Sept. 14, 2011 (#919)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 14, 2011:

The Formula:
Turning the Page at End of an Age:

"Ancients Described Sickness Over the Land
As Immorality Grew, They Could Not Stand,
Depravity Ruled Through Every Level,
Some Thought it Caused By the Very Devil,
Even Nobility, Partying, Preferred No Live Birth,
It Interfered with Merriment, Games and Mirth,
Bread and Circuses Produced No Leaders,
Gladiatorial "Sports" Occupied Bottom-Feeders,
Elites Living Off Taxes and Having Fun,
Fell in Shock as They Were Overrun
By So-Called Barbarians with Sword and Fire,
Who Easily Defeated the Debased Empire"
© Alan Watt Sept. 14, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 14, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 14th 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the audios which are available for free download at and maybe you’ll get shortcuts to understanding this big system, this overarching system, that’s really one system with many, many branches that run the world as a sort of parallel government, a super government you might say.  It’s been here for a long time and it’s only now they’re starting to hint that they’re actually there, actually officially that is.  But in the past, in their own books, they admitted it as such; when they wrote their biographies especially because they got big egos, these big players, the ones who designed your current lifestyle, culture, society and work or lack of.  These guys designed it a long time ago and they’re still going on with the future too, as they’ve got it all planned out for the next 100, maybe 200 years if you read a lot of their documentation.  50 year plans, 100 year plans, 150 year plans, this is how they work, like a big, big corporate business.  And we’re living through it.  And whatever societal changes they bring about, it’s decided by them not by just the guys at the bottom that introduce it to you, such as the arts and entertainment and your schooling, etc.  It’s done, really, from the top down.  All culture is promoted from the top down.  All changes are from the top down as well.  So give yourself a good education into the big system that runs the world and you’ll understand the true enemy of humanity, because it is.  It wants to use you, profit off you, shape you, abuse you, and then dump you, literally dump you when they’ve dried you out of everything they can squeeze from you.  That’s literally... they’re very pragmatic; that’s what they would say about themselves, very pragmatic.  And they have no conscience whatsoever. 


So remember that you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can help me just trickle along by buying the books and disks at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome in these days of supposed austerity; which is a nice term for poverty and hand-me-downs, going back to the old hand-me-downs era.  It’s not too bad for me; I was born in another country where you kind of lived on hand-me-downs and didn’t think anything of it.  Anything can be thought to be normal, and taught to be normal if you’re born into it actually.  There’s a lot of folk abroad that get in touch; I get thousands of emails all the time from people who tell me they’re broke across the world. 


And that’s a sad thing because this is a global depression that’s been brought about to be taken advantage of.  As the big boys say, how can we use this terrible thing to our advantage?  They always say that, at the Council on Foreign Relations, and it’s because they bring on the terrible thing to start with and they know how they’re going to take it and make it or use it for their own advantage before it will even happen.  You got to bring this world into austerity and create crisis in order to get the public to accept, and it doesn’t take much now with the public if you notice.  They’re kind of just like flies on a hot summer’s day, just kind of, you know, staggering around.  That’s how they are.  They’re punch-drunk.  They’re entertained to death and they’re really out of touch with any kind of reality.  So I try and go through the different factions and factors involved in making it all happen.  It’s not as complicated as you might think.  As I say, it’s been here for an awful, awful long time.  And this is the new feudal system that was talked about by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR, literally 80-100 years ago.  A new feudalism, under the guise of democracy and you’re being taught how to go along with it.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  And it truly is a matrix because there are so many compartments to it.  You’re taught, really, to look at the local departments, the ones that are down near what you think is your own level.  Actually, it’s slightly above you, like the media and entertainment, and even education for that matter.  That’s what you concentrate on.  We go ooh and we go aah and that’s wrong, and somebody should do something; there’s always somebody that should do something about that.  And in reality, you see, it’s way above that.  It’s above government too.  Government does not listen to the public, the general public, not that the public ask them much.  They’re called the silent majority and they’re quite content, generally, with the way things are; in fact they adapt very quickly to the new normals which are launched all the time.  It’s interesting.  I used that term a few years back and now even mainstream is using ‘new normals’ as they admit they are bringing in new normals. Anyway, we adapt all the time. 


In reality, as I say, this is a plan, a big plan, definitely made out, laid out, not by happenstance but by people who joined a club, a long time ago, and decided to take the world over.  Not just to take it over, but they decided, being the elite of the day, the moneybags of the day too, and having held onto the money, and the bags as well, for centuries, that they had the right to rule the world.  They said that those who came up, the nouveau rich who came up and lost the cash in the first generation because of wayward children, they were not included in the club.  You had to have held onto the cash for a long time and followed daddy’s footsteps basically.  Plus they intermarried very close kin, still do today.  They came up with the idea that they were obviously superior and they tied it in with the Darwinian idea of, really, not just natural selection, but special selection.  You select your mate on purpose, nothing to do with romance or anything like that, or lust, but basically simply to produce progeny, but it had to come from a woman who also came from a long lineage of very successful families. 


Therefore they interbred their psychopathy amongst themselves and decided they were the elite.  Now, we would call them psychopaths.  They would say that they are simply the elite, they are the natural elite; that’s what they say.  They don’t see themselves as psychopathic. They will say they are pragmatic and they make very pragmatic decisions and they don’t let emotion get in the way of it.  They have a goal, an agenda, like taking over countries and all the wealth of those countries, which they’ve been doing since the days of Cecil Rhodes and before actually, but at least Cecil Rhodes wrote about it.  He was part of it.  He worked for them.  And Professor Carroll Quigley the historian for the CFR in his The Anglo-American Establishment actually went through their history and said that they created wars.  They created wars and got whole countries fooled, at least the populations, and then they’d bring in the big armies, just like they do today, to save the people and take over all of the mineral resources, oil and everything else that they happen to have, gold, silver, whatever, diamonds.  And it’s still going on today under the guise of humanitarian intervention, even though the head of the Council on Foreign Relations admitted, and I read it on the air here from his own CFR blog, that it had nothing to do with that; they used that as an excuse.  They admitted that they used that as excuse to go into Libya and slaughter the folk there by helping them; slaughtering and bombing them, you see. 


But that’s meant for the general public who never think through things unfortunately.  They can’t really believe that there are monsters in their midst or even running over or ruling over them; and running us over is the better of the two.  Anyway, that’s how it really is in this wicked old world.  Part of it too, is tied in with the concept of Marxism.  They really couple together Darwinism – who actually was one of them, in a previous name for the same organization, and Marx, who also belonged.  They knew each other very well, Marx and Darwin, and they decided they had to destroy, totally, the structure and fabric of societies that held them together in order to dominate the people completely.  And that meant the complete eradication of almost all religions and also the complete destruction of the family unit.  Some of the Marxists, later Marxists who worked for the Frankfurt Institute, like Theodor Adorno, said that they actually would be happy, they’d know they succeeded when they brought in a form of necrophilia, sexual depravity down to the nth degree.  And that’s been pretty well fulfilled.  In fact, it’s standard fare, apparently, for most folk with cable television. 


So it’s pushing the envelope and pushing the envelope, not to give you freedoms, not to give you rights, but simply to destroy all that was to bring in the new.  And we’re well on our way.  In fact, we’re past the point of no return, to be honest with you because it’s much, much harder to institute any kind of natural self-preservation in morality once you’ve destroyed it all.  See, the point of it is to eradicate your self-preservation.  That’s the real point.  If it also fulfills the goals of bringing down populations, which they are awfully happy at with The World Economic Forum; they were prattling on about that too, how some nations, quite a few nations now are beyond the point of no return.  They’re not replacing the adults that are there today and they’re plummeting.  And they want the whole world to be like that apparently. 


Now, part of it too is to, as I say, literally, literally destroy all concepts of decency.  And you must have decency in a society.  You understand, societies never had police at one time.  You didn’t need police because everyone knew the basic tribal rules.  And even in cultures that were pretty old and supposedly advanced, like Britain, even when I was young you didn’t need many police at all because everyone knew the basic rules and the taboos, as they called them, normal taboos.  That’s what kept society going and not falling apart, or people turning around and murdering your neighbors all the time; there were all these little taboos.  And you dealt with any problems that came up, often within society itself, and often the police would turn a blind eye when things had to be done.  But today it’s gone so far, as I say, when the majority of the public, whether they know it or not, are actually perverted.  They’ve been perverted through the culture industry which is a great tool, massive tool, a very important tool of changing and altering society into the next phase and the next phase and the next phase. 


Because imagination works wonders...  The image... the image, you see, you worship the image.  The image is in imag-ination; it’s in your head.  And I’ve often said the mind has no firewalls and if you ever forget that you’ve had it.  Well, there’s always an ulterior motive for entertainment.  And even Plato talked about entertainment, that’s how even in his day they guided the changes in society, always on behalf of the rulers, mind you, never grass roots, as I say.  Now, I’ve mentioned this article before; it ties in with this because this is the next step, you see.  It’s like having a building with lots of pillars and if you knock one pillar down then it’s much easier to knock down the other ones; it weakens all the other ones.  Then you compare the one you’ve knocked down... why isn’t this one knocked down? that one is.  And yeah, I guess you’re right.  And that’s how it works, very simple. 


Predators with Ph.D.s / September 2, 2011 / Chris Banescu


(Alan:  I mentioned this article at the time, when the meeting was held.)

The latest offensive against morality, decency, and sanity in America has been launched by a pro-pedophilia group and several academics who openly advocate for the normalization and legalization of pedophilia.  Referring to Judeo-Christian moral principles and values as "cultural baggage of wrongfulness" (A:  So they’re always attacking... see, your religions, whether you like it or not, that’s where you got basically a lifestyle where everyone knew the basic rules, so that you could survive as a people.  So it’s "cultural baggage”.  They’ve also changed the BC, Before Christ idea, into BCE [Before Common Era] in Australia, by law; in the schools you can’t say that.  A particular group wanted it done because they’d been using BCE for an awful long time and they got their way. So you can’t say BC anymore.) of wrongfulness" . . .


On August 17 of this year, the pro-pedophilia group B4U-ACT sponsored an event in Baltimore attended by researchers, professors, mental health professionals, and "minor-attracted persons" (MAP, a euphemism for "adults who crave sex with children").  These individuals endorse the adult molestation of children, consider this sexual perversion as normal, and advocate for the declassification of pedophilia as a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).  (A:  Maybe they should ask the public what they think?  No, no.  See, you’re run by EXPERTS now.  You’ll never meet a psychiatrist that’s normal; they’re the weirdest wackos that’s ever existed on the planet.)


The academic panelists who presented at this "pedophilia-friendly" scientific symposium came from such distinguished institutions as Johns Hopkins University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and the London School of Economics and Political Science.  (A:  Well, a lot of them came from Oxford as well so it kind of fits in.)


According to a press release issued by Matt Barber, vice president of Liberty Counsel Action, and Dr. Judith Reisman (A:  She’s done excellent exposés on how this whole project has gone on over the years. She goes into the Kinsey farcical report, the ones that Hollywood made a hero out of Kinsey.  He was an utter perv and he’d basically go into anything, any kind of gender and he even paid professional pedophiles, who worked for the government by the way, to go around orphanages and bugger babies, literally. Bugger is a legal term, and they’d bugger babies with a stopwatch to see if they cried or not and how long it would take and all that stuff.  And you’ll see it in her excellent exposés of it and old documentation.), visiting law professor at Liberty University School of Law, who attended the event, several admitted pedophiles were in attendance, in addition to many academics and university professors.  The keynote address was given by Dr. Fred Berlin of Johns Hopkins University, who proclaimed that he wants to "completely support the goal of B4U-ACT."


(A:  This is what came out of it, these assertions...)

Key highlights from the conference include these disturbing assertions (more disturbing excerpts available at the end of this article):


Pedophiles are "unfairly stigmatized and demonized" by society.  (A:  Unfairly, you know.)

"The majority of pedophiles are gentle and rational." (A:  Very rational to do that to children.)

There was concern about "vice-laden diagnostic criteria" and "cultural baggage of wrongfulness."

"We are not required to interfere with or inhibit our child's sexuality."

"Children are not inherently unable to consent" to sex with an adult. (A:  Meaning that they are able, they’re claiming here.  I guess the baby goes goo-ga-ga, you know, or something before they scream, yeah.)

An adult's desire to have sex with children is "normative." (A:  You all know that.  I’m sure all of you out there know that, right?  This is from PhDs, folks, because this is the agenda.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about they have this meeting every year.  I can remember the previous ones too – same thing – to normalize it, and at least get the idea into folks’ heads so that when it’s actually made law it will seem quite natural to them.  And most of them won’t have children anyway, or they’ve given them away, or they’ve killed them before birth.  That’s the society you’re in.  And this goes on, this article here.  It says, this is the list of things that the pedophiles are claiming.  They say that...


Our society should "maximize individual liberty. ... (A:  And that’s what I’m saying; I’ve said that before.  Obviously if one group says this is a sexual preference, what’s wrong with the next group saying, well this is our sexual preference too.  I mean, what are you going to say to them?  You know.)  We have a highly moralistic society that is not consistent with liberty."

"In Western culture sex is taken too seriously."

"Anglo-American standard on age of consent is new [and 'Puritanical'].  In Europe it was always set at 10 or 12. (A:  ...which is nonsense.)  Ages of consent beyond that are relatively new and very strange, especially for boys. They've always been able to have sex at any age." (A:  Really?  Well if pedophiles are doing things to you, whether you like it or not, they’re going to do it.  I guess that would be true for them.)

 "Assuming children are unable to consent lends itself to criminalization and stigmatization."


A consensus belief by both speakers and pedophiles in attendance was that, because it vilifies MAPs, pedophilia should be removed as a mental disorder from the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), in the same manner homosexuality was removed in 1973.  (A:  And that was political pressure that moved it, not by what they claimed was their science of psychiatry.  If it was a science you couldn’t change the science.  But, well, politics did it.)


There is no greater moral imperative than the protection of the innocent, and especially defenseless children.  These timeless and universal truths are embedded in the Judeo-Christian principles and moral precepts upon which American society and legal system are based.  Any adult -- especially a university professor or medical doctor -- who cannot grasp such elementary morality has no business teaching, counseling, or treating anyone, especially dangerous predators with an appetite for children.  (A:  I mean, you just think, if that’s a sexual preference and they’re using other ones who’ve already got the rights, what about the ones that want to kill the children after they’ve had sex with them? That’s what turns them on, you know. That’s their preference.  Do you understand how you can’t go down the slippery slope?)


What these academics are doing -- i.e., providing comfort and support for child-rapists and molesters  -- is unconscionable and unethical.  Instead of helping to suppress these abusers' sick desires, correct their delusional attractions, and moderate (or hopefully cure) their mental illness, these professionals sympathize with these monsters and minimize the evil they perpetrate.  Rather than work to suppress the abomination in these pedophiles' minds and souls, these academics stoke these warped passions with the fuel of justification, rationalization, and normalization.  (A:  Well you see, there’s no cure for it, as such.  There’s no cure as such.  There’s been things that have been done before but no real cure.  And the ones that get out of prison generally reoffend, even if they’ve been in for 30 years they just go straight back to it.  It’s their little secret world, you know, of infancy; that’s what they try to live in.  And like any psychopath... it’s a psychopathic thing too because after they’ve raped a child they’ll justify why they raped them, saying the child wanted to do this, in their little imaginative Disneyland world that they live in.  Oh, the child really loved me, that’s what they’ll tell you.  Anyway, it says...)


And their treachery doesn't stop there.  Academics like Fred Berlin, M.D., Ph.D.; Nancy Nyquist Potter, Ph.D.; and others are also attempting to destroy societal protections of children by pushing to declassify this dangerous perversion as a mental illness and decriminalize the behavior.  In essence, they advocate the elimination of statutory rape and sexual offender registration laws designed to protect minors from being sexually exploited by adults, thus removing the ability of the state to punish and incarcerate these monsters.  How many other potential predators -- who previously suppressed their lusts for fear of incarceration, societal rebuke, and sexual predator registration laws -- will now be encouraged to succumb to their perverse impulses, cheered on and defended by credentialed academics and fully protected by a neutered legal system?   (A:  Well, we’ll get past the neutered bit.)


Anyway, that’s really what’s going on, as I say, but it’s in concert, this actual meeting, with articles coming out of the United Nations who are actually pushing for it too, worldwide.  And even other groups across the world who belong to their own form of MAP, as they call it, such as in Holland, they’ve had little demonstrations, about 4 of them I think, in Holland I think, who are pushing for the same thing.  So they want it decriminalized.  And your children are up for grabs, you know.  I guess they’ll bring candy in and ice cream and things like that, you know.  But that’s the world that you’re really living in.


Even in Canada we’ve had a similar thing happen here too, just recently, where a woman gave birth to a child, she tossed it over a neighbor’s fence, I guess just to let them clear up the mess, and she was let go by the judge who stated that it was basically close to abortion.  Close, close enough, not to have anything done about it.  So she’s been given 3 years suspended sentence.  And that’s the start of something new.  So when you have your child, if you didn’t go for abortion, then you change your mind, you just toss it over your fence into someone else’s garden and it’s okay.  It’s close to abortion.  So that’s it, live births are now fair game.  It’s interesting too, one top abortionist said something similar, where he said that if the child’s about 3 days old, he said, that he wanted to go ahead and change the laws so that they could still kill them at 3... 3 days old.  I’ll talk about this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and just reading an article here from Ontario to show you how precedents are made, because this is a precedent for across the country obviously, and other countries will follow very quickly.  Nothing happens by itself in a country; it’s always meant to be international.  It takes off, if you haven’t noticed your whole life long.  Anyway it says...


Canadian Mother Strangles Newborn, Gets No Jail Time and Judge Defends Infanticide By Comparing It to Abortion / September 13, 2011 / Christopher Santarelli


In citing Canada’s abortion laws, an Edmonton appeal court ruled that an Alberta woman who strangled her son with her underwear after secretly giving birth in 2005, will face no guaranteed jail time.


Katrina Effert was sentenced Friday for killing her newborn and then throwing the body over a fence into the neighbor’s yard on April 13, 2005, when she was 19. She was given a three-year suspended sentence by Judge Joanne Veit wherein if she abides by the court’s conditions for the next three years (A:  I guess that’s if you don’t throw any more babies over fences of neighbors.), she will not spend time behind bars. CBC notes the justification given by the judge for such an astounding sentence:


“The fact that Canada has no abortion laws reflects that ‘while many Canadians undoubtedly view abortion as a less than ideal solution to unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancy, they generally understand, accept and sympathize with the onerous demands pregnancy and childbirth exact from mothers, especially mothers without support,’ she writes.  (A:  You understand, the whole culture’s kaput.  You understand, it was meant to go this way, because in the United Nations charter too, and many of their talks and their articles on their web sites, they say they must destroy the individual.  That also means destroying individual responsibility for your own actions.  And the STATE will take care of everybody, you see.)


The judge noted that infanticide laws and sentencing guidelines were not altered when the government made many changes to the Criminal Code in 2005, which she says shows that Canadians view the law as a ‘fair compromise of all the interests involved.’


‘Naturally, Canadians are grieved by an infant’s death, especially at the hands of the infant’s mother, but Canadians also grieve for the mother.”  (A:  Actually, Canadians are like most folk today when they’ve had God knows how many years of state-paid abortions.  There’s no value now to having children.  That’s the truth of it.  Children, we have been told for many, many years, ARE A BURDEN, a terrible burden.  That’s what Charles Galton Darwin said in his book, The Next Million Years; they can convince the mothers to go and get cars and jobs rather than have children. Well, they’ve achieved their ends.  And so material goods are far more important than having children.  Children, really, when you abort so many annually, how can you turn around and say we care about children?  It doesn’t wash, does it?  We don’t like children anyhow, eh?  Isn’t that how it goes, that song?)


The judge also rejected arguments that the single father and the grandparent also face “the same stresses of the mind” as a mother who kills her own baby.


Effert’s Defense Lawyer Peter Royal said it was “unjust” and “almost mean” to incarcerate her for the 16 days of jail time she must still serve for throwing her son’s body over a fence. 


And that’s just a sign of where you’re going.  You’re going to see a lot more in the near future too, because you’re not supposed to be responsible for your own actions; the state is always supposed to pick up the tab, and take over your life and make you do all the state’s things.  You know, that’s how it works in this sort of communistic system at the bottom with the fascists at the top.  And this article here too, again, all comes out at the same time, as I say, that they’re having meetings at the United Nations to further destroy what’s left of any human decency.  It says...


US Dept. of Health and Human Services : Children Are ‘Sexual Beings’ / By cns news / 08-29-2011


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is offering advice to parents and teens about sex education, including assurances that teens may “experiment” with homosexuality as part of “exploring their own sexuality,” and that masturbation should be of concern only “if a child seems preoccupied with it to the exclusion of other activities.”  (A:  That means, I guess, if they stop playing with their little game boxes and things.)


The information, located on a “Questions and Answers About Sex” link on the “Quick Guide to Healthy Living” portion of the HHS Web site, also describes children and infants as (A:  This ties in with the previous article, two articles ago, about children being able to consent to sex.) also describes children and infants as “sexual beings.”  (A:  You see.  This is your Department of Health and Human Services, the US department.)


Under the question “When Do (A:  They call it...) Kids (A:  A kid is a young goat, by the way; that was part of what Lenin said:  You’ve got to dehumanize the enemy.) Start Becoming Curious About Sex?” the answer notes that infants have curiosity about their bodies.  (A:  They’re taking the Freudian approach there.  So...)


“Children are human beings and therefore sexual beings,” the Q&A Web page says. “It's hard for parents to acknowledge this, just as it's hard for kids to think of their parents as sexually active. But even infants have curiosity about their own bodies, which is healthy and normal.”  (A:  But they generally get over that, you know.  And then it goes...)


As for masturbation and “what sort of ‘sexual’ behavior do young kids exhibit?” the page says, “Parents should only be concerned about masturbation if a child seems preoccupied (A:  ...and blah, blah-blah, blah-blah.) with it to the exclusion of other activities. Victims of sexual abuse sometimes become preoccupied with self-stimulation.”


(A:  Then it goes into...) “Sexual Attraction and Orientation,” (A:  ... and all the different things you can choose from these days, I guess.) 


You understand, what I’m saying here is that this was not something that just came out of the blue.  I’ve lived long enough to watch the big movements that were financed by the foundations, and demonstrated on the streets by the same crew all the time, and I’ve watched it get pushed step by step by step.  Big money, BIG MONEY, BIG AGENDA and this is how you bring a society down.  Look at all the ancient cultures, Greece was the same at the end, so was Rome, and here you are today.  So that those who rule have more power over ruling you because of the chaos that it causes, and that’s how you destroy cultures.  Most wars... more countries have been taken down by ECONOMIC wars.  Those with the money decide the rules, you see.  They decide the court systems and they get their appointees in to politics and everywhere they want to put them because they have all the contacts and the cash.  That’s how you destroy countries.  Quite easy to do.  There’s nothing difficult in it at all.  So that’s part of how you bring down society.  You must destroy it at its very foundations.  And when children are not safe you’ve pretty well won.... you’ve pretty well won then, that’s it.


See, life’s becoming so cheap and it ties in again with the euthanasia clinics they want to open in Britain...  Oh, you’ve had enough, come in here and we’ll dispose of you, very cheaply too, and that kind of thing is going on across the world.  This is all coordinated together.  Life is cheap.  We are a renewable resource.  Even though most folk are becoming infertile, sterile actually, at an early age because we’ve been poisoned and inoculated to make it so, it’s still not fast enough.  Because these guys got time tables, they want a nice pristine planet by the year 2050 so they can go out with their hounds, you know, and their horses and chase the foxes without seeing peasants all over the place, in rags.  And you think I’m kidding.  You think I’m kidding. 


Another way, too, the big boys take it over is by taking over, making laws, international laws, of course, because they create the international groups, like the G20 and G8, all the G’s.  All the G’s that are inside of Masonry, you know.  And it says...


Foreigners have a stake in 11 per cent of farmland

Clancy Yeates, Deborah Snow / / September 10, 2011


(A:  It sounds... well, it’s only 11%.  And this is in Australia.)


FOREIGN investors have a stake in more than 10 per cent of the nation's farming land, and 9 per cent of valuable agricultural water entitlements, figures show.  (A:  So foreigners own your water and now they’re taking over your land.)


Amid a debate over ''selling the farm'', the Bureau of Statistics said yesterday 45 million hectares - 11 per cent of Australia's farming land - was at least partly foreign-owned.  (A:  That’s quite the sum, 45 million hectares.)


In the first official figures on the topic in more than 25 years, it was also revealed that 1169 gigalitres of water entitlements were owned by businesses with a foreign interest. 


Well just wait until they own it all, because you see, that’s the world they’ve decided to bring in. They don’t want small farms; they’ve demolished the US and Canada with small farms by harassing them with fees and legalities and inspectors, because only the big agri-businesses, the 5 biggies, must be left to dominate the world, which they’ve pretty well done.  There’s massive tracts of Australia, and New Zealand too, going up for sale.  Incredible old, old farms, big ones, dairy producers, the whole lot, because there are so many penalties coming on them, at home. But of course the foreign ownerships will be exempt from these particular things. 


People have gone on and on about Wi-Fi and what Wi-Fi does.  There’s no doubt about it, microwave is not good for the body, or the brain, or anything else for that matter.  It shouldn’t be in the air at the levels that it is.  It’s interesting too, they put up, they used to have satellite towers in a lot of schools and they took down the satellites and put up these new Wi-Fi, huge, big, tall antennas and they would get their signal, I guess, from the big cell phone towers that are all over the place.  And then they started getting children sick in schools.  Well, the ordinary folk who pay their taxes and have no option but to send their children to school, you know, not the rich schools, they’ll continue with them getting sick and all; actually they get a bit dumb, I think, too.  I think you get dumb around Wi-Fi.  But the private schools can do something about it. 


Ontario school cuts Wi-Fi over safety concerns / Sep. 8 2011


A private school in Ontario has cut its wireless Internet network over concerns that the technology causes health issues in students.


Pretty River Academy in Collingwood, Ont., a private school with 150 students attending kindergarten to Grade 12, is the first Ontario school to remove Wi-Fi from campus.  (A:  Actually, Europe, The European Union, I think they made a decision too, to start removing them from all schools.)


The school's old Wi-Fi system was taken out over the summer and replaced with Ethernet connections ahead of the first day of the school year.


In May the World Health Organization said radio frequency radiation from WiFi and cell phones posed a similar health threat to DDT (A:  I like how they... it’s like weighing carbon, you know, it’s just out of their imagination.  It’s far worse than DDT.), lead and car exhaust.


Principal Roberta Murray-Hirst says the new hard-wired Internet system is actually faster than their previous system and gives teachers control over when students can go online.


Murray-Hirst said they did not receive any complaints from students or parents about health concerns but decided to take the precaution anyway.


"We like to be proactive (A:  I like this word.  If you work for government in any capacity, right down to the teacher level, you’ve got to be ‘proactive,’ you know.) and obviously safety is always a concern," she said.


The debate over wireless Internet in Ontario schools grew heated last summer when a group of elementary school teachers attempted to have the technology banned from classrooms in the Niagara region.


The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario voted in 2010 to keep wireless Internet. In August, the group voted to establish a committee for studying Wi-Fi in classrooms.


A group called the Safe Schools Committee has also continued to push for a ban. 


As I say, Europe’s already come out with it because they’ve admitted, in school that it’s okay to dose the children or it’s not okay, but adults can get dosed because they’re making sure that it’s all over the darn country, wherever you go.  Wherever you go.  There’s many types of weapons, you know, and most folk... if you like a thing it’s hard to describe it as a weapon, isn’t it?  Oh, it’s so handy, it’s so darned handy, couldn’t live without it, as it kills you, you know.)


And as things get more and more ridiculous with the police state basically, I mentioned yesterday that the biggest growth industry in the US is government.  And of course as Homeland Security gets more and more myriads of bureaucracies and new types and layers of cops, special special cops and special special special cops and all that kind of stuff, you’re going to see more and more ridiculous things happening in society.  Once you have layers and layers of special special special special cops then you’ve got to find new things for them to do.  It’s just like the ordinary cops; you used to have to just turn them out on the streets to bring in money for the government by ticketing folk.  That’s what you do with them, find something. Anyway, they’re now going after the Amish for their horse-drawn carts.  So...


Amish jailed over horse-drawn carts / September 13, 2011


NINE Amish men in the US who refused to display an orange reflective triangle on their horse-drawn buggies have been ordered to jail for not paying court-imposed fines.


The men belong to the ultraconservative Old Order Swartzentruber Amish sect in western Kentucky. They object to the triangles because the bright colour violates their modesty code.  (A:  Maybe if you put one of these MAP signs on it they’ll let you go.)


The Courier-Journal reports that the men say paying the fines would amount to complying with a law they believe violates their religious strictures. 


Well I’ve got to tell you folks, when Janet Reno, that strange creature was in the US government, she also mentioned too, along with the woman that was that something General they have for health in the US, the black woman; she had to leave because she wanted children to have masturbation in the classroom, from the United Nations.  No kidding.  Anyhow, that was the time of Janet Reno and I’m sure she wouldn’t object to it either.  That’s when they brought down the Waco Church.  That was a big signal.  You understand, you’re looking at ritual here.  You’re looking at incredible ritual going on when this kind of thing has happened, and they go against a church, with bogus charges and really no previous conversations with them.  Just in come the SWAT teams, they thought it would be a fast deal, just kill them all.  And it took a while too, a drawn-out drama to kill them all, and kill them all they eventually did.  And at the end you saw the BATF guys and the SWAT teams literally bowing to the flames.  Do you remember that?  Bowing to the flames... what religion do you think that belong to, eh?  And what did the locals do around there, at Waco, the townspeople in the cities?  They put up signs to advertise it was a great thing that they were doing this, yada, yada, ya, and come to their city and have a great time and all that kind of stuff, as they burned down ordinary folk.  That was a sign that religion now is gone, at least that religion is gone.  Never mind the time before, they went for Randy Weaver and then they brought snipers out, told in advance to kill his wife, which they did; she was holding the baby and they shot her.  And then they promoted the guy eventually, who actually sniped and killed her.  That’s the system you’re in.  If you think you want to keep that system, good luck to you.  But I don’t want to be around you.  [Alan laughing.]  ...personally. 


I’ll put up a site tonight too... All these links I’ll put up at  It’s called...


Top 10 Truly Bizarre Taxes / August 19, 2010 /  Jamie Frater


(A:  Quite interesting, down through the ages. There’s a lot more of course, but it goes through playing cards and how that came in, centuries ago you had to actually pay the king a tax just to buy playing cards.)


10 - Card Tax

The card tax is a great example of people being taxed for something which is popular and pleasurable. At the time of the institution of the tax, playing cards was extremely popular after dinner (no doubt due to the lack of televisions and playstations) so the King saw an opportunity to fleece his people. The tax, along with the fancy design and manufacturer’s logo commonly displayed on the Ace of Spades began under the reign of James I of England (16th-17th century), who passed a law requiring an insignia on that card as proof of payment of a tax on local manufacture of cards. Until August 4, 1960, decks of playing cards printed and sold in the United Kingdom were liable for taxable duty, and the Ace of Spades carried an indication of the name of the printer and the fact that taxation had been paid on the cards.


9 - Candy Tax

In September 2009, the state of Illinois decided to tax candy at a higher rate than other food. The Illinois Department of Revenue carefully explains that “if an item contains flour or requires refrigeration,” it is not considered candy and is taxed at the same lower rate as other food. This explanation legally classifies yogurt covered raisins as candy, but yogurt covered pretzels as food; Baby Ruth bars as candy, but Twix bars as food; Milky Way Midnight bars as candy, but original Milky Way bars as food.


8 - Jock Tax (A:  For people who visited the city and made money while they were there.)

In the United States, the jock tax is the colloquially named income tax levied against visitors to a city or state, who earn money in that jurisdiction. Since a state cannot afford to track the many individuals who do business on an itinerant basis, the ones targeted are usually very wealthy and high profile, namely professional athletes. Not only are the working schedules of famous sports players public, so are their salaries. The state can compute and collect the amount with very little investment of time and effort. And as we all well know, the government doesn’t like to put an effort into anything.


7 - Cowardice Tax (A:  That came in as well, during one of the king’s times and during Henry the 1st I think it was.)

The cowardice tax (properly known as scutage) was a special tax levied against people who chose not to fight for the King (not just for reasons of cowardice). The institution existed under Henry I (reigned 1100–1135) and was initially relatively cheap, but then King John raised it by 300% and started charging it to all knights in years in which there were no wars. This is partly what led to the Magna Carta. The tax lasted for around 300 years and was eventually replaced by other methods of fund-raising from the military.


(A:  Then there was...) 6 - Hat Tax

The hat tax was a tax levied by the British Government from 1784 to 1811 on men’s hats. The tax was introduced during the first ministry of Pitt the Younger, and was designed to be a simple way of raising revenue for the government in a rough accordance with each person’s relative wealth. It was supposed that the rich would have a large number of expensive hats, whereas the poor might have one cheap hat, or none at all. The hat tax required hat retailers to buy a license, and to display the sign Dealer in Hats by Retail. The cost of the retail license was two pounds for London and five shillings elsewhere. Heavy fines were given to anyone, milliner or hat wearer, who failed to pay the hat tax. However, the death penalty was reserved for forgers of hat-tax revenue stamps.


5 - Window Tax  (A:  I mentioned the window tax before; I used to think it was James the 1st but it wasn’t.  It was King William of Orange basically, the guy who came in to bring in the bankers with him into Britain from Holland. That’s literally the ones that are still running the show today.  That’s where the Orange Lodge comes from, one of the top Masonic Lodges.)

The window tax was a significant social, cultural and architectural force in the kingdoms of England, Scotland and, then, Great Britain during the 17th and 18th centuries. Some houses from the period can be seen to have bricked-up window-spaces (ready to be glazed at a later date), as a result of the tax. The tax was introduced under the Act of Making Good the Deficiency of the Clipped Money, in 1696, under King William III, and was designed to impose tax relative to the prosperity of the taxpayer, but without the controversy that then surrounded the idea of income tax. When the window tax was introduced, it consisted of two parts: a flat-rate house tax of 2 shillings per house and a variable tax for the number of windows above ten windows. The richest families in the kingdoms used this tax to set themselves apart from the merely rich. They would commission a country home or a manor house whose architecture would make the maximum possible use of windows. In extreme cases they would have windows built over structural walls. It was an exercise in ostentation, spurred by the window tax. Amazingly, the tax was not repealed until 1851.


4 - Beard Tax (A:  There was even a beard tax.  That was quite inventive, isn’t it?  Henry the 8th I think brought that in, even though he had a beard himself.  And it’s quite comical in a sense.  It shows you that to get money you can choose anything you want.  You could have an ear tax for waxy ears or, you know, that kind of thing, or ball taxes, or whatever, flat feet maybe.  There’s no end to ingenuity to justify theft, you see.  None at all.)

In 1535, King Henry VIII of England, who wore a beard himself, introduced a tax on beards. The tax was a graduated tax, varying with the wearer’s social position. His daughter, Elizabeth I of England, reintroduced the beard tax, taxing every beard of more than two-weeks growth. The tax also appeared in Russia but for a different reason: to make the people shave as the Tsar considered beards to be uncultured. In 1705, Tsar Peter I of Russia instituted a beard tax. Those who paid the tax were required to carry a “beard token”. This was a copper or silver token with a Russian Eagle on one side and on the other, the lower part of a face with nose, mouth, whiskers, and beard. It was inscribed with two phrases: “the beard tax has been taken” and “the beard is a superfluous burden”.


3 - Crack Tax

The “crack tax” is a name given to the taxes on illegal drugs in Tennessee. The tax, under a law passed by the Tennessee General Assembly, in January, 2005, is applied to illegal substances, including cocaine, marijuana and moonshine. Drug dealers are required to pay anonymously at the state revenue office, where they receive a stamp to prove their payment. If a drug dealer is arrested without having a stamp, the state would seek the money owed it. 22 other states have drug collection laws similar to the crack tax in Tennessee; the law was based upon that of North Carolina’s. Another often taxed illegal activity is prostitution.


2 - Fart Tax

The Agricultural emissions research levy (commonly described as a “flatulence tax” or “fart tax”) was a tax proposed in New Zealand, in 2003, to assist with compliance with the Kyoto Protocol. The tax would target the release of methane by farm animals, which, in New Zealand, account for over 50% of the greenhouse gas emissions. Needless to say there was an outcry due to the importance of farming in New Zealand and the Labour government eventually gave up their ridiculous idea to tax cow’s farts.


1 - Urine Tax

Pecunia non olet (money does not stink). This phrase was coined as a result of the urine tax, levied by the Roman emperors Nero and Vespasian in the 1st century, upon the collection of urine. The lower classes of Roman society urinated into pots which were emptied into cesspools. The liquid was then collected from public latrines, where it served as the valuable raw material for a number of chemical processes: it was used in tanning, and also by launderers as a source of ammonia to clean and whiten woolen togas. There are even isolated reports of it being used as a teeth whitener (supposedly originating in what is now Spain). When Vespasian’s son, Titus, complained about the disgusting nature of the tax, his father showed him a gold coin and uttered the famous quote. This phrase is still used today to show that the value of money is not tainted by its origins. Vespasian’s name still attaches to public urinals in France (vespasiennes), Italy (vespasiani), and Romania (vespasiene).


And the supercomputer that predicts revolution, see, the big boys are always pushing through things through their special computers.  And...


Sentiment mining showed a sharp change in tone around Egypt ahead of President Mubarak's ousting / 9 September 2011


Feeding a supercomputer with news stories could help predict major world events, according to US research.  (A:  I’m sure they’ve had this thing for many, many years and they feed in all the data around the world and the computer spouts out if there’s too much of oppression in a country, through taxes or whatever, the people might rebel.  And that’s awfully important to folk today who run the world, is to see who’s going to rebel next, because they’ve got to make sure that they’re way ahead of it and either nip it in the bud or make sure if they do rebel they can use it as an opportunity for something else they’ve got up their sleeves.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and just to make sure, it was Janet Reno who I was talking about earlier on; that’s her name [not Reo, as he said, but corrected in transcription.], this strange creature that worked alongside Bill Clinton.  Now I’ll try and get a caller in and there’s Kyle from Pennsylvania hangin’ on.  Are you there Kyle?


Kyle:  Yes, Alan.  How are you doing tonight?


Alan:  Not too bad at all.


Kyle:  Alright, I just got done reading Aleister Crowley’s The Book of The Law.  And The Goetia, the original I guess in the Latin form.  Now, I don’t know if the stuff is real or not, but you know, do they think it’s real?  And when you talking earlier about, you know, the pedophiles, with babies and children and stuff.  Is that, you know, a form of their sex magic and stuff like that?


Alan:  Aleister Crowley was definitely into the sex magic side of things and so were his followers as well.  He wrote quite a few books about it too.  He also said too, that the greatest sacrifice you could give, for power, was the killing of your first-born child.  And when he was over in a little place in Italy, with his converts you might say or whatever you want to call them, his son died actually.  It was a great place for it to happen; you could pay any cop.  They won’t come near you; they’ll just let you go.  So anyway, there was a big stink about that and wonder if he actually did it.  But he was psychopathic in nature and charismatic, again, for the followers.  And he was the one who started off going off to South America to get stoned, taking the drugs and finding your power animal that became a rage through all the Masonic propaganda that they give out since.  Even right up to this day there’s guys out there still saying, go off to Latin America and find your power animal by drinking this juice, you know.  So he was into all of that stuff.  But they do believe, or he did, he certainly believed in sexual magic and he also was into channeling the demons, as he called it, you know.


Kyle:  Yeah.  They called him what, The Other Monster of Loch Ness?


Alan:  He actually bought over a house in Loch Ness and painted it up with pentangles and all the different symbols around the walls and floors.  And Jimmy Page bought that over and he lived there for a while.  Crowley definitely was psychopathic in nature.  And a lot of drugs he was on; he died borrowing money in fact, for his hits of heroin and so on.  But he was up there.  A lot of the elite are interested in this stuff, an awful lot of the elite.


Kyle:  That’s what I was reading.


Alan:  And his main channeler I think he called Layla, was her nickname; there was another name for her but she was called Layla.  And Eric Clapton put that in one of his songs too, Layla. 


Kyle:  And the Beatles they put him on the cover of Sergeant Pepper.  And even like Led Zeppelin, they really, really, really, you know, respected Aleister Crowley and tried to follow him.  And so I assume that at some level, I haven’t quite gotten it yet, but I assume on some level it all connects up to, you know, like Bohemian Grove and all that jazz too.


Alan:  There’s organizations even above the Bohemian Grove which are more exclusive in fact.  And you understand, all those that you see at Bohemian Grove technically are still classed as workers for the system.  They’re in the public limelight.  They have to travel around the world, give talks or handle committees or be CEOs.  There’s a group at the top which don’t do that work.  They have a much higher, much older and in-depth religion than this.


Kyle:  Thanks again Alan.  Keep up all the good work, man.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  And there’s a very good documentary about Crowley too.  I’ll try and find it sometime and put it up on the site.


Remember, help support me and keep this going if you like it and hopefully we can crawl along for maybe another few weeks. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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