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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 28, 2011:

The EU Union:
Crying "Wolf, Disaster"
Banks are the Master:

"When Uniting New Empire for Assimilation,
Present a Horror Show of Disintegration
Should it Fall Apart, You'd All Be Prone
To Nationhood and Going it Alone,
So to Stay United Sign Debt Continuity,
To Be Slaves Forever in Perpetuity,
Borrow Four Trillion Annually as Gifts to Banks
For Big Bonuses, You'll Get No Thanks,
And All Citizens to Pay These Loans
While Living in Tents, Losing Their Homes,
Time to Kick Banksters Off Welfare Roll,
Their Spendthrift Bonuses have Taken Their Toll,
Nations Must Create Debt-Free Money,
No Compound Interest Creaming Top Off the Honey"
© Alan Watt Sept. 28, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 28, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the September the 28th 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the audios which are there for free download at  And hopefully, I really do hope that youíll find interesting material to give you shortcuts to understanding this big system which youíre living through, and your parents before you lived through it too, a system that most people didnít even know existed.  And with their plans to do with an integrated world, a world governmental system and new type of living for everyone, a whole new type of society, planned an awful long time ago of course, with world meetings taking place all the time, 100 years ago, even before that some of them, and planning all of this, what kind of society they wanted, right down to everyone would serve the state kind of idea.  That came out of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  The world they wanted to bring in is one where you would be born to serve the world state, and be happy with that.  Even HG Wells wrote about that in his Modern Utopia, all of these ideas of service, service, service to the world state.   So anyway, I show you how itís done by the big foundations, the bankers Ė the international boys Ė and the massive armies of non-governmental organizations which are paid to lobby government and itís a reciprocal thing; the governmentís waiting for them to get lobbied so they can pass laws.  Theyíre all in on it together in other words.  And all the politicians are too; theyíre all selected before you generally hear their names, by higher powers.  So weíre living through a big change and of course this part of the change where the West is deindustrialized and basically high unemployment and thereís no real balance of trade; itís all going one way, which is importing.  Then this had to happen according to Rockefeller, you canít make an omelet without breaking eggs, so weíre just the broken eggshells and the cannon fodder, as heís mentioned before.  So weíre going through the biggest changes that weíve seen for, since he himself said, since the industrial revolution began and they moved millions of people into these new slum cities to be crowded together and work in the factories.  Now itís the opposite; weíre basically all there now and thereís no work.  So thatís what the whole new world order is about, managing this chaos.  And it is managed chaos; thereís a method to the madness and they know exactly where theyíre going with it. 


So help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, all those sites youíll see listed there have transcripts in English of a lot of the talks Iíve given as well for print up.  You can get transcripts in other languages at  So help yourself.  And remember too, you are the audience who bring me to you.  I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  Itís up to you the listener to support me.  You can do so by buying the books and disks at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are really, really, really welcome right now.  As I say, I donít get paid for this and I certainly could be if I wanted to, but then Iíd bring on advertisers who would terrify you and then sell the products and Iíd have to kind of go along with it.  Iíd feel a bit like an actor then and it wouldnít be so genuine for me, although very lucrative.  Itís okay for the ones who do it because theyíve got families to feed and all the rest of it, but still, thereís a moral problem there. 


What I do here is to try and go through the history and the agenda here, the stuff that they sometimes touch on in major news without telling you all the ins and out of it, or really why itís going on, like world meetings, and I show you how they led up to them, the organizations involved and how big corporations have totally merged with government; theyíre almost indistinguishable now.  CEOs to politicians and back again.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and Iím talking about the big system we live in.  Weíre born into it.  We take it everything for granted, basically; children definitely do.  They think everythingís quite normal and they canít even imagine how parents and grandparents could live without computers and video games and all the things that go with it.  Itís completely unimaginable to them.  They canít even imagine how their parents at one time would go for walks or maybe jog or run or something, because theyíre always in the house playing these games.  Wherever they go theyíre playing, playing, playing games, addicted to them.  And it was intended to bring up a generation like that too, of course, and to be very excited about technology.


Big government, of course, along with commerce and industry has always encouraged the populations to be involved in technology, especially when youíre going through an industrial into a technological workforce basically.  Thatís why you had all the science fiction movies on, about outer space, weíd all be involved in it, one day weíd all be in outer space.  And of course only a tiny few ever get a chance to even go around the planet.  But thatís how you really keep a country going towards something, a future in other words.  Youíll find in every age they always have the same societies going down through the ages and they bring forth what they call Ďmen of vision.í  And a man of vision is someone who supposedly can take the place of religion sometimes, sometimes he works with the religion, the prevalent religion, and he comes up with how the futureís going to be, in a nice kind of fuzzy way where theyíll all have either work or have something to do, anything but nihilism and despondency.  Heís got to lift their spirits by telling them things are going to be okay. 


We still have it today only we have transferred it onto the computers.  Now the computers, of course, run our lives for us; everything is predictions by computers.  And weíre supposed to literally, literally adapt to what the computer comes up with and spews out, even when the computers, for climate change as an example, are specially made to give them bad news all the time, because thatís what they want to hear.  So nothing really changes.  Youíll find one of the biggest companies that has been involved for an awful long time in what they call Ďsystems managementí has been IBM.  When they have their world meetings EVERY corporation in the world attends, because they lay out the future.  Remember what Quigley said, that CEOs of international corporations would be the new feudal overlords in this new system. Well, weíre pretty well there.  We ARE actually there. 


When you look into what theyíre into itís just astonishing.† As an example Iíll put a link up tonight at and you can find what theyíve done with Scotland.  Itís the real test bed for all the systems management stuff.  And to an outsider it might seem like total socialism, but it is.  Itís socialism with a twist.  Itís all based on computer models and the future and how to manage populations, in every aspect of their lives.  Itís a communist dream basically and this is what you have.  Iíd say the same thing with the fascists too; thereís no difference between them as far as Iím concerned.  Theyíre always wanting to get into everybodyís lives and retrain every single person from birth to death and give them lifelong learning, as they like to call it, which means lifelong indoctrination into the system, stuff they talked about in the 1940s.  So Iíll put a link up to this one on Scotland, as Scotland goes through all of these systems management applications, and they actually apply it on the populations. 


The Globally Integrated Enterprise - / Samuel J. Palmisano


IBM Governmental Programs -


Is Social Europe Fit for Globalisation? -


You understand, humans donít fit into, number one, utopias.  Every dreamer of utopia, whether itís Nazi or Communist or whatever, on paper everything sounds wonderful, all your rights and what youíll be allowed to do and all the rest of it, but it doesnít work with humans.  It doesnít work out that way, it never does, but it doesnít stop them.  It doesnít stop big government from trying the same con over and over.  It ends up being a hell on earth where youíre being monitored, watched and papers please and all the rest of it, and obeying government, to the minutest detail of your daily life.  Thatís what itís all really about.   And it can only get worse obviously with massive surveillance and interference in your personal life with big companies like IBM.  So Scotlandís a big test bed for this.  Itís a basket case right now with unemployment, because that didnít fit into the computerís line.  It says here that...


Scotland in the grip of depression

(Alan:  Thereís two kinds.  Itís financial but itís also... it says...)

More than 1 in 10 Scots are on anti-depressants / 28 September 2011 / Jane Bradley


THE number of Scots prescribed pills to combat depression has soared to record levels, with more than one in ten people now regularly taking antidepressant drugs.  (A:  1 in 10!)


And thatís pretty normal because if you looked at the Soviet system you would have the same problem with alcoholism, because they always made sure that regardless of how food got scarce outside of Moscow then you could always buy cheap booze, very quickly too; you didnít have to stand in a lineup to get your booze.  And that kept them pretty happy.  So drugging the population is a common thing thatís done in these types of totalitarian societies.  The one that weíre in now, really, is so top heavy with socialistic government, massive. Thatís what socialismís all about is massive government that destroys the human spirit and it tries to destroy the individuality of each person.  They want a collective uniformity across the board and individualism is taboo.  In fact, the United Nations has said in its own web site, since about the 1940s, that the biggest enemy they have is individualism, it would have to be eradicated.  Standardization is the key to it.  And when you go into IBM for instance, hereís an article from IBM.  It says...


Responsibility at IBM


IBM's Approach to Corporate Citizenship

Over the 100 years of IBMís existence, we have developed and refined a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to corporate citizenship (A:  Now, corporate citizenship, right.) that we believe aligns with IBMís values and maximizes the positive impact of which we, as a global enterprise, are capable. We do this in four ways:


We identify and act upon new opportunities to apply our technology and expertise to societal problems (A:  See, theyíre into politics, into socialism.)  (See Smarter Cities Challenge).  (A:  Theyíre into the Smarter Cities, Smarter Grids, all of this stuff, education, everything.)  We scale our existing programs and initiatives to achieve maximum benefit (See World Community Grid). (A:  So thereís your world community.)  We empower our employees and others to serve their communities (A:  SERVE their communities, right.)  (See Service Jam).  (A:  ...itís called.  So in this new world order you have to SERVE your community and the world state.)  We integrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility into every aspect of our company.


We focus our community engagement and corporate service programs on specific societal issues, including the environment, community economic development, education, health, literacy, language and culture. (A:  Well folks, thatís everything.  Do you understand? thatís everything.)  These are areas of urgent societal needs (A:  They can always say needs, rather than say weíre taking over.) where we can apply IBMís technology and talent to solve problems, rather than simply making cash donations. We believe that direct action and collaboration, not spare change, are the path to real change.  (A:  Itís also very lucrative for them because they get paid by all the departments of governments to work with them, you see.) 


In all of our community service efforts, (A:  Remember, IBM is a big corporate monster.  And I hate it when I see Wal-Mart or any of the other big companies saying, we are part of your community.  Theyíre not there for charity, believe you me.)


In all of our community service efforts, (A: ...SERVICE efforts, right...) we aim to provide leadership, and we insist on excellence. Whether itís using voice recognition technology to help children learn to read or cloud computing to make disaster relief tools available instantly to recovery workers, we expect to effect widespread positive change. (A:  Well, who defines what the positive change is?  They do.)  And we work closely with highly qualified partners who are deeply committed to the same outcomes. (A:  Thatís all the NGOs and the big organizations and foundations.)  This is our approach to stakeholder engagement: (A:  Thatís a common term they use, stakeholder...) to collaborate with leading organizations to evolve meaningful and sustainable solutions.  (A:  ...etc, etc.  They also talk about global citizenship and corporate citizenship and all the rest of it.)


So youíre looking, literally, at one of the biggest players in this world system, that youíre actually IN now.  And theyíve been at it for a long time working with governments, the RAND Corporation, all the big ones who run data through machines and decide how society is to be organized, how every age group will be worked on from different bureaucratic sectors and how the end product is supposed to be.  Whether you like it or not or even if you donít end up the way youíre supposed to be, theyíre going to try and cram the square peg into the round hole.  Thatís what always happens in these con games of utopias, as I say.  And itís not going to be a utopia.  Itís not a utopia now, when everybodyís watching you, and everyoneís dangerous now, apparently, according to the police and all the different agencies out there.  And if youíre not dangerous at the moment you could be down the road.  Well, of course anybody could be, especially if your life is threatened.  You should become dangerous alright, as any creature or animal will become dangerous; even a rabbit will bite you if itís got young down that hole there and you put your hand in.  But weíre not allowed to apparently, as humans; thereís only certain ones allowed to use total force, and of course, thatís the authorities. 


Anyway, thatís the world they want to bring us into and thatís why they allow such violence to happen across the world now in the domestic regions. Because they say, well itís just a group of the masses Ė youíre not a human being, under IBM or government anymore.  Youíre part of the general masses.  And theyíve all had their lectures, all the bureaucrats, about this and how the masses being crammed together will always have squabbles and little fights and therefore the police donít come in and then start looking to see whoís right or wrong; theyíll just tazer everybody or arrest the whole lot, or maybe even shoot someone.  Thatís how it is now.  Theyíre taught that, like itís a separate human race almost, the masses as a separate human race to them, to those in uniform, in brotherhoods, etc.  Thatís how the world really is. 


As I say, Iíll put up the link to... 


Strategic Objectives - Scottish Government


(A:  Thatís again, the same kind of management from the Scottish Government.)


A Wealthier and Fairer Scotland

(A:  As thereís more unemployment than ever and they got food banks on the go.)


A Healthier Scotland 

(A:  As theyíre cutting back on all health care.)


A Safer and Stronger Scotland

Helping communities to flourish, becoming stronger, safer places to live, offering improved opportunities and a better quality of life.

(A:  And it tells you how to find more about safer and stronger.)


A Smarter Scotland

Expanding opportunities to succeed from nurture through to lifelong learning (A:  To LIFELONG learning.  Thatís the communist agenda; lifelong learning is being updated throughout your whole life with PC, the new PC of the week.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about utopias and how we always get the wonderful dream given to us, that weíre all working towards something.  And when they tell you that, thatís called Ďpositive freedomí and this is a term they use in philosophy for regimes.  ĎNegative freedomí is where you go through a 70s era, 1970s era of lots of movies, kind of going nowhere and nothing too strenuous at the time, but you didnít know much of what was really going on; you were kept in the dark, like children, and you could play and have fun.  So that was called negative and then you have positive where you get the whole country in a kind of war mode working towards or to fight something, like a threat from outer space they kept talking about, which they settled on eventually for climate change.  Thatís the one that they picked.  Something up there, that you keep looking up, climate change, a threat, you see; we all have to pull together to fight this threat.  Same kind of thing.  So thatís positive freedom, although weíre still lied to.  Weíre fighting for the wrong reasons.  Itís a big bogus lie.  But these are the techniques that are used upon the public by those who apparently have deigned themselves to know better. 


Back to Scotland again thatís the end product of socialism and youíve got...


Breadline Scotland: Thousands of families to be given food handouts because they can no longer make ends meet / Sep 26 2011 / Torcuil Crichton


Iíll put that link up tonight too, all these links up at Then you jump to Australia, thatís had years of Fabian Prime Ministers, that belong to the Fabian Society, bringing them into this same kind of system, very Chinese in a way because Chinaís already communist.  We forget all that.  So it mixes with communism perfectly well because the Fabian system worked in the early days directly with Moscow.  So here are all these millionaires working directly with Moscow, based in London, and traveling over to the Kremlin, where they had access all the time, and their job was to bring in this society of socialism to work with the international banks, because they were not going to do away with international banks under international socialism, the same bankers.  Anyway, Australiaís in a bad way...


More Aussies fail mortgage payments / 28-Sep-2011 / by AAP


Investment services firm Moody's said the rate of mortgage holders failing to meet their repayments rose from 1.36 per cent to 1.67 per cent between March and June this year.


The biggest declines in mortgage performance came in Queensland and Western Australia, where the driver of Australia's economic strength, the resources sector, is primarily focussed.


"This apparent paradox is partly explained by the fact that non-mining jobs still account for most of the employment in both states, and such sectors lag the mining sector in growth," Moody's senior analyst Arthur Karabatsos said. 


So theyíre falling down too, because theyíre supposed to fall down at this time to merge more intensely, just like theyíre doing in Europe.  They say, weíve got to totally integrate now to save the Euro or weíre all... and they want Ä4 trillion now, Ä4 trillion extra to throw into that big black hole theyíve got over there.  And theyíve got to totally integrate all their services and administrations into one system; thatís the big speech from Barroso today.  So Australiaís going to do the same thing with New Zealand and China and a few other countries around there, this Asian Pacific group thatís been created, exactly what Karl Marx talked about a long time ago. 


So weíre on a roll, as I say, into this new world order.  Weíre actually there and weíre learning about it more and more as more laws come down on top of our heads, because itís very authoritarian.  Like the Club of Rome said, it would have to be authoritarian and post-democratic.  And the European Union thatís so secretive at the top, with this strange commission that they have, they sit there like Caesars and just vote in secrecy and we donít even know who they are.  Literally thatís what you have now, is rule by secrecy.  Youíre completely estranged from government.  Youíll see the talking heads below them but they have no power to do anything; so the ones at the top make all the decisions.  Anyway...


European Commission financial tax opposed by UK / 28 September 2011


(A:  They want a financial tax and itís been opposed by the UK for the meantime.)


Bank shares have fallen in London after the UK said it would "resist" a financial transaction tax on EU members proposed by the European Commission.


The tax would raise about 57bn euros ($78bn; £50bn) a year and would come into effect at the start of 2014. 


What are they going to do with all that cash, eh?  What do they do? What does any government do with all of your cash?  Really?  Apart from spreading it across the world in grants to NGOs and organizations and things like that?  And since when were you ever asked if that was okay?  Never, of course.  Because, see, youíre international; youíve been international for a long, long time.  And this is what happened to Greece of course.  They kept throwing this money into Greece like a sinking ship hoping to plug the hole and it says...


Top EU official urges more integration /  The Associated Press / Sep. 28 2011


BRUSSELS ó A senior EU official urged more unification in Europe as it grapples to contain a debt crisis in Greece that's threatening the survival of the euro currency itself.  (A:  Now theyíve hinged everything on having this single currency, supposedly.)


In a state of the union speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, Jose Manuel Barroso, who heads the executive European Commission, came down firmly in favor of the 27-nation EU having a stronger central government(A:  Remember what Marx says, centralization is the key.  And thatís what theyíve got to have.  Now theyíre pushing of course for a European Army because any new country Ė this is a superpower, a new empire Ė has to have its own army, it has to have its own executive branch and powers to enforce all its laws.  Theyíre also pushing for the right to make all laws and police and arrests and all the rest of it as well, and take over from all the little states, that they now call them, states, that are part of the EU.)


"If we do not move forward with more unification, we will suffer more fragmentation," he said Wednesday.   (A:  The same nonsense they used on the public to get them INTO the EU.  If you donít join the EU youíll be left behind, they said.  Youíll get poorer when all the rest of them get rich; that was the lie that they told them all then.  So here you have to have FURTHER unification and integration.)


"I think this is going to be a baptism of fire for a whole generation," Barroso added.   (A:  That doesnít sound too good, does it?  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back and talking about crisis.  Crisis is the greatest method of changing society and getting them all working towards your common goal, that you have laid out for them to work on, because otherwise they wonít do it.  So youíve got to create a crisis whether real or imaginary to get everything changed, and I mean EVERYTHING, cultures, everything changed.  So the EFSF, this European monstrosity...


EFSF needs to be 4 trillion euros, says Daniel Gros

(A:  Whoís been awfully gross about the money that he wants.  4 trillion Euros, after all the cash theyíve already thrown into this black hole, that just goes to money heaven, just like they did in the States and Canada.)


The new eurozone bailout fund, the EFSF, may need to be as big as 4 trillion euros to assist banks, Daniel Gros, director of the Centre for European Policy Studies, has admitted (A:  Thatís a private organization.  You see, weíre run by private organizations here, unelected.) Ė and senior officials are afraid to tell lawmakers, reports the FT.


The eurozoneís largest 91 banks need 4 trillion euros next year alone to roll over debt but money markets are increasingly refusing to give European banks credit, leaving eurozone tax payerís to plug the gap unless the banks are nationalised.   (A:  What a wonderful scheme, to join this and be plundered and plundered of your cash forever.  Wonderful scheme, isnít it?  Youíll be left behind you know.)


ďMorgan Stanley, for example, calculates that of the Ä8,000bn (A:  Euro.) funding that is currently in place for the largest 91 eurozone banks, some 58 per cent needs to be rolled over in the next two years. More startling still, some 47 per cent of this funding is less than a year in duration,Ē writes Gillian Tett.


The FT reports that senior officials Ė EU, ECB, IMF? Ė are withholding from lawmakers vital the information about the size of the mega banks debt to pass this monstrous EFSF legislation, which will give banks virtually an unlimited pool of tax payer money(A:  Why give them anything?  Theyíre supposed to be private banks.  Why give them anything?  Let them collapse.  If you want the same corrupt system to go on, and this is the key to it.  They do want the same corrupt system, because itís a control mechanism over the general populace.  They donít want you, in a postindustrial society when you have to go into austerity, they donít want you to have extra cash to spend on things.  Itís a control mechanism over your lives.  And theyíre bringing the same ancient, ANCIENT control system with compound interest, so thereís always a shortage of cash out there with compound interest.  Theyíre bringing the same system into the EU monstrosity, as they will do with the NAFTA, North American Free Trade monstrosity as well.)


ďBecause increasing the size of the fund has proved controversial in many creditor countries Ė particularly Germany, Finland and the Netherlands Ė senior officials have tried not to discuss options publicly for fear of spooking parliamentarians who must approve the new powers in a matter of weeks,Ē writes Peter Spiegel.


The amounts will ruin public finances and drag down states in the eurozone, admits the FT.


 ďFor some countries, bigger contributions to the EFSF will add huge pressure to their already strained public finances,Ē writes Peter Spiegel.


ďSuch an increase would mean France, whose triple A rating is essential to the market credibility of the EFSF, would see its debt levels rocket, at a time when its bond rating is already under scrutiny. ďItís just not conceivable to have a much larger EFSF and still have France as triple A,Ē said Mr Gros.Ē


The sum of Ä440bn for the EFSF is clearly far too small, concedes the FT.


But the 4 trillion euros required to keep the insolvent banks over water for just one year (A:  Thatís just one year, so they want another 4 trillion or more.) amounts to a third of the eurozoneís entire GDP of about 12 trillion euros.  (A:  So this is to get a new system of government, this big monstrosity called the EU parliament, to get them more power for eternity.  This is what this is for, eternal debt, you understand.)


The whole of the eurozone will soon look like Greece if parliaments agree to the EFSF.


All the Greek government tax revenues are now not enough to pay even the interest on the sovereign debt.  (A:  Well thatís what you get with compound interest.)


Under brutal new measures, Greek pensioners on an income of a little more 4000 euros who own a flat (A:  An apartment.) will have to pay tax.  (A:  Well, the IMFís in there already and thatís what they do.  The slash everybody at the bottom, including all your health care.)


So anyway, thatís the article there and itís just disgusting but Iíve always said, until you get to the root of this corrupt money system nothing will change. And when they want the same corrupt money system with the same international bankers and lenders running the show, into this new system, itís really the same old system only itís world government type corruption with the same boys running it.  Obviously.  Why would you keep, why would you drag along something thatís never worked for the people?  Well you see, the system is not supposed to work for the people.  Itís for the boys at the top.  Thatís what itís for. 


And itís interesting too, to see whatís happening in Australia because Australiaís getting plundered now.  Theyíve really raced ahead with their carbon taxes, carbon trading and all of that utter nonsense, because Mr Rothschild who brought the bill forward in Britain did say that all the worldís carbon taxes will come through his personal, the family bank in Switzerland.  And of course heís in there with Gore and all the other biggies because theyíre going to...  Thatís like billions going through every night, and if you hold that just for a night and a day thatís an awful lot of interest you collect on it all, isnít it?  And it gives you a lot of power too, over nothing, over nothing, a pure imaginative ideal, basically, something that doesnít exist as a problem.  So Australia also is outsourcing.  Actually theyíre giving out pretty well all of their mining to foreign companies based in India, because Indiaís getting all the grants that weíre paying them for and starting up massive companies.  See, under the World Trade Organization, just like China, we will pay and fund all companies to move there too, whateverís left, and your governments will back them dollar for dollar, or even 10-to-1 or 100-to-1 for every investment dollar, private investment dollar.  They will back them so they canít fail.  So every crook on the planet is jumping into India now.  So anyway, Indiaís taking over the mining in Australia it would seem.  It says...


Count on resource boom, but not all its benefits / Andrew Fraser / Sept 28, 2011


THE scope of the coalmine and associated infrastructure project envisaged by Indian company GVK Power is a whole lot bigger than was proposed by Hancock Coal, but not all the benefits are going to flow to Australia. 


And you go through it all, thereís Indian companies laying down a line, 500 km of railway line, right to the mines, right to the port at Abbot Point where it will go off in ships, etc, to go to India, 60 million tons of coal a year, but theyíre also going to bring down, when you scroll down, their own labor.  Their OWN labor, probably from India, and they can do that under the Free Trade negotiation deals that they made because it says right in it, if you bother to ever look at it for Canada, the States and elsewhere, the free flow of capital, goods and labor. And here youíre seeing one of their first big tests of it taking place in Australia right now. And thereís nothing you can do about them; you canít force them to employ your own people.   Thatís what itís all about.  Very old plan, from the early 1900s and here we are.


And Canada, the biggest news in Canada, apart from Clement, one of the politicians there, spending millions and millions of dollars that was meant for the G8 meeting, a G8 meeting they had, on his own riding.† [Riding: district.]  They give us almost gossip in Canada; it doesnít go anywhere.† Anyway...


Conservative MP blasts decision to fund Planned Parenthood

(A:  For abroad.) / Sep 28 2011 / Tonda MacCharles


OTTAWAóA vocal pro-life Conservative MP has fired a broadside at his own government over its decision to fund overseas maternal and child projects run by International Planned Parenthood Federation.


Saskatoon-Humboldt MP Brad Trost ó the MP who said during the last election the organization would be defunded ó said he and many others are dismayed by the latest decision. He called it ďpolitical hairsplitting,Ē and said only more public tactics will work to pressure the Conservative government to drop its support for the group. 


And of course Margaret Sanger was the big champion of that, the one who said that children were weeds, but of course she was talking about other peopleís children because she had 8 of her own.  Anyway, Iíll put this article up too amongst with others at at the end of the broadcast. 


Itís just astonishing whatís really going on; not really astonishing.  It doesnít surprise me; Iíve been watching it for years.  As I say, China was built up, just like India is being built up, with our tax money, through the World Trade Organization, funneled through it, and all your Prime Ministers, all your Presidents across the world have signed on to this deal.  Theyíre all in on it; they know whatís going on.  And we have to go downhill as those countries supposedly come up.  In reality your moneyís going to their corporations that they set up that are all subsidiaries of even bigger corporations. So itís passing our money to big international corporations across the world.  Thatís what they mean by third world aid.


Chinaís wealthiest unfazed by global turmoil / September 8, 2011


The financial breakdown gripping most global economies today might have little effect or perhaps none at all to Chinaís wealthiest.


Forbes, in its recently issued annual list of China's richest people, revealed the Asian country had in fact increased its billionairesí roster this year to 146 individuals, up by 14 percent from 28 last year.


Liang Wengen, chairman of construction equipment manufacturer Sany Heavy Industry, is the richest person in China with a net worth of $9.3 billion, moving up from third place last year (A:  Itís like sports, isnít it? Ďmoving up from third place last yearí...) when he was worth $5.9 billion. Liang owns 58 percent of the Sany Group, which sells construction and transport machinery such as pile drivers and wind turbines.


Second was Robin Li, co-founder of search engine Baidu, with a net worth of $9.2 billion, up from $7.2 billion a year ago. Li was the no.1 among billionaires from China on Forbes Billionaires List published in March 2011.  (A:  And itís got a wee list of them here.) 


However, many of Chinaís wealthy have been reported to wanting to leave China, citing better educational opportunities for their children and quality of life concerns on other shores. At least 27 percent of the 20,000 Chinese citizens with more than $15 million in individual investment assets had emigrated, and 47 percent are considering it.  (A:  And theyíll go to places like Switzerland and so on, as where they head off to.)


So we live in a really interesting world where nothing is ever as it seems to be and itís just astonishing to realize that none of it came about by chance, by itself.  It was all done through global United Nations meetings, World Trade Organization, World Bank, IMF, and all the same bunch that were set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs an awful long time ago, to do just this.  Because they planned to give all their factories, all the factories of the West in the industrialized nations to China and it was all planned and worked out over many years, much negotiations and signing of documents, etc, to make it all happen.  Canada and other countries were training thousands of Chinese students in engineering when they didnít even have plants to go back home to and work.  We paid for those plants to get moved over and we paid for them to get set up, so as that everyone back home could be unemployed.  This is what they call about equality and fairness across the world.  And no oneís consulted at the bottom about it.  No one at all.  Quite something isnít it?  It really is quite something. 


And getting back to that Strategic Objectives and how they work in strategy management and so on, with IBM.  As I say, it happened in ancient times too.  They used to have oracles and special channelers and youíd see the Witch of Endor where Solomon got some advice, that kind of stuff, to give them good advice about the future.  Now theyíre using computers, you see; itís just the same old, with nonsensical input so youíll get nonsensical output.  But thatís where people put their faith today, is in a computer is going to know it all, itís far better than humans and itís more logical, therefore it will obviously make the world all perfect.   And they really are pushing this rubbish. Because you see, we are humans, we are not machines.  And you cannot go that way.  It does not come into any spiritual side of life and people are spiritual beings and religious beings one way or another, whether you like it or not.  Even if they go the other way and take Marxism, Marxism is also a religion, or secular humanism, and then youíll see a real horror coming along your way if they take that route.  So it neglects all the basic needs of real human beings and tries to treat YOU like a machine, from birth to death.  And thatís not a very nice future at all that theyíre bringing in, whatsoever. 


Alan:  Now there are some callers on the line there and Iíll see who they are.  I have to refresh this page and it will be up in a second.  As I say, itís interesting to see how things are.  Now thereís Dennis from Michigan there.  Are you there Dennis?


Dennis:  Thank you for everything.† I watch very little TV with the volume on.  I monitor 2 TVs for my elderly parents who are in their 90s and make sure they donít get messed up.  Itís astonishing what weíre going through, and the majority of whatís on TV is people singing and dancing.  Itís unbelievable. 


Alan:  Actually, this happened... HG Wells who attended these big world meetings, talking about chaos coming down, even had it in some of his novels; in World War II, he says, we churned out the music that they would sing and dance to, and so everything appeared normal even though it was bizarre under the circumstances.  Youíre quite right.  It appears very bizarre.  The same thing happened in Britain during the 70s with massive unemployment, under the agreement from the 1946 agreement at the United Nations, they were deindustrializing.  And thousands every day were being laid off, laid off; thatís all you heard for years.  The suicide rate overtook Sweden, but youíd turn on the television and thereís everything normal.  Thereís your comedy show.  Thereís singing and dancing and thatís the impression.  Itís like it was schizophrenia.


Dennis:  And Iíve never heard anybody refer to you as a deprogrammer, but thatís what you are.


Alan:  Well, I think I just point out the obvious, because you see, we take so much for granted, because weíre conditioned to do so.  But when you really sit and say why am I thinking this, who put this in my head, where did I read that, or who put that out, why is the television like that, why arenít they giving us a realistic version of whatís happening right now, in our area, during unemployment, thousands losing their homes, tent cities?  And meanwhile theyíre giving you song and dance.† I mean itís like entertaining children, but thatís how they see us, you know.


Dennis:  And today on the news they said that these melons that have the listeria, which is real close to Manhattan, Kansas, where Plum Island moved.† And a couple of weeks I heard on Fox real quick, they ran deal on the bottom that said, a couple of kids swimming in a lake in Kansas got brain-eating parasites.† But now they say these melons, this listeria could lay dormant for 10 years.  How do they know that?


Alan:  Oh, they probably created it.  Most of the killer diseases they have now have been weaponized and they were weaponized actually in World War II.  Thereís a great book, itís called Deadly Allies: Canada's Secret War 1937-1947, and itís an exposť of declassified information from the government in the book written by a Toronto Star reporter.  He goes through it; Canada led the field; in fact they supplied Plum Island with a lot of its bacteria and viruses which theyíd already weaponized in Canada. Lymeís disease was one of them that they weaponized too and they dropped them in, they attached them to ticks and dropped them on deer out Alberta way and then they went south into the US.  And the same out east in Canada and then went into the New York region.  Theyíve been at this game for a long time, weaponizing the diseases.


Dennis:  Iím sending you another order.


Alan:  Well I appreciate that.  I appreciate that.  Thanks for calling.  Thank you.  Back after this. 


Hi folks, Iím back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll go to Julio from Illinois if heís there.


Julio:  Hi, how are you?  First time listening to your show; Iíve heard you for a while on Alex Jones and itís an honor to be on your show.† I know weíre rushing on time.  Iím an investigative reporter, so Iím looking into something big in Illinois in regards to a well-known pastor; Iím going to leave him nameless for now, just until I can confirm this story.  But I wanted to ask you about Freemasonry in the church, how prudent is that, how bad is that with the organized religions and 501C3?† And your thoughts on hybrid animals.  I keep having visions about, you know, the scientific dictators just releasing these hybrid animals throughout the nation once chaos erupts.  Your thoughts on that and do you think weather modification is going to continue to grow over the next few years?


Alan:  Oh I definitely think weather modification will grow.† I remember a few years ago, I think it was the Baptist Church of America was the first one to come out publicly, as the whole church representation, saying that they had the largest members of Freemasonic pastors in the US, and they were quite okay with that.  So youíd be surprised how many are in it.  I know that even in the groups that came from Britain, the various Presbyterian churches, I was at the annual opening once, when I was a child, of a Presbyterian church in Edinburgh; it was the official annual opening.  And these guys did marching back and forth, these ministers.  I mean military marching with all these odd symbols and exchanging them as though they were passing arms to each other, and I realized later on, years later, I was watching a Masonic ritual take place in the church.  So theyíve always been Masonic of course. So theyíre all throughout the churches.  Now the tax exemption that they take, with the 501C3, they are given a list by the government of things and topics they must not now ever mention again.  And of course, itís all the things that get folk uncomfortable.  Homosexuality, you canít lambast it, you have no opinion on it at all, and things like that.  So literally youíre censoring yourself for money basically.  Youíre going to basically tape your mouth in order to get cash or keep more cash to yourself through tax exemption. 


Julio:  You talk about the money, because the pastor at the church, who is a pretty well-known pastor, Iím going to reveal his name once I confirm everything.  This pastor drives around in fancy Jaguar convertibles and goes to, you know, the country clubs in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  And you know, I just found it very weird, Alan, you know.


Alan:  Well, you got to understand that Christianity today is nothing like the Christianity of previous years.† It changes every 100 years, Christianity.  Itís always been used for power for those at the top.  And it doesnít matter how well it starts off in the beginning, all institutions become corrupt with those who move in for power, and they always do.  And of course government loves it because they can control the public through religions, through any peoples at all.† The only time theyíre a problem is when you have a revolutionary religion and people forget that Christianity when it started off was a revolutionary religion.  It was the first religion that came along to give individual human rights to even a slave.  Before that you were nothing, you were nobody.  The common people were nothing at all and suddenly they were told you are somebody and your God cared about you.† That was a revolutionary thing to say and even the priests of that day were awfully, awfully unhappy about it.  But it got co-opted as time when on and then used to control the people.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada Ė remember too, donate, buy the books, hopefully Iíll keep going a bit longer Ė itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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