Oct. 24, 2011 (#947)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 24, 2011:

Elite Have Reliance on Empirical Science:

"Charles Galton Darwin Makes You Think,
Advising Hormones Be Introduced to Drink
And in Food Plus Injection,
Making it Difficult for Self-Protection,
Wimpy Males Would Be Easy to Manage,
Granted There'd Be Behavioural Damage
Both in Female and Masculine Kind,
That's Where Science Come to Mind,
Genii Powers Always Used for Control,
Awes the Mind and Cowers the Soul,
It's Worshipped as Destroyer and Saviour,
Shiva in Charge of Body and Behaviour"
© Alan Watt Oct. 24, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 24, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 24th of October 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the audios which are available for free download at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and hopefully by the time youíre finished, if youíre still sane that is, you can understand the big system that runs the world.  Things donít happen by chance on any large scale in the world; everythingís planned years ahead.  Whether itís war or anything else, nothing is simply spontaneous.  So I show you the big foundations, organizations, the think tanks that all work together to basically produce a form of parallel government; they tell governments what to do; they say advise them but they actually tell them what to do.  And when you understand that politicians themselves are basically lawyers, and various other kind of devious characters who go in to get more power, they depend on these think tanks to advise them and tell them what to do.  So they do it.  And of course, you find that thatís the parallel government that some top politicians who have left their position have joined, and they speak about it openly.  Maggie Thatcher did it too, she said she belonged to the parallel government that exists, consisting of ex-politicians, high ranking politicians, and the heads of countries, and high-level bureaucrats who have been at it for years, behind the scenes, shaping the world and getting it ready for the future.† So I show you how itís all done and I show you, too, how they started off, who started them off, what their agenda is; itís been on the go for an awful long time.  Mixed with science and eugenics, and again, population control, all of this stuff, itís all bound together into whatís happening today in your lifetime, and whatís to come, what you have to live through in the future.  Itís all planned ahead. 


Help yourself to those audios and you can also get transcripts for download on any of the sites that I have listed on the .com site in English.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and help yourself from the variety offered there.  Remember too, you bring me to you.  You are the audience who bring me to you.  I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  I donít take cash to bring them on, which would certainly help, I can guarantee that.  So itís up to you to keep me going so you can buy the disks, books and so on that I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome


Because weíre going through inflation as we all know, to bring austerity to everyone, a post-consumer society, as theyíve been prattling about for years they were bringing in.  And they use the banking crisis, which they created themselves of course, to make it happen and to train everyone that eventually all your spending cash, your extra spending cash will go to fees and energy, just to heat your home, etc, etc, etc.  That is the world thatís planned and they call it austerity.  As the rich get richer and more of the poor become part of the big masses really, because theyíre joining them all the time from the middle classes, as they get demolished as well.  A very old agenda, as I say. 


You have to read the books put out by the Council on Foreign Relations, especially, and even though thatís for the outer circle, or by the outer circle as they say themselves, they have an inner circle, the ones that sit and do the long-term strategical planning for the whole planet, and the world order as they like to call it, that theyíre actually bringing in.  Youíre living through tremendous changes and most folk think itís all happening because things just go wrong in finances, etc, but nothing is further from the truth.  Weíre led by the nose, every step of the way as they bring in their very old plan.  Remember, Karl Marx talked about the trading blocs, free trade, and three big trading blocs, including the United Americas, but beginning with Europe Ė youíve seen it; you lived through that Ė and now itís the Americas and the Far Eastern countries and Africa too.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and as I say, nothing happens in this world on any large scale that isnít planned that way.  When you follow the histories of the planet, especially the organizations as I say that run this world, and you got to understand too, that big business, corporations, have been really involved in geopolitics from the beginning.  Not the governments; governments came later in that area in fact.  In fact, they took their geopoliticians from big business, big corporations that already existed.  And when you go into the history of countries like Britain, that built empires, using the taxpayersí money of course, to put down railroads and bring in troops and clear the land and grab the resources, for the private corporations, you start to understand why and how these corporations got involved in political, or geopolitical strategy as they call it, as they competed with other rising empires to grab the resources of the world.


Then along came Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild and they founded an organization together; they founded it to take over the resources of the world.  They saw the time would come when someone would have to own all of the resources of the world.  That meant everything that you would need, personally, to live by.  Thatís water, food, thatís everything, all energy, etc.  And then they joined the Milner Group, the Lord Alfred Milner Group, very, very wealthy bankers and their sons also took it over from these bankers, heavily involved.   And they created wars.  They talked about creating wars across the world and grabbing countries from other peoplesí empires, other empires in other words. They started off, and itís in their own records, that they began the Boer War by blaming the Boers after they themselves had sent a team in to attack the Boers.  Once the Boers retaliated they went crying to her majesty the Queen and sent in the troops.  And thatís how they took over South Africa.  So theyíve been at this for a long time.


And at the same time too, towards the end of the end of the 19th century, they were pushing and lobbying for years before the 20th century, for a war, a massive war with Germany, as they saw it as their main competitor for resources and for empire.  So these guys were at it for an awful long time.  And they split up their sections, their special sections, into left-wing and into right-wing to manage both sides of all conflicts using the dialectical process.  Because they believe that for change, youíll always get a reaction for those who want radical change and youíll get those who donít want the change and they will react to it.  And out of the two of them youíll steer them into a synthesis basically, which is exactly what you wanted in the first place.  So thatís what we live through today too.  Itís a perfected technique. 


And as I say, to understand the history of this organization that did, years ago, set out to create a World Bank Ė which theyíve got Ė and the Bank for International Settlements would be the boss over the whole planet eventually using the International Monetary Fund.  Now, this is all private bankers who all belong to this organization.  In fact, this organization created these groups of bankers to do this very, very function.  And itís so amazing to have read this stuff and so many other parallel books to do with it, by members of the groups, that you understand whatís happening today as they take over everything.


And thatís why youíve got such puerile and infantile propaganda rammed down your throats, incessantly, to do with the reasons for wars.  And then theyíre all knocked down afterwards.  It doesnít matter to the general populace if theyíre explained afterwards it was all lies, why we invaded this country or that country.  What sticks in their head is the initial propaganda line.  People canít believe, ordinary folk canít believe that the major newscasters will straight-facedly tell them blatant utter lies, because they are prostitutes basically.  A newscasterís got nothing to do with the truth, remember.  In fact, the news has nothing to do with the truth. 


Iíve mentioned before that famous case where one of the big news companies, they give little contracts out to teams of journalists and one team got it. And they went into look at a particular corporation Ė it was Monsanto I believe Ė and they did a documentary special on it that was to air.  And then the company pulled it off at the last minute; they wouldnít allow it to be aired.  So the journalists sued them because they had a contract to air what they wanted to air.  And it came out in court, the high court too, that the company could do what it wanted obviously, but it said that the news has nothing to do with truth.  You know, so it doesnít really matter if you take people to court thinking thereís justice in the world, youíre not going to get it because you got to understand what law is, and law has got nothing to do with what you think it is.  And neither has the news.  Itís a propaganda machine.  And thatís really why it exists.  It exists to serve the establishment.


And today weíve even seen counter-propaganda come out from other countries, especially those who are under attack, or about to be under attack by this combined military force thatís going rampaging through the world, from Bushís regime when they had the New American Century, by the neo-cons, and now itís the neo-libs who are finishing off the SAME agenda Ė and it is the same agenda.  And by the way, the same people who advised Bush are all behind the scenes advising Obama too.  So nothing changes.  As Jefferson said, when youíre under tyranny youíll see the same agenda continue between changes in the House, meaning the parties, and thatís what youíre going through today.


Most folk donít want to believe it, the general public that is. They want to believe the status news that theyíre given all the time and they donít want to listen to silly conspiracy theories.  It doesnít matter who you pull out of the hat to prove it to them or what books you give them, written by the people themselves who were involved in it, they donít want to know.  And thatís a choice remember.  Strange thing, that, itís actually a choice not to know.  You upset their little comfortable world they have formed around their frightened little selves and they want to believe the establishment is on the up-and-up, and awfully nice, regardless of the facts that they could hear even in their local community every day if they turned on the regular news.  Because police have changed Ė everythingís changed Ė and everyoneís hounding the average citizen for more and more cash, including your local authorities.  And thatís what the police are used for now, is just collecting more and more cash to put into the kitty.  And they actually get told that too; quotas of tickets to hand out or you wonít get promoted, etc.  So this is an old, old scam thatís going on. 


Youíre living through the greatest changes as the world is going through upheaval, not just with foreign wars all over the place, wars of conquest by the way, to grab the resources for private corporations, that youíre all paying for by the way.  Itís also a war at home as well.  Itís a war on the entire civilization of humanity across the whole planet.  Thatís what it is, truly.  And we see that too, in the West, in the countries that are not supposed to be being attacked by anybody.  We see it coming down from on high by our own governments as they ram through legislation after legislation in a socialistic fashion, mainly to do with taking care of children from cradle to grave BY THE STATE that is, where they want to be involved in every stage of the childís proper development.† And I mean proper, I mean the authorized development.  Is this child PC?  Does it have any strange ideas?  Does it ever voice odd things that canít be proven or is against the mainstream media?  That kind of stuff.  Thatís what theyíre talking about because you see, science is the key in this new era of this new religion.  Science is the key. And science now, you canít argue with it.  It doesnít matter even when scientists are fighting with each other over the statistics they get from special computers to do with global warming.  It doesnít matter, the agenda goes forth regardless of facts or data, as we should well know.  And weíre all living through that. 


Now as I said too, all these global meetings theyíve had, since even before Kyoto, and even up to the first Earth Summit that they had, again private corporations and foundations came forth, on behalf of all of us, even the ones who didnít know, which is about 99% of us, to lay out the plan for the future and sustainability in a post-industrial, post-consumerist society.  And now youíre hearing about the effects of it, as youíre told to tighten your belts.  Youíre seeing the prices go shooting up for basic stuff, even the stuff they call food today which is a travesty of description actually.  And everythingís going up in price, astronomically, and thatís part of the austerity measures.  At the same time you see more multi-millionaires emerging than ever before, and more poor folk, well, its ranks are swelling as the middle class go down the tubes.  Youíve also seen bankers plunder through mayhem, and get off with it, and actually awarded lots of...  The bankers lost nothing, you understand, the big banks.  They knew what they were doing.  They knew what they were doing even with the housing market as they got into a new line, which is selling mortgages and inflating them and saying, oh theyíre wonderful.  And a tin shack could be worth millions eventually if you kept passing it up the line and lying about it.  They knew what they were doing and then your own government rewarded them, because you see, the bankers can put politicians into power and get them out, you see.  Thatís why they were rewarded, by your money, by your cash. 


Perpetual servitude, perpetual slavery is the norm now because you see, your governments went to the private money lenders, the ones who lend to nations and who buy all the bonds as well, and put you down as collateral, and your children and your childrenís children.  Just like the Old Testament because slavery is in the Old Testament Ė itís okay by this God apparently Ė and the offspring of a slave belongs basically to the debt holder.  So nothing changes, does it, for thousands of years.  Itís just we think weíre progressing, which means somehow weíre getting brighter or smarter or some strange word like that.  But weíre not.  Weíre not at all.  In fact weíre getting stupider and dumber all the time. 


That average person today doesnít grow up.  There are people in their 40s and 50s and 60s that are watching the same drivel on television to do with sex, sex, sex, and youngsters, where you get someone dressed up as a doctor at the age of 20, pretending, you know, in some drama or soap or something.  And they fall for all this.  And they try to copy the fashions.  Because you see, weíre perpetual teenagers now. They donít want you maturing into something that can think, without distractions, so you got to be distracted all the time, and my God, itís worked awfully well.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and you know, Iíve talked too about a lot of different people who have been involved in global meetings to do with this big agenda, this world agenda, this new world order, the making of all things anew, from scratch basically; taking the material thatís available, thatís all of us, and reshaping it all.  Science in other words.  And Charles Galton Darwin was one of the big players, amongst many others, who loved to write about what they were doing towards this big goal that they had.  And he talked about using, the need to use, he said, the need to sterilize the public, one way or another, but also to make males more effeminate by tinkering with their hormones, he said.  And he wrote that in a book called The Next Million Years so you got to read that book.  And he was lauded by all the major press at the time and by governmental members, with this book Ė if you get an original copy, youíll get, you know how they have the paper edition around the hard cover, with this sort of loose leaflet thing over the hard cover, and youíll see all the accolades he got from the top of the news branches and academia Ė for wanting to depopulate without the public knowing it.  And basically tampering with your own hormone production and other ways too, to get hormones into you, like the female hormones into the male and it would also alter the females if they used it in water or food, which he actually suggested, although they could also vaccinate you and use a form of biochemical warfare that would tinker, again, with your hormones for life. 


And we see that today even with the cancers that break out, which are hormone related in both male and female; theyíve just skyrocketed of course, all from about the 50s onwards.  And one of these chemicals too, thatís in the water, itís in the food, itís in your containers for food.  They even put it into baby food by the way Ė they call it melamine Ė which is a plastic stuff, they use it in plastics.  And the companies that make melamine managed to convince the FDA that because this looks awfully like a protein under the microscope, these molecules in their arrangement, so of course with lots of cash and bribery they managed to classify it as a protein.  So they put their waste products of the plastic into babyís food for bulk, to add bulk to it, which is cheaper of course for everybody all around.  Anyway, everyone gets this stuff in one way or another.  Then they made the fad to drink, oh, pure water out of plastic bottles and for about 20 years you didnít seen any yuppie without a plastic water bottle in their hand, like a babyís bottle; theyíd carry it everywhere.  Because they make everything trendy; they actually have think tanks that sit down, in marketing, to find ways of making that just so.  How can we make every idiot walk around with a plastic bottle everywhere they go?  So they make it trendy.  They give it snob appeal; thatís what they call it. 


Anyway, thereís an article here, and Iíve mentioned this for years and given lots of links to this particular, one of these chemical compounds.  It says...


Gender-bending chemical that 'makes girls as young as three aggressive and hyperactive'

dailymail.co.uk / Sophie Borland / 24th October 2011


A common chemical used in products ranging from baby bottles to CD cases could be causing girls as young as three to become hyperactive and aggressive (Alan:  Well, thatís exactly what they found out when Charles Galton Darwin was talking about using BPA, amongst other compounds.  And he said that it might make females more aggressive and males more effeminate and quiet.), researchers have claimed.


A study by leading U.S. scientists has found that those exposed to high levels of bisphenol A (BPA) in the womb are more likely to suffer from behavioural problems.


BPA, which is used to harden plastics, can be found in the lining of tins and bottles and the ends of knives and forks.  (A:   Now, they didnít even used to put it inside tins; I donít know why they do.  Itís even inside beer cans; if you want to hit the males with it thatís a good place to put it.)


It is known as the gender-bending chemical, as previous studies have shown it can interfere with the way hormones are processed.


Some scientists think that even relatively low doses can interfere with our behaviour, bodily  functions and fertility. While some research has suggested that BPA is perfectly safe, other experiments have linked it to breast cancer, liver damage, obesity and diabetes.


Campaigners have called for a Europe-wide ban, and say the most recent findings are Ďyet another nail in the coffiní for BPA.


The new research saw a team at the Harvard University School of Public Health compare levels of the chemical in 244 pregnant women. Each one provided three urine samples during pregnancy, and another at birth, which were all tested for BPA.


When the children reached the age of one the scientists measured their levels of BPA, and did so again over the next two years.


Once the children turned three, their mothers all filled in a survey about their behaviour. The researchers found that girls were more likely to be hyper-active, aggressive, anxious, and depressed and unable to control themselves if their mothers had recorded higher levels of BPA during pregnancy.


The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found no such link among boys.


The scientists think that girlsí hormones may make them more sensitive to BPA.  (A:† It makes the guys actually more feminine.)


They said doctors should advise worried women to reduce their exposure to the chemical during pregnancy by cutting back on tinned and packaged foods.


Joe Braun, a research fellow at the university, said: ĎNone of the children had clinically abnormal behaviour, but some had more behaviour problems than others. Thus, we examined the relationship between the mothersí and childrenís BPA concentrations and the different behaviours.í  (A:   Then it goes into gestational, etc, etc, etc.)


Thereís a whole bunch of other estrogen mimickers, they call it, involved in the stuff that you take in from processed foods everyday, pretty well.  And thereís a whole range of them; Iíve gone through and done talks on them before.  If you go into my archives section you might find quite a few, and links, as well, to where you can find out more about them.  Itís just astonishing because they planned to do this, as I say, at least in the 1950s and probably before, since Charles Galton Darwin obviously got permission to publish his particular book.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Another article too, is to do with the downgrading as we go into austerity; itís the big plan for the world.  Itís about the US of course.


U.S. rating likely to be downgraded again: Merrill

reuters.com / Oct 23, 2011 / Walter Brandimarte


NEW YORK (Reuters) - The United States will likely suffer the loss of its triple-A credit rating (A:† I thought it already had, actually, from the last one.) from another major rating agency by the end of this year due to concerns over the deficit, Bank of America Merrill Lynch forecasts.  (A:   They got bailed out too, didnít they?  Maybe itís a blackmail thing for more cash, who knows.)


The trigger would be a likely failure by Congress to agree on a credible long-term plan to cut the U.S. deficit, the bank said in a research note published on Friday.  (A:   That all ties in with politics too of course, because Obamaís group want to slash a lot of different programs, social programs, so it gives them credence, you see, if you can get the banks to jump in and threaten, oh hard times if you donít.  So everything works together.  Iím sure theyíve got their CFR pals writing this too.)


A second downgrade -- either from Moody's or Fitch -- would follow Standard & Poor's (A:   Standard and Poorís is awfully good at taking the standard population and making them awfully poor.) downgrade in August on concerns about the government's budget deficit and rising debt burden. A second loss of the country's top credit rating would be an additional blow to the sluggish U.S. economy, Merrill said.


"The credit rating agencies have strongly suggested that further rating cuts are likely if Congress does not come up with a credible long-run plan" to cut the deficit, Merrill's North American economist, Ethan Harris, wrote in the report.  (A:   Now, the only way theyíre going to slash it is just on the population, because theyíve still got wars to fight; theyíre just talking about taking on Syria next because thatís on the list, too, that was made back in the 90s.  And theyíve got Iran after that too, and North Korea and a few other smaller countries left to take out.  So they have to slash at home, obviously.)


"Hence, we expect at least one credit downgrade in late November or early December when the super committee crashes," he added. 


So this is wonderful news theyíre giving us out, to believe in of course.  If you can afford wars, believe you me, AND if you can hand over oil fields to private corporations, who donít put a penny back into the country, then you know, of course youíre not going to get any more wealth coming out of this. But nothing changes.  Thatís how the upper middle classes became the super-rich in Britain, for 100 years they were invading countries, using the taxpayer, using the taxpayerís military, building railroads, as I say, across places like Africa and India, all for the big corporations of their day to plunder everything for free, and have the British troops guard them and protect them and so on.  Nothing changes, you know.  Nothing changes in this particular system. 


Now, weíve all talked, too, about Monsanto. That ties in again with the different estrogen mimickers, and of course we have endocrine disruptors as well from chemicals which are spread all over your crops for instance, and that further attacks your hormone levels and can alter them.† It can make sperm almost disappear, actually, and it can also give you monstrosities in the sperm, you can get two-headed sperm and different things like that, but they canít find their way to their target, so thatís why of course it ties in, beautifully, with population reduction.  If you canít breed then you simply reduce your population.  These were all things, as I say, that go back into the books like The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin and youíll find thatís what they kind of wanted.  And remember too, a lot of these chemicals were known to be mimickers or disrupters back in the late 1800s, so itís not like theyíre just finding out now what they do. 


Biotech group bids to recruit high-profile GM 'ambassadors'

(A:   Thatís not the motor company, or the Grand Masters for the lodge.  Thatís actually your genetically modified crops, etc.  Because the agenda has must-beís Ė certain things are written in stone basically; they ainít going to be changed.  And of course everyone across the world must be on their GM food, which alters you.)

Leaked documents claim Sir Bob Geldof, Kofi Annan and Lord Patten have shown interest in EuropaBio (A:† Thatís a private bio company.) outreach programme

(A:† That means a marketing program.)

John Vidal and Hanna Gersmann / guardian.co.uk / 20 October 2011


Europe's largest and most influential biotech industry group, whose members include Monsanto, Bayer and other GM companies, is recruiting high-profile "ambassadors" (A:  Thatís celebrities.) to lobby European leaders on GM policy.  (A:  So theyíre paid prostitutes; they get paid for it, right.)


Leaked documents from a PR company working for Brussels-based EuropaBio claim to have "had interest" from Sir Bob Geldof (A:  Now, heís been involved in wonderful charities, these things that rake in billions apparently and give a few million to the target, if theyíre lucky.); the chancellor of Oxford University and BBC Trust chairman, Lord Patten; former Irish EU commissioner and attorney general David Byrne, and "potentially" the involvement of former UN secretary general Kofi Annan and pro-GM science writer Mark Lynas.  (A:  Itís just amazing, you know; most folk read things in the commentaries in the media and magazines by these characters and they truly believe that theyíre experts in something.  No.  Theyíre just frontmen who are paid to push whatever theyíre told to push.  Whatever it is theyíre told to push is just wonderful and they get paid big bucks to do it.  Iíve told people before, you know, the mind has no firewall and you have to be your own guardian, at the gate there, to decide what comes in, and what you tough out as well.)


The 10 or more ambassadors will not be paid directly, but the lobbyists have offered to write, research and place articles in their names, arrange interviews and speaking engagements with the Financial Times and other international media, and secure for them what could be lucrative speaking slots at major conferences.  (A:   Thatís when you walk in and youíre given something to read for 40 minutes and youíre given an awful lot of cash, and that gets round a lot of tax laws and things as well.)


In addition, EuropaBio says it will introduce them to the highest-level European bureaucrats and MEPs (A:† Members of the European Parliament.) in order for them to make the case for GM within EU institutions.  (A:   You understand, to get anywhere in this world it takes cash and power to get anywhere.  Thatís how it is today.)


Several people named in the documents denied all knowledge of EuropaBio. A spokesman for Annan said: "Mr Annan is not an ambassador for EuropaBio and has no intention of promoting the use of GMOs." Geldof told the Guardian: "I have no recollection of having any knowledge of EuropaBio and have no recollection of ever being asked to be an ambassador. GM, subject to all the known and usual caveats, (A:  Etc, etc, etc). . .  The trick is to ensure that this technological advance is not simply a business opportunity but a human one to the benefit of the world's rapidly increasing population."  (A:   So they turn an agenda around into helping humanity, you see.  Itís to help humanity, even though the crops donít even yield as much as the old crops did.  If one thing comes along, because the crops are all standardized, one plague of some kind comes along and the whole cropís wiped out.  The old stuff was a mixture of various different strains and something would survive.  And it doesnít stop weeds either, by the way; thereís more chemicals used on the bio-crops than any other type of crop, and now theyíre creating mutations in the insects, which now are resistant to so many different common pesticides.)


A spokeswoman at the BBC said: "Lord Patten was approached about the EuropaBio outreach programme. He made it absolutely clear that given his position as chairman of the BBC Trust, he could have nothing to do with it. It would have been wholly inappropriate." 


Thatís quite amazing, that, because you see, the head of the BBC and the whole bunch of them are now getting massive grants from the European Parliament as well as, by the way, the CIA, for the BBC.  The British Broadcasting Corporation which is run by the government is getting grants FROM the European Parliament and the CIA, because I read that 6 month ago or so, how theyíve gone into a partnership with the CIA for propaganda purposes.  Thereís nothing you can read now thatís honest.  Thereís simply nothing out there thatís honest; you canít do it.  And remember too, they donít come out and tell you, oh, this may or may not be true.  Marketers try to make everything sound absolutely true, so youíd never suspect it. 


Alan:  Now, thereís a caller on the line whoís been hanginí on there and Iíll see if I can... I think itís Dana from New York.


Dana:  Yeah, hi Alan.  I appreciate you taking my call.  I want to, you know, thank you for being instrumental in really raising my awareness in so many ways.  I have an observation that I would like, if you could, just shed some light on.  In regard to the information that is disclosed in The Protocols, and not to discuss The Protocols because obviously this is a very controversial document.  But nevertheless, very similar information was also brought to the publicís attention in 1864 by Maurice Joly in the Dialogue with Hell.  And thereís certain things in there that now with the world situation, you see this blueprint, you know, that is being unfolded.  And you know, I go through these documents and I read this, and you know, in a certain way, in a convoluted way, you almost have to agree with the tenets of what theyíre presenting.  Certain things strike me about this and for instance, they discussed the fact that liberty and freedom was really brought about and presented to the general public by them in this blueprint as another way, a means of controlling.  They put an example out that... this is what I really would like you to share some insight on.  They put an example out that if anyone were forced with an outside enemy, or an internal enemy, would you yourself not stop at anything to defeat that enemy, because obviously the premise of the entire thing is might is right, that thereís morally no right or wrong, that evil done in the name of ultimate good is justified.  So they also state that left to our own devices we wouldnít know how to rule ourself.  And if you look back in history, forever, as far as the history that we can determine with our own research, thereís always been a ruler. 


Alan:  Oh, thereís always been rulers.


Dana:  Always been ruled.† And you know, so I guess my question is this.  As ugly as it is, as crazy as this world is, and when you see the filth thatís being perpetrated on the human being at this point, itís sad.  But nevertheless, itís almost as if, I believe, I mean, that is the way it has to be in a way.


Alan:  Well, what it is you see, youíve got to understand that the whole idea of this thing called civilization is at the core of this.  Because older tribes, even tribes much later that were conquered by the civilized countries as they say, the civilized countries are materialistic; theyíre based on cash, money.  They donít barter; itís all cash transactions.  In fact, you take away the ability of people to survive by themselves so they donít go and plant food anymore and they donít barter; they must have money to pay rent and things like that.  And that ensures, of course, that you got an accountant agency that works for a government.  So in other words, civilization has government, it has a monied system, it has a bureaucratic system, but it has a leisure class, and thatís really the whole thing to do with what theyíre calling civilization.  You can only have a leisure class that have the time to study, without having to go out and scrape and be terrified will I eat today, will I not eat today, like everyone else.  And thatís really why the word Ďschool,í from the Greek, is from the word which actually means Ďleisure;í thatís school, you see.  So only an educated class were the leisure class.  In other words, they owned the slaves.  Slavery, by the way, is part of this system called civilization.  Always been slavery in civilization and money, where money rules.  And then you have armies, because with money you can hire an army and you can pay them well; even during depressions you can ensure the army Ė Stalin said this, Lenin said it too Ė make sure the police and the army and the teachers are well paid; it doesnít matter how the rest of the folk live, because you need those people to keep everyone else in line; the teachers are essential for brainwashing the next generation.  So nothing ever changes during this system of civilization.  And you always get to a stage where they want to depopulate, you see.  They always want to depopulate at a certain stage.  And we have this lovely fictionalized version of a Europe, for instance, where you had your lord and your local lord Ė BBCís great for churning out these kind of soapish type of history dramas.  But in reality the lords in Britain and across Europe would have depopulation every so often. They would take more off the peasants than they would have to, to starve a certain number to death, and that was standard population control right down through many, many centuries.


Today, with their so-called enlightenments and our caring in the social spheres for other people, the elite, especially through the 20th century, got awfully upset about the obviousness that people would start to get a better standard of living, better health, that they could eat proper food, and so they had to find ways to destroy proper food, for the ordinary folk, and make sure theyíd have all their inoculations to, again, bring down the populations.  Your key here is that the same techniques are used all down through history, all down through history, in a monied system, a class system.  It canít be any other way, by the way.  Even in a so-called, fake, classless system, like Marxism or Communism, there was a massive upper class inside the Soviet Union, and it was intergenerational, hereditary; they passed it onto their sons and daughters.  In other words, itís the same system under a different guise.  So however you reward a person, with houses, free houses, servants or whatever, or free travel, a better standard of living, or just give them the cash Ė it doesnít make any difference Ė there must be a leisure class.


Dana:  Alan, as far as you know then, there has never really been a free society?


Alan:  There have been free societies, where you had tribes.  Tribes, a tribe was the closest thing to a free society, which was self-sustainable and didnít use cash, didnít use money of any kind.† Thatís as close as we can get it actually. 


Dana:  So at any point then the most, the best, in a sense, we could really ever hope for is that we really, at some point, get a benevolent ruler.


Alan:  I know what you mean.  Thatís what the big boys keep talking about, how theyíre going to give us a benevolent ruler, or a benevolent dictator.  Again, thatís a dream going back thousands of years, to even when the Greeks occupied Egypt; they talked about the Fisher King and creating benevolent dictators who would act like Solomon basically.


Dana:  One more question and Iíll get off the phone.  And certainly I just love your information.  I canít tell you how much I appreciate it.  Cyrus the Great, was that the culmination of one stage of the great work, in that he has been viewed as such a benevolent ruler and that he was, I mean, he did some things that were really out of the norm at that point in history.  Can you shed any light on that?  Iím just curious as to what you might be able to share about that point in history and Cyrus the Great. 


Alan:  Well, every one of Ďthe greats,í and hereís the thing about them too, whenever you get someone called Ďthe greatí youíre actually looking at a brotherhood system.  You got to understand, they always use the word Ďgreatí when theyíre describing one of their own, that they revere down through history.  Whether itís Alexander the Great or whoever, you see, itís one of their own.  And youíll always find that these people belonged to the high secretive societies, even in their day, and thatís why theyíre still called Ďthe greatí today.  Now, many of them did introduce policies which seem, as far as weíre told Ė we donít know if itís true or not Ė would benefit their own peoples.  But we really, really donít know; propaganda was even more controlled back then than it is today.  Iíll be back in a minute with more after this break. 


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and just to finish up there, anyone called Ďthe greatí, generally they went through the world conquering and slaughtering, under the pretext of bringing civilization; itís a great thing to say... we brought them civilization.  What is civilization?  Itís a new form of slavery, a new taskmaster, slavemaster, whatever.  Always remember that.  The same with Alexander the Great too.  Their jobs are always to bring the world into a world system of domination by those who are more enlightened; thatís what they like to say.  Now, thereís Kara from Philly on the line too.  Is Kara there?


Kara:  Yes, hi there Alan. 


Alan:  Hello.


Kara:  Iím wondering...  I really appreciate so much what youíve done, as Iím sure most of your listeners do.  Iím wondering, and following along on the last talker, what can we learn from indigenous societies.  Do they not have much to teach us about how to get out of this mess?  The virtues that they did have?


Alan:  The problem, really, with indigenous societies is that, itís like Darwin said Ė and this is an ancient understanding about those, again, who have gone through from generations, from thousands of years conquering worlds, or creating bigger empires towards a global empire.  The systems, really, of ordinary folk have no need for higher weaponry, so theyíre a pushover for the so-called advanced societies.  They canít stand up to them and theyíre not prepared for them at all. They generally can hunt and do the basic things to keep alive for themselves, but theyíre not into that.  But the thing is, I mean, Iíve watched some documentaries of some protected islands Ė outside Australia and other places too; there are some in the Pacific there Ė where the people have been basically sustainable, self-sustainable, completely independent for thousands of years.    Very peaceful people.  They donít know about Einstein but they donít have to; whatís Einstein got to do with the fact that you can survive while Einstein couldnít, on your own, for instance.  Have they got a lot to teach us?  Absolutely.  But in a monied system those in power are never going to give it up because thereís more than just money behind this system.  This system is a brotherhood; it truly is a brotherhood, this monetary system.  You have to join certain organizations to get up into it, and to be allowed, even if youíre very good at what you do, even the best at what you do, you got to be allowed to come up higher; they donít let anybody up until you join these organizations and then you must swear allegiance to them.  Youíll find these brotherhoods in ancient Rome.  Cyrus, of course, that we mentioned previously, was a member too.  So was Alexander the Great; he was taught by Aristotle to take over as much of the world as possible.  The system is domination by the few, the few of the ones they call intelligentsia, or the wise men they call themselves; there are many names for them all down through history to the present time.  And they do have their world agenda.  They do have their elitist clubs, like the Council on Foreign Relations; most generals, almost all of them, have to be a member of the CFR.  And you canít join it, you got to be asked to come in, and even then youíre tested throughout your career to see if youíve got loose lips or youíll let the cat out of the bag or youíve got any qualms about it.  So we are under a very rigid system of control.  Thatís the problem.  It isnít that we couldnít live very simply, easily and fairly worry-free; it would be quite nice getting up in the morning, being a hunter-gatherer, and working for a maximum of 4 hours per day; you know thatís all they have to work to survive.  And having no high blood pressure; they donít have high blood pressure.  No sugar diabetes.  Totally self-sufficient.  And stress free.  Weíre not allowed that.  This system here is pretty, pretty evil to be honest with you, where educated people can sit around tables and discuss the demise of millions, or who are we going to slaughter next and what propaganda will we give to the public for doing so.  Itís a nasty system to be honest with you.  But thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. Remember, buy the books and donate too and hopefully I can hang out a bit longer. 



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