Oct. 3, 2011 (#932)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 3, 2011:

Those in Human Farming say Life is Charming:

"There's Money to Be Made on Everything You Do,
Yes Gov. and Business have Big Interest in You,
It's Important to Believe All Media Spin
And Never Understand the Mess You're In,
You're Both Consumer and Taxpayer,
Taxes Both Overt and the Hidden Layer,
Your Health is Monitored, Long-Term Prognosis,
To See if You'll have Illness or Psychosis,
Understand, To Balance Books, Gov. Must Know
If Your Life is Productive, How Long You'll Go,
That's Why Agencies into Your Life Looks
So Government can Project and Balance its Books"
© Alan Watt Oct. 3, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 3, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October the 3rd 2011.  For newcomers, you should look into the web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com and youíll find hundreds of audios for free download; help yourself to them.  Hopefully theyíll give you shortcuts to understanding this well managed system we live in.  We think itís chaotic but itís not really.  Itís well managed by experts in the mind and sociology, mass psychology and basically they give us our thoughts, our trends.  They work with the culture industry.  They work with the media.  Itís all one big consortium really thatís out there to give you your reality.  And people do swallow it.  And itís very hard, initially, to break out of it.  You want to believe everything is real.  You canít believe youíve been fooled your whole life.  And thatís the biggest shocker of all, is to find out that, yeah, you have been, if youíre honest enough about it; then, what are you going to do about it?  And the first thing you do is learn as much as you can.  Youíll go through lots of traps on the way, because the big boys who run reality know youíll go through a formula and they make sure that you get carried off into a thousand different directions into other galaxies and everything else, anything you can imagine thatís out there, believe you me.  It takes a lot of study to get back to what truth actually is.  You must also start using your own memory, because really, thatís the best record that you have.  Youíve experienced changes in your own life that made no sense, at least not compared to what they were giving you as the facts at the time for changes and all the rest of it.  You got to start using that, what youíve learned and then apply it to the past and youíll see the pattern, how tricks have been played down through the ages.  And they donít change the techniques because they work every time, so why change the formula?  


So anyway, help yourself to those audios and remember all those sites there on the .com site have transcripts in English as well for print up.  And you can go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts of some of the talks Iíve given and youíll find them in other languages there for print up as well.  Remember too, you are the audience that brings me to you.  You can buy the books and disks that Iíve got for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I donít take on the guest, as advertisers, as most people do to make their living Ė  I do it the suicidal way Ė which is okay.  Itís up to you to keep me going so you can buy the books and disks I have for sale.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And remember, straight donations are really, really, awfully welcome right now, because in the past I never pushed myself enough and everyone gets so used to me coming on every night just like any other regular show on television or something like that and they donít realize that youíre dependent upon them for the cash. 


I try and give you shortcuts, as I say, to the understanding of the big picture here and to show you that those who hold power in all ages make sure they continue to hold power in the next age because they plan the future.  They plan the kind of society they want and believe you me, to them itís warfare, in fact, upon society.  Itís done on that kind of mode with think tanks and strategists; in fact a lot of them come from the military, in fact, the top officials.  They join the think tanks and they work on society, how to promote trends, ideas in thinking, new ways of living.  All of that kind of stuff is coordinated at the top, the capstone I call it, because thereís definitely a controlling factor in the center of all these think tanks and NGOs and foundations that run parallel to what you think is government.  Theyíre higher than government; they put their own members into government in fact.  I might touch on some of that tonight.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I think a lot of people now have wisened up at least, especially since 9/11, people have kind of woken up to at least something big was happening.  They think theyíre awake but theyíre not really completely awake, until you get out of the paradigms you were in already.  Because really, we become shocked when we see that this system, that weíve been living in quite happily, is being shaken. And often people canít go back and say, wait a minute, we were living happily inside a kind of safe paradigm, but who created that one?  Because the countries are always changing the systems, theyíre always upgrading their system.  And even though they go back on platitudes to the old days, or foundations of countries, itís nothing like the real foundations at all.  Weíve come such a long way with massive social changes foisted upon the public, but itís always been from the top, from the top, from those corporations, international corporations that really run countries, including the banking corporations as well.  Because these are the guys who get together, with the power, to change things.  They set out policies through their think tanks and how to implement them on society.  These are the people who have the say, along with UNICEF and the United Nations educational organizations to make sure everyone gets a standardized if albeit false education, especially to do with histories.  And it works very, very well.  Weíve all had the same indoctrinations and nothing much really changes.  But weíre going into the system now where youíre living in a world... 


Iíve always said, they used to follow the plan of Revelation in the Bible, these characters; they follow it, you see.  Some people see it as a prophecy and others see it as basically a business plan you might say.  And when you look at it, the time would come where all the secrets would be shouted from the rooftops.  Well, in the days of the internet they certainly are to an extent; it depends whoís doing the shouting and whose information theyíre shouting about.  But governments now have all agreed, and they obviously agreed an awful long time ago, probably before we were even given the internet, because it was used by the Military-Industrial Complex before the public ever heard of it.  Thereís no doubt that this really is there to serve them. And itís also a great tool for keeping the pulse on the public, ALL the time.  They know what all the daily chitchatís about.  They know how far to push the envelope in any particular area.  If it gets too hot theyíll scale it back a little bit.  If the people are fairly quiet theyíll push forward with different social agendas and price increases, that kind of stuff that theyíre doing all the time anyway. 


So anyway, this article here is from Reuters, because they route the news to you.  So I call them Routers actually; they call them Reuters.  That was a company, actually, that was set up by the Rothschild family initially to take over all, and feed all news organizations the same stuff.  I think thereís only two or three companies now that do it, and theyíre probably all owned by the same guy.  Anyway, thatís how you standardize information and decide what weíre going to prattle about for the day.  Anyway, this article hereís about internet companies...


Internet firms co-opted for surveillance: experts

reuters.com / Georgina Prodhan / NAIROBI | Sep 30, 2011


NAIROBI (Reuters) - Internet companies such as Google, Twitter and Facebook are increasingly co-opted for surveillance work as the information they gather proves irresistible to law enforcement agencies, Web experts said this week.  (Alan:  They love experts, eh?  They just happen to be experts on the web.)


Although such companies try to keep their users' information private (A:  Thatís a joke!), their business models depend on exploiting it to sell targeted advertising, and when governments demand they hand it over, they have little choice but to comply.  (A:  Well actually they sell it, theyíve been doing this for years, to the cops and the government.)


Suggestions that BlackBerry maker RIM (A:  RIM, I guess they call it.) might give user data to British police after its messenger service was used to coordinate riots this summer caused outrage -- as has the spying on social media users by more oppressive governments.


But the vast amount of personal information that companies like Google collect to run their businesses has become simply too valuable for police and governments to ignore, delegates to the Internet Governance Forum in Nairobi said.  (A:  They always hold it in some faraway place, donít they?)


"When the possibility exists for information to be obtained that wasn't possible before, it's entirely understandable that law enforcement is interested," Google's Chief Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf told Reuters in an interview.


"Then the issue would be, what's the right policy? And that, or course, engenders a lot of debate," said Cerf, who is recognized as one of the "fathers of the Internet" for his early work in areas including communications protocols and email.


Demands from governments for Internet companies to hand over user information have become routine, according to online privacy researcher and activist Christopher Soghoian, who makes extensive use of freedom-of-information requests in his work.


"Every decent-sized U.S. telecoms and Internet company has a team that does nothing but respond to requests for information," Soghoian told (A:  Routers....) Reuters in an interview.


Soghoian estimates that U.S. Internet and telecoms companies may receive about 300,000 such requests in connection with law enforcement each year -- but public information is scarce.


While U.S. courts are obliged to publish reports on wire-tapping of telephone lines, no similar information is required to be made public with respect to the Internet -- which grew up after the laws on electronic communications were passed.


Google does voluntarily publish a transparency report every six months in which it details the number of requests it receives from governments around the world to remove content from its services or hand over user data.


But the numbers do not reveal how many users are affected by each request -- only trends country by country (www.google.com/transparencyreport).


Some governments are requiring Internet companies to collect more data and keep it for longer, said Katarzyna Szymielewicz, executive director of Poland's Panoptykon Foundation, which campaigns for human rights in light of modern surveillance.


"Government agencies throughout the world are pushing companies to collect even more data than is needed for their business purposes," she told the conference.


"For example, we have a very controversial data retention regime which is currently under review. This requires people to store data for a period up to two years so it can easily be accessed by law enforcement agencies."  (A:  Itís WAY beyond that. And you think theyíre ever telling us the truth anyway?  Do you really think theyíll ever tell us the truth?  Of course they wonít.  You know, authorities have never told the public the truth about anything.)


The ease and cost of surveillance are at an all-time low, Soghoian said, with Google charging an administrative fee of $25 to hand over data, Yahoo charging $20, and Microsoft and Facebook providing data for free.  (A:  Because theyíre all really part of the National Security Agency as far as Iím concerned.)


"The marginal cost of surveilling one more person is now essentially approaching zero."  (A:  Itís getting so cheap.)


So itís all a matter of routineness now I guess, and even your local cops want in on it because they see it all on television and it sounds exciting.  And you got to have this on television first, in fiction, and then put it into reality; you just got to do it.  The moneyís there for them and they demand more. And the bigger they get, of course itís like any bureaucracy, the more secure they feel, the more indispensable they feel and they probably wonít get laid off then; thatís how government departments actually work.  Thatís where itís going now with this. 


Itís interesting too, to see the big boys, the biggest crooks, and how they operate because theyíve always operated the same way down through the ages and it works awfully well too.  Itís all to do with money.  And hereís an article here that JP Morgan Chase...


New York City Police Foundation ó New York



JPMorgan Chase recently donated an unprecedented $4.6 million to the New York City Police Foundation. (A:  Thatís, you know, like their little... the old joke about the policemanísí ball.  They have a little box there and you put the cash in it, you might walk out the door; if you donít you might end up in the cells.  Anyway, thatís the kind of money you want to put to them if youíre a big company and you want them to look the other way on certain things, especially if youíre under investigation.  $4.6 million to the New York City Police Foundation...) The gift was the largest in the history of the foundation and will enable the New York City Police Department to strengthen security in the Big Apple. The money will pay for 1,000 new patrol car laptops, as well as security monitoring software in the NYPD's main data center.  (A:  So theyíre very grateful for getting that tremendous donation and well, there you go.  Anyway, that means that JP Morgan Chase, put it this way, the police will find better things to do than have a look into what theyíre up to themselves.)


And an article too Ė itís not bad Ė to do with... You got to understand, information is put out there by SO many different people AND organizations WITH intent. Itís not just news.  No news, in fact, is actually news.  All the stuff you get across the television is all spun for particular reasons, or half-truths, or omissions of the rest of the truth, to leave you with a specific impression in your mind about the particular topic.  We hear the same thing about Islamophobia and it says...


"Fear, Inc." Exposes the So-Called Experts and Donors Behind Islamophobia in the United States

democracynow.org / September 6, 2011


(A:  It goes into some of the different people and organizations that are constantly peddling Islamophobia to terrify the general public.  Iím sure the governmentís grateful for it because they got to keep this going while they go to war with more and more Muslim nations, until thereís none left.  And no one can convince me that thatís not what the agenda is about; itís all Muslim countries theyíre going for.  So it is a war on their particular religion.)


A new report by the Center for American Progress called "Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America" shows how a small group of self-proclaimed experts backed by a host of donors are spreading fear and hostility toward Muslims in the United States. According to the report, these so-called experts peddle Islamophobia in the form of books, reports, websites, blogs and carefully crafted anti-Islam talking points. It also notes that right-wing Norwegian murderer Anders Breivik repeatedly cited these "experts" in his so-called "Manifesto." Among those the report highlights is Robert Spencer, author of a blog called "Jihad Watch" and leader of the group Stop Islamization of America, which coined the term "victory mosque at Ground Zero" to refer to a local effort to build a moderate Islamic center in New York City, turning it into an international spectacle. We speak with one of the reportís authors, Faiz Shakir, vice president of the Center for American Progress and editor-in-chief of ThinkProgress.org. " 


Anyway, itís not a bad article as they go through some of the techniques that are used.† And obviously these so-called experts are getting good backing.  Iíve no doubt the governmentís in on it too, and other interested parties, maybe another nation as well; Iím certain about that.  But thatís really how itís done.  Itís so easy, just constant repetition.  And people seldom question anything that they hear.  They donít think at all for themselves, unfortunately.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  The US, and Britain now too, are trying to do away with minimum wages, because weíre in austerity now you understand.  We have to compete with China apparently, and lots of other little countries, where you can knock up a shack somewhere and live in it.  We canít even do that here without thousands of dollars of eco-impact studies and engineers coming to see if we can have that shack or not, you know, never mind the taxes and all the rest of it.† Anyway, it doesnít matter about what reality is about, they want to do away with minimum wages. 


Minimum wage harming job opportunities for young

(A:  Itís HARMING them.  You understand, they get the marketers in and they warp things around; so ďMinimum wage harming job opportunities for youngĒ you see.)

The minimum wage may be pricing young people out of work because employers are finding it too expensive to give them their first job (A:  Aw, poor employers, eh?), Government pay advisers have said.  (A:  This is from Britain.)

telegraph.co.uk / Richard Tyler, and James Kirkup / 02 Oct 2011


The Low Pay Commission is examining the link between the minimum wage rate and youth unemployment.


Firms may be reluctant to create jobs by recruiting inexperienced staff because they are put off by the increased wage bill, the Low Pay Commission has suggested.


The Commissionís intervention comes amid calls from businesses for ministers (A:  Thatís politicians.) to freeze or even cut the rate to enable more young people to find work.


Conservative ministers meeting at the partyís conference are to promise a raft of measures to boost the stalling UK economy. The claims will add to pressure on the Government to go further.


New rates for the minimum wage took effect on Saturday. For 18-20 year olds, the minimum wage is now £4.98, (A:  Wow.... wow, eh?  Boy, thatís high living, eh?) up from £4.92.  (A:  So thatís great, eh?  It went up a few cents, a few pennies.)  For 16-17 year olds, the new rate is £3.68, up from £3.64.


Tim Butcher, the commissionís chief economist told the Daily Telegraph that the body is launching a new investigation into the role the minimum wage has played in Britainís growing youth unemployment problem. (A:  So itís all because of the minimum wage that they canít get jobs, you understand.)


Official figures last month showed that almost 1 million of the 2.5 million people officially counted as unemployed in Britain are aged between 16 and 24.


Almost 220,000 have been out of work for more than a year and some economists fear a "lost generation" of young people who never learn the habits of work and face a lifelong struggle ever to find employment.  (A:  Which ties in exactly, as I was telling you before, with how the futureís always planned YEARS ahead of anything happening. Maggie Thatcher said on national television in a speech when she was in, thereíll be a generation that will never see work in their lifetime, GET USED TO IT.  See how they work everything WAY down the road from when you experience it happening?)


In its official advice to the Government on this yearís pay rates, the commission raised concerns about younger workers, the first such warning since the introduction of the legal minimum rate in 1999.


"Recent research has found evidence that in difficult economic circumstances the level of the minimum wage may have had an impact on the employment of young people," the commission told ministers.  (A:  Anyway, they keep blaming the fact that itís too high.)


They want to bring it down.   Thatís what they want to do.  And thatís called austerity too.  We must go down and down, and down, and compete with the Middle East and a few other countries; thatís the agenda.  And live in austerity.  See, at one time it wasnít so bad, when they were really destroying the workforce, destroying even marriage, especially with the young; they ended up living with their parents.  Now you donít even have parents anymore; you have maybe a parent, who goes through a whole bunch of boyfriends or whatever, so the house is always full, so you canít move back to the house.  So if you donít have friends youíre snookered, as they say.  And so things arenít working out so well. 


Now, I love it with these scientists with their computer models, because they pay lots of bucks, or we pay lots of bucks for the computer models I should say, so they can get the desired predictions.  Itís much like Nostradamus, you know, only less correct.  And they get the predictions that they want to hear of course, because theyíre all employed through grants for life, hopefully, if they get in on a good con.  They can have a great life just looking at the occasional computer and having a good old time, no hard work, no sweeping the floor and no digging trenches or anything hard.  Anyway, the government was about to, in Canada, cut back on all of these scientists with their little stations, that we all pay for, who have made a career out of watching for an ozone hole, you see.  I can remember when the first NASA craft said that we even had one and it was in the Southern Hemisphere at the time over Australia.  And it was the only company actually ever since whoís ever even been able to define that we actually have an ozone hole, a kind of thinning of the ozone.  Itís at the poles, though, you see.  And no doubt itís a natural phenomenon, you see.  But of course when they first discovered it, oh it must be man-made.  Right off the bat, it must be mad-made.  Well, how would they know that, unless theyíd been studying it for thousands of years, which they werenít.  This is how they get through with cons. And that was part of the first part about, oh manís upsetting the whole climate, a long time ago.  So...


ĎUnprecedentedí ozone hole opens over Canadian Arctic

news.nationalpost.com / Oct 2, 2011 / Margaret Munro


A massive Arctic ozone hole opened up over the Northern Hemisphere for the first time this year, an international research team reported Sunday.  (A:  Just in time, you see, because they were going to lay them all off.)


The hole covered two million square kilometres ó about twice the size of Ontario ó and allowed high levels of harmful ultraviolet radiation to hit large swaths of northern Canada, Europe and Russia this spring, the 29 scientists say.


The discovery of the ďunprecedentedĒ hole comes as the Canadian government is moving to cut its ozone monitoring network.  (A:  That means all these scientists living on grants, as theyíre yawning away there and occasionally glance at a computer, you know, no hard pressure, nothing.)


Environment Canada scientist David Tarasick, whose team played a key role in the report published Sunday in the journal Nature, is not being allowed to discuss the discovery with the media.


Environment Canada told Postmedia News that an interview with Tarasick ďcannot be granted.Ē Tarasick is one of several Environment Canada ozone scientists who have received letters warning of possible ďdiscontinuance of job functionĒ as part of the downsizing underway in the department. 


Well, theyíll just have to go and get a real job then, I guess, and thatís all there is to it.  Unless you can terrify them that, oh if he doesnít keep watching it weíll all come to a sticky end, you know.  This is how they do it, all these scientists; they leave university and, really, nobody wants them, until they can catch in on a big scare tactic.  Thatís when they get, they hopefully get a grant for life; thatís what theyíre all after.  And another article too, is to do with the North Pole and ice, another big con, conflicting evidence.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíll put up a link tonight about ice and how the big organization was saying, oh my God, thereíll be nothing left, shortly, of the ice sheet on the North Pole.  And Iíll put up another one which shows you itís never been thicker. 


Ice Volumegate - real-science.com / October 1, 2011 / Steven Goddard



Alan:  However, Iíll go to the callers now; thereís two that have been hanging on.  Thereís one from the UK, long distance, so Iíll take him.  Daniel from the UK, are you there?


Daniel:  Hi.  Do you know that big food company Kraft?† Is that Kraft in reference to the occult meaning?


Alan:  It is actually partly, yeah.


Daniel:  Yeah.  Iíve just been looking into that.  You know, Iím trying to get my head around all this, all this stuff because you often refer to all this as a business plan, which would make sense from a practical point of view.  But thatís where I get confused, with thereís the people at the top, as far as I know, are not religious.  But there seems to be something else going on there; I hear things that theyíre involved in, in other worship of something or other.  Can you elaborate on that?


Alan:  Religion itself, you got to remember, is a word, like so many words, we take for granted.  And you think itís somebody praying to a God, you forget there are actually religions where people are Gods. They believe they are Gods, you know.  You can also have a religion, and actually one of them is the Secular Humanist Foundation, the organization, the Humanists.  They have a religion where they believe that man is the supreme creature, maybe in the universe even, and therefore technically, technically theyíre worshiping themselves.  And there are branches of even orthodox religions which are worshiping themselves as well. People can worship themselves, and actually do in some branches of religions.  And itís all to do with what a God is.  A God is all powerful, meaning, a God has authority, all power, all authority.  His word can sink a country.  It can command that people get killed or slaughtered.  It can command that you donít breed or sterilize you.  It can command that youíre not allowed to eat anymore or you will not be able to afford to eat anymore.  Thatís technically; a powerful deity is simply what a God is.  And some religions you can be a priest or a rabbi even and you donít have to believe in a superhuman deity. 


Daniel:  What weíre talking about here is that there are people who are obsessive, egotistical, megalomaniac weirdos who worship themselves as Gods?


Alan:  Yeah, technically.   In fact, the whole idea of eugenics is about that in a sense.  They do praise themselves as the most supreme beings on the planet, at the top.  Even those in the Lucky Gene Club, as they call themselves, they want to sterilize the rest of the world.  They literally believe they are the cream of the crop.  And theyíre using science to try and back it up by saying that, in eugenics, saying that those people who have the correct genes in them would have been at the top already.


Daniel:  The theory of evolution, isnít it, like you said.


Alan:  Yes.  Absolutely, absolutely.  From its very beginnings.  Thatís why Darwinism was brought out in fact, was to demolish the old system of religion, which kept us a little bit humble if nothing else.  I mean, thereís no doubt about it; it made you self-reflect.  That was part of the idea.  But they did away with that; that was the idea.  And the whole idea of Darwinís book on eugenics and survival, basically of the most favored races, he called it actually, meaning those people within races who rose to the top and had held onto it for generations, therefore they were breeding with each other, from established families, therefore they were the top, the crŤme-de-la-crŤme.  And those all beneath them who hadnít made it, the working classes, were therefore what we would call today the junk genes.  This is the big joke with genetics today, is that weíre all junk genes at the bottom, if you havenít made it up already.


Daniel:  So, really, I mean, it was just to sell it to the public.  It was to sell... it was to make that ethos, that idea, that lunatic idea palatable to the public, to make... to give it scientific credence, wasnít it?


Alan:  Yes.  The whole trick with science is that it pretends to go by facts but weíve seen enough cons in our own lifetime.  And actually itís run by theories and a theory is someoneís guess, remember.  The rest of them get behind this guess and back it, until they come up with a better guess or a different guess and then theyíll change without ever admitting that the last one must be wrong.  Absolutely, that was the idea, that manís own ingenuity would give him a Godlike appearance and intellect and then mankind would decide where to go with it. But they set themselves up as a priesthood; that was the key.  And thatís what Bertrand Russell was talking about when he said that, eventually the elite will become like a different species to the ordinary people through their breeding, you know, etc.


Daniel:  Yeah, I mean, I read something about that on a news article about 4 years ago.  The article was 4 years old already a few months ago.  And it was exactly that. Some guy called Oliver someone, over at the University of, College of London or something like that, the School of Economics.  Heís an evolutionary Darwinist or something like this.  And what he actually said in the article was, the human race will split into two species, a species of elite, good-looking people, and then a goblin-like slave race.  And he cited HG Wellsís The Time Machine with the Eloi and the Morlocks underground.† And he gave his timeline and stuff. But that surprised me because Iíve never seen anything actually in the paper about this, where these scientists are actually talking about splitting into two separate species.


Alan:  Bertrand Russell actually said that.  He said that in The Impact of Science on Society. He said, eventually the elite will be a separate species all together from the working classes. And the rest of the classes, he said, will be trained by injunctions Ė laws, and training etc in school Ė and injections, and by their food and so on, to be stupider actually Ė he didnít say stupid, but he meant stupider Ė so that they would be easily controlled by this elite.  And he said, eventually theyíll be so far apart, these two species of humanity, that the idea of a rebellion by the sheep would be so unthinkable, it would be like the sheep rebelling about the price of mutton.That was his joke about it.


Daniel:  Yeah, but when it gets to that state thereíll be no coming back from that. That will be it, forever then, really.  Wonít it?


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.  Theyíve already gone a long way.  They have used... I mean, he wasnít the only one too.  Charles Galton Darwin who was the Manhattan Project scientist that worked on the bomb, he liked things that killed folk, he also went back to Britain and he wrote his book, The Next Million Years, about this very topic.  And his fear was that the lesser types would outbreed the superior types and he says, weíve got to stop this by finding ways to sterilize them and perhaps add and tamper with their hormone level in both male and female, and make the male less aggressive by adding female hormones.  And he says, these will have a detrimental effect also on the female who will become more masculine; the more she gets she actually becomes more masculine.  So they have done all of this:  injections, adding stuff to the water supply, the bisphenol A and the different estrogen mimickers and plastics in food and so on.  Itís even in baby food; they add it for bulk, under melamine.  So theyíve done all of that and you can see the effects around you today. 


Daniel:  Yeah.  I understand.  Well just one quick thing.  That Jersey is quite a dark place isnít it?† I mean the Isle of Jersey, because I was reading about that, the childrenís home and the horrendous things that were supposed to have gone on there a few years ago.  And I was reading more about it and itís almost like a completely separate place, like a dictatorship the way itís set up, with all its... Is that very Masonic over there, is it?


Alan:  They definitely use Masons and all of that kind of thing because theyíre taught from the start to follow orders and obey commands from superiors, and also to keep secrets.  So youíll find all through police, military, scientists, the whole judicial system, the Masonic thread; thereís no doubt about it whatsoever.  In fact, even Peter Wright who was head of MI-5 for a while wrote in his own book, Spy Catcher, he said that when he joined he was asked if he was a Mason, and the woman says to him, well you have to be a Mason, everyone here is a Mason.  It was a must-be.  The Masonic fraternities, we cannot ever, ever dismiss them. Theyíre throughout your whole judicial system, lawyers, judges, etc, and youíll see the little hand signs as they make their gestures towards each other for what they want to happen.  And the person whoís simply accused is just standing silent in the dock, doesnít know whatís going on.  So youíre living in a system where itís assured, secrecy is assured.  The same with all the high levels of all militaries, including the US and Canadian, you have to be a Mason to get up there.


Daniel:  Yeah.  Okay, well thatís great Alan.  Thanks for answering my questions.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  And thereís Mark from Texas as well.  Are you there Mark?


Mark:  Alan, the governmentís job, job one, is to accumulate assets or collateral for the debt.† Thatís their only job.  They have used us.  They have used our land.  They have used the metals that we used to use in our medium of exchange; theyíve taken that.  Theyíre now trying to actually put a surcharge on the building blocks of life to service the debt.† The carbon taxes, thatís nothing but collateral to service the debt.† Itís all about servicing a debt on paper, from paper, by paper.  Now the next thing, if you canít... The government... the Federal Reserve is nothing but the pusher-man.  You remember the song, The Pusher-Man?† Thatís all they are.  The scum thatís addicted to money.† If you canít pay your drug dealer off, you can either run and hide or what can you do?  You could steal money from somebody else.  These wars are nothing but asset allocation to pay the debt. 


Alan:  And I agree.  The problem is too, you understand, even going back to the days of Quigley who belonged to the CFR for the US, and he said this system of them putting in their own guys to make sure the same system kept going, it was already and had been there for 60 years when he wrote that in the 1960s.  He said the same thing, that eventually these central banks, you see, he says, theyíve hooked up across the world, they come under the Bank for International Settlements; thatís the big one in Basel, Switzerland.  And the Feds go over, the guys from the Bank of England go over, all the different central banks.  Itís a private organization of central banks basically that deal with the whole countryís money, and they come up with the next part of the plans, amongst themselves, and tell us what to do.  And technically when youíre a citizen, youíre just basically the collateral for all debts; thatís what you are.  It doesnít matter where you live.  In fact, when you immigrate itís two government battling over who has ownership to tax you; thatís really what itís all about.  Thatís all itís about, completely in fact, is who gets the right to tax you.  And thatís what we are; weíre tax based and thatís what weíre regarded as by those in government, basically. 


Mark:  That is what itís all about.  Itís asset allocation.† Itís gathering of collateral.† And sooner or later theyíre going to run out of collateral.† Then what?


Alan:  And they know that too.  They know that too because they want the population to drop on the one hand, as they bring down the ones who may fight back.  They bring in lots of people from other countries who have never had rebellions; theyíve never rebelled against anything.  They have no idea what rights are, and they are very happy to bring these kinds in.  So theyíre hoping to keep up the populations to pay off the debts Ė this is the story they give to the general public Ė by massive immigration, like theyíve done with Britain and it ends up in absolute disaster.  So you know, they canít have it both ways.  They either bring the population down and then the ones that are left have to pay double or triple in taxes of what theyíre paying already, or they bring more immigrants in.  Weíre supposed to destroy each nation with this crazy theory that only benefits the bankers themselves. 


Mark:  Thatís exactly right, because fighting these wars, I still say, is nothing but trying to gather collateral. 


Alan:  Absolutely. 


Mark:  Thatís all it is, to service our debt. 


Alan:  Even under the guise of the fat taxes, by the way, not just the carbon taxes.  Theyíve just introduced the fat tax in Denmark.


Mark:  [Caller laughing.]  What will they think of next?!?


Alan:  Well the thing is, though, everybody says, oh yeah, thereís too many fat people.  Once your government Ė think about it Ė starts taxing your food, a basic essential, whatís next?  Your water, you see.  Now, they can go the whole way with it. So this is going after their vital things for life.  Itís also collective punishment that they used in the Soviet Union; if one person shot someone in the far east of Russia the whole country would be disarmed sort of thing.  Well, itís the same thing too.  I know for a fact, if you grew up in poor areas, where people are skinny and they donít get much meat, they are the first ones to get hit with this fat tax, and now itís going to be more expensive for them, getting their meat once a week, maybe, if theyíre lucky, you know. 


Mark:  Now, not everybody can afford the best of food.


Alan:  Oh, no, not these days.  I see it up where I live too.


Mark:  Yeah, Iím going to tell you something too.  I think a lot of this battery technology and whatnot is nothing but a scare tactic to the countries that arenít involved in the central banks.  All it is, because we know on paper... well here we go again, on paper; I donít mean it the other way this time though.  On paper it canít work.  Itís not energy efficient.  Itís not cost saving; thereís no cost savings to it.  But theyíre saying, well weíre going to take all, we got to get off the oil.  Itís a scare tactic, is all it is, to get them to install a central bank and then what theyíll do is take the natural resources of those countries that still donít have a central bank and theyíll throw that in, against collateral, for the derivative debt.


Alan:  Well, youíre right on with that because you know this new bank they want to set up in the States for infrastructure, all infrastructure, theyíre going to make basically a new central bank dealing just with that.  Thatís a form of the same thing that youíre just talking about there. 


Mark:  I think so too.


Alan:  And so itíll be the same across the rest of the world. And eventually you will have one bank for all energy units.  In fact, the CO2 bank is not just CO2; itís all energy thatís got to be under.  Because the whole thing is done through some crazy Wizard of Oz mathematical equation of turning this little bit of oil, or whatever it is, into carbon, in the sky; this is the joke about the whole darn thing.  Literally, you will be an energy consumer, even though youíre producing energy yourself; itís the only form of creating anything, is human endeavor.  The fact is, youíre going to get taxed on everything that you consume or need to use, or how much did it take to make that hammer in energy, etc.  This is a massive surtax on everything that you need to keep alive. 


Mark:  And if they can keep finding smaller, scientists, if the scientists can keep finding smaller and smaller particles, that we canít see, thatís just another level of possible taxation. 


Alan:  Oh, thereís no end to it. 


Mark:  There is no end to this!


Alan:  There is no end.† Last week I mentioned some, I put up a site, itís called Some of the Worldís Craziest Taxes in History.  Including the light tax, and the window tax, during King William III, and thatís why you see so many of the windows bricked up now in Britain, from that era, because you were charged by every pane that allowed light into your room; that was a form of taxation. 


Mark:  Itís a crazy world, bud... Itís a mad, mad world. 


Alan:  Yeah. Thanks for calling. 


Mark:  Thanks Alan.  I enjoyed it.


Alan:  Back after this.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and Iím going to show you how perception management is done in the following two articles.  Actually theyíre both about the same information that was given out from the Department of National Statistics.  You know itís just like George Orwell had that, the Department of National Statistics; itís all here.  And every countryís got them, you see.  And how the far left, the ones who are for multi-everything and all kinds of sexual things and so on, are cheering about this. And then you see the other side of it, which is more based on reality.  It says...


More varieties of sex please, we're British

Official statistics show big rise in number of Britons unsure of their sexuality

independent.co.uk / Adam Sherwin / 29 September 2011


Britons are becoming more sexually adventurous, with fewer defining themselves as "straight" and an increasing number answering "don't know" when asked to define their leanings.


The annual Integrated Household Survey (IHS) published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), found a record number of people answering: "I'm sorry I haven't a clue," when asked about their sexual identity.  


Maybe theyíve watched so much television they just donít know what identity is anymore. Anyway, itís a big hurrah-hurrah one and you think my God, everybody is changing.  Because all you get on media, you see, is the same stuff; you think nothing else is happening in the world.† Then you get this article that opposes it and itís more factual. 


Whatever the BBC say, Britain is still mainly white,

Christian (A:  At least culture-wise.) and straight

dailymail.co.uk / Richard Littlejohn / 30th September 2011


There are lies, damned lies and statistics. And then thereís the Integrated Household Survey from the Office of National Statistics.


The Government spends a small fortune on this annual exercise, which is designed to identify social trends in Britain. This year was the biggest ever, with a record 420,000 respondents. (A:  So they send out these questionnaires.)


According to the ONS, it is the definitive study of Ďsexual identity, religion, ethnicity and perceived general healthí.


Surprising?  70 per cent of Britons claim to be Christian even if they do not attend church (A:  That wasnít in the other one, you see.)

Presumably, it is intended to reinforce the officially endorsed portrait of Britain as a vibrant mosaic of multi-cultural, religious and sexual diversity.


Certainly, thatís how it has been greeted on the Left. The Independent (A:  The newspaper.), for instance, was ecstatic. ĎOfficial statistics show big rise in number of Britons unsure of their sexualityí it declared yesterday.


Under the headline ĎMore varieties of sex, please, weíre Britishí, the paper rejoices: ĎBritons are becoming more sexually adventurous, with fewer defining themselves as ďstraightĒ and an increasing number answering ďdonít knowĒ when asked to define their leanings.í


Undoubtedly, if you ignore the facts, the Indyís got a point. Over the past 12 months, there was a fall of 0.2 per cent in the number of adults who say they are Ďstraightí.


Thatís right, 0.2 per cent. His name is Reg, he lives in Rotherham, he hasnít had a girlfriend for five years (A:  Thatís his little joke.  So thatís probably, really, out of the survey, thatís about one person.) . . .


But that doesnít exactly suggest Britain is entering an enlightened era of hedonistic sexual flexibility.


Iíd have thought the new figures would come as something of a disappointment to the high priests of homosexual equality. Only 1.3 per cent of men who replied to the survey say they are gay and just 0.6 per cent of women identify as lesbian.  (A:  Thatís amazing.  I thought it would be a lot more than that after a whole lifetime of propaganda and everything you see on television would make you think thatís how the world is.)


Thatís well short of the seven per cent claimed by the gay rights organisation Stonewall. And nowhere near the alleged 27 per cent who were reported by the BBC website last year to be either gay or bisexual.  (A:  I think thatís just the ones that work in the BBC though.)


Ninety four per cent of men and women consider themselves 100 per cent heterosexual. Another four per cent said they couldnít or wouldnít answer the question. (A:  So they didnít want to answer the question.)  In other words: mind your own damn business.  (A:  yeah.)


See how perception management can really throw you off?  Unless you think for yourself. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  And remember, buy the books and help donate and keep me ticking along here.



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Perception Management Example

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