September 23rd, 2011 (#926)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 23rd, 2011:

People "See" Via TV:

"The General Public Go Along to Get Along,
Movie Overloaded, Singing the Latest Song,
Don't Like Personal Violence or Things Illicit,
Yet in Destruction of Others They're Complicit,
If Accused, Shocked, They'd Ask What For,
Never Thinking of Silent Approval for War,
Wilfully Ignorant of Armies Used by Corporations
Which Profit and Plunder, Create Devastations,
While Domestic Propaganda is All Upbeat,
And While Watching TV They Feel No Heat
From Missiles, Cluster Bombs, Impressive at Night,
Mesmerized Like Moths by the Glowing Light,
Pieces of Bodies Blown All Over the Place,
Pretending They're Human is a Bloody Disgrace"
© Alan Watt September 23rd, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė September 23rd, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 23rd of September, 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the audios which are available at  There's hundreds and hundreds to choose from, and you can listen at your leisure.  Hopefully you'll understand the big system you're born into.  It's incredible deception, because there's so many layers to it, and levels, but the primary level, at the bottom, of course, is where you get your initial indoctrination, and your parents pass it on to you, because they think the system is all quite real and quite natural, because it existed when they were born, and if they don't warn you, like any other mammal, you won't know what to be aware of or whatís dangerous to you, and you'll think it's all quite normal and natural, as well, so much so that you might even go off and fight for it if your bosses tell you to.  And, I show you the big foundations, the organizations, the world associations, the non-governmental organizations which work alongside and with the foundations, and the United Nations, to bring in a global system, which they claim is for equality, but it's not equality at all.  It's actually, at the very top of this whole tree you have an international private banking cartel, who own the big organizations, like General Electric and much of the industrial warfare programs that you see out there, the companies.  And they have the controlling interests or the shares in them.  So, that's what really runs the world, and of course, that ties in with Rockefeller, who has said, it's far better that bankers, who've always dealt with economies, you see, economics and nations and wars, etc, long-term plans, it's better for bankers to deal with it, with academia, rather than leave it to basically the national interests of sovereign countries, basically, bringing you into a world order, and it's to be run in a Socialistic, Communistic system for the masses.  That's why you've got massive government, of course, and the banks like that.  They can deal straight with the ones that you think that you elect, and then they get laws passed through that person, through executive orders, and various other means.


Remember too, you can buy the books and discs I've got for sale at  And you can, from the US to Canada, you can order using a personal check or an international postal money order from the post office, or you can use PayPal.  You'll see how to do it on my site.  And also, across the world, you've got Western Union, Money Gram, and you've got PayPal once again, and some people just send cash. 


So, that hopefully will keep me going along, because this is an incredible, it's not a job, put it that way, and it's not just an experience.  Every day is an experience, because you're always learning and you get higher insights and higher insights all the time, many of which you can't discuss straight out on the radio, actually.  That's true.  And, but you do understand the big game and how it's played, and how everybody is being corralled across the world into a system of massive debt.  They're already in debt.  This system is created to be always in debt.  That's how you start off ruling the nations, and it's going towards a eugenical society, all for the future, as we die off, up to 2050 or so they say.  And after that, of course, they'll have their big city-states they want to have, according to the big think tanks, that work for the military, who have published their findings, and you'll find them at the archives section at  So, you're going through a long agenda, but in the meanwhile, they must plunder the planet and standardize the last few countries that don't have central private banking, and who don't belong to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.  And that's really what all this is about right now. 


We're on one real roll, because the Project for the New American Century, you see, listed all the countries they wanted to take over through warfare and plunder, and Obama has just taken over from Bush doing the same, exact same course.  In fact, he's been congratulated by many of the members for carrying it on.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  I should have said, actually, that their plans go up to 2050 now.  The first ones that came out were 2040, but theyíre actually heading up to 2050.  Thatís the latest report from the think tank for the British and the NATO military.  And Iím sure the US will follow it very quickly, they always do, with the same scenarios of massive unemployment, riots and the usual stuff.  All the things theyíre being prepared for right now.  And of course, they knew this same scenario was going to come thirty years ago, when they started to bring in the SWAT teams, then multi-jurisdictional task forces, long before 9/11 came along, because the future is always planned that way.  In long-term business plans you donít let ten, twenty years go by, and say, well, what will we do?  Weíll just meet that at the time, and decide at the time what will happen.  No, that doesnít happen that way, at all.  You hang on to power because you always forecast the future.  You can forecast it through the trends, but you can also make sure that youíre in charge of the direction that the world is going to go.  Quite easy, really.  Thatís what the United Nations is all about too, and the massive army of NGOs behind them too, all changing cultures across the world, under the guise of bringing in equality, which generally destroys the old society altogether.  Thatís really what itís for.  And it gets everyone out working, male and female, having no children, and it doubles the tax base as well. 


So, you understand, the world theyíre bringing in is called interdependency.  And when youíre interdependent, it means on a personal level youíre completely dependent on the system for everything that you need to survive.  Food, water, everything.  And thatís why theyíve hit the farms so badly.  Theyíve put so many laws out too about owning cattle.  Thereís actually a judge that ruled that you have no right, no actual right to have a cow, or even have its milk.  No actual right.  Iíll put that link up tonight, a recent ruling. 


So, technically, youíre going to be completely dependent on the system.  And the big boys use force and the threat of force to make sure that everyone complies.  Thatís what law is all about.  And, under a Socialist system, if youíve ever studied the Soviet system, and even before that or at the same time as that, the Fabian Society, which is a big player in the world for the Western hemisphere and actually as far away as Australia, youíll find that the Fabians also wanted big, big governments taking over all the roles that parents used to do, and many other roles as well to do with society.  All the roles that your community used to take care of, they have taken it over, and they have become authorities.  Lenin talked about it as well.  And he worked, of course, with the Fabians and so did the ones who took over from him too.  So, youíre living in a world, really, where we get the guise of politics at the bottom, and itís all nonsense.  They call it democracy, which is a nice sounding name, only because weíre used to that.  A nice sounding name.  Thatís why we like it. Itís a nice sounding name.  Weíre familiar with it.  Weíve been born and bred and raised up in democracies.  And Iíve never seen a stable definition yet of democracy.  I havenít seen it, you know.  I mean, the original democracy in Britain meant that you had to be a big landlord or a noble to vote.  And then of course, in World War I, they were running out of so many young men, as they threw them by the thousands in to get slaughtered by machine gun fire in the trenches, that they gave the vote to the male as well, the average person who had no, who was a renter, someone who rented.


So, weíre always conned, conned, conned.  And now weíre in for interdependence in democracy.  So itís an interdependent democratic world, where weíre dictated to by faraway countries, or at least people who live in faraway countries, with strange sounding names, and often unpronounceable, in fact.  And theyíre ruling all parts of our lives now.  So, itís quite interesting to live through this and watch the ancient plans come to fruition.  And, of course, we see all the fallout too.  Now, the whole thing with the monetary crisis, because money is bogus anyway, and so are all the theories about it bogus as well.  How can you create a theory on nothing?  Itís nonsense.  Do you understand?  Itís like trying to build a building without any foundation whatsoever and floating off the ground two feet.  I mean, this is what they call economics.  And yet, if all these experts that weíre trained to listen to all the time are correct, and it is any kind of science at all, then, how come weíre always in an awful mess? They never see anything coming, apparently.  And they crash one country after another, supposedly, these great experts that advise you how to invest cash, and governments too. 


So, really, itís not because itís just pure greed.  Itís not just because theyíre inept.  Itís because itís a con game.  Thatís the truth of it.  Itís a con game, because whoever controls the money controls the country and the world.  Itís all debt based, as we well know, and I donít see why money canít ever hold its value for any length of time.  Some guy somewhere says, oh, weíre inflating of deflating, etc, etc.  So, no matter how, you know, sometimes in the field there Iíll come across mouse nests.  And a mouse will store up the grain, everything it can get a hold of, just like the squirrels for the winter, and they store them in hollows and various places for shelter.  And thatís theirs.  Whatever they put in there is going to be the same next year when they come out, you see.  And, but you put your cash away, and you have no idea what itís going to be worth when you pull it out.  And itís nothing to do with you.  Itís people you donít even know have decided to inflate, deflate, or devalue.  And this is the con that weíre all supposed to fight for.  This is part of the reason weíre supposed to be fighting all these people across the Middle East, amongst many other thousand flimsy excuses.  But this is what itís all about.  And yet this is what weíre trained to believe is the best system in the world.  Can you believe that?  The best system in the world.  Thatís what they tell us.


Now, youíve got to understand.  Iíve said many, many times, if you want to know the truth, you have to be willing to jump out of a plane, basically, without a parachute.  Lots of cloud below you.  You donít know whatís underneath it.  And on the way down, youíve got to discard all of the things which you even hold near and dear to you, including sometimes even your patriotism and everything else.  Youíve got to be willing to have it all crash away from you, before it happens, because, on the way down, youíll get such a shock, one shock after another, and youíll realize that everything that you feel, you think, even things that you do, are all given to you.  Your culture is given to you.  Itís constantly updated too.  So that the culture of today is like an alien culture to the ones who lived thirty, forty years ago.  And thatís not a long time ago.  And itís constantly, itís not evolving, itís being directed and updated for those who rule. 


Now, how many times have these petty little puppets that we call Prime Ministers and Presidents, taken countries to war?  And itís so beautiful in Orwell-speak, Orwellian language of double-speak, where they call it peacekeeping, and in goes NATO and blasts villages to pieces.  And you all know itís happening.  Everyone out there knows this is going on, with their strategic strikes, and then they show you the strategic strikes and thereís schools and little hands and feet and all the rest of it, lying all over the place.  And yet, you understand, it takes, to go along with government, and to believe in the system you live in, takes a commitment from you, because you know you have to swallow a lot of nonsense from government, which makes you complicit in the lie.  And it makes you complicit in the deed, in fact.  And thereís been so many deeds and so much rubbish come out of the owned, private media.  Thatís why you have media barons who own most of, if not all of the regular media, to make sure theyíre all on board with the same propaganda.  Really, it takes you to be involved in complicity with the cons that are pulled upon you.  Hereís David Cameron in Britain.  And it says:


David Cameron makes a ďcall to armsĒ (Alan: A call to arms.  Now, that used to mean war, you see.) at the United Nations.


(A: And itís written by his scriptwriter too.  And you have to go into the history, by the way, of Cameron.  You really have to go into his history and his genealogy, because heís not who you think he is.  Anyway, he says:)


Al Qaeda


(A: You know this thing that didnít exist before 9/11.  It was a CIA invention.  And supposedly even the operatives within the CIA came out at the time, I remember when they did, and said it was basically like a radio call they put into a CIA operated system, where they got occasional different people to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan, primarily, at the end of the Cold War, towards the end of it.  So:)


ďAl-Qaeda has a poisonous ideology that has thrived on repression. Democracy is what it fears most.Ē


(A: Well, Iíve already explained democracy.  It really has no foundation, because itís like an elastic band.  You can stretch it as far as you want or make it as short as you want, isnít it.)


Echoing Tony Blairís


(A: A guy you could trust, Tony Blair, the guy who was even over there with Gaddafi, before all this happened, telling him how to invest his money in J.P. Morgan and getting a massive cut out of it.  Iíll put that up tonight too.  So, hereís:)


Echoing Tony Blairís 1999 ďliberal interventionĒ


(A: Liberal.  Liberal intervention.  What does liberal intervention mean?)


Chicago speech, which critics say led to the Iraq war, Mr Cameron called for a resolution and tough sanctions against Yemen and ďabove allĒ Syria.


(A: Now, these countries, again, were on the list of the Project for the New American Century, the bunch that ran Bush before Obama there.  And theyíre just simply carrying on the same list.)


He said: ďWe have a responsibility to stand up to regimes that persecute their people.Ē


(A: How many folk have lost their homes in Britain, and across Europe? and Australia is getting hammered now, and everywhere else, and the States, and Canada.  Did your government stand up for any of you?  No.  In fact, they rewarded the guys who plundered you.)


Part of the PMís address to the New York assembly was hastily rewritten after Iranís President Ahmedinejad sparked a walk-out by questioning who caused the ďmysterious 9/11 incidentĒ


Well, somebody is asking the taboo subject.  Heís asking about it, obviously.  And heís not as dumb as theyíre trying to make out either.  Thereís a lot he does know about say the Group of 77.  Did you know there was a Group of 77?  Have you looked at it?  No, you didnít, because your Western media doesnít talk about it, do they?  Just like youíve got the G20 here.  Youíve got the G77 based basically in China with about 77 countries on board.  Iíve got the articles here, all about Agenda 21, how we must stick by it for the West and bring down the population.† Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about how we go to war, and we have the same speeches, over and over again.  Itís for your country.  They donít say king anymore, mind you.  And itís for your country, and you know, you have all the emblems around them.  And you could put anybody in there and just put the emblems around them, and give them a little anthem to play, and tears come to your eyes because youíre conditioned to be that way.  Thatís how simple it is, itís a very ancient technique.  Anyway, hereís Cameron here wanting to go off and take on the last few countries that are on the same list as the Project for the New American Century that was drafted up by Perle, Wolfowitz, and all these guys. And it was exactly the same as the one that Israel put out, and that was discussed in the Israeli newspapers.  If you want good news on whatís really happening, go into the Israeli newspapers.  Theyíre far more open about all this than they are in the West.  Weíre supposed to be kept in the dark in the West.


Anyway, this is what Cameron said about the Iranian leader.  He says he:


ďdidnít remind us he runs a country where they violently prevent demonstrations


(A: Well, you know what you do in Canada?  You haul them off into a field somewhere and put wire around them, and tell them thatís where they can demonstrate.  Out of sight of the cavalcades that go past them.)


 and detain and torture those who argue for a better futureĒ.


Here, they grab you off the street.  Thatís what they actually do.  They target all the ones who are going to cause trouble, or they know theyíre leaders, and they grab them before the cavalcades go by.  They just kidnap them.  They just drag them into cars, and then they let them go later.  But here we go.  Itís the same old stuff, isnít it? 


And strangely enough, the President Ahmadinejad actually talks about things that most folk in the West donít know about.  As I say, he mentioned this new, big meeting at the United Nations, at the World Health Organization.  It sounds so simplistic, and youíd pass it over, because itís non-threatening, you think.  The World Health Organization, to do with food, basically and health, health is non-contagious diseases.  What theyíre talking about literally is a whole new way, a regime of what you should eat, when you should eat it.  How much you should eat.  All that kind of stuff.  And where across the world they should distribute the food, across the whole planet.  Remember, eventually, the department across the road from the World Health Organization, across the corridor, of Agriculture for the UN, eventually are supposed to take over distributing the food across the planet.  That was from their charter.  Read it.  Read it yourselves.  Go into it and read it.  And theyíll dole it out to each region as they want to call the collections of countries that theyíve forced together.  But here they want to go and give them democracy, which means a central bank, with a loan straight off the bat, from the World Bank, and then the IMF comes in and runs the country, like it does everywhere else.  Thatís what itís all about.  Letís be honest about it all.  Thatís what itís about.  And these guys all know it. 


Cameron, I might put that link up again tonight.  Youíll see him when he was running for election, and he went through all the different groups.  Youíve got to keep everybody happy, and promises to everybody.  And he went to the British Israel lobby and promised them whatever.  He says, whatever you do, fine with me, he says.  So, that let you know how the whole thing was run.   Anything for cash, because these players are not big players.  Theyíre not the top players.  Theyíre the front men, puppets, but theyíre allowed to please different bosses and get well rewarded, like Tony Blair, when they walk out of office.  Letís be honest about it.  Thatís what itís all about.  Thatís what itís all about, you know.  But as I say, the public must be complicit.  They must give their consent to play the game, you see, and pretend.  And occasionally give a little boo, but not very loud, to whatís happening.  But in general, we give a little smirk and a smile, just like they give to us, the politicians.  A smirk and a smile, especially in countries like Canada.  You know theyíre talking nonsense, and we all know theyíre talking nonsense.  And they know that too, so they kind of smirk at each other, but everyone goes along with it, and itís disgusting what we allow happen across the world.  It truly is.  And no one is going to benefit, except a handful of very wealthy bankers and all the regime of Communistic, Socialistic big governments that will make their money from basically all the departments under the United Nations, because thatís what World Government is all about.  And the thousands of bureaucrats employed in your own ex-national governments, that are to be called provinces, by the way, for those who donít know. 


Now, Iíve got so many articles tonight too.  I remember the Falklands War, and everybody wondered what it was about, because there was only a few folk from Britain or even British connections that lived on it, and yet Thatcher, who wanted a war, by the way.  She said that Winston Churchill was her hero, and she would love nothing better than to lead Britain through a war.  And she got her war, with the Falklands, with Argentina going in.  They called it Madeiras, they called it on their side of it.  And it cost a lot of cash at the time, but it got her reelected, actually.  War is awfully good for reelection, especially if you win it.  And she got back in again.


At the time, I remember talking to different people in the oil companies, because I used to travel a lot.  I used to prefer going across the different oceans by ship.  I preferred that.  I liked the slow voyages, and the air, and the night skies.  And you get to talk to different CEOs and managers of oil companies, and at that time, they were doing the North Sea big time, and other parts of the world as well.  And one guy told me.  He says, ďThe Falklands,Ē he says, ďthereís going to be a battle over that eventually, because itís surrounded by oil.  Thereís oil everywhere underneath that place, all around the sea.Ē  And an article in the paper today, and sure enough, the Falklands, theyíre now disclosing they have oil there.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And in an article from Merco Press itís called, they talk about the oil, as I say, in the Falkland Islands.  And:


The company said production from the Sea Lion discovery made in 2010


(A: Actually they made the discovery back in the late 70s, 1970s.)


 will be ramped up to around 120,000 barrels of oil per day by 2018,


So theyíre still at it today, and thatís really what the war was all about.  And of course, I think that Britain was awfully glad that Argentina tried to make a grab for it, and they could reestablish there, because someone stuck a flag in it once, apparently, and that was it.  It belonged to Britain.  Thatís how things work.  You stick a flag in something, eh?  Thatís it.  Thatís your claim.  And then, you know, hundreds, maybe thousands will die from then on, down through the ages, holding on to it.  But thereís always cash there, and of course, the ones who die have nothing in common with the ones who end up really owning it.  And thatís what itís all about, just like the world, isnít it?  Itís much like the world. 


And did you know too that all the big NGOs, that youíre paying with your tax money, and they also get massive support and cash coming from big foundations to change the world, are all involved in the weather projects and saving the climate, and all that stuff, all that rubbish.  And thereís one, even the ones for different gender types are in it too. 


Bridge (A: Bridge itís called.) is developing gender inspiring and supporting change for dignity, justice, and equality


Gender responsive strategies on climate change.  Recent progress ways forward for donors.† (A: It says, whatever that means.)


Gender equality is an important precondition for successful climate change adaptation. 


(A: Maybe itís cheaper to wear a womanís clothes than a guyís.  Iím not certain.  You have to look it up and see.)


And transition to local carbon alternatives in developing countries.  In order for this transition to be effective, climate change adaptation and low carbon efforts need to be gender responsive, taking into account the specific needs of men and women and the gender inequalities that may compound the impact of climate change. 


Did you know that?  I bet you didnít know that.  See, every day youíre learning something new, eh?   Things you never ever think about, because youíre normal.  Youíre just normal.  You never think that, what, where does this stuff come from?  Outer space or something?  Everybody is cashing in, eh?  Everybody has to cash in on the trend, as they like to call it, because, you see, every trend is set out by trendsetters, not by the public.  The public follow them.  Thatís what it really is.  The public just follow them. 


And then we find out too that the US that just paid a big bit of money for a statue of Martin Luther King to be made in China, and then be assembled in the US by Chinese workers that they brought over.  Well, guess. 


The New World Trade Center Tower is to be made with glass from China and steel from Germany.


Did you know that the new World Trade Center tower is being constructed with glass from China and steel from Germany?


1 World Trade Center, also known as "The Freedom Tower", is not just another skyscraper.  It is essentially a national monument.  But that doesn't mean that we are above awarding construction contracts to the lowest bidder.  The new World Trade Center tower will contain 250 tons of steel from Germany and the lower floors will be surrounded with blast-resistant glass from China.  This is yet another example of how the U.S. economy is being hollowed out.  Once upon a time, the United States produced more steel and glass than anyone else in the world.  But now we are being deindustrialized at a blinding pace.  We have lost tens of thousands of factories and millions of jobs over the past decade. 


And of course, many of them in the Green Movement, Iíve read the articles before, have advocated the complete deindustrialization of the US.  And they have at the United Nations, as well.  And they say that it must never rise again.  Itís not enough that they put you in the grave.  They make sure that you canít get dug up again.  I mean, thatís what theyíre doing. 


So, everything is made abroad, and our days as a consumer society are over too.  Itís post-consumerism now for austerity, and we have to get used to that, of course.  Also tonight, Iím putting up:


NM Rothschild & Sons Are Moving In For The Kill! Witness Their Work All Over The Globe! Right Now!!!


The World Bank/IMF is owned and controlled by NM Rothschild & Sons plus 30 to 40 of the wealthiest people in the world.


(A: Itís not bad that, eh?)


For over 150 years they have planned to take over the planet through money. The former chief economist of the World Bank, Joe Stiglitz, was fired in 2000. He pointed out to top executives that every country the IMF/World Bank forced their way into ended up with a crashed economy, a destroyed government, and some even broke out in riots. Former President of the World Bank/IMF Sir James Wolfensohn, would not comment on his dismissal.


Before Joe Stiglitz was fired he took a large stack of secret documents out of the World Bank.


(A: And it was to do with what they get you to do when you sign on.  You sign:)


1. secret agreements containing 111 destructive items.


(A: You understand, foreign aid was developed as a tactic to take countries over.  Did you know that?  You have to go into economic warfare.  And thereís a lot in it in University books, in economic warfare through the ages.  And you give out the cash, and you make sure itís compound interest, and a lot of conditions come with the deal that make it impossible to pay back.  And then they come in too, and they force you to go into intensive farming, chemical farming, then you must buy the chemicals from abroad again too, you see.  Then that destroys the ground.  And then you must overproduce, to pay back all the loans that youíre getting.  And that further destroys.  And plus, thereís never enough food left for those at home, because theyíre busy selling the grain and everything else theyíve got abroad to pay off the IMF and World Bank.  And they also:)


2. agree to sell off their key assets Ė water, electric, gas, etc.


(A: And thatís true as well.)


3. To agree to take economic steps which are devastating to the nations involved.


If they do not agree to these steps they are cut-off from all international Import/Export.


(A: Howís that for a deal, eh?  Isnít that kind of blackmail?  If you donít take these steps and agree to sell your souls, and your firstborn, then you simply wonít be able to export or import anything.  Weíll make sure of that.)


If you canít borrow money in the international marketplace, no one can survive, whether you are people, corporations or countries. If that doesnít work they overthrow the government and rewrite history.


And thatís what your CIA and the MI6 and Mossad, thatís what theyíre all about, is overthrowing governments.  And they all work together, because theyíre one organization now.  Then they give you an example in this article too.  It gives you the Argentina plan, what happened there.  And how basically they brought them down, massively, a few years back.  And it goes on about Enron too, and the IMF involvement, and planned riots, because they are involved with the NGOs and these Color Revolutions they call them too, and they work with all the governments that send and train the folk for the Color Revolutions.  Send them into the countries, so that they can overthrow their governments.  This is the wonderful, true, real world that we live in. 


Itís complete deception.  Nothing that we do is to save any country whatsoever.  Itís to destroy and literally for a few people to take ownership over the country.  And thereís no death toll too high for them to be bothered about, you know.  Iíll also put up a link too.  Hereís from the Rothschildís own familyís site.


Rothschildís long history of working with governments dates back to the origins of our firm more than 200 years ago.


We are widely regarded as the adviser who best understands the needs of governments and the benefits of a discreet, long-term relationship.


That means the overthrows of governments and all the rest of it, and creating wars, and itís fantastic how they started off even in Britain, apart from how they took over the Bank of England.  But the fact is, you had one brother in London financing the British side against Napoleon, and the other brother financing Napoleon against the British.  I mean, they couldnít lose.  Itís just like the Warburgs, World War I, you know.  One of the Warburgs came over from Germany, three years before they created the Federal Reserve, just in time to take over, as the first guy to run it, and then after World War I, he and his brother in Germany got together, of course, at the Treaty, and divvied up all the cash that was to be owed them, because they owned the banks of both sides.  Isnít that something, eh?  I mean, you canít dream that up.  It wouldnít even go down for a laugh in a comedy, but we get this for the truth.  Itís just a coincidence that the two brothers, one worked for the US Federal Reserve, and the other one worked for the banks of Germany.  Isnít it?  Can you believe this stuff?  But that is true.  Iíll put this link up tonight, as well.  And also, Iíll put up the link to:


Tony Blair 'visited Libya to lobby for JP Morgan'


Tony Blair used visits to Libya after he left office to lobby for business for the American investment bank JP Morgan, The Daily Telegraph has been told.


I wonít bother reading it all, but Tony Blair has raked in the cash.  And thatís when you get rewarded, after youíve been a Prime Minister, is when you leave office, and thatís when they reward you for all the things youíve done to help them on along the way, while you were in.  And of course, you get maybe twenty different directorís seats on different boards, that you donít have to attend, just to make sure they can funnel money to you and pay you off.  Itís not bad at all, politics.  They call it public service, you know.  Did you know that?  Politicians and Prime Ministers and Presidents are public servants, you know.  Public servants.  Itís strange these public servants are living high, higher than anybody else in their countries, these servants.  I think these servants are a bit overpaid to be honest with you.  And I think they should be cut back a bit to be, well, to get a servantís wages maybe. 


You know, at one time too, it was an honor to get put in there, and thatís when they wanted statesmen in.  Thatís when they used to argue and have real arguments in politics.  And, before the days when the party became everything, everything.  Itís just like Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four, the Party, you see.  And you simply got, eventually, some of these public servants, when they were public servants, would get the occasional cost of a dinner here and there, and that was about it.  And then they went back to their usual work afterwards.  The reason for it being, they didnít want permanent politicians making a career out of this, politicians making a career, lifers in politics.  So, the whole thing is a sham, isnít it?  Professional politicians.  And itís strange to come in with nothing and leave with millions and millions as servants.  I want a servantís job like that.  Donít you?  Kind of upstairs-downstairs stuff? 


Another article too, the US as itís going down, and itís got another war to fight too, another couple of wars, maybe three altogether.


U.S. (A: The taxpayer, anyway:) Pays 62% of Afghanistanís (A: Puppet) Government Expenses


(A: You know, the one that they put in there.  It says:)


Right now Kabul is not even remotely close to covering the cost of running the country.


The U.S. and its allies paid for 90% of Afghanistanís public expenditures from 2006 to 2010,


(A: They havenít given us this yearís one yet.)


according to the Government Accountability Office.


(A: And the link is on this site.  Iíll put all these links up at at the end of the broadcast.)


American taxpayers picked up 62% of the total, and 90% of all military expenditures.


During this time period, Afghanistanís budget increased 160%, from $5.5 billion to $14.3 billion. But its revenues rose only 30%, from $620 million to $1.66 billion.


Over the last 10 years the U.S. has allocated more than $72 billion to military and civilian operations in Afghanistan. For fiscal year 2012, President Barack Obama has requested $18 billion ďto secure, stabilize, and rebuild Afghanistan.Ē Thatís about the same amount that the federal government distributes each year to the state of West Virginia and more than it spends on 13 other states.


So, itís got a few good PDFs from the government accountability office, etc, etc, etc.  Iíll put that up too. 


Weíre living, itís true, isnít it, we live in a kind of, itís like a semi-fantasy.  You know youíre being conned.  Most folk go along with it, with a little smile, thinking, well what else, what other way could it really be?   But you understand, as I say, youíre complicit in the cons that are going on. And thereís something to it, you know.  Thereís something to it, that this big eating machine, once itís finished, eating up the rest of the world, will turn back and eat you up as well.  Always does, if you look at your histories.  And obviously, since all the cash now, is by order of the Big Boys, to be invested in places like China and up-and-coming emerging nations like India, and Latin America, part of the G77 group, actually, then whatís going to happen to all of us?  Well, we have to go down the tubes.  And thatís why.  Nothing to do with terrorism. 


Thatís why theyíve set up this state system of hyper-security and internal armies across the so-called First World countries, as we plummet.  Because riots will obviously break out when folk are starving.  And you can only get to a certain level.  Theyíll actually know it all.  Theyíve got all the statistics.  Theyíll know exactly how many houses you have to lose, and tent cities, before folk start rioting.  And then unfortunately, itís just an angry mob.  They have no agenda.  They have no common policy to fight.  They have no organizational abilities, and theyíre easily dealt with by the system.  Just like that big exercise theyíre having down in Denver right now.  Thatís what all these things are about.  How fast they can cut off a city or a town, block all the roads, etc, etc, etc.  Thatís what itís all for.  Iím sure youíve all realized that by now.  I hope.  And I mentioned this article too.


U.S. layoffs up 14 percent in August


(A: I mentioned this article before, in August.)


The number of layoffs across the United States reached 1,587 in August, involving 165,547 workers, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Thursday.


Quite something, eh?  The US primarily is paying for its own demise.  Itís paying for all these other countries to come up to a standard, while it plummets down.  Most of the general public, as you well know, are completely oblivious as to why things happen.  They will take any excuses given to them by a straight face and a politician.  But it is certainly pretty, pretty bad, and itís going to get a lot worse. 


Now, Ogden in Utah is the first place theyíre using in the States to use a surveillance blimp theyíre saying, as an independent law enforcement agency.  Theyíre already using blimps at a higher level.  Theyíre actually much higher than these things.  They float higher.


A patrol car fitted with all of the police extras cost $40,000; a surveillance blimp will cost well below that -- possibly as low as $15,000; after that, it is $100 a week to keep it filled with helium and charge its electric batteries; the police in Ogden, Utah, decides this is a good deal.


The 54-foot-long craft will be equipped multiple cameras and operated by pilots via remote control. It would run for five to seven hours at a time at an altitude of around 400 feet.


ďNobody else in the nation is trying to do this, so the FAA has no regulations for it,Ē said Police Chief Jon Greiner.


Actually thatís not true because the government, the Federal Government, have these huge blimps, which go up to many thousands of feet, actually, until you probably canít see it.  And theyíve got incredible equipment on it.  But now the local guys are cashing in on it too.  They get everything they want, these guys, nowadays, donít they?  And I guess theyíll need it for all the riots and stuff and people trying to get out of barrier lines and escape or whatever, down the road.  Amazing how all this old Science-Fiction predictive programming that we got years ago, of a future like this, has all come to pass, isnít it?  Itís all here.


Now, Iíll put up an article tonight too, the 10 Most Radioactive Places on Earth.  Quite interesting.  Thereís one in the States too.  I wasnít sure it was there, but itís in Washington State, and it was a military place too.  The Irish Sea, amazingly, is awfully radioactive because of a place in England.  Iíll put the list up for you anyway.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and Cutting Through the Matrix.  And unfortunately, thereís only a few minutes left, but Iíll try and get Stephanie from Germany in.  Sheís been holding on there.  Are you still there, Stephanie?  Hello?  Is Stephanie there?


Stephanie: Hello?


Alan: Hello.


Stephanie: Hi, Alan.  Howís itís going?


Alan: Oh, itís the usual.  Itís all rush, rush, and stacking wood as well today.


Stephanie: Yeah, Iíve been going over the education in the UK.  It is quite evident now, I think.  Itís just been slacking, as you can say.† And the university monopoly is just cruel for most of the students coming out of colleges.  And even though, itís just funny that itís quite frightening that the youth arenít taught how to use basic logic or how to use deduction in order to make a decision, because I guess myself included to an extent, because every week we hear published in the news articles and things, that the jobless rate is going up, increasing.  Factories are closing down, more and more graduates are graduating from university, who have to look for actual benefits in the UK.


Alan: Well, thatís one thing they donít want to give you is courses in logic.  Because itís the last thing that they want you to have is any logic at all, in fact.  I did notice that all the students now have to be very politically correct, with all the onboard for internationalism, citizen of the world stuff.  I was looking at some of the curriculums for England and Scotland, and itís all World Citizenship, World Citizenship, and we must all save the weather, climate change, all that stuff.  Everything which is politically correct is being pushed, but as far as knowledge on any actual things or facts, they have none at all.  None at all.


Stephanie: And yeah, I mean, they actually scrapped the Sats test, in 2009, which is the only test that wasnít actually showing an increase in the pass rate of the students.  And every year the same students who did those Sats tests in 2009, who actually on average fell compared to the previous results in other years, were getting record amounts, record A stars or As or A level, and will be flocking to university.  So, itís just a big monopoly.


Alan: Oh, itís a complete monopoly.


Stephanie: Would you be able to explain how the monopoly of the banking system in modern times has managed to indebt and who are the main bodies involved in indebting every single country in the world, more or less?


Alan: It is quite simple, because thereís only a few families that actually own the cash that they lend to nations.  Thereís very few bankers that actually lend to nations.  Thereís only a few, a few families, and of course, Rothschilds definitely is up there.  And these families literally worked along, well, actually, these same families formed the Cecil Rhodes foundation, which formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the Council on Foreign Relations.  Every country has its CFR Branch now.  Even the European Union has its European Council on Foreign Relations, and their whole idea is globalism.  This same organization set up the United Nations and all of its branches.  And they outlined their plan to take over the world economically and through owning countries, they would use their militaries to bring in this particular World Order.  I might go into that in more depth, in future shows.


Stephanie: Okay.  Thank you, Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And for the other ones, Mike in Pennsylvania, Paul in Australia, and Chris in Illinois, maybe you could phone back in on Monday.  From myself and Hamish, from Ontario, Canada, and I should say, remember, buy the books and discs, that keeps me going.  Itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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