Nov. 23, 2011 (#969)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 23, 2011:

He Who Goes with the Flow will Never Know:

"Power Factions Vying for Your Cerebral Cortex
As We All are Sucked Down Propaganda Vortex,
Some are Aware but Most are Oblivious,
Under Hypnosis of Predators Carnivorous
Who Prowl Not for Meat but Appetite Stalks
For Power and Dominion Over All that Walks,
Talks, Slithers, Creeps and Those that Fly,
On Prowl for Thinkers Like You and I,
Eugenics and Family Trees of V.I.P.s
Govern the World, They Do as They Please,
With Technology and Scientific Technique,
They Bring into View the Future They Seek"
© Alan Watt Nov. 23, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 23, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November the 23rd 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the audios which are there for free download at  Youíll see a whole bunch of sites listed there, these are all the official sites.  Thatís the only sites I have; anything outside of that page there isnít mine, even if my nameís on it.  All those sites have audios and they also have transcripts for download, for print up if you want them in English.  Youíll also see a site there called and youíll find transcripts in other languages for print up if you so desire.  Remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít bring on people who sell things and I donít have shares in companies or own companies and then advertise them either.  So basically Iím a sort of a free agent here, under the goodwill of RBN.  The ads you hear on the show are paid directly by advertisers to RBN to pay for this airtime, and to pay for the staff and equipment, etc, and hopefully some of their bills as well, because this is an expensive industry, obviously, to go through.  So you can help me with mine, my problems here, by buying the books and disks at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are really welcome because as I say, I donít make masses amounts of money by selling things or promoting things.  So weíre in a battle, really, for our lives, you understand, and thatís the difference.  Because in every area of human endeavor, put it that way, thereís always money to be made, for those who know how to do it.  And you can certainly exploit any area too.  Thereís no doubt about it at all, patriot radio has a niche there; thereís a definite need for it.  As long as they stay the course and stay on track theyíll do an awful benefit to mankind.  And thatís really what we need at this time as we go through massive changes and people should support the guys who are trying to get this stuff out.  And stations like RBN as well.


Weíre getting crowded out too, of course.  Weíve always been crowded out by the regular mainstream media.  Every generationís been taught from childhood, since they sit and watch TV, in fact there are babysat by TV, and they think itís all quite normal and REAL and true, and all the news is true.  And thatís the first trick of brainwashing really, is to get them stuck on television.  And cartoons, itís astonishing whatís loaded into cartoons. All the PC updates that they have for every generation are put right in there, into the cartoons.  And the writers and producers of those cartoons get paid to put them in.  So do novelists too, by the way.  In Canada definitely and other places too, and the US, if you put certain things in your movies youíll also get cash grants for it as well.  Thatís why whenever you see a repetitive theme coming up thatís got nothing to do with the story, youíll know that these are PC grant handouts that they get handed to them.  But weíre all brainwashed to some extent and then of course your education system, which is really universal now, and that was part of the John Dewey exercise, a universalist system, to make sure that across the whole world a generation would be taught the basic nonsense of indoctrination that they want you to believe, which then furthers, makes you more open and gullible to all subsequent propaganda that those who own you basically, and rule you, decide to put out.  So itís very, very simple.  What I do on this program is to try and show you the techniques and the history of this, where itís going, the ones who really rule the world, and theyíve been here for an awful long time.  They put their own boys in politics Ė Iíve gone through the histories of some of them Ė and they run foundations and front organizations.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Years ago I mentioned the similarities of our minds basically Ė how we work, how we process information Ė to computers because itís really based on the same sort of logic.  Computers have systems, logic systems, they have their language, their programmers and technically someone who works on even designing a computer and working on the logic and so on should be able to tell you the answer that that computer will arrive at if you feed it a question.  Because he understands the process, the logic and the pathway that it must take in its reasoning, its logic process to come to a conclusion.  He should technically know how it is.  Well itís the same way that weíre trained too. 


Thatís what schoolingís all about and your indoctrinationís all about subsequently too.  Because those who understand us, since they gave us the school systems, and itís a fantastic journey going through the educational system, itís really a worldwide system.  John Dewey was sent across to the States to implement this system and other ones were sent from the same school across to other countries at the same time to implement the same system, to make sure they had a global system of indoctrination.  And it is indoctrination.  It imprints things in your mind very early, through repetition.  They use techniques, even more techniques today such as group meetings of the classmates, etc, where they all must come to consensus on topics or you get shunned by the class and the teacher.  And if you eventually cave in youíll be able to join them again.  But technically, again, itís to make sure youíre given all the same indoctrination. 


And Dewey himself was a member of the Socialist International and his idea was eventually, they would gradually eradicate history all together, like they have done now in the EU.  The European Parliament has declared and given out their own educational data where really nothing much happened before World War II.  And supposedly thatís to stop all old grudges between different peoples from breaking out again, or being carried on from generation to generation.  But thereís much, much more to it than that.  If you indoctrinate and you understand the indoctrination process, just like that computer programmer, you can understand how to play with the minds of millions of people, with all kinds of propaganda.  And thatís what we have. Weíre living amongst it. 


And Iíve read the articles from some of these schools who work on globalism, and conflict resolution and so on, and they tell you this, that they understand the techniques, how our minds are conditioned and they can therefore manipulate us in whichever way they want to point us.  Now, part of that again, as I say, is like the schools where you belong to the group, group consensus.  Then you have the group that youíve put yourself into.  And I donít put myself into groups because youíre so easily conned that way, because thereís intelligence and then thereís counter-intelligence working from the same base basically.  And if you put yourself into a group because you see things are wrong, and you start to learn the language of that group, you start to learn the buzz phrases and the key words, that turn you on, again, to that group, and when you see those words appear you can be so easily conned by counter-intelligence, pretending that itís the group, or itís using the lingo of that group and youíre being downloaded with more propaganda that actually works against you.  It works against yourself. 


And so these are very ancient techniques, all war strategies use them, all military strategists use them as well, and of course your educational system does.  And this world system does.  The United Nations does all the time.  Itís kind of like, a simple example is if you were to become a really fundamental Christian, and all you have to do is go into a few meetings, listen to the terms that are shouted out, you know, and just shout an occasional amen and yeah brother etc, etc, and theyíll think youíre one of them.  Thatís a simplistic form of it, but of course thereís other forms of it as well.  Itís the same thing whether you belong to a protesting of Wall Street group or whatever, you can be infiltrated and the buzzwords come in and then youíre led off in a different direction before you even know it.  Itís like your feet are just pulled off the ground and youíre rushed off into another direction, because you think youíre with the same darn group, but itís been taken over.  And thatís how most things are waylaid today.  Iíve watched this before over the years with other big groups that have tried to do the right thing and theyíre highjacked by ones who use the same terminology and have the funding behind them. So be very careful of any kind of group that you join because youíre often being used.  Just a little bit of advice there. 


Now, Iíve also read the articles before from the military departments where they talk about the coming internet age, before we were given it basically.  Brzezinski touched on it without calling it the internet, in the 1970s.  He also talked about information wars would come along, battles with propaganda, and how they werenít afraid of it at all because you see, they had so many groups already set up to take over and lead you, you understand.  Again, intelligence services, massive intelligence services donít sit back and wait for a grass roots movement to start up with its own leader. They supply them in advance; thatís how you waylay things.  Again, you head them off at the pass, as they used to say in the old westerns, and before you know it people sit back in their chairs saying, well I donít have to do anything because these guys are doing it for me.  Itís just like politics, you vote someone in and you sit back and, heís going to do it all for you, you think.  But everything is propaganda, as I say.


And the thing is too, as the military says, itís not just information, itís how you process that information.  Most folk canít discern for themselves, by wading through information and being able to excise counter-intelligence to fact, etc,  or even how to chase up fact and use reason and logic.† They simply accept the stuff that seems to say rah-rah for us, you know.  So be very, very careful.  Hereís a little example, and weíve all heard about the hoopla from the US as all these different guys go for election, or reelection some of them, that theyíre going to cut back on the US military funding.  And thatís always been a big thing in the US, you know, because the US, unfortunately, is tied to a military past.  And it wasnít meant to be that way, by the way; it was kind of highjacked it the 20th century, and used that way, until the average American equates the flag with the uniform and military and bugles and music, etc.  Itís tied in together, because the ones who did that were going to use the US for 100 years or more to take the world over, for them, not for the US or the people, but for the group that run the US, and still do.  Hereís an example...


Romney: Cut health care for the poor, not defense spending / David Edwards / November 21, 2011


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Monday suggested using drastic cuts to health care for the poorest Americans to fund the Department of Defense.  (Alan:  So this is a kind of sideline; they get everybody into this kind of thing rather than think whatís really happening in the world or the US.  Because this happens all the time and itís never true.  Itís never, ever true, but this is the way that politicians play the game.  So when Romneyís talking to...)


Speaking to employees of BAE Systems, one of the nationís largest defense contractors (A:  Guys that make their money on it.), the candidate said that President Barack Obama and members of the ďsuper committeeĒ should agree to scale back the Medicaid program in order to prevent $600 billion in cuts to defense spending over ten years.  (A:  So heís talking... you understand, a politician plays to the balcony and to the audience Ė thatís what they say Ė to the general audience in the lower seats and the balcony as well, wherever they go.)


ďA doomsday scenario for our military is not the right course, given where the world is headed,Ē (A:  Where is the world headed Mr Romney?  Heíll know too.) Romney remarked. ďI would call on the president ó and do call on the president ó to immediately introduce legislation which says we will not have a $600 billion cut to Americaís military. We should not cut any funding from our base Department of Defense budget. That should not occur.Ē  (A:  Etc, etc.)


ďAnd I would apply the $600 billion [in cuts] that were anticipated being imposed upon the military, I would take those and apply them to other parts of the federal budget,Ē he continued. ďAnd there are a number of candidates for that. One of them, of course, would be to take something like Medicaid, which is our health care program for the poor, and return that program to the states.Ē 


(A:  Now, I donít know who keeps up with, I think maybe those in the profession, in the medical system, they know whatís going on in the medical system, and Iím in touch with a lot of people in hospitals across the US, and even when the Clintons were in they were already cutting back.  You understand, this isnít ďObamacare.Ē  This was the agenda a long time ago and theyíve been cutting back, closing down whole floors within hospitals, renting them out to some private companies occasionally, and other ones are lying empty, cutting back on cleaning staff, cutting to the bone.  And this new so-called Obamacare is going to be very base medicine.  And thatís from the United Nations by the way, because the United Nations under their charter says everybody across the world will be entitled to the basic, the most basic medical care.  And you better understand what they mean by basic.  Youíll be lucky to get it at all.  And thatís where youíre really going with all of this.  So theyíve been cutting back for ages to keep the wars going because you see, theyíve got a mission to accomplish as these chameleons, guys like Romney, darn well know and thatís the purpose of the United States.  It will be used, rung out like a sponge and left to feed in on itself as people turn on each other in utter poverty. Thatís where itís supposed to go.)


The Congressional Budget Office estimates (PDF) that the total base defense budget will increase (A:  Hereís the facts of it.  Iíve got the PDF, Iíll put that up tonight too at to $665 billion by 2028 if there are no cuts. Because the triggered cuts are spread over a 10-year period, overall defense spending would still grow each year, albeit at a slower rate.


(A:  And thereís a video from CNN, etc.)  Watch this video from CNN, broadcast Nov. 21, 2011.  (A:  And as I say, the PDF with the actual figures of the military budgets, etc.)


Long-Term Implications of the 2011 Future Years Defense Program -


Since President Barack Obama took office, the defense budget has actually grown from $513 billion to $530 billion, according to The Associated Press. Additional spending on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has increased from $153 billion to $159 billion.  (A:  So itís actually been going up and up and up, itís just not at the rate that these guys want it to go up.  So they want to cut it from everything else.)


As I say, Obamacare was there before Obama came along and theyíre just rushing it forward now. And some of the horror stories that are coming out of hospitals in the US now, I get from the inside and the plans, etc, and believe you me, itís going to be lot worse than anybody understands, an awful lot worse.  And youíll be paying more for it too, by the way.  Itís never less.  Never less.  Youíre always paying more. And you know something too, the whole medical system, EVERYWHERE, is utterly corrupt.  You should not allow people in, who should really going for big bucks as dentists or lawyers or something like that, into taking care of peopleís lives.  You canít have sharks looking after health care.  It canít happen.  160, 170 grand for a week in hospital, are you kidding?  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back once more Cutting Through The Matrix and I often see different things when I watch documentaries than maybe other people see.  I see what the similarities of actions and where those actions go, and itís quite easy to... I can remember looking at one of the big G20 protests in British Columbia and the police sergeant at the time, as students were walking away in fact, he just told his men to start pepper spraying the people who were walking away, in the face and from a few feet away in fact.  And he himself was holding something; these pepper sprays were about the size of a fire extinguisher, you know, the old water fire extinguishers.  It was this massive thing, it was like a scuba tank, and just happily spraying away.  And I thought to myself, you understand, the mentality of that man and his troops, weíll say, is no different than what youíll see in atrocities.  His behavior, what he was doing, whether he was obeying orders or whatever he was doing, makes no difference whatsoever.  The acts are the same.  All you do is take away that fire extinguisher and put a machine gun in his hand and you got a massacre.  Itís the same mentality.  He was angry and he was really arrogant and upright about everything.  And thatís how they are, you understand.  It never changes in any era.  Youíd better be very careful of what youíre seeing because it shows you the baseness of these people who are recruited and then the techniques that are driven into them to obey orders, obey orders, the same old Nuremberg stuff: I was only obeying orders.  And theyíll say that very arrogantly because they feel self-righteous in what they did. 


Now itís the same thing too youíll see with whatís coming out of the Wall Street movement.  Never mind whoís running it, at the top, the fact is thereís ones coming out now, videos where some of these goons, in their combat gear, are just walking around pepper spraying people who are sitting down, or sitting on the ground, just right in the face, you know.  The same mentality, these, maybe they call them grunts because thatís all they do.  You canít talk to them, they just grunt, these creatures, and theyíre the most base, vile characters you could possibly employ for this kind of thing.  And thatís why they do employ them, by the way.  In fact, thatís why these guys gravitate to these kind of jobs, in all ages.  So be very careful and cautious and do a lot of thinking when you see these images because all you do, as I say, is replace it with a gun and thereís the guy going around shooting people whoíve been already shot by a firing squad, as they exterminate folk, as they did in the Soviet Union by the thousands and millions, and then along would come the officer or somebody and shoot them in the head just to make sure theyíre dead.  Well thatís what you see.... thatís how I see them when they go along pepper spraying people who are peacefully sitting on the ground, right in the face from about a foot away or two feet away.  Thereís no difference with whatís going through that guyís mind, you know.  The only thing thatís going through his mind, if he has one, is that probably he wishes he did have a gun to shoot, you know, and was allowed to do it.  And Iím not kidding about that.  You should always take these things very, very, very seriously. 


Anyway, Anonymous has put up a message to Lieutenant Pike of UC Davis Police to actually show you what they did, what this guy did, walking around enjoying himself.  Itís actually him shooting them in the head basically with this stuff and burning their eyes out and just calmly walking along.  This is a sadist youíre watching, who enjoys this kind of thing.  He feels impervious because he knows darn well no oneís going to attack him back, you see.  And these are the worst kind you can possibly have in any era.  Theyíre well recruited for extermination in other places and at other times, and even up to the present time in some forces across the seas, and youíre seeing it here.  So Iíll put this link up and you can watch it for yourselves, as this guy... Iím sure heíd fill in a questionnaire about his job, he really enjoys what heís doing and he wishes he had more opportunity to advance himself.  Anyway, Iíll put that up and you can have a little gander at that one. 


And last night I talked too, about Climategate part 2, the sequel, and anyone who has got the patience, and you got to wade through it, youíll find them, again, talking about fudging statistics, getting all the guys who are not going along with this political agenda Ė itís a political agenda folks; itís nothing to do with science Ė and getting the guys out of the IPCC at the United Nations who donít agree with them and stacking it with guys who are all yes-men.  All that stuffís in these emails and Iíll put some links up tonight. One is from James Delingpole from one of the British newspapers and also Iíll put up one by Dr Tim Ball, who goes through it too, gives you the graphs, the fake graphs that theyíre still using, and the reality of where CO2 is, etc, and the so-called warming.  And also one from Forbes Magazine and other ones that talk about actual CO2, what it does.  Even in greenhouses, guys who work in the big greenhouse business will tell you they pump them sometimes 4 times the atmospheric pressure of CO2 to make the plants grow better.  And they do grow better.  And whenever you do that your temperature just plummets.  It doesnít go up, it goes down.  So everybody knows this stuff, but weíre living in Disneyland now and this is the message they want you to have.  They try to tell you that it causes global warming, as they spray us like bugs from the air and have been doing it from 1998, by the way.  And youíre expecting truth out of the guys who rule this world?  Youíll never get it.  I donít think any society, any population anywhere has ever, EVER had truth, when theyíre ruled over by an international group. 


Author James Delingpole on "Climategate" - NewsLook /


Climategate 2.0: New E-Mails Rock The Global Warming Debate - / 11/23/2011 


IPCC Climate Claims Falsified by 2010 Record High CO2 Levels Written - Dr. Tim Ball / / November 23 2011


Russia is talking about this big circle around them thatís getting built up by the US and the NATO organization of the missile defense system.  And theyíre responding to it now.  It says...


Russia will target US missile defense sites if no deal - Medvedev / 23 November, 2011


President Dmitry Medvedev announces sweeping plans to address what Moscow is calling a threat to national security.  (A:  So theyíll counter it with their own missiles.  So itís interesting to watch things warm up.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about Russiaís response to being encircled with missiles, as they put more missiles around them, by NATO and the European countries and this is what Medvedev says...


ďIn the event of unfavorable developments (in regards to European missile defense), Russia reserves the right to halt further steps in the disarmament sphere and, respectively, weapons control,Ē Medvedev said. ďBesides, given the inseparable interconnection between the strategic offensive and defensive weapons, grounds may appear for our countryís withdrawal from the START treaty.Ē  (A:  That was signed in...)


. . . April 8, 2010 in Prague and went into force on February 5, 2011.


Meanwhile, Medvedev stressed that Russia remains open to dialogue with the US and NATO regarding missile defense issues, but the cooperation must have clear legal parameters. 


So everyoneís pushing and pushing the envelope right now to get things going and itís quite interesting as we watch the US and other countries, NATO, get ready to plunder Iran as well, and Syria.  So itís just astonishing.  It makes you kind of sick of humanity, to be honest with you, to understand that psychopaths run the world, always have.  First come the money lenders and then they get folk to use the cash, instead of just bartering, and then they hire armies of goons, like the guy with the pepper spray there, you always get them in every generation, probably always will, and always have in the past, and these are the ones they hire as thugs.  Itís a sad thing that this is how far weíve come, which isnít very far at all.  Instead of just carrying clubs, you know, they got pepper spray, things, cattle prods really, they call them tazers, and things to torture you and all the weaponry they can get from the military as well. 


Now, itís so interesting too, I have mentioned before that thereís actually books out there on the fads of medicine, and surgery as well by the way, and they go through fads every so often, and itís generally to benefit the pharmacological industry because they run medicine actually.  And doctors today, as far as Iím concerned, are just little pimps for the pharma industry.  They sit and prescribe the drugs; theyíre pushers.  And they get well paid for doing it.   Theyíre the legal pushers.  And they all know that too today.  They all know that.  Thatís all they sit and do, doctors, is just throw prescriptions out.  And again, if you go into the history even of the Rockefeller Foundation, how they started up the AMA and theyíve run it ever since, what the quacks are taught and what theyíll do, and right down to this ridiculous cancer treatment that is medicineís answer; itís basically what medicineís doing in cancer with trying to kill you with chemicals that are highly toxic; they kill all your cells off, it doesnít matter.  They donít go in and say, thereís a cancer cell, Iíll kill that one.  It kills everything off.  And if that doesnít kill you then the radiation does.  And itís their answer, medicineís answer really to exorcism. Theyíre trying to exorcise a demon from the body that they just canít understand.  And you got better luck actually just going and giving a witch doctor a pig and get him to do some voodoo; itís less harmful to you.  Anyway...


Low salt intake also linked to heart-disease deaths: Study / Sharon Kirkey, Postmedia News / November 23, 2011


A new Canadian study has found that people with heart disease who consume low levels of salt appear to be at higher risk of death from heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular causes than people who consume more moderate amounts of salt.  (A:  This is a latest study; itís a Canadian study.)


A new Canadian study has found that people with heart disease who consume low levels of salt ó the levels recommended in current sodium guidelines ó  (A:  And if they keep to the recommended sodium guidelines...) appear to be at higher risk of death from heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular causes than people who consume more moderate amounts of salt. 


High sodium intake was associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular death compared to those with moderate salt intakes ó but only at levels higher than most Canadians eat.


Moderate salt intake, meanwhile ó amounts closer to Canadians' average daily consumption ó was associated with the lowest risk.


The findings, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, emphasize "the urgent need" to determine a safe range for sodium intakes, the team reports.  (A:  They should tell that idiot that runs New York, that mayor there, who has actually put a salt tax back on in restaurants.  You know, these folk did that, you know, thousands of years ago; they ran the salt trade and they had salt taxes and all the rest of it.  And here he is doing the same thing again and folk are too ignorant now to know where it came from, the whole idea, as they take over the whole planet.  Anyway, this is where youíre going with all of this stuff.)


And then youíve got, and Iíve mentioned this over and over, for many, many years, because Charles Galton Darwin talked about altering the hormonal levels of male and female, effeminizing the men and really it makes the women more aggressive and masculine in many, many ways.  And he wrote that in the 1950s and he wasnít kidding, he says, we can put this stuff in their food and their water, and we can actually inject them too with different things that would upset their hormonal balance and levels.  And BPA, bisphenol A, is one of the compounds which really, these chemicals, which actually mimics estrogen, one amongst many, thereís many other ones they put in your food too, and your water.


Soaring BPA Levels Found in People Who Eat Canned Foods / November 23, 2011 / MyHealthNewsDaily


(A:  Well, Iíve mentioned for years too, they didnít used to put this in, line cans with this plastic, and then they suddenly started doing it.  And I knew right away what the purpose was, and of course folk thought you were nuts at the time for saying what the reason was.  Itís even in these guys that guzzle the beers, in their cans, that theyíre drinking really a form of estrogen.  And it shows, mind you.)


Eating canned food every day may raise the levels of the compound bisphenol A (BPA) in a person's urine more than previously suspected, a new study suggests.  (A:  Itís in makeup and everything for the women, when theyíre pregnant and if theyíre using all this stuff, in their skin and through insufflation it gets through their skin into the bloodstream, then it actually affects the male fetus between 8-12 weeks, and literally for life, they wonít develop properly for life, you know.  You might be buying them a different kind of clothing.  Anyway, it says...)


People who ate a serving of canned soup every day for five days had BPA levels of 20.8 micrograms per liter of urine, whereas people who instead ate fresh soup (A:  They made their own I guess.) had levels of 1.1 micrograms per liter, according to the study. BPA is found in many canned foods ó it is a byproduct of the chemicals used to prevent corrosion.  (A: the tin cans, right.)


When the researchers looked at the rise in BPA levels seen in the average participant who ate canned soup compared with those who ate fresh soup, they found a 1,221 percent jump.


"To see an increase in this magnitude was quite surprising," said study leader Karin Michels, an associate professor of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health.


The levels of BPA seen in the study participants "are among the most extreme reported in a nonoccupational setting," the researchers wrote in their study. (A:  So Iíll put these links up tonight too.  And then onto this one...)


Monsanto... Ha!  Monsanto, you understand, is part of the Military-Industrial Complex.  These are one of the main corporations, amongst with the other groups that do GMO food and all their chemical spraying of the crops, theyíre all part of the Military-Industrial Complex.  Trace their history, or Agent Orange and all the rest of it.  And this article here goes on about, and Iíve mentioned this years ago, years ago, that one of their organizations, their factories, in Alabama it was, was pouring stuff out these big drains into a stream that was used by a local small town, mainly black people.  And young girls were menstruating by the age of 7 and 8, they had breasts and everything.† The guys didnít develop properly.  Because they were using estrogen, again, in their chemical Ė this was the excuse of Monsanto Ė in the cleaning solutions that they washed out these big pipes, these dispersal pipes that float into the stream.  Iím sure it was a big experiment actually; I really do believe that.  This oneís about Anniston.  This is one of the places where they were doing this and it says...


Monsanto Hid Decades Of Pollution

PCBs Drenched Ala. Town, But No One Was Ever Told  / Michael Grunwald / January 1, 2002


(A:  And thereís a clarification, because Monsanto, after that broke out years ago, tried to say it was a sub-group that they were affiliated with.  It actually was Monsanto.)


ANNISTON, Ala. -- On the west side of Anniston, the poor side of Anniston, the people ate dirt. They called it "Alabama clay" and cooked it for extra flavor. They also grew berries in their gardens, raised hogs in their back yards, caught bass in the murky streams where their children swam and played and were baptized. They didn't know their dirt and yards and bass and kids -- along with the acrid air they breathed -- were all contaminated with chemicals. They didn't know they lived in one of the most polluted patches of America.


Now they know. They also know that for nearly 40 years, while producing the now-banned industrial coolants known as PCBs at a local factory, Monsanto Co. routinely discharged toxic waste into a west Anniston creek and dumped millions of pounds of PCBs into oozing open-pit landfills. And thousands of pages of Monsanto documents -- many emblazoned with warnings such as "CONFIDENTIAL: Read and Destroy" -- show that for decades, the corporate giant concealed what it did and what it knew. 


And Iíll put this link up tonight and you can see what itís actually done to the people, never mind all the fish and everything else.  And they knew what it was doing.† And everyoneís come down with cancers, by the way.  And itís just one massive, big experiment; Iím sure of that, positive of that.  Because they use experiments, and they know darn well what theyíre doing today, Monsanto, with their spraying of the crops, their GM food.  You understand, when these guys are involved in the WAR industry, the war industry, you put them in charge of creating your food and then they have monopolies, and youíre eating this stuff?  And then you read into the United Nations departments of DEpopulation, they call it Population CONTROL, etc, etc, and you see whoís taking over the food supply of the world.  And then you watch the massive increases of cancers.  If you canít put it together, folks, then you better get your insurance on your grave site put up now, and on the grave just put learned nothing... learned nothing, you know.  Because if you canít put that together, I donít really want to know you at all.  Thatís as simple as that.  But yeah, itís so out in the open in this day and age. 


And then of course, Washington Times has picked up...  Normalizing... thatís a word I put it out there years ago and of course theyíre starting to pick up on it now, the new normals and normalizing.


CROUSE: Normalizing Penn State pedophilia

While children suffer, activists push to mainstream abuse / November 17, 2011


(A:  Iíll put this article up too, you can have a look through that and you can see how theyíre reacting to it.  And it mentions too, how the American Psychiatric Associationís jumped in on it. That group, in fact, of pedophiliacs, that want to legalize pedophilia is jumping in on the act.  They use everything, good or bad propaganda, to publicize themselves and theyíre in on this one too.  B4U-ACT, they call it.)


Members of the APA need to listen to the public outcry and disregard members of B4U-ACT. (A:  These are all guys who work in psychiatry and making policy for the US.)  Raping a child, sexually exploiting a child, destroying a child's innocence, and psychologically and physically damaging a child are abhorrent crimes. Media coverage has downplayed the physical trauma abused children often suffer from sexual assaults.  (A:  Thatís because of the Kinsey report and many other things.)  Contrary to the views of some on the radical fringe, the criminal is not the victim; nor is that person to be protected and the crime covered up while the abused and sexually exploited children are left to suffer the consequences and later, endure the years of psychological rehabilitation that is required before they can be restored to normality.  (A:  Well, to be honest with you, the studies show that you can never get them back to any form of normality.  The trust factorís gone.  Itís gone.  Itís destroyed.)


And also...


Debtors' Prison Legal In More Than One-Third Of U.S. States - / 11/22/11


Back in vogue again.  Iíll put this link up too and you can see how itís all coming back, something that was outlawed years ago when the usurers were well at work with their little dealing money in back streets, etc, with their tables.  They were eventually banned from debtorís prisons, because they were putting folk in jail, and then you had to pay.  As a debtor you had to pay in the jail to get food, and to get out.  I mean, itís just ridiculous.  So we need an overhaul of this whole monied system.  Who issues it is the key to it, because if you get that all fixed out, and governments should issue their own, as theyíre all licensed to do Ė they can do anything they want Ė and then of course you wonít have to borrow from abroad or private at all Ė that should be totally illegal Ė and take care of your own finances.  Simple as that.  And believe you me, about 90% of the worldís problems, and wars, will disappear immediately.  It will.  Because the same characters have their boys in politics and politicians are all for their own basically. 


Everybodyís heard too, about the Department of Homeland Security taking over all, ALL the areas, of even common sense.  And they put out that ridiculous video on cooking your turkey on Thanksgiving.  It should be a red alert, I guess, red alert, red alert... cooking turkeys.  Homeland Security, the Department of Homeland Security.  When this first came out, this Homeland Security, I said theyíll take over everything until it goes into the ridiculous, and here we are.  And so theyíre warning folk about the dangers posed by turkey fryers and all this stuff. Actually, if you had decent turkeys Ė I donít know if you know that, but the ones for the ordinary folk, the ones that are cheaper, they pump them full of all kinds of oils before they freeze them, to puff them up and give them weight.  And thatís about the only thing thatís flammable in them is all these chemicalized oils they put in them.  To get a real turkey, if youíre buying the thing, it will cost you maybe 4 times as much; people in the States have told me that.


DHS issues Turkey fryer warning - / Charlie Spiering


Another one too I want to put up tonight is...


Fake terror plots, paid informants:  the tactics of FBI 'entrapment' questioned - Paul Harris in New York / / 16 November 2011


Because theyíre picking up people who are mentally... challenged, weíll put it that way.  Some of them with IQs of 8 years of age, and then doing these sting operations on them and saying, oh see weíve stopped 800 terror attacks this year. Most of these people can hardly speak, never mind read.  Honestly.  Iíll put this article up here for you to see.  Itís from The Guardian.  It gives you some details of some of the ones that theyíve actually picked up and trained, or set up to be stung, people who literally, as I say, can hardly even read, never even think very clearly either.


And Iíve said it before too, you understand, you cannot save a society thatís degenerate.  The problem with degeneracy is the folk who have been brought up in it donít know theyíre degenerate, you understand.  Itís a beautiful technique and Yuri Bezmenov went through this in his talks, a KGB guy, and he says the tactic was to take the West down without firing a shot.  And he said in the 70s when he defected, he was so amazed to find out how successful it had been, because, in an earlier talk, that Iíve got here actually, Bezmenov talks about the technique that they actually used.  He says, it was an ancient Chinese emperor that talked about it.  He says, you never go into a war by going to war.  He says, what you do is you infiltrate a society, you look at the whole culture and fabric of that society, all their beliefs, the things that hold it together, all its norms, taboos and so on, and then over time you gradually break the fabric of society.  Once youíve done that theyíre degenerate; they wonít stand up for anything together. And of course, you have what we have here.  We have pedophilia becoming normal, raping becoming normal, even waterboarding old women in nursing homes, like an 89-year-old woman with dementia was waterboarded by these nursing home workers because she wanted ice cream. 


Nursing home workers 'use waterboard torture on 89-year-old woman with dementia after arguing over ice cream' - /  19th November 2011


So after watching all these movies and stuff, they decided to waterboard her.  You see, youíre dealing with a psychopathic society.  Psychopaths who rule always give you a psychopathic culture to follow, and itís always successful with most people.  Theyíre desensitized to pain of others.  They feel no empathy for other people.  And actually they get turned on through sadomasochism in all the movies.  Sex, so you have sex coupled with torture and eventually they get turned on by this stuff and they use it in real life.  This is a fact, folks.  Sorry to bring the bad news but itís just true, all the stuff youíve been enjoying all these years, blood and guts, sex and torture, all put together.  Look at the movie Videodrome and listen to the little piece that this weirdo who wrote the darn thing, and he is really weird, he knew the technique.  He knows the technique, Cronenberg.  Watch the movie and listen to the bit about when he puts a helmet on that guyís head.  Sex, sadomasochism, torture... works every time.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and this hourís always just flown in and Iím going to try to take a caller or two here. Thereís Aaron from Nevada, if youíre on the line there Aaron.  Hello?


Aaron:  Yes, sir.  Thank you.  Who do you think is, you know, that youíre kicking off, you know, the eye of the pyramid?  Who exactly are you, you know, symbolically directing that at?  And secondly, is there anybody behind the Rothschilds, like the Palavinci dynasty thatís still somewhat active?   Are the Catholics actually playing the Anglo, you know, American empire off, the Zionists off, that hope to remain the last domino standing?  Can you talk about that just for a second?


Alan:  Well you can go back into the ancient families who funded ancient Rome, and not just Rome but other countries too.  You understand, when you look into the past, your terrible history books that youíre given, the ones they generally give you at school, are very minimalistic in the stuff that they offer you.  They always have the rise of this emperor or this tyrant or whatever and glorify them, like Alexander the Great, but they never tell you who funds them.  Every army, just like today, needed funding and money really was the kickoff to so-called civilization.  It gave a leisure class, guys who would think and scheme and plan wars.  And to hire armies, without money you couldnít hire an army to go and plunder anybody.  So I mean, even Alexander the Great, that was taught by Aristotle; Aristotle was actually married to, it says in the history books, the Oxford ones at least, that he was married to the daughter of a money lender from the Levant it says.  So money lending has been behind all of this for an awful long time, whether it was called Phoenician, whatever, doesnít matter.  But the art of money lending, it was a trade, remember, it was also a guild later on; just like in London you had all the different guilds but you also had the gold guilds and money lenders guilds, etc.  These guys didnít just have big, big meetings and boast about how much cash theyíd raked in.  They also talked about strategies like all the other guilds did and how to always keep themselves on top, which they already knew they were, even by the Middle Ages. 


And so youíre looking really at ancient families, number one, that have gone down through time. And thereís no doubt about it, thereís a particular high religion here, a kind of hidden, almost semi-hidden religion behind it too.  And they themselves have watched empires, and helped fund them, come and go.  So theyíve always been on top.  And they move, they move, they move, wherever itís necessary to move to they move, and build up the next empires to ensure their own survival.  And so what weíre looking at really is a very ancient, ancient system.  Itís been on the go since at least the times of the Phoenicians and the Minoans even.  When you go into the Minoans, and even their graves that you open up today were kind of, they lived a very high advanced life, even for their time, in the Aegean Sea where they made their headquarters.  They had heated water, heating plumbing throughout their homes, you know, and back about 2000-3000 BC.  So youíre looking at very, very advanced civilizations of characters who knew how to run world trade, money lending again, armies again to plunder, and they also made deals with countries that they wanted to go to war, for them, on their behalf, as part of the deals.  Often for the loan youíll go to war with this country, take them over.  The Phoenicians did the same thing in fact; they spread their silver, a standardized silver, weight of silver across the world.  And thatís what they did with countries, was you do this and weíll take the slaves that you capture, the armies that you capture will have slaves.  They had gold mines and silver mines in the Ukraine in ancient times, the Phoenicians.  They were all over the planet.  And weíre supposed to think they just disappeared, with all their knowledge with them.  No, this has come down through time.  And even Albert Pike touches on that, in a cryptic way.  Thanks for calling. 


And for Darren from Ireland and Carlton from New York, maybe you can call again Monday.  I actually have 2 days off.  In six years Iíve never even had a week off; amazing, eh.  Anyway...  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  Remember too, if you buy the books and disks and donate I can keep going a bit longer.  Thank you.



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