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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 1, 2011:

As Internet is Soaring Content to Get Boring:

"New Rules for the Internet Coming Your Way,
Background Checks, Licensing, What You Can Say,
Using Professors Like Paul Cornish for Speeches,
To Rebuild From the Bottom, Say Taxfunded Leeches,
No Doubt About It, All Govs. on Track
To Legislate Laws, Take All Power Back,
So You'll Parrot the Mainstream, Authorized,
Any Deviations Will Be Penalized,
Political Correctness is the Order of Day,
Goodie-Two-Shoes Will Be Licensed, Safe What They Say"
© Alan Watt Nov. 1, 2011


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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 1st of November 2011.  For newcomers, I always kick off the broadcast by advising you to go into and to help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  There’s hundreds to choose from and hopefully you’ll understand eventually this mammoth system that overlays the world, the real parallel government that runs the world via its money systems and everything.  Everything spins off of money.  Governments all spin off of money. Everything runs on money.  So the money systems at the top, the big foundations which they run and their armies of non-governmental organizations and private enterprises too, which also work together, to force the world along a designed path basically.  And that’s how the world is truly run.  It’s always planned for the future and they make it happen for themselves.   Those in power would never leave things to chance.  They must ensure they’re always in power, and their offspring take over to stay in power, for as long as it takes, forever if need be.  And that’s how the world really is.  It’s very, very simple.  And we’re living through the big changes as they basically take the whole planet over and force everything into one system.  It’s far easier for them to control then and they can plunder the whole planet much easier then too.  And you’d be surprised at how many in academia are on board with this too, because they get funding from grants, again, from these foundations and big banks, etc, to be on board with the big agenda.  I try to start to go into some of the associations to do with academia and work them together for you as well.  Go into the archives section at and you’ll find a lot about that in there, lots of links to videos, for those that have to watch videos, and there’s a lot of links for those who like to read.  It’s up to yourselves.  But we are certainly not just plowing along day by day with politicians making decisions as crises come out of the blue.  Nothing comes out of the blue in this system.  It’s all well, well anticipated, if not in fact brought on. 


Remember [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are really, really welcome in this time of inflation as the dollar gets devalued.  And the Canadian dollar gets devalued along with the American because we’re tied at the hip basically through trade and the same banks and all the rest of it. 


Now, as I say, the whole world is going through the big shakeup and big players talked about this 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago, that this would be the greatest thing since the industrial revolution, where in the industrial revolution the idea was to get all the peasants off the land, all the little plot farmers and farmers off the land into these filthy places they’d thrown up called cities, manufacturing cities, to get them to work for very, very cheap labor, which was very successful for those who basically designed it all.  And today of course it’s migrations, massive migrations across the world, of labor, along with goods for free trade.  And that’s part of the World Trade Organization’s treaty from the United Nations that everyone signed onto an awful long time ago and that’s part of the treaty that goes all the way back to the late 1800s with the Milner Group and the Rhodes Society that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations...  all the same system basically.  And that was the idea, was to create free trade across the whole planet and the free transportation; in other words, no tariff barriers to importation of goods from abroad, and also labor, because the idea was eventually to bring very, very cheap labor into first world countries and bring down the first world countries, to a level playing field basically, across the world.  A standardization of the planet. 


And believe you me, it’s a racist thing.   It’s a eugenical idea too because they don’t see the peasant from one country any different than the peasant of another.  They have no national affiliations at the top.  They are truly global.  They believe they have evolved higher because they have all the power.  And I’ve talked about that so many times; I might touch on it tonight.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and as I say, I try to present the changes that are happening today, why they’re happening.  I add the parts in generally that the media tends to leave out, by design.  Because the media’s all owned and operated by members of the Council on Foreign Relations; has been for 100 years basically.  And that’s how Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for this organization, worded it himself.  He says, they put special magazines out for different classes of people.  The ones who are the managerial class, who work in Washington DC or capital cities, and the ones for the middle classes who are working with plants and factories and all the rest of it, and then again they do all the rags, as they call it, rags for the public down below, the general working classes.  So they had it all designed an awful long time ago. They give each group their thoughts, which adds to their belief systems and their reality system, all merged together. And that’s why they think they exist; they’re doing this because they’re just trying to save this or save that or cause this


In other words, every group is catered to by the Council on Foreign Relations.  And believe you me, they have all types of members in it.  They have revolutionaries.  They have right-wing, left-wing.  And they have dictators on board as well.  And they have union leaders on board, because they run all the unions as well. Everything’s run by the same organization at the top.  It’s quite amazing.  And again, it’s classified as a private think tank, an organization of people who get together, like-minded people, who get together for change, basically, to combat and to think about or guide change, but mainly to advise governments, across the world.  It’s the biggest think tank. 


Anyway, they give us all the heroes and zeros and anybody who’s anybody is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, or the Royal Institute of International Affairs for the British side.  And they have them across the planet.  Anyway, they put in experts and all the rest of it.  An expert from Bath, this is a wonderful example of what Bertrand Russell said.  He says, eventually just the word expert, will make people believe he’s a specialist; you wouldn’t even have to say what he was a specialist in.


Bath expert calls for international co-operation over cyber attacks / November 1, 2011


An expert from Bath (Alan:  That’s a place, you see.) has called for greater international co-operation at all levels to combat cyber attacks and online crime.


Professor Paul Cornish, recently-appointed professor of international security at the University of Bath, was today attending a two-day conference organised by the Government in London.  (A:  So he’s just been appointed, you see. So you know, if you’re going to get appointed to one of these things you’re questioned and tested and given the nudge and the wink in the lodge, etc., to make sure that you’re going to go along with the agenda and be a real advocate, a real true believer, and push, you know, for change in the area that you’re put into.  So he’s just appointed and here he goes attending a big conference for the government of London.)


​The London Conference on Cyberspace took place as the head of GCHQ disclosed that a “significant” attempt to penetrate the computer systems of the Foreign Office and other government departments had been made over the summer.


Professor Cornish welcomed the admission by Iain Lobban: “The cyber security threat is very serious and shows every sign of vigorous expansion.  (A:  Well, this is his job; he’s just been appointed to that.  He’s got to be gung-ho, you see.  And if there’s not much happening you got to make it as though there is a lot happening, because he’s got an agenda to fulfill.  And what is the agenda?  It’s to basically COMPLETELY ALTER the internet, total policing, a set level of rules, regulations of what you can say, what you can’t say, all PC, very politically correct, and this is what his job is.  So he goes through this pablum under this guise of terrorism, cyber threat...)


“It’s noticeable and very welcome that high-level officials, especially those in the intelligence agencies, are coming forward with comments such as this. This openness will help to cultivate what I have been arguing for some time: the development of a national ‘culture’ of cyber security. Others refer to the need for more ‘cyber hygiene’ as far as anti-virus protection is concerned, for example. But we also need a similar level of engagement and interest from the private sector, the third sector and from individuals.”


He said there was a move away from the historic view of the internet as neutral space that must not be interfered with by political or security agencies.  (A:  For those who are hard of thinking, I’ll just say it again...)


He said there was a move away from the historic view of the internet as neutral space that must not be interfered with by political or security agencies. 


“It’s now plain to all concerned that the internet is being used for a wide variety of unacceptable practices, from child pornography (A:  They always use that one; that’s why they’ve always made sure there’s lots of it up there.), to identity theft, to fraud, to terrorism and to espionage.”


Prof Cornish, who was appointed in September, said the best answer to all these threats was “to encourage the development of internationally acceptable norms and standards from the bottom up rather than the top down.”  (A:  That means literally sussing you out to see if you should be allowed on the internet, from the bottom; you’re at the bottom, you see.  A complete background check on you and then if you fall into a certain category they’ll police you for a while as a sort of test, a period to see if you pass the test, but they’ll keep watching you regardless.  And again, with servers too, that’ll give you limited access, etc, etc.  That’s what it’s all about, folks.)


He added: “We already have a range of agreements – such as a cyber crime convention – and we already understand what we mean when we talk about cross-border criminal investigations, for example. So we should be able to use these established methods and ideas and extend them into the cyber realm rather than have to start all over again and spend many years negotiating a treaty which will be out of date as soon as it’s published.”


Representatives of 60 countries gathered in London (A:  ...60 countries.) in an attempt to secure the benefits of the internet amid concern about rising levels of cyber attacks and online crime.  (A:  This is their excuse for it all.)


Foreign Secretary William Hague has called for a “collective endeavour” to ensure the “enormous potential” of cyberspace for developing a safer, more prosperous world is fully realised. 


Britain wants to develop a set of international “rules of the road”, establishing “norms of acceptable behaviour in cyberspace, while stopping short of the full treaty advocated by some countries. 


Now, in other words, they’re going to GET to the full treaty of total policing advocated by some countries, by doing it this way from the bottom up.  And eventually you’ll have a whole bunch of hurdles to jump over and loops to get through before you’re even allowed on the net, and then again you’ll be on probation, etc.  That’s coming folks.  That’s what’s really on its way.  And then you go into the articles too, what they’re doing in other countries.  Now, when they do something in another country like Germany, remember, your governments are already doing it on you at home.  And this one’s about...


German authorities plant spyware on citizens’ computers

The software could let authorities spy via webcams and microphones.  (A:  Now, they’re already doing that in the States, in all the school computers that they have the children buy through the school system.  And I’ve got articles up there from 2, 3, 4 years ago on this very thing, where headmasters have been watching students undress for instance, at their home via the webcam on the computers.  But that’s okay apparently; that’s authorized.) / Siobhan Dowling / October 27, 2011


Dirk Engling, of Chaos Computer Club, shows the control software for the Trojan spyware allegedly made by the German authorities (R) monitoring the traffic on a remote computer (L). The club cracked the spying software that could allow German authorities to peer through webcams. The news has sparked outrage among politicians and media commentators.


BERLIN, Germany — It’s the stuff of modern nightmares.


A seemingly innocuous email plants malicious spyware on your computer, allowing strangers to not only access your private communications but also to spy on you in your own home.


The fact that such invasive technology was deployed by officials in Germany has caused uproar here.


While the monitoring of internet telephone communications is allowed by German law in serious cases, it has emerged that software deployed by some law enforcement agencies was capable of much more intrusive snooping, raising serious concerns about the potential for a “Big Brother” level of surveillance.


The use of so-called “Trojan horse” software by authorities in a number of German states came to light after the Computer Chaos Club, a hacker group, published details of their examination of spyware planted on a laptop in Bavaria.


It found that the software — developed by a private company called DigiTask for the Bavarian police — was capable of much more than just monitoring internet phone calls. It could take screenshots, remotely add files and control a computer’s microphone or webcam to monitor the person’s home. However, the authorities insist that they did not deploy these functions.  (A:  Of course not; they just put them on because one day, you know, who knows...)  Investigations are ongoing.


Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant with British computer security firm Sophos, which also analyzed the software, said that the spyware could “automatically update itself over the internet, so new functionality can be added. It can be used to install new software onto the computer, so people could actually alter the contents of a suspect’s hard drive.”


The scandal has led politicians and security experts to look at whether the country’s already stringent privacy laws need firming up. 


Now, there’s two articles on that; I’ll put this one up with another one at the end of the broadcast at  But they already have that in the West.  In fact, back in the 90s the US and Canada signed a deal that ALL communications devices, everything that communicates, all electronics, had to have chips and backdoors and access for government agencies to go into any time they wanted to.  So that’s been the law on all things electronic as far as communicators go.  It’s quite the world we’re living in, eh?  But we’re supposed to just trust them. Most folk do, mind you.  They don’t even think; they forget it’s even being done to them.  They don’t even remember it.


Germany To Put Special Monitoring Software On School Computers To Search For Infringement -


Now, it’s wonderful too, there’s an article, it’s about Moody’s and it’s quite interesting how Moody’s, this big corporation that rates different banks and all the rest of it, it’s just as corrupt as the banks.  Of course it is because it’s staffed with guys who’ve worked in the banks.  And it’s really almost a blackmail organization; there’s a lot of paybacks and, you know, kickbacks and so on to give you good ratings.  I’ll put a link up to that tonight as well.  It’s quite, quite fun in a sense. Because you understand, everything in this world to do with money is a con.  EVERYTHING... everything is a con and a business maker for a certain few people.  I’ll put that link up as well and you can have a wee look at that. 


MOODY‘S ANALYST BREAKS SILENCE: Says Ratings Agency Rotten To Core With Conflicts, Corruption, And Greed - / Courtesy of Henry Blodget at The Business Insider


Now, also, I’ve mentioned this corporation before, this company, CACI, which is into everything from schools, across the world, to handling the nuclear weaponries of countries like Britain.  They’ve got lots of private jails across the world, where they get slave labor that makes their different companies’ widgets that they sell elsewhere and so on. It’s a fantastic thing, right out of the Old Testament in a sense.  I’ll talk about this one when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the private organizations that run the world.  They work with governments. They advise governments.  They do private partnerships, public/private partnerships with governments, and take over prison systems, that kind of thing.  And they’re into the war business big time, in a big way.  They have free access, media access, to top members of military staff, personnel at the Pentagon for the US and Whitehall and all the different places across the world, for all the different countries.  Private organizations.  This is the new feudal system of course, that Carroll Quigley said they would bring in.  Everything would be privatized and all the functions of government would be private basically, private outsourcing. And eventually your governments will just be bureaucracies that did the paperwork and put things into writing and passed it as law, on behalf of private companies.  So here you have one of the biggest ones here, CACI, and it’s one of their many websites.  This one’s the web site.


Message from CACI Executive Chairman Dr. J.P. (Jack) London – Welcome to


We are pleased to announce this new website - - launched in conjunction with the third in a series of CACI's co-sponsored symposia on Dealing with Today's Asymmetric Threat, held at Fort Myer, VA . . . (A:  So they’re right into all the places that are forbidden to the general population and other companies for that matter.  Because they are in the war business.)


The symposia have attracted an array of guests from government agencies and civilian organizations, assembled with the common purpose of developing new thinking on achieving an overarching national strategy that will effectively counter the threats posed by our enemies. (A:  It’s amazing.  This is an international company, but they talk about OUR enemies, eh?)  These experts attending the sessions have focused on concrete approaches to structural, procedural and resource changes needed to realign the elements of national power against very savvy, very adaptable adversaries. 


And I’ll put this link up. It gives you an idea of how these organizations work, and do searches yourself on CACI; you’ll find all the other branches of the Military-Industrial Complex that it’s associated and works with.  It’s all really one part, one big consortium basically, all the big boys.  And that’s how the world is really run, through organizations like this.  They’re not answerable to the public.  They don’t have to tell the public anything in fact.  And so they get their way on everything.


Another article too, it’s an interesting poll.  It’s from a Jewish newspaper.  It’s called Jewish Life.  It says...


European Poll: Israel Biggest Threat To World Peace


Results of a new poll commissioned by the European Commission show that Israel is believed by Europeans in 15 countries to be the greatest threat to world peace, greater than North Korea, Iran or Afghanistan.  (A:  Of course they use this kind of article to make hay on how prejudiced the world is, and get more cash or more laws passed or whatever.)


While the European Commission will release the full results of the poll on Monday, the International Herald Tribune reported that the 7,500 people polled living in the European Union (500 in each of the 15 E.U. member states (A:  ...or countries)) were presented with a list of 15 countries and asked if these countries present a threat to world peace. Shockingly, Israel was rated first.  (A:  So in other words, they’re going to change perception management.  That’s all perception management. That’s what these polls really tell them.  And they’ll get cash from countries to do so, for their advertising and so on.)


"These shocking results, that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace, bigger than North Korea, Iran and Afghanistan, defies logic and is a racist flight of fancy that only shows that anti-Semitism is deeply embedded within European society, more now than in any other period since the end of World War II," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, the Center's dean and founder.  (A:  So they always make hay with this kind of stuff.  But folk have been scared because Israel’s already mentioned, again, through PR and trial balloons that they might attack Iran and everybody’s scared of atomic war starting, obviously.  That’s what’s scaring folk, you know.  And at the same time the Council on Foreign Relations talks about...)


Israel's Bunker Mentality

How the Occupation Is Destroying the Nation / Ronald R. Krebs  / November/December 2011


The greatest danger to Israel comes not from without -- in the form of Palestinian intransigence -- but from within. The ongoing occupation of the territories is destroying Israel's values and viability. It breeds an aggressive, intolerant ethnic nationalism and causes political gridlock, empowering an ultrareligious underclass that refuses to contribute and lives off the state.  (A:  It’s quite a good little article too, which is probably more factual because there’s a lot of different factions within Israel itself, all vying for power, and it says...)


For the Israeli right and its allies around the world, the greatest danger to Israel’s future is the unwillingness of Palestinians to make peace. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict does threaten Israel, but not, as the right would have it, because militant and even seemingly moderate Palestinians harbor plans to drive the Jews into the sea. (A:  They’ve always used that really for their heavy, heavy handedness tactics, etc.)


It’s a bunker mentality and it is a fact they’re a very intolerant people, because they’re ultra-nationalistic.  In a world where a lot of their kinsmen, in fact, led the charge across the world to de-nationalize other countries while Israel becomes the only ultra-nationalistic place in the world, so actually they become intolerant.  That’s what happens with ultra-nationalism. 


And also too, an article on the Stuxnet worm, or virus.  It says...


New Stuxnet-like virus hits Europe / 24 October 2011


The dreaded Stuxnet worm, which was the first instance of a computer virus creating physical damage, may have spawned a dangerous new piece of malware; researchers at Symantec believe they have discovered a new computer virus that uses many of the same techniques in European computers.  (A:  They believe it’s been designed by the guys which designed the Stuxnet one in the first place, which was Israel and the US, apparently working to damage nuclear power stations across the world, especially of their enemies.)


The dreaded Stuxnet worm, which was the first instance of a computer virus creating physical damage, may have spawned a dangerous new piece of malware.


Researchers at Symantec believe they have discovered a new computer virus that uses many of the same techniques in European computers.


According to Liam O Murchu, a Symantec researcher who has extensively analyzed Stuxnet, parts of the new code, which has been named “Duqu,” are nearly identical to Stuxnet and appears to have been written by the same authors behind it or programmers with direct access to Stuxnet’s source code.  (A:  Parts of the new code have been taken from the Stuxnet, obviously.  Back with more on this topic after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about the Stuxnet virus that was designed initially to take down nuclear power plants, especially the ones in Iran; that’s where it was first discovered.  And they thought it was actually a system worked out by the US military and the Israeli military. So it’s interesting.  It’s like all these viruses and things, you understand, I’ve often thought that the companies that come out with the anti-virus ware, all the different programs that you have to buy to try and save yourself from crashes and so on by these things, had to be designed by probably the guys that make the viruses in the first place.   You ever thought about that?  Has it ever kind of dawned on you?  Because right away there’s always a company, immediately a company that’s got the antidote to it and you have to buy their spyware.


And of course, I do know people in-the-know who’ve talked to people in-the-know and who actually work there, people who were at university with them, who actually have done this, who worked in these anti-spyware companies that actually put out viruses and sell you the antidotes.  So who knows what this particular one is, but we do know that the military is into it big time.  I’ve read articles before from the Pentagon to do with their special viruses where they can actually, even, they claim they can actually kill you by sequencing certain combinations of coding on your screen that literally will program your brain, that works in forms of different little electrical codes, etc, fool your brain into certain things and give you strokes and things.  So who knows?  Who knows?  It is interesting too though, there are a lot of youngsters now getting strokes sitting watching their high-definition televisions and computers, who are not obese by the way. 


Anyway, this article here says that obviously this new virus has been taken from the Stuxnet, and probably by the guys, obviously, that created it.  It even says it in the article further down...


With Stuxnet, which is largely believed to have been created by the U.S. and Israeli military, computers were infected with a USB stick loaded with the virus that exploited a zero-day vulnerability that allowed it to spread across systems.  (A:  So there you go.)


And these are the guys that want to police you on the internet?  Well guess how they’re going to do it?  If you won’t comply they’ll just burn out your hard drive or something else.  Actually, some of these ones out now, these ones that they’re using in Germany, they work by literally clinging onto the memory and not the hard drive, and that way your antivirus stuff won’t detect it.  Quite interesting. 


So another article here too, is to do with members of Congress.  You understand, I’ve mentioned before that all power systems to do with politics attract one type of people especially, and they’re psychopathic in nature.  A psychopath is like a shark; he’ll go to where the power is, because that’s what he worships.  He worships power.  A psychopath worships nobody except people who are more powerful than himself, and who have more money, more power, more wealth than himself. That’s who he worships.  And it’s the same in the military; it’s very militaristic in a sense because you found, if you look at the big regimes like the communist system, the soviet system in Russia, and the Stasi system in Germany and of course the Nazi system as well, from the top down, in a declining order, the ones beneath them, even the officer class, worshiped the ones above them, literally worshipped, but despised those beneath them, in a typical psychopathic fashion.  So anyway, they always head for power and they go into politics.  And they’re all buyable, by the way.  They’re all completely buyable, by those with cash.  It says...


Members Of Congress Grow Wealthier Despite Recession / Luke Johnson / 11/1/11


Despite the economic recession and declining household wealth, the net wealth of members of Congress continues to rise, according to a Roll Call analysis of financial disclosure forms.


Members of the House and Senate have a collective net worth of $2.04 billion, up from $1.65 billion in 2008. The vast majority of the increase goes to the wealthiest members of Congress, who also account for most of Congress' net worth.


Members' net wealth may be much higher, however, since Roll Call only used the minimum valuation of assets in the range required by disclosure forms, and disclosure forms do not include non-income-producing assets, such as a personal residence.  (A:  Or residences I would add to that, or gifts; they’ve got a lot of gifts, you know.  Anyway it gives a list of some of the wealthiest ones and so on, and how their wealth is just increasing. They’re all taking lobbyists, you understand.  You know that’s how it’s working.  You see the lobbyists, you make sure they get the contract, by government, and you get the kickback.  And that’s how it’s always kind of been.  Yeah, I said it.  Yeah, I said it... ooh, ooh, I said it.  [Alan chuckles.])


And another one too, is to do with...


The Hunt for MF Global's Missing $700 Million

(A:  It went to money heaven.  Money heaven, again.) / Rebecca Greenfield / Nov 1, 2011


MF Global, headed by former New Jersey Senator and Goldman Sachs CEO Jon Corzine, filed for bankruptcy yesterday, but reports that $700 million is missing has spooked creditors and others on Wall Street,  reports DealBook's Azam Ahmed. Best case scenario, the "missing money" is just sloppy "internal controls," (A:  That’s all it is, just sloppiness, you know.) but worst case scenario, the financially unstable MF Global diverted customer funds to back its own trades. Either way, the news has made MF Global's chance for survival dim, report DealBook's Ben Protess, Michael J. De La Merced and Susanne Craig. "Customers' funds must be kept separate from company money," they write. "One of the basic duties of any brokerage firm is to keep track of customer accounts on a daily basis."  (A:  Well, why do they say what it’s supposed to be when they’ve lost $700 million, eh?)  For now, neither Corzine or MF Global have been accused of anything, but the firm has been suspended from trading on the London Mercantile Exchange and futures market CME Group, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.


 (A:  So anyway it says...). . . fears that the trouble at MF Global would spread to other firms, explains Ahmed. "With MF Global filing for bankruptcy on Monday, investors pummeled many financial stocks, fearful that problems were lurking on the books of other Wall Street firms," he writes. "It was a crisis of confidence, not unlike in 2008 when the markets punished stocks on mere speculation of trouble." But it might not be as bad as 2008, (A:  Then they go on with the usual stuff, of maybe it will, maybe it won’t.  It says a little bit more, but nothing much.)  . . .. "The ripple effects (A:  ...ripple effect, ripple effects... Anyway, just more conology and that’s what money’s all about.  $700 million is gone missing, but it’s no big deal, folks; don’t worry about it, you know.  Don’t worry about it.  Maybe they’ll get a bailout and then it’s not missing anymore; it’s been replaced, eh?)




Montgomery County Introduces the ShadowHawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (A:  To spy upon the public. It costs a lot of dough as well. They love these names.  Little boys, aren’t they?  They watch all these war movies and they got a ShadowHawk, you know, and they got DESTROYERS and the SMASHER, you know, etc.  And they love this kind of stuff.  Isn’t it?...  They’re just immature little boys, eh?)

The U-A-V is capable of investigating crimes in progress. It also has night vision and can pick up heat signatures. / Oct 28, 2011 / Shane McAuliffe


It's been used for military operations in countries like Afghanistan and East Africa but now it's coming to a country near you.  (A:  Well, I said that years ago, these things will eventually be used on you, and of course, it was inevitable.  I’ll put this link up too.  All these articles I put the links up, remember, at at the end of the broadcast, if you want to go on and see more about it.)


Now, from the CBC, that’s the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, often called the Communist Broadcasting Corporation of Canada because that’s really who staffs it, always has been.  And of course, it’s government funded, like the BBC is too.  It makes sure we’re all PC.  But it’s a good little video here on...


Energy Efficient Light Bulbs (A:  and it says they...) Are Killing Us! -


Because these little things that they give you, apart from the mercury in them if you smash them, which is a really nasty form because it’s vaporized and you breathe it in right away.  Apart from that they give off spikes, high frequency spikes, very much like microwave.  And the spiking type radiation is thought to be the worst kind of radiation for causing cancers and various other problems in the general public.  So this article goes through this and it shows you with the meters being used next to these bulbs the difference between the ordinary bulbs, the ones that they’re doing away with, the ones that give you a nice readable light, instead of these yellow candle-ish, you know, things that they tell you, by publicity and propaganda, that are much better for you.  Anyway, it shows you the difference between the two kinds of bulbs, actually different bulbs are tested but they show you the energy efficient light bulbs are the worst of them all for giving these microwave type spikes off them.  It’s not too bad an article.


And then we go into an interesting article to do with the arms trade and big business, because in 2010...


'France sold Gaddafi (A: least Libya.  It will be the Libyan public.  They always say Gaddafi, but remember they had a government in Libya.  They had a government; Gaddafi didn’t really stick his nose into the government affairs.) €90 mn in arms'

(A:  So France sold the Libyan government 90 million euros worth of armaments, weaponry, in 2010.  They probably got it all back once they went in and plundered it. That’s what they often do, mind you.) / Oct 31, 2011


According to a departmental report by the French Ministry of Defense €35 million worth of orders and €90 million of actual deliveries were on the roster of France's arms exports to Libya in 2010, Nathalie Guibert said in the Le Monde editorial.


She added that in January, one month before the onset of the Libyan revolution, Muammar Gaddafi received the last batch of 1,000 missiles.


According to the article France was the fourth largest arms exporter in 2010 with over five billion euros in revenues from arms sales.


Guibert further quotes France's Delegate General for Armaments Laurent Collet-Billon as saying that in business terms, the military operations in Libya demonstrate the best circumstances in the market for arms deals.


The article says that the helicopter carrier PCBs (sold to Russia), Rafale jet-fighters (for which the French government hopes to finally conclude a first agreement with the United Arab Emirates), Tiger helicopters (European) or SCALP missiles, fired for first time in Libya, turned the North African country into a showcase for the sales of the military weapons.


Guibert pointed out that Libya has the biggest share of arms imports from France among the countries which have been the scene of popular uprisings.  (A:  Quite amazing, eh?  So they sell them all this stuff first, then a year later France gets the honor of bombing them.  [Alan laughing.] They were the first ones to go in.  And it is, that’s an honor in NATO, you see, to be the first ones to start the bombing, and so they always show you the French fighters going down and bombing them. But when their armies go in and so on too, they get all this weaponry back, you know, so really it costs them nothing; they actually ripped them off for millions of Euros.  They get it all for free, you know. They all do that though.  You know, they actually all do that.  What they often do too, is when they go into a country, they take all the arms back and then they ship them off to another country they want to start the next war with.  That’s an old, old technique which they use.)


In 2010, arms exports reached 9.8 million euros to Bahrain, almost 40 million euros to Egypt, and one million euros to Tunisia (including machine guns (AA52), she said.


The French analyst noted that Paris had also granted nearly 55 million of export licenses for military equipment to the Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's regime in Tunisia over the last two years.


She said that the Islamic Awakening in Arab countries (A:  I mean, that’s all the Western infiltration with their Color Revolutions.) have posed a challenge to French arms exports. The Libyan revolution has ended arms sales to the country but France is now eyeing the lucrative markets of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as a destination for its arms exports. 


And of course, a lot of these armaments companies too, especially the really advanced ones, already saw this coming years ago, when they’d run out of nations to conquer.  And they decided, back in the 80s, that they’d have to really go into the security area of spying on all the public, and selling stuff to the governments to spy on their own public.  But there are still the old armaments agencies still out there selling the weaponry.  So everything’s always arranged in advance, isn’t it, eh?  Oh, see, they got tremendous armaments there, we’ve got to go and bomb them and they’re a threat to the world, and they’ve just sold all this stuff to them.  [Alan laughing.]


Now, in Australia, we know Australia has gone the way of the Soviet system and the Supreme dictator now is Julia Gillard and she just came out and basically destroyed all free speech in Australia.  It’s quite an article.  It’s like something that came out Lenin’s mouth, or Stalin.  “In a submission to Julia Gillard's media inquiry, the Press Council has also raised the prospect of securing government funding to expand its coverage to online news and "blog" websites.” Because it says here that they’re going to start fining reporters for ‘grave’ media breaches.  And maybe, oh, it could even be prison, who knows.


PM's media inquiry - fines for 'grave' media breaches / Steve Lewis / November 1, 2011


NEWSPAPERS and magazines could be fined up to $30,000 for "exceptionally grave" or persistent breaches of media standards.


In a submission to Julia Gillard's media inquiry, the Press Council has also raised the prospect of securing government funding to expand its coverage to online news and "blog" websites.  (A:  So it wants to go after bloggers too.)


And it suggests newspapers could be censured or reprimanded "where appropriate" under sanctions to boost public confidence in the media.  (A:  So in other words, they’re going to stop all opposition from the authorized media, and about the authorized media, by basically censoring, or ‘reprimanding’, or fining, or no doubt imprisoning people who are putting out blogs with more of the details behind the news.  That’s what she’s really after.)


The Press Council part-funded by News Limited has fired the opening shots in the Government's media inquiry with a series of options to beef-up public sanctions against sloppy journalism.  (A:  Sloppy journalism means letting too much out of the bag to the public.  That’s what that means.)


These include a new panel, headed by a retired judge (A:  Oh, here they go with their judges, all these alcoholic guys, you know, that wear dresses under their cloaks, you know.), with the power to impose fines against newspapers or magazines of up to $30,000.


In a letter to the media inquiry, chair Julian Disney said the Press Council was "currently considering" such a process but also raised concerns it could become "legalistic and time-consuming".


The first trickle of submissions were published yesterday by the media inquiry which was established by the Gillard Government following pressure from the Greens.  (A:  That Green Party, go into the history of it.  It’s interesting.  Madeline Albright’s, I think it was her father or grandfather, who was the right-hand man of Stalin by the way, said that eventually when they... You see, the Soviet system was to come down in about 70 years, which it did. Lenin said that’s how long the dictatorship would last.  And then they changed from red to green, which is their sacred color.  And it was Albright’s granddaddy, this pal of Stalin, who started up the Green Party that was to carry it on, across the world.  Just for those who don’t know.  And Albright of course, is up at the head of NATO right now that decides to bomb countries like Libya.  Interesting, eh?)


Retired Federal Court judge Ray Finklestein has been asked to report back to Government by February, including on the effectiveness of the Press Council considered a "toothless tiger" by its critics. 


So anyway, they’re going to go after all the non-authorized journalism that’s going on and after journalists who let too much out of the bag and who are not politically correct and just say praisable things about the great dictator Julia.  And that’s the Soviet system for you.  It’s astonishing, eh, in this day and age.  But it’s just the same tricks and threats, etc, that they’ve always used down through time.


They’re also talking about another tunnel.  I say another tunnel because they don’t mention the last tunnel they made from Canada to Siberia.  This one’s to link Alaska and Siberia by train and it says...


Officials endorse tunnel to link Alaska and Siberia by train - reports / Relaxnews / 28 August 2011


The tunnel, which would reportedly be 65 miles (105 km) long and bored under the icy waters of the narrow Bering Strait which separates Russia from North America above the Pacific Sea, was reportedly backed by high-profile Russian politician Aleksandr Levinthal this week.


London's The Times reported that Levinthal endorsed the idea at a conference on developing Russia's north-eastern rail infrastructure - although it was first mooted by Tsar Nicholas II over a hundred years ago.


At twice the length of the Channel Tunnel that connects Britain and France, it will be an ambitious engineering project - but one which could bring considerable benefits for travelers.  (A:  The whole world is to be connected by tunnels, by the way.  Even the Germans were complaining last year about the same thing going through their country, linking all of Europe together by these super-fast tunnels. Well, they must always make sure that military, when there’s a one world military, you got to make sure they can get right to the source of problems immediately.  Don’t forget that.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and eugenics goes on and on and on and on of course.  And every time at this time of year the UN puts out its big hullabaloo about, oh the population size is blah-blah-blah.  And who knows if they’re true or not, about the size of it.  It could be any figure they’re throwing out there.  We have no means to check on it.  Anyway, they always claim it’s massive and huge, even though when you go into their own sites they admit the population’s dropping like a stone; has been for years, in all the first world countries and that’s why they bring in massive immigration, but it’s not good enough, you see.  It’s not good enough, because the Fabian Society, that plays the left-wing side for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, because they have the right-wing side and their middle side as well.  The Fabian side talked about this back in the early 1900s.  In the Fabian Society they had a list of countries, that Hitler eventually adopted, that they’d bring down.  On their list they had the ones who they wanted to eliminate from the world. They’d never adapt into this world of industry and, you know, 8 to 6 or 7 o’clock at night jobs and that kind of stuff, and pay massive taxes, and just be awfully obedient.  One of the groups was the Scots and the Irish and different ones, because the Celts have particular genes, you know, you have allergies to tyranny.  It’s a gene that’s in you apparently, and it comes out in every generation, so you just can’t buckle down and be a good slave.  Anyway, they’re still at it, so they bring in this professor to tell the Scots, on behalf of the United Nations of course...  It says...


Scots families ‘should stop at two children’

Ruaridh Findlay Thompson yawns after being born as the global population reaches the 7 billion mark / Jenny Fyall  / November 2011


ONE of Scotland’s most eminent scientists has argued that couples in the UK should have no more than two children to help tackle the world’s soaring population.


Professor Sir Ian Wilmut puts forward his controversial views in today’s Scotsman as the number of people on the planet officially hits seven billion.  (A:  So they say.  Even though they say themselves it’s plummeting like a stone.  And the more the third world countries go up, the less children they have, and in comes abortion, and we’re already paying for all that, and eventually they’ll be just like the West, you see.)


The professor of reproductive biology (A:  And this is the big lie here...), most famous for his role in cloning Dolly the Sheep, (A:  He was a bureaucrat director in charge of the operation; he wasn’t the scientist that did it.  There’s even law suits about that right now.  But it doesn’t matter; good PR for him.) argues that “population control is essential and beneficial even in countries like our own” because of the strain such a large number of people place on the planet’s resources. 


And also, he mentions that the Scots should bring... well, the Scots... the Scots, you know.  There’s only about 5 million Scots over there; it’s been like that for a long time.  Tiny wee country.  They’re really an endangered species in fact, but it’s not good enough for these characters.  And as soon as you all die off anyway they’ll just bring in the massive immigration, and is that what they want it for, you know?  Who knows.  Or they just don’t like the Scots.  I just don’t know.   It’s the same with the Irish.   That’s just the way it is.  But it goes on and on and on.  And there are just so many incredible amounts of rubbish to do with this population stuff.  Even though it’s plummeting and all their statistics show it when you really do your own particular look into it; look-see and search for it. They admit that. I’ve read all the articles on this particular broadcast over the years on the plummeting population.  Sterility in the males is epidemic. And, well, that’s just the way it is.


And this character here, another eugenicist here...


The man who says pensioners should leave their 'empty nest' homes...

and the £1.5m five-bedroom des res where his parents live alone / Ian Gallagher / 22nd October 2011


He is the man who believes that millions of Britain’s pensioners (A:  the old folk) are, to put it bluntly, taking up too much space.  (A:  I knew this would come eventually.  They always start with the young, abort them, and then they hit the elderly, you know.)


Last week Angus Hanton and his Labour-backed think-tank launched a report saying that ‘empty nesters’ should be ‘encouraged’ through a new land tax to downsize. (A:  So they’ll penalize them with taxation until they move into these tiny little hovels or go into old-age homes.  What a bar steward this character is, because, see, his parents live in a £1.5 million 5-bedroom house.  It’s okay for him. Different strokes for different folks, eh?  This is one of the big boys that want to force it on the people down below.)


Well, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  Remember too, buy the books and disks and donate because I don’t bring on advertisers and just advertise, advertise, advertise, advertise.  It’s up to you.  See you tomorrow.



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