November 11th, 2011 (#961)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov 11th, 2011:

Method to the Madness:

"This New World Order is Spewing Laws and Rules,
Coming from Everywhere to Confuse the Fools,
The People the Sheeple Must Stay Confused,
Rather Than Come to Knowing They're All Being Used,
The Redistribution of Wealth Means an Awful Lot,
Subsidizing Food Out the Country Means Less You've Got,
Till Eventually You'll Get Your I.D. Card
With Weekly Food Rationing, Plus Stay in Your Yard,
The Elite, You See, say "Let's Be Constructive",
Take From Falling Nations to the New and Productive,
So the Falling Nations, Under Treaty -- Nothing to Say,
Their Only Function Now is to Pay and Pay
To Abroad -- Hospitals, Businesses Plus Health Care,
And at Home a Dysfunctional Poverty-Stricken Welfare"
© Alan Watt Nov 11th, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Nov 11th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November 11th, 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the website, and if you can wade yourself through them, thereís a lot to choose from there, thereís hundreds of audios to choose from for free download, youíll begin to understand the big system you live in.  And what youíll really get right off the bat is the fact that those who rule the present have already set up the future to ensure that theyíll always rule.  Thatís how they did it in the past too.  Itís always been the same system.  George Orwell touched on this too, and he should know, because he was up amongst them, working with them.  So, as I say, things donít just stumble along.  And big social movements donít come out of the blue by themselves.  Generally theyíre well directed and funded, and always for a different purpose than the one that you realize.  Youíll always find out the big boys want you to protest something or demand something, because they have another part of something to change, an agenda to change or a system to change that already oversees you.  And thatís whatís coming about today, because even the protest groups, lots of people who are just really fed up with the banks, weíre all fed up with the banks, everyone across the whole planet is, always have been, but the fact is that thereís other powerful forces behind it too.  Because they want to bring up the World Bank, the IMF and so on.  And youíll find the history of that, if you read Carroll Quigleyís documentation, Tragedy and Hope, the book, and the other one called The Anglo-American Establishment, well documented, about a group, who set up a long time ago, a hundred years ago, to take over the resources of the whole entire planet.  All the resources.  And in fact, weíre resources too, of course, human resources.


So, help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you.  You can help me tick along here by buying the books and discs at  And you can also donate as well, because itís often the donations occasionally here and there that pull me through the month, just to pay off what I owe.  And from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check or an international postal money order from your post office or send cash or use PayPal.  Youíll find out how to do it at  Across the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and again PayPal.  And, remember again, straight donations are awfully welcome in these hard times, because I donít bring on advertisers, I donít have shares in products and sell them to you.  So, I just depend on you to keep it all going here.  As I say, if you go into the website, youíll find that you can also get, apart from the audios, youíll find that you can get transcripts in English and other languages.  In the other languages, go into for transcripts, and you can print them up, and read them at your leisure. 


Thatís how the world really is.  We always end up protesting against something or demanding something, which the big boys want to bring in.  And now, of course, itís time that Bretton Woods Part II comes in, and youíll find out the founder of that talked about that before he died, that there would be a Part II to it, where theyíd raise up the Bank for International Settlements, World Bank, and also the IMF to its proper role of running the entire monetary supply of the entire planet and all debt, loans, and everything else too, for all countries.  And thatís whatís come out of the European Union.  Theyíve pretty well got what they wanted there.  Theyíve got a massive, amalgamated Central Private Bank running them there, under the IMF, and itís to be the same across the rest of the world.  Thatís what these big planned crashes are all about.  Now, it doesnít mean that there shouldnít be a bank crash.  Of course, they were all selling bubbles, and just raping and pillaging as they went along there, as they resold home after home and jacked the prices up and sold it to the next big bank.  They were all in on the scam.  They knew it  would come down, but that was the intention.  Make hay while the sun shines.  And then, of course, they get into the next part of the system, with the same banks in charge.  Thatís really what itís all about.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And itís interesting that in different countries they celebrate Veterans Day and Remembrance Day in the British Commonwealth countries for all the guys that fought in all these wars that we have no clue why they were really fighting, generally, except for a couple of major ones.  The rest of it is all geopolitics.  And, of course, itís also part, as I say, of this plan to take over all the resources of the world, and thatís never been more obvious than today.  Weíre the generation living through the obvious part of it all.  We find the movements, the US has so many bases across the world, itís just astounding.  And Iíve talked about them before, and how it goes all the way back to Reagan, and Jeane Kirkpatrick came up with the idea of, since weíve got a big, big job to do of policing the world, weíve got more wars to fight, eventually down the road, why not just put up permanent bases across the world, rather than go in when something starts and build and then build a temporary structure; make them permanent.  And theyíve been building them across the entire planet.  And I bet you anything too, when China takes over, and it will be arranged at the United Nations that will be so, because it was talked about back in the Ď40s that China, and the Ď50s, that China would eventually take over as the Policeman of the World, that theyíll hand it over to China.  So, thank you again, American taxpayer.


Anyway, the US are moving into Australia now.  And I think personally itís partly to do with thereís such radiation in parts of Japan where American bases were, and they pulled out so many ships there because of the high radiation content, and itís going to be like that for half a million years, who knows how long, with the pollution of radiation.  So, theyíre moving into Australia.  And it says:


US Marines in Darwin


The US will have a permanent new military presence in Australia


(Alan: They already have some already, in different parts)


by rotating marines through a base in Darwin, US President Barack Obama is set to announce.


Mr Obama will make the announcement with Prime Minister Julia Gillard when they visit Darwin next Thursday during his first visit to Australia as President, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.


"This is all about the rise of China, the modernisation of the People's Liberation Army


(A: You know, the guys who are sending us all the products and hold all the debt, you know.)


and, particularly, it's about the increased vulnerability of US forces in Japan and Guam to the new generation of Chinese missiles," Alan Dupont, the Michael Hintze professor of international security at Sydney University, told the newspaper.


The new Chinese missiles could threaten them in a way they've never been able to before, so the US is starting to reposition them to make them less vulnerable.


These things are obsolete.  I hope you understand that.  Even Kissinger and others said the same thing, when they talked about the technotronic warfares and mentioned weather modification, especially weather modification or weather warfare.  Because, they say that now with weather warfare, they can take a country so fast with using natural techniques, basically creating tornados, massive, hundreds and thousands if they need be in an area, wiping out a whole continent, if they need be, and soaking them.  Or else, doing it the slow way of drought, that it makes the Atom Bomb and the H-Bomb obsolete.


So, anyway, weíve got to keep spending, spending, spending, and thatís disposable income as far as the government is concerned.  They like this disposable stuff, and thatís why they like wars too.  Every shell has to get replaced.  Every missile has to get replaced, or itís made obsolete in about a monthís time, and of course, the manufacturers come up with Mark 2, 3, to 150 or whatever.  And itís a great business for them as well.  So, anyway, theyíre moving them in there, and thatís just a little bit of information. 


And you know, society is so finished now, as far as Iím concerned, because weíve lost everything that made, across the world really, countries are not countries anymore.  Theyíre almost wastelands of humans with not much to do, except take drugs, especially the youngsters in these inner cities, the big cities across England too.  Itís incredible.  Theyíre living in places that are falling apart, basically. And again, theyíre all expected to pay masses of tax money, to bail out all these other countries in Europe, etc, etc.  And thereís nothing left for them.  Thereís no future that they can see, except just shoot up heroin, and of course thatís being imported by the shiploads, all the docks.  And such squalor is terrible everywhere.  They have no hope.  Theyíre nihilistic.  And that was designed, this apathy and nihilism was designed a long time ago, because even Bertrand Russell said in the Ď50s, that eventually nihilism will be brought in and that will create apathy.  Apathy is a great technique for people to be.  What they do is turn on each other.  They donít turn on the authorities, and it keeps their minds on each other, rather than the authorities.  So, they had all this worked out, all the reactions, and theyíve been pretty correct up until now.  Whatís also happening too, is that, you see, all your systems, especially to do with local councils, up to even state and federal councils across the world, are utterly, utterly corrupt.  Theyíre utterly corrupt these days.  And thereís been so many exposťs on the British councils about them scamming, these councillors scamming so much money for them, for themselves.  And they should be going to roads and maintenance, and all the rest of it.  And they become little petty emperors in their own little areas.  So, this article here is about:


Councils 'lose £7m


(A: Which is a drop in the bucket)


in false bank account scam'


(A: Which obviously councillors are in on.  And it says here:)


Councils have been conned out of more than £7m by criminals using information put on their own websites under transparency drives, a survey says.


(A: The government is encouraging this.)


The Audit Commission said officials were being tricked


(A: Theyíre not being tricked, theyíre in on it.)


into making payments - intended for building firms and other contractors - into false bank accounts.


The problem emerged from the survey of 480 public sector organisations.


Housing Minister Grant Shapps said it was "disappointing" some councils had not heeded advice on combating fraud.


(A: Well, as I say, itís integral to the system now.  The fraud is rampant through the underworld and the overworld.  You see, itís all pretty well one now.  And youíll find too, as inflation gets massive, taxation goes even higher, and then carbon taxes come in, thatís when really the survival of the fittest for the psychopaths just kicks into overdrive.  And from the little gang at the bottom to local councils, city councils, all the rest of it, these are the ones who end up on top using every device they can.  Thatís the way it is.  It says:)


The Audit Commission found that councils across England detected more than £185m worth of fraud last year - up 37% on 2009/10.


(A: Well, thatís what youíre going to get.  As things get more expensive, inflation goes up, and you keep bailing out foreign banks and going into austerity, thereís going to be more and more petty crime.  Itís as simple as that.  Thereís no rocket science here.  So:)


Councils said fraud cases were rising because the current economic climate was putting pressure on people's personal finances and "tempting" them to commit fraud.


(A: Well, eventually it will be the only way they can survive, those that can survive, and who will break the rules, you see.  And try to sustain themselves in a better lifestyle.  Fraud will be the only thing thatís left for them.  I mean, what can you say about the system that runs them?  Look at the fraud thatís committed just amongst their politicians, their parliaments, case after case, every week, of, you know diddling their expense accounts by thousands of pounds per month, and so on, and a slap on their wrist.  No big deal.  Howís that for an example, eh?  Yet theyíre coming down on the little guys at the bottom.)


They also said a reduction in staff numbers due to cutbacks was weakening internal fraud controls.


(A: No, thereís a lot of nonsense.  Anyway, it says:)

Criminals from the UK and overseas have sent legitimate-looking letters, based on creditor information published on the internet, to persuade officials


(A: You donít have to persuade officials.  Theyíre quite happy to put the hand out, believe you me.)


to change account details and redirect payments to them.


That takes collaboration with the crooks.  But thatís what weíve got to look forward to as the countries go down.  More and more and more of this.  And, as I say, it ends up where literally the psychopaths, at all levels, from the guys at the bottom that are gangs, that club folk to death, and mug them and so on, and run the local booze cans, the local place where you pick up your heroin for the night.  These guys could rise to the top, during these times, and everyone above them too.  All the officials as well, the psychopaths amongst them rise to the top.  Everything becomes a gang.  Everything.


Iím putting up a link tonight too, at Cutting Through the Matrix, about the facts about the global super-rich.  And itís really a chart and so on.  And itís the usual stuff, percentage, etc, about who owns the wealth.


0.5% of the world's population owns an eye-popping 38.5% of its total wealth.


(A: And the usual comments, like this is insane.  Well, no kidding, eh?)


And the bottom two-thirds account for just 3.3% of wealth


(A: And it gives you comparisons, etc, countries, and so on.  And it says:)


China, India, Latin America and Africa account for 56% of the world's population, but just 16% of its wealth.


The U.S. is home to 21% of people who have more than $100,000 in wealth. Japan is home to 16%.


And those numbers are even more concentrated when you look at millionaires. One-third of the world's millionaires live in the U.S. Sweden and Switzerland each have 2% of global membership, but a much smaller fraction of the global population.


And those numbers are even more concentrated when you look at millionaires


(A: Etc, etc, and billionaires.)


And the number of ultra-high net worth individuals is growing, due, in part, to the fact that "the past decade has been especially conducive to the establishment of large fortunes," according to Credit Suisse.


(A: And the number of ultra-high net worth individuals is going up and up all the time.  And it says:)


This year, Europe surpassed the U.S. in terms of the number of high-net worth residents (who own between $1 million and $50 million.


So, Iíll put this one up too.  You can yawn through this one, but itís no surprise at all, because youíve got to really have money to start with.  You have to be born into the right families and peoples, sometimes, that too, to get that kind of start, to get into the areas where you can accumulate a lot of wealth.  You wonít get it by hard work.  Thatís an old fallacy. 


Now, soldiers, you know, I really donít have much time for soldiers, because theyíre really just mercenaries.  I understand why they go into the army, most of them.  Most of them are from the lower classes, who canít get a job.  But, of course, some of them end up doing the most horrific things, maybe for promotion, I donít know.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, as I say, soldiers, you know come really from the lower classes.  Theyíre the cannon fodder.  Theyíre called the pawns on the chessboard.  And it doesnít really matter what happens to them once they leave the service.  Most of them die off through drugs, or disease that theyíve got in the military.  And thatís okay; no one really cares.  And itís okay when theyíre in action, and theyíre killing off the enemy, whoever has been designated to be the enemy, and they do kill them off, whoever it happens to be, even if they know nothing at all about them; it doesnít really matter.  But thatís just the way it is.  Theyíre just a part of this modern system of where politics fails, basically, and diplomacy fails, you just end up getting a war to get what you want.  And itís always been that way.  So, theyíre disposable, really, but as long as they kill the enemies, thatís all that matters, for the boys who run commerce.  And it says here:


American soldier gets life sentence for conviction in thrill-killings of Afghan civilians


A military jury sentenced an Afghan war veteran to life in prison after the Army staff sergeant was convicted of murder, conspiracy and other charges in the deaths of civilians, in one of the most gruesome cases to emerge from the conflict.


(A: A lot of this goes on, in all forces, actually.  Itís just that occasionally, mainly theyíre hushed up and theyíre kept under wraps.  And it says:)


Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs, of Billings, Mont., was accused of exhorting his bored underlings to slaughter three Afghan civilians for sport.


(A: I donít think this is the first time this has happened, even in the US.  It says:)


The jury for the court martial at Joint Base Lewis-McChord south of Seattle sentenced Gibbs Thursday to life in prison, but he will be eligible for parole in less than nine years.


The 26-year-old soldier was the highest ranking of five soldiers charged in the deaths of the unarmed men during patrols in Kandahar province early last year.


(A: Itís probably the same bunch.)


At his seven-day court martial, he acknowledged cutting fingers off corpses and yanking out a victimís tooth to keep as war trophies, ďlike keeping the antlers off a deer youíd shoot.Ē


(A: Thatís what it says.)


But he insisted he wasnít involved in the first or third killings, and in the second he merely returned fire.


(A: So, even the two other guys, of course, turned on him and testified against him to get a lighter sentence, I guess.  So:)


The jury deliberated for about four hours before convicting him on all charges. The sentencing hearing began immediately after the verdict was announced, with a prosecutor, Maj. Andre LeBlanc, asking for the maximum, life without parole.


The thing is, what they did too, is they killed folk and just planted guns next to them.  Much like the police do back home, eh.  I mean, thatís been going on forever.  Throw a knife or a gun down.  ďI had to shoot them.Ē  You see?  But, taking trophies is not really an unusual thing.  Iíve seen different guys in different forces, Britain, Canada, States, that show off their photographs.  They all take photographs when theyíre first blooded, as they say, next to the corpses that theyíve shot.  Sometimes itís like a finger in the hole, just to show how bravado it is, and so on.  And gruesome things like that.  So, thereís nothing really new in this, but they just donít want this leaking out to the public. 


Weíre supposed to think itís all hygienic.  You know, we hear these terms, surgical strikes, and we think of hygiene right away.  We donít realize that, you know, people in schools have just been blown up.  And they try to hygienize war, which you simply cannot do.  Itís a gruesome thing.  Very primitive.  And itís all about sticking things in folk or blowing things through them.  And thatís basically it, you know.  Because, what do you expect.  This is the height of mankind, humankind, 21st Century, and itís worse now than ever.  Anyway, other countries have got it bad too, where theyíre all collapsing with their societies and culture and so on.  In some countries, like Australia, theyíre giving them power to frisk children now in schools and outside schools too. 


Police will be granted the power to frisk teenagers or children for alcohol after a State Government committee recommended the new powers be passed as law.


The Queensland Police Service pushed for its scope under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act to be widened to include a "pat down'' of young people who were suspected of carrying alcohol in May this year.


A report released by the Legal Affairs, Police, Corrective Services and Emergency Services Committee this afternoon said it supported the motion, so long as police kept a record of all minors who were frisked and pending a review after five years.


Itís also training all children for their future.  This is the future that they must grow up in.  Itís totalitarian.  Itís like all the science fiction movies theyíve fed us over the years, to get us all ready for it.  In the US and some countries theyíre already ready for it.  Theyíve grown up going through metal detectors, and so on, and opening their school satchels to show them what theyíve got inside.  So, theyíre already trained, you know, to walk through.  Theyíre already trained before they leave school, to go to airports and get patted down there, and walk through the x-ray machines.  Itís all training.  You always train in advance the cattle.  Weíre all cattle, you see, at the bottom.  The elite donít do this, of course.  They have special airports for their private jets and stuff like that, and you know, privileges.  Itís a world of privileges.† Democracy you see, if you look at democracy, if they use the British base, itís very elastic.  You can keep stretching it, because thereís never a constant definition of it, but in Britain, theyíve been, itís such an elitist system there.  The home of utter snobbery. 


Itís got so much in common with India.  Iím surprised more folk donít put it together.  The class system is a caste system.  And in India, itís horrendous, the caste system.  It will always be horrendous in India.  I donít think theyíll ever get it out of them.  And thatís why the elite in Britain got on so well with the bigwigs in India, a long time ago.  They have so much in common. 


This training is to get them all ready, in advance, for what they must experience later on in life.  This is the system, this wonderful New World Order.


And of course, everyone has heard too, Iím sure, that radiation levels across Europe have been detected that are higher than normal.  I love how they say ďhigher than normal but donít seem to pose a health hazard,Ē when we know that all the top guys have said thereís no safe level of radiation.  And the longer you get it, even the lowest dose, the worse it is for your DNA to metabolize into something nasty.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about this release of radiation across Europe, which theyíre claiming is not from Japan.  They said:


The agency said the cause was not known but was not the result of Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, which spread radiation across the globe in March.


(A: Well, itís been still spreading radiation across the globe, if you look into the investigators in Japan itself.  Of course it is.  And I read one last week, I think it was, the highest levels of radiation of all time, from the very beginning, were released about a week ago, so, I mean, itís still coming off the Mox fuel and everything else.  Anyway, theyíre talking about iodine-131 here.  And it says:)


The "very low levels of iodine-131


(A: Isnít this something you would tell a baby, you know?  Donít worry, go to sleep.)


The "very low levels of iodine-131


(A: This is the one that gives you thyroid cancer and so on.)


have been measured in the atmosphere," the agency said in a statement. It said such radioisotope will lose much of its radiation in about eight days.


(A: Theyíre so precise with everything, but they donít know where itís coming from, eh?  Whoís kidding who?)


However, an official familiar with the matter, who asked for anonymity because he was not authorized to comment, said the release appeared to be continuing.


(A: So, itís continuing.  And itís just wonderful how they tell us stuff, isnít it?)


In Prague, an official at the Czech State Office for Nuclear Safety said he was "100 percent sure" that the radiation had not come from any Czech nuclear power plant - or from any other source on Czech territory.


Speaking on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to talk to the media, the official said tests are under way around the country to try and identify the source.


(A: They can tell from satellite where the source is.  They know this.)


The Czechs are betting heavily on nuclear power and have plans to dramatically increase production - a move that would give the country a place among Europe's most nuclear-dependent nations. They currently rely on six nuclear reactors for 33 percent of their total electricity. The government hopes to at least double that output.


That's in stark contrast to its neighbors: German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government decided to phase out nuclear energy by 2022 following the meltdown at the Fukushima plants, and Switzerland has followed suit. Austria abandoned nuclear energy after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster and strictly opposes the Czech nuclear program


Itís dangerous to get a program nowadays, because generally the US goes over and bombs you.  ďThere will be no other gods but me.Ē  And thatís how it really works, isnít it?


And talking about how society is completely finished, itís kaput, culturally and every other way.  And weíre debased too, by the media, and debased by entertainment, and you see it all around you, and this is an article here from Britain.  And Britain really is such a mess, in these cities, these overcrowded cities, where theyíve been thrown into these dumps, and the high-rises that were just thrown up, these prefabricated monstrosities that are damp and full of fungus after a week, after they open them.  Anyway:


Sittingbourne family fight killer's sex change


(A: No kidding. This is an axe-murderer.)


Jim and Judy White have started a petition against prisoners receiving NHS


(A: You canít get an operation if youíre dying, but you can get a sex change.  It says:)


The family of a Kent man who was beaten to death are campaigning to stop his killer getting a sex change in prison.


Relatives of Clive White have said taxpayers should not pay for treatment for jailed Robert Page, from Sittingbourne, who uses the name Emma.


(A: Oh.)


The Department of Health said prisoners had the right to receive the same NHS services as anyone else.


(A: This is all free, you know.  As I say, if youíve got cancer there, just, you know, do yourself in, because by the time you wait for treatment, youíve had it anyway.  But theyíll give you a sex change.  Oh, itís mental distress.  You know.  Mental distress if you canít turn from one thing to the other.  And the taxpayer should pay for that too, you know.)


Disabled Mr White, of Sittingbourne, was attacked with an axe and hammer in 2000.


(A: This is a real sweetheart that did him in, eh?  He was already disabled.)


attacked with an axe and hammer in 2000. Page was jailed in 2001.


Page, then 24, lived four doors away from Mr White, 56, at the time of the killing.


In 2003, his murder conviction was quashed


(A: Thatís what they do, you see.  This is the liberalism.  This is the strange law system you have.  Youíve got to look at the law system, and once you understand the law system, where it came from, go into where it came from, and study it properly, and youíll understand why youíre in the system that youíre in today.  Anyway, it says:)


and his guilty plea to manslaughter was accepted. He is now in HMP Wakefield, West Yorkshire.


'Same rights as anyone'


So, yep, heís now called Emma.  ďJust call me Emma, or Iíll stick this axe in your head,Ē I suppose, you know.  And weíre supposed to put up with this rubbish.  This rubbish, as we pamper and pamper people who used to, just like Napoleon, you know.  ďCall me Napoleon, or Iíll kill you.Ē  And they used to have other ways to deal with them. 


And this is an interesting article here.  It is quite funny.  Itís like something from a TV series.  It says:


Welcome to Quail Hollow Farm CSA - Community Supported Agriculture


(A: This is what happened in the States, just recently.  And:)


Dearest Guests, (You have all become dear to us!)


What an evening we had this last Friday night! It had all the makings of a really great novel: drama, suspense, anticipation, crisis, heroic efforts, villains and victors, resolution and a happy ending.


(A: This is them cracking down on farms.  Itís just absurd now.)


The evening was everything I had dreamed and hoped it would be. The weather was perfect, the farm was filled with friends and guests roaming around talking about organic, sustainable farming practices. Our young interns were teaching and sharing their passion for farming and their role in it. (A high hope for our future!) The pig didnít get loose. Our guests were excited to spend an evening together. The food was prepared exquisitely. The long dinner table, under the direction of dear friends, was absolutely stunningly beautiful. The music was superb. The stars were bright and life was really good. And then, Ö


for a few moments, it felt like the rug was pulled out from underneath us and my wonderful world came crashing down. As guests were mingling, finishing tours of the farm, and while the first course of the meal was being prepared and ready to be sent out, a Southern Nevada Health District employee came for an inspection.


Because this was a gathering of people invited to our farm for dinner, I had no idea that the Health Department would become involved. I received a phone call from them two days before the event informing me that because this was a ďpublic eventĒ (I would like to know what is the definition of ďpublicĒ and ďprivateĒ) we would be required to apply for a ďspecial use permitĒ. If we did not do so immediately, we would be charged a ridiculous fine. Stunned, we immediately complied.


(A: So, they paid this in advance, right?  But thatís not good enough, you see.)


We were in the middle of our harvest day for our CSA shares, a very busy time for us, but Monte immediately left to comply with the demand and filled out the required paper work and paid for the fee. (Did I mention that we live in Overton, nowhere near a Health Department office?) Paper work now in order, he was informed that we would not actually be given the permit until an inspector came to check it all out. She came literally while our guests were arriving!


In order to overcome any trouble with the Health Department of cooking on the premises, most of the food was prepared in a certified kitchen in Las Vegas; and to further remove any doubt, we rented a certified kitchen trailer to be here on the farm for the preparation of the meals. The inspector, Mary Oaks, clearly not the one in charge of the inspection as she was constantly on the phone with her superior Susan somebody who was calling all the shots from who knows where.


Susan deemed our food unfit for consumption and demanded that we call off the event because: 1. Some of the prepared food packages did not have labels on them. (The code actually allows for this if it is to be consumed within 72 hours.) 2. Some of the meat was not USDA certified. (Did I mention that this was a farm to fork meal?)


(A: Thatís what they call it, farm to fork, when you arrive at the farm.)


3. Some of the food that was prepared in advance was not up to temperature at the time of inspection. (It was being prepared to be brought to proper temperature for serving when the inspection occurred.) 4. Even the vegetables prepared in advance had to be thrown out because they were cut and were then considered a ďbio-hazardĒ.


(A: No kidding.  A bio-hazard.  Yep.)


5. We did not have receipts for our food.


(A: Oh, youíve got to keep receipts for you food now, eh.)


 (Reminder! This food came from farms not from the supermarket! I have talked with several chefs who have said that in all their years cooking they have never been asked for receipts.)


At this time Monte, trying to reason with Susan to find a possible solution for the problem, suggested turning this event from a ďpublicĒ event to a ďprivateĒ event by allowing the guests to become part of our farm club, thus eliminating any jurisdiction or responsibility on their part. This idea infuriated Susan and threatened that if we did not comply the police would be called and personally escort our guests off the property.


(A: This is your own property, remember.)


This is not the vision of the evening we had in mind! So regretfully, again we complied.


The only way to keep our guests on the property was to destroy the food.


(A: This is the conditions that this little petty official set out.)


I canít tell you how sick to my stomach I was watching that first dish of Mint Lamb Meatballs hit the bottom of the unsanitized trash can. Here we were with guests who had paid in advance and had come from long distances away anticipating a wonderful dining experience, waiting for dinner while we were behind the kitchen curtain throwing it away! I know of the hours and labor that went into the preparation of that food.


We asked the inspector if we could save the food for a private family event that we were having the next day. (A personal family choice to use our own food.) We were denied


(A: Can you believe this?  Do you understand what has to be done, folks?  Do you understand what has to be done?  Do you?)


We were denied and she was insulted that we would even consider endangering our families health. I assured her that I had complete faith and trust in Giovanni our chef and the food that was prepared, (obviously, or I wouldnít be wanting to serve it to our guests).


I then asked if we couldnít feed the food to our ďpublic guestsĒ or even to our private family, then at least let us feed it to our pigs. (I think it should be a criminal action to waste any resource of the land. Being dedicated to our organic farm, we are forever looking for good inputs into our compost and soil and good food that can be fed to our animals. The animals and compost pile always get our left over garden surplus and food. We truly are trying to be as sustainable as possible.) Again, a call to Susan and another negative response.


(A: No, you canít feed it to the pigs, either.)


Okay, so let me get this right. So the food that was raised here on our farm and selected and gathered from familiar local sources, cooked and prepared with skill and love was even unfit to feed to my pigs!?!


Who gave them the right to tell me what I feed my animals? Not only were we denied the use of the food for any purpose, to ensure that it truly was unfit for feed of any kind we were again threatened with police action if we did not only throw the food in the trash, but then to add insult to injury, we were ordered to pour bleach on it.


(A: By the official from the government.)


Now the food is also unfit for compost


(A: And so on, and so on, and so on.)


hundreds of pounds of food was good for nothing but adding to our ever increasing land fill!


So, it just shows you how bad things truly are, but thereís a reason for all of this, the reason is being, you see, that in the near future, in the near future, folks, youíll get a little chitty thatís a ration card for you to get food.  Because under the interdependence system of this world, and the big chain farms that you have now, these big Walmart-style farms.  Thatís all they are, chain farms.  That have taken over, as they put all the small farmers out of business, thanks to your governments being lobbied and complying with the big chains and taking their money for it, of course, that you have to be able to put your money up for the best bidders, and not only the best bidders across the world, but also to countries that canít afford it, you see.  This is the redistribution of wealth.  But your tax money will support the funding of it being transported over to those countries, and the buying of it for them, on their behalf, you see.  Iím not kidding about this.  This is why all this madness is coming down and more and more restrictions.  Theyíre not stupid.  The ones at the very top are not stupid at all.  Their petty bureaucrats are.  But the people at the top know exactly where itís all coming down to and why.  You will see.  You will see. 


Now, Iíll go to a caller.  Itís Alex from Victoria, whoís hanging on there, if Alex is still there.


Alex: Hey there.† How are you?


Alan: Not so bad, yeah.


Alex: Good.  We went to the legislature here in Victoria this morning, for the memorial rally and the service that they hold for the veterans and deceased veterans and disabled veterans that fought for allegedly for freedom and democracy.  And we watched this charade unfold.  It was so obvious after listening to, you know, you talking about history and the agencies of social control and everything, what was really going on.  It was like seeing it through a completely different light, a different eye.  The most profound thing about this service was that the ďdefence departmentĒ was actually making it rain on them.  They completely whipped up this weather system, which broke up just after the rally.  And it ruined the service and the parade and everything, and you could see the electromagnetic plasma gas floating apart in black clouds and stuff, floating apart.  And then we sort of filmed the weather, recently, like a couple hours later.  The sky was actually boiling.  They had the HAARP system whizzing it about, and making hail, and all kinds of weird rainbows and colors in the sky.  Just ridiculous. 


Alan: Yeah, it is.  Itís normal though, for those whoíve been watching it since they really started it, about í98 they were doing it daily then.  And the year 2000 is when they put HAARP on at 24 hours per day.  Then, itís nothing new.  But for the rest of the public, theyíre still down on the lower level news, again, lower level reality.  Theyíre caught up in all the Wall Street stuff, etc, the protests.  But they canít get into the higher stuff too, the high tech thatís being used, high technotronic warfare on the general population.  And, I mean, Kissinger talked about that, and Brzezinski, and he said, eventually, that will be the way that theyíll pacify whole continents of people.  And itís working awfully well.  You know, when it rains now, when they spray and then the rain falls, you can always tell what kind theyíre spraying, because you know itís going to rain, by the different colors of them or shades of them.  And you know, everyoneís tired as can be.  As soon as the rain starts, everybody wants to go to their beds, during the day, you know.  So, itís affecting us too.  And so many, I mean, once again, the medical establishments know.  They get the statistics daily fed into central computers in Ottawa of across Canada, from all doctorís offices and hospitals.  They know the amount of people that are coming in with this repeated bronchitis that they get.  Theyíve never smoked in their lives, and all the usual stuff.  And they canít clear it up.  The pharmacists all know it, because theyíre selling all the different stuff to try, and bronchodilators and all the rest of it, but itís no big concern.  Itís no crisis.  Even though itís more than gone up tenfold in the last ten years.  Itís no crisis.  They all know whatís causing it, of course.  But itís a slow cull on a lot of people.  And some people get hit worse than others, depending on your age group and so on.  This is a cull thatís going on, yeah.


Alex: They probably should have smoked.


Alan: It might have helped them actually, yeah, because they cough up the stuff, rather than it go through their alveoli, their tissue, into the bloodstream.  Absolutely.


Alex: Yeah, youíve got less of it into the bloodstream, through the alveoli, yeah.  It was really interesting.  I went down there.  I kind of made sure that I had some people on the ready to play catch if something had happened.  But I went down there to try and wake up people that were in the armed services, whether theyíre military or law enforcement, whatever.  Because I just wanted to go up and say what was actually going on and how everything was reversed.  And you know, how the whole thing had been laid out through the Rothschilds, like them funding of all sides of every conflict and arming them.


Alan: Thatís right.


Alex: And I just looked into these peopleís eyes, and they have this attitude that, you know, theyíre just indoctrinated.  Itís ridiculous.


Alan: Yeah.  Hold on, and Iíll get to you.  I generally wear a black poppy.  That gets some comments.  And Iíll explain why.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just talking about Remembrance Day, Veteranís Day, itís all the same thing, really.  And how itís a good idea to wear a black poppy, because people will ask you, why is that black?  And you tell them why itís black.  You tell them why the wars are all a farce, as far as the people are concerned who actually do the fighting.  And they pick young guys, instead of older guys, because older guys have got a bit of wisdom by that time.  And you can get some conversation sparked off as to why theyíre really fighting, and the geopolitics behind it.  And of course, the big money grubbers that use them just like private armies.  Thatís really all they are.  Thatís why youíre called a private when you join the army.  Youíre privately owned now, you see.  And so, itís good to have some conversation pieces by wearing, starting up by wearing a black poppy.  Try it and see.  And be able to handle yourself too, because some of them, some of the guys who have just come out, most of the vets actually who just left donít go to these things.  Theyíre too shell-shocked or whatever.  Some of them will attend and theyíre on a lot of drugs too, after being over there.  All kinds.  I think theyíre on seven different kinds of medication theyíre prescribed.  It really does a number on their brain.  And they can go wacky at times.  So be careful what you say.  But thatís just the way it is.  And I might try to sneak in Dave from Idaho, if Dave is still there.  Is Dave there?† Hello, Dave?


Dave: Iím here.


Alan: Yes.  Go, ahead, Dave.


Dave: Yeah.  How are you doing?


Alan: Not bad at all.


Dave: Iím glad for that.  Youíve been going through an entire week of operation here.  And thatís good.


Alan: A week of operation?


Dave: Yeah.  Youíve been explaining a lot of things that a lot of people that are listening to you are absolutely not getting.


Alan: Oh, I know.  I know. 


Dave: Yeah, itís horrible.  And I get you on that.† Itís depressing, when you actually do things to help people and to actually inform people, and they just flat donít get it.


Alan: They donít get it.  No.  No.  Theyíre still caught up, you see, youíve got to understand too.  For the Patriot systems, letís put it that way, thereís a lot of daily news just thrown out there and it keeps you in that dayís, and yet itís forgotten the next day, but you try to tell them the whys and the wherefores of why things are happening, and explain, to show them that nothing is by chance, and hopefully, hopefully, maybe one in a hundred will get it.  Hopefully, if youíre lucky.  Other ones just go on to the next show and listen to the rest of the stuff, you know.


Dave: Yeah.  Well, I think actually going back to the symbology of it, that you see the basis of how things work.  Itís far more important.


Alan: Absolutely.


Dave: I love that.  I do love that.† You do that so well.


Alan: Even the term uniform, as one, you know.  Thatís what it means.  Where theyíd all be the same and they would get drilled.  And again, this Masonic, Kabalistic idea of how theyíre trained.  Square bashing, they call it.  They train on the square.  And all the terms all come from a form of Masonry, which is a deeper root, of course.  But this is what theyíre used for.  Theyíre used privately for big corporations.  Whole nations now are used by big corporations.  We all are, as individuals, used by the big corporations.  Our tax money gets thrown at them by the trainload to bail them out, all the time.  And we still think we have countries.  Whoís kidding who?  But thanks for calling.  And from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, where we might get snow tonight, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.  Remember too, help and hopefully buy some books and donate.  See you on Monday.



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