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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 20, 2011:

Democracy = Rule by Bankers, Me Thinkest,
Oligarchs, Usury and Compound Interest:

"Oligarchy is Defined as Rule by a Few
Who have Power and Influence, Wealthy Too,
They Live in Towers Up Where Birds Sing,
Train and Pass on Power to Own Offspring,
They Needn't be Native to Countries They Own,
But have Centuries of Mastering Art of the Loan,
Excelling in Politics, Rich Relatives Place Them,
Amassing Control Till No-One can Chase Them,
Governments Meet, To Raise More Cash,
Raked from the People, A Mountainous Stash,
Central Bankers Rule, Fat Politicos Follow,
People Keep Voting for a System, Hollow"
© Alan Watt Sept. 20, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 20, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 20th of September 2011.  For newcomers, I always start of by advising you to go into the web site and making good use of it,  Youíll find hundreds of audios where I try and give you shortcuts to understanding this big system in which you live, and bypassing the left/right paradigms that they give you, the paradoxes in fact that they give you.  They always end up on the same road at the very end.  Just follow them through, right-wing, left-wing; itís all to do, really, with how to manage the masses.  So they always come up with the same agendas and nothing really changes.  Plus the private banking system, a central banking system rules that the world.  Unless thatís touched nothing is going to change. 


So help yourself to the audios and remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can support me by buying the books and disks Iíve got at  The books are different from other books.  I show you how down through the ages people have been conned by people who have understood the art of conology, the technique of controlling the masses, giving them various religions or altering the religions they already had if they were invaded and making them serve the system as opposed to serving the people.  And itís a very old, old technique.  Knowledge is never lost, especially by those who want to rule.  They have archives of information going back for thousands of years.  Youíll notice that too, all governments have historians on the panels and Iíll be talking about that tonight too.  They bring them in all the time, to the State Department especially, and they advise governments on policies, etc, because they can compare it with what happened down through the ages, what formulas particularly would work for upcoming agendas, so nothing is lost, nothing is changed.  Formulas will always work if they are introduced in the same order.


[Order and donation options listed above.]  And remember, straight donations are really welcome as well, because things are tough as Iím sure you well know.  I was thinking about that today too, thereís so much information out there on history, and again, mainly authorized histories. And then down through histories when you had revolutions and so on, you had different people coming forward and writing a counter to this present system that they found themselves living in; you find thatís always the way it goes.  Before revolutions people come out and point out all the bad things about this system.  In reality itís been the same bunch behind a lot of revolutions down through history so that they can get their bunch in.  And what youíre seeing today with the globalism is simply the end product of one group, really, hopscotching over everybody else to get their own system in, always using the masses, promising them freedom, prosperity and all the usual stuff and they help to get them in. 


We are run, as I say, by private central banks.  Governments should not be borrowing from private banks in the first place and as long as you are youíll always be in debt, plus if youíre a citizen you are down and you are liable to pay off all the debts which they default on, or even the loans that your governments give out, like theyíre acting as bankers as well, giving out loans to countries that can never pay them back.  Well, you will pay it back because you see, your country borrows the money to give out in the first place, and then youíre put down as the guarantor. So this is a perpetual slavery system.  They call it interdependence by the way, and weíre supposed to applaud it and think itís all very wonderful. But in reality itís a perfect slave system.  And weíre indoctrinated from our birth, right through our lives too, until we die in fact.  Most folk die never knowing that most of the thoughts in their heads, most of the things theyíll even cry for, the flags, emblems, the songs, are all given to them by this fascist-communist elite at the top, because itís two wings on the same bird, left and right.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about the system we live in, how weíre really ushered into each sheep pen basically.  We get kind of content in the same field for a while and our masters want us to move to the next field or into a pen and they give us frightening and terrifying scenarios that are going to happen if we donít move.  And gradually we start drifting off, we follow the leaders, and the rest of society goes, which means that everybody then goes because they all follow each other.  They all want to be normal and since the bulk are going, I guess to be normal is to go with the bulk.  Thatís how they think.  And they end up going into austerity and various other wonderful ideas and systems that are brought in for them. And theyíre already prepared for it.


Well, what can you do?  The whole worldís falling apart, according to the IMF and, weíve got to amalgamate economies and share the wealth that youíve got across the planet, supposedly, which is wonderful for the big boys who run what appears to be a sort of communist-socialist system, but itís not really.  You see, they run both sides of it. They love to use that socialist system of equality and sharing the wealth because you see, itís your cash thatís going off to their own international corporations; they just put them all over the planet and thatís where the money goes; it doesnít go to the third world at all and it goes for cheap labor too.  So everything is really a con and itís called conology. 


Hereís an example of how youíre conned.  Weíve had so many Al Gore scams and many other scams.  Iíve put some web sites up before where youíll see all the incredible comments Al Goreís unabashedly said, and even right down to inventing the internet and things like that.  Even to do with islands which would capsize; theyíd literally turn up, if the people moved to the other side.  He must think islands float.  No kidding.  This idiot thatís put up there, with lots of cash and heís got some authority, therefore most folk listen to him:  It must be true; he canít be so rich and be an idiot at the same time.  But absolutely he can and all you need is the helping hand up there if you belong to the right club.  This is a technique which is used, conology, to convince you, literally, that the king has clothes when heís got no clothes on at all.   Here is an article here.  Itís about Harper Collins who do a lot of school books and college books, to make sure you get the authorized false impressions of how the world is and how itís been.  And here they are at it, doing an Al Gore little piece, because it says...


Row over British atlas showing greener Greenland / AFP / 20 September 2011


(Alan:  Now, the Times Comprehensive Atlas is the biggest atlas put out every year, and the most prestigious too, supposedly, you see, and this is what happened.)


A row was raging Tuesday over The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World, often considered the most prestigious and authoritative, over its depiction of a reduced ice sheet over Greenland.


Polar scientists took issue with the publishers' claim that there had been a 15 percent shrinkage in the ice sheet over the last 12 years. The maps show a much greener coastline around the giant island, part of the Kingdom of Denmark.


The 544-page atlas, which costs £150 ($236, 172 euros), "is relied on and trusted by governments around the world, international organisations including the UN, the European Commission and media companies," publisher HarperCollins said.


The company admitted Tuesday that the 15 percent figure was incorrect, but said it stood by the accuracy of the new maps in the 13th edition of the atlas.  (A:  So they admit itís incorrect but they stand by its findings, right.)


"The Times Atlas is renowned for its authority and we do our utmost to maintain that reputation," HarperCollins said in a statement.


"In compiling the content of the atlas, we consult experts in order to depict the world as accurately as possible."


But for the launch of the latest edition of the atlas, the company issued publicity material which it admitted was "misleading with regard to the Greenland statistics".


This material had said the newly-exposed land was "'green' and ice-free".


"This is concrete evidence of how climate change is altering the face of the planet forever - and doing so at an alarming and accelerating rate," HarperCollins said.  (A:  So again, itís all hype and lies, you see.  And so they really hyped this up to make people fall for it.)


Since the 10th edition in 1999, "we have had to erase 15 percent of Greenland's once permanent ice sheet," the company said.  (A:  This was their propaganda.)


"While global warming has played a role in this reduction, it is also as a result of the much more accurate data and in-depth research that is now available."


Experts from the Scott Polar Research Institute, part of the prestigious University of Cambridge in eastern England, had strongly challenged those assertions - as well as the maps themselves.


"Recent satellite images of Greenland make it clear that there are in fact still numerous glaciers and permanent ice cover where the new Times Atlas shows ice-free conditions and the emergence of new lands," they said in an open letter.  (A:  Absolute lies, you see.)


"We do not know why this error has occurred, but it is regrettable that the claimed drastic reduction in the extent of ice in Greenland has created headline news around the world.


"There is to our knowledge no support for this claim in the published scientific literature."


The new edition of the atlas includes an estimated 25,000 updates and 7,000 changes to place names, its website says.


So thereís an All Gore goof that they did, on purpose, to lie to the public and to make sure all the youngsters that are getting brainwashed in a thousand different ways about other things too, get enough brainwashing to do with, oh my God, the glaciers are all melting, the same old rubbish theyíve been spouting off since the 1970s.  So there you go, caught in the act and this big, incredible Times Comprehensive Atlas, very prestigious, is meant to just indoctrinate and lie to a whole bunch of young people and governments.  Not that the governments mind because they deal with lies all the time.


Now, another article here too, is to do with your drinking water because, you know, you would not believe what youíre drinking.  And itís not just to terrify people; I donít believe in just giving out scary news, which mainly the media deals with.  But weíve already found that there are hormones in drinking water; thereís lots of estrogen and so on in drinking water.  Weíve found various other things too, never mind the stuff they add to it, on purpose, maybe the estrogens as well, who knows; I would not put it past them.  Theyíve also found artificial sweeteners and it says...


Avoiding Artificial Sweeteners? This Study Will Surprise You... / Posted By Dr. Mercola | September 20 2011


For those of you who are aware of the health dangers posed by artificial sweeteners and dutifully avoid them, the featured study findings may come as a shocking surprise...


Researchers have found that the artificial sweetener sucralose (Splenda) is a widespread contaminant in waste water, surface water, and ground water. In a recent test, water samples from 19 U.S. drinking water treatment plants serving more than 28 million people were analyzed for sucralose. The sweetener was found to be present in:


ē The source water of 15 out of 19 of drinking water treatment plants tested

ē The finished water of 13 out of 17 plants, and

ē In 8 out of 12 water distribution systems


The average amounts of sucralose in source water and finished water was 440 ng/L (A:  Nanograms per liter.) and 350 ng/L respectively.


According to the study:


"Further, in the subset of [drinking water treatment plants] with distribution system water sampled, the compound was found to persist regardless of the presence of residual chlorine or chloramines ... The results of this study confirm that sucralose [is] an indicator compound ... for the presence of other recalcitrant compounds in finished drinking water".  (A:  In other words, it canít be broken down even though itís organic or synthetic.  The chemicals they add will not break it down so it goes straight into your system and into your body. What it does in your body, it destroys all the healthy bacteria in your gut.  It gives you lots of problems.) 


Recalcitrant compounds are organic or synthetic compounds that resist being broken down by chemical processes, such as those employed by water treatment facilities. This is troublesome, particularly as sucralose can be quite detrimental to human health, and the contamination appears to be very widespread in US water supplies.


(A:  It says here, this was actually published in an animal study where they generally test all stuffs on...)

Sucralose Destroys Healthy Bacteria

Three years ago, an animal study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health reported that sucralose:


ē Reduced the amount of good bacteria in the animals' intestines by 50 percent

ē Increased the pH level in the intestines

ē Contributed to increases in body weight, and (A:  Well, thatís everywhere now.)

ē Affected P-glycoprotein (P-gp) levels in such a way that crucial health-related drugs could be rejected. (A:  So the drugs youíre on for your heart, whatever, AIDS, even chemotherapy drugs, it knocks them out of action basically and renders them neutral.  So itís a rather nasty thing to have in your drinking water.) In terms of human health, this P-gp effect could result in medications used in chemotherapy, AIDS treatment and treatments for heart conditions being shunted back into your intestines, rather than being absorbed

ē Is absorbed by fat cells (contrary to previous claims)


The fact that Splenda can destroy up to 50 percent of your healthy intestinal bacteria is truly disturbing as these help maintain your body's overall balance of friendly versus unfriendly micro-organisms, and support your overall immunity and general health. Many people are already deficient in healthy bacteria due to choosing highly processed foods, which is why a high-quality probiotic is one of the very few supplements I recommend for nearly everyone. 


Anyway, it also affects your fertility. Well, of course, everything that they put out there to poison you affects your fertility; itís a big part of the agenda of course.  And it goes on and on.  Iíll put this up tonight, this particular link and let you see them.  Itís quite amazing what it does.  Itís actually classed up there, by the way, its molecular structure is very close to DDT and Agent Orange.  Quite something, eh?  And this is what youíre given to drink now; itís in your drinking water whether you like it or not.  Well, itís the only one of the things, as I say.  Youíve got to be wary of these things and try to get alternative supplies if you can, of drinking water.  If you know someone with a good deep well try and be friends with them or even pay them to take water out once a week or something like that. 


Now, as we go through this wonderful unification of Europe, itís to get more tighter and closer together as whatís left of people, places like Britain, throw the last of their cash money or their tax money, not at the people but at, again, hands across the sea, weíre all in it together, interdependence, etc, and theyíre burdened with taxes.  Theyíre going to bail out every other country on the planet.


Jobcentres (A:  The job centers over there are...) to send poor and hungry to charity food banks  (A:  This is what the governmentís now told them.)

Christian trust is set to hand out parcels to 100,000 this year / Jonathan Owen and Brian Brady / 18 September 2011


Tens of thousands of benefits claimants (A:  ...the unemployed...) will be referred to food banks by the Government, which is worried that many Britons face a stark choice: starvation or feeding themselves by begging or stealing.  (A:  Theyíd rather have you getting money from the food banks... not money but food, rather than go and rampaging and stealing, you see, to feed yourself.)


The move comes amid growing levels of food poverty, fuelled by rising food prices (A:  Weíre getting that everywhere.) and high rates of unemployment. Under the scheme, people whose benefits have been delayed, or have been refused crisis loans, will be referred to their local food bank.  They will be given basics such as tinned soup, baked beans, meat, fish and pasta.  (A:  So 70 food banks to start and then it will just go on from there.  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Interesting to see too, that the US and Australia now are tying ties, closer ties together, in the military.  So it says here...


US and Australia Tighten Military Ties

Source: Financial Times / / Anna Fifield, Peter Smith and Kathrin Hille / September 14, 2011


Military ties between the US and Australia are set to take the biggest leap forward in 30 years, with defence and security officials from the two countries meeting in San Francisco on Thursday to lay the groundwork for much closer co-operation.


Washington and Canberra are set to finalise agreements that will give the US military unfettered access to bases in Australia, a big step forward that will provide the US with a foothold between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.


It looks like the US has got a lot more to do in the world before itís totally broke, you know.  And it is, really.  Thatís the whole idea, is to finish off, standardize the world and then collapse.  So it will be interesting to see and keep an eye on that and see what they mean by that, because what do they mean by Ďcloser tiesí and Ďunfettered accessí and all the rest of it?  Theyíll be building other bases too.  Theyíre building more bases across the whole planet.  Theyíve got them everywhere.  And theyíve been doing it since the days of Reagan, permanent long-term bases.  Theyíre also building a massive new prison in Bagram in Afghanistan.  It says...


Glenn Greenwald U.S. to build new massive prison in Bagram / Sep 19, 2011 / Glenn Greenwald


As the Obama administration announced plans for hundreds of billions of dollars more in domestic budget cuts, it late last week solicited bids for the construction of a massive new prison in Bagram, Afghanistan.  Posted on the aptly named FedBizOps.Gov website which it uses to announce new privatized spending projects, the administration unveiled plans for "the construction of Detention Facility in Parwan (DFIP), Bagram, Afghanistan" which includes "detainee housing capability for approximately 2000 detainees."  It will also feature "guard towers, administrative facility and Vehicle/Personnel Access Control Gates, security surveillance and restricted access systems."  The announcement provided: "the estimated cost of the project is between $25,000,000 to $100,000,000."  (A:  Well, it will be way more than $100 million; they always underplay them.  They build it halfway through and they say theyíve run out of money, we need another $100 million.  So thatís the way it goes.)


In the U.S., prisons are so wildly overcrowded that courts are ordering them to release inmates en masse because conditions are so inhumane as to be unconstitutional (today, the FBI documented that a drug arrest occurs in the U.S. once every 19 seconds, but as everyone knows, only insane extremists and frivolous potheads advocate an end to that war).  In the U.S., budgetary constraints are so severe that entire grades are being eliminated, the use of street lights restricted, and the most basic services abolished for the nation's neediest.  But the U.S. proposes to spend up to $100 million on a sprawling new prison in Afghanistan.


Budgetary madness to the side, this is going to be yet another addition to what Human Rights First recently documented is the oppressive, due-process-free prison regime the U.S. continues to maintain around the world. . .


Well, itís not really.  Itís because you got more countries to bomb and invade and they need bases everywhere to do it.  And theyíre keeping you safe, you know. Theyíre keeping the whole world safe for this private fascist system, or crew, thatís in charge of the US.  Itís been there for an awful long time actually and it will be there for an awful long time to come Iím afraid.  So anyway, thatís part of it.  And then theyíre also putting up, going to add to the one in Iraq as well.  As some of the troops pull out, this massive complex that they built there, multi-million dollar project, theyíre going to add to that as well. 


Massive U.S. Embassy In Iraq Will Expand Further As Soldiers Leave - / 9/16/11


So itís amazing that thereís always money for war, isnít there?  You ever wondered about that?  I mean, you can plod along for years, nothing much happens except weíre always broke, weíre always broke, we canít help the health care, we canít help anything, and then suddenly a war comes and bingo, thereís all kinds of projects on the go for new fighter planes and weird missiles and all those things.  It just comes out the blue, you know.  The whole thing, what Iím trying to say, is a scam.  The whole system is a scam.  And most folk canít believe itís all a scam because itís been there their whole lives; they think itís all quite normal, this particular system.  Youíre run by professionals.  Your minds are run by professionals, have been since the day that you could understand the first words because even your parents were brainwashed into the system and they didnít know to warn you, therefore you were not warned, and therefore everything must be natural since it exists, and youíre born into it.  Itís as simple as that.  You adopt it without thinking. 


And thereís nothing really natural in the system at all, run by professionals for an awful, awful long time. And so many of them are in the private sector and they move from the private sector as CEOs back into government, back and forth all the time, especially Monsanto; itís one of the most beautiful examples.  I think there was a CEO of Monsanto, she moved into government 4 times and 4 times back to Monsanto, always into government into the Food and Drug Administration to get the laws changed and then once she had it done she went back to Monsanto.  Itís just a revolving door.  And you understand, these people with all this power, theyíre not elected to anything.  Most of the powerful people who really run countries are not elected.  They are appointed.  That again ties in with the parallel government that Quigley talked about.  Others talked about it too but he talked about it and he said that they must of course get so much, of what they call, service in, services working for government, then go into the private sector, then back into Ďserviceí.  Quite a service, isnít it? to load yourself with that kind of cash once you get out of it, big, big money in service.  You know, servicing too, itís a farming word; you got to know what servicing means. Thatís why they call themselves public servants; they shaft the public basically.  Thatís what it comes from. 


Anyway, it goes on and on, this kind of stuff, but the US have hundreds and hundreds of bases across the world now.  And it was Jeane Kirkpatrick, who was a communist, that Reagan brought on board with the great idea, when he was in, because she had this plan, rather than just going to war once in a while, why not, she says, weíve got to take the whole world on, build permanent bases across the whole planet.  And thatís what theyíve been doing ever since.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Psychopaths run the world.  And the materialistic psychopaths too, who recognize each other Ė thereís no doubt about it Ė they form clubs and itís much easier to form a club when you already come from families that breed psychopaths, because you can breed them; thereís no doubt about that at all.  They go to the best schools to learn how to be better psychopaths and to fool the little guy whoís not a psychopath.  And they get away with, well, sometimes even murder because they canít restrain themselves at times.  They donít see why they should restrain themselves at all.  They donít think like you.  They have no moral qualms about anything. 


Weíve all heard about Strauss-Kahn who was the director, the head of the IMF for a while.  He can be a very aggressive character.  Iíve seen him in some interviews too; he can suddenly lose his cool and become awfully aggressive.  He was also slated to be the next Prime Minister of France and this is why they had to get rid of this rape charge to get him back into the good boys club basically, at least for the public opinion.  The guys at the top donít care what youíve done because theyíve all done similar stuff anyway.  They live a completely different life than you.  And the Caligula parties that they go to are just their normal fare basically. Anyway...


Strauss-Kahn's first interview since returning to France / September 2011


(A:  And of course, it will be well played out and scripted, Iím sure.)


The former head of the International Monetary Fund says it was a "moral failing" on his part.  (A:  Raping is just a Ďmoral failingí now, you see.)


In his first interview since his May 14 arrest over accusations of sexual assault by the maid, Nafissatou Diallo, Strauss-Kahn said "what happened was more than an inappropriate relation, it was an error."  (A:  Well, what relation is there in raping, eh?  And, of course theyíve got the Murdoch papers and all the usual boys, Fox News and that, trying to cover and of course, demonize the woman, which is standard procedure too in these kinds of cases.  Regardless, here he is, no shame, because these guys will never blush; they canít blush. They have no shame at all.)


He was interviewed on France's TF1 channel on Sunday evening by Claire Chazal, a friend of his wife the broadcaster Anne Sinclair.  (A:  A very well connected family.)


Mr Strauss-Kahn, says his sexual encounter with a New York hotel maid "did not involve violence, constraint or aggression" but still was a "moral failing" on his part, adding "I regret it infinitely."  (A:  And he probably forgot about that speech 5 minutes after when he hit the champers.)


Thatís the kind of characters that really run the world.  They run your lives because they deal in the banking system, the biggest con thatís been ever devised.  And we all serve the system for them.  And believe you me, theyíre predators.  You cannot trust a predator ever.  EVER!  Thatís all they can do, is prey on the general public one way or another to aggrandize themselves basically and keep themselves in an incredible level of living, the good life, something youíll never ever see except in the occasional movie.  But thatís pretty standard. 


Itís like Bill Clinton too, he didnít blush when he talked about rape. But he was advised by some people, actually religious people, not Christian, on the meaning of sex. And this particular expert said to him, his own expert actually, said to him, in a particular religious book, that oral sex was not regarded as sexual at all.  So thatís what he used during that.  That justified his ego and he could tell the public that.  Regardless of that, I donít know if people remember, people were dying all around Bill Clinton when he was in office.  And there were some reports out recently too, by books that have come out by people around him, that he sometimes, in a fury, would say, I want that guy killed and things like that.  And this is the real psychopath at work, you see, not the one that he portrays on the television; heís got enough savvy to keep his cool there.  But thatís how they are.  And recently too, he also gave a talk about how Obama should approach the conservation of energy in America.  Itís on a video, if you can watch it.  I couldnít watch it here because of my speed, on satellite. 


Bill Clinton's Advice to President Obama on Jobs -


He did talk, though, about the main power, the main power for energy, electrical, etc, should go to industry and the rest of the public, the general public in their private homes would have to get personal windmills and solar panels and things to make do.  Heís basically saying the same thing as Maurice Strong said about 15 years ago.  Maurice Strong, the man who came up with the Earth Charter, he said, eventually, even in Canada here, that they should put big diesel generators in employment centers and in factories, if they have any factories left, and make sure that industry gets the electricity and cut back on supplying electricity to ordinary folk.† So this is an old agenda, but most folk, they donít know about that so they hear Clinton thinking that itís a brand new one.  This was all decided many, many years ago.  Thatís the world they want to bring you into under austerity. 




China paper warns U.S. against Palestinian U.N. veto  / September 16, 2011


(A:  Palestine is trying to get some kind of recognition in the United Nations; itís the closest thing to being recognized as an actual existing people.  Up until now of course, apparently, weíve been told by Israel and the US that thereís no such place as Palestine, never was, even though the Romans called them Palestinians, because they lived there.  Anyway, youíll find that itís not politically correct to get their own little place or statehood or anything else.  And thatís on the table right now, is recognition of whatís left of Palestine.  And I donít hold any hope for it at all because Israel and the US are completely against them getting any rights whatsoever, so they are doomed as the outcasts forever obviously, outside of this wonderful world order theyíre bringing in. Anyways it says...)


BEIJING: A Chinese state-run newspaper on Friday warned of a spike in tensions in the Middle East if the United States vetoed the Palestinian bid for membership of the United Nations next week.


As peace talks with Israel stall, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas is expected to formally submit a request for U.N. membership next Friday, despite strong objections from Washington that the move would be "counter-productive."


"If the U.S. chooses to fly in the face of world opinion and block the Palestine U.N. bid next week, not only will Israel become more isolated but tensions in the region will be heightened even more," said the China Daily.


"The majority of the international community deems an independent state as the inalienable right of the Palestinians," the English-language daily said in an editorial, echoing Beijing's official position on the issue.


The planned request by the Palestinians for U.N. membership comes almost a year after direct peace talks with Jerusalem (A:  Israel.) ran aground due to a dispute over Israel's construction of settlements on occupied Palestinian land.


But the US has threatened to veto the move if it is made within the U.N. Security Council, saying it would harm prospects for peace talks and that a Palestinian state can only result from negotiations with Israel.  (A:  So thatís their excuse for it.  They donít want them to get their rights or any kind of recognition at all.  And that will be the end of that for another... until thereís no one left there of course... which is the agenda by the way.)


Now, the IMF, this International Monetary Fund thatís supposed to come up to its full status, itís already been given access to do the books of all the countries Ė oh sorry, they call them states now Ė belonging to this new EU super soviet system.  Theyíre really hyping up, oh global collapse, etc, if we donít do things fast, which means give them the power to run the world; thatís really what theyíre after, along with The World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements.  And it says...


Economy enters 'dangerous phase' / 20 September 2011


The global economy has entered a "dangerous new phase" of sharply lower growth, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 


(A:  Now, I mentioned yesterday about the strange thing I thought about when I was young at school, and they talked about the human race. And I thought, well what is a race?  A race is something that you either win or you lose.  And then I saw different cultures racing next to me in my mind and I thought, is that what they mean by that? theyíre all pitting them all against each other? for this human race thing, this eugenical thing?  And then of course into that too they bring in the fact is that we must all compete with each other, all through school and then countries have got to compete with other countries for sales.  So, we are just part of a big business, you understand.  Itís nothing to do... your system, your culture, your government, has nothing to do with looking after your wishes and for the best of your health, mentally and physically, etc, but actually to make sure that you work in this system, this corporation Ė thatís what your country really is Ė and compete with other nations, as you race to the bottom for the lowest wages.  Because thatís what you have to do. And since everythingís based on maximizing the profit, which either means that you produce more and sell more and if you canít do that then you cut the wages of the people who work, then youíre always going to be stuck in this never-never land of producing, producing, producing right to the bottom.  And therefore, the guys who invest as well, all expect the returns to go up and up and up, for some strange reason; I donít know why but thatís how itís supposed to be. And they call that growth, you see.  So here they go on talking about growth.  It says...)


The global economy has entered a "dangerous new phase" of sharply lower growth, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  (A:  What happens when you stop growing, eh?)


The organisation warned that continuing political and economic woes in the US and eurozone could force them back into recession.   (A:  Like we havenít been out of a recession?)


The IMF says the prognosis for economies in the developed world is "weak and bumpy expansion".


It predicts their GDP will expand "at an anaemic pace of 1.5% in 2011".


The IMF believes global growth will shrink to 4% in 2012, from 5% last year, on factors such as "major financial turbulence in the eurozone".


It slashed its growth projections for the 17-nation eurozone to 1.6% in 2011, down from 2% predicted in June. Next year growth will be 1.1%, down from 1.7%, it forecast. 


Why are we all living at the whims of economists with their statistics?  Eh?  Because you see, private money, private money is issued in every country at massive interest rates.  Your government borrows it all and thereís nothing left to really put back in the public.  They donít want to put money back into the public pocket or give you the proper health care or anything else, which you deserve, after youíre paying for it all.  Youíre paying to take factories overseas to third world countries, but they still want you to compete to the bottom, compete with China and the Far East and different countries, and compete, compete, compete. Isnít it time we grew up and stopped this competition nonsense?  Because we donít benefit.  Only the guys who designed it benefit.  Thatís why itís designed that way.  And we should be looking back home, not abroad or anywhere else.  Youíre only in charge of your own little area.  And weíre told weíre international now and they want to give you international bosses and some super world government, far, far across the sea.  Well, believe you me, thereís no representation there.  Itís bad enough trying to go to your local council and stir up things.  But how are you going to go to those places?  Well, itís not meant to. 


Youíre supposed to go into this new wonderful system.  Youíre post-democratic; thatís what the Club of Rome said.  Democracyís too cumbersome; you got all these special interest groups fighting each other.  Well, they should know since they created all the special interest groups to fight amongst each other. That was the Club responsible, along with the other foundations that fund them all, in order that they could turn around and say, look it wonít work, democracy doesnít work so therefore you need a new system thatís post-democratic; scientists, academia, the experts will run your lives for you, on behalf of big business of course.  And thatís why youíre in the mess that youíre in today. 


I also want to mention this article about Zelikow.  Zelikow is well known, for quite a few years back.  Heís a real lifelong technocrat, the ones who work behind the scenes, their names are seldom in the paper, they never get elected to anything, theyíre always appointed.  But a lifer he is. 


Zelikow Appointed to Obama's Intelligence Advisory Board / Rob Seal / September 7, 2011


President Obama appointed Philip Zelikow, associate dean for graduate academic programs in the University of Virginia's Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, to serve on the President's Intelligence Advisory Board, the White House announced Tuesday.  (A:  Now, he studied law; he was a lawyer.  He had really good connections, but anyway...)


Zelikow, White Burkett Miller Professor of History, will remain with the University while serving on the board, which serves as an independent source of advice to the president on the intelligence community's effectiveness in meeting the nation's intelligence needs, and on the vigor (A:  Blah, blah-blah, blah, blah.  Iíll skip half of this thing here.) . . .


"Philip is a valued colleague, exceptional scholar and highly skilled administrator with a distinguished record of service in government and academia," said Meredith Jung-En Woo, dean of the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. "This appointment reflects his and the University's longstanding commitment to education and public service. We're pleased that he will be able to serve (A:  Again, youíre getting served; heís going to shaft the public.) the president and our country in this important role while continuing to oversee the College's graduate academic programs as well as our international initiatives and partnerships.


(A:  Now, this is the guy who worked for Bush, the Bush bunch, all the Neo-conservatives.  Neo-cons are in now with the Neo-dems, you see, the Neo-libs I should say.  Theyíre all in... theyíre all on board again. Theyíre all in the same positions, by the way, some of them behind the scenes but the same bunch; they never moved out really.  This is the guy who came out with the pre-emptive strike; they borrowed that from, they said it was the Israel technique.  If you suspect down the road someone might attack you, then you get them first, on a suspicion.  And that was the first strike and pre-emptive strike they call it.  So heís the guy who introduced that into the whole system, which weíre still using today of course.)


Zelikow began his career as a trial and appellate lawyer in Texas, and is a former career diplomat whose posts overseas and in Washington include service on the National Security Council staff of President George H.W. Bush.  (A:  Heís also a part of the New American Century; Iíll put a link up to that as well and you can see how he contributed to that.)


His books include "Germany Unified and Europe Transformed" (written with former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice) (A:  And youíll find that pre-emptive strike stuff in there too.), "The Kennedy Tapes" (with Ernest May), and "Essence of Decision" (with Graham Allison).


In recent years, Zelikow has taken two public service leaves from academia to return full time to government service: in 2003-04 to direct the 9/11 Commission (A:  Heís the guy who directed the 9/11 Commission, eh?), and in 2005-07 as counselor of the Department of State, a deputy to Rice. He also advises the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's program in global development (A:  And thatís where they inject people across the world to make sure theyíll never have enough smarts to rebel.) and is a consultant to the Office of the Secretary of Defense.  (A:  Itís amazing, that, eh?  A lawyer, then into a little bit of history, dabbled in history a wee bit, and got all these wonderful positions appointed to him, and then here he is.  Fingers in all these pies, eh?)


Zelikow joined the College faculty in 1998 and also served as director of the Miller Center for seven years.


Project for the New American Century -


Quite something.  So all the old New American Century bunch that believed in revolutionary democracy, which means if you try and do it by soft power, which is color revolutions, and then you back it up with hard power, which is war.  You just invade and force them to be democratic.  This is one of the guys who helped design that system, working to advise Obama.  Just amazing how nothing really changes.  Itís all in your face too, isnít it?  Nothing really changes at all. 


Now there are some callers on the line there and Iíll see if I can take them.  Thereís Barrett from Idaho there.  Are you there Barrett?


Barrett:  Yes, Iím here.  Hi Alan. 


Alan:  How are you doing?


Barrett:  Iím good.  Well actually, you know, things are tough for everybody because the dollarís being overprinted.  To make a long story short... you know, oligarchy, I was taught at 10 years old what an oligarchy was.  But I didnít know what it looked like in real life.  But I can say now, being 46, that today...


Alan:  I tell you, hold that and weíll come back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking to Barrett from Idaho about oligarchy.  You still there Barrett?


Barrett:  Okay, Iíve been in a lot of states in the Union.  I was in the military for 3 years and Iíve noticed from í05 to now that thereís these chemtrails and Iím wondering, because Iíve seen them stop.  Iíve been watching the skies and you see them spray for a mile or two or twenty and then they stop and they spray something else and it falls.  What I mean, I know itís for weather modification because when they spray heavy one day before, the next day it rains like hell. 


Alan:  Yeah, I had that the other day.


Barrett:  Itís all cloudy and everybody gets sick.  The nose, my eyes start burning and I donít usually have allergies.  But Iím wondering what youíre take is on, do you think theyíre like trying to, you know, give us... well theyíre experimenting, you know.  I mean, look at 9/11, there was guys... there was a Buddhist priest that used to be on TV in Portland, Eli Jaxon-Bear was his name.  And his wifeís name is...  I canít remember her name right now.  But she says that itís a slave planet. 


Alan:  Yeah, it is. 


Barrett:  And he said that too.  He went to 9/11 when all the dust was still there.  Itís all... what is that stuff that gives you cancer?


Alan:  Asbestos. 


Barrett:  Asbestos, yes.  So I mean, Iím thinking, you know, and Iím hearing from people in Hawaii, because Iíve watched this documentary that was called, What in the Heck are They Spraying on Us?  And I think theyíre spraying a whole bunch of different stuff, because Iíve watched jets go from horizon to horizon.  They stop, then it looks normal, then theyíll start spraying something else that you can see thatís falling.† What is your take?  Are they experimenting on us?  Are they trying to make us take vaccines...


Alan:  Itís not experimentation; theyíre past the experimentation phase, long ago.  I think theyíre actually altering us; thereís no doubt about it.  Theyíre helping to destroy whatís left of any immune system, after all the shots that we got because that really was what the shots were for.  They sterilized a lot of the public and they also helped disrupt and destroy the immune system.  Modern medical students are all taught itís quite normal for society to have suppressed immune systems today; theyíre taught thatís normal.  They didnít say why itís normal, theyíre just taught itís normal.  Well, itís through the injections. But the spraying, the spraying has been going on for many, many years now.  Itís daily here up where I am, generally.  Again, you have to go into the works of Teller, Teller who invented the H-bomb; he suggested they spray the whole atmosphere.


Barrett:  Yeah.  When they bombed the Japanese they only claimed one bomb, but there was two, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but they only claim one now.


Alan:  The 33rd degree, yeah.  But the thing is with the spraying though, the spraying, they want to put sulfites in them, and sulfurs, and I think theyíre already putting the sulfurs in them and possibly cadmium too.  Iíve seen yellow rain here back in February. 


Barrett:  Itís radioactive. 


Alan:  Well, itís highly, highly carcinogenic.  I mean, the puddles here were yellow; it wasnít any blossom floating over because this was only February.  And Iíve had this twice now.  So theyíre heavily dosed and thereís other things in it too.  Now, initially Teller also devised this kind of stuff youíll see, the very light color stuff, that was designed, that was a polymer type.  Itís designed to bring down...


Barrett:  I can see it falling immediately. 


Alan:  Yeah, itís designed to bring down bacterium and viruses.  Thatís what it was first designed to do, for warfare purposes.  So theyíre bringing down other things on us as well; Iíve no doubt about it.  Two years ago I had moles coming out of the ground after the rains dying, coming up to die, all over the place. 


Barrett:  I think personally theyíre experimenting on us.


Alan:  I think they just want to kill us to be honest with you.  I think they just want to help rush up the death rate; thatís a good part of it.  Everyoneís sick though.  Yeah.† Thanks for calling though, Barrett. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  And remember to support me financially or else I simply shanít be around.  Thank you. 



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