Oct. 26, 2011 (#949)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 26, 2011:

Blood Sacrifice then Claim the Prize:

"NATO's Ready for Syria, What a Surprise,
Media Rolls Out Same Formula Lies,
The Big Corporations Grabbing the Oil,
First Must have Blood Saturating the Soil,
Spoils of War Supersede All Laws,
Allowing the Rich to Get Their Paws
On Another Freebie, All from Battle,
Corpses in Body Bags, Young Cattle,
Who Care Not They're Being Used,
Late Adolescents, Hormonal, Confused,
Taxpayer Funded for Those Who Get,
Fat Men Get Spoils, The Public Get Debt"
© Alan Watt Oct. 26, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 26, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 26th of October 2011.  For newcomers, I always start off by advising you to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download; thereís hundreds to choose from.  Hopefully youíll get an understanding of the big system that runs the world. The world doesnít just roll around in space waiting for things to happen.  Youíll find that big powerful groups that have been in charge of the world for a long time run the world and they plan the future, and thatís how they keep control.  You must always plan the future to maintain control and bring your future in, in other words, if youíre a planner.  And thatís really how it happens.  Thatís what geopolitics, too, is all about.  And you also have a form of geopolitics to do with the social orders as well.  Because everything changes, not just those in power in other countries as they get thrown out of power and replaced by puppet governments, but they also change society from within as well.  Academia is on board with this, worldwide, and academia is all connected together across the planet working towards Ė for their masters of course, and better positions in this future society Ė this new world order as they like to call it, a planned utopia for a few, eventually, down the road.  Remember, weíre post-industrial, weíre post-consumer, weíre into austerity now and basically weíre the useless eaters.  And Iím not kidding about that because the big players who helped design this part of the agenda wrote about this in their own books; they love to publish their thoughts for those who want to read them.  So help yourself to the audios. 


Remember too, you can buy the books and disks I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and that keeps me ticking along.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Youíll see all the sites listed there; these are the only official sites I have; anything outside of those sites isnít mine, regardless if the nameís on it or not.  Remember, straight donations are awfully welcome in these days because weíre all going through this inflationary cycle as we go through austerity, mass austerity as they like to call it. 


As I say, what I try to do is to show you the groups, the foundations, the parallel government that others have talked about.   Maggie Thatcher called it that and she joined it after she left her official position in politics, and also Carroll Quigley who was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, a worldwide organization by the way, and he said the same thing, itís a parallel government.  Most big reporters are members of it.  In fact, all big reporters, all big reporters are members of it across the world.  You have to be asked into the organization, you canít simply apply for it, and you must prove your worth to the cause, the cause of global governance as they like to call it and an ordered planned society, run on a kind of socialist basis.  And of course, the big bankers, literally, are the ones behind all of this because the CFR branches are just the branches of the Royal Institute of International Affairs which was founded by the Milner Group joining with the Rhodes Foundation and they were all bankers, every last one of them that founded the organization and still run it today of course.  And they put Prime Ministers and Presidents in as well, and have done for about 80 years now, or even more, according to Carroll Quigleyís Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.  He was the historian for the group. 


Youíre going through, as I say, to the average person itís simply a series of events.  Now, all media is there NOT to influence, really, the events of things, but to influence the general populationís belief on the reality and the reasons of why we go to wars, etc.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about this system that you think is simply evolving.  And as I say, the mainstream media is there to keep that illusion going.  Because they donít have to convince themselves, at the top, what theyíre really doing with the agenda Ė and it is a world agenda; itís out in the open these days Ė but they have to convince the public for the reasons that they go ahead and amalgamate whole continents.  Like the EU for instance, rather than just pull out and go their own ways and hope they can survive, no, everyone must go down together.  Thatís the impression theyíre trying to give Europe.  So what theyíre really doing is convincing the public of the necessity for giving up all sovereignty, the last bits of sovereignty to the EU and go into this central banking system thatís going to take charge of every single country with the IMF up there, the World Bank, etc, etc, and the Bank for International Settlements which is heavily involved in all of this today because the Bank for International Settlements is one of the biggest banks on the whole planet.  Thatís the one that Quigley said would rise to the top.  Thatís the one that deals with all of the cash debt and how theyíre going to pay off their debts, etc.  And thatís what theyíre doing right now across Europe.


So they must convince the general populations of the necessity for, as I say, giving up sovereignty and giving all powers over to the EU.  Thatís what the EU was designed to be, was a huge integrated corporate bloc basically.  Itís a new type of soviet system as well, where they can take cash from one country and give it another, even to do with their welfare programs, take from one and give to another, etc.  Itís an awful powerful institution and thatís what it was meant to be.  Itís a power structure and we should never forget that.  Economics, in this system, everything runs around economics.  So remember that all your laws, all your laws revolve around economics, including murder, just simple things like murder that happens all the time across the planet.  Because when you get punished for murder itís because youíre taking someone whoís an asset out of the picture, someone whoís going to pay taxes and produce for their bosses; thatís really why you get punished. 


And of course, we donít call it murder when Air Forces take off to bomb people so that the big powerful people can grab the assets in a country.  Of course, they always go in for humanitarian reasons; thatís why we go and kill folk.  Do you realize weíre living, literally, in a schizophrenic society?  Itís purposely made schizophrenic by those who control it, because thereís nothing, as Iíve said for over so many years, nothing been studied on the planet so much as man himself.  I mean, we see all these nature programs today and theyíre into beetles and theyíre putting little chips in them and following them across the planet wherever they go.  And even rattlesnakes, in Canada, they follow with chips on them in collars.  But thatís nothing to do... Man himself has been the most studies species for thousands of years by those who rule.  And when you do control people, even thousands of years ago, you donít just pass on the knowledge of how to do it by word of mouth.  Itís written down and itís kept in archives and archives are always kept.  Archives of power are always kept for the few who rule.  And thatís the trick of holding on to the system, the system of cash rules basically. 


And it will never change because those who...  See, youíre living in their system; Iíve said this for many, many years.  The system that you were born and brought up in is not your system.  It didnít evolve by your people by itself.  It was forced upon them, a long, long, long time ago by those who had the money.  And the whole structure of money is international; therefore itís an internationalist movement of course.  So everything revolves around your cash and we live, we breathe by it, actually, we eat by it.  We donít go and plant things anymore.  Itís all dependent on the cash in your pockets. Big government canít exist without it; it needs cash.  And of course, cash represents your labor, so when itís taken from you to be given to anybody else, or even to a boss or whatever, that cash thatís supposed to be your wages ends up... thatís called slavery actually.  Itís a form of slavery. 


Now, Iíve talked about perpetual wars; constant conflict is the actual term used by the military.  And Iíve put up the site so many times about one of the articles from the military magazine, when they talked about Constant Conflict.  Itís not just across the planet, as I say; itís also inter-cultural as well, as they change all of the societies and destroy the previous cultures to bring in the new.  And thatís been awfully well accomplished as well.  But we see this monotonous behavior, as I say, since Gulf War 1, this monotonous behavior of going into one country after another and the same lies come out each time they want to attack another country.  And it works every time because the public cannot believe theyíre getting so blatantly lied to.  Thatís how sheep generally are, and I say sheep because everyoneís a sheep until they wake up. 


Now, this article here is an awful article actually, from Fox News and itís about the next war of course.  Israel wants it. The US wants it; thereís no doubt about it.  Because itís the same list, you see, as the New American Century group put out back in the 90s of all the countries they wanted to take out.  Israel wanted them to go through one after another, whereas the US wanted to have a breathing space in between to build up the propaganda before theyíd invade.  So anyway, this one here is about Senator John McCain.


Sen. McCain Says U.S. May Consider Military Action in Syria

foxnews.com / October 23, 2011 / Associated Press


SOUTHERN SHUNEH, Jordan Ė  U.S. Senator John McCain (Alan:  Thatís son of Cain, for some strange reason.) said Sunday that military action to protect civilians in Syria might be considered now that NATO's air campaign in Libya is ending.  (A:  Now, they were already planning that long before they even went into Libya, and discussing it.  And they printed it out too because as I say, their list was printed back in the 90s and is simply being continued by Obamaís group, thatís really the same group behind the scenes.  Anyway, itís the same propaganda. And we had Richard Haass who was the CFR top fella come out and admitted that, yeah, they used all the propaganda about Ďsaving civiliansí and that was an excuse to get in there.  That came out in the mainstream and on the CFRís own site and I put it up there too; itís in the archives section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  But here they go again.)


However, President Barack Obama's administration has made clear it has no appetite for military intervention in Syria (A:  Well they have to say that because heís running again, you see.  Thereís nothing truthful in this article at all.) Syria -- a close ally of Iran (A:  See, so Iranís bad. Thatís like saying the world Nazi, you know.  Weíve already smeared them until you just mention Iran and itís like oh, Nazi.) that sits on Israel's border (A:  See theyíre taking out all of Israelís possible enemies.) -- and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton noted Sunday that the Syrian opposition has not called for such action as President Bashar Assad's regime.


"Now that military operations in Libya are ending, there will be renewed focus on what practical military operations might be considered to protect civilian lives (A:  So here they go again with Ďprotecting civiliansí and then afterwards the top guys, who run all the newspapers, like Haass in the CFR, will admit that it was just a lie that they used to get in. But why do they keep giving the same lies to the general public and then printing the truth?  Well they must always reveal the method of how they conned you afterwards, knowing that weíre all so stupid that weíll accept it the next time again too.  Thatís how simple it is.  So anyway...) in Syria," McCain said at the World Economic Forum in Jordan. "The Assad regime should not consider that it can get away with mass murder. Qaddafi made that mistake and it cost him everything," (A:  Even though, of course, they gave blatantly false numbers of folk who were being killed in the first place.  AND for the fact that the soft power tactics that were to lead into hard power were published years ago by those who set up the regime. Even the United Nations talked about it; soft power are the NGOs that go in from outside countries and agitate.  Theyíre professional; theyíve been trained how to agitate and get all the students to rebel, etc.  And then thatís followed up by hard power.). . .


"Iran's rulers would be wise to heed similar counsel," McCain said.


It was not clear whether the Republican senator from Arizona was referring to American or NATO military action against the Syrian regime, which has waged a 7-month crackdown on opposition protesters (A:  And then they give the same kind of figures they gave for Libya...) and killed about 3,000 people, according to the U.N. 


The UN also, remember, is meant to be world government so they depend upon wars to give themselves more power, where they can turn round and say, oh look, dear, dear, dear, look what theyíre doing now, you need world government.  The United Nations was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations to BE a world government.  So thereís nothing you can believe in a straight blatant propaganda piece like this, which it is, and you canít really believe, especially, these top writers that work for the CFR that are on every newspaper across the planet basically, in every country.  Because thatís their job, is to lie to you.  They all want world government.  And some of them have come out blatantly in their own magazines and said so.  So anyway, thatís whatís happening across the world as far as the ongoing wars go and they havenít stopped yet, and after Syria theyíve got other countries to go as well, on the list.


Now, Iíve put out and Iíve read articles on the air over the years about the drug dealing coming in, by the CIA, into North America.  Itís as old as the hills actually.  We had the Iran-Contra scandals, for those that care to go back and look at them again.  Weíve had people who worked for the US Coast Guard, who had been in Special Forces before that, who came out and found out that other old mates, his old friends, were working for the CIA bringing the drugs into the country while his job was to stop them coming in.  I put that up too, and that guy I think was eventually killed.  But thereís nothing new in this at all.  Drugs have always been used by the high elite for power. And the US used it, in fact, when they did go into Iraq.  They dropped opium, blocks of it, from the air; that was in the mainstream as well.  This says...


Mexican drug suspect: U.S. gave me immunity

cbsnews.com / October 26, 2011  / Sharyl Attkisson


(CBS News)  A Mexican drug suspect awaiting trial in Chicago is making a startling claim. He insists he can't be prosecuted because he worked as an informant and had a secret immunity deal with the U.S. government.


Prosecutors say Vicente Zambada-Niebla oversaw drug running on a massive scale into the U.S. But now, from behind bars at a maximum security prison in Chicago, he's making his own explosive accusations -- that U.S. government agents have been aiding Mexico's infamous Sinaloa cartel -- even tipping off leaders on how to avoid capture.  (A:  And Iíll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about the drugs coming into the US, which theyíve been doing for years, and thereís been so many scandals in the past about the CIA being involved in it. And itís not just the CIA.  Youíll find every intelligence group on the planetís involved in the cocaine industry; itís such big, big black budget cash they can get out of it too.  Plus it takes down societies; you use drugs as weapons as well on societies too.  Remember that, always remember that.  Anyway, Iíll put this link up tonight and Iíll put all these articles up tonight in fact at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the broadcast. 


And this other one is quite amazing too.  Itís to do with the Justice Department.  It says...


Justice Department Proposes Letting Government Deny Existence of Sensitive Documents

foxnews.com /  Shannon Bream  / October 26, 2011


(A:  In other words, the Justice Department is proposing legalizing that the government can lie to you, LEGALLY in other words, you know.  Theyíve always done it.  I mean, thatís what politics is. But itís quite interesting.)


A longtime internal policy that allowed Justice Department officials to deny the existence of sensitive information could become the law of the land -- in effect a license to lie -- if a newly proposed rule becomes federal regulation in the coming weeks.


The proposed rule directs federal law enforcement agencies, after personnel have determined that documents are too delicate to be released, to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests "as if the excluded records did not exist."  (A:  And thatís what theyíll tell you to your face: they donít exist; itís all a lie.)


Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, says the move appears to be in direct conflict with the administration's promise to be more open.


"Despite all the talk of transparency, I can't think of what's less transparent than saying a document does not exist, when in fact, it does," Sekulow told Fox News.


Justice Department officials say the practice has been in effect for decades, dating back to a 1987 memo from then-Attorney General Edwin Meese.  (A:  So a memoís all they need up at the top.  I guess thatís their form of law.)


In that memo, and subsequent similar internal documents, Justice Department staffers were advised that they could reply to certain FOIA requests as if the documents had never been created. That policy never became part of the law -- or even codified as a federal regulation -- and it was recently challenged in court.


Earlier this year, in a case involving the Islamic Council of Southern California brought against the FBI after the plaintiffs learned about the existence of documents denied by the FBI, a federal judge in California expressed great concern about the agency using the internal policy not only in response to the FOIA (A:  The Freedom Of Information Act request.) but to mislead the court. (A:  Well thatís what they do.  People seem to think weíre like the movies, where they show you catastrophe movies and all the chain of command all the way up to the President, theyíre all so honest and they canít sleep, about worrying about the people and stuff like that.  Thatís propaganda. Weíve never had transparency in ANY government, as far as I can see, ever.)


A final version of the proposal could be issued by the end of 2011. If approved, the new rule would officially become a federal regulation with the force of law. (A:  So in other words, they can actually legalize lying for themselves, for themselves only of course, but thatís what governmentís all about, isnít it.  Itís all to do with themselves, because weíre just the gophers at the bottom that are kept in the dark.)


And also, thereís to do with the Eurozone crisis, I was mentioning this earlier, how they give you massive crisis that makes no sense to anybody.  But the whole point is not sense; they donít have to give sense to you. The whole point of crisis is making crisis.  It puts you off guard.  It puts you off kilter.  It makes you fearful.  And then the whole public will say, when laws are passed like the amalgamation of Europe, like total amalgamation, no sovereignty at all, theyíll say, well I guess, what else could they do... they had to... weíd all be broke if we didnít do it.  And weíll make the excuses ourselves, at the bottom.  So thereís an article here from the Council on Foreign Relations.  Itís called...


The Eurozone in Crisis - cfr.org / Christopher Alessi, Associate Staff Writer  / October 18, 2011


And this is really put out... thereís a bit of a history lesson in it, in fact.  They tell you some of the major players who helped set up the EU, what their goal was.  Their goal, from the very first, was economic, total economic integration and then of course it meant political integration, and step by step how they managed to bring it in, pull it off, and always lie to the public.  But theyíre all for it at the CFR because as I say, the CFR drafted all of this up, this amalgamation for Europe a long time ago, only they called it the Royal Institute of International Affairs at the time for the British side.  They also, from the CFR, admitted here they drafted up the amalgamation idea, that the Presidents and Prime Ministers signed for Canada, the US and Mexico. That was on national television in Canada in 2005 when they came out, as the CFR openly, on television and says, yeah we drafted it up and gave it to them to sign.  This is a private organization.  I hope you realize this.  Private organizations run the world.  They advise, meaning they tell governments what to do and the CFR boasts that itís the main advisor of government.  So thatís really what youíre living through. 


And from the CFR too, is also The Health of Nations.  Youíve probably heard about, oh we must get everybody across the planet vaccinated.  Suddenly itís a big thing, not just to save folk from getting killed by their own administrations by bombing the populations, but we must also get everyone, thereís a big hype about interactive diseases, maybe not fatal, but this is the big thing from the World Health Organization.  So all the top players in the CFR go into action, the ones that are designated to do all the health blurbs for them, and then thatís repeated through all major media.  Because these characters who write this stuff not only are in the CFR, they are at the top of all major media. 


The Health of Nations: New Interactive Disease Map - blogs.cfr.org / October 25, 2011 / Stewart M. Patrick


Iíll put that up too.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and thereís George from Philly hanging on the phone there.  Are you there George?


George:  Yes, good evening Mr Watt.  How are you tonight?  Not too bad?


Alan:  Not too bad.  Itís a bit chilly outside, but itís been chilly here for a few weeks.


George:  Yeah, here too.  Good, good, glad to hear it.  First I wanted to say before I got onto my topic, I had attempted to order your Reality Check Part 2 but Iím having some trouble with the PayPal, so as soon as thatís resolved Iíll be purchasing that and perhaps a book.† But onto my topic, my question.  I need your insight on something currently happening in the world today.  And it ties in with the celebrity scientists involved in evolution and eugenics.  Okay, we had Herbert Spencer who called it survival of the fittest.† Charles Darwin called it natural selection.† More recently, the year I was born, matter of factly, you had Carl Sagan speaking of what he called artificial selection; I call it unnatural, particularly nowadays.  But you recall he displayed a particular species of crab, whose shell, contours, resembled the face of a Japanese samurai.  So the fisherman and crabbers, and what have you, would toss this crab back into the waters resulting in a bumper crop, if you will, of this species of crab.  He called this artificial selection.  Now the other day I came, or rather a week or two ago I came across a news article.  A man here on the east coast approximately 10 years ago donated multiple amounts of sperm and they were talking about it on the mainstream news, how he has 50 kids across the country, 50 half kids.† Now, Iím telling a friend of mine about this.  He canít believe it.  He wonít believe it.  Because heís normal he canít believe that there would be a system in place like that which would, without any control.† So we go to his computer to verify it and then we discover that thereís another man who has 170 half children.  So my question is this, and I want your insight and input on this.  Is that unnatural selection, artificial selection, does it matter what you call it?  And being that it is artifice, you know, itís man tampering with nature.† If there is no control over this, and you know, the books youíve recommended to me, they have stated many times how they wanted to alter the human species.  How does this tie in to this, and in which way and why?  And the reason I called you to ask is because when I read the mainstream news articles and hear about it on TV, theyíre not talking about potential benefits or negativities in regards to this.† Theyíre talking about the surrogate mothers now suing, looking for child support from the donors.† And if you have 170 half kids out there youíre in deep trouble in that regard.  But you see, as we both know, mainstream news, especially local mainstream news here in Philadelphia, is all gossipy.  Itís a magazine. Itís like reading Maxim magazine really.† And goes down for the money.  And I just wanted to get your input on that in regards to whatís true, whatís not true in regards to evolution.  I mean, as we all know, a great man once said, a lie thatís half truth is ever the darkest of lies, or something to that degree.


Alan:  And plus itís an agenda too.  I mean, Science, itís a name weíve all been trained to believe:  if itís scientific it must be true.  Thatís how weíre taught to think.  And of course, youíre seeing so many scientific frauds coming out into the open even today.  I read earlier in the week about cancer research and how it was bogus research, published for 10 years; the Mayo clinics have all taken it up so theyíre actually practicing bogus science, run on bogus theories, and they had to admit that eventually.† You got to understand the big picture behind all of this too.  In Darwinís day, and itís interesting with Darwin himself, Charles Darwin was the end product of a particular inbreeding program that was being practiced.


George:  I understand Spencer wrote his stuff before Darwin.  Is that correct?


Alan:  Yes.  And you got to understand too, that Charles Darwinís grandfather wrote basically the same book that Charles brought out. 


George:  What was the title of that book, by the way?


Alan:  Again, it was to do with most favored races, etc, and evolution, etc. 


George:  What was his grandfatherís name?


Alan:  Oh, I canít quite remember; youíll find it on Wikipedia quite easily.  The thing is though, Charlesís grandfather, his father and himself all married the Wedgwood family.  Thatís where they took their wives from.


George:  The pottery, they were pottery folk, were they not?


Alan:  They were more than just pottery.  They werenít actually like manual workers.  No.  They owned massive factories, of course, very, very rich people.


George:  There were like high...


Alan:  Yeah.  And the name itself is adopted.


George:  Wedgwood wasnít their real name, youíre saying?


Alan:  No.  It wasnít.


George:  Do you know what their real name was?


Alan:  You have to dig in and youíll find it yourself.† Youíll find, as I say, that the Darwins only married that one family for generations.  And when Charlesís wife died he married his motherís sister.


George:  Yeah, yeah, he married his aunt. 


Alan:  You find too, that they were interrelated with the Huxleys, the Huxley family, and a few other big players.  So what we realize is, there was a movement, not just a movement, obviously a society, at that time, and probably long, long before that Ė I think this is just the tail end of something that had been going on for generations.  Even in ancient history Pharaohs would marry their sisters often to keep it in the family lineage. 


George:  I remember taking an anthropology class and they mentioned something, that royalty had something called manna and if a commoner had mated with royalty the manna would kill the pauper, if you will.


Alan:  You had royal blood.  Thatís what Ďroyal bloodí means, the ĎSangreal,í you know.  And so they had royal blood and they also...


George:  Sangreal... was that the word?


Alan:  Thatís what they used in the French, yeah.  And the thing is too, even the commoners were taught that if they just touched, just touched the body of a king you could be cured, like he was a messiah, of a disease.  And so thatís what they taught the public.  But this whole idea of interbreeding, genealogy goes back even into Biblical fashions. 


George:  What do you think of it amongst the commoners though sperm donation, where we have people who have upwards of 170 children they donít know about?


Alan:  Well, I tell you, it isnít haphazard, number one.  You see, you got to go back, again, into this movement, and the tail end of the movement too, the Huxleys, read Julian Huxleyís books about special breeding the population.


George:  I did read [Brave New World] Revisited.


Alan:  Look at Julian Huxley, his brother.† His brother was the first CEO of UNESCO for the United Nations and he talked about it too, the need for this.  And then you go into Bertrand Russellís books, Lord Bertrand Russell, and he talked about that.  He said, if we could breed out the commoner by introducing noble blood into them and do away with their inferior traits, he says, but of course they would never go for this if we made it law.  So theyíd have to find other ways to do it.  And eventually out came these sperm banks.   Now, these sperm banks are not haphazard at all. 


George:  They canít be.


Alan:  No, theyíre not, no.  And neither are the recipients, by the way, because these recipients...


George:  Yeah, before you continue, Iím sorry.  I imagine, like if I donate some sperm, I would imagine they would say, oh well this woman wants this kind of child, this donor would be appropriate for whatever their reasons might be to give birth to that child.


Alan:  Yeah, but the woman herself will have a complete background and genealogical check for DNA to see if sheís suitable for the type that they want to give her, you see.  And they order this stuff in from central banks.


George:  Would it be reaching too far to say theyíre trying to create a... well, theyíve said it themselves, they wanted to create a new species of humans.


Alan:  Well, as I say, Bertrand Russell said, we couldnít force it on the public.  How else will you do it?


George:  You make it chic.


Alan:  You make it chic, in a society where at the same time youíre making men sterile.


George:  Yeah.  Ho-ho, Iíve noticed that.


Alan:  You see.  So you put the two things together and absolutely youíve got that.


George:  The new normal here is, oh, yeah, Iím 14 with a kid and my grandmotherís 37.  That is sick.† But, you know, people grow up, itís normal.  I mean, I grew up in a house with a mother and father who are still together; Iím 32.  And I meet people who come from these broken families and they say, oh you come from a nice family, like itís a shock to them.† Like a total shock.† They canít believe it. 


Alan:  And again, this was all encouraged from the top down, not from the bottom up. 


George:  Right.  Well, Plato said that; I have his Republic in the basement, which I never would have picked up if it...


Alan:  Yeah, he said, all women will be shared in common.  And of course, people think theyíre free today and that sex, you just go from one to the other.  Technically theyíve achieved their goal by telling women theyíre all free to have as much sex with anybody as they want.  So theyíve achieved a goal that Plato talked about, where women will be ultra-promiscuous, they wonít want a permanent partner.


George:  Gay and heterosexual people have... you know, the children of both gay and heterosexual people have 2 daddies or 2 mommies.† So either way youíre getting two different father figures, so to speak, both of whom are probably incompetent. 


Alan:  Well, theyíre definitely biased, you know.


George:  I may be being a bit judgmental here but I donít know.


Alan:  Thereís no doubt about it that the childís going to pick up the traits and the PC way of life of their parents. 


George:  Heís going to pick up more traits from the father figure he sees 5 days a week than he does 2. 


Alan:  Yeah, but weíre definitely living in a eugenical society.  Itís all eugenics, thatís all you hear now.


George:  I can recall when I was in high school we were given Brave New World for summer reading.  I came back senior year and I was ranting and raving to my classmates and my teacher, canít you see this is whatís happening?† And no one got it.  And no one read the book either, because it was summer reading.  And even if it was during school time they still wouldnít have read it. They would have cheated, they all cheated.† There was another thing in Philly here about a month ago, ah, some of our highest ranking schools have been caught cheating on tests. And I had to laugh because the cheating, I went to one of those schools and the cheating was always going on.  I can remember going around during lunchroom and stealing all their cheat sheets, just to be the little, you know, the little smart punk I was back then.  I guess I still am now to a degree but, you know, Iím on my way.† Before I was.... oh, you were going to say something.


Alan:  I was going to say too, that, I mean in places like Los Angeles there and Hollywood, itís quite common and normal for a single wealthy woman to order the sperm that she wants.  And from what ethnic group she wants it from.  What height was the father, height, the whole bit.  Work...


George:  Well, even those actors go back generations upon generations.  I was watching a black and white adaptation, movie adaptation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and it was Barrymore, and that was like 1921. 


Alan:  And donít forget too, that people in the societies who are all for this global government, itís not just about government, itís a whole different society theyíre talking about, you understand.  And even Shelley, Shelley when he was with a bunch of other writers and famous people of his day, and his wife...


George:  Shelley of Frankenstein?


Alan:  Yeah.  They actually talked about this.  His wife wrote the Frankenstein book, you know.


George:  Well, she did write a book about a scientist making a man.


Alan:  Yeah, she did.


George:  You know what I donít understand, in the science fiction I grew up with, these mad eugenicists and Social Darwinists and the creatures attempting to turn humans into a collective intelligent hive mind, they were always the villain.† So why would you depict the villain in order to push what is the goal?  Wouldnít you have the hero trying to make that happen?


Alan:  Well actually, this is the trick with psychology and how often you bring in the opposite of what you think, what you think, when youíve got limited knowledge of whatís going on, what you think is supposed to be brought in.  Itís an occultic technique, thereís a lot of occultic techniques in behavior modification, ruling behavior, upgrading behavior.  Thereís a lot of tricks played, and the victim must never really know how itís happening, or it wonít work.  So you play the same things which have been proven to work over thousands of years.  And itís also a technique of making you feel safe... oh, that will never happen... oh, that could never happen.  And what itís actually doing, even as youíre watching those kind of movies or reading those books, itís programming you to the possibility.  So it opens your mind to it and familiarizes you with a sequence of events.


George:  Oh, you know what?  I remember that happening.  I was watching, years ago, an episode of the 1990s animated X-Men series.  And they were showing the origin of one of their mad eugenicist villains, who they called Mr Sinister.† And you know, sinister has two meanings.  It means Ďto the leftí and in the modern sense Ďevil.í 


Alan:  Thatís right.


George:  And I could go on about that but Iíll put that on hold.  But anyhow, at the end of the episode, my boy turns to me and says, well why were the townspeople chasing the Sinister character out of town, if he was just healing people?  And I turned to him and said, well you know sinister just means to the left, so he was just thinking to the left I suppose.  And that corroborates what you just said, before I gave that little anecdote to that cartoon I watched as a teenager.


Alan:  Thereís the left-hand path and then the right-hand path, or dexterous. 


George:  Now, I always wondered, why is the left associated with evil, going back forever?


Alan:  It goes back into ancient times where it all began, where the religions came out of in fact, even in desert peoples, to do with hygiene and what hand you use for certain things.  Whereas the other one was clean and you could shake hands, etc, but the other one was always considered dirty. But because they were so much down on women they always associated that, eventually, when it came into the knightly orders, of being sinister as well.  Not quite clean, not quite open, devious Ė thatís another term they gave to it too.  So thatís how that came out to be.


George:  What exactly does mercurial mean?


Alan:  Mercurial?  I might touch on that when I come back from this break.  Hold on.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just to explain mercurial.  I suppose itís not the computer type, mercurial, that the caller meant, but itís to do with mercury itself, because mercury is a planet thatís got a strange orbit.  It comes really close in and then far out again. In other words, itís fire and water; thatís what they call it, fire and water.  And fire and water also pertains to the temperament of the person, where youíre quick to anger but you can also be quick to cool down.  It also means as well, I mean all the symbols of mercury Ė wherever you see symbols anywhere take good note of them Ė because mercury was the messenger, remember, of the Gods.  And mercury also, as I say, itís fire and water, itís two different things, but itís the patron saint as well for soldiers, mercenaries; thatís where you get Ďmercí from, mercenary, and merchants.  So itís odd, that, isnít it?  Merchants too.  Just like today, you know, you get the mercenaries who go in first and take down a country and the merchants, or the corporations as we call them today, take over and plunder them.  So thatís their patron saint, is the messenger.  And of course, he brings from God the wrath of God, or he can bring peaceful tidings depending if you just give in and surrender first or whatever. 


So symbols are highly important by the societies who rule today.  Look at the big corporate logos and study them because youíll learn an awful, awful lot about, really, how they really work.  And where theyíll never admit something blatantly to you, or to the media in your spoken language, they certainly will represent it by the emblems that they actually use.  And always remember that.  Look at the emblem for the United Nations for instance, and youíll see the oak leaves; thatís for victory.  The victory of what?  Conquering the planet.  Thatís what itís for.  And then look at all the sections, as they cut the globe into grids, and count them and those who have been into studying Masonry and different stuff will understand what it all means, and quite openly too. 


Iíd like to finish tonight too, by putting up communitarianism is the way for the future, in the US too.  Itís got many names, by the way, Agenda 21, sustainable living, the Millennium Project, all from the United Nations, are involved now with the housing and urban development projects across the States.  And the US governmentís put in millions and millions of dollars into it now.  It says...



portal.hud.gov / HUD No. 10-233 / Brian Sullivan  / October 14, 2010


Part of Obama Administrationís Partnership for Sustainable Communities

WASHINGTON Ė For the first time ever, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is awarding nearly $100 million in new grants to support more livable and sustainable communities across the country. HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan today announced that 45 regional areas (A:  Again, theyíre cutting in to regions in the States.) will receive funding through a new initiative intended to build economic competitiveness (A:  Who are you going to compete with, I donít know, China?) by connecting housing with good jobs, quality schools and transportation.  


Now remember, when you look at all of this and youíve read the Agenda 21, it says quite plainly, thereíll be no private transportation in these communities. And itís true enough, some of them that theyíve built already elsewhere, youíre not allowed to travel through by car, unless itís essential vehicles only, ambulance, fire and so on, police.  And thatís to be the same way in Britain.   Now, they told people in Britain, for years, to go by the commercial trains and buses, etc, and you donít need your cars anymore.  Now theyíre into communitarianism, theyíre actually cutting thousands of jobs on the railroads, etc.  In other words, youíre stuck in your little community just like the new soviet, which we actually are all in, or the rest of us will be shortly.  Thatís your new world order, but we donít have to live that long, by 2050 most of us will be gone.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  Remember, buy the books and the disks at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.



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