Sept. 21, 2011 (#924)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 21, 2011:

UN and IBM;
In Big Apple Meetings,
World Inc. CEOs Exchange Greetings,
Olympia's Pantheon, Such a Bore,
Apple's Rotten to the Core:

"IBM and Fortune 700 Meet for THINK,
Same Time U.N. Meets in Farcical Stink,
Cavalcades of the Wealthy in New York City,
Running Stop Lights, With Police Drivers, No Pity
For the Wretches Jumping Out of the Way,
No Complaints Department Though Lots to Say,
The Real Rulers and Ruled, Dimensions Crossing,
Nobodies and Somebodies, CEOs Bossing,
Gods of Materialism Push for Systemic Change,
This Year's Buzz Term Far will Range,
With Repetition by Education, Media and Fiction,
Added to Milieu of Politically Correct Diction,
At U.N. Politicos Speak in Terms Orwellian,
Protecting Believers in Rule Machiavellian"
© Alan Watt Sept. 21, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 21, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 21st of September 2011.  For newcomers, look into  Youíll find hundreds and hundreds of audios for free download and hopefully youíll get shortcuts to understanding this very complicated system, the superstructure thatís above all governments, around the world, where international corporations and big foundations, trillion dollar foundations fund massive armies of non-governmental organizations and think tanks and they run your world for you.  They work with government; they tell government what to do actually. And of course, the heads of your governments are put in anyway by a couple of organizations that have been here for an awful long time.  I show you how itís done and I show you too that the puppets they put in, the Prime Ministers and Presidents, all belong to this club; they know what theyíre put in for.  Thatís why they never go ahead and fulfill the promises, if they ever do any promises at all, that they gave the people for election.  Itís a very, very different world than the one that the media portrays to you.  They get you caught up, really, in the nonsense down below and the side effects of the big changes that weíre going through.  Thatís the job of the media, not to tell you the causes of them or where itís supposed to go. 


Remember too, you are the audience who bring me to you so you can help me by buying the books and disks that Iíve got at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are awfully welcome in these very austere times, because as I say, Iíve never considered this... itís not a business and I donít expand. And believe you me, itís a kind of one man army where youíre 7 days a week either on the phone getting things fixed up for different things, talking to different people, getting the articles in and then finding out whatís useful to you, what you have to throw out, and then answering emails, that kind of thing.  So really, thereís no stop here at all.  And the only reason Iím doing it is because itís time someone did come out.  And I did come out to get the Patriot Movement away from the navel gazing of looking inwards towards their own areas, even within countries, and to tell them, look, this is an international agenda here.  I connected all the dots for them and it did... it did certainly move the whole Patriot Movement business away from just looking at themselves.  Now they know why and they know that eugenics and all these things, that were never mentioned before, are all a part of this controlling and managing populations. 


Weíre managed.  Sometimes you might say weíre farmed as well; I might touch on that tonight.  But weíre definitely managed by world managers.  You can get courses, of course, through the United Nations to help be a world manager if you belong to the right family and youíve done enough social activism and youíve been involved in radical change.  You only get grants, you see, if youíre all for radical change.  All the NGOs, as I say, that are funded by the foundations, also get cash if they promise governments they are for RADICAL change.  That means turning everything that ever was, or is, completely upside down.  All the old norms have to go.  And of course thatís why you have seen the end, pretty well, almost, of the family unit.  That was a prime tenet of the Communist Manifesto, a prime plank; itís been pretty well achieved.  Then Iíve gone through the writings of Julian Huxley of the United Nations UNESCO, to show you how the curriculum for the world would be set up where everything would be based on feelings and nothing to do with education, to make the people more easily managed when they grew up and of course to make them very promiscuous.  Hyperpromiscuity, he said, would eventually ensure thereíd be no permanent bonding with any one partner.  Weíve gone so far and itís all done through primarily entertainment and your educational system.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and Iím sure most folk know that at the moment you have two meetings going on at New York.  One is the THINK meeting of IBM where all the big fortune-whatever, how many companies they have now, at least the ones listed, attend, all the big players, all the CEOs.  And you have the United Nations going on at the same time.  Of course a lot of them will jump from one to the other during these particular conferences.  Itís interesting because some people in New York told me that they were crossing the street recently, before I knew what was going on there, and this big cavalcade came down the road.  And they were all crossing the road, the light was for crossing.   And they didnít stop; these cavalcades didnít stop.  They just started plowing through the people.  And very rich, big SUVs of course, policemen were driving them, and the tinted windows in the back where you could just make out the expensive suits and the particular features of the characters inside.  So these were all the big CEOs of the boys. And one guy went up and bashed the window and he says, what are you doing, you know, because he almost got knocked down.  And the cop just turned as though how dare you, you peasant.  I thought at the time, this is just like the Middle Ages when the Kingís carriage would go by and soak you in mud and youíd say something and a guy with a big pike, a big spear would prod you off or stab you or whatever.  Nothingís changed you know.  Really.  Everythingís all distorted.  Your perceptions are distorted by professionals in perception management basically. 


And of course these people are not used to traveling through the great unwashed masses down below. They generally end up on top of buildings in helicopters from their private little air bases where their private jets bring them.  But they actually brought them through in these convoys.  So theyíre a separate species like Bertrand Russell said.  He said, eventually the elite, who really manage the world, will become a separate species from the rest.  They are.  If you were to meet them in their own surroundings, apart from youíd be floored by their surroundings, itís their conversation, youíd be like a different creature because they talk about things in a completely different way because they perceive the reality which they themselves and all their intertwined organizations have created for the rest of us. 


Now, I can remember FDR in one of his books, it was advice to politicians and he says, any politician or anyone seeking election especially for Presidency heíd commit suicide if he ignored the New York vote.  And Obamaís the same here too.  This actually says in this headline...


Obama urges UN to ignore Palestine / 21 September, 2011


(Alan:  I put down a different headline and I put down ďObama does NOT commit re-election suicide over the Palestinian Question.Ē  Because thatís really what it is.  You know, these little greasy characters that end up being presidents, from Clinton, even before Clinton, right down to the present are all the same. Theyíre little actors and everything they say is written by professional lawyers and speechwriters, who know how to manage perception.  And you can tell itís definitely done by someone whoís studied the ins and outs of certain laws.  But he says here...)


Speaking from the United Nations this morning, US President Barack Obama told world leaders that Palestinians deserve recognition. (A:  That sounds good, you see, a plus, okay.)  In his opinion, however, the UN shouldnít have to offer it.  (A:  See how itís done?  [Alan laughing.])


ďOne year ago, I stood at this podium and I called for an independent Palestine,Ē Obama reminded the General Assembly this morning from New York.


ďI believed then and I believe now that the Palestinian people deserve a state of their own.Ē


(A:  But then he added... however...) Obama added, however, that that truce shouldnít be a matter of concern for the UN. Rather, added the president, ďa genuine peace can only be realized between Israelis and Palestinians themselves.Ē  (A:  Well, Netanyahu was over in the Congress getting 29 standing ovations just recently, making it quite clear that this is never going to happen.)


ďOne year later, despite extensive efforts by America and others, the parties have not bridged their differences,Ē said Obama. (A:  What differences are there, you know?  You got armored cars, youíve got Air Forces and the whole bit, against children throwing stones.  I mean, thatís what youíve pretty well got.  Iíve watched this my whole life; you get sick hearing it, but it goes on and on. And there is hardly any Palestiniansí land left now anyway.  Some are more equal than others in such utopias, eh? and democracies that we have, this world democracy, world understanding that we have today.)  He added that he and others had become ďfrustratedĒ by the lack of progress on the peace talks, and said, ďThe question isnít in the goal that we seek; the question is how do we reach that goal?Ē 


Well, heís already said that itís nothing to do with Ďweí at all; itís to do with them.  So itís a pure piece of squirreling out, you know grease yourself with some kind of grease and squirm though the hole and then youíll hear the pop as you pop through.  Thatís what heís doing there.  Because itís very important, he wants to run for the next election too.  Anyway, thatís how things really are. 


Now, everyoneís probably well known on the Patriot Radio about the OnStar and all the spy techniques that are used on the public.  Of course, thereís nothing, even the computer, especially the computer, that you take for granted.  It was given to the public to profile us, monitor us, watch us and spy on us constantly.  They admitted years after they gave folk laptops that they were turning on their microphones remotely and listening to everything that you said, and all this stuff, you know. And then they put cameras in and folk think itís just so that they can see their friends and vice-versa.  No.  Itís so as that the governments can see you and whatís in the room and who youíre talking to.  Thatís what itís for.  Of course it is.  Thatís the purpose of it.  And also to shape a common culture across the world, the one the big boys want. And IBM, Iíll touch on that tonight because at that IBM THINK meeting, they kind of touch on that, in a very vague way of course. They just keep mentioning that they are helping shape the world.  Shape the world...  you see.  And OnStar, as I say, this particular site Iíll put up tonight at  Itís from one fella who cancelled the OnStar subscription.


OnStar Begins Spying On Customersí GPS Location For Profit / September 20, 2011 / Jonathan Zdziarski


I canceled the OnStar subscription on my new GMC vehicle today after receiving an email from the company about their new terms and conditions. While most people, I imagine, would hit the delete button when receiving something as exciting as new terms and conditions, being the nerd sort, I decided to have a personal drooling session and read it instead. Iím glad I did. OnStarís latest T&C has some very unsettling updates to it, which include the ability to sell your personal GPS location information, speed, safety belt usage, and other information to third parties, including law enforcement. To add insult to a slap in the face, the company insists they will continue collecting and selling this personal information even after you cancel your service, unless you specifically shut down the data connection to the vehicle after canceling.  (A:  Eventually theyíll make it a law that you canít remove it or shut it down.)


The complete update can be found (A:  And it gives you the link and Iíll put that up, as I say.). Not surprisingly, I even had to scrub the link as it included my vehicleís VIN number, to tell OnStar just what customers were actually reading the new terms and conditions. 


They actually do that with everything, whoís actually reading this stuff.  You know, thereís nothing, no data, but they can get fantastic personality profiles on you.  Most folk just scrub things; thatís true.  Itís like every program they download, they just go through all the terms of agreement and click yes and away they go.  And theyíve signed everything away and of course theyíre being monitored. And most of them donít mind today, actually, because they think the advantages outweigh the risks. Theyíve heard that term so many times... and they can go watch their favorite stuff and all the rest of it, while theyíre being monitored.  Remember I went through the article maybe a year, maybe two, maybe three years Ė I canít remember Ė on the radio about the Pentagon which had a virtual reality system in a supercomputer.  Where every citizen, with a computer, has a virtual you inside and they update it daily from your information that you put up willingly, on the net there, just by your usage.  And they then run programs with it to see how you would react in certain situations, and how you would react to certain types of news.  And they found the virtual you, they say, is pretty well identical to the real you; thatís how YOU will react in these scenarios.  We are just little mice, folks, in a big cage and the experiments are being done on you every, every day. 


The same with, you know, the same with the Smart Meters too.  You get the bill in and then they tell you, they donít say youíve been a good boy but itís almost there; itís almost at that stage now.  And your off-peak usage is blah-blah-blah and your on-peak usage is blah-blah-blah.  And eventually theyíll just start adding to it and adding to it and theyíll say, youíve been using too much of the on-peak hour time, blah, blah, blah, and weíre going to fine you for it.  Itís just basically like being in school and you get punishment and reward.  Thereís no real reward so far except the pat on the head and being a good boy; thatís about it right now.  Thatís good enough for most folk, because weíre all trained that way, arenít we? 


Then last night you know I talked about the big Times Atlas and how they put it out there and they had Greenland with all its glaciers gone.  Then of course the big companies got in and said that, well thereís still plenty of glaciers all over the place, but it might go that way in the future.  In other words, it was a con because theyíll be using all these big major atlases in school, this particular series, and they want to con.  Theyíve already lied to all the children, you see, so they have to give up all their rights for global warming, climate change and all that stuff.  So they must fudge all the facts to fit their indoctrinations so they really, really believe it. Well, hereís the Maldives; same company, same atlas. 


Times Atlas to omit Maldives in upcoming edition: report

Published Sep 21 2011/ Haveeru Daily Online /


Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed signs a resolution during the underwater Cabinet meeting held ahead of the UN climate talks in Copenhagen in 2009. (A:  Thatís still a big photograph; you can see it yourself.  Thatís how far they go.  Because you see, the Maldives lives on cash being thrown at them. They live on it; thatís their income.  Thatís the only income they have now.  So if itís not for climate change they ainít got any cash left, you see.  So anyway...) The Times Atlas is to omit Maldives in its upcoming 14th edition, media reports say.


British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that the Times Atlas, one of the most widely used atlas in the world, will omit Maldives, Tuvalu Ė an island nation located midway between Hawaii and Australia Ė and major parts of Bangladesh in order to convey the ďemotional truthĒ about ďman-made climate changeĒ.  (A:  That fits right into the new curriculum theyíve all got from the United Nations.  And Scotlandís probably leading the charge with that one. Itís all based on feelings... how do you feel about that?  You know, you look at a picture, oh my God theyíve disappeared under the water, oh-ho, I feel terrible. And itís all lies.  Itís all lies.  So here they are fudging all the major atlases to fit the lies.)


According to Haveeru News Service, the newspaper quoted Times Atlas spokesperson David Rose as saying that the decision to omit Maldives, Tuvalu and major parts of Bangladesh may not be strictly geographically accurate.  (A:  [Alan laughing.] theyíre still there.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and just going over how they have to actually lie openly now about all the cons that they pull off.  It doesnít matter either; thereís no shame in it because itís the right thing to do, is lie to the public, because we must get all these carbon taxes through.  And itís for a good cause, even if itís all lies, thatís what Christine Stewart said from Canada; she was up in the Federal government.  She says, it doesnít matter if itís all bogus, if itís all wrong, all the information about global warming, we can use it to bring equality across the world...  to places, like, well Palestine.  She never mentioned Palestine at all of course; it doesnít get mentioned by these people.  Anyway, it says here, getting back to this Times making the Maldives and other islands disappear, because one day they might, you see.  It says...


ďIf the Maldives government says the Maldives is drowning, they must be drowning. And frankly I think itís despicable, all those deniers who are saying it was just a publicity stunt, cooked up by green activist Mark Lynas, to blackmail the international community into giving the Maldives more aid money. (A:  Itís the only money theyíve got.  Whenís the last time you imported something from the Maldives?) ... Why would a government lie about something as serious as climate change?Ē he said.  (A:  Because itís big business.  Look at all the thousands of scientists raking it in, you know, raking it in and the longer they keep it going theyíve got a lifetime job, otherwise theyíre looking for work and more grants on something else, where theyíd have to do some work.)


According to The Daily Telegraph Rose stressed that the Times Atlas team believes that maps published at present should reflect something that would probably happen in the future.  (A:  No, thatís not what educational maps are supposed to be about.  You understand, itís not just the maps, theyíre teaching this rubbish in school, all for interdependence and to be good global citizens.)


ďIím pleased to say that this is a view of the world shared by my colleagues at Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World. They understand that maps based on accurately recorded geographical features belong in the Victorian age of child chimney sweeps. (A:  So real maps of how it really is belong in the Victorian age of child chimney sweeps.  Child chimney sweeps... eh?  That was a lot of carbon.)  What we need now is maps that change the world, transforming into something which it isn't actually yet but might be one day if we donít act now,Ē he said.  (A:  [Alan laughing.] You got to laugh if you can still think at all, eh?  I mean thatís one thing, once they destroy your sense of humor youíve had it, because it is so farcical.  Itís farcical.  See, if you donít have a sense of humor youíll be insane.  And I said that in 2001.  On September the 11th, I said the hardest thing from now on will be to hold onto your sanity.  And it sure is, eh.  Here they go, teaching this rubbish.)


Now, Iím also putting up tonight, itís a video on Palestine, some of the history.  Itís called...


Occupation 101 - Official Movie (7 parts) -


I havenít seen it all because I canít on my satellite; I get punished by the satellite company if I try to use more than 10 megabytes at once.  And I pay a lot of cash for that.  Anyway, itís owned by Hughes Corporation, of course, which is more intent on making sure the military get all their data going back and forth to their drones to bomb places, people and stuff.  Iím just a side effect; they spin off the excess to the losers at the bottom.† Anyway, Iíll put that up tonight and you can have a look at that. 


Now Iíve talked about the dehumanization process and believe you me, itís far worse than even Iíve said, because all the time you get information coming in.  And then there was the government of Norway, I think it was, who actually pay couples, pornographers actually, to have sex in the streets to save the rain forests and stuff like that.  They give them grants, this non-governmental organization, grants for that, no kidding.  See, countries like that have gone; theyíre finished.  Thatís the history.  Thatís why they bring the historians in to the big think tanks and to the State Department, into the United Nations, and advisors to Obama.  How did previous cultures go down the tubes?  So if you want them to go down the tubes, and that is the intention remember, destruction of nationalism across the world.  Thatís why they formed the Macy Group and the President gave them the right to change forever American culture, because they thought it was too fascist, it might go the way that Hitler went after World War II.  And theyíve been at it ever since.  And for interdependence, etc.   So they literally have changed the whole world and your way of thinking, your way of being, and thatís why they funded all these crazy groups to make sure that you literally will have nothing of the past to hold onto.  And they just bypass the present generation and go for the young, every time. Lenin said that was the strategy.


Again too, once a nationís coming to an end or an empire comes to an end, you have debauchery everywhere; it was called debauchery.  You have complete devaluation of human life, massive sexual promiscuity, of ALL the most bizarre types, and it keeps getting more bizarre all the time.  And then the elite themselves, or the managerial class, in previous places like Greece and Rome, didnít have children so there was nobody left to take over, of the managerial class, you see.  This time, though, they actually pay the managerial class to have children; it doesnít matter if theyíre married or not, just have a child and they get trained in special schools, like the United Nations.† The ones in the United Nations have their own schools for UN children that are the offspring of people at the United Nations.  They actually breed them there; no kidding.  And they have another one for the ones running the European Union for all the bureaucrats.  Itís just astonishing.  You see, all democracy and your government, as I say, all it is now is the rubber stamp from all the big think tanks and foundations that run the world.  Thatís really what it is. 


And as they dehumanize the society in all kinds and ways, until it cannot stand, because thatís when you destroy nationalism and then youíre international.  Iíve already talked about how they hang people on, well actually they were people who are dead now, hang them on wires, plasticize them and hang them on display and pretend itís art, you know, so that artsy-fartsy liberals types can go in and say, yes thatís terribly interesting, as this corpse is dangling away there.  You know, that kind of nonsense.  Now theyíre going after the organ harvesting even more than it has been before.  Iíll touch on this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and you know, itís true enough, you know.  If you want to understand formula, the formula of how to build up a nation or take it down, you just study the past and thatís why, as I say, they keep bringing in historians and philosophers in to advise presidents.  Carroll Quigley himself did that, big time, for the State Department and even for the Pentagon. So they understand the warfare they wage on others and now theyíre waging the war on themselves, because the US must sink into the system that itís funded and created.  Itís just finishing off the last few countries as they go down the tubes.  Iíve always said that, theyíd pull the rug from under Americans at home to fit into the very system which they helped create


Anyway, dehumanizationís a big part of it of course if you want to end the old system. And we see the same things, as I say, with corpses hanging on wires, plasticized, and even ones with fetuses, or babies, in them.  They have them ripped off to let you see and you can ponder it and go ooh. And they even hire them out for movies; theyíve even been in movies, some of these things, sitting around bars and for the avant-garde who donít get put off by anything; theyíre so, you know, so liberal nothing upsets them, except maybe another side of things. 


Hereís an article here about the organ donations. And Iíve mentioned this is a big racket across the world.  It is part of the dehumanization process and itís also to get you used to the fact that youíre nothing. The whole idea of oh, there are so many folk on the planet, youíre just another animal, ya-da, ya-da, ya, that was one, again, another tenet set out by Julian Huxley at the United Nations UNESCO a long time ago.  He says, we must kick man off his pedestal and bring him down to the level of the animals. And then of course in the Earth Summit with Maurice Strong, written up of course by the Rockefeller family, a private organization again, the Earth Summit that weíve all signed onto and weíre following like itís the law, then you find that the animals have more rights than we do now. And now they dehumanize us until we accept weíre dehumanized; we will behave like animals.  Thatís how weíre treated by the cops and thatís how the cops are told to look upon us actually in this present system.


Anyway, in some countries in retrieving organs you can actually put in a bid, before you kill them of course.  Like China, if the DNA match-upís pretty good theyíll actually take the guy out and shoot him for you, from a prison.  And in other countries they are catching up, though weíre a bit behind in the West that way, you know, old-fashioned and stuff.  Anyway...


Surgeons won't have to wait to make sure a heart has stopped beating before harvesting organs under new guidelines / By Daily Mail Reporter / 20th September 2011


Surgeons retrieving organs to be transplanted just after a patient's heart has stopped beating will no longer have to wait to make sure it doesn't start up again if new proposals are adopted.  (A:  I think in the US itís actually brain death and then they can go in when the heart IS beating; they prefer that actually.  In other countries the heart has to have stopped beating before they can go in; they call it harvesting.  Harvestingís an interesting term because itís a farming term, isnít it?  You harvest the wheat and the grain.  Again, itís all perception management:  well, theyíre just harvesting... Yeah, organs, eh?  Organs.  And you are a business now; we are all a business, right down to... after your autopsies, I mean, that bill from the autopsy or the guy who does the postmortem, that goes to the local government and gets paid for that.  It doesnít matter what you died of or even if they know what you died of, after all the tests; they got to do that Ė itís all procedure Ė and he gets his cut as well. And then they train us through all the movies and police movies that this is normal.  That used to be called desecration of the body, when they chop out the brain and drop your liver into a weighing machine, and oh, how interesting, it weighs so-and-so.  And back in again and then they stitch you up.  Thatís desecration.  You understand, weíre all trained, trained, trained through fiction, until services become authorities.  Anyway...)


Critics now fear seriously ill patients could be viewed more like tissue banks than sick people if the plans to change rules about organ donation go ahead.


There is currently a ban on considering anyone to be a potential donor before doctors and family members have independently decided to stop trying to save them.


That is poised to be eliminated if the plans by the group that co-ordinates organ allocation in the United States are adopted.  (A:  See, theyíre amalgamating all these nonprofit organizations that rake in billions of dollars every year, like the Richmond nonprofit organization; thatís who handles the organs themselves.  They make a lot of cash out of it.  You understand, under nonprofit you can give your CEO, oh, 2 million dollars a year if you want to as a paycheck.  And they call themselves a charity.  Thatís the racket of NGOs.)


The proposed changes by the United Network for Organ Sharing, the Richmond nonprofit organization that coordinates organ donation under a contract with the federal government, are part of the first major overhaul of the 2007 guidelines governing ďdonation after cardiac death,Ē or DCD, which accounted for 6% of the 28,000 organs transplanted in 2010.


Champions of the proposals claim the changes strengthen the transplant system because they align the rules with other regulatory bodies and better ensure that the wishes of donors and their loved ones are honoured without sacrificing necessary protections.  (A:  That means itís easier to get the organs for those big guys with the cash who deal in organs, plus the big surgeons who make the incredible money off transplantation as well.  Thatís really what itís about.)


Everythingís law-speak, isnít it, legal-speak and conology.  Isnít it? Thatís what itís all about.  Itís always about cash and people who want to get more cash.  And itís the greatest system because they get it all for nothing.  I mean, YOU, being a renewable resource, you see Ė thatís what weíre classified now, under the United Nations.  Youíre all renewable resources, humans; we give ourselves voluntarily, for free, and these guys make their living off of whatís left of you.  Itís just astonishing.  Really.  So as that some fat, fat multi-billionaire can live another 2 or 3 years, generally; thatís generally what it is.  Because I know some transplant surgeons; I get all the inside stuff. 


And another article here is ďLeading Through Systemic ChangeĒ, the IBM stuff thatís coming out right now from there. Now, all the big companies are there, because they all work together, they all work on consensus towards the future that is planned.  And itís through changing the system, they call it Systemic Change, ďThe Future of Leadership: Leading Through Systemic ChangeĒ.  Iíll put this up. There are 2 or 3 to this particular IBM talk thatís going on, the Forum on the Future of Leadership.  So of course, what they do, to get a leader, is make sure, through 2 or 3 years, they test them all out to see whoís the best psychopaths and make them CEOs, etc, because thatís what leaders are.  CEOs are always psychopathic in nature. 


And they go into their history, how IBM was born.  Itís interesting.  IBM, if you speak it, is eye beam, isnít it?  An eye-beam.  You used to see the old stuff in Egypt.  You would see the eye, the light shining from Raís eye, and the little tendrils coming down like ropes, with the symbol of Ankh on it, that Aton loved so much, because it meant that anyone that it came down to, with eternal life, was a Ďchosení person. Thatís where all that chosen stuff started, you know.  And it wasnít for everybody.  I mean, Aton, Akenaton didnít believe it was for everyone.  It was only for special ones, a FEW, very wealthy ones, the ones at the top.  Just like today, because eugenics never stops, you see.  Itís all a very snobbish affair, very snobbish.  Iíll put these links up to show you how theyíre changing the system, worldwide, through every country, working in partnerships with every government, at the same time, all of these groups and all of these big corporations that run our world and how they guide your future, regardless of who you think youíre voting for or even what you think youíre voting for. 


The Future of Leadership: Leading Through Systemic Change - / 9/15/11


THINK Forum - / September 21st, 2011


IBM CEO Sam Palmisano with Errol Morris on Business Leadership Qualities -


Another one too, is about a Smarter Planet as well, from the same bunch, THINK Forum.  It tells you what theyíre up to, to an extent, on an exoteric scale that is.  Anyway, theyíre gathering the 700 future leaders representing businesses, government, science and academia from around the world.  700 of these big agencies around the world are attending and also popping back in and out to the United Nations to see what grants will be given, through our tax money, via the United Nations for supposedly third world countries, where they will put their other factories and businesses, etc, and hire cheap labor.  It doesnít go to the people.  It goes to their corporations around the world.  Thatís the real... the real thing thatís going on here.  Everything is a con. 


You know, Iíve always said weíre treated like children.  And that is how weíre treated:  Oh, donít tell the children, theyíll get upset if you tell them the truth.  Just like the fake maps theyíre putting out too.  So you tell them little, what you think are white lies, only these guys are into the black lies system because itís purposely worked out by their think tanks, their strategists and even how to implement them through their Madison Avenue gurus to make sure that we all have the proper indoctrination and perceive things the way weíre supposed to perceive things.  Thatís really what itís about. 


Alan:  Now, I think thereís a caller on the line; itís taking a minute to connect.  Iíve got thunderstorms right over my head at the moment, as I speak, so it takes a minute to come in and get it through.  And nothing is coming up so far but I think itís Alex from BC.  Are you there Alex?


Alex:  Hi, how are you Alan?


Alan:  Iím hanging in here with the skin of my nails, as we say, skin of my nails, yeah.  [Alan chuckles.]


Alex:  Weíre working on fixing that. 


Alan:  Yeah, that will take a lot of fixing for sure. 


Alex:  Yeah, well, we got your package together.  Weíre hoping youíre as well as can be under the circumstances.


Alan:  Yeah, well, itís just astonishing.† Mainly right now, people are so used to me across the world just coming on, like someone on the same time every night, year after year, they never ask what keeps me going.  And of course I donít go by the big advertisers.  I donít get cash from big advertisers.   I could.  I could bring lots of them on too and make 5 grand a pop, you know, easy, but I donít because it kind of ties your hands and you canít really say what you want to say about maybe certain things if you were asked.  So to be kind of free I do it this way, the suicidal way because I came from Scotland and Scotlandís patron saint is the patron saint of people who commit suicide, I think, you know, lost causes, the patron saint of lost causes.  So hopefully I can keep going a little bit if people keep donating and buying the books; that way theyíll get an alternative view on things, because this particular broadcasting organization, RBN, and me being on it for a long time, has changed so much within the whole Patriot Movement.  It was very shallow before and now itís expanded its horizons into the big, big picture, because they followed this actually. 


Alex:  Yeah, well Iíll go to what I was going to say at the end, is that what weíre going to do, is I start working because I just headed back to work now; it took quite a bit of getting my physio done and stuff.  But Iím just going to start working.  I went to a special effects department meeting because our union is being globalized.  And so they got me back in there that way.  And I went and spoke with some of the senior members and showed them, the new architects and engineers DVD, Explosive Evidence.  Have you seen that?


Alan:  No, Iíve heard about it, little clips here and there, little presentations, but I havenít seen it though.


Alex:  Right.  Okay.  Well, weíre going to... weíre trying to... we sent you some links but if you canít see those weíre burning you a copy.  Iíve got We Are Change Victoria burning you copies right now and weíre going to put that in your package. Then someoneís going to either drive it to Sudbury or weíll send it by courier or something so thatís not tampered with.  So thatís number one. 


Alan:  Iíll tell you one thing, the Fed Ex, Fed Ex will deliver to this door.  UPS lies; they say they will but they never have; they want to train the public to go and pick it up.  So Fed Ex is okay. 


Alex:  Duly noted then.  And weíve got you some stuff from Humphrey as well and we just went around and did, you know, the kids and I collected the vitamins and did all that stuff.  So the other thing we want to do is we wanted to, as I say, Iím going back to work.  Weíre going to send you a percentage of, like a portion of my take-home pay to keep you going and weíd like to ask that the regular listening audience does the same thing.  Because you know, Iíve been off work for 13 years with the exception of 8 months because of government corruption.  And youíve done so much to help us understand, survive and fight ruling group racketeering and tyranny that we feel that youíre the most important person to support.  So weíre asking that the listening audience does the same thing.


Alan:  Well I appreciate that for sure. Thatís a new one.


Alex:  No problem at all.  We appreciate you.  So thereís definitely that.  So thereís your commercial.  [Laughing.]  Not that it was asked for but itís necessary to say that apparently. 


Alan:  It is.  Everyone expects everyone else to send some cash in and thatís as far as they think.  Oh, someone else will do it, and of course no one does it then, because they really expect you to be on every night.  Oh, heíll be back on tomorrow night, you know; thatís what they think.


Alex:  Yeah.  Yeah, they kind of take it for granted, there are so many other things going on and as the economy collapses, you know, and the whole deal, I think they mean to but they canít get around to it.  Well, weíre making it a priority.  We do it before we pay for other things and then we scramble to get the money for the other things weíre supposed to pay for and that way it happens.  So itís pretty much the way people should get on things, is to prioritize whatís most important. And in the face of tyranny youíre one of the most sound voices of reason and truth out there.  So I think, you know, your listening audience appreciates you, itís just that they need some prompting in the right direction. 


Alan:  They need prompting.  I mean, literally, I get thousands of emails all the time but they never ask how are you doing, or how...  Theyíll hear about computers busting and frying; 3 things down in one week, one computer fried, the backup battery system fried, and then 2 monitors fried as well, all in one week, and of course I have to replace all of those.  So these things are ongoing.  And even now as Iím talking the satellite just packed in because thereís a thunder storm, a lightning storm right above me; itís been there for 8 hours!  8 hours of lightning.


Alex:  Wow, thatís bizarre.  They donít usually have 8 hours at a time.  


Alan:  Oh, but you do when theyíre using the HAARP.  And I use a shortwave to pick it up and you can hear it building up to it, you know, that woodpecker sound.  And itís quite fascinating to compare it with that old CNN documentary from the [1980s]; itís the same sound, when it was first picked up, when it was coming out of Riga by the Soviet Union.  It blocked out the whole band of ham radio.  Itís exactly the same sound weíre getting now.  Itís 24 hours a day now that itís always on one of the bands. So weíre getting bombarded with the psychotronics that Brzezinski talked about.  And weíre definitely pretty well there. 


Alex:  Yeah, we have the same thing, particularly around the 10th annual memorial 9/11 rally we had with We Are Change on the legislature lawn here in Victoria, home of the Canadian Navy.  And we know theyíre killing us, like you said last night with Barrett, that caller that called in last at the end of the show.   We know theyíre definitely killing us.  But they seem to be doing different things to different areas, so what he sees and what we see and what you see are all usually different things.  And we feel that they are probably also experimenting on us on the way out.  Like weíre already dead to them but weíre still like weíre less than lab rats or something.


Alan:  Thatís right.  I mean, weíre not even eating food anymore; weíre eating this strange scientifically created mush and of course weíre also injected with incredible stuff.  A definite agenda.  I was the first one to put up the Dr Salk interview with himself and his colleagues that came out with the polio vaccine ADMITTING that there were over 100, I think, simian, or monkey, viruses, live viruses in every shot, including the SV40 which causes cancer; it has no other function but to cause cancer.  So these guys have always known what they were doing and that falls right in with the depopulation agenda.  They had a meeting many years ago at the United Nations and then it was held especially for doctors, then groups from the UN went around Britain and other countries, America, and they said, well people should die of something, it might as well be cancers. And thatís what weíre seeing today.  Weíre all dropping like flies.  But thanks for calling Alex and Iíll be back after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and you can probably hear this thunderstorm crackling away on the line here.  But thatís the new weather as they play with their toys; theyíve been doing that for an awful long time. And of course, once in a while theyíll admit it and I read last night about all the stuff they were spraying on the public in Britain for over many, many years and it only goes up to about 1970 because the rest of it, since then, is ongoing.  They actually admitted that, they canít talk about recent things until the Official Secrets Act time is up, in about 50 years or something.  So anyway, weíre always being poisoned, taken down and so on.  Thatís how you manage the herd.  As I say, weíre farmed, you see; like Charles Forte said. 


Looking into Australia, this is awfully important because theyíre cutting edge here on the carbon tax under the Fabian, Gillard, over there, who has been put in there for this very reason.  And weíve all to follow them.  Iím putting up tonight a link to an audio from Australia where you hear Professor Henry Ergas talking about the carbon tax and how itís about 960-odd pages to start off, because theyíll keep adding to it as time goes on.  In other words, the average person is not going to wade through this or even make heads nor tails of it. 


Professor Henry Ergas on the carbon tax -


Itís really going to impact the economy and you hear them talking about how incredible this particular type of tax is and what itís going to do to the average person, so that a few big corporations can use them to trade and make profits off of Ė really, thatís what itís all about Ė and to get us used to the idea of personal carbon taxes.  Thatís whatís coming out of this, personal carbon taxes.  They actually say that you got the right to have your own carbon credits; thatís what they tell you.  They already did that with the corporations. And once itís yours, you see, youíve just committed a legality with them and so regardless of the economy or what happens down the road, youíre still liable to pay those taxes, and if not the government themselves will use your tax money to pay off what you owe.  One way or another this big incredible scam thatís got nothing to do with global warming or climate change or CO2. 


Remember, Lord Rothschild put this forward himself in Britain for God sake.  He himself put it through the House of Lords and introduced it.  He said that the family bank in Switzerland, the actual private bank that they own, will deal with the worldís carbon taxes.  Then Al Gore is one of his little minions that also did the same in the US.  This is a must-be.  In other words, come hell or high water, or if the great God himself came down and stood upon all of the oceans and yelled out, itís all a farce, theyíre going to go ahead regardless.  Because this is one of the biggest control systems ever, right down to a personal level.  Itís all about energy control and gouging you and punishing you for existing, folks, so as that an elite can get even more fantastically stinking rich. 


I mean, this is the Wizard of Oz.  This is Fantasy Island.  Itís beyond everything youíve ever dreamed of.  And here we are going through it.  Itís just incredible.  Itís out of the... I donít think thereís a fantasia out there in any movie that could keep up with the rubbish thatís been promoted through all the schools, and a global agenda, through again companies like IBM, propaganda, propaganda through all your fiction, authors being told to put this in their books, and script writers working for the Pentagon to put it in all the darned movies.  Weíre living in complete perception creation and management.  And itís not going to change until you get off your hind legs and just say NO.  Learn that little word. Itís very quick to say, NO.  You know, sometimes you have to say it quietly, other times youíve got to yell it.  And then youíve got to be prepared to back it up by doing NO and saying NO.  Thatís how you do it.  Youíve got to.  Slavery is slavery; I donít care what kind of new term they want to call it.


From Hamish Ė whoís my pooch, my dog Ė and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  And remember, buy the books and donate and help me just scrape along here.   Thatís all I need to do is scrape along; I donít eat much. 



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