Sept. 12, 2011 (#917)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 12, 2011:

Mind Masters Versus "The People":

"Media, Experts, Scientists are Modern Sages,
Information Overload in These New Dark Ages,
Hundreds of Think-Tanks Spewing Out "News"
In a Weaponized Format to Alter Views,
Although Adaptation's Normal, The Process is Hijacked
By Professional Manipulators of Info and Fact,
The Individual is Destroyed to Fit the New Normalcy
Of All-Accepting Masses, and PC Fallacy,
The Era of World Managers, Been Here for a While,
With Bureaucrats, Technocrats, Rats of All Style,
Quigley said "A New Feudal System" of CEOs
Owning All Necessities Where Mr. Everyman Goes"
© Alan Watt Sept. 12, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 12, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 12th 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the audios available at and hopefully youíll get a much better and bigger understanding, more in-depth understanding of this system that runs the world.  Because we are post-national; we are really international Ė weíve been international for a long time.  Weíre global now; that means the integration of all the countries under a supreme world order basically, or the United Nations which is the embryo for the whole global government system.  I go through how it started off and the guys that wrote about it an awful long time ago, the organizations that set up first in London, that we know of anyway, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations which now has branched out across all countries of the world, and they also dominate the EU parliament as well; all the main players belong to it.  So this is how the world is brought together, by societies which are semisecret.  In other words, theyíll publish various documentation for the public to read but they also have their inner circle, as professor Carroll Quigley talked about because he was the historian for this group for quite a few years.  So they have an inner circle who know exactly where theyíre going and they have pretty well all, actually they have all the mainstream media on board with them; theyíre all members at the top, the editors and the top staff.  So they give us our news, our reality, and they guide us into this world system, something theyíve dreamed about for an awful, awful long time, long before they even started up the Milner Foundation or the Cecil Rhodes Foundation which became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Help yourself to that and youíll learn, through the books I mention, etc, often from the players themselves, how itís gone this way and where itís supposed to end up.  Itís Ďthe never ending storyí in a sense because theyíre always adding to the new world order and each phase is another new world order and thatís what weíre living right through now. 


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you and you can help keep me going by buying the books and disks that Iíve got at  Youíll see them on the site there, the links, and how to do it and so on.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are really welcome, because I donít accept cash from advertisers, otherwise Iíd bring lots of guests on and captivate you and terrify you and sell things at the end.  And thatís how a lot of people make their money, but it also binds them to an extent too.  This way Iíve got a freer hand to do what I want to do.  Itís suicidal, I admit that too, because the money isnít there. This is not a business, but right now thereís not enough cash coming in even to buy all the parts that have blown up recently, all the computer parts and monitors, etc.  So help me if you want.  Itís up to you.  Otherwise Iíll go off and do better things with my life. 


I only came out back in the í90s to tell people what I knew.  I thought maybe... and even then I thought, does anybody really want to know.  Because everyone was stuck in a different reality, believing things just happen, at the time, through crisis creation, and then again government solving the problems.  And I knew very differently so I came out and started chatting away.  And to show them too, that this was a very old, old system because knowledge is never lost.  Itís passed on through generations, kept in archives, because power of management of people you could never destroy.  You want that Ė itís better than gold Ė to manage whole nations of people and thatís what itís been like since ancient times to the present.  So help yourself as I say.  And if you want to keep me going itís up to you.  No one else.  And donít sit and say, well somebody else will send something in.  No.  Itís up to you.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíve often mentioned over the years that this system is so well designed.  And this is not defeatist by the way.  Some people occasionally will write in and say oh, thatís defeatist and you donít give us hope.  Well, I do if you understand what Iím saying, because Iím telling you, itís a much bigger system.  If you want to know your enemy, youíve got to know your enemy, find out about your enemy.  And itís not what the media points you at that day.  It never is.  This a system thatís been on the go for well over 100 years and itís escalating now.  I liken it to being a gopher; thatís what each one of us is; weíre a gopher in a hole.  And when you stick your head up out of the hole one day you hear this thundering behind you.  And you look and thereís a little dot on the horizon, before you know it itís stampeded over your head, in a flash.  And when youíve recovered you look up and itís disappearing on the horizon.  And just when itís gone thereís something else coming back from the start again.  Itís another layer and layer, or level if you like, of this new world order as itís stampeding over your head.  Because itís to Ė and it has already Ė altered society, all of society. 


You understand, if you want something to be a certain way, youíre setting yourself in an era.  ďIíd like things to go back to the 50s or 60s or the 70s and so on.Ē  And I keep saying you canít, because the same crooks ran the countries back then Ė the same crooks, same central bankers Ė in every country.  You see, this system also changes all of the cultures on the way.  Demolishing the family, that was a plank of the Manifesto; itís been pretty well done.  And many other things too, Rights of the Child, which takes all the rights from the parent, or the parents, if they have two, and many, many more things.  So you have to know what your enemy is in the first place and then you have to have a moral stance on something.  If you canít have a moral stance then indignation alone isnít going to win the day.  You got to have a moral stance and then you got to have a common morality with other people before you can even form a group.  Because otherwise youíll all be at each otherís throats with different points of view.


So realism is far better than fake optimism.  And thereís lots of fake optimism there.  Remember, weíre getting played big time and Iíve read the articles by Sunstein and others, and these are your mind managers basically.  Theyíre on the boards of all governments across the world; they manage your minds.  They have a whole process set up there, of how to sway people. And itís so easy today with television and the internet too, that we all get our dose of indoctrination one way or another, no matter what you look at.  Itís built that way; itís built into everything that you watch or look at.  So you have to realize that your minds are all being basically swayed for you.  Youíre being Ďpromptedí into this direction and that direction, and youíre not in charge of yourself when thatís happening.  Remember that the mind has no firewall. 


So everyoneís been brought up too, and each generation too. The beauty that they understood even before the Communist Revolution or the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, was that through the techniques, which they already understood perfectly well, they could indoctrinate children very quickly and different levels, or ages, of children very quickly and they would overtake the adults and eventually adults would die off and in would come the new ones thinking, oh things were all quite normal.  You can make generations of people think that anything is quite normal, anything at all.  And thatís just reality too. 


And I donít ever put my faith in one person like a politician.  It canít be done.  Canít be done, because you see, YOU have to participate in freeing yourselves.  No oneís going to do it for you. But everyone looks for a leader, you see.  They all look for a leader and then they hope that leaderís going to do everything for them.  While they sit on their asses, basically, and fiddle with the internet and play themselves, they want someone else to do it for them.  And true change can only happen with deep involvement.  And when you go into deep involvement itís like the church, you donít leave your head at the door, or your brain at the door.  You got to know what youíre involved in.  You donít get carried away by a crowd, with a policy.  You got to think it through, all of it through, and see what their mandate happens to be, because generally they end up working for the other side.  So go through their whole mandate and see if thereís one little thing at the end that you donít understand; thatís the part, you see, that will sway everybody off into another direction.


And Iíve often said to people, what part of history do you want to go back to?  You see, the worldís already global; youíve got to understand that.  It was, especially when they signed the documentation, the agreement, the charter of the United Nations.  Every politician and representative of supposedly their country signed away your rights as a nation into the United Nations.  They were to keep it quiet for a while.  At first, actually, they hoped the people would be so shell-shocked after World War II that theyíd all give up, willingly, their sovereignty.  It didnít work out that way so they kept quiet about it, but they worked steadily towards it.  My whole life long Iíve looked at countries signing more documentation, more treaties with the United Nations, more and more binding treaties as they call them, and Iíve never ever heard one politician ever stand up and say, that to save our sovereignty we have to basically tear this lot up, and put it in the furnace and burn it all.  Because you canít be both; thatís too schizophrenic.  Youíve got to either have a nation which YOU have a say in, or you have no nation at all.  When people across the world have as much say in your particular area as you do, thatís what globalism is. 


Never mind all of the.... government itself isnít yours anymore anyway.  Itís public/private, you understand.† Theyíre all working with the private sector, hand-in-glove, and many of them will swap politics into the private sector working with government and vice versa.  Itís been like that for a long time.  And I canít see any politician making a law, either, to forbid that from happening, because politicians are technically psychopaths.  Ordinary folk donít want power over other people.  They donít have a craving to get up there in politics and get all the praises and the decorations that they get, and awards that they get, and fake doctorates theyíre all awarded, and have everyone kowtow to them.  Most folk donít want that, but the psychopaths crave that so thatís why they get up there.  Ordinary folk actually would be set up, if they could even get in, which is highly unlikely.  But getting in itself, look at the money that it takes to get in, from corporations.  In other words, the politician is just the man for the lobbyists to meet; heís bought and paid for by the guys that get him in.  Thatís what he is.  Otherwise you wouldnít need all that cash to run. 


So you got to be realistic about SO many, many things before you can change anything.  And you got to start changing with yourself.  Now, what happens generally, when someone arises with the answers, as you think, Ďthe oneí... You know, itís like the movies.  Most American movies deal with Ďthe one.í  Thereís even movies called Ďthe oneí and within it thereís lots of movies that use Ďthe one,í the one that arises out of the masses to clean up town, like Clint Eastwood did and so many other movies, to the Sci-Fiís of modern times.   Thereís always Ďthe one,í you see.  That means that no one else is going to get off their ass and do anything.  And everyoneís just quite happy to let that happen.  And then thereís disappointment when it doesnít happen in reality.  It doesnít happen that way.  Because thereís a lot at stake here.  This is not a movie.  This is not a movie Ė this is real life.  And I mean life: blood, sweat and tears and suffering; this is real life.  And people who want to change the system have to dedicate themselves to the changes that they want and not be compromised along the way by people who are trained to run rings around you, with their training, and sway you off into other directions.  Lots of your tax money goes to organizations that do just that.  They sway.  They sway you quite easily.  They know all the psychological tricks; theyíre trained.  And never feel subservient to anybody; thatís the trick as well, because once you do, oh that personís really bright and brainy, youíre done for, youíve just given in actually, and youíll be a useful fool or tool. 


Thatís the whole key to everything.  Everyone is waiting for someone else to do it for them.  A person who sets them up with the answers has two options, and this is taught in university.  If you set yourself up as someone with the answers and lots of people follow you because theyíre so disillusioned or terrified or whatever, that person who you are following has two options.  And they always go two options.  One is to lead a revolution and be a martyr and be forgotten.  And the other one is to become a guru and go off into the spiritual side, which is safer.  Thatís happened down through history.  And so they give you the way out being the spiritual side.  And itís new agey.  Itís all of that stuff combined and they can prattle on forever and sell lots of books on it.  And people like to hear that: oh, it doesnít matter how bad the world is, Iíll be okay because Iím going to find my power animal and Iím going to escape this, or Iím going to jump into another dimension Ė that one was a big one with the new agers.  No kidding.


So this is all mind control, you understand, and itís all organized by those at the top.  So rather than look for someone whoís either going to get bumped off for saying the right things, becoming too popular, or else take the way of a messiah, you have to be your own champion.  Iíve said this so many times.  And itís the only way youíre going to do it.  And that means sticking your head up too, by the way.  People who want the one to come along and do it all for them never stick their head up at all.  Or theyíll do it when itís safe or itís a party thing where you can boo people and gather in crowds and boo and all that and yell at them. Thatís nothing.  No.  Iím talking about really sticking your head up, because you will be noticed.  And thatís how you change things.  And you might not live to see the changes.


Remember, this is a system thatís taken hundreds of years, with a philosophy, with its own tenets, with its own goals, philosophy, everything, which is running the world, and that means everything that ever was has to be completely turned upside down.  And youíve been living through a good part of it remember.  You got to remember all the changes that have happened in your lives, in society, and itís still going on.  Itís rampaging ahead because theyíve got quite a long ways to go just yet, but theyíre almost there.  So be your own champion.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about how you have to do something yourself and it should take a while, too, to think about what you want to do and make an effort to do so.  But you understand, the other side, the ones that are bringing in this world order, that you think are your politicians, most folk out there actually think that; maybe not listening to this particular broadcast.  Outside youíll meet people all the time who really think everythingís real and they never ask why certain people just fly to the top in politics, even when they were unheard of before.  Of course theyíre chosen to be booted up the ladder, very quickly. 


It says here about Hillary Clinton, her speech on Friday, she said that...


Hillary Clinton: more 'smart power' needed in terrorism fight / Jason DeCrow/AP


Powered by Speaking in New York, which she represented as a US senator at the time of the attacks, Secretary Clinton said that as successful as military actions have been in decimating Al Qaeda (Alan: Al-Qaeda, you know, is a CIA creation, and now they are the buddies in Libya, apparently, with the US. And then theyíll go back to being the baddies again, because thatís very Orwellian; thatís what George Orwell tried to show you, how the technique works.), they are not enough Ė especially in addressing the root causes of terrorism.


Opening her remarks with a reference to what she called ďseriousĒ reports of an Al Qaeda plot to hit either New York or Washington on the 9/11 anniversary (A:  And that whole thing, that apparently was on television, I never saw it, was all mushy with the usual emblems of the flags and symbols that you have been trained to have tears in your eyes about, your national symbols, but you donít understand whoís wearing them.  Anyone can wear them and it will have the same effect on you.  It doesnít matter who they are.  And with the right music in the background... remember what Bertrand Russell said.  Politicians used to exhort, make exhortations to people hoping to change their minds with logic.  They donít do that now.  Itís all done by symbology.  And Russell said, you can do more with a brass band and flags flying than you can with exhortations and an intellect of 180.  And itís so true.  Itís very, very true.  It doesnít matter who they are, put on the right banners, wrap yourself in the flag, get the music going, and youíre suddenly proud again, even though youíve been conned, again, for another reason.). . .


Clinton spoke at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, which lost nearly 70 students and alumni in the 9/11 attacks (A:  Blah, blah, blah, blah...)


But her target audience appeared to be as much the US Congress as anyone else, as the Republican-controlled House in particular has zeroed in on the State Department Ė and the kinds of ďsmart powerĒ programs Clinton advocates (A:  See, you understand, the State Department is the one department that you had to conquer first before you could conquer everything.  And a long time ago a guy talked about the State Department being taken over and he was lambasted for it, still is in modern movies, and that was McCarthy, because he was quite right.  Maybe for the right reasons, maybe for the wrong reasons but he was definitely right.  You got to take over the State Department.  Because they were bringing in internationalism and you got to do that, right.) Ė and the kinds of ďsmart powerĒ programs Clinton advocatesĖ for billions of dollars in budget cuts. 


(A:  Anyway, theyíre bring a new....) Despite the cutbacks, Clinton on Friday announced the creation of a new Global Counterterrorism Forum (A:  Thatís part of it too.), designed to enhance international counterterrorism cooperation by bringing together policymakers and experts in the field on a regular basis. The new forum, to be formally launched later this month at the United Nations (A:  Where else would it be, for a global agenda.), will initially be co-chaired by the US and Turkey and include 30 other countries, including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Algeria. 


So you see, as I say, youíre international.  Youíve been under the United Nations your whole lives long and itís to be further integration and further integration using public/private partnerships.  Because as far as I can see now, governments are just a private corporation, in league with other private corporations, and thatís all it is, you see, with a big agenda.  Like all big business, youíve got to have an agenda.  You canít say, what will we do now after weíve sold this product.  Youíre always working on the next and the next and the next.  And anyway, so theyíre setting all that up and it will be quite interesting to see.  This also tells you... Iíll put two links up to that tonight from Hillary. 


Secretary Clinton reiterates looming threat, announces launch of a global initiative - / Tejinder Singh  / September 9, 2011


It tells you that this counterterrorism idea, itís a permanent office and itís going to be here forever.  Your whole life long, itís going to be more and more fake terrorism all over the planet, until this is all done.  Then just like the Soviet system, itís terror within; they got to find terrorism within to keep it going.  That was even in the comedy Brazil, in the movie that the Monty Python guys did where bombs went off all over the place, no one ever saw a terrorist.  And he asked his mum that, you ever seen a terrorist, mum?, after itíd gone off in a restaurant they were eating at and she says, no... no, but theyíre out there.  So this is the game that...  You understand, when they set up the system to take the world over they were not playing some footsies with you.  They meant what they said.  Anything... anything would justify the means. Anything that had to be done would justify the means.  And thatís where you are. 


Iíve talked too about global managers.  We have global managers, the big boys at the CFR; Iíve talked about them many times too.  And you have complexes of privately-owned prisons across the planet.  One of the companies that does this is CACI; Iíve mentioned them before.   Theyíre also involved with all the governments.  They even run schools, and counter-terrorism.  Theyíre into surveillance, of all kinds.


CACI's Chris Bonin saw a 'new normal' emerge at Ground Zero - / 9/7/2011 / Jill Aitoro


Iíll put up an article tonight too, to show you how its profits are just booming.  It says...


CACI breaks its own records with 2011 results / David Hubler / Aug 18, 2011


CACI International Inc. ended its fiscal 2011 with record revenues for the fourth quarter and for the year, hitting $3.6 billion in revenue, a 13.6 percent increase over last year.


The company's fiscal year ends June 30 and for the last quarter of the year, revenue totaled a record $963.2 million, a 13.5 percent increase from the $848.7 revenue recorded in the corresponding quarter of FY 2010.  (A:  So itís way up there.)


The revenue increase was driven primarily by organic growth of 11.5 percent, reflecting continued growth in CACIís (A:  Theyíre into everything...) command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) solutions and services (A:  Theyíre also a big think tank for governments.), cyber solutions, enterprise IT management, program management and Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) services core competencies, the statement said.  (A:  Theyíre also in charge over a lot of the nuclear sites of other countries like Britain; theyíre involved there with the privatization, no kidding you, of your nuclear weapons bases.  International, global managers... they help manage governments.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about really what you have to do, your part in it, and that means literally, if it means arguing with everyone you ever meet, so be it, it has to be that way.  And that way too, you can sort out the ones that are worth working with, or on in fact, or the ones that are not.  Because they tell you quite upfront that they either understand what youíre saying or they have that glazed look and they donít want anything to do with it.  They prefer the standard story because theyíre comfortable at the moment in their own lives.  Theyíre certainly fearful of inflation, all these usual things, but theyíre really quite comfortable in their life.  And you canít go with that. 


Tonight Iím also putting a link up to the Vaccine Awareness Network because thereís a bill going through Ė I think itís California to start with; there are some other states looking at it Ė to make inoculations and vaccines for children absolutely mandatory, where you canít... thereís no opt-out, at all, even for religious reasons and the other opt-outs they had.  Theyíre trying to get it through.  Iíll put this video up, the link to it, tonight. 


Vaccine Wake-up Call for Parents: Your Children Are Being Taken, September 6, 2011 -


So you can have a look at that too and hear how all of that is going as well.  And she explains how itís all done through lobbying, by big pharma with government, and your government isnít serving you by any means at all.  Theyíre all well aware itís all to do with cash and money.  I mean, this is... corruption is corruption.  You canít save the tower of Babel or get it back when it was never yours to begin with.  You understand that?  I hope you understand that.  I hope you really understand that.  Youíll save the thing thatís familiar to you even though itís killing you, just because itís familiar to you.  Hard thing for most folk to accept. 


And in France that thought they were pretty well safe from the GM corn, because of the EU Union overruled all the countries within the EU Union, they say that theyíve ordered France to allow the go-ahead of the GM corn being grown inside France itself.  Iíll put that link up as well. 


EU Explains Protocol for Nations to Ban GMOs - / 9/12/2011  / SONYA DIEHN


And to show you how free you are... and getting back to that vaccine thing too; itís the same idea.  And democracy, this strange term thatís always rammed and used to invade other nations, with the central banking, its debt system and so on, and its totalitarian style of government, itís like George Orwell said.  He wanted the right to say 2 and 2 equals 4; logic in other words.  He wanted that right basically.  And we donít even have the right to say no.  Unless you say no, and mean it, and donít go along with it, whatever it is that makes you feel strange or it just isnít right about it or something, you have the right to say no.† And we shouldnít be forced, or coerced, by law.  Because when somethingís wrong itís still wrong.  I donít care what lawís passed, something thatís wrong is wrong.  No matter how they change morality or the meanings of morality and turn everything upside down, wrong is still going to be wrong.  And you canít lose sight of that too.  Youíve got to stick to whatís always been, not what it is now.  And law, what law is, is the fact that they understand most of the public will always go along with whatever they pass, by coercion, the threat... the threat of punishment.  And then if you donít go along they actually use it on you, and itís generally deadly force.  Thatís what law is today.  Itís really always been that way, but thatís what it definitely is today.  You have the right to say no, just like Orwell, 2 and 2 equals 4. 


But you see, weíre treated like farm animals now and they truly believe they have the right, all these specialists at the top, and the socialists Ė and call them communists, it doesnít matter what you call them, theyíre all in it together Ė theyíve got the right through science, you see; science can cover anything at all, any atrocity; science can cover it all because science is held together by theories which at one time would be political ideas.  Well, itís my political idea we should jab this poison into someone and see what happens.  A theory is a guess!  But when you say itís science.... well, oh, itís like from God now.  Remember what Huxley said and Russell and others?  They said that there will be a dictatorship.  That was planned. They knew that because they were at world meetings.  They were insiders, in the inner circle.  They said, if there was going to be a dictatorship and a tyranny theyíd rather it be a scientific one, and they said, it would be absolutely tyrannical.  Which it is.


And hereís how free you are and the Prime Minister of Britain says...




(A:  The Economic Union.   Thereís democracy in action.)

David Cameron met with Herman Van Rompuy at Number 10

Wednesday September 7,2011 / Emily Fox /


DAVID Cameron ruled out ever holding a referendum on EU membership today.  (A:  And thatís just it.† Youíre never going to see it.  Youíre in it whether you like it or not, even when itís decimating you, even though itís bankrupted you all, put you into further slavery.)


Debt is slavery.  I hope you understand this other thing too, to do with money.  That debt, when youíre in debt, youíre a slave to the person you borrowed from.  Thatís been Biblical from thousands of years; itís never changed.  When youíre put down as the guarantor, as a people within a nation, by your government, which they do all the time for loans, and they default, then those who lent the money in the first place own you.  The courts have never changed on that.  Never changed.  Go into the books, you wonít find it changing.  So, youíll never see a referendum as I say.


Talking about dehumanization, and Iíve talked about it too, how theyíve degraded society over the years, on purpose, knowing exactly where they were going, and saying they were going to do this, and they even gave you the reasons for destroying society. They said years ago back in the 30s and 40s, and every decade since, that everyone whoís brought up in a family is mentally ill.  The American Psychological Association have said that too.  Families had to go. Thatís why you had a war on the family.  Thatís why Marx talked about the destruction of the family unit.  Very old agenda.  And you must degrade everyone and everyone and everyone.  Weíve got corpses now on art displays; they call it art, hanging on wires and plasticized.  Then weíve got, of course, pouring granny down into the garden, to make the garden go green, because sheíll be put into a kind of liquid chemical soup after sheís died.  Itís better, they say, than cremation; for the company that makes the chemicals it certainly will be.    And hereís...


Do you fancy a jelly baby (A:  Thatís a candy.) made from human DNA? / Andrew Marszal / 6 Sep 2011


Reports last week that researchers could be just six months away from producing the worldís first artificial meat, using thousands of stem cells bred in a laboratory, sent a wave of fascination around the world. Yet there is an even more ghoulish prospect ahead: the idea of eating artificial food made from humans(A:  This is from The Telegraph.)


This may sound like science fiction, yet a new technique for making gelatin from human DNA is attracting ďincreasing interest from research and industrial circlesĒ, according to a new study by scientists (A:  ...again, the new priesthood, the scientists.) from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The paper, published recently in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, revealed that successful experiments had been carried out in which human genes were inserted into a strain of yeast to ďgrowĒ large amounts of recombinant (genetically engineered) human gelatin.


So, Iíve always said, you see, weíre really cattle, you understand that.  Again, if youíre in debt, and look, read the old Bible; you know, thatís your best place to read this stuff.  If you were in debt the person owned you, your cattle, and your offspring, by the way, until the debt was cleared up, and maybe their offspring too; it would take many generations, especially if you tack in compound interest which guarantees that.  And they make money off us even when weíre dying; they want you to be not quite... oh, actually brain dead and then they can harvest your organs and sell them around the world, to very wealthy people generally.  And then they can hang you up on wire maybe and display you and make a buck off that too.  But weíre just animals basically and now theyíre taking the gelatin and theyíre going to start feeding bits of you back to you. And of course the idea, apart from the massive profits, is that the next part will be a bit more than just gelatin and your DNA and so on.  They were putting, the American Agricultural Association were putting human DNA in the pigs since the 1970s.  I can remember when it was all in the newspapers at the time.  Remember, these links Iíll put up at at the end of this broadcast. 


Human Gelatin Could Be Used As Ingredient In Future Treats - / September 6, 2011


And then thereís an article too, on...


Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: What in the World is Going On?

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are legal in a few jurisdictions in the world,

 but most countries have rejected their legalization. / July 28, 2011


Most recently, legislation to legalize euthanasia and/or assisted suicide has been rejected in France, Israel, England, Scotland, Australia, Canada, Bulgaria, etc. In the U.S., where there have been well over 100 legislative proposals to legalize physician-assisted suicide (PAS) since 1994, California, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and more have recently rejected it.


In the United States, assisted suicide was legalized by voter initiatives in Oregon in 1994 and Washington State in 2008. A 2009 Montana Supreme Court ruling did not legalize assisted suicide but it did create a potential defense, based on consent of the patient, for physicians who are prosecuted for assisted suicide. In 2011, a bill to prohibit PAS and a bill to create regulations for PAS were both introduced in the MT legislature. Neither bill had enough votes for passage.  (A:  And it goes into some of the history.)


In May 1995, Australiaís northern territory became the first jurisdiction in the world to legalize euthanasia. (A:  Actually, I think they already had it in Holland.)  The law went into effect in June 1996 but was overturned by the Australian government in March 1997.


The Netherlands officially legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide in April 2002. Previous to that, the Dutch Courts approved the practice of euthanasia and assisted suicide.


Now, why am I prattling on about this?  Itís because you see, you got to read the World Health Organization and The World Bank, The World Bankís records.  Go into The World Bank and go into population and population control.  Theyíve been screaming since the 60s about theyíd have to, if the countries wonít bring down their populations then legislation would have to be introduced in a higher level to force them to bring down their populations.  Thousands of pages if you get them all together, all the reports theyíve published; that seems to be their main thing. 


And as theyíre doing that too, theyíre actually cutting back on cancer tests in Britain because theyíre just going to let you die of cancer rather than get early intervention.  It says here that...


GPs (A:  General Practitioners.) ordered to ration cancer scans:

Lives 'being put at risk' by bureaucrats' new cost-saving directive / 8th September 2011 / Sophie Borland


(A:  In this new world order they want to bring down the population and not extend it, not extend the lifespan, except unless youíre a very important person.  So it says...)


GPs are being ordered to refer patients to a hospital doctor, who will decide if a scan for cancer is needed - but experts warn late diagnosis mean it can be too late for cancer sufferers


Family doctors have been ordered to ration the number of patients they send for life-saving cancer scans to save money.  (A:  Thereís where your value is in society, or at least in your governments.)


They are being told to slash the number they refer to hospital for tests including ultrasounds, MRIs and CT scans commonly used to spot tumours.


Last night experts warned the cost-saving measures increased the risk of patients being diagnosed too late and dying unnecessarily.  (A:  Well thatís the reason for it.  They want it to plummet.  Remember the last big meeting of the Lucky Genes Club had, or one of the last ones, and I read it on the air.  Where, I think Oprah attends it and Rockefeller and Bill Gates and a whole bunch of them.  They said theyíd have to rapidly now, rather than just go into passive persuasion and negative family planning, which is abortion, theyíd have to now rapidly reduce the population of the world.  Thatís how you get it done.)


Health Secretary Andrew Lansley promised to set aside £750million to help family doctors send patients directly for scans instead of having to refer them to a consultant to decide whether or not they should have a scan.


This process could add several weeks on to the diagnosis by the time patients have waited for an appointment and a slot for a scan.  (A:  Then it says at the end...)


But it has since emerged that a quarter of Primary Care Trusts are actively discouraging GPs from sending patients for these tests. (A:  These trusts now are kind of these private organizations that took over from the National Health Service.)


And once again, I can remember when they started with the twin towers, 9/11, oh itís Bin Laden.  And Bush himself and all the rogues behind him were careful at the time, and they did a lot of PR stuff in articles and magazines to try to say it wasnít against Islam, it was against terrorists, you see.  But now Iíve noticed more and more that theyíre using Ė theyíve obviously had a world meeting about it and itís safe to use this term now.† The Prime Minister of Canada says...


Harper says 'Islamicism' biggest threat to Canada

(A:  ... not radial terrorists, you see.  And it says...) / Sep 6, 2011


In an exclusive interview with CBC News, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the biggest security threat to Canada a decade after 9/11 is Islamic terrorism.


In a wide-ranging interview with CBC chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge (A:  You know, the most trusted man in Canada; heís been on the air forever.  And his own station keeps advertising that, the most trusted man in Canada.) that will air in its entirety on The National Thursday night, Harper says Canada is safer than it was on Sept. 11, 2001, when al-Qaeda attacked the U.S., but that "the major threat is still Islamicism."  (A:  So heís been getting blasted for actually saying the word ĎIslamicismí rather than just Ďterrorism.í)


And itís quite the world that we live in.   Then we have in Japan, we all know that the radiation there has been terrible for the people; an awful lot of people have died obviously, and will continue to die, maybe even the world over because this stuff is carried across the planet.  The trade minister of Japan actually told a bit of the truth and he had to quit because youíre not supposed to.  In the world that weíre given for media youíre not supposed to tell the truth, ever.   So it says...


Japan trade minister Hachiro quits over nuclear gaffe / 10 September 2011


Japan's new trade minister has quit after calling the area around the tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant a "town of death", media reports say.


Yoshio Hachiro is also reported to have rubbed his jacket against a reporter, saying "I will give you radiation" after visiting the plant on Thursday.  (A:  Theyíre so petrified of it.)


Mr Hachiro's comments were widely seen as insensitive and prompted calls by opposition parties for him to resign.  (A:  Thatís within Japan.)


PM Yoshihiko Noda, who appointed him, later said they were inappropriate.


"Sad to say, the centres of cities, towns and villages around it are a town of death without a soul in sight," Mr Hachiro said at a news conference on Thursday.  (A:  You understand, if that happens there, itís the same everywhere.  Politicians are not allowed to tell the truth, even if it occurred to them, which it really doesnít most of the time.  To tell the truth is a dangerous thing.  They donít last long.  Thatís the world weíre living in.)


And people think theyíre going to get truth just by scouring and scouring and scouring the internet.  It doesnít happen that way.  The internet is as controlled as everything else.  Thatís why they talked about theyíd have information wars before they gave us the internet.  They didnít sit and wait for it to happen.  They already had the techniques to manage us all set up.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and there are some callers.  Iíll take Daniel from the UK if heís still on the line.  Are you there Daniel?


Daniel:  Yeah, youíve gone over this, youíve got these elites at the top and then you refer to the Freemason as like a guardian, almost like a guardian class that keep this system in place and keep us down and the people above them up.  Is that pretty much how it is?


Alan:  Thereís a few actually.  The Masons are the ones for the majority to be controlled, pulled out of their own people basically, so theyíre kind of in the middle, and thereís a higher organization above them, obviously.  Their job is to always push democracy even though it keeps changing what it means, as we can obviously see, and keep pushing the same system for the ones who are in control of it regardless of parties, because they are all the same now. 


Daniel:  What I wanted to ask was, Masons as a movement obviously have a lot of power, infiltrated the police and the military and everything else.  What stops them, what controls are in place to stop them from ousting the people above them?  and going?


Alan:  Because theyíve sworn allegiance to them.† Thatís a whole part of their oath that they must take in, after all their revolutionary phase.  See, the revolutionary phase was to get rid of kings and queens and the old system.  Once they did that and it all had happened, then theyíd take oaths to keep this new system in because the newcomers with the central bankers, debt, all that kind of stuff, they came in with the new system and so they must swear allegiance to the system and thatís what they do.


Daniel:  Because itís a weird thing, this swearing of allegiance and how powerful it is because itís just the same as the mafia isnít it? 


Alan:  Of course it is.


Daniel:  Thatís how they became so powerful, is with this bond, this desire to serve some greater good or some other thing.


Alan:  In fact it was Mazzini, Giuseppe Mazzini that took over from Albert Pike as the worldís pope, basically, of Freemasonry.  He was the one who set up the mafia as a Masonic outfit to begin with.


Daniel:  Yeah, because there are some parallels between these rituals that the mafia are supposed to do when they Ďget madeí as they say, and between the Masonic rituals, arenít there?


Alan:  Absolutely.  And itís a brotherhood. The whole idea is under this guise of international brotherhood, it all sounds, like everything else, itís all hypocritical.  Because in reality you go into any town across the world, youíll find all your board members and bureaucracies are all members of the local Freemasonry.  The guys who dish out your tax money to contractors from villages, towns, cities, are all Masons and they give to Masons.  Itís a rigged system.  And in Canada when you drive up to any town or village youíll see, the first board you see, before the name of the place, is actually, youíll see the board with all the different Masonic, male and female, organizations in that town. And thatís telling you who runs that town; thatís what that board symbolizes.  So if you want anything done you got to be a member and you know, for building permits, whatever, theyíll bypass all petty bureaucracy Ė thatís what they tell you Ė and they will get it done fast for you.  You can get a bank loan the same day.


Daniel:  So really, itís all done, like you said, itís all done on these oaths and allegiance and this sort of thing and thatís what keeps it all in check, so to speak.  Is it?


Alan:  Thatís right.  And it goes all the way up through all politics, all parliaments, across the world.  And thatís how they run this system.  Regardless if itís changing, they still swear allegiance to keep this system on the go.  Because they personally benefit from it, thatís why.  Thanks for calling. 


And for all those who I havenít got round to, you can call again.  Thereís Dennis, Glen, and Carlton.  Thanks for listening.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  And remember, BUY THE BOOKS AND DISKS AND KEEP ME GOING; YOU CAN DONATE AS WELL.



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