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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 15, 2011:

Children are Victims of Perverts' Knavery,
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery:

"No-One Would Believe in Days More Formal,
Big Money was Working to Make Pedophilia Normal,
Or That People and Children would Emulate Fiction
And Characters Imaginary with Minimal Diction,
Corrupted in Stages without Ever Knowing,
Taught Moral Relativity, Liquid Culture Flowing,
Those Who've Ruled States, Empires, Nations,
Living the Good Life Off Servile Stations,
Have Been at War with All Humanity
Ensuring Their Lineage Rules with Pomp and Vanity,
When the Last are Gone with Memories Factual
Of Societies that Functioned, Non-Destructive, Natural,
Safe Streets, Non-Predatory, Knew Right and Wrong,
Then You'll Hear the Ghost of Humankind's Swan Song"
© Alan Watt Nov. 15, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 15, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November the 15th 2011.  For newcomers, you should go into the website and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  Thereís hundreds to choose from and hopefully youíll understand the big system that runs the world, where itís going, how accidents on a large scale are not accidents at all, and how weíre really guided towards Ė upgraded is a better word in fact, like computers or programs Ė youíre upgraded every so often for the next part of their system, the one that they plan to bring in.  Youíll find out the documentation really is astonishing; theyíve been writing about this world system for the last 100 years, step by step how they would do it.  Iím talking about the players themselves working for the big international organizations like the World Health Organization, the United Nations and the League of Nations before them, and how they plan step by step to alter all the cultures into a unified world culture, which it pretty well has done, right down to even who would give the cultures to the public. They decided it would be Hollywood that would give the cultures to the public Ė we emulate what we see, like monkeys Ė and they wrote extensively about it.  Now, their big foundations supply the cash to their armies of non-governmental organizations to push what seems to be to most folk left wing programs of communitarianism, communism, socialism, but in reality theyíre all funded by the big banks, because the foundations are the fronts for the big banks.  Everything is run by fronts. 


All the sites carry transcripts of the talks Iíve given over the years, in English, so help yourself to those and to the articles as well.  You can download them too, remember, for print up if you want to read them.  Go into if you want other languages.  As I say, all the sites listed on have the audios.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít have shares in the products sold.  I donít own any or have partnerships either with the products sold.  I go it the suicidal way of depending upon you the people to support me.  I donít carry the advertisers.  The ads you hear on this particular program are paid directly by advertisers to RBN for this air time and hopefully it pays some of their bills as well.  Because everything is getting so expensive these days, and weíre just starting on the road to austerity, mind you.  So you can buy the books and disks and that will help me tick over.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, donations are really, really welcome because as I say, I donít have any other source of keeping this going.  And this is not a job; believe you me, if it was a job Iíd get an easier job.  Itís a 7 day a week thing.  Itís more than just dedication.  If you feel this has been laid upon you to do then you have to do it but it certainly takes its toll. And thereís no staff here to keep it all going so it really is a 7 day a week, 12 hours, 14 hours a day job. 


Now, I try and give you whatís behind the news.  In other words, I fill in all the stuff that the media omit.  And thatís how most of your conclusions are given to you basically.  Youíre given conclusions to arrive at because they understand your logic.  How they do it is very simple. They feed you bits of news from all kinds of sources but itís all from the same source initially, like Reuters, and it gets to television stations.  Then of course, they omit part of the story and youíll come to the desired conclusion on the information thatís given to you.  You think youíve heard the whole story about things.  No.  Most of the reality is nipped out of it, excised out of it.  Youíre given just enough stuff to make sure you come to the desired conclusion.  Itís a very simple technique isnít it?  And mediaís always been in that business of doing that.  From the earliest, Iím sure, when the printing presses started up they were already into their intelligence, counter-intelligence mode to get the right kind of propaganda out.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  We're back Cutting Through The Matrix and Iíve mentioned many times about how the public are guided towards the right kind of decisions to make when it comes to politics.  Theyíre guided all the time with most things in fact and theyíre unaware of it.  Itís the same thing too with protests because you find that the protests like the Occupy Wall Street that started off and spread all over the world, really itís had great financing at the top, from Soros and many others, and Soros is the head of the CFR branch for the whole of the European Union actually.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs, they have a branch there; itís the same organization for all the politicians to join. So weíre run by private organizations that also run governments.


But here you have, as I say, an Occupy Wall Street. Everyoneís so ticked off, to say it mildly, and to put it mildly, at the banks and their shenanigans and their rip-offs and all the rest of it; for years and years itís been like this.  But the thing is though, you see, remember, the banks have a part of an agenda to fulfill as well, because there is coordination amongst them and thereís a hierarchy of how it all works.  Professor Carroll Quigley did mention in his own book, Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, that eventually they hoped, this organization hoped not only to take over all the worldís resources and bring in this new system, where youíre basically guided from cradle-to-grave with its school-to-work programs, exactly the same as the Soviet system, etc, all run by the big bankers, who formed the initial organization the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Because the initial bunch were called the Milner Group and they were all international moneylenders, not just like corner banks.  These were big boys, big, big high families.


So anyway, you find that theyíve guided us to every protest in fact, because they want us to protest, you see, to bring in the part that Quigley talked about, the rise of The World Bank to its full stature, the Bank for International Settlements and of course the International Monetary Fund, all private organizations working in this other private organization called the United Nations, by the way.   I mean, itís a private organization; itís got a private charter basically.  And of course, itís time to put it up to the next level and thatís what this is all about.  And they will give you something and most of them will go home and be quite happy thinking, oh theyíre doing something.  Theyíre doing exactly what they wanted to do, because this is a global agenda now.  And the Bank for International Settlements is really a conglomeration of central banks, of all the countries, these private central banks.  Thatís where they meet, at the Bank for International Settlements and they decide there which counties will pay what, and what kind of money theyíll get through their borrowing and give to other countries Ė the distribution of wealth, the redistribution of wealth you call it today. 


So this article here is about the Occupy, and a lot of decent folk go to these demonstrations. They catch on, or they tag along because there is a group mentality and actually in the higher quarters they call it the herd mentality.  But it does work.  And this article here is about...


Occupy London in cahoots with coppers (Alan:  The police basically.) / 15 November 2011 /  Brendan OíNeill


Now that they have been afforded the kind of heavy-handed state protection normally only enjoyed by PMs (A:  Prime Ministers.) and monarchs, will Occupy London finally ditch the pretence of radicalism?


On Friday, the Metropolitan Police raided a pub in central London and arrested 179 members of the right-wing, anti-immigrant group the English Defence League (EDL), on the basis that they were planning to attack the occupiers outside St Paulís Cathedral. Such state action - the mass, pre-emptive arrest of suspected political troublemakers (A:  That hadnít done anything.) - echoes the extraordinary measures taken when the queen visited Northern Ireland during her Silver Jubilee in 1977, when 400 Irish republicans were rounded up and thrown in jail, Ďjust in caseí. Occupy London is now not only flattered by newspaper editors, fawned over by politicians and worshipped by church officials; it is also surrounded by a repressive police forcefield. Never has a supposedly radical movement enjoyed such state and media approval.


Following Fridayís arrests (A: ...of this other group...), it seems pretty clear that far more repression has been carried out in the name of protecting Occupy London than in the name of attacking it. The occupiers cry Ďpolice brutality!í if a nearby copper (A:  Thatís a policeman.) so much as raises his voice at them, but they have been subjected to nothing like what was experienced by the English Defence League on Friday. Bringing to life Philip K Dickís warnings of Ďprecrimeí, the EDL supporters were arrested on the basis that they might have been thinking about doing something dodgy. Yet the evidence against them was alarmingly flimsy.


Apparently some of them had Facebooked and tweeted about having a punch-up at St Paulís. Yet as those part-time libertarians who rushed to the aid of that bloke arrested for tweeting about blowing up Robin Hood airport in Nottingham should know, what people say on social-networking sites and what they do in real life are often very different things. Whatever you think of the EDL (I am far from a fan), it seems pretty clear that its supporters were arrested for committing a tweetcrime, the modern-day equivalent of Orwellís thoughtcrime, where youíre nicked for what lurks inside your head rather than for anything youíve done in the real world.


Perhaps the most startling thing about Fridayís mass arrest of political activists who had not committed any crimes is that many St Paulís occupiers (A: ...actually....) supported it (A: They supported the other guys.); more than that, they appear to have assisted it. That is, some of them aided and abetted an intolerant police assault on Ďpolitical undesirablesí. One occupier said of the police, ĎIt is fantastic if they are using their resources to try and stop people getting to this siteí. He said that at Occupy Londonís Ďgeneral assemblyí earlier in the day, the occupiers had been made aware of an allegedly chilling EDL statement, in which Ďthey called us all sorts of namesí. (A: So they locked up the EDL for calling people names.  [Alan chuckles.])  It speaks volumes about the sense of entitlement amongst these media-flattered middle-class occupiers that they believe mass arrests are an appropriate response to their being called names. 


And that is true too, because as I say, itís time to, you see, protest and point out all thatís been wrong for many, many years, especially the last lot where they had their big bubbles and the banks were tossing mortgages uphill you might say, doubling the cost of these houses and passing them up and selling them off, and then crashing the economy, on cue, to bring in austerity of course, and then getting your tax money to bail them all out. Everybodyís really mad at it, naturally Ė they should be a lot madder actually but theyíre not.  But this is going to be their solution to it. The solution will be to bring in the IMF to its top status, the second part status; it was all decided at Bretton Woods there would be two parts to it. And so the IMF, The World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, of course theyíll run the worldís money supply, with the same characters running all the central banking systems.  Only this time theyíll have more authority to take more money off countries and loan to other countries, in order that you give away that money that youíve just loaned to some other third world country. The redistribution of wealth, youíre left holding the tab and you have to pay up all the cash; youíre down as guarantor.  So it helps them all the more to have their world agenda fulfilled that way.


Now, thereís an interesting article, thereís quite a few articles out now about psychopaths and I can see where theyíre all going with this.  Because neuroscience is the latest science now in psychology and neurology, and theyíre wrapping it all together into a thing called neuroscience Ė and theyíre trying to get official status, really.  Itís much like the whole idea of when they were going to radicalize all society through sexual promiscuity and they dragged out Kinsey with all his fake reports and it worked very well.  So now theyíre trying to get status as a real science because this neuroscience, theyíve got a lot planned for it to run all of society, from cradle to grave.  Everyoneís going to get tested and monitored all through their lives by these neuroscientists.  So they must always get legitimacy by trying to get into the courts.  Thatís how you get legitimacy. Theyíve already had some of their specialists into courts and they get psychopaths and mass murderers off with it sometimes, or at least the death penalty reduced, very much reduced, down to a few years in prison for the most horrendous things.  Hereís one article here and itís by Dr Kent Kiehl.  And remember, they have an agenda, these guys. 


Psychopaths: Born evil or with a diseased brain?

 By Matthew Taylor / /14 November 2011 


ďI tend to see psychopaths as someone suffering from a disorder (A:  He says.  Now, thatís a lie from the start because you see, psychopaths donít suffer.  They donít suffer.  They make other folk suffer.), so I wouldn't use the word evil to describe themĒ  (A:  So you canít call them evil anymore and what theyíve done as evil.  Itís a disorder, you understand.  And this is from....)

Dr Kent Kiehl  -  Neuroscientist, University of New Mexico


Dr Kiehl is seen as a pioneer in a cutting-edge area of behavioural neuroscience: the attempt to understand psychopaths' brain functions and use this to develop treatments for their condition.  (A:  Theyíve been trying to develop treatments for psychopaths for 100 years and it doesnít work, you see.)


It is controversial because for thousands of years, men like Dugan have been labelled not as ill, but as evil.  (A:  This is this prisoner.)


In literature and cinema, the term "psychopath" is not used for a diagnosis for which we might have sympathy, but rather as something we might fear.  (A:  And we should because these guys like Tony Blair, psychopaths, take us to war and they slaughter people and they have no regrets, as they say in their interviews, for anything theyíve done.  Thatís a typical psychopath.)


Dr Kiehl has a different view: "I tend to see psychopaths as someone suffering from a disorder, so I wouldn't use the word evil to describe them."


So what exactly is a psychopath?  


(A:  And here he muddies the water again, very intentionally...)  "Clinically, we define it as someone who scores high on traits such as lack of empathy, guilt and remorse," says Dr Kiehl.


"They are very impulsive: they tend not to plan or think before acting. (A:  Utter lies.  There are psychopaths, you see, there are categories of them.  Thereís grades of them. Thereís the low-level psychopath that smashes the jewelerís store window when he wants to grab something on the spur of the moment, or ones who drink themselves to death and things like that. These are the ones at the bottom. MOST of them are up at the TOP and they are in politics, in power positions, because thatís what they go for.  And they certainly think before they act.  In fact, they can act in unison with each other, in concert with each other.  So he goes on to say...)  They tend to get themselves in trouble by a very early age."  (A:  Not all of them do because the wealthy familied ones, and all these politicians at the top youíll find are from wealthy families, theyíve got a whole history of violence and various other things but itís kept quiet because their parents are rich, you see.)


We have long known that many people in prisons display symptoms of psychopathy, but until now we have had little insight into their condition.  (A:  Thatís a lie too.)


To address that using neuroscience, Dr Kiehl's lab has built a unique mobile brain scanner.  (A:  Old stuff actually; theyíve had these things for years.)  It is equipped with the latest imaging technology but fitted into a truck he can drive into high-security prison facilities.  (A:  Iíll discuss this guy and more on how he gets mass murderers off, after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about basically psychopathy.   And itís a PR piece for this new neuroscience, this up-and-coming neuroscience to get more legitimacy, by giving you a lot of nonsense actually and misleading stuff.  Anyway it says here, this scientist Dr Kiehl, he takes this stuff into prisons and he monitors the brain, the brains basically of these psychopaths.


It is equipped with the latest imaging technology but fitted into a truck he can drive into high-security prison facilities. 


He used this to perform two types of analysis on Dugan's brain: looking at its density and its function.


"Brian's brain has very low levels of density in a system we call the para-limbic system," he explains.  (A:  This has always been known.)


The para-limbic system is a "behaviour circuit" of the brain, including brain regions known as the amygdala and pre-frontal cortex.


Scientists have long known that these areas are associated with the processing of emotions.  (A:  In other words, they light up when they go under the electromagnetic imaging.)


Over the past century or so, people with brain damage to these areas have been studied because their behaviour suddenly changed and became anti-social.


"Those systems, we think, didn't develop normally in Brian," (A:  So itís down to the victim-mentality, you see.) says Dr Kiehl. Psychopathy seems to involve a lack of development in these regions - which may be genetically determined.


Dr Kiehl also monitored Brian Dugan's brain's reaction to a number of distressing images, such as the faces of people suffering, which were displayed in front of him while he was in the scanner. (A:  Thereís lots of documentaries up right now on the same topics, on YouTube.)  By scanning his brain in real time, the aim was to test his brain's function.


The scans showed there was relatively low activity in Dugan's para-limbic system during processing of emotion.  (A:  Actually, when it gets to what the guy actually does, like killing little children, raping them, I bet you anything it lights up. But he wonít mention that.)


"Brian would come out of the scanner during those studies and he said, wow, I had problems trying to process what you wanted me to do," Dr Kiehl recounts. "He made more mistakes than others would."


According to Dr Kiehl, it is part of a pattern of brain activity which proves that psychopaths simply lack an emotional ability (A:  Thatís all it is... itís just a lack of emotional ability...), in much the same way others lack intellectual ability.


He has found similar results in large numbers of subjects, in prisons across the US.


This means Dugan simply has no concept of the harm he has caused. "Talking about his crimes, it's like asking him what he had for breakfast," says Dr Kiehl.  (A:  That part is true in a psychopath, unless they know that youíre hunting them; theyíll boast about it afterwards.)


He also admits that in a sense, it is not surprising that the brain of somebody so different and anti-social also looks different from other brains. "But it's only now that we can look at how dramatically different their brains are that people are starting to take notice," he says.


Anyway, apparently this Dugan had been on the rampage killing children, raping them and killing them and one older person too, over many years.  He started to admit it later on, when he was caught, the different ones that he raped and killed. So the poor soul, you see, just had no concept of right and wrong, and itís a lack of moral judgment, you see, like that.   Yeah.  Much like, you know, Strauss-Kahn, as we well know, who just grabs women wherever he happens to be and then gets off with it because he has a very high position.  And this does happen.  This is the world we live in.  Because there are more psychopaths at the top than anywhere else.  The successful psychopaths are at the top.  And what can you do.  So Iíll put this link up tonight, along with other links too, over the different things that I mention on this particular broadcast.  Thereís one too, on Strauss-Kahn and all his prostitution ring involvements, all this kind of stuff, the stuff that theyíve managed to keep all quiet.  But thatís how they live at the top.  They live completely different from you or I because, again, they have a completely different idea of morality.  Morality is whatever works for them. 


Dominique Strauss-Kahn linked to French prostitution scandal

Former IMF chief implicated in investigation into alleged pimping at luxury hotels in northern France - / Angelique Chrisafis / 11 November 2011


Now Jerry Sandusky, obviously he will show traits as well, for all his pedophilia and homosexual pedophilia.  And it says...


Jerry Sandusky and His Teen-Impregnating Lawyer Give an Unbearable Interview / Max Read / Nov 14, 2011


Accused pedophile and former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky kicked off a sad attempt at a positive publicity campaign Tuesday night with an interview on NBC, accompanied by his lawyer, who impregnated a 16-year-old when he was 49. Sound P.R. strategy, Jer! Update: And oh, wow, was that interview worse than anything you could have imagined.


Here is an actual quote from the interview:


Am I sexually attracted to undersage boys? [pause] Sexually attracted? No, you know, I enjoy young people. I love to be around them. But no, I'm not sexually attracted to young boys.  (A:  Well a psychopath would say that, even after getting caught many times.)


Here is another actual quote:


I have horsed around with kids. I have showered after workouts. I have hugged them and I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact.


(Don't worry! Jerry gets it! "I shouldn't have showered with those kids," he says later. Jerry: that is never not true.) Here is how Sandusky describes the now-infamous night that graduate assistant Mike McQueary walked in on Sandusky allegedly raping a 10-year-old in the shower:


We were showering, and horsing around, and he actually turned all the showers on, and was, uh, actually sliding across the floor. And we wereóas I recallópossibly snapping a towel. Horseplay.  (A:  So thatís all it was to him.  Raping a child was just horseplay. Thatís how...  Itís just like psychopaths at the top in politics. Why do you think they lie so easily?  Even after theyíre caught, I never said that, then theyíll replay something that he did say a year ago and heíll still deny it, in front of millions of people.  Thatís a psychopath, you see; thatís why they go into politics.)


Yes, these are real things that Sandusky told Bob Costas on tonight's edition of Rock Center, Dwayne Johnson's new half-hour newsmagazine. But he's not a pedophile! "Are you a pedophile?" Bob Costas asked Sandusky. "No," Sandusky replied. So, [brushes dust off hands], that's that then! Not a pedophile.


Neither is his lawyer, by the way! No, his lawyer, who as far as we can tell is secretly working for the District Attorney, just likes 16-year-olds. The Daily's Sarah Ryley has the scoop on Sandusky's attorney, Joseph L. Amendola, and his... irregular relationship with the mother of his children:  (A:  Heís in his mid-40s and sheís a wee teenie, eh.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I go to callers, to follow up on the Sandusky, it says...


Judge Who Set Unsecured Bail For Jerry Sandusky

 Is A Second Mile Volunteer / Sean Newell View Profile / Nov 13, 2011


When Jerry Sandusky was initially arraigned, as previously reported by Sara Ganim, prosecutors requested $500,000.00 bail and that Sandusky be required to wear a leg monitor. District Judge Leslie Dutchcot, however, ordered that Sandusky be freed on $100,000 unsecured bail. She ordered that Sandusky be freed and pay nothing unless he failed to show up for a court hearing.  (A:  So thatís not bad, you pay nothing at all.)


Judge Dutchcot has quite the professional resume. In addition to her duties as district judge, she is of counsel to the firm Goodall & Yurchak. It speaks to the small-town nature of the county, I suppose, that the firm's URL is "" According to her profile, Judge Dutchcot has been named the State College Lawyer of the Year, completed a "Leadership" program and has served as a counselor at Centre County Law Enforcement Camp Cadet, Inc.


Of course, also according to her profile, Judge Dutchcot is a volunteer for Sandusky's group, The Second Mile. Sandusky turned himself in the morning of Nov. 5, a Saturday, at Judge Dutchot's Centre County office. He was released, under the aforementioned terms, shortly thereafter.


Attorneys often serve charitable foundations in their pro bono capacities, or just volunteer in their spare time, so there is nothing weird about that. It just seems that, given the nature of the charges, the small-town atmosphere, and her relationship to Second Mile, Judge Dutchcot should have recused herself from being involved with this process. Or that could be precisely why she did not.  (A:  And itís true.  Itís either one or the other.  Either they contacted her first and said, look, we want you to preside over this because you work with our charity and you all know us.  So thatís really how it goes in the big world, the higher up you go, where the real psychopaths dwell, and live very well, generally off your tax money.)


Alan:  Now Iím going to go to the callers.  Thereís Shawn from New York hanginí on the line; I think he called last night and couldnít get in.


Shawn:  How you doing?


Alan:  Not too bad.


Shawn:  Yeah, I was just listening in on all the information you were giving and all about the psychopaths and how they basically, they are the rich families and basically they go into political and go into power and basically use their power against the people, manipulation and just become in power.  Itís so crazy.  Itís just like so mind-boggling because you try to figure out, like how do you beat these type of people, like what do you do?  Like is there any way out?  Itís like theyíre hitting you from every angle, from your skull, from your feet, from your arms, to your sides and everywhere, and theyíre just trapping you, like how do you beat things like this because not only...  You see, the thing is, Iíve been hanging on, Alan; Iíve been on your web site.  Iíve been watching your videos.  Sometimes people actually make videos of you and what you say.  Yeah, so itís just like I seen most, I seen a lot of things, like I basically research a lot of things, most of the stuff is in like food and they killing us off and the depopulation.  I just found most of these things out this week and itís just kind of hard.  I remember in one of your videos, you say, if you open Pandora ís Box, certain people will fall inside and basically get trapped in there in the darkness.  And Iíve been trying to find my way out since. 


Alan:  Yeah.  I mean, when people ask me for the truth in a sort of general sense, Iíll say are you sure you want the truth.  Because most folk canít handle it.  Because the truth is going to take you into a completely different reality.† You see, we live in the psychopathsí system.  They created this system for us.  The history of the world and civilization is mass slaughter and a few folk at the top who direct the mass slaughter so that they can benefit.  And we got to remember too, that civilization was begun with slavery, and conquered peoples became slaves by the big tough gangs, generally families at the top, and they got bigger and bigger and this is what they call civilization. 


Shawn:  Yeah, they got their own bosses, and like itís higher, and things like that.  Itís kind of funny because today I was watching one of George Orwellís, one of his, Animal Farm, and I just seen how it explained.  See, everything you told me, Alan, it helped me out, to explain what George Orwell was saying in this cartoon, and you see how the pigs, the pigs took after the farmer, then the other pig came in power, he wanted to be equal.   Then the other pig wanted the power.  Itís going to always be like that.  Say this does happen, say everybody does find out about this situation thatís going on and they knock out the government.  Whatís going to happen after that?  Whoís going to try and come in power?


Alan:  Well, actually theyíre so clever at the top.† And by the way, people should actually get the book Animal Farm; itís much, much more precise, where they even give the animals a constitution and they put it on the wall.  And one of the animals notices every night one of the pigs gets a ladder, climbs up the wall and adds or deletes a word at the end of every paragraph.  It changes the meaning completely.  And thatís what they do with constitutions.  But as I say, weíre run by them.  They guide us into the next part of the system. And by the way, psychopaths, wealthy psychopaths, intelligent psychopaths at the top, are always looking towards their own future and their own survival.  Thatís all that matters.  And they see us basically as functional, if weíre producing for them or protecting them; and in a postindustrial society, they decided a long time ago, weíd have to be eliminated.  And they donít ask for volunteers because no one would step forward.  So they basically decided to bring us down through sterility, cancers were mentioned Ė the people might as well die of cancers as anything else they said Ė putting stuff in their water, their food, and using the needle as Bertrand Russell says. So theyíve been doing all of these things.  They have no remorse on anything they do.  And the beauty of it is, the people still are taught to praise them as important, self-righteous individuals who can stand up and guide us, guide the country in the future to happiness.


Shawn:  The thing is, you see, the thing is about that, people are not awake.  People are really unconscious pawns; thatís how they really look at us, unconscious pawns.  See, I took this, I found this from a movie actually; I took that from a movie, Men in Black, because when the alien came down and things like that, he said, youíre a bunch of unconscious pawns, like yíall donít really know whatís going on.  Itís a symbol.  See, in movies they symbol things.  But as of right now I donít want to watch TV no more.  I found out so many things I donít want to watch TV no more.  I donít want to turn on my TV.  Like itís so crazy.


Alan:  Itís predictive programming.


Shawn:  Yeah. And movies, they basically, it tells you who we are and it tells you what theyíre doing, but they donít tell you, they show it, like they show it but you donít know what it means.  They show it. 


Alan:  What it does though, it programs you to whatís coming, especially the sci-fi movies.  They actually program you what to expect.  And because you got it in a sci-fi movie, subconsciously youíve already been programmed, for predictive programming.


Shawn:  Correct.  Correct.  I donít remember what the movie was called but it was Sylvester Stallone and heís in the future with Dennis Rodman.  Demolition Man.  And you see how they programmed Dennis Rodman, his mind, to do certain things.  They train him how to rob and they train him in martial art skills.  And basically, in the future, youíve got to have a card to go in certain places, an ID, for swiping and things like that.  Itís like this world is... Iím not going to lie, the organization structure, itís incredible, they did a very good job Ė I ought to give them an encore for that.  But the thing is theyíre controlling us.  They control us.  Thatís going to really cause a problem because when you feel yourself like really what makes you happy.  The things that they put out there is made to control you and keep you down.  The things that you know, you just look at it like where did it go, where did it go?† Like how am I going to be happy again?


Alan:  Thatís an interesting topic because actually theyíve already worked on that Ė and I might even touch on it tonight if thereís time Ė of the programs that have to come out, for austerity, where it doesnít matter the situation youíre living in, theyíre going to teach us all now how to be happy so that getting up in the world, accumulating some wealth, is out the window and the whole point will be, weíre going to just make you happy, and after all, happiness is in the mind, they say, and thatís what youíll get.  Youíll get a lot of mind control and youíll just be happy.  This is national programs theyíre unrolling out right now. 


Shawn:  Yeah.  These guys, man, these guys are real experts on the human.  Like you say, you said they basically study the human just like they study an animal, and a monkey and a cow and study how they live.  And you said theyíve studied humans since, for centuries now; this has been going on for centuries. And I didnít realize, I didnít think it was slavery, because Iím black, I think that slavery is overboard.  Iím looking around and Iím really figuring out that, hey, weíre still slaves, everybodyís a slave.


Alan:  Charles Galton Darwin, remember, who was well connected with the Huxleys and the Darwin family, a top physicist on the Manhattan Project in the 1950s, he wrote the book The Next Million Years, and he says, we, the elite, are worried about the population of the lower classes and how to control them, sterilize them, etc.  And he also talked about putting hormones, etc, it would make the women more masculine, it would make the males more effeminate, and he said that thereís always been a form of slavery in one form or another, we are simply in the process now Ė in the 1950s Ė of creating a more perfected slavery system


Shawn:  That... thatís crazy.  Thatís crazy!  Like thatís crazy because youíre basically putting women hormones into males, and they just become another species.


Alan:  And of course, they all get cancers too.  That also speeds up cancers if not creates a lot of them too, is when you get female hormones into the male.  And theyíre coming out now with studies with that affecting prostate cancer in the male.  Thereís so much estrogen in the water supply now.


Shawn:  Yeah, see, things are like... itís getting to the point that they basically, they see everything.


Alan:  Yes they do.


Shawn:  They see it, basically what youíre buying and whatís making money, the profit and things like that.  Like once the people start waking up and start seeing that these waters and these foods are not good and have so many preservatives and like products in there, the people are going to start wanting to buy organic food and theyíre going to realize that, oh, people are starting to buy organic, to then label things organic and say itís organic when itís really not.  How do you beat something like that?  What, do you got to grab a bunch of seeds and grow your own crops?


Alan:  Youíd have to.  Youíd also have to have greenhouses for them too, so that the stuff that theyíre spraying in the air doesnít land on them.  By the way, they have these.  A few years ago I did some talks on Japan and other countries.  They were setting up these special places for real organic stuff.  It never comes in contact with the air outside, all filtered air comes through it, massive filters, the staff all wear masks and sterilized clothing, and theyíre growing all their vegetables for a very small elite class, very expensive.  And so that rainwater canít fall on it too.


Shawn:  And these elite classes are getting real healthy food and weíre getting the crap.  Weíre getting the crap.  How do you beat something like this?  See Alan, Iím a trained boxer and I eat healthy; Iíve been eating healthy since I was young.  And Iím just figuring out everything I ate, there could be something better than that.  Weíre not supposed to be even drinking milk, like cow milk and things like that.  Weíre not supposed to be drinking things like that.  Iíve been drinking it since I was a child, since I was a child.  And I train for boxing and when I really found out why they put boxing out there, the sports, is to brainwash you and keep you down, so you could just basically think this is the only way life is.  Only way life is, like sports and things like that.  Iím just like...  Iím like whereís my happiness now?  Yíall put this out there just for me, for me to think this is the only thing to do.


Alan:  Itís all you can do.


Shawn:  Cars, everything... money, they made money a symbolism, of this is how youíre going to live good if you have money, you need money to live good.  Iím just like, come on man.  Iím just finding this out.  Iím like come on.  Iím not going to lie, Alan, I fell in there and Iím just trying to find my way out.  Right now, just like you said, itís a mental step.  Itís a mental step and thatís all Iím trying to do.  Iím trying to figure that out right now.  Itís so crazy.  I went to my spar match last Friday and I thought about it, I thought about whatís going on in the world and Iím thinking about, Iím just like, whereís my happiness?  Iím trying to get ready for my sparring match, the thing I did, the wrongest thing to do was to forget about everything and try cleaning your mind.  Once I cleared my mind, I forgot about everything.  I also cleared my mind on the match.  The only thing I was just doing is swinging and I wasnít thinking.  See, you got to think while youíre doing it; thatís how you be ahead of the game.  Theyíre playing chess with us.


Alan:  Yes they are.


Shawn:  Itís like theyíre playing, like 200 steps ahead of us.


Alan:  Always.  They actually plan it all in big think tanks before they make one move.  And theyíve already planned what our reactions would be.  They run all these things through computers, who will react, what groups will react to this, how do we deal with them.  Itís all worked out before they make the first move. 


Shawn:  And you just sit there and youíre just realizing, and you just sit there, and you just... And I see, Alan, like youíve been studying this for years because you read so many books, you did so many things, and I see it, and Iím realizing it.  Like, this man, heís been ON it, and Iím just figuring it out right now.  Iím just like, wow.  At this moment my mind is still like, wow. 


Alan:  Oh yeah.  And the one thing it does give you is a calmness.  Once you understand more and more and more you have a calmness that comes upon you, just by understanding it, because everything makes sense.  Everything makes sense.  You see through every con; every newspaper article, you know why itís out there, what itís really meant to do, and you know the agenda. 


Shawn: Yeah, like itís... Iím not going to lie.  Thereís people out there that actually know about this, and see, but actually know about this.  Thereís an artist, thereís an artist that I actually know about.  He says it in one of his, like basically one of his mini movie clips.  He said, donít believe anything on the news; donít believe anything.  He just turns off the TV, like itís the way the movie is basically, the way the movie is like formatted, itís like telling you, like this world is not what you think it is.  Itís not, because itís like the woman heís sitting next to is like different from everyone.  Anybody thatís looking at her, like is different.  Sheís just like, you know what I hate about your world?  Sheís like, anything thatís different you all want to change it.  And itís kind of true because you walk past someone and theyíre different from you, you donít want to be around them, you want to be around someone thatís similar.  But thatís not me.  See, Iím not that type of person.  I accept the people for who they are and how they are.  Usually I give people options to do whatever they want; whatever makes them happy makes them happy so let them do that.  If they want to do drugs, if they want to have sex all the time, if they want to play basketball, football or whatever, accept them how they are; thatís who they want to be.† And this world, Iím just really figuring out because like the more you know, it can help you, but it can also hurt you if you let it.  See, thatís the thing, like I continually try to learn a lot more.  See, it started, it actually started like a couple of weeks ago, actually a month ago because my sister-in-law told me about a man, I think heís from a foreign country.  He basically came to America.  He made a book; Iím not sure what that book is named.  But he made a book about health and things.  He basically made a book, saying like the medicines are whatís killing you and things like that.  And he made a book and they basically banned him from America. 


Alan:  Well, you know the medical association runs America with an iron fist, absolutely.  I mean, theyíre still using slash and burn techniques for 100 years because Rockefeller, that started up the whole American health system, thatís all they permitted and thatís all they still permit today.


Shawn:  And itís so crazy because I have like, my nose is stuffy right now.  I feel like I have a minor cold.  See, I donít take medicine.  I donít take medication because thatís what kills you.  People donít know that the medication, it may help one thing but itís supposed to hurt the next thing.


Alan:  Thereís always a side effect.  Always a side effect, yeah.† Thanks for calling, and hang in because, you know, youíll get better the more you understand and you can communicate what you know to others.  It helps.  It helps.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and Iíve got Mike from New Jersey on the line.  Are you there Mike?


Mike:  Hi, Alan.  I want to commend Shawn for what he was saying.  He had a lot of good insights for a young man.  Itís good to see more people waking up. 


Alan:  Absolutely. 


Mike:  And you mentioned the Huxley brothers before and I had read a little booklet on the Diabolical 12 Steps Programs by Michelle Fleming and she mentioned in there a quote of Aldous Huxley saying that Bill Wilson who discovered, the founder of the 12 Step groups, was the greatest social engineer of the 20th century.  And I thought wow, thatís really kind of a bombastic comment to make, but later on I realized.† I was new, I was just waking up to the truth back then and really, these 12 Step groups really are so far-reaching today and now theyíll be...  I hear on talk radio, victims of child sex abuse coming forward, talking about the Sandusky case and it just seems like theyíre never going to break through to the real truth of the criminal syndicates behind it.  I just think itís so far-reaching that itís very tough to wake up the common man.  But I always tell people, take to the streets because when people are in the streets theyíre away from the television, theyíre away from the radio, and you can maybe shock them into reality.


Alan:  Hopefully, but part of the problem today is that because of Hollywood, which had a mission, it still does have a mission to accomplish; itís done awfully well, very successful in what itís done to help change the cultures.  And Julian Huxley of course, said that, they would basically create a promiscuous society and eventually do away with all the old norms.  And weíre here today.  So people have been actually degenerated to an extent through all the media, all the stuff they watch, and they donít have the same outrage when children are interfered with because theyíve seen hints of that through so many movies, even further than just hints of it.  And the international censorship committee, by the way, thatís comprised of all your national censor committees, that you think is there to protect you and your culture, they meet every year and they discuss pushing the envelope:  are the public ready to push it a bit further.  And in 2001 just before the World Trade Center went up, they had their meeting then and they said that theyíd push... theyíd won the battle for homosexuality, they were going to push more homosexual stuff on television, but also INTERGENERATIONAL SEX; that was the next part.  And the next day in the papers a professor from Toronto and one from the States came up with Ė Iím sure it was a script written for both of these guys, from the same association Ė but they said the same thing, weíve won the battle for homosexuality to be shown on television, and more and more of it, and he says the next step is for BESTIALITY and INTERGENERATIONAL SEX.  Right after that there were movies made.  One was about a reincarnation of a womanís husband in a little boyís body; sheís in the bathtub with him. So they were already programming the public, and they have been for years now, that this is coming and is going to be normal.  And the public literally take all their cues, subliminally almost, subconsciously, from all of these movies, and eventually when it happens in real life they donít react with shock, etc.  When you canít guard the children your societyís finished.  And someone, someone, someone has deliberately defeated you.


Mike:  And back when we had true popes who spoke with a fatherly regard for the flocks entrusted to their care, Pope Leo, when he wrote his encyclical on Freemasonry, he said that the passions urged on to lawlessness, an overthrow of all things would necessarily follow


Alan:  Yes.  Always.  Always.  This techniqueís been used before down through history at different times.  And theyíre on a roll now to the end.† And eventually, as I say, within 5 years, maybe 6 years, thereíll be no crime as pedophilia; itíll be quite normal.  And thatís what theyíre pushing for.  And society is heavily damaged, heavily damaged. 


Mike:  Yes, thatís true. 


Alan:  Yeah, but thanks for calling in.


Mike:  Alright. 


Alan:  Take care. 


Well, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  Remember too, help me out and donate and so on.  Look into the web site and make full use of it because who knows when it will get pulled.  See you tomorrow.



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