September 30th, 2011 (#931)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 30th, 2011:

Financial Time-Lords, Methods Archival,
Plan Each Future for Own Survival:

"Speaking Truth Today is Not Very Fashionable,
Especially Touching Holy Grail of Things International
And How Socialism is the Control-Freak Master,
Backed by Banksters Moving Us to Disaster
By Design, So the Time Lords Can Go On,
Managing Emerging Nations, Another New Dawn,
Destroyed Societies Expect Miracles, Await Arrival
Of a Supergod Who'll Ensure Their Survival,
But the Financial Time Lords Plan the Phases,
Riding Over Emerging and Vanishing Races"
© Alan Watt September 30th, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė September 30th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on September the 30th, 2011.  For newcomers, as always, I suggest you help yourself to the audios for free download at  And eventually, if you can wade through them, youíll understand that this system, this massive, incredible system, way, so much bigger than just your general governments that run you, this superstructure of interlocking corporations and foundations and nongovernmental organizations that are funded by the foundations, all working together to bring in a particular future, which was often seen as Communistic, Socialistic, but really Communistic.  Communism is Socialism in a hurry as they say.  I think Lenin said that, and Stalin did too.  So it is.  However, itís to be the planned society, organized society, and you can see the mess weíre in today, with the control freak departments.  Just layers and layers of bureaucracies running our lives.  And they all belong, all these members and bureaucrats belong to side organizations, like the Council on Foreign Relations, that really tells them what to do.  So, hopefully, if you help yourself to the audios, youíll understand how they plan the future for the wealthiest people on the planet, and to keep the same economic structure in place, basically, of usury, and the same families lending to nations at compound interest that gets us in this mess.  And literally how they plan the whole future, including the rise of China.  They helped China to, actually, they kicked them up and got them up on their feet to rise and be the economic power it is today, as we all went down.  This is all done through legislation, treaties, and laws, through the World Trade Organization and the United Nations, the World Bank, and the IMF, and God knows how many other private corporations.  And people still go out and vote.  I donít know why.  I really donít know why.  Anyway, hopefully youíll get an understanding of how the future is always planned by those who presently rule it. 


And remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you.  I donít bring on advertisers to scare you and tell you to buy things at the end of it.  So, you have to keep me going, by purchasing the books and discs Iíve got at  From the US to Canada, remember, a personal check can still be used here.  An international postal money order can be used.  Some people send cash.  And you can also use PayPal.  Youíll find out how to do it on the website.  Remember too, thereís transcripts on all those sites youíll see listed there in English.  And you get transcripts in other languages of a lot of the talks Iíve given over the years, if you go into and help yourself to the ones offered there.  Across the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and again, PayPal. 


And donations are really, really, really welcome right now, because it isnít just that things are shooting up in price, as Iím sure youíve noticed.  In Canada weíre ahead of you, because weíre more evolved that way into Socialism.  And no one complains in Canada at all really. So, they really jump ahead with rising prices and taxes on everything and so on.  The way of the future for everyone else, as we all decline.  Weíll be the first civilization to die off because of taxes.  If aliens ever come down and see the factories and businesses, and everything is there, but thereís just no people, and that was the cause of death: excessive taxation.  That will be a first one in history, maybe.  But thatís the way itís going.  And people think itís all quite normal.  Quite normal. 


Most people are utterly ignorant of the fact that China did not bring itself up to its present standards.  It was brought up by treaties, and by the funding of you in the West and your tax money, again, as I say, through treaties, the World Trade Organization, another private company under the guise of a world authority and the United Nations.  And we trained all their engineers before they even had factories in places like Canada, and the States, and elsewhere.  For twenty-five years we trained them.  They had no factories to go back home to at the time.  And they knew it was coming up when we signed the final GATT Treaty, the G-A-T-T Treaty, to build them up to a super-status as we fell on our faces.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Itís an odd existence, isnít it, when you grow up in this system, and your parents donít know that itís not really what it appears to be.  And youíre indoctrinated from school.  Thatís why you do have state-run schools, to make sure you all get the same fictitious history of your past and the governmentís past, and really what theyíre there for and all the rest of it.  And we grow up thinking itís all quite natural.  And no one really cares much about it, as long as thereís pennies dropping from heaven into your pocket to play yourselves, etc.  But once it starts running short and dry, we start having a closer look at what theyíre all about.  And you find out theyíve been making treaties for years across the world and through this superstructure of the United Nations that was supposed to be eventually blossoming into a form of World Government.  It actually coordinates World Government really with its NGOs and its departments of thousands of bureaucracies. 


And in reality too, as I say, well, if itís not working for the people, why should we go along with it?  Is there really something sacred about keeping a system going thatís not working for the people?  When you ask that sometimes, people, because of their indoctrination, theyíll get steely eyed, or glazed over or even hostile, because the indoctrination into saving a system that is utterly corrupt, and itís not yours, and itís never really served the people at all.  Itís in conflict with your indoctrination and so they tend to attack the person whoís saying it, basically.  And at the same time, theyíll go along with all the changes that the government will do to take away more sovereignty from them, and it will tax them heavier to give away to other countries, again.  And itís not really other countries.  Itís not charity to help people anywhere.  Itís to help the corporations that are set up in Third World Countries. 


So, really, we live in a fiction, all the time, a fiction thatís always superimposed upon our brains through indoctrination in the media, and even through fiction as well.  It takes a long time for a lot of people to break through all of that, to ask the right questions.  And when they do, and I say waking up is just like coming out of a tunnel, into a field.  Iíve used this analogy often, where you see a forest across the field, and thatís where you want to get, from the mouth of the tunnel across that field, into the forest.  And thereís all these flags up saying, ďIíve got the truth.  Come over here, join us.Ē  And itís usually left/right, left/right paradigm all the way.  And itís all minefields. 


Another one too is a third one, which is, theyíve got the spiritual truth.  Join this one and it doesnít matter what happens in the world, youíll be okay.  Youíll pop off into another dimension or something.  And thatís really whatís laid out for you to choose.  And they will all soak up your time, your energy, even the New Agey ones.  Theyíll soak up your lifetime.  Sacred geometry, all this stuff, as you scribble away, drawing circles and finding nice little geometrical patterns.  Theyíre all meant to just drain your neurons in your brain. 


However, in reality, you always get back to the same thing at the end.  You canít wish this away, this system.  And this system has nothing to do pretty well with what you think government is about or how youíve been trained to perceive government.  And itís also go nothing to do with what they actually say in government, because the ones who run the world run your governments, and they hold most of their meetings in secrecy, the really high meetings.  The semi-secret ones are published for the public, like the Council on Foreign Relations or Foreign Affairs Magazine.  Thatís the external stuff, but the high stuff for global governance, the planned society, the eugenical society, where they slim down the population, and create new types of humans down the road, getting all the imperfections out of the ones that exist, and deciding what they want to go on with as a labor force or a genetic force you might say.  Thatís all done at a much higher level.  A very old system.  You can read the books by many of the players, who were writing about it up until the twenties and thirties.  And then, because of Adolf Hitler, it became rather a negative thing to talk about eugenics, because he was actually using it openly, and he was obviously the bad guy, you see, in that war.  You always make sure that the other guy is obviously the bad guy.  And they went undercover for a while and changed their names of the associations, but the same associations still exist today, even the ones to do with Darwin and all the other characters to do with eugenics.  Theyíre still here today. 


So, weíre living through the transition phase as they call it.  A time, you know, World in Transitions.  Youíll see that kind of title incorporated into long-winded titles elsewhere.  So, weíre going through transitions.  Theyíve already destroyed most of what society was about.  And what it was about, even though it was in poverty, generally, in a lot of Western countries, the fact is, the people themselves could survive with each other and because of each other.  It started with the family unit.  However dysfunctional they became down the road with the media, the education, and the liberal agenda, regardless, they were still able to hold together.  That had to be destroyed according to Karl Marx.  So, they did that.  Itís gone now, finished.  And once that happened, people like HG Wells said, the government can talk right down to you as an individual, and thereís no members of the family left to stand up for you.  You have no children, nothing.  Youíre on your own.  And thatís what government wants, you see.  Because, you see, youíre there to serve your government, not the other way around. 


Thatís the trick of this doublethink world that we live in.  And gradually, over many, many years, especially in the US, they were the last to go down with the idea, at least, that the government was there to serve the people.  Government has actually taught you youíre there to serve it, and youíre there to serve an economic system.  Thatís your function, is to compete with other countries, whether youíre stoking a boiler room somewhere, or youíre manufacturing stuff, thatís your job, apparently, is to compete with those guys over, whoever they happen to be at the time.  And is that really what life is all about?


We donít get a chance to say in any of this.  We have no, thereís no vote there.  What do you think of this idea?  No, no.  Itís just there, and all the big media, the Council on Foreign Relations, all the big globalist agencies will tell you the same thing: thatís your function.  To grow up, to work hard, pay all your taxes to make sure your government can lord over you very strongly, and do what youíre told, and compete with those guys over there.  Now, this is really a strange, itís an economic system, you understand, but itís a commercialized economic system.  Itís not just basic working for food, clothes and things you need.  Itís, you must compete by overproducing things which you actually need.  And thatís why you do destroy forests here and there, and you do destroy different things, because thatís what theyíre doing in the Third World now, because the IMF came in with their awful loans and compound interest.  Now they have to use the intensive chemicalized farming.  Itís part of the conditioning of getting a loan.  And in no time at all, they destroy the soil, and they pollute their land, they pollute their wells, with all the chemicals that drift into it. 


So, this is a disgusting system.  Itís a devastating system.  Itís the same system, this economic system with overproduction that are the cause for wars.  Weíre told to go compete with other people, including warfare when required for resources, so as we can take those resources back home, overproduce again, and sell it again somewhere else.  Itís nuts.  Itís nuts, but again, itís very cleverly nuts.  Itís not so nuts for the ones at the top who have been doing this for thousands of years.  And these are the boys, these magicians that manage the money system.  Because every country has its ability to create its own cash, without debt, but they donít do it.  In fact, thereís big, big wars that went on to make sure they got in these private central banks.  And lots of folk got assassinated on the way.  And now theyíre in charge.  They pay all their top members very, very well.  They pay all the top people in the Council on Foreign Relations very well.  They bring them up to high status, in fact.  You canít get up there yourself.  The door has to be opened to pull you up.  And you must serve them.  And again, youíre well compensated too, for doing so. 


At the moment, theyíve got us all almost in a form of stasis in the world, where we have this inevitable, impending crash, supposedly.  This ongoing crash.  This is worse than the movies in slow motion, isnít it, where you used to get crashes coming, and then they go back again.  You see the windshield flying out in little sparkling bits in the night sky.  This is worse than that.  This crash has been going on for years now.  All because of the same banks that weíre supposed to get up on their feet again, so as they can screw us all again.  This is incredible that this is taught as a science.  Can you really believe this is taught as a science?  And that thereís no other way we can do it?  And plunder every few years and you just reward them with trillions of dollars, so as they can plunder you again.  And look at the lifestyle these guys have.  Look at the level of lifestyle theyíre living at, while you at the bottom, well, all you get is to be taxed more, and more debt put on you, because your government on behalf of you is borrowing cash from these same podgy-fingered characters that handle the cash.  And yet weíre told we must save this system. 


Now, itís the same in the EU too, the European Union.  They want to put up about 1.3 trillion, another, just throwing borrowed money into this black hole in space, hoping to plug the hole then Greece will float, you know, like a ship sinking.  Utter rubbish.  Utter rubbish.  And then they want to merge Europe even closer together with a gigantic central bank made up of all the same characters who sunk them all in the first place with the same system.  Itís kind of like having a beautiful car, but the engine keeps falling apart.  But itís so nice looking a car, and pretty new looking, you want to get a new engine, so you keep putting new engines in it, and it doesnít last long.  So, you canít create anything new, unless you create a new engine for it.  A brand-new engine, different design.  No, but they want to put the same engine into this European monstrosity thatís plundered the taxpayer at least twice a century.  Thatís their standard.  And weíre taught from experts, from the top down that this is normal, that we have to.  Thereís no other way.  Thereís no other way to do it. 


You understand, it was intended to go this route.  And people were at least getting by when they were not part of the EU.  When itís such a massive conglomeration of greedy folks at the top, working together to bring about this empire, where they and their offspring will rule it.  And that really is what itís about.  Then, everyone else is going to suffer and pay for this monolith, this giant thatís teetering on its toes until we inject our whole lives into it.  Itís time to pack it in and toss it in the sea.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi, folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just mouthing off about the mess, really on behalf of the people, because I know itís planned this way.  Itís all planned this way.  You donít give all your manufacturing to another country and then say afterwards, ďoh dear, thereís no work for the public.  We just noticed.Ē  It doesnít happen like that.  Nothing happens like that.  Itís all long-term projection.  Every possibility on every move that government makes through treaties, etc, is carefully figured out beforehand.  So, weíre living through, as I say, a decline, but a planned decline as another empire comes up to full force.  They even talked about this at their meetings, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in the 1930s, that China would eventually take over from America, after America had taken over from Britain Ė this is the thirties, remember Ė as the policeman of the world.  So, it was all planned that way. 


And what weíve got left with is this incredible nanny state society where so many canít do this and you canít do that, and bureaucrats looking over your shoulder for everything.  And they want to get in.  Look at Britain.  You cannot believe it.  Itís worse, itís worse than anything that Huxley talked about in Brave New World.  Literally, youíre getting watched for everything, and bicycle marshals, and garbage bin inspectors, and lots and lots of this kind of stuff, and spies all throughout society.  Nothing to do with terrorism.  Itís to see if youíve dropped a piece of paper on the ground and things like, this is big news stuff.  No kidding.  And you want a population to be patriotic in a society like that?  Itís destroyed.  Itís finished.  Thatís Socialism to the extreme.


But theyíre not stopping.  Theyíre going all, theyíre getting worse.  And this whole super-structure of this economic union, with a Super-Parliament theyíve created with its secret meetings at the top by secret people.  We donít even know who they are.  This is the model for America and Canada to copy.  Oh, we have to do the same, you see, to survive.  Weíll all collapse financially on our own.  This is what they tell you.  This is what they told them before they joined the EU.  Look at them now.  And we have to copy that, though.  And they want to be socialized until thereís government departments in every part of your life, telling you how to eat.  I said it years ago, eventually theyíll be in your home weighing you with a weigh machine and giving you a fine on this.  Everything is punishable by a fine.  You notice that?  It doesnít matter what your income level is or isnít at all.  Itís all fines.  This is Socialism, and training the public from birth to death.  Economics they say.  You exist for the state of economics. 


And thatís what they also said too.  We canít afford to treat you with cancers anymore.  Itís too expensive.  Weíve got a few trillion to toss over to Africa right now, but we canít treat you at home.  Weíve got a war too to fight as well for the people who own the country, for oil fields.  And we go along with this.  Why?  Because most folk donít care.  Plain and simple.  Most folk are so happy with their weekend binges and going partying, and their cheap entertainment, thereís so much of it.  Itís unlike what theyíve had in previous times when even with the Communist sides, they got the recruits when folk had nothing, not even a radio or access to one, never mind the money to buy it.  See, weíre beyond that.  People are getting poorer and poorer, but theyíve got cheap entertainment and lots and lots of booze.  Just like the Soviet Union had at the end.  Same thing.  If it works there, why wouldnít it work anywhere else? 


Here they are too.  Denmark is the first in the EU, and theyíre all going to copy Denmark now, to put down more taxes.  You see, thatís all government does, is make laws and levy taxes.  Thatís all.  Thatís all they do.  They donít make anything else.  Just misery.  Anyway:


Denmark taxes fatty products


Denmark is to impose the world's first "fat tax" in a drive to slim its population


(Alan: Is that the job of government?  Is it?  Is that what theyíre in there for, to decide how youíll look, what size youíll be, how much youíll weigh, and all the rest of it?  What youíre going to eat?  Is that what government is all about?  If government was concerned about healthy eating, they would never have, number one, put all the small farmers out of business that kept food pretty cheap and plentiful and fresh, because it was all done locally.  They wouldnít have done that would they?  No.  And but no, itís a different thing all together, different agenda altogether that government has.  They break the legs of the cow, and then they kick the cow because it canít get up.  You see?  So anyway, theyíre the first one to start this.  And it says:)


The move may increase pressure for a similar tax in the UK,


(A: Well, you know itís going to come.)


which suffers from the highest levels of obesity in Europe.


(A: Well, look at the junk theyíre left to eat.  And itís all cheap junk.  Lots of sugar in it, but cheap junk.  Because it costs a lot for real, and they want to cut you from eating meat, for instance.  And thatís about the only proteins folk were getting.  The rest of itís just sugars and junk.  So:)


Starting from this Saturday, Danes will pay an extra 30p on each pack of butter, 8p....


So thatís going to cure it?  A fine on everything is going to stop folk from eating something.  Thatís how they do it.  Thatís how they see law.  Law is about fining you and penalizing you, so as you canít afford something, that some might actually need.  Because theyíre not all fat, for goodness sake.  But this is the collectivist punishment they give you in the Sovietized system.  If one person does it in a million, the punishment goes on all, oh, you all might end up like that, so weíre punishing you anyway.  And where does all the cash go?  Is that going to stop obesity?  The government is going to rake cash off you from every lung-full of CO2 you breathe out.  As long as itís cash, they donít care what they call it or why itís there, as long as they can soak you, and give themselves massive paychecks, because we live in a time of absolutely blatant, incredible corruption.  Thatís what government is today: utter self-centered, out-for-myself corruption.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Now, thereís a caller hanging on there.  I better take him before the half hour here.  And itís Dave from Arizona, I think it is, if heís there.


Dave: Hey, howís it going, Alan.


Alan: Not too bad.  How are you?


Dave: I thought weíd just talk a little bit about the illusion of ownership in these countries.† And what I mean is, if you own your house, and your property tax might only be 1% of what your house costs, theyíll take you house.


Alan: I know.


Dave: And, if you own a car, and you donít put the proper tags or if you donít have the proper insurance, you could own your car and theyíll take your car.† So, my point is, is there really any ownership at all in reality?


Alan: No.  In fact, you have to go into the Council on Foreign Relationsí own archives, and you will find there that they happily, they boast about the fact, they were the ones who brought forth to Congress the bills for income tax and property tax.  They brought it forth.  And their sister company in Britain, the Royal Institute for International Affairs on their website at Chatham House, they were the ones who started it off there.  So, this private, very rich people, once again, brought forth the taxation on us to do away with property all together.  Anything which you register to the government is no longer yours.


Dave: Including your kids?


Alan: Yes. 


Dave: I just wanted to ask you, because I heard this.  I donít know if this is true or not.  But supposedly in í33 the United States was broke, and if you actually look on your birth certificates here in the States, they actually have, itís a Bank Note.  It actually has a Bank Note company.  I donít know if itís a kind of paper, but it also has a number which supposedly is a mutual fund.  If you look up a mutual fund, itís actually a Treasury Bond.  Is there any truth to any of this stuff?


Alan: I donít know about the Treasury Bond, but I do know that the whole idea of registering children to the state is a legality that they force everyone through.  And when you do go to court, thatís your given name.  Everything you get from the government will say what is your given name.  And if you use some other name and say Iím called whatever, then they have to drop that and find another way to get at you.  That is a fact.  You register the child there, because that child technically now, and more so youíll see in other countries that are further ahead, and the US is catching up, mind you, with Childrenís Aid and all the rest of it, and all the social workers, they can come in and snatch your child, because now the state is in charge.  That child is a potential economic earner and an economic taxpayer for the government.  Itís their property.  And if they say itís been abused or youíre holding back its potential to learn, or whatever, theyíll take it from you.  Sweden is way ahead, even than the other countries.  Theyíre flagship for this area.  And they make no bones about it.  The slightest thing and theyíll grab the child, because itís an economic unit and basically an earner which can be taxed for the government.  That is a fact.


Dave: Thatís where they come up with the phrase human resource, right?


Alan: Yes.


Dave: Okay, because, I mean, yeah.  I mean, if you think about it, it kind of makes sense that basically weíre just energy for the machine.  I mean, weíre just fuel for the fire. 


Alan: And they actually have an organization, itís been there since the thirties or twenties in fact, about technics and so on, and they actually classify this new coming system as energy units, and people themselves are energy units.  And they work it out on your lifespan or potential lifespan, all to do with eugenics.  Oh, your parents lived this long.  You might live the same, etc.  And youíll actually produce so much in your lifetime, and youíll give so much to government in your lifetime.  Thatís how they manage their books on projected incomes in the future, is deciding how long youíre going to live and how much tax youíre going to pay. 


Dave: I got a feeling though like here in the States, theyíre kind of, they donít want kids now.  Now they want it all slowed down.  Because thereís no jobs, and because they donít know what to do with the people already.


Alan: Oh, they know, all right.  We have to die off quietly.  Actually, the occasional riot here or there, unorganized, but we are supposed to come down.  I have no doubt about it at all.  I knew at the time when they did the Free Trade negotiations, and at the same time they were building China up to be this monster of commerce, they had put nothing in place to replace the manufacturing jobs.  That was a whole segment of society excluded to unemployment forever, and that told me all I needed to know, that we have to go down the tubes now.  Plus, they make it economically unviable to have children.  Itís expensive to have them. 


Dave: I mean, itís hard to live anyway.


Alan: Itís hard to live.  Exactly.  And this is all a disincentive to have children.  This was all discussed again at eugenics meetings back before even Hitler came in in World War II.


Dave: Itís kind of like one thing that I see, I donít know if you see this, but thereís only so many ways to make money.  One of the ways was real estate.  They killed that.  Now, the only way to make money in real estate really is to rent out properties.  I mean, you can make money that way.  But, you know, as far as sitting on a house and waiting for it to go up in value, good luck.


Alan: Good luck.  See, I keep telling folk, this system is designed by people who have been at this for an awful long time, including handling whole populations with potential income.  Thatís where all this stuff came from.  Itís an old, old art, actually, taught from father to son, down through banking generations, international bankers and population sizes, potential income and taxation, and how loans would get paid back to them.  This is an old, old technique.  And theyíve written off societies in the past, and let them sink into oblivion.  But they never fail themselves, the ones who run it.  Youíre quite right.  The whole idea with property, itís not meant that you win.  Even if you do all the right things in your era, and the folk who are living born in the twenties and thirties were taught to save up their pennies and donít be spendthrift, and save it up and get a nice home, and one day youíll have this.  No, no, no.  They keep devaluing and changing the currency.  So you canít win, even if youíre doing all the supposed right things.  The ones at the top, however, get access to super-trusts, things like that.  You canít even afford to get into a super-trust without a few million dollars, quite a few million.


Dave: Itís basically, itís a parasitic system that feeds off of the people, and, you know, your kids get sent off to war to die for corporations.† And you know, all of the jobs and everything get sent overseas.† And all of your tax dollars are already spent.  And so on, and so on, and so on.


Alan: And your pension money, everything else is gone.  All the cash you paid into it is gone already.  At least in other countries like Canada and Britain and elsewhere, they actually admitted every year that theyíve already spent all your pension money and your healthcare cash is gone as well.  And they canít get enough cash.  And of course this is why theyíre going into the absurd now, of taxing the air that you breathe and all the rest of it, and taxing you for being fat, and taxing you, for all the things which they have caused, because the people today canít get, people at the bottom canít get access to good food.  Itís too expensive. 


Dave: You know, one other thing too is, I mean, arenít they really just making it so people are just, I mean even the West is going to be totally Third World.


Alan: Yes, youíre right.


Dave: I mean, thatís what I see.  Itís just because, like you were talking about, every single thing is taxed, thereís no jobs and theyíre just setting it up.  Well, you know theyíre setting it up to the point where thereís nothing you can do.  I mean, if thereís no work and thereís no money, youíre just going to go, you know, most people are just going to go, theyíre not going to figure anything out.  I mean, theyíre just going to go along to get along and end up wherever they end up.


Alan: Well, like the sci-fi movies that work with the Pentagon, of course, they all get funded for predictive programming, so we get used to the ideas.  They always give you this bleak future. 


Dave: Blade Runner.


Alan: And rubble towns with massive police structures, who have got all the massive equipment to kill you all.


Dave: Escape from New York.


Alan: Children of Men, that kind of stuff.  All this stuff.  Same scenario, over and over again, because the boys in Hollywood work with the Pentagon.  They know whatís coming down.  The Pentagon, we have to understand, and this is what they donít understand in the US, and the militaries that you have are mobile.  They can be moved anywhere permanently.  And thatís why theyíve been building for thirty years permanent bases across the world.  And they will go with the elite and this is what they said too, a long time ago, just like Platoís Republic, theyíll have a Super-Class of military personnel, who will be mobile, who will move with the elite, wherever they go.  And if they want to go over and live in Iraq for a hundred years, theyíll do so.  Theyíve already built up their cities there for that particular purpose, and elsewhere.  They built up hundreds across the world, for this purpose.  And theyíll leave you the dregs at home, or private companies like Serco or whatever they call it, to stay at home and just bash you over the head, tazer you and kill you.  I mean, thatís what I see coming down the pike to be honest.


Dave: Yeah, I mean, me and you have actually talked about this before, about predictive programming.  But itís kind of interesting, if you look at it, you can actually see whatís happening now. Yeah, itís pretty wild.  Well, thanks for your time, Alan.  Always great to talk to you. 


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Yeah, itís amazing.  Weíre living through it.† People will not get it, because itís unthinkable that their fantasy will collapse on them.  And they donít realize itís coming down now.  It really is coming down.  Theyíre talking about setting up this super-structure, for Infrastructure Bank of America, which is going to really again have to start off with more borrowing from the foreign bankers, again, and then theyíll be paid back by again the citizenry, the US taxpayer, another massive bank on top of that, in this strange public/private partnership deal, where the public get screwed and pay for everything and the private part gets all the profits.  I mean, this is the best that they can do, as we go down the tubes?  And the roads are a mess everywhere, in Canada too.  Theyíve been leaving them alone for so long, except these superhighways, where they can whiz along the military to quell down uprisings in the future.  Read the archives section of  Look at the think-tank for Britain and NATO, because they have a 90-page report on what they see for the future.  Itís all in there.  Nothing but riots, food riots even, in the Western countries, and people out of work. 


And you also get the same things too, because it becomes down to survival of the fittest and the fittest really who survive in a civilization falling down are the crooks and the petty crooks and the guys who stick knives in your back and rob you for personal survival.  That will all come.  And meanwhile, youíve got police states building up under this phony baloney nonsense of terrorism everywhere.  They knew what was coming down, when they signed the GATT treaty to finance China up to superstar performance status to take over, and nothing left back home to replace the work.  They knew what would happen and thatís why theyíve been preparing for years with internal super-armies to take care of it all.  Thatís what it is.  Weíre living in nanny states now. 


And all the stuff in Britain, and the average US citizen is going to have a hard time of it, no kidding you.  You step out your door, thereís a bike marshal wanting to see if youíre going to put that plastic bag in the right bin or heíll fine you a thousand dollars on the spot, sort of stuff.  No kidding.  Or they want to put cameras right outside your home that look in your windows, which theyíve been doing in Britain.  And meanwhile theyíll still sing all their national anthems and land of the free and all that stuff. 




China's Bold New Plan for Economic Domination


(A: This is from the Council on Foreign Relations.  This is their spin on it.  And it says:)


Over the past few months, Beijing has released several plans laying out its vision for the country's economic future. China's twelfth Five-Year Plan,


(A: Remember all these Five-Year Plan, ten, twenty, Iíve always mentioned.  The UN does the same thing.  And we sign it through the Kyoto conferences too, all these plans.  Weíll do a Five-Year Plan for this, ten, fifty year plan for that.  Itís all the same organization, you understand.  Itís been here for a long time.  Communism, capitalism, itís all the same thing, because the capitalists created the communists.  Anyway:)


approved in March, and a follow-up plan released late last month by the National Development and Reform Commission, reveal a national strategy with several worrying developments for multinational corporations.


(A: By the way, tie everything in with Agenda 21.  Iíve got an article from China here, where they actually mention theyíre still calling it Agenda 21, because their citizenry hasnít caught on to the meaning of it yet, where they changed the name here because weíre all pretty well up on what it means.  Tie it in with Agenda 21, you wonít need your cars shortly, or even good roads, because you wonít be traveling anywhere.  Essential vehicles only it said, remember.)


The economic blueprints focus on seven "Strategic Emerging Industries" that Beijing aims to dominate on a global level: alternative energy, biotechnology, new-generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, advanced materials, alternative-fuel cars, and new energy technologies. Global firms that compete in everything from hydropower to flat panel display technology will have to account for stronger Chinese competition.


(A: So weíre all competing in this race, this human race.  Now we know what the race is all about.  They get us all competing with each other, right?)


And for countries, such as Japan and Korea, with hopes of having their domestic firms lead these industries, these new Chinese plans may necessitate revamping their policies of state assistance for corporations.


(A: So, once again, youíve got China into the public/private partnership deal of financing corporations, so that they can win this big, you know, human race.  You know, weíre all on the starting line, and bang, off we go.)


To support its strategic industries, Beijing is set to provide accommodating fiscal, tax, and financial policies as well as to "reasonably guide mergers and acquisitions to increase manufacturing industry concentration," according to the published plans.


(A: By the way, the same people who owned all the big corporations and who lend to countries of the West are the same boys who own the factories over there, and who run the Chinese banking institutions as well.  Theyíre not stupid, you know.)


This includes roughly $1.5 trillion in government spending (almost 5 percent of GDP) annually, the goal of which is to grow the strategic industries' contribution to China's growth from less than 5 percent today to 15 percent by 2020. In other words, China plans to triple the role that these high tech industries play in its economy. By 2020, Standard Chartered estimates that China's economy will reach $25 trillion. At these levels, China intends that $3.75 trillion, or roughly the equivalent of Germany's annual GDP, will come from its seven strategic industries.


The only one hope you lay out for China, itís kind of like Mexico, is that corruption is not quite so taboo there.  They donít have the old hangovers from the Ten Commandments or anything like that to go by.  And they believe in luck, a lot of luck, you see.  So, corruption is pretty rife in China.  And they might even break down over the years in the future with their big city-state areas being private gang-run and fighting with each other, down the road.  It could very well happen, because theyíre all corrupt, you know.  And would you be a politician or even a public servant as they still call them in China, even though theyíre technically all Communist and belong to the Politburo, and you canít open a business in China unless you go into business with the local Politburo and pay them their fees, much like the Western governments too.  We just call it fees here, you know.  You canít get one started.  But it will be interesting to see how it all pans out over there because corruption is inherent.  Would you get a politicianís or even a public servantís salary when you know that your pal at school is now in private business and heís going to be a multi-billionaire in another four or five years time?  So payola, and exchanging payola, is quite a normal thing in China.  It will be interesting to see how that stands up.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iíll also put up the other article from China itself on what they call the New World Order, now that theyíre actually taking their rightful place, you see.  And thatís what the West has been telling them for years, now take your rightful place, meaning take over from the world as the policeman.  Now, weíll go to Frank from North Carolina, if heís still there.  Hello?


Frank: Yes, Alan.  Thank you for taking my call.† You know, the ripple effect is a very interesting phenomenon.  I find it more and more fascinating each day.  Iíve been calling in for about five or six years to the local talk radio stations, mostly ďconservative, neo-conĒ.  And Iíve always been the lone voice in the wilderness, particularly around 9/11, etc, etc.  What Iím finding is, and I had a question for you, Iím no longer the lone voice.  All of a sudden Iím starting to hear other voices coming in, black, white, conservatives, calling in questioning the official story of things.  Iíve just turned one radio station upside-down today, the local 50,000-watt station, thanks to your help from many years ago.  But I was wondering, have you, on your end, is there any indication that thereís any type of increase or exponentially, ideally increase, in awareness in people willing to speak out. 


Alan: Thereís definitely more people, especially young folk aware of it.  The problem is, they have no direction as to where to take it, what to do with it.  I mean youíre waking up not just to one big fraudulent act being imposed upon a whole nation, and a world in fact, but also, youíre waking up to what do we do about it.  Obviously if the system, the corrupt system that brought this about, is still in power, the same system.  And then they crashed the banks too, and then say itís all your fault for not competing hard enough, etc.  Do you really want that same system?  People just donít know what to do.  And thatís part of it too, is thereís no real structure.  Thereís no organizational structure.  The ones who are organized are the ones who have been organized for a hundred years, and thatís the Communist side.  And I get lots of articles sent to me that circulate the Patriot circuit, and I know that theyíre Communist, but the other people donít know.  Because they have a lot of good articles there, professionally written articles about the system.  So, who wants one or the other?  Theyíre both two sides of the same coin.  We need something different for the people, for the first time perhaps in well over a hundred years, because we donít know where to take this.  This is the whole thing.  The government itself is not about to change its system at all to accommodate the public.  The government itself is a secret society, as far as Iím concerned, to cover all of their misdeeds up from the general population, and, you know, so what do we do really?  It truly is a secret society, government is.


Frank:  Yeah, I made that point today on one of the shows and they started playing the Twilight Zone music and I said, hey, donít forget the tinfoil hat and the little green men and all that.  And some of them are actually, some of these neo-cons are actually starting to admit there is an elite globalist group of criminals that are running things.  But at the same time they clap and you know, want to hold parades when we kill Anwar Al-awlaki, who I, I kept saying, well, you know, heís probably a creepy guy, but why was he hanging out according to Fox News at the Pentagon, after 9/11.  I mean, the calls are going crazy.  I mean, they donít know what to do.  But I called in three different times to three different radio shows on the same station today.  And there are more people calling in.


Alan: Well, thatís the start of it.  And obviously things have to change and thereís got to be more.  Youíre not going to get transparency from a corrupt system thatís held up on its foundation of corruption.  Itís got to be altered, obviously.  And if thereís an organization that has the ability to alter it, unfortunately it will be the wrong one.  Probably the other side of the banking elite, the underworld, they run that too.  Weíve got to really work on that and find out how.  Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, remember too, buy the books and discs.  Keep me going, donate, because otherwise, you know.† Itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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