November 4th, 2011 (#956)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov 4th, 2011:

Culture Down Loo to Please a Few:

"Countries and Cultures, It's Easy to See,
Have Been Devolved into a Menagerie,
Communists/Socialists Vowed to Destroy
All Differences Between Girl and Boy,
With Special Rights to Those Transgender,
All Mushed Together in Cultural Blender,
Plus the Elites Want Us to Depopulate,
Makes Difficulties Deciding with What to Mate,
For Just Like "The Magical Mystery Tour",
When Mating Today You Can Never Be Sure,
In British Schools All Toilets to Be Unisex,
Old Ones Made Transgenders Vex,
So to Spoil the Few Upset the Many,
Do Public Loos Still Cost a Penny?"
© Alan Watt Nov 4th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Nov 4th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 4th of November 2011.  For newcomers, I always suggest you make use of the free downloads, audio downloads, at  And if you go over them, at your leisure, you’ll need a lot of leisure.  There’s hundreds there to choose from.  Hopefully you’ll understand the big system that you were born in, and that you grew up in, and that you were conditioned to believe in.  And I go through how the conditioning works and the agencies involved, the techniques involved, and I’ve even gone over some of the big authors who were involved in setting up this kind of system of what you think is reality, to make good obedient citizens.  And really, that’s all government really wants, to be honest with you.  And you’ll find too, the histories of the organizations, foundations that are the fronts for big international banks that have armies of nongovernmental organizations, which they fund to protest the governments, which then happily receive these authorized NGOs, and do what they want, which is to pass bills on one thing or another.  So, that’s how the system really works.  The average citizen has a hard time getting direct access to their main parliament or congress, but not the NGOs.  They can lobby them.  They’re given lots of funding to do so.  So, a different system, a parallel government, runs this world, as Professor Carroll Quigley said.  And he should know, since he was the historian for the group that did it, the Council on Foreign Relations.  And I go through that too, an awful lot of that stuff, and how it began, what their aims and goals happen to be, never changed.  And how we’re right on track, really, with the big global agenda, which they planned well over a hundred years ago, when they were called different names, these particular associations.  So, help yourself.


Remember too that you can get transcripts for print-up as well on all the sites listed at  And you can get transcripts in other languages, if you go into, and help yourself to the variety offered there.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I don’t bring on big advertisers.  I don’t have shares in advertisers either, and for all the sales, and I’m not building any kind of big empire here.  So, it’s up to you.  If you want to support me, this is a real alternate form of news.  I have no axe to grind, to be honest with you.  And you can also donate to me and buy the books and discs I have at  And from the US and Canada, you can still use personal checks, or international postal money orders from your post office.  Same price as an ordinary postal order.  And you can use PayPal.  Some people send cash.  And remember, straight donations are really essential now, because we’re all going down together, you see. 


The US and Canada are tied at the hip, and inflation is high, and the prices have always been higher in Canada anyway.  We’re really going down now, when you see the prices in the stores for basics, very basic stuff, like food.  And I said that years ago, that eventually that’s where all your free spending stuff will go.  It will be gone into spending for basics.  That’s the whole idea of austerity.  You see, post-consumerism is the order of the day, from the United Nations, and austerity must be forced upon everyone. 


Across the rest of the world, remember, you can order as well using PayPal, Money Gram, or Western Union.  It’s up to yourselves how you want to do it.  And again, straight donations would certainly be welcome. 


We live in a world, as I say, where the conditioning immediately starts off, generally from your parents who have never questioned the system.  They vote.  They argue about politics, etc.  They fall into the trap, which was designed for them.  And they don’t know any better.  They don’t know to tell you what to look out for in this world, who really runs the world, where it’s supposed to go, why things are really happening.  And of course, mammals, all young mammals, including humans, expect the parents to warn them of what’s dangerous to them.  And if you’re not warned, you’ll take everything for granted and think all things are normal, including even the police in black outfits bashing people up in the streets.  You’ll think that’s quite natural, if you’re not warned in advance.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And we’ve watched this incredible scenario, since George Bush was in power, of troops from the West going into various countries in the Middle East and attacking them one after another.  A little pause between them for breath, I guess.  And, on they go on to the next one.  And I’ve mentioned before that the countries being taken down and occupied and their systems destroyed and plundered too of their oil and wealth and various other things, are really, they’re often called rogue states, though any excuse will do for war, you understand.  And you never get the truth until it’s long, long gone, and fifty years after that, in fact.  That’s when the official secrets act will allow you, maybe, to find some truths out.  So, you can never believe the reasons they go in, except for what you see, and use your common sense too.  When you see them basically raffling off oil fields to the usual big players that we’re so familiar with, for free, then you know that it’s for plunder.  And it’s also to stop any other country there, Muslim country especially, from gaining any high standard of not just living, but power, you see.  They don’t want to share power.  And they’re always talking about balance of power.  And really what they mean is they want no opposition to the power that they have in the West.  And of course, they’ve got one country in the Middle East that they support, and it’s always been that way.  Always will be. 


We also know too that we’re going down the hill financing all these wars.  And financing the banks that plundered everyone, on cue.  Isn’t it amazing, I mean, two years before austerity was heard of, by the masses, that is, the UN was talking about it, all the big NGOs were talking about, we must bring in austerity measures in a post-consumerist society.  They churned out masses of stuff on this.  And their problem was, how do you make the people austere, you see, and accept it.  Well, you’re being trained now to accept it as prices go up and up and up.  And as I said before, eventually the money that you used to have extra to spend on things in consumerism, will go to essentials.  And you’re seeing that now, with the prices even of food in places like Canada.  The stuff that they call food now, in these grocery stores, that came in, these massive grocery stores that knocked all the private ones out, the small ones out of business.  That’s their intention too, like a military tactic.  And believe you me, business is war.  The ones at the top who run businesses, big businesses, business is war.  And of course, you are always the target of the war.


What we also see too is what they call failed states.  Now, a failed state, according to the United Nations, is a state that its democracy breaks down, if it ever had it.  And it breaks down through economic reasons or corruption or whatever.  All the stuff we have in all our countries, you know, corruption at the top, and all that stuff, and banks plundering you and being rewarded for it. 


Here’s on odd thing here.  It’s about an exercise, a military exercise in Canada, in Ontario, in Peterborough, Ontario, next week.  And it says:


Military training in city next week


Peterborough will play the role of a failed state for military exercise that runs from Tuesday until Nov. 9, the Department of National Defence announced in a release Friday.


The exercise will deal with the military evacuating Canadian non-combatants from a failed state.


(Alan: Does that mean there will be Canadian combatants?  Why else would they say Canadian non-combatants from a failed state?)


Most of the exercise will take place near Lansdowne St. and Ashburnham Dr.


The public should be aware that military personnel will be in uniform during the exercise, the Department of National Defence states.


The 1st Canadian Division Headquarters that's based in Kingston, Ont. issued the release.


So, they’re also doing these for things at home, obviously, because, you see, all our manufacturing was given to China, years ago, by our own prime ministers and high bureaucrats signing all these deals, signing it all away, knowing what was going to happen, and nothing was coming in to replace it.  You can only set up so many businesses to import stuff from China.  And even then, it’s mainly people from China who come over to start those businesses, because then they’re bilingual, but there’s only so many it can support for those too.  A service economy is guaranteed to fail.


Years ago, in the 80s, when they talked about bringing in a service economy to Britain, that was already plundered with GST, and value added tax, they called it there.  They decimalized the currency about the same time as well.  It totally confused everyone, as they jacked all the prices up.  And they had the same kind of problem there.  And they said at the time, it’s like throwing a dog in a swimming pool.  It can only paddle when it’s got the strength.  When it’s got no more strength, it can’t climb out of the pool, and it drowns.  And that’s really the definition of a service economy.  It’s guaranteed that we all go down eventually.  And they knew this too. 


They haven’t replaced all the manufacturing jobs.  They have made no attempt to replace manufacturing jobs in the States or in Canada.  And they’ve written off a whole workforce, people who don’t like to go into academia and fiddle around there with shirts and ties and pens and all that stuff.  People who were very efficient at what they did, and they would put up with hardships and working conditions that most folk would never put up with.  But they could do it.  And they got a good enough wage that they would stay at those particular jobs and produce good materials from Canada, from the factories, and the States.


So, failed states are coming, folks, because we can’t even pay our debts off, and all debts are paid off by your tax money anyway, and there’s only so much tax money they can take from you before you can’t feed yourself.  And yet, there’s been nothing said to the general public about how we’re going to get out of the mess we’re in.  We’re still, by the way, borrowing millions and billions to give off to other countries in billions.  We’re still borrowing to give, while we’re broke at home.  So, this is an agenda, to bring us all down.  You see the West is supposed to all come down to maybe a second level of standard of living.  Not a Third World, but maybe Second World, in between, for those who have got the cash to pay for hospital care and stuff like that.  But it’s definitely coming down, and that’s definitely on the cards.  So, here they are practicing for failed states in Canada, using the military on Canadians.  Quite interesting what’s really happening.  And it gets very little mention anywhere. 




Unable to pay bill, Mich. city turns off lights


Unable to pay $4 million electric bill, Michigan city turns off and removes many streetlights


In Highland Park, Michigan.


(A: That was a kind of classy area at one time.)


As the sun dips below the rooftops each evening, parts of this Detroit enclave turn to pitch black, the only illumination coming from a few streetlights at the end of the block or from glowing yellow yard globes.


It wasn’t always this way. But when the debt-ridden community could no longer afford its monthly electric bill, elected officials not only turned off 1,000 streetlights. They had them ripped out — bulbs, poles and all. Now nightfall cloaks most neighborhoods in inky darkness.


How can you darken any city?” asked Victoria Dowdell, standing in the halo of a light in her front yard. “I think that was a disgrace. She said the decision endangers everyone, especially people who have to walk around at night or catch the bus.


So, this is hitting all over, but it’s generally kept fairly quiet, just below some of the mainstream, national papers.  I’ll put these links up tonight.  Remember, all the articles, the topics I mention, I put the links up at the end of the night. 


Now, we’ve got to remember, for those, for the few, and it’s unfortunate it’s a few, who’ve studied history, to do with political movements, Communism, the tenets of Communism, where they were supposed to go, how they would do it.  Part of it was to destroy the family unit, and then destroy all permanent bonding between male and female.  That was imperative.  Promiscuity was to get promoted massively.  And it’s all been accomplished in the West.  And parents don’t even know anymore what’s right and wrong, because, see, they were corrupted generation by generation, with more sex on TV and all the rest of it.  Everything’s cool.  And here’s their children today.  This article is from Toronto News:


Do you know what your children did last summer?


(A: It says kids here, but kids are really young goats, so I don’t like to dehumanize them.  Which also, by the way, was what the Communists said in the early 1920s.  They’ll use terminology for the West to pick up, that dehumanizes their own species, and kids was one of them.  Anyway:)


Children were rewarded at a Markham day camp last summer for such things as pole dancing,


(A: A day camp, right.)


taking off their clothes and sucking a counsellor’s toe, the Star has learned.


(A: I wonder what else they did.)


One Markham mother (whose name is being withheld to protect the identity of her children), said she knew something was wrong when her 12-year-old daughter and her friend were tight-lipped after she asked about their third day at the Town of Markham-operated Camp Chimo.


“They just looked at each other and said, ‘We can’t tell you,’” the mother said.


When she asked them why not, the girls – who were enrolled in the first two-week session of the Voyageurs program for 12- to 14-year-olds — told her their counsellors had said not to tell their parents what they’d done that day.


(A: And it goes on to say:)


“And then I said, ‘Well, you have to tell me,’” she said.


The girls said they’d played a game called “What would you do for an ice cream bar?” where campers were split into groups and were rewarded with treats for completing various tasks.


First, her daughter told her she’d licked the inside of a porta-potty wall.


(A: Isn’t that wonderful.)


“The counsellor said if you do that, you can earn an ice cream bar,” she said her daughter told her.


The mother said she tried not to overreact. She told her daughter she could have gotten sick.


But then the story continued.


Her daughter said she’d also rubbed ash from the campfire on her face and washed it off in the muddy river running through Milne Dam Conservation Park, where the camp was being held, off McCowan Rd.


“And then she said, a girl laid down, she pulled up her top, I spit in her belly button and someone else drank it,” the mother said. “So they were doing body shots with spit.”


Her daughter told her other kids did worse for an ice cream snack — pole dancing without pants on and running around the outdoor camp with their shorts on their heads.


(A: This will be a subsidized, by the taxpayer, camp, by the way.  You know, with a license to operate.)


One girl sucked the toe of a male counsellor hired to work with special-needs campers, she said.


“When a male adult counsellor asks a 12-year-old girl to suck his toe and I’ll give you an ice cream bar, that’s sick,” the mother said.


(A: She can actually, thank goodness someone can actually recognize that’s still sick.)


Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti confirmed the game took place at the camp on July 6 and involved 38 campers.


“The dares, the challenges, came from the campers themselves,” he said. “What was really unfortunate about this incident is that the dares were actually allowed to proceed.”


So the children know how to pole dance at twelve and stuff.  I guess they watch it on Music Television.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And you have to understand that culture is a very important thing, because culture gives you some kind of peace of mind, and it saves you a lot of heartache down the future, if you keep a kind of culture that’s got straight, strict morals.  Not a lot of them, because you all know what they have to be to get a quiet society, but everyone knows the basic rules.  In fact at one time, you didn’t need all these cops and regulators and civil servants to tell you what the rules were.  You had just a few rules and it worked out very well that way.  But, of course, they had to get in under the scientific socialism and restructure everything, and make everything fair, they call it.  Fair.  Fair actually means destruction of the culture that had survived up until then.  And it says here:


Back in the Eighties, a string of Labour-run town halls were notorious for their extremism, mismanagement and financial extravagance.


Justly known as the 'Loony Left,' these authorities were epitomised by Ken Livingstone's spendthrift and dogmatic regime at the Greater London Council. Their excesses were supposed to have ended with the rise of New Labour.

But, as Gerry Adams once famously said of the IRA, the ideological extremists 'never went away'. They merely transferred their activities from the urban municipalities to the heart of government.


(A: And then it goes on to this.  It says:)


Alarming: The Human Rights Commission has warned that it may be illegal for any school


(A: In Britain)


to require girls to wear skirts as part of their uniform, since this could discriminate against transsexual pupils.


(A: So, here you are again, for this.  Apparently it’s the most important thing in the world, as we’re falling apart, we’re all broke, and there’s wars going on everywhere.  And there’s no work coming in for peoples.  And there’s more taxes and we’re going into austerity.  But no, see, you’ve got to make sure the transsexuals, this tiny, tiny group, you know, that at one time was treated elsewhere for other things, get what they want.  So you have to rearrange the whole country to suit them.  Big agenda here, eh?)


Thanks to the 13 years of Labour rule, lunatic Leftism now has more influence than ever. Its politically correct zealotry flourishes throughout the public sector and the quangos.


Its fixations with race and gender are written into law. Its obsession with social engineering is transforming the fabric of Britain, destroying traditional, unifying bonds such as family life and nationhood.


(A: Well, they’ve completely destroyed it.)


The fanaticism of the Left was recently exposed in guidance issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission for public bodies on how to treat transgender people, including transvestites and those undergoing a change of sex.


In one startling passage in this 68-page document, the Commission warned it may be illegal for any school to require girls to wear skirts as part of their uniform, since this could discriminate against transsexual pupils.


Such an edict would be laughable were it not so indicative of the disturbing mindset of the equality bureaucrats who wield such control over our lives.


(A: And it goes on and on, but it’s more than just that, you know.  It says:)


Such action highlights three of the most dangerous traits of the Left-wing doctrinaires. One is their remorseless focus on categorising individuals by race, gender, sexual orientation or class - and then placing them within hierarchies of victimhood according to the perceived disadvantage they have suffered.


Another is the sexualisation of children, in which the innocence of youth is destroyed by the aggressive promotion of the so-called 'sexual rights' agenda.


(A: Well, now you’ve got twelve year olds going to day camp and doing pole dancing and sucking people’s toes, and a lot of other things I’m sure too went on at that camp.  Because they’re anything but naïve now.  They watch all the stuff on TV.  They’ve got it all on the internet for them.  There’s lots of porn on the internet.  And they just emulate what they see.)


The third is the eagerness to obliterate all traditional morality by presenting support for normal, married family life as outmoded and discriminatory.


While warning that requiring girls to wear skirts is 'potentially unlawful', the Equality Commission document highlights, as an example of 'good practice', the real-life case of 'a young transperson


(A: A transperson?  I thought that’s only when they move.)


born female attending a mixed-sex primary school'.


On the advice of a 'gender identity clinic' in London and the local 'lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth service', the school transformed its procedures to accommodate this one young child who had been 'identified as transgender' by a psychologist.


The changes including a 'gender neutral uniform' - whatever that might be - and 'a new system of lining up for class by mixed-sex group labelled using basic shapes (such as Triangles, Circles and Rectangles) rather than by gender.'


So the whole school, etc, no doubt the whole county has to change its ways because of one person.  Huh?  Huh?  Really?  But this stuff is promoted by all the teachers, all the teachers out there.  And you have to go through the John Dewey stuff and all the other great exposés of writers in the past who went through the whole Communist regime, and by God it’s all here.  They must destroy all that was, that made society stand up and fight against you, if you want to conquer them, by demoralizing them in every way, debasing them, until they’re so debased they don’t know they’re debased.  They think it’s normal.  They’ve then been conquered, you see. 


Now, just to follow this up, it’s so politically correct now, you see.


Unisex toilets to tackle bullies  (A: In schools)


Unisex lavatories - with blurred glass walls - could help in the battle against school bullies, government guidelines for England suggest.


The recommendations for new secondary schools also include putting toilet blocks close to staffrooms or offices for subtle supervision.


(A: So you get watched while you piddle, as well.)


If the ideas are taken up, urinals would be a thing of the past


(A: They’re going to remove all the urinals for the guys.)


and privacy would be protected.


(A: Making unisex toilets.)


Campaigners say crumbling facilities damage pupils' health and well-being.


(A: Oh, it’s nothing to do with this.)


They say school toilets are recognised as being a trouble-spot for bullying, with some children avoiding going, possibly leading to continence problems.


And then you scroll down, and what is it?  It’s for the bisexuals and transgenders and all the rest of it.  You know, guys walking into guys’ toilets wearing girls’ stuff and stuff like that.  That’s what’s happening.  So, we’ll change the whole toilet system, unisex only.  Anything can go, eh?  End of society, folks.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  I’ll also put a link up tonight to do with Detroit.  It’s getting bad, things, bad all over, really.  And the drivers now of buses are terrified to go downtown, and they’re refusing to drive their buses on I think Friday, I don’t know if it’s a one-day stop or what is, but apparently their drivers are getting attacked now.  And they’re just scared to drive.  Society and civilization is breaking down the more you understand what’s happening.  And there will be a lot more of it, as they go on a roll with austerity too, believe you me. 


And then too, I’ve always said, you know, why do people who are simply wealthy, and they’re front men too, guys that they put up to the top as great geniuses, you know, that start off in garages or pick up rags and sell them to ragmen, and you know, just spend their money thriftily and all that kind of stuff, end up telling governments what to do, and we have to go along with them.  Of course, we’ll be paying for everything.  I mean, Bill Gates, you know, he’s a front man, of course.  You don’t get to the top in anything, unless the big society at the top pulls you up.  It says:


Microsoft founder Bill Gates has spoken to the BBC about asking the G20 to step up development efforts to ease poverty and his backing of a tax on financial transactions.


(A: He wants us all to pay, each time you cash a check or use your card for anything, you’ll pay so much to I think it’s the United Nations he wants it to go to, or one of the big world banks.  It says:)


Mr Gates is to submit a report to the G20 group of advanced and emerging economies at a two-day summit in Cannes.


(A: Well, so there you go.  There’s your democracy in action, eh?  Because you’re stinking rich, you’ll be listened to, right?  But if you’re someone who’s a genius and poor, you won’t get anywhere near them.  They’ll just kick you down the banking, maybe even drown you.  Who knows.  But that’s how it works eh.  They put out these famous guys to come forth with these ideas, and we have to do all the paying, not him.  We have to.  This guy is a multi-billionaire, but we have to do all the paying and lending, actually giving money to countries and we have to borrow the money in the first place to give it to them.  It’s just disgusting, this ring that they go around in cash, from borrowing to governments, to governments handing it out across the world, and then taxing us as the guarantors to pay off the loans of the borrowing in the first place.  Anyway:)


He told the BBC's George Alagiah that "steps have to be taken to restore confidence" that governments will pay their debts.


Really?  Really?  Governments are going to pay their debts?  This is the ordinary people they’re going to tax here.  The big boys won’t be using your little credit cards, believe you me, to pay anything at all. 


And then Gillard, this Welsh woman, I think she’s Welsh, that they put into Australia, to be the Prime Minister, the Fabianist, Fabian Society member, officially.  She’s been given the spotlight, obviously, with the carbon taxes and to get this going across the whole world, obviously.  Obviously.  That’s how it’s done.  They pick a member and give them lots and lots of press.  Otherwise they’d have nothing important to say.


Gillard intervenes to get G20 action


Prime Minister Julia Gillard has received strong backing from G20 leaders for bolstering the resources of the International Monetary Fund to shore up the uncertain global economy.


(A: All of this crisis that was created, by the way, was to bring in the second part of Bretton Woods II.  And that’s what Maynard Keynes talked about.  He said, he would not see the Part II, in his lifetime.  It would come down the road.  Well, this is it now.  And they’ve got the excuse, you see, to rise the IMF to what he called its proper position as a global authority.  And it really will be doing the bookkeeping for every nation across the planet, starting with the EU, all EU countries.  And that’s where it is starting too, of course.  Everything, so there you go, they’re right on schedule with it.  He said it might take fifty years.  He was pretty well dead on.  So:)


Ms Gillard told the first day of summit, in the French resort city of Cannes, that the world was closely watching the deliberations and markets were demanding concrete action on dealing with the sovereign debt crisis and eurozone instability.


So, the IMF is to be given the power, and the Bank for International Settlements is the big bank that Carroll Quigley said will be at the very, very pinnacle, with the IMF beneath it with the World Bank.  He wrote that in the 1960s, because he was at all their meetings.  And if they can’t get countries to agree with things, they simply bankrupt you and make it happen.  That’s how they do it.  Get their way.  Quite simple.


In Ireland too, the government, overnight, just without any debate whatsoever, just banned the sale of raw farm milk, which is incredible, because it was the greatest milk in the world.  It was.  And so was their beef, mind you, great beef there too.  But everything was dairy there, dairy, dairy, dairy.  It says:


The total ban on raw milk sales might even be taking effect as you read this.


What's amazing here isn't just the 180-degree turn on raw milk from complete freedom to a complete ban -- it's the fact that Ireland is actually living, breathing PROOF


And it gives you the full article, which I’ll put up as a link at at the end of the broadcast.


And everyone has heard about these new streetlights.  They’ve already put them in some places.  Some places for a long time, actually, without telling you, that have microphones in them, have got cameras in them, and the cameras can actually move as you move, and follow you and track you.  And incredible boom microphones with tremendous quality systems in them, so that they can pick up even whispers.  But they had that, you know, even the cameras, throughout England, over the years.  They never told the public for years, they had these little tiny condenser boom microphones, could pick up you whispering or chatting to someone in a shop doorway, 200 yards away.  You’re the last to know about what’s going on. So, tracked and traced and all the rest by your street lamps as well.  So, isn’t that a bright idea, eh? 


And also, it’s astonishing, last year maybe, I think a year ago, or maybe two years, the big scandal came out of New Jersey to do with them trafficking in human organs.  And sometimes the complete bodies.  And it’s to do with Israel.  And at that time, people in New York wanted Semitic kidneys, hearts, and so on.  So they’d, you know, get them for them and import them. 


An Israeli man


(A: This is the latest story)


who brokered black-market sales of human kidneys in the U.S. arranged transplant surgeries at medical centers, including Johns Hopkins Hospital


(A: Why go for the little dirty ones, eh?  Why?  Get the good clean ones.)


in Baltimore, according to five people familiar with the case.


Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, 60, pleaded guilty yesterday to three counts of organ trafficking and one count of conspiracy, becoming the first person convicted in the U.S. of organ trafficking. A 1984 U.S. law bans the sale of human organs.


He said in federal court in Trenton, New Jersey, that three ailing people paid him a total $410,000 to arrange the sale of kidneys from healthy donors, and an undercover FBI agent paid him $10,000.


Rosenbaum, who lives in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, was arrested in a July 2009 crackdown by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on money laundering and political corruption in New Jersey. After yesterday’s hearing, Rosenbaum’s lawyers depicted him as a lifesaver.


(A: That’s how they do it, eh.  That’s New York for you, eh.  Oh, he was actually helping the people.  He’s a lifesaver.  Yeah.)


“The transplant surgeries occurred in prestigious American hospitals and were performed by experienced and expert kidney transplant surgeons,”


What he was doing, he was buying them for about $10,000 a kidney each, and selling them for up to $100,000, even higher.  One I think went for $400,000.  And he was buying masses of land, too, all over the place, and big houses, etc.  You know, the American dream.  This is one article on it.  I’ll put two up on this, two links; one complements the other, and fills in the rest.  And then too, Khamenei, remember the old Khamenei:


Khamenei accuses U.S. of "terror" attacks in Iran


Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday he had 100 "undeniable documents" proving the United States has been behind "terrorist acts" in the Islamic state and elsewhere in the Middle East.


His comments come after Washington accused Iran of being involved in a plot to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Washington, a claim Iran has dismissed as baseless.


(A: And even the CFR pooh-poohed that initially too, until their bosses told them to, you know, be positive on this.  He says:)


"We have undeniable documents which show America was behind the curtain of terror in Iran and the region," Khamenei said during a commemoration of the 1979 storming of the U.S. embassy in Tehran by revolutionary students.


"By presenting those 100 documents, we will disgrace America in the world," he added. He did not say when he would produce the documents and to whom.


That’s if you can get anybody in the West to publish them.


And you know, there’s a saying that anyone who comes to America can make it.  They can make it good, you see.  And it’s true.  If you work hard enough, you’ll make it good in America.  And this article here is about:


Convicted serial killer Kembo now a children’s author selling his book from prison


(A: Under a female name.  So he’s a special person now.  He’s trans-something, you know.)


Using a pseudonym, serial killer Charles Kembo has written a children’s book that is being offered for sale on


The 372-page book - The Trinity of Superkidds Book One: Quest for Water –


(A: He’s a good psychopath, because he knows where the world is getting pushed and he sniffs, he hones right in on the winner, you see.  Global warming, conservation, all that stuff.)


Quest for Water –  was launched in March 2010, according to an interview Kembo, posing as a female writer named J.D. Bauer,


(A: That’s the old Rothschild name.)


gave to a Vancouver writer working for an online information magazine site.


(A: And it says:)


In the online interview, at, Kembo is asked why he has been described as “reclusive”.


(A: He’s in prison, right?)


“I decline interviews,” he replied. “Why avoid media? My family has been a subject of extortion for a number of years. Lately, I have received threats on my life from some fanatical groups.


(A: And then he pulled his profile photo off online for safety reasons, but he’s got it up on other ones too, just to contradict himself.)


Kembo, who was born in Malawi and came to Canada in December 1989, claimed in the interview he was born in Toronto.


He claimed that his book, the proceeds of which he planned to give to an international charity aimed at ending world hunger, had sold 14,000 copies in the first two weeks


(A: See, he’s politically correct.)


and that it had been optioned for a movie by an American studio.


Asked by Burtinshaw what he hoped his readers would take from his novel, which was to be a series, Kembo replied that it was an “honest appeal” to the best instincts of youth.


He should know that, because he killed a few of them.  And you should see what he did do, actually.  And quite the character.  But it just goes to show you, you know, you can come to, yep, you can make it.  You can make it anywhere, you see.  And that’s just like one of these good stories.  It lifts your spirits. 


And I should actually go to the callers now, and I think there’s two on the line.  There’s Carlton from New York hanging on there.  Are you there, Carlton?


Carlton: How are you doing, Mr. Watt?


Alan: I’m not bad.  Yep, not bad.


Carlton: For one, I’m going to let you know, I’m about to send you something tomorrow, for your second book.  So, you should be on the lookout for that I guess next week or sometime.  And I would encourage everybody listening to do the same as well.  You were actually talking about the selling and things of kidneys and organs and things of that nature.  And I’m actually, I actually work at a dialysis center, so I see, you know what I’m saying, the effects of kidney disease first-hand, every single day.  But it’s just to me, it’s a shame how these people have got to sit on this machine, man, for like three, four hours, and they have the ability to actually give people, but of course, there’s no money in curing people.  So, they’ve got to go through all of this craziness, man.  And my mother is on dialysis, so I see how that works, all the time.  But this, you’re actually putting me in mind of a movie that I saw, right.  And you probably might have heard of it.  It’s called RepoMan.  You’ve heard of it.  You’ve seen it.


Alan: Yeah, I saw that one.


Carlton: Yeah, that was crazy.  Crazy.  But I can see that happening, because they are on a lower scale now.  They’re starting to cut back on the Medicare and the Medicaid.  Like they was making announcements in here today saying that everybody’s Medicare and Medicaid is changing, and they may not cover their transportation and all this stuff like.  They, the powers that be are doing people real, real dirty right now. 


Alan: I know.  I’ve talked to a lot of folk in different hospitals in the US, and they tell me how they’ve been cutting back for years, actually, and they’ve really speeded up the process.  And some of them, I’ve got transplant surgeons that talk to me.  There’s no shortage, by the way, of organs inside America.  These were organs, they wanted Semitic organs shipped in from Israel.  But there’s no shortage of them inside America.  And he said, sadly, almost every case, where he goes and harvests the organs, right now is from teenagers, male and female who have either shot themselves in the head, or they’re hit and runs now.  A big spate of hit and runs in San Francisco area right now, young people.  And he meets all the other harvesters, because they all get these jet planes and fly all over the place and meet them all.  He takes heart and lungs.  And he says, there’s no shortage of organs within the United States itself.


Carlton: And then the even crazier part about it, you know what they’re pushing on them now.  Flu vaccines. 


Alan: Oh, I know.  I know.


Carlton: And you already know, who was the worse case or worst folks that should get vaccines?  People with already compromised immune systems and babies and old folks.  And like they’re pushing it on them, pushing it on them.  But I’ve asked many of the techs, and even some of the administrators in here, and they’re not even taking the god dang old flu shot.


Alan: No, they’re not.  In fact, there’s doctors, there’s doctors actually getting other doctors to sign on, that they’ve actually given the other one the shot.  They don’t trust them at all.


Carlton: Yeah, I know.  And I’ve even talked to the doctor in here about that whole situation, and he actually came out and said to me that, yes, we know that the medical industry is all about the bottom line.  But, you know, that everybody just gives you that, “what can you do, it’s the system” thing.  And that’s the one thing that’s really started to piss me off now, is everybody’s apathy, because apathy is going to be the death of us.  Seriously.


Alan: Apathy.  Apathy is on the cards.  Bertrand Russell said towards the end of creating the completely dysfunctional society we shall introduce apathy, he said.  And this was designed a long time ago, this part of this system, by experts, and this is what we’re experiencing as you say, is apathy.


Carlton: And I see it, like totally now.  Totally. 


Alan: Another thing, in the US hospitals, what they’re telling me too, the staff, is that they’re becoming filthy.  They’ve cut back so much on cleaning staff, and a lot of the hospitals now they go into are actually filthy.


Carlton: And it’s crazy.  They make, just in this little dialysis center that I work in, it’s about five thousand dollars per patient, per treatment, and it’s about four shifts a day, different shifts, different people each day, and about twenty, twenty-five people a shift.  And you’re telling me you’re not making enough money?  That’s crazy.


Alan: It’s the greediest.  Life is the greediest system that they have out there.  Anything to do with life, keeping life, saving life, is the most greediest, foulest system out there.  Or seventeen-and-a-half grand for ten days or nine days in a hospital.  It’s utterly disgusting.  Yeah.  You’re quite right. 


Carlton: It’s ridiculous, but I hear your commercial coming through.  I’ll holler at you.  Like I said, I’m sending you some money, so look out for it.


Alan: I will do.  Thanks.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And there’s Pat hanging on the line from London.  If you’re still there.


Pat: Yeah.  Hi, Alan.  I was hearing you earlier on, on one of the other networks earlier on today, which is interesting, talking about the monarchy and things like that, and Europe, I think.  We really are in perilous times here at the moment.  And, just thinking about the monarchy.  I joined that discussion a bit late, and I couldn’t get on easily.  But it’s interesting.  Have you ever come across a website called


Alan: I don’t think so.  No.


Pat: It’s amazing.  It goes into all sorts of things.  Frankfurt subversion, and whatever.  What’s happened in the Queen.  And it’s interesting enough.  Did you know that apparently Queen Elizabeth’s political and constitutional tutor was Sir Henry Martin, a Fabian Communist, that she was well trained for surrendering our sovereignty without.  She’s meant to act as a final check and balance.  And you know, her coronation oath she made with a King James Bible in her hand.  And you know, she’s signed all these treaties making us subject to a foreign power, you know, clearly against the will of the people.  You know.  And it’s interesting that every time one of these treaties comes along, Buckingham Palace is inundated with mail saying please don’t sign it, before it’s been put to a referendum and the people.  And it’s interesting enough that it says here that Prince Charles or William or Harry, can never be king, because you cannot have a king without a kingdom.  You know, they can only be princes of a region or principality within Europe.  And we’ve just been made into a principality of Europe now.


Alan: That’s right.


Pat: You know, the Lisbon Treaty abolished whatever sovereignty.  They’re carrying on this charade, this puppet thing in London that they’ve got power there, but we haven’t.  We’ve given it all away, haven’t we?


Alan: Absolutely.  And the Queen is all for this, you know.  They’ve got some strange deal hammered out where she still has authority.  I don’t know where it’s written down.  But she’s not worried, obviously you know.


Pat: Well, she does.  She easily could have said no to all the treaties, because she has the constitutional power in the same way that her governor general in Australia sacked the government of Whitland in 1975.


Alan: That’s right.


Pat: And there was no choice, because it was an ill formed government and it couldn’t pass legislation.  But, yeah.  It’s disappointing, really, because I personally am a firm believer in the principle of the monarchy.  If you look in the Bible, the King James Bible, some of Israel’s kings were as wicked as men could ever get, but it didn’t stop the principle of the monarchy being founded by God in the same way, I mean, I and others hold to the British Israelite teaching that the Caucasian people of the world were descended from the Israelites.  Which is in the Scottish Declaration of Independence.  It mentions that.  It eludes to that.  Robert the Bruce and all that.  But, interesting enough, people talk about the royal family being blue-blooded and German or whatever.  Yes, it’s true.  King George I was German speaking, but he was descended from King James VI of Scotland, through Sophia, who married Ernest Augustus, Duke of Brunswick.  And also, if you look at the House of Hanover, it is a Caucasian Anglo-Saxon Monarchy.  You also find Henry II Plantagenet.  So you find English and Scottish queens in the House of Germany.  So, is it really German?  There’s several issues here.


Alan: Well, actually, it’s probably more German than anything, because even the House of Windsor was changed in World War I because of the German name that they used prior to that.  And it didn’t go too well when they were fighting the Germans, so they changed it to the House of Windsor.  I understand what you’re saying, but regardless, I mean, Britain has been sold out from the top down.


Pat: And you know, she’s signed all these treaties.  She hasn’t thought anything about us.  And she easily could have insisted on a referendum and putting it.


Alan: No, I’ll tell you, nobody is going to even get the chance of any referendum.  This is a must-be plan, planned a long time ago, and all the elite are on board with it, for this world system.  Because they’re going to rule or at least own a good chunk of it.  That’s why.  Thanks for calling.  And from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.  Remember, donate, buy the books, because as I say, I don’t go out to build an empire, but I do need a few pennies trickling in here, and I’d really appreciate them.  Thank you.  See you Monday.



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