October 21st, 2011 (#946)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct 21st, 2011:

Masters Demand Predictability,
Very Concerned 'bout Little ol' Me:

"A War On You, Hard to Believe?
What Kind of People Would Conceive
To War with You, Or Individuals of Kind,
Well, First Take Note of War On the Mind,
Ask Yourself How You Arrive at Opinions,
Do They Conform with the Minions?
If So, Then How Can That Be,
You'd Think There'd Be Diversity,
Shouldn't Truth Above All Be Prized,
-- Not in This World, We're Standardized"
© Alan Watt Oct 21st, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Oct 21st, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on October the 21st, 2011.  For newcomers, I always suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and help yourself to audios there for free download.  Thereís hundreds to choose from, where hopefully youíll eventually get an education into the other side of what really runs society, and you.  It gives you your thoughts.  It gives you your trends.  It gives you even your hobbies, in fact, your education, your reality, via the media and so on.  And literally to show you that youíre living in a planned society.  A planned society, of course, with those who govern always insuring that those who are governed think and pass their time in their lives in the proper way, the way theyíve been designed to pass their lives.  Very obedient.  They can grumble about different things, but as long as they are good citizens, pay taxes, and obey the authorities, thatís all the government really wants out of you.  Although, they want your mind as well.  They want to have better access to your mind.  And you do that yourselves by giving all your information out on Facebook and Internet and stuff like that.  No one seems to mind too much.  So, I show you the big foundations, organizations that worked together, to bring a parallel government in a long time ago.  They didnít really believe in this idea of democracy, although they use the term all the time themselves, but they believe that only a special, well educated elite, an elite with good powerful families, families who have held on to power for generations, in other words, good breeding, have the right to decide how the rest of us should live. 


Now, remember, all the sites youíll see listed on the .com site have the same audios.  They have transcripts in English, for print-up, and go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, if you want transcripts in other languages.  Remember too, you bring me to you.  I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  And you have to keep me going, if you want to.  And you can do so by buying the books and discs I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You can find out how to do it all on the site there.  And remember, from the US to Canada, you can still use a personal check, or international postal money order from the post office.  Or you can use PayPal.  Or some people just send cash.  Thatís up to you.  Across the world, same thing.  Youíve got PayPal to order and donate.  And you also have Western Union and Money Gram.  And remember, straight donations are always welcome, because the dollar is worth sweet darned all, right now, as we all know, due to inflation. 


And itís to get a lot worse, apparently, because they say thereís no hope for the future.  Thatís a wonderful thing to tell the public, thereís no hope for the future.  But, for the first time, theyíre being honest with us, because, itís time to be honest about this one thing.  Mind you, theyíre dishonest about everything else, including their future intentions.  And thatís what we go into on this particular broadcast, is to really go into the agenda, past, present, and future.  And youíve got to understand the past of these organizations that work together under one umbrella, and to find out where itís taking you, and their big plans for their future utopia.  A depopulated planet, of course, and a very obedient, DNA created, specially created lab type Brave New World Society, that will obey them very well, and be terribly happy in whatever position theyíre put into, whether itís digging gardens or anything else, theyíll be very, very happy.  That literally is the scientific dictatorship that some of the Big Boys have talked about in the past was their ideal way to go.  They said that nature was too haphazard.  You could never tell what kind of personality was going to break out when a couple mated.  And therefore, they wanted a planned society, where they could predict exactly what kind of child this was going to be before they were born.  So, thatís the world weíre coming up into, of course.  And thatís why academia is completely on board with this whole agenda.  They were taken on board a long time ago, and the professors play an awfully big part, alongside those who run the world.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I mentioned last night that you get kind of fed up as you watch this great slaughtering machine called the New World Order, and the New American Century program, which used to be called the neo-cons program and now of course itís the neo-dems program.  Itís a continuation of the same, the same organization, with the same people actually involved in it.  I was surprised just how many of the first crew were in the second crew.  But it just doesnít surprise me.  They just change their front man.  Thatís all.  And thatís Obama.  The same agenda is going forward, with the same list of countries to take out, of course.  And Iíve mentioned before about the time of perpetual war or constant conflict as itís called by the military.  Thatís what weíre in, of course.  Weíve been in it for quite some time, quite a long time now, in fact.  Constant conflict, where itís just one war after another. 


And even we find that Orwell and others, writers in the past in their fictionalized visions of the future, which were awfully accurate of course, especially when they were involved in some of the planning committees for propaganda for Britain and other countries, which Orwell certainly was.  He knew the agenda.  And he talked about in his book, í84, he says, who are we fighting today?  And you had to always know who you were fighting, as though you had always been fighting the same people.  It was kind of wrong to get to the last people you were fighting, when you actually change sites again.  So theyíre always changing gunsights, you see.  And they do it so slickly now, no one really yawns, or even wakes up about it, or raises an eyebrow, because weíre so used to the gunsights being changed, first from Afghanistan and then to Iraq, and on and on it goes through Libya.  And they still have Syria to take out on the list.  And Iran of course, as well.  So, it would be interesting to see.  Theyíve also got a few of the old French territories to get back, Algiers, etc.  They want to do the same sort of thing in a few other places for the French and give a payoff to them for being part of NATO.  


And itís interesting.  Most folk donít really care.  And even the organizations we see protesting things donít generally turn out anymore to protest the wars.  Thatís kind of passť for them.  They take their orders from the top.  Theyíre told what to protest these days, and right from the beginning, I knew from the very lack of people protesting on the streets, the big anti-war machine, you could always tell that the leaders were all part of those who were doing the killing, of course.  They tell them when to get out and protest and when not to.  And their conspicuous lack of visibility anywhere, through all these wars, tells me all I need to know about them.  Theyíre all paid for at the top.  And so, thatís the world that they live in.


And itís interesting too, that theyíve taken out one of the most advanced, and probably the most advanced country in Africa today.  Whatís interesting too is that Libya was a true Socialist country, and yet people think, in the student groups, that they want to bring in a Socialist world.  And they canít quite figure out thereís doublethink.  Why are they taking out a Socialist country, a country where every person could get to university for free, and get free accommodation.  Young married couples could get free accommodation for life, as well.  The cash that was from the oil was going back into the people, etc, free medical care, and all that.  So theyíve taken it out, to bring in something that they call democracy.  Itís awfully quite fascinating to see that people canít get their heads around this, that you donít have what you think of in your terms, your definition of a Socialist system taking over here, the world.  The Socialism theyíre talking about is more along the ways of eugenics, the type the Fabian Society is into, where they will tell you if they need you to live or die.  Or, if youíre going to be a useless eater, youíre not going be around very long.  They believe in that kind of stuff.  The population that they want is what theyíll have, and no more.  And they can cut that at any time that they want.  Thatís the ideal society that they want.  They also want big government interfering in every aspect of your life, and definitely, no picking your own partner for marriage or to have a child and so on.  So, itís a different kind of Socialism, you see, that theyíre really talking about.  And of course, itís a marriage as well of Fascism. 


All systems really are Fascistic by design.  They become that way regardless, even if they donít start off that way.  Itís just the way things are, human nature being what it is.  All you need is one generation in power, in come their children, and before you know it, theyíre almost like royal families.  And thatís how they truly are.  You can see this from Hillary Clinton for instance.  And sheís definitely psychopathic, as far as Iím concerned.  And I call her Killary now, because sheís the one thatís been protesting, not protesting, demanding we go to war with one country after another, on behalf of another country of course, which isnít the United States.  Anyway, thatís by the by.  Sheís demanding that they go into all these other countries, and just kill, kill, kill.  And sheís awfully happy about it too.  And Madeline Albright too, in NATO, sheís been placed strategically in the NATO department.  Madeline Albright is awfully happy too.  She generally is into the starve them first.  You know, starve them to death and once theyíre weak enough, then Hillary gets the military to go in and finish everything off and destroy all the infrastructure.  So, thatís how they really work it. 


So, anyway, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, not a bad idea, is it?  You just get married to a guy, knowing that theyíre going to make him a president one day, because heís been to a Bilderberger meeting and stuff like that.  And you get put up there on the top yourself.  What did she ever do for the country?  Anyway:


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shared a laugh with a television news reporter moments after hearing deposed Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi had been killed.


Clinton was in Tripoli earlier this week for talks with leaders of Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC).


(Alan: Which means Americaís puppet government.  We always put puppet governments in, and NATO does the same thing, wherever they go.  And it says:)


The reporter asked if Qaddafi's death had anything to do with her surprise visit to show support for the Libyan people.


(A: And she replied with a joke and a chuckle it says here.  Chuckle.  Sheís got a sense of humor, when it comes to slaughter, you know.)


"We came, we saw, he died," she joked.


We came, we saw, he died.  And thatís her little pun on veni, vidi, vici, which Caesar of course is supposed to have said.  I came, I saw, I conquered.  So, thatís her little pun.  Thatís all she had to say about the slaughter and all the folk that are being killed with hundreds of raids by NATO bombs and so on.  And thatís what youíve got at the top of the State Department.  The State Department is awfully important, you see, and thatís why, of course, during the McCarthy era, McCarthy was kind of partially right of what he was talking about.  He thought they were all Communists, but in fact there was something else.  And, of course, it was Professor Carroll Quigley that said that theyíre all high-ranking members of the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations.  And their methods and their goals are awfully similar to Communism.  And thatís why they were often mistaken for that.  So, he was right.  But they had to get the State Department first, and they did that way back in his day.  So, you understand, itís always been controlled by them ever since.  But yeah, we get fed up, as, I say, with this constant conflict.  And thatís from the military magazine.  They said that.  This is going to be constant conflict for the rest of your lives, basically, and constant change. 


And thatís what youíre being taught, really now.  Constant change.  When youíre in flux, you canít hang on to anything to compare it to.  Thereís nothing to compare to when youíre constantly in flux.  You donít even get a few years where anything stays the same.  Everything is changing.  Even buildings donít last very long, when you live in cities, etc.  Theyíre always tearing them down every few years and building new ones.  So, you canít say to your, if you even have a grandpa, gee, grandpa, do you remember that?  You know.  Oh, yeah, Iíve been down there many times.  Thereís nothing to refer to.  Itís all changed.  And thatís part of a system where you get people in flux.  Thatís intentional, by the way.  It was discussed even in the late 1800s, how to get the minds of whole populations into fluxual states, where they could be easily guided and molded, and they wouldnít have the savvy, the understanding to rebel about anything, truly rebel, about anything.  And they wouldnít know where they were going until it was too late.


So, weíre well into a scientific technique.  Scientific techniques run our whole lives, and all of our indoctrinations from school, augmented by the media.  And the media is such an awful, awful, Iíd congratulate them and say, awfully well done prostitution of reality, because they really affect everyone.  And people keep forgetting not to believe them, even when theyíve lied to you so often and theyíre caught out.  They fall right back into believing them when they come out again with straight faces on something else.  The media is an essential arm, an essential arm of government.  Essential arm.  Thatís how youíre given your updates on your reality.  You must believe itís true.  And thatís why they pay characters to be on the media, mainstream, big characters, the famous name ones, who, they keep them there until theyíre dropping off the chair in their 80s, because youíve grown up with them, and daddy would never lie to you.  So, I hope you realize that weíre constantly being played with, all the time.  And Iíll put up a video tonight too, of a news reporter who was in Libya, during the bombing, and gives a different version of what happened there, than of course the Western media gave you.  Because, really, everyone was fighting against these invaders, and thatís how they saw foreigners coming into their country to take over their country, which is true.  That was the intention.  And to grab the resources, etc, etc.  And of course, the Western media, being the prostitutes they are, failed to mention all that. 


You just donít.  You understand, on mainstream media, youíre not going to get any truth coming out with these embedded reporters.  And reporters today know where their bread is buttered, and they will not write negative reports.  Theyíre told by the military what they must write, and whatís taboo to write about.  And they know to avoid the taboo.  Itís as simple as that.  They are truly prostitutes.  Truly prostitutes.  And thatís what gives you your reality. 


And even here, Iím sitting talking to people, who are probably well educated in this whole agenda thatís going on in the world, thatís been going on for a long time.  And yet, they still often will email me something from the mainstream which is so ludicrous at times, you get surprised.  They get caught off guard, and they relapse back into believing them.  Iíll be back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Mikhail Gorbachev came out at the opening of a new academic, basically facility, to do with globalism, etc.  And heís calling for Perestroika for a New World Order.  It says:


Mikhail Gorbachev Says Uprisings Signal an Emerging New World Order


ďWe are reaping the consequences of a strategy that is not conducive to cooperation and partnership, to living in a new global situation,Ē said Mikhail Gorbachev, former President of the Soviet Union, to a crowd of 3,600 on Oct. 19 in the Allan P. Kirby Field House


(A: And he was talking through thousands as well through streaming broadcast, internet, etc)


and many others via a live streaming broadcast in 13 locations from coast to coast, including northern Mexico. ďPeople are asking Ďwhy do our leaders want to decide everything at the expense of the people?íĒ


(A: Itís because theyíre in charge and theyíre reaping the benefits, isnít it?)


Gorbachev was referring to the series of uprisings around the world including the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations here in the United States. ďThe world needs goals that will bring people together,Ē he said. ďSome people in the United States were pushing the idea of creating a global American empire, and that was a mistake from the start. Other people in America are now giving thought to the future of their country. The big banks, the big corporations, are still paying the same big bonuses to their bosses. Was there ever a crisis for them? . . . I believe America needs its own perestroika.Ē


So heís going on about the same old stuff too.  It wonít happen, because thereís a lot of stuff that heís not talking about too, because itís the same families that are running America that ran the last bunch as well, and thatís obvious too.  It doesnít matter what party is in.  Itís the same groups that are always managing it.  Plus, you have the Council on Foreign Relations, and theyíre all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, all the top people, through all bureaucracy and the media, and also as presidents.  So, until you get that out of the picture, youíre not going to change any policy.  Thereís only one policy, and thatís their policy.  Itís been like that for an awful long time.  And he knows this too, of course.  He knows that. 


So, heís calling for this New World Order, again and again.  Heís done this many times before, but heís never been precise in exactly what kind of New World Order he wants.  Is it going to be the old Marxist stuff?  And whatís the difference with the Marxist stuff and what youíve got today?  Marxism has its own division of labor, where they decide, okay, these ones here will end up being laborers, and these ones will be semi-skilled workers, and these ones will be professionals, and the professionals will have a better status than the ones down here.  Even though the ones down there are keeping your sewage systems going.  Iíd call that pretty well important, wouldnít you?  They never discuss the obvious things, because everything really technically is always the same, under different guises.  It gives the appearance of changing things, but not really, you know.  And often itís worse, in fact, because, as I say, Socialism has massive government, massive government.  And theyíre involved from cradle to grave with agencies.  Thereís an agency for everything, and Britain again is a test bed for all of that, especially Scotland now.  Theyíre using that big time for that.  So does Sweden too, mind you.  So, they never touch on the obvious, and, of course, theyíre not going to, either. 


The U.S. too, the Gang of Six, theyíre calling it now, even though thereís twelve of them.  I guess theyíre joined at the hips, in pairs.


Gang of Six Briefs Super Committee But Proceedings Remain Secret


(A: These are the guys that are in charge now of borrowing the cash from the bankers, etc.)


The bipartisan ďGang of SixĒ today briefed members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, but the content of the closed-door deliberations


(A: Thatís your transparency in government)


remain secret as the deadline to come up with a proposal for $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction approaches next month.


(A: They want to slash stuff that goes out to the people, I guess.  It says:)


Members of the Gang of Six, including Sen. Kent Conrad...


(A: And it names them all, and so on.)


were invited to brief the committee on their bipartisan proposal, which recommended $3.7 trillion in savings over the next 10 years. Their briefing lasted nearly two and a half hours.


(A: And then they go into their usual spiel.)


ďAs a nation, we need a balanced, comprehensive plan


(A: How often have your heard that?  You hear that all your life long, a balanced, comprehensive plan.)


 to get this debt under control,


(A: Theyíve been saying that since the Rothschilds took over the Bank of England.)


and itís absolutely essential we do,Ē Conrad, D-N.D., reported. ďWe very much appreciated the chance to go into significant detail [on] the conclusions we came to.Ē


Once the briefing was over, the six Democrats and six Republicans on the JSC split up to meet separately for about an hour to discuss the Gang of Sixís recommendations.


(A: So thereís the six and the twelve and so on.  Itís all Kabalistic, beautifully, isnít it?)


Leaving the meeting, members of the Table of Twelve


(A: So thereís a table now, you see, too, just like King Arthurís knights.)


were tight-lipped on the detail of todayís private meeting, which lasted a about three-and-a-half hours. 


Anyway, the want to slash basically Medicare and different things, by quite an amount, actually.  And they wonít do it to the military obviously, because they have a few wars to fight yet.  And then America wonít have anything else left to fight, I suppose, in the end, except to turn everything on their own public when they start starving to death and rioting.  And thatís how I see it coming down the pike, actually.  You donít build up internal armies under the guise of terrorism, unless you plan to use them, big time, all at once, like, you know, all of them, for what theyíre really there for.  That will happen.


Half of all U.S. workers earned less than $26,363 in 2010


According to the authors of the study, the combined 9.8 percent drop in income from the start of the recession to middle of this year is apparently the largest decline in decades.


Although the per capita income of all U.S. workers in 2010 was at $39,959.30, about half of American employees earned less than $26,363.55 a year.


Back with more on this report, after these messages.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And weíre talking about the falling income across the board, pretty well, for at least half the workers in the US.  And it says here:


The Social Security Administration which released the figure explained the large difference between the average and median income to wage levels being skewed. The difference represents the growing income gap in the country in which those few on top get very high compensation packages and the majority get pittance.


The figures are not significantly far from the finding of a study made by two former Census Bureau officials that the median household income in the U.S. was $49,909. Adjusted for inflation, the figure showed a 6.7 percent decline from June 2009 to June 2011.


It was more than double the decline in household income from December 2007 to June 2009 which was by 3.2 percent.


According to the authors of the study, Gordon Green Jr. and John Coder, the combined 9.8 percent drop in income from the start of the recession to middle of this year is apparently the largest decline in several decades.


So, as I say, itís interesting too, the ones at the top are telling us this is not going to get better, but I think we already knew that.  Thatís the plan, isnít it?  Thatís the plan.  It might be surprising to a lot of people to find out that those at the top of the US actually hate the US.  Strange thing that, isnít it?  You have to do a lot of studying to find that out.  And itís up to you. 


Now, Wal-Mart too, that helped to put lots of small stores out of business, and that was part of the big monopoly game.  And then they jack their prices up, as they always do, all these companies.  Mind you, Wal-Mart is part of your community, I believe.  It always tells you that.  Weíre part of your community.  Every big business now is a part of your community.


Wal-Mart eliminates health care benefits for future part-time employees


Wal-Mart is reducing the companyís expenses on healthcare by announcing on Thursday a series of changes that will affect future employees. The worldís largest retailer justified the changes to rising operating costs.


Among the highlights of the change is that future part-time employees who clock in less than 24 hours a week on average would no longer be given health insurance coverage. Those who would work from 24 to 33 hours a week could no longer include a spouse on their health plan, but they could still add their children.


(A: So they donít really want married people.)


Before the recession and financial crisis, Wal-Mart even widened health care coverage for its workers and their families by offering health care insurance to part-time employees working less than 24 hours a week after one year on the job. The health plan cost was about $250 a year per family.


Besides future employees, some current workers would also have to pay more under the 2012 health plan offering of Wal-Mart. To be affected are workers who smoke.


(A: So theyíre discriminating too.)


They would be mandated to pay an extra amount ranging from $10 to $90 each pay period if they want to have health coverage.


It is not only health care costs that Wal-Mart is cutting, but also prices on its toys to boost the retailerís income during the Christmas season.


Well, donít shop there, folks.  You know, just screw them.  You know.  Theyíre screwing you.  And, so, as I say, things are not meant to look up, obviously.  And weíre getting trained to accept that, as well.  And Iíve seen it happen in other countries, years ago, how they trained the populace to get used to less and less and less, and theyíll do the same.  The system, the formula always works.  You just have to introduce it in the same manner. 


Now, across the world too, and I noticed this years ago, at least in Canada, in some of the small local newspapers they announced, when the police were going to change from their old uniforms, where you called them an officer, to these new guys in combat gear.  You know, the black outfits, tucked in pants into the combat boots, and all black.  Black shirts, black ties.  Everything is black.  Black is the sign of the executioner too.  And itís been awfully effective down through the ages, even from the Middles Ages, under the authority of the king to terrify the public.  And thatís its purpose.  Itís ominous.  Itís nightmarish.  Thatís where your nightmares are, in the dark sort of thing.  So, they use that.  And in Canada, they did say in some of the small newspapers, that you might notice your officers wearing this gear, theyíve been told to parade it around, in groups of three or four, to get the public used to seeing them.  And I actually saw it happening in a little potato town in Ontario.  And I donít know if they hired the guys for the day, because they looked kind of like models, just chatting away, you know, and smiling, and all that, which they never do normally.  What surprised me is that everybody they passed, no one looked at them.  Thatís what got me.  I thought, you know, the people, unless the people hear it on mainstream, then thereís nothing in their consciousness about it.  They wonít notice it.  And they didnít notice.  And it just became normal, just suddenly, and that was it, new combat gear. 


Now, combat gear is meant for war, folks.  Thatís why itís called combat gear, you know.  Just to let you know.  And of course, we see it across most countries in the world.  And Britain has just decided across the board as well to copy it as well.  Itís time now to get into the combat mode.  So, whatever country you pop into on holidays or whatever, youíll see the same thing, and everything will be the same, everywhere you are; everything will be the same, the cost of everything, the food, and the police, all that stuff.  So itís:


The thin black line Ė police to get new look


(A: And this is for Britain.)


The uniform, which will replace the plain black trousers, white shirt and tie Ė or skirts and cravats worn by some female officers


(A: And I should add some other ones too now, because theyíve got the right to do that.)


is expected to be introduced early next year.


(A: And it shows you them there.)


The new uniforms are already being worn by Northumbria Police,


And they show you the pictures, their black shirts, pants, and all the rest of it out, etc.  And of course they have all the combat stuff.  They can have the boots, as well, if they want them.  So, itís a new get-used-to-it combat gear across the whole world idea.  And thatís it folks.  Itís just thatís it, you know.  Why do you think they do that, eh?  Thereís a reason everything is done, you know, especially visually, because everything is symbolic.  And, as I say, combat gear and black, is highly symbolic of something not very pleasant.  Not very pleasant.


Now, the CIAís and the NSAís Facebook, you know, all these things are put out by the same boys, of course, and they give you frontmen to give you a fake story of how it was created to throw you off from the fact that itís NSA and CIA, etc, data collection agencies.  Same with Google and all the rest of them.


Facebook Building 'Shadow Profiles' of Non-Members


(A: Itís alleged.)


Eight hundred million users are not enough. Facebook, the world's biggest social network, is now building profiles of non-users who haven't even signed up, an international privacy watchdog charges.


The sensational claim is made in a complaint filed in August by Irelandís Data Protection Commissioner. It alleges that users are encouraged to hand over the personal data of other people -- including names, phone numbers, email addresses and more -- which Facebook is using to create "extensive profiles" of non-users.


(A: Of course:)


Facebook categorically denies the allegation, but experts tell FoxNews.com that it could well be true.


ďThere can be little doubt that Facebook collects from its current users information about individuals who are not currently Facebook users, and collects from its current users information about other Facebook users,Ē said Kelly Kubasta, who heads the Dallas law firm Klemchuk Kubastaís social media division.


Ciara O'Sullivan, a spokeswoman for Ireland's Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, told FoxNews.com that its audit of Facebook Ireland's privacy policies was part of a "statutory investigation" that the office anticipates will lead to immediate changes.


"The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner will be commencing a comprehensive audit of Facebook Ireland before the end of the month," OíSullivan said.


So, of course it is.  Thatís what itís put out there for.  Thatís what itís out there for.  No one forced the populations to use them, and most folk want to.  They want to use and they want to have their sockpuppet friends, you know, which are really just computer programs, talking to them, emailing them, and collecting data from them.  It makes them feel important, you know, and wanted, I suppose, in this lonely old world.  So, theyíre conned left, right, and center.  But itís purely data collection, and all your habits and traits, etc, and the universities share all this data as well, because they get grants from the Pentagon and the CIA to do profiling, etc. 


Now, thereís so many big organizations.  Iím always talking about foundations, and the NGO organizations that they fund, including other foundations.  Some foundations are really fronts to fund many other foundations, all from the same source.  And thereís one Iím putting up tonight too, itís about, basically, the whole carbon nonsense, etc.  Itís a front in a sense.  The whole carbon con is a front to begin with, but itís all to do with depopulation, and the need to depopulate.  And itís called post-carbon, the post-carbon society, basically.  And Iíll put this link up.


And youíll find from this organization, which is obviously well funded, they go on about fossil fuels, human growth, and so on.  And then, if you go through their website, youíll find the real answer to stopping it all is to massively depopulate.  And why you must do it, and then get all these experts that belong to them, the same old names that belong to all the other big foundations and organizations, telling you why you must depopulate.  That will conserve water, energy, food, and you wonít be breathing CO2, because you wonít be alive, you see. And stuff like that. Iíll just show you how itís done, and whatís really behind it all.


The whole carbon front, apart from being a massive boom for the guys dealing in the carbon credit con game, is also to do with a new system over everyoneís lives, again, cradle to grave, on energy consumption.  And then, all these mathematical equations they use to pretend they can transfer that into how much carbon and global warming that you alone have created by buying that darn thing.  Thatís why youíre going to pay taxes on it, and so on.  So, itís for other reasons.  Itís for social control, control over the general public and depopulation.  And eventually, and theyíve always wanted to ban people from mating for procreative purposes.  They donít want offspring willy-nilly.  They want for themselves to decide if you can or should have offspring, etc.  Thatís always been part of the old game. 


And San Francisco.  This is from San Francisco.  It says:


California formally adopted the nation's most comprehensive so-called ďcap-and-tradeĒ system Thursday,


(A: Thatís carbon taxes.)


an experiment by the world's eighth-largest economy that is designed to provide financial incentives for polluters to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


State officials hope other states and Washington D.C. will follow suit calling the plan a capstone.


(A: Well, they would, wouldnít they, being the leader of all cancers that start.  You know, they used to say that in Britain.  The elderly people said that when I was wee, that all cancers started in California.  They meant social cancers, all the trends that were put out, you know, and everyone else copied them.  And actually, theyíre kind of true.  Thereís something to that.  Interesting history, California, even the name, and even who was on it before the white guy came in.  But it says here:)


ďFor half a century, every American president has been calling for America to move away from our dependence on foreign oil and become energy independent,Ē said Mary Nichols, Chairman of the California Air Resources Board. 


ďThe reason we have not succeeded in addressing our addiction to petroleum is because we did not have the right set of policy tools,Ē Nichols said. ďNow we do. Cap-and-trade provides a reward for doing the right thing.Ē


So, itís punishment and reward for the general population, but the big boys who do the polluting will be trading the carbon credits to themselves and making a lot of profit off it in the global trading market.  Not a bad idea, eh?  Not bad at all.  And if you can afford to buy a forest, you see, and it just sits there, the world will pay you, all their taxpayers will pay you for it sitting there.  Great scam, isnít it?


Now, Iím just going to check the callers again, and see whoís on the line there.  Now, thereís Steven from Oregon.  Is Steven still on the line there?


Steven: Yes, sir.  And thanks for taking my call.  My son just called when I was on hold, and his car broke down. I did some troubleshooting with him.  Itís all fixed.  A very good family.  You know what, you know I think thatís where weíre at, Alan, these days.  You better be able to take care of yourself.† And so, thatís what I try to teach my children and stuff.  Hey, one of the things, first I want to make, Iím going to be brief, I promise.  And I really like you, Alan.  But, in brief, there was a caller last week that came on.  I know this is immature for your very mature radio show, but he was like saying something about going into a Jewish thing, and that weíre all creatures.  You know, but he did get me interested to research it.  And then I started researching and itís very clear that in the Book of Genesis, that we were made dominion over the animals.  And what was neat though was when I started reading it, it talked about herbs too, and I thought, and that excited me, because Iíll tell you why.  Because these herbs that itís explained in that, Iím not going to get all religious on you.  This is throughout stuff, you know, Alan.  You know.  But the herbs, because I think that herbs that were given to us keep us healthy, not the pharmaceuticals.  And I thought that was really neat when I was reading it.  So, the guy, I think he should quit going to organized religion, but at the same time, he made me go research, and I learned some new things.  So, even, we all, we win no matter what.


Alan: Well, the thing is too, youíre forgetting too, if you go by the same book, basically, later on the sons of God came down and mated with women, but they taught these women, again, mathematics, and also pharmacopoeia, which is chemistry.  So, they got off of the herbs and started making the artificial stuff and selling it to you through drugstores.  Ha, ha, ha.


Steven: Well, they took over the education and the homeopathy in the 1900s.  And thatís what I learned.  They took it all over, about 1901.  I had a question for you, and then Iíll let you go, because I know the hour is getting late.  I had a question for you.  I mean, I agree with everything.  All your research matches mine.  Every single word you say, except for youíre better at it than I am.  And I just wonder what now.  I mean, I know thereís the likes of like Alex Jones that can make their plans be longer.  I think I read something that they wanted to have this all done in 2000, and now itís 2011.  And I know there are some people that can do that.  But what is your thought process on, is there any way to stop this?


Alan: I tell you, to stop it, people would have to treat it like a drug, all information, like a drug, a bad drug.  And youíd have to isolate yourself and not go in and be tempted by any media at all.  And then youíd have to go into yourself, for the first time in your life probably, and start thinking about things for yourselves.  And donít even engage in conversation with people about it, because only you can decide, only you can decide.  And thatís the problem, everyone joins a group that are readymade for us to join, and youíre back into left wing, right wing, and all this stuff, and Socialism, or this or that, or variations of it.  But itís up to yourself to decide what life should be about.  We donít even get that chance, you know.  Youíre born into a system.


The word system is awfully interesting. Go in and check it up, what it means.† And then you find out weíre into a system with multiple systems within it, but all highly organized from a capstone, basically.  And so, even your thoughts, and even when you come up against a brick wall and say, well, this doesnít work out for me, Iíll look at something else.  The system will show you what to look at, and it guides you into the next way of thinking.  So, you just go around in circles, or you go through a maze.  But itís only you that can decide what life is about.  What is the purpose of life, and so on.  And youíve always got these experts at university that will tell you, well, life is to serve the collective, or life is to serve this.  Theyíve always got an answer for you.  But really, who says that youíre supposed to serve the collective?  What collective, you know?  What collective?


For instance, if you go through life, and the ancients said this in Greece, that you were lucky if you could influence five people and have five real friends in your entire life.  You were very lucky.  And that hasnít changed, you know.  If you really have five true friends.  Hold on, and weíll touch on that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just to finish off what I was saying about friendship, for instance.  Because today weíre told weíve got thousands of friends, if you just join up with this Facebook or this or that, or whatever.  And you donít have thousands of friends at all.  In fact, you donít even know if these are real people.  And Iíve gone through the articles before, where theyíve talked about sockpuppets, and the government is putting out thousands of these things, fake people.  And you think youíre conversing with them.  And, but in reality, the ancients said the same thing in Greece too.  Youíre lucky to get five friends throughout your whole life.  And if you can influence five people, for what you thought was the good of all of you, you were awfully, awfully lucky.  And you see things today, itís all groupthink.  Youíre encouraged to join groups, groups, groups, groups, groups.  And if you look at the Wall Street Protests, the media would tend to make you think itís mainly all one big massive organization, which it wasnít.  A lot of those in the groups, the same with the G20 meetings, a lot of them in the groups were there to demand that government actually taxes people more to save the planet and go green, etc.  And the same at the bank things as well, that more of the cash from the banks should go and go green, and all that stuff.  So theyíve got all these different things that they want to get pushed through, as opposed to the ones who were there just genuinely to show their disgust at the awful raping of countries by bankers.  And that was the main issue.  That was what was supposed to have started it all off.  Not to end up with one group taking it over, well funded at the top, with all the usual names, by the way, the authorized left-wing, you know, the ones who are awfully authorized.  You all know their names.  And saying, we want global governance under, or government under the United Nations.  Thatís what it wasnít about at all. 


So itís the same with your friends as well, all these fake friends that you have.  Theyíre not friends whatsoever.  At one time, you used to call them acquaintances, people you bumped into or you had to meet at one time, like neighbors, but they werenít necessarily your friends.  You had polite conversations, and that was as far as it would go.  Or occasionally share some interest you had in common, but nothing else.  Because if you brought everything else into it, youíd have many conflicts.  So, youíve got to distinguish what a friend actually is.  And a friend is someone that will stick to you through thick and thin.  Thatís what friendship generally means, you see.  True friendship.  And the only time youíll see it now is at the top, when they lie their teeth off to you, and one comes out and says, weapons of mass destruction, and the next one comes out after, from the same room, of course, it will be after the meeting, and says the same thing, weapons of mass destruction.  Theyíll stick together to the death, but nobody else will.  Nobody else will, you see.  And thatís really what friends are for.  And very few people actually have many friends these days.  Especially these days, because weíre a cold society.  Weíre a society that lives in fiction, most of the time.  People watch non-stop television.  Theyíre being programmed all the time, through fiction.  And they canít think for themselves anymore.  Even the emotions they get come through fiction.  They donít experience them in their daily lives.  So they have to get it through fictional portrayals of tears or joy, or whatever it happens to be.  Thatís a sad statement, but you see, thatís how far down the road weíve been conned, controlled, and altered, mind altered.  Never mind biologically altered. 


We have been, we definitely have been biologically altered too.  Look at the shapes of the people, for instance, in the old black and white í40s movies.  Compare them to the ones today.  Women at one time had waists.  They all had waists.  Look at them now.  And they had hips, as well.  That doesnít happen suddenly without biochemical intervention.  Itís all been done.  The same with the guys.  They have no shoulders anymore.  Their voices are higher.  Theyíre going sterile.  A war has been on you your whole lives, and you never even knew it.  Never knew it, and itís ongoing, perpetual war, constant conflict.  It covers every base.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.  Remember buy the books and donate.  I need you to keep this thing going.  See you on Monday. 



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