Nov. 16, 2011 (#964)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 16, 2011:

To Own, First Train, Then Ingrain the Brain:

"There are Ancient Formulas to Take Down Cultures,
Under Guise of Freedom Overseen by Vultures
Who Get Fat and Rich from Sickness They Cause,
Illegal Made Legal Since They Make the Laws,
Peoples Tax-Burdened, High-Pricing Makes Miserable,
Degenerating in Stages by Process Called Liberal,
Programmed without Knowing, Hear Muses Call,
Penetrating Because the Mind, Has No Firewall"
© Alan Watt Nov. 16, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 16, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November the 16th 2011.  For newcomers, go into the web site and youíll find hundreds of audios for free download.  Hopefully youíll understand the big system that runs the world, runs all the nations, that runs all the money, runs all the Military-Industrial Complex, pretty well all big business.  Itís really one big Ponzi scheme anyway; countries really are, and a global community definitely is.  So hopefully youíll understand how the system truly works and how youíre trained to see it in a different way from birth, through your education and onwards; itís also helped by the media and entertainment even because they keep this kind of particular false reality on the go through your entire life.  And most folk never catch on to it, how the system truly works to serve a few. 


Remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you and you can help me out because I donít take shares in anything and sell anything at all and I donít promote different ads and then sell you stuff and have partnerships in them and things like that.  Thatís okay; thatís how a lot of folk do make their money.  But I prefer to do it this way because it leaves me a bit more honest and it gives me more leeway to discuss maybe topics that advertisers wouldnít like.  The ads you hear on this particular broadcast have nothing to do with me.  Theyíre paid directly by advertisers to RBN for the broadcast and to pay their bills and staff and equipment and for the air time.  So you can help me out by, as I say, buying the books and disks at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And really, donations are awfully, awfully welcome


I try to put things together for you, as I say, and show you how the system works, from the big international money lenders all the way down.  Theyíve been at this for hundreds and hundreds of years, the same families by the way; they bring in newcomers once in a while.  And all the ones that we hear in the media, that represent central banks and so on, theyíre lower down on the rung, but they still work for the same ancient organization that really is a very secretive organization with a plan to take over the entire planet and all of its resources.  Itís always been their plan by the way.  It came out eventually in their own writings when they openly claimed they wanted to take over the entire world, when they were called the Milner Group and the Cecil Rhodes Foundation who was in partnership with Lord Rothschild.  Look into their general histories, youíll find them all over the place, old books and so on.  So they were quite clear about taking over everything in the world.  Thatís everything that you need to live on, water, everything, food, the lot, and theyíve pretty well accomplished it in my own lifetime.  They also said theyíd use wars to make it happen as well.  Well, they havenít stopped, you know.  Generation after generation itís war, war, war and then the big boys plunder the countries and then they use the taxpayers back home to rebuild all the structures they blew up in the first place.  But they pocket all the loot of course, that they steal from the countries.  So this is the reality of the world.  You know, Iíd give a very short history lesson if I ever taught at university, instead of praising all the big plunderers and pirates who are given great titles afterwards by the governments for doing their bit for the few at the top. 


As I say, itís a totally different world from the one that youíve been trained to believe in.  They understand how to use nationalism, socialism, communism, fascism.  They use them all.  Theyíre all really the same system.  Once theyíve wrecked you with the right wing, they then bring in the socialists to wreck you with the left wing, and they always starve a good part of the population off, when they bring in communism, and then they get back into action and then they go back into capitalism again.  So itís a round-about by the same people actually, taking you round and round in circles.  Itís an old, old technique and theyíre still pushing exactly the same technique today.  Oh, communism will save us, go green... ya-da, ya.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and as I say, the world really is completely different from the way youíve been taught to see it.  Education is the start of it; you canít get good propaganda that will take on you later unless you have the right education, which enables it to work on you later in life, all the propaganda.  As I say, fiction is very good too; all the comedies that you watch reinforce what you think is normalcy, even though they always give you predictive programming as they alter normalcy into the new normalcy, the ones that are coming up. 


And everyone goes along with everything without thinking.  Weíre seeing the degradation of society going on and on and on.  Itís been going on, really, since before World War II when Hollywood started up big time and then escalating afterwards, after World War II.  Then from the 60s on it was just pushing the envelope, pushing the envelope until anything goes.  And I said years ago, eventually youíll see real porn as part of entertainment in regular movies, and itís pretty well there.  Actually there are some out now apparently. 


Itís the same with pedophilia and everything else too.  Everything will be out in your face basically and you canít get away from it, if you want to watch television at all.  I donít watch it.  Itís best not to.  Itís like why watch something thatís going to poison you and program you, and you have all these neuroscientists and psychologists working with every little show that you watch or laugh at or cry at, working with them to make sure that they get these little ideas embedded in your mind and prepare you for the next step and the next step.  Most folk donít have their own opinions.  Theyíre given their opinions.  And once theyíre given them they think they are their own.  Theyíve never reasoned through them or why theyíve become their own.  Generally itís through emotive implants in what they watch and view in the movies.  And theyíll argue with you and fight with you to hold onto those opinions which were created for them.  Itís quite a wonderful science, really. 


Now the fallout too Ė which is just one place; this is happening all over the place too Ė with Jerry Sandusky and the buggering of boys in universities.  Itís been going on for years and years and years and lots of folk knew it.  And itís been in the media before; little bits would come out about it too.  Iíll put another article out too, itís actually from a Jewish newspaper too. Because theyíre all in shock, they say, because some of them at the top of university, like Graham Spanier who was the head, I think, of the university...


Jews reeling in wake of Penn State scandal / November 16, 2011/ Bryan Schwartzman, The Jewish Exponent


. . . Graham Spanier, whose 16-year tenure at the helm of Penn State University came to an unceremonious end last week when the university trustees fired him.  (Alan:  I think a few of them got fired.  Everybody obviously knew all this stuff and they were all terrified to say anything, supposedly Ė thatís the excuse weíre given Ė because theyíd lose their jobs.  Anyway, everybody was in on this thing and of course, these youngsters too, it wasnít just a few of them doing this in the university.  They were recruiting young guys to pass around to very high bigwigs; thatís what they really do Ė pedophilia rings, as they normally call them.)


And thereís nothing new in this at all these days, because thereís nothing to hold onto.  Itís all moral relativity, isnít it?  Thereís no morals anymore.  Thereís no right and wrong anymore.  Itís moral relativity, and thatís rammed through every junior school, high school, university, until, yeah, anything goes, you know.  Thatís how it is.  And of course this was a deliberate program to destroy cultures and societies, thatís still getting pushed from the top, across the planet. 


Now, itís bad enough too, Iíve said this for years, we the peasants always pay for our chains, through taxes.  We pay for all the CCTV cameras that go up all over the place.  We pay for invasions of privacy of all kinds.  We pay to be monitored.  We really are stupid, to be honest with you.  Weíre very stupid people, or species, you know, very, very stupid, to pay for your own chains.   Even when all the evidence is in front of you, itís constantly put in front of you, and everybody just takes it.  And you wonder why a few psychopaths at the top will take advantage of your nature?  Do you really wonder?  Personally I think people deserve what they get.  Thatís my conclusion.  They deserve what they get, when theyíve been warned so many times.  And theyíll never get off their butt and protest and demand, individually too, what has to be done to stop all of this.  Itíll never happen. 


Apparently too, itís because theyíre given a lot of fake fronts: oh, well, I donít have to do anything, these fronts are doing it all for me.  You see, thatís part of the technique of control.  The big foundations own hundreds and hundreds of front organizations, and masses of NGOs, non-governmental organizations that are heavily funded as fronts, really, for them.  And thatís what people do.  They wait for the hero.  Especially Americans, theyíre always waiting for the lone guy to ride into town and clean up the corrupt town, like Clint Eastwood did in all of his spaghetti movies.  And thatís true.  Itís part of the peopleís nature.  The one...  Itís the same as vote the right one in.  One in, amongst all these crooks and itís going to change?  If you could find the one heíd better have some kind of sci-fi force field around him because theyíd bump him off so quickly.  Thatís true.  And why do you leave it to other people in the first place?  You should be doing it yourselves.  So...


Council accused of a 'staggering invasion of privacy' as it plans to record on CCTV every conversation that takes place in taxi cabs - & / 14 November 2011 / Lucy Buckland


So youíre paying for the cab fee.  Youíre paying £260,000, in London, the taxpayers, £260,000 so that these taxies can have the CCTV cameras and recorders put into them.  And itís only going to outfit 650 taxis.  When governmentís involved itís amazing what the cost is, eh.  £260,000 to equip 650 taxis, so as that everybody and every conversation of the passengers is going to get monitored, and theyíre watched at the same time.  And theyíll put up with it, rather than just stop taking them until they get the message.  The same with the airports, same with everywhere else... just stop taking them.  No, but they wonít do that.  They wonít do it.  You see... well Iíve always taken taxis, you know.  Itís like having jam on your toast every morning, oh but Iíve always taken jam, you know.  And thatís how they do it. So they donít mind getting watched obviously since theyíll keep using them.  So thatís all Iíll say about that. 


And one of the latest controversies in the Obama government is the changing of the definition of death and even changing the definition of an organ donor.  And guess who brought it up?  Cass Sunstein.  You know, Cass Sunstein, the guy whoís into a specific type of strange law that youíll never understand but I do.  And whoís up there at the top advising Obama.  The guy who wants to Ďnudgeí you, he works with all the neuroscientists to give you nudges to make sure that you arrive at the proper conclusions, and have the right opinions about things, and do the right things that your masters, your better types, have planned for you to do.  So anyway it says...


Latest Obama controversy: Who's ID'd as organ donor

Doctors warning changes would erase crucial line / November 15, 2011 / Bob Unruh


Officials running a federal program that is considering redefining death (A:  There you go, thereís gods for you.  Iím not kidding about that.  Gods, you see, only gods can redefine death. But they are gods, you understand, and I understand that too.  They want to redefine death and...) are going to be seeking further public comment after members of the Christian Medical Association raised alarms about several problems, including what they believe would be an open door to pressure families to donate organs before their loved one has died.


The proposal could move the federal government closer into alignment with what has been proposed by longtime Barack Obama adviser Cass Sunstein.


Obama's "regulatory czar" (A:  Itís amazing too, theyíre using all these terms that these same characters used when they ruled Russia.) was revealed in 2009 to have pushed strongly for the removal of organs from those who did not give their consent to becoming an organ donor.  (A:  So it doesnít matter if you give it or not now.† See, your organs are worth big bucks to the ones who run the organ trade.)


In his book, "Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness," Sunstein and co-author Richard Thaler presented the possibility of the "routine removal" of organs because "the state owns the rights to body parts of people who are dead or in certain hopeless conditions, and it can remove their organs without asking anyone's permission."  (A:  So therefore, Cass Sunstein one of the gods, has spoken. So the State owns you.  The State owns you, body and soul.  I guess too, they could wrap it into, well you see weíve got patent rights on your genes too and all that; we own you technically.  And they do as far as theyíre concerned, and if they donít theyíll write it into law that they do because they run the law system too.)


Re-creating mankind through genetics, robotics, brain machine interfacing, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and nanotechnologies. Listen to the details, in "Something Transhuman This Way Comes."  (A:  "Something Transhuman This Way Comes"... it says... something like Lady Gaga.)


"Though it may sound grotesque, routine removal is not impossible to defend," he wrote. "In theory, it would save lives, and it would do so without intruding on anyone who has any prospect for life."  (A:  And thatís a lie because itís all about bucks, BIG BIG BIG multimillion dollar business, getting bigger all the time.)


He also has argued for presumed consent (A:  ...presumed consent...), the idea that anyone who has not left specific orders against organ donation is a voluntary contributor to the program, a plan that has been proposed in some state legislatures as recently as the last few years.


A spokeswoman for the operators of the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network told WND (A:  World Net Daily.) that a new round of public comments will be heard regarding the issue that the CMA said would allow those caring for critically ill patients to start considering them for their potential to donate organs while they remain alive.


"Gone [would be] the crucial wall separating patient care from donation solicitations," said a letter this week from the chief of the CMA. "Such undue influence on difficult decisions at a heart-wrenching time is ethically unacceptable." 


Well no itís not because they do it in Canada.  In Canada a few years ago they actually set up these flying squads where they rush these experts in who are trained in ways of conning you and influencing you in a time of grief to make sure that you get your, the person whoís dying, and your family, to sign over their body parts, when theyíre not able to do it themselves.  Big bucks involved.  Big, big, big business, you know. They get the stuff for free.  Itís just like recycling their plastics; you do it all for free.  You do it all for them.  They donít hire workers for this; your tax money delivers the plastic to the plants, that the government took your tax money to build for recycling, for private business, and so all their raw components come to them for free, delivered to their door.  Then they build new plastic rubbish and sell it to you.  So here theyíre going to get your organs for free, whether you can say no or yea, and thatís how itís going to go, you see.  Weíre all worth something.  Even when weíre dead they can skin us alive or hang us up and plasticize us and put us up in art galleries like whatís on display in Sudbury right now, Sudbury of all places, hanging corpses.  Isnít that art...?  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, everything you read now in the papers is just the outcome of the total degradation of society over many, many, many years.  And of course, greed has been really put up to the pinnacle of attainment in all universities, personal greed.  In fact, theyíve even had topics in some universities on not just the culture of greed but the culture of greed was good, greed is good.  Lots of articles were put out on that and talks in universities, greed is good.  And we see the effects of it today as the greedy ones and the psychopaths have plundered the planet, and continue to do so, without the old covers that they used to have.  They used to hide it so well from the public, the real reasons why things were happening. But with the internet and so on itís harder to do it in this day and age.  They still own the mainstream media, all of it in fact, but they have a harder time keeping everything under wraps. 


But also too, itís not just money.  Itís also to do with an atheistic society because atheism was the goal of the communist faction and also of the ones who rule capitalism; they have their own religion.  They wanted to create atheism within the rest of society and degrade it as well.  Theyíve been awfully successful, through art, entertainment and teaching moral relativity through the schools, once again back to no right and wrong.  And all the sciences cash in on it too because theyíre all part of the big structure, with neuroscience.  Neuroscience is prattling on now about a happiness area in the brain that affects you.  If you were really addicted to video games and things like that, the happiness center, you see.  So eventually, you know, guys that flash in the streets or rape children in the streets will say, I couldnít help it, it was my happiness center that was causing it.  And the neuroscientists will stand up in court and support him and heíll get off with it... he canít help it, your honor, his happiness center was on overtime.  And this is all coming, kids.  Iím not kidding you.  This is coming.  This is all coming down the pike. Actually, the whole idea of neuroscience is nothing to do with what theyíre telling you right now, to get you all on board with them, as they try to create themselves as a real science.  They always must try and get legalized as a true science.  So youíre going to hear nothing but neuroscience from now on, because itís really to start processing each child, even in the womb eventually.  Itís all eugenics, cut with a new name, you see, the same old thing, so that they get the kind of uniform, compliant, kowtow type society that they really want for the future. 


Anyway, everythingís degraded and thereís nothing really to save.  Mothers donít even know what theyíre doing with their children sometimes. They dress them up like little prostitutes and think itís funny.  You see these articles in the papers all the time.  And youíll hear them prattling on about how wonderful they are.   I read an article recently from Australia, where the highest population in Australia, or birthing in Australia is happening, pregnant people, and itís all generally young women 16 and under.  And some silly old fool of a mother is prattling on how wonderful it is for her child to have this baby, being pregnant with a baby Ė and not a fetus by the way; fetus is the Latin name for baby, to dehumanize it.  And you find that she was over the moon with it.  She says, oh itís just amazing, my girl, my daughterís had more partners than all my friends put together ever had.  And she thinks itís just wonderful; I guess she watches Oprah and stuff like that. 


You see, itís totally destroyed because the family unit must be destroyed. And then all women are in common, just like Plato said a long time ago in The Republic.  How do you get all women in common?  You turn them all into anything goes to anybody else, and they go from one partner to the next; they just do a circle around Ė theyíre all held in common.  And so youíve got to understand that the same agenda, very old agenda, has been on the go for a long time, by people who understand it very well.  And here you have something just to cheer you up, and I mentioned too that, yeah, that plasticized corpses that theyíre taking on tour and pretending to be art, that theyíve used in movies too, to make sure you canít miss seeing them somewhere, itís in Sudbury. Sudbury, the little mining place.† See, all the children must get taught: see all you are is just another animal, you see, youíre just an animal, thatís all you are, an animal.  So the children will grow up, well weíre nothing really special, you know, and weíre just animals and why not just coat us in plastic and hang us on wires and have people pay to google at them, or goggle at them.  And thatís it.  Itís, again, moral relativity, isnít it? 


So hereís again all the Hollywood type, the much-music type trying to go further and further as they push the envelope.  And they actually say that.  Thereís producers that say, weíre pushing the envelope all the time, you see.  It says...


Is that supposed to be art?

Debbie Harry butchers a model of herself in the name of creativity / J J Anisiobi / 14th November 2011


(A:  Anything, you know, to get ratings, these people.)


Dressed in a floor-length red dress and with her trademark blonde hair (A:  This womanís in her 60s.) Debbie took centre stage at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Gala and both shocked and disgusted attendees.  (A:   I mean, how can you shock and disgust the same attendees that have seen that, you know, guy Gaga and all the rest of the things that have been going on for years?  with more and more...?  What do you do to disgust them all the more?  And are they really disgusted, because these characters are the ones that want to go and see this kind of stuff.)


As the 66-year-old singer stood with all eyes on her, two life-size nude statues of herself (A:  I wonder if they had the wrinkles put in there, on the nude statues too?)  and co-curator Marina Abramovic were rolled onto the stage.


With almost magician-like precision Harry produced a large machete and as the crowd of celebrities began to cheer (A:  This is the society youíre living in today.) she plunged the knife straight into the heart of her naked double.  (A:  Iím sure thereís a Cabalistic meaning there.)


We're not sure what message this action was supposed to convey but it was successful in shocking the crowd. (A:  Oooh, give us more, give us more, eh?)


Fortunately the wounded dumby didn't spurt blood as Harry reached into its chest and withdrew its heart.  (A:  Oh, thatís very... thatís very... I know where it comes from.)


As Debbie held the heart in the air it was revealed that it was in fact made of red velvet cake.  (A:  Oh, isnít that really cute, eh?  Cute cake, eh?)


The act proved controversial as some audience members began to chant: 'Violence Against Women! Violence Against Women!' (A:  This is BY women, folks.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about the degradation of society that folk just lap up these days because theyíve seen so much perversion on television they donít know what perversion is anymore.  And they actually get hooked on it too; Iíll touch on that later.  They get hooked on this stuff.  Itís sadomasochism and sex, you see, all mixed together.  This is a technique which does take whole societies down; has done in the past.  Thousands of years ago some people used this as a weapon on other cultures, and those folk are still at it I think.  Anyway it says here...


As the show continued a group of shirtless men armed with meat cleavers joined her on stage and began chopping up the two bodies.


The dismembered bodies were made of cake that was then served up as dessert and given to guests.  (A:  Very ritualistic isnít it?)


Debbie Harry said: 'I havenít eaten a piece of myself... yet.'  (A:  Oh, ha, ha.  She probably even read that from her scriptwriter.)


Earlier in the evening Harry performed a song and was carried onto stage in a strange Lady Gaga-style moment.  (A:  I guess she grabbed her crotch to get something in there that, you know...)


The Blondie singer was lying down covered in a plastic sheet as dinner guests looked on confused.


After being taken to the main stage area she started singing Heart Of Glass before cutting into her cake double.


Marina Abramovic had received criticism for her masochistic art prior to this on-off exhibition but vowed to go ahead with the show regardless.  (A:  And sheíll be well paid for that.  So thatís your entertainment on that as they try and outdo each other and it gets their names back in the lights again.)


And then you have this house of horrors abortion clinic in the US. 


Fifth worker at ĎHouse of Horrorsí abortion clinic pleads guilty to murder / John Jalsevac / Nov 10, 2011


November 10, 2011 ( Ė A former abortion worker has pleaded guilty to two counts of murder in relation to the deaths of an abortion client and an infant born alive during a botched abortion at Philadelphiaís notorious ďHouse of HorrorsĒ abortion facility.


Lynda Williams, 43, entered her guilty plea yesterday.


Investigators had found that despite the fact that Williams was both unlicensed and untrained, with only a ninth grade education, she routinely anesthetized abortion clients and performed ultrasounds at Kermit Gosnellís abortion clinic.  (A:  I wonder if thereís a sign above the door, Kermit Gosnellís abortion clinic, get it here?)


According to a Grand Jury report issued earlier this year, Williams was also responsible for dealing with babies who were born alive while Gosnell was away (A:  Thatís her covering for her boss.), which she did in the same way all the other staff at the clinic did Ė by snipping their spinal cords.  (A:  How did you get on at work today, dear?  Oh , not bad.  You know.)


In addition to the two counts of third degree murder, Williams also plead guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to participate in a corrupt organization, and illegally administering drugs to women undergoing late-term abortions.


Williamsí crimes could net her 200 years in prison, but her plea bargain agreement allows for a reduced sentence in exchange for providing testimony against Gosnell. Her sentencing has been delayed until after the Gosnell trial, which may not happen for another year.  (A:  Theyíll postpone that and postpone that and postpone that.)


Williams is the fifth employee at Gosnellís clinic to plead guilty: four pleaded guilty to murder, while a fifth to perjury.


The Grand Jury report released in January of this year had detailed testimony from clinic staff who said that ďkilling large, late-term babies who had been observed breathing (A:  This is after birth.) and moving was a regular occurrenceĒ and ďstandard procedureĒ at the filthy clinic: one staffer said such events happened ďhundredsĒ of times.  (A:  So basically they just snipped their spines and killed them.  See, itís all moral relativity again.  Well, whatís right and wrong anyway?  After all, you know, abortion is legal now so why not just take it a step further and kill them?  I mean, thereís already been abortionists, big name ones, that have come out and said that, kill them up to 3 years of age.  I know why he said that too.)


The authors of the report slammed Gosnellís abortion practice, saying it ďreflected an utter disregard for the health and safety of his patients, a cruel lack of respect for their dignity, and an arrogant belief that he could forever get away with the slovenly and careless treatment of the women who came to his clinic. (A:  No.  It was for big bucks.  Thatís what it was all about, big, big money.)


ďThe only thing Gosnell seemed to care about was the cash he raked in from his illegal operation,Ē they said.  (A:  And it goes on and on and on.)


This is late-term abortion and of course they do that in regular clinics too that are state funded, and with all the proper stuff there, etc, very clean.  They do that, when they changed that to late-term abortions, and even partial-birth abortions, which is the same thing really.  The thing can be coughing and there they go, the babyís coughing away trying to clear its lungs and they just snip them.  Actually, they stick the scissors in their skull when theyíre coming out, just to say it was never born, just to make it a kind of legality, from a religion which I also understand.  Anyway, thatís what youíre living in amongst today. 


And then you get this fad that gets stuck out.  You understand, if you want to rule over a people you must go into ancient times and see who ruled over whom.  And all the ones that were the whom were called pagans, etc.  You degenerate them into paganism to rule them.  It says...


New mothers are eating their own placenta / Elizabeth MacFarland / 11.08.2011


Stefani Reder of Detroit is one of many new mothers across the United States today who is eating her placenta. The act of ingesting the placenta is said to prevent postpartum depression and other health issues associated with birth.


"With this pregnancy I do feel sadness, blue a little bit, but I think it could've been worse if I wouldn't have been doing this," (eating the placenta) Reder said. "I feel real good, real calm and not bothered by daily things."  (A:  I wonder if itís full of valium that she was taking during her pregnancy.)


In Reder's research, she learned eating her placenta after birth (A:  I wonder where she researched it?) would also help better her milk supply to her son, and it would also help her uterus regain its normal shape.


Unlike some women today who are actually eating pieces of their raw placenta, or even whipping up special recipes (A:  And theyíve got links for their special recipes here; I guess they got them from China.) like placenta meatloaf or shakes, Reder is ingesting her placenta in capsule form.


Stacy Thompson near Detroit is what you call a placenta encapsulator. She says, "placenta encapsulating takes the "ick" factor out of eating the placenta."


Once a woman the baby, she will get a call to come and pick up the placenta where the mother gave birth and will take it home to encapsulate. You don't necessarily need an "encapsulator" to help you, there are "how to" instructions, like this one (A:  And thereís all these links on it and how to do it, if you fancy going in for that.  Maybe you get a few tips from Debbie Harris.)


Anyway, thatís the world youíre in.  And talking about pedophilia, as Iíve said, eventually theyíre phasing it out, you see, because the next part is bestiality and pedophilia, for those who donít know.† All your national censor committees that supposedly oversee and keep your culture, are the OPPOSITE.  Itís all Orwellian.  And they meet at the annual ones, the universal ones, and they actually talk about how to push the culture.  Are the folk degraded enough in this area yet?† Yeah, they are.† Okay, weíll push the next step.  You see.  And eventually thereíll be no pedophilia because itís now called intergenerational sex, you see.  And theyíre actually using the UNís Rights of the Child, for those that donít know about that, again very Orwellian; the rights of the child gives no rights to the parents; and if the child takes a lollipop and says okay, then the child consented to having sex, you see.  Very clever, devious sods, arenít they, at the top.  Very devious; theyíve been at this for a long, long time mind you.   Girl, 13, Left in Walking Coma.   Well actually the one I want to read about is actually about girls who are recruited as being models; they donít want them any younger now than 16.  They want them about 13 and 14.  Iíll put that one up tonight too, just to let you know.  It actually says that.  It says...


Sixteen too old for model career, young girls told / Letitia Rowlands / November 16, 2011


(A:  Because theyíre pushing younger and younger children now.  Children, you see.)


GIRLS as young as 13 are being sought by a Sydney modelling agency which has described 16-year-olds as "too old" for the international industry.


Gear Model Management director Dragan Dimovski said other Australian modelling agencies were "very conservative" about the minimum age of the girls they employ, The Daily Telegraph reported.


In a bid to find young models to add to its books, the boutique agency is launching a talent search across Sydney next month and is inviting entries from males and females between the ages of 13 and 19. 


But theyíre actually looking for the very, very young ones.  Well, what do you expect?  You understand, a lot of these children now have never had two parents, or theyíve had a mixture of strange ones, and all theyíve been brought up with is television and fashion magazines and movies, and music television where youíre supposed to be a slut.  You see.  What is a slut today?  Define it.  Today, would you define, please, what a slut is?  I mean, I donít know what it is anymore.


Hereís part of the thing too.  Now Gardasil and all these other different things that are putting people into comas, but itís to do with the human papilloma virus, saying it gets into the cervix and may cause cancer.  Itís interesting too, that the ones theyíre supposed to be putting in, in the Cervarix and other ones, arenít the actual ones that they get cancer from. But that doesnít matter; youíre not supposed to know that, you see.  80% of all women have them.  Because of todayísóI canít call it, can I still call it promiscuity, or just choices? Ė  I donít know how you phrase it in a politically correct society.† It says...


Girl, 13, left in 'waking coma' and sleeps for 23 hours a day after severe reaction to cervical cancer jabs

Lucy Hinks is unable to walk or talk after having injections at school

Parents warn others to check on potential side effects of Cervarix vaccine / Paul Sims / 15th November 2011


Bad reaction: Lucy Hinks, 13, began to experience extreme exhaustion . . . (A:  Etc, etc, and then they go into what happens.  They go into comas and all the rest of it, and some of them get strokes and ya-da, ya.  Iíll put that up as well for you, just to let you know how it really is all going.)


However, getting into all this weirdo stuff, because you see, thereís a science to do with sadomasochism, and pain, and sex, and you bring it all together.  Old, old occultic knowledge, you know.  And from one source, an old source.  And this is how you manage folk.  You take over their minds.  You actually take over their minds, completely, 24 hours a day in fact, for life, by using these techniques, etc.  For years theyíve been using porno and all kinds of weird stuff to try and find out how to change sexual perverts who get into prison, and into clinics and prisons, mainly prisons.  They make them watch all this stuff all day long.† And of course, now the neuroscientists are jumping on as well.  You understand, this stuff damages them too.  You canít watch this stuff.  Itís scientifically designed to make you brain-damaged.  Because you canít have a normal relationship after all this stuff. And of course, those who put it all out donít want you to have any normal relationship.  They want you to be ultra-promiscuous and never bond with anybody for life and have children. 


Order of Canada recipient damaged by his work

(A:  The Order of Canada is their big high chutzpa thing, like the Order of the British Empire, and Order of Canada, for folk who get up there in science and so on.)

Post-traumatic stress caused by years of viewing disturbing videos  (A:  No kidding.  I guess the taxpayer will fund him for watching all these dirty movies and stuff.) / Mohammed Adam / November 8, 2011


Dr. John Bradford is awarded the Order of Canada by Governor-General David Johnston, right, at Rideau Hall, Ottawa, Nov. 4, 2011.


OTTAWA ó Into the sick minds of violent sex offenders is the only way to heal them and to protect potential victims, says Dr. John Bradford (A:  You think heíd learn something, and itís not what to do.  You donít get into their... theyíre sick.  They are sick, you know, offenders.), one of Canadaís leading forensic psychiatrists. He has done this difficult work for some 30 years (A:  Imagine 30 years of watching the same porno and stuff, that affects them, and children having their heads hacked off, and snuff movies and all that kind of stuff.  30 years of it, and getting paid to do that too, eh.), even when it threatened his own health.


On Friday, a grateful nation acknowledged his immense contribution with one of Canadaís highest honours. At a Rideau Hall ceremony, Bradford was invested as a member of the Order of Canada by Gov.-Gen. (A:  Governor-General, who represents the Queen by the way.) David Johnston, capping a remarkable career at the Royal Ottawa.


He was one of three Ottawa recipients in a group of 39 (A:  Which is 3 times 13.  [Alan chuckles.]), who received similar honours (A:  Itís very occultic, these things, these shows when you watch them.) for a lifetime of outstanding achievement and service to the nation. The other Ottawa recipients include literary giant and University of Ottawa scholar David Staines, (A:  Blah-blah, blah-blah-blah.) . . .


Noted for his work and research on the assessment and treatment of violent sex offenders, Bradford reflected in an interview on how far forensic psychiatry had come in Canada ó and he considered the honour a celebration of what he and many others were doing in a line of work that, by the very nature of the people they dealt with, made it hard for many to appreciate.


ďIt is a very unpopular field to look at, but I know that, if you really want to protect women and children, you should put your mind to it,Ē Bradford said.


ďIt is critical to understand why people do what they do. What we are doing is understanding it, bringing it out of the closet if you like, so people can talk about it and come forward and get treatment before they hurt somebody.Ē  (A:  No, the neuroscientists have already told us now they canít help doing that, raping and killing and getting pleasure off it.  Itís because of a thing, a missing part of their brain, you see.)


However, in trying to prevent others from being hurt, Bradford suffered his own damage.


Bradford said long periods spent watching video of horrendous acts of sexual violence left its impact. The stress started with the Paul Bernardo case, and it got worse the more he watched.


ďI had a tremendously difficult time getting the videotapes out of my head. I didnít understand it but I had trouble sleeping. It got worse, and what I found was that I had developed acute post traumatic stress disorder,Ē Bradford said.


ďWhat happened to me was that, through a whole process of looking at high-definition video of sexual violence (A:  Everyoneís got a high-definition TV and so on, eh?), it affected me. I recovered from it, but I had to go and get help.Ē  (A:  You see, you canít watch.  Now, I wouldnít say that psychiatrists are normal people; theyíre not really; but the fact is this stuff is designed to damage normal people.  And youíre watching the simulation of it, and maybe even the real stuff, on your television and your internet all the time.  And you wonder why society is kaput?)


Bradford, who has mentored many young forensic psychiatrists, says the proliferation of violent sex videos means one of his most important messages to new doctors is to be aware of their impact.


ďWhat Iíve been talking about more recently is to explain to younger people how they need to be careful of that stuff because, once it is in your mind, it can really bother you. . . .


See, what heís saying is what religion used to say.  You worship the image of the beast.  Itís the IMAGE you worship.  The image implants itself in your mind.  Itís called imprinting.  And certain scenes will never leave you, you understand?  Something, as I say, the people who have been completely put out of the picture, folk who had thousands of years of culture through all the religions, all knew, but of course it was all put away with, again, LIBERALISM, with their big agenda.  And then theyíre refinding itís true, but of course they wonít refer to that; I just did it for them.  You know.  The image embeds itself and youíll never have a normal relationship.  And youíll start to emulate in any relationships you do have, you know your passing relationships that everyone has now, youíll emulate that in reality.  And YOU become dangerous. 


And of course...


Study: Video games may change brain / Nov. 16, 2011 / Jim Ruymen


(A:  Iíve got to laugh at this one.  Theyíve done so many, talking about rewiring the brain and hereís another one here.  Like what are you going to do about it, eh? )


BERLIN, Nov. 16 (UPI) -- Fourteen-year-old teens who play video games a lot have a larger pleasure center in the brain, researchers in Germany said.


Dr. Simone Kuhn of Charite University Medicine in Berlin and a large team of European colleagues looked at 154 Berlin school children split into two groups: infrequent video gamers, who played on average about 4 hours per week and frequent gamers, who played about 21 hours a week on average.


When the children, who were frequent gamers, underwent a magnetic resonance imaging scan (A:  Thatís what theyíre using for psychopaths and everything.  Eventually every child will have to get this done, and if you have a bit of creativity center there theyíll have to neutralize it to make you nice and placid as you grow up for the new world order.), the researchers found the ventral striatum of the brain had more gray matter in the frequent video gamers, the Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported.


"The ventral striatum is usually associated with everything that brings pleasure," Kuhn said in a statement. "For instance food and monetary reward. (A:  Weíre just like little rats, eh, food and monetary reward...)  It's also been associated with some addictions. If you show a smoker a cigarette for example, the ventral striatum is activated." 


It also is too with the ones who watch all this perverted sex, by the way.  ďOh I didnít mean to do that and have sex and snuff this person; you see I watched too many movies.Ē  And then the neuroscientist will stand up in court and say, itís true, your honor; it wasnít his fault at all, itís just his brain, you see.  [Alan laughing.] I know where itís all going and where itís supposed to go.  Itís quite a racket weíre living in, but itís the end of the culture as you understand.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, weíre back and Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about, how can you respect life today, in this day and age, where no one else does either, you know.  Everyoneís been taught to be narcissistic and all the rest of it. And just before I go to a caller, this article Iíll put up tonight too and theyíre very concerned at the top, you know, the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  It says...


Sex With Animals Can Lead To Penis Cancer: Study / 11/11/11


If you're searching for a reason not to have sex with animals, add this to the list: It could give you penis cancer, according to a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  (A:  And itís promoting a book of course, to have safe sex with animals and stuff like that, just in case you have watched enough of disgusting stuff and youíre fed up with slaughter and people cutting bodies apart and eating their hearts and eating placentas and all that kind of stuff, you can go onto the next step and try all the other animals in the garden, eh.)


Alan:  Anyway, Iíll go to Shawn in New York; are you there Shawn?


Shawn:  Yeah, Iím here.  How you doiní Alan?  Yeah, this is Shawn from yesterday.  Iím just listening in on the information youíre giving.  Basically I was listening on how youíre basically saying, like the sex and basically the pornos, what they feed to you and basically control your mind. 


Alan:  Yeah.  Thatís right. 


Shawn:  Yeah, so like basically, Iím understanding what youíre saying, but itís like to the point that the only person that realizes what theyíre doing, itís like you got to find out the truth and then you got to basically fight out of your mind, like the images and whatís basically programmed into your mind.   You got to fight it out.  It takes a mental step. 


Alan:  And you also got to find out why theyíre doing it.  And itís a very old, very ancient, very old occultic science.  And a group of people actually have brought down nations in ancient times by promoting this upon them.  And itís being done again in this day and age.


Shawn:  Yeah, so basically, Iím not sure if things are going to repeat itself.  Like this is getting out because more people are starting to learn, theyíre starting to figure out whatís going on.  But itís much harder to tell other people because people may be comfortable in their environment, or may think itís a lie, or just donít know what to do.† Like itís hard itself, because people have a certain type of reaction to things.  They get angry at you.  They want to kill you because youíre telling them what youíre saying.  Or they get scared and they basically go into a whole different, like a nervous breakdown, like basically theyíre shivering in a corner or something and donít know what to do.  And itís at the point like what is there to do, what to do.  And I actually read an article about some guy thatís basically talking about the human race and all the things that they basically inject into you, and then the medicines; itís called Hush, Donít Speak.  They donít want you to tell.  Itís basically just like that.† Itís certain things, like...  Itís so crazy because if you tell they will try to find you.  Theyíll send the CIA, the FBI, the IRS at your door, knocking at your door, try to harass you and try to throw their game at you.  And if you beat them at their game thatís when you become a real target.


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.  And what you have to do too, rather than just go out and try and alter people, you got to start with yourself.  If you canít train yourself, and organize yourself, you canít do it with anyone else.  And thatís the one, you must first conquer yourself.  And BE your own person, because only then will you find your own person.  Up until then youíve never been your own person.  Youíre really a mosaic of whatís been indoctrinated into you.  So find yourself.


Shawn:  Yeah, when you really ask yourself who are you.


Alan:  Absolutely.  And you definitely wonít be the person that the big boys want you to be.  But thanks for calling.  And for Pennsylvania, Fairweather, and Mark from Texas maybe call tomorrow.  Thanks for tuning in.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  Remember too, help me out too on this end because thereís not much coming in.



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