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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 4, 2011:

Monarchs of Money:

Future Predicted With No Hype nor Fear,

Better Panic Now, the Future is Here:

"Quigley, Historian, Council on Foreign Relations,
Gave a Future View of Their Machinations
And how Banks would Fail Because of Vices,
Leading World into Multiple Crises
Which would Be Solved by Unification
Of Regional Blocs Dissolving the Nation,
All Central Banks would then Merge
Under B.I.S. thus Avoiding the Verge
Of Financial Collapse, The World thus Saved,
Would Find through Agreements Laid,
A New Economy would Save the Day,
Depending on Carbon Credits Stashed Away
And Energy Units Bought and Traded,
Until Memories of Cash All but Faded,
The I.M.F. for Defaulters, to Use Severity,
Cutting Welfare, Health Care, Bringing Austerity,
The World Bank to Reign the United Planet,
We've Been Screwed Again, Doggone Dammit"
© Alan Watt Oct. 4, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 4, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 4th of October 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the audios which youíll find at cuttingthroughthematrix.com; thereís hundreds to choose from.  Hopefully youíll find the big system that youíve been born into, the one thatís not mentioned by the media, and the one thatís been working very hard for an awful long time to bring in a form a world government, which it doesnít stop simply when they reach a target goal, theyíve always got new targets to reach, because you see, itís a never ending story in a sense, of the improvement of the species, or if you like, the enslavement of the species to the superior ones who already rule it.  Thatís as simple as that.  Anyway, help yourself to the audios.  Youíll find out thereís a parallel government, been here for a long time.† Professors and those involved have been very happy to churn out their books over the last 150 years or so, but most folk donít bother reading them because theyíre not sexy, theyíre not fun.  Theyíre rather dry, boring stuff, very bureaucratic, but youíll find thatís where the truth always lies because weíre kept in a kind of Disneyland with entertainment, with regular media and their job is not to ever tell you whatís really, really going on or what the long-term goals and plans are.  In fact thereís no real journalism anymore at all, except for maybe those who are involved in the big systems, the big society, the one above the one that we know, that deal with bringing the world into this new planned society, like the Council on Foreign Relations.  Thatís where the higher journalists go.  Thereís lots of them that work full time with them around the world because they have offices across the whole globe now.  And weíre well into it. 


Anyway, help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, all the sites you see listed at cuttingthroughthematrix.com have transcripts for print up as well as the audios and you can go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages.   You can also help me keep going too by purchasing the books and disks that are for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  From the US to Canada you can use a personal check, in this day and age you can still use a personal check, and they do come through.  Remember straight donations are really awfully welcome right now in this time of inflation and all the rest of it. 


And quantitative easing as they call it, which is just the same thing basically, as they inflate things out of proportion to make sure that you go into a world of austerity, and you learn how to eat less and buy less actually.  The cash that used to jingle in your pockets and youíd wonder what to do with will go in fees and taxes for all of the things that you really need, for bare essentials, and thatís what really this whole new austerity idea across the world is about.  Energy is the key and all energy units will be paid for dearly, by you.  Youíre going to get a lot less of them for a lot more that you pay, but that is the coming system.  Itís already been set up actually.  Itís a matter of implementing it, a step at a time.  Some countries are roaring ahead with it like Australia but weíve all supposed to follow it because itís a global agenda, an absolutely global agenda.  And the last people to know that theyíre global, of course, are the hard-working taxpaying citizens of each little country as they go up and down this rollercoaster of financial crisis.  You know, thereís never been a generation since central banking, private banking that is, was established for governments.  Thereís never been a generation thatís had a life of peace.  Itís either complete warfare with someone else, run by the central banks who always divvy it up at the end, because all taxpayers on both sides lose and they have to pay up the costs, and the rest of the time itís economic warfare and layoffs.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was just thinking, as I say, that people never get a chance to relax in one generation; it doesnít happen.  It hasnít happened for an awful long time.  As I say, our parents, grandparents, were always off at war and now itís our turn too, same sort of thing.  In between the wars we have recessions and depressions and plundering by the banksters.  And this is supposed to be called a normal life, eh?  Itís just astonishing, really, when you look at all the breakthroughs in science weíre told about, these wonderful things they can do and things theyíre working upon, and yet they canít get the money system straightened out.  Itís just too complex, you see, and special folk have to be brought in to deal with it.  Itís too complex and mystifying to everybody.  Itís voodoo really and itís a form of voodoo, so the high priests of cash, really, are the ones who can understand it.  I think their deity made it up and no one speaks to them except their deity.  So anyway, no one else can understand it apparently.  With all of these courses in universities and degrees and everything else, they just canít figure it out.  Itís just amazing. 


Really, weíre run by a con game of course and thatís the bottom line, because all agreements between citizens and government are based on conology where they pretend to serve you and you pretend that they are.  Even though theyíre driving about and living high on the hog, a lot better than youíll ever do.  We go along with it and that is what itís about, really.  Itís compliance, compliance of the citizenry.  And we accept the nonsense from the mainstream media.  Itís interesting too, the difference in US politics and, say, the British system.  Where in Britain they kind of laugh at each other across the House, they call it, the different parties, and they guffaw, they actually have guffawing; you got to learn how to do it and go to Eton and Cambridge and you learn how to guffaw very, very politely.  They do that all the time when they know that the other boyís been ripping off money from the public purse for his own projects.  And thatís happening in Canada too, a part of the British Commonwealth system, right now in fact, where theyíve all got fingers in the cookie jar and theyíre laughing at each other and doing this guffaw stuff across the House floor.  Nothing happens about it.  It doesnít matter how much cash has been ripped off.  I mean, one guy put $50 million into his own riding, supposedly under the last G20 meeting, and of course it didnít go anywhere near his riding but it had nothing to do with it.  Things like that, you see.


So thatís normal politics for outside of America.  But in America they pretend, of course, that theyíre far more open.  Because they build the President up into almost a kingly figure and thatís something, a legacy theyíve been stuck with, unfortunately, because you see, the rest of us are lumbered with kings and queens whether we like it or not.  And the US... I think itís part of the celebrity thing.  People want to worship two-legged monsters, that walk, you know, and talk occasionally too.  I think thatís part of the problem.  They elevate the President up into almost a kingly position and Hollywood does a great job too, in all the movies.  Thereís so many movies out where the final call on anything is to the President who talks and everybody... heís just so with it and never panics and so on, like that.  And thatís the image, of course, thatís created by fiction.  But thatís what you get.  And theyíre closer to fiction than most countries with their reality. 


Because weíve watched, and Iíve gone through, many techniques of grooming people by the Council on Foreign Relations for the Presidency.  And like Quigley said, not a single President, or Prime Minister for that matter in the Commonwealth countries, has been elected Ė and that was in the 1960s Ė he says, in the last 60 years, that hasnít been a member of this august organization. And it hasnít changed today.  Theyíre all picked in advance. They all attend the Bilderberger meetings. Theyíre all groomed, tested, to make sure theyíll stick to their scripts, which are written by other people.  So we watch this faÁade, you know. Itís like the movies where they put in a stuntman and you think itís still the real guy, and thereís Sean Connery as James Bond or whoever it happens to be, bouncing off of skyscrapers and landing in some stacks of paper and getting up and walking away.  I mean, this is the sort of stuff weíre given for Presidents and Prime Ministers really.  So itís quite funny that we go along with all of this nonsense, while all the time there are SO many global meetings on the go, every week.  I doubt if even a Prime Minister or a President can keep up with them.  Itís a massive staff that keeps up with that and I bet you, you could be in for 5 years and you wouldnít know everybodyís names in all the different governmental departments, for the heads of them that is.  You wouldnít even get to know them thereís so many of them.  Itís a monster. 


Anyway, we go along with the farce here and itís quite interesting that Obama, when he was coming into power, said he was going to go for transparency in government, which is really a novel idea.  It would be a miraculous idea too if was to come true.  But of course thereís always those folk who like nice-sounding things and they want to wish; they believe in wishing.  And wishing is awfully nice at times when things look awfully bleak and dark.  So you hear the nice things said to you and then you say, I wish that was true.  And these are the ones who are positive thinkers, you see.  Government, really, and the whole election process is about positive thinkers. And donít look at anything negative, whatever you do, because thatís a downer.  Iíve met new agers who actually say to you, oh you said that, that will mean itís going to happen.  Like you just cause it to happen because you said it, or it could happen; thatís how crazy they are.  But thatís, again, positive thinking.  And it all came out of these motivational courses they give you.  If you listen to any of Obamaís speeches thereís nothing concrete that he says about anything.  Itís all up in the clouds somewhere and heavenly and visions, and he looks up to the sky just like, you know, some evangelists do because theyíre trained to do this stuff.  And they use all of the hand gestures, because thatís another language too, which you actually understand subconsciously, but youíre not aware heís actually doing it to you. And you see him as a Godly figure.  Itís very well done in the States because itís more like Hollywood, you see, you get the professionals. 


Anyway, Obama was talking opacity in government really and transparency and he was to get an award for it.  So anyway, this article, I shelved it for over a week because it says shh.... shh, it says.  Shh, you know.


Shh! Obama gets anti-secrecy award

politico.com / ABBY PHILLIP / 03/30/11


President Obama finally and quietly accepted his ďtransparencyĒ award from the open government community this week ó in a closed, undisclosed meeting at the White House on Monday.


The secret presentation (A:  Thatís transparency...) happened almost two weeks after the White House inexplicably postponed the ceremony, which was expected to be open to the press pool.


This time, Obama met quietly in the Oval Office with Gary Bass of OMB Watch (A:  I think thatís the Men in Black watch, is it, OMB?  Anyway...), Tom Blanton of the National Security Archive, Danielle Brian of the Project on Government Oversight, Lucy Dalglish of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, and Patrice McDermott of OpenTheGovernment.org, without disclosing the meeting on his public schedule or letting photographers or print reporters into the room.


ďOur understanding going into the meeting was that it would have a pool photographer and a print reporter, and it turned out to be a private meeting,Ē Bass told POLITICO. ďHe was so on point, so on target in the conversation with us, it is baffling why he would not want that message to be more broadly heard by reporters and the public interest community and the public generally.Ē


Just hours before the White House put off the original event, White House press secretary Jay Carney was defiant in his defense of Obamaís transparency record against criticism that it might have been premature.


ďThis president has demonstrated a commitment to transparency and openness that is greater than any administration has shown in the past, and heís been committed to that since he ran for President and heís taken a significant number of measures to demonstrate that,Ē Carney said in a testy exchange with Fox News reporter Wendell Goler on March 16.


The transparency advocates who presented the award to Obama say that the recognition is important, because despite the work left to be done, Obama has done a lot to change the governmentís posture toward openness issues.


But others believed the positive reinforcement was more than a little unnecessary.


ďI donít feel moved today to say Ďthank you, Mr. President,íĒ said Steve Aftergood, the director of the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists. But he said he understands the award to be ďaspirational,Ē in recognition of Obamaís potential to do more on the transparency front.  (A:  So you get awards, really, because youíre thinking about doing something, you see.)


ďAnd in that sense, one could say it resembles the award at the Nobel Peace Prize,Ē Aftergood said. ďItís not because Obama brought peace to anyone but because people hoped he would be a force for good in the world (A:  Again, itís that positive thinking stuff.), and maybe thatís the way to understand this award.Ē


So thatís how things are, you see.  We go along with all of this stuff, and the nice, oh, transparency in government.  A man of the people, you know, just an ordinary Joe, thatís all it is.  And this is the rubbish that we go along with our whole lives long, from every politician actually, and all governments.  And it does take the complicity of people to go along with, well, bullshit actually.  And we do, across the world.  Weíre trained that way and we want to just have some kind of peace, you know.  Or you can learn to copy those in Oxford and Eton and guffaw like they do in politics, and they do in Canada and the British parliament.  So anyway, this is the world. As I say, it takes complicity.  We canít really blame anybody else, really.  Weíre all part of it, arenít we? 


Because there are actually people who want to parrot everything they get on the general news, every night of the week, because they want to believe it.  They really want to believe it.  They want to believe that the worldís quite nice and cozy and real people are up there, sweating, just like the movies, worrying about your safety and stuff like that.  And in reality the whole concept of governmentís been twisted around 180 degrees, especially in the US, because no one in the US ever started off the American Revolution with an idea of keeping the people safe.  And if you read any of the writings by Jefferson heíll tell you, in his own writings, the purpose of government was to keep the people free.  But how they can change it, eh?  How they can change it.  Itís all about safety.  Weíve got to take all your rights away for safety.  My goodness.  Yep.  Got to know all about you, what youíre thinking, what youíre doing.  A whole psychological examination is done on you every day and most folk donít mind.  Well, Iíll tell you.  And maybe thereís no point really in having the farce anymore of government because most folk really donít mind.  It will be cheaper too, not to go along with it and just skip elections and keep the same people in. What does it really matter, because one group of multi-millionaires is just the same as the other group of multi-millionaires in the different parties.  They all invest in the same companies.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and you know, itís interesting too, as we give all this attention to the front men that they give us, to throw tomatoes at or applaud, however you happen to feel at the time, weíre run by private organizations, that all go back to the same big foundation that started a long time ago.  All these organizations, private ones, they form the new form of democracy.  In fact, this was spoken about over 100 years ago, when democracy was discussed in Britain by some of the high chutzpas.  They said this would inevitably happen, where those with the cash would create basically what we now call non-governmental organizations and associations and THEY would represent the public, whether the public liked it or not, or if the public even knew about them or not.  Most of the public have no idea of all the organizations, these private ones, that run their lives, that always lobby government. And the government is in on it too, at least all the leaders are, because they know whatís supposed to get passed and what isnít.  And this is the way that the soviet system was based because if you look at the charter of the Soviet Union it sounded like heaven actually Ė theyíre always giving us lots of heavens Ė but we kind of fall down into hell once theyíre in power.  Anyway, getting back to the point, the soviet system was really based on Ė and soviet means basically councils, organization of or order of councils.  So the idea was every area of society would have its own representatives that would just arise spontaneously, the best talkers, and represent the public.  And this is what non-governmental organizations are.  They have to really run our lives in the future. 


They already are today through communitarianism for example, how they run your community as they decentralize government, as they do away with nationhood all together.  This is all happening today, as I speak, has been for years actually.  So itís the new SOVIET model for the whole world and the bankers are all behind it in fact.  Theyíre always way ahead because the bankers donít wait for things to happen.  These are the guys that are the real experts, the guys who really pull all the cons on us and crash countries and then plunder them, and end up owning them basically.  These guys have been at this for an awful long time.  Iím not talking about your little corner bank there.  Iím talking about the guys who lend to nations.  Theyíve been at that for thousands of years. 


So intergovernmental organizations, now the terminology if you go into the United Nations is like something out of A Thousand and One Nights, you know, or Aladdin, you know, and you get pictures of these magic carpets flying through the air.  Because they have all these grandiose titles at the United Nations that belong way, way back in the Middle East, in the past.  But here they are today using them.  And hereís one on, again, Climate Change conference, because you see, climate change, which is just the weather changing, and it always changes and always had.  Itís a great thing to be in on, claiming itís a brand new phenomenon, having weather.  Anyway, theyíve managed to pull this one off and theyíre training generations of children, already done it in some cases who have left school brainwashed and believing everything theyíre told, that somehow itís all changing for the worse and weíve got to fight it


See, we needed a new enemy to unite us all, and thatís what theyíve done. Itís the weather, you see.  So, you read this from the next big meeting theyíre having to upgrade the Kyoto Protocol, where they started all this climate change stuff, after the Club of Rome, another private organization that works with the United Nations, the think tank that came up with the idea: to unite the world, as they said in their own book in the 1970s, after looking at all the things that could possibly be used to unite the world, under this great big con, they came up with the idea of global warming, that would fit the bill, and famine and all this kind of stuff... that would fit the bill, they said in their own words.  Anyway, weíre going under it.  Just like politics, we sit there and pretend itís all real.  It says...


UNFCCC - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change



The intergovernmental negotiation process primarily encompasses the Conference of the Parties (COP) (A:  You need a dictionary for these guys.), the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP), Subsidiary Bodies meetings and a series of workshops.


The COP (A:  Thatís the Conference of the Parties) is the "supreme body" (A:  It says ďsupremeĒ... they have a big supreme being in everything and now youíre going to have a body, a supreme body....) of the Convention. The CMP (A:  ...it says...) is the "supreme body" of the Kyoto Protocol. (A:  They love these supreme words, donít they?  Supreme commanders and all that kind of stuff.)  The Convention established two permanent subsidiary bodies: the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) (A:  They have to change that and get better sounding name, something that grabs you, eh?) and the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI).  (A:  You talk about bureaucratese, invented by Sidney Webb at the Fabian Society, a long time ago.  This is it right here, you know.)


In addition, two ad hoc working groups were established, namely, the Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol (AWG-KP) (A:  It sounds like one of these A-teams theyíd have in Special Forces, eh?  AWG-KP.) and the Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperation under the Convention (AWG-LCA) by the CMP and the COP respectively. 


Thatís all these supreme bodies remember.  Iím not kidding you.  Youíve got to understand though what theyíre talking about.  Anyway, the big ones, the big climate change conferences for October are up now and this is the link Iíll put up tonight to let you read Ė if you want to wade through this rubbish you can do so Ė as they get together and discuss the weather and how they can punish you for anthropogenic global warming, man-made global warming, and how much CO2 youíre going to be allowed to emit every year.  I guess joggers are going to get fined even more than anybody else, eh, because theyíre always fast breathing as they run along past you there.  So anyway, this is a big one and itís going to take place in Panama, one of them, the meetings.† Actually itís on right now to Friday the 7th.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and apparently Cheney, Dick Cheney was up in Vancouver recently on a book signing deal and he got a nice welcome from those who were protesting his visit, as a war criminal basically.  Iíll put the link up for that tonight. 


Hundreds in Vancouver Protest and Demand Arrest of Dick Cheney !! - youtube.com


Thereís another article too, about Cheney, and these guys never die.  They never go away, you see.  Itís kind of like old soldiers never die, these politicians; they just give them one heart after another, I think, forever.  Anyway, it says...


Cheney: Obama should 'correct' criticism of Bush's anti-terror tactics

articles.cnn.com / October 02, 2011 / CNN Wire Staff


Former Vice President Dick Cheney praised the Obama administration Sunday (A:  They should give him the New American Century award, since they gave the last one, and Obamaís even outdone the last one.) for using a drone strike to kill American-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, but said President Barack Obama should now reverse past criticism of former President George W. Bush's actions against suspected terrorists.  (A:  SUSPECTED... you blow them up now, you see.)


Al-Awlaki -- an American whose fluency in English (A:  He was born in the States.) and technology made him one of the top terrorist recruiters in the world -- was killed Friday in Yemen, according to U.S. and Yemeni government officials.  (A:  He was up in, he actually worked with the White House at one point I believe, to try to stop terrorism within, give them a better understanding, of course, of the religion and so on. And he got so fed up with them going after Muslim nations he went over to another country.  And simply on the basis that he could possibly, possibly provoke them into violence, because he had a good vocabulary and a good understanding of what was going on, they sent a drone over and blew him up, along with some other ones too.)


The strike also killed Samir Khan, an American of Pakistani origin, and two others who were in the same vehicle as al-Awlaki, said the U.S. official, who was briefed by the CIA. (A:  Well, you can always depend on them to tell you the whole story, eh?) Khan specialized in computer programming for al Qaeda (A:  Ha!) and authored the terror network's online magazine, Inspire.  (A:  So you actually got terror magazines now as well.)


It makes me wonder too, when you read any propaganda from government, it all depends on how you see things, isnít it, your perspective on things because if you were attacking countries across the world and youíre giving rah-rah cheers about wonderful drones and the latest things and so on that youíve got, weaponry, isnít that the same thing?  Really?  Isnít it the same thing?  Of course itís the same thing.  If itís not even worse, because theyíre doing it under the guise of legitimacy and of course any enemy youíve got is a terrorist obviously.  Itís like the founding fathers of the US were all called terrorists as well, until they won.  And it was the same in Israel; they were called terrorists, the ones who came into Israel, before and after World War II, and even during it.  Then once they were recognized by the United Nations then theyíre not terrorists anymore.  So really, a decision at the United Nations can make you a non-terrorist and a legitimate entity basically.  Isnít that how it really goes?  In the old days, mind you, like Scotland, they used to just hang, draw and quarter you, and disembowel you in front of your own eyes, just to make sure the peasants got the message, if they called you a terrorist, like William Wallace and others.  But these days have gone and there are some people in parliament rather ticked off with that, at the moment.  Anyway, this is the world we live in.  Itís all perception and how they can twist your understanding of something, and you must participate in your own deception all the time.  




Jay Bryan: Austerity obsession kneecaps Europe

montrealgazette.com / JAY BRYAN / October 4, 2011


High-school students shout anti-government slogans during a protest march Tuesday in Athens against economic austerity and planned education reforms.


As Europe's leaders stumble toward financial disaster, terrifying investors and risking a worldwide recession, a lot of the blame can be traced to a peculiar economic notion that economists call "expansionary austerity."  (A:  Expansionary austerity, I think when you work through all the gobbly-gook means, that as youíre getting thinner and thinner, thatís your austere part, your belt seems to get wider and wider.  So it seems to be expanding, but youíre actually shrinking.)


So far, the evidence is strong that this idea not only doesn't work, but is severely undercutting the economic recovery in Europe, where it has been an important influence on policy, especially when it comes to heavily indebted Greece.  (A:  Itís amazing.  This is a ship that canít sink because itís got all these dollars and Euros fired by giant cannons from all the countries that borrow it from these secretive bankers.  They fire all this cash at this hole to try to plug the hole in Greece, to keep it afloat apparently, but they just canít do it.  And no one can account of where all the billions and billions, and even trillions of money goes.  This is called science, you know, of economics.)


The notion that you can simultaneously slash deficits and stimulate growth is "a very hopeful way of looking at the world, but unfortunately, it's not based on anything ever seen in economic history," says economic forecaster Peter Berezin, managing editor of the Bank Credit Analyst.


Now, Berezin suggests, the fate of Europe depends largely on whether that region's leaders will let go of their stubborn infatuation with expansionary austerity or follow it right over the edge of a financial precipice.  (A:  Oh my God, eh?  Maybe their belt being all wide and that will stick on a branch on the way down and they wonít go down all the way, eh?  Like a cartoon.)


Think of this idea as a kind of Bizarro Keynesianism. Instead of supporting a stumbling, indebted economy with enough public spending to sustain demand until the private sector heals (A:  Howís it going to heal, eh?), governments slash spending.


The theory is that this show of fiscal discipline unleashes such confidence among consumers and businesses that they spend and invest more, boosting growth.  (A:  I guess what you can do is buy a better quality tent for your tent city.  Maybe thatís what they mean by it.  You know, something a bit thicker that doesnít disintegrate in one summer under the sun.)


The notion that austerity can spur growth isn't crazy, and it can work well under the right circumstances. But these are not today's circumstances.  (A:  I wonder when itís ever worked.)


There's research suggesting, for example, that if a country's growth is already strong or if there's some other support for the economy, such as plunging interest rates or soaring exports, then cuts in government spending can indeed boost confidence among residents of a heavily indebted country. 


(A:  Itís all nonsense.  Itís all absolute rubbish.  You know, Canadaís dollar went up a few weeks ago, a couple of weeks ago, into a stronger position.  It said, the country, you know, Canadaís dollar was strong... against the US dollar which was weak, you see.  Itís like a sports game, isnít it?  Itís like waiting for the weak one wanting to get off the canvas and come back up fighting.  This is the rubbish that they use on us.  Anyway, then of course, two days later the Bank of Canada, which is just a meeting ground where an appointed guy by the government meets the guys we borrow from Ė thatís what they call the Bank of Canada.  They slashed the Canadian dollar, or actually they made it less strong, made it weaker, so that we could get a bit more exports out of the country, because all we got left now is raw materials, you see; most of the factories have all gone.  Weíve got mines left, though, as long as China wants the ore, which goes past my house every day; I guess it will keep the country maybe afloat.  But in reality, as I say, they brought the strength of the Canadian dollar down, because weíre just too strong. And once itís strong they donít want to buy anything from you; itís too expensive, you see.  So you canít win.  You understand, the whole point is you canít win, unless youíre the boys that are running it all; they know what theyíre going to do with the cash.  And believe you me, they scurry it away long before you even get wind of whatís going on.  Anyway...)


It seemed to work in Canada during this country's mid-1990s campaign to slash deficits, and there are many other such examples cited by some economists. But they involve countries where growth was strong or where it was supported by factors like falling interest rates, sharp currency devaluation or rapid growth among trading partners. 


You know, everything thatís happened in my lifetime has been detrimental to the society.  Iíve never known a country thatís gone up and up and up, or even stayed pretty stable.  Itís always been deals made quietly by governments through international organizations Ė we donít elect them in of course Ė to take all your factories away to China for instance and youíre left, as I say, with nothing but raw resources to ship off.† And they call this a balance of trade, you know.  I think the balance of trade with China, I donít think our scale, our side of the scale has ever moved off the ground.  I mean, everythingís coming in from China, you understand; I donít know that it ever touched the ground actually.  Anyway this is the rubbish they call economics, but itís all meant to control and benefit those who run money. Thatís the secret of it all. 


You see, people thousands of years ago wanted to be kings and queens and Iíve gone through this before.  So what they did was, big guys would slaughter the guys near him, the families, and then eventually get a big following, you see.† In some countries this still happens today, in places like around Australia, New Guinea, etc, where they actually have a man in each tribe.  Heís called the big man.  And the big man gets, oh, he gets worshiped by all the little people, you see.  And thatís how it was a long time ago, thousands of years ago, elsewhere as well. So these big guys, that were kind of terrifying, big bullies, would become kings eventually. And the more guys who would follow him the more they would plunder the other people and steal what they had.  But you see, thereís other guys who came in and says, well we donít want to do it that way; itís far easier to basically be the kings of money.  Why bother with armies when everything needs money? And they became kings of money. 


Thatís basically what happened, a long time ago, hasnít changed today.  And youíre working really with the descendants of the same few people, right up to the present time, running this thing called cash. And countries have been basically sold off in the past before, down through history, because of usury, compound interest.  And remember too, in some countries in the Middle Ages, usury could go up to 80-odd percent! on interest, like it did in parts of Germany, which then became but was not actually Greater Germany then.† Thatís what happened in some of these countries.  And weíre still playing the same game today.  And then you get this rubbish at school, telling the children, oh, youíre all going to go out to that starting line there and have an equal chance.  Then they give you equality and all that rubbish, eh?  A fair chance of getting up the ladder and having a good life... utter rot.  Anyway, thank God for all these guys with degrees in this thing called economics, something that Rothschild himself said a long time ago.  He says, those that catch on to this big financial scam, called money and usury and interest, etc, he says, will not disclose it to the public because they will be benefiting too much off it themselves to let it out of the bag. Thatís called economics today. 


So we know that these Wall Street protests are spreading as well.  It says....


Wall Street protests spread

cbc.ca / Oct 4, 2011


Protests against the perceived excesses of Wall Street spread farther Tuesday, with events in new cities as the populist groundswell enters its 18th day.  (A:  Itíd be interesting what comes out of all this because you know, the big boys want to alter the cash system into their world cash system.  And itís all going down the way that Quigley pretty well predicted.  And he should know because Quigley was the official historian for the Council on Foreign Relations that were set up by the big bankers in Britain under the name of Royal Institute of International Affairs a long time ago.  And the Milner Group was comprised of the big bankers of London, the guys who did lend to nations, and still do, with their descendants. Anyway, it says here...)


On Monday, hundreds dressed as zombies and lurched past the New York Stock Exchange clutching fistfuls of fake money. In Chicago, demonstrators pounded drums in the city's financial district.


Others pitched tents or waved protest signs at passing cars in Boston, St. Louis, Kansas City, Mo., and Los Angeles.


Downtown Boston saw hundreds of demonstrators march from a tent city on a grassy plot in downtown towards the Statehouse, calling for an end of corporate influence of government.  (A:  Well, government and corporate interests are tied at the hip if not one and the same thing today, to be honest with you.  They are. Theyíre one and the same thing, today.  And some heavy thinking has to go into that.)


So remember too, according to the guys who set up this part of the agenda that we are living through today, many of whom died before the 1960s, but they set up the global institutions for this very time that weíre living through today, with the cultural changes, including the financial changes too, also talked about setting up the Bank for International Settlements, which they did actually, a long long time ago.  And the Bank for International Settlements works with The World Bank and the IMF and itís based in Switzerland of course. And IT is to become this real broker for all defunct countries.  That was its function when it was set up a long long long time ago; I think even back in the 30s.  And Carroll Quigley on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations said, this, through financial crisis, etc, they will bring all the central banks together under this one system, which is exactly what those who own the central banks want.  You see, they are private banks.  Thatís what they are, central banks; theyíre private banks.  Theyíve all to go under the Bank for International Settlements.  Iíll put up a link tonight for it too and you can have a gander at it yourself.  It says...


Bank for International Settlements

wikipedia.org / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is an intergovernmental organization of central banks (A:  Isnít that interesting.  All the ones that are claiming, oh my God weíre just hanging on right now...  So theyíre...) an intergovernmental organization of central banks which "fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks." (A:  It ďserves as a bank FOR central banks.Ē  So technically your central banks are borrowing from this other big Bank for International Settlements.)  It is not accountable to any national government(A:  Totally private, you see.) The BIS carries out its work through subcommittees, the secretariats it hosts, and through its annual General Meeting of all members. It also provides banking services, but only to central banks (A:  You see, not to little old you or me.), or to international organizations like itself. Based in Basel, Switzerland, the BIS was established by the Hague agreements of 1930. The name of the BIS in German: Bank fŁr Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich (BIZ), in French: Banque des RŤglements Internationaux (BRI), in Italian: Banca dei Regolamenti Internazionali (BRI). It has representative offices in Hong Kong and Mexico City.


Itís got a whole list of links coming off of this one particular site and Iíll put it up tonight.  Because see, thatís the big one. This is the BIG one. This is how itís supposed to happen.  Thatís what Quigley said, the central banks will all eventually merge.  Theyíre already using this one BIS, Bank for International Settlements, and have been since the 1930s, theyíll merge into one SUPER GLOBAL SYSTEM, as we all lose our countries anyway, if you havenít noticed.  Have a look at Europe.  It used to be a conglomerate of separate sovereign nations; itís all gone.  And the same thingís to happen to the Americas.  And of course, then the Council on Foreign Relations over on this side has said over the last few big crashes and the terrorist nonsense and so on, that this is good for integration of the Americas, both financial crisis and under the guise of terrorism, to merge together.  The same with all the Pacific Rim Region. And you also got the same thing happening with Russia.  Putin is puttiní forward his idea Ė itís not his idea at all Ė for a unification of all the old Soviet countries too, into a bloc, but then theyíll merge eventually with Europe down the road.  So everythingís worked out long before you were born and weíre just going through the phases now to put it into action. 


Also too, I want to mention tonight, I mentioned last week I think it was, about how people in Africa in certain areas were being burned off their land, they were being killed at times too.  Because The World Bank Ė you know, this wonderful United Nations World Bank, that really is a private group that belongs, again, to the BIS, that last group I mentioned, they are the big players in global government Ė theyíve got their own private investment group in there with their strong men and itís the strong men that are kicking the guys off the land. Because they own the United Nations, you see, this BIS, and they want that land for carbon sinks.† Big money in it.† Big money in it, all your tax money.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about this carbon scam.  You understand, the United Nations has got all these big international corporations in bed with them.  STOP THINKING OF THE UN AS THIS WONDERFUL GROUP THAT HANDS OUT CANDY BARS ACROSS THE WORLD.   Itís so Orwellian; they call then peacekeepers that they send in.  You know, soldiers are called peacekeepers.  Theyíre not killers anymore; theyíre peacekeepers.  And itís all Orwell-speak basically.  Anyway, this carbon con, theyíre already kicking folk off the land in Africa, across Africa because you see, thereís big, big money to be had in planting a few trees or taking over existing trees and calling them carbon sinks, and then taxpayers end up just throwing money at you, via your government, for holding these carbon sinks, you see. 


Healing the planet: In the quest for UN global warming hoax credits, were Ugandan people beaten and their houses burned down?

tomnelson.blogspot.com / Tom Nelson / September 22, 2011


Itís a great... this is the Wizard of Oz weíre in now, you understand.  You have to learn a whole new way of thinking, where anythingís possible, and the completely unbelievable becomes completely believable.  Thatís what you got to understand to do with climate change.  Once youíve got that youíll understand all of it, you know, and youíll be utterly insane.  Anyway...


Honduran Deaths Trigger EU Carbon Credit Clash

thenewamerican.com / Rebecca Terrell  / 3 October 2011


The deaths of 23 Honduran farmers involved in land disputes with UN-approved palm oil plantations are raising an international outcry against alleged "human rights abuses." EurActiv reports members of the European Parliament (EP) are planning an investigative mission to Honduras this month while others are calling for a ban on carbon credits to the plantations under the EU's Emissions Trading System (ETS). Additionally, it says the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is weighing its validation process which originally accredited the plantations, a process critics call "only rudimentary, completely unregulated and badly documented."  (A:  Utter rubbish. The fact is, the UNís giving out carbon credits to their big pals of international corporations, including The World Bank, and unfortunately thereís folk living on the land and they want them off. So they kill them off, burn them off, or whatever it takes. Theyíre even hiring in international security people and ex-special forces, the mercenaries, to kill them.  Thatís what theyíre doing.  This is the real world folks.)


Protests erupted in July when six international human rights advocacy groups presented a report to the EP detailing what they called murders and forced evictions of peasants in El Bajo AguŠn Valley of northern Honduras. The International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) report accuses UN-sanctioned palm oil mills of stealing farmland from Honduran natives and killing or wounding them when they attempt to defend their property. It says the companies, acting with government impunity, regularly target members of local land-rights movements who end up murdered in feigned car accidents or hunted down and shot by private security guards.  (A:  You see, theyíre flying the mercenaries in.  Theyíre riding on millions and billions of dollars worldwide, if you can grab the right land.   And you do nothing with it, you just stroll, you know, have parties and stuff, and it absorbs the carbon; thatís what they tell you.  And youíll be able to get big big grants given for helping save the world, because the trees absorb the carbon, weíre told.  You see.  What a great deal.  Money for nothing, eh.  Money for nothing.)


Examples of the violence are gruesome. Security guards ambushed 15-year-old Rodving Omar Villegas near his village and shot him to death with an AK-47. A car ran down and killed 60-year-old Juan Ramon Mejia. And Josť Leonel Guerra Ńlvarez was murdered inside his home in front of his wife and children by armed assailants firing from outside the house.


Reporting for EurActiv, Arthur Neslen asked a CDM board member about the approval of companies which employ such violent tactics. "We are not investigators of crimes," responded the UN official. (A: We just cause them; I added the last part there.  They didnít say we cause them.† They would never admit to that.)  He explained CDM's purpose is to award companies in developing countries with "emission reduction credits" (ERC)


Thatís freebees, folks. They hand out millions of dollars in freebees for land if you can get the peasants off them.  And itís all YOURS.   MINE... MINE... MONEY... MONEY...  You see.  Thatís it.  Thatís what runs the world folks.  We need a new system, eh. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  Remember, buy the books and disks and hopefully Iíll tick along, while thereís still some money out there.



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