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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 10, 2011:

Identity Management (Compliance)
Your Government Working for --- Who?

"Branches of Security and Gov. Establishment,
Dishing Out Grants to Universities with Lavishment,
To Use Focus Groups, Testing the Cattle,
Using "Identity Management" as Psycho-Babble,
Finding Ways for Making Obeyance a Pleasure,
Ensuring Compliance to Lords of Leisure,
Using Facebook Techniques Where Fools are Eager
To Willingly Present Data to Collection Seeker,
Their Brain-Storming Groups, Using Science Fiction,
Envisage a Dumbed-Down People of Limited Diction,
All Privacy Gone, All Personal Reliance,
Exchanged for Sexed-Up Pavlovian Compliance"
© Alan Watt Oct. 10, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 10, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 10th of October 2011.  For newcomers, as always, I suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you’ll find lots of information there, lots of audios for free download.  Hopefully by the time you’re finished, if you’re still pretty sane, then you’ll understand much more of this big system you’re born into and how the art of managing masses of people, nationally or internationally, is a very, very old art indeed, and how the big players have been at this for thousands of years, because knowledge, especially controlling people, has never been destroyed.  Believe you me, it’s maybe moved once in a while, like the Alexandria Library, but it’s never destroyed.  Because people who invade countries, especially countries with more advanced cultures, they always make sure they take the knowledge with them.  That’s how it is today too.  So it’s a vast archive, really, of information at cuttingthroughthematrix.com of the big corporations, the banking system, the military system, all combined together, and your political system as well, which they all gave you – the greatest thing about propaganda is they convince you that it’s actually yours, so it’s quite interesting to understand that very basic point; very few people do.  However, even when they change it they prepare you for the changes, they plan the changes, they even discuss the changes at big think tanks long before you see them coming into action or even the start of them coming into action.  They’re prepared for pretty well everything that happens because they must guide society as a whole into a new global system.  So you’ll find out the organizations, the NGOs, the foundations, the big international bankers, they’re all involved with the think tanks and how it works cohesively to bring you into this new world order, a totally different way of living, monitored from, basically, birth to grave and some countries have already been the test countries for testing all for this stuff out on in different parts. 


Remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you so you can help support me by buying the books and disks from cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.] It’s all on the web site how to do it.  Remember too, they all carry transcripts, all those sites listed there, the official sites, in English and if you want transcripts in other languages for print up you can go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and help yourselves to the variety offered there. 


As I say, this big system, nothing surprises me because the big boys tell you what’s coming down the road and eventually you catch on that nothing takes them by surprise at all.  When you read about even the Color Revolutions that swept across the Middle East and elsewhere, even through Europe too, you find out they were all backed by the Western powers, and the leaders and agitators were all trained, in fact, by Western intelligence services.  I might touch on one of the videos that are out there, later on tonight and put that up on my site after the show. 


The Revolution Business – World - youtube.com / Uploaded by journeymanpictures on Jun 9, 2011


Anyway, getting back to what I’m trying to talk about...  The fact is, you see, you’re guided through the changes, you know, the changes that they’ve been talking about that are happening now. They say they’ll happen for the next 30-40 years, upheavals, great upheavals, worldwide, in all societies, before they can bring in this new, this perfectly ruled world order.  So we’re not going to get any peace whatsoever obviously from now until eternity as far as I’m concerned, and it’s all planned that way.  As I say, the big think tanks, the ones that work for the banking systems, the ones that advise governments, all are all on track with the same particular ideas of how this is working out, from now, as I say, to the year 2040 and beyond, and what kind of societies they plan to have in the future.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Over the years you’re being programmed for pretty well everything that’s to come up in the future in fact.  You simply don’t know it.  You’ve watched hundreds of television shows.  You’ve watched the news; many folk watch the news every single night of their lives.  And that upgrades you.  It upgrades you like a computer upgrade in a program to what’s coming up. Even though you don’t consciously remember perhaps some of the topics, but the terms get sunk into your brain in a subconscious fashion so when actually you hear it again years later it seems quite natural that these things are actually happening.  So you’re programmed for all the big changes to come.  And for those who are honest with themselves, even with a partial brain working, the media’s been telling you for years where we’re all headed. 


Because we’ve had nothing but bad stories forever and ever basically, and even worse since this big conglomerate, this Economic Union came into a single parliamentary structure, a new soviet style system, with the obvious intent, and even by the guy who’s at the head of it now admitting that its intention was to eliminate national sovereignty all together.  And of course you go back further and Karl Marx talked about it and the guys that gave you your present economic system talked about it, John Maynard Keynes.  They knew they were setting up a structure for the future and it would go in stages.  And we’re going through the next part of the stage that Keynes talked about.  He said he wouldn’t live to see the Bretton Woods Part 2 and you’re living through it now as they go through this pantomime of borrowing, actually borrowing from the bankers, putting the taxpayers down as collateral basically, or guarantors to pay it off, and then using their tax money to pay off loans, and then throwing it supposedly at this big black hole in Europe.


They can’t even describe what it is.  All the experts come in and you can’t find where any of this money that they’re throwing at Greece, for instance, actually goes.  Don’t you think that’s a bit odd?  I mean, it’s going somewhere but where is it going?  Who’s accountable for all that cash? That’s sinking every other country?  And what’s the outcome of it?  Well, they actually achieved their objective, and they actually say this too, in a lot of documents from the Council on Foreign Relations, that it will bring deeper integration, meaning complete integration, economically, through their legislative assembly as well, all the laws will be combined to be the same laws.  They even want their own military; they’ve got an international police on the go. And meanwhile they’re decentralizing what they used to call the old nation-states down to communitarianism where all the ready-made non-governmental organizations, that get funded from the government actually and from the big foundations, are already trained to take over the functions that the state used to provide, reluctantly, it was always reluctantly, even the National Health Service.  However, this is what it is about.  It’s austerity.  It’s the whole shebang, as they used to say, the whole way.  We’re going with this and we’re seeing the fallout of it now. 


Nothing is, believe you me, nothing is a surprise to the big boys including the backlashes that they get.  They also put out their own people to lead the revolutionary sides.  You don’t understand that revolutions are the key to planned change.  And in my lifetime I’ve watched the sexual revolution, I’ve watched all the different revolutions that came along and they were all social, pretty well, social revolutions.  They were the most changing of all revolutions, the social revolutions.  For your way of thinking, what becomes the norm to be taught in schools, what becomes politically correct, these are social revolutions.  And they always start with little protests, or they used to do it in the old days, with small groups.  But now of course with the big Marxist groups they’ve had, all over the place, and so many different factions of them, they all come together.  They call it networking and they come together for their common causes today and show up.  And it doesn’t mean that everyone’s bad amongst them.  It simply means that there’s a lot of people being led up the garden path – because the big boys want these conflicts to arise and bring us all to our knees – and we’ll think we’ve won something and in actuality you’ve gone into a more Soviet system worldwide, just like the EU already has. 


Tonight in fact I’ll put a link up where for instance in the EU, this EU has its own system of safety, department of safety and they’ve banned balloons for children, things like that now.  You can’t have that in case a child somehow inhales the balloon and kills itself. 


Children to be banned from blowing up balloons, under EU safety rules - telegraph.co.uk / 09 Oct 2011


I don’t think it’s ever happened but they’re going to make sure it could never possibly happen, even in a cartoon.  They’re taking away all your rights to even explore anything as a child, which makes you into a little zombie character, and of course, that is the perfect citizen of the future, the Orwellian type who does what they’re told, they have no individualism at all in them, and that’s what they want for the future.  It’s not a pretty picture indeed.  Even the Club of Rome, the ones who helped the design the whole... They were given the task of finding some system to bring the world together as one, to fight something, and they thought about all the different things they could fight to save the world and bring us all together fighting some enemy, and they came up with global warming, climate change, famine and disasters and all that kind of stuff.  That was their job.  So they came up with that and that became written into the UN law basically and we’re using all of these techniques dreamed up by think tanks. 


Now, as I say, we’re going into austerity and we’ve already seen the first part of austerity kick off a few years ago because they had riots in other countries in Europe too, including Greece, to do with the cost of living going up, before they really hit them on the austerity drive.  And it started off with truckers in different countries and disputes at borders and trying to get their various produce out or into countries.   Now it’s going right down to trying to bankrupt the countries and then saying every country in the world now has got to join in and bail them out.  And that is the goal, by the way.  That is the ultimate goal of this crisis, and as well as to bring you into an austere way of living.  It’s a paradox isn’t it?  They tell you to be austere, spend less, eat less and all the rest of it, and yet you got higher taxes to pay because of all these loans that your government’s borrowing, and giving away to the bankers, and to military escapades, and they’re also telling you to consume at the same time, because you’re going bankrupt, the whole country’s going bankrupt with its produce.  And you can’t do both at the same time.  So they’re creating a kind of schizoid mentality for society where the individual, most individuals are pretty confused as to what they should do.  And the strange thing is, as it happens to be when people are confused like that, they look to the very ones that they’re meant to look to, the experts, to tell them what to do.  And they follow, because most people are followers, you see.  They’ve been trained from birth not to be a thinker and to be a leader. They’ve been trained to be followers; that’s what school is too.  School is your preparatory system for all propaganda that will follow; it’s a necessity for the kind of propaganda you’re going to get down through your lifetime. 


Now, there’s an article here...


Austerity obsession kneecaps Europe

montrealgazette.com / JAY BRYAN / October 4, 2011


High-school students shout anti-government slogans during a protest march Tuesday in Athens against economic austerity and planned education reforms.  (Alan:  Now, when the IMF comes in, I’ve always said this before, because they will tell you themselves in their own history, that whenever they come in they take over the books of the country and they slash, first of all, the health care system and then they’ll slash often a lot of the civil service – and Greece certainly had a lot of civil service – and the services too, that your tax money is supposed to provide.  They cut them and cut them and cut them to pay off debts.  It’s always the health care that’s the first to go.  And in some countries you’ll actually find when things like tuberculosis breaks out in worse numbers – and this has already happened in Kosovo and different places when the IMF came in, after they destroyed most of the country, then things like tuberculosis has sprung up.  Not because it was becoming more contagious.  It was because the people who had it were getting no treatment; they couldn’t get the treatment anymore or antibiotics because of austerity measures.  There’s always another reason for things happening than the one that you’re left.  See, you’re actually left to come to what you think is your own conclusion.  But that’s the way that it’s intended to be in all propaganda.  And the media, of course, being in the hands of a few media barons across the world, means that all information is consolidated into one big monopoly really.  And I don’t think there’s any difference between them all.  I’m sure the big barons are actually, really, under a big king at the top, put it that way.  They’re all working for the same boss, to make sure you get the same propaganda.  Anyway, it says here...)


So far, the evidence is strong that this idea (A:  "expansionary austerity” they’re calling it.  So now you’ve got expansionary austerity on top of “quantitative easing” and all these terms.  Now, part of the terms that they’re using, the reason they give you these terms too, these are parts of propaganda, giving you new terms all the time – the same in technology – constant upgrading you with new terms, which takes your mind away from thinking for yourself, critically, about anything at all, and most of your time you’re just learning the new terms and trying to figure out what they mean and so on.) 


So far, the evidence is strong that this idea not only doesn't work, but is severely undercutting the economic recovery in Europe, where it has been an important influence on policy, especially when it comes to heavily indebted Greece.


The notion that you can simultaneously slash deficits and stimulate growth is "a very hopeful way of looking at the world, but unfortunately, it's not based on anything ever seen in economic history," says economic forecaster Peter Berezin, managing editor of the Bank Credit Analyst.


Now, Berezin suggests, the fate of Europe depends largely on whether that region's leaders will let go of their stubborn infatuation with expansionary austerity or follow it right over the edge of a financial precipice.


Think of this idea as a kind of Bizarro Keynesianism. Instead of supporting a stumbling, indebted economy with enough public spending to sustain demand until the private sector heals, governments slash spending.


The theory is that this show of fiscal discipline unleashes such confidence among consumers and businesses that they spend and invest more, boosting growth. 


Well it’s never worked in the past as far as I can see, but it’s all hogwash anyway because the whole idea of professional expert-led economics is nonsense.  It’s nonsense.  Utter nonsense.  Whenever the average person can’t understand something, and they have to go to university to learn something as basic as mathematics, or simple arithmetic even, then there’s a con going on, you see.  And believe you me, if all these experts had been experts in the first place none of this would have happened.  None of it would have happened.  Obviously, obviously none of this would have happened, since they all work for the big banks, and government.  But no one knew it was going to hit them.  Not one single one of these experts knew.  Oh come on.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I don’t know if you’ve looked through a lot of the big think tanks’ documentation, because they’re given basically the task of looking to the future to see how the reaction will be amongst the public, when certain things are introduced.  They all have the same global theme, the multicultural aspect, the free trade, free movement of goods and labor across borders, all, the whole kit-and-caboodle is in every one of their lectures or talks or whatever they put up on their own sites, their PDFs.  And there’s lots up there too, if you go into RAND and different companies that work.  I’ve got a whole stack of them, again, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com if you go into the archives section you’ll find lots of stuff.  So nothing comes as a surprise. 


And back in 2007 from the military’s own think tank, to basically project into the future, for preparedness, the one from the Defence Department for Britain and NATO came out with a document, a long one, 90 pages in fact, of the future:  flash mobs coming and people rioting over food, including across Europe, and even using different technologies for communication, and a constant battle of technologies to try to prevent these things from happening. But in reality when you understand both sides of the story, there’s only one puppet master at the top, then you’ll find this is supposed to all happen to bring society to its knees, so that it will be quite natural to go into a new system where you will have no rights and you will think that’s quite natural for safety and peace.  And that’s how the young are to be trained that are coming up right now, going through these big changes and the coming riots.  But they talk about the flash mobs and even the different technologies they’d have to use on the public, including neutron bombs if it came to that in fact, to keep the system going, on mass dissidents and massive crowds and mobs.  So there’s nothing surprising to me at all about anything that’s happened since then.  This is all part of the agenda.  We must all go through these incredible changes. 


And they already have their experimental basins set up in different countries testing different parts of austerity.  Different parts, like Scotland for instance, is really cradle to grave all monitoring of every child, everything about them as they go along.  It’s just incredible.  I might put a link up tonight to show you how it happens and the programs they’re using, with funding from the Carnegie Foundation and others.  It’s just astonishing to see that the whole future was mapped out and the coming riots were mapped out too, and even backlash against banking too as they start slashing back on different things like health care systems, etc. 


Intimate details of our lives are being 'monitored' and shared by public bodies in Scotland without our knowledge - scottishreview.net / Kenneth Roy


Big Brother Scotland - home-education.biz / 14-12-10 /  Sheila Struthers


Now, last Friday the head of the Bank of England came out too and it was quite interesting to see his article in the paper.  It says...


An entire system of global trade is at risk

(A:  You know.  Now, what trade is it, really?  We send soldiers outside to kill people so that private companies can go over and plunder and stake their claim and to get the taxpayers here giving them new refineries, for nothing, and stuff like that.  That’s really what’s happening.  It’s a new feudal system, remember.  Carroll Quigley said, a feudal system, it’s overlords, etc.  There’s no such thing as democracy in a new feudal system, and the Club of Rome said too, that democracy would not work, there are too many competing parties. And I agree with them on that part.  I looked at just one of the far left’s, all the far left’s organizations attending these Wall Street parades, etcs, and I think every Marxist... there’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them, special interest groups, of all shades, colors, dialects, everything, genders, you name it. They’re all networking together, you see.  So anyway, an entire global system of trade is at work...)

Next month’s G20 summit must go beyond the usual rhetoric. Confidence in the eurozone’s banking system has to be restored through recapitalisation of its banks.

(A:  Now, in other words, they want ALL of the banks, the private banks, in the Eurozone, just like the US, and in England, to get fully funded, once again, and start from scratch by using taxpayers’ money. Grants to them... FREE grants to the big banks to get them all kicked off again. They’re determined to bring everyone into utter poverty.  That is the start of the new system.)

telegraph.co.uk / 7 Oct 2011


Sir Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, this week called the current financial crisis “the most serious… since the 1930s, if ever”, in justification for a further £75 billion of “quantitative easing”. (A:  You know.  Which means inflation; it’s printing presses.)  Since Sir Mervyn cited the chaos of the inter-war years, it seems appropriate to quote Winston Churchill (A:  And they give one of these speechwritten things of Winston Churchill that’s of no consequence really.). . .


We are at just such a moment again. Little more than two years ago, global leaders were happily congratulating themselves on having avoided the mistakes of the 1930s, thereby averting a depression. (A:  They already had the depression in a good part of Europe long before that.)  But now it appears that the difficulties of 2008 were but a foretaste of what was to come. With the European banking system again on the verge of collapse (A:  It’s always on the verge of collapse, eh.), there is a sense that politicians and economists are out of options, that governments and central banks are powerless before events. The best of the cavalry has been sent into battle, and it has come back in tatters. The fiscal armoury has been exhausted, the support offered by the boom in emerging markets such as China and India over the past two years seems to be on its last legs, and there is but the small rifle fire of the central bank printing presses left to defend us.   (A:  Well, Canada’s ones now, they print the money of Canada over in Germany.  [Alan chuckles.])


If it has been obvious for some time that we are caught up in an extreme financial crisis, the extent of its severity has acquired greater clarity in being described by the Governor of the Bank of England. Never before has the global financial system been so interlinked and integrated, which means that problems in one part of the world are capable of causing severe stress almost everywhere else. (A:  So in other words, because of the mistake of the private banks the whole world’s got to change and suffer.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the governor of the Bank of England.  And it says...


The problem is not in Britain – which, despite the appalling legacy of debt left by the last government, is doing most of the right things – but in mainland Europe, where lack of foresight, unwillingness to act, confusion of counsel and lack of clear thinking are indeed everywhere to behold. We can but hope that self-preservation will eventually force governments into corrective action (A:  Now, what corrective action are they talking about?). . . 


Politically unpalatable though it would be, Britain may have to stand ready to participate in the process by similarly supporting its own banks. (A:  So here’s the banks at home bailing out banks across the whole of Europe and now the taxpayers, who have lost all the cash into this black hole that they can’t plug, you see, by throwing money at it in Europe, will have to start giving MORE cash grants to its own banks.  That’s the solution for it, right.) To once more dip into our pockets to bail out the bankers, at a time of deep public spending cuts and swingeing tax increases, will to most people be anathema. And for UK banks, it may not be strictly necessary (A:  So it’s not really necessary but they’re going to do it anyway.) – the Chancellor, George Osborne, insisted yesterday that they were well capitalised and liquid.


Yet, like it or not, we remain joined at the hip to Europe. This is especially the case through the banking system, which is highly exposed to the eurozone’s inner tortures. If a plan of mass recapitalisation is to work, it has to include everyone, good as well as bad. For countries and bankers to start squabbling among themselves about who needs to be bailed out and who doesn’t merely risks accentuating the paralysis.  (A:  So they’re all going to get more bailouts, all the banks, even the ones at home, again.  So you’ve got not only the ones across Europe to bail out but the ones in your own home, if you still want to call yourself a home, or unless you’ve just really given in already and say we’re really European now.)


There are, in any case, ways of sugaring the pill. A precedent already exists with the Royal Bank of Scotland, which pays £320 million a year for a promise by the Government that it will provide £8 billion of new capital if it is ever needed. (A:  Now, 80-odd percent of the Bank of Scotland, The Royal Bank of Scotland is owned by the British government.  So they’re using taxpayers’ money to bail it out.)  This is a kind of insurance policy which could be used as a model for a wider recapitalisation of European banks – a way of underpinning confidence in the system without actually having to put up the money to do so.   (A:  And it goes on and on and on.)


Anyway, they’re going to bring all this stuff up at the G20 supposedly.  It’s all done before them; they just go there to eat and to meet the high-class whores that we all pay for, by the way, because we do.  The taxpayer pays for the whores; they must always have whores at these meetings. I’ve known some reporters who’ve got into these places too.  One hotel in Britain, they actually put in heart-shaped beds just for the occasion. Heart-shaped beds... it was all on the taxpayer, and the whores too, of course, male and female.  Anyway, that’s the real world that you live in.  In other words, they’re going to keep going on with this nonsense with the money until they get...  Because what they’re really pushing for is one authority across the whole world to decide and manage all the currency of the whole planet.  And that will also eventually lead to, and they say it themselves, world governance; it’s part of world governance, if you read all the different PDFs from the CFR and all the different institutions of finance.  They want world governance. 


Now another article too, that goes along with propaganda and indoctrination, is how much of your own money, again, is spent on finding ways to coerce you into doing things, if you were rationally sane you wouldn’t want to do at all. And if you are rationally sane then they want to alter you until you just accept things that come down the pike in your direction that’s not really good for you.  But if everyone’s doing it at the same time you’ll go along because most folk do that; they go along to get along with the rest of the herd. 


Managing identity

Researchers from Northumbria University are among a team of academics sharing in a £1.36million grant to examine future technologies of identity management. 

(A:  So it sounds fairly, ooohhaa... identity management.)

northumbria.ac.uk / October 6, 2011


Professor Pam Briggs, Dean of the School of Life Sciences at Northumbria, will be involved in the three-year IMPRINTS project (A:  Interesting... IMPRINTS...  That’s what they say when they imprint something Pavlovian style in your brain: you’re imprinted, you know.) which will be led by Professor Liesbet van Zoonen of Loughborough University, alongside colleagues from Dundee and Essex.


The project is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). An additional grant has been awarded by the Department of Homeland Security in America to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to simultaneously conduct the study in the US.


The Identity Management: Public Responses to Identity Technologies and Services (IMPRINTS) project aims to assess how and why the UK and US public (A:  ...listen to this...) will engage with particular future practices, services and technologies of identity management, while resisting others(A:  Now, you understand the terminology they’re using here?  They don’t want it to be too clear.  Most folk won’t read this; they’ll look at the headlines and yeah, uh-huh, put a picture on it and that’s all they’ll see.)


Iris and full-body scans and face or voice recognition have already become well-known practices (A:  And there’s been a lot of resistance against that. So it’s all about your resistance and how to overcome resistance.  This is what it’s about.), but innovations like implantable chips (A:  You know, this is your governments and Homeland Security folks, sponsoring this.), odour scans, online ‘object’ passwords and mobile identity-sharing are on the horizon. It is unclear whether and why members of the public will embrace these innovations or reject them.  (A:  You see, government wants you to take them all because it’s government that’s in charge of all this stuff.)


The Northumbria aspect of the project will involve sourcing futuristic scenarios from science fiction (A:  Well, it’s all the stuff you see in the Sci-Fi movies about the disastrous future you’re all to go into.) and academic literature and then developing stimuli to use with focus groups (A:  Now, focus groups have always been used in marketing to find out ways to get round people’s prejudices, against whatever, wine or whatever it is they don’t like, you know.) to trigger thinking around identity management.   (A:  See, your identity is all about you, obviously, and people are generally protective, or they used to be protective about their identity.  It’s called privacy.  And you need privacy to have sanity in you at all, and to find out who you are and then you’re very confident with who you are, in a world of privacy.)


Professor Briggs said: “I’ll be working with focus groups drawn from different populations, including young people, older adults and refugees, to talk to them about what ‘identity management’ means to them and we’ll be looking at inter-generational differences in what is acceptable and unacceptable in the ‘big brother’ world.   (A:  This is from your government and Homeland Security.  Because they want to bring everything in until literally you’re in Orwell-land basically.  You’re in INGSOC!)


“The aim of the study is to develop a clear sense of the identity ‘taboos and desires’ and work with industry and government to use the ‘desire’ space (A:  The DESIRE space, they call it...) for development.”


Professor Van Zoonen, Chair of Media and Communications at Loughborough, who is leading the project, added: “'There is a peculiar paradox between the eager sharing of personal details on social network sites, and the deep anxieties about, for instance, biometric identification or a national identity card.  (A:  They’re trying to find ways to make you WANT to go along with everything, you see.  Like you did with, when all the suckers who jump into these free programs and give the NSA and everybody else all your daily info.)


“In this project we aim to gain a better understanding of such anxieties (A:  It’s an anxiety; it’s not indignancy you’ve got.  No, you’re anxious about not joining in and throwing your world up there, your whole personal world.) and appetites, and understand the way citizens will respond to new identity management technologies (A:  That’s your chips and all the rest of it.  Remember, they said implantable chips I think back there too.), services and practices in order to promote trustworthy and pleasurable processes of identity verification.”   (A:  It’s true.  They can give you a bitter pill but make it awfully sweet so you don’t mind.  You know, that’s the idea.)


To achieve this understanding, the researchers will work with stakeholders from civil society and government, security and commercial sectors in both the UK and US.


The project brings together experts in design, computer science, political science, media, psychology, sociology, and risk management, and findings will inform future government and security policy on identity management and its implementation (A:  So they’re going to implement all this stuff whether you like it or not, but they just have to find ways to stop all resistance to it.), as well as provide resources for further research.


So we always buy our own chains, because they’re using your tax money to build the chains for you, so as that one day they say, we want to stick this in you, because life, and it will, it will get really bad in the future; there’s a lot of rioting to come down the road, an awful lot of rioting, and poverty and misery, and crime will escalate too, and they want to chip us all so they can keep track of every single individual.  That’s really what they want to do.  And find ways to overcome your anxiety about it, to make you want it, like, well, Facebook, yeah.  Quite simple, eh?


And then another article...


FBI Director: Intelligence Will Have to Use 'Lone Wolf' Provision

old.news.yahoo.com / Rob Margetta, CQ Staff / Oct 6, 2011


FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III told Congress on Thursday that two controversial provisions in the 2001 anti-terrorism law known as the Patriot Act will be especially important for adapting to the threat of domestic radicalization (A:  Now, domestic radicalization is part of what you saw happened in England, with just spontaneous rioting because of the conditions and everything else, and the same thing that’s happening now with the protests with the various Wall Street things, which they actually want to happen, at the top, because they’re already wanting to transform into a new system of money management.  And believe you me, the banks will not suffer from it either.  It will sound so wonderful until you really think and the banks are still in charge, but it won’t sound like that on paper.  So it will be...) important for adapting to the threat of domestic radicalization and the challenges of a wireless communications world.


Both Mueller and Matthew G. Olsen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, told the House Select Intelligence Committee that U.S. citizens and residents, inspired by groups like al Qaeda but lacking any actual contacts that intelligence agencies could track, present a serious national security threat.  (A:  So in other words, people who are inspired by groups like al Qaeda, that was a CIA-created organization in the beginning, apparently they’re becoming heroes of people, so they’re trying to claim here, to get these laws through.)


"That is probably the greatest challenge that we face," Olsen said.


For such instances of so-called lone wolf attackers, the Patriot Act included a provision that allows investigators to apply to a special court for surveillance orders on suspects who are not connected to any terrorism organization. The language is one of three provisions within the law that lack permanent authorization. Congress passed ( PL 112-3 ) a four-year extension for the language, which faced opposition from civil liberties groups, in May.  (A:  It’s to give them the right to spy on anyone at any time and in deeper ways than they normally spy on you, which is all-pervasive pretty well.)


Mueller told the panel that the FBI hasn't used the lone-wolf provision, but predicted that will change. 


So they’re going to really bring it in and it’s just going to go the whole way. We’re living in an awful system, as I say, as we go through changes, and they’re not going to lose control; they’re determined they’re not going to lose control at the top. They know the changes that are coming. They know the reaction of the public.  Above them, again, the one group that controls both groups, want all of this to happen. They want the protests. They want to guide the protests.  And then you’ll get the G20, oh we’re listening to you, we’re listening, we feel your pain and yes, we need a new system.  And we’ll all go happily, supposedly, into a new system of, well, pure hell.  [Alan chuckles.] That’s pretty well it, isn’t it?


The US Drug Policy too...


U.S. Drug Policy Would Be Imposed Globally By New House Bill

huffingtonpost.com / First Posted: 10/7/11 Updated: 10/9/11


The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill yesterday that would make it a federal crime for U.S. residents to discuss or plan activities on foreign soil that, if carried out in the U.S., would violate the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) -- even if the planned activities are legal in the countries where they're carried out. H.R. 313, the "Drug Trafficking Safe Harbor Elimination Act of 2011," is sponsored by Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), and allows prosecutors to bring conspiracy charges against anyone who discusses, plans or advises someone else to engage in any activity that violates the CSA, the massive federal law that prohibits drugs like marijuana and strictly regulates prescription medication.


"Under this bill, if a young couple plans a wedding in Amsterdam, and as part of the wedding, they plan to buy the bridal party some marijuana, they would be subject to prosecution," said Bill Piper, director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance, which advocates for reforming the country's drug laws. "The strange thing is that the purchase of and smoking the marijuana while you're there wouldn't be illegal. But this law would make planning the wedding from the U.S. a federal crime."  (A:  So don’t plan anything in the US, eh.)


The law could also potentially affect academics and medical professionals. For example, a U.S. doctor who works with overseas doctors or government officials on needle exchange programs could be subject to criminal prosecution. A U.S. resident who advises someone in another country on how to grow marijuana or how to run a medical marijuana dispensary would also be in violation of the new law, even if medical marijuana is legal in the country where the recipient of the advice resides. If interpreted broadly enough, a prosecutor could possibly even charge doctors, academics and policymakers from contributing their expertise to additional experiments like the drug decriminalization project Portugal, which has successfully reduced drug crime, addiction and overdose deaths.


The Controlled Substances Act also regulates the distribution of prescription drugs, so something as simple as emailing a friend vacationing in Tijuana some suggestions on where to buy prescription medication over the counter could subject a U.S. resident to criminal prosecution. "It could even be something like advising them where to buy cold medicine overseas (A:  ...if you’ve got a cold...) that they'd have to show I.D. to get here in the U.S.," Piper says. 


So we’re getting down, you see, to the totalitarian REAL nitty-gritty.  And I’m not kidding you; I’ve read so much stuff from other countries and literally, the monitoring from child to grave with all these agencies is just incredible, hundreds of agencies all involved, all about YOU.  You know, the only way you could stop this system is literally slashing about 99% of all government and all their agencies.  I’m not kidding you.  Because really they’re just perpetuating self-work programs; they keep coming out with new work programs for themselves, all the time.  And it always takes more and more rights away from you.  And that’s the way it really is.  That’s the way it is.  Now....


Cancer vaccine warning

examiner.ie / October 13, 2011 / Jennifer Hough


MEET the Gardasil girls.


They are from Florida and Wisconsin, Texas and Tennessee, New Mexico, New Zealand and Australia.


There’s Savanna from Ohio, Kahlia from New Zealand, and Kristyn from Washington State. They are just a handful of the girls whose pretty smiling faces peer back from the website Sanevax.org.


What binds them together? Suspected serious adverse reactions to cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil, and the fact that they were all perfectly healthy prior to receiving the vaccine.


Savanna was 12 when she got the vaccine. Since then her list of symptoms has included vision problems, twitching (A:  That’s a nerve disorder they get.), numbness, memory loss, trouble concentrating, confusion, brain fog (can’t find the right words), trouble breathing, sleep paralysis (can’t move upon first waking) and hair loss.


Her mother spends almost every waking moment trying to warn people. Her mission is to make sure no one else has to watch their child go through the traumatic, life-changing events her daughter has experienced.  (A:  Then it goes through all of the different symptoms of the different ones and what happened to them.  It’s awful really, but it’s the standard reaction to these kind of vaccines that they give you.  And hair loss is very common, severe fatigue... chronic fatigue is normal too.  Pretty well constant diarrhea from then on...


. . . involuntary muscle spasms, nausea, diarrhoea, weight loss, severe fatigue, chest pains, rib pain, rapid heart beat, dizziness, vision problems, difficulty breathing, brain fog and hair loss. (A:  Some of them of course die.  Some women actually die with it too, these young girls.  So I’ll put this link up tonight.  It goes on and on with more and more data and information.  It’s quite interesting.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and in Finland they’ve just agreed, the government’s agreed there to compensate and pay the medical costs, which will be ongoing for life probably, for the children who came down with Narcolepsy after receiving the Free Flu Shot, you know, the H1N1 flu shot Pandemrix.  And they got convulsions, lots of them, as I say, narcolepsy...


Finland vows care for narcolepsy kids who had swine flu shot

google.com /  (AFP) – Oct 5, 2011


. . . bouts of cataplexy, suffering hallucinations or paralysing physical collapses, according to Finnish research.


So there’s your wonderful big system, Big Brother at work as they do us all in.  And now if these ones come down with the most severe effects, believe you me, the rest of them will be a bit lower in the IQ, all the other people too who got it as well, because that’s really the intention of a lot of these inoculations, to make you more pliable and not too bright.  You’re easily managed then through the big changes that are coming down the pike. 


Alan:  Now is Ken there in Virginia?  Is Ken on the line?


Ken:  Yes, Alan.  I agree with you, everything’s all scripted and it doesn’t really make any difference who is nominated or elected for President, both are controlled by other people. But the situation is that there’s dissatisfaction with the Republican candidates and I have forecasted that Governor Bob McDonald who said he would be willing to serve as Vice-President, he doesn’t have the negative of Rick Perry or Romney. He’s young, good-looking.  He makes a good speech.  He’s a campaigner.  He’s done everything he can to get approval from the Bilderbergers.  He’s reduced a deficit of a sum of 4 billion to a surplus of 2 billion in Virginia.  And so 65% approval; the public doesn’t know anything wrong with him.  Of course, we know a lot that’s wrong with him. But I think that the Bilderbergers will bring him in as a Presidential candidate because, to solve the dilemma between Perry and Romney that nobody really, really likes.  And what do you think of the possibility that if another Senator or Governor has started the ball rolling that between now and January that this would be possible?


Alan:  It’s always possible.  Definitely possible.  And as I say, it wouldn’t matter if you brought a pigmy in, you know.  It wouldn’t matter who it was from across the planet, as long as they come into the same system nothing changes because you see, the system rules over them.  It rules them.  And the system has never belonged to the people, not for an awful long time.


Ken:  And he knows about the Bilderbergers because, and I’m sure that he’s had face-to-face conversations with Jay Rockefeller, with Eugene Graham, with Henry Kissinger, individual face-to-face conversations to get approval, even though he hasn’t been to Bilderberger Conference.  But they’re not going to go for Rick Perry; he’s got too many negatives.  And Bob McDonald doesn’t have all these negatives.  So I think that he’s the perfect Bilderberg candidate as I see it now.  So that’s it.


Alan:  Yeah, we’ll find out pretty soon enough too when they have their next meetings as well, who attends.  So we’ll keep our eyes on that.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada – remember too, help me keep going here by donating and buying the books, because I don’t get sponsored; I don’t want sponsorship – it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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