Aug. 31, 2011 (#909)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 31, 2011:

Info. Overload Turns Bookworm into WiFi Nematode:

"The Tree of Knowledge Has So Many Limbs,
Takes You Rollercoasting Till Your Head Spins,
Monthly News of Irrelevance, There's Nothing to Do,
Global Affairs, Atrocities, Doesn't Involve You,
During Media Overload Watch Government Like a Hawk,
They Try to Sneak New Laws Through, Bits & Bytes of Talk,
Global Affairs is Distracting, Magicians Make Their Play,
Dissenting Home Voices Drowned Out in News Affray,
Information Overload Can Slowly Fry the Brain,
Best to Take Rest Before it Drives You Insane,
Read Boring Bureaucrats' Memoirs, Nothing Much to Say,
Better than Sleeping Pills, Your Mind Floats Away,
Learn How to Discern Info., How Did it Make You Feel?
Then Do Your Own Homework to Find if Info's Real"
© Alan Watt Aug. 31, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 31, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 31st 2011.  For newcomers, I suggest you look into and youíll find hundreds of audios to help you along understanding this massive structure that lies over the whole planet basically, and lies in two different meanings of course, and it runs all your governments together.  Itís been there for a long time and people forget that even at the end of World War II when they brought the United Nations in, and then in 1946 the big signing, EVERY country signed on to its charter and many other little legalities besides that too, to bring in a world government.  For those that donít understand that, and they keep missing it all the time, like itís just happening now; itís been happening your whole lives long.  And of course, the United Nations was set up by a PRIVATE organization that was started off by international money lenders, as opposed to just bankers, based in London, and that was the Royal Institute of International Affairs; prior to that when they called themselves a different name, the Milner Group and Rhodes Group, they set up the League of Nations, the precursor to the United Nations.  But their own members said that one world war wasnít enough; people werenít going to give up their national sovereignty and hand over their accounting of all their books to the bankers, so they had to bring in another war and they got their wish because they helped bring it on.  They fund all sides of every conflict and they guide the outcomes as well. 


So help yourself to the audios; thereís hundreds to choose from, with the various books to get a hold of and the people involved, too.  I go over that and the stories of how they formed their big clubs and how the foundations work with them.  Theyíre really a big branch of them, hundreds of foundations across the world, with thousands of non-governmental organizations.  This system they call democracy.  Democracy is not for the masses and the silent majority.  Democracy is only for those who are organized and have enough people to constantly lobby government.  Thatís what the new democracy actually is.  And thatís what weíre living through today, a planned society regulated by the big boys. 


Also I should remember too, to tell you that Iím not backed by advertisers because I donít bring them on and I donít do personal advertising.  So itís up to you the listeners to keep me going by buying the books and disks I have for sale at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Believe you me, straight donations would be certainly welcome right now because the orders are just plummeting as folk lose their jobs all over the place I guess, other folks go on holiday, and other ones are into other things, which is okay.  But as I say, I can go off and do other things if need be and itís getting almost to that time.


I try to document and give you the reasons why weíre going through all of the present crisis.  I call it chaos because itís planned chaos.  It gives you the appearance, reading every dayís news, itís a form of chaos.  Itís meant to be that way.  That gets you ready and ready, and programmed, for the new system theyíre actually bringing in and youíre being trained along the new system as you live, without knowing it.  Most of it sort of drifts into your subconscious through bits and bytes of newscasts, but itís getting you prepared for the new system. They call it global quite openly now.  Youíve had a few years of the term global, global, global until you probably use it yourself in fact.  Because we are global, you see.  The boys have transcended national boundaries, national sovereignty and theyíre bringing in part of their new world order which is the unification of the world with the IMF, The World Bank, and the Bank of International Settlements running the whole kit-and-caboodle, along with the World Trade Organization.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Part of the whole deal of the new world order is to get everyone in involved or at least think theyíre involved in it.  And of course, very few folk, you know really, in the majority of the people and the public in most countries, really bought daily newspapers; it wasnít that many except those into sports or special things.  But now everyoneís into it because of the internet. And again, that was intentional, to get you all in to it.  I mean, who would have thought at the start you would end up running from page to page from all over the planet looking at the latest crisis.  And believe you me, thereís been so much crisis going on all your lives and you never knew about it before you got the internet; that was the whole idea.  And ignorance is bliss to an extent, isnít it?  But now that you think if thereís a tragedy in one country, oh itís a big deal.  Thereís a tragedy in another country, itís a big deal.  And we forget that this is how the worldís always been.  Weíve always had earthquakes.  Weíve always had hurricanes and tornadoes, etc.  But now it suddenly seems new because youíre reading more and more about it.  And youíre reading whatís happening in far-off lands where before they never bothered to report it.  So it makes you feel that youíre involved in something. 


That was part of the agenda of the big boys that gave us the internet.  Because we forget that ARPA, that eventually became DARPA, gave us the internet.  The big Military-Industrial Complex used it for years during the Cold War.  One thing of course, that theyíd said long before they gave it to us, you know, literally many years before they gave us the internet, they kept telling us a system was coming.  Brzezinski also said the same thing, about communication, it would get everybody involved.  And everybody pretty well is involved now, that you canít do without it type of thing.  And theyíve forced it on people, by even for your banking, etc; most folk do it all on the net because they charge you so much if you actually go into the bank.  There are big fees just to get your book updated. 


Weíre coerced in so many ways without knowing weíre actually being coerced.  Thatís the trick of it all.  And simply reading all this stuff, if you canít really dissect the information youíre getting and you have no background information on it, it can really drive you, like stampeding cattle, off in different directions; generally itís the direction they want you to go off in.  So itís best not to panic, just realize that all news is meant, these days, to stampede you.  And when youíre stampeded, you see, youíre not sure where youíre going, and you donít even know where youíre going to end up.  But the ones who are stampeding you and guiding the stampede know exactly where youíre going to end up. 


Weíre all being trained on a massive scale now.  Thatís why, you know, the big companies that run the internet, theyíre definitely in collusion, or if not part of the Military-Industrial Complex; I believe they actually are part of it.  Theyíre part of the NSA.  Theyíve got all involved because they had to find ways of mass, not just communication, but mass indoctrination.  And Iíve read articles before by some of the big experts who helped design the whole system, for the military, that gave it to us, saying that most people canít really dissect information properly; weíll give them information overload and theyíll remember bits and bytes, etc.  But you see, they know the bits and bytes youíre going to remember and thatís all thatís important.  And also too, most folk never really did take much interest in politics.  Once they vote someone in they kind of forget it for another few years. But now you canít get away from it, to make sure you hear what theyíre saying today or what their scriptwriter has said for them or whatever, and in one country and the next. 


You can talk all you want about the information thatís given to you daily, but itís not that exciting after all.  Really.  Itís not really.  Thereís nothing that astounds you or amazes you, if you just stop and get off the stampede wagon and think quietly about things.  Think quietly about things.  Itís all technique you know and you have to be able to really have the delete button in your mind too and delete an awful lot of junk thatís out there.  Because it will be irrelevant come tomorrow, with a whole bunch of new crisis to look at, just manufactured crisis.  This is the age of crisis creation, and I hope you realize that. 


Thereís nothing happening with all the wars that have been going on, that werenít planned YEARS ago, every single one of them.  Iíve gone through the New American Century Project, plan for all the countries they said theyíd take down and theyíve followed that script exactly.  And then the next President comes in and heís congratulated by Rumsfeld for carrying on the same script, by taking down the rest of the nations that were on the list.  So when Jefferson said, when you see the same policies continue between changes in the house Ė thatís in the Congress, the parties Ė then know youíre under tyranny.  But it doesnít register with most people. 


Government is so remote from the general public.  The real government is so remote.  Like Bertrand Russell said, they are a different species, theyíve become a different species. They donít talk our language. They understand what we are saying because their own experts make sure weíre all prattling on about the things they give us to prattle on about.  Like oooh, and aaah, oh, weíre getting stiffed now, my God, oh, look at the taxes, wooo.  They know all that stuff, but we donít know what theyíre really up to unless you go into their big, big plans, which often come out when bureaucrats, high-level bureaucrats and politicians leave office.  More on the bureaucratic line, they give you more data than the politicians.  The politicians all have their books ghostwritten for them; thatís how they get a lot of their kickbacks.  Thatís why they get $5-10 million dollars in advance before the bookís even published; thatís a kickback, folks, for being awfully good to lobbyists and so on.  But thatís the world we live in.  Itís a very corrupt world. 


The boys at the top, being psychopaths, CAN actually group together when they have things in common, common goals, like filling their own wallets and having a comfortable life for the rest of their lives, and having lots of perks even after theyíve retired.  So thatís their motivation for working together, otherwise theyíd be killing each other; thatís what psychopaths in power do.  Other minor psychopaths of course, respect those with more power above them.  Just like all those beneath Stalin did or Lenin, and Hitler too, they admire these people with more power than they have.  Itís the only thing they respect, and theyíre jealous of it.  And they hate those beneath them with lesser power; they abuse them.  So thatís the psychopaths who get up to the top. Theyíre carefully selected for that quality and thatís why theyíre always so cool; they donít lose their cool very easily.  In fact, they can fall to pieces if they lose their cool.  Saving their own ego is of vital importance to them; youíve got to understand that.  They can, to themselves, rationalize ANYTHING that they do.  From the intelligent psychopath to the dumb psychopath at the bottom, they always rationalize what they do.  It sounds crazy to everybody else but to themselves, itís good enough for them. 


Thatís why even the low-level ones who like to rape, a lot, will actually tell you why the woman wanted to be raped, even if itís a serial rapist they tell you the same thing.  They always save themselves.  Thatís why politicians, when caught gaffing with their hands in the cookie jar or doing something illegal, will always stand up indignantly and give you a good display, almost like a tent preacher, of crying, or almost crying, and then right into indignation again; it kind of takes you aback.  Theyíre awfully good actors, but they feel nothing for you.  So unfortunately we donít test them for psychopathy when we put them into office and if anybody should be tested mandatorily it should be these characters:  politicians and all bureaucrats and anybody who takes a paycheck through the government, in other words from the taxpayer.  But that will never come.  I canít imagine it ever coming.


Now, even the news today is quite something else.  Again, they give us about, Iíve seen about 50 different reports on Fukushima and the fact that the radiation now is 10 Sieverts an hour, and over, because thatís all their detectors can go up to is 10 Sieverts an hour, so itís the highest reading theyíre able to record. Folk have been dosed mightily over there.  And itís an incredible tragedy because itís spread through their whole system.  Itís in their water supply. Itís in their food supply.  And thereís no way of getting out of this.  Millions are going to die from it, just there alone never mind going across the rest of the world.  Theyíre showing all the signs of nuclear radiation poisoning.  So these are awful things that never should have happened in the first place of course, but again, big business and Tepco and General Electric that have built these reactors in fact, went for the cheap ways to build, as they always do, for the highest profit.  And thatís what weíre left with, is disaster.  And itís the public that suffer, in more ways than one.  And theyíll also have to deal with not only the fallout of radiation but the fallout on how to get more power back up again, save their own people, if they can, and all of that stuff.  This is going to go on for generations, this massive thing.  If itís over 10 Sieverts an hour and thatís as far as these detectors can actually register, well that means itís way over.  It could be 50 Sieverts; we have no idea.  But itís over the 10 which is the killing... thatís death.  And what can you say about it.


And it will happen elsewhere too, as they cut back on costs and costs, and higher profits.  All of this stuff, really, all the safety checks and everything in the world went down the drain when the brought in the new bunch that were going to change business and maximize the profits as they say.  And they started going that way and cutting back, cutting back to bare bones minimum and then crossing their fingers and hoping nothing happened.  And of course, things had to happen.  So anyway, as I say, you can work your way through all the different articles if you want.  You can find them yourself, theyíre all over the place on the net.  And itís a tragedy, an absolute awful tragedy.  Because even children are eating the food, theyíre being forced to eat the food thatís highly contaminated.


And this week Iíve talked about some of the, mainly the border corruption in the US, because itís just escalating like crazy.  I guess itís always been there with the police and police have a tremendous reputation, being a brotherhood and all; they swear to secrecy to each other, once they get into corruption and organized crime, then it can go on for generations actually before theyíre caught.  Or sometimes theyíre never caught; most of them I donít think ever are.  Thereís an article today on World News and itís about the...


2nd Former Officer Charged In Moon Township Prostitution Ring - / June 28, 2011


Theyíre running drugs, prostitution, gun running.  And hereís prostitution rings as well, run by them.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the corruption in the US, but itís everywhere across the world, isnít it?  Because the old religions have gone, you see, and at least regardless of all the other power flaws that they had the old religions gave you a culture with some idea of what was right and what was wrong.  Some kind of conscience, you might say. 


Thatís all gone, has been gone for a long time, and so out of the general population these guys are picked to be cops and theyíre pretty well given no psyche assessments whatsoever.  And we end up with the same people from the general population that are just as corrupt, probably, and this is going to get worse and worse as time goes on, which gives governments greater power when everything goes into more chaos, you see.† You create the chaos and then you come out with the solutions to the chaos.  Quite simple really.  As I say, in Pittsburgh, thereís a whole bunch of links here; theyíve been following these cases.  Itís got detectives involved.  Itís got the police officers and a whole melee of people, different prostitutes, etc, etc, and how they even paid the prostitutes, a massive operation obviously and probably been going on for an awful long time.  So Iíll put this link up at the end of the night at  And you can go through it all if it excites you, or whatever it happens to do, or disgust you.


Then you find... and this is a week too, where theyíve had so many scandals with sheriffs dealing drugs, big time, and then you find mayors doing the same thing, and it goes on and on.  Hereís another one...


Uniformed officer filmed having sex with woman on car hood...while a chihuahua watches / Daily Mail Reporter / 31st August 2011


(Alan:  And what youíre actually seeing here, in this little video, is how some of the people pay their fines rather than go off to court.  This is how they start to get what they want off the woman.  They can make any charge against her, terrify her, and this is how you pay them off.  Thatís what youíre actually seeing here.)


A uniformed police officer was caught on CCTV having sex with a woman on the hood of a car.


The bizarre scene, which was witnessed by a nearby chihuahua, was filmed by a hidden camera set up by New Mexico police to catch vandalism at a nearby property.  (A:  I think she was walking the dog, probably, and the guy would get her for trespassing, and terrify her and then thatís the payoff, eh? Disgusting, but that is the world we live in today. 


Despite the Sheriffís office releasing the photos over a week ago, State Police have refused to comment.  (A:  Probably all they want to know is, who was the woman.)


Anyway, thatís how bad it is today.  Itís pretty nasty in society.  And then you go into the jobs of course.  We know darn well that Tony Blair came out with, at least the Assistant Prime Minister came out with it, from the mainstream, and I read it on the air from the mainstream. He was told by Blair to utterly open the last bit of the floodgates of immigration from across Europe and the world into Britain, from diverse cultures Ė that means really opposing cultures, so vastly different cultures Ė that it would kill off the British culture forever, any last vestige of it, and even eventually the history of it.  And theyíve done awfully well at that.  And of course, thatís why Britain advertised, and I mean advertised, for 30 years that if you want good welfare and youíre refugee shopping or you know, migrant shopping, come to Britain.  It says...


Nine out of ten jobs created last year went to foreign nationals (A: ... in Britain.) / Jason Groves, Political Correspondent / 31st August 2011


Nine out of ten people who joined the workforce last year were foreign nationals, official figures revealed yesterday.


The number is far higher than had been previously thought.


British nationals accounted for only a tiny fraction of the rise in employment among working age people with most new workers being immigrants.  (A:  They get preferential treatment through the British system, because they want to kill off the British system; Tony Blairís guy said it.)


Last night experts warned there could be a Ďjobless recoveryí (A:  And how would you enter a recovery without jobs, eh?) for British workers unless ministers get to grips with immigration.  (A:  Theyíve said this for years but it wonít happen because thereís an agenda at work and itís not what you think.  Most folk think, well you know, theyíre just people looking for work.  No, no, no.  Itís not that at all.)


Chancellor George Osborne frequently points out that Britain has achieved one of the best records for job creation among developed countries in the past 12 months.  (A:  Well, it has, for immigrants.  [Alan laughing.] And thatís how itís done.  I can remember Jean Chrťtien, when he was the Prime Minister of Canada, for the liberals, and I cannot say liberal without always thinking about Khrushchev who said, well we donít call them communists in America, we call them liberals.  Anyway, Jean Chrťtien ran on the premise that he would not get into NAFTA.  And of course, once he was in 2 weeks later it says, Chrťtien has become the champion [of NAFTA], just like Mulroney did as well.  They both lied, but thatís what politicians do.  Chrťtien used to wave about this little red book, just like Mao Tse Tung and the school children; you would see them all quoting out of their little red books.  Like the whole secret of Canadaís success was held in this little red book he kept flapping about, but heíd never tell you what was in it.  And then he went on about jobs, jobs, jobs when he signed the NAFTA deal.  They had all signed it before him but he just upped it a bit and also to do with the World Trade Organization, etc, that would export the jobs to China.  And thatís what he kept on about, this is going to create jobs, jobs, jobs, he says.  And he did make them but it was all in China.  So this is a similar thing too.  Jobs, jobs, jobs for Britain, but itís all for recent immigrants.)


The new figures raise questions about whether the Governmentís drive to get millions off benefits and into work can be achieved without further curbs on immigration. They will also increase pressure to reform the bloated benefits system.  (A:  Anyway, it goes on with its usual figures, etc. But I tell you, the young folk have got the hardest time, because they canít get jobs.  It says...)


Yet employment levels among British nationals rose by just 14,000, or less than 8 per cent of the total.  (A:  And it goes on and on and on.)


The young folk are getting the hardest time. Thatís why suicide is so high too.  It is also in America, by the way, because I know folk who harvest organs and they tell me that theyíve never had so many donors, like they call them, of young people committing suicide.  And whatís really surprised them now, a lot of young woman are joining them as well and that never used to happen; theyíre actually killing themselves.  So thatís what you got there as the big boys get what they want.  And of course, theyíll come in.  Itís amazing that every crisis, you see, that they create, gives more power to this new European Parliament, that runs all these countries, that comes out with the solution, which is always closer integration, closer integration.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  The big boys too, the globalists like to use different countries for different part of their experiments before they give it to everyone else. And of course, they used Australia, or they are using Australia now for the carbon taxes and carbon sinks and all of that, and farmers canít plant and what a mess it is.  Because Julia Gillard, or Jillard, is awfully... well, she sticks by her book and nothingís going to budge her because of her massive incredible ego, you see.  Sheís got a lot to prove, you see, too much actually.  Anyway, it says...


Gillard decries Americanisation of political debate / AM chief political correspondent Sabra Lane, staff / September 01, 2011


Prime Minister Julia Gillard has taken aim at what she says is the "Americanisation" (A:  This is an interesting article.) of Australia's rancorous political debate.  (A:  And she means by that is folk are actually protesting in the streets.  And of course, thatís what youíre supposed to do in democracies.)


Recent anti-carbon tax rallies in Canberra and Sydney have featured coffins, "Ditch the Witch" signs, and "JuLiar" chants, in an echo of similar angry scenes at right-wing Tea Party rallies in the US.


Ms Gillard was asked at a community forum in Sydney last night whether those kinds of attacks demeaned her office and Australia's democracy.


The Prime Minister at first was a little hesitant to respond, saying her critics would target her for being thin-skinned.


"I don't like it when I get a sense of a kind of - with all apologies to our American friends - a kind of Americanisation of our debate," she said.  (A:  See, they donít like the public being involved in anything; thatís standard British Commonwealth type policy.)


"It's not in us generally (A:  She likes to keep them sitting back and half-cut with the beer, you know.), I don't think, to talk about 'people's revolt' and very, very harsh words of the nature that we've seen in the public debate.


"It is in us to have a robust public debate.


"We have politicians come from overseas and look at our Question Time and go 'it's a robust go', and that is an Australian way of doing it," she said.


"I don't think it helps us as a nation deal with some complicated questions.  (A:  Well, what questions are there?  Theyíre going to stick it to the general public and thatís the end of it, right?)


"I think there's a temper and tone question which, you know, we want to be uniquely our own and uniquely Australian, and I'm not sure we're seeing that on display now."  (A:  Well, itís maybe time Australians did get up and start participating, especially when theyíre going to get screwed for more cash for this farce called carbon taxes, and tell her where to go basically.)


But Federal Opposition leader Tony Abbott has rejected suggestions politics is more brutal, telling Fairfax Radio the public and the Opposition are simply fed up with the current Government.  (A:  No, itís also the policies; it wouldnít matter who comes in.  If they keep the same policies youíll get the same response, hopefully, of this so-called Americanization of peoplesí involvement.)


"The role of Opposition leader involves a lot of criticism and I think sometimes you pay the price of having to be the nation's official critic-in-chief," he said.


"But the party's doing extremely well. The Government is monumentally in difficulties."


Last night on 7.30, former prime minister John Howard rejected the notion that politics was more brutal now than it has ever been.


"I was there in 1975. It was pretty brutal then," Mr Howard said.


"And it was fairly brutal at various stages of the Hawke government so ... I don't think it's any more brutal; I think we have to preserve a sense of perspective."  (A:  Well, if the public donít get involved and protest they will get screwed.  Thatís the history of the planet, basically.  And itís unfortunate thereís maybe not enough Americans, and definitely not enough Canadians, doing the same darn thing as taxes increase all over the place.  Companies are scamming great profits in, and the governments love it because they got Value Added Tax, called GST, which when the prices go up they get a bigger percentage of income from the taxes because that goes up as well with each item sold.)


Everythingís a con, isnít it?  And hereís an article too, itís about...



Up to 60 per cent of the petrol price is tax / August 24,2011  / Matthew Sinclair


ALWAYS beware politicians who hit upon a cover story for higher taxes. Theyíll seize it with gusto.


In 1993 the then chancellor Ken Clarke was the first to use climate change as an excuse to take your money Ė he invented something called the fuel duty escalator.


Since then we have had three more chancellors but no change in the final result. Families are still getting hit with ever-higher taxes on everything from driving to work to lighting and heating their homes and even taking hard-earned holidays.  (A:  ... for those that can afford holidays.)


Green taxes have become a con that British families just canít afford with so many other pressures on their finances. The biggest green tax is still fuel duty which raised £27billion in 2010. (A:  ...for the government.)


With VAT (A:  Value Added Tax.) as well on both the fuel and the fuel duty, tax is about 60 per cent of the price at the pump (A:  ...60% TAXES!...) Ė one of the highest ratios in the world.


Motorists also pay nearly £6billion in road tax. (A:  You know, you have to pay road tax every year.)  Add up all the domestic green taxes and they raise £39.3billion (A: date so far.). If we assume it is fair enough for motorists to pay for building and maintaining roads that leaves £30.1billion of excess revenue. (A:  Oh, theyíve never got excess revenue in government.  Theyíre always broke donít you know, except for the occasional war; they find it, you know, in the back seats, you know, the politiciansí seats in the House or something like that. They suddenly find it all, donít they?)


Those additional taxes Ė on top of all the income tax and VAT we pay Ė are supposed to be justified by the contribution greenhouse gases make to global warming.


But even using a high official estimate of the environmental benefit of cutting a tonne of greenhouse gases (A:  Well you canít cut that, then youíd die.  You see, you need most of the greenhouse gases, actually you need all of them, because you see, thatís part of your natural atmosphere.  Most of itís water by the way.), Britainís collective carbon footprint of 582million tonnes causes harm worth around £16.9billion.  (A:  Well, itís so bogus, eh?  Itís like taking a magic figure, which they did, ď582million tonnesĒ.  Whoís measuring this?  And ďcauses harm worth around £16.9billionĒ.  What nonsense, isnít it?  Merlin would laugh his head off.)


That means green taxes are excessive by a massive £13.2billion, equivalent to £500 for every family in Britain.


IF YOU want to get away from it all donít think you can escape the taxman. For a family of four air passenger duty costs £48 for flights to Europe (A:  You got to pay carbon taxes on that too.), £240 for the United States and £340 for Australia.  (A:  ...for your carbon taxes.)


I can remember Prince Charles taking a private flight somewhere and they brought his Rolls Royce with him too, and they worked out the carbon he would pay, if he had to pay it that is, but heís exempt; heís nearer to God than anybody else.  But thatís the world that you live in, isnít it?  Itís all farce and comedy except for the ones who are soaked at the bottom end up poor and the ones at the top laugh their heads off.  Itís like Francis Bacon said, you know Francis Bacon used to write a form of treatises to Kings trying to get jobs.  And he wrote a bunch of recommendations, kind of Machiavellian style, to show how clever he was at conning the public.  He said, itís best in all affairs of state that the public never really know whatís really going on.  And thatís never been any different. 


Haiti... itís quite interesting. They had a massive cholera outbreak there after the UN went in.  It says...


Haiti: genome study confirms UN troops brought cholera / Weekly News Update / 08/30/2011


A comparison that Danish and US researchers have made of the whole genomes of cholera bacteria found in patients in Haiti and in Nepal provides nearly conclusive evidence that Nepalese soldiers in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) were the inadvertent cause of a cholera outbreak that has killed more than 6,000 Haitians. (A:  Mind you, they didnít mention the fact, I think, because they always bring in the World Health Organization to immunize folk immediately.  When either after theyíve bombed a country or gone in after natural disasters they always come in and inoculate everyone.  I wouldnít put that out either, by the way; Iíd always take that into consideration.)  The genomes are "practically identical," Harvard University microbiologist John Mekalanos told the magazine Science. "This is as close as you can come to molecular proof."


The first cases of cholera were reported in October 2010 around the city of Mirebalais in Haiti's Central Plateau. Local people blamed MINUSTAH troops (A:  Thatís what they call the ones from the UN.) at a base where they said had fecal matter had leaked into a nearby river. The soldiers at the base had recently arrived from Nepal, right after an outbreak of cholera there. (A:  Well that makes common sense then.)  On-the-ground research by a French epidemiologist, Dr. Renaud Piarroux, supported the Haitians' suspicions, as have subsequent studies, but MINUSTAH spokespeople have repeatedly denied (A:  Well the UN can never admit that theyíve caused a problem anywhere, do they?) that there's proof of the claim.


"More than 6,000 people are dead," (A:  Thatís what killed 6,000 people.  And thatís the way itís going.  So theyíll be after compensation and good luck to them.  Theyíll probably never see it, because theyíre not important enough and thatís how things are in this world.)


Southern New Mexico mayor, police chief arrested on weapons charges (A:  Another one here...) / Matthew Reichbach / 03.10.11


The mayor, the police chief and a city councilman in the small New Mexico border town of Columbus were arrested on firearm trafficking charges Thursday morning. The arrests were part of raids by agents for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (A:  ...which is quite funny since they were the biggest suppliers of guns; they simply got caught too.) and the Drug Enforcement Administration.


So far the exact charges on mayor Eddie Espinoza, city council member Ross Gutierrez and police chief Angelo Vega have not been released to the press. KOAT reported, ďAccording to the US Attorneyís office, the men face firearms violations and drug trafficking charges.Ē


A total of eleven people were reportedly arrested.


KOAT also reported that New Mexico ICE is also conducting operations in Columbus, New Mexico.


The arrests in Columbus come a day after prosecutors indicted 35 members of the Barrio Azteca gang in El Paso and Southern New Mexico. Among those indicted were 10 charged in connection with the killing of three people Ė including two Americans Ė linked to the U.S. Consulate in JuŠrez last year.


Columbus is a town just miles north of the United States and Mexico border. It is best known as being the town that Pancho Villa raided in 1916.  (A:  And that was quite a deal, that Pancho Villa thing, wasnít it?  Because it was for the first time that they actually got the press involved and the early moving camera, and of course heíd pose on his horse and jump up and down just like the Westerns do. And everybody would go, wow, wow and it was quite the pantomime.  But thatís the world weíre living in, as I say.  Itís getting more and more corrupt, at least the evidence is coming out more and more. They canít even hide it from each other anymore; thatís really whatís happening.  And they at least give us a pretense that theyíre doing something about it.)


Another article too, is about BP, British Petroleum, and itís way back; it was in May 2007 actually.  They made a deal...


BP Agrees Major Exploration and Production Deal with Libya - / 29 May 2007


Now itís strange, these treaties still stand, you know, after a countryís changed governments or theyíve had a coup or whatever, because this will come through.  So BPís obviously got the biggest contract there and that will be held to the law, as they say, this strange mercantile law that they have.  It was the same when Britain basically rented Hong Kong for 99 years lease, and sure enough at the end of that 99 years, when governments had changed, the communists had taken over the country, they still held to that agreement and gave it back to the Chinese, that immediately got to work and killed off a whole bunch of dissidents, as they called the people who didnít like it, that wanted democracy.  They handed them all over to, well, for their awful fate.


And this article here is to do with...


Scared Mexicans try under-the-skin tracking devices / Nick Miroff / August 21, 2011


(A:  Itís quite a little interesting article.  Now, we know from previous articles over the years that Mexico and the government there were trying to get all their members to use these under-the-skin tracking devices, because so many of them get kidnapped down there.  Itís just a thing that you take for granted as you walk out the door every morning and kiss the wife goodbye.  And itís corruption.  Itís the normal thing in Mexico; they donít see it the same way we do.  It says...)


QUERETARO, Mexico ó Of all the strange circumstances surrounding the violent abduction last year of Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, the Mexican power broker and former presidential candidate known here as ďBoss Diego,Ē perhaps nothing was weirder than the mysterious tracking chip that the kidnappers allegedly cut from his body.  (A:  Now, thereís a danger, obviously, when they want to put these chips in you.  Itís no time at all, the bad guys always know where itís going to be, and if you donít tell them what they want to know they just simply cut it, they slice it out of you, cut your arm off or wherever it happens to be buried.  Itís quite easy, isnít it?  Youíve even seen that in the movies when they cut off the hands now and use the hands to palmscan, or take the eyeballs out, in some of these movies, these Sci-Fiís, and show the eyeball in front of the scanner and then they walk through.  Anyway...)


Lurid Mexican media accounts reported that an armed gang invaded Fernandezís home, sliced open his arm with a pair of scissors and extracted a satellite-enabled tracking device (A:  Satellite enabled, eh?), leaving the chip and a streak of blood behind.  (A:  So the chip was of no value.  Anyway...)


Fernandez was freed seven months later with little explanation, but the gruesome details of his crude surgery have not dissuaded thousands of worried Mexicans from seeking out similar satellite and radio-frequency tracking products ó including scientifically dubious chip implants ó as abductions in the country soar.  (A:  And they want to merge this with the US... [Alan chuckles.] I mean, whoa...  Well, you know, Jacques Attali said this in his books.  That hordes, he said, would invade America until a good portion of the USA was Mexican speaking. Thatís on the cards.  This is from a guy at the United Nations; this is the agenda.)


According to a recent Mexican congressional report, kidnappings have jumped 317 percent in the past five years. More alarming, perhaps, is the finding that police officers or soldiers were involved in more than one-fifth of the crimes, contributing to widespread perceptions that authorities canít be trusted to solve the crimes or recover missing loved ones.  (A:  Theyíre all on the take, eh?)


Under-the-skin devices such as the one allegedly carved out of Boss Diego are selling here for thousands of dollars on the promise that they can help rescuers track down kidnapping victims. Xega, the Mexican company that sells the chips and performs the implants, says its sales have increased 40 percent in the past two years. (A:  Well, it just goes to show you, eh?  I mean, fear can do amazing things.  And of course theyíll bring it everywhere else too, using fear tactics as well... fear of not getting into your bank account or getting into your workplace, fear of....  Signs will go off if you donít have your proper chip, your government ID chip, and you walk into a supermarket and the guys will just jump you, you know, because youíre not authorized, you donít have a chip.)


ďUnfortunately, itís been good for business but bad for the country,Ē said Xega executive Diego Kuri, referring to the kidnappings. ďThirty percent of our clients arrive after someone in their family has already experienced a kidnapping,Ē added Kuri, interviewed at the companyís heavily fortified offices, opposite a tire shop in this industrial city 120 miles north of Mexicoís capital.


(A:  You can get different deals, you know.  You can also get...) Xega calls it the VIP package. For $2,000 upfront and annual fees of $2,000, the company provides clients with a subdermal radio-frequency identification chip (RFID), essentially a small antenna in a tiny glass tube. The chip, inserted into the fatty tissue of the arm between the shoulder and elbow, is less than half an inch long and about as wide as a strand of boiled spaghetti.


The chip relays a signal to an external Global Positioning System unit the size of a cellphone, Kuri said, but if the owner is stripped of the GPS device in the event of an abduction, Xega can still track down its clients by sending radio signals to the implant. The company says it has helped rescue 178 clients in the past decade.  (A:  Probably in pieces, I bet you.  Anyway, Iíll be back after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll go to John from New York whoís been hanginí on there.  Are you there John?


John:  I got a copy of magnum opus of the great work by Albert Pike.  And on the cover I was hoping if you could shed some light on this symbol, on two symbols actually.  Itís a heart with an arrow going through it and then fire coming out.  Does that mean anything?


Alan:  Well, the heartís used on many of their symbols.  The heartís used.† You often see, too, one of their symbols, is like a pelican actually, a mother, and the young are actually eating from her breast basically.  Eating, that is, like blood from the heart.  In other words, from the great God thatís behind all Gods basically, that which is behind all that is their master and this deity gives, to the right people of course, love and it gives them power.  Thatís really what it means.  So itís not just a cupid arrow going through the heart.  Itís more than that.  It also means youíre pierced in a sense; itís come into you.  So itís done that... thatís really what the symbolís about.  But they got lots of symbols.  If you go into the earlier Rosicrucian symbols that came out in about the 1500s, right to the present day, youíll see all of these same kinds of messages through maybe 150 different symbols telling you the same thing over and over again.  And itís also a symbol to the brother that you must give everything, including your heart, to the brotherhood; you hold nothing back, nothing back at all.  They want a whole-hearted, you might say, devotion to the brotherhood.  Thatís really what it means.


John:  Thereís a 7 pointed star with a triangle in the middle with a manís face and then it has guards around that say terra, as in earth I think, and a bunch of other stuff.  The 7 pointed star...


Alan:  See, Albert Pike used an awful lot of Cabala and he mentions that in his book of course.  Cabala has 7 as the number basically for balance, you might say, or harmony.   Harmony is the actual term that they use.  So it means harmony; anything inside of it is in harmony with whatever theyíre showing you.  And if you ever see a 9 pointed one, is completion. 


John:  Really?  Oh, alright.  Cool.  So, alright, and also, in his book, thereís some sort of Egyptian writing.  Where can I go to learn what those letters mean?


Alan:  Get a book by, he was for the British Museum and the Royal Society, Edward E Budge is his name.  Youíll find he has books on Egyptian translations. He was the foremost translator for Egyptology for the British Museum as well. 


John:  And here it says, Albert Pike the greatest and most memorialized Freemason that ever lived.


Alan:  Well, heís certainly worshipped, incredibly worshipped.  He was supposedly a Southern general in the Civil War, but nothing civil about it, mind you.† Even so, heís up there with his statue at Washington DC and just down the road actually, his museum is just down from the Congress, just a little walk away.  And all the big guys take a walk to see all the temple, I call it, of Albert Pike, the actual lodge itself.  Very important guy. 


John:  Thanks for taking my call, man. 


Alan:  And thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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