israeli-developed airborne early warning system, the Phalcon.


In 2004 a similar incident occurred regarding Israeli-made aerial drones sold to China. This time the US accompanied its pressure with temporary sanctions. Israel had little choice. Its friendship with the US is still indispensable.


Chenís visit comes at a time when Israel is increasingly concerned by multiple efforts to isolate and delegitimize it. His visit sends a signal: China doesnít share those sentiments. Itís important that this opportunity to restore trust in the bi-lateral relationship not be missed. Indeed, improved Israel-China ties could have a positive impact not only on Israel but on the whole region. It could signal the Iranians and their Arab followers, Hamas and Hezbollah, that notwithstanding the help that some of them may have received from China in the past, China has no time and no sympathy for wild, genocidal ranting. Chinaís rapid ascendance and its interest in maintaining regional stability in the Middle East means China may be more ready to play a role (A:  ... to play a role...) in regional affairs and in the Middle East peace process.


That said, when China makes policy changes in important areas there is never one sole reason. It is virtually certain that China is troubled by the spreading unrest in the Arab world.  (A:  Itís only unresting because the West is funding it to be so.  Thatís why the unrest is there.  But it actually ties in it, they say in this article, with a book by Kissinger, a new book, where heís telling America to be more tolerant as China rises, militarily as well.  Because he knows, as well, the whole idea, because he was in on the meetings, many, many moons ago, that China would take over from the US when the US became bankrupt.  And it literally said that in their own writings, at the time, when the US would become bankrupt.  But it says here...)


In his recently published book On China, Henry Kissinger continues his most important struggle Ė to help avoid the clash between a traditional and a rising great power which has occurred so often in history. He suggests that America can and must cope with Chinaís peaceful rise, but also asks the Chinese to become more involved in maintaining peace and stability on a global level. (A:  Thatís policing the world, folks, if you donít understand the lingo.)  Have the Chinese already listened to him on the Middle East? Has the United States?


Interesting little article to see that Chinaís already eyeing its role and no doubt they will have a big part to play in the policing to come.  Thereís no doubt about it. The CFRís been goading them for years to get involved, and I guess itís getting towards the time thatíll happen. 


Alan:  Now, thereís some callers here and thereís Jamal from Georgia on the line.  Are you there Jamal?


Jamal:  Hello.  I just wanted to ask, I was listening to you the other day and you were talking about that documentary, The Soviet Story, so I went ahead and I checked it out.  I was amazed.  I didnít know any of that.  I doubt that many people do know that many facts about that story.† Especially like, things like how race warfare was bad and how it was really all about class warfare and how they can employ front men, you know, from every race and income level, and culture codes, to speak for everyone.  So I mean, you could just bypass, you know, messiah figures and anybody whoís going to stand up for anyone, you know, altogether.† So I thought that was real interesting.


Alan:  And theyíve never changed their policy for these particular types of revolutions, as they call them.  They always slaughter the intelligentsia, then they slaughter those who want to hang onto their little farms, and then they end up getting Western aid because theyíve killed all the farmers off. 


Jamal:  Yeah, basically everybodyís got to die. 


Alan:  Everybodyís got to die.  And then they had, when they took over other counties they did the same thing.  They starved them to death, in some countries, millions of people.  And yet no one can really say much about the Soviet Era, you know, compared to Hitler.  You hear Hitler, Hitler, Hitler all the time but you never hear much about the slaughters like the Ukraine famine that was caused by Stalin. They sold all their grain off to abroad and let people starve.  I should put up a whole list of documentaries to watch, as they went through all these countries doing the same technique, these wonderful communists that want to bring in the greater society for the greater good, you know. 


Jamal:  Yeah, sad but true.  Sad but true.† Yeah, I just wanted to get that out.  So people who havenít seen that... yeah.  And like you say, I mean, you say it often... Iím a long-time listener; I support you when I can.  Like you say, itís a horror show.


Alan:  Absolutely.  And even their technique, Hitler actually sent his men to the Soviet Union when they were pally, because they had the Hitler/Stalin Pact at one point.  He went to find out how to kill off mass millions of people, and do it efficiently, because the Soviets had been doing it since 1917.  Thatís where they learned a lot of their techniques for mass genocide.  Always go to the masters, you know.


Jamal:  Yeah.  No doubt.  Well, you take care then. 


Alan:  And you too. 


Jamal:  Alright.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Yeah, I should really put up a list, because there are some incredible documentaries that came out since.  Itís just something else, an utter horror story.  And this is called ďour walk towards civilizationĒ.  I tell ya... I shake my head and look for another planet.


The Soviet Story -


Harvest of Despair (Soviet Engineered Famine in the Ukraine) -


BEYOND TORTURE -The gulag of Pitesti ROMANIA -


The Bloody History of Communism -


And thereís Mike from Texas there.  Is Mike there?


Mike:  Hey, Alan.  How are you, sir?


Alan:  No too bad at all.


Mike:  I wrote you recently and Iím the fella in Texas thatís in that executive MBA program.  I wrote you a pretty long email, but I understand; you get probably millions of emails. But one of the funny things about it, in this 24 month program, theyíve got one day on ethics.  [Caller chuckles.]


Alan:  One day.  Well, the ethic is, donít get caught, right?  [Alan laughing.]


Mike:  Oh, yeah, I guess thatís part of, you know, the rules; you have to at least cover it a little bit.  But there was one article that we had to read and write a paper about it, how Google went to China. The director of the program is a gentleman from China and he says, well you know, the theme I want you to get from this is that Google knew what they were getting into when they went to China, so they canít complain about the rules.  And I was just hysterical laughing, and then I said, well donít you think Google and Schmidt, the head there, donít you think theyíre helping to make some of the rules in China?  He just kind of looked at me like I had two heads.


Alan:  Not only that, theyíre actually working on the rules for us, by using China as a test bed.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll see if we can get, is Ryan from Ottawa there?


Ryan:  Yes.  The sadisticness in society, itís kind of weird that you have the two situations of 1984 where Winstonís being tortured and he starts to have that, some kind of relationship with his torturer and I compare that to a situation you bring up every once in a while and I just remember it, how people project themselves onto the executioner guy.


Alan:  Yes.  Thatís right. 


Ryan:  Whatís going on with this sadomasochistic society of ours?


Alan:  Well, theyíve had a lot of testing over many centuries with this technique.  And now it comes under the cluster group of The Stockholm Syndrome, where if they come to rob a bank and you happen to be in the bank and they kidnap you, you start to feel an affiliation towards the crooks themselves, or the terrorists, and you start to sympathize with them. Anything to live, basically.  And thatís what happens too.† There was another movie put out too, it was called Conspiracy Theory.  If you go into Conspiracy Theory, at one point the guy whoís torturing Mel Gibson says to him, this guyís in charge of MK ULTRA.  He says, have you ever been in a place where thereís no hope, thereís nothing but time?   And thatís the state that they try and get you into.  They make it quite evident and you will find out that thereís no hope, thereís no way getting out of there, youíre at their mercy.  And thatís the state they want to get you into, until youíre paralyzed and you grovel.  And you go through a whole sequence of events.  You go down on your knees, youíll shake and quiver; children will do the same thing when their lifeís threatened.  Youíll see that even in the old Viet Nam documentaries where the peasants were going down on their knees and theyíll poop and pee themselves, their sympathetic nervous system gets knocked out, and they shake and quiver.  Itís a plea for mercy.  Itís the ultimate last plea for mercy basically.


Ryan:  Itís like creating another alternative character, like the people in North Korea, theyíre like...  I donít know what they are now.  Theyíre like robots; theyíre some kind of happy.  But theyíre not, man, theyíre...


Alan:  Well, Russell said it, you know, Bertrand Russell.  He says, when the government has these techniques perfected of mass indoctrination, by using the needle and the food supply and different things, by the way, to bring you down into stupidity.  He said, once this has been perfected, the public will be given their opinions without any idea of how they arrived at the conclusions that they have in their heads.  And thatís already happened.  So you know, itís a perfect indoctrination.  See, weíve had war declared on us a long time ago and the public were not informed. 


Ryan:  Take care of yourself.  Well, thanks for taking my call, man.


Alan:  And thanks for calling.  Sad world, as I say, but all you can do is chronicle it, because everybodyís got interest in whatís happening.  And you just donít know whoís who anymore. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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