November 18th, 2011 (#966)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov 18th, 2011:

Technocracy's Goal, Spiralling into Control:

"Look Deep into Chaos as Far as You See
And An Order or Plan You'll Find There'll Be,
For Human Herds Worldwide are Led without Fazing
Through Systems and Ages with No Falter in Grazing,
Stand Above Chaos, See a Pattern Emerging,
Trading Blocs, Money, Systems Converging,
Hitler said, "To Lie, Make Sure it's a Whopper",
Little Lies the People Dismiss and Don't Bother,
But Threaten Extinction and Loss of All Saving,
Put Forth the Saviours with New Road, Paving,
Into Austerity where Technocrats Rule
With Statistics and Projections, Over the Fool"
© Alan Watt Nov 18th, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Nov 18th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November the 18th, 2011.  For newcomers, you should help yourself to the audios available for free download at  And go through them at your leisure.  And hopefully, youíll start to understand the big system that you live through, a system thatís constantly upgrading itself, that plans the future, that looks at the world in stages, in all their plans, much like the old Stone Age to the Iron Age and so on.  And they have the future planned the same way.  Post-Democracy and Technocracy as itís called, this is the system youíre in now; appointees will run governments, and theyíll be the government in fact, and the people have no recourse at all, no response from these characters either, because theyíre not really responsible to you.  Theyíre appointees, and itís a sort of rule by bureaucracy, which was decided a long, long time ago.  Back in the 1800s they wrote about it.  Engels, who was a pal of Marx, believed in it too, and even before them, the idea was tossed around, how they would go through this series of events of industrialization, post-industrialization, service economies, and then into this new technocratic society.  So, what youíre going through now, today, is just the same stuff that was planned a long time ago.  And the reason weíre going through all the crisis is to get you all ready for it.  Because they had to come forward, just like Italy, and say, well, thereís nothing else going to save you.  And the people will get on their knees, and say, oh, well, please save us and try it, and thatís it in.  Theyíve got a foot in the door.  Thatís it started, you see.  Quite simple.  Iíve talked about technocrats for years, and of course, they have their higher technocrats that are also to do with geopolitics like Kissinger, and Brzezinski, these guys, these guys that are the true, higher technocrats, the ones who go across the world.  And eventually theyíll appoint the lower ones, to fill the offices that used to be filled by prime ministers and presidents. 


And when you go into the website too, remember, you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can buy the books and discs and support me.  Because I donít take on money from big advertisers.  If I did, Iíd expand and have a huge business on the go, easily.  And I donít want that at all.  This way, itís easier to get the basic truth out, without any bells and whistles, or even have to compromise myself on products and selling, and all that kind of stuff.  So, therefore, itís up to you to keep supporting me, and if you want to buy the books and discs, at, itís a fantastic history archive.  Youíll find that you can buy the books, etc.  And from the US to Canada, you can purchase using a personal check or an international postal money order from your post office.  It costs about the same as a normal postal order.  You can use PayPal.  Some people just send cash.  And remember too, donations are really welcome.  Very, very, very welcome.  And if youíve got a book already, or some of the books, get some more and sell them.  Or give them away at Christmas time.  Whatever.  Itís up to you. 


And as I say, weíre going through the big changes.  And it literally is documented for an awful long time by the people who were involved in these big world meetings, about the planned changes into the coming new society.  And of course, Iíve gone through the history of first you must build up, and Karl Marx talked about it too, the buildup of the blocks, into trading blocks.  Integrate them all, all their sovereignty is gone into one.  And theyíre now really new countries, or empires if you like.  And eventually theyíll all merge together under a global governmental system.  Old idea.  Itís worked awfully well for the bankers.  Thatís why theyíve always funded both sides of everything.  Everything.  And youíll find as I say that Engels and all these guys were real advocates of a technocratic society, expert rule, and Lord Bertrand Russell and others, as Iíve said over the years and read from his books, said the same thing.  A world run by scientists, he called them, and experts.  A technocratic society is the proper name for it.  And thatís what weíre in today.  Itís been here for a while, actually.  Most folk havenít noticed.  You see, if you donít call it the right name, people donít associate anything.  You have to lead them by the hand, because, what do you think science czars are and various other czars, appointees?   Every country has got them now.  You see, youíre already getting used to it.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And Iíve talked over the years too, about one of the big think tanks, one of the biggest think tanks that work with the United Nations.  In fact, they advise a lot of departments there.  And thatís the Club of Rome.  And the Club of Rome has nothing to do with the Vatican, by the way.  Itís just the place where they had their first meeting.  They love to name them after the places they first meet, these international organizations which are really big foundations, which are fronts for the foundations that are owned, that are also the fronts for the big banking boys, the international bankers.  So, anyway, youíll find that they were the ones who came up with the idea of how to get everyone on their knees basically, to accept this new form of governance.  Back in the 70s, they said that democracy would have to go, because it was too inefficient.  They couldnít get the great plans through.  What they were referring to was technocracy, again, an idea going back into the 18th century.  And of course, this is what weíre going through today. 


They also were given the task, by the big foundations, those money boys at the top, to find an excuse.  And they came up with the idea of weather.  Bad weather, caused by man, etc.  Global warming was the first thing they said.  And they looked at hundreds of ideas they could con the public to give up all your sovereignty, all your rights, and thatís individual rights and so on.  And be under a form of austerity, where you would use much less, consume less on the planet, that kind of thing.  Weíre calling it austerity today.  This is all the same thing, you see.  They just keep changing little names here and there, and you never clue in on what theyíre talking about.  Itís all the same thing.  So, then they hit upon the idea, and this is in their own book, youíll find, they hit upon the idea of blaming manmade global warming, famine, etc, and that would do the job, basically, they said.  That would fit the bill.  And since then, itís a mantra for all the big green armies that are funded and paid for by these private multi-trillion dollar foundations. 


So, youíre run really by a parallel government. And this is what Quigley and others talked about, even Maggie Thatcher. She joined it and said she was happy to join it.  She said that when you leave office as the Prime Minister, why throw away your experience?  She says, I know other prime ministers and high bureaucrats, I know the name of the game.  And she says, I now belong to an organization which works behind the scenes and gets things done, exactly what the Club of Rome was talking about, about democracy.  And it was here long before Thatcher opened her mouth about it, because, again, the parallel government, according to Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations that really runs a lot of this, he said that it was on the go, really, this whole agenda for world domination, where a few big banking companies, basically, would own all the resources of the planet.  He said it was on the go since the late 1800s.  And not one president since then, he said, was not a member of it, before he was elected by the supposed people. 


Anyway, itís been the same across Britain and every other country as well, all the British Commonwealth countries.  Theyíre all members of the same organization, under the different names of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Canadian Institute of International Affairs.  The Canadians changed it a couple of years ago, because we were all talking about it, so they changed their name.  Same organization.  And one for New Zealand, Australia, and elsewhere.  So, your lives really are run by those behind the scenes, that the media tends to never talk about, because the media is owned by them as well, the big bankers.  And so, you can only make your mind up about anything, according to the information youíre given, or you look out and search for, I should say.  Donít just take what youíre given.  Search.  Do a lot of searching.  And just because something pleases you, because youíre biased against something, donít accept it right off the bat.  Really go in and investigate it.  But theyíre still harping on about it, of course. 


And itís so interesting to watch stuff, as I say, that Engels and Marx and others talked about, Club of Rome, technocracy, etc.  And even the organization that came out in the 1920s and 1930s called Technocracy that was based on this stuff.  Itís so interesting to see it with the weather control, and the climate change, and the crashing of economies, on cue of course, all come together, beautifully at the same time, to panic the people across the planet, so theyíll accept, you see, the experts, when they step forward and say, ďyou know, I can fix this.  I donít want you to elect me, I want to be appointed.  In fact, I just want to grab the job, and I want you to basically obey me,Ē and that will be it, you see.  Itís already happened in Italy.  Itís interesting, the propaganda doesnít stop, you see.  And it wonít stop until theyíve got everybody convinced.  And all the children at school are already convinced, because thatís all they get rammed down their heads, you see.  Thereís no opposing view on things, or no facts, real facts, shown to them.  Just drowning polar bears, you know.  Even though the polar bear has exploded in its size in the last hundred years or so.  So much so that even the ice floes are carrying them off to Norway and places where theyíve been eating people.  And Iíve read some of these articles before.  Anyway, mind you, they can swim hundreds of miles.  Thatís another thing they never tell you either.  Hundreds, even the brown bear can do that.  Hundreds of miles.  Itís amazing. 


The BBC has dropped a climate change episode from its wildlife series Frozen Planet to help the show sell better abroad.


(Alan: You understand, if you just see it in the US, youíd never realize thereís a final one to it, because a lot of folk in the US wonít agree with it.  Theyíre too skeptical, as they call it.  You know, theyíre still in denial.  Theyíre ďdeniers.Ē  Oh, negative connotation.  Anyway, it says:)


British viewers will see seven episodes, the last of which deals with global warming and the threat to the natural world posed by man.


(A: So, the US wonít get that.  Theyíll just get the six-part brainwashing series, and then theyíll be goaded or nudged into the final understanding and come to their own conclusions about the seventh, without even seeing it.  Thatís how perfect psychology is today.  You know.  It says:)


However, viewers in other countries, including the United States, will only see six episodes.


The environmental programme has been relegated by the BBC to an ďoptional extraĒ alongside a behind-the-scenes documentary which foreign networks can ignore.


(A: The BBC, which is paid by the taxpayer in Britain, and funded by them, and they have lifelong jobs, the characters there.  I could say a lot more, but I canít.  And, but theyíre onboard, totally with the IPCC, and the global warming scam, and all the fake evidence, that ends up being no evidence at all.  Theyíre completely on board with it.  Theyíre one of the biggest brainwashing organizations on the planet.  Itís always been the BBC.  Always.  Read George Orwellís story on it, because he worked there during the war as a propagandist.  You can read his diaries on it, on how he helped to manipulate peopleís minds.  I mean, whole countries, not just Britain, when he worked with the BBC.  Anyway, it says here that:)


Others suggested that the Corporation should have offered ďOn Thin IceĒ, the global warming episode, for free due to the importance of the issue.


However, the BBC said it was standard practice to offer international clients only the parts they wished to purchase.


(A: What it is really is thereís too much opposition in countries like the US.  So, it says:)


Frozen Planet, on BBC One, is the latest big budget series from the BBCís Natural History Unit in Bristol, which was made in association with Discovery Channel and The Open University.


Itís got as much credence, in other words, as the History Channel, which is all bunkum, you know, rewritten history.  So, anyway, thatís how you get your brainwashing, and so theyíre going full-blast ahead with basically brainwashing you.  Now, Iíll put a link up tonight to it.  At the top too, youíll see related articles, Sir David Attenborough, whoís already said the same thing, weíve got to start culling humans, etc.  The usual rant and rave by the same kind of people.  And his name just happens to coincide with the sun god of ancient Egypt, Aton.  Anyway, it doesnít matter how you spell it.


Nigel Farage is a European Member of Parliament.  But itís a show.  I mean, all Parliaments really are shows, because the real decisions are made in committees, that are all secret committees and secret often from each other.  And thatís how itís been for a long time, but itís true, in the Parliament that heís in, in the EU, they have no actual voting powers, or even law making powers on anything.  They can only yell at each other, and youíll hear the almost bureaucratic Soviet guys yelling with their incomprehensible logic, because thereís no logic to it at all, and then theyíll pull out Farage to say the obvious, which he does on this particular video.  Iíll put up a link for that tonight too, as he really gets into the guys who handle the cash systems for Europe, and you see them squirming a little bit.  And then he mentions the same thing too.  He says, youíre all appointees, no one voted any of you in, including Rompoy or Rompwee or whatever he wants to call himself.  And thatís what they are.  Theyíre all appointees.  This is again, technocracy has been here for a while.  And, of course, the European Parliament was never designed, never, ever designed to be a democratic system at all.  So, Europe hasnít been under democracy for a long time. 


And, Iíll also put up too, the article to do with, again technocracy.  It says:


New Italian government does not include a single elected politician


(A: Itís from The Telegraph.)


Mario Monti, Italy's new prime minister, appointed a government without a single politician on Wednesday, forming a technical administration


(A: See thatís technocracy.)


which faces the daunting challenge of preventing the country from being dragged deeper into the euro zone debt crisis.


(A: And itís not a very hard write-up on it, at all.  It does go into the fact that itís:)


made up of bankers, lawyers and university professors but not a single elected official Ė an extraordinary development for a Western democracy.


(A: Not really.  As I say, weíve been under it for a long time.  Because, as I say, youíve watched science czars and various professional experts, czars, getting appointed.  Even the term czar.  Well, what do you think?  Thatís their way of telling you what they are.  Theyíre appointees, experts, unelected by the people, who wield incredible powers over all the other, the elected politicians.  Youíve been under it for a while.  Thatís how much of a schmuck they take everybody to be.  They canít put two and two together.  What do they mean by a science czar?  Hey?  An economic czar, etc.  Yep.  And every country has got them.  Britain has got them.  All the other countries have got them put on the boards.  Even your local government has got them, by the way.  They just appoint themselves under climate change, or whatever it is, or sustainability.  These are all czars.  Thatís technocracy.  It says:)


But it is a deal that much of the electorate and nearly all the mainstream parties have signed up to, in order to save Italy from the economic abyss by trimming the country's bloated bureaucracy, slashing its 1.9 trillion euro debt and unleashing its economic potential after years of stagnation.


So, thereís your spin on why this is being brought in.  But, as I say, when guys write about it, a couple of hundred years ago, and other ones rewrite it again, back in the early 20th century, and thereís a whole science based on this technocracy, if you want to call it science, and here itís introduced.  Then, itís not by coincidence.  Itís because itís by design. 


You have to go into how youíre taught in the better schools.  In the lower schools, as I say, they get the Stone Age, and they get the Bronze Age, and Iron Age and so on.  But they go much, much deeper in the better schools.  And Iíll talk about that when I come back.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about how in the better schools, as they call them, the ones that Russell and others talked about as well, they get a bit of a different education.  A completely different worldview altogether in fact, but they get taught about the Ages of Man.  And the many things in between the ages, how commerce moved, and how migrations of people moved, and how it brought commerce with them, what kind of commerce, etc.  Who was getting wealthy out of it.  Where the wealthy ones would settle.  All that kind of stuff, back and forth, and they call them ages.  And right up into your industrial age, in fact, and now post-industrial, and then youíre into basically a service economy.  Thatís an age for a little while, a small age.  And then youíre into technocracy, basically, post-democratic.  Because itís just too cumbersome, they claim, and they canít have people really, the experts, why should the experts serve the people, when the people should be admiring and glad to have experts running them and ruling their lives for them.  This has all been discussed, as I say, at the posh schools, basically.  Thatís how theyíre taught about things.  And they go through the different wars that were caused, all the reasons behind them that they claim.  And but really, they always push for technocracy. 


And Russell said it too.  He says, there will be a dictatorship eventually coming out.  And he said, it will probably be a scientific dictatorship.  Thatís what he was pushing for.  And he worked with many organizations across the world.  Many of them, in fact, one of them in the US was meant to create, recreate American culture after World War II, so it wouldnít be fascist.  And that was the Macy Group.  And that was authorized by the president of the US, to alter the US culture.  And he said, this new society, this new system of rulership will be scientific, a scientific dictatorship.  He said it will be terribly cruel, because itís basically blind bureaucracy. 


You know, these strange lobster-eyed characters that are called bureaucrats.  Thatís who they are.  You donít know what theyíre thinking.  I think they feel nothing, to be honest with you.  Either that, or they see you as nothing.  Thatís probably more honest about it.  But this is the system that theyíre bringing in now, under the guise.  Itís beautiful, everyone is always seeing everything as a crisis.  Iím not seeing it a crisis at all.  Iím seeing it manufactured scary tactics, to bring all of their desired agenda into being.  Because, as I say, they go down through the ages.  They talk about the Ages of Man, and now youíre into the Technocratic Age.  And this is how you bring it in.  And the Italians too are told, thatís the only way weíll get you out of trouble is putting the experts in.  And theyíre on their knees already, so thatís how itís done. 


And the World Bank, again, this big clique of private banks, that also get your tax money to fund them, by the way, that lend cash out to countries, and then their other boys, their brothers at the IMF come in, and loot the country, getting the money back from them.  Or defaulting on the debts and making you the taxpayers back home, that unknowing to you, if you listened to last nightís talk, youíre put down as the guarantors to pay off all debts across the world to these countries that itís loaned out from, from the World Bank.  Anyway, everything is coming together just wonderfully as far as the big boys are concerned.  And theyíre not panicking at all, because they have nothing to lose.  They donít put their cash in the places that everyone else puts it into.  Not only that, they own the gold markets, silver markets, diamond markets and every other market there is.  In fact, they own everything you pretty well need now.  Water is a big one as well.  And all the food systems.  They own it all too.  So, theyíre not worried about losing anything.  They plan it all ahead, well ahead.


And Iíve talked so many times about the free movement of labor and goods, and all these treaties that have been signed with the US and Canada, and all the other countries across the world, Free Trade Treaties under the World Trade Organization, another unelected organization, as they all are.  And the G20 is all behind it, etc.  This one article here is about Australia, because, Australia it says:


Mine workers could be pushed out of their jobs with Australian mining companies searching for cheap replacements offshore. 


(A: And Iíve got an article here too, a previous one, where India is going in big time, and China as well, for coal into Australia.  Theyíre building their own airports and everything else.  Everything is to be built by themselves.  Even the roads.  And theyíre going to bring in their own labor.  So, this is similar.  Theyíll bring in Chinese labor, labor from India, much like Britain did to Africa during their empire phase.  They brought in workers from India, into Africa, to lay the railway tracks, etc.  Anyway, it says:)


Australia's Mastermyne Group has turned to Poland in a drive to find 900 new coalminers for collieries in Queensland and NSW, recruitment firm Randstad says.


"This is a large-scale project running over three years. Our Australian client aims to recruit some 300 miners a year," Randstad spokeswoman Malgorzata Gorska said on Thursday.


"Interest has already outpaced our client's expectations, with 300 people answering our advertisements," she added.


Mining remains one of the top industrial sectors in Poland, employing over 100,000 people in the nation of 38 million, which relies on coal to generate more than 90 per cent of its electricity.


(A: I wonder if they got an exemption from the carbon tax.  Eh?)


"The advantage of Polish miners is that they are well-qualified and in general operate the same machinery as used in Australian mines, or similar models, although that used down under is more modern," said Gorska.


Anyway, thatís what theyíre doing.  The free trade, the free movement of labor and goods.  That comes under free trade, that none of us got a chance to vote for on anything, because weíve been under technocracy for a long time.  Thatís the truth of it, isnít it?  Weíre out of the picture.  Weíre kept busy with entertainment, and as long as youíve got a few pennies for the weekend booze-up and all that, most folk are quite happy.  Anyway, it says, this article here is about, because theyíre building up for all their climate meetings this year.  And they always give you these scary, massive scenarios before.  And they say that themselves, Iíve read all their quotes on this broadcast before, that they give them scary scenarios to the public in press releases to terrify them, before they have all the meetings, because theyíre after all your cash, you see.  All your disposable income is to go, in the future, under austerity, to basic things.  Food, water, paying your bills, and also it goes into fees and taxes.  And thatís why theyíre really pushing ahead, on this master stroke of genius, to dominate us all by the fact that oh, weíre all killing the planet.  So they canít give up on this one.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I go on to this article about this IPCC nonsense, and whatís coming with the weather, etc, I wanted to get back to the bureaucrats, and the bureaucratic mindset and technocracy.  If you think itís bad now, wait until you see, wait until you see what itís coming down to.  It doesnít matter.  You see, it doesnít matter what commonsense can show or facts can prove.  If theyíve got something written down, and youíre wrapped in a fur coat and shivering up to your neck in snow, and theyíre under global warming, and youíre telling them, you know, itís freezing, we need something to heat ourselves.  Theyíre going to deny it to you, because under there, itís under the rules, see itís in the rulebook here.  Here it is, right here.  And thatís how crazy it is with them when you have doctrines pushed in bureaucratic mindsets, just like that article I mentioned yesterday from Scotland, where firemen wouldnít go down a 45-foot mineshaft to rescue a woman who was alive, no, they wait until she was dead, and they got her out by calling for mountain climbers to go down on a rope.  45 feet.  They had all the equipment there.  But it says in the book here, itís only for firefighters to use this equipment, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  You see.  So, she died.  Thatís a bureaucrat for you. 


You can find them too, when you go into the halls of power, and youíre looking to get some strange thing thatís been sent to you from the government cleared up.  Some crazy thing.  Wrong name, mess, whatever it happens to be.  And when you enter, itís honeycombs.  Theyíve got honeycombs of corridors.  Thatís where bureaucrats play and hide, you see.  And, when you initially go in, itís kind of dim.  They always keep it kind of dim in these varnished doors.  And youíll see them scuttling along the sides.  They always hang next to the walls like mice and rats do.  And if one of them passes you, youíll see the fear, because youíre one of them, you know, the outside people.  And the fear in their lobster eyes, as they just sort of look at you, you know, with no emotions whatsoever.  And then theyíll duck into a door, so as you canít say anything to them.  Thatís what a bureaucrat is.  Yeah. 


Anyway, this is a bureaucratic mindset:


EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration


(A: Thatís the sort of craziness Iím talking about.  They had the same problem in the Soviet Union about things.  If you ever looked at the Lysenko Affair, look into that, to do with genetics, and Lysenko believed he could actually force plants to evolve, forced evolution.  And none of it ever got proven as right, but they had to go along with the doctrine, because Stalin liked it.  Anyway:)


EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration


Brussels bureaucrats were ridiculed yesterday after banning drink manufacturers from claiming that water can prevent dehydration.


NHS health guidelines state clearly that drinking water helps avoid dehydration, and that Britons should drink at least 1.2 litres per day.


(A: I can remember when they first came out with this stuff, when they were trying to indoctrinate all the peasants, you know, the peasants.  Everybody that wasnít a bureaucrat was a peasant.  And they told us two gallons at one time.  Everybody was walking around just squelching.  You know, schlop, schlop all over the place.  And running to the toilet all the time.  But they brought it down to 1.2 liters.  Anyway, experts are wonderful, arenít they?)


EU officials concluded that, following a three-year investigation,


(A: Three years for bureaucrats, you see.)


there was no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact.


Producers of bottled water are now forbidden by law from making the claim and will face a two-year jail sentence if they defy the edict, which comes into force in the UK next month.


Last night, critics claimed the EU was at odds with both science and common sense.


(A: Well, thereís no common sense in bureaucracy.)


Conservative MEP Roger Helmer said: ďThis is stupidity writ large.


ďThe euro is burning, the EU is falling apart and yet here they are: highly-paid, highly-pensioned officials


(A: And highly pedophiles too.)


worrying about the obvious qualities of water and trying to deny us the right to say what is patently true.


ďIf ever there were an episode which demonstrates the folly of the great European project then this is it.Ē


As I say, listen to Nigel Farage bombast these characters that dealt with the money, and you see them all with their little arrogant little faces, turning a bit reddish, as they squirm a little bit.  These are experts.  Appointed experts.  Not elected, but all appointees, eh.  Isnít that just wonderful.  And thatís what you get when you get this new technocracy.  As I say, weíve been in it for quite some time in fact.  The IPCC is a good example.  No one voted for the IPCC thatís going to dominate your whole life. 


I mean, Pachauri who runs it writes sex novels, where heís the hero.  I mean, this guy is a little psychopath.  He gets all the grants coming in to him, that he helps get passed, through all the governments.  And heís got businesses, all through India, that can burn coal and everything else.  This guy is pocketing lots of cash.  Hey?  And what did he work at before they made him an expert in science and the weather?  He worked on the railroads.  No kidding.  Yep.  Anyway


Mixed messages on climate 'vulnerability'


(A: It says here, from the BBC, of course:)


One of the most striking new voices on climate change that's emerged since the UN summit in Copenhagen two years ago is the Climate Vulnerable Forum.


(A: Another unelected bunch of highly paid idiots.  So, I wonít even read this one here, but itís just the gearing you up to the meeting in Bangladesh thatís going on right now.  Oh, scary scenarios.  And the UN secretary, Ban Ki Moon is the keynote speaker.  I think heís been staring at the moon too much.)


These countries feel vulnerable as a result of several types of projected climate impact.


But when you read through it, probably, may be, could be, etc, might be.  Thereís nothing concrete, because itís all rubbish.  The reason itís all rubbish is because, as I say, itís a political agenda to change the world.  They must get you all under this so they can rule you, you understand 


And then you have another one here, Iíll put up tonight from Watts Up With That?  It says:


The GWPF Responds To New IPCC Report


Natural Variability To Dominate Weather Events Over Coming 20-30 Years


In other words, weíre going to have natural weather.  It will be up and down like a yo-yo, for the next twenty to thirty years, but then it might warm, you see.  We havenít seen the warming yet.  Itís just the computers that we spend money on to try to spew out all horrifying predictions and so on.  Theyíre all on board with the computers, you see, but it isnít happening in real life, unfortunately.  So, it will happen down the road some time. So, weíve got to still work at it, and still believe in it, like a religion.  You understand, these are the scientific movements that try to destroy all religions and elevate themselves up as the new religion.  And like all religions, they come down on heretics with an iron hammer, you know.  Itís no different.  Itís all down to belief now.  Thereís no empirical evidence on anything here.  Itís all down to, do you believe it or not?  Yes or no? †No.  Boomf.  You know, thatís the guillotine.  Thatís it. 


So, itís the same rubbish, but again, weíve always been led by rubbish, you see.  And believe this and believe that, so that weíre easier managed, and we can get plundered and plucked, just like chickens, with your cash money, you know. 


Anyway, Iíve got this other one too from Jo Nova:


IPCC scientists test the Exit doors


This is another big tipping point on the slide out of the Great Global Scam.


(A: The Warming Scam.)


IPCC scientists ó facing the travesty of predictions-gone-wrong ó are trying to salvage some face, and plant some escape-clause seeds for later. But people are not stupid.


(A: And thatís exactly what theyíre doing.  I mean, personally, theyíd get a better, maybe a bit more imaginative and more colorful predictions if they just smoked some weed, and get a really good, not made in China, but a crystal ball, not made of plastic, and stare at it for hours and hours, and then they could be like Nostradamus, you know.  They could write it in quatrains, and just come out with all these different predictions and stuff.  And the public would probably like that, if you put some magic in there, and stuff like that.  You see.)


A conveniently leaked IPCC draft is testing the ground. What excuses can they get away with? Hidden underneath some pat lines about how anthropogenic global warming is ďlikelyĒ to influenceÖ ah cold days and warm days, is the get-out-of-jail clause thatís really a bombshell:


(A: Yeah, we might make it warmer or cooler.  Yeah.  Might, might, you see.  And it says:)


ďUncertainty in the sign of projected changes in climate extremes over the coming two to three decades is relatively large because climate change signals are expected to be relatively small compared to natural climate variabilityĒ.


(A: So they wonít find them, because normal weather goes up and down like a yo-yo.  So, they probably wonít find these small ones, you see, which theyíre really counting on.)


Translated: The natural climate forces are stronger than we thought,


(A: So, nature, and natural up-and-down weather, is stronger than we thought)


and we give up, we canít say whether it will get warmer or colder in the next twenty years.


(A: Thatís the translation of that rubbish they just put out there, you see.)


This multipurpose prediction means that in the future, if itís colder, theyíre right; if itís warmer, theyíre right; and they have it covered for more or less storms, floods, droughts, blizzards and frost too.


And then thereís the perpetual-motion aspect of the threat. Greenhouse gases might not be dominant now (like theyíve been saying for the last 20 years)


(A: Like they have been saying, oh, itís really dominant.  But it might not be dominant now.)


but they will be, they tell us. They will be! Look out! The storms are coming, weíre all doomed. (Well we definitely absolutely might be.) Got that?


(A: Thatís how they say it all to you; itís all doublespeak.)


If the century progresses without restraints on greenhouse gas emissions, their impacts will come to dominate, it forecasts:


(A: And hereís how they say it:)


ē ďIt is very likely


(A: Itís very likely)


that the length, frequency and/or intensity of warm spells, including heat waves, will continue to increase over most land areasÖ


(A: Itís very likely, it says:)


ē ďIt is likely that the frequency of heavy precipitation (A: Rain) or the proportion of total rainfall from heavy falls will increase in the 21st Century over many areas of the globeÖ


(A: Then:)


ē ďMean tropical cyclone maximum wind speed is likely to increaseÖ

ē ďThere is medium confidence


(A: Medium confidence, right?)


that droughts will intensify in the 21st Century in some seasons and areasÖ


(A: I mean, do you understand how these phonies that give you all the predictions every year, they bring them out at the new year, saying, oh, he was the greatest guy, he made so and so correct predictions, you know, about this, that and the other that came true.  Well, during all that time they hit on the big ones, the same guy also made a thousand, he covered everything, like a thousand predictions.  And thatís how they take the five that actually happened.  Folk never catch on to this stuff.  Itís amazing.  Magicians use the same stuff on stage.)


ē ďLow-probability high-impact changes associated with the crossing of poorly understood thresholds cannot be excluded, given the transient and complex nature of the climate system.Ē


(A: So they canít really say.  Low-probability or high-impact changes.)


Then look for the segue where the scientists and activist-journalists, quietly shift the goal-posts;


Itís impossible to read the draft without coming away with the impression that with or without anthropogenic climate change, extreme weather impacts are going to be felt more and more, simply because there are more and more people on planet Earth Ė particularly in the swelling ďmegacitiesĒ of the developing world that overwhelmingly lie on the coast or on big rivers close to the coast.


Thatís an EXIT clause and it reads like this:


(A: Hereís what, this is the translation.)


We might have been wrong about CO2 causing the disasters, but disasters are still coming.


(A: Weíve always had disasters down through history.)


More people are going to die from climate catastrophes because there are lots more people! See, ďwe were right all along to be concerned about the climateĒ. (Just not quite right about the cause).


This is a handy excuse. Al Gore tried a segue like this out a couple of years ago ó pretending that he was just fine tuning his altruistic saintly concern by saying quietly that CO2 wasnít as bad as heíd thought but Black Carbon (!) was awful pollution. In other words, heíll never admit he made a bad call, or has been caught pushing a scam, heíll just say he was right all along, ďcarbon is still the issue, itís just a slightly different formĒ.


So, thatís the stuff, you see, that they give to you, and I must say too, you see, these guys at the top are pretty certain theyíll always get what they want, because most people are unconcerned.  Theyíve been socialized, domesticated, to the extent that they accept so-called technocrats or specialists ruling over them.  ďDonít bother me with that stuff.  Thatís what these guys are paid to do.  I want to play.  Oh, thatís negative.Ē  Thatís what the New Agers say.  ďThatís negative.  Donít tell me that, because it gets into my karma and my dharma is all upset.Ē  You see.  So, with those people, when you see them on the railway line with their Walkman on their heads, donít bother shouting to them, or waving up and down.  They donít want any negative news when that train is running up behind them.  They can probably think themselves out of it.  You know, theyíre so pure and perfect. 


Now, the Eurasian Union is another big part of the structure.  Because, initially they wanted the European Union, and then the Eurasian Union, and then the two will be combined down the road, you see. 


Three former Soviet republics have launched a new regional integration project, with at least two others on track to join in. Critics accuse Moscow of rebuilding the USSR, but architects of project say the aim is to become a better version of the EU.


(A: By the way, thereís actually stuff from the archives in Russia, which even give you the saintly Gorbachev talking about this, back in the í80s.  In the í80s, how theyíd get this Eurasian group that would eventually merge down the road with the rest of Europe.  But youíre not supposed to really be bothered with stuff like that.)


The idea of the Eurasian Union Ė initially between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Ė made the headlines in October this year, after Vladimir Putin voiced it in a program article. The name may be new, but the future entity behind it is quite old. Nursultan Nazarbayev, the current leader of Kazakhstan, suggested it as long ago as the early 1990s, saying a Union of the three countries plus Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan is necessary for them all. At the time, the notion of reconnecting the newly-separated parts of the former Soviet Union was questionable at best, but a decade-and-a-half later it is high on the agenda.


It is no surprise that many commentators, both in the west and on home ground are cautious about the project. For instance, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili was quick to brand it ďa new Soviet UnionĒ. Critics say that Putin wants to dedicate his almost-assured presidential term Ė or two Ė to reviving the socialist empire. A closer look, however, shows that this is unlikely.


The creation of the Soviet Union in the 1920s had two key features that are absolutely absent today. First, it was about gluing back together the shattered Russian empire.


(A: No, it wasnít.)


What became members of the new country were parts of the old one, and less than a decade of independence was far from long enough to allow that memory to fade.


So, anyway, everything is coming together, as I say, at the right time, including all of the Pacific Rim region.  Again, read Carroll Quigleyís Tragedy and Hope, and the Anglo-American Establishment, who talks about the group that started in London, that helped design all of this.  Big international monetary boys, who put together the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  That was their final name for it, also called the Council on Foreign Relations, where they go across the world first taking up and buying up, through wars and just plundering too, all natural resources, and eventually bring in trading blocs, and then, they themselves would rule through a star chamber, which is now called the World Trade Organization, to see who gets free trade, and who doesnít get free trade, etc, etc.  And they make trading blocs, just like Karl Marx said too.  Itís from the same sources, actually, the same people.  Anyway, weíre there today.  Weíre there.  Weíre watching it all happen.  And as they plunge you all into further and further debt, they say, well we can only save ourselves by binding ourselves closer and closer into more trading blocs, into one big trading bloc under a technocracy.  Itís all on cue.  All on time.  Everything is working perfectly, folks.  It only seems like chaos if you look at everything independently from everything else. 


And in Ireland too, itís interesting to see.  Thereís no sovereignty left anywhere.  One of the members of Parliament there:


Enda Kenny has rejected reports that details of next month's Budget, including a planned hike in the VAT rate,


(A: Value Added Tax. Thatís still to hit America.  Boy, they donít have it yet.)


were shown to German officials


(A: Thatís what theyíre really complaining about.)




(A: Not their own people.  It wasnít leaked to their own people.  It was just tell the ones that matter, the big bankers, eh.)


Mr Kenny met chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin yesterday after which reports emerged that the Irish Government was planning raise the top rate of VAT by 2 per cent to 23 per cent.


Thatís 23 per cent tax on everything you buy.  Theyíve had that in Europe for years.  And America doesnít have it yet.  Doesnít have it yet.  You understand, with Free Trade, hereís the deal.  At one time, you see, lots of the tax that ran the government, came from imports.  You taxed imports.  When you go into free trade, you sign deals, you donít want to lose all that cash, so you just tax the peasants at home, and make it up from them.  They call it a value added tax.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I have to go to callers, now.  I didnít realize.  The hour just flies by, and Iíve got about a hundred stories or more.  I could have gone on and on and on.  Anyway, thereís Aaron from Nevada on the line.  Are you there, Aaron?


Aaron: Hey, buddy.  Thank you so much.  I use your insights and stuff to help me do my little show that I have, and I really enjoy hearing your calm, salient commentary on things.  So, I wanted to run by a couple things, at you.  With respect to the UK, what do you think Miss Middletonís entrance into the family lineage there has to do with anything? And secondly, up on a different, with the ECB saying no QE3 dreaming for them, how do you see that, how do you see the financial world unfolding, given, you know, your thesis on things?


Alan: Well, I know Middleton isnít who she was portrayed to be.  You have to go through her lineage to find out who she is.  And then it should hit you between the eyes who she is, if you follow her families down through the last hundred years, and you get a better picture of who she is.  Very important really.  And sheíll be a good breeder, no doubt, you know.  Thatís all they really do these things for, is match them up for breeding purposes, but itís got to be the right person to breed them with.  And thatís why, of course, even with Charlie boy, they had to find someone, who was a virgin.  Itís a very hard thing, in this day and age, of course, with so many pedophiles around.  Anyway, when they found Diana, it was the same thing, because she was also attached to the old Stewart lineage, where technically in a sense, if you really go through the present royal family, they donít have much of what they can say is British Royal Blood in them at all.  So, that was to really cement the houses and try to fortify their position as the proper rulers of Britain. 


As far as the whole moneyed system goes, believe you me, youíre going to go through incredible transformations, because itís all set down, as I say, in this.  Itís not really a science, itís a doctrine, this technocracy, and itís a plan.  And of course, even the idea of money has changed in your own lifetime.  Youíve seen it gone from paper, even silver coins that were always used.  In Britain, at one time, they used to have silver sixpences and threepennies and so on, things like that.  That was all taken off the market.  And then youíd have this substitute for, it was something you could at least weigh as a valuable commodity, into just basic cheap metals.  So, youíve seen it gone from that. And then youíve seen it gone into electronics.  And itís just blips on a screen now.  It can be made anything they want it to be, but they can also make it into credit cards.  Ultimately what they want to do is to train the people, maybe over the next twenty years, maybe over ten years, as they bring in austerity measures.  You will get a credit card, eventually.  It will be matched along with your ID card. 


Bertrand Russell talked about this, back in the 1950s, that was the agenda.  And youíll be allocated so many credits per week.  This will be across most of the world.  Itís all those in the trading blocs.  And you canít save it up.  You start off again on Monday, with the same amount in it again.  And thatís just the way itís going to be, for most people.  But for the privileged ones, the ones that are into the technocracy, the important ones for society, the ones who are ruling you all, and you know, well, they have to get a higher standard of living, naturally, and living in the sort of customs that theyíre used to.  So, thatís how itís going to be for them.  So, most of the stuff with money, money has always been a con.  It will continue to be a con, even when they bring it into whatís called a credit system, a credit based system, and you get taxed back.  All your disposable income is to get taxed back on fees, carbon credits, etc, etc, what it costs you supposedly to live on this planet, what it takes from the planet, but the big bankers are in charge, the same bankers by the way, the same bankers are morphing into the same ones as global, and theyíll run it, just like they did after the Great Depression.  Same bankers gave you the World Bank, the IMF, etc, etc.  Same banks. Thatís all I can really say in such a short span of time.  Thanks for calling.  From Sean, from New York, maybe you can call again on Monday. 


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night.  May your god or your gods go with you.  Remember, help me out too, because I donít ask for backing from any of the big boys.



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