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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 21, 2011:

To Conquer All Lands You Need Two Hands:

"Down Through Time There are Those Who Follow
Promises and Utopias, Chants Ring Hollow,
Today the Professionals are Behind Movements,
Psychologists, Sociologists, Marketing Improvements,
Whether Fascist or Communist Aim is Same,
As the Dialectic Masters Play Their Game,
For Numbers They Use Those with Good Intentions,
Lead Them and Then Pull Circumventions,
Pluck Out Manifestos Each of Which Harks
Back to the Dictates of Communist Marx,
All in Time for Agenda 21 to Roll On,
Playing UN's Millennium Goals Red Flag Song,
The Hegelian Leaders Rise to Give Thanks,
Could Never Have Done it Without Owning Banks"
© Alan Watt Nov. 21, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 21, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 21st of November 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the web site  There’s hundreds of audios to download for free and hopefully you’ll understand this incredibly deceptive system you’re born into – there’s many layers of deception – and how rich men a long time ago decided to take over the whole planet.  Nothing new in that of course, you’ve got all your great so-called heroes in the past that tried the same thing, tyrants, dictators, etc.  But really the ones behind this takeover are the monied men, the big, big money men, very, very efficient at what they do, for their own plans that is, and they certainly understand the tricks of the trade; they’ve been behind wars and everything else.  And I go through the history of this particular group, through the different names they used down through the last few hundred years and to the present time, and where they plan to go with it all.  And of course, they’re not just taking over the world and all of its resources.  It’s a planned society, planned population across the planet for a new future, for themselves of course, to lord over, with a decimated population eventually, really declining, massively from about now, really, until the year 2050 or so.  And they lay it out in stages including all their wars too and campaigns, etc, etc, the amalgamations of countries into big blocs, like the ex-Soviet bloc, like the EU – the EU is just a big massive soviet bloc, which is non-democratic – and how they’re doing the same with America and Canada.  Under the guise of anti-terrorism we’ve got to change our whole way of living and amalgamate everything together, which is already underway; it has been since 2005, openly.  Of course, out of that comes another trading bloc, and then the Far East trading bloc as well.  It’s all to do with blocs, you see.  And Karl Marx was the first guy, coincidentally, who came up with that idea.  It was picked up by eventually the Royal Institute of International Affairs when they emerged, phoenix-like, from the old Milner Society as they called themselves then.  And we’re on the road to basically their world order.  And as I say, it’s a planned society they want. 


They don’t want all the useless eaters from a postindustrial society.  They don’t like to keep pets around, you see, so they plan to kill us off.  And they’re doing a damn good job because people are dying like crazy, cancers all over the place.  They’ve had their food poisoned and tampered with, soaked with pesticides.  GM food – we never asked for it of course, we got it whether we liked it or not.  The governments even kept it secret from the populations, like Canada; we were the test Guinea pigs here in Canada for 10 years.  We weren’t told that the government had made a deal with Monsanto and others to test this stuff out on the public and follow their health.  It only came out in Canada because it broke out in Britain when Blair at the time wanted to force it upon the British people.  It came out that Canada was already using it.  Well that was all news to us in Canada.  But that’s how the world really is, you see, because your governments are never there to serve you.  Never, ever there to serve you. 


So the big shock for people really is to think that everything’s happening by chance and if you just get the right people in it will all change.  And that simply won’t happen.  It simply won’t happen.  The system is a fail-safe system that you’re living in, many checks and balances to ensure that it cannot be basically penetrated from within and overtaken.  Even when they put a pretense on of changing parties, it’s the same bunch, generation after generation, who really rule both of them.  Again, Rothschild said the same thing.  He said, I don’t care who’s the puppet of England, he says, give me charge of the money supply and I rule Britain and the Empire.  So you’re actually in it now.  That’s really what runs the system, is money, money, money.  And it’s no coincidence that the scammers have utterly destroyed us all, definitely destroyed us all.  Nations have disappeared, actually, into the EU and they won’t be happy until there’s nothing left – no history either by the way; the EU will begin and all history will begin after 1945.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you.  I don’t bring on advertisers as guests who basically will terrify you then sell you the antidote to whatever they’re talking about.  The ads you hear on this particular program are paid directly by advertisers to RBN to pay for the air time and their staff and equipment and some of their bills as well, hopefully.  Therefore I’ve got a freer hand to say what I want to say and not leading people into anything at all.  I don’t have shares in any companies either, so I don’t basically push various products that I’ve got shares in, or own outright in fact, but that’s okay for those who do.  So you can buy the books and disks I have at and you can also donate.  You’ll find out how to do it on the web site 


Now, this system, as I say, is so deceptive that people get lost in it.  They get lost in it.  I call it the matrix because it’s like The Matrix movie.  There’s so many layers and levels to it; there's so many rooms in it.  And everyone in life, it’s just like your life too.  When you’re young you look for something to identify with or a group, whatever, and you find your own kind you might say; sometimes you’ll grow out of that kind and move onto another kind and that’s just what you do in life.


It’s the same thing in the matrix.  You think you understand what’s going on.  You’ll be a follower, unfortunately, most folk will become followers, and they’re led by those who have the gift of the gab and who can put out lots of info, or pamphleteers, or whatever, or newspapers, and that’s always been the way for hundreds of years.  The people follow and they generally end up fighting for something they never expected to actually appear, in the form that it eventually does appear.  So they’re never happy about it.  They’re used in other words.  And you’ll find people like Albert Pike and others have talked about those who follow, they’re always used.  And they certainly made a darn good use of them in the 1700s and 1800s; I’m talking about the Masonic lodges for instance, that led revolutions.  So you never end up with what you thought you were going to get.  You’re always promised the earth, like any other politician, and you end up with a bit of mud that you don’t own at all and you’re heavily taxed even if you stand on it.


So that’s the cons down through history.  Most folk are followers and I try and get people to lead themselves, first.  You cannot lead anybody unless you can lead yourself in life.   And you must be flexible too because if you’re ever wrong about something you have to be able to change tactics when you do find you’re wrong.  Most folk literally, it’s like politics, if their dad’s voted left or right they’ll do the same thing; it’s tradition with them and they can’t ever change.  It’s a sad thing but very, very unfortunate.  But that’s the way it really is. 


All down through history politicians have had bad names.  I mean, the ancients in Greece even talked about them as being con men, etc, and right through this.  In the 1700s, lots of papers, at the lowest level of people you could have was a money lender and a politician.  That’s what used to be in the papers in the 18th century.  And they’ve done a darn good job, especially since television came out, to change that whole image, again, because the group they belonged to, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations owns all the news media, both television and paper.  So they’ve done an incredible job on whitewashing themselves. They have marketing managers everywhere who constantly give them PR shots and scriptwriters who write the scripts for them.  And you’re seeing basically an actor now as a politician, but behind the scenes he will fill his own pockets, like politicians have done down through the ages and they’ll always be the same I’d imagine. 


And they’re such hypocrites too, such incredible hypocrites.  We know, for instance, they’re using climate change, global warming and all this kind of stuff as part of a strategy to take over the whole world and to get everyone into communitarianism – that’s what they call this new form of low-level communism you might call it – austerity, etc, where leaders will be chosen, for you by the way, just like the Soviet Union was, these NGO leaders, and you’ll have them going off to the bankers for your community.  So your community now, rather than the nation, the community will be put down as the guarantors to pay off that loan.  That’s where it’s going to come down to in the end actually.  I’ve read a lot of their documentation and this is the way it’s been set up.  This is what they mean by the new soviet, the proper type of soviet, and it’s all owned by the globalists, the bankers themselves, who’ve got a lot more in common than just dealing money, believe you me. 


Then you see a hypocrite here – there are so many hypocrites I could point to and do one broadcast after another on hypocrites.  This is about climate change.  As we all have to go down into austerity and suffer because of this utter fabricated nonsense of climate change, here’s how the politician is, as he’s always been. 


Climate Minister buys a castle with 16 bathrooms...

and a massive carbon footprint / Victoria Allen and Tamara Cohen / 18th November 2011


He is the climate change minister (Alan:  Can you believe there’s a Climate Change Minister?  It’s like something out of the Old Testament, someone who is in charge of the heavens, and all that rubbish.  You understand, it’s the same kind of thing.  So this is the Climate Change Minister, or politician, who’s in charge for Britain, right...) who pledged to ‘lead by example’ in the fight against global warming.


But Charles Hendry (A:  This is the guy’s name.) is facing accusations of hypocrisy after buying himself a 20-bedroom castle (A:  Well, why think small, eh?) – with a potentially massive carbon footprint – as a second home.


Blair Castle in Ayrshire, which went on the market for £2.5million, has three storeys, 16 bathrooms and a heated outdoor swimming pool set in 260 acres of beautiful countryside.


It is likely to rack up colossal energy bills during the cold Scottish winter if Mr Hendry plans to heat all 14 bedrooms, (A:  Mind you, he’ll get allowances for that from the government; they have incredible allowances, etc, for these spoiled little two-faced brats.) two kitchens and four reception rooms in the main castle.


There is also an additional east wing containing another four bedrooms and a two-bedroom ‘housekeeper’s flat’.  (A:  Because they’ll need lots of servants, you see.  They call themselves public servants, these liars, and you know, in the $10,000 suits.  They call themselves servants.  I think we should all become servants, public servants, don’t you? And then we could all put bids in for castles and things and scam our expense accounts.  Hmm?)


It is a recipe for a huge carbon footprint, even before factoring in Mr Hendry’s drive from his Sussex constituency, which is a 965-mile round trip.  (A:  He’ll probably get a chopper for that.)


The 52-year-old minister has been criticised for his purchase of the luxury home, as his portfolio includes encouraging homeowners to cut their energy use.  (A:  You got to understand, he’s talking about a different kind, there’s humans then there’s the cattle; he’s talking about the cattle have to go into austerity, not for his kind, you see.)


In a speech last September, he said: ‘We have pledged to be the greenest government ever.  (A:  That’s to make everybody green with envy, at this castle.)  We must lead by example. Leadership from government departments is something we cannot – and will not – shirk.


‘We are not asking others to do things we will not do ourselves.’ 


Anyone who votes for politicians is an idiot as far as I’m concerned.  I really do mean that.  I honestly do mean that.  You’re an idiot, absolute idiot.  If you’re going to do something you got to do it yourselves, simple as that.  Simple as that.  History teaches this over and over and over.  Anyway, there’s a castle for the guys. It’s kind of like Pachauri at the top; he’s getting all this United Nations money coming in and subsidies and grants, and he’s grabbing them all, and he’s got all his businesses all over India, using slave labor, eh.  Just the usual stuff.  Nothing changes does it?  It really doesn’t.  It really doesn’t change at all. 


And then we have... I can remember when Michael Moore came out as suddenly the champion of the working classes; it kind of astonished me.  Michael Moore, of course, has got some amazing friends in Hollywood, who have been involved in so many scandals themselves.  Anyway, it eventually turned out after the last big hoopla, as a champion, that he had a lot of his money invested in Halliburton that was getting all the war contracts for across the Middle East.  Anyway, here’s another article.


Luxury 99 per cent of Americans can only dream of...

Michael Moore's stunning waterfront mansion revealed / Lydia Warren / 13th November 2011


He is the booming voice of the Occupy protests, encouraging activists to continue their battle against the wealthy one per cent of Americans.  (A:  Like himself, eh?)


But it seems left-wing documentary maker Michael Moore has been uncharacteristically quiet about one thing: his own wealth.


While Moore has denied he is among the top-earners in the country, tax records show he owns an extensive property in one of the country’s most elite communities.


Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart posted the details Thursday, detailing Moore's large holiday home (A:  This is his second home too, a holiday home.) on Torch Lake, Michigan.


The documentary film maker owns the luxurious lakeside escape in addition to his pricey Manhattan residence.


The spacious 10,000 sq ft property is a far cry from the scene of tightly-packed tents near Wall Street in New York City.  (A:  Yeah, ain’t it though, eh. But again, you always get the followers, eh.  Guys say the right things and away they go.  Away they go... as they’ve always done down through history, you know. Nothing changes.  Sad.   It’s so sad that nothing changes.  Folk can’t think, you know. Someone comes up and voices what you’ve been thinking and you think, well okay he’s a leader, and you follow him.  It’s never worked in the past, why would you think it would work now?)


Now, it’s so bad in some countries now like Britain that you have to work without pay, if you want a job.  It says...


Young jobseekers told to work without pay or lose unemployment benefits

People taking up work experience places – providing up to 30 hours a week of unpaid labour – face losing benefits if they quit / Shiv Malik / 16 November 2011


(A:  So if you’re kicked out of your job and you get another one, you have work for free for a while.)


Cait Reilly, who is currently completing three weeks at Poundland, working five hours a day.


Britain's jobless young people are being sent to work for supermarkets and budget stores for up to two months for no pay and no guarantee of a job, the Guardian can reveal.  (A:  So two months for nothing, right.)


Under the government's work experience programme (A:  They can call slavery anything, can’t they, eh? experience programme...) young jobseekers are exempted from national minimum wage laws for up to eight weeks and are being offered placements in Tesco, Poundland, Argos, Sainsbury's and a multitude of other big-name businesses.  (A:  You understand too, when these big chain store ideas came along, they started off in Germany before World War II, then they were all closed down during the war, and then the mom and pops came back. And then of course after the war, all the big chains came back.  The idea is, they come in, they undercut all the local mom and pop stores and all the other businesses, they put them out of business by undercutting, then they jack up their money, the prices, as soon as they’re in power and there’s no competition. This has been going on forever, you know.  And I try not to visit any of them at all if I can help it.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and you know, you can learn some things to do in your own country from other countries, once in a while you can learn something that works.  And here’s something here to do with China. 


Tycoon sentenced to death in real estate funding scam / Global Times | November 8, 2011 / Mo Ting   Share


A real estate tycoon in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, has received a death sentence for illegally raising 5.5 billion yuan ($800 million) from the public, reported the Procuratorial Daily on Monday.


Five other shareholders and senior managers from the Lishui Yintai group received death sentences with reprieves and imprisonment.


Lishui Yintai Real Estate Investment Company Group was founded in 2002. It has several subsidiaries and branches in Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Hunan provinces.


From 2003 to 2008, Lishui Yintai real estate group concealed its continual losses while using advertising to convince the public it was profiting. 


So anyway, there’s the head honcho there putting out a message to the rest of them, because he’ll lose his head over it no doubt.   So you can learn things from other countries.   We can get ripped off by the biggest banks on the planet and nothing happens about it.  In fact, they get rewarded by our tax money.  Isn’t that a difference all together?  Really, really a different system isn’t it?  Strange, that. Strange.  But that’s what works, of course, because that’s a message to send to the big boys, what will actually happen to them if they’re actually caught.  And so you can learn things.  So sometimes multicultural ideas are really, really good and you can learn a lot. 


Now, we know for instance, now, with all these free trade pacts that are just getting rattled out one after the other, the Pan Pacific and all the rest of it that they’re doing, and have done actually.  We know that all your foodstuff, what’s left at home is going up on the big global markets now, you see, and all the tariffs, that used to protect you from importing stuff from other countries and kept your own farmers going, are just getting tossed by the wayside all together.  That makes you helpless, you understand, when you can’t grow your own. But when you look into the United Nations and all the other organizations, the World Trade Organization, etc, it’s so double-speak as I mentioned last week.  When you look into what they mean by you’re able to survive food-wise, good food policies, etc, they actually mean, if you have enough money to import your food, not to grow it.  Isn’t that amazing?  But it’s worded completely differently; you’d never imagine that if you actually saw it.  So they’re going to put your....  Of course, the big boys are going to own everything, the water, food, you name it, and that’s always been their agenda.  All minerals, all foodstuffs, water, everything that you need to live or make something is going to be owned by them.  Most of it already is.  And they put the farmers out of business since 1945 with government intrusion and then the enviro intrusion added to government too.  If your cattle poops, my God there’s e-coli, oh my goodness.  Meanwhile there’s deer and wild wolves getting reintroduced and all the rest of it that poop all over the place.  But of course, that’s a different kind.  That’s holy poop, you see.  Anyway it says here...


Weather derivatives evolve as risk mitigation device

(A:  So now you’ve got food and weather combined; this is the big con, as I’ve mentioned before.  Especially in a time of weather warfare and weather manipulation.) / September 4, 2011 /  AP


Weather derivatives, originated in the late 1990s by recently deregulated U.S. energy companies looking to mitigate revenue lost to adverse temperatures, have evolved to become a multibillion-dollar worldwide business.  (A:  Understand, if they can prove your crops won’t grow, because they know what’s coming up, insider ideas, from the Air Force, then they’ll know to bet on the loser and bet it’s going to lose and down it goes.)


Today, observers and proponents say, the weather derivative market serves numerous business sectors and regions, as well as a host of risks.


Those advances, they note, are the primary reason the number of weather derivative contracts written globally last year reached more than 1.4 million through March, a record for the market, according to the Washington-based Weather Risk Management Assn.


The total value of those contracts rose as high as $45.24 billion in 2006, the year after Hurricane Katrina, and totaled $11.82 billion last year, according to the association.  (A:  So everything you’ve got, not just your pensions and everything, gets tossed around this big casino of the stock market, derivatives too are going the same way, betting on crop failure, etc, etc, etc, because they got inside info on the weather and what’s coming up.  Not the stuff that you get on your daily news of course.)


And it’s quite interesting too, I’ve got a link here to the Euro Summit and President Herman Van... I don’t know if they call him Romp-poy or Romp-wee, but he gave a big speech there and I’ll put that up tonight too.  All these links I’ll put up tonight at  And if you can stay awake you can go through his speech.  It’s just like something out of the old Soviet Union when you actually read it. 


Restoring European Competitiveness and Growth - Speech by Herman Van Rompuy - President of the European Council at the Lisbon Council "2011 Euro Summit" -


Now in India, it was a few years ago there that the Rothschilds took over the farming industry in India.  In fact, Rothschild’s wife came on some national television shows and talked about this, that they were investing heavily into their own farming in India, because you see, they also have sidelines, their own GM companies and chemical companies too, and they’ve poisoned lots and lots of the land in India. But in India it was traditional farming for thousands of years really and they didn’t need to get money for chemicals. They could collect their own seeds. Well now they’re really, again, like everybody else now, they’re under the master’s thumb basically or the master’s boot.  And this is what’s happening in India; it’s happening again.  It says...


Wave Of Suicides Among Indian Farmers / November 18, 2011 / Alex Rossi, India correspondent


The record suicide rate among farmers in India continues to rise and is threatening the country's stability and future development, according to campaigners.


They are blaming the government's policies for the agrarian crisis and are demanding it takes urgent action.


More than a quarter of a million farmers have killed themselves (A:  A quarter million!... ) in the last 16 years in what is the largest recorded wave of suicides in history.  (A:  Because they’re forced to buy this seed and all the chemicals that go with it and they can’t afford it.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about what’s happening across the world, as this world order takes hold.  It’s the same world order everywhere run by the same people.  In India of course, the suicide rate has been going up for years because they’re being forced onto these genetically modified seeds for crops and they have to buy all the chemicals that go with it.  And they go into debt, it says, to buy the hybrid seeds, which are often unsuited to the harsh and temperamental Indian climate.  It says...


"They are sold these modern seeds and modern chemicals and have to take on large debts to buy them.


"The problem is they need a lot of water which is in short supply (A:  A lot of it’s actually polluted now; they’ve already had exposés on it.  The ground water there, for miles around in some of these areas is totally polluted with the chemicals that Monsanto and others have been supplying them with.) and then when the crop is poor and they have to repay the money lenders, they despair and commit suicide."  (A:  Isn’t that the history of the world, eh?)


Mr Tiwari says the suicides are a symptom of a wider crisis in the countryside.


India's has one of the fastest growing economies in the world but its roots are in the countryside and much of it is being left behind. 


Well I guarantee you they’ll do away with a lot of them there; there’ll be nothing but Rothschild’s and when rationing comes out, like it will across the world, they’ll starve a lot of them to death too.  Because they have plans for India, especially taking down the population, and they’re well on their way.  Actually I’ve noticed another article too recently where they were talking about, they’re clearing thousands of these farmers off the land, you see, because they want to put factories in and all the usual stuff.  They’re actually calling them not just terrorists but Maoists, you know, like Mao Tse Tung, the Chinese; that’s a movement in itself.  They’re trying to blame them as terrorists and communists but they’re farmers for goodness sake; it’s the last thing you’ll get in farmers, really, is communism.  Any excuse will do, just tar your enemies and then the rest of the folk will ignore them or the problems that they’re having, until they are starving themselves because there’s no farmers left or you’re importing it from other countries.  So anyway, it’s been a horror story in India and there’s much more horror to come there, because, as I say, they’ve got big, big plans for it.  And there’s so much corruption there too, amongst officials, that it’s easy to get laws passed, etc, by the big boys.  Not that they have much problems in any other country either I suppose, really.


Now, this whole idea with global warming, climate change, they’ve covered everything basically by climate change.  Climate change just means changes in the weather; you used to get it day to day and month to month and year to year, but now it’s a terrible thing to worry about apparently.  We never had weather before all this started.  I guess we just had some sort of continuous nothing I suppose.  But since they’ve discovered global warming, apparently we’ve had all these problems.  But who’s really backing it too?   It’s the same big companies of course that back everything else, that work for the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the global bankers. 


Big-Oil money fund warmists, confusing attack machine


Pew Charitable Trusts is an influential “progressive” think-tank with $5 billion in assets. What was the The Pew Center on Global Climate Change has lost the Pew name and funds, and become the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES).  (A:  So it’s actually still run by the same organization, these foundations and fronts for the oil boys.)


Pew used to supply $3.5 million of the center’s current $4.4 million annual budget. Instead, in complete green purity, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, Hewlett-Packard Co. and Entergy Corp. will be the principal founding sponsors for the new C2ES.  (A:  So that’s who’s funding the green movement at the moment.)


DeSmog (A:  DeSmog’s a big site.) immediately denounced them and declared that all of their pronouncements are automatically biased since they are now oil-funded deniers:


Or maybe not. If Shell had sponsored a skeptic, Desmog would have turned it into a high rotation ritual chant.


But apparently if the evil oil money funds unskeptical groups that’s quite legit. Why, because they say they are independent:  (A:  They SAY, they don’t prove it, they just say they’re independent.)


Industry sponsors must agree that the center maintains independent judgment, Claussen said.


“Every one of these companies does some things that we don’t like,” Claussen said in an interview. “They’ve got trade associations to do their bidding and they’ve got lobbyists. They view their association with us as different because we are in fact independent.” [Bloomberg]


Naturally Heartland says its independent too, and none of their donors provides more than 5% of their income, and they are one of the only NGO’s who did declare their income transparently, until it became clear few of the others would follow.  (A:  So they’re all raking in the cash from these big oil companies but they won’t publish what their income is.)


As usual, the ad hominem argument shows itself to be a singularly pathetic tool to sort out reality — like sifting sand with a hammer, or chopping wood with a fork, it’s the true choice of the confused.


As Steve Milloy says: Enviro double standard on funding, Exxon bad, Shell Good.


Pew got a mention under “Green Groups” in the Climate Change Scare Machine Chart:

(A:  And it’s got the scare machine chart here.  I’ll put these links up tonight as well at after this broadcast.) 


Now, it’s so sad that everything’s gone the way that Orwell said it would go.  He knew it because he was actually taken out from university – all the British spies and those that had big roles to play in the future were recruited at, you might call them Ivy League type things in Britain, the big universities.  They used to call them the ‘granite stones’ there and whereas the ordinary folk went to the ‘red brick’ universities; the big shots used to make fun of that.  Anyway, Orwell was trained and recruited, as I say, by people who recruited lots of spies for Britain to go over and fight in the Spanish Revolution.  Then when he was over there he found out that his indoctrination was wearing off and the communists seemed to be working with the globalists, in a bigger fashion than he’d ever thought, and they had nothing in common at all with what he thought was the socialist parties of Britain.  Now they do of course; they’re all merged together.  Anyway, he did mention doublespeak and all these different beautiful terms he came out with.  And he eventually went on to be a propagandist at the BBC.  He wrote about it and he ran a massive propaganda department for the BBC and International BBC during World War II, even convincing people who were left with the scraps in austerity – you see, they had austerity during World War II for the peasants in Britain – he told them how, he came up with recipes to tell them how good it was for them, much better than it was eating roast beef and stuff like that, you know. And he admits that all in his books, how easy it is to do.


He mentioned too that eventually, in his book 1984, there’d be cameras in trees in the countryside. Well we already have them, by the way.  It’s bad enough when you already have them, now you have your police forces all into this high tech.  They get unlimited funding now, you see, for their toys and goodies.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the guys that used to be kind of looked up to here during the Cold War because they did go after a lot of spies, and most spies that went into the US from abroad came into Canada first.  It was the easiest place to come into and establish a background for yourself as a legitimate citizen and then hop into the US and spy.  So they were on their toes then, but now of course that’s over and now you’ve got more of the bureaucratese mind and, again, expanding their areas of influence.


RCMP cameras with crime photos found in trees / Nov 15, 2011


A British Columbia man has seized two surveillance cameras he says RCMP had hidden in trees near his trailer home, and they are full of images from (A:  ...previous...) crime scenes and investigations.


Dion Nordick of Grand Forks told CBC News on Tuesday he found the motion-activated cameras in June, in trees overlooking the trailer he rents. They are now in his lawyer's possession.


Nordick said he took the cameras down, removed the memory cards inside, and found pictures of himself and his friends coming and going from his trailer among the 200 images on the cameras.


The motion-actived cameras installed by the RCMP are commonly used by hunters to capture images of game in the wilderness. (A:  That’s the type that the RCMP use, motion activated.)  There were also pictures of drug busts (A:  ...previous drug busts in other places...), suicides and assaults, "and it looked like they just hadn't been erased off the card,” said Nordick.


He said he saw a photo of a dead body and images of a woman who was the apparent victim of an assault.


“That corpse that I viewed is someone's loved one. Those pictures of that woman standing in her brassiere, covered in bruises — she probably had a hard time letting the police take those pictures. She probably had a hard time going to the police,” said Nordick.


The cameras even had pictures of police installing the devices in the trees.


He said he was alerted to the cameras because they used a flash when they were filming.  (A:  He shouldn’t have said that because now they’ll want more cash from the government, our tax money of course, to get ones that don’t need the flash.)


”I would say it's 100 per cent sloppy police work. It's Charlie Brown technique, I would say,” said Nordick.


Nordick said he believes the RCMP installed the cameras in the trees because he is a graffiti artist and they wanted to track his movements to help determine if he had been spray-painting tags around the community.


He said RCMP raided his home in June and told the local media they found evidence of a grow-op, but no actual marijuana plants.


They also found spray paint and stencils, which they took, he said.  (A:  So anyway, his lawyer’s got the stuff there and the RCMP are asking for them back.  [Alan laughing.] But there you go.  You never know what’s happening.  You’ll never know if you’ve been targeted either.  Never, ever know.  Somebody doesn’t like you and they report you, and you’ve got nothing to do with any crime whatsoever, but that’s all they need now just to go out and bug your place or put cameras up and watch you and all the rest of it.  It’s rather sad what it’s come to in Canada.)


And we know that in Australia, Australia, they’ve got big plans for Australia because of the Pacific Rim Region, that group they have there now – that was mentioned, by the way, by the historian Carroll Quigley when he broke down the different departments of the Council on Foreign Relations or Royal Institute of International Affairs – same group.  That when they first formed it they immediately set up one for the Pacific Region and really every member of parliament in New Zealand and Australia have been members of really the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And how they planned these big power blocs back in the early 1900s and the European bloc, the United Americas, the Pacific Rim region, and we’re living through the end of this whole agenda.  Well documented by a professional historian and a professor who taught at the State Department; he was well up there.  Anyway, it’s all happening. 


Australia at the very heart of the new Pacific region

Simon Benson and Patrick Lion / The Daily Telegraph  / November 18, 2011


Announcing yesterday, during a historic speech to the Australian parliament, that he had already told his national security team to draw up plans, Mr Obama gave his strongest vow to date about more US involvement in our economic zone, The Daily Telegraph reported.


He also promised planned cuts to US defence spending to tackle the country's debt crisis (A:  It’s not really.  He’s transferring it to other things like the new missile that doesn’t make any noise; that supersonic, or hypersonic missile they’re calling it.) would not apply to the Asia-Pacific, where existing bases would be strengthened with a greater and more flexible military presence.  (A:  See, the US had so many bases in Japan and they’ve pulled them out because of the radiation.  They’re putting the rest of them in Australia.  They already had a bunch in Australia but they’re putting more in there too.)


The hawkish push into the region was met with a frosty reception from Beijing.


Chinese officials yesterday questioned the US plan, accusing it of "flexing its muscles over the South China Sea issue".


"The move may not be in the interest of countries in the region," a spokesman for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.


So anyway...  It’s funny too that the whole plan for Obama’s visit was found in a gutter, the whole outline of the plan, what door he would get out of, each car, left or the right, with each visit he made.  And the whole thing was just tossed in a gutter.  That just shows you what the Ozzies think, I think, of maybe the plans all together.


Secret document found in a gutter / Dylan Welch - / November 18, 2011


Anyway, it’s amazing how this world order, as I say, has been written and put out in books in the 1900s, early 1900s, by the group who still manage all your media, all your banks, because you see, the Royal Institute of International Affairs came out of the Milner Group that was comprised solely of international bankers.  And they own everything, still today.  And...


Eurozone crisis: European Union prepares for the 'great leap forward' (A:  I told you they’d use all this crisis to even integrate it further, so it’s spiraling INTO control.  And you’re living through it today. It’s not out of control.  It’s doing exactly what it’s meant to do.)

As EU politicians desperately try to save euro, plans emerge to deepen the union, widening Brussels regulatory powers / Julian Coman The Observer /19 November 2011


Eurozone ministers including Angela Merkel are desperate to chart a strategy for the survival of the euro.


As the skies over euroland darken, at least the jokes in Brussels are getting better. At a recent gathering to discuss the crisis that threatens to unravel the euro, one former member of the European parliament observed acidly: "They ought to give this year's Charlemagne prize [for services to European unity] to the bond markets. Who has done more for the cause?"   (A:  ... of uniting Europe in other words.  So the bond guys, the crashes have done their best to make sure, no you don’t pull Europe apart again, no you bring it closer together, as I said they would.)


The black humour was a way of stating a bald truth: in the de facto capital of the European Union, the ongoing near-death experience of the European single currency is concentrating minds in unprecedented fashion. As governments across southern Europe buckle under the pressure of paying back their debts at ever-higher rates of interest, and even formerly "respectable" economies such as France and the Netherlands feel the chill wind of market scrutiny, the custodians of Europe's future have belatedly found their voice.  (A:  So it’s beautiful, isn’t it?  So the more crisis they create, rather than doing what you’d think would be the common sense thing and just pull it all apart again, oh no, you got to go into the hole deeper and bind it through laws, more and more laws until you couldn’t possibly ever get out.)


On Friday David Cameron rushed between overseas meetings with three key players in this monetary psychodrama: Angela Merkel, leader of the only country with the economic heft to sort the mess out; José Manuel Barroso, the Portuguese president of the European commission which is charged with giving Brussels a plan for salvation; and Herman Van Rompuy (A:  I call him Romp-poy whether he likes it or not.), the hitherto invisible president of the European Council (A:  And it’s amazing too, you have an invisible president basically; it’s not a democratic system – it was never intended to be democratic.), the inter-governmental body that will adopt that plan.


Cameron hoped to extract a promise that the City (A:  That’s the City of London.) will not be targeted by a future financial transactions tax (A:  So that’s not bad. For the guys who own the whole system, you know, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and all the banks that they own and everything else, THEY won’t be taxed with any taxes that come out of the EU.) and a pledge that countries such as Britain that are outside the eurozone will retain their influence in the turbulent times ahead. (A:  What a joke, you know, as they’re all coming in.  They’ll be forced in.)


So everything’s going according to plan.  And it seems like chaos.  If you just stand and look on the horizon, if you stand on the same plane as all the media throwing stuff at you, it all seems like chaos, but it’s not.  Just get above it all and you’ll find how one thing links to the next thing and to the other thing and the opposite thing and so on.  And you’ll see they’re bringing in this world order perfectly, absolutely perfectly. 


And Africa, it says...


Africa leads climate push as its people go hungry / Katy Migiro / Nov 21, 2011


(A:  Understand, all the loans that go to Africa through the Overseas Economic Development Corporation, every government’s got one under the United Nations and The World Bank, as WE are put down as guarantors to pay off these debts, which the Africans cannot pay; I mentioned that last week.  There are big strings attached to all its loans to Africa or anywhere else.)


NAIROBI (Reuters) - Africa is leading the push for clean energy . . . (A:  See, they’ve been told, yeah we’ll give you this cash but you must sign this agreement not to use coal and this and that, or even wood, I guess, for cooking.  You must use all these enviro-friendly stuff.  We’ll sell you gas and stuff like that and tanks probably.  And you’ve got to get little solar panels to use your light bulb.  I watched a documentary about that, where they’d actually given them a loan, for this little clinic, a health clinic somewhere in the bush, and all they could put on with it was one light bulb.  That was the help they got.  I’ll be back with more on this story after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about how the IMF and so on, they give out these loans but it comes with lots of strings attached, and you’ve got to go into clean energy and of course, then they tell you which energy companies are going to supply all the equipment to create the so-called clean energy.  And it says...


The African Development Bank (A:  That’s through the IMF, by the way.) is financing Africa's biggest wind farm on the shores of Lake Turkana, one of the windiest places on Earth. The $819-million project aims to produce 300 megawatts (MW) (A:  It will probably produce a fraction of that.) of electricity per year, boosting Kenya's energy supply by 30 percent.  (A:  This is a PR blurb here obviously.)


Toyota and Hyundai are building a fourth geothermal power station in Naivasha, 100 km (60 miles) northwest of Nairobi, which will increase geothermal capacity from 115 MW to 395 MW by 2014.


"We see across the continent both a realisation of how threatening climate change really is (A:  Oh of course, it’s PR, PR, PR...) and also the inevitable necessity that governments have an interest in beginning to put their own development priorities on a different trajectory," said Steiner.  (A:  So I guess he’s got something to do with the transfer of cash to them on all these conditions.)


. . . In 2010, $211 billion dollars was invested in renewable energy, the majority of it in the developing world, Steiner said.  (A:  So this is all from the IMF really as a rah-rah kind of thing.)


And in Britain, this comes out every year, by the same woman, and it says...


Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt,

Theresa May told

Rules which bar sex offenders from working with children are ‘unfair’ (A:  ...they’re unfair...) and even convicted paedophiles should have the right to adopt, a leading legal academic has said. / 15 Dec 2010


(A:  And it goes on to talk about it.  Helen Reece, I think it was last year that came out.)


Helen Reece, a reader in law at the London School of Economics . . . (A:  ...where else.  You got to look at the history of the London School of Economics and how it’s had a massive impact.  They train the left wing and the ones that help cause chaos across the planet, so that the right wing can merge with them and bring out the answer. And that’s her job obviously, is to keep pushing and pushing for these poor souls, these poor tortured souls, to adopt children, you know, their targets, you know, and get the cops off their back.)


Then there’s the White House, there’s something fishy, it says, about the White House.


There's Something Fishy About The White House's $433 Million Investment In A Smallpox Vaccine (A:  Why?  Why, eh?) / Becket Adams, The Blaze | Nov. 15, 2011


How could a multimillion dollar investment in an antiviral pill that could cure smallpox be scandalous?


Part of the reason lies in the word “could.” The drug has never been tested on humans.  (A:  But the US is buying it anyway.)


See, smallpox was all but eliminated in 1978 and the U.S. already has vast stockpiles of the original vaccine. Why would the current administration push so vigorously to invest millions of dollars in what could rightly be described as an unnecessary (and untested) drug?


As the saying goes, “follow the money.”


The company that scored the federal contract is called Siga Technologies and they won it through a “sole-source” procurement; they are the only company that will be doing business with the Feds.  (A:  So somebody’s paid a high kickback to get the sole source procurement thing put through; no one else can compete with them in other words.)


And here’s the best part: the controlling shareholder of Siga Technologies is billionaire Ronald O. Perelman, one of the world’s richest men and a longtime Democratic Party donor, reports the Los Angeles Times. Moreover, back in June 2010, Siga named Andrew Sterns (former head of the SEIU) to its board.


That certainly raises some eyebrows.


Surprisingly enough, the deal gets even more suspicious. Newser reports:


In a Solyndra-esque tale, White House officials overrode bureaucrats who advised against the deal and Siga’s high price, replacing government negotiators and blocking other companies from submitting competing bids . . .


And you think you’ve got a free and democratic system, eh.  It’s all corrupt.  You know, the whole system worldwide is corrupt.  You understand that?  You can’t fix something that’s broken like this.  You can’t fix it.  It won’t happen.  Plus the culture’s now degraded and corrupt too, worldwide, by design actually.  You were forced into this path.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  Remember, help.  Buy the books and disks and donate because I really need it now.  Thank you very much.  See you tomorrow.



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