August 25th, 2011 (#905)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 25th, 2011:

Libya -- Lies and Deception, Media Misdirection:

"The CFR has Lived Up to its Name,
Telling Media to Lie About Latest War Game,
Richard Haass said Humanitarian Aid Scheme
Was Just a Ploy to Overthrow the Regime,
He Thanked NATO for Levelling Each City,
As a True Psychopath, Showed No Pity,
SAS and Others have Been There for Weeks,
Dressing as Arabs, The Thing Just Reeks,
Of Massive Deception, Each Country Planned
To Be Overthrown, Plundered, Seizure of Land,
Gold, Oil and Water to Be Distributed
Free to Corporations Who've Already Looted
The Wealth of Afghanistan, Iraq, Now Libya,
Where the Dead are Rotting, Skulls, Tibia,
This Agenda Always Lies, Always it Will,
Gold and Oil is to Bankers Their Pig Swill"
© Alan Watt August 25th, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė August 25th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on Thursday the 25th of August, 2011.  For newcomers, you should help yourself to the free audios, which are available at  Youíll find hundreds to choose from, and hopefully, youíll get the shortcuts to understanding this big, very deceptive system youíre born into and how it came about, how youíre run by whatís called Scientific Socialism, basically, where techniques are used throughout school, written about long ago by guys like Bertrand Russell, who talked about using these techniques in school.  Theyíve been practicing them since the 1920s in special schools, and then gave them to the whole population.  And he said, once thatís happened, basically, and the information has been downloaded into the children, they wonít be able to think their way into any other reality.  And that is pretty true for most people. Thatís why it works so well.  And, of course, they get the help from education and the mainstream news, which really is so full of distractions and utter lies, especially in times of war and plunder, that you canít believe pretty well anything you read at all from them. 


So, I try to give you the shortcuts and hopefully theyíll do something for you.  And remember too, that those who oppose whatís happening in the world, thereís many groups involved.  Many of them are linked together.  Youíve got to do your homework to find out why and who and all the rest of it.  And there are many groups all fighting for their own particular reasons.  Most of them want to bring in a kind of new Marxist ideology, the old Communists saying that the old Communism of course kind of went off the tracks somewhere, weíre trying to get back on track and do it properly.  And you wouldnít believe how many hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of organizations, all interlink to give you the news that youíre going to spiel out to others.  And itís quite something, this art of deception. 


So, remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me keep going by buying the books and discs I have for sale at  And you can do so from the US to Canada, by using a personal check or an international postal money order, or you can use PayPal to buy the books.  You can also donate too.  Youíll see the donation button on the .com site.  Use that, and then follow it up with an email with name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  All the instructions are explained on the .com site.  And straight donations, as I say are very, very welcome, because everything is plummeting up here.  The cost of living in Canada is way beyond what it is in the US.  The US has a lot of catching up to do, fast, actually, and thatís what I see happening there right now.  Across the rest of the world, remember, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram and youíve got PayPal again, for the same reasons.  And, as I say, your straight donations are definitely, definitely welcome, because things are really not going too well up this way with the costs of everything. 


And, what I try and do is chronicle the events as they happen and explain the parts that the media leaves out, because their job is deception.  The media is all owned and controlled by the boys in the CFR, and the Royal Institute for International Affairs, for Britain, and they have branches in every country now.  And they control your mind.  After all, youíre dependent upon them for information, and they control your mind.  They tell you what to believe, and then they write it in stone, and thatís what goes down in history.  This is what happened, yadda, yadda, yah.  And then they call you paranoid or a conspiracy theorist if you happen to have other information, even if they leaked it out themselves, earlier on in previous spiels.  So, itís up to you, as I say, to do your homework.  Youíve got to find out whatís really going on, and youíve got to suss out the different groups involved, and as Iíve said yesterday, I personally donít want to live under any totalitarian system with control freaks telling you what to do from birth to death.  I really donít care for systems much at all, to be honest with you.  And thatís what it is.  Itís a system.  Everything in this world belongs to one giant system, and then thereís sub-systems, right down to daycare and everything, all managing systems, which manage you and your life.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And Iíve got a few topics to talk about tonight.  Once again, as I say, I like to, when I do read the mainstream, itís to add the stuff in that theyíre omitting.  And most misdirection is done by simply omitting another side of the story or other facts to do with the story to make sure that you go with the desired opinion at the end of what you read.  And thatís how simple it is to guide your minds into the wrong paths.  And itís just a simple control technique really, but youíd be surprised at how all major media, and Carroll Quigley talked about this, with the Council on Foreign Relations, basically they own all the media.  Itís all the media barons that own the guys.  And even the reporters that are sent out to supposedly cover the wars are told what to film, what not to film.  Like for instance, when they do bomb schools and things like that, and you see nothing but little hands sticking out and things like that, they will deliberately not photograph them.  Theyíll go along with the party line.  Theyíll film some other building and say, well that was full of terrorists, you see, or insurgents, and all the other names that they use for people who are defending their homeland.  But itís technique of words, neuroscience, and neurolinguistics.  I like to call it psycho-linguistics, because thatís the older name for it, and itís more appropriate perhaps.  And they bring you to the conclusions that they want you to have.


Before I do anything too, Iíd like to mention that anyone who wants to send me anything, like a parcel, donít use UPS, whatever you do, because they donít deliver it.  Thatís the hard facts of it.  Corporations out there today are incredible liars, and if they can get away with something they will.  And what they do in Canada, and maybe elsewhere, but in Canada, they deliver it to a main city, to their own warehouse, and then they subcontract it to Purolator Courier, that doesnít deliver, that doesnít deliver it.  And Iíve had this every year.  You spend hours on the phone, going between the two, and they wonít even phone you if a parcel comes in, so I donít know if one is coming in.  They just keep it, you see.  They must have a great Christmas at the end, going back home with sacks of presents for themselves and their families at Purolator Courier, but thatís really what they do.  Itís false advertising when they say that theyíll deliver.  If youíve got an address, they say, anywhere in America or Canada, a home address, weíll find it.  Weíll find it.  Well, yeah.  What happens is, you have to go in and pick it up.  It doesnít matter how far away you live. 


And you go around in circles and circles and circles with them, as Iím doing right now, in fact.  Thatís what happened today.  And youíll get the cheeky little girls on one end at the Purolator Courier, who actually hang up on you when youíre giving them your complaints.  They just tell you, ďCome in and get it.  Come in and get it.Ē  You know, little cocky sods. And of course, it isnít until you tell them that youíre going to sue them do they start to listen at all after about maybe the fifth time youíve called and gone around this roundabout from UPS to Purolator Courier.  Meanwhile, they have delivered here before, when theyíve had to.  And if they ever want to make new policies and UPS wants to make new policies, they should tell their customers, because theyíre making contracts with the customers to deliver them to the door of the recipient, not to some storage place, and get the sheep to come in to be fleeced.  And thatís what they do in Canada.  Thereís a lot of sheep in Canada.  Canadians donít complain about anything, you see.  And the less they complain, the more these wolves will get away with what they do, taking more and more advantage of them.  And eventually theyíll charge you a fee for storing it, when you go to pick it up. 


So, anyway, donít use UPS, whatever you do, and Iíll keep mentioning this every so often, to let everybody know the cons that go on with these businesses, because itís not just me thatís being ripped off, obviously or the senders.  Itís happening to other people that are sending parcels every day.  But Sudbury is a disgusting, disgusting bunch to go around when youíre trying to get something done, when youíre making a complaint against UPS, especially Purolator Courier.  Theyíre absolutely insolent.  And if they werenít getting subcontracted to I canít see them ever being polite enough to get customers to use them.  They donít have what it takes.  Theyíre arrogant and disgusting.  Thatís all I can say about them.  And Iíll keep repeating this too, until they get the message.


But, you know, thatís how the world is today.  Weíve seen it with the banks too.  They get high and mighty and all haughty, and they think they can do whatever they want to do, which actually they do, donít they, because theyíre private corporations.  They can make their own policies.  But you can get them on legalities.  But when they have open end policies, like banks do, where they can just raise the fees whenever they want to, and then start charging you for printing up your checking account, or whatever, which theyíve just done recently too.  Thereís no real comeback.  You canít do a thing about it.  Itís their business you see.  And itís their policies.  And of course, government knows darn well not to ever stand up on the side of the consumer.  It just doesnít happen, because every top politician is a member of the same organization, the Council on Foreign Relations, which is a private club, basically. 


And Carroll Quigley went through the history of it, since he was the official historian.  He said that bankers got together and formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs, then the American branch, the CFR.  Then they bought, they got ahold of all the newspapers.  And they even did studies, back in the 20s to find out how many mainstream newspapers theyíd have to buy over to change peopleís minds, to give them the right kind of thinking etc, the way that they want them to think, and they had it down pat.  I think they said about twenty would be enough, twenty mainstream ones, and thatís what they did, and theyíve held on to that ever since.  Of course, they own Reuters as well, and all the other news services.  So, youíre getting nothing but lies by a private club, a worldwide private club.


They even have an institute for the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They have an institute set up for the European Union for all of Parliament.  All the top Parliamentarians are members of it.  So, they donít listen to the public, because, you see, Quigley said too, these bankers with their media and with their boys that they put into government, which is all the top ones, plan the future.  And what they planned was wars.  Wars after wars.  Theyíd make the wars happen, and theyíd demonize the enemy, and theyíd take over all natural resources, right down to the drinking water.  And youíre living through it and you donít even know it.  Itís still going on.  You get stuck, unfortunately, on all the front groups that they own and control.  Youíve got to jump over those boys and see whoís really behind it, and whoís a member of what.


Last night, I said, on the radio, that if you want someone to get power over you, to a politician, or even a local councilor, youíre giving them legal power over you.  You better, better demand that they disclose what private organizations and clubs they belong to, especially the ones that theyíve sworn oaths to already that supercede any other oath theyíll take later on.  You better do it.  If you donít do it, youíve had it.  Thatís why youíve pretty well had it today in fact, because you didnít do it before.  And youíve also got to make sure these people are not members of these groups, Council of Foreign Relations, or any of the associate front groups they have, because they have hundreds of front groups as well.  Otherwise, youíve had it.  Youíve had it.  You cannot bring into power someone with authority over you to do whatever they wish.  And thatís what they say in democracy, once theyíre in power they can do anything they want.  You canít do it when theyíve already given their promises and their oaths to other clubs, organizations, or societies with secrets, as they often like to say. 


Now, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR, the American branch, and their European CFR, which is the European branch for all of Europe now.  Australia, New Zealand, etc, all have their groups, and Canada as well.  They work in concert to bring about this world government, and thatís what Quigley said in his book.  Their goal was world government, but a new system.  He says, often too, theyíre mistaken for the Communists.  These ultra-rich international moneylenders that started it off had front groups that often mimicked Communism.  Personally, I think theyíre one in the same, because they funded Communism, because Socialism or Communism, Communism is just Socialism in a hurry.  And they prefer that, because then the bankers can deal directly with governments for borrowing money, and get into debt, rather than going door to door and getting you to sign a pledge or an agreement.  So deal straight with government, and then youíre put down as the guarantor.  Youíll always pay up.  The government will make sure of that. 


So, anyway, as I say, you canít trust the major media at all.  And itís so easy to be distracted with the news.  Remember, Iíve read reports before by the professionals who actually gave you the internet, and they said it would be so overloaded with data that people will be unable to process it logically.  And thatís whatís happening today.  Youíll have a thousand trivia stories, a thousand heartbreaking stories which can certainly grab you, the heartbreaking ones, but in reality, it doesnít stop this steady march for world governance, and the destruction of all that was.  That includes all of the family units, pretty well gone now, to be honest with you.  And if you have no family unit, the government then can speak right to you as an individual, just like Orwell talked about in Nineteen Eighty-Four.  And there would be nobody to stand up for you.  Directly to you.  Wells talked about that very same thing, long before Orwell said it.  And that was the goal of the Socialists at that time.  The Socialists are just another front for the big, big banking boys, the globalist types, the Rothschild types and the Rockefellers, etc. 


Now, I mentioned yesterday that Mr. Haass, who came out in mainstream and talked about sending the boots in and getting the boots in to Libya, meaning the armies of NATO, and Iíve also got an article too, from the CFR on that subject today as well.  And Mr. Richard Haass, whoís the head of the Council on Foreign Relations, is also directing this war, by the way, if you havenít clued into that by now.  He says:


All of this poses serious challenges to the outside world.


(Alan: In other words, impressions to the outside world.)


NATO's airplanes helped bring about the rebel victory.


(A: Itís not rebels, as you know.  They were brought in from other countries as mercenaries and al Qaeda, the supposed enemies that brought down the towers.)


The ďhumanitarianĒ intervention


(A: That was what we were told.  Oh, itís just a humanitarian intervention, as they bombed all these schools and houses into dust, with the people inside them.  It says:)


The ďhumanitarianĒ intervention introduced to save lives believed to be threatened was in fact a political intervention (A: by them) introduced to bring about regime change.


So, it was nothing to do with humanitarian intervention.  This is basic slaughter, plunder and take-over, pirate style.  Which theyíre well known for at the CFR.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And reading Mr. Haassís statements from their own website at the Council on Foreign Relations.  Iíll put that link up tonight at, with a few other links from other articles as well, confirming the same thing. Itís interesting to see how, in their own little club basically, they can admit that the humanitarian intervention nonsense, that was for all us schmucks to believe in you see, all the saps out there, was actually a plan, a plan, long ago actually it was planned, in the 90s, one country after another, including Libya.  He says:


...believed to be threatened was in fact a political intervention introduced to bring about regime change.


(A: Well, who wanted regime change?  And all the people that they brought in, they normally call them insurgents, you see, if they were going against NATO.  But theyíre calling them rebels and freedom fighters and all this stuff.  But theyíre all from other countries.  Theyíre trained mercenaries.  Trained by Britain, the US, and all the Special Forces that have been there for many, many weeks.  And in another article I have tonight it actually admits that, that they had them in there for weeks.  The SAS were in there for weeks and weeks, before today.  So, they werenít in there just taking photographs and sunning themselves.  Theyíre in there doing dirty work and dressing up as Arabs, by the way, as it says in the Daily Mail.  The same thing that they did back in Iraq, for those who can remember, when some of them were caught with munitions to blow houses up so that they could blame it on different factions of Arabs.  So, this is the dirty tricks that go on.  Youíll never get the truth, except snuck out from their own websites from the CFR, etc, to give you a clue about whatís really happening.  But it goes right along with their world agenda. 


These guys, remember, eventually, they had been in operation for centuries.  Itís now called the Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs. And they got together in the late 1800s and they merged the Milner group eventually with the Cecil Rhodes Foundation that was looked after by Lord Rothschild at the time.  Thatís in the will of Rhodes, in fact.  And they basically had a mandate to take the whole world over with banking, they said, with banking, and eventually leading to the Bank of International Settlements, which would be the overall supreme bank for the world, with the World Bank and the IMF, basically.  Thatís how they would control the world.  And it wasnít just to take it over for powerís sake, although they love power, no doubt about it.  It was also to bring a new system of life in, where science and rationality would run the world and the scientists would be your new priesthood.  And thatís what we have now, as they tell us, oh, you canít breathe as much.  Look at all that CO2.  Now weíre going to make you pay for it.  Things like that, you see.  And global warming, etc.  So, there you are.  He admits from his own mouth, on their own website, that humanitarian intervention that was going to save lives and all that:)


was in fact a political intervention introduced to bring about regime change.


And then you go into Qatar.  Qatar is a staging place for this.  It says:


DOHA: Qatar was one of the first countries to back Libyan rebels


(A: The insurgents from outside.)


seeking to overthrow Muammar Qaddafi and with his 42-year-old rule collapsing, the natural gas exporter hopes to reap the political and economic rewards.


(A: So, Qatar thatís helping them is going to get a big kickback as well.  Theyíve already got the oil characters in there divvying up the land and whoís getting what and all the rest of it.)


Qatar stuck its neck out among Arab states to support the rebels and the NATO air operation.


(A: Now, why would they do that?  Eh?)


Qatar was one of the first countries to recognize the rebelís National Transitional Council (NTC)


(A: Why would they do that?  Hmm?)


as the legitimate authority in Libya and supplied rebels with water, weapons, more than $400 million in aid,


(A: Where do you think they got that from?  Hmm?)


and gave help with selling and marketing Libyan oil.


Qatar was also instrumental in getting Arab League support for the UN-mandated "no-fly zone,"


(A: And remember too that the CFR, Royal Institute for International Affairs set up the United Nations.  Thatís in the book by Quigley too.)


provided fighter jets to enforce it and, analysts say, offered financial guarantees to NATO if the war dragged on.


So, what do you even find about, who knows much about Qatar?  Well, you have to look into it.  Itís run basically with a king.  Itís not democratic.  But no, they wonít get no fly zones.  They wonít be banged with the UN and NATO.  It says here that itís got lots of natural gas and oil. Lots of cash going in, etc, etc.  It used to be a British protectorate.  Isnít that interesting.† And it says:


Formerly a British protectorate noted mainly for pearling, it became independent in 1971, and has become one of the region's wealthiest states due to its enormous oil and natural gas revenues. In 1995, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani became Emir when he seized power from his father, Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani, in a peaceful coup d'ťtat.† The most important positions in Qatar are held by the members of the Al Thani family...


Well, isnít that awfully like Libya?  But here theyíre the good guys, you see.  These are good guys, because, you see, it probably is still half owned by Britain as well, and itís so interesting, all of the fingers are in the pie in Qatar.  And itís a staging area, you understand, itís a staging area.  And Iíve got the link, and Iíll put that up tonight too on the staging area.  Itís got a deal with the US, it says.  It says here that the American base is there, etc, for that whole sector in the region, and they take off from there to bomb all the other countries.  So, itís a long-term US base, massive base.  Quite something.


And then Iíve got too, Wikileaks, it says:


Wikileaks: Homeland Security invokes Patriot Act on Assange; seeks server data


But it also wants subscribers as well.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  That article there too, one from Wikipedia, even, but it says:


Qatar has built intimate military ties with the United States, and is now the location of U.S. Central Commandís Forward Headquarters and the Combined Air Operations Center.


So, there you know where itís all being brought out of, all the bombs, all the planes, the tanks, the mercenaries, all the rest of it.  Thatís its staging center.  Long, long term staging center.  Thereís other countries to be taken down.  Itís a very important location, too, Qatar, for this very purpose.  So, again, Iíll put that up again tonight as well, and youíll see why Qatar is boasting that theyíve helped to bring down this terrible fiend, etc, etc, etc, Gaddafi, when they themselves are run by the same kind of thing.  But then, theyíre in with the big boys, you see. 


And, another article too is a study that was done.


Study shows powerful corporations really do control the world's finances


( -- For many years conventional wisdom has said that the whole world is controlled by the monied elite, or more recently by the huge multi-national corporations that seem to sometime control the very air we breathe.


(A: Well, actually theyíre working on that.)


Now, new research by a team based in ETH-Zurich, Switzerland, has shown that what weíve suspected all along, is apparently true. The team has uploaded their results onto the preprint server


And it gives you the server on this particular article here.  And they use the data, a global database system from quite some years back to the present.  And sure enough, itís just a few major corporations, mainly banking, that own even companies like General Electric and all the guys in the military combines.  The banks own pretty well all of the military-industrial complex, names that youíre so used to, Lockheed Martin and these guys.  They own pretty well everything.  So, itís just bankers.  Not any old bankers, but the ones who lend to nations.  I donít know actually what they end up lending, but thatís what they do. 


And getting back to Wikileaks too.  It said that:


The order seeks ďall available informationĒ on not only Assange, but Wikileaks also, held by the DNS hoster. The information will be handed to the U.S. grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia.


(A: It says the press release has been issued and it says:)


ďThe Order demands Dynadot handover the following information for the time period November 1st 2009 to present, within three days of the date of the Order:


1. Subscriber names, user names, screen names, or other identities;

2. mailing addresses, residential addresses, business addresses,


The whole kit and caboodle of all the stuff that normally they just steal anyway.  Theyíve already got it.  I mean, theyíve already got it with the equipment they use.  And records going way, way back, etc.  And the full order and all the lists in the order can be found on the link in this page too that Iíll put up as well.  So, it seems that Homeland Security can certainly go in anywhere they want and just tell other countries what to do.  Theyíve had a few schisms with basically the European Union, but even that is mainly show.  Itís mainly show, because the European Union is just the same as they are.  Theyíre all working together on the same deals of world domination. 


And everyone is very important, apparently.  Theyíve got to know all about every single being on the planet, and you update it daily for them, by all your Facebook things and etc.  So, you donít know how to, most folk donít know really mind.  Theyíll tell you that.  ďIíve got nothing to hide.Ē  Well, thatís not the point.  Youíre entitled, as a creature on this planet, supposedly an intelligent creature, to privacy.  Complete privacy.  And when people fear their governments, thereís something very wrong.  Very, very wrong.  And the longer you fear your government, the worse it gets, like any bully, the worse it gets.


 How Much Money Does America Owe Other Countries?


The guys that buy off the debt, and so on.  Iíll put a link up tonight.  Very interesting.  It shows you the world map, and you put your cursor over the different spots on it, and youíll see how much every little nation owns of America.  And how much the US owes them, I should say.  And thatís really what itís all about.  But itís really interesting to see some of the countries you never imagine holding a lot of the bonds for the USA. 


And Iíve mentioned so many times, part of the strategy for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, using the British Empire model for Free Trade and the free flow of labor is in full effect.  Thatís all in the charter too of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.  All these private organizations.  The United Nations is a private organization, a corporation.  So is the World Trade Organization.  You donít vote them in.  And you keep prattling on about democracy.  I donít understand most folk out there.  I really donít. 


And in the governments too, theyíre again, just like this farce with the UPS, outsourcing or subcontracting deliveries to Purolator Courier that never delivers.  They just pocket the money I guess.  Itís a good business they have, when you lie and you just pocket the cash.  Your governments are doing the same thing by subcontracting things out to private companies today.  That was what they wanted at the Council on Foreign Relations a long time ago.  Youíre living through the changes.  And being private corporations, they can tell the public, ďwell, donít complain to us.  Weíre private.  We can do whatever we want.Ē  And thatís what the government will say too.  ďWe canít tell them to do something, theyíre private, you know.Ē  Whereas if they were kept in government hands then they would have to have some sort of redress to the public, if demanded. 


Part of it too was to totally destroy the countries, the first world countries by mass immigration.  That came out from the assistant Prime Minister, the next in command to Tony Blair.  And I read the articles on the air.  Theyíre in the archives section of  And the plan was to so overload it with diverse cultures, meaning they would never fit in, theyíd always be at odds, that theyíd totally destroy all memory and history basically in a generation or so of the British system, what it meant to actually even be British at all or English or whatever, Scottish or Irish, Welsh, or Northern Ireland.  Anyway, theyíre still going at it.  They keep talking about bringing the immigration down, because theyíre all flooding across Europe into Britain, which is the best welfare state there is, until literally they really hammer it down.  And thatís the plan, to hammer it down until they have chaos in Britain.  I guarantee you, thatís what the whole agenda is.  And probably a few years of internal warfare.  I really think thatís what the plan is, myself. 


And I got a whiff of that when Maggie Thatcher was in and the minerís strikes were happening, and at the same time they were building underground and into hillsides these shelters to continue in times of atomic warfare.  All around Loch Ness, you know.  You could see these concrete monstrosities.  And the US were handed control of that area.  You had to pass through checkpoints on your way to a picnic.  Just wonderful.  And so, really, the world is vastly different from the way itís portrayed.  They were going to sacrifice most of Scotland to save London, and bring themselves down on Scotland where the launches were to take place.  Thatís the real world. 


And I really do believe with the police state there thatís been set up, I said this years ago, the police state, theyíve been building up to it for thirty years, intending obviously to use it, because they know what they want to bring down upon the public in Britain, the US, Canada, and elsewhere.  They donít do this for nothing.  They donít turn, they donít militarize the police and vastly expand the numbers of policemen, and get SWAT teams that are really just an army when theyíre combined doing military exercises, you donít do that unless you plan to use them down the road.  Remember, as I say, these wars over in the Middle East were planned, at least published in the early 90s, first of all, then about í98 they republished them under the New American Century by the Neo-Cons for the Neo-Libs and Neo-Dems that took over.  Same bunch running it, you see.  Same bunch.  Same agenda.  And when you get members of the old Bush administration congratulating Obama for keeping the same regime going, this new agenda, same agenda going, theyíre all in bed together.  But itís good enough for the public.  They change the puppets once in a while, and youíre fooled again. 




UK net migration rises 21%


A drop in the number of people going to live abroad undermines Theresa May's plan to bring net migration below 100,000.


Net migration rose to 239,000 last year in a blow to the hopes of the home secretary, Theresa May.


Net inward migration to Britain rose by 21% year on year in 2010 to 239,000,


(A: Thatís extra, into this tiny little place, this little place called Britain.)


fuelled by a sharp fall in the number of people moving abroad and a resurgence in Polish migrants coming to work in the UK.


The Office for National Statistics said that the figure for long-term immigration in 2010 Ė those coming to live in Britain for more than 12 months Ė was 575,000.


(A: 12-month period.  Thatís the legal ones, not the illegal ones.  And once theyíre in from Third World countries, especially under the charter at the United Nations, that all the countries signed, theyíre allowed to bring in all of their extended family.  Thatís all, you know, aunts, grannies, and cousins, and second cousins.  Only for certain countries though.)


The ONS statistics show that long-term emigration Ė those leaving to live abroad for more than 12 months Ė was at 336,000 in 2010, a fall of more than 91,000 compared to the peak level of emigration in 2009.


The 21% rise in the net inward migration figure Ė the gap between those arriving to live in the UK and those leaving Ė is a fresh blow to the Conservatives' pledge to reduce the figure to "tens of thousands" by the time of the next election.


But itís absolute, absolute rubbish, because they have no intention of slowing it down.  That is the agenda, and just like the same Neo-Cons, Neo-Dems, Neo-Libs in the US, youíve got the same groups in Britain carrying on Tony Blairís policies, as he did from the one before him.


Greenpeace finds toxic chemicals in branded clothing


(A: Itís amazing, you know.  You have to read the book by Charles Galton, and heís a relative of Charles Darwin, a descendent, they married into that family, and he was the first person to use eugenics as a term, I think, eugenics, and he brought in the IQ tests, and he fudged them too, trying to prove that working class people were stupider than the ones who were the wealthier classes.  He actually did that.  He was caught fudging all the figures to suit his theory, or his prejudice, put it that way.  But, he said in his book, written in the 1950s, remember, he was also a scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project.  He was no little lowly inbred so-and-so.  He was definitely inbred, but he certainly was up there in physics.  He was a physics professor.  He did say that he would use other ways to dumb down the public for managing them, apart from, you know sterilizing the unfit and all the usual stuff that they go into that was copied in Germany, and Germany copied it all from the US and from Britain, from London.  He also, Galton also talked about using hormones.  If we can get hormones into the water supply or into the food and effeminize the males it would cause less problems down the road, because they knew the agenda of conquering everyone.  And the only one who stops for the family to defend anything at all is the man.  So, you make him effeminate and he advised using hormones in food, etc, water.)


Greenpeace finds toxic chemicals in branded clothing


Traces of toxic chemicals harmful to the environment and to human health have been detected in products made by 14 top clothing manufacturers, Greenpeace said Tuesday.


Samples of clothing from top brands including Adidas, Uniqlo, Calvin Klein, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Lacoste, Converse and Ralph Lauren were found to be tainted with the chemicals, known as nonylphenol ethoxylates, the watchdog said at the launch of its report "Dirty Laundry 2".


Greenpeace campaigner Li Yifang said that nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), commonly used as detergents in industries including the production of natural and synthetic textiles, were detected in two-thirds of the samples the group tested.


"NPEs break down to form nonylphenol, which has toxic, persistent and hormone-disrupting properties,"


(A: Itís amazing itís always into the hormones, isnít it.  You donít understand a war was declared on you a long time ago.  I say that over and over, but I donít think that most folk really catch on.  Theyíre too caught up in whatís happening on this very day.  If you donít understand the long-term agenda laid out by the planners of it, that attended all the world meetings, then youíll never understand anything.  It says:)


"It mimics female hormones, alters sexual development and affects reproductive systems."


(A: Depopulation.  That was one of the big things Galton was on about.  Weíve got to depopulate all the undesirables, the lower classes, or theyíll outbreed us, the bright ones, the ones who plundered and came to the top a long time ago.)


Components of NPEs have been implicated in the widespread "feminisation" of male fish in parts of Europe and also in disrupting hormone processes in some mammals, according to the campaign group WWF.


Greenpeace said it purchased 78 branded clothing samples -- mostly made in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines -- from 18 countries around the world and subjected them to scientific analysis.


"Even at low levels, it represents a big threat to the environment and human health," Li said.


And it doesnít surprise me at all.  Youíve got the bisphenol A in your plastics, and thatís why they trained you to drink out of plastic bottles and made water an awfully popular thing to have until the yuppies had to have, they looked like walking Ts, the letter T, with the hand out there in front of them holding their water bottles.  Wherever they went there was a water bottle there like a babyís bottle isnít it.  And they never thought they were getting conned, because itís soft plastic you see, and it gives off the bisphenol As and the phthalates very easily into the water youíre drinking. 


And the Feds are now under Homeland Security for the rural areas for farming.  They put themselves in charge.  


Feds to Grab Land for Homeland Security


H.R. 1505: Another Federal land grab, with exemptions from environmental regulations, and a few more just for good measure. And just who has the authority over these lands? Why Homeland Security, of course.


The Hegelian Dialectic Ė Create the border problem, the people demand security, and the Feds supply the solution: Grab the land and hand it over to Homeland Security. Thereís your security for you!


Mr. BISHOP of Utah (for himself, Mr. KING of New York, Mr. HASTINGS of Washington, Mr. SMITH of Texas, and Mr. CARTER) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Natural Resources, and in addition to the Committees on Agriculture and Homeland Security, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned



To prohibit the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture from taking action on public lands which impede border security on such lands, and for other purposes.


(A: Which is whatever you want that to be.  Then it goes into:)


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives


(A: Etc, etc.  The:)



This Act may be cited as the `National Security and Federal Lands Protection Actí.


Which is land stealing act, of course, as you know in doublespeak for Orwellian enthusiasts out there.  So, Iíll put this link up tonight as well. 


And then Iíll go into a little bit too, because, itís so interesting in Australia, it seems theyíre run by the US.  No kidding.  Because, you see, Iíll give you a legal document tonight.  Itís a PDF, and it seems that every personís census report is sent off to Washington DC, and what they earn, what their children are imagined to earn in the future to pay off debts, etc.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Interesting as I say that we donít even know whatís going on most of the time in reality, but in the Commonwealth of Australia, as it was entitled here, they made a deal apparently with Washington to send all their financial data to Washington and all their citizenry data to Washington, even studies on how many children would come up over the years.  And what theyíre looking for is future income, obviously.  And itís by the Security and Exchange Commission, Washington, DC.  And it was done back, it started off back in 1933.  Isnít that interesting, when FDR came in, and they were after World Socialism at that time.  Isnít that interesting.  Iíll put this link up tonight, and you can get the PDF to see.  If you wade through all this legalism, youíll find theyíre still doing this.  Theyíre sending all this stuff to Washington DC.  I mean, do they own Australia?  Is there some deal that Britain made with them that we donít know about?  Well, youíve got to read all of this stuff here, but it really does show you that it seems that theyíre awfully beholden to the US for their cash, and theyíve got to pay their cash to Washington DC and all their census stuff goes to Washington DC.  And they wonder why theyíre getting collapsed right now with thousands of jobs getting laid off in Australia, and theyíre to merge now under the tutelage of China as the supreme boss in that area. 


Well, again, Quigley talked about that a long time ago in his books, being the historian for the CFR, and of course, they set up the Institute for Pacific Relations and a couple of other institutes that sounded rather innocuous at the time, but they were actually working towards building up China and from before even World War II.  They wrote about it then.  Iíve got their books here from the minutes of their meetings that they had in Australia about this, and here we go.  China as the major domo for the area, and that will be part of the deal theyíre making with them too to lump in New Zealand and Australia, under China basically as the boss in that region.  And they might even set up their Super Parliament too.  Theyíve already got the beginnings of it, and of course, China will definitely be the dominant party in that as well. 


So, you see, weíre bought and sold, just like in days of old, when kings would bring in a wife from another country, another princess, and she would have to bring in a dowry of a couple of her daddyís ownings, a few countries here and there for her dowry, and they were just swapped back and forth, you know, through marriage, etc.  It hasnít really changed, itís just for the big banks, and itís done through legalistic writings that most folk donít bother going through, and they get lost halfway through it or they just give up.  Itís very boring.  But itís done through legalisms, lots of legalisms.  And itís quite fascinating, as I say, how Australiaís guaranteed debt securities etc, go to Washington DC, with all the citizens data on them as well. 


Isnít that wonderful?  Do you realize that we should be happy that so many minds at the top there are always thinking about us?  Weíre always on their minds.  How much weíre worth, how much weíre valued as taxpayers, how much tax youíll probably pay off in your lifetime, and your children too, because theyíve got your DNA.  Theyíve got a pretty good idea how long youíll live, which diseases youíll come down with, mainly from the inoculations youíve had, and so theyíve got a good idea how much cash the herd is worth.  So, thatís the real world that we live in.  Thatís the real world that we live in.


Sorry for not taking callers, but I canít get the board up tonight.  Itís my fault, my end, but Iíll try and get it tomorrow night.  So, from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you. 



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