Sept. 5, 2011 (#912)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 5, 2011:

Seconds Anyone?
Psycho-Elites Giggle with Titillation
At the Peasants' Humiliation:

"We Live in the Psychopaths' System, They Call Us Dirty Slugs,
Well the E.U. Super-Soviet Says We're to Start Eating Bugs,
Meat in All its Forms is Simply Unsustainable,
Priced High for Lower Classes, It's Almost Unobtainable,
Taxpayers Paying to Be Brainwashed into Eating
The Final Humiliation, The Creatures that Go Creeping,
Crunching On a Cricket, Or a Stew Made Up of Fleas,
Some Fake Sauce, Green Sphagnum Moss, Aiming for to Please,
Fleas, Mosquitoes, Ticks, Deerfly?--The Unemployed and Lost
Could Serve as Hosts for Billions, Sweet Profit Less Picking Cost,
Our Elites have Exemptions, They won't Share Our Fates,
Champers, Salmon, Caviar, or Angus Beef on Their Plates"
© Alan Watt Sept. 5, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 5, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 5th 2011.  For newcomers, I always suggest Ė and get it out of the way at the start of the broadcast Ė that you should look into my web site and help yourself to the hundreds of audios which are there to hopefully guide you and give you shortcuts to the big system that youíre born into.  Itís really an amazing system indeed.  Itís very much like The Matrix where the room that you happen to be born into is the system made out for you and of course it takes an awful long time, or maybe a few shocks along the way, before you realize, no, thatís the fake system and thereís ones above it, many layers actually.  So hopefully, as I say, youíll get the shortcuts if you go through these audios. 


Remember too, you are the audience who bring me to you so you can support me by buying the books and disks I have for sale at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Itís all explanatory on the .com site when you look into it.  Remember too, all those sites have a lot of transcripts in other languages at and all the rest of them listed there in English Ė I have of course English Ė transcripts as well for those who want print-ups.  So thereís lots to choose from. 


Because itís a bewildering system when youíre on the bottom room, or the bottom floor basically, when youíre born into it.  Your parents donít know.  People around you donít know.  Your educational system and the media, their job is to make you stay in that room and never even imagine thereís anything beyond it, just bad people at the top of your room basically, floating near the ceiling, that seem to be awfully rich.  Thatís how you kind of perceive life, in this vague way.  But itís much, much bigger than that.  Itís a global system, HAS BEEN all your life and before your parents were even born because this system was set up a long time ago.  To bring us where?  Exactly where we are today, including the schedules for wars, wars with whom, and the whole list of wars, one after another, for this present period of time to standardize the last few countries in the world into something called democracy, which is a wonderful idea; if it could actually materialize we might get some profit out of it, personally.  Anyway, youíll find that it doesnít exist at all.  Itís a con.  Itís a front, like everything else is a front, to bring in a form of socialist system to control the public with the big fascist system at the top of it. Because when you look into all the partnerships of left-wing and right-wing at the top, theyíre either all married to each other, or related at least, and theyíre all awfully, awfully wealthy, incredibly wealthy.  Some of the richest people in the world are actually Marxists.  Quite astonishing. 


Anyway, thatís the system that they gave us to really control us.  Itís a socialist or Marxist type system, exactly what Professor Carroll Quigley talked about.  He says, they often mistake our groups for Marxists or left-wingers, and of course he was talking about the Council on Foreign Relations which is just the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the ones who were given the initial task and set up the international bankers Ė they owned it actually Ė and given a royal charter to exist and go ahead.† They basically owned the system of money and they went after the worldís resources, initially, but they also went out to set up a world government, well over 100 years ago, when they called themselves the Milner Group and of course the Rhodes Society.  Iíve no doubt they existed with many names prior to that too.  But as I say, theyíre often mistaken for the left-wing because the big bankers prefer, definitely prefer a socialist type system with a massive government and governmental agencies to control every aspect of your lives.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Interesting that Quigley said that though, they were often mistaken, this Council on Foreign Relations, for being Marxist or communist.  And really, when you look at the two of them, thereís not a whit of difference really except theyíre run by another group above them, you see.  As I say, they prefer socialism or communism because it really has a heavy hand over the public.  It makes the proper kind of society, as they like to say themselves, where youíre watched and supervised and given the right thoughts and the right ideas and the right things to worship, which is generally the State, that kind of stuff.


Some of them call it positive freedom and other ones call it negative freedom.  Negative freedom is where they give you a kind of 1970s America with lots of movies about people going back and forward in the desert in big cars and not much happens and things like that.  So youíre well entertained but you donít really know whatís going on and youíre kept out of any kind of loop, and the media just fosters that too.  Positive freedom comes in when you have a common cause, a purpose, and they give purposes like we have to spread communism across the world, or weíve got to go fight the Nazis, or fight the Japanese, or fight somebody.  Now itís fighting the Middle East of course.  And thatís positive freedom; get them all on board together, a war scenario in other words, always with a vague down-the-road utopia that will materialize one day and youíre working to help those who are yet to come.  Thatís the idea of it.  But they use all of these techniques.


Itís interesting too, that Karl Marx talked about basically a united Europe, and a united Americas as well, and also one for the Pacific Rim region, which also the Council on Foreign Relations set up back in the 1920s Ė the Institute for Pacific Relations is one of their fronts and they have another couple of them Ė ALL working towards one day building China up to be the manufacturer of the world.  Of course, they created the World Trade Organization to do it.  And we pumped our cash in to make it so.  And then of course, the eventual amalgamation under a singular system for the Far East as well.  So theyíre doing it and rushing ahead with NAFTA, for the Americas; theyíre still pushing ahead with that as well.  And each Prime Minister and President takes different turns going down and signing the deals.  They used to all do it together until a lot of the ones who were watching them caught on to that.  Now they keep it quiet. They just go for Ďtoursí in Latin America and sign the different charters and treaties. 


In Europe of course, those who have followed Europe... and this is the sad thing about today too.  Weíre not really a creature thatís built to look across the whole world and feel part of anything way out wonder.  Itís like looking into outer space and believing you belong to Mars or something.  Youíre only involved with the things around you, which can either help or hurt you, and thatís your immediate area.  Therefore, we become kind of localized in our thoughts and thinking.  If you notice, the media gives us nothing but foreign media now and foreign wars, to train you that itís all part of one global system.  And they get you awful frustrated about them, except thereís nothing you can do about it, you see.  It further frustrates you; thereís nothing you can do.  You know itís nothing to do with the reasons they give you for all these wars.  We know itís plunder and everything else.  And personally, I get awfully sick at the media going along with lies, and then exposing the lies, and then going back to the lies again.  They did that with the Ďweapons of mass destructioní.  Then it leaked out it was just a phrase dreamed up by Madison Avenue, that they were told to set up for the President and the rest of them to speak out about, and then they exposed that, and then they were using it back the following day.  Thatís how fast they change.  Itís like the head of the Council on Foreign Relations, Mr Haass, admitting that they didnít go into the Middle East to help anybody getting killed by their governments at all; they used that as an excuse. But the next day in the main news it was back to the same thing:  oh, we went over there to help the poor people being killed by their governments.  Itís all farce and unfortunately they churn out a lot of farce for us to believe in, and confuse us too. 


Getting back to that amalgamation deals too, as I say, Karl Marx talked about the unification of Europe and thatís really what has been set up. Itís a super Soviet type system with an awful lot of rich millionaires and billionaires running the whole show at the top.  And at the top you donít even know whoís running it because they wonít tell you; itís secret.  They still call it democratic though because the politicians that supposedly represent the different countries now, which are now called states or provinces, the politicians can yap a lot and grandstand on television and laugh at each other, etc, but they canít actually pass any bill themselves or even put any bills forward never mind annul them.  So itís a dictatorship of a sort. 


Here you have the same Marxist idea...


Former German leader calls for "United States of Europe" /  Brian Rohan/ Sep 4, 2011


BERLIN (Reuters) - Former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Sunday called for the creation of a "United States of Europe," (Alan:  I heard this last year, he says it every year...) saying the bloc needed a common government to avoid future economic crises.  (A:  Cause the problem and come out with the solution, this is what they do.)


Schroeder, a Social Democrat who ran the country from 1998 to 2005, said in an interview with Der Spiegel that European Union leaders were wrong to expect the euro to drive the bloc on its own.  (A:  So in other words, you see, the Euro was introduced to further amalgamate them under a central government system, a central banking system, and they created the Bank of Europe, the central bank of Europe.  But itís not doing all of its jobs.  So he says...)


"The current crisis makes it relentlessly clear that we cannot have a common currency zone without a common fiscal, economic and social policy," Schroeder said.  (A:  You understand, thatís everything:  fiscal, economic and social policy.)


He added: "We will have to give up national sovereignty."  (A:  Like they havenít already.)


"From the European Commission, we should make a government which would be supervised by the European Parliament. And that means the United States of Europe."


Schroeder, who nurtured a close relationship with France during his leadership, welcomed an initiative launched by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy to move toward a fiscal union in 2012. 


Their proposal, which would mean giving up sovereignty over budgetary policies with the aim to shore up the 17-nation currency union, has received a lukewarm response from other euro zone countries.  (A:  This is all just step by step with an old script they probably pulled out and blew the dust off, because itís time to put it in, you see.  And thatís how the world is really run; itís not spur of the moment decisions.  Itís got a definite goal; always had a definite goal.  And it was admitted, eventually in the 90s when they took the secrecy off the European amalgamation, after they got all the countries into it, they said in their initial charter theyíd have to lie to the public because theyíd never go for losing their national sovereignty.  So they lied from 1948 right up to until the late 90s, and theyíre still lying today of course.)


"Germany and France have sent a strong signal with the plan for a European economic government, if it is meant seriously and receives suitable authority such as a European finance minister," Schroeder said.  (A:  So they want a European finance minister.)


"That is the correct way forward and the precondition for the correct funding -- (A:  ...which are...) euro bonds," he said.


Germany, which enjoys lower costs for issuing debt than its single currency partners, has led resistance to joint euro-denominated bonds. 


So itís all to do with cash too, as these psychopaths march on in their big psychopathic club at the top knowing exactly where itís all going.  And youíre not supposed to know.  Youíre supposed to think theyíre just, you know, pulling at straws as they go down and drown at the last minute.  Oh, we better amalgamate completely and give up all sovereignty.  You have to go back and read the set-up of the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements, all these; thatís the banking group, this PRIVATE banking group under the United Nations, which again, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR set up.  And youíll find out this was planned a long time ago.  John Maynard Keynes wrote about it, its true purpose of these particular banks, was to unite the GLOBE eventually.  And the International Monetary Fund was basically its big stick as well to keep all the countries in line and eventually it would come up to part 2, the Bretton Woods Part 2 Agreement, where theyíd create the new system for the whole planet and the IMF would do all the bookkeeping.  Thereíd be no localized, in other words, national bookkeeping left; it would be open for the IMF who would do all your books; itís pretty well there today.  So weíre going into this global system, not a nice pretty happy multicultural utopia; itís nothing to do with that.  Itís just that the peasants of each country are just the same as the peasant of any other country in the eyes of the inbred top elite psychopaths that run it all.


And you ever wondered what happened to, you know, the skeletal remains of cremation?  Last week I talked about this liquid goo they were going to pour you into.  Thereís been a few articles about that for crematoriums being done away with eventually.  But theyíre still left with bits of skeleton and so on, and they actually put them in road fill.  They actually put that stuff in road fill; have been doing it for years.  It reminds me of the fluoride which was really the scrapings of the inner chimneys when they burnt off the different metals to make aluminum.  And some bright spark came up with the idea of rather than pay to have this poisonous stuff disposed of, letís make the people drink it in their water and put it in their toothpaste, and get them to buy it.  And it worked awfully well. 


Well, what do they do with radiation, you know?  Whenever radiation leaks somewhere they grab all the topsoil, which is radioactive, and take it all away and thatís the last you hear of it.  And I know in Britain and some countries, during the Cold War, they used to fly a lot of nuclear material over populated areas; the US tended to ban that and took it by transport by road in case there were accidents and keep it more local there.  Britain has pooh-poohed the whole idea that they did have accidents, which they did, and that anyone got harmed.  And documentaries came out a few years ago showing where houses had been built and the people are coming down with incredible cancers.  And they come in with radiation monitors and they find it screaming; the soil is screaming.  Well, thatís where a lot of this stuff from these accidents happened to end up, was the ground that these houses were built on, still working well today. 


Now, in New York State there are...


Concerns over Falls road fill radiation (A:  This is how theyíve titled it.) / 31 Aug 2011 / Luke Moretti


NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) - A state lawmaker is calling for an investigation, and one expert in radioactive waste management is expressing concern. The controversy involves radioactive road fill in Niagara Falls and there are still lots of questions.  (A:  But they really skip around it Ė Iíll read it to you Ė but nobody asks, where did it come from?  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about what happens to radiation spills.  What do they do with that stuff when they take the topsoil away?  Well, they put it back quietly; they sneak it in different little ways thatís going to save them cash, and itís out of sight, out of mind basically, unless someone catches on.  And this actually came into the newspaper through a tip from I guess a reader of the newspaper and thatís what looked into it.  It says...


Contractor David Pfeiffer, who owns Man O' Trees Contracting, dropped a bombshell on the reconstruction of Lewiston Road in Niagara Falls.


"The truth is there is a health hazard on that project and it's not being properly cleaned up," said Pfeiffer.


He tells News 4 that he's learned that radiation levels, in some spots, are 10 times higher than the normal background levels for that area.


Pfeiffer said, "We were told not to chase the radiation, although it is on all of the people's lawns."  (A:  In other words, they werenít to concentrate on that and go elsewhere, like into the lawns, backyards and so on.  But itís on the folksí lawns as well; theyíre sitting on this stuff.  Thatís where the stuff goes.  When thereís been a bad spill you build houses on it, you see, and you dump the rest in holes, and potholes, or actually make the road out of it, a mixture.† So there you have dead peopleís bits, from the skeletons from cremation, plus you have radiation as well, you know, all the junk, they would say at the top, the good psychopaths.)


Pfeiffer says his workers have been told to stick to the road job, which is behind schedule and over-budget by millions of dollars already.


Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster said, "The project is not a remedial project for removing radioactive materials wherever they're found. It's a road construction project in which radioactive materials that are under the road are being removed, and so there are limits to the bounds of the project."  (A:  In other words, they canít very well lift up the houses; theyíre certainly not going to pay for that and take away all the topsoil that was dumped there.)


Dr. Marvin Resnikoff said, "When you have levels that are 10 times greater and more, then yes, I'm very concerned about that aspect of it."


Dr. Resnikoff is an international consultant with of Radioactive Waste Management Associates who's familiar with the Niagara Falls situation.


"In my opinion, that material should be taken out now. This material is going to stay radioactive essentially forever. Roads are going to come and go. You know, kicking the can down the road is not going to solve the problem," said Dr. Resnikoff.  (A:  Not unless the folk all die of cancer, and donít know whatís killing them.)


Now, one state lawmaker says there should be an independent investigation.


Senator George Maziarz said, "Somebody is not telling the truth. Let's find out who it is. I don't want to see an unsafe condition, a hazardous condition covered up. That is not in anyone's best interest."  (A:  However, the governmentís response was...)


A state Health Department spokesperson tells News 4 that radiation monitoring methods used by the agency have not detected a health risk to workers (A:  Ah, so itís okay.) and that the radioactive slag in question is not in a form that can be breathed in or swallowed.  (A:  Itís just sitting there giving off radioactive waves for God knows how far.  But thatís your standard government.  Thatís what the government thinks of you folks, as they take your homes through the banks and all the other cons and tax you into the grave.)


Quite something else isnít it?  But thatís quite standard.  And youngsters now too, another link Iím putting up at, youngsters are now coming down with strokes, one-third higher than ever before.


CDC: Strokes rising among younger ages / Steven Reinberg


The number of people aged 15 to 44 hospitalized for stroke jumped by more than a third between 1995 and 2008.  (A:  Of course, itís no big mystery according to them, because theyíre not looking into the causes, which means itís meant to happen, just like us all going sterile.)


Another article tonight Iíll put up a link to is...


Ear-bashing: feeling the heat in a city that forever beeps - Tim Elliott / / September 3, 2011


Itís about basically the pollution that you get, electro-pollution, or electro-smog as itís called in America, because of all the microwave thatís flying through the air all the time through cordless phones and cell phones, wireless networks, and lots of low-level radio frequency radiation and what it does to people.  Iíll put that link up too.


Now, maybe it was a couple of years ago that I read an article by some young wealthy person who was born with probably a gold spoon in her mouth.  And she married another guy with a gold spoon in his mouth. And they made a career of going across the world, looking at bugs and things, probably for some big organization at the United Nations, big governmental funding, etc. Then she came out with an article about we should eat insects, you see, to change our diet and eat insects.  I went through the article there; it would be in the archives section of my site. Here is the latest one.  It says...


Scorpion in your soup? EU

(A:  The European Union, again, this big Soviet dictatorship of the EU...) spends £2.5m encouraging people to eat insects

(A:  This is the latest. So theyíre actually spending money to make you think this is wonderful stuff.) / Anna Edwards / 4th September 2011


Nutrition experts (A:  Whatís a nutrition expert?  What IS a nutrition expert, eh?)  have found a cheap way to help save the environment (A:  Well, this is an environmentalist. Is that a nutrition expert?  See how itís all BS?  Anyway...) and solve the food shortage crisis.  (A:  What food shortage crisis?  What?  They put all the farms out of business.)


They have found an abundant supply of food rich in calcium and protein, while low in fat.

But the squeamish might want to look away now - because the food source is insects.


The European Union thinks creepy crawlies should start appearing on menus after experts in Brussels (A:  Oh, Brussels again, eh?  They have Brussels sprouts.) recommended that bugs could be a vital source of nutrition, The Sunday Times newspaper reported.  (A:  Iíd like to see them eating at the G20 and all these characters from the EU parliament, at these, you know, billion, well, it was 1.5 billion dollar doís and bashes that they have, where millions go for their 2 or 3 day meals, and the stuff that they eat, incredible stuff.  Iíd like to see them eating insects.  Iíd like to see them eating insects; Iíd give them stinging bees or wasps or something.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about how youíre going to eat insects shortly because thatís been ordered from the top down that you do so.  And you will eventually because theyíve been saying it for years at the top that youíre going to have a vegetarian diet, at least nonmeat, put it that way, and they say it must be so, that way.  And thatís how itís going to be; whatever they want they get.  Youíre living in a total socialist system where science runs, on behalf of the masters at the top science runs your lives.  And unfortunately most folk will probably go for it, you know. Thatís just the way they are.  Put lots of sauce on it and you wonít think anything of it.  Anyway it says here that...


The European Union thinks creepy crawlies should start appearing on menus after experts (A:  Here are these experts again.) in Brussels recommended that bugs could be a vital source of nutrition, The Sunday Times newspaper reported.


So scorpion soup and cricket casserole (A:  I know what part of the casserole Iíd use for their...) could soon be options, as the European Commission has now offered £2.65million into a project to promote eating insects.  (A:  In other words, giving grants out for the psychopaths who havenít quite made it yet, to grab and convince you to do so.)


They have also ordered the (A:  Theyíve ORDERED... ) UK Food Standards Agency to investigate and potentially look at ways to make entomophagy - the eating of insects - a more popular choice.


One study found that grasshoppers offer 20 per cent protein with a tiny six per cent fat, compared to lean ground beef's 24 per cent protein and 18 per cent fat.  (A:  So thatís supposed to be the plug for it.)


The research institute that offers the best proposal for investigating 'insects as novel sources of proteins' will be awarded the money by the commission.


They will have to research quality and safety, potential allergies and what sort of proteins the insects offer.  (A:  You know, we would have noses like anteaters, you understand, if we were meant to eat these things all the time.  You understand that?  But we donít, you see.  Well, most of us.)


Professor Marcel Dicke, leading a team at Wageningen University, in Holland, is applying for the grant.


He told the Sunday Times: 'By 2020 you will be buying insects in supermarkets.


'We have already seen the introduction of eggplants, sushi, things people never ate here. I think it will start with ground-up insects in sauces and burgers.'


Snacking on silkworm moth larvae or adding blitzed bees to sauces could offer a much-needed solution to soaring costs of red meat.  (A:  Itís because theyíve put so many of the farmers under and you got the 5 agri-food businesses that run everything else.  But as I say, the politicians wonít be eating insects, believe you me.)


And yeah, theyíve got the whole script; the whole futureís planned out for you all.  I hope you realize that, as you entertain yourselves to death.  Now thereís a caller on the line there thatís been hanging on.  I think itís Mark from Texas.  Are you there Mark?


Mark:  Alan, Iím not sure if I want to say anything after that last comment. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  I know.  Itís quite something, eh?


Mark:  Alan, do you know how much money the federal government and the Canadian governments have spent to prop up the internet?  I mean, thereís no telling how many billions of dollars have been spent through public/private partnerships.† How many months do you think it will be before both countries come out and they announce through their propagandas that we need a postmaster attorney general for internet email?


Alan:  Actually they have.  They have floated that idea.  They havenít made it law but theyíve been floating that idea of exactly that under a particular committee that theyíve mentioned.  So youíre right; they have been.


Mark:  I havenít heard of that.  I havenít heard but I can see where that could also lend itself straight into digital currency.† Which is the new, itís like, you know, because itís all for your benefit, youíd only pay 2 cents to send a letter in the mail, donít you know


Alan:  Oh, thatís how they get people.  Thatís how they always get people. And then they do away with the other service eventually, and say, well thereís not enough people using it so we canít go the old way, so youíre stuck with this new way.  Then they jack up the price.


Mark:  Right. The new way, itís twofold.  Itís not just convenience, itís laziness plus, currency wise, itís cheaper.  So itís actually two ways they get ya.


Alan:  Oh, yeah.  And folk have no idea how itís even done to them because most folk do float through life; they learn by osmosis.  Bit and bytes of info from a thousand sources hit them. They donít reason through any of them, but theyíre being programmed all the time. But you know, even the fashion industry helped promote cashless currency.  Did you know that?  The fashion industry, they were approached by the governments and the banks to finds ways of encouraging, especially the young up-and-coming people, that would be the first generation, how could they stop them from carrying cash?  Well, they gave them these particular pants with the very flat pockets, etc, so they would bulge out if you put anything big in them, and that doesnít go well with youngsters.  So they gave them the little flap pockets in the front there, that just held a credit card.  And they were paid millions for doing this, for designing these clothes and promoting it across to the youngsters through music television and different ways, to get them to go cashless.  The public have no idea of the millions of ways theyíre manipulated all the time.


Mark:  Well you remember the easy-pass?  Thatís the big thing now.† Even with truckers going into a bar, you have an easy-pass.  You just walk in and you come back out and itís billed to you in the mail. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  And sometimes thereís extra on top because you pass out in the bar and they carry you out.  [Alan laughing.] 


Mark:  But the problem is it wonít be through the mail anymore. 


Alan:  I know.


Mark:  It will be through the internet.


Alan:  Absolutely.  They said years ago, and I even have the articles in my archives somewhere, that eventually government, all government agencies will talk directly to you.  In fact, theyíre doing it some areas and people are signing up for them, where government departments will notify you of something that concerns you personally.  Youíll be doing your taxes on it.   Theyíll be contacting you. And it will be interactive so as youíre putting figures up there theyíll be adjusting the figures for the ones you didnít put in.  [Alan chuckles.]  But this is all literally in the works right now and some people are actually using this kind of stuff.  So youíre right.  And they knew theyíd do this even before we were given the internet, when you read the cryptic writings of people who helped plan the world system; they talked about this kind of thing.


Mark:  Itís going to be interesting.  Alan, thanks for taking the call, sir. 


Alan:  And thanks for calling. 


Mark:  Bye now.


Alan:  Bye.† Yeah, itís quite the system.  Folk have no idea of the myriad of ways in which youíre manipulated, constantly.  CONSTANTLY...  What to think, what to wear, how to look, and how to behave even, whatís now politically correct, whatís not politically correct, etc.  They are conditioned all the time and theyíre upgraded just like a computer system.


Another thing too, Iím putting up tonight, is to do with the ICLEI.  Thatís the local governments for sustainability.  Iíll put up a site tonight where you can actually find out if your local government, or your state, or your province in Canada, or even your country is in on it and it will tell you the different members and where they are and so on, that set up this part of Agenda 21.  So many fronts.  Remember, the communists had fronts.  They had, oh, thousands of fronts in the US alone; they even had church groups involved that were conned into it, not knowing they were a front to push communism.  Well, why throw a good system away when it works?  So thatís what they use, of course, for Agenda 21.  And when so many people were talking out against Agenda 21 and it became known they changed a lot of its wording.  So you have Ďsustainabilityí... anything with Ďsustainabilityí is part of Agenda 21.  So this is the ICLEI one, one of the big ones.  And they just get themselves appointed over your local councils, state councils, provincial councils, and just sit there quite quietly from the general public, but theyíre making all the rules, about can you sell your home; well what would the social impact and the environmental impact be if you sell your home, who will buy it. And then they do another fee for engineers to come out and say, oh what will the environmental impact be if this person moves into that home.


Money after money after money and grabs and grabs and grabs by these psychopathic liars that smell the wind and get onto an awful good thing.  So Iíll put this link up and you can look up your own country or area or town or whatever, and itís quite an interesting one to go through.


And also tonight Iíd like to mention, to do with NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement.  Theyíre really busy all over Latin America bringing in new members, new members, fairly on the quiet; little bits sneak into the papers here.  And even Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, was criticized by his own party for going down there and keeping everything secret from his party.  But it doesnít matter because as Quigley said, every member of the Council on Foreign Relations Ė and the Canadian branch changes its name about year ago, the same thing though.  They said that they always, every Prime Minister and President that youíve had since the late 1800s have been a member of the this particular organization, under its various names


This article here, itís a PDF in fact, about how they announce themselves, the Council on Foreign Relations.  Weíre a superior think tank who advise policy makers.  You see.  Itís a private organization, a private organization set up in London when it started, by international money lenders, not just bankers, who with the Cecil Rhodes group, carried on the same policies, to take over all the worldís resources and to amalgamate the world into one, first through regions and blocs and then into one governmental system, with themselves on top advising all the states Ė they call the different countries the states Ė advising them on different policies.  In other words, being the top boss.  But theyíre a PRIVATE group, a private organization.  And you got to go into the history of it; itís quite easy to find.  They make up the policies for NAFTA; they drafted up the NAFTA policies. This private group, that you donít elect, drafted up the NAFTA deal, the Free Trade Agreement and the NAFTA agreement.  They drafted it up for the European amalgamation as well.  And we donít elect them, this private group, you see. And they came on national television in Canada in 2005 and admitted it.  Under their own little banner for the first time, they came out and says, yeah, we drafted it up for the amalgamation of the Americas basically. 


Global Brazil and U.S.-Brazil Relations (PDF) -


So here theyíre talking about Brazil in this particular PDF and itís interesting that they say, that by the year 2016 Brazil, India, China and Russia, as up-and-coming countries Ė now I donít know how Chinaís an up-and-coming country, except for the fact weíre still financing them for hospitals and stuff and building schools for them, and give them lots of free trade deals, literally free. They say that theyíll overtake all of America and its output and by 2016.  Because weíre funding them into existence just as weíre funding Brazil into existence and it goes on about that.  And it says too, being the main think tank that advises the US government, theyíre advising the government in the US, and Canada, to not only accept Brazil in with all these full powers including security council on the United Nations Ė thatís their little feather in the cap for them; that gets them in Ė that we should treat them as absolute equals and maybe eventually weíll have to give up, again, some of OUR own power, meaning authority, or even sovereignty, in the deal as well as time goes on.  So you have to wade through all the rubbish...  They always give you dry stuff; most folk canít, you know, the people who canít think very long, for a minute or so, without something distracting them, they will never get through the first little part of it.  But you can just scroll down through it to get to the nitty-gritty stuff, and they stop congratulating all the writers Ė theyíre past all that Ė into the real stuff, the meat of it.  And youíll find out that this is well on its way. 


And itís interesting too, that the President of Brazil, go into her history.  Itís got the usual story of daddy, daddy being an ardent communist but somehow he got in trouble and he had to rush out of Bulgaria, he ran off to Paris I think, or France, and then he went to Portugal for a while.  And wherever he went he taught communism. Strange that, that a Marxist Communist would have to escape the country, would make a career teaching communism.  And somehow he went to South America and he just make good. But he was teaching Marxist classes all along too and he ends up dying, leaving umpteen ranches behind him.  They seem to acquire and accumulate an awful lot of wealth on the way, these Marxists, donít they?  Itís an interesting little story if you go into who she is, who her daddy was and all the rest of it.  Awful interesting story.   But they donít mention that in the Council on Foreign Relations, but they do like the Marxist system, as I say, to control the masses for those who acquire all the incredible wealth at the top. But I love those stories of guys running off, you know, rags-to-riches; theyíre awfully fond of them at the top there.  So Iíll put that one up tonight.


Now Glasgow in Scotland, they twinned cities a long time ago, you see, to make us feel more international.  So as that the peasant in Glasgow would feel awful like the peasant in China, I supposed, only heís paying a lot more money for everything that he has to consume, or even feed himself.  This says...


Glasgow's twin city is selling living prisoners' organs to health tourists / Billy Briggs / 6th September 2011


(A:  By the way, you helped fund them.  The one they twin you with, you help fund them.) 


HOSPITALS in Glasgow's twin city in China sell organs taken illegally from innocent people executed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), campaigners claimed last night.


Ahead of an international conference today in Glasgow about organ harvesting (A:  I hate that term.  Itís like youíre farming, isnít it? But we are farmed, as Fort said.), a Nobel Peace Prize nominee said the illegal practice is rife in Dalian, a city in north east China with which Scotland's largest city has been twinned since 1987.


Delegates attending the event - hosted by Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) - will hear claims the Chinese regime removes organs from prisoners who are still alive and that wealthy "health tourists" travel to China to buy kidneys and livers available on the black market.


(A:  Well, itís nothing really new if youíve been watching this stuff; itís been going on for a while.  But you see, itís not for you or anybody else.  No.  But theyíll kill you. Do you understand, weíre all DNA typed?  Do you know that?  Do you know what the Human Genome Project was about, apart from basic eugenics, to find out, well, you know, weíve looked at the parentsí and the grandparentsí and great-grandparentsí health histories and IQs and so on, and weíve got a pretty predictable outcome for this person here, this baby here, as they prick their heel and take their blood, and have been doing for 30-odd years and lying to the public.  And anyone whoís gone for a blood test, they always send one sample off to the same darn thing.  So they know who you are. They know what DNA typing you are; you got to get a close DNA typing to get a good organ, you see, that will last a few years.  And the closer the better.  So in China you just dial them up basically and theyíll find somebody, a prisoner or whoever, or even someone whoís not in prison... oh, so-and-so matches it; they just work in a restaurant, grab them, or convict them of something, pull them in and wick out their organ.  And of course, you got to get it out of a live donor; they donít want them to die.   They got to have brain activity still there and theyíll still be breathing, etc, otherwise itís kind of, you know, they have to put it down to, I donít know, sell it on e-Bay or something.  The fresher it is the better it is for them.  And thereís a lot more bucks in it as well.  So the rich folk travel to China to buy kidneys and livers, available on the black market.)


Speakers include, David Matas, a Canadian human rights lawyer who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize last year for exposing China's illegal organ trade.


The victims of China's organ business are said to be mainly people arrested for practising Falun Gong, a spiritual movement banned by the CCP. Falun The CCP claims Falun Gong is a dangerous cult and outlawed it for "illegal activities" in 1999.  (A:  Kind of like what theyíre doing to the Mennonites trying to sell milk, you know, real milk to the people.)


Mr Matas is co-author of Bloody Harvest - The Killing of Falun Gong for their Organs, for which he received his Nobel nomination last year.


Mr Matas said that between 2000 and 2005 there were 41,500 transplants carried out in China whereby the only explanation for the sourcing was imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners.  (A:  See, theyíre not dumb, the communists.  You know, how do we get rid of these pesky organizations and make a profit at the same time? Communism is awfully good at profiting.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and Iím also putting a link up to the latest United Nations soldiers raping a Haitian teenager, which is up on YouTube.  Itís from The Guardian newspaper too and other newspapers. 


Is this Minustah's 'Abu Ghraib moment' in Haiti?

Shock video of UN soldiers apparently raping a Haitian teenager raises questions about why these 'peacekeepers' are there at all - Mark Weisbrot / \ 3 September 2011


Theyíll probably just say itís their sexual preference to gang rape somebody and no doubt thereíll be a group shortly saying, well thatís just what we prefer.  So Iíll put that up tonight. 


Alan:  Thereís another caller there.  Itís Tom from Wisconsin if heís on the line.  Are you there Tom?


Tom:  I just wanted to mention a couple things tonight; I know weíre short on time.  The Tea Party name, that the Tea Partiers go by, they donít even understand, and you can correct me if Iím wrong on this.  But I heard and saw on a presentation last night that it was a group of Masons that carried out the Boston Tea Party event.  What had happened was they had lowered, the parliament in Britain lowered the actual taxes on tea and since the Masons were smuggling in the tea because of the exorbitant tax rates they were a little irritated with that event. So they went and they cancelled their meeting that night, the night of the Boston Tea Party, and dressed up as Indians and threw the tea overboard.  And itís just incredible to me that, I donít know how we should expect to actually beat this system at its own game when the very histories that weíve been taught in school are so corrupted.  Itís really incredible.


Alan:  Absolutely.  Thatís a very sentient point and itís vital to understand that, you canít save a system thatís been secretive from the beginning, and misleading from the beginning, and has had an agenda from the beginning.  Remember too, Franklin himself said that he hoped this federation of states would become a federation of world states, run by 12 wise men.  Thatís in his own diaries; you can see that at the Franklin Institute or you can buy a copy of his own letters and writings.  So they knew where they were going.  Whatís interesting too, youíre quite right.  He admits in that book, that it was nothing to do with the cost of tea or the stamp act that started off this war.  He says, we used that as an excuse.  I mean, how much tea would you have to buy in a year to even notice the amount of tax that they put on it?  So it wasnít that at all.  And he also admitted it was planned for years and years and years ahead, the revolution, with smugglers coming into islands and to the coast bringing in powder, shot, all the stuff you would need for a war, up to 20 years before it started.  And they also admitted they used the youth an awful lot, the energetic youth who would want a fight; they used them to help kick it off.† Whatís interesting too, I mean dressing up as Indians and letting them take the blame, is maybe part of the technique thatís still used today.


Tom:  And then I recently got a job at a reasonably quality, as far as fast food goes, a place called Koppís here in Brookfield, Wisconsin.  And it amazes me how popular Diet Coke is, credit card swipes are, and how absolutely ignorant the youth are.  Theyíre dumb, they donít know anything.  And the managers, the older people who are my age or younger, donít know anything either.  And I try and explain to them, like on the whole income tax issue, thereís no federal law.  Thereís no federal law, so itís optional.  I donít have to pay this.


Alan:  We donít have to except that Mao Tse Tung said that power comes from the barrel of a gun, and the big boys have them all.  [Alan laughing.]  I mean, thatís basically it.  So itís power of might.  And youíre quite right, dumbed-down population, and in mammals, if you donít warn the young what to be weary of theyíll think itís all normal and theyíll ask no questions.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada Ė and remember too, help donate and keep me going here, things are pretty bad Ė itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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