September 2nd, 2011 (#911)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 2nd, 2011:

Syria Next, War Brewing - Kinda Think I'm Deja-Vu-ing:

"Perpetual War and Constant Conflict,
Don't Need to Surmise or Predict
Middle Eastern Wars, Falling Dominoes,
Our Brave Troops -- Those Nasty Foes,
Once Dust is Settled, People can See
The Oil Cartels, "One fa You, One fa Me",
Revelation of the Method is then Presented,
'How We Deceived' Populations Demented,
By Lies and Deceit Capturing Public Opinion,
Media's All One in this World Dominion,
For Followers that Aided the Revolution,
Destitution Poverty, Wives in Prostitution"
© Alan Watt September 2nd, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė September 2nd, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on September the 2nd, 2011.  For newcomers, look into  Help yourself to the free audios which are there for download, and hopefully, you can take a long time, I guess and really go through the books I mention and different characters of this New World Order that I mention quite frequently too, and hopefully youíll put the whole business together, the system that runs the world.  Not the system that you think you vote for, thatís long obsolete, in fact.  Itís been obsolete for well over a hundred years anyway.  Probably more.  And professor Carroll Quigley mentioned that himself, that the Council on Foreign Relations for America, and basically its daddy from Britain, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, have been running prime ministers and presidents for about a hundred years, at least.


So, I show you the big picture, how the big system works with foundations, big bankers, international bankers, and the various organizations and clubs and think tanks that they have running the world, all intermeshed with big, big business.  And they have their own goals, of course, that donít really include the general public.  In fact, Orwell was quite right, the proles donít count.  Weíre kept busy being entertained and programmed and led in circles, by those who should know better.  And really, thatís the whole thing in a nutshell.  It truly is the Matrix.  So, I try, hopefully, to guide you through the different rooms and levels of the matrix.  Most folk get stuck in one level, or they get stuck in the money level, or the voting level, and weíre way beyond all of that, to be honest with you.  Because the big boys have already decided what kind of New World Order they wanted, and they didnít ask the general public.  And they never will in fact.  Thatís the reality of it. 


Remember too that you are an audience that brings me to you.  So, you can order the books and discs I have for sale at  And you can help keep me going for as long as you want, by the suicidal way; I take donations, basically.  And you can order the books and use donations to pay for them.  On the website,, from the US to Canada, youíll find out how to order using a personal check, or an international postal money order, from the post office, or you can use PayPal to order.  Some people just send cash.  Across the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and again, PayPal once again.  And straight donations, really, and Iím not just saying this, would really be appreciated, because Iíve had three different things bust down just in the last couple of days, to get this particular broadcast out.  And everything costs cash.  And this is not a profit making business, believe you me, itís not a business.  If it was, Iíd have all the advertisers on, and Iíd swear that everything they sold was fantastic, and youíll live until a hundred and fifty, but I donít.  The ads you hear on this particular broadcast are paid for by advertisers, directly to RBN.  I have got nothing to do with it.  And hopefully, that pays for RBNís airtime and their staff and their equipment, and replacing their equipment as well, hopefully, and their bills.  And so, you can help me with mine by buying the books and lots of discs too for sale at


And we are led around in circles, because, you see, the wars that they have, the information wars they called them, back in the Seventies, when they were pondering about the coming big changes, always hinting at big changes, but never telling us exactly what changes they meant.  And youíd have to belong to the Council on Foreign relations to find out, because, during the late 70s, they were already planning to have wars with the middle east.  And then during the 80s, and then into the 90s, with the formation of the New American Century club or the group, they listed the countries they wanted to take out and plunder from, and of course, that has been taken over by Obamaís administration, although Obama is just as much of a front man as Bush was.  Itís a big, big club.  And you donít need to even have presidents in on the higher knows.  All they do is sign all the forms that are put in front of their noses, take big paychecks, and make sure their wives have very expensive and profuse holidays around the world.  Thatís the real world that we live in.  And weíre treated like an audience, basically. And therefore, they supply the guys who keep you occupied and entertained and misinformed.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, you know, itís just astonishing, the stuff thatís put up by mainstream.  Itís just like the military running or Pentagon running your fictional shows, getting you used to wars and guys in uniforms, and theyíre all buddy buddies, and they slaughter the guys who canít aim straight and all that kind of stuff, to get young guys in.  And of course, to get the general public involved, because the bad guys are made out to be really, really bad guys.  People you never met before.  And even strangers, still theyíre all actors.  Anyway, thatís how it really goes.  Itís predictive programming through basically what you allow into your mind, into your brain.  Thereís no firewall in the brain, remember.  And you are your only guard.  They put out articles like this.


US economy created no job growth in August, data show


Employment growth ground to a halt in August, as sagging consumer confidence (Alan: What is consumer confidence?)discouraged already skittish U.S. businesses from hiring, keeping pressure on the Federal Reserve to provide more monetary stimulus to aid the struggling economy.


(A: What do you mean, struggling economy?  The only thing theyíre making are drones and bombs and stuff.  If it wasnít for this war going on, constant war, and constant conflict, of course, thatís what they call it, one war after another, then there would be no business at all.  And making uniforms, etc.  Itís good for the military boys and the ones that supply them, but itís not much good for anybody else.)


Nonfarm payrolls were unchanged last month, the Labor Department said Friday. It was the first time since 1945 that the government has reported a net monthly job change of zero. The August payrolls report was the worst since September 2010, while nonfarm employment for June and July was revised to show 58,000 fewer jobs.


So, things are going down the tubes, as it was meant to be.  Iíve said for years, when they decide to pull the plug, youíll know all about it.  Thereís no guessing about it.  And if you canít read the signs of the times, then keep watching your sports, because it will hit you eventually.  You might notice when youíre starving.  But thatís the way things are going at the moment.  Itís a world takedown, because weíre going into the big, big phase of the global society, and they must bring in, out of this chaos, which they already have, of course, a global governance, as they like to call it, but government none the less.  And youíll have to just chip in.  In fact, one of the British newspapers said itís pretty bad there too.  Thereís just no jobs, etc.  And it was actually the Council on Foreign Relations for Britain, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And they said that itís going to be tough times, where people will have to get used to austerity, meaning poverty, and innovation.  Innovation.  You know, thatís when, I grew up in innovation.  Thatís when you had grannies that would stitch the holes in your pullover, your jersey, and things like that.  You donít do that anymore, you see.  No one knows how to do it, apparently.  Youíre going back to all of that.  And then passing clothes around.  That kind of stuff.  You know.  As they do away with all what you used to think of as the middle class. 


And then again, thereís no jobs being created.  I mentioned about Gibson Guitar factory being raided with one of the environmental bunch and all the rest of, the feds anyway.  They raided them because they were importing certain woods from certain countries, which were all lawful and licensed, and all the rest of it, but apparently the deal is, you see, the new deal is that yeah, you can import the stuff, like mahogany and rosewood from these countries, under license, but you canít use it.  You canít.  You can sit and look at these billets of wood and maybe just put flowers on them or something.  Cover it and make a seat, but donít work it.  Donít work the wood to make it an actual seat, whatever you do, or you get thousands of dollars worth in fine.  Imagine attacking small businesses with guns drawn and all this stuff.  This is disgusting. 


And for those folk who really believe in government, you see, government is the problem.  It does nothing but expand and create new departments like cancers.  Thatís what it is.  Itís a cancer.  Even, you know, other people have said this before me, long before me.  Carl Jung said the same thing.  He wasnít worried about an Iron Curtain across Berlin, he was worried about an Iron Curtain across the entire planet, run by bureaucrats.  Thatís what he said.  Where there would be no freedom to do anything or say anything.  Itíll be politically correct, which weíre already at of course.  I mean, you can talk about all kinds of debauchery but donít condemn it, whatever you do, or youíre in trouble.  Anyway, this is what happened with Gibson Guitar.  And it says:


It seems that the Department of Justice wasnít satisfied with merely raiding the law abiding factories of Gibson Guitar with armed agents, shutting down their operation costing them millions, and leaving the American company in the dark as to how to proceed without going out of business.


(A: Now Gibson is up there.  Itís up there on a pedestal really for guitars.  And everyone who plays guitars knows what a Gibson is and the different kinds of Gibsons that they make, and the kinds of sounds you get out of different models.  It says:)


Now, according to CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, agents of the United States government are bluntly informing them that theyíd be better off shipping their manufacturing labor overseas.


(A: This is the deal.  Theyíre raiding you at gunpoint and telling you, oh, you canít make them here, but you can put all your labor overseas.  No jobs in America.  And you know something, Americans will just ďah, oh, somebody should do something about that,Ē but theyíll do nothing.  Iíve watched this for years and years and years.  And thatís what will happen.)


In an interview with KMJ AMís ďThe Chris Daniel Show,Ē Juszkiewicz revealed some startling information.


And he actually says what they told him.  They should ship their jobs to Madagascar.  And I think thereís an audio.  If you scroll down too, you can hear it for yourself.  Iíll put this up tonight at, the link up, and you can listen to it for yourself.  Itís quite interesting.  This is happening across the board.  It isnít just to Gibson, you understand.  Itís happening to furniture makers and all kinds of trades, etc.  And itís worldwide. 


It all starts with the United Nations treaties, because theyíre the boss, you see.  And you donít vote any of them in at the United Nations.  In fact, the United Nations isnít a democratic institution.  Itís a private organization, a corporation.  But thatís the way itís gone.† And of course, the CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs are the ones who created the United Nations for this very purpose.  And most of the wars, in fact, all the wars youíve fought in the last century.


John Cleese is well known for Monty Python, and different movies of the Monty Python crew.  And he went back.  Heís been living in California since about 1990 or so.  In fact, he left, I remember, when he went out one night after he heard this screaming outside in the street and it was someone getting mugged by foreigners, actually.  And he came out with his umbrella and started wacking this guy until they ran off.  And then his knees started shaking, because he realized he could have been killed himself.  And he decided it was just too violent to live in England, and he moved out.  But he went over to visit recently.  He says:


London is no longer an English city and that's how it got the Olympics, says John Cleese


Mass immigration has turned London into a city that is 'no longer English', John Cleese claims.


The former Monty Python star says he now feels like a foreigner walking through the capital's streets.


California-based Cleese, 71, moved to the U.S. more than two decades ago, having grown up in Somerset.


The comic was asked what he thought about British culture and the recent London riots during an interview on 7.30, a television show in Australia, where he is currently on a stand-up tour.


He replied: 'I'm not sure what's going on in Britain. Or, let me say this Ė I don't know what's going on in London, because London is no longer an English city.


'That's how we got the Olympics.


(A: Itís international, you see.  Thatís what the Olympics were designed for too.  International, to bring everything together that was international.  That was one of the mandates at the United Nations.)


'They said we were the most cosmopolitan city on Earth. But it doesn't feel English.

'I had a Californian friend come over two months ago, walk down the King's Road and say, "Where are all the English people?"


'I mean, I love having different cultures around. But when the parent culture kind of dissipates, you're left thinking, "Well, what's going on?"'


(A: Well, Iíve told you whatís going on, because Tony Blair told the rest of his staff to open the floodgates and destroy the British culture forever with mass immigration.  And that was mainstream newspapers.  Go into my archives and find it.  And then they go on about the far right groups, of course, they always bring this up:)


The English Defence League seized on Cleese's comments yesterday, posting a link to them on its Twitter page. A spokesman for London mayor Boris Johnson said: 'If the King's Road is jam-packed with foreign tourists then that is something we should celebrate.'


(A: Really?  Not if theyíre mugging you.)


And former mayor Ken Livingstone Ė currently standing for the post again Ė said: 'To stay competitive, London must be what New York is to the U.S., a global centre of business, culture and innovation,


(A: Huh.  Innovation.)


none of which can be achieved without people of all nations working and living here.'


(A: And of course, that was always the big goal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that private club that got wars started.  They said theyíd have to make wars happen to take over the world, and all the resources in it.  And the free movement of labor and capital and of course, manufacturing.  Thatís part of the free trade deal.  They designed that too, and NAFTA, for North America.  Anyway:)


The comedian was praised by UKIP leader Nigel Farage for articulating 'what an increasing number of people in London are thinking'.


(A: Well, why did they wait until he came over to say it?  Hmm?)


He added: 'For him to make these remarks shows a tremendous strength of feeling on this matter.


'Of course other cultures are welcome, but Mr Cleese is right to point out that it should not be at the expense of the parent culture.'


(A: Well that was the whole point of Labor government after Labor government, and of course, even Thatcherís Conservative government helped that along, because there are no actual sides.  Itís just one big agenda.  It says:)


Of the eight million people who currently live in Greater London, 2.7million residents were born outside the UK, and more than 300 languages are spoken in the city.


Last year Cleese, a Liberal Democrat supporter, lamented the state of modern England, bemoaning a decline in traditional middle-class values, which he says has been replaced by 'a yob culture'.


Well, that was the BBC that helped that, and that came from the top down, by the way.  You should ask yourself why the Etonians that run the BBC would want to make society so degraded.  Itís an agenda.  You see, you canít conquer people for an international society unless you make them utterly degraded, first of all, and you destroy their cultures forever and their morality and all that goes with it.  Thatís how you bring in a global society.  I hope you understand that.


The ancient Romans used to move people around when they conquered them.  Sometimes move them out of their own country, and they didnít invent that idea.  And once they got them to other countries, they would deculturalize them.  England has been awfully good at that too with different countries, including Scotland, in the past.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about the degradation of society, because you canít conquer people when they have a lot in common with each other, and they have a particular either religious belief or some kind of moral system to keep them all together.  Thatís when they stand up.  When morality is down the tubes, because of all theyíve watched for the last thirty, forty years on television, a steady degradation on television, of course, the people become as degraded as the characters theyíre watching on television, and some of them canít tell the difference between real life and the fiction theyíre seeing there.  Itís predictive programming, and it was all arranged an awful long time ago.  Itís one of the greatest tools, is television, and now the computer, of course.  Most folk donít even know much about the computer really, the older folks, at all, except thereís lots of porn on it.  And of course, that was how they launched it, oh, thereís lots of porn on it, making sure everybody gets into it.  Because itís essential that you get stuck on this computer so that they can do personality profiles on you, and update them every day, because you put all your silly information up there for them to do so.  And then you get your cell phones. 


And then youíre told youíre all getting tracked, and I donít even bother reading about the new articles about cell phones now, tracking, tracking people, because theyíve told you all before, and nobody really cares.  Itís so much fun, who cares?  Do you understand, when people donít care about their own privacy, theyíre done for.  I hope you realize that.  These are all symptoms of a people who have lost their defence and survival capabilities.


Youíre watching folk getting slaughtered across the planet, all the time.  You munch away your dinner at it, oh, look at that.  Oh look at that plane.  Oh, look at those missiles.  Oh, boom, boom, boom, boom.  And then tell you about their surgical strikes and how hygienic it is slaughtering folk these days.  And isnít science wonderful.  And thatís how it is now with them.  They canít tell entertainment from reality and they donít really care.  And when they donít care they definitely have no survival capabilities.  And they certainly wonít help each other out in times of crisis.  Youíre exactly where the big boys want you to be for this particular time period.  Because when thereís a food shortage, which will come, at the right time theyíll have it. 


On the Council on Foreign Relationsí own site, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House.  Chatham House is their main building, and the Pratt Building is the one in New York for the States.  Theyíve had think-tanks working on the coming food shortages for sixteen years.  Sixteen years, because you see, theyíre going to make it happen.  And they work with Monsanto and all the big boys that now own the entire food supply of the planet. Theyíll make it happen, you see.  And no one is going to turn around and say, do you want some extra beans here.  Believe you me, that is a society thatís been created, that government will be in charge of you all.  And youíd better obey. Thatís what theyíre telling you.


Now, Iíve also talked about degradation and children.  Iíve got stacks and stacks on that.  I wonít go into it all tonight, of course, but Iíve mentioned before how the UN every year or so floats the idea, the trial balloon that we should legalize pedophilia, and they call it intergenerational sex.  Now they want to call it love.  You see how, itís just quite natural for a stranger, an adult to just love these children that he wants to do odd things with.  And the consequences as they promote all this stuff, and you get more and more stuff on television, again, fictional.  Isnít it funny.  Itís all in comedies, and youíre thinking, oh, I guess itís not as bad as all that.


Convictions for sex offences on children up 60% in six years


The number of people convicted of sex offences on children aged under 16 in England and Wales has increased by nearly 60% in six years.


A Freedom of Information request to the Ministry of Justice found that in 2005, 1,363 people were convicted


(A: These are the convicted ones)


 while in 2010, it was 2,135.


The rise has been attributed to better detection and raised awareness.


Really?  Itís actually because thereís more folk doing it, you see.  Theyíre getting bold.  Theyíre getting bold because they know that eventually there will be no such thing as pedophilia.  The group in Holland has been pushing for a little while, this small group in Holland, who have had meetings and demonstrations to legalize it there.  And of course, theyíre using the Kinsey Report, that guy, that deviant himself that was wanting to poke his own guys he was working with and the women.  He actually told all his staff to have sex with each other, by the way.  He hired people to literally, I canít say sex, they buggered little children.  Babies actually, babies, with stopwatches.  And Iíve had those links up before.  Iíll put them up again tonight, on the real story of Kinsey, not that Hollywood trash that tried to glorify him.  And all his reports were fake.  He used prostitutes mainly as the average woman.  Thatís what he took his data from.  Anyway, so theyíre getting what they want, you see, society is completely kaput as far as Iím concerned.  And itís not easy to get back to any kind of workable society once this has happened.  This is an old technique.  It happened in ancient Greece.  It happened in Rome.  It was brought about by guys who knew how to do it.  And here we are today at the end of the era. 


And we know too that the New American Century group had all the countries that they wanted to slaughter and take over and plunder.  And they even had all their pipelines drafted up and stuff, all this stuff that theyíd go across Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere, and the whole list was set up with the order.  And now theyíre going forward with the next sanction on Syria, basically.  Because Syria is to topple next, you see.  First theyíve brought in all their color revolutionaries.  The ones that come in with their bandanas of some kind or another, all made in the US, and trained in the US and in England too.  Many of them were students at the universities in both those countries.  And you can hear their accents whenever they get a chance to talk on television.  They go in and they agitate for a year or two years, well funded by a whole bunch of agencies from the West, again.  And then the TV stations go out at the right time, and they demonstrate.  And they say, ďoh, these are popular revolts.  These people are protesting.Ē  And thatís what they cover, you know.  But in actuality, theyíre paid agitators.  Theyíre flown around the world.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading about how theyíre getting ready for Syria, and they always start with sanctions they call it.


EU steps up Syria sanctions with ban on oil imports


The EU


(A: Which is just this non-democratic parliamentary system, where they donít even know at the top whoís voting on who at the top, because itís a private club there. Anyway, it says:)


has stepped up sanctions on Syria by banning imports of its oil, as protests again broke out against the rule


(A: This is what theyíre saying:)


of President Bashar al-Assad.


(A: Again by the Color Revolutions that they send in.  All trained by the West.  And it says:)


Oil accounts for about 25% of Syria's income and EU member states take about 95% of its oil exports.


Of course they want it all for nothing, and thatís really what theyíre going to do, you see.  Thatís what theyíre doing in all these countries.  They already divvy up the countryís oil and resources before they invade.  So, all the big boys have already been to see the prime ministers and presidents, and made their deals.  And that was in the mainstream the last time, even with Iraq.  They admitted years after it, oh, yeah we made the deals before we went in.  What presents they get.  And we pay for all of this.  We pay for rebuilding the countries and all of that, and the refineries, brand new ones.  They donít like these old ones.  We pay for them all, and they just hand them over to the big boys.  And you keep talking about democracy.  What a joke.  Come on, grow up, eh.  Grow up. 


And also, Iíll put up tonight too: The Anger at Wikileaks Mass Release.  Thereís a massive release, and a lot of it is to do with the banking system.  And Iíll put the links up to that.  You better grab them fast.  And I canít download them here, unfortunately, because the speed on the satellite is too slow.  And plus, they punish me.  They punish me and cut me off if I go over ten megs at once.  Ooh.  Anyway, thatís pretty well it for that bit there.


Now, thereís someone hanging on the phones.  Itís Chris from North Carolina.  Are you there, Chris?


Chris: Hello, Mr. Watt.  Yes Sir.  What Iíd like to talk about is kind of off the topic a little bit.  I ordered your books, the first three a couple of years ago.  And I come from a Christian background, and it really kind of knocked the props out from under me, I guess.  And Iíve come to the point of realizing that Iíve got to question everything that Iíve been led to believe.  Where do you go to find the truth?  I mean, I understand, you know, if the Bible has been tampered with, you know, whatís true and whatís not?


Alan: You have to go into the writings before the Romans basically took over Christianity, which they did.  I mean, Constantine had a conclave.  Very much like the same thing happened with Buddhism.  And he had a conclave, and there were so many splintering factions already over a couple of hundred years period or more, that he wanted to stabilize it and bring it in as one religion, added to all the rest of Romeís religions, you know, on the hill in Rome.  They had a part of the hill that was all fenced off and thatís where all the gods were, all the gods were placed near their statues.  But they altered things.  They wanted to get everything uniform, you understand.  Standardization is a must for total power, the same as theyíre doing in the world today.   Theyíre standardizing every country, central banks, debt, IMF, the whole thing.  Itís the same thing, but you must also do it with religion, what binds the folk together.  And they took the basic story, and then they added on to it all the stuff which theyíd added on to previous gods, because they wanted to get all the pagans in with it too.  And of course, over a period of time that happened, and then, of course, in the next conclave they had, then they added more things on to that as well, and elevated Mary up to the status that she is today, because, they already had the Alma Mater, in Rome, the Great Mother, and she fitted in very well.  So, they basically took a very old story, tacked it on, on top, until it smothered the original story.  And you can tell, even when you read the New Testament, where theyíve suddenly put little bits in there that donít fit the narrative, the flow of the narrative, like you should obey government, you know.  Meanwhile, youíre following a guy who literally stood up against the government of his day.  And he suffered with his life.


Chris: Yeah, I grew up asking those questions, and then, every time I would ask something like that, you know, whoever I was asking it to would tell me, you know, well, thatís the Bible, you canít dispute that.


Alan: Thatís right.  And meanwhile, I mean, youíre following a guy who stood up against his own priesthood, the guys who lorded over him.  He said you donít need them.  That was the biggest thing that he said.  You donít need these guys, these priests.  He says, go into your own room and pray yourself to God, you see.  And of course, that was not good for the priestsí business.   And, so that was one thing. And he also kicked out the moneychangers, the international moneychangers from the big temple.  That was a big cash inflow.  And that was another no-no.  And so, he stood up against the powers of his day, knowing he was going to get killed.  And yet, the Christians today are taught the opposite.  Oh, weíre all saved, you know.  Weíre all saved.  It doesnít matter what you do, weíre all saved.  Itís like having a blank credit card.  No matter what you do in the future, youíre all saved, you see.  Nonsense, utter nonsense.  He didnít come to save the world, he says he came for the few.  And he said, basically, he was the example for the few.  And they also tacked on different miracles.  You can say yes or no to them.  But there was a character there, an individual, definitely, that upset the rabbis of his day, because they wrote about it in the Talmud and other literature as well.  So, all Bibles are updated for political reasons and purposes.


And even, of course, the Geneva Bible was written in Geneva by really early Masons, Rosicrucians that were also revolutionaries, ran off to Geneva for sanctuary, and they wrote their Geneva version there, with trying to get the publics.  You see, itís all propaganda for the public.  Thatís why they change things.  And because it was a religious public at the time, they had to alter it and put footnotes in the Geneva Bible to try and get folk on board for Revolution.  And it was very successful.  And then, King James Version came out, again, for political reasons, to once again put the sovereigns back in control, just like a Pope.  James believed he was put there by God as a sovereign over the people, the peasants.  And so itís always been the same.  You have to really go into pre-Constantine literature to find out what they were preaching at that time, because it was supposed to be Good News.  You didnít have to be ruled by priests and control freaks, and for any of their particular agendas.  And you could talk directly to a deity and get it off your chest, whatever you had to confess.  And also, you could have this contact with something bigger than you.  And it definitely changed the world.  It changed the slave system and everything else over a period of time.  It was a revolutionary force at this time. 


Today, youíve got television evangelists dripping with gold, telling you this prosperity doctrine.  Youíre all going to heaven no matter what you do, and all that rubbish.  So, basically, thereís a narrow way, as youíve got in the New Testament, and then thereís a broad way.  Thatís why you call Broadway, Broad-Way in New York.  Thatís the broad way.  But itís the narrow way, and few there are that find it.  Most will never find it. 


Chris: Okay.  So, I need to look pre-Constantine literature.


Alan: Yes.  Yes, they were different.


Chris: Where would I find that?


Alan: Youíll find it, most of the stuff now, youíll find relegated to the university archives, but you can get a hold of some of it.  Youíll find some in Durantís book, Caesar and Christ, it was called.  And remember too, when youíre even reading that book, the Rockefeller Foundation sent out Will Durant and his team to write stuff that would bring folk into secular humanism.  So even thereís spins in there, but thereís also a lot of good little bits of truth as well.  Everything out there is propaganda, you understand.  Everything.


Chris: Iím beginning to see that.


Alan: Caesar and Christ by Will Durant is quite a good book to read to show you how even the different sects of Christians that didnít want to go along with Constantineís rule were actually poisoned and bumped off and assassinated, because they wouldnít go along and join this universal church, basically.  And remember too that Constantine himself just made it one of the many churches that the Romans already accepted, being an empire.  They had gods from all the different countries on the Palatine hill.  And you also find out too that Constantine had insurance policies.  He saw religions like insurance policies.  And so, he belonged to them all, and he also erected, which was typical for the emperors in those days, he erected a statue in a temple, in his own lifetime, where you could go and worship him, himself.


Chris: Okay, well, Mr. Watt, I sure do appreciate your time, and thank you very much for the information. 


Alan: Okay, thanks for calling. 


Chris: Yes, sir.


Alan: But thatís it.  And itís so amazing, but, unfortunately, people throw the baby out with the bathwater with Christianity, because it gave you a moral guideline where children at least were safe, and women were pretty safe, and you know, a society would pull together having so much in common, often, and overthrow governments that were tyrannical.  Things like that.  Once thatís all gone you have nothing left.  You have nothing.  Youíve got to have a common culture, something that binds you together.  And of course, even with religion, you have very cunning people who can use the countries against each other as well, as you saw especially in World War I, where you have priests and ministers on both sides blessing their troops before they go and slaughter each other.  I mean, whatís Christian about that?  Hmm?  So, really, everything is used for political purposes by the psychopaths, who have always existed, and they know how to do it.  Itís all formula, you see. 


Now, talking about how things have plummeted in society.  We know it.  Itís all around us.  And I know that folk today through incrementational input into their brains will accept more and more pornography even in the general movies that they watch.  And thatís why they do it incrementally.  Little by little by little, you see.  And the more you accept, the more youíre ready for the next bit.  Youíll say, oh, Iím not sure about that.  And then they take you on to the rest of the story so you kind of forget it.  You want to find out what happens, rather than switch the darn thing off.  It says:


A K-8 school by day, adult club by night?


A Miami-Dade charter school is in trouble with the school district, accused of having bawdy, after-hours parties on its South Miami Heights campus.


And the children would go in the morning, and thereís booze cans and bottles of beer and all the rest of it, and perfume, and god knows what else lying around in the place.  And everything you see is so decadent now.  And a country like that cannot stand.  The other day I mentioned about the cops having sex with people rather than pay fines and things, you see.  They have sex with them, on the bonnet of a car.  You know. 


Hereís an article here:


Philly police officer charged with rape while on duty


I get these every single day.  Because theyíre pulling the cops and the soldiers and everybody else out of the same decadent civilization and culture.  So, expect more and more and more of this.  And thatís why itís happening all across the world.  Itís just disgusting whatís happening, because really, it makes you ashamed to be born as part of the human species, if youíre thinking at all.  And Iíll also put tonight up too, a link to the associated press, and itís about the robo-signing of mortgages.  Iíve mentioned this before, but thereís more on it now.  It says:


Counties across the United States are discovering that illegal or questionable mortgage paperwork is far more widespread than thought, tainting the deeds of tens of thousands of homes dating to the late 1990s.


The suspect documents could create legal trouble for homeowners for years.


Because these banks were selling the mortgages off to each other.  Just passing them up the ladder, basically, making them more and more expensive, and now theyíve got to figure out who actually owns them.  And these guys are rewarded.  Donít you understand your system is corrupt?  Why would you vote it back in again?  Why?  Why would you vote the same system back in?  Why would you vote the guys that are presented to you, that youíve never heard about before they come up, and theyíre all passed and quality approved and stamped by the Council on Foreign Relations in the States and the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain?  And for Europe as well, itís still the Institute for International Affairs.  Itís for the whole world now.  Why would you vote them in when theyíre going to keep the same Central Banking system, where they borrow from private banks, tack on massive interest, and make you all pay for it, so that they can throw it across the world and build lovely refineries for their pals, after theyíve slaughtered, using your tax money, and then give them away to BP and Shell and all the usual culprits?


Why would you vote the same system in?  Look around you.  Do you see it working anywhere?  Do you?  Itís astonishing.  But then thereís no end to psychopaths that get all dressed up and faces powdered, who have the gift of the gab, everywhere actually, and itís up to you to find out who they are.  And itís quite easy to detect who they are.  Just listen to them for a few minutes. 


Anyway, theyíll never figure this one out, and I donít think really the government wants to figure it out.  They donít want the fines, and you know more court cases.  They want it to blow over and leave the people on the streets or in their tents, now that they donít have a home.  And as I say, Syria is going to get blasted shortly.  Thatís always what they do.  First the embargo and then they go in with NATO. 


And then, of course, thereís an article too about, this is your PR thing:


Libya conflict: UK forces should be proud, says Cameron


(A: This prime minister. He says the:)


UK forces should be "very proud" of what they achieved in Libya


(A: You know, slaughtering folk and all the usual stuff.)


and said the US saw Britain as its "strongest and most staunch ally".


So, I put the link up, and youíll find it.  I say the British private corporation of Britain is congratulated by the private corporation of America for using its private armies for slaughtering the Libyans and plundering.  Thatís really what itís about.  Letís not kid ourselves.  This is another article here too about that very subject.  It says that:


The race is on


(A: Oh, the race.  How they use these sports terms, eh.  That the race is on to see whoís going to get the oil.  Like they donít know, eh.)


The race is on for Libya's oil, with Britain and France both staking a claim.


The starting pistol has been fired


(A: The starting pistol?  Just sports, you see, this slaughtering stuff.)


on bids by Britain and other western powers to secure a slice of the oil prize in Libya when France said it was "fair and logical" for its companies to benefit.


(A: And then they tell you, basically theyíre doing their little deals between them, and handshakes and all the rest of it, and shady parties and things like that, as they get through it.  So, they mention some of the oil companies.)


Shell was also becoming active before the civil war broke out,


(A: Meaning they made the deal then.)


as was Total of France,


(A: Thatís another oil company)


but the conflict over the past few months has brought the country's existing oil production of 1.6m barrels a day Ė 2% of the world's total Ė to a halt.


And so, of course all these folk, you always get the agitators who the psychopaths train by the CIA and the MI6, to lead these insurgents.  And they run al Qaeda, for goodness sake.  Oh, weíre enemies.  Oh, weíre friends now.  Oh, weíre enemies.  Oh, weíre friends now.  All this nonsense back and forth.  Itís like Russian roulette.  But itís all run by the same bunch at the top.  The followers are just peons that go by the wayside, because theyíre always disappointed afterwards when everything they thought the country was going to get back is plundered from them, but they never learn.  Useful idiots is the term that Pike used and others.  And oh, how true, isnít it?  Oh, how true.


And then again, another article.  I read one a long time ago about the rendition process. The two companies that rendered them out of the US to abroad to get tortured, all of the terrorists, are squabbling over cash from the government, because they havenít got paid yet.  Iíll put that up too.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And if Matthew from Australia is still hanging on, Iíll take him now.  Are you there, Matthew?


Matthew: I just wanted to ask you, are there any books about the Frankfurt School and what theyíve sort of, what theyíve done with the music industry?


Alan: Youíll find lots on the net, in fact, if youíll just go into the Frankfurt School, and you look into especially the works of Theo Adorno, because he was one of the biggest players on the music side of things and the cultural changes, and you find out why they came across from Europe.  Not just to run from Hitler, but it was also that they studied the American system and decided how they could take it over, manipulate it and use it, and destroy society, and bring in the system that they wanted to control.  And mind you, they were complete elitists.  They didnít believe in equality of classes or anything.  They used that all the time.  But they really believed they were too cerebrally superior to all the rest to ever have an equal society.  They believed that humanity had to be ruled by the superior intellectual types.  And they were eugenicists as well, you know.  One of the intros to one of the books I read by Theo Adorno, he spends a whole page telling you that the English language was just too inefficient to really put across his deep ability to express thought.  And therefore, he wouldnít attempt to do it.  And then he goes on to spend two or three pages more on the intro, telling you how stupid most folk are, and if you can follow him, then you might have a chance.  But the Frankfurt School was awfully big.  It blended.  It was part of the Macy Group.  Truman gave the Macy Group power to help create the new culture for America, for the global society.  Thatís official.  That was a fact.  And Bertrand Russell, who was a member of all these groups, also was a member of the Macy Group.  Thatís what Iím saying, where you are today with your culture is exactly where they and the Frankfurt School combined have brought you.  They designed it years ago.  Years and years and years ago, this very stage youíre at now.  They talked about it.  In fact, Julian Huxley, also a member of it too, and the United Nations, UNESCO, he said that eventually there would be a period of chaos, when weíve destroyed all the cultures, and before they bring in the humanist society, and there will be chaos there when people are nihilistic and despondent, and thereís nothing to hold on to.  And there will be a lot of crime and murders and rapes, but thatís just something that will have to happen, he says, on the way.  Thatís in his own book, by the way. 


Matthew: Yeah, right.  Yeah, just looking around the world at the moment, it looks like weíre getting closer and closer to that. 


Alan:  Well, this is a long agenda.  The proles donít count as Orwell said.  The general public donít count.  Theyíre not involved.  And all they do is read news that might affect them and store up food and all the rest of it, and gold and silver.  Thanks for calling though.  Remember too, help support me too with donations, and hopefully buy the books, because things are getting tight.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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