September 29th, 2011 (#930)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 29th, 2011:

Money-Power Plus Academia's Scheming,
Foundations, Think-Tanks, Guides are Beaming:

"Many Fall Apart, Much Grieving, Sadness,
As We're Forced Along in Agenda of Madness,
All the Old Norms Dismantled, Destroyed,
Even the History is Tossed in the Void,
Yet No Societal Event Went Unplanned,
Psychosis Induction Panels, Well Manned,
Bringing in the New, Staged Incremental,
Destroying Independence Which is Detrimental
To World Order Run by Forces Fascistic,
Under Facade of Equality and Communistic,
Wizard of Oz Selling "Greenhouse" Gasses,
Ruling Over Sad Proletarian Asses"
© Alan Watt September 29th, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė September 29th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 29th of September, 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the free audios that youíll find at  And hopefully, youíll get the shortcuts to understanding this big system youíre born into and that you eventually take for granted, simply because everyone around you does too.  It exists, therefore it all must be quite real, and it must all be very true, and people actually expect the media to do their reasoning for them nowadays.  They really do.  They think itís an appendage to their brain.  And Brzezinski himself said that would happen.  It has happened.  And unfortunately, theyíve got very good techniques now with the graphics on television and computers, etc, to augment it and make it more so.  Anyway, I try and give you some reality as to how you got to this state weíre in right now, the transformations weíre going through, why weíre going through them, and where itís supposed to all go.  And I try and tie it together through the big foundations, the think tanks that work with governments and the foundations, and the big non-governmental organizations, this army across the world that grab the youth, primarily, brainwash them, and get them to be the next fifth column, you might say, across the planet, to bring in an agenda, which they donít truly understand.  Itís never how they plan it to be, at least for the ones who are involved at the bottom.  Itís always a different agenda that transpires.  But thatís whatís always happened down through the ages, because weíre managed by those in power with money, who are always there intergenerationally, passing it on to their children, and passing on the same system.  You never give power away.  Thereís never been a system thatís ever given power away, and says, okay, youíre quite right, thatís enough, Iím going home.  It doesnít happen.  It doesnít ever happen.  They always plan the future, and you must do so if you want to keep a hold of that power.  So, the craziness weíre going through right now is bad enough, but itís only really the beginnings of the old system being brought down.  And thatís what you do when you build a structure, as the Masons say, and theyíre always using Masonic terminology of course, is that you take down the old structure, the old cathedral, as youíre building the new.  And what youíre getting right now is the chaos as the old system falls down, falls apart, and all, the same old weird things happen that have happened in past ages.


So, remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you.  You can buy the discs and books that Iíve got for sale at, and hopefully I can just hang on here a little bit longer.  From the US to Canada, you can always use a personal check or an international postal money order from the post office, or send cash.  Or you can use Paypal.  And youíll find out how to do it on the .com site.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and again PayPal.  And donations are certainly really, really welcome.  And this is not a business.  I donít bring on advertisers and present them as guests to sell you things.  Therefore, itís up to you to help me just tick over.  The ads you hear on this broadcast are paid directly by advertisers that I donít know right to RBN, Republic Broadcasting Network for this airtime, to broadcast it, the staff and equipment, and to help pay their bills as well.  So, help me with mine.  And hopefully we can just hang on, as we go through the big transformations and explain why theyíre actually happening. 


Weíre run by deception, you understand, and thatís what government is all about.  Go into the books written by Francis Bacon and others, for the king.  And he explains how governments should be run.  How the public must always be kept in the dark and given false reasons for movements that the government is actually doing or passing laws.  Weíre always given the false reasons, so we donít get too upset to make us easier managed.  And thatís really what life is about, across the whole planet, as we go into this global society.  Itís not a utopia for the masses at all, although theyíve certainly worked on the minds of the masses to try and get them to go along with it.  They certainly always grab the young, as I said before and indoctrinate them.  Thatís an old tactic.  They use it in every generation to get those with zeal to promote the agenda for them.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix, trying to get to reality, of course, which isnít an easy thing these days, as youíre bombarded with so much nonsense.  And most of what you hear actually is nonsense, from the mainstream.  Itís conditioning.  Weíre all being conditioned all the time, towards a new type of society and a new way of living.  And of course, you donít participate in the planning, you just simply become the passive viewer or recipient.  Youíre downloaded.  And eventually youíll start hearing it from your friends, or youíll prattle about the same terms yourself.  You start using the terminology, and youíre conditioned without really reasoning anything through.  And again, too, why should you reason anything through, thatís how you see it, when youíve got all these experts and scientists to tell you the gospel honest truth about everything.  Thatís what their job is, isnít it?


You donít realize that everything is politicized.  Everything.  All news is politicized. Itís there for a purpose, including all the sciences too, from their very foundations of the Royal Society, it was a political/scientific institution with an agenda.  And in fact, its first project, apparently, was to create a glass beehive and study it, and really it was to give an analogy to how their perfect society if they controlled it would be run.  You know, with experts running society from cradle to grave, like weíre in today.  And itís never changed since. 


Now, all the grants that are given out, and thatís what scientists live on, it happens to be grants, go towards these political causes.  And if youíre getting a grant, youíre not going to cut your own throat, or sever your income, by coming out with a truth thatís contrary to the one they want to hear from you.  And therefore, they get the right guys in, who will forever tell you that if you go to Australia youíll fall off the earth because thereís less gravity.  Itís at the bottom.  Stuff like that.  Youíll find them out there, that will explain this all to you in a very coherent manner.  However, this is the reality weíre going through as they give us more and more and more nonsense.  Again, thereís big money behind it, very, very big money, and even more so, itís a political agenda, because you see, the old civilization is to change and it is changing.  Weíre already changed into an international society.  Not again by us, not by the politicians that you think you elect, but by the organizations way above them, the true governmental system, the parallel government, the one with the real power thatís not voted in, thatís not liable to get kicked out of office, because we donít vote them in at all.  So, they have no one to be responsible to, except the guys at the top of the pyramid. 


And theyíve decided a long time ago, through the Club of Rome and other think tanks, to bring the world together with a threat of some kind, to unite humanity.  And thereís so many different people beginning with John Dewey, talking about invasions from outer space, something to pull the world together.  And it went right through different politicians.  Pearson of Canada was another one who said the same thing.  And Ronald Reagan said it many times, if thereís a threat from outer space.  Well, the next best thing they could come up with was the idea of climate change.  And the Club of Rome was given the job of figuring out a threat to unite the whole planet.  And, when I say unite, itís not really unification.  Itís through law, unification, but itís mainly a substitute for other kinds of wars.  Because your own national governments, and those who ruled you and taxed you, itís a structure, remember, a superstructure built up under the guise of protecting you against some other country over yonder.  And with an international society where everyone is your friend now, supposedly, and eventually there will be no nations as such, according to the think tanks that work for the military, who have published them, in my archives section at youíll find them.  Then, they have to find an enemy thatís for the whole planet, so they hit on global warming, and the Club of Rome said that.  Now, youíll find from their books, if you read back into the 70s, they were given the job to find something to unify the planet and they said that eventually we hit upon the idea of global warming, famine, drought and the like.  That would fit the bill.  Thatís the words they used.  That would fit the bill.  And thatís what weíre living through today.  And the mantra has become law, that you cannot question almost.  Eventually it will be heresy, and I mean heresy, to be a so-called climate change denier, as they like to call you.  Weíre almost there now in fact.


Hereís an article too, and itís to keep power as I say, itís not because they want to bring in some wonderful utopia.  Itís for the same people to bring in power, because it was never intended, never ever intended by those who set up the idea for world government, from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, or their precursors, the Milner Group and Rhodes Society.  It was never intended that the ordinary people would have what they thought was a democracy.  They would use them to fight towards what they thought would be democracy, but theyíd never get it.  They didnít believe they were fit enough to manage their own lives, never mind help manage the countries.  So, therefore, the experts of the elite are still in charge, and they are determined to stay in charge.  Anyway, hereís an article here.  And itís from Watts Up With That.  It says.


They had to burn the village to save it from global warming


(Alan: I mentioned this a week ago or so, about Africa and how the UN with its carbon credits are dishing out billions to get them all started.  And of course, big corporations are involved in getting lots of profit from these carbon credits, so theyíre putting people off the land.  This article starts with something that happened in Vietnam.  It says:)


One of the most famous quotes of the Vietnam War was a statement attributed to an unnamed U.S. officer by AP correspondent Peter Arnett. Writing about the provincial capital, Bến Tre, on February 7, 1968, Arnett said: ďĎIt became necessary to destroy the town to save it,í a United States major said today. He was talking about the decision by allied commanders to bomb and shell the town regardless of civilian casualties, to rout the Vietcong.Ē The quote was distorted in subsequent publications, eventually becoming the more familiar, ďWe had to destroy the village in order to save it.Ē


In a truly bizarre parallel, the New York Times writes:


ďThey said if we hesitated they would shoot us,Ē said William Bakeshisha, adding that he hid in his coffee plantation, watching his house burn down. ďSmoke and fire.Ē


But in this case, the government and the company said the settlers were illegal and evicted for a good cause: to protect the environment and help fight global warming.


The case twists around an emerging multibillion-dollar market trading carbon-credits under the Kyoto Protocol, which contains mechanisms for outsourcing environmental protection to developing nations.


The company involved, New Forests Company, grows forests in African countries with the purpose of selling credits from the carbon-dioxide its trees soak up to polluters abroad.


(A: What a crazy nonsense.  But itís okay, you know, this is the time of madness.)


Its investors include the World Bank,


(A: Oh, the wonderful World Bank that runs the IMF and the whole bit.)


through its private investment arm, and the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, HSBC.


In 2005, the Ugandan government granted New Forests a 50-year license to grow pine and eucalyptus forests in three districts, and the company has applied to the United Nations to trade under the mechanism.


(A: You see, they work way in advance, because theyíre all in on planning the future of the whole planet, you see.)


 The company expects that it could earn up to $1.8 million a year.


(A: Not a bad investment.)


But there was just one problem: people were living on the land where the company wanted to plant trees. Indeed, they had been there a while.


ďHe was a policeman for King George,Ē Mr. Bakeshisha said of his father, who served with British forces during World War II in Egypt.


(A: It doesnít matter.  Thatís not going to help them.)


All of this, for something not worth a nickel in America anymoreÖ


Note the flatlined final price of 5 cents per ton of CO2Ö


Öbecause the Chicago Carbon Exchange closed, as nobody wanted to buy carbon credits that had no tangible value.


And yet people are being burned out of their homes in Africa to plant trees for carbon credits. It is madness.


In the meantime, it appears the existing trees are responding to increased CO2, so planting new stands may not even be needed:


Forests in many regions are becoming larger carbon sinks thanks to higher density, U.S. and European researchers say in a new report.


Actually, another report came out yesterday saying they just found that plants soak up more carbon dioxide, about 25% more than they thought before.  Itís all nonsense, you understand.  They could bring another scientist out tomorrow to work for Al Gore that says theyíll need a billion times more plants.  I mean, you understand, itís nonsense.  Itís nonsense.  But this is a new form of controlling society across the whole world, the environment, you see.  The environment and the atmosphere.  The Lords of the World are certain to control every darn thing, including if youíll even have a child down the road.  See, weíre all of value one way or another, including the plants.  Thatís all we are, is economic units.  And youíll find that more so as time goes on.  But thatís the craziness of it.  Theyíre kicking folk off, burning them down to save the planet.  Burning down whole villages and the UN is paying, and giving uniforms out to the Green Police, so they can go out with these big, big sticks and bash folk over the heads and break their skulls.  Thatís your wonderful United Nations for you. 


Now, weíve all heard about the underwear bomber that was brought across the waters with obviously CIA guys with him the whole time.  They even got him on the plane without a passport.  All that nonsense, to get laws rammed through across the whole planet, because they all copy each other, once it happens in the States.  And, hereís another one here, that sounds exactly the same, actually even stupider, actually.  And theyíre all sting operations where they set up, the big authorities set up what appear to be radical people on the internet with big sites, you see, and saying all the nasty nasty things to get someone whoís a bit flaky to join them.  Then they set them up, they give them explosives, and then they go on a sting, and, well, see, we caught another terrorist.  Now, they just created a potential terrorist.  Thatís the reality. 


A 26-year-old US citizen has been arrested for allegedly plotting to fly explosive-packed, remote controlled planes into the Pentagon and the US Capitol in Washington DC.


(A: Well, theyíve got to make something happen.  So why not just make it happen?  Make it happen.)


Rezwan Ferdaus was also charged with attempting to supply materials to al-Qaeda


(A: Iíll bet he doesnít even know anybody in al-Qaeda.)


and aid attacks on US soldiers.


The Northeastern University physics graduate is accused of planning to commit "jihad" since early 2010.


Mr Ferdaus was arrested in Boston after an undercover investigation by the FBI.


They led him the whole way.  Do you remember it was the FBI that did the World Trade Building Bombing, number one?  And it came out in court the FBI gave the guys, they actually recruited the guys for this, trained them, and gave them real explosives.  And luckily one of the guys taped it all, and played it in court, or he would have been a goner too.  Here they are again.  But wait till you hear the rest of this nonsense.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about how they create sting operations, to create what appears to be terrorism in order to keep it in the public awareness and keep it on the news and to try and rationalize and justify all this cash theyíre spending, plus taking everyoneís rights away, you see.  And I was talking about the FBI being at it again.  It says, listen to this now.  It says:


Announcing his arrest, the US Department of Justice described an elaborate operation over a period of months leading up to the arrest of Mr Ferdaus.


(A: Now, what was he before this?† We donít know.  Iíll guarantee you he wasnít doing what they got him to do.)


Authorities said he designed and supplied undercover operatives with a total of eight mobile phone detonators intended to be used by al-Qaeda operatives to set off bombs in the Middle East.


(A: Well, they donít need them made in America, believe you me.  Theyíve got plenty over there.  Iím sure they get them from China and elsewhere.  But the fact is, what did this guy do before?  They wonít tell you.  Iíll bet you he wasnít involved in anything.  Anyway, it says here:)


During a June 2011 meeting, Mr Ferdaus was told that his first phone detonation device had killed three US soldiers and injured four or five others in Iraq.


(A: And this was their quote.  It sounds like that terrible fuzzy film they used to show of Bin Laden, eh.) 


"That was exactly what I wanted," he reportedly told the undercover agents.


(A: Itís like out of a script, you know.)


Also during 2011, Mr Ferdaus began speaking to the agents about his desire to organise an attack on the Pentagon,


(A: Was it his?  Was it his idea, or did they give it to him?)


home of the US military, and the Capitol building in Washington DC, seat of the US Congress.


He described the Pentagon as "the head and heart of the snake" and said he was targeting the "enemies of Allah",


(A: This is just too scripted)


the affidavit said.


Mr Ferdaus is said to have told an informant:


(A: An informant.  He told an informant?  Werenít they all FBI guys, probably all from the Middle East that they hire, because they hire lots of them to try to create these situations.)


"Allah has given us the privilege... He punishes them by our hand. We're the ones."


Posing as accomplices, the undercover agents then supplied him with grenades, six machine guns and C-4 explosives.


(A: Now, has this guy got any record at all prior to them approaching him, on anything?  Or any grandiose, delusional ideas?)


Mr Ferdaus was also supplied with a remote-controlled plane that could be guided by GPS and fly at 100mph (160km/h).


Mr Ferdaus is accused of planning to smash the Capitol dome to "smithereens" and follow up with a ground attack of six people, all armed with automatic weapons, in two groups.


(A: Of course, the six people would be the operatives that were sent in and befriended him, right?)


He is said to have travelled to Washington on a surveillance trip in June 2011, as part of his planning.


(A: Heíd be chauffer driven, probably.)


Mr Ferdaus allegedly said all unbelievers of Islam were his enemies when he was asked about the possibility of killing women and children.


(A: Again, awfully scripted.)


Soldiers in front of the Pentagon.


(A: And it shows you pictures and the whole bit.  Anyway:)


He was arrested on Wednesday immediately after putting the newly delivered weapons in a storage container, the FBI said.


(A: They give him the key and show him where the container was, right?)


The storage space had been hired by Mr Ferdaus to work on the planes, but he told the manager of the space he would be using it for music.


"The conduct alleged today shows that Mr Ferdaus had long planned to commit violent acts against our country, including attacks on the Pentagon and our nation's Capitol," US Attorney Carmen Ortiz said.


So, I mean, youíve got to, I keep telling young people especially, donít get sucked into these websites.  It doesnít matter what country youíre in.  Right after 9/11 happened, even operatives from MI5 in Britain came out and said that if they start using the internet to try to suck in people who are a bit unstable to create sting operations, theyíll create an al Qaeda that wasnít there before.  And thatís what theyíve been doing ever since.  All the countries are at it.  They get some young impressionable fools, who live in Science Fiction.  They watch nothing but Science Fiction, and then they start to build them up.  ďOh, you can do this.  You can be a hero,Ē etc, etc.  And then they supply them with all the gear, and the sting comes in and thatís their head on the chopping block.  And itís great for the business of anti-terrorism, just like science now with global warming, itís great business.  Itís a growth industry.  Fantastic. 


Now, in Canada, they rammed through an omnibus crime bill here, which I donít think theyíve published all of it yet.  Itís quite interesting.  Iíll put up two or three links tonight.  And one is called:


Trap and Trace - technical definition


(A: Because the police chiefs association, which is an international association of police chiefs.  If you think that you elect the police chiefs, well, think again.  Theyíre international, under the United Nations.  They even have their own TV station for police chiefs for the world.  And theyíre really just like an NGO.  They have power to promote what they want, under the guise of again, globalism and everything else.  And they want total access to all your emails and everything you do on the internet for everyone, to keep you all safe, you understand.  So:)


Trap and Trace - technical definition


As with wiretaps, a trap-and-trace device records the telephone numbers of inbound callers to a suspected criminalís telephone.


(A: Now theyíve already said that everyone is a suspected criminal or a potential criminal.)


The USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 made some major changes regarding the legalities surrounding trap and trace, as is apparent in the long title of the Act: ďUniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism.Ē


Law enforcement entities in countries besides the United States have been pushing their governments to do more regarding information interception in the fight against terrorism and cyberterrorism.


(A: And then it gives you examples.)


In August 2004, police chiefs in Canada arranged for a conference to lobby the federal government


Public servants should not be lobbying the government.  Because your public servants should be asking the people on whatever they want.  Asking the people.  And asking the people what they think.  Otherwise youíre in a tyranny of totalitarian authoritarianism.  You understand?  This has all happened before in other ways, down through the ages.  So, anyway, they want to get into everything youíre doing.  All your emails.  Everything.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, reading this article here from Canada, as the Police Chiefís Association, or Association of Police Chiefs, I guess they like to call themselves, are pushing to get, theyíre lobbying government to get more power, so that every little police station will have another department.  Understand, all governmental departments, who live on the taxpayer, and thatís what they all do, love expansion.  It makes them feel that they canít be simply done away with.  Theyíre just too important.  The bigger they get, the more important they feel.  And it gives a lot of upward mobility too for promotions, etc.  Plus you can get a lot of relatives into it too.  Thatís what government also does as well.  However, this article here is about this lawful access idea they want to get.  In other words, pass a law to give them the right to access all internet traffic.  And thatís all of your privacy gone altogether.  Anyway, it says they want to:


monitor residentsí email, instant text-messaging, mobile telephone conversations, telephone services using Internet connections (VoIP), and Web surfing. Now the Canadian federal government seems ready to act on those concerns, but privacy advocates say that extending wiretap laws into cyberspace will give police too much power and invade residentsí personal privacy.


(A: Well of course it will.  Do you need advocates to tell you that?)


Bill C-74, the Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act, was introduced in Canadian Parliament shortly before the 2006 election call. Then supported by the Liberals in power, it would have forced communications providers to build surveillance backdoors into the hardware that routes the Internet traffic. Moreover, it would have reduced existing legal safeguards by allowing law enforcement agencies to obtain some identifying information about Internet and telephone customers from communications providers without a warrant. Civil liberties groups expressed grave concerns about this proposed legislation and its impact on individual privacy and fundamental freedoms. Given that there was a change of government post-election, this bill has not been passed.


But theyíre pushing for it right now to get added to this omnibus crime bill that they just rammed through.  So, thereís three links on that.  The other one is a conference, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference in Windsor, Ontario.  And again, pushing for lawful access, lawful access.  Make it a law and give them access.  Sounds wonderful, lawful access.  It sounds like itís up and up.  Theyíll say it will fight fraud, organized crime, gangs and people who exploit children.  They havenít got the pedophiles in there this time.  They usually use pedophilia, but I guess, because theyíre trying to legalize pedophilia, they have to turn to fraud, organized crime, gangs, and people who exploit children.  So, one way or another, every country has to be on board with the exact same agenda, because weíre international, you see, and we all share all the data.  They all share all the data with their counterparts in the States and elsewhere, by the way.  Itís been going on for years, in case you didnít know.  So, thereís three links to that Iíll put up at at the end of this broadcast.  And another article too is that:


Climate change will cost Canada billions: report


Thereís a report that came out.  Theyíre starting off $5 billion a year by 2020.  Now, theyíll probably put that up by a hundred-fold, at least.  This is them starting to give you an idea, so as you donít fall into shock, because this is a trial balloon.  Itís amazing, when theyíre talking about carbon and this invisible gas thatís only a tiny percentage of the greenhouse gases, which are necessary for us all to survive on the planet.  Without it, thereís no life at all, if thereís no greenhouse gases.  The fact is, this is the new control mechanism, as I say.  Itís also a new economy, and itís a control mechanism to keep us all in place, to make sure that we serve the World State, under the guise of Greening.


Remember what Gorbachev said.  He says, we are in the process of creating a new world religion.  This is after he said in the same book that he was an atheist.  But he says, we are in the process of creating a new world religion, which will be based on a form of Earth worship.  In other words, youíll still have a government, who are the high priests and experts, the high priests, who will run you under sustainability, etc, and the Greening of the planet.  This is what itís all about.  And, as I say, weíre racing into it now.  And it doesnít matter, it doesnít matter how many sane people out there can prove itís all nonsense, itís a mandate.  Thatís what youíve got to understand, itís a mandate.  Theyíve set, theyíve pinned all their agenda on this, and theyíre not going to back off.  Itís not meant to be logical, you see.  Itís not meant to be logical.  Itís a form of religion, for a purpose, and all religions have been used in the past for control, regardless of how they started off.  Theyíre always used for controlling the populace, on behalf of government, for those who donít believe in the religion at all that they make everyone else believe in.


And another article too, to show you how crazy it is:


Police respond to the Onion


(A: The Onion, which is really, The Onion is a spoof magazine, you know.  The:)


Capitol hostage spoof


(A: And I can understand the youngsters now, theyíve watched so much anti-terrorism movies and sci-fis, that they donít mind crossing the line between good taste, bad taste, or in between.  But itís still a spoof.  Anyway, it says here that, US Capitol building.)


The Onion's fake story follows a standoff in Congress over a spending bill to avert government shutdown


(A: Remember that?  They were saying, oh, if we donít get money, the whole country is going to shut down.  It says:)


US police are investigating tweets by a satirical news website about a fake security alert at Washington DC's Capitol building.


The Onion said on its Twitter account that "screams and gunfire" had been heard inside the Capitol. It later said schoolchildren had been taken hostage.


Capitol Police said there was "no credibility to these stories", and that the security situation was "normal".


The Onion told the BBC that its Twitter account had not been hacked.


The website posted a tweet on Thursday morning which said: "BREAKING: Witnesses reporting screams and gunfire heard inside Capitol building."


In one of a series of tweets that followed, it said Congress was demanding a $12tn (£7.7tn) ransom "or all the kids die".


(A: Because thatís what theyíre watching on all the sci-fis and anti-terrorism movies.  This is the kind of spoof they put out these days.  And it says:)


The article - apparently poking fun at recent congressional budget showdowns - featured a mocked-up photo of Republican House Speaker John Boehner holding a gun to a girl's head.


US Capitol Police spokeswoman Sgt Kimberley Schneider told the BBC there would be a "full law enforcement" investigation into the matter.


So, thatís the kind of stuff.  Youíve got to be careful now about poking fun.  See, they see that as fun, because look at the entertainment theyíve had their whole lives.  Itís just incredible.  So they spoof it.  They spoof it and think thereís nothing wrong with it.  Theyíre getting a diet of this daily on all the terror movies that are out there, anti-terrorism movies that are out there, one after another, even paid for by the Pentagon.  So itís natural they think in these terms even for their jokes. 




Microsoft, Red Cross and UN sucked into global news fixing row


(A: Weíve heard quite a bit recently.  But theyíve always been fixing the news, but the fact is, once in a while it leaks out theyíve really fixed it.  It says:)


Investigation by The Independent reveals conflict of interests over coverage promised by media firm to software giant


(A: So, theyíre all getting paid, basically, all these companies, Microsoft, etc, and the Red Cross.)


Microsoft has been sucked into the row surrounding a London-based media company currently under investigation by broadcasters for making editorial programmes without declaring it had a commercial relationship with some of those it featured.


(A: In other words, paid by some commercial company.)


Both the BBC and the US-owned broadcaster CNBC are investigating FBC Media following an investigation by The Independent which showed it had made numerous factual programmes about Malaysia after being allocated millions of pounds by the country's government to promote it.


This newspaper has evidence that Microsoft was "guaranteed" coverage on a flagship programme which FBC was commissioned to make for CNBC Ė which is screened in Britain Ė for a major launch that the global technology company was planning in Europe. CNBC recently suspended the show, World Business, pending the outcome of its investigation.


The document referred to World Business under the heading "FBC Guaranteed Distribution Placement". It told Microsoft: "Our flagship programme, World Business, is a weekly half-hour business news magazine, which covers the trends shaping business, particularly from a European perspective.


(A: So the trends were being paid for, you see.)


"We can foresee placing coverage of the Aachen opening within the programme the weekend of May 1&2, which means guaranteed placement on CNBC Europe,


(A: Anyway, thereís a whole bunch of them involved, including the United Nations, all getting paid to do this stuff.  It says:)


FBC, which ran a hybrid business combining public relations work with factual programmes,


(A: You see how they mix PR, which is marketing and advertising, with factual programming, present it to the Joe Public, who hasnít a clue heís being brainwashed, you know.  It says:)


featured the Microsoft founder Bill Gates in its publicity material. Alongside his picture, FBC said "clients include heads of state, governments and ministries, special economic zones and property projects, companies and international organisations".


Thereís nothing you can see on television, including your major news, that isnít, itís not slapped together by some novice.  Professionals work out every second of the stuff youíre going to see and hear, for psychological purposes.  Thatís why theyíre paid such big bucks.


Now the US is also, I guess as a make-work project, mulling a selective fencing along the Canada/US border.  It says:


U.S. Border Agency is considering fencing some parts of the Canadian-U.S. border, along with deploying more remote sensors and upgrading checkpoints.


The US Customs and Border Protection Agency cautions, however, that the proposed selective fencing would not be as extensive as the hundreds of kilometers of fences along the border with Mexico.


ďWhile fencing has played a prominent role in CBPís enforcement strategy on the Southern Border to deter illegal border crossings, it is unlikely that fencing will play as prominent a role on the Northern Border, given the length of the border and the variability of the terrain,Ē the document says.


(A: So they want to put up fencing and other barriers, I wonder if itís going to put landmines or something, to manage movement, they say:)


ďCBP would use fencing and other barriers to manage movement (e.g., trenching across roads) in trouble spots where passage of cross-border violators is difficult to control; the resulting delay for cross-border violators would increase the rate of interdiction.Ē


An accompanying table shows there would be about five major projects, either upgrading access roads or building fences of more than 400 metres in length....


I wonder if theyíll put up these big towers too, with machine guns and stuff, just like the movies again.  Itís amazing, you see, Hollywood has done it all for them.  Again, via all their money from the Pentagon, so weíre all conditioned to expect this stuff down the road, arenít we?  Itís quite something.† Anyway, thatís really whatís happening there.  Itís a make-work project, as well.


Now, an article from Forbes Magazine is interesting, because really people are so conditioned now, they think nothing of it, especially the young generation, because theyíre born into a world where no one says better watch what youíre doing on Facebook, because your whole history is going to be there, and things that might embarrass you down the road are going to come out to the world.  They donít think about it at all, actually.  Not at all.  They really donít.  And this article says:


Facebook Keeps A History Of Everyone Who Has Ever Poked You,


(A: I guess if youíre a poker player, I guess.  I have no idea.)


Along With A Lot Of Other Data


I'm a privacy pragmatist, writing about the intersection of law, technology, social media and our personal information.


(A: And then he goes on to tell you why heís doing this.  And he says:)


Across the pond, European law grants citizens a ďright to access,Ē meaning that companies have to provide a person with all of the personal data they have on them if they request it. An Austrian-based group called Europe v. Facebook has posted a couple of the reports compiled by the social networking giant everyone loves (and loves to hate).


Most of you probably know that Facebook knows a lot about you. But did you know that if you were to print it out, it might take up about 880 pages? I went through one of the lengthy dossiers from Europe v. Facebook. Here are the juicy bits for a female Facebook user with the initials ĎL.B.í who has been a member of the site since 2007:


(A: It actually says:)


ē Facebook keeps track of every person who has ever... (A: You know, had liaisons with you in that kind of manner and so on.  And it says:). Facebook user L.B. has been (A: They actually use poked.  I guess thatís that poker game again.  I guess I didnít know it was so prevalent on the internet.) poked over 50 times from 2008 through 2011


(A: And it even mentions the initials, which theyíve got the names of course, of the persons that were the favorites.  Anyway:)


ē The report includes a list of the machines that L.B. has used Facebook from, how often she has signed in from the machine, as well as a list of all the other Facebookers who have logged in on that machine. As pointed out recently by blogger Nik Cubrilovic, Facebook leaves cookies on computers that have the ability to track users even when theyíre logged out of Facebook. Facebook now plans to scale back that cookie use, (A: Well, I donít believe that.) but it still will want information about whoís signing in on which machines to thwart hackers, block spammers, and know which computers are in Internet cafes, for example.


(A: Itís all part of the security system, the world system, for those who donít quite get it.)


Given the hundreds of millions of users the company has, ďFacebook is pretty much indexing all computers worldwide,Ē says Max Schrems of Europe v. Facebook.


And it keeps track of everything youíve been invited to, how you responded, did you go, all of that stuff.  And your whole life is on it, basically, and that was the intention of it in the first place.  Thatís why theyíre all part of the worldwide intelligence services.


And, Iíve talked about Australia, quite a bit too, because itís such a flagship.  Thereís so many Australians now, Iíll put a link up to show how theyíre losing their homes, by the droves.  And how they canít even afford their repayments and so on.  The mortgages are falling and plummeting, especially in Queensland, West Australia.  And well, itís just going down the tubes, now that theyíve got all these carbon taxes and things to pay, which hasnít really hit most of them yet, definitely on a personal level.  But thatís still to come.  So, someone is determined to wreck what was Australia, so that it will emerge on its knees with the whole Pacific Rim group, which is the intention, of course


Now, Japan is scared of telling the truth to the Fukushima evacuees.  Interesting article.  It says:


Japan 'scared' of telling truth to Fukushima evacuees


A former adviser to the Japanese cabinet has revealed the government has known for months that thousands of evacuees from around the Fukushima nuclear plant will not be able to return to their homes.


Nearly seven months after the meltdowns at Fukushima, about 80,000 people are still living in shelters or temporary housing.


(A: Itís amazing how you can get it all over the news and suddenly itís gone, and theyíre still living in shelters and stuff, eh.  Anything can happen across the world and they can take your attention off it, instantly.)


Former special adviser to Japan's prime minister and cabinet Kenichi Matsumoto has told the ABC that the government has known for months that many who live close to the Fukushima plant will not be able to return to their homes for 10 to 20 years because of contamination.


(A: Itís going to be a lot longer than that, if theyíre even alive by then.)


The history professor and author has given the ABC an insider's account of what happened in the hours and days after March 11, as three of the Fukushima reactors bubbled towards meltdown after a tsunami knocked out backup power to the plant.


Professor Matsumoto witnessed both the government's and the plant operator's responses to the worst nuclear accident in a quarter of a century.


He says the government is simply too scared to tell Fukushima residents that they cannot return.


Prime minister Kan actually said that eastern Japan might not be able to keep functioning; that it might collapse.


Kenichi Matsumoto

"The cabinet knew right after the disaster that some people would not be able to live in their communities for 10 to 20 years, especially those a few kilometres from the plant," he said.


"The government should have conveyed the truth to the evacuees. But it felt scared; it feared telling the truth to the people."


(A: You understand, thatís how all governments would react.  Thatís what they say.  ďWeíve got to contain it.  Weíve got to contain panic.Ē  And theyíll tell you nothing but lies.  And theyíll tell you, everything is fine.  Everything is fine.  Experts are managing it.  And it says:)


Professor Matsumoto also confirms the prime minister at the time - Naoto Kan - also contemplated evacuating tens of millions of people from in and around Tokyo.


"It's true that the prime minister said we might have to evacuate people from Tokyo," he said.


"There was no clue about the amount of radiation coming from the Fukushima plant or if it was spreading over 100 or 200 kilometres.


"If that was the case, Tokyo would be in danger. And prime minister Kan actually said that eastern Japan might not be able to keep functioning; that it might collapse."


So, thatís what we would get too, as I say, if things happened.  Itís kind of like the meltdowns theyíve had in the States.  Thatís why you donít buy certain chocolate bars, because thatís where the cattle chew the grass now, where theyíve grassed over all the nuclear stuff thatís still there.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Now, I talked before about the madness which ensues and it permeates through all of society as people are funded actually to promote certain causes to make it all the more confusing and crazy, because this is what happens as they bring down old civilizations.  And the same thing has always happened, over and over, only we have science now to help it along.  And part of it is too, is to do away with all of your personal reasoning of what is, and what is obvious, and to make you believe in things which are not so obvious, until people want to be something else, other than they are.  Anyway, hereís an article here:


Iím a Girl, the Plight of Tammy, the Adopted Son of Two Lesbians, Who Started a Sex Change Age-8 Because Heís Always Maintained Heís a Girl.


(A; Now, heís been brought up by two lesbians.  You know.  What do you expect?  Heís heard all the conversations.  Heís grown up with them.  It says:)


The boy started the process of changing sex at eight. 


(A: Whereís the laws in all of this?  They have special laws for special people nowadays though, isnít there.  So anyway, it says:)


Heís told everyone he always knew he was meant to be a girl. 


Thomas Lobel, who now calls himself Tammy, is undergoing controversial hormone blocking treatment in Berkeley, California to stop him going through puberty as a boy.


His two lesbian mothers, who adopted him, age two, say that theyíve been criticized by friends and family.


(A: This is like a repeat of so many other stories Iíve read recently, as they put this stuff out to make sure we all get the message that they can make you into anything they want you to be, I suppose.)


But insist they have not forced their son to become a girl. 


(A: Well, heís been brought up with two lesbians.  Heís heard all the conversations, things are not always as they seem, and why shouldnít you become whatever you want to be, etc.  You understand, if youíve got a child, adopted a child at the age of two, and you and your partner dressed up as kangaroos, that child would eventually want a pouch and a tail like you.  Iím not kidding you.  Thatís a fact.  Especially if you make them all, when you dress him up in his own little outfit, with a tail and a pouch, and you say, oh, thatís wonderful.  He wants to please you.  Heís a people pleaser.  Thatís what children do.  You understand?  Anyway:)


They says that one of the first things he told them when he learned sign language at age three, because of a speech impediment was, ďIím a Girl.Ē 


(A: I guess he got an accolade for that.)


Tammy now wears dresses and effectively lives as a girl.


(A: So, this is the stuff.)


They were married in 1990, the two adults, by a rabbi, according to Paulineís Facebook page and have two older sons and grandchildren.


So, there you go.  I mean, this is the kind of stuff that they put out, but itís meant to warp peopleís minds into debate and have them arguing, well why not, etc, back and forth.  We always get two sides presented to us, to pick one or the other.  And you miss what the whole point of the whole thing is, and who started all of this off, who mandated it.  Itís just like people actually mandated the nonsense about global warming.  Climate change is better because it could go freezing or hot, like climate always changes.  So, itís all to confuse and disrupt everything that was, to bring in all that will be new, where government will create whatever they want down the road with science.  Science is supposed to be the new priesthood.  Experts, the world of experts, as they destroy all the old system, where you decide what you want to be, and parents used to have children the old-fashioned way, that was when you had parents, before all that was destroyed too, and now literally the field is open for the people at the top, who are managing all of this, to bring in all of the new.  All of the new.  Just like Brave New World.  Have a look at Brave New World, look at the movies I put up in the archives section.  Theyíre still there.  And youíll see how it really is.  That was written in the 1930s; do you think that just came out of the guyís head?  The guy who belonged to a very famous family, related to the Darwins, and the Huxleys were in world meetings, Royal Institute of International Affairs, the whole bit.  No.  They knew the future, because they plan the future.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, and remember, donate and buy the books.  Keep me going, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.


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