September 8th, 2011 (#915)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 8th, 2011:

World Managers Wanted, Prepared to Lie
Only Psychopaths Need Apply:

"The Men of Influence in Polity,
Are Real Masters of Monopoly,
World Reels, with Anxiety, Frustrations,
Sold through Treaties of Amalgamations
On Promises of Peace, Prosperity,
Screwed by Banks, Pitiless Severity,
From Infancy Competing through School,
Working Hard and Saving, Oh the Fool,
We Each have Been Chasing Carrots,
Seeing them Eaten by Inflationary Maggots,
Now Populations are Told to Compete,
Until Nations Each Admit Defeat
And Absorbed into the Global Inc.,
Histories, Cultures Washed Down the Sink,
Conquered All, Child, Woman, Man,
By Old Fat Men and Ancient Plan"
© Alan Watt September 8th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė September 8th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix on September the 8th, 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the audios which are there for free download at  Hopefully you'll understand better at least this massively deceptive, huge, incredible system that is reality, something the media steers you away from, and so does your education too, mind you, but I give you shortcuts to understanding the big superstructure of a system of interlacing corporations and foundations, which are big fronts for the non-governmental organizations, which is the new Soviet system, by the way.  That's what it means, rule by councils.  That's your new democracy.  That's what they mean at the top when they call it democracy.  So, it's selected NGOs funded by the foundations to basically lobby governments.  And the governments are only too happy to say, oh, thanks for coming and sign it into law on behalf of all the people.  That's your new democracy, the new Super-Soviet.  But it's hand in glove, of course, with the Super-Fascists, because the fascists set it up in the first place.  It's been here a long time this dialectic, the two sides, you see, actually for many, many, many centuries.  So, help yourself to the audios and you might get an understanding of how it all really works together, and why the ordinary folk never get ahead in any way at all.  It's quite simple, really.


And we've all been brainwashed, as I say, from our parents and from their indoctrination, and their parents as well.  It passes down.  Indoctrinate one generation and they'll indoctrinate their own children into saying this is my country, this is, I've got rights, etc.  All of that stuff that makes you work and slave and pay taxes and send your children off to war to fight for corporations.  That's the reality of this world.  It's always been this way.  It really has.  It's just that they had better propaganda in the past and put more movies out about certain things. 


Now, remember too, you're the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me just tickle along, hopefully, by buying the books and discs I have for sale at  They're different books.  You won't see them anywhere else.  I try to show you how we've been hoodwinked from even thousands of years ago.  Governing masses of people is nothing new at all.  It's called conology.  That's what I call it.  Conology, the art of the con.  And the techniques of managing us all, millions and billions of people, has been known by psychopaths from very early times, because these are the only ones who rise to the top in a system which comes along with money and commerce, etc.  And out of that comes war, conflict, and they rise to the top through everything.  So, money is at the top of the tree.  Everything else is subservient to it.  And, as I say, I try to show you how it's all done. 


And, as I say, you can buy the books and discs, etc.  From the US to Canada, you can order by personal check.  You'll see how to do it on the site.  You can use an international postal money order or you can use PayPal to order.  Use the donation button. Again, it's all explained on the .com site how to do that.  Donations are certainly welcome, because nobody is really sending much my way at all these days.  And it's maybe a sign of the times, it's maybe a sign that folk have just got more lazy.  They've all got their super iPhones, the latest models and all their usual stuff, and they're signed into god knows how many contracts for different kinds of electronic entertainment.  So, that's maybe just the way it's going to go. 


I came out originally because I knew before 9/11 what was going to happen.  I'd been reading the books by the big boys, watching the globalism and all the efforts.  I'd read the CFR's stuff about the countries they would love to take out, along with the New American Century group, and long before that, even.  So, it's not hard to see how the plan works, and how we're living through a script.  Every generation has its purpose.  And believe you me, once we've all served our purpose, they have no problem in bumping you off.  They don't like to have useless eaters around.  They like productive slaves.  And that's what we've been for an awful, awful long time. 


And I'll be back with more on this after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And itís just astonishing to see how weíve all been indoctrinated and brainwashed from a very early age.  And we adapt and adopt the attitudes of our parents and those around us.  And if they didnít know what was going on and they were happy and having their weekend parties, the usual stuff, watching television, then there was nothing much to pass on.  Everyone thought this was real reality.  Thatís all there is to it.  And we get the posturing of politicians once in a while and lots of media about their speeches, etc, and the boos and the accolades and so on.  You know how the thing goes.  Itís churned out every day for us to just soak up and go back to sleep on.  But thatís really just the front, because the big plans are made in think tanks.  The big plans for the future are always made in think tanks.


And weíve had this system for an awful, awful long time, where the big banking boys that manage the foundations with their thousands of non-governmental organizations, full-time, full-time staff, all written off on taxes.  They actually help to run the world.  Theyíre called soft power by the United Nations.  The hard power of course is the military.  The soft power are the ones who are always advocating the next move on changing, radically altering society.  Thatís the whole agenda.  They also get funding from you, because youíre the taxpayer, and as long as they sign on for radical change in society, which is an agenda too, itís the same as the Communist Manifesto, by the way, then they get their funding from government grants as well.


Most folk donít know.  We float through life and most people donít even know whatís really going on, how things really work.  And of course, really, all government is, is a lobbying place for the lobbyists to meet with the guys who have their hands in the cookie jar, and they can distribute your money to them to get big projects done.  Itís interesting how they always repeat the same systems over and over when times get tough.  And youíll find during the twenties and thirties, and eventually FDR got in, and he did something awfully similar.  He was even congratulated by Stalin, because he says, youíre doing the same thing that weíre doing.  That was putting people back to work on the roads, in forestry.  Make-work projects, you see, which is awful Communistic.  And you find the same things happening in the US as the last of its tax money is soaked up to fight other peopleís wars, and to basically rebuild the infrastructure across all these conquered countries and build brand new refineries for all the ones they demolish.  And then they hand it over to the private sector for nothing, basically, gifts. 


You understand, this is a slavery system.  And itís always been that way.  Now, in a slavery system you can get a lot of happy slaves.  And I heard Bill Cooper an awful long time ago, years ago talking about that too.  He says, a lot of folk will love Socialism.  The ones who donít want to think about the bigger problems, the ones who donít want to really know whatís going on, theyíre happy in the cocoon of their little environment, and their little circle around them of people they know, and routine.  You know, go to the pub every Friday and they meet so-and-so on Saturday for a card game.  That kind of stuff.  So, thatís how most folk really live.  And the other ones, who are trying to get ahead, the ones who have fallen for the carrot, the middle-classes, who are racing for it, of course theyíre demolished almost too.  Not just with higher taxation, and not only with foreign competition, but also theyíre demolished because they canít even keep a family together since theyíre both working sometimes twelve hours a day, trying to get up the ladder to be important and get the cash.  And all those who play by the rules and get some cash lose it all when the banks decide to pull the plug and crash you and repossess your homes.  You canít win in this system.  See, itís not for you.


Iíve talked many times about the psychopaths over the years.  And one of the first talks I did about them, I said, see youíre living in their system.  You are living in their system.  Not your system, their system.  And itís been like that for thousands of years.  At one time, an awful long time ago, little tribes or clans could kill off someone who got too big for their boots.  Especially before they had a monetary system.  Once you got a monetary system of course, and you can always hire the crass ones at the bottom to be your bodyguards or your Praetorian Guard that will protect you, and then you can get an army and go off conquering people.  And thatís really been the state of the world since money came in at the same time as the psychopaths took off, now that they got what they wanted.  Without that of course, it was easy to get rid of them.  And every tribe did.  Even North Americans used to just kick them out, and that was them, they were shunned.  They couldnít get back into the tribe.  Or theyíd kill them.  Thatís what, the same in Africa too.  And Iím sure the same everywhere else. 


Unfortunately, with a monetary system, as I say, the guy can come in.  He can manage the money for you eventually.  He knows how to act.  Heís often charismatic and he can charm most people, because heís studied you like a beast or a predator studies its prey.  And he knows.  He doesnít feel what you feel, but he knows how you would act, and what expressions youíd put on your face with grief, happiness, all these kinds of things.  And thatís how the psychopaths operate.


Itís interesting to read about the present-day psychopaths.  Pretty well everyone at the top is a modern psychopath.  Other ones in the lower end of the totem pole that help the system have copied the psychopath basically.  They admire them in a sense.  They admire power, more power than they have themselves, and they despise those beneath them.  So, theyíre junior psychopaths, you might say.  We also have, unfortunately like it was said during the American Riots in New York, back in the 1800s, when the mayor of New York says, you can always hire half the poor to kill the other half.  With money thatís a truism thatís always been with us since, as I say, money came along.  And it hasnít changed. 


Today, of course, we have academia and psychology.  We have anthropologists and zoologists and all these characters, working together to manage our psyche and to give us, and upgrade the culture to suit themselves at the top, not to suit the ones at the bottom.  Theyíve done an awful great job in my time, because Iíve watched the IQ plummet.  Iíve watched cultures plummet from all classes, including the working classes, just plummet with what they were fed, especially through television and what came out of Hollywood.  Step-by-step, they kept pushing the envelope and then I found out that the censor departments that you have to manage your culture, to make sure youíre not seriously harmed by something that might upset the children, belongs to the international censors department for entertainment.  And the international censors are not there to protect you at all.  Theyíre there to see if the culture is degraded enough to push the envelope even further to the next step of degradation.  And thatís really how it is.  Thatís really how it is. 


Now, getting back to FDR and make-work projects, here it comes again.  Itís bad enough when you get soaked, you see, with so much taxes paying for your factories to move off to China, which has happened over the years.  Thereís nothing left at home in most countries, Canada and the States.  And we paid for their transportation over of their tooling and everything else, and their setting up in China.  That was all done through the World Trade Organization.  Our tax money paid them.  Government lobbied the corporations to move.  And what a deal.  Because once they went off to China, they werenít going to get any taxes, pay any taxes for fifteen to twenty years, which could be renewed for another extended period.  So whoís going to refuse that kind of deal, eh?  So they all moved off. And weíre still giving money to China as though it were a Third World Country, even though theyíve got more billionaires than any other country on the planet now. 


Anyway, getting back to make-work projects, thatís what weíre left with here as we finish off the last few countries in the Middle East for the big boys, the bankers who own all the big corporations, by the way, and they own General Electric and all the military-industrial complex, and weíre paying for it all now. 


President Barack Obama talked at his news conference Monday about creating a national infrastructure bank that could help rebuild and repair Americaís roads, bridges and ports and also address our serious unemployment problem.


(Alan: Well, have you watched what America has, do you know how many bases they have across the world?  Thereís hundreds of them.  They build the roads.  They build small cities, basically.  All high tech, all modern stuff, while they let the country back home rot.)


He cited the bank as one crucial way to stimulate the economy.


(A: Thatís going to be a private bank, again, based on debt and interest and compound interest, and then there will be the public input to bail them out too.  And it says:)


I would urge the president to move forward on this so we can begin to restore Americaís infrastructure and strengthen our economy for the long term.


Even as Congress debates fiscal strategies, our countryís competitors and partners around the globe make massive investments in public infrastructure.


(A: As long as you paint the roads green.)


Meanwhile, our nationís roads and bridges, schools and hospitals, airports and railways, ports and dams, waterlines and air-control systems are rapidly and dangerously deteriorating.


(A: Like theyíve just noticed this.  Itís been like this for twenty, thirty years.  In Canada, itís just the same.  It says:)


Five years ago, former Sen. Warren Rudman and I co-chaired a commission on public infrastructure at the Center for Strategic and International Studies


(A: Another private think tank, you see, and they work for rich people.)


a bipartisan group of congressional and business leaders, governors and bankers that unanimously recommended an infrastructure bank and called for a capital budget. Yet these proposals were ó and perhaps still are ó unable to gain political traction.


(A: So, theyíre pushing again ahead with the same darn deal.  They say:)


China, India and European nations are spending the equivalent of hundreds of billions of dollars on efficient public transportation, energy and water systems.


(A: Now, China is still being funded.  The US is still paying for hospitals to get built in China while theyíre changing the hospital systems back home.  Theyíve already changed a lot of it, and the insurance system too.  India, the same thing, because India is again an emerging nation.  That means the UN and the World Trade Organization will match with your tax money dollar for dollar, sometimes ten or twenty to one, any one dollar that you invest in places like India and China.  Thatís what theyíre not telling you in this article here, you see.  It says:)


Here in the United States, a five-year investment of $2.2 trillion is needed simply to make U.S. infrastructure dependable and safe, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.


So, this is again a make-work project and another banking con, and more authority over the public when they privatize it, after your tax money builds roads.  Back with more after this break.


Hi, Iím back, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iíll put that link up tonight at  And Iíll also put up a link from the CFR as well on the same topic.  Because the Council on Foreign Relations, you understand, runs everything.  Thatís the big society that you have to be in to get into any think tank, to get into any top level of government or bureaucracy across the US, Canada, even parts of Latin America.  And of course in Britain you have to belong to the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Same group, only different name.  And thatís really how the way itís run.  They run all the think tanks, all the media.  They even print the books that your children read for history to make sure they get the right version of history, where they omit their own manipulation of the events in history.  But thatís life, isnít it?


And just next to this article, hereís a statement here.  Itís a statement itself in the headline.


Dream Job: Martin Luther King Statue With Made in China Label?


(A: Howís that, eh?  Howís that?)


An American Bricklayers Union is calling on the Obama Administration to deny VISAs to a group of Chinese workers selected to travel to Washington this fall to assemble a sculpture on the National Mall in honor of Dr. Luther King Jr. 


This morning members of the Local 1 Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers union leafleted the Martin Luther King Memorial Foundation offices in downtown Washington, telling commuters that outsourcing the project to China and denying U.S. workers the opportunity to contribute to the monument during a time of high unemployment is "wrong, wrong, wrong."


Scott Garvin, president of Local 1, questioned why the government would pass over the same group of workers that have worked on virtually every other project on the National Mall.


"With the record of China on human rights, and the fact that we have such high unemployment in the United States, we're wondering why?" Garvin asked. "We want to the let the public to be aware of the problems with this particular memorial and hopefully we can get some of our United States citizens working on this project."


But itís made in China.  What does that tell you?  Itís no surprise, but what does it really tell you?  Eh?  Itís just astonishing.  Interesting too, Martin Lutherís wife got an awful lot of money given to her because they couldnít go ahead with the statue until she signed the document and agreed that she would let them copy his likeness.  So, everybody is in it for the big cash, eh.  Everybody gets into it for the big cash. 


Now, thereís Mike from Chicago on the line there.  I should take him now.  Heís been hanging on for a little while.  Are you there, Mike?


Mike: I want to ask you, what you were saying in the beginning, you were talking about happy slaves.  I remember a quote from Harriet Tubman.  She said she could have freed a million slaves if only they knew they were slaves.  So, I just wanted to add that.  But I do have a question about history as far as the Haitian Revolution, and I remember you talking about how Freemasons like to start Revolutions.  And Toussaint Louverture was one of the leaders as you know, for the Haitian Revolution.  And Iím wondering whether he may have been a Mason or maybe a High Mason, because I know he traveled to France a lot.  And possibly, he was probably in the Sisters Lodge with Ben Franklin.  And also, Simon Bolivar was a Mason, and he also recruited Haitian soldiers to help free central and the Northern part of Latin America.  And you know, what can you say about that?


Alan: Itís easy, actually.  If you go into it, modern Masonry is interesting in that they talk about the fact that members must agree to always uphold the system that youíre born into now, this present system.  It doesnít matter what state itís in, you must agree to that.  However, they started off as a Revolutionary force, and thatís well documented, to overthrow the old systems to bring in the new system, which at that time they didnít quite call it democracy in all the countries but it had this flair of having rights.  We always fall for it when people claim theyíre going to give us rights.  Now, they really installed their own people, you understand.  They already knew who theyíd install as leaders.  And the same with the banking systems that weíre all under, they brought them in too.  Itís a front.  The world is run by fronts. 


Same with Communism.  In the US alone there were over 500 or some of them have 900 Communist front registered movements, including Christian Churches who were conned, belonging to a Communist, they were all getting used for the Communist Front.  And itís the same thing with Masonry, because Masonry was heavily involved, always has been in Revolutions for Change.  And before it was called Masonry too, youíll find the same thing was happening in the Rosicrucian era as well.  So, you understand, it was to bring in, under the guise of freeing people, a new system which would ultimately enslave them even better, without them knowing it initially.  Eventually they should wake up and know it. 


When the British troops went off for instance in the 1700s and they were in India and then they were in of course in the Americas, but in India, they wrote back and said they were astonished, a lot of the ordinary troops were astonished to find all these Masonic Lodges throughout India.  They thought they were the only ones that had them back in Britain, you know.  But they had them in every town in India.  So this was an already established system international before they went off creating the Empire of Britain.  It was already there, of course, when Holland was the Empire for trade.  And the same thing is in Africa too. 


South Africa, I got a letter just the other day from a guy whoís white in South Africa.  And theyíre getting heavily penalized now.  He sells stuff at a stand just to make a living.  And he was getting his wife in from another country and he couldnít get any answers from the guys at the top, until he wrote off and copied what I said, ďIs there no help for a widowís son?Ē  He got her into the country right away, immediately.  Theyíre all Masons that run South Africa too.


Hold on.  Back with more after this.


Hi, folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix and talking to Mike, whoís talking about Haiti and what happened, etc.  Now, thereís no doubt about it, even the Masons themselves will tell you in their own books that every structure, every system that man creates will eventually become corrupt.  And that includes their own, of course.  The difference with today, greed is so paramount over everything that all the high Masonic Lodges are involved in high corruption.  I put a link up to a video, it was done in Britain, and it was documenting the corruption from the Lodges where crooks were mixing with chiefs of police and running whole cities down there.  Even with the CID in London involved.  They ran prostitution rackets and everything.  I mean, these were all guys who met together at the Lodge and divvied up all the cash they could get, just like the mafia, and split it amongst themselves.  And then, thereís the Duke of Kent, the head of the English Lodge, standing up for them all, because they must always stand up for a Mason.  He has not broken a Masonic rule by fleecing the public.  In fact, itís a statute from them, and even Pike talks about this in his book, Morals and Dogma, that the people really are there for the fleecing.  He says, people who wonít think for themselves and do for themselves are meat on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent.  Thatís legalities there.  So, thatís how they see the public.  And the higher up the degrees they go, they will actually, I might even put a link up tonight.  Youíll hear a 32nd degree Mason, if I can find it, talking about this.  They start to get brainwashed too, until they look down on the ordinary people as cattle basically for the use of. 


And so Masonry is involved in all aspects of taking over power.  And that was often used as, our system will be better than anything thatís come before.  Thatís what they used to tell them.  Robert Burns in Scotland, who was a poet at the time, gave his all for the Masonic Lodge and they turned out and gave him sweet damned all at the end, when he was dying of tuberculosis.  So theyíre hypocrites as well.  But theyíll use people.  And people Iíve known who have been in the High Lodges too, and who have left it, theyíve left it because the guise is that youíre all equal, but itís not.  Itís absolute rubbish.  There are Higher Lodges and Aristocratic Lodges, etc that are anything but equal with the ones at the bottom.  Theyíll turn up for the occasional do with them, and mix with the ordinary people, but itís really a Royal system you might say from the top to the bottom.


Mike: Well, Alan, what do you think was the point for letting, well, I guess, what was the point for the Freemasons, I guess, letting the slaves in Haiti, you know, receive their so-called independence?  You know, even Thomas Jefferson said, he said we canít let this happen, and they sent troops to Haiti to, you know, even the British troops went there so they could, you know, settle down the Revolution as well.


Alan: Itís hard to say, although the leaders themselves in Haiti, youíre still allowed so much leeway, and Iím sure there were many arguments in the Lodge between the two different sides and different factions, but it seemed that they kind of won out for a while.  But did they really win out for a while?  Because, you understand, thereís a society in this world at the top of Masonry that never forgets.  And if it takes a century to come back on you, theyíll take a century before theyíll hit you, or two hundred years even, but they never forget.  And thatís something to always.  You see, we think in such short lifespans.  We want immediate revenge.  But believe you me, thereís a society here thatís very, very old on this planet that never forgets.  Itís paramount that you never forget.  And it might take you fifty, a hundred, two hundred years, but youíll come back and swipe them.  Those who control history think in these terms, you know.


Mike: Well, thank you, Alan Watt.  Thank you for answering my question. 


Alan: And thanks for calling.  And itís the same too, if you look into the book, My Life, by Trotsky, he also wrote in his own book that he said that he joined the Masons in Russia and he was so enthralled by them that he was in the process of completing a whole set on basically Revolutionary Freemasonry when of course he was eventually assassinated by one of Stalinís men.  He also said too, when he was escorted out of the Soviet Union, he says, his guards crossing the borders didnít have to show any passports or anything.  They all used Masonic signs.  Itís a whole different world in upper, higher Masonry than youíd ever imagine.  They run your cities, towns, the handouts from the tax money to your local builders, road builders, construction guys, all these things.  It all comes from the public purse.  Theyíre always in charge of it.  Schools, everything.  Thatís how the system really is. 


And in Canada, two or three years ago, or maybe a few years ago now, some of the Indians in Ontario, they burnt down the home of their chief, because the chief was a high Mason, and he was pocketing the cash and splitting it with fellow Masons that was due to come to the Indians from the government.  And then you go into the history of Freemasonry, Joseph Brant was one of the first Indian Masons they created in the Americas.  And when they had the war between the US and Canada, Brant split the tribes, the five or seven tribes into two, told half of them to fight for the Americans and half of them to fight for the British.  So thatís how they work.  They play both sides of the game.  Thatís standard in all these conflicts down through time.  Play both sides of the game. 


So, you understand, youíre dealing here with societies that almost everybody that you hear of at the top is in.  They belong to it.  In fact, all of them belong to one of the organizations.  They canít live without it.  You canít get up there without it.  It just doesnít happen. 


Now, thereís Dennis from Michigan there as well.  Are you there, Dennis?


Dennis: Greetings.


Alan: Hello.


Dennis: Alan. Iím about a third of the way through Tragedy and Hope.  Iím thinking, pondering Tragedy and Hope II.  Do you think theyíll waste their time, do you think the media form will be a book?


Alan: Oh, yeah.  Iíll tell you one thing.  Iíve almost killed myself over these last few years just doing this.  And to be honest with you too, this is a seven day a week job.  It doesnít end after this broadcast.  I mean, I work all day long.  I sort through hundreds and hundreds of stories to find even four or five that have any true meaning in them at all.  And I answer a lot of peopleís emails, etc.  And then Iím busy phoning different people at the weekends.  So, itís just a matter of getting it all out.  And Iím swithering now whether to do it, or just pack it in right now, because the cash isnít coming in.  I get hundreds of letters every week, and emails from people across the whole planet, telling me to keep going, itís fantastic, changed their lives, all the rest of it.  But they all admit that theyíre broke, the ones that listen.  And thatís the problem.  Iím not selling t-shirts.  Iím not hyping things up.  Iím not giving them an answer either, because I would refuse ever to say your answer lies to go back into politics because politics is a Tower of Babel.  Itís so crooked and taped up and super-glued together, you canít fix something that was corrupt to begin with. 


Dennis: Iíve been listening to you for I donít know how many, three, four years.  Iíve listened to these other guys.  Iím not going to mention names, but they made me crazy.  You fixed that.  I, of course, have corresponded with you before.  Iím going to send you some homemade dvds tomorrow.  Iím going to the post office to get an international postal money order.  For people listening, Iíve done that before.  I havenít had any problem with it.  And I urge people, just an idea, Iím sending you a hundred dollars to get all three of your books.  Itís just a little bit more.  Iím not rich or anything, but just an idea for people.  Even if you donít read, do what Iím doing, and give them to three different people or whatever.  And you have a good night, and say hi to Hamish for me if you get a chance.


Alan: I will do.  Thanks for calling.  But thatís true. People think you just come on here.  No one looks up my stories for me and puts it on a board for me.  Iíve got to do it all myself.  And thereís hundreds of great-sounding titles to look at the stories, and itís just the usual rubbish or spin or disinformation or misinformation.  But itís all meant to guide you along the path of coming back into the fold and just vote for someone and it will all change, etc.  This has been here for an awful long time, this corruption.  And itís not going to change, even if some super-human could by some miracle get into power.  Heíd literally have to hire a private army of his own that he knew well and go into hiding until he re-sorted everything out, because heíd be assassinated so fast if he was genuine. 


The bankers, they hold the country in a vice.  And itís always, itís been like that from even before they created the Federal Reserve, but much worse since. 


Now, thereís Dave from the UK hanging on too.  Are you there Dave?† Hello, Dave.


Dave: Alan, hi.  How are you?


Alan: Not so bad.


Dave: Hi.  At the moment, you know theyíre talking about the conflict in Libya.  I just want to talk about that a little bit, that we, from our perspective, Libya was like, you know, we could praise Gaddafi for what Gaddafi did with Libya, but Gaddafi was a Freemason and he was a globalist.  He was an African globalist.  And to be honest, I see that was really picking off one of their kind of lower, lesser psychopathic kind of elites, if you know what Iím saying.  He wasnít the kind of opposition that we thought.  You know, you saw people like Cynthia McKinney and others that kind of even, Louie Farrakhan the head of the Nation of Islam, and all these kind of organizations, they looked at that man, and said this man is trying to resist, you know what Iím saying, the whole global thing.  But he sent his son to London to study global governance and all of that.  So, I have to admit that, even Saddam Hussein was kind of part of it as well to some degree, you know.  He was a Freemason.† And you know, I just wanted to think, what was your thought about that, you know, like these conflicts that occur, but theyíre actually not necessarily what we think they are.  Do you know what I mean?


Alan: They seldom, well, actually they never are.  Because itís so amazing that the people before have tried to get a unified Africa for Africans, and there are so many vested interests from again the psychopaths who run each different area thatís itís hard ever to get them to cooperate on any level of success.  And we know too that Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein were put in there initially, again.  Youíve always got the CIA backing.  Personally, I hate saying the CIA, because youíll find that the CIA, the Mossad, MI6, and a few other ones from Europe are all one.  Theyíre really all one.  You cannot have a separate organization today, because it would be infiltrated so fast by someone joining, climbing the ranks, and for someone else.  This has been happening forever.  So they created one big organization.  We still use the different terms.


So, they have a different agenda than what you would think of as a nationalist agenda for your own people.  Theyíve always, since World War II, the CIA and MI6 have always been in the global business.  And their prime job, initially, like MI5 too, and theyíve admitted this at one point, some of the people who were in it, was to look after the high monetary interests in their countries, but also to bring it into a global structure.  And for a future that they wanted to bring in, it wasnít to be all peace and harmony.  It was to use conflict to bring it all in and to eradicate the old.  The old also included dictatorships. 


And thatís where actually Gaddafi was quite correct when he said that the Western powers had broken the treaties at the United Nations.  That is true.  Because when the United Nations was set up, and it had all its charters and treaties out there, they said theyíd bring anybody into it, any leader or government into it, regardless of the type of government or religion or whatever and that was to be ďtheĒ law.  They broke it with Gaddafi, because they call him a dictator and they wanted to just get rid of him and bring in this farce of democracy.  You understand, under Gaddafi though, the people were living far better in Libya than any other African country.  They didnít have the debt of other countries, even the Western countries.  And there was a good middle class there. 


We had all this outside agitation because there are globalists and some call them Marxists as well, on the low end of the spectrum, who play the other end of the stick for the same bird.  Thereís two wings on the same bird, you understand.  They want a globalist society, where you can bring in a Marxist philosophy, which the bankers want, because itís the only way where you have massive government checking on everyone for every second of every day and no one can make a mistake or go wrong or take the wrong turn.  Youíre watching them.  Thatís why they work together, these two systems.  And so they bring in all the color revolutions.  They bring in the mercenaries.  They trained a lot of them in a nearby country for years before they invaded Libya, while the ones inside with the color revolutions were infiltrating the universities and agitating a generation of students.  So, thatís how itís done. 


Because they want to bring something called a common system across the world.  A standard central bank is vital for them, private bank, owned by the same private bankers who own the central banks everywhere else in the world.  And so that means getting rid of the present dictators.  It means throwing out the old Islamic law, which says you canít use usury, obviously.  And then getting a population, just like the West, who think theyíre free.  Getting them all competing against each other to get a lower, middle, and upper class.  And then you can tax the blazes out of them.  And then, again, theyíll be in the same arena with everyone else, with a central bank, bailing out other countries, because their government has signed treaties with them, just like the EU.  Just like the US, Canada, and so on. 


So, itís a standardized system across the world and theyíre going after the last few countries.  And just to show you how far back they go, you have to go back into, at least youíll find this is the New American Century group.  They published a list of countries they wanted to take out in í92.  Republished it in í98 and updated it with Wolfowitz.  And then Obama took over the same agenda that Bush left.  Itís the same bunch running the show.


Dave: Theyíre in Somalia right now as well.  Thatís like we talk about Pakistan being kind of like a so-called crypto war, that they obviously declared war on Pakistan, but theyíre definitely in Somalia.  And you see all this propaganda about the humanitarian, humanitarian.  You know, itís just nonsense.  Itís like, you know, slogans.  You know how Lenin talked about slogans. 


Alan: Even Richard Haass, and I read the article about a week ago, whoís the head of the Council on Foreign Relations, who helped with their think tanks plan these strikes, by the way.  He admitted, we used, he says, we used the humanitarian intervention as an excuse to get in.  Thatís what he said.  We used it as an excuse to get in.  But the next day in the papers, it was as though he had never spoken.  Theyíre back to the previous stuff, humanitarian intervention.  They can use this over and over again, because the public canít remember anything, unfortunately. 


Dave: I mean, I donít know whether this is correct.


Alan: Hold on and Iíll talk about that when we come back, yeah.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix and talking to Dave from the UK.  Are you still there, Dave?


Dave: Hi.  Hi, Alan. 


Alan: Yes.  So, did you want to add to that?


Dave: Yeah, I just wanted to ask one last question.  Is there a possibility that the main countries theyíre using to finish off these countries, is there a possibility they basically donít manage it?  And if you read, Arnold Toynbee talked about, they need to pass on, you know get passed on from Britain to America, now from America to China, that China would become the world policeman.  Do you think theyíd do that if theyíd fail?  Or if they fail to use America to ultimately finish off the last country that they said in.


Alan: Oh, theyíre doing it regardless.  I donít know if you know, on Tuesday, itís not in most media, on Tuesday the NAFTA deal, North American Free Trade Agreement, theyíre having the next part of the go-around, very important.  Because itís to be held in Chicago.  And it says:


We have already seen the Obama administration push hard for free trade agreements with Panama, South Korea and Colombia and the administration is making the Trans-Pacific Partnership (A: Thatís what itís called.) a very high priority.† Membership in the "NAFTA of the Pacific"(A: This is called.) also includes Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, and Singapore.  The United States, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, and Vietnam are scheduled to join too.  Canada, Japan, and South Korea are also reported considering membership.


Thatís a done deal actually.† So youíre looking at the massive amalgamation of, again, this Pacific Rim bloc that the Council on Foreign Relations talked about back in the 1920s.  First Europe, and then the Pacific Region.  And weíre lumped in with the Pacific.  And weíve got to compete with the cheapest labor on the planet, including China, as well.  This is impossible as you know.  But itís only part of the agenda.  Theyíre not telling you what happens after that, when you canít compete.


Dave: So, basically, theyíre going to use America, mainly America, and NATO basically.  And theyíll just use them to just finish off this handful of countries, Iran, Syria, North Korea.  And once thatís finished, I donít know what kind of time scale.  It feels very close.


Alan: Well, thereís an article I read from the military magazine, the main one, the American military.  Itís called Perpetual War: Constant Conflict.  Constant conflict.  Weíre in for constant conflict for the rest of your life, probably.  And never mind policing those countries for forty years.  They admitted that when they first went into Iraq.  So itís constant conflict and perpetual war.  At home as well, by the way, as they hammer us into a new society, again.  Thatís why you have a massive police state built up to take care of the riots, which must ensue as we go down, and we bring up these other countries.  So, thatís the agenda.  Weíre already seeing the stirrings of riots with hyperinflation.  Whether they like it or not, itís hyper.  Thereís folk on fixed incomes that canít keep up with thirty percent inflation every year. 


And Canada has just renewed its terrorism bill under Mr. Harper.  So, weíre basically in a giant police prison state until all of this is over.  We probably wonít live to see the end of it, you know.  Thatís really what theyíve got planned.


Dave: Itís not a very good future for mankind. 


Alan: Constant conflict, thatís what itís called.  Constant conflict.  And the rest of their meetings at their top think tanks are how to manage the public, as we all go down into austerity, which means poverty.  Thatís why theyíve been building a police state for over twenty-five years quietly, through different multi-jurisdictional task forces, cops, military working together in every of these major countries.  Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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