October 14th, 2011 (#941)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt October 14th, 2011:

Who's the Boss of Wizard of Oz?

"There's No Contact Between People and Gov.,
Strange Decrees Float Down from Above,
Never Long Resting On Stones They Lay,
Immediately Enforced with Threats to Obey,
In Higher Academia They're Told the Plan,
Being Imposed Globally On Every Human,
But Don't Dare Utter Personal Objection,
Backs Will Turn to Signal Dissention,
"The Proles don't Count" Orwell Said,
They're Happy in Trivia, Land of the Dead,
World Managerial Class, All on Track,
Good for Careers, There's No Turning Back
If the Proles Knew, They'd Chill to the Bone,
So They're Kept in Fantasy and Left Alone"
© Alan Watt October 14th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Oct 14th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 14th of October, 2011.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios youíll find there for download.  Thereís free, thousands, well, I think thereís over a thousand audios there now.  Help yourself to them, and hopefully, if you can keep your sanity going through them, youíll understand this big picture that contradicts the reality thatís been indoctrinated into you since childhood.  And youíll find the big organizations.  Youíll find out that youíve not got a democracy or a republic either.  It depends on what kind of country you think you have or system that you think you have.  You donít have them, never really had them for an awful long time.  Some have never had them at all, especially the democracies.  And youíll find that big corporations that work together in big, big clubs and associations really run your world for you.  And your politicians are just the CEOs and members of those corporations that jump back and forth from politics back into their positions with the corporations.


You canít really tell the difference between them nowadays.  Theyíre merged together at the hip with this public/private attitude and so on.  And the rest of the time, democracy consists of the people being represented by government, having access to them.  That means the lobbyists, and thatís what it comes down to.  The lobbyists are the only ones who get access to the politicians, to make all their deals.


And, of course, as I say, help yourself to the audios, and remember too the transcripts, youíll get transcripts on a lot of the talks Iíve given on all the sites listed at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  In English, youíll find them, and you can find them in other languages too if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.


Remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me keep going by buying the books, discs, I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And you can purchase them using PayPal from the US or across the world.  You can also use an international postal money from the US to Canada, or you can use a personal check from the US to Canada.  Across the world, youíve still got Western Union and Money Gram, and again, PayPal.  And remember straight donations are seriously, seriously welcome, because it costs a lot to just repair the smashed and broken equipment and the burned out stuff that you get with the junk that we buy today anyway from China.  And it helps to pay my bills too, because Iíve got quite a lot here to deal with.


Now, this world system weíre in, and itís a world government.  Itís quite interesting, because I was reading some stuff from H.G. Wells, just the other day there, and he was talking back in the 1920s how a world governance system would be set up, and they didnít even need an actual physical body of a building for them to meet in.  There would be front bodies, like again, they call them the United Nations today, but they wouldnít actually need a physical body.  It would simply be through treaties, organizations, subcommittees, through private corporations, etc, all over, networking to make this world government the way it is.  Well, see, weíre already here.  He said that himself, that it will come without the people even knowing itís in existence.  So, weíre already here, by the way.  Weíve been here for quite some time, quite a long time. 


And the average person of course just gets angry after 9/11, because they think something changed then.  All that changed then was the pace of the move towards their new system.  Theyíd been building steadily towards it for a hundred years, through using wars, especially World War I and II, and then the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and all the other little wars across the globe they had going all the time, to bring it in and amalgamate.  The reason for amalgamation of countries that theyíre giving you, like Europe, etc, was because of the wars.  So they needed wars to happen, and they certainly pushed and promoted them, and thatís why the banking boys created organizations during World War II, prior to World War II even, called IG Farben, as an example, an umbrella group for all the big international corporations that still exist today, to make sure it happened.  And then, once youíre on your knees, you give up all your rights, your freedoms, and your nations, and you amalgamate.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, I think thereís enough people out there who are wise enough now to understand the conology, the tricks of conning the public at large, through repetition and straight faces from important people. Thatís all it really takes to convince the public that something must be true, even though all their antennas and their radars are all up, because something in the back of their mind says, this seems nonsensical.  But the more you hear it, and the more experts come out to bamboozle you, and one after another comes out and says the same thing, simple repetition, then you say, well, they canít all be lying for goodness sake.  And what would be the point in lying.† And you donít realize all the politics behind it, the massive grants behind it, and the social policies that have to come out of this.  This is really what the whole idea of climate change and carbon taxing, energy taxing is all about.  Itís a new system to replace the old system based on energy consumption and the supposed transformation, just like the old alchemists, of course, of any kind of energy into carbon, which they do through mathematical formulas.  Any witch doctor could do the same kind of thing, and come up with his version, and that would be the standard one that theyíd all use, which is basically what theyíre using.


Anyway, itís to really, supposedly, for all the lefties who follow their leaders, the leaders are all paid for by the big banks, by the way, but they donít know that.  The followers never know much at all.  They want a fairer, juster world, itís more equal.  So, they believe in the redistribution of wealth across the globe.  And thatís what theyíre told by their leaders.  ďYes, weíre going to make sure that they get all this cash, going into third world countries to help the poor.Ē  And it goes into the pockets of the big international corporations that set up their slave plantations in those particular countries.  So everyone is conned, because this is how the world has always been run, through conology, you understand. 


Now, thereís an article here, and itís called climate change. It says:


Map: The Climate Change Scare Machine ó


(Alan: Now, Iíve mentioned before a whole bunch of quotes from the big top people who have admitted itís all a scam, and how they always give out scary stories to the public, especially before the big world meetings, of impending doom and gloom and the sky is falling, in order to get them all on board and to back these big world meetings that theyíre having.  So, itís a big climate change scare machine, it says.)


the perpetual self-feeding cycle of alarm


(A: And, by the way, that is what itís called, even in psychology, because theyíve tested all these studies out on the public through various, actually over a hundred-odd years or more.  And they know how to get you on board with something.)


Two professors of sociology think they can explain why ďClimate DeniersĒ are winning.


(A: Now, this is money getting thrown at the universities too, you understand, to find out ways to get around your denial of it, or your common sense assertions about what you think is happening or has or has not been happening.  So they find ways to destroy you, bit by bit through psychology, sociology and so on, and itís all techniques, you see.  So:)


Two professors of sociology think they can explain why ďClimate DeniersĒ are winning. But Riley E. Dunlap and Aaron M. McCright start from the wrong assumption and miss the bleeding obvious: the theory was wrong, the evidence has changed, and thousands of volunteers have exposed it.


The real question sociologists will be studying for years to come is: how was an exaggerated scare, based on so little evidence, poor reasoning and petty namecalling, kept alive for two whole decades?


(A: Itís because itís a mandate.  Thatís why.  And it says:)


Climate Change Scare Machine Cycle: see how your tax dollars are converted into alarming messages.


(A: And itís got a PDF, which you can download, and Iíll put this up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, at the end of the broadcast, and you can see all the incredible funding that goes into all the universities, all the grants that are dished out all over the place, and a lot of it for propaganda purposes alone, in fact.  And to make sure the children are all indoctrinated.  And it says:)


The key points


1.† The money and vested interests on the pro-scare side is vastly larger, more influential, and more powerful than that on the skeptical side. Fossil fuel and conservative-think-tanks are competing against most of the world financial houses, the nuclear and renewable energy industry,  large well financed green activists (WWF revenue was $700m last year),


(A: That went to this whole propaganda machine.)


not to mention whole government departments, major political parties, universities dependent on government funding, the BBC (there is no debate),


(A: Because thatís what they said at the BBC.  Thereís no more debate on this.  Itís closed.)


the EU, and the entire UN.


(A: Theyíre all on board with it.)


2.† Despite this highly asymmetrical arrangement, the skeptics are winning simply because theyíre more convincing ó they have the evidence. The other team avoid debate, try to shut down discussion (only their experts count), they imply the audience is too stupid to judge for themselves,


(A: And they actually do that too.  You know.)


and then call everyone who disagrees rude names. The dumb punters are figuring them out. Vale free speech.


The evidence changed, but who wanted to know?

When the evidence began rolling in showing how the assumptions were wrong, the graphs were flawed,


(A: Actually they were fixed.)


the thermometers were biased,


(A: None of them were the same as the rest of them.  They werenít standardized.)


and the ďexpertĒ scientists were behaving badly ó who exactly would benefit from risking their career, cutting off the cash cow, being exiled from friends and colleagues, and being called a ďDenierĒ for speaking the truth?


The perpetual self-feeding cycle of alarmism has itís own momentum ó Create a scare and siphon up the taxes, fees, fines, charges and donations. As a bonus, activists feel like heroes, some collect awards and tributes while they trash the tenets of reason and logic, and hail false Gods of Science (as if any authority is above question). Others gratify base desires by pouring scorn on giants of science,  dismissing 40 years of top service with one tenuous association (thereís a certain kind of appeal to a certain kind of person.)


(A: And itís true.  Theyíve been dismissing top scientists who disagree with them.)


How could such poor reasoning triumph for so long in the ďmodernĒ era?

The key is that so many benefit from the status-quo once the alarm is raised. There is no need for a global conspiracy, and most of the organizations and groups named here are doing honest work with respectable intentions. The problem is not conspiratorial, its systemic. Monopoly-science is not the way to seek the truth. Monopolies donít deliver: not in markets, religion, or government either (think ďEUĒ).  We need competition.


Once an alarmist cycle is set up, with international bureaucracies, industries, taxes, associations, and activists in place, with careers riding on the perpetual alarm, what stops it? Volunteers?


(A: Only the people who come out and donít get paid.  Theyíre called volunteers, who oppose it.)


Which university or government department do skeptical scientists apply to?


(A: Thereís none.  You canít get in, you see.)


What grant do they apply for?


The money, power, and influence is vastly larger on the side that benefits from the alarm


On the skeptical side, Exxon chipped in all of $23 million over ten years, but itís chump-change. The fossil fuel industry doesnít like carbon legislation, but itís not life or death, unlike the situation for wind and solar, which would be virtually wiped out without the subsidies provided by the scare.


The US government has poured in $79 billion


(A: Of your tax money.)


and then some. But the pro-scare funding is pervasive: for example ó the Australian government spent $14 million on a single Ad campaign, and another $90 million every year on a Department of Climate Change. The UK government paid for lobbyists


(A: They paid for lobbyists to lobby themselves)


and the BBC ďpartnersĒ with the lobby groups. The EU doesnít just subsidize renewables, it also pays them to push for more subsidies. Even the dastardly Exxon paid more than 20 times as much for a single renewables research project than it did to skeptics.


Last year in carbon markets $142 billion dollars turned over, and $243 billion was invested in renewables.


(A: Itís great business for these guys, getting them all for free.  Thatís what the governments do.  They give them to the big corporations for free to start trading, and theyíre making profits on them.)


If the carbon market idea went global it was projected to reach $2 trillion a year. Every banker and his dog has a bone in this game. Why wouldnít they?


Actually itís more than that.  And Iíll put this up too, this link too.  Itís much more than that.  It is a little conspiracy, because Iíve got the documents from an awful long time ago, when they had to find ways to get the people of the world to live austerely, you see, and bring in a new system to get rid of their expendable cash.  So, it was energy, carbon taxes, etc, was to be the way to go, and to bring the whole world together under a single governmental system.  And thatís what the Club of Rome have in their own darn book.  And Iíve put up the link so many times Iím sick mentioning it.  They were given the task for the United Nations of dreaming up something that would bring the world together, and they said the ideas of famine, plague, global warming and the like, and starvation, would fit the bill.  So, it is definitely more to it than just something that took off by itself.  Iíll put this link up and you can have a gander, a wee gander you call it, a little peak at that. 


Now, to do along with everything that goes on in the world too, itís never to benefit the public.  Nothing is to benefit the public.  And, Iíve said for years, once all these carbon taxes come in, believe you me, itís passed on to you at the bottom.  Hereís an article here.


Almost 200 corporate jet owners, from oil company ExxonMobil to Starbucks and Iceland Foods, will be awarded free permits to compensate them for the new expense of Europe's carbon trading scheme for aircraft.


(A: So there you are.  They get exemption.)


The emissions trading scheme means airlines will have to surrender a permit for every tonne of carbon dioxide they emit, which is expected to raise the cost of flying for millions of passengers.


Bigger airlines, such as easyJet and British Airways, have long been preparing for huge bills from the emissions trading scheme.


They will get a large number of free allowances in the first few years of the scheme to protect their businesses from becoming uneconomic.


(A: In other words, bankrupt.)


However, corporate jet owners


(A: The corporate ones.  You know, big corporations and private guys.)


will also be able to take advantage of these free allowances, potentially selling them on for cash if they don't use their aircraft as much as in previous years.


(A: This is what theyíre getting.  Theyíre getting so much, you see, and if you donít use it in one year, all of it in one year, they get cash back.  Or, they can sell it to someone else who collects them, just like coins.)


Dozens of corporate jet owners will get free permits, including Iceland Foods, JP Morgan Chase, Procter and Gamble, Hertz Corporation, McDonalds, IBM and Coca-Cola.


Flying Lion Ltd, a company used by Lord Ashcroft, which has flown Conservative politicians around the world, will initially get 24 allowances per year worth Ä240 (£207) at todayís prices.


Not bad for the bigwigs, eh?  As they all make you suffer.  You see, theyíre not going to have austerity.  Theyíre not going to have austerity.  And the third world, well, they own it.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iím also putting up a link tonight to the Council on Foreign Relations, hailing the latest big massive Free Trade deal the US has just passed actually.


The U.S. Congress approved free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama (NYT) that had been held up by Democrats for five years. The ratification of the treaties--largely negotiated by the Bush administration--was a victory for both President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans. Many congressional Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, voted against the measures.


Proponents of the deals have said they would stimulate the beleaguered U.S. economy and generate employment.


(A: Isnít that what they told us about all the other Free Trade deals too?  Look at the state Europe is in with their Free Trade.)


The agreements are expected to produce $13 billion in new exports


Actually it will be one-way streets, as always, because you understand, these are up and rising nations, as theyíre called under the World Trade Organization, and they can still tax you on the stuff youíre importing into their country.  But itís the other way around, itís free to come into yours.  So, expect to get flooded with lots of Korean cars, because thatís part of the deal.  It doesnít mention it here, but Iíve read the deal, and theyíre going to keep their own cars, of course, and put hefty, hefty tariffs on anybody who tries to bring in an American car.  So, itís a one-way deal.  Meanwhile, they have free access to the market in the US.  They wonít be paying taxes to import their cars into the US.  And many other things beyond that.  Theyíve always said this, that it will create jobs, jobs, jobs, and it certainly does in the countries across the seas.  Thatís been passed too on the quiet, and most folk arenít even talking about it. 


Now, you think austerity is bad, and it certainly is.  And Holland is kind of PC and very avant-garde in many ways with drugs and various other things.  In fact, they were the first country, Socialist, to actually pay the fathers to stay home at one point, stay home from work and take care of the babies, and they paid the moms to go out.  And of course, they have the legalized marijuana and stuff like that.  But, if youíre on a train now, rather than put toilets on the train, itís going to be cheaper to do this.  And itís awfully austere, as well.  Theyíre going to put in plastic bags in the toilets if you need the toilet, so you can pee in a bag.  It says:


Desperate times call for desperate measures, and if you really have to use a toilet on the Dutch railway system, the answer may lie in using a plastic bag.


Dutch Railways (NS) says it is making special plastic bags available on short-distance trains for people who really need to go to the washroom, according to the Dutch daily newspaper the Telegraaf.


Train passengers can ask the driver for a bag that is easy to close and made of degradable plastic,


(A: I wonder how fast it degrades, eh?  Have you ever wondered about some of these bags they give you now, even at the grocery store, fall apart before you even leave the counter.  And then they go:)


into the driver's cab to do their thing.


Dutch Railways says the bags will only be given to people who cannot wait until the next station to use a toilet, says the newspaper.


The plastic bags are the answer to long-standing complaints


(A: Long-standing is a little pun, I guess.)


by passengers and railway staff that have made their way to parliament. One train driver crossed the railway platform to get to another train with a toilet, but it left with him still on board, leaving his passengers in the other train stranded.


So, there you go.  Everyone is having their problems, it would seem, eh.  Now, another article I will put up tonight too, which is worth seeing, and itís really important, I believe.  Itís about Smart Meters again, and it shows you with meters, accurate meters being tested with the Smart Meters to see what kind of energy theyíre putting out in the microwave frequencies there.  Youíll see how much theyíre pulsing.  Itís much higher and more energetic than any cell phone, believe you me.  It says:


"Smart" meters: Higher pulses of RF than a cell antenna.


And remember, theyíre up in the micro, they have two systems within, built into, actually there are three systems built into the Smart Meter.  Theyíve got the one that can transmit.  They donít even really need the other two.  I have to really wonder what itís all about, but one of the systems they have is hardwired into the electrical supply itself.  So they can actually pass all the signals back through the electrical lines and read your meters, etc.  They also have an RF frequency, a radio frequency up in the FM range, but then they have the microwave one as well, just to put it on top of it.  So this one is testing the microwave frequency.  And you can have a look at this one, and it will let you know what is coming through your house all the time and through your brain.  And Iím sure it will tie in with that down the road, what itís really, really for. 


Now, an article too, is to do with this incredible make-work project, I call make-work projects now, where they set guys up and leave them as patsies, as potential terrorists.  I mean, theyíre all set up.  And they have been for years.  And Canada too had that.  And this one is from the Guardian.  It says:


The FBI-style sting in the tail of the Saudi ambassador 'assassination plot'


If this counter-terror operation used entrapment techniques, then law enforcement is wagging the dog of US foreign policy on Iran


(A: Is real, it says.  So:)


Wednesday, in Manhattan's federal courthouse, the southern district of New York, an Iranian-American citizen Ė Mansour Arbabsiar Ė was indicted on terrorism and related charges. According to authorities, Arbabsiar's arrest was the culmination of an FBI-style DEA sting operation focused on the Iranian-born, 56-year-old US citizen who, according to the criminal complaint, conspired with individuals in Iran, including members of the Quds Force (an arm of the Iranian revolutionary guard), to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington.


(A: And then it goes through it all, and shows you all the nonsensical parts of it.  In other words, the guy would never have thought about anything, unless these guys came to him and helped try to set him up, and etc, etc.  And also too, a good part of it too:)


according to the criminal complaint, somehow allegedly became involved in the scheme to funnel $1.5m from the Quds Force to a Mexican drug cartel that agreed to blow up a fictional restaurant


(A: A fictional restaurant)


in Washington, DC


There was never anything going to happen here.  Patsies.  Whatís interesting is other articles on who benefits from going to war with Iran, and who is behind even this setup here.  Itís more than just getting numbers to justify their jobs at the FBI, although thatís part of it.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about all the make-work projects for the FBI, as they have so many people now looking for terrorists, and if they canít find any they create them, or at least the appearance of them, by creating stings, paying people lots of money.  Itís generally pretty simple people, easily led, giving them explosives, giving them fake places to blow up, and then arresting them.  And this is happening all over the world.  Itís happened in Britain.  It happened in Canada.  Itís happened in the US.  And it says, it brings you back to another case that happened before.  It says,


That makes this case, again, uncomfortably reminiscent of the recent Bronx synagogue case, a case that has elicited cries of entrapment from many sectors. In it, four men were convicted of participating in an FBI sting plan aimed at blowing up synagogues in Riverdale, New York. The defendants were vocally antisemitic, but the choices of the synagogue and of the explosive, as revealed in court proceedings, were those of the federal authorities: in other words, the US government appeared willing to risk inflaming passions with the details of a plot that would enhance fear and suspicion in a community where a large percentage of American Jews live.


Well, who benefits?  Who gains?  Youíve got to always ask the questions and why would they do that.  You know they want a war with Iran.  Thatís on the list of the New American Century thatís now the New Obama Century, I guess, but itís the same agenda thatís going on.  And they also put in, I think itís from the Guardian too:


The Passionate Attachment:


Is alleged Iranian plot a ďprovocation by an outside agencyĒ? asks Guardian


(A: In other words, who benefits again?  It says:)


ďIt has the ring of a far-fetched Hollywood thriller


(A: This ridiculous plot theyíve dreamed up.)


and even the senior law enforcement official involved in the investigation admitted to journalists that the alleged plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US did not fit with what was known about the methods and practices of the supposed perpetrators, the Quds force of the Revolutionary Guards,Ē Julian Borger writes in the Guardian. Of the eight ďunanswered questionsĒ Borger raises about the affair, the final one is arguably the most pertinent:


Could the alleged plot be provocation by an outside agency seeking to start a conflict between Iran and its enemies? In that case, Arbabsiar is consciously misleading his interrogators or is being used by his cousin and his associates, who are working for this third party.


When it comes to outside agencies provoking conflicts, few in the mainstream media know the most likely culprits better than Borger. In a July 2003 special investigation


(A: The link is on here.  Iíll put them all up tonight.  Theyíre worth reading through one at a time, one after the other.)


entitled ďThe spies who pushed for war,Ē the Guardianís diplomatic editor exposed the Israeli source of the false intelligence coming out of Doug Feithís Office of Special Plans in the Pentagon that bypassed the CIA and DIA to concoct a justification for toppling Saddam Hussein by force:


The OSP was an open and largely unfiltered conduit to the White House not only for the Iraqi opposition. It also forged close ties to a parallel, ad hoc intelligence operation inside Ariel Sharonís office in Israel specifically to bypass Mossad and provide the Bush administration with more alarmist reports on Saddamís Iraq than Mossad was prepared to authorise.


ďNone of the Israelis who came


(A: Into the Pentagon, right?)


were cleared into the Pentagon through normal channels,Ē said one source familiar with the visits. Instead, they were waved in on Mr Feithís authority without having to fill in the usual forms.


The exchange of information continued a long-standing relationship Mr Feith and other Washington neo-conservatives had with Israelís Likud party.


In 1996, he and Richard Perle Ė now an influential Pentagon figure Ė served as advisers to the then Likud leader, Binyamin Netanyahu. In a policy paper they wrote, entitled A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, the two advisers said that Saddam would have to be destroyed, and Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Iran


(A: Remember, I talked about the list.)


would have to be overthrown or destabilised, for Israel to be truly safe.


By the way, Iíll put up a link to their own document.  Itís called: A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.  Iíll put it up tonight too, along with these other articles that are related to it.  Because youíve got to get past all this nonsense and fluff youíve got by the media, and say, who benefits.  Who is this all for?  Whatís going on here?  Because nobody is coming clean on the matter.  And thereís so much evidence.  You canít keep tossing it away.  People are going to get slaughtered, because now in another article that Iíll put up too is that Obama has come out with the written speech, the usual stuff, the new normal now, that you hear about the toughest sanctions yet on the country.  And that means theyíre going to starve them, get them sick and so on, and then they go and invade.  Weíve seen this time after time since 1991, I think, when Gulf War I started.  This is the new normal.  And weíre all supposed to sit back and watch our sports, and I guess a lot of folk will.  They wonít care who is getting slaughtered where, as these big boys go in and plunder, and destroy societies that were functional, amongst themselves if left alone, and bring in a dysfunctional system. 


Remember too, youíve got to remember that Kissinger said the same thing when he was asked, and so did Brzezinski, what kind of long-term approach they would use for the Middle East before they hit Iraq.  He says, weíd like to go into these countries, destabilize them, once weíve conquered them, destabilize them, get factions fighting forever amongst themselves.  Then they could never unite together as a common people against another threat.  And we all know what he was talking about, Iím sure.  And thatís what youíve got.  Wherever theyíve gone, theyíve destabilized it, and that leaves the field clear for the only superpower in the area.  Quite obvious, isnít it.  Itís geo-politics.  Now, Iíll go to the callers.  And thereís Daniel from Britain hanging on there.  Are you there, Daniel?  Hello?


Daniel: You know, I asked before, another time, what weíre talking about is religion, the people at the top of this elite religion.  And theyíve got themselves to this position of godlike status.  They feel itís their responsibility to perfect mankind, that sort of thing.  Yeah? 


Alan: Yeah.  Youíve got to understand what they mean by perfecting mankind.  It doesnít mean that theyíre going to bring you up to what they think is a proper standard.


Daniel: No, itís just whatever manifestation of man they think we should be.  That sort of thing.


Alan: Exactly. What kind of slave you should be.


Daniel: Okay.  Well, what I wanted to say, is it also, you were saying that you can actually get some factual information from the Bible.  Like, there is some factual, historical information in the Old and New Testaments.  Is that right?


Alan: Thereís some.  Thereís some factual stuff there.  Thereís a lot of hidden stuff too, or stuff thatís so vague that most folk skip it over, because they donít understand.  Thereís nothing that precedes it, or follows it to try to explain what theyíre talking about.  But youíve got to understand that religion is to do with always special people.  If you become a Christian, youíre now a special person, as opposed to those over there who are not Christians, and so on.  And even amongst Christianity, youíve got all these different sects that kind of look down on other sects as not proper Christians, etc, etc.  And itís the same in the ancient world, as well.  The ancient world was no different whatsoever.  You had different sects all praying to their own gods.  There was many gods at one time.


Daniel: Well, this is what I wanted to ask you, was, with regards to the, Iíve been looking into these Olympians, because these Olympians is something Iíve heard, in John Colemanís book, and then I started looking at the Greek Olympians, the Twelve Olympians.  Now, in a nutshell, do you think they were actually referring to real people?


Alan: No.


Daniel: They werenít.


Alan: No, not as gods.  Not as what they make it out to be.  I have no doubt at all that secretive societies that ruled empires, and at that time that was called the ancient world, not the full globe, obviously.  Today itís the full globe theyíre going for.  But they did have the same symbology and numerology, and always twelve, again for the zodiac.  So they used to use the zodiac as symbolic of the members or their tasks in the Great Work, the plan itself.  And so that youíd often have twelve residing as a council.  Benjamin Franklin talked about uniting the world, a confederation of the world.  Thatís what he hoped America would end up being.  And he said it will be run by twelve wise men.  So, the European Union, for all of its members said theyíd never go past twelve stars on the flag.  So they always stick to the same symbology of the numbers to do with the twelve.  You get twelve disciples, etc. 


Daniel: Right.  But, I mean, the Greek, the twelve Olympians were not actually referencing real people then.  I mean, it only makes sense, because, when you look at these marble statues, of Greek gods, theyíre just people.  They look like just ordinary men and women, donít they?


Alan: Yeah, yeah.  Because you have to.  You see, mankind, if we were shaped like triangles, weíd have to make a god in the shape of a triangle.  We always project what we are onto the deity.  You see?  And thatís why some religions forbid any depiction whatsoever of the deity, because it would be derogatory of what the deity actually is.  Absolutely corrupt.  In fact, in Judaism, what they tell you is, if you ask them, a rabbi, what is God?  Heíll say I canít tell you what God is, I can only tell you what he isnít.


Daniel: Yes.  I understand.  So, in a nutshell, whether you can gleam some facts from the Bible, you donít think thereís any historical facts from Homer and Hesiod and all these Greek myths?


Alan: Oh, youíll find.  The problem is, what we call it really is religion and mythologies.  Now, thereís often little traces of truths in mythologies to do with events that happened.  And we know for instance that the idea of Noah was borrowed from much earlier peoplesí stories of things they say happened, kind of mythological stories.  Same with Moses too, there was an even older story of a similar event where a guy was tossed off into the river in the rushes in a basket and survived too, to become a king.  So, much of the stories are collected and reused again, when people take over a religion and claim it as their own.


Daniel: I see.  So, these, I understand.  Thanks.  And also, bring us up to date.  Youíve mentioned the Chinese being the police force of the world.  Do you think theyíll actually deploy, you know, hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops around the world in every country then to keep us in line?


Alan: They will eventually.  Theyíre supposed to take over where America leaves off.  And even the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairsí own world meetings, going back in the 1930s, predicted the whole of the rest of the 20th century, including the coming war, by the way, with Japan and Germany.  And in 1938 in Australia they had it, that meeting.  And they also said that America will last for the rest of the century as the policeman of the world, taking over from Britain.  Remember, before that, Britain ruled the waves with the largest navy and all that kind of stuff.  Now the US took over.  And they will keep a balance of power, meaning theyíll obliterate any other competition, to make sure thereís only one power.  And it says eventually China will be brought up to an industrial standard, and they will take over the job as the United States wanes.  Now, in the more recent Council on Foreign Relations articles, that Iíve been reading over the last few years.  Iíve read about them.  Iíve occasionally mentioned them on the air.  Youíve got the Council on Foreign Relations with the big world meetings that they have, telling China itís time to get involved and take their place of responsibility in the worldís affairs, meaning policing and so on.  And so weíre seeing the start of that now.† Remember, they have armies in some of the African countries now.


Daniel: Because you or someone said that that was why they had the one child policy, just to breed millions of future troops.  Is that right?


Alan: Well, thatís definitely a side-effect of it, but itís not just that, no, because thereís actually less females in China, and by the year 2030, there will be one-third less females than males in China, the way that itís going.  Actually too many males, but itís not for an army purpose.  They can certainly host a world army, but so could the European Union, and America, if they were not deemed and scheduled to go broke into austerity.  The big boys, you understand, who rule this world system are not afraid of China.  They own China.  They made China what it is.


Daniel: Yes.  No, youíve made that.  Yes, I understand that.  That makes sense.  But one thing I still struggle with is why they keep cutting the numbers in the armed forces.  Theyíre just gearing up for another war, but they keep sacking them.


Alan: Well, itís because actually theyíre privatizing so much of it.  Look at the UK, for instance.  They privatized the companies to take care of the nuclear missile sites, etc.  You actually have a world corporation running the missile sites of Britain.


Daniel: What is that, G4S, one of the big ones, and Serco and all these.  They seem to have thousands of little subcontractors working for them.† Over in the UK, Iíve noticed this, that the private security industry has gone through the roof.  I mean, everywhere you look, thereís private security doing manned guarding and door work and all this sort of stuff.  And it is all private now, isnít it.  And I suppose that will be gearing up for this feudal system you talk about, because they will need all this private security to look after them, wonít they?


Alan: Absolutely.  You are in it.  A guy who was a British Lord, told me in the 1980s, the early 80s, that the future of the world would be run by massive, private security organizations.  And it would be a vastly different world he said.  And that was the time when they were bringing in all ex-Marines, Royal Marines, Commandos, SAS, Special Forces into the private security businesses.  And they set up some big training ones in Britain, in fact.  Theyíre still there yet.  And in the States.  And they train them.  Because they knew then they were going to basically do away with the nation-state, that was to get done away with.


Daniel: Yeah.  Iím sorry to interrupt, but the trouble is, youíll have no, your stuff then is public, because itís all like these private corporations, theyíll be able to do what they want with you.  And you go to the government, and itís like with private building contracts, everybody shirks responsibility and says, oh, well, thatís nothing to do with us.


Alan: Thereís nothing we can do, because thereís no laws about it, you see.  If thereís no laws, and thatís the beauty of this legal system, as they call it.  If thereís no laws about it, they say, well thereís nothing we can do about it.  Theyíre a private company.  So, donít complain to us.  You know, weíre only responsible for what we do as a government.


Daniel: And when youíre sitting in some cell, you just get some number you have to ring up, and itís one of those damn recorded messages.  It says, press five for this.  Press six for that.  And then you donít get through to anyone in the end.  Thatís what it will be, wonít it?


Alan: Thatís right.


Daniel: All right. Okay, Alan. 


Alan: Youíre in the system.


Daniel: Yeah, okay.  Well, thatís great.  Thanks for answering my questions, Alan, cheers. 


Alan: And thanks for calling.  Yeah, youíre in a system.  Youíve been in it for a long time.  And just like H.G. Wells says, youíll have a world governance type system, without even knowing.  The people wonít even know it exists, because they simply donít put up a big building and say, this is the World Parliament.  Itís already here.  And most of the meetings, we hear about the meetings, and itís just that they give them different names, but if you just put it together, that is World Government.  Thatís World Government. All unelected, by the way. Same as your G20, a private club.  Thereís nothing written in your constitutions that allows any president or prime minister to join an international private club that will end up making treaties to run his country.  But theyíve all done it.  Theyíve all done it.  And no one complained, because no one really understood the implications of what they were actually doing.  And simply because they come out in force, you think, oh, it must be very legal.  Where is it written that itís legal?  They make the laws, they make the charters, they make the clubs.  You have never had democracy.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And thereís Frank from North Carolina on the phone.  Are you there, Frank.


Frank: Yes.  Thank you.  I hope youíre doing all right. 


Alan: I am.  Yeah.


Frank: Iíve been meaning to ask you something for a while.  Itís simple, and I wanted to see if you might have any insight into it.  When I was in college, it never crossed my mind to what the meaning was behind the degree, you know, like Bachelorís degree.  Where does that come from?


Alan: Well, at one time people had to actually be bachelors at one time, to get in and actually study for their actual degree system.  It was very much like an apprentice at one time.  Benjamin Franklin tells you at one time, you are owned by the master.  When you became an apprentice, you signed yourself over at one point to the master for maybe five, six years, or more.  And it was very similar in the early universities.  You were signed over to, because there was always a master of your department, or whatever, you know, that you were studying, etc, or the science that you were involved in.  And so, you got a bachelor degree and thereís another inner meaning too, to do with the fact Masonry came into it heavily, about the same time when they were coming out with degrees, etc.  In fact, thatís really when it came out together, with a degreed system for the universities.  And itís all Masonic or building terminology that is used.  Even your grading.  A grade is in a road, you know, etc.  I could go on and on about all that stuff.  Anyway, the fact is, they did bring you in this very Masonic system, right down to youíre a widowís son, to an extent.  Thatís what they mean by that, partly too.  Youíre a widowís son as an apprentice.  And you come into the system.  Once youíre fully qualified, youíre given your quality approved control stamp really.  Thatís what they do to let you into their system.  Thatís what all degrees are.  They put the mortarboard on your head, thatís the square.  Youíve been squared.  And of course, you wear the cloak too of the master, a gown.  And then different colors can come into it too, depending on the type that youíve taken.  So, itís all tied up with Freemasonry.  A lot changed.  So much came in, actually, in the 18th Century when Masonry came in as a big front organization, run by others, a much, much older organization and people.  They created Freemasonry and the educational system, because, academia, to rule over a country or a world, you must standardize a system of those who are in a managerial class of that system.  So, thatís why they brought it in.


Frank: Also, can I ask one other question real quick?† You pick up on numbers.  All throughout the years that Iíve been listening to you, you pick up on numbers really quick.  You see them, whereas other people donít.  This plan that the advisors came up with that surround Herman Cain, the 9-9-9 Plan.  Do you think that that is some type of a hidden, you know, sequence of numbers there that they chose?  Because, if you turn those numbers upside-down itísÖ


Alan: 6-6-6.


Frank: 6-6-6.


Alan: Itís a very old system that was known in Britain even by people like me, when I was in school.  Because at that time you had the dial phones, and if you dialed 9-9-9, it turned, as you were dialing it, it was always 6-6-6 by the time youíve dialed it.  And of course, that was for the police at that time, and the police of course wear the checkerboard hats, between the light and the dark.  So itís the grey area between the light and the dark places, where a man of honor or degree can make a decision where others canít.  And so itís designed by those in the know, basically.  Thatís what it means.  


Frank: Okay.  Thanks.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your god or your gods go with you.  Remember too, donate, buy the books, because I have to get out of the hole Iím in here.  See you next Monday.



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