October 13th, 2011 (#940)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt October 13th, 2011:

You've No Conception By Way of Deception:

"To Have Constant Conflict for Next Forty Years,
Chaos Creation, Confusion, Woes and Fears,
Deception Club Manifests Their World Society,
It is Cruel, Merciless, Arrogant, No Piety,
Wars Physical, Cultural, Even on Gender,
Hang On to Sanity, We're On a Bender,
PC Enforcement to Make Peoples Tame,
Fed, Local and By-Laws Going Insane,
Driven by World Institutions Unelected,
Usurping Systems, You're Unprotected,
World Governance, Yet No Capitol Visible,
Authoritarian, Scientific, Peoples Miserable,
A Thousand Points of Light, Working as One,
The Great Work Racing, Confident It has Won"
© Alan Watt October 13th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė October 13th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 13th of October, 2011.  For newcomers, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios.  There's hundreds and hundreds to choose from.  And hopefully, you'll start to get an understanding of this big system youíre born into, the one the media keeps you distracted from, from ever discovering, really.  And youíll find that the world is run by, not just big international corporations, all laced together, and networking together, under a common head, obviously, but also they have a parallel government.  Itís been here for a long time, with foundations, armies and armies of non-governmental organizations, which lobby governments.  And the governments, of course, are just waiting to be lobbied, so that they can pass laws.  This is the Soviet system, as Iíve said before.  The new Soviet system, the more perfected one, because itís ruled by councils, as we go into Communitarianism.  And some countries are already ahead of others.  Britain is the flagship for the Communitarianism idea, Collectivism in a form, and decentralization.† The US, and Canada, and elsewhere, weíre still to go that way too, but itís encroaching, if you read all the different laws that are coming down the pike, often very quietly, they all coalesce together to bring you into this new system of austerity, etc.  So, help yourself to the audios.


Remember, from the US to Canada, you can buy the books and discs Iíve got at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and you can use a personal check from the US to Canada, or an international postal money order, from the post office, which is about the same price as an ordinary postal order.  You can also send cash, or you can use PayPal.  Youíll find the button and how to do it on the .com site, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And you can also send donations as well, straight donations if you want.  Because itís awfully welcome, as we go into inflation in these depressing times.  Because weíre in a depression, really.  Itís not a recession at all.  Itís manufactured, because this is the time for global change to bring in the global society.  And this is why theyíre stepping up crisis after crisis.  Iíve mentioned articles before, about continual conflict, etc, perpetual wars.  This is the stage weíre in right now.  And the war is not just about countries, itís about changing all the countries across the world, eventually into a common culture.  Brzezinski has talked about that even recently, and so did Kissinger, in recent talks theyíve given.  So, help yourself, as I say.  Remember too, across the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal again to purchase or donate.  Itís up to you.  And straight donations, as I say, are definitely welcome, because things are getting pretty tight, all over the place, of course. 


I try to document really, the changes weíre going through, give you an insight into how long ago different parts of the big agenda were first put on the table and published at least to the public.  Itís always to the special groups first they publish them, long before it comes out to the public.  So you have to go into the think tanks themselves, to find out really how they originated and where they want to go. And the astonishing thing is, even big world meetings they had forty, fifty years ago, youíll find that theyíve never altered their course.  Theyíve never altered what they wanted to bring in, what kind of world system they were bringing in, the guys who set up the currency system from Bretton Woods talked about Part II, and weíre in Part II now.  Thatís what itís all about.  Raising up the World Bank to its status, the Bank for International Settlements, and the IMF, to help run the worldís system really, this new form of governance.  And itís a strange mixture of private and public, because really the governments as youíve probably noticed for many years now, are just parts of the corporations.  Thatís who theyíve always catered to, and your politicians and high-level appointees are even more important, in fact.  The appointees come straight out of the CEO positions of corporations, into politics, get certain things done in their term, and then theyíre back in as CEOs of other corporations or even the same ones.  This is the farce weíre living through.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just talking about how you chronicle the events, because weíre just living through a big, long script.  A script where real wars are started, simplistic stories are given to the public, because you must always get public support for any war, and itís got to be simplistic stories they give us too, often incredible.  And itís strange like that, that the more incredible the story, the easier it is for most folk to swallow.  But thatís how itís done.  Theyíve found out through lots and lots of testing, thatís how it works.


And we find out that, of course, for those who have followed the New American Century agenda, from the 90s, where they had a list published of the countries they wanted to take down, through various soft power means, thatís what itís called today, Color Revolutions, and NGOs, flown in, of course, and put into universities and to agitate, and to take time, a few years to get demonstrations and then Revolutions going, and plus, hard power as well.  They had the whole list of countries, Afghanistan, Iraq.  They had Syria.  They had Libya.  And of course, Iran too.  So, weíre going along through this agenda.  And it was the same agenda, of course, as was published openly in the newspapers in Israel at the time as well, and thatís why you should always save the articles when you come across them, and put them somewhere safe, because your computers are always crashing these days.  Anyway, as I say, itís one of these imperative things. 


And then, when you go into the strategic trends analysis, of the think tanks, thatís what they call them, Strategic Trends reports for the year whatever, 2007.  One was published this year again, an update to it.  And this particular think tank worked for the department of defence for Britain and NATO, and they came out with the next forty, fifty years.  In all kinds of areas.  The global community, the march towards world governance, as they call it, and then eventually, of course, a kind of disintegration of the world governance as city-states, very high-tech city-states emerge, and they have to take over for the future.  And the countries will disappear altogether, but these big city-states were supposedly going to be in a world where thereís a vastly reduced population, and all the special people, the ones with the bright ideas, and I guess the right qualifications, come through into a kind of New Age.† And so they publish all this stuff.  And in the meantime of course, they also publish the chaos, that they know, before 2007, remember, they were working on a lot of this stuff, before the banks crashed and all the rest of it, and they knew there were going to be bank failures all over the place, because that was the agenda.  And itís to bring you into an age of austerity, as it was called, and inflation, and then that will make the march and the drumbeat sound for getting a world currency, or at least someone in charge of the whole of the worldís currencies.  And of course thatís the BIS and the IMF and the World Bank. 


So, youíre living through a script, as I say.  Where people really start wars, and people really die in them too.  And the one thing that youíll find lacking through everything, is any kind of truth, as to the reasons why.  Weíre not supposed to know the truth of anything, at the bottom level. Weíre too dumb for it, apparently.  And weíre too emotional.  Thatís another thing too.  Weíre too emotional.  We get all hit up and bothered about things, when we feel indignancy or injustice in the world.  And, thatís of course the academic response to the ordinary people, because academia itself is allowed to discuss all the taboo topics amongst themselves.  And they had said openly, even on Canadian television, that the general public canít discuss these particular topics, because they lose control of themselves through emotion.


So, in other words, weíre treated like children.  And of course, itís easy to get the public on board in any particular agenda.  And the worst thing about it is too, weíre living in an abusive system.  Iíve always said that the abused always turns to the abuser for help.  Thatís how theyíre trained.  And they see the abuser as all powerful.  Today, itís the governments of the world that are abusing their own peoples.  Theyíve always stood up for the big banks that plunder the peoples.  And they even reward the big banks so that the big banks have lost nothing at all.  If anything, theyíve gained an awful lot, and the ordinary folk are left to pay off the debt, because all the money we throw at the banks is borrowed by your governments, and youíre put down as a guarantor.  So, really, as I say, youíre living through a script. 


Now, itís interesting too, in the Middle East, you compare it with the strategic trends reports once again, and they talk about the future wars will be wars for really territories which contain resources.  So, natural resource wars.  Thatís oil, gold, platinum, everything else they can get a hold of, all the minerals they use in industry and that kind of stuff.  They also mention too, they will make alliances along the way, whichever one suits them.  They might jump from one country to another, making alliances, and then turn against another country, depending on where they go.  This is already happening, as you well know.  So, as I say, weíre just living through the script, something planned long ago, and we have to go through the chaos of it, as it goes along. 


Now, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, itís interesting, she gave a talk, and itís in the Jerusalem News, Iíll put two links up tonight, and oneís from Reuters as well.  She is part of this quartet, this strange supranational body, they call it, supranational body, that some private people put up.  And she, along with Tony Blair and a couple of other people, one from Russia, and one from France, maybe, or somewhere else, maybe Germany, theyíre supposedly being assigned jobs.  Now, theyíre all paid by their governments, like Tony Blair, heís paid some big lump sum by the government every year, to go over to Israel and Palestine, and supposedly, and across the Middle East, supposedly trying to bring peace. 


And I put up a link last week too, of the fact that Tony Blair has been so instrumental in feathering his own pocket, and lining it very, very well on the way, because that seems to be all heís doing.  Heís done nothing for the Palestinians.  That came out in the video, the documentary, but he certainly has made an awful lot of money, and while heís getting paid by the government, heís also, apparently, working for J.P. Morgan.  That came out as well.  So, heís grabbing oil and natural gas off the Gaza and all the rest of it, and getting awfully stinking rich.  But then, whatís a good psychopath to do?  To him, thereís nothing wrong in that at all, you see.  So, itís quite amazing. 


Hillary Clinton is another member of this quartet, as they like to call themselves.  And she said on Tuesday:


The Palestinians' push for U.N. membership is not going anywhere for now, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday, arguing that they should resume peace talks with Israel quickly.


Clinton told Reuters many nations were making the case to the Palestinians that their formal letter delivered on September 23 seeking U.N. membership would not give them a state and that the only viable path was direct negotiations with Israel.


"It's not going anywhere for the foreseeable future, and even if it were, you are not going to get a state through the U.N. It's not going to happen," Clinton said, describing what called "the right case" being made to the Palestinians.


So, sheís like talking down to children, in a way, but thatís her nature, I suppose.  And sheís not biased, of course.  This is the sort of nonsense weíre actually seeing.  Itís such a farcical system, because the history of the creation of Israel goes way, way, way back, based in London, way back, even before the Balfour Declaration.  And you can find the history of it, if you go into the history of Rothschild, who started the whole funding to get the beginnings of a state of Israel, back in the 1800s.  And he financed mainly Russian people over to start it off.  And he called it his state, by the way.  He said those who were coming in, asking for direction, or could they get funding for different projects, he actually says, no.  Youíll do what youíre told, he says.  I own this land, he said.  I own it.  So, thatís the reality of that. 


Plus, Iíll put another one up too, from Israel News and itís about the same thing.  On the left-hand side of the page, youíll see the same speech, actually given by Hillary Clinton, and some other articles too, as well.  Itís quite a good site, actually.  And itís called The Daily Alert.  And itís Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.  And thatís where you have to go to find anything out about the Middle East, because a lot of stuff they print over there, what your politicians are up to, youíll never get printed back home. 


Weíve all heard, Iím sure everybody on the radio, if you listen to the radio, is well aware of this utterly scraping the barrel of farces to get an excuse to invade Iran.  And I said at the beginning of this broadcast that they always give you simplistic stories, and you couldnít get more simplistic and incredulous than this one, but itís really about some used car sales guy, Iranian, who supposedly made deals with a Mexican drug cartel to bump off the ambassador from Saudi Arabia.  And itís utterly farcical, as we know, utterly, utterly farcical.  And I thought about it, and I said, what do they intend?  Why do they drag in the cartel that they just happen to be fighting right now in Mexico?  Why do they drag that in?  Well, theyíve got two birds to kill with the one stone.  Thatís basically Iran and the major cartel that they want to eliminate in Mexico so that the other one, which they back, will continue to go.  Thatís why theyíve dreamed up this farcical story.


And of course, it all started with someone setting somebody up, as always.  Someone who was a double agent, etc, etc, etc.  So, you know, itís just farcical.  It doesnít matter anyway.  It wouldnít matter what reason they gave for it, as I say, it was on the table and discussed with the New American Century group, that simply transformed from the neo-Cons into the neo-Dems or neo-Libs, whatever you want to call them.  It hasnít changed at all.  Same agenda. 


And thatís exactly what Jefferson said.  He said, when you see an agenda go through the different houses, meaning the changes of Congress, the same agenda being pushed, he says, know then that youíre under tyranny.  And of course youíve been under tyranny for an awful, awful long time.  Thatís really the truth of the matter.  But weíre so easily calmed, arenít we, and we love big speeches, at least most folk do.  They want a daddy really, you know.  They want a daddy to stand up there and say all the right things to them, and it makes them feel good.  It makes them feel good, even though they never see any of the promises transpire.  It gets worse and worse.  It doesnít stop them from voting.  And you cannot help people like that.  You canít help them, itís impossible.  Itís a choice they make, actually. 


And weíve seen Australia, thatís the flagship.  Britain is the flagship for Communitarianism, as they decentralize government.  Thatís the name theyíre giving it, decentralization.  And Australia has just passed the historic carbon tax law.  You know this puffball in the sky, thatís going to rake in cash and make everybody poor.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about the carbon taxes, as they push it. Theyíve already got them introduced under energy taxes and various schemes in Europe, plus they gave out millions of Euros worth of free carbon credits to all the big corporations.  Not bad, eh?  So they could start trading them. And they made a profit before the year was out.  So Australia is going the next step, but itís going to go further too, by the way, itís going to go into the personal carbon tax schemes as well.  Because the world, you see, to bring you into austerity, is going to tax you on every part of energy that you use, as if you were a really guilty person, a nasty, guilty person using energy.  And theyíve got this weird mathematical formula, where they can figure out how much energy it costs in carbon output to create that chocolate bar that you love to eat, and stuff like that.  So youíre going to get taxed on everything.  An extra kind of value added tax, on top of everything.  Thatís basically what it is.  And youíll be lucky to heat yourself one day, you really will be too, and Iím not kidding about that, unless you move into the major cities, because they donít want folk living out in the countries anymore.  Thatís part of the big agenda, as well; that was in Agenda 21. 


Anyway, so thatís Australia, passed a law.  Had to happen, of course.  It was a must-be thing.  And all the people who helped to pass it will get well paid and rewarded, because government is utterly corrupt.  And it always has been, to be honest with you.  Itís just corrupt.  And they all get payoffs as well, big payoffs.  Thatís the reality of life.  Thatís really what itís all about. 


And Iíve talked so many times about the Council on Foreign Relations, and they have two parties, basically, a two party system.  An outer party, and an inner party.  Youíll find it on their own website.  The same with the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Thatís their parent body in London.  They have a special login for the inner group, and one for the outer group.  The outer group, they publish the stuff for the general public.  They have a lot of truths in it, but they sometimes are a bit unsure of themselves, and thereís an article here, where even the CFR, from their own website, gave a talk, and they donít even believe the story theyíre putting out about this so-called Iranian terrorist.  Itís just too farcical.  It doesnít follow any of the patterns of Iran and the methods theyíve used in the past.  So, they donít believe it at all.  So, I donít know if these guys who had this talk are going to be out of a job soon maybe, doing real work or not, or how thatís going to work, when the inner party comes down on them. 


And, Iíve talked many times too about sterility amongst the males, especially.  Women have got it too, but for different reasons.  We know, for instance, that thereís been a war on humankind, for a long time, especially for depopulation purposes.  And itís no coincidence that almost everything that you get now from injections, inoculations, the food that youíre made to eat, because you canít afford anything else, and the plastic in everything, the phthalates and the bisphenol Aís and the whole range of things which are estrogen mimickers, have altered society, greatly.  Greatly.  I mean, altered even physiologically the shape of males.  They donít have shoulders anymore, a lot of them.  Thereís a big, big plan behind all of this, as we know.  And from Russia, theyíre getting problems too.  A very interesting documentary, itís from RT.  It says:


It's a man's world, but maybe not for much longer. Scientists say males are on the road to extinction as their genes slowly fade away. And with the world heading for a fully-fledged sperm crisis, Russia could be affected worse than most.


≠In a horrifying mutation, sperm with two heads, three tails or an inability to swim are becoming almost the norm amongst modern men.


(Alan: So youíve got all these aberrations, genetic aberrations now, breaking out in men.  And I personally, this is my opinion, but Iíve done enough studies on it, to look at the damage caused by inoculations, vaccinations, and the mandates that go back to the League of Nations, to literally inoculate everybody for everything, along with the fact that they had to depopulate.  When you put the two things together, I think you should have a little bit of savvy coming through there.  You should, really.  If you canít have that savvy coming through, no one can help you.  Why would an organization that is now the United Nations have one of their biggest projects for depopulation, and the World Health Organization wanting to inoculate you, so that youíll be healthier?  Figure it out for yourselves.  I wonít bother doing it for you. 


Anyway, this is what is happening in Russia, but itís happening elsewhere too, because Iíve put articles out before.  I think one of them was the Disappearing Male, if I can find the link, and if itís still up there, Iíll put it up, to show you how itís happening in Canada and the States, and how weíve got the same problems, and how the sperm count is down 75 to 80% of what it was in the 1950s, for the same age group, in males.  So, anyway, it says:)


ďWhat used to be perceived as infertility is now very different. Twenty years ago, 200 million viable sperm per milliliter was considered normal.


(A: Okay?)


Today, 15 million is average,Ē


(A: So, from 200 million viable sperm per milliliter, twenty years ago was normal.  Today itís 15 million, as average.)


Margarita Anshina, director of the Center for Reproduction and Genetics, told RT.


But proper sperm studies are not easy, and have never been conducted in Russia Ė until now. Professor Galimov was among the first, only to find more than half of his fellow countrymenís sperm did not meet World Health Organization standards.


By the way, youíll find that the World Health Organization thatís going around inoculating you all for everything and babies galore, that donít even have an immune system even developed, which makes a whole farce of how vaccines work, because your immune system canít take over from the stuff youíre getting if itís not working, can it?  Anyway, getting back to what Iím saying.  The World Health Organization is busy, and they have all these statistics, but they donít say thereís a crisis.  Isnít that odd?  Because, you see, anything outside their control is always a crisis, which means itís under their control.  Itís the way itís supposed to be.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and just to finish off a story there about how Russia, amongst all the rest of the countries in the world, First World countries especially, have plummeting sperm counts in the male.  And in Russia, of course, theyíre putting it down to, theyíve found including lead, cadmium and mercury in their semen, etc.  Theyíre back into the inoculations too though for the mercury.  But itís also to do with the phthalates and with also the bisphenol A as well, and the inoculations theyíve had.  Thereís no doubt about it.  Itís all combined together to bring down.  After all, you see, if you want to take a world over, who does the fighting?  Who stands up and says, ďno, weíre not happy with thisĒ?  Itís always been the male.  And so, for a world to come into peace and to be conquered, quite happily, youíve got to basically destroy the male, at least the old kind of male, who had a bit of indignation, and sometimes a bit of cojones, when it came down to it.  And this is how itís done.  Itís a war against the population of the planet. 


Now, thereís also a caller hanging on.  Iíll just get him now.  Itís Steven from Oregon if heís there.  Are you there Steve?


Steven: Yes, Alan.  I really appreciate you taking my call.  I think Iím a pretty eloquent speaker, but sometimes I can spit all over myself at the same time.  I hope I do a good job.  First of all, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do.  Iíll just explain a little bit of who I am, and Iíll be very brief, I promise.  Iím 53, here in Oregon.  My kids are doing good.  They kind of know all this matrix stuff, and whatever they do.  Iím lucky that my wife understands.  Iím very fortunate for that.  Iím kind of prepared and Iím doing okay, but you know, Iím just watching, and all the things that you say are so true.  And I also want to say, that you know, I think youíre my favorite of all time.  You know.  I never went to sleep.  Some people say, you woke me up, but I never went to sleep, but I did get drowsy.  And when I got to looking for coffee, I could find no coffee shops, until I found Alan Watt.  And I really appreciate all the work that you have done, and all the research and the study you have done.  Do you know who you remind me of?  You remind me of, I just saw an article today.  You remind me of Neo on the Matrix.  You know.  And I saw an article on it, you know, how people just do not want to look at the truth, because itís just disturbing.  And you talk about that a lot.  Okay, hereís my question.  I first had to pat you on the back, because I like you.  Plus I always like you on Alex Jones.  Iíve written Alex Jones to have you on his show more often.  Because I think you two make a really good trio.  Even I think you know three times more than he does, if not ten times more. 


Okay, but anyway, hereís my question.  I read a lot of these websites who just want to beat up Israel all the time.  Now, I donít like Israel either, so donít think Iím some republican or.  This is all bull crap.  You learned who I am.  Itís all bull.  But they just want to beat up Israel, beat up Israel.  And I look at it, and I just ask simple questions of where was Israel, you know, 1776, when Britain lost the war, and they sent their bankers over.  Where was Israel?  And then I looked at the 1800s where Andrew Jackson was going, you bankers, I donít like you, Iíll rout you out, you know.  And there was no Israel.  1913, when the Federal Reserve.  1900, when the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers bought all the hospitals and all the school systems so they could control our education, where was Israel during all this time?  Where was Israel during World War II?  And so, I get to a point, and Iím okay to be corrected.  Iím fine with that.  But why give so much on Israel, even though I dislike them a lot?  Okay.  Why get on them so much, when they werenít even around when all this was really happening?  Iíll be quiet and Iíll let you talk.


Alan: Well, what it is, I think really, is people forget that the turmoil of the 1800s, there was massive turmoil going on across the whole world, especially across Europe.  And there were so many revolutionary groups on the go at the time from the elementary Socialism to Communism to Anarchism and all the rest of it.  And some of them were kind of ethnic based, put it that way if you like, or religious based.  And there was definitely a big Jewish concern to do with revolution as well, involved.  And that stuck in everybodyís craw at the time, because it crept into Britain and elsewhere.  So it naturally took attention onto a people, or a religion, or a sect, if you like.  And even then, it was a small branch within a sect, as well, which didnít really even follow the religion as itís known by the rest of the public.  So, thatís where that came out from then.


Israel, modern Israel, really was set up to be, I donít know if you understand the history of Northern Ireland.  Ulster was set up by Queen Elizabeth I, really, thatís when it all started, to conquer Ireland, and use it as a breadbasket to feed the British Empire, the soldiers, troops, the navies and all the rest of it.  And right down to the present time, and only just recently you got any kind of peace at all.  Thereís always been conflict there, because they brought in a people from another country, into Ireland, to dominate that country.  And they were actually, most of them were from Scotland.  And they were radical Presbyterians in amongst a Catholic population, which they dominated.  And they took the land off them too, and ended up being the lords.  They were naturally hated. 


Now, if you go into Sir Ronald Storrs, he was the British governor general, in other words he had the power of the king, back in the 1920s and 30s.  And his job was to oversee the influx of building up a Palestinian, or a Jewish state within Palestine.  And he wrote a book about it.  Itís quite fascinating, to get a hold of it.  One of them is called actually Orientations, thatís the one.  Try and get a hold of it.  Because, he tells you, throughout the book, he says, and heís getting on well with everybody, all sides and so on.  Heís stopping conflict and a lot of rabbis came in from other countries and he thought it was a wonderful idea.  But he said, we, talking about Britain itself, or London, I should say.  He says, we are creating an Ulster in the Middle East.  In other words, a people who would be hated by everyone around them.  It will be a thorn in the side for everyone around them for eternity, basically.  And it will cause conflict forever.  And thatís how Britain ruled the world.  They cause conflicts wherever they, or London.  I shouldnít even say Britain. I hate using even the term, the British people.† Itís a clique in London, of course, and thereís no doubt about it.  The money boys had ruled, and they still rule a good part of the world through their cash systems.  So, this clique, as I say, that really, really was the British Empire, that used the British people, got awfully rich.  But they also knew how to play the game of divide, conquer, and take the heat off themselves at the same time.  And thatís really why, as far as he was concerned, that they were creating a Jewish state within Palestine at that time.  And he lays it all out in his book that that was the reason.  And itís still happening today, you know.


Steven: Theyíre saying that the Jewish, the Jewish thing.  Iíve got even my best friend, who goes, the Jews.  Well, man, in my opinion, everybody has sex with everybody.  I could be a quarter Jew for all I know.  So, itís hard for me.  So, Jews, in your opinion, are Jews an ethnic group or a political group?


Alan: Theyíll tell you themselves, you canít really.  Once they created a state of Israel, technically they became an ethnic group.


Steven: I see.  I see.  Yeah, I see what youíre saying.  Itís a confusing thought process.  Because I have friends that I really like, and you know, I just donít want to get on this Jew thing too much.  You know.


Alan: Thatís what it is and itís well known too that theyíve done such great propaganda across the world that they have tremendous support for them.  Tremendous support.  And everyone else, who isnít supporting them, who wants to be left alone in their own countries, like in America, are rather angry about the fact that a powerful and rich group are supporting a country which is as they see it, bringing them into conflict and war.


Steven: Yeah, I know man.  It just seems like these people are just fricking crazy, arenít they?  Theyíre insane.


Alan: Well, itís crazy as a fox, because, believe you me, behind the scenes, as you well know, big corporations are profiting incredibly from these wars as they take over the resources of these countries.  Forget the names of countries all together.  Because the new, the new powerful system are really corporations.  Itís a feudal system of corporations, and theyíre using whatís left of the nation-states to get what they want.  Because it was all laid out, remember, as I say, in Strategic Trends report, where they say that the new system is really a feudal system.  Carroll Quigley said the same thing.  A feudal system where the corporations will be the new feudal overlords and the nation-states are going to wither away.  So, thatís pretty well happening as we live, right now.


Steven: Iím going to let you go, but Iím going to call you soon, and I really appreciate you, Alan, and I love you so much.  And anyways, thatís all Iíve got.  Thank you so much.  I really appreciate you.  I think youíre the best.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Yeah, itís amazing.† Everything is so convoluted, but again the media keeps it that way too.  And thereís no doubt animosity comes from powerful groups as the world will see them, that seem to be manipulating other countries, but even the folk in Israel arenít all on board either with the decisions made in that country.  And often, they say, whatís really going on?  Who really rules them?


Corporations, as I say, are taking over everything.  All across the Palestinian region, as I say, Tony Blair is making deals on behalf of J.P. Morgan, and theyíre grabbing the natural gas, the rights to it, for about fifty years, or whatever else it goes on for, and the rights to all the oil, etc.  Itís all about resources.  And thatís in the Strategic Trends report.  You have to read it.  Thatís the Department of Defence for the British military and itís the think tank for the military and for NATO.  Thatís why weíre having all these conflicts as well, right now. 


Now, another thing Iíve talked about too, is something that goes back.  This actually ties in maybe with the last one, because I donít care what people there are out there, what kind of people who identify with whatever, it could be your nationality, a religion, whatever, but thereís good and bad in all, of course.  And we know that for instance, there are derogatory terms that you canít say anymore about different people of color, for instance, etc.  Things are called racist or hate things.  But some people again, try and push it as well, as a kind of, something you couldnít pin them down in court with.  And this article ties in with that. Because, you see, New Zealand, and across the world too, we have these big, big well-funded organizations, doing experiments in genetics all the time.  And Iíve mentioned before about the hermaphroditic agenda.  Itís an ancient agenda, actually, where they used to talk about the occultic system of it.  The male and female.  The neutered.  It goes back to an old idea that the deity at one time was both male and female.  And certain schools would still go along with that, both certain schools within Judaism, not them all, and certain schools within Christianity, but not them all either, because itís Kabbalistic and thereís Christian Kabala too, that came off all the other ones. 


And they talk about eventually creating the hermaphrodite, neither quite male nor female.  And that is what Plato said, even before that.  Plato said the same thing, he gave you clues in one of his writings, about the super creatures that existed in the beginning, as he called them.  They were descended too, because they love to always say they were descended from the gods.  Itís a nice boast to have.  He said they were male when they walked forward.  When they walked behind, or you saw behind them, they were actually female and vice versa.  And then, of course, in an old Yahweh story, youíll find that the god created Adam first, and then from Adam, he took a compartment, actually it says in Hebrew, it doesnít say rib, itís a compartment, and he created Eve.  And in the perfect sameness, or likeness, or the imagio, the image, he created Adam and Eve in them.  He created him, basically, himself.  So, in other words, they were from god, meaning the god they say from their interpretation was both male and female. 


And getting back to godhood, down through the ages, thatís always been part of this mystery religion, is the gods.  And they would return to being gods by perfecting themselves in the image of what they say was their god.  Very old tradition.  Kabalistic.  But when you find what genetics is going into, why are they going into all this stuff?  And they even use a Hebrew term, which is a kind of derogatory term for the gentile.  It says, this is mainstream, itís the New Zealand Herald. 




(A: It says.  G-O-Y.  Thatís what you call a non-Jewish person.  But itís almost, itís got connotations of a lower species.)


It's a girl goat in a boy goat's body


(A: So, itís a big joke, right?  A big joke.  Yeah.  Tampering with us.  Do you think itís all to do with goats, by the way?  When they experiment with animals or mice or rats?  Every experiment they do is to end up on humans.  They donít care about rats and goats or monkeys.  It says:)


AgResearch experiments on genetically modified goats have resulted in the animals producing mostly transgender offspring, which are being milked to find out whether they carry the intended human protein.


(A: Interesting, eh.)


The goats have been bred on the state science company's Ruakura facility in Hamilton, where experiments are being done to create pharmaceuticals.


(A: This is their excuse for it.)


Soil and Health New Zealand spokesman Steffan Browning, who recently toured the facility, said 75 per cent of the goats were females in sterile male bodies. AgResearch staff refer to them as "goys".


(A: Now, itís no coincidence theyíve called them a goy.  So, thereís a bit of a racist comment in there.)


AgResearch's general manager of applied biosciences, Dr Jimmy Suttie, said the goats were transgender because of the cell line used to produce them, and had nothing to do with genetic modification.


(A: Ha, ha, ha.)


"It was inadvertent.


(A: He says.)


This is something which normally happens about 10 to 15 per cent of the time in this breed of goat. It just happens to be the cell line that was used."


(A: So, they picked this mutagenic cell line, right?)


Dr Suttie said it did not raise animal welfare issues.


(A: It was just of course, they were trying to keep all the laws, etc.)


"We take animal ethics very, very seriously at AgResearch. All these experiments are supervised by vets and the animal ethics committees.


(A: Etc, etc.)


Facility manager Tim Hale confirmed some of the "goys" had been induced into lactating


(A: Now, thereís a bit of a twist, eh?)


and were being milked.


(A: So, theyíre milking something thatís neither quite male nor female, but more towards the female.  It says:)


"It has happened but I'm not sure of the result. It has only recently happened," he said.


Mr Browning said the level of contaminated surface water draining off the facility was also of great concern because of the risk of horizontal gene transfer.


The transfer of genetic material from an organism to another which is not its offspring has been raised by GM critics


Now, this company has been in trouble before for creating monstrosities in animals, where they canít even stand.  Its skeletal system is so weak, and they put so much weight on them that they canít even stand up and things like that.  These are monsters theyíre creating.  But why are they doing this?  And even in their lovely little headline, itís a girl goat in a boy goatís body.  Hmm?  Iíll leave that to you to figure out. 


Now, the UK has already jumped in on the bandwagon, like they did when Blair was in:


Britain has pledged backing for US reprisals against Iran following an apparent assassination plot in Washington.


The same, as I say, scraping the barrel for excuses.  Scraping the barrel.  Thereís also an article from the CFR, where even the outer party, as I say, they donít believe it themselves.  Itís too farcical.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And thereís Kevin from Australia there.  Are you there, Kevin?  Hello, Kevin?


Kevin: Yes.  Hi there, Alan.† How are you doing?


Alan: Not too bad at all. 


Kevin: Yeah, I just listen to your show quite regularly.  I enjoy it.  And basically, the radio station, this one and a couple of others are responsible for waking me up.  And being a sleeper, like the last gentleman kind of referred to.  Now, youíve been making a few little comments there on Jews and the Jewish system, and you know, various comments.  Now, most all of it was pretty right.  If anybody should understand the Jewish system, it should be me.  Iím just on the internet now, looking at the candle times for Sabbath, for this evening.  Iím a Sabbath keeping, Kosher observing, call me a Judeo Christian these days.  And I understand biblical studies very well.  Now, when you were referring to the rib, the story that the bible actually presents, it states, and I only want to talk fact not opinion or anything else like that.  The bible basically states that god took the dust from the ground, the elements from the ground.  Whether you believe this or not, it doesnít matter, but Iím just telling you what it says.  Iím just stating what it actually said.  He took the elements and formed the man.  Actually, you might as well say, he formed the body, the perfect body with all the heart and the lungs and the toes, and you know, the whole lot.  But this body didnít live.  It was inanimate.  And then it says that god then breathed the breath of life into that dead body for want of a better description.


Alan: Thatís right, the ruah they call it.


Kevin: Well, yeah.  Thatís thereís various, various words.  Ruah can be used for you know the word breath.  And then it says, once that god breathed this breath of life, he animated this body, and then it says, and man became, like if you pick your King James up, it will say, and man became a living soul.  If you pick up some of the others, it will say, and man became a living being.  But if you actually read it in the Hebrew, and read it for exactly what it says, it says, and man became a breathing creature.  Thatís exactly what it says.  Man became a breathing creature.  Now, if you actually just look at the exact thing, the exact communication thatís being presented, God did not add a soul.  He didnít say now Iím going to put a soul in here, like this spiritual thing that just floats around the clouds.  At no time does the bible say that god added this mystical thing called a soul.  It just states that man, once this body was animated and it had life in it, this body became a living thing, a breathing creature.  Now, thatís exactly what it actually says.  In relation to the rib, a rib is referred to most definitely.


Alan: Iím actually taking this from the Rabbinical lectures, and most of the rabbis today say itís actually a compartment and not a rib at all.


Kevin: Okay, well, that is semi-correct.  And Iíll just fix that one up in about thirty seconds.


Alan: I donít have time.  Thatís the music coming in, and weíre on our way out.  Thanks for calling.  Now, from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.  And remember too, to buy the books and purchase the discs, etc.  And donate to me and keep me hanging on here, as we go through these tough times.  Back with more, tomorrow.



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