October 6th, 2011 (#935)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt October 6th, 2011:

Milner's Vision of Interdependent Prison:
Royal Institute of International Affairs,
Oak Leaves Around World, Tinsel for Tares:

"Corruption's in Control of All Human Vices
Top Corruptors Start, Manage Each Crisis,
By Forming Their Private Associations
Which Run Government Policy, Negotiations,
They Laid Their Plans Long, Long Ago,
Working Through Generations to "Make it So",
Recruiting Leaders from "The Better Schools"
"Into the Light" to Rule Over Fools,
Spreading Their Clubs into Foreign Parts,
Teaching Leaders All the Black Arts,
Bringing All Academia into the Fold,
So Need for Depopulation can Be Sold
By Slanted Teachings, Mantric-Dictums
To Self-Loathing Post-Industrial Victims,
Art of Guiding the Masses, So Easily Led,
Works Every Time with Promise of Bread"
© Alan Watt October 6th, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė October 6th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 6th of October 2011.  I always kick off this broadcast by advising you to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and help yourself to the hundreds of audios which are there for free download, and lots of links as well to different articles all over the planet, over the years too.  And you can hopefully be able to understand the system that youíre born into, the one thatís never explained to you, because the media is not there to explain anything.  Itís there to get you upset about each day, basically.  This is what is happening today, be very upset.  And to show you that big corporations and big foundations run by banks basically as tax outlets for them, havens in a sense, they run the world through their armies of nongovernmental organizations.  They plan the future, in order for their own children to take over, of course, into the future.  I mean, power never just waits to see if something happens.  It must always ensure that itís in control, and its own offspring is in control of the future.  Itís always been like that, even with monarchies.  No different with this big oligarchy of businesses. 


So, I show you how it works together, how they all network together, their international conferences where they make deals and the occasional little glimpse we get into their secret meetings, as well, generally from people who belong to these big groups that plan the future, and who write their memoirs.  And I give you lots of clues and books and links, etc, to study up on.  Because thatís the only way youíre going to find out whatís really happening, and to understand why youíre so frustrated in this world, where simple things just seem so darn complex to fix, according to the big boys who run us.  And itís not complex at all. 


Conology is how the world is run.  Itís always been run by conology, and thatís what politics is given to you for.  Thatís what democracy is given to you for, as well.  It doesnít matter if they call it a Soviet system, a Nazi system, or a fascist system, democracy.  Itís all the same system in reality, where a small bunch at the top, usually control freaks, can keep you all in line, and make you work for very little, while a tiny bunch at the top live very high on the hog.  It doesnít matter what itís called.  It uses human nature.  And we live in a moneyed system, which is again created out of nothing, basically, by those who have got themselves in the positions of power to make it so.  And theyíre not going to change it for anybody, because theyíve been running this system for an awful long time. 


Government should not be even borrowing from private banks in the first place, and thatís how we all get into a mess, and itís designed to be that way.  When they balance the budget that means theyíre paying off the interest for that, basically, that year on the debt.  Theyíre not paying off the debt at all, just the interest.  They manage to make their payment on it.  Thatís how itís run. 


Remember too, that I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  And this is not a business, so I donít go full out to make it so.  Therefore, itís up to you, the listeners, to support me and help me keep going with my costs, etc, by buying the books and discs that Iíve got at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check or an international postal money order, or you can use cash.  Some people just send cash.  Other people use PayPal.  Youíll find out how to do it on cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And also, remember too, all the sites listed there have transcripts for print-up in English.  And if you want transcripts in other languages, go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, and help yourself to the ones offered there. 


We are going through these big transitions they call it at the top think-tanks.  Transitions of interdependence, and transitions where everything is being locked together.  Not because the public at the bottom demanded it so.  There are NGOs that are working full-time to do that.  Thatís their job, basically.  Theyíre paid well to do that.  But at the top, they plan this world of interdependence.  And, you understand, if youíre dependent on something, then youíre not independent.  You understand?  And itís interesting to notice that even the United Nations has said its worst enemy is independence, even personal independence.  Individualism.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi, folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I always find it interesting to see how weíre guided into things.  Even complaining.  We get guided to complain at the right times about things.  And I was looking at the Wall Street protests, and how all the big organizations, thereís hundreds of them, are getting involved, you see.  Lots of the Communist ones as well and others.  And you canít blame all the ones that follow along. Thereís lots, thereís hundreds and hundreds of groups out there, all for their special interests, you know.  But the top ones are the ones that guide them, and youíve got to understand that they know how to guide the masses, basically.  Theyíre taught how to do this with their wonderful speeches.  And itís always we and us, and all, you know, weíre always inclusive of everyone whoís got a grievance.  So, weíve got to be awfully careful.  Itís interesting too, to me, that this is the very time that the big boys, if you look to, say Chatham House for instance, for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, theyíve been working overtime, for a long time now, trying to get into this deeper integration of the world idea, economically as well.  The exact same technique that theyíre using for the integration of Europe through crisis creation, especially to do with finances.  So, itís actually time, you see, for the system to change.  And thereís nothing better than to get the people to demand that it changes.  And itíll go into the way itís supposed to go.


Understand that the Bank of International Settlements as Quigley said himself for the Council on Foreign Relations, was set up, itís an amalgamation of all these private Central Banks that runs the whole, every country.  Itís where they all meet together, under this BIS.  And they were to get a higher status down the road.  The same with Bretton Woods Agreement, etc, Part I.  And then Part II was to come about now, as well, where they further amalgamate their economic system into a tighter system for the whole planet.  And so, itís no coincidence that everything is happening right now.  None at all.  They donít wait at the top, as I say, with all their hundreds of think-tanks and say, okay, if we do this down the road, how will it affect society?  How will it affect the economy?  This is all worked out by the think-tanks, and they argue all the different points that will come against them, and how to overcome them, etc, before the chess game has even started, before theyíve moved a single player, they look at everything.  So, nothing takes them by surprise, and never forget that.  Never forget that.  I mean, the public have been conned for thousands of years with this whole idea of money, usury and compound interest.  Thousands of years.  And it hasnít changed.


So, I donít see why the big boys at the top would ever want to change it.  In fact, theyíve got even better scams on the go to add to all of that, with their carbon credits that they hand out free, again, tax money handed out to big corporations, Iíll touch on that tonight, so as they can kick off the trading amongst themselves and get profits.  And itís just amazing how weíre living in the Oz times.  And the public have the wrong idea about so much of it, because, itís true enough, a writer wrote to me today and said that thereís nothing more depressing than to see someone on the side of the road with a placard saying give us work, or give us a job.  Government is not in the business of giving you a job.  Government is supposed to leave the field open for jobs to occur, but it doesnít, because youíre in a controlled system, a controlled society.  All your jobs are over in China.  That was planned by those who run the banks that run your money, that lend to your government.  All of that was done through the World Trade Organization, and through the GATT treaty they signed, the G-A-T-T treaty as well.  And theyíre still signing them now with Brazil and India, where they can basically import everything and export everything without any taxes for fifteen to twenty years.  And they can pollute as much as they want and pay no carbon, in fact, they get paid carbon taxes from the United Nations via your government, your tax money, they get paid for even polluting.  I mean, itís not meant to make sense, you understand.  Itís another big racket.  Thatís what it is. 


And while theyíre doing all of this, theyíve got all these NGOs off in Britain, I might touch on them tonight, or put a link up at the end of the broadcast, to show you some of the organizations that are getting paid by government and big foundations, to get your little community, your communitarian idea off, get involved.  Get involved in your community, now that weíre decentralizing.  Because we wonít have healthcare, we wonít have this, we wonít have that.  Weíll all have to do it ourselves.  And theyíve already got these ready-made trained NGO leaders in action to take over.  This is the new Soviet system.  Thatís what the Soviet system was supposed to be.  And here it is. 


You can tell, even by, I mean, I get lots of emails from people in the medical profession in the US, and theyíve been telling me for quite a few years, before Obama came in, they were already pushing this whole thing that theyíre now calling Obamacare.  And one super-insurance company is taking over from all the rest, where you actually get generic drugs, and itís mandated you must do.  They punish you or penalize you if you try to get the brand names, etc.  Even though the FDA was lobbied, like itís lobbied themselves, because theyíre owned by pharma, but they basically passed laws last year, or this year, early this year, to put different ingredients in the drugs, even the brand name ones, if they could find it cheaper.  And so theyíre allowed to do it without telling the public.  They had actually a law passed.  Itís astonishing whatís going on, and the public donít know. They donít know. 


Anyway, remember too, eugenics again is at the top of the tree.  The families that are fittest to go on, should go on, according to themselves.  And itís all your fault if you havenít quite made it yet.  Thereís an article for instance here today.  Itís from Herman Cain.  Heís talking about the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  And he says:


'If You Don't Have A Job And You're Not Rich, Blame Yourself'


(Alan: You know.  So:)


Businessman-turned-GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain sat down with the Wall Street Journal for a recent interview and gave an unsympathetic analysis of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement, suggesting it was staged and driven by "anti-capitalism."


(A: What is capitalism?  Itís like democracy, it keeps changing what it really is supposed to be about, because itís not about investing and creating work for people as a side-effect of investing any more, and making money simply off investments.  Except that theyíre global now.  So, naturally, theyíre going to go for the cheapest labor, and they have been going for the cheapest labor.  So, technically, capitalism is still capitalism, itís just that theyíre going to the cheapest market to get the labor.  Whereas the public at the bottom, that donít have any work, seem to think itís supposed to be there to serve them.  Anyway.)

Asked by the Journal's Alan Murray about his thoughts on the demonstrations, which initially began in New York City and have since spread around the country, Cain responded:


"I don't have facts to back this up, but I happen to believe that these demonstrations are planned and orchestrated to distract from the failed policies of the Obama administration.


(A: This happened before Obama came in, although he hasnít made it any better.  It says:)


Don't blame Wall Street, don't blame the big banks, if you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself! ... It is not a person's fault if they succeeded, it is a person's fault if they failed."


(A: So, in other words, youíre not psychopathic enough.  You just donít have what it takes to be ruthless, you know.)


Cain went on to admit that the banks had something to do with the economic crisis of 2008, but pointed out that it was now 2011, seemingly downplaying any lasting effects of the practices of big banks and Wall Street.


Occupy Wall Street, a self-professed progressive movement, has broadened its efforts in the past week, putting concerns with too-big-to-fail banks, widening income inequality and rampant unemployment on center stage.


As I said before, you know, nobody should be in the position to say, please give me a job.  That shouldnít be happening in the first place, if you had a real moneyed system.  But again, you see, youíre post-national.   They have no nations anymore.  This is a whole global movement.  The United Nations was set up during World War II.  It really transformed from the League of Nations to end the nation-state.  Well, if you donít have a nation-state to ensure that everything is going to profit, at least the people who live in that particular nation, youíve got nothing at all.  And then, these same gangsters are telling you to compete with China.  You know, where the psychopaths there, the ones who get to the top, who are always psychopaths, are growing like crazy.  Theyíre mushrooming with their multi-billion dollars profits.


Youíve got to understand, itís degrading to have to ask for a job.  Governments should not be in, in fact governments should be out of the darn way, when it comes to investment in jobs and factories.  And they shouldnít be getting together with their cronies across the world, and the bankers, and making sure that all your jobs were exported abroad in the first place.  Theyíre the problem.  So, government is the problem.  Government is the problem. 


And I donít want to see a fascist system any worse than it is today.  Itís bad enough.  This is fascist.  Or communist, which is the same thing to me.  I donít care, because theyíre all on board with the anti-pollution stuff that the Greening, both left and right, theyíre all on board.  Doesnít that give you a little whiff that something stinks here with this whole farce of left and right?  They all want the same Communitarianism idea.  They all want windmills to recharge your batteries, which will get maybe a couple hours of charge for the whole darn week down the road.  Because thatís where itís going to go.  I donít see any difference in them at all. 


So, anyway, thatís the article there.  And apparently, itís all your fault anyway, even though most folk out there are utterly ignorant of the GATT treaty.  Theyíre ignorant of the World Trade Organization.  You know that.  And all the other organizations that are global, the Kyoto Conference, the protocols they came out with, the Earth Summit.  These are all private organizations meeting together with the bankers, because theyíre all part of it, they fund it all, so as that the bankers end up owning the planet, which theyíve pretty well done.  If you want to believe they have a right to own it.  Because, technically anything can be undone.  Anything can be ripped up.  Any treaty, any whatever, can be ripped up and tossed in the stove and produce some nice carbon.  Thatís a good carbon, that one.  Thereís way too many of these sick treaties, which have doomed us, absolutely doomed us, if you go along with it.


Why play along with their game of demanding?  How can you keep the same broken system in place?  A corrupt system, where even the foundation is corrupt, why on earth would you want to keep it in place?  I mean, forget Hollywood, and the old, the movies they churn out, you know, with the violins and they turn on the tears and the marching stuff, and the memories of what you thought America or Canada or anywhere else used to be.  Thatís gone.  Often it didnít exist in the first place for a lot of people.  But thatís what they give you, you see.  So, they want you to keep wanting the same system.  Weíll just alter it a bit, they tell you.  Really?  Same people are going to be in charge?


Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about this corrupt system, thatís really always been corrupt, because you canít get anything but corruption.  Technically theyíll tell you itís not corrupt, because itís legal, whatever they do.  But letís forget their craziness, their obsession with these legal words and terms.  The fact is, itís corrupt.  Theyíre corrupt people.  Theyíre not nice at all, in other words.  They are anti-social, arenít they?  Thatís the bottom line.  They are anti-social, these guys who run the moneyed system, and run the world, basically.  And we take everything that comes down the pike, and we suffer, and then we complain to each other, once in a while.  And even now, folk donít even bother complaining, when prices go up and up.  Theyíre trained to be used to it now, you see.  As youíre getting trained into austerity, so that the big banks can get bigger, because, you see, theyíre international banks.  Theyíre not national banks at all.  Internationalism has got nothing to do with your little area, believe you me.  Itís about pure profit elsewhere, anywhere.  It doesnít matter where it is.  And thatís why you canít get rid of the nation-state.


And of course, theyíll argue, and say, well, youíve got to get rid of the nation-state, thatís why we have all these wars.  No itís not.  Itís the people in the nation-state, that run your banks and run your governments that cause the wars.  Always.  And therefore, you canít have power residing in people who have total control of the cash system.  Canada, right through the last Great Depression, in the 20s and 30s, had its own real bank.  And it didnít borrow from a private bank.  It was the only country on the planet, basically, that was pretty well unscathed by the Great Depression.  Things were reduced, but the country came out of it owing nothing to private banks.  In fact, the Great Depression, technically, was to do away with that kind of system elsewhere, in the few other countries that had that kind of system.  And then youíre never out of the hole.  You canít get out of the hole.  Itís impossible.  Itís dug deeper all the time.  And thatís how those who control the money system keep control of you.  And they only do it through a kind of strange agreement that youíve never made with them.  Itís a tacit acceptance that exists, therefore it must be real, or normal, so we have to go along with it. 


Anything can be changed.  Anything at all can be changed, believe you me.  And when the big boys themselves, who own this system, move into the next phase, they will change it all.  They are changing it all.  Hereís an article, because, you see, they want to change it and consolidate all the financial systems into what the institutions were already set up to be, consolidation houses, basically.  This is from the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House, which is the boss, basically, the big boss that came up with the idea of the CFR, the American branch, and theyíve got one group running the whole of Europe now, as well.  Regardless of politics, every top member is a member of this private organization.  And this is the organization that Quigley talked about.  He was the historian for them.  He said theyíve caused wars, and he was all for it too.  He thought it was well, you know, caused wars and then take over a country for resources, all that kind of stuff.  And to bring in this strange kind of world peace idea.  Anyway, it says here:


Chatham House: Independent Thinking on International Affairs


(A: Right?  And it says:)


A dynamic approach to global economic governance. 


(A: Iíve mentioned this before.  Global economic governance.  Strange theyíre coming out with this, and theyíve been working on this for years and years and years before the Wall Street Protests.  You see, they want the changes, you see.  Same boys want the changes.  Weíre always conned at the bottom.  Just when youíre doing a sigh of relief, youíre hit again with something else, eh?)


ē The emergence of new economic powers in an increasingly integrated (A: integrated) world economy


(A: Right?  Interdependence.)


has highlighted the need for better management of international interdependencies and reform of global economic governance.


(A: Global economic governance folks.)


ē Since 2008 the G20 has


(A: And what is the G20?  Itís a private organization, made up of your presidents and prime ministers, who were told to form it, because they all belonged, all of these members across the planet, belonged to the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the same organization.  They put their presidents and prime ministers in.  And have done for a hundred years.  And they told them, you know, form this group.  Theyíre always forming groups.  When you look into the start, the origins of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they had councils and groups, and thatís what they called them.  The Group of 2, the Group of 4, the Group of So-and-So.)


The G20 emerged as a key multilateral forum on the basis of its perceived effectiveness as a 'crisis committee' managing the global economic and financial turmoil.


(A: Now, think how they word things.  Theyíre awfully legalistic in how they word it.  A Ďcrisis committeeí managing the global economic and financial turmoil.  See?  Itís like the Center for Disease Management.  Same thing.  They manage diseases.  Those guys manage the crisis, which they create.)


It is now turning into the worldís 'permanent steering committee'


(A: Okay.  No one voted for this, this private club.  No president or prime minister brought it up when they were running for election that they wanted to join a private club, international, to draw you into an interdependent world society and do away with nationalism.  Not one person in charge of a country has ever mentioned this.  And yet, this private club has got us paying billions of dollars when they have their global meetings, from the taxman.  Whereís the responsibility to the taxpayer for this private club?  How would you like starting a private club up and getting, you know, twenty, thirty million dollars here and there for security and big food and stuff, and even the whores they supply?  And they do.  Anyway:


It is now turning into the worldís 'permanent steering committee'


(A: Just like that.  You know, it turned itself into it.)


with a broader agenda including global imbalances, climate change, trade and development.


Climate change is in everything, left and right, you see.  So, theyíre basically wanting all the same stuff that the left is wanting.  Itís a broad agenda, interdependence, and climate change, trade and development, and thatís across the world.  And Iíll continue on this vein when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just reading an article here, to show you that the big boys want exactly what youíre going to protest about.  Because they want to move into the next phase of their control over the planet, through a whole bunch of new names and things, and people go back to sleep, until they realize that theyíre even poorer than they were before.  Anyway, this the Royal Institute of International Affairs, an organization that was set up for World Government, and it came out of the Milner Group, a consortium of bankers, who kicked off the Boer War actually, on purpose, to take over the resources of Africa.  Part of their plan was to go across the world and take over the resources of every nation in the 1800s.  Thatís when they were at it.  And they joined with the Rhodes Foundation.  Rhodes was in league with Rothschild.  In fact, Rhodes left his will to Rothschild, and then they formed the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and the American branch eventually was called the Council on Foreign Relations.  They have branches across the whole world.  India, everywhere, Australia, you name it.  They have them.  And they all work towards, all their members, and by the way, you canít apply for membership.  If they want you personally, theyíll approach you.  And theyíre all sworn for internationalism and elitism and they believe theyíre a eugenic, superior race basically, when it comes down to it, just like Russell said they would. 


Anyway, they said:


ē The G20 emerged as a key multilateral forum on the basis of its perceived effectiveness


(A: Not real effectiveness, but perceived effectiveness.)


as a 'crisis committee' managing the global economic and financial turmoil


(A: In fact, they create it.)


It is now turning into the worldís 'permanent steering committee' with a broader agenda


(A: Now, no one has given them the go-ahead to do this.  They just take it themselves.  Itís a new form of governance.  Thatís why they like the term governance, you see.  And they want all the same things as the lefties want.  You know, the carbon credits, the climate change nonsense, all that kind of stuff.  It says:)


In the process, the G20's lack of legitimacy


(A: They admit it themselves.  They say they have no legitimacy.  Why are we paying them billions of dollars for their world meetings when they have no legitimacy?  Theyíre a private group.  Right?)


and representativeness has become more apparent. Improving its governance is necessary over the long term, but simply expanding its membership could undermine its effectiveness.


ē Developing the G20's outreach to a broader range of countries and building a permanent secretariat could make it more representative but this will take time and be very contentious.


(A: In other words, you know, youíve got to pay for it all and not be terribly happy.)


ē In the short run, the G20 can increase its legitimacy through greater transparency and accountability,


(A: Just like Obama.  Just like frosted glass in the bathroom.)


by establishing an independent audit mechanism for commitments, and leading governance reform of the international financial institutions.


So theyíre completely globalist.  That was always their agenda, to conquer the world.  And I think theyíve done it, to be honest with you.  And they always give you the opposition.  Theyíve always given you the opposition that want the same things, because theyíre all members of it.  And if you ever get the minutes of meetings of their world meetings, youíll find all your top union leaders in there, and all what you think are communists, etc.  And thatís what Quigley said.  He says, we donít care who we bring on as members, you know, communist, fascist, whatever, dictatorships.  He says, as long as they all come onboard with the same agenda.  Still on the go.  Thatís your real governmental system, nothing to do with this thing you think is called democracy, this pie in the sky stuff.


And then you look at the cons that are going on.  This is called:


China, India Receive Free UN Carbon Credits For Coal-Fired Power Plants


(A: You see, itís all conology, and itís from the barnabyisright site.  And it says:)


The following article was brought to my attention by a reader, who has also provided a copy of his related letter to Greg Hunt MP (below).


The implications of this story for Australiaís public policy on addressing ďclimate changeĒ are profound.


In effect, what the following revelation means is this.


Australia, under our Green-Labor-Independent dictatorship, will be deliberately undermining our own coal-fired electricity sector via the Governmentís no-mandate imposition of a carbon ďXĒ scheme;


(A: Theyíre doing it in the States, theyíre doing it in Canada, theyíre doing it across the world.  Theyíre closing down all your coal plants to make electricity awfully expensive, you see.  Anyway.)


we will then be buying some $3 Billion per annum worth of carbon dioxide credits from countries such as China and India; they will be able to sell us their UN-provided free carbon credits,


(A: Because the UN is handing them out, billions of them for free to the countries that are doing the polluting, you see.  And so the countries where theyíre cracking down on pollution, you have to buy it from the ones who are doing the polluting.  Isnít that a wonderful, because you see, theyíre just coming out of Third World status, the poor souls.  Just like China.  Theyíre still classed as Third World, by the way, by the same group, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, etc.  So, theyíre allowed to pollute and sell carbon credits to you, even though you are paying through the nose, for your very expensive electricity thatís not coal-fired anymore.)


while at the same time, buying our coal to burn in their UN-subsidised coal-fired powerplants.


(A: So theyíre buying the coal, you know, China and India, from Australia, theyíre buying it, theyíre polluting the stuff, and then theyíre selling to Australia carbon credits which they get for free, and they get cash back, you see, from Australia to buy these damn nonsensical carbon credits.  It says:)


Read on, and be stunned at the insanity of green totalitarianismís global policy of reduce-all-to-the-lowest-common-denominator:


Environmentalists criticized the United Nations on Tuesday after it ruled that a large Indian coal-fired power project is eligible to earn carbon credits worth $165 million at current prices.


(A: And you wonder why Pachauri at the IPCC at the United Nations has got all these investments in these private coal companies all over the place?  Corruption rules the world, folks.)


Several green organizations said the U.N. rules, or methodology, applied to the 4,000 MW supercritical plant owned by Reliance Power were flawed and that the project was viable without the sweeteners of tradable carbon credits called certified emissions reductions (CERs).


The power station, in Krishnapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, is the second Reliance Power project to be formally registered by the United Nations under its Clean Development Mechanism.


So the wonderful United Nations thatís punishing everybody who pollutes, is rewarding these companies and allowing them to pollute, and even giving them free carbon credits to sell to the other countries.  How can anyone go along with this rubbish?  Huh?  How can anyone go along with this absolute, absolute incredible rubbish?  And then thereís another article here.  And itís called:


Steel Guru: New Zealand Steel secures 500000 free carbon credits worth NZD 10 million


(A: 10 million actually, New Zealand dollars, itís worth.  So, carbon credits, 500,000 of them, theyíre giving them free, which are worth 10 million dollars if you start trading them, to kick off the whole carbon con, you see.  Start them trading.  Theyíre copying what the European Union did.  They give out billions in free carbon credits to get all the big businesses trading them.  And they were making profits before the year was out, because itís all coming from the taxpayer.)


New Zealand Steel was given nearly 500,000 free carbon credits in 2010, worth nearly NZD 10 million, to cushion it from the impact of a price on carbon,


(A: Who needs a price on carbon?  Itís always been here.  Always will be here, whether man is here or not.)


According to the country's specialist carbon market intelligence service Carbon News,


(A: Itís a specialist intelligence service, Carbon News, no kidding.)


and, with a bit of trading, it could potentially earn itself NZD 250,000 off this year's allocation. 


New Zealand Steel was by far the biggest beneficiary of the allocation, receiving 494,704 New Zealand emission units.


(A: Emission units.)


Other significant allocations


(A: And it gives you a whole list of the rest of them here.)


New Zealand Aluminium Smelters

Methanex New Zealand 

Fletcher Concrete and Infrastructure 

Norske Skog Tasman 

Ballance Agri Nutrients


(A: These are chemical companies)



Winstone Pulp International

Carter Holt Harvey Pulp and Paper


And it gives you a list of how much they all got in these freebies.  Isnít that wonderful.  Big corporations getting freebies that the taxpayer all paid for, because itís all tax money theyíre giving them, you see.  We need more of this democracy, donít we?  We really need more of this democracy.  Oh, God, eh.  The Wizard of Oz rules, because everyone believes he really is the Wizard.  And itís getting worse and worse.  Itís meant to be, as folk go insane. 


Now, even again, the big boys are getting pulled out too, because theyíre trying to pacify the Wall Street protestors and different ones.  Iím talking about the genuine ones, because thereís a lot of folk who catch on to these groups and move along because they know things are wrong.  So Bernanke comes out and he warns the Congress:


Bernanke warns Congress: Growth, jobs front too weak


(A: No kidding.  This guy is a genius.  Thatís why they have geniuses and experts at the top, you see, to tell you, thereís not enough jobs being created, you know.  Thereís an awful lot of unemployment.)


Federal Reserve leaders have downgraded their expectations for economic growth, Chairman Ben S. Bernanke (A: Of the big bankie) said Tuesday and called on Congress to address both long-term budget deficits and the short-term economic troubles.


The Fed chief,


(A: Chief.  I was going to say chef there for a minute, because heís always cooking the books.)


testifying before the Joint Economic Committee, urged Congress to avoid actions that might ďimpede the ongoing economic recoveryĒ


(A: Itís doublespeak.  Heís just admitted there is no economic recovery.)


while simultaneously putting in place a plan to reduce future deficits over time, adding that ďthe federal budget is clearly not on a sustainable path at presentĒ and that the deficit reduction targets that the so-called supercommittee of Congress is charged with meeting will not be enough to make the nationís finances sustainable.


Bernanke also signaled that the Fed will consider further action if the economy continues to worsen.


(A: I wonder what theyíll do.  Just pull up stakes and go off in a ship or something.)


The Fedís policy committee ďwill continue to closely monitor economic developments and is prepared to take further action as appropriate to promote a stronger economic recovery in a context of price stability,Ē he said.


Thatís why they make them experts, you see.  Price stability, stronger economic recovery, and all these marketing terms that the marketers come up with them for them to spew out to the public, as they loot the planet.  And of course, they plunder too, across the whole Middle East, so as theyíre all in debt too, once they get their Central Banks established there, which is a lot to do with why these wars are ongoing.  The whole world has got to be standardized into interdependence you know, and the desert must become green.  Green everything.  Green cloth, you know.  Green turbans, you name it.  Everything has got to go Green.  Thatís as simple as that, and youíll pay dearly for all this color, dye, I suppose.  Thatís all it is, is dye, because thatís as Green as itís going to get. 


Everything is a con, as I say.  Everything is a pretty stinking con.  And weíre taught since childhood, by our parents, that itís all quite normal.  And thereís hierarchies.  You must simply obey hierarchies, because theyíre special people that come out of special wombs, and have special brains, because they can dream up these cons and make them legal, you see.  Anything can be made legal.  Another article too is:


Financial crisis has world teetering on the brink Ė welcome to the new normal


(A: Everyone is using that phrase that I came out with, the new normal, which is quite nice to see them actually doing it.  Iíll put that up again tonight too.)


And to show you how crazy, we live amongst nothing but lies and deception, you know.  It says:)


NASA Goes Full Stupid About Sea Level


They claim that flooding rivers are causing sea level to decline. Had anyone there actually passed pre-school level geography, they might know that rivers flow into the sea and return the water which fell as rain and snow. These same geniuses also claim that glaciers were melting at a record rate in 2010. What sort of drugs are these people smoking?


I donít know if they smoke them.  I think thereís special drugs at the top, more advanced drugs that stimulate certain parts of the brain, you know, like that peer I mentioned, that Lord the other day there that had to step down after his little orgies and stuff.  Special drugs, that go right to the part of the brain they want stimulated as opposed to this, you know, scatter effect, shotgun effect they have in regular drugs. 


Iíll put this link up tonight too.  And youíll see all the nonsense on this site about what theyíve claimed in the past, and how theyíve all been disproven.  But it doesnít stop them, because itís a big agenda, a big agenda for the world, that only big special people, with a group, just like the G20 that will form itself, you see, and give itself legitimacy, will run, oh, the very atmosphere itself, the very air that you breathe.  And thatís where it really is.  Now, I think thereís a caller from the UK on the line.  Is it Jan?


Jan: Oh, yes.  I just wanted to ask you.  I try and look at this from the eugenics point of view, because you said that the eugenics was the big agenda.  That was the final goal.  Is that right?


Alan: Itís a big part.  Itís been a part for a long time, because I was looking at Time Magazine.  They always have Man or Woman of the Year, Iíll put that link up tonight, in fact, and you can look at it.  Itís got the top abortionists that brought abortion into society for depopulation purposes, like Margaret Sanger.  These were all heroes put down as like Time Person of the Year, etc.  So, itís a big, big part, is to get rid of what they call, basically they call it the useless eaters that are left.  And they call the term, like Bertrand Russell called them, useless eaters, the masses who are left after a post-industrial society and a post-technological society.  Everything has been given to China, so weíre really there now.  And in other words, what do they do with all of us now.  And they say at the top, like if you read Charles Galton Darwinís book, The Next Million Years, he said that the biggest problem that the elite in Britain had was to be outbred by all the lesser, base types, they now call them junk gene types, that havenít made it to the top.  So, the useless eaters once again.  So, it is a big part.


Jan: Well, what I mean is, is the final goal, is it not to split the human race into these two species and have a serf race that just....


Alan: Itís already there. 


Jan: Forever.  Because my question is, to the people at the very, very top of this pyramid, whose agenda this is, not like what you call even Rockefeller, a worker, so to speak, do you think money is actually that big an issue to them at the very top?


Alan: No, itís not.  Itís not.  Money is a means of control to them at the top.  Thatís all.


Jan: Itís a means to an end, isnít it?


Alan: Yeah.  Itís important.  And thatís why they put on the dollar, you know, in God we trust.  The reason is, because, you see, itís all based on faith.  And they train the public who go out to earn this cash to believe in it.  Youíve got to believe itís real.  The guys at the top donít care, as long as you believe itís real. 


Jan: Because, yeah.  Thatís exactly what I was thinking, because it all comes back to what you said about them having a good understanding of human nature.  Because what theyíve done is that we now give money the same importance as we do food, because we need money to get food.  So, on a primal level, theyíve made us identify money as being as important as food. 


Alan: Thatís right. 


Jan: Also, they understand that weíre susceptible to greed.  And greed motivates people.  It gets them working, doesnít it?  And also, it overrides peopleís moral values, greed, doesnít it?  They understand it.


Alan: They understand it, but what it does too, you see, any instinct can go out of control.  It can become neuroticized.  Advertisers know this.  Thatís why youíve got so many obese people.  Every other ad on television is fast food and chocolate or something.  They understand that any instinct, or the sexual instinct, you can put out of proportion by advertising in the movies and so on, until everyone is rutting like rabbits, basically.  As long as they donít have children theyíre quite happy at the top.  That was what they said.  Julian Huxley said that.  So they used all these techniques on the public.  But with money, you have a fear.  Because, without money, you see, now youíre poor.  And if youíre poor, youíre not going to have any friends.  You might not even have a house or a roof over your head.  You might have no means to medical attention, and youíll die in poverty and squalor and hopelessness.  And so, they play on that too.  Now, during the Great Depression, all the factories were there, all the farms were there.  There was still gas around.  There was seed around.  Everything stopped because money stopped.  So, the means to make it all was still there, but everything stopped because money stopped, because the people were trained, you need money to make everything work.


Jan: Itís just a means to an end.  Thatís all it is, isnít it?


Alan: Thatís what it is.  Itís the middleman that came in and stopped barter.  Barter was the only honest system.  Hold on and Iíll be back after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just talking about money and thatís why they call it currency.  Itís like current.  It travels like water.  Itís a current of water, and it travels, of course.  And of course, the first banks were made of water on the Nile, where they banked the water, which is the life force, basically.  And thatís why you have river banks.  Thatís where it comes from.  And it flows.  You see, it flows down river.  And this is where they got all their terminology for today.  Theyíre still using it.  Now, thereís one more caller, is it Tara in Canada?


Tara: Yes.  Hello?


Alan: Hello.  Yes.


Tara: Hi.  Yeah.  This is Tara.  You were talking a little bit about the Occupy Wall Street Protests, and I was trying to get my head around that too.  Thereís a lot of, like I think that thereís a lot of grass roots movement, like the Tea Party there.  And I mean, no doubt, everybody is going to try to co-opt it from each side and run their agenda.  I mean thatís always, itís just like the streets.  I mean, itís the same thing as the kid in the schoolyard being bullied for their money, you know, for their lunch money.  But theyíre trying to build a lot of a community.  And theyíre trying to build a lot of a bit of an intellectual Renaissance, which I find really interesting.  And theyíre trying to build community from that.  So, do you think that was part of the original plan to deal with the community?


Alan: It falls right in.


Tara: And then they have better tabs on people in the future when they try to share gardening or whatever when the economics gets worse. 


Alan: Exactly right.  Iíve got articles here, Iíll put them up tonight, if I can upload, because the satellite is down in Canada.  I donít know if you know that.  The big satellite.  So, anyway, Iíll try and get it up later, but Iíll put a link up, and it shows you all the organizations, and all the old ones going back for fifty years some of them, these organizations.  And they get funding, again, from the big foundations, Rockefeller, etc, etc.  And it ties in exactly with Communitarianism.  Again, austerity measures coming in for the future.  Weíve got to look after each other, etc, etc.  All this wonderful stuff.  But, the fact is, theyíve already got this system on paper, all set up, and how to do it.  And theyíve got the facilitators ready to go into action as well, for the new society.


Tara: The Grassroots Movement, in one sense itís really needed, because, you know, I mean, I was paying attention to whatís going on with Toronto, and they have the Nurseís Student Association thatís going to stand by, and street medics from the universities.  So, I mean, youíve got some Grassroots people who really I think are very honest, and could be very helpful in the future to help people under austerity measures.  But theyíll also be able to keep tabs on the people then for the rest of their lives. 


Alan: Oh, absolutely.


Tara: Anybody who goes is taking a chance, but I mean, weíve already known that from the start anyhow. 


Alan: We always end up protesting and demanding what weíre told to protest and demand.  Iíve noticed this in history.  And it always looks good looking back on it, until you really look into it in detail and you find out that weíre always led up the garden path.  All the top articles coming out of the UK that led off Communitarianism shows you that the government itself is decentralizing, supposedly power down to the local level, but itís a completely different system of standard of living.  Thatís what itís to come down to.  And literally, thatís why youíve also got this, itís too costly now to treat cancer patients.  It would be easier to euthanize them.  All this stuff is coming out into the open at the same time, as you go into austerity.  And Canada is still to get whacked yet, much, much more than it has already.  Believe you me.  And Canada is one of the biggest players in this global system for advocacy.  In fact, I think the Minister for the Bank of Canada, the politician has been put forward to take over the World Bank, which is part of, again, the BIS, the Bank for International Settlements, thatís to be the World, the real World Bank, thatís running all the Central Banks for the planet.  His name was just put forward.  Top player in Canadaís Branch of the CFR, which they changed the name of just a few years ago.  Thanks for calling.  Youíre right on with it though.  Youíre right on with what you say. 


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.  Iíll be late uploading, because the satellite just turned round to face the sun, apparently, all on its own.  And I donít know if it will ever get back up again or not.  Remember too, donate and help me keep going, and buy the books, etc, and weíll see what happens in the near future.



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