September 22nd, 2011 (#925)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 22nd, 2011:

Club of Rome says We're Post-Democratic,
A Voter is in Doublethink, Mental Acrobatic:

"Voting Today is Ignored by Most Folk,
Knowing by Experience it's a Circus Joke,
We're International, Run by Corporations,
Pushing Interdependence, Deeper Integrations,
Russell's Superclass is Profusely Here,
NGOs, CEOs, Together Make it Clear,
Altering Cultures by Means of the Social,
They Dominate Media, Education, Vocal,
Captains of Commerce, Trade-Treaty Makers
Following the Course of the Top Navigators"
© Alan Watt September 22nd, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė September 22nd, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 22nd of September, 2011.  Always, I begin the broadcast by advising you make use of website.  All the sites listed there are the official sites.  They all carry audios for download free, and they also carry transcripts of a lot of the talks Iíve given for print up in English.  Now, if you want them in other languages, go into  Youíll find that on the site too.  Thereís a link to it.  And help yourself to the variety offered there. 


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you, because I donít bring on the advertisers as guests.  And itís up to you to keep me going.  Itís a suicidal way, but thatís okay, because the patron saint of Scotland is the patron saint for lost causes.  However, I came out in the beginning to try to get information out to the public to change the way they viewed what was happening just to them, in each country, and to show them this is happening across the world because weíre international.  We are global.  We were bypassed somewhere along the way of growing up, and it was done through big international corporations working together, working with intelligence agencies across the world, and working with your government departments across the world too.  Weíre interdependent, global, as they say, and it didnít go through any vote for the public, it just was put forth that way to us.  We emerge on day, we wake up and find out weíre in a global structure.  And weíre really following the dictates of big policy makers like Rand Corporation, the big think tanks that plan the future always, including how many they want down the road, how many theyíll stuff into countries when theyíre overcrowded already for the present, and how many theyíll reduce that to by the year 2050.  Literally, we are run as a business and our lives are just part of the script.  Everything that happens is just part of the script.  And every negative thing that happens to you is part of the fallout, as they shuffle the whole planet and force it together.  So, help yourself to all those audios.  I try to explain the corporations and the history of this, and how itís been done. 


And, from the US to Canada, if you want to buy the books and discs I have at, youíll find out how to do it on that site, but you can still use a personal check or an international postal money order from your post office.  You can also send cash, or you can use PayPal.  And youíll find the button on the website.  And it tells you how to do it.  Now, straight donations are really welcome, because things are, as I say, tight right now.  Theyíve been tight for a while, actually.  And, as I say, this is not a business where I simply hire a whole bunch of people to punch things on the screen for me.  I do everything myself here.  I have to find the stories.  I have to look for them.  I have to look them up, read them all, and toss a lot of them in the garbage, because most stuff on the media is just filler and rubbish, actually.  Great titles, great headlines, but no substance at all.  So, it takes, itís very time consuming and itís seven days a week. 


Now, I go into the history of this big system and how it didnít really evolve by its own.  It was really promoted and built, you might say, by the big builders who build the society, who build the future.  Years ago the big buzz term they used was builders.  The big builders.  Weíre building a future.  Weíre building a society.  A world society.  And today they have other terms for the same thing.  But basically, globalism is what itís all about.  And they knew before they started, the shuffles that they would have to take us through, world wars.  This is a long, an old plan, you know.  And get us on our knees, accept treaties, and through their treaties, and then through the United Nations, theyíd bind us together, bit by bit.  Kind of like lassoing a whole bunch of steers and pulling them all in to a central point at the same time.  And they do that economically by setting up private banks as central banks, after amalgamating whole continents, like Europe.  And then they start dictating their new terms to you.  And you wonder how you all got to this point.  Back after these messages, with more. 


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about the big system of foundations, which really were set up as fronts for big, big banking families, very rich families, so they wouldnít have to pay any taxes.  And they put themselves under charitable foundations, worth trillions of bucks.  And they have armies of non-governmental organizations.  Being in some of these NGOs now is a lifetime career, right out of university, where youíre guaranteed.  Itís just like being CEO of any other corporation in fact.  They are technically corporations.  And they come out under the guise of speaking on behalf of the general public.  Even though most of them, the public donít even know they exist.  And thereís no input from the public anyway.  They run on agendas, working with the big international corporations, by altering society, altering opinion in society, by always having massive access, free access to all media, because thatís also part of the big corporate structure as well.  And pushing the climate change nonsense and everything else thatís going to change us and rule over us.  They also push for the integration of everything across the planet, all societies into global governance.  And thatís what they keep saying in all of their memos and dictates that they give to the public, governance is the term they use.  And itís the same term they use within the private corporations, governance.  Theyíre all part of the new governance of the world. And of course, thereís no vote at all. 


We must remember this too, a lot of this goes back to the other big think tank, one of the major ones, in fact, the Club of Rome.  And the Club of Rome is nothing to do with the Vatican.  Itís just where they picked themselves to have a meeting, an international meeting, these particular bigwigs and scientists.  And they set up the system with a political wing that would run all the NGOs and dictate to them with unlimited funding, and they also would dictate to governments, all their findings.  Many of them are appointed to governmental boards, these members, and then they also have other offshoots from the Club of Rome, which theyíve set up.  And these other ones, itís like spawning children, basically.  They spawn other organizations, which have specialized parts to play in the big system that weíre in today.  But the Club of Rome said, in one of their books in the 70s, that theyíd have to bring in a new authoritarian system to run the world.  Democracy didnít work.  Weíd have to be post-democratic.  And thatís what we are today. 


That was really achieved in its final form by 9/11, basically.  And obviously, 9/11 and the response to it across the world with the same laws going in at the same time means theyíd already planned all this across the world.  Because bureaucrats are not fast workers.  They say that government and its departments moves around corners on square wheels.  And thatís true.  So, all the negotiations to get on board with the same anti-terrorism laws, the same frisk-downs at airports, all this kind of stuff, ID cards, had to have been arranged internationally, over many years prior to 9/11 even happening.  So, as I say, weíre living through a script, you see. 


And you have to go into the big corporate meetings that they have to see whatís going on, because IBM is meeting with the Fortune 700 there too. And they have all the biggest corporations on the planet there.  Most of them started off either as part CIA or part MI6, because they have real corporations, you know, in the electronics fields and different areas.  And they become these big megalithic structures which still dictate governmental policies.  And so many of their speeches that theyíre coming out with over these last couple of days are about nothing but globalism.  Complete integration.  Complete interdependence.  Now, we donít vote at all for these corporations.  They all get funds from our tax money, by the way, as cash grants.  And they actually are dictating the policies to government.  Many of them as well have their members on the boards of government, these appointees that they have.  So, this is the new governance, like they call it, where they appoint people at the top in science and in business and in banking, and they all work together, because theyíre all basically on the same path to the same global society. 


Now, itís interesting.  Iíll put some up tonight, some links that come out of the IBM Meeting.  Because, you get the immediate feeling, I hope you get the immediate feeling that youíll see how itís done.  Youíre talking about something that Bertrand Russell talked about a long time ago, and he was a global player.  Much of what youíre living through today was organized by him, your whole lifestyle, your culture, the sexual promiscuity.  He and Julian Huxley helped work on the boards that dealt with that, how to give a new value, a new music, everything to society.  He also talked about eventually, the ruling class, he said, the elite, he meant intelligentsia, the ones that would come out of academia, specially chosen out of the right families, would go into and be corporate CEOs, and theyíd merge this world together.  He said, eventually this ruling elite, this ruling class would become a separate species.  And technically they have.  Youíll get the gist of this when you read this stuff from the IBM, some of the links Iíll put up at, where theyíre talking to their own kind.  And theyíre talking about how they are leading the way through their technology and expertise to lead the world, change the world. 


And remember, with all these non-governmental organizations that are there with them too, who all come out of the Ivy League Schools too, theyíre CEOs, by the way, they are in essence a new form of a new Soviet.  Soviet was rule by councils.  And every area of society in the Soviet Union, all trades, all businesses, they all had a spokesperson that supposedly came out of the public, but in reality they were picked by the Politburo to speak on behalf of the people.  Well, thatís what the NGOs, thatís their job today, and they lobby governments of course and they lobby anyone who doesnít agree with them until they do agree with them.  Theyíre very powerful and have powerful friends, like IBM. 


And youíll see them talking, the different characters here at the top, about their own class and how proud they are of themselves, being smarter and cleverer than everyone else.  And how they just guide the world and the rest of the world has to follow them, because theyíre interconnecting the world in so many ways.  Now, IBM is involved, remember, in everything in society, from kindergarten and programs for them, and delivery methods, all through school, and college, and university.  They are through all avenues of media, business.  And thatís why all the big businesses, not just the companies they mention there, but all big businesses international are attending this meeting.  Itís like the goose there, and thereís all the little goslings following behind.  Thatís literally what it is. 


This is more important than when your governments meet.  When your governments meet they simply sign into law to make us behave in a certain way or do a certain thing, or pay more money, which these companies have suggested to them.  Thatís how they do it, itís through suggestions.  Thatís how the polite people talk.  They donít order.  They suggest, and itís done. 


So, Iíll put up Palmisano giving his talk, and others.  And, as I say, theyíre very smug now, because the whole push now is for total global integration.  And thatís what Palmisano says. 


Clearly one fundamental force of our age is the reality of global integration.  He says, ďI use this term intentionally.  We tend to hear the global part of that and we get very excited about the enormous growth opportunities in the so-called developing world. 


True companies in developed markets are chasing that growth, and certainly we are at IBM.  And for companies, governments, and citizens in the developing markets, this is a historic opportunity to raise the living standards of billions of people.


(Alan: But itís not really.  We know that.)


But, perhaps in our excitement, we overlook the integration part of global integration.  To state the obvious, we have never been more interconnected economically, socially, and technologically.  Our world has become a global system of systems.  And thatís different from being an assemblage of markets or nations or industries.  We have global systems of transportation, energy, communication, finance, food, and water, commerce, security and more. 


(A: See, your food and water is all global now, too.  Thereís no nations anymore, technically, according to these guys.)


This new reality requires new policies, approaches, and organizational forms, regardless of your size or location.  A secondary force that is reshaping the world is digital network technology, but not in the way that some have been looking about it, or thinking about it.  SmartPhone and tablets, Facebook and Twitter, these things are wonderful but they matter most not in and of themselves, but as part of a broader system.


(A: This is the internet of things, the interconnection of it all, you see.  It says:)


All of this is generating vast stores of information.  Itís estimated that it will be 44 times as much data and content coming over the next decade, reaching 35 zetabytes in 2020.  A zetabyte is a 1 followed by 21 zeros.  And thanks to advanced computation analytics, we can now make sense of the data in something like real time.


(A: Then he goes into the future.  Now, it ties in with Jacques Attali.  You see, everything that happens, all the big books that are put out by players at the United Nations and others, like Jacques Attali, with his Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order, is mentioned by this guy here, years later.  Years later.  Because itís all the same agenda.  They talk about citizens donít want permanent jobs, you see.  They see themselves as citizens of the world.  There you go, itís world citizenship time, by the way.)


They want their work and career to drive a higher purpose.  This places new demands, not only on companies, but on communities and cities.  In the hyper-competitive global arena of the 21st Century, the winners will be those who attract the most creative populations, who attract investment in future facing capabilities, who provide infrastructure that not only enables efficient commerce, but desirable lifestyles.


So, in other words, youíll see these vast movements of people, of the ones who can move, who have the qualifications, actually, the crŤme del la crŤme, constantly moving across the world.  Attali called them the new nomads.  They Ďd be traveling across the world, never really with cities at home, except for a short space of time while they work for the big corporation that employees them, just hopping from place to place, but living high on the hog, and the rest of the public of course are going off in life rafts looking for jobs abroad, and probably getting turned back by their own navies.  Thatís the world theyíve got lined up.  And they think itís just wonderful.  And you understand, the public donít drive society and the changes.  Itís all done for you.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  I thought Iíd let the guitar wail a bit there, because, as we all become interconnected and globalized and crushed together, you want to wail once in a while, for all thatís really lost.  Hereís an article here too, a little about the fallout too.  It says:


China Took Almost Ten Thousand Jobs from Maine


Maine has lost 9,545 jobs to China since the Communist nation entered the World Trade Organization (WTO) ten years ago.


That's according to a report by the Alliance for American Manufacturing, which figures that China's unfair economic subsidies, currency manipulations and inhumane labor practices have resulted in 2.8 million U.S. jobs either lost or displaced.


(A: Well, itís been a lot more than that, actually.  An awful lot more.  Same in Canada, too.)


The report concluded that 1.45 percent of lost jobs in Maine were due to trade with China. Other states in the region fared worse. New Hampshire lost 19,700 jobs, or 2.84 percent of employment and Vermont saw 2.39 percent of jobs slip away. Overall, around 170,000 jobs in New England were eliminated from trading with China; that's greater than the population of Portland, Lewiston and Bangor, Maine's three largest cities, combined!


Recently, as we reported on the Exception Magazine, Senator Olympia Snowe and Congressman Mike Michaud both called on President Obama to make sure America's trading partners play by the rules.


What a joke.  The rules are all by the World Trade Organization, if they havenít read them, because itís a win/win situation for China.  Itís a one-way street, where they give all the grants from the First World Countries to build up all of their factories, etc, and bring the American factories over.  You paid for it all with your tax money, set them up, and even pay for what they say is losses incurred during that time period for up to ten years or fifteen years, and it can be renewed for another 15 years, plus, they want to ship out stuff to China, back to the US, they pay no taxes in China for about fifteen years.  What a deal, eh?  Whoís going to stay in the US? 


Anyway, Iíll put this link up tonight, and again, itís part of, well, itís just part of globalization, led by private corporations all working together.  And thatís something Iíve been saying for an awful long time, that you think theyíre all private and completely separate.  Absolute rubbish, because you canít get CEOs leaving one competitor and popping into the next boyís business and becoming the main competitor and becoming the CEO there, but they do it all the time, like musical chairs.  Which means, really thereís no competition at the top.  Many of them are really fronts or subsidiaries of the same corporations.  Weíre in the world of massive deception, of course, and the ones who had to be deceived were the general public, all along, of every country.  Every country, to make sure this happens. 


And getting back to the Club of Rome, they said, weíre bringing in, remember, a post-democratic system, because there were too many conflicting parties, all screaming for different things, that you could never get anything actually done.  So, the parallel government, which is the one that Thatcher talked about, Quigley talked about, the ones that belong to say the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Technocrats that move behind the scenes.  They get things done.  Theyíre not voted in.  And theyíre not responsible to the public. 


Same thing now with the privatization of many of your public assets, things that the taxpayers built up, water supplies, even forestry, theyíre selling them all off.  And what they do then, is when you complain, well, weíre not getting enough now.  Or, itís so expensive.  Well, the government says itís not ours, you see.  Itís private.  Well, it used to be yours.  Thatís part of the reason they ditched it, so you donít complain to the government.  We canít do anything, itís private, you see.  And thatís how the world is really, really run. 


Now, when itís all going down, they keep us occupied with coming disasters and crisis.  Iíll mention too, Iíll put up tonight at


Operation Mountain Guardian Emergency Exercise


(A: Itís being held on the 23rd.  Thatís tomorrow.)


September 23, 2011


Operation Mountain Guardian is a terrorism-based, full-scale emergency exercise scheduled to take place in numerous locations in the Denver metro area on Friday, September 23, 2011.  The exercise will involve first responders from 81 different agencies, will be conducted at ten separate locations and will include loud noises, simulated weapons,


(A: I guess fire, they mean.)


smoke, emergency vehicles and other equipment that will be audible and visible throughout the day.


So, thatís what youíre left to when the Big Boys at the top, in New York, right now, the ones who plow through all the people crossing the roads, which actually theyíre doing with these cavalcades.  They donít stop at lights or anything.  They just kind of look out their enclosed little world at all of you, you know, the beggars in the street.  And itís quite something.  Nothing has changed, as far as Iím concerned.  Nothing has changed from the times of feudal system.  And of course, weíre in a feudal system today.  Itís always been here under the guise, this little cover, this camouflage, this shield that they gave themselves, called democracy, until you figure it out yourselves. 


And, Iím also putting up a couple of links to, this is quite amazing, actually.  Itís to do with the new climate scare, you know.  Itís quite something.  Remember too, I guess when all their meetings come up, they already said that.  Whenever their meetings are coming up and they want more money, they always give out scary scenarios, and itís just getting crazier and crazier.  And this article here is from Reuters.  It says New Research.


New research, to be published in the journal Climatic Change in November,


(A: It sounds like something out of a porno magazine, isnít it?  Thatís how they used to say, climatic, you know.)


suggests humankind may have to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere on a vast scale if emissions keep rising after 2020.


The series of articles provide scenarios which will form the basis of the next report by the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)


Oh, what a racket that is, isnít it?  With Mr. Pachauri, the ex-railway driver.  You know, thatís what he was too, eh?  And now heís got all these businesses in India, and getting grants for emerging nations, his private businesses. Coal plants too, where he just pumps.  What a hypocrite, but they all are.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about this nonsense with their carbon, which is a tiny fraction of the atmosphere, but of course it doesnít matter.  Itís the one that they picked because the Club of Rome were given the task, back in the 70s, to find something that would unite mankind, get cash off them as well, lots of cash, to hand out across the planet to their corporations and so on.  And they said, we came upon the idea of global warming, starvation and hunger across the world, droughts, etc.  That would fit the bill.  Thatís what they said.  Thatís in their own book, actually.  And theyíve never, once they make a plan, you see, they never deviate from it.  Thatís why itís good to read the stuff that they churn out.  Getting back to this article here, about churning out all the CO2, Watts Up With That Blog and it says:


ďAt present emissions levels, in less than 20 years the sky would effectively be fullĒ


Wow.  The sky would be full.  Can you imagine that?  The sky would be actually full and then it would fall, it would fall with a big clump, I guess, all over us and turn us all black, and that would be it, you know.  Then we can all start again, maybe, or use the carbon for batteries or something.  I donít know.  Anyway, thatís the rubbish theyíre telling us.  And they keep churning out this tripe all the time.  Because, understand, getting back to what Bertrand Russell said, eventually the ruling class will be a separate species.  I mean, you canít imagine how they get up in the morning.  They donít dress themselves, these people.  Theyíre dressed by their butlers and their servants.  And they float through life, and they kind of look down always on society from private jets and things like that, skyscrapers.  Theyíre not used to having to be on the ground level and plow through the peasantry, like theyíre doing in New York, right now, going to their meetings, at the UN and the IBM meeting.  So, the topics of conversation from the minute theyíre born, right through their lives, itís a vastly different world view on every aspect than you have.  They donít get the indoctrination and the terrible schooling that you get.  They get whatís really happening in the world.  And they are technically a separate species as far as their mindset goes.  No doubt about it at all.  Plus, theyíre generally inbred psychopaths as well.  But thatís the way it is.  Thatís the way it really is today.  Itís been like that for a long time. 


And as theyíre doing that too, Iíve mentioned before that part of what they had to do is destroy society.  Theyíve done it in a thousand ways.  And they went through the whole Manifesto, the Communist Manifesto, one after another, destruction of the family unit.  That was the thing that bound folk together.  And even in their communities, it was the families, a collection of families that would fight for each other, stand up.  But not anymore.  Itís all gone.  And the depopulation program, which they admit is a fact for native Britons and native everything else.  Theyíve all been plummeting.  And they bring in the vast hordes of immigrants from Third World Countries, to make it look like youíre overcrowded.  Thatís the reason for it.  And the other reason, of course, they say, is to pay off your national debt, because weíre not breeding enough children to pay off the debt.  Most arenít having children. 


So, as they do this, and they give you degrading stuff to watch on television, and they degrade your culture from a value orientated system to a chaotic, almost Fall of Rome type scenario, then you see these things happening, disgusting things in society, and they emulate the crap that they see on television.  And it really is.  Itís the most degrading stuff that youíll see on television.  Itís weaponized.  Do you understand?  The whole culture projection industry is weaponized.  So, hereís whatís happening in Britain.


Police will take no action over cage-fighting bouts involving children aged just 8 and 9.


(A: Now, the cage fighting was a thing that came out of the Science Fiction movies, and then, of course, the folks started to emulate them with Kung Fu and Karate, etc.  But now theyíre doing it in workmanís clubs, for the laboring classes, to go and laugh at.  And it says:)


Police will take no action against the club that staged barbaric cage fights involving children as young as 8.  But the club faces a license review by the council. 


(A: In other words, itís okay. It says:)


Concerns were raised about whether two boys were put at risk by taking part in a bout at Greenlandís Labor Club, in Preston, Lancashire, (A: Thatís a workingmanís club.) in front of a 250-strong adult office.  The city council is investigating whether any license conditions were breached.  (A: In other words, petty stuff, you know.)


But a spokesman for the Lancashire Police said today that the force had looked into the matter fully, and there were no issues for us to pursue.


(A: Because itís taken like a joke, you see.  Because they actually have this, these kickboxing clubs, so you can sit and watch blood running as you drink your beer in some of the clubs.)


Kicking, shoving, grappling each other to the floor.  The youngsters were filmed competing in cage-fighting contests in front of a baying mob of hundreds of adults enjoying a nightís entertainment.


(A: So, itís come down to this, for a nightís entertainment.  And it said that it was pretty brutal.  One of the boys was crying, etc, yadda yah.  It says:)


The shocking images show the primary school aged boys fighting with no padding, head guards, or protection of any kind in what critiques have described as a circus performance.  In a nod to adult bouts a scantily-clad model parades around the ring, while the youngsters wait to start fighting.


So thereís your porno bit.  This is getting the porno, sadomasochism.  And we really have no value for life now, anyway, especially young life, so Iím not surprised.  It has to go this way.  And it will catch on like wildfire.  And theyíll all have a good laugh, except for a few people, maybe, whoíve still got a modicum and a few molecules of brain particles left, who will think, whatís this leading to?  What is this leading to that youíre laughing at it?  So, of course, the owners and the people who attended probably had a good time, according to what theyíre into these days, which is pretty debased.  And I have no doubt, they actually thought they did have a good time.  But thatís how society goes down. 


And thatís why it makes it easy for the big boys at IBM, and the big corporations, and the intelligence agencies, which are all part of the same structure, working together, how they have no worries about handling the general public, as they take us down further and further and further.  Because theyíve got a lot to do to us yet, you know.  It isnít just the degradation weíre at right now, as I say, where literally, thereís more children aborted by say native Britons and Americans than there are live births.  And they keep complaining about immigrants, but theyíre the only ones having children.  And itís all about having children.  The future has to go on, you see.  And as I say, you just canít get past it at all. 


Iím also looking at an article here by Wise Up, and itís very interesting.  Itís to do with your immune system, and how it goes haywire, basically, after vaccines.  And it says:


What exactly is the role of antibodies?


When you get an infection, such as the flu, the body produces antibodies to attack that specific virus and your infected cells. They are like an amazing mob of mindless warriors roaming around your body that have been programmed on what to search and destroy. Under the microscope they look like the letter Y.


(A: When you see them, individually.)


When they find an infected cell theyíve been searching for the tips of the Y lock on to it


(A: Just like horns.)


and this allows the immune system to strike the infected cell or virus.


But are they better at searching than Microsoft Windows?


(A:  So he compares it with Windows.)


Antibodies at times can have similar proficiency at identifying its target as a witness at a criminal line-up or as Microsoft Windowsí file-search. The immune system responses to the introduction into its environment of foreign components and viral antigens (injected or otherwise) by producing different antibodies imprinted with particular sequences that matches all of these foreign pollutants. Antibodies find their target by looking for the targetís sequence/code.


(A: And then again, he compares it to Microsoft Windows:)


In Microsoft Windows, for example, when you search for a file named RATION the program would generate a list of all files on your PC that are called RATION but it would also mistakenly include in its line-up a file named ďRATIONALĒ....


(A: They have a sequence code too, if you put in RATION for a file name, R-A-T-I-O-N, it would generate a list, but it would also have RATIONAL, you see, because it doesnít know the difference.  Itís just a computer.  And itís the same with basically when it comes down to your antibodies as well.  Now, remember, when they inject live viruses into you, some of them say, well, theyíre half dead, or so on, theyíre actually synthetic.  Theyíve been altered, by the same techniques they use for viral warfare.  Thatís where it all started, in these big labs.  And out of that came later vaccinations.  Theyíre synthetic, and when something goes wrong, they can actually take your blood samples, or tissue samples, and theyíll find that, that synthetic virus, and they can actually tell you which lab it came from.  I donít know if people know that.  Anyway, it says:)


But an antibody doesnít have a brain and encounters similar problems


(A: As the computer does:)


when the body is injected with viral antigens along with other material that have never entered the bloodstream in human history until recently.


Man-made biological confusion Ė molecular mimicry

A relatively healthy person is injected with a vaccine for an illness he does not have and one of its components or additives has the sequence/code


(A: And he gives you an example of the sequence code.)


This person also happens to have healthy cells with a structural similarity, the code


(A: And he gives you the code, again.)


The immune system is fooled that the personís body has just been infected with those components.


(A: Itís just like a computer.  It doesnít tell you whatís friendly or unfriendly.  It will take them all as unfriendly.)


The hordes of antibodies that have been created shortly have nothing to do and can make mistakes turning on those healthy


(A: And again, the code)


cells. This in the medical world is called molecular mimicry and it causes autoimmunity.


(A: Now, in other words, because basically, theyíre intelligent enough for nature, believe you me, your antibodies.  But when you put synthetic viruses into the bloodstream, that are not known in nature, plus they give them all these different other chemicals to make it more effective, supposedly, it fools your body, and it makes them hyper-sensitive to everything they should not even bother about.  It doesnít know what itís attacking.  Eventually, it starts attacking your own body, your joints, everything.  Arthritis.  Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common one after these shots.  Now you have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which is now normal.  It was unheard of before, but now itís now normal, you see.)


Autoimmunity sounds good, doesnít it? Immunity means you are protected against a disease and auto conveys it occurs automatically. But in the language called medical-speak autoimmunity is bad.


The U.S. governmentís ďNational Center for Biotechnology InformationĒ database lists medical research that was published in The Journal of Autoimmun (February 2000) which stated:


ďmeasles and anti-hepatitis B virus (HBV), and multiple sclerosis (MS). Brain antibodies as well as clinical symptoms have been found in patients vaccinated against those diseases. Other autoimmune illnesses have been associated with vaccinations. Tetanus toxoid, influenza vaccines, polio vaccine, and others, have been related to phenomena ranging from autoantibodies production to full-blown illness (such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA)).


(A: Literally, your immune system, because itís taking something foreign in, that doesnít occur in nature, literally creates armies and armies of your white blood cells to go out and attack something it doesnít understand.  And it ends up attacking its own.  Just like robots that have been hit on the head, you know, basically, in the movies, they start doing crazy things, and they attack your own system.  Your tissue, especially connective tissue, and the joints, but it will also get to your brain, and people end up in massive agony for the rest of their lives with it.  And once itís happened, they say they donít know how to stop it.  Iím sure they do at a very high level, a very high level.  Iím certain they do.  And, of course, Gardasil has been found to do similar things too.  Thereís been girls come down with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Thatís for life, folks.  Thatís a degenerative disease.  So:)


molecular mimicry; when a structural similarity exists between some viral antigen (or other component of the vaccine) and a self-antigen. This similarity may be the trigger to the autoimmune reaction.


some autoimmune phenomena are clearly related to immunization (e.g. Guillain-Barre syndrome). Ē


- The Journal of Autoimmun, Feb, 2000, Vaccination and autoimmunity-Ďvaccinosisí: a dangerous liaison?Ē


(A: And they give you the links to these official government sites and medical sites who came out with all these diagnoses)


Structural-similarity confused antibodies causes the immune system to attack the body damaging a large variety of parts (which also include vaccine induced antibodies attacking brain cells and bone joints).


ďif you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system attacks healthy cells in your body by mistake. Autoimmune diseases can affect many parts of the body.Ē

- U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2011


(A: And the link is for that too, from the government.)


Why are antibodies so stupid?


They arenít. Some vaccines are weakened live viruses and some are dead, however vaccines manufactured for the western world are not supposed to give people the disease (sometimes they fail even with that).


(A: Sometimes you do end up with the disease.  And remember too, theyíre synthetic.  It means that theyíve altered them.)


Pharmaceutical marketing literature expresses that vaccines are designed to cause the immune system to produce antibodies as if the host did have the disease without actually getting it.


(A: Can you imagine, itís just like the global warming, eh?)


Some vaccines include additives to manipulate the immune system


(A: Thatís adjuvants, they call them.)


into producing an even larger response. Vaccines additives and other components have never been injected into the blood stream until the 1950ís and those ingredients were not supposed to be in there. This man-made problem causes the antibody to become confused. It is compounded by your own immune system being manipulated to oversaturate itself with antibodies for a whole host of illnesses you donít have.


(A: And by the way, you shouldnít get them all at the same time.  Itís unheard of in nature.  You would never get twenty different things wrong with you at one time.  It knocks out your immune system.  Do you understand, theyíre taught now in medical school that everyone, everyone today, the students going through medical school are all taught that all humans today have compromised immune systems, and thatís normal.  Itís a new normal, you see, since vaccinations started, as is massive allergies for everything.)


The children of today have more antibodies running around their bodies with nothing to do than their parents have. Shockingly a baby living today in the UK or Ireland can expect in their first 12 months to receive 27 vaccination doses,


(A: Within the first 12 months.)


 in 9 vaccine syringes, with more to follow. Some syringes are 6-in-1s. American children get injected more.


ďBut if getting injected with foreign material causes autoimmune diseases and almost the entire population receives so many vaccines how come autoimmune diseases are not a major problem?Ē, I heard the lackadaisical intellects grumble.


ďThey are a leading cause of death and disability.Ē

(A: Thatís from the U.S. Governmentís Womenís Health, 2011, on autoimmune diseases.† They are one of the leading causes of death and problems.)


Children of the United States of America are afflicted to a high degree by autoimmune disorders.


ďthe Arthritis Foundation created patient alliances and the AJAO Council made the decision to be the first to transition to being the Juvenile Arthritis Alliance (JAA). The action was enthusiastically approved by the Arthritis Foundation Board of Directors in 2006. This important change increased the Arthritis Foundationís focus on the 300,000 children with juvenile arthritisĒ

 - U.S. Arthritis Foundation, 2011


(A: This is something that was completely unknown when I was small.)


Overstimulated immune systems also create allergies


ď40 per cent of adults now have allergies - up from 15 per cent in the 1990s. The number of children with food allergies has tripled in a decade.Ē

- Daily Mail, 16 April 2009

(A: And the link is on that too.)


Like the marvellous hydrogen airships or the ever useful asbestos, vaccine technology used today will eventually be thrown by the wayside. But who knows how many decades and millions of children it will take.


I donít think theyíll discard it, actually.  I think itís one of the biggest techniques of maiming and disabling and killing people.  Remember too, when they had their big world meeting, way back in the 60s, and this led to Kissinger putting out his particular little bill there to bring down the population as an enemy to the State, overpopulation.  They decided they would take down Africa and some Third World Countries, quickly.  And Iím sure they did it through vaccination and starvation too of course.  And in the West, they said, we would catch on if we all started having massive kill-offs at once.  So, they said they would take down slow by crippling diseases.  It would also put them out of the marriage market as well.  Who wants to marry someone whoís sick all the time?  Thatís why youíve got these disabling diseases.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just before I take a caller, just to add on to that last article.  It mentioned they found the antibodies in the brain.  And, of course, they shouldnít be there, unless thereís a real infection.  So, theyíre getting into the brain.  And you wonder why thereís all this Attention Deficit, and a whole bunch, a whole range now of Autistic disorders.  These all came out after the first inoculations and have got worse, steadily, with the increasing inoculations of children.  Thereís no doubt about it whatsoever.  No doubt.  Itís no big detective work to figure out what happened before and what happened afterwards, and compare the two.  Now, thereís Dave from the UK hanging on the line there.  Are you still there, Dave?


Dave: Hi, Alan. 


Alan: Go ahead.


Dave: Hi, how are you?


Alan: Not too bad. 


Dave: I just wanted to keep this short.  I just want to encourage everybody to donate and to help support Mr. Watt.  And Iíll definitely be putting an order through for some of your books and CDs and DVDs, definitely.  I just want to talk about the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Have you heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership?  Itís a treaty.


Alan: Iíll put a link tonight up on that, in fact.  And, again, thatís more jobs going to fly out to the cheapest countries, the cheapest labor countries.  And theyíre lumping more and more countries into this agreement now, across the whole Pacific.  And theyíre bringing New Zealand and Australia into it as well.  So, itís going to be a one-way trip from the countries of raw materials to Third World Countries.  And weíll pay for them coming up again, as we go down again in this Milieu of Bankruptcies and high costs of living and so on.  So, youíre quite right.  Itís going to be a big, big one, thatís going to affect everyone, again.  Theyíre determined, you see, to bring what were the First World Nations, down, because, you see, the new super-corporations are the new masters of the world.  They are the CEOs of the World, the Captains of the Ship.  And when theyíre not in their Captains positions, as a CEO of a private corporation, they jump into politics and become the CEO of countries.  This is what they talk about.  This is what they mean by the New World Order.  And they have the right to distribute the goods across the planet, and the costs of living across the planet.  And eventually the Free Flow of Labor, passing from one country to another, looking for work. Thatís what itís all about.  And for those at the bottom, believe you me, like Jacques Attali says in Millennium, the book called Millennium: Winners and Losers in the New World Order, itís going to be hell, absolute hell.  You see, we are basically at the bottom.  Youíre now classified as obsolete.  Thatís it.


Dave: I think I saw Jacques Attali on France 24, just recently.  He was talking about Greece.  Heís quite old.  And he was talking about the debt crisis and something like that.  How itís going to, something to do with how itís going to affect the globe and itís time for greater integration for Europe and things like that.


Alan: Thatís right.  You see, they always create the crisis.  Itís all bogus, by the way.  Money itself is bogus, the way itís run.  Itís all bogus but theyíre using it.  And the IBM Meeting said the same thing.  We can use crisis to our advantage.  In other words, they need the crisis to get the next part of this global integration together.  And thatís the purpose of bringing on the crisis.  As I say, youíve only got a few central banks running the world now, and theyíre amalgamating into one central bank.  Iíll put a link up tonight too, where one of the chief gurus in Germany actually calls for the United States of Europe, again.  They do this every few years.  And he says, with the one Central Banking system running the whole kit and caboodle.  Theyíre all amalgamating into the one central bank system for every country, end of nationhood, end of sovereignty, but thanks for calling.  And from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, and remember too, donate and help me out here.  Buy the books, etc, it keeps me going.  Itís good night.  And may your god or your gods go with you.



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