Sept. 7, 2011 (#914)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 7, 2011:

The Good Shepherd:
The Good Shepherd Both Drives and Leads the Sheep,
Yells to Terrify, Lullabies for Sleep:

"Oooh! The Failing Economy, Fear, Frustration,
The Only Solution is --- World Amalgamation,
All the Great "Experts" Say the System's Broken,
Globalism's Always the Answer Since First Spoken,
We See the Euro Amalgamation Take the Lead,
It's the New Super Soviet with Mouths to Feed,
Each Euro Citizen's a Sister or Brother,
Living in Poverty, Bailing Out One Another,
Out of Planned Chaos Comes a Superbank
With Unlimited Borrowing, Chequebooks Blank,
American Amalgamation Soon to Follow,
'Till Money Creation's Settled, All Arguments Hollow"
© Alan Watt Sept. 7, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 7, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 7th 2011.  For newcomers, you should always make use of web site because youíll find hundreds and hundreds of audios for free download, where I hopefully have given you shortcuts to understanding this big complicated system that youíre born into.  Itís a system that is comprised of a parallel government really, which is the real government.  I go into some of the history of it too, some of the founders in fact and the foundations too, which run it, funded by the big bankers.  Because you see, they had never an intention, a long time ago, of ever bringing in something called ďdemocracy.Ē They would use it all the time as a battering ram but they never intended to actually give you it.  In other words, those in control in, say, the 18th century and then the 19th century never had any intention of giving up their power to other people, but always to be passed onto their own.  Therefore, they made sure that theyíd put up a power structure with a fake democracy for the public to vote for.  And thatís how itís really done.  There are hundreds of audios, as I say.


Remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you because I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  You can help me out by buying the books and the disks Iíve got for sale at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And remember, straight donations are awfully welcome as we go through this spin of hyperinflation, really, is what weíre going into.  I was comparing some prices today on costs of government expenditures from just 10 years ago and weíve gone above it by about 30% minimum, at least.  So anyway, help me out if you can.  Now, remember that straight donations are really, really, really welcome because I donít have time to churn out books; if I did I would be sitting quite pretty right now.  But Iím not because what Iím doing right now is just something thatís essential for a period of time to wake a lot of people up.  And I have managed to do that, across the world, and even steered the whole direction of the Patriot Movement, which at one time was navel-gazing and didnít realize that this was happening across the entire planet as a much bigger game than just doing in one country, like the US for instance.  This is global and thatís what they mean by globalism.  So hopefully Iíve done some good for the whole movement out there and all its different parts and factions, etc.  So you can keep me going if you want to do so by donating or purchasing.  Itís up to you.


What I try to do on the broadcast is educate and at the same time not just overload you with the data thatís churned out for you to be overloaded with, because the mediaís job is to do just that.  I remember reading an article years ago, on the air too, about how most folk have data overload and not only that, they canít discern whatís meaningful in the data anymore, with regards to their personal selves that is.  Thereís so much just thrown out at you all the time and people donít reflect.  And every day thereís more junk thrown at you and itís all passing; itís like watching waves go by or throwing something in a river and watching it go downstream.  Thatís what itís like, thatís what daily life is like.  Youíve got to remember how to pick the certain things that are important, how to save them, keep them, or buy them if theyíre in book form, because in the future youíll be the only people left with a memory... literally, a memory and a coherent story of how this progressed, this new world order as itís called, actually progressed, because itís not just stumbling along through the dark with its hands outstretched; itís planned that way.  Youíre living through a very old script, and every country has its puppet masters.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and Cutting Through The Matrix, this big complicated system with many, many rooms, many levels of it too, above and below as they say, because you see, we live and weíre trained to live in a world designed for us already, by the class that youíre born into, and the group that youíre born into.  Thatís goes for all classes except the ones who control the upper class.  And they do exist.  Thatís how easy it is to control a world. 


Itís all compartmentalized.  Right down to your Prime Ministers; theyíre all picked by the Council on Foreign Relations and Quigley said that in his own book too; he was the historian for the CFR.  So really, there are no real parties.  I used to laugh even when I was young when occasionally youíd watch a little parliamentary scene, in Britain for instance.† Britain was pretty good for it because youíd have some of the Oxford guys there and Cambridge guys and other private schools and high schools and universities.  And they wouldnít laugh at each other or just give the finger.  Theyíd guffaw... they actually would guffaw, like haw-haw-haw-haw...  Thatís how you do it politely, you see, and show you how, you know, elite you are.  And in the States itís a bit different, again, itís more deadly silences when people arenít very impressed or something like that.  So itís interesting to see how every country is literally studied, because it was created, obviously, but studied, so well, for the culture that they were going to give the people.  Then they give you the appropriate shows to keep you happy. Thatís really how it is.  Canadaís very good; itís very quiet really in Canada.  We get front-page news of sports things and so on; thatís generally what your front-page news is, in the rags.  And other ones are about international news and things so far away you donít even know where they are or couldnít care less, but very little about what happens at home.  And most folk in Canada are quite happy with that. 


So every country is catered to according to the culture thatís been created for them.  And culture is created for them.  Iíll even be touching on an item from Canada tonight; itís a step back from one part of the Trudeau culture, Pierre Trudeau that brought in the so-called multicultural society and etc.  Now theyíre trying to bring back the Queen and all this kind of stuff; actually theyíve ordered it to be the ĎRoyalí air force again, the ĎRoyalí Canadian Air Force.  Itís to go back to all of this stuff once again, the Queenís photographs or paintings are up everywhere.  So they can change it when they want too, you see.  So I always say to people, donít be so proud of your cultures because, you understand, theyíve been created for you to fit into.  And I hope people really understand what Iím saying.  Thatís a fact.  In all ages youíre given the appropriate culture according to the rulers or masters of the particular territory that youíre born into, in that time.  And youíll be given the right religion for the time as well, for you, and thatís how you create culture.  And from then on itís a matter of schooling and then the media comes out too and they play to your culture, is what they do. 


Weíre living through the creation of the greatest culture of all, the global culture.  And right now itís in transition into this kind of strange mush where nobodyís really sure exactly where they fit anymore.  And thatís intentional.  And they canít go any further, like stirring up a cake mix, until itís ready, you know, to get baked, and thatís where we are right now.  It seems itís like almost semi-chaotic, but itís not really.  Itís crazy like a fox, as they say.  They know exactly where theyíre taking us.  So youíre living through the transformation, the creation of a culture.  Nowhere will you see this so obviously as in Europe, as theyíre creating a European culture, step by step, crisis by crisis.  All, all the crises are intentional.  Rather than say, oh this didnít work, weíll toss it out.  No, no, no.  They go ahead.  Youíll always notice they go ahead and they use the crisis to be solved by the next part of integration. 


It all depends, you see, on propaganda.  And the EU parliament, this new super parliament that a high society created, definitely, thereís no doubt about it.  It was the Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR a long time ago set up the structure and the machinery to set up the European parliament Ė they boast about it in fact Ė and NAFTA for the Americas.  And you actually see them trying to create this culture right now.  It might take another 100 years, maybe only 50, to complete it, till no one knows what they came from or whatever and thereíll be this new strange Euro group.  And they know exactly what kind of culture they want to give you, which is kind of communistic, because again, remember too, the CFR/Royal Institute of International Affairs were always accused of promoting what seemed to be left-wing, the far left.  And of course they were because they helped fund the far left and create it in the first place.  Because itís easier to control people with massive government and bureaucracies and levels and control right down to child care, all that kind of stuff.  Thatís really what itís about.  So the bankers love that system, it seems.  Itís better than having a more...  A true right-wing system would be ultimate freedom, but youíd have to deal with a lot of problems on your own because there wouldnít be all these agencies.  Thereíd be fewer cops, or few cops at all, and youíd have to deal with problems yourself.  Thatís the theory of it at least.  Not that you have that anymore. Theyíre both the same.


Anyway, hereís what theyíre doing in Europe and it says... 


EU propaganda: or how news is supposed to go on the euro-payroll but stay 'independent' / 5 September 2011


This is how it starts: first a European Commission fellow-traveller (Alan:  A Ďfellow travelerí means a communist whoís generally a Mason, by the way; thatís the old terms for it.) (in this case, Philippe Cayla, the head of Euronews (A:  Thatís the big news organization that works on behalf of... how wonderful the European Union is, this massive propaganda machine.), the broadcaster of so-called EU perspective news which is 25 percent funded by the commission (A:  The taxpayers fund their own propaganda.))  identifies a 'problem' Ė which is, according to Cayla, the fact that news broadcasters in Europe are largely depend on advertising and subscription.  (A:  In other words, theyíre separate from the need to get anything from the EU parliament.  So Cayla, this guy in charge of this new soviet news for the whole of Europe, on behalf of the European Commission, he wants to levy a tax on all independent newscasters and news organizations.  The government will collect the taxes, then it will distribute it to another organization, which will give this cash to the right organizations, you know the papers that canít get enough support through advertising and so on, because no one wants to hear about them because theyíre so far left-wing.  So heís going to fund these Euro-loving newspapers by penalizing all the independent newspapers basically.  It says...)


Anyway, the Euronews boss proposes a solution to this Ďproblem.í He wants the EU to impose a license fee (ie, a new tax ) on all of us, to be taken by the EU but distributed by independent -- yes, sure --bodies outside the control of national governments. The money would go to Ďa number Ďof media organisations. Yes, not to all, just to Ďa number.í As in, the new tax revenues will go to broadcasters anointed by the eurocrats. 


Now, if you just put things in perspective, weíve been bombing the blazes out of different countries recently, claiming they were run by bad men, and they were going to bring in democracy.  Democracy is the right to choose a lot of different things; thatís what it is, you see, democracy.  But you see, thereís no such thing as democracy, because hereís one of the biggest blocs on the planet now.  It used to be the old Soviet Bloc but itís expanding; now itís got Britain and other countries involved in it too.  And theyíre basically penalizing free independent papers, taxing them, and giving the cash to their OWN newspapers, that are all pro-TOTAL integration for this new Europe with its new society and eventually its completely new culture.  Thatís what itís about.  But you understand the significance?  Youíre living while a culture is gradually, gradually being created. 


This has been done in the past many times.  This is not a new science, how to do it.   In the olden days they had different techniques and would do it faster.  Theyíd just go in with large armies and slaughter a lot of the people until they got on their knees and would obey their masters.  But to get them to go along with it this way it takes a bit longer, you see.  Lots of propaganda and they must get all the governments at the top to sign locking and binding agreements to give up more and more sovereignty until thereís no more sovereignty left to give up.  You see.  Thatís how you do it nowadays.  And again, itís all indoctrination through the school system and then you even get the governments to sign onto treaties where the European Parliament will fine them if they donít hang the Euro flag or play the national anthem of this new strange Europe entity, you see.  But thatís the creation of a new culture and how you penalize those who want to stay independent and think for themselves, and play to an audience that think theyíre free, and the ones that of course that are all pro-Europe, which are anointed by the Euro King... put it that way, the guy at the very top in this mysterious pyramid organization they call Europe. 


Thatís how itís done.  And itís kind of exciting when you understand whatís happening.  By just knowing this stuff in advance, having read history, and sociology, and then you look at it actually being put into place.  And most of the folk donít know itís even happening to them.  Theyíll start using buzzwords, things like that, until theyíll start thinking of themselves as European, like itís always been European.  Very Orwellian, you know.  Very Orwellian, but quite wonderful in some ways to watch it and study it, as long as youíre not in it. 


And what theyíre doing with Europe now, again, after having bankrupted all the countries that signed on, intentionally of course, and had them all throw cash at this black hole, itís kind of like a leaky boat.  Itís got a hole in it and each country in turn keeps throwing money at this hole.  Maybe it will plug it. 


German court upholds eurozone bail-outs - / Sep 7th 2011 / B.U. | Berlin


Thatís the idea, the farcical idea that supposedly intelligent people, by the millions, are supposed to believe.  Do you really believe that?  Whoís counting all this cash?† Who knows where itís going?  Who knows whatís even owed?  Nobody does.  Itís just getting you on your knees and then they come by with the next suggestion:  Oh, letís totally integrate Europe including all fiscal policies.  Right.  So hereís an article...


Euro Vision / Aug 29, 2011


The old continent huffs and puffs in quest of a passably workable monetary union.  (A:  Now, this is propaganda, right.)


Mayhem in the euro zone (A:  Well, mayhem after they create it, right.) is a major contributor to the international financial crisis. The immediate cause may be reckless policies pursued by governments and banks, but the institutional structure of the European Monetary Union is the stubborn root of the problem. (A:  ... you see.)  First, some broad truths: Managing a large monetary union should be straightforward, so long as the right mechanisms are in place. (A:  Well, itís the same crooks that are in charge so I guess thatís the right mechanisms.)  Monetary policy requires an ďall unionĒ central bank (A:  There you go.), a custodian of the currency. (A:  Iíll read a bit more on this as we come back from this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about how they create whole systems, societies, and first of all you must get them to accept a common currency, even currency at all for that matter.  Think about it.  Thatís how youíre first gotten, is by accepting currency, and of course someone else produces the currency and decides how much itís worth and then youíve had it.  Anyway, theyíll keep the same con system going because thatís how control is always kept, by the cash.  And as long as they have cash flowing they can always hire armies and policemen to beat you on the head if you say Iím not going along with this anymore, which is why youíve got the terrorist state of course.  Thatís really what itís for; itís getting us through this particular time in history, as things are taken down in the so-called first world countries. 


Anyway, this article here talks about, really, they want in Europe to amalgamate everything.  Not just the IMF doing every countryís books.  Literally, they want a central banking system with the right to tax everyone.  Everything will go rather than to your own government that used to be federal, it will go straight to the European Union.  Thatís really what it is; a decisive central authority they call it.  And theyíll deal with the debt.  So once again, a private banking system that your government, or your new government, this super Euro, will all go to to borrow with.  And as well, they talk about migration of labor and so on.  If thereís too much poverty in one area you simply move them from one ex-nation to another, just back and forth.  Now, that was part of the free trade agreement which all of this is under.  The free transportation, or the free movement of capital AND labor across existing borders, until thereís no borders at all.  So the future, if you want work at all, youíll be constantly moving, maybe living here 5 years, moving somewhere else for 5 years.  Thatís the way of the future.  And of course that ties in with Jacques Attaliís, one of his books, Millennium:  Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order.  The millennium, he called it; millennium.  Anyway, thatís the key system of the future. 


And then, in Canada, youíd think, well Canada has got a smaller population, pretty small for the size of the country.  Although you can only live in certain parts of it, certainly, unless you want to donate a lot of blood to mosquitoes, for nature conservation, which I do every year.  Anyway, thatís another matter altogether.  Canada, at one time the CFR said that the maximum population for Canada would be 22 million, for sustainability.  That was back in the 1920s; Iíve got their old books here.  And here we are well over that, and global and all the rest of it.  But lots of natural resources, lots and lots of natural resources which are seldom talked about by the boys at the top when they keep telling us weíre broke.  Anyway, the Canadian dollar which is strong right now, right, itís strong; I donít know how they can say that because I know the inflation in Canada has gone up higher than even in the States; theyíve purposely kept the States down.  Weíre paying a lot more for food, basic stuff, in Canada than anywhere else.  But theyíre claiming here that because theyíve downgraded, the World Economic Forum downgraded the US again, this private club, again, of bankers downgraded the US. 


And at the same time Canada was mentioned because Canada, itís bad for exporting for Canada, because Canadaís dollar is strong.  So you got a strong dollar which means you canít sell anything.  [Alan laughing.]  Isnít that wonderful?  You get shafted either way you go.  Either way you get shafted, you know.  Itís a con game.  And thatís what economics is.


Exporters caught in global headwinds - / tavia grant / Sept 7, 2011


I can remember, I wish I had a copy of it too.  It was a Man Alive program, I think, where different economists, top economists, about 5 professors too, had left the profession because they said it was no profession at all, it was a con game, an absolute con game, this whole bogus science of economics.  And that ties in with what Mr Rothschild said a long time ago.  He said, the only ones who will catch on to this scam, with interest and borrowing and debt and compound interest, etc, would be those working and making their living off of money itself Ė you know, accountants, those kind of people Ė and they would not let it out of the bag because it was not in their interest to let the people know what was really happening.  So theyíd be in on it in other words.  And thatís how itís always been.  If theyíre such great economists how come we get bank crashes and the economy is always slumping, and they never see it coming?  Oh, they can tell you all about it afterwards, always, but they canít tell you anything thatís going to happen.  And yet weíre employing all these economists, like gurus with crystal balls, to see if weíve got any future at all.  And they keep pulling them out of the hat, and theyíre always wrong. 


Anyway, Canadaís had it because we canít export our natural resources, really, because thatís about all we do now.  And apart from taxpayersí money across the world, to redistribute the wealth, so yeah, weíve had it, until we sink our dollar even further.  It was just too strong, you see.  Itís not good having a strong dollar.  Itís like that disc Iíve talked about before, that DVD; itís good to watch.  Oh Canada, itís called, excellent, where a young fella goes in, talks to ex-Prime Ministers and present members of the government, and the present members of the government didnít even know how the money was created in Canada; none of them knew.  And he talks to ex-Prime Minister Martin, Paul Martin, who tells him that debt is good for Canadians.  Having debt by the government, you see, government debt, is good for Canadians.  And of course, he kind of drags off trying to explain it, because he canít explain it.  How is it good for you, when your taxes go up and up and up?  But again, you didnít study economics, did you; you see, youíre just so silly.  Thatís how it is.


So, Ottawa claims, and this is what theyíre claiming, I think itís a lot more than this actually, since the September 11th attacks, in the US, Canada has spent $92 billion so far.  This is from a think tank and from The Globe and Mail.  It says...


The Cost of 9/11 and the Creation of a National Security Establishment / September 7, 2011


The 9/11 terrorist attacks have had a lasting impact on Canadian government's finances, spurring Ottawa to spend an additional $92-billion on national security over the last decade.  (A:  For what?  For what?  Itís for the coming global police state.  Thatís what itís for.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, just touching on an article from the Rideau Institute, which they always tell you itís a far-left organization.  But far-left, far-right, what does it matter if theyíre all pretty wealthy, and pretty much the same, and they all probably know each other from all of the right-wing think tanks.  However, it says...


The Cost of 9/11 / Sept 7, 2011


The Rideau Institute has released a new report that tabulates, for the first time, the number of additional dollars spent on national security since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.


The report, called The Cost of 9/11: Tracking the Creation of a National Security Establishment (A:  You see, that whatís itís created; itís creating a national security establishment; a police state is really another term for it.), was written by economist David Macdonald and examines how much federal government spending on Department of National Defence, Foreign Affairs, Public Safety and related agencies has increased over pre-9/11 levels.


ďA decade after the attacks of 9/11 itís time to re-evaluate whether we should continue the high level of national security spending,Ē says Steven Staples, President of the Rideau Institute.Ē The government has created a national security establishment in Canada.Ē  (A:  Every country has done it across the world.  This never happened in World War II.  After Pearl Harbor the whole world didnít go into a police state you know.  So they all signed onto it long before it happened, through treaties.  Theyíd all copy and follow the leader.  Because you must bring in a police state to bring the big changes through and manage them, and there will be big changes.  They need a police state to handle coming riots, because people are going to live in poverty, austerity, and the workís all shipped off overseas and so on.  Itís all arranged for long before it all happens.)


The reportís main findings include:


◦ Since 2000-01, the year before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Canada has devoted an additional $92 billion ($69 billion inflation-adjusted) to national security spending over and above the amount it would have spent had budgets remained in line with preĖ9/11 levels.


◦ In this fiscal year, 2011-12, Canada will spend $34 billion (A:  ...alone...) on its national security, which is an additional $17 billion ($13 billion inflation-adjusted) more than the amount it would have spent had budgets remained in line with preĖ9/11 levels. This is an increase of 105% (60% inflation-adjusted).


◦ Military expenditures have nearly doubled (90%) since 9/11 (48% inflation-adjusted), and the Department of National Defence is by far the largest consumer of national security expenditures, at more than $21 billion this fiscal year.


◦ Security and Public Safety programs have nearly tripled in spending, from $3 billion to almost $9 billion annually ($3.9 billion to $8.7 billion inflation-adjusted), or 186% since 9/11 (123% inflation-adjusted).  (A:  If youíve got any children youíre as well as getting them into the security business because thereíll be nothing else to do in the future, and they can all spy on the general population and wear nice black suits and ski masks and things.)


Author David Macdonald hopes the report will launch a discussion about future spending. ďAt a time when the global economy seems to be a greater threat to Canadiansí security than global terrorism, should we spend another $92 billion or more over the coming decade on a national security establishment?Ē said Macdonald. 


Well, weíve no option because you see, long before 9/11 Janeís Magazine and others, the big think tanks that also work for the military, were saying† Ė this is like, you know, years and years before 2001 Ė they said eventually that they were shifting, already shifting their scope, because they knew theyíd run out of wars eventually, the wars that they still had to come, theyíd run out of them, and the big Military-Industrial Complex was already shifting into National Security, and all your camera gear.  This was all talked about years before 9/11 came along.  They were already on the move, for the post/ex Middle Eastern wars.  And thatís where we are today.  Thatís how the world is run, though, eh.


And as I said too, the...


World Economic Forum downgrades America / 7 September, 2011


International experts (A:  Thatís all you have to say now, is experts.  Who are the experts?  Well, the same bankers and so on that help to get the world in the mess that itís already in.) are losing faith in the United Statesí ability to overcome the countryís financial crisis, as demonstrated in a new report issued by the World Economic Forum (A:  The WEF, say it backwards and thatís for the FEW, because you wonít get in to it.) on Wednesday.


In its latest listing of the worldís most competitive economies, the United States has slumped down to slot number five, trailing (in order) Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden and Finland.


The US held the first-place position back in 2008, but the recession that started a downward spiral late that year has displaced the United States into lower standing in the years since. 


You understand, weíre supposed to all be competing with each other.  That was also part of the European blurbs I gave out a couple of minutes ago there from the newscasts.  Weíve all to compete with each other.  Even within the European Union theyíve got different zones competing with each other.  You understand, your whole life is just a modern form of slavery?  Itís a wage slave is what you are.  In the old days all they did was come in and invade your place and put warlords over you, feudal overlords, and theyíd call you slaves and serfs Ė it sounds better calling it a serf, in English, but it meant a slave.  You were bought and sold with the land.  And today of course you donít need that.  They make you think youíre free and then you work and since money represents your labor and then the government takes it off you through taxes, then youíre still a slave.  Youíre still a slave.   If they take that off you, that IS your labor and thatís what slavery is.  Your labor is taken from you by an overlord.  People donít even know what it is anymore. 


And of course, weíre better slaves than we were before.  Weíve got lots of entertainment and things like that.  We can actually buy our own clothes, after the moneyís left from the money thatís taxed from you.  And everything that you buy is taxed as well.  And we feed ourselves with the stuff, this plastic rubbish they now call food.  And of course, most folk even... and Canadaís beautiful for this; itís one of the most insured countries on the planet.  They insure everything, for themselves.  And theyíre all paid up for their funerals and everything, long in advance, you know.  So we even pay for our funerals, before we die, just to, you know, make bigger profit for the insurance companies and all that.  So weíre awfully, awfully good in Canada. Itís just amazing as I say, the strong dollar, it goes up and then you canít export anything because, oh, itís too strong of a dollar, weíd better weaken it.  And... aaah!  What a lot of nonsense, eh?  A lot of nonsense. 


Another article I want to mention tonight too, is about the police state in the US.  Itís not a bad article.  Itís called...


America's War Within

Homeland security and the first 10 years of the war on terror

Mall of America visitors unknowingly end up in counterterrorism reports / September 7, 2011


As he shopped for a childrenís watch inside the sprawling Mall of America, two security guards approached and began questioning him. Although he was not accused of wrongdoing, the guards filed a confidential report about Kleinerman that was forwarded to local police.


The reason: Guards thought he might pose a threat because they believed he had been looking at them in a suspicious way.  (A:  ...a suspicious way... Maybe he was kind of fascinated by all the gear they had on, that you normally see in the movies until you see it in person.)


Najam Qureshi, owner of a kiosk that sold items from his native Pakistan, also had his own experience with authorities after his father left a cell phone on a table in the food court.


The consequence: An FBI agent showed up at the familyís home, asking if they knew anyone who might want to hurt the United States.


Mall of America officials say their security unit stops and questions on average up to 1,200 people each year. The interviews at the mall are part of a counterterrorism initiative that acts as the private eyes and ears of law enforcement authorities but has often ensnared innocent people, according to an investigation by the Center for Investigative Reporting and NPR.  (A:  Well, obviously, most of those 1200 people they stop every year ARE innocent; not Ďsome,í right.)


In many cases, the written reports were filed without the knowledge of those interviewed by security. Several people named in the reports learned from journalists that their birth dates, race, names of employers and other personal information were compiled along with surveillance images.


One Iranian man, now 62, began passing out during questioning. An Army veteran sobbed in his car after he was questioned for nearly two hours about video he had taken inside the mall.  (A:  You get grilled, just lucky they didnít waterboard you but they get as much, by the way.)


Much of the questioning at the mall has been done in public while shoppers mill around, records show. Two people, a shopper and a mall employee, also described being taken to a basement area for questioning. Officials at the mall would not address individual cases.  (A:  And itís all part, as I say, of this new initiative, you see.)


Youíre supposed to report anything suspicious, according to Napolitano and theyíre all going along with this new policy.† I mean, what a world, eh.† Do you really want that?† All this information, it says too, goes to a fusion center.  By the way, they were building police departments IN these malls, with cells in them, before 9/11, waiting for 9/11 to come along.  You think itís all just coincidence?  No.  So Iíll put this link up tonight too at along with these other links.  And getting back to Canada, though, when Pierre Trudeau came in, and Pierre Trudeau was a communist who ran for the liberal party.  All the media knew it; itís just that most Canadians didnít know it.  He was an official member of the Communist Party of Canada and in 1952 he led the Comintern, the young communists of Canada over to the Moscow meeting, on behalf of Canada.  And then he became Prime Minister and completely turned the country upside down, to get it global.  And one thing that he did to please a lot of folk was to try and distance the name of Canada from the Queen, Royalty and all that.  And itís amazing now.  Now that theyíve got the country multicultural and used to this new normal, now weíre getting another new normal which is going back the way again, the old, old normal.  Heís bringing back the Royal renaming of many things, like the military.  It says...


Royal renaming shows Harperís small-ball savvy / August 30, 2011


The decision by the Harper government to re-name the Canadian Forces seemed to come out of nowhere, stir a twitch of controversy and then disappear as a story.


But it was a potentially provocative decision by the government and worthy of a bit more analysis of the politics that surrounds it. The first question is why, or more particularly, why now?


Without being privy to any of the internal background within government policy circles, itís hard to imagine this decision would have been taken now had our royal visitors this summer been Prince Charles and Camilla, or even the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.


Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge did a lot to freshen the image of the monarchy. So much so that the idea of investing billions in a more modern defence force and at the same time reaching back several decades to rename it doesnít seem as incongruous to most voters as it might have.


So how did the decision land? A Harris/Decima poll completed only days after the move was announced, showed it was a net positive for the Conservatives. (A:  In other words, theyíre trying to say itís a political move for the conservatives, which I donít believe at all to be honest with you.  I donít really believe it at all.  Anyway, theyíre trying to say... )


Across Canada, 56 per cent agree with the move. (A: bring back the Royal Canadian military.  In other words, put the word ĎRoyalí back in.)


Well, how can you be independent and national if youíre part of a dominion?  This used to be called The Dominion of Canada, and it was owned by the Queen.  Well, it still obviously is; isnít it? And all the militaryís quite happy because they like the old idea of the colors; theyíve gone through different wars and all that stuff.  And of course, Harperís told all the embassies across the world, the Canadian embassies, to hang the photograph or the picture or the portrait of the Queen up for all to see, by the end of the week actually.  And that will be done as well, Iím sure, but why now?   Weíll see.  Is it just to cause more trouble when you donít need it?  I donít know.  Weíll find out as times go on.  As I say, Iíll put all these links up too, including the orders to tell the embassies to start displaying a portrait of the Queen. 


Canadian embassies have till Sept. 15 to hang the Queen's portrait - / Sep. 07, 2011


And a good article here is about how theyíre teaching children about 9/11.  I said years ago that there are children growing up now that wonít remember 9/11 or even were born post-9/11.  And itís interesting to see how the country goes into action to make sure they get the right idea of why theyíre living in, and it wonít be called, a police state; it will be a security state, for their own good.  And how they go about it, well here you go.  Thereís an article here about children and the new indoctrination system, new curriculums in schools, starting in New Jersey but no doubt in some other places too.  It might go across the whole country.  Itís interesting how theyíre doing it. 


For many U.S. high school students,

9/11 is a day of infamy they donít remember / DORIE TURNER / Sep. 05, 2011


(A:  They say that there are...)

More than 60 million children in America are 14 and younger (A:  ...right now.), according to the U.S. Census Bureau. So how do teachers handle the daunting task of trying to explain the significance of 9/11 to students who don't remember when anyone could walk right up to the gate at the airport or when Osama bin Laden wasn't a household name?


The answer isn't simple, and it has changed over time as the country's rhetoric about the attacks has evolved.  (A:  It certainly has, eh?  So they got the usual things like...)


Students across the country will gather for assemblies, hold moments of silence (A:  ... the normal stuff.  But they also go into a new curriculum...)


New Jersey unveiled its new curriculum this year in honour of the 10th anniversary of the attacks, a lesson plan created by families of Sept. 11 victims and the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education. It provides 56 lessons ó which start simple and grow in complexity and maturity with each grade level ó emphasizing the good that came out of the tragedy for younger students (A:† Well, I understand where it comes from.) and examining the history of terrorism and other complicated lessons for older students.


The lessons recommend some kind of action, such as creating art about tolerance or service projects to honour or remember victims. 


Of course, what it really is, whether you like it or not, itís going to be a very limited view of what happened.  And itís to get children used to the fact theyíre living in, what to them is normal, a state where thereís pat-downs and going through security, electronic surveillance, stuff at school, all that kind of thing, why thereíll be cameras sprouting up everywhere, why they canít have privacy, until theyíll think itís all quite normal.  So this will be the first generation, you see, thatís never known what privacy is. In fact, a lot of the youngsters now donít understand it, they donít even want it.  They think, whatís the good of privacy? They have no idea of history at all and how tyrants have arisen all down through the ages in tyrannical times and turned armies on their own people with utter brute force, and deadly force.  And itís often done through information collection. 


You know, when the communists came in to the different countries they invaded they rounded up all the people that could speak out against them, who were educated enough to know what was going on.  Because the lists were already drawn up.  And where did they get all the information?  From the census data collected; names, addresses, religions, everything. The same thing happened in Germany under Hitler.  They sent all the data, on everything about you, including your religious beliefs.  And weíre WAY beyond that now.  Way beyond that now.  And everyoneís so innocent about it.  Innocent again, eh?  Ha!  History always repeats itself, only worse each time.  And thatís been the history since the machine gun was invented and they used it full-blast in World War I and then itís just been an onslaught of bigger and better weaponry, to kill masses of people. 


You understand, in total warfare Ė this was an idea that was born in Britain, at Sandhurst.  Total warfare was to change the whole way we look at war.  In the old days it was mercenary armies often that used to come across and theyíd fight off on a battlefield somewhere.  And often villages miles away didnít even know what was happening and they generally werenít bothered much by it.  But total warfare said that no, every citizen is therefore a target, a legitimate target of slaughter to win the war.  And thatís what was used all through World War I and then accelerated in World War II and who knows whatís next, eh.  Do you really want to look at it?  Not too good is it? 


You have good news too, that...


Ford building $1bn manufacturing complex in India / 6 September 2011


A $1 billion car manufacturing plant and complex in India and Iím sure your tax money is helping them too.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll jump to the phones.  An hour flies in and you have to really speed things up to try to get in anything at all.  Weíll try and see if Sam in Toronto is still on the line.  Is Sam there?


Sam:  Hey, Alan, how you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Sam:  Thanks for taking my call again.  First just a quick question for you.  I wanted to know if the Federal Reserve, its charter, is it true that it had a 100-year charter?


Alan:  The Federal Reserve? of the US?


Sam:  Yep, from the US. 


Alan:  Yes.  I believe it had.  Itís supposed to be re-chartered every so often. 


Sam:  So 1913 is when they signed the charter, so then I guess 2013 is when it ends.  And I just had a theory and I just wanted to know what you thought of it.  For them to go to their next, like this new world order that they call it, I guess everybody now agrees that thatís going to be a one world, one system, socialist kind of a government.  And for them to reach that, I think... Well, itís obvious that they have to break this current system and I think what weíre seeing right now is actually the collapse of the current banking system, and obviously all contrived by them.  Basically, theyíre trying to make it obvious to everybody that banking...


Alan:  Youíre right on.  Thatís what they do.  They make it obvious to you that itís not working. But it actually is for them, of course; they lose nothing.  What youíre seeing is the transformation into the next level of the new system, with the same boys in charge.  And of course, 2013 would fall in perfectly well with deepening amalgamation with Canada and maybe into a single system as well. Because theyíve been talking about that for years and theyíre actually signing agreements every year into, again, tightening the bonds between Canada and the States; the same stuff that they used in Europe, the same terminology, Ďcloser tiesí, Ďintegrationí.  And we know they sign them every year.  So that could be the way itís taken over and you have a central bank of the Americas.  That was discussed, by the way, in the initial free trade agreement, in Canada, they would do that.  They wanted to set Montreal up initially as an international capital for the whole of the Americas with the banking system based there.  And I donít know if theyíve changed their minds or not.  But if they can convince us, oh weíre all going down the tubes together, weíd better do something, letís all amalgamate Ė just like Europe Ė then a new banking system will come out of it, yeah. 


Sam:  A more centralized, I guess, what they call the new world order will probably kick into place.  I mean, to get there my guess is thereís going to be much, much bigger disasters, all contrived by them obviously.


Alan:  Absolutely. 


Sam: get to a point where people are just disgusted with this old world.


Alan:  Well, I always say that, you see, the victim of the abuser, the victim always turns to the abuser for help.   Thatís what happens.  So they cause the problem and then when weíre so down on our knees we turn to them, the same people whoíve just done us in basically, and we ask them to get us out of the mess.  And they say, oh, by the way, weíve just drafted up a plan that will do that very thing, and youíre so grateful that you just go into it, then you regret it later, you know. 


Sam:  Itís a big Hegelian dialectic.  And my theory is that Ron Paul will be the so-called savior and he will be in the new system.  Basically how he talks about getting rid of the Federal Reserve, I mean, anybody who was not part of the system and said he wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve, he wouldnít last more than a week.


Alan:  Yeah, you couldnít get him in.  Heíd be assassinated so fast; a real man would be assassinated so fast.  In fact heíd have to get a security team, picked by himself, and hide somewhere else, while he took over.  Youíre quite right.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  And please, help me out here, buy the books and donate.† Thank you.



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