Oct. 17, 2011 (#942)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 17, 2011:

The Planned Authoritarian Society:
Ones Higher, Owning Those Elected,
Lead Masses to Demand the Expected:

"Beware of Mobs Following the Direction
Of Moneyed Celebrities Escaping Detection
But Speaking as Though from Labouring Class,
You'd Hope Some Would Pick Up, But Alas,
It's Always Intelligentsia Who Give the Voice
To Bring in Socialism, Big Gov., No Choice,
For it's Time to Implement the Big Society,
Post-Consumerism, Communitarian Variety,
'The People Have Spoken', Presidents Will Say,
'Implement the Agenda Without Delay',
What's Left of Rights All Up for Big Steal,
Smiling Bankers' Offer, 'Here's the New Deal' "
© Alan Watt Oct. 17, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 17, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 17th of October 2011.  For newcomers, you should help yourself to the cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site; thereís hundreds of hours of talks to download or listen to at your leisure.  Where hopefully youíll understand this incredibly complex system youíre born into and find out how it really works and why it works this way and who put it together, where theyíre going with it and how theyíre altering culture generation by generation, very quickly now of course, even during your lifetime.  Many, many changes indeed.  They actually have plans to bring it into this, what they call a new world order, a new order of things, a new order of ruling the world, running the world, organizing the world, and everything in it.  And youíre going through some of the biggest changes that have happened since the industrial revolution, where across Europe, especially, millions of people where just shipped off the old farms and into the cities to man these machines for the industrial age.  And that was a massive shakeup.  The same thing is happening now as we basically get moved into the already overcrowded cities, with massive immigration because of labor flow, because of the WTO organization and their treaties to do with free flow of labor and goods.  Really, weíre going to be crammed together because they donít want people living on the land.  In Agenda 21 at the United Nations they want us all crammed in the cities where we can get watched and monitored 24 hours per day.  Most folk are quite happy with it already actually.  They donít really believe that privacy is a very personal or desperate thing to hold onto, or even why we should want to hold onto it.  So, theyíre almost there already in their observation part of it.  But they have to have everyone pretty well into this system, designed a long time ago and weíre just going through the phases of it right now.  Because we live through a script.  Your whole life is scripted.  The next 100 years and more is scripted, in fact, as to where the world is supposed to be. 


Now, you are the listeners that bring me to you, the audience that bring me to you so you can help support me by buying the books and disks at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Straight donations are really welcome in this day and age because as we all know inflation, or quantitative easing as they call it Ė itís still inflation Ė is going rather rampant and itís got quite a long ways to go yet.  At one time every country could use postal orders internationally but not anymore; only from the US to Canada and vice versa.  I donít know why that is; itís tightening up all their security I suppose, in case you send granny a few bucks once in a while. 


These are the biggest changes, as I say.  Now, weíre run, really, by big organizations that are privately owned.  It doesnít matter if theyíre registered as a corporation or a charity or a foundation, or whatever; theyíre funded by the big foundations. Theyíre all funded by them.  And NGOs are all funded by them too.  And the big foundations were set up by so-called Ė incredibly wealthy Ė philanthropists who were generally involved, still are involved in the money system Ė the ones that rule the world basically, through cash Ė to bring in the kind of world that THEY want, you see.  They donít sit back and say eventually the people will retaliate against us and what we going to do about it?  They make sure that if thereís any retaliation itís going to end up in their favor, and they always get the people to protest exactly what they want you to bring in.  And thatís what they do.  Theyíre always in charge, been at it for many centuries.  And theyíre certainly no slackers when it comes to understanding the public, the masses as they like to call them, but they love to use the masses as well.  Youíll always find the bankers use both sides, right wing, left wing, because in the middle are the bankers Ė theyíre behind the shield of the big bird.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and just wondering about the big protests.  Theyíre just too well organized across the world.  And of course, the so-called NGOs, all the left wing groups, are pushing for everything that comes along the pike basically, the greening system, the carbon system, the save nature system.  Theyíre all getting in the act of course; thereís thousands of organizations, across the world, all being coordinated together in a common task.  And I looked at a couple of very short video clips Ė thatís all I can see with satellite download Ė and thereís signs everywhere and even people presenting talks to do with the end of capitalism, etc, etc.  But they havenít exactly said what they want to replace it with; I guess thatís up to your imagination.  And of course, we know what itís going to be.  They want, again, the governments to take over the system and nationalize the banks, which is the worst thing you can do again, because they still end up giving themselves massive fortunes to their top CEOs.  One of the banks in Britain, I think itís the Bank of Scotland, the Royal Bank of Scotland, is actually owned 90-odd percent by the government, and they were one of the worst losers in the last crash for all their phony mortgages and so on, and bubbles.  And right after they got their big bailout from the taxpayer they started giving out their multimillion-pound handouts to their CEOs once again.  So it doesnít really matter. 


You see, you got to understand that, as I say, left wing and right wing are both used in this system.  And thatís the beauty of having the masses...  The masses are the masses, theyíre comprised maybe of individuals but these individuals kind of lose themselves when they get caught up in the rush.  Many of them donít know theyíre being used, by professionals at the top and there certainly are professionals involved. Thereís no doubt at all about it too, the system has to change because the same corrupt people have been in the same business for so long managing... [Alan chuckles.]... mis-managing the money; I guess it depends whose side youíre on.  If youíre on the side of the bankers at the top, theyíre managing it very well for themselves and reaping the profits in the meantime.  But theyíre the biggest welfare recipients that ever existed on the planet basically, outside the other corporations.  And weíre supposed to keep this system going.  For how long?  Until they do it again?  Because they always plunder you at least twice every century and profit awfully handsomely; they never lose actually. 


If you go into the memoirs of people who are very rich, during the last great depression they call it, youíll find that they admit they never even noticed the depression, personally, themselves.  It didnít affect them whatsoever.  They were way above that.  And so are the big bankers too, themselves.  They never suffer what they cause everyone else to suffer.  Thereís never any criminality involved or at least charges pressed or going to jail.  You know, understand, if someone does a violent act they have to go up and answer to it, to a court or something.  But these people sit calmly, like good psychopaths, theyíre intelligent psychopaths, and they calmly discuss, long before they crash the banks, that theyíre going to have to crash the banks.  Personally, I think itís even worse than that.  I think when they basically took all the safeguards and the watchdogs off them, to try the other old system out where the market would supposedly balance itself, I think then they knew theyíd run it into the ground.  And they probably discussed at the very beginning, we shall do that, weíll run it into the ground, reap massive profits, and then crash it and the governments will have to bail us out.  They leave nothing to chance, you know, nothing at all. 


So it has to stop one way or another.  And anyway, the whole thing with money has to be looked at once again.  And it really, honestly and sincerely this time, you cannot leave the same people managing this money system. And thereís no reason at all, of course, that governments couldnít issue their own cash instead of going to private banks.  The whole idea of having a nation or a people in the first place, and a government going off to private banks to borrow at compound interest is absolutely ludicrous, absolutely ludicrous, when weíre supposed to have any kind of sovereignty whatsoever.  And even for the internationalists who donít believe in sovereignty, do you really want the same system running a world system? Where theyíre all going to private banks for everything?  And being ripped off again?  You know, it canít go on like that.  So something has to be done and as I say, the scam of money is ancient and the people who do the scamming have been, really, ruling countries and nations and empires for many, many centuries.  Theyíre not stupid people.  And I hope people really realize that, theyíre not stupid. 


If they are putting up with protests against them, believe you me, when you tie it in with the big think tanks and everything theyíve been talking about to do with the coming new order, it all ties in together.  It will appear to have a new system but it will be a flat tax across the board, across the planet, and thatís what theyíre really after, a world tax for a world system.  And Value Added Taxes, purchase taxes on everything, all kinds of taxes and fees will come in.  And itís really turning.... theyíre flattening the board again.  Theyíre leveling the players in the field until weíre equally poor at the bottom.  But then in all utopias you got to have the better people, you see, to live better than you and manage you, regardless, and thatís what they want to emerge.  So always think who youíre backing up when you protest, even if your protest is genuine; many of them are not.  And the well-funded ones certainly are not.  And who wants to live under a communist system anyway?  Do you?  Do you really want that?  Do you want little commissars telling you this is how you must behave, think and do, and how you speak and what you can and canít say, etc, etc, etc?  Do you really want that system?  I donít.  I donít.  Itís up to you. 


Anyway, as I said at the beginning of the broadcast, privacy is part of it too.  And we live in a system where they train one generation, they can do so many changes in one generation now where it used to take 70 years to change the habits or the way people looked at things with masses propaganda.  Now they can change it every two or three years, introduce new things all the time.  Once they have you adapting quickly to things and you have no norms to hang onto, then youíre in free-fall, you see, and youíre being guided along in your free-fall as to where youíre supposed to end up with all your points of view and your reality.  And most folk adapt through it never thinking that they have been guided right through their lives, with all their conclusions, into all the big changes that are planned for them, and some of them have already come in, and they think itís all quite normal. They have no idea that thousands of think tanks and experts and bigwigs at academia have been working full-time on doing all that, making sure that youíre steered into the right way of thinking, doing, behaving and looking at the world and yourself too.  But itís been like that for an awful, awful long time. 


Weíre already under this system.  In the 1800s they talked about this.  Even the old crazy woman Blavatsky talked about it.  She said, a system would come in where peoplesí opinions would all be given to them; they wouldnít know how they arrived at them but they would definitely arrive at these opinions, guaranteed.  And you think that neuroscience is a new thing, and psychology and psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics are all new?  No, they knew this a long, long time ago.  Long time ago.  Itís a very old species, mankind, you know.  And nothingís been studied SO incredibly, as much as humanity itself; forget the animals. 


Now, I was going to talk about spying on the public.  People are now taking it for granted that we should be spied on.  They certainly donít really get up in arms about it or even demonstrate against all the spying that goes on in their lives anymore.  Party because theyíve adapted to all the little toys theyíve been given, you see.  Thatís made up for it...  Oh, well, I get all this convenience at the same time... okay, well Iíll trade off this.  You canít trade off privacy... because the history of the world is full of horror, absolute horrors that come along every so often.  And it makes it so much easier for those who want to do horror upon you when they have all the information upon you, because of your points of view, for instance; it could be because of your religion or an ethnic background or something like that.  But most folk never, ever think about it and theyíre giving all their details up to all these organizations they think are just private companies.  Theyíre not private at all; theyíre all part of the NSA.  Donít listen to the rubbish they put out about geniuses coming up with this and that and so on.  Itís all done by experts at the top and they always use front people to launch something, even great scientists, guys they claim are great; they are launched to be made a star, a celebrity.  Old idea too, by the way.


Now, when youíre driving your car, and people know this too, they know that the big carmakers have been putting black boxes in your cars for quite some years now.  And people were told, they thought it was about the year 2000 or so and itís been actually longer than that. This article here is about that.  It says...


Automotive 'black boxes' raise privacy issues

usatoday.com / G. Chambers Williams III, The Tennessean /  David Zalubowski, AP / Oct 15, 2011


Your own car just might tattle on you if you're at fault.  (Alan:  Now forget that; that throws you off in a way of thinking right away.  Itís giving you a premise and then a direction of thought.  It shouldnít be tattling on you at all, at any time, at fault or not.)


So-called event data recorders that function much like the "black boxes" on airplanes, and which are now installed on virtually all new vehicles, can give investigators incriminating details about your driving behavior in the final seconds before a crash.  (A:  So this is the excuse for putting it in; they always give you an excuse.)


(A:  And one of the guys says...) "I didn't think my '98 Saturn was new enough to have the data recorder, but apparently it does, and I think it should be up to me to decide how and when I share that information with someone else," said Bob McClellan Jr., 35, of Antioch.  (A:  Why should you give it?  Why should you even... why should you even think about sharing it with someone else?  Itís your car.  Itís your person.  It should be private to you.)


"If I were given the opportunity to agree to have this on the vehicle when I buy it, then that probably would be OK," (A:  In other words, youíre given the choice.)  McClellan said. "But if I own the car, it's my business what's on the recorder, and no one should be able to access it unless I say so."


Details that can be scrutinized include how fast the vehicle was going, as well as whether the brakes or accelerator were being pressed, which way the car was being steered, and -- yes -- even whether the occupants were wearing their seatbelts. (A:  I wonder what else it knows what youíre doing.  Hmm?)  The data is always being recorded, but it's only saved to the device's memory if an air bag deploys, automakers say.  (A:  Thatís not true because Iíve talked to some mechanics who deal with this, itís a special department, and they go by the year actually. They know exactly the whole history for the whole darn year, and the dates of everything.  Back in a minute with more on this after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about the black boxes and the fact that you got no choice in these matters anymore today with the brand new cars.  So theyíre giving you no choice at all; theyíre simply in them and you accept them if you want the car or thatís that.  You canít disable them either apparently because they say itís integral to the carís computer system and it would upset all the rest of the stuff.  So I donít know; Iím sure someone out there knows how to do it.  But itís just disgusting.  Youíre not only getting tracked and traced with a lot of different versions of cars, GM especially with OnStar, but youíre also getting all this data collected all the time on you.  And I think itís pretty disgusting.  But most folk will put up with it too. They just put up with things and they adapt and they adapt.  As Darwin says, weíre the most adaptable species, and that works against us because thereís those at the top who know how to use our adaptation processes for their own particular use. 


Itís also the same thing too, with their putting cameras, they want to put cameras in the cars now; this is the next step.  Iíll put a link up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the broadcast about that too.  And all these articles I mention, in fact, I put the links up at the end of the night.† They want to put cameras in your car as well, and no doubt to see whoís in it. Thatís the real reasons itíll be in it, never mind what excuses they give you.   The governmentís thinking about actually making it mandatory.  And how wonderful a system, where you just canít get away anywhere. 


Government cameras in your car?  E-toll patent hints at Big Brotherish future - edtape.msnbc.msn.com


You know, Orwell had that in his book 1984 and even in the film versions of it too.  They had the same thing where even they had microphones and so on in trees, and cameras in trees in the forests.   So everywhere you went youíre being watched somewhere.  And then we found out just a few years ago they were actually doing that; they were actually putting microphones along the forest in case the people came on these preserved areas and had no right to be there.  Itís just astonishing weíre living in this system, but most folk will protest their student fees and their loans and the whole bit and the payments but they wonít protest the fact that theyíre growing up in a world with utterly no privacy whatsoever.  They donít mind.  You understand, when you donít mind about privacy your survival instinct is defunct.  Itís kaput.   Itís finished.


And how bad it really gets too, is to do with propaganda.  You live through propaganda.  ALL mainstream, and lot of the non-mainstream, is propaganda.  Everybody wants you to think a certain way or do a certain thing or join something Ė and whenever youíre asked to join something Iím always weary because itís always to benefit something you think you understand but you donít.  Someone else wants to use you, in other words, for some purpose or other.  So be very, very careful about that.  Hereís an article here about the Euro Parliament in Brussels, this big, this new soviet system thatís ruled by secrecy at the top, where they wonít even tell you whoís at the top of it.  And they have members of parliament that do nothing except sort of make little sarky comments at each other, snide comments, and little giggles and laughs, but they have no power to change anything or introduce laws or change laws.  Itís all done by the secret bunch above them.  And they call this democracy.  Anyway...


Euro-Parliament opens its own propaganda centre:

 and you're paying for it

dailymail.co.uk / 14 October 2011


Today was the first open day of the new 'Parlamentarium' at the European Parliament here in Brussels.  The thing is billed as a visitors' centre, but in fact it is a propaganda centre, a multi-million pound way for the MEPs (A:  Members of European Parliament) to stroke their own egos.


So, how many multi-millions of taxpayers' money has gone into this thing? The parliament's press people admit £18m has been spent on it, but with the book-keeping standards in EU institutions, the real amount is any body's guess.  (A:  Because they lied about everything else before this.)


Besides being a vanity project for MEPs, the thing is also is a way for the EU institutions to brainwash school children, who are invited to come in groups to join a 'multi-modal role play game' in which they can take on the role of an MEP (A:  Member of the European Parliament.) and go through all the steps need to approve a new European law.  (A:  I guess they give them a bunch of cash and tell them how to bribe somebody.)


Yes, laws come from Europe, not from Westminster anymore, but I'd hardly take a British child on a holiday to Brussels to celebrate that disaster. Take him instead to the House of Commons and let him lay a wreath.


But it's worse than that: consider what kind of exhibitions the children will be herded past on their way to the '360 degree digital projection' of the parliament's plenary chamber.


Most revolting is a long dark corridor with a line of illuminated pictures which are part of a 'journey through time.' Run an 8-year old child past those and he will come out at the end imagining -- and that appears to be the purpose --that before the European institutions set up shop, the countries of the European continent could be nothing but a rubble-strewn wasteland.  (A:  Theyíre actually eradicating the history for these children, you understand.  There was nothing that happened before it was created.  Everybody lived in mud huts and wore furs I guess and that was it, and run about with clubs.  Iím not kidding you.)


Examples: just one picture illustrates Italy in the early 20th century, and that shows Mussolini's march on Rome. The Netherlands in 1949: a grim border post, with nearby propaganda insisting that 'transport across Europe was very complicated and had to overcome various bureaucratic obstacles.'  (A:  Well, they didnít give you pat-downs in those days, actually; it was quite easy to get through.)


Amazing: this is an EU institution tut-tutting bureaucratic obstacles. Go ask the first small businessman you kind find about just what sort of bureaucratic obstacles the EU now puts up to him getting on and doing is business anywhere, much less across borders.


Then Poland gets two pictures to illustrate its history. First picture, 1939, Nazis. (A:  Nothing happened before that; there was no Poland, you know.)  Second picture, 1943, more Nazis. Spain, 1939, gets a picture of Republican forces who were defeated by Franco. But the parliament spares the Republican forces any mention of their Soviet communist backing.  (A:  Well, that doesnít surprise me when you look at who set up and who runs at the top this new soviet European Union.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about how children going through this new EU propaganda building theyíve erected there.  The children are shown nothing but horror and primitivism, basically, in all the countries through all these photographs.  And thatís imprinted in their minds, theyíre very young, remember.  And it tells you how bad things were.  Oh, things were so terrible, etc; there was no culture whatsoever.  And it says...


Then Poland gets two pictures to illustrate its history. First picture, 1939, Nazis.  Second picture, 1943, more Nazis. Spain, 1939, gets a picture of Republican forces who were defeated by Franco. But the parliament spares the Republican forces any mention of their Soviet communist backing.  (A:  ...for the other side.)


The United Kingdom finally gets a mention on this history wall, and this ought to frighten the wits out of any 8-year old you might be foolish enough to take to this place: London, 1941, shows children at Cosway School sitting in class wearing gas masks while a recording repeats over and over again: 'What in concrete and practical terms does the independence of nations mean in the world of today, a world of the closest economic and political interdependence, which means the destiny of all mankind is indivisible.'


Berlin, 1948: a picture showing 'poverty and hunger.' Then -- hallelujah, which is the response we are supposed to have since what we are dealing with here is a temple dedicated to the cult of Europe -- a picture of a European Movement gathering in Brussels in 1949, 'a mass gathering in support of European unification.'


I looked pretty close but I couldn't see any acknowledgement that through the 1950s and into the 1960s, the European Movement was secretly financed by the CIA as part of its Cold War strategy against the Soviet bloc (hat tip as ever to Booker and North's The Great Deception for that research).


Nor, for example, was there any mention that the 'poverty and hunger' in Berlin in that 1948 picture was caused, not by 'not enough Europe,' but by too much Soviet aggression. The Soviet communists blockaded Berlin, and the only thing that kept the people of Berlin alive was the Berlin Airlift, led by the Royal Air Force and the US Air Force and other allied forces -- all of them from countries which the 'Europeans' of today dismiss as 'Anglo-Saxon.'


Nor indeed was there any mention that I could find, because the Stuttgart firm that designed this exhibition -- or rather, designed at your expense, 'a dynamic sequence of individual environments,' likes spotlights coming out of the darkness, resulting in some of the most unpleasant and hard-too-see 'individual environments' you could imagine. Sorry, I started to say, there was no mention that I could find of the way the Marshall Plan money from the United States taxpayers turned that rubble of Germany into the industrial giant of the 1960s.


Airlift, Marshall Plan, and on and on: you'd think the MEPs (A:  Members of the European Parliament.) would at least find a spot in the 'dynamic sequence of individual environments' to put up a poster saying, 'Thank you, Uncle Sam.'  (A:  And on it goes and on it goes and on it goes.)


In other words, pure left propaganda, but itís run by the bankers, the same bankers boys that run all of us, you know.  The left is all run by the bankers; they prefer a socialist society, thatís really massive bureaucracies running the people beneath them, in very soviet type style.  Itís very orderly for them. Everythingís orderly.  Everything can be done very quickly through any segment of society because of the massive bureaucracies.  And they love BIG bureaucracies too; that means governments are always borrowing from you to pay all the cash that theyíre going to pay their employees and for all their projects.  So this is the system run by, really, the far right that owns the far left, doing the same old darn thing again.  And recreating history all over, once again, for you.  Canít get away from it; it doesnít matter where you look. Theyíve been at it for centuries.  As I say, theyíre not stupid.  And they know whatís coming up.  They donít let things happen.  They make sure that they guide all movements, and actually they put out the leaders to often guide them for them.


Alan:  Now, thereís callers there.  Thereís Larry from LA.  Are you there Larry?


Larry:  You mentioned an act of violence and Iíve been wondering why generation after generation the children are brought up and they get it in íem that they want to join some kind of army and they really want to kill another man.  Well now, where it says that all persons Ė now weíre going to take the definition of persons here as people Ė all persons born or naturalized and subject to the law.  The words Ďand subject to the lawí right there is an act of violence, because no man or men or paper with ink on it has the right to subjugate all people. 


Alan:  Well thatís true.  I mean, a dictator can do that too, you know.


Larry:  So weíre brought up in a society where acts of violence, even in the words they call law, are brought against us, as little children up through the schools and it teaches them itís some kind of a glorious thing to go kill your fellow man.


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.  I just watched a documentary; itís about psychopaths actually.  But itís how they use what theyíve learned about the psychopathic person to indoctrinate the marines, and other soldiers too, so they can make them go off and kill, because they admit itís not a natural thing for humans to do, you know, for normal folk to do.  But they actually use those techniques that theyíve learned through psychiatry and psychology in experiments to train them to go off and be killers, so as they will not even think about it, theyíll just kill, by reflex basically.  So youíre quite right.  And itís an odd thing.  Youíre quite right too.  Itís the oddest thing where youíd be punished at home for killing someone and at the same time youíre rewarded to go off abroad and kill for a system, a private corporation that owns you.  [Alan laughing.] 


Larry:  Thatís exactly right.  Now, on those black boxes, the cameras now got signs on them that says theyíre going to give you a speeding ticket.  So it went from a red light camera to a speeding camera.  And the 2010 automobile that I bought from the factory came with no radio in it, but itís got an antenna on it, and itís transmitting.


Alan:  Is transmitting, sure it is.  They want to know everywhere youíre going, where youíve been, how long you stayed, and you know, what route you took back, and... Yep.


Larry:  Yeah and itís already in the police cars.  He can be sitting 10 miles down the road just waiting for you cause they can already see that youíre speeding.


Alan:  And it also said in the article too, this article here Iíll put up tonight, that they know how many folk are in the car and if theyíre all using their seatbelts, you know.


Larry:  Yeah.  Whether the seatbeltís plugged in, and I figured out what the airbags are for.† Theyíre to make sure that the vehicleís totaled so they can do commerce and sell a new vehicle.  And theyíre to make sure that you have a good wreck, cause if Iím doing 70 and a deer runs out and I hit it, itís going to set off my airbag.  Now, I may have control of the vehicle, the deer flew over the top of the car, but everybodyís alright, but Iíll lose control of that vehicle when the 200 mile an hour bag hits me in the face.


Alan:  You would.  And quite a lot of folk get killed by them.  But I knew they wanted to total the vehicles when they gave you plastic bumpers, I knew that was the start of it, and told you they were better than metal ones.† I knew it then too.  [Alan laughing.].


Larry:  And another thing theyíre doing to make sure that people have wrecks and hurt themselves, and run the insurance business and the hospitals and doctors and all that, is theyíre making windshields down here.  Now, just like the side ones, theyíre so black you canít look across the intersection and see that personís face.  How many times you been sitting at a 4-way stop and you look over and you make eye contact with that person and he tells you to just go ahead?  Or how would you like to be on the ground working with a shovel, around a big caterpillar and that caterpillar operator has a black tube around him and you canít see his face?


Alan:  That wouldnít make me feel too safe at all.  No.  No.


Larry:  And so itís the same thing, you know, in a vehicle, as working by that caterpillar.  Thereís no difference.


Alan:  Thatís true.† You need eye contact and even the gestures or just the facial expressions tell you, give you an idea what theyíre going to do, you know.


Larry:  Yeah, you know whether or not they can identify and are seeing you.  Simple as that.  Well, thatís the reason for the black glass; run more commerce, sell more vehicles. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  And the crumple cars, the cars that crumple when they hit something at 5 miles an hour.  [Alan chuckles.]


Larry:  Yeah.  Okay, well, I just... I heard that act of violence and starting to realize thereís lots of acts of violence around us, as weíre brought up as children.  Now, Iím including myself in that because when I joined the army, you know, at a younger age, you know, I went off in my mind thinking, well Iím going to go kill somebody now; in my older age, of course, I realize how insane that is.


Alan:  Men, especially boys, they got to grow up. They got to grow up and realize, no this is not a fantasy, this is not playing anymore, and thereís repercussions for everything that we do.


Larry:  Everything.  Okay, well thank you Alan.


Alan:  And thanks for calling.  Yeah, but that gets me too, these tables of people coolly and calmly deliberating to crash economies and profit off them and put thousands into misery, and probably death, starvation, who knows what, across the world, but we donít call them murderers.  Thatís odd to me. Thatís very, very strange to me, to be honest with you.  Just because theyíre not caught with a club in their hands.  Someone with a club might be doing it spontaneously, you see, just blowing up.  No, these guys do it calmly and deliberately, and they rule over us.  And believe you me, theyíll use all the systems, all the left wing, right wing to keep themselves in power, playing their games.  Now, thereís Steve in Oregon as well there.  Are you there Steve?


Steve:  Hello, Alan.  Hey, I wanted to let you know whenever I call I never debate you because you know so much more than I do. And the more that I learn the less I know.  I usually call because I have questions.  I think iron sharpens iron, and I think the wise man has many councils.† And Iíd like to talk to you about 100 things, so Iím just going to get to one, one right now.  Iíd love to talk to you, you know, a long time, but Iíll just get to one.  And that is, there is this thing that just came to my attention this year...  Oh, I need to let you know one thing.  I got so bored of everybody else that I didnít even want to go on the internet, I didnít want to do anything.  And then I ran into you about 6 months ago, and I started listening to you and youíre about the only one that stimulates my thought process.  And really appreciate you for that.  Okay, Iíll get to my question.  I go back in history, is what I do.  And I see you do that and I like that.  I go all the way back to where, and I know the Bible might be bastardized and all that, sorry if that word doesnít fit, but I do understand that it still has a lot of really great information.  And I look back and thereís one thing that come to me and Iíd like your opinion on this and itís this thing called the Ďtwo-piece bloodlineí. So I guess where it came from, Alan, if you want to look at Biblical scripture, which I kind of put my head above that and try looking, you know, higher than that. But if you want to look at that, there was this two bloodline thing, where actually Eve did not eat an apple like they told me when I was a kid.† We had relations with the other bloodline.  You know.  And I just wondered what you thought about that because that goes back really far and itís Biblical and all that kind of stuff.  I was just wondering what your thought process on that might be, because through my research it could probably, maybe be true.   But I donít know and I just thought Iíd...


Alan:  No.  You know, the people who put it together werenít really childish.  I mean, itís a very fairytale, childish story, isnít it?  And so thereís obviously something deeper behind it.  And of course, the whole Old Testament is a book on how to manipulate, power basically, really, and a system too, it gives you all the clues on a system, not only of money but of slavery and how thatís okay, etc, etc.  If you go into the different schools of thought on it, and hereís the thing too, Christians have their indoctrination into the Old Testament, say, and other sects and Judaic sects have a different indoctrination into the Old Testament, where things are explained in far more detail because they use the Talmud along with it, and most Christians are oblivious to that; most Rabbinical teaching is about 97% Talmudic and not Old Testament.  And theyíre allowed to question everything.  The one good thing about the Talmud is they are allowed to question everything that doesnít quite make sense to them without it being blasphemy.  And they go into that whole thing with the Garden of Eden and thereís many hints of course, that Eve wasnít the first wife, apparently; there were other ones. Lilith was one of them.  And of course, even Eden wasnít the first beginning they claim.  There were failed ones before it, almost like experiments.  And they donít say it was eating an apple at the tree, it was a pomegranate.  And pomegranate, really, was a symbol, because it had so many seeds in it, itís very symbolic of the ovary, actually Ė itís a strange symbolism Ė and seed to come; the people of the seed, remember.  So youíre looking at something more, a deeper meaning behind the simplistic version thatís given to everyone else.


I understand the two bloodline thing that youíre talking about too.  The serpent was in the garden and of course, it wasnít because the serpent made her eat something.  As you say, itís to do with something that was preexistent, by the way.  In Genesis it tells you the serpent was over the waters, etc, etc, but it tells you, it gives you little clues that itís a being, basically, maybe from a previous time, a previous creation as they would say in the Talmudic writings, that came through, a higher intellect, whatever.  You know, Adam wasnít too bright, you understand.  And neither was Eve.  In fact, the whole idea of original sin was that they were kind of happy, happy in their low IQ, low understanding, and they couldnít understand guilt because they were too dumb to even know what that meant, you know, and suddenly they understood good and evil.  So itís to do with something far, far deeper than that.  And of course, the story of a betrayal by Eve is one of them. And then they go into the Cain line and the Abel line and so on and so on.  So itís far, far deeper and symbolic of all the stuff thatís given. And it would take hours to explain each avenue of thought, that theyíve already gone through in the past, and even rabbinical thinking on all of this stuff.  But youíre kind of on the right lines of what they also conclude.  Thereís also a difference between the Adamic line, as they call it; thereís different schools of thought on that one.  And also in Genesis youíll notice thereís two creations.  He first created man and woman, created he them, in his own image.  And then there was no one to till the soil so then he created Adam.  And then came Eve.  So youíve got two lineages even there, again. And youíll find this throughout the Bible, this two lineage idea crops up over and over again with different stories.  So itís very interesting, but part of it goes to, as I say, maybe a preexisting... something there. In other words, serpent, the serpent also... or Lucifer definitely represents intellect. 


Steve:  Yes.  Yeah, itís very interesting and I would talk to you more and I will call soon again, and I really appreciate you, because I think everything you just said is kind of where my thought was and I really appreciate your time.  And iron sharpening iron with me and I really appreciate that Alan. 


Alan:  And thanks for calling.  You take care. 


Yeah, itís a whole different school of thought, as you try to bring it all together, not just the one part; you got to have all of it there to try to make it.  As I say, thatís the one good thing within Judaism itself, is that the Rabbis are allowed to debate all the things that donít quite make sense or to find out why this would happen.  And theyíll debate it into the earth actually, into all kinds of avenues; they can lose you. But the Christians just stick with the basic story, and the rib story, etc, and all of that.


So interesting looking at Greece too, in this European Union.  Theyíre talking about pawning it off... pawning off Greece.  Going to the pawn shop.  Iíll be back with the story after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and this wonderful European Union, again, weíve to become the same for the North American amalgamation too.  Itís eventually going to be the whole continent too; itís still going on by the way.  They publish the occasional bit in the Canadian papers here; I donít know if they put anything in the US papers at all.  Theyíre still amalgamating the Americas. But itís Euro first and of course they all have to go down the tubes and into debt to the bankers to save one country.  All commit suicide to save one country thatís in debt to the bankers.  Isnít that just common sense?  Right?  Anyway...


Greece could use property as bond collateral: group

reuters.com / Oct 15 2011 / Angeliki Koutantou


ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece could use state-owned real estate assets as collateral for new bonds to raise more than 100 billion euros ($138.7 billion), under a proposal put forward by a leading Greek think-tank and a former conservative minister.


Yannis Stournaras, the head of the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE), said on Saturday the plan had been submitted to the government and would allow Athens to convert a substantial share of its public debt into a new form of asset-backed bond.  (A:  In other words, itís a pawn shop.  Itís a pawn shop; you take all your national treasures and your assets and the whole thing, and then if you canít buy it back in time, with interest, you lose the lot.  Simple as that.)


The plan would enable Greece, which expects debt to amount to about 162 percent of gross domestic product this year and which has been shut out of bond markets, to reduce its public debt by 50 to 60 percent of GDP.


Stournaras said the plan was similar to a proposal by financial experts in Germany. The main difference between the two would be that his plan would be under Greek management and that Greece could regain ownership of the assets at any time by paying off the bonds.  (A:  Itís still a pawn shop.  [Alan chuckles.])


Stournaras said the plan could provide an alternative to proposals that banks accept steeper losses on their holdings of Greek bonds than the 21 percent haircut so far agreed.


They poured billions and billions from all these countries into this.  Whoís dishing the cash out?  And who are they giving out?  You know, no oneís told us, eh.  No oneís told us.  They just canít save it, eh?  It must be.† Greece must have turned into lead and itís sinking or something.  Itís defying all the logic... billions of Euros, pounds and everything, are thrown all the time at them, God knows how many bailouts, but weíre not told where the money is going.  Where is it going?  Who gets it?  Who distributes it?  Whoís keeping watch on it?  They donít tell you a darn thing. Anyway, this is how, this is the future; they want to pawn it all off basically.  And this is an idea thatís floated for a long, long time; it was floated years ago in fact, by the big bankers themselves, and at the United Nations land-for-debt swaps and theyíve actually been doing that across some parts of Africa and other places.  So itís the greatest con going on and the same guys really are in charge.  The same guys, by the way, that will back all your greenie projects, you know, that you think are just wonderful, and sustainable living, etc, and weíll all be leveled at the bottom living in our little, tiny little 4 by 4 stand up...  Well, actually you donít need much room nowadays; you just need a place to sit with your computer and you can probably sleep in the same chair, if itís a recliner; so that will be sustainable living for you.  Youíll all be quite happy using biodegradable computers; how is that, eh?  So you can buy a new one every month. 


People have no idea how theyíre used, abused and how every thought that comes in their head, all their indoctrination, even the things you feel passionate about, always stop and say, where did I get this passion from?  Who gave it to me?  Is it my own or was it given to me?  You generally find itís been instilled in you, indoctrinated into you by very clever people.  Mind you, you didnít have much of a chance when you were young; thatís when they grab you.  Children have no idea that parents lie to them all the time... or adults do.  Adults certainly do.  Because they want to shape the mind to create the perfect little drone for the future.  Russell said it.  He helped work on all these projects for the school systems.  And so did Huxleyís brother, you know, Julian Huxley of UNESCO.  Yep, so much for independence and free thought, eh?  Youíre snaffled at birth basically. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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