Nov. 14, 2011 (#962)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 14, 2011:

Bonkered and Conquered:
Give Serfs Weekend to Get Laid and Plastered,
Blind to the Fact They've All Been Mastered:

"Progress", Speeding, The Mind is Hazy,
As Hell is Manifested, Just Who is Crazy?
All Cultures Manipulated One-Eighty Degrees,
Small Remnant of Families Down to its Knees,
The Masters of Muse, Entertainment Culture,
Moving in for the Kill, Blood Dripping Vulture,
Expletives Used Liberally from High to Low,
In Simpson-Speak, Padding how Sentences Go,
And Society Emulates, Tough, Sexual, Feral,
In Reality Serfs, Made to be Sterile,
Prostitutes for Fantasy, Worshipped as Celebrities,
Outdoing Each Other in Sexual Dexterities,
Austerity's Beginning, It won't Take Long
To Lead the Walking Dead to New Babylon"
© Alan Watt Nov. 14, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 14, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 14th of November 2011.  For newcomers, I always begin the particular broadcast by advising you to make use of the web site. Thereís hundreds of audios, download them at your leisure and perhaps youíll start to understand this big designed system, this predesigned system, really designed before you were born that is, which really knows where itís going and how it uses mainly two sides to steer us all in the right direction.  Kind of like sheepdogs; thatís how they work, in pairs.  One on one side of the valley and one on the other and they drive the sheep in the right direction.  And really, thatís really how weíre run by left-wing and right-wing, for the same masters at the top of course. So once youíve gone through this youíll see the foundations, the organizations, the big bankers who have planned this a long time ago. They wrote about it. They wrote lots of books and their different memoirs Ė they were so boastful about it in fact.  Plus it was an era in the early 1900s of socialism; that was to be the big dream of creating a scientific society under the guise of socialism, where bureaucrats and officials would really organize and run your life from cradle to grave. And thatís where youíre already at, actually.  Itís been awfully successful, hasnít it?  Many names for it, for the same thing, but thatís really where itís all about.  And itís the same con game of course, that goes on with the banking system of Europe, which is intended to terrify everyone to their knees until they shout, please save us, and the big boys say, okay, no national sovereignty whatsoever, just to save the Euro, and then weíll all be happy.  And of course, thatís how they get what they want.  So make use of the web site. 


Remember too, that you are the ones who bring me to you.  You help me tick along day by day, week by week, because I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  I donít own or have shares in any of the products that are sold.   Therefore it gives me more leeway to have some credence I think, in what I say and comment on.  So for those who want to buy the books and disks I have at you can... [Order and donation options listed above.]  All the sites carry audios and youíll find that carries transcripts too for download and for print up in other languages.  They all carry the English language versions and they all carry the audios.  So make use of them.  And remember, straight donations are awfully welcome in these so-called austere times that weíre going into. 


Again, austerity planned an awful long time ago by different organizations which really have come to the fore in recent times.  Itís just strange to imagine that in your granddaddyís day these big organizations had already planned the future, step by step, so that the sheep donít get too scared and all run off in all directions. And itís been awfully successful.  Weíve all been guided, as I say, with the sheepdogs, along the right path, towards the sheep pen.  And thatís how the world truly, really is run.  Itís very simple herd management isnít it?  And most folk will grab one opinion, left or right, whatever suits them at the time, and the same with all shows on television:  who do you like, this one or that one.  And youíve always got two commentators after a President or Prime Minister speaks to give you the left or the right-wing spin on something and you take your pick which one you want. Theyíre both safe of course, because they want you to pick one or the other.  They never give you a third or fourth or fifth way out of things.  Things are never so simple.  Itís just take this or that, left or right.  But thatís how the world is run, as I say.  Very simple, herd management, and of course they have neuroscientists on board; before it was just psychologists, psychiatrists, behavior management and consultants from marketing.  They all work together now with the neuroscientists to really steer us all, perfectly, from all age groups by the way, into the right kind of mold for what weíll experience in the near future, so that weíll accept it.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and for years and still today I get emails from people who say, when do you think World War 3 is going to start, when do you think itísÖ  Theyíre looking for an Armageddon scenario. And they donít realize, their whole life long, however long theyíve lived, has been a pattern of constant planned change, not just stumbling along but planned change on big scales across the whole world towards this global society, including all the chaos itís produced too, with massive migrations of people moving across the planet with free trade and all that kind of stuff.  All that was planned and discussed and all the problems discussed before they had even started.† It was discussed as far back as the beginning of the 1900s by those who planned to bring it all in.  So people should really stop looking for whenís the endÖ whenís the bigÖ you know, when is Jesus coming back or whatever to finish it all off, or when is 2012, you know, are the Mayans going toÖ blah, blah, blah and all that stuff. 


They donít realize, as I say, theyíve adapted, in an about-face, of culture; theyíre facing backwards Ė they donít even know it Ė to what their parents or grandparents had.  And they canít imagine the lifestyle they had. Theyíve been trained very well from childhood, and then educated into a fake reality, and itís been reinforced, all this terrorism stuff, even before 9/11 happened; there were so many movies churned out to get you into this sort of military mode and to get the police into the military mode and to get the civilians all used to seeing police in military mode that itís been awfully successful.  And they donít notice, they really donít notice. They adapt, you see, step by step, into the new totalitarian system and it gets more and more totalitarian.  And they think itís just like the movies. They canít tell the difference really because the movies keep in step with them, just a little bit ahead, a little bit ahead to familiarize you with whatís coming next, until eventually you accept it all as quite natural. And itís been done across the whole world pretty well, this whole scenario, with the culture creators. 


And never, ever, ever think youíre being entertained when you go to see a movie.  If you do, youíve lost the point, the real point of the movie, which is to indoctrinate you with predictive programming.  And thatís not just towards the military or the militarization of police, or a totalitarian society.  Itís also to do with altering ALL your viewpoints on EVERY social aspect into the new politically correct social aspects, so youíll accept everything that youíre supposed to accept.  In other words, you have no mind of your own.  And you go along with it primarily because everyone else does too and you want to belong to your peer group.  You donít want to stand on the side and be thought to be some kind of weirdo because youíve got strange ideas, and youíre just not avant-garde, etc.  And theyíve found with study after study that the middle classes and the better educated, the ones who have had MORE education, put it that way, are the easiest ones to upgrade, because they really do want to stick to their group.  They donít want to stand on the sidelines with their drinky-poos, when they stand up at these little meetings and mingle. They want to all be together, quoting the same books.  Theyíre always quoting things Ė they canít think for themselves Ė and they have all the recommended books on the book lists to quote. 


So the ones, really, who have had LESS education think more for themselves.  And of course that can be dangerous too.  Unfortunately, those tend to be in the lower classes, and they end up being stuck into these massive complexes in inner cities where thereís no hope at all, except take some drugs and be out of your mind for a little while. And that of course is why thereís so much drugs there too. Theyíre flown in, and that was decided a long time ago: weíll keep them all dumb, stupid and stoned, and let them fight each other. Theyíll get aggressive, go out of their skulls with all the drugs, and they can fight each other. And then that gives more of a boost to the cops. See, thereís crime there, we have to handle this and we need all the stuff we can get a hold of


So everything has to be MADE to happen and itís not difficult to make things happen when you understand that there are people, there ARE people who have inherited archives, over many, many hundreds of years, from their parents, grandparents, all the way down, who handle money, before the word economist came along, and they were already dealing with nations and wars and empires. And they never let go of that knowledge. They kept it in archives and today a lot of them are taught as sciences to very select people, generally from the same families, on how to manage whole nations.  Quite simple really, just give them their reality and stick to it, make sure you own all the media, and entertainment especially, and the childrenÖ 

When you want to give a particular message of, say, discrimination for instance, for whatever they pick as the new target of discrimination whether itís fact or fiction doesnít matter.  Theyíll show you something with someone getting beaten up, with a bunch of hoodies as they call them, or gangsters, street gangs, and often the opposite is true.  It doesnít matter if the opposite is true. But youíll see this one person getting targeted and the EMOTIVE IMPACT of that movie and that visual thing and the sadness and all the rest of it, and then the story of this individual being a really nice person, etc, will stay in you forever and thatís going to be your opinion forever, through fictionÖ not through reality.  And everything is done that way, through fiction.  Just attach it to an emotion and thatís emotive embedding they call it, imprinting as well. 


Anyway, talking about the people who still say, when is the police state coming?  Really.† [Alan laughing.]  Anyway, I watched something last night and it was from Britain and it was about this city where they have 2 helicopters, police helicopters, they got all the toys now you see.  And you hear them talking with really working class accents, and most of these cops are people who would be getting lifted themselves if they werenít in uniform, because thereís really no difference between them.  In fact, some of the crooks or petty crooks are more bright than the ones in uniform.  Seriously; Iím not kidding you.  Anyway, thereís two £5 million helicopters flying around chasing a car, with all these cops in pursuit, breaking all the speed laws, nearly causing God knows how many accidents and probably causing quite a few in the past, all to catch someone with a toke in their car.  So £10 million worth of helicopters with all the special gear thatís in them. And all their terminology is, should we use a stinger on them, like a stinger missile but itís not a missile; itís actually a thing they throw across the road and busts all your tires, and theyíve got all this terminology.


And itís just like one of these video cartoons, because they have the camera stuck on the hood of the car and thereís the man and the woman with the deadpan faces, with the head sort of jangling and the bodyís pretty still.  And thatís what it looks like. They have become cartoon figures.  Because you see, these are the kind of characters, all their lives theyíve wanted to wear that black uniform and boss folk around.  And now theyíve got the deadpan faces, and even the reflective eyeglasses.  Oh, gee wiz, eh.  So yeah, when is the police state coming?  Well, theyíve got it everywhere now, under the guise of terrorism, which they turn on for tiny little things like breaking the speed limit and tanks stop you.  Anyway, here it saysÖ


A standoff stalwart

Washington County will deploy the new BearCat, a $237,000 armored vehicle that will be used in the most dangerous situations officers face. / JOY POWELL / November 12, 2011


In the dark, officers hunkered down in bushes as bullets whizzed above their heads. A suicidal St. Paul Park man was holed up in his family home, shooting round after round.


It was the sort of potentially lethal encounter that officers can face in an era of high-powered weapons and terrorist threats. (Alan:  This is in the States now.)


Now, Washington County has an armored truck to not only protect officers, but citizens, too, (A:  Donít you feel safe when thereís an armored truck sitting there, eh?) Sheriff Bill Hutton said last week while sitting in the 9-ton vehicle.


Using $237,000 from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, (A:  You understand, thereís all bribery in everyone involved here because they know eventually theyíre going to run out of countries to bomb and all these companies have written screeds of information, the war department companies, theyíll have to go into total security, so just turn it on the general public.  This is what Iím reading here.  This is what this is.  So...) $237,000 from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Hutton's office bought the SWAT truck, called a BearCat, replete with bullet-resistant windows, gun ports, hatch, a battering ram on the front bumper, tear-gas dispenser and public address system.  (A:  Itís right out of some sci-fi movie isnít it?)


This is the fifth such vehicle (A:  The FIFTH vehicle...) -- either BearCat or its larger brother, the B.E.A.R. -- to be purchased in Minnesota, said Lenny Light of Lenco Armored Vehicles in Pittsfield, Mass.


Washington County law enforcers tried for years to land one of the highly competitive Homeland Security grants.


In the St. Paul Park standoff last August, Nathan Kluessendorf stopped shooting, but deputies couldn't tell where he was -- and if it was safe to enter his house.


Cmdr. Brian Mueller, who heads Washington County's special-response team, said officers used Dakota County's BearCat to drive up to the house, break through a window with a camera on a pole, and view Kluessendorf on the floor, where he lay shot in the midsection. They stormed in.  (A:  So all that apparently stopped it all.† Ramming a... Couldnít you just stick something on a pole and stick it through the window?  I mean, you know?  Or do your infrared from one of your choppers overhead, youíd know if the guy was moving or not or dead or whatever.)


A few days ago, Chief Deputy Dan Starry drove the BearCat to the Law Enforcement Center in Stillwater, where Hutton and deputies got their first look at it.


They didn't hide their excitement.  (A:  Oh, theyíre all excited now.  You know, they put kills on these things; itís just like the army.  They put little Xís or little stick-figures for all the folk theyíve killed, you know.)


Cmdr. Cheri Dexter said deputies on active calls have waited up to 45 minutes for a special response team to arrive with an armored vehicle from another jurisdiction.


Now, she and Starry said, Washington County will be able to respond more quickly when deputies are under fire and civilians are endangered.


The BearCat and the special-response team will be available to law agencies throughout the region, including St. Croix County, which doesn't have a BearCat, Hutton said.  (A:  Well, thatís just terrible... they donít have one there, eh?)


Homeland Security also awarded $226,000 for a mobile command post to replace Washington County's rusty trailer next week.  (A:  Wouldnít it be nice, you know, youíre living in a dump thatís falling apart and you just get a grant, just like that you know, to get a nice new house and all that?  Wouldnít that be nice?)


And soon, a 3-foot-tall robot will arrive, thanks to a $70,000 federal grant. (A:  Understand, this is all tax money, all these grants.  Donít forget for a second whenever you see itís a federal grant, itís all your tax money, folks.)  It can be sent into tight places and dangerous situations and be used to talk with suspects (A:  Iím sure itíll do a lot of talking with the suspects.), to deliver phones and in other ways.


From its rotating hatch to its remote-controlled spotlight and front-mounted battering ram, (A:  Can you imagine them, weíre coming to talk to you and this thing turns up there with a big battering ram with a machine gun sticking out in the front, Oh, but we just want to talk to you.  [Alan laughing.] ) Starry said, the BearCat has features that will enable deputies to close in during tense situations.  (A:  Probably the ones theyíve just caused.  Now, the musicís coming in so Iíll be back after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the Military-Industrial Complex and how its sites, of course, were changed.  They had articles 20 years ago in the newspapers recording this kind of stuff, that eventually theyíd run out of wars and they were going heavily into the domestic security business.  Well, you can see where itís all ended up today.  And briberyís in it too.  I mean, lobbying as far as Iím concerned is bribery, and they get no end of cash thrown at them, and how ridiculous everything becomes. And the public donít know because they gobble up these movies.   One after another, the youngsters gobble up these movies. Theyíre just like video games to them, with the guys in the black outfits and all these different pouches all over their chests and gadgets to stun, kill and all the rest of it.  And that really turns them on.  Thatís their normal. Thatís whatís normal to them. So reality must emulate fiction, itís not the other way around, and thatís why the culture creation industry goes overboard with all of this stuff getting you ready for whatís to come.  Well, now itís here. But more is to come yet. 


And Britainís so funny because in Britain you have all these accents from Yorkshire and different places, but theyíre all dressed the same, just like what theyíve seen in all these American movies. They dress exactly the same.  And they try to talk the same way with these Liverpudlian accents and so on.  And itís kind of comical to watch them and listen to them trying to find words, because some of these guys arenít too bright, believe you me.  But itís going so far. And people are still emailing me, when is it all coming down?† When are things going to change?  Ha! [Alan laughing.] Oh, God!  And theyíve got £5 million helicopters flying overhead, with these guys in it, with their collective IQ of maybe 10, you know, all together. 


Ground-to-air missiles 'may protect' London 2012 games

(A:  Donít you feel better now?  Do you want to go to these games?  No kidding you; this is mainstream.)

Ground-to-air missiles 'may protect' London 2012 games

(A:  Well, why not just scrap the games? I mean weíre always left in debt after itís over anyway, and weíve got nothing but debt these days.) / 14 November 2011


Defence Secretary (A:  This is the guy in charge.  I guess this is the guy that took over from the last one who was on the take from a certain organization within the US and related to the Middle East.) Philip Hammond has told MPs that ground-to-air missiles will be deployed to protect the 2012 Olympic Games in London if deemed operationally necessary.  (A:  I can just imagine the guy throwing the discus, you know, and will he break the record... oh, heís got it, oh my itís flying, and then vroom! this thing takes off like a big squib, and does a loop, you know, and blows the thing up in midair.  [Alan laughing.])


He was asked to confirm this by the former defence secretary Liam Fox.  (A:  Yeah, it was Fox that got in trouble, because he seemed to be kind of arranging special deals with a certain company in the US and the Middle East, and getting free jaunts all over the planet. Theyíre all on the take, by the way.  Theyíre all corrupt.)


It was Mr Hammond's first appearance at Defence Questions since taking over from Mr Fox.


The comments follow reports of concern in the US about security plans for the games.


The Guardian claimed the US was furious about security plans and wanted to send up to 1,000 of its own people, including 500 FBI agents but the Home Office says it has "full confidence" in the plans.


(A:  And theyíve taken...)  'All necessary measures'


Mr Hammond was asked by his predecessor to confirm whether there would be a "full range of multilayered defence and deterrents" in place for the 2012 Games including surface-to-air missiles.


He replied: "I can assure him that all necessary measures to ensure the security and safety of the London Olympic Games will be taken including - if the advice of the military is that it is required - appropriate ground-to-air defences." 


So, this is the world that youíre living in as folk still email you every day saying, whenís it all coming down.  I mean, letís be honest, this generation now, this young generation who have grown up swallowing video games and virtual realities and all the movies they can see that are slaughter, slaughter, slaughter, they think itís all normal, this, you see, all this is normal.  You go there and thereís missiles aimed all over the darned place, to watch some guys on steroids and speed to try to break a world record and get a little gold medal.  And all thatís worth blowing up the whole place?  I donít think so.  I donít think so.  Iíd be more scared of all this stuff thatís ready to blast off for terrorism than the terrorists themselves, because they canít afford all this stuff. Anyway, thatís the world weíre living in.  Itís so incredibly stupid and crazy, as I say, where life has to emulate fiction, because thatís what fiction is really for, to program YOU in predictive programming, and when you see this coming near you or to you, just accept it, itís quite normal.  Isnít it?  Yeah. 


And when all thatís happening too, you got to be someone special today in a special group to get any say at all.  And I canít remember who it was at the beginning of the 20th century who said, democracy is designed so the biggest groups get the Ė you know, like the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Well, thatís what you have.  If youíre just an individual today on your own forget it.  So special people include police...


St. Louis officers to file suit over department's DNA collection / CHRISTINE BYERS / November 15, 2011


(A:  I mentioned this before.)


ST. LOUIS ē The St. Louis Police Officers' Association filed a grievance today saying, the departmentís collection of DNA from police officers is a violation of Fourth Amendment rights and the officersí contract.  (A:  So theyíll have no problem taking DNA from all of you, but when it comes to their own special DNA, itís kind of holy, and theyíre pulling out all the stops.  They got a big union of course and so theyíll probably get what they want.)


"This is a shockingly alarming practice," said Jeff Roorda, the association's business manager, who spoke to reporters in front of police headquarters moments after filing the grievance.  (A:  Oh, itís an alarming business, but itís never alarming when itís all the pedestrians and people getting their DNA pinched and typed and the whole bit, and stuck on some file somewhere across the whole planet, you know.  Again, see, weíre in a world of somebodies and nobodies now, you understand that?  This is what itís all about, Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order... Thatís what Jacques Attali said.  Well, itís already here.)


And Canadaís Naomi Klein, thereís an article on her from the Telegraph...


Only a totalitarian New World Order can save us now says Naomi Klein / James Delingpole / November 13th, 2011


(A:  I donít know who funds her, but sheís got lots of funding, lifelong, far lefty, a bit left of Marx I think.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the craziness of the world, which is all a planned craziness of course, but also, as I say, you always get a left and right and you take your pick and sometimes youíll agree with both and sometimes youíll agree with neither.  Most folk will always agree with one or the other, thatís how weíre designed, and the big boys know this. Anyway, Naomi Klein has been a leader of the left wing for an awful long time.  And I donít know who funds her, probably the usual people.  I know government, the government of Canada will fund you if youíre for radical change.  Radical change, say 15 years ago, is now todayís normal.  Itís all happened, so they have to get pushing for more radical change.† And if you say that, you will get a grant from the government. And if youíre an author in Canada, an artist, youíll get paid a lifelong salary just by churning out books with all the latest PC updates for more radical change, and you write it into your stories.  And folk live on that their whole life long, some of these people.  Iíve met lots of them.  Thatís why the real artists in Canada end up going to the States to make money and make a name for themselves.  So anyway, Naomi Klein has said that she wants basically a new world order, a totalitarian system and that basically consumerism must be stopped, or looked over by special people.  Total Marxism basically.  And of course, Delingpole is doing his little piece on her and how it doesnít work, etc, etc.  But itís just astonishing to see the usual left-wing, right-wing scenarios going on, when it doesnít matter because left-wing governments, right-wing governments fund the same people and artists and all the rest of it, regardless of whoís in power. And thatís written into, I guess, some charter somewhere or something, I donít know what. 


But to show you how things are changing too, and how we accept things, everybody wants to be, especially those about 20-25 now, brought up with video games Ė kill, kill, kill Ė dressed in black, bust doors down.  Everybody wants to get... even ambulance drivers all want these battle fatigues now, you know, black battle fatigues.  I guess to get ready for the storms within the big cities, theyíre all getting figured up for that.  So this article here is to do with a gas bill.  


'Bailiffs broke in and sprayed chemicals in my dog's eyes

 over unpaid gas... and it wasn't even my bill'' / Gareth Finighan / 14th November 2011


Matthew Swale and Melanie Cunningham were terrified when they were woken up early one morning to see a hoodie (A:  A hoodie is what youíve seen in the US, the guys that wear the outfits with the hood on top and they kind of walk with baggy pants and stuff.) hoodie-wearing gang armed with crowbars hammering on their front door and shouting obscenities.  (A:  How would you feel, guys with crowbars hammering on your front door?  And cursing and swearing?  They all go cursing and swearing now thanks to Hollywood; itís a normal way of talking today.)


The flat-mates became even more distraught when the men sprayed chemicals through their letterbox in a bid to subdue Matthew's anxious Labrador, Jake.


But that fear has now been replaced by anger after it was revealed that last month's 7am raid was carried out by bailiffs sent to sort out an unpaid gas bill - which had been left by a former tenant.  (A:  ... a former tenant.)


And now Matthew and Melanie are demanding compensation from energy supplier npower after having to pay hundreds of pounds in vet and repair bills.  (A:  Iíd sue them crazy if I was them.)


Market trader Matthew, 28, and Melanie, 29, moved into the railway cottage in Grimsby at the beginning of September, and insist that they and their landlady contacted npower to inform them of the new tenancy.  (A:  So basically it was a previous tenant that hadnít paid the bill so these idiots sent this gang out now.  We used to have debtorsí prisons at one time, thatís how they treated you then, and then we had all these laws to stop all that happening.  And itís coming back to it again, where they send these gangs out, of just street scum basically, under the color of law, theyíve got bailiffs with them; bailiffs have got more power than the average cop in fact Ė but itís all to do with money.  And here they are with crowbars and the whole bit, battering at your door.)


But six weeks later, the company sent round the bailiffs because the previous tenant had still not paid bills totalling £980. The bailiffs were instructed to rip out the gas meter and replace it with a pre-pay one.


'I looked out of the window and saw a group of men wearing scruffy hoodies and tracksuit bottoms who had driven up in a pick-up truck,' Matthew told the Sunday Mirror.


'The man in charge was shouting, "It will make your life a lot easier if you answer the f***ing door".


'I thought they looked dangerous. They were kicking my front door and trying to open it with a crowbar. My flatmate was in tears.'  (A:  This is when the citizenry should have one of these armored vehicles, when you can just roll up a big door and run out with it, you know, oh, just like the movies, eh?  You know, Tenants Fight Back.  [Alan laughing.])


Matthew said he called the police rather than open the door because the gang - some of whom were sitting on the bonnet of his car - refused to reveal their identities.


'The man in charge was shouting, "It will make your life a lot easier if you answer the f***ing door". I thought they looked dangerous. They were kicking my front door and trying to open it with a crowbar'


After failing to gain access, the bailiffs shot chemical spray into the eyes of Matthew's labrador before breaking in through a back door.


Matthew was eventually able to convince them they had targeted the wrong man by producing his driving licence and his tenancy agreement.


He claims his dog needed £350 worth of veterinary treatment, and he has also had to pay out an additional £400 to get his doors repaired.


'Jake is the most placid dog you could imagine,' Matthew said.


'When they sprayed him, he just collapsed on the floor. He was throwing up and his eyes were watering. I thought he was going to die.


'Since this happened I have telephoned npower dozens of times but nothing has been done.'  (A:  Well itís the computer you see, itís the computer.  Thatís what theyíll always say about everything now.  Itís the computer.)  Last month regulator Ofgem hit npower with a £2million fine for its sloppy customer service.  (A:  [Alan chuckles.] This is whatís called customer service, hiring gangs to break down folksí doors with crowbars and curse and swear at the tenants.  And they put up with it, the tenants, eh?) 


You understand, weíre too far gone to save the society.  I really do believe... I know that.  I know that.  See, the old society worked, with a natural community, it hardly needed any police at all, because everyone knew the rules.  And the cops then were not like the cops today.  They didnít swagger around like they were some sort of gunfighter.  And people would police the community.† Every youngster knew what the rules were and how you were going to get in trouble.  But you didnít have all this.  And folk had work too.  They had work to go to, you see.  And they were not filled with violence and video games and degeneracy.  They still had the remnants of a culture, which was a Christian culture.  And folk forget that; theyíve been so indoctrinated, by Hollywood, to hate this idea of Christianity.  I mean the basic idea of it, and now theyíre going for the kill; itís a stake through the heart now, from the movies theyíre churning out.  But thatís where you got your culture and be decent to people and all of that.  Thatís where it all came from, even if you were an atheist.  But these youngsters have had nothing to grow up with.  Theyíve had no values except moral relativity; the State is right, whatever it decides is the way it goes.  And this is how they treat each other. 


In some of these cities now and towns, I wouldnít walk through.  I would not walk through them, not at all.  Because the drugs have been brought in by the big boys.  Iím talking about the BIG boys in league with the government.  Maggie Thatcher said it, you know, itís better to have Ė when she opened the pubs, you know, for longer working hours during the day Ė itís best to keep the welfare folk inside and drunk than have them on the streets demanding things. Well, now itís drugs, you see.  Thatís why theyíre everywhere.  And itís a great thing for this anti-war anti-terrorism racket Ė itís a racket.  As I say, using helicopters and causing accidents as they chase cars throughout cities and the whole bit, killing God knows who on the way too, you know, running these cars off the road, to get someone with a couple of joints.  When thereís youngsters lying in alleyways there shooting up heroin; itís all coming from Afghanistan.  Thatís what theyíre there for.  Theyíve done official documentaries on Afghanistan.  And your own troops are protecting the fields and the farmers, to make sure it flows.  And you think itís just the occasional Mister Shadow somewhere that gets the drugs in.  Itís your own government; itís a policy.  Then they turn round, they get the guys on the streets and say, see, you need more cops, look at the mess weíre in.  And you never learn.  People never, never learn. 


And this is the society that, again, Hollywood, and the people associated with Hollywood in different parts of politics and so on, have brought to you.  And youíre conquered.  Youíre conquered.  You canít stand anymore.  Youíre conquered.  Thatís what I really truly believe.  Thatís my opinion.  And youíre mind-bombed with media.  Youíre mind-bombed with entertainment.  And you have a collective mentality now, because individuality has been stamped out of you.  Thatís one thing even when I was young I admired America for, was the Americans that I met, tourists and so on coming over, across different places in Europe, Iíd meet them, bump into them.  They were more individualistic, but not now.  Not now.  Theyíre just like cookie cutouts.  You know, what group do you belong to?  Psssst, stamp, that was it.  Thatís the sad truth. 


Alan:  Now, weíll go to the callers.  Thereís Lee in New York hanginí on the line there.  Are you there Lee?


Lee:  Yes, hello Alan.  Hi.† Thanks for taking my call.  Iím actually going to read you an email that I wrote to you because itís going to be a more efficient way to quickly communicate what my questions are.  So I said that, I get that the new world order or powers-that-be have orchestrated things such that we will not be able to escape their inevitable diabolical plans for us, but can you address what you think can be done.  In light of that, how should we attempt to live with the least impact of their tyranny?  Thatís the first part.  And then also, do you see civilization in general as part of the overall problem?† When humans lived tribally in smaller decentralized groups, it seems as though less room for exploitation and more freedom for lateral movement.  In other words, civilization equals exploitation and slavery.  And if hypothetically speaking we were able to defeat the new world order, what do you see as the most humane form of societal organization?  For example what do you see in terms of laissez-faire capitalism or libertarianism in the school of thought of like the Austrian school of economics or even anarcho-capitalism?  And as an attachment to that, what are your thoughts of anarchism in general, no state, no master. And do you see capitalism as inherently a corrupting force no matter whether it be libertarian free market capitalism.  Do you think that capital, money, will always lead to concentration of power, monopolies and therefore corruption and eventually feudalism?


Alan:  Thereís no doubt about it, that it always leads to feudalism.  Feudalism has never left us.  Itís just disguised.  Itís disguised, very thin veneer though.  Feudalism is alive and well.  When it comes to money in any way, shape or form, and what they call civilization, theyíre really talking about the beginning of money and the ability to buy slaves.  Thatís what they mean when they talk about civilization.  Agricultural societies started off with slaves.  And then you have a leisure class.


Lee:  So itís endemic, itís inherent to money, the trade of, the state of money.


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.  Absolutely. 


Lee:  What do you see as a pie in the sky, if you could create the universe, as the most humane form of societal construction?


Alan:  Well, I think Iíd tweak the brain a bit to make it more individualistic, to start with, so they can still get on with each other but they wonít just form some kind of mass group that suits their particular group and then they start fighting against another group before they know it.  In a sense anarchism, in its purist form, was supposedly that the people would cooperate voluntarily Ė that was the key to it, voluntarily.  It has never worked that way because you always get the psychopaths moving to the top who become the leaders, then he forms a clique around about him of heavies, and then before you know it youíve got a form of feudalism again, or you can call it Marxism if you want too.  So it doesnít work either. 


Lee:  Right, so itís really just the human story.  It doesnít matter how you sort of roll the dice and what you call it, what Ďismí you attach to it, or how you try to set it up, it seems that the driving force or the story thatís being told is about this hierarchical manipulative structure thatís always necessarily bent on exploiting everything in its way.


Alan:  Well see, once you bring in money, money from its beginning is a con.  It truly is a con.  Itís not barter anymore.  Itís a third party who then starts off the right kind of way, okay weíll make this a value of one sack of corn equals something and weíll give you this token.  Thatís all it is; money is a token, you understand.  But then the third party starts to want a certain amount back for his expertise, and next thing you know you got a stock market on the go and then youíve got a Rothschildís bank of metals, the Metals Bank, Exchange Bank of London, that decides the price of all metals, across the whole world.  You know, he just sticks his finger out the window and says, okay itís going to be this today.  So these guys run a money system.  So youíll always get these sharks moving to the top, who are very quick-minded, very quick; theyíll see things where youíd never, ever see them, and opportunities, and then exploit you.


Lee:  So in terms of people like here in the States, you know, thereís a lot of people who see the problems very well and understand them, but at the same time really support Ron Paul in terms of thinking that his ending the Fed and doing these other things heís proposing, free market capitalism, opting out of NAFTA, all that stuff, is going to be the answer.  But how will it really be the answer when we still basically have the same players...


Alan:  The same players...


Lee: charge of the wheel, you know.


Alan:  Same players, and what you got too, you understand, thereís only one big herd of people and thatís called the taxpayer and what government wants is always from the taxpayer.  It doesnít matter; it has to come from the taxpayer. So no matter how much you earn eventually more and more is taken off you, for all their big plans and building projects and enterprises across the world. So money has got built-in corruption inherent in it from the very beginning.  So you cannot go in the same system.  You canít hang onto the same system at all. 


Lee:  Even in terms of capitalism in any way, shape or form?


Alan:  I donít think you can possibly have money.  Even in the communist system, that was supposedly when they made their own cash, they still allowed private banks to exist.  And when Russia collapsed, supposedly, on cue, there was an article in a British paper where a cousin of Rothschild had been in charge of Russiaís biggest bank all through that era, and he left the country with billions and billions, not in Rubles but in American dollars, and he had his own private army. 


Lee:  So thereís always going to be that corruption and manipulation?


Alan:  Money will always cause it.  See, we all have this in-built ability to try and survive for ourselves.  And then you have the altruistic part, itís also a survival part, of looking after others, so you can look after others when thereís more of you. 


Lee:  Ayn Rand says we donít have that at all.


Alan:  Oh, Ayn Rand was a con that was sent out from Russia, changed her name too, and you just have to look at everyone she was acquainted with to know exactly who she was and what she was all about.  But technically, as I say, in a system of money, money thatís never stable, number one.  It wouldnít be so bad if a dollar could always buy the same thing for a dollar for as long as you were alive and beyond. But it doesnít.  Itís not meant to be.  Itís put in the charge of people who play this phony market of buying bonds and government borrowing from the same characters who end up buying the bonds. So a tiny minority run the worldís supply of money.  As I say, Canada at one time did make its own money, survived the first Great Depression, and they came from all over the world to see how it worked.  And it did work.  And it had no debt whatsoever.  And of course once they got infiltrated they did away with that; Trudeau eventually put the hammer on it.  And now youíve got truly, just the same system as everywhere else. The Bank of Canada is a room where an appointee from the government meets with the money lenders and decides on the rate and so on.  So really, you canít really go that way.  Personally, if I got enough money Iíd make a rocket ship and find an uninhabited planet; thatís what Iíd do [Alan laughing.] myself.  But thereís no easy answer to it except we canít go this way and we canít let the communists do it either.  Back after these messages.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I go on to Werner from New Brunswick, just to finish off with what Lee was talking about, thereís no easy answer because it would take lectures and lectures and lectures and lectures to discuss everything to do with the system as it is and where it could possibly go to be a better system.  It will never be better as long as you have centralization to start with.  And you canít go into communitarianism; itís a front, again, for communism, which again is run by the bankers.  So it has to be different from everything thatís presented to you already by the big boys. 


Alan:  Now, thereís Werner from New Brunswick there.  Are you there Werner?


Werner:  Yeah.  Good evening, Alan. 


Alan:  Good evening. 


Werner:  First of all I want to apologize for not having come back to you, but Iím swamped with things.  Iíve been taking notice while you were talking there the last 20 minutes and you mentioned earlier, when I started listening to, basically about in England and in the big society, you know, like more and more people are getting brain damaged, you know, lowering of IQ.  I have a certain theory.  One of the biggest dangers to the empires has been all through history, disease outbreak.  And I noticed, for example, in the early 70s, I was corresponding with people over in the old country and it was somewhere around 1972, people whose grammar was, you know, excellent before, suddenly within less than a year, their spelling, there were so many spelling and grammatical mistakes in their letters.  And my impression was, like suddenly they had occurred some brain damage.


Alan:  Yes.  Itís very possible.


Werner:  This was at a time where there was quite a bit upheaval, you know, you remember there the Baader-Meinhof gang, you know, domestic terrorists and so on.  And one way what people in authority were afraid of, was the bioterrorism, you know.  And over the years ever since, what Iíve encountered, I live in a rural area here in eastern Canada, the release, the periodic release of sterilizing gases.  And what Iíve noticed, it affects the IQ of people, because it causes brain damage.  I notice it on animals too, you know.  And when we look at the way we breathe in the air, you know, it goes through the sinus maximus, adjoining to the frontal lobe.  And when those gasses are highly sterilizing and they cause basically temporarily the tissue in the adjoining areas, it goes into shock.  What Iíve seen with the animals, their mouth and everything would turn white, you know.  And what tissue in the human body is more prone to damage from temporary deprivation of blood supply, than the brain.  Thatís damage to the frontal lobe. 


Alan:  Thereís definitely damage; thereís no doubt about it.  And you have a speech center in the brain.


Werner:  And as I say, the frontal lobes distinguish human beings from animals, you know, rational thinking and all this.  And it effects too then brutalization of people.


Alan:  Thatís right.  It does. 


Werner:  They become more like beasts.


Alan:  Psychopathic again, yeah.  Same part of the brain. 


Werner:  Ya.  Like described in the scriptures, you know, the ancient empires, theyíve been described as beasts, and for example the Roman Empire.


Alan:  Thatís right.  Thanks for calling.  Thatís the end of the show though, Werner.  And I might go into that too, because I know what theyíve been doing with inoculations as well, targeting those parts of the brain.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  Remember, help me out and donate too and hopefully I can keep going, as we go down the tubes. 



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