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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 25, 2011:

Propaganda Seeds Amongst the Weeds:

"For Propaganda to Be Effective
Training Starts Early On the Collective,
Schooling's Efficient, Our Masters Agree,
With Parroting of "Repeat After Me",
Authorized Topics Go Round in a Loop
Until Everyone Agrees With the Group,
Peer Pressure Applied Till All is Rosy,
Group Therapy Tears Till All is Cozy,
Socialization's the Term for Indoctrination,
Free-Thinkers Diagnosed for Medication,
Leaving School, Can't Spell Encyclopaedia,
Minds Formatted for the Lying Media"
© Alan Watt Oct. 25, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 25, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 25th of October 2011.  For newcomers, I always advise you at the beginning of the broadcast to look into the web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Youíll see listed there all the other official sites I have; anything outside of those sites is not mine, just to let you know.  All those sites have audios for free download spanning quite a few years, hundreds to choose from, where I try to give you the big picture of the system that runs the world, and where itís all going, and how we got here and those behind it.  So help yourself to those.  Remember too, those sites listed all have transcripts as well of a lot of the talks for print up, if you want to do that.  And if you want to go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you can find transcripts in other languages, too, to choose from.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you because I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  Itís up to you to keep me going.  Thatís the suicidal way but thatís just the way I do it.  So if you want to keep me going you can buy the books and disks I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, or you can donate as well.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And remember, straight donations are awfully welcome because generally itís the occasional one here or there that adds up to keep me going; sometimes the sales are all down on the books.  And itís always the same people who donate all the time too I noticed, but thatís the way the world is.  Most folk today, especially the young ones, think everything is free and thatís the way they expect it to be actually.  They have a resentment against having to pay for something; theyíve been taught everything is free.  And thatís just the way itís going.  So weíll see how long it continues to go on this way. 


Anyway, I try to show you the big picture, as I say, of the system that runs the world, and it is a system, a coordinated system.  Big corporations, foundations, with thousands of NGOs getting sponsored by them, and your tax money as well, actually run the world, guide the world along this path of change as they like to call it. Theyíre always changing us into upgrades of the same system; thatís really what it is.  Itís not new systems.  Itís upgrading us all at the same time and now itís worldwide.  Thatís how much of a grasp they have across the whole world, all of these interlocking corporations.  Itís a new feudal system weíre going into where the corporations and the CEOs are the feudal overlords, and thatís really the way it was designed to be according to the Milner Group, the Cecil Rhodes Foundation that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs which has the American branch too, the Council on Foreign Relations.  They have branches in every country in the world now.  They are the parallel government.  They run the world.  They advise governments as to what to do about all different matters and aspects of geopolitics, and domestic problems too, and financial as well.  They also have all, pretty well all of their main characters in the top positions as reporters for every major newspaper, and they have all editors on board as well.  So thereís no such thing as free news anymore, an independent press.  There never really was actually.  But people still tune into the regular news expecting to hear the absolute truth given to them never realizing thereís always a spin to something.  Remember, for truth you have to have all of the facts presented to you.  And the simplest way to skew the truth is to simply omit a good portion of the facts, or even a small portion of them sometimes, to completely skew the argument so youíll be left with the proper authorized conclusion that youíre meant to come to.  Thatís the kind of system you live in. But mind you, in propaganda they tell you education is awfully essential for all that subsequent propaganda to take effect.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and itís just astonishing that most folk get hooked on the news, as though itís really there like an appendage to your brain.  Thatís exactly what Brzezinski said in his own book in fact many years ago.  He said, eventually the public will be unable to think for themselves; they will expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  And thatís a sad thing when you expect the regular media to do your reasoning for you.  But unfortunately most folk have been brought up in this kind of innocence.  You see, theyíve swallowed their education, theyíve swallowed their histories, theyíve swallowed even what their governments are all about and what their whole society is all about.  And itís quite easy for them to believe the news, and they truly do believe it.  Some of them will get very upset when you point out contradictions or show them alternate facts to the stories that theyíre hearing and they get rather angry.  And thatís just the way it is.  There are people who are more indoctrinated than others, and more indoctrinable as well.  Not everyone can be put under quite so easily but today the techniques are almost perfect.


Bertrand Russell talked about that many years ago because he was given one of the first experimental schools that was going to be the sort of model for the future.  As far back as the 1920s he was experimenting, even with mixed classes, with the promotion of early intergenerational sex, with these classes.  This is a time when people would have been hung, in Britain for instance, for interfering with children, but he was given the right to do it by the Crown, an actual charter by the Crown to do this kind of thing, like an exemption.  And they used mainly orphans, etc, which is a common thing, when thereís no family to stand up for them.  He tried to get them, to see if they could get them hooked on sex, sexual activity, even before they had puberty.  And this was to be a model for the future.  And here we all are and itís all happened; they introduced it all exactly that way and the formulaís worked.  And he said too, that scientific socialism, this indoctrination theyíd get at school would basically eliminate any contagion... contagion of ideas from their parents.  And thatís happened as well.   The children, every so often, are taught new methods of doing the same kind of things, long division and arithmetic, that kind of stuff, so that parents canít go in and help them with the stuff that they were taught how to do.  Itís the same answers obviously, but that was all to make sure that they could only bond with the teachers and theyíd have less respect for their parents. All psychology was used to separate the generations, and itís been awfully effective. 


Anyway, thatís by the by.  The whole point is youíre living in a scientific socialism, in an extent, and governmentís whole mission was to, and is to still, take over all the responsibilities, through agencies, that used to be taken by the community and the family. And theyíve been awfully successful in doing all of that.  Tonight too, Iíll put up one of the ones who are leading the charge, one of the countries leading the charge for the testing in children; itís from birth, really, right through your whole life.  Not just through your childhood, itís definitely cradle to grave.  One of them is called Sure Start and itís set up in Britain.  Youíll find that the EU Parliamentarians or at least the heads of countries have all been involved in this.  They have different names for the same thing in different countries.  Sarkozy apparently was also involved in the setting up of this socialist regime that theyíre using in Scotland, for instance. So Iíll put up a couple of links to Sure Start to show you the massive energy theyíre putting into children and through government agencies where every child is assigned basically their own supervisor for an area, who must know them throughout their early lives, etc.  And thatís getting them all ready to be what the government claims is... Remember, the whole idea of socialism or Marxism Ė and itís all closely combined Ė is that people are basically animals that are fit to be trained and can be trained with Pavlovian style techniques and even beyond that.  This is what itís about, so that the government will have the perfect citizen, not the other way around.  Itís the government wants to make the perfect citizen to suit being ruled by the government, and a very politically-correct type citizen as well, very naÔve and very obedient.  They want obedience, you see.


Despite initial mistakes, the success of the Sure Start programme has been to prove that government does have a role to play in the development of young children.

blogs.lse.ac.uk / September 28, 2011


So all these programs, as I say, is the old, old dream that HG Wells talked about, from the Fabian Society, of literally creating the perfect citizen, as a good obedient slave if you like.  And thatís what theyíre using there and itís called Sure Start in Scotland.  And itís well underway now, thousands of agencies all involved across the board of all of the different government agencies involved in each child.  Itís just incredible.  Itís incredible. 


Now, we know too that the system we are in has never been there to help the general public.  Theyíre always on about welfare, never mind the fact that they gave everybodyís jobs off to China a long time ago, and thatís the governments that did that.  Then they turn around and blame the public, of course, for not, you know, for not competing enough at the fast food industry, and getting into it, and you know....  Itís just amazing how they keep breaking the legs of the animal and then kicking it because it canít get up again.  But thatís what power always does, and power will always do that.  It will cripple you and then blame you for the mess that you end up being in.  We also know that governmentís there to serve its master.  And its master truly is money, money and the bankers that basically lend to governments.  Thatís whoís at the top of the pyramid here.  Always has been.  You got to understand that the ones who lend to governments, these mighty men who lend to governments, have the power to crash an economy and a government overnight.  Every government knows that too.  Each one knows that.† Theyíve got a Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads as long as theyíre in. And it can be done.  In fact, weíve seen instances of that in the past where two or three investors would get together, manipulate the economy and the stock market and crash a country like Britain and reap millions as rewards for it for themselves. 


So anyway, your masters really are the banking boys and beneath them they have their international socialists that they put in.  I donít care if they call themselves right-wing or left-wing, theyíre all the same these days.  And theyíre all Council on Foreign Relations members.  In other words, they belong to a private club, theyíve sworn allegiance to a private international club, and that takes precedence over every other subsequent oath they take.  It says...


New Obama Foreclosure Plan Helps Banks At Taxpayers' Expense

huffingtonpost.com / 10/24/11


(Alan:  Well, whatís new?  Whatís new... every countryís done this, recently.)


WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration is introducing a new program on Monday designed to lower monthly mortgage payments for more troubled homeowners.


But a key new condition in the plan would shift the financial liability for refinanced loans from Wall Street banks to the American taxpayer. And by focusing on lower payments, the program does not confront what housing experts view as the core problem in the foreclosure crisis -- borrower debt that exceeds the value of one's home.  (A:  The big problem too, is finding out now who really owns it.  There was such an incredible greed in this market with the big banks all involved selling mortgages, so fast back and forth all the time, theyíve lost track of who owns the homes.)


Faced with the weak response to the Home Affordable Refinance Program, the Obama administration is planning to open up the program to all borrowers who owe more on their mortgage than their homes' worth, commonly dubbed being underwater, and have not missed a mortgage payment. HARP had been limited to borrowers who owed up to 25 percent more than their home is worth. More than 22 percent of all home mortgages -- or 10.9 million homes -- are currently underwater, according to CoreLogic data. Fewer than 900,000 borrowers have elected to go through HARP to date.  (A:  Itís just astonishing the utter corruption at the top, and yet you keep the same system going.  It really is, isnít it?  It really is. White-collar crime really is probably worth it, obviously.)


The revised program also eliminates several fees associated with refinancing that can make the decision to refinance uneconomical for borrowers. But the potential benefit of the eliminated fees could be relatively small: If a few thousand dollars worth of fees made refinancing a bad deal for underwater borrowers, the ultimate benefits that refinancing can pose would remain limited.  (A:  So anyway, the whole idea is called H.A.R.P., harp.  Well, thatís what a mortgage is, isnít it?  You just pay till death, you know, till the morgue basically, and then you go and play your harp.  So I guess thatís probably part of it there; who cares really.  Itís all corruption.)


Now, they want to, of course, in the US, big pharmaís got together again with its favorite customer, which is the government in the US and elsewhere too, and theyíre studying the possible anthrax vaccination for children.  Itís just a great customer, the government.   Itís like the flu shots; they take on orders for the next 10 years.  What a deal!  Where else can you go as a private manufacturer, no matter what youíre selling, and get deals like that?  Oh yeah, we promise to buy them for the next 10 yearsSign here, and they do it, boom.  Taxpayer paid of course; thatís why they like it, guaranteed payment. 


Possible study of anthrax vaccineís effectiveness in children stirs debate

washingtonpost.com / Rob Stein /  October 24, 2011


The Obama administration is wrestling with the thorny question of whether scientists should inject healthy children with the anthrax vaccine to see whether the shots would safely protect them against a bioterrorism attack.  (A:  Here we go again.  The problem is, you see, big pharma and vaccination is bioterrorism.  I hope you realize that.)


The other option is to wait until an attack happens and then try to gather data from children whose parents agree to inoculate them in the face of an actual threat.


A key working group of federal advisers in September endorsed testing, sparking objections from those who consider that step unethical, unnecessary and dangerous. The National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB) (A:  I wish theyíd put a dictionary out with all these abbreviations, eh.), which advises the federal government, is to meet Friday to vote on its working groupís recommendation.


ďAt the end of the day, do we want to wait for an attack and give it to millions and millions of children and collect data at that time?Ē said Daniel B. Fagbuyi of Childrenís National Medical Center in Washington, who chaired the group. ďOr do we want to say: ĎHow do we best protect our children?í We can take care of Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle and Auntie. But right now, we have nothing for the children.Ē  (A:  Oh, the psychology is wonderful in marketing, isnít it eh?)


The vaccine has been tested extensively in adults and has been administered to more than 2.6 million people in the military. (A:  And theyíre all sick too, by the way, at least the ones that are still living.)  But the shots have never been tested on or given to children, leaving it uncertain how well the vaccine works in younger people and at what dose, and whether it is safe. (A:  Well, isnít that beautiful, the way itís done here too... The vaccine has been tested extensively in adults and has been administered to more than 2.6 million people in the military.... but it doesnít tell you all the effects it had on them.  Thatís good marketing.  Omission again.  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Thereís also an article here too, about, really, the CIAís acts of terror on people, and this articleís about that too, how they kidnap the wrong people and torture them, even though other members come up and talk and say theyíve got the wrong guy.  And it doesnít matter if theyíve got the wrong guy or not. And one of themís actually written about it so Iíll put a link up tonight.  Itís by a former CIA operative Glenn Carle.  It goes into what happened with one guy who they mistook for a banker to Bin Laden and he wasnít at all; he was someone else.  Didnít matter.  They even went out and kidnapped this guyís brother and tortured him in the same place just to try to get him to talk, even though they knew and they were told by other operatives it was the wrong guy that they got.  Didnít matter.  See, life is cheap once youíre in these things and it doesnít matter who you torture, really, or how you torture them either. So itís quite a horrific thing to actually go through.  Iíll put this link up tonight on that too for you to peruse. 


CIA Kidnapped, Tortured ďthe Wrong Guy,Ē Says Former Agency Operative Glenn Carle - pubrecord.org / By Truthout / Oct 24th, 2011


Thereís so much horror in the news now.  Weíre getting really... thereís no passion left, I think, in anyone.  Iím sure too, that was a great hit when they saw the end of Gaddafi there.  Itís been all over all the different YouTubes and so on, as you see these fanatics, that Iím sure, really, were brought in by Special Forces who were all around that truck, that vehicle that they caught him in, supposedly, and they let loose on him, to basically tear him to pieces.  And Iím sure, itís just like all the movies theyíve all been raised to watch Ė thereís blood and guts everywhere Ė and thatís just another movie to them.  What a society we have.  Itís a horror show, as everyone become desensitized to the most horrific things.  Itís just amazing.  But again too, as I say, donít forget that it was the same when they pulled down the big statue, remember.  For about a whole year they just kept showing the one shot of all these guys in civvy clothes yelling and pulling down the statue.  And after a year they showed you the tank and the chains attached to it that actually pulled it down.  And then a year later they told you that all these guys who were pulling it down in the civvy clothes were actually brought in from another country to do it.  I mean, you canít believe anything. And itís the same thing too, they let these guys go at Gaddafi to try to make you think, well the people have done it, see, the people hated him that much.  No.  These guys would be foreign mercenaries brought in just for this particular act, and they were surrounded by Special Forces.  So thatís just the way itís...  Itís all for us too.  Itís all to con the public back home.  All propaganda is, obviously.  And itís very well done now and very few folk even question it.  Youngsters donít; they think itís great, just like the video games, blood, guts, etc. 


Another bit of a fun thing they were having, just to, you know, in the upper crust of law, is to discuss the US Declaration of Independence.  And it was two groups of lawyers, one from Britain, one from the US, and they discuss, was it legal or illegal according to law itself. And of course Iím sure they had a good time and feasted well and drunk lots of brandy and slapped each other on the back.  And I think they all belonged to the British Bar Association as well, you know.  So Iím sure it wouldnít matter what country theyíre from. Theyíre all from the same bag as far as Iím concerned, running some strange laws.  I know where it all came from but itís all strange if you really look at it, how they figure things out. 


Is the US Declaration of Independence illegal? - bbc.co.uk / 19 October 2011


And as weíre going into this, as we ARE in Big Brotherland, as we well know weíre all in Big Brotherland now and everyone buys electronic equipment that enables all these governmental systems and agencies to spy on you.  Thatís their function, really, is to gather data on you.  While you amuse yourselves and play, itís actually really there to gather data for this wonderful world order that theyíre bringing in where no secrets can be hidden, except for the elite because the elite themselves have all these laws written into it that they canít even get on Wikipedia unless they allow it themselves, even then they can say whatís to be put on it, because theyíre VIPs, you see. See, all information could be used by terrorists; thatís what they tell you.  So you can find data on everyone except them. So itís just wonderful to be in this wonderful world of equality and transparency, isnít it?  Itís as transparent as frosted glass on your bathroom door.  This article here says...


U.S. Requests for Google User Data Spike 29 Percent in Six Months

wired.com / Ryan Singel / October 25, 2011


The number of U.S. government requests for data on Google users for use in criminal investigations rose 29 percent in the last six months, according to data released by the search giant Monday.  (A:  They get paid for this too, by you, tax money, because itís all government agencies that are asking for this.  So itís wonderful, eh?  Youíre paying to be spied on by your government agencies.)


U.S. government agencies sent Google 5,950 criminal investigation requests for data on Google users and services from Jan. 1 to June 30, 2011, an average of 31 a day. Thatís compared to 4,601 requests from July 1 to Dec. 31, 2010, the company reported Tuesday in an update to its unique transparency tool.


Google says it complied in whole or part with 93% of such requests, which can include court orders, grand jury subpoenas and other legal instruments.


For the first time, Googleís transparency report includes the number of users and accounts affected by such requests ó in this case, 11,057.


The search and software giant also received 92 requests to remove data from its services, including YouTube. The requests collectively asked for 757 individual pieces of content be removed. Google says it complied fully or partially with 63 percent of the requests. The company noted it received a request from law enforcement to take down a video showing police brutality and another for videos allegedly defaming law enforcement officials. Google did not comply with either.


Google is alone in providing this data to the public, which it says it hopes will give a push to efforts to reform a 25-year-old government privacy law that lets law enforcement get access to usersí online communications without having to get a judgeís approval.  (A:  Quite something isnít it?  Thereís no privacy at all.  Most folk donít mind though.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Some countries are further ahead in this world order in the socialistic sense than others. And Australia, of course, all Fabian run of course, for many parties that have been in there, Fabian run.  Theyíre really pushing ahead with carbon taxes and all that kind of stuff too.  Itís really energy taxes and itís got a long ways to go because I know where theyíre going with it all.  Anyway, theyíre also putting in a health survey, like a census, door-to-door.  It says...


Health survey sparks 'Big Brother' fears 

(A:  No kidding.  Do you really need this to spark off a Big Brother fear?  Where have you been your whole life?  [Alan chuckles.] I mean, itís already here.)

abc.net.au /  Nikki Tugwell / October 25, 2011


Two participants in the Federal Government's compulsory Australian Health Survey say the experience has been deeply intrusive and a stressful violation of their privacy.


A Queensland woman likened the survey process to having Big Brother knocking on her door asking for urine, and said the line of questioning intruded into her grief over the recent death of a loved one.


And a Victorian woman told the ABC News Online Investigative Unit she felt strong-armed into giving private health and lifestyle details to a stranger.


Up to 50,000 randomly selected adults and children are compelled to take part in the survey, which is being conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (A:  Itís just like George Orwellís 1984, you heard the statistics on different things getting rattled off the tannoy system every minute or so.) in consultation with the Department of Health and Ageing.  (A:  Thatís very interesting, health and ageing, eh, because they want to see if we're dying off fast enough; thatís why.)


Aspects of the survey, such as blood tests and urine samples, are submitted voluntarily, but people can be fined $110 a day (A:  ...per day...) - or prosecuted - for not taking part or for refusing mandatory questions.  (A:  Most of them would probably say, okay, ah, just stick it in my arm there, and take my blood as well, you know, why not.)


It's not like Big Brother is just watching. He is knocking on your door asking for urine.


The survey, announced in last year's Budget, was described as the most comprehensive research on the health of Australians ever undertaken. At the time, the inclusion of blood and urine sampling sparked headlines such as: "It's the ABS: Come out with your urine sample in the air."  (A:  And thatís their little joke.  They always try to make light of Big Brother, which is the wrong thing to do actually.)


The survey participant from Queensland, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she was deeply uncomfortable with the nature of the questioning.


"I'm shocked that anyone would want a blood and urine sample just out of the blue,'' she said.


"I haven't even given my doctor that sort of thing for a while because there is no need for it.  (A:  By the way, you see, thatís where it should be kept and left is with your doctor.  Itís confidential, confidentiality, patient/doctor confidentiality.  Hereís your government demanding to know all about you:  Do you have any STDs, have you had them in the past, do you have them at the moment?  all that kind of stuff... who did you get it from, are you having an affair?  Iím not kidding you; this is what comes out of it all.  And the idiots go along with it.  They go along with it.  If they had 50,000 and 50,000 all went to prison thereíd be hell to pay.  And thatís the only way you stop these bar stewards from doing these things, is just saying no.  Because theyíll keep pushing further and further until youíre all doing it.  Uuugh.  And people wonder why they have government.  Itís because theyíre bullies, thatís why.)


"Why should the Australian Government know more about my health than I do?


"It's not like Big Brother is just watching. He is knocking on your door asking for urine."


The Victorian participant, who also wishes to remain anonymous, says she was uncomfortable with the interview being conducted in her home and initially sent this email to the ABC. 


They show you the email; thereís a link to it as well.  All these articles Iíll put up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the broadcast.  And if you stand at the door, if you donít want to let them into the house, your neighbors hear about all your health and history and all the rest of it.  So they go along with it and to be honest with you, I have no... I canít sympathize.  Iím sorry.  I just cannot sympathize with people who keep getting stomped on in the head and they get up generally and say, well I got over it, I survived that time, and then they wait for the next time.  Itís your own darn fault.  Because you see, you have to put government in its place.  You know where itís going if you donít.  Every country knows the same darn thing.


Now, as I say about Libya too, just like it happened with Iraq, it came out, only recently, that all the big oil companies went to see, for instance in Britain, they did it in the States too, but they all went to see the Prime Minister, Blair when he was in, and they divvied up the oil fields amongst themselves before they attacked Iraq.  And of course, the same thing with Libya as well.  Itís just plundering and piracy of course, by the corporations in collusion with your governments.  It says...


NATO Countries Set to Steal $30,000 from Each Libyan Citizen

willyloman.wordpress.com / October 24, 2011 / Scott Creighton


The pro-Western corporatist media outlets are hurriedly trying to help spin every aspect of the murder of Moammar Gadhafi and the ongoing rape and pillage of the Libyan peopleís assets.


Yesterday Paul Richter of the LA Times wrote an article claiming that Moammar Gadhafi was the richest man in the world, holding some $200 billion dollars in assets hidden all over the globe. Buried deep within the body of his article, the truth finally comes outÖ


ďBut subsequent investigations by American, European and Libyan authorities determined that Kadafi secretly sent tens of billions more abroad over the years and made sometimes lucrative investments in nearly every major country, including much of the Middle East and Southeast Asia, officials said Friday.


Most of the money was under the name of government institutions such as the Central Bank of Libya, the Libyan Investment Authority, the Libyan Foreign Bank, the Libyan National Oil Corp. and the Libya African Investment Portfolio. (A:  In other words, it belongs to the people and the government of Libya.  But what theyíre trying to do, you see, is say, no, itís really Gaddafiís so letís grab it, you see, and rob the public of Libya of all that cash.)  . . .


The new $200 billion figure is about double the prewar annual economic output of Libya, which has the largest proven oil reserves in Africa.Ē Paul Richter


All of the money was invested in Libyan enterprises presumably for the Libyan people but because ďinvestigatorsĒ claim Gadhafi could have accessed it, the globalist spin on this wealth owned by the Libyan people, is that it was Gadhafiís and not theirs. The difference is that if this money belongs to the people of the Socialist Peopleís Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, then it must be returned to them and cannot be touched. If it were to belong to Gadhafi then it simply becomes spoils of war and can be seized by whomever claims it.


The $200 billion dollar figure represents (as Richter points out) ďabout $30,000 for every Libyan citizenĒ. This is the amount that is about to be stolen from the people of Libya.  (A:  Well, whatís new, eh?  Weíve watched this for years now.)


Do you realize... remember when the Gulf War One started?  Do you know how long weíve been at war?  Itís perpetual war, constant conflict... thatís what the military said.  And not only is it conflict abroad, itís conflict on you too, at home, and your minds, through psychological warfare and through governmental warfare upon you as well, anti-terrorism, all that stuff, no privacy.  Itís perpetual and constant conflict. Thatís the name of the game folks. And in the latest military think tank that does the trends for the military for the future Ė which they published again, the recent one Ė they said this is going to go on up to the year 2050.  So thatís an awful lot of pleasant things to look forward to, getting worse and worse and worse.  See, the whole worldís to be changed after all this.  Not just the countries that youíre all sitting back and munching your chips on and watching blood and guts and going, haha, look at them killing another one, you know.  Itís war on you as well.


An article too, and a very good article here, itís called The Rational Optimist, gas against wind power.  It goes through all the nonsense about wind power.  It goes through the economy at the moment, looking for energy and how cheap it would be to get alternate sources.  Well, the energy thatís sitting in the ground, of course, and how the greenies are trying to stop this from all happening.  They want to go wind with these massive towers all over the countryside, noisy things they are too, and they produce very little electricity at all.  He goes through the pros and cons of either and tells you why are we doing this when thereís so much gas sitting underneath the country, especially in Britain, and they donít want to tap it because they want you to all go green... go green, you know. By the way, itís got all the statistics too, and all the birds and bats and things that get killed by these massive windmills every year.  No wonder theyíre all dying off.  These things get shredded when they fly through these propeller blades, eagles and everything; thereís lots of reports here.  Itís all on this site anyway.  Iíll put that up tonight too at the end of the broadcast and you can peruse it for yourself.  Itís not the same as watching real people getting slaughtered, but you can watch the birds getting killed if you want; itís up to you.


Gas against wind - rationaloptimist.com


And of course, one of the oldest things that the governments wanted to do for making the perfect citizen was gene screening basically Ė your genetics.  Theyíve been at this for an awful long time.  HG Wells wrote about it for the Fabian Society, which is just the left-wing side of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as opposed to their other side which runs the corporations, because they always run both sides of everything. And you find that theyíve always wanted to create the perfect citizen, whoís going to be cheap to maintain, meaning he wonít have any possible diseases, etc, he wonít fall ill with any of the vaccines.  And thatís how they make vaccines; they always know thereís going to be a certain percentage of variations of gene types that will come down with chronic diseases and their life will be hell and miserable.  And they actually blame those victims actually for having the wrong genes.  Can you believe that?  Isnít that incredible, eh?  It doesnít fit with their vaccines and they ainít going to change their vaccines to suit you.  Anyway, they also want to make sure that they bring up a placid type of people too.  So in other words, cheap to maintain, placid, obedient, hardworking, all that kind of stuff, but it all goes under doing good to help you and your health, you see. 


Fetal gene screening comes to market

nature.com / 25 October 2011  / Erika Check Hayden


Until last week, scrutinizing a fetus's (A:  Thatís an unborn BABY.) DNA for indications of genetic abnormalities meant tapping into the mother's womb with a needle. Now there's a test that can do it using a small sample of the mother's blood. MaterniT21, a Down's syndrome test that Sequenom of San Diego, California, launched in major centres across the United States on 17 October, is the first of several such tests expected on the market in the next year. (A:  They got a whole batch to let go out; this is just the first one.  They always get one that everybodyís terrified of, you see, and weíve already accepted that itís okay to abort people that have got Down syndrome, you see.  Everybody accepts that now, even though quite a few percentage of them, and Iíve gone through the articles before, are actually false positives; it doesnít matter.)  It signals the arrival of a long-anticipated era of non-invasive prenatal genetic screening, with its attendant benefits and ethical complications (see Nature 469, 289Ė291; 2011).   (A:  And it gives you an article to a previous Nature Magazine article on this topic.)


ďIn the future youíll be able to extract an enormous amount of information from that sequencing data.Ē


With the technology in place to sequence the fetal DNA carried in a pregnant woman's bloodstream, geneticists predict the list of conditions that can be detected by non-invasive means will grow rapidly. Another company, Gene Security Network of Redwood City, California, says its forthcoming test will also check for other genetic abnormalities, and Sequenom is studying the feasibility of expanding its test. 


So itís all on the cards, really, as they come down and down and down to, really, wanting the perfect citizen.  Oh this person MAY have allergies, you know, they MIGHT so letís abort it, and they might have rhinitis, you know, a runny nose, letís abort that as well; who wants that in polite company?  That kind of stuff.  And it will all come down to that eventually.  This oneís got leadership abilities but doesnít belong to the right class, letís get rid of all of them, eh.  Thatís a must-be. 


Iím also putting up tonight too, see, society now is dehumanized, completely. Society has been broken up over the last, since really, since about the 50s onwards just escalating to the present time.  Where, as I say, communities at one time looked after each other and I do remember the times like that.  When I was small, you know, where your mum would make soup or stew or something and send it to someone across the street, and youíd take it in there, they were just out of hospital and you took care of those people.  Now government does everything now, with authority behind them too, you know, all these rules and regulations, etc, etc, and you canít do that; they want to test the soup first and see if itís poisoned or up to their standards, or down to their standards I should say, and stuff like that.  So this is happening worldwide. Whatís interesting, though, is this article about China. 


And Iím sure youíve all heard about the little toddler that got run over in China; itís all over YouTube, etc, and the newspapers.  And how the car didnít stop. Well, it stopped, actually, on top of the child then rolled over it to make sure it was dead, really, because itís actually worse... If youíd injured it the government would make you pay the medical costs, and probably a life policy for that child.  And you see all these people going past it, this child, you know, a bit of curiosity, but thatís unfortunately the way in China.  That is the way in China.  Life is awfully cheap there, awfully cheap, believe you me. 


And itís the model state for the world.  So Iím putting up the YouTube one, for those who like gruesome stuff, to see what happens, but also a link to a write-up on it, to explain whatís happening in China, why that sort of thing happens and what life is like under, really, a centralist, totally centralist type government system.  Remember, itís still communistic.  And how everyoneís terrified of even getting caught doing anything.  Even if someone falls down you wonít help them in case you get sued by the government for knocking that person down.  Even if you didnít do it, it doesnít matter.  And there are actual examples like that there.  And then you might end up getting plasticized and put on some wires and sent off to Hollywood to appear in a movie, you know, as a corpse... that kind of thing.  But thatís the model state for the world.  And this is what they want:  just produce, produce, produce, be cheap, work very cheaply, consume very little and just walk over the dead basically.  Think about it folks.  Think about it.  And thatís our most favored nation trading partner; thatís the status they have under the Free Trade Agreement with the World Trade Organization.  And weíre all going to be like that?  The UN keeps saying, itís the model state for the world. Well I donít want to live in that kind of society, myself, personally.  Mind you, no oneís asking me.  Have you been asked?  Of course you donít get asked about anything, do you?  Youíre too busy enjoying yourselves playing. 


You know, this will be the only society that goes down the tube, itís a new phenomena because theyíre going down the tube, eating stuff thatís still called food Ė itís all junk and rubbish and artificial; doesnít matter Ė but they can go down the tube being pretty poor, and vastly entertained.  Itís quite a technique, that.  Itís never happened before.  But thatís whatís happening.  Thatís whatís happening.  So Iíll put both of those links up tonight for you to see, for those who have got the stomach for it.


A "Must See" Heart Wrenching Video of Moral Deterioration in China

globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com / October 19, 2011


The Death of Good Samaritans - the-diplomat.com / Mu Chunshan / October 24, 2011


And sometimes you have to look into hell, you understand, to understand what youíre really facing.  Avoidance doesnít help at all, this ďlook at the good side.Ē†What do you mean the good side of things?  No.  You must look at the evil side of things, because you see, otherwise it spreads very quickly.  And thatís the problem.  All the new agers are taught, actually taught Ė and government likes this, thatís why they promote a lot of this new age stuff Ė to look on the bright side of things; donít look at the negative, always look at the positive.  And then the next thing you know youíre living in some ghetto somewhere starving to death. Well, thatís what happens, you see, if you donít want to see that train. Well that trainís heading your way.  You want to see it coming so as you can get off... otherwise it goes over you. But thatís up to you of course. 


And there was also a little rebellion in the UK Parliament about pulling out of the EU.  I think 80 members tried to vote to get out of the EU, which is the only safe thing to do, only sensible and sane thing to do.  But itís a global agenda and Cameronís been put in by the big boys.  It wouldnít matter who they put in actually, they always put their own in, on all sides. 


Largest ever EU rebellion rocks British Prime Minister - breitbart.com / Oct 24, 2011


So 483 voted to stay in, against about 111, I think, or something like that.  Anyway, it doesnít really matter.  The fact is theyíre still in the EU and so they must go the suicidal way of losing all identity and history and everything else.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll go to Daniel from the UK there. 


Daniel:  Yeah, you were saying about Australia where theyíre trying to force people to do all this medical information. Well, weíre similar here because when the national census came round this year they said itís a thousand pound fine if you donít fill out the paperwork and send it back.  And they ask you all sorts of personal questions that have no bearing on, you know, what theyíre looking into.† And also, Iíve got an electoral register form come round about a month ago, and I donít vote so I threw it away.  And I got a reminder two weeks later, and I threw that away.  But then this Sunday, 5 oíclock on a Sunday, a woman knocked on the door and said, you havenít had your form back.  This was on a Sunday, you havenít had your electoral register form back.  I said, well I donít intend to vote so what do you need it for?  She says, well it is actually the law, again, a thousand pound fine.  I said, well could you tell me why itís the law that I have to register but not the law that I have to vote?  And she looked at me and she didnít know what to say.  She said, I donít make the rules.  I said, well give me a number of someone who does.† So she gave me the form and says, you can phone this number on the back. But the thing is, what Iím trying to say is that, you know, thereís no reason... why does she need to:  well, I canít answer that.  Well, why would they need to know?  Itís not the law that you have to vote, like in Australia. They say you have to register and put the names of all the people in the house with you, ages and everything, you know.† And they just sort of... they just force it.


Alan:  Itís a legality.  When you register something youíre giving away your right to be an individual Ė thatís a fact Ė with governments.  It doesnít matter.  Same when you register a vehicle, technically theyíve got a hold on that, a lien on that if they want it. So itís the same thing when you register yourself to vote.  It doesnít mean you have to vote, or you will vote, but youíre giving them authority over you regardless.  Because when the other ones vote some party in that means youíre putting yourself under that subjection of that party.  Whereas if you didnít fill it in at all technically, technically and legally in fact too, they really have no right over you. 


Daniel:  Yes.  Now, I think she was trying her luck, and I spoke to a mate and he said yes, she probably gets a commission or something like that, there must be an incentive for them to do it, overtime or something, I donít know. But with regards to another point, you were talking about the privatization of police.  Well, I didnít realize but itís already happened here.  Iím sure you probably know, but I was looking at the Independent newspaper, it said G4S, that big company, they got 17,000, I think itís ex-police on their books, and they actually have them out, in police uniforms, sent out to bump up the numbers in various constabularies. And theyíre completely unaccountable, because there was a testimonial from some family, one of their relatives was beaten up, had brain damage by these police, and there was absolutely no legal recourse because he was private, and they couldnít complain to the IPCC, the police complaint, because they were working for G4S, exactly what you were talking about the other day.† I didnít realize it was already happening here.  But with regards to that and what you said about this Lord, in the 80s, that told you the future would be run by big companies.   Will that be the same model as the British East India Company in Asia, do you think?


Alan:  Yes.  Itís going to be worldwide.  Itís a worldwide system.  And eventually everything that you need, in fact, in society will be privately owned.  And eventually it will be one water company, one food company Ė Iím not kidding you Ė and one law company, one law enforcement company.  Thatís really the goal of it. Even Karl Marx talked about this you know, in the 1800s; thatís what they wanted.


Daniel:  Yeah, I understand.  Okay Alan, thanks very much.


Alan:  And thanks for calling in.


Yeah, most folk just go along with it and put up with it and it gets worse and worse, and thatís how it always will when bullies are running your lives for you.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  And remember, buy the books and disks and donate and help keep me ticking over.



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