Nov. 29, 2011 (#971)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 29, 2011:

A Virtual Believer is Seduced by The Ether:

"Ambiguous Reality We All Take for Granted,
A Force Taking Us Far from Where We Started,
Trends, Nudges, Memes We Notice Highlighted,
We Copy, Adapt Never Knowing We're Guided,
With Sockpuppet Friends Which Seem All-Knowing,
We Presume There's Purpose in Where We're Going,
And Purpose There Is by Masters of Science,
Employed in Creating World Zombie Reliance
On Sockpuppets and "Friends", Fiction is Real,
All Objectivity Replaced by "How Do You Feel?"
© Alan Watt Nov. 29, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 29, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November the 29th 2011.  For newcomers, you should help yourself to the free audios available at  Youíll find a whole bunch of sites listed, these are the official sites Ė the only ones I have actually Ė and anything outside that page isnít actually mine.  They all carry audios for free download.  They all carry transcripts in English of a lot of the talks Iíve given over the years.  And youíll see one site listed there, itís called  You can go in there and you can get transcripts in other languages.  Remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  I try to stick to the basic facts of whatís happening in the world, without profiting from them.  However, I do need your support, financial, to keep going with what Iím doing here.   This is a 7 day a week mission basically; I suppose youíd call it that.  Itís not a job, unless youíre crazy, and if it was a job, believe you me, Iíd go out there and sell Godzilla monsters and have lots of fans following me and throwing cash at me.  But instead of that Iím trying to tell the people whatís happening in the world. 


Because weíre going through incredible transformations in society and itís time someone stuck to the basic facts, not just getting a gathering of followers and then leading them around in circles, which is often what happens, but trying to stick to the basic facts.  As we go through a planned society, a planned change, into a planned Brave New World scenario thatís documented by the big boys themselves, the big think tanks and members of the think tanks, the foundations which fund all the big social movements that you hear of, the non-governmental organizations across the world with trillions of dollars, to show you that everythingís happening, whether itís cultural changes, everything is all planned way ahead, long before youíre born in fact.  And even the chaos to do with financial crashes, etc, all come on cue; the bankers donít lose a darn cent from it, in fact they profit from it.  And the idea is to get everyone into debt, every citizen in the world into debt, to keep us all afloat, supposedly, and the answer to it all is not to fire the bankers or change the system, obviously, but what theyíre going to do is put the bankers in charge of the whole global kit-and-caboodle. 


So we canít really sit back and just watch this happen.  We have to get involved and stop it because this is disgusting, itís anti-human, and why should we let the psychopathic peoples rule over us?  Iíll touch on psychopathy again tonight.  Itís good to see, that I started it years ago, talking about psychopaths getting up the corporate ladder, and university professors, etc, are churning out the books on it now. So at least people are getting an idea of how to succeed in this world.  You got to get born to psychopathic parents preferably and then you become a good psychopath yourself.  Preferably in a middle class family with a good start, good school and youíre pretty well guaranteed to get to the top, being ruthless as you obviously will be. 


So you can support me, as I say.  You can buy the books and disks that I have at  I show you the art of conology, which the psychopaths have used for thousands of years.  And I show you too that itís even more prevalent in certain groups than others.  You might be surprised, itís no surprise to me at all after studying a lot of it over many years, it can be hereditary so therefore they pass it on to their offspring.  Thatís why some groups are far more wealthy than others and tend to run the show.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, straight donations are awfully welcome. 


As I say, Iíve watched Ė various terms for Ė the patriot movement, even from its early beginnings, in different countries.  Before that I watched Europe being amalgamated as the politicians kept lying to the public about free trade and just an economic sort of partnerships.  Then I watched the whole lot get merged into what was already worked out before I was born, which was a European Parliament, that is not democratic, planned way back at the turn of the 20th century.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the big plans for society.  Now, Iím sure many listeners have seen the maps, the old maps too, that go back many years, to do with the splitting up of the US into different regions, about 10 regions or so.  And then of course the plan was to bring you down into community areas.  In Britain they call it communitarianism as they decentralize government, or appear to.  Itís not cheaper by the way, decentralizing government, now you got a whole bunch of new local ones, bigger ones, to pay as well and support.  And these local governments, really, are not, eventually, to be run by councils which you elect, as a job, so they can take care of business and you can check up on them once in a while.  Instead of that itís to be run on the communitarian, almost a soviet type, an idealized soviet model, the type that the soviets never actually got around to. 


Most folk think that the soviets were the ultimate form of communism, which wasnít true.  They even said themselves it might take 500 years for the full communism to really appear in society.  Lenin himself said it, that the dictatorship of the proletariat, which really was a dictatorship over the people, by him.  He said it would take about 70 years to get rid of that phase of it, which in exactly 70 years of course, thatís when you find the wallís come down and suddenly they decide to join the West.  Well that was all planned as well, lots of documentation on that.  Even the Rockefellers went over with a big team back in the early 70s and told the president of the Soviet Union, look, the whole of the European countries are joining into one system, a super soviet, and if you donít pack in this game here now, itís time to pack it in and join it, youíll be left out in the cold.  So itís interesting how things are always planned way before you ever hear of them. 


Whatís even more interesting of course, is that the media, even when you think that theyíre giving you an exposure of something, an exposť, they never go into the details or the history behind something and tell you that their bosses Ė because these same guys who own the world basically own the papers too Ė thereís lots of information on that, Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, almost every top journalist is a member of this.  In fact, every top journalist IS a member of this organization that gives you your news.  Itís interesting, as I say, to see that weíre right on schedule with this agenda, right on schedule. 


Now, as they decentralize governments, and as they call it communitarianism in Britain, where basically systems that have already been set up by non-governmental organizations are jumping in to be the new commissars over your domestic area, different commissars for different things, in the US theyíre going about it in a different way, naturally.  So you always adjust it slightly for the personality types within different countries so as that they donít really catch on to whatís happening, and especially to make them think itís a different system.  Itís all the one same system.  And universities down through time have always been used for all kinds of revolutions.  And people always think of revolutions as bloody things. But most revolutions are actually quite quiet and bloodless. The fallout comes later.  Itís mainly a social fallout that it has on society and people and families.  All the things that went through the 20th century, all the revolutions, sexual revolutions, all kinds of revolutions as they called them, touted from the top, and all the leaders paid for by the big private foundations which are owned by the private international money lenders, were the ones to basically spearhead, or front the whole thing into society. 


Go back into the writings of Bernays Ė Iíve done a lot of stuff on Bernays Ė the guy that really created the consumerist society, but he also promoted what became, put it this way, the loose society for America, very early on by the way, by the use of cameras, erotica in advertising and so on and so on.  So thereís hardly a thought, really when you realize that thereís hardly a thought in your head thatís actually yours.  Most folk donít think through anything.  They can read and read and read but if they canít put things together from various articles, books, etc, theyíll never get the true picture of who they are themselves.  How did I come to believe in this?  How did I come to be conned into that?  Or why did I follow this for so long?  Or why did I make a fool of myself?  You canít do it until you realize that so much is put into your head, in a very clever, scientific fashion that makes you you.  Part of it too, is from government, because government wants peaceable, obedient citizens.  And of course, part of it too, is from the same governments that know, theyíve been given their orders, that itís now time for a social revolution in one form or another.  And their ideas become your ideas.  So youíre almost like a collage of different things all put together, until you find out who you really are. 


Now, speaking of the fact that universities are always at the front, the forefront of revolutions, this article here is from the Arizona State University. 


Megapolitan areas compete globally /  Haya El Nasser / Nov 29, 2011


Michael Crow, president of Arizona State University outside of Phoenix, last month ventured into potentially hostile territory 120 miles south in Tucson, home of the University of Arizona, to address 600 civic and business leaders.


His message was jaw-dropping: Put aside the rivalry between the universities and the metropolitan areas and join forces to form one giant urban powerhouse to compete globally with an economy larger than that of the United Arab Emirates.


"Competitiveness between two communities gets us nowhere," Crow says. "We've been asleep at the switch too long."  (Alan:  Now this ties in with communitarianism because they talked about as they wither away the state, by the way, for a global society, theyíd have to amalgamate certain big cities, areas, and you will then be given other ones to compete with across the world.  And this is exactly what heís on about.)  "Competitiveness between two communities gets us nowhere," Crow says. "We've been asleep at the switch too long." 


No tomatoes thrown. No booing. Instead, warm applause. Crow was lauded for his frank message calling on counties from Phoenix to Tucson to compete for new jobs ó not against each other but with each other against other regions of the nation and the world.  (A:  Itís funny, that.  I read about that back in, oh, it must have been the early 70s, when the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs had their global meeting in Britain in London, and in the newspapers at the time they said they would eventually have a withered away system of nation-states and they would have these amalgamated areas, regions, or even large townships amalgamating to compete across the planet.  And they even had the functions of the countries, or these competing states down as well.  Scotland, the whole of Scotland was to get turned into a bunch of tourist areas.  Thatís when I was small.  Meaning, all the factories would go, which eventually they did.  So whenever they say something they mean it, and thatís the agenda.)


The long-struggling U.S. economy has made once-competing municipalities more receptive to that message. They're reaching across county lines and even state borders and aligning themselves as one economic bloc.  (A:  Go back to Karl Marx if you want to understand and read about economic blocs.  Because you see, thereís no right-wing and left-wing at the top; thereís only followers at the bottom that really think they are right-wing or left-wing.  But the ones at the top are all the same people, running the world and lending fake cash to the people.)


It's the birth of a new geography (A:  A very interesting statement.  And when they come out with these little terms, take them, make note of them because youíll see them more often. Theyíre given these buzzwords; marketers dream them up by the way.  So, the Ďbirth of a new geographyí... interesting term.): "megapolitans," (A:  They call it.) regions that encompass cities and counties linked through man-made and natural connections such as shared transportation networks, labor markets or water supplies.


Because population and economic growth is not spread evenly across the country (the 309 million Americans occupy only a quarter of all private land), planners and demographers for several years have advocated planning on a scale larger than cities, metropolitan areas or states.


(A:  So thereís a new book out on it.  I wouldnít bother buying it if I was you because thereís plenty of information up there on communitarianism and the global society, etc.  Itís all for free so why bother buying their book.  Actually they should give it to you for free.  Iíve always said even television should be given to the public, and the computer, for free because itís those who control you who want you to have it.  Itís the method of control.)


A new book details this urban geography. It predicts that by 2040, there will be 10 distinct clusters (A:  Thatís your regions again.) composed of 23 megapolitan areas in the contiguous 48 states. The Phoenix-Tucson area, for example, is in the Sun Corridor megapolitan area, part of the Southwest megapolitan cluster that includes Las Vegas and Southern California. 


So itís all for global competition, you see.  See, your slave masters have got it all worked out for you, your children, your grandchildren Ė if you have any.  Because they own them actually, for the debt, you see. They actually own them by law; if you go into the whole history of money youíll find thatís true Ė it hasnít changed yet.  And every generation is already signed on, as soon as theyíre born, to take over the preexisting debt of the generations.  Jefferson talked about it and says if youíre born into a generation where you have to pay immediately, just by the act of being born, the debt of a previous generation, you are a slave.  And that is legally true. 


Now the Far East Rim too, the whole idea of the Far East Rim, the trading rim of Australia, New Zealand, China and a few other countries, was decided, again, 100-odd years ago by the Milner Group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which also has the Council on Foreign Relations for the US Ė itís the same group.  They talked about, as I say, in their books Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley who was the historian for this group, how they planned this whole future Far East Rim as well, a trading bloc with them, a trading bloc for the United Americas, a United Europe, etc, etc.  It was all worked out long before we were born.  They had their front organizations for Australia, many front organizations and he names them all in his books too.  You should get those books and go through them.  Youíll find out how they brought it all together, subsequent politicians and changes of cabinets as they call them in politics, all signed further resolutions to join them and cement them together, just as they did with the treaties that kept joining Europe together; same idea.  So now...


Australia, China hold joint rescue exercise (A:  What a turn up, eh?) / Huey Fern Tay in Sichuan / November 30, 2011


The Australian and Chinese militaries have held joint exercises in the central Chinese province of Sichuan.


The mock rescue operation (A:  They call it a rescue operation, eh.) was set in a fictitious third country (A:  Letís pretend itís fictitious and have a military exercise with China and Australia.) and conducted at an emergency response training base near the epicentre of the Sichuan earthquake.  (A:  So theyíll be able to come in when thereís rioting in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere, along with Chinese troops to help them out.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís also interesting too how, when some of the psychopaths are caught red-handed doing their dirty deeds, that of course thereís a public outcry.  They call it outrage... I havenít seen the public being outraged myself.  Itís something the media uses.  I think weíre too far gone to know what outrage means.  I donít think you could even motivate them to be outraged to be honest with you.  Anyway, they always put a show trial on, like oh weíll get these rotten sods, and this is one of these rotten sods articles here.  It makes us feel kind of good that a judge actually said something nasty, you know.  Thatís all he did though, say something, and of course heíll shake hands with him after and go off to the club with him, or the Masonic lodge. 


Judge rejects SEC deal with 'recidivist' Citigroup,

calls fine 'pocket change' 

(A:  Oh, wasnít that a terrible thing to say about them?  That really showed them, eh.)

Under the SEC deal, which allows Citigroup to avoid admitting wrongdoing in the sale of risky assets to investors (A:  They were junk assets; they knew what they were doing.), 'the public is deprived of ever knowing the truth,í a US judge says.  (A:  Oh, he told them, eh?  Heís telling them there, eh.) / Warren Richey, Staff writer / November 28, 2011


A federal judge in New York refused on Monday to endorse a $285 million consent agreement with the SEC that would have allowed Citigroup Global Markets, Inc., to avoid any admission of wrongdoing in a deceptive securities transaction that earned Citigroup $160 million in profits while investors lost $700 million.  (A:  Well guess who made up the loss?  Guess who made it up, folks?  YOU of course.  Yeah.  But he showed them, eh?  He told them, no they couldnít get away with that, not agreeing they were in the wrong, you know. Oh, he really showed them.)


Under terms of the proposed agreement, Citigroup was not required to admit or deny any illegal conduct alleged in a Securities and Exchange Commission complaint, and the firm would pay what the judge termed ďonly very modest penalties.Ē


ďIf the allegations of the complaint are true, this is a very good deal for Citigroup; and, even if they are untrue, it is a mild and modest cost of doing business,Ē (A:  And thatís how they see these little fines, itís a cost of doing business.)  US District Judge Jed Rakoff wrote in a 15-page opinion.  (A:  He says.† Thatís his opinion.  See, itís no law; itís his opinion.  Theyíre all in it together, you see.)


ďIt is harder to discern from the limited information before the court what the SEC is getting from this settlement other than a quick headline,Ē he said.  (A:  So he really told them.  There you go.  Donít you feel better about it?  Itís all rigged at the top, you see, and thatís just the way it is.)


Now, this ties in with this little article here, which has some truths and a lot of nonsense as well.  Itís from The Star and itís called Weeding Out Corporate Psychopaths.  Now, I really started the ball rolling on this and I says, the only ones that can get to the top in this world are psychopaths.  I said that years ago and went through a lot of the history of psychopaths and psychopathy and how to define it and how to look at it and so on, and how you have to be ruthless to get to the top.  In fact, itís encouraged in business school now.  They also give you a psychopathic culture when they get to the top and we see the fallout of the psychopathic culture all around us today.


Weeding out corporate psychopaths / Nov 23, 2011  / Mitchell Anderson


Given the state of the global economy, it might not surprise you to learn that psychopaths may be controlling the world. (A:  Exactly what I was saying for years.  But it is good theyíve caught on to it eventually.  And the word did get out here.  And it started here.)  Not violent criminals, but corporate psychopaths who nonetheless have a genetically inherited biochemical condition (A:  Thatís false.) that prevents them from feeling normal human empathy.  (A:  So they have a lot of falsehoods too.  Thereís definitely a hereditary trait in it though, but in psychiatry for instance, they still have no proof of biochemical imbalances or anything like that with psychosis and psychopathy.)


Scientific research is revealing that 21st century financial institutions with a high rate of turnover and expanding global power have become highly attractive to psychopathic individuals to enrich themselves (A:  No.  These guys actually created the global economy, you see.) at the expense of others, and the companies they work for.


A peer-reviewed theoretical paper titled ďThe Corporate Psychopaths Theory of the Global Financial CrisisĒ (A:  Iíll put the links up tonight, all these articles Iíll put the links up at details how highly placed psychopaths in the banking sector may have nearly brought down the world economy through their own inherent inability to care about the consequences of their actions.


The author of this paper, Clive Boddy, previously of Nottingham Trent University, believes this theory would go a long way to explain how senior managers acted in ways that were disastrous for the institutions they worked for (A:  Theyíre not really, because they all got paid off by the taxpayer.), the investors they represented and the global economy at large.


If true, this also means the astronomically expensive public bailouts will not solve the problem since many of the morally impaired individuals who caused this mess likely remain in positions of power. Worse, they may be the same people advising governments on how to resolve this crisis.  (A:  Well that part is true.  Itís precisely what is happening.  In Europe theyíve put, they actually have a new treaty for the whole of Europe, and they put all the bankers in charge.  In this treaty every country in Europe will be demanded to have to pay money within 8 days when this group demands it.  They will have 8 days to comply or they get fined.  Unelected, new commission; Iíll read on that later if Iíve got the time to do it.)  Worse, they may be the same people advising governments on how to resolve this crisis. 


To tackle this problem, we must instead examine this rare and curious condition, and why recent corporate history may have elevated precisely the wrong type of people to positions of great power and public trust.


Unfeeling, but not insane.


Psychopathy should not be confused with insanity. (A:  In other words, Iíll cut to the chase.  Itís really classified as a personality disorder; thatís how they classify it.  Itís not biochemical as far as we know.) 


This shark-like fixation on self-interest means that psychopaths often feel a clear detachment from other people, viewing them more as sheep to be preyed upon than fellow humans to relate to. (A:  By the way, itís also hereditary and if you have inbreeding in any particular group in the world youíll find they tend to produce the highest rates of psychopaths.  Read the book Political Ponerology for more information on that part.  That does explain a lot of whatís happening today.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article which has some falsehoods and the basic truths as well to do with psychopathy basically in it.  And you have to really study many articles and many studies in psychiatric books to find out the variety for yourselves, and the truth for yourselves.  Because as I say, thereís a lot of falsehoods in there too, which I call new age science where thereís a lot of hypotheses thrown around, and theories are abound of course.  It says here...


Studies on twins have revealed that psychopathy shows a strong genetic signature and there remains no effective treatment. (A:  That partís true.)  Recent research has linked the condition to physical abnormalities in the amygdala region of the brain.  (A:  But not always.  Thatís the in-thing now, is to show you through their various MRIs, etc, what parts of the brain is working. And one of the tests is to show them horror, horror, horror photographs, murders, rapes, that kind of thing, and thereís really no lighting up of that region when they see things that should horrify them, things like that. But it doesnít always, they donít always show the same traits.)


Only a small subset of psychopaths become the violent criminals so often fictionalized in film. Most simply seek to blend in and conceal their difference in order to more effectively manipulate others. This frightening condition has existed throughout human history, though likely in a marginal and socially parasitic way.  (A:  Actually, itís the norm for rulership throughout history, especially when it comes to money and a system and a people who can run that system. And they form clubs.  And they can get on together.  It says in this article here they canít really get on together too well because they donít trust anybody.  Not true.  Thatís why they have so many lawyers, etc, because once theyíve got things signed into law they have ways to get back in whatever theyíre after, and to get back at the people theyíre after too.  So they can certainly get on together when they form cabals. And they can recognize each other.  They DO recognize each other; itís like a sixth sense that they have.)


(A: They try to say in this article here, they...) would likely perish since they lack the ability to trust each other. (A:  Not so in an organized society.  Not so at all.  The bottom type of psychopath who smashes a window and grabs the jewelry because he wants it right there, or a bottle of booze, he wants it right now, thatís the bottom type.  He canít get on with anybody.  The ones who rule over you certainly can get on well with each other. They have to.  And they all watch each other too, like crazy.) 


The human ability to build social capital means that people can cooperate and trust each other. We can reliably predict the behaviour of others even if we have never met them. Social capital is the glue that holds together our communities, complex societies, large institutions and the economy. The one and only superpower possessed by psychopaths is their ruthless ability to spend the social capital created by others.  (A:  And it goes on and on, but itís bits and pieces of the truth.)


As I say, look at the book, look up the book or find it or buy it, itís called Political Ponerology.  Itís a very good, interesting study from the Soviet bloc by people who realized that the leaders that they had, the ruthless leaders they had were no different from the ruthless leaders across the rest of the world, in the West. And then they went deeper into studies to find out the actual ethnic groups that produce more psychopaths and of course, the ones who inbreed tend to have the most.  The ones who are the most successful and then inbreed tend to produce the most psychopaths and a psychopathic culture.  So itís not so difficult to understand at all. 


Journal of Business Ethics - Volume 102, Number 2, 255-259, DOI: 10.1007/s10551-011-0810-4

The Corporate Psychopaths Theory of the Global Financial Crisis - / Clive R. Boddy


Now, the G20 farce in Canada that they had, it was quite an amazing thing.  It cost billions of dollars for all their fake towns that they built and fake this and fake that, just to keep all these other psychopaths happy, on the taxpayersí tab, and lots of security, etc, etc.  They even paid for the prostitutes, as they always do, for them.  Thatís another sign of psychopathy because they have no inhibitions whatsoever and no feeling of guilt, taking prostitutes, male or female.  And we all supply that; that was in the paper too. And what an incredible, incredible system they give the people below them, to have morals, and they have none at the top, eh.  Anyway...


G20 case reveals 'largest ever' police spy operation

RCMP collaborated with provincial and local police to monitor activists / Tim Groves, Zach Dubinsky / Nov 23, 2011


Police organizations across the country co-operated to spy on community organizations and activists in what the RCMP called one of the largest domestic intelligence operations in Canadian history, documents reveal.


Information about the extensive police surveillance in advance of last year's G8 and G20 meetings in southern Ontario comes from evidence presented in the case of 17 people accused of orchestrating street turmoil during the summits.


The court case ended Tuesday before it went to trial. Six of the defendants pleaded guilty to counselling mischief and two of those to an additional count of counselling to obstruct police, while 11 people had their criminal charges dropped. 


So everything is infiltrated, you understand, in society.  Not just because of this meeting.  They always have the undercover people through all areas of society, have had since the 1950s.  Jacques Ellul went through a lot of this history, from the 1950s, saying that every town, every village across the Western hemisphere, he said, since the 50s, have been collecting, has its own little spies put in there, by the government, to collect all the data on every single individual, generally garnered through chit-chat and conversations, gossip and stuff like that.  But theyíre always there. And of course thereís different layers of them including up to your police and then semi-military and military, etc, etc, etc.  So thatís quite the thing that they had these guys working for an awful long time, before the meeting, and after the meeting too they still have them. Theyíll have spies in every community.  And we thought that only went on in the Soviet Union, as we pretended we were so free and all the rest of it in the West.  Ha!  Psychopaths are good, eh, at giving you a fake reality.


Now, what kind of society do we have?  A society thatís been degraded, because as I say, psychopaths always give you degradation in society, as the population copies them.  Weíre taught to copy the Ďwinners,í you know, the ones who win, and the Ďachievers,í the great achievers.  And it ends up going into moral debasement throughout society, especially in an age where anything goes.  Youíve been taught anything goes. Even psychiatry will push that thing too.  Whatís wrong with you?  Oh, Iím... this system is killing me, doctor.  Ah, take these pills and come back in a month.  And after a month he says to you, how do you feel now?  Well youíre still living in the same dump, or youíre squeezed into one of these little houses, crammed with people round about you, or living in an apartment building with all kinds of cultures up all night partying and stuff like that and you canít get sleeping.   The same thing, but you feel better, youíre on the pills.  And the psychiatrist will say, are you having lots of sex now, are you shopping and buying and working?  Youíre cured if thatís what you do, the very thing that put you in in the first place.  As long as you can tolerate it youíre cured.  Thatís psychiatry for you.  Thatís what they call a science, you know.  The thing that kills you, you can get drugged back into coping again.  Itís the same situation that youíre in.  But as long as youíre having sex Ė thatís the main thing, sex, it doesnít matter who or what with Ė and buying and spending and partying and working, youíre fit enough to get back into the workforce and be cured. 


Nursing home workers 'use waterboard torture on 89-year-old woman with dementia after arguing over ice cream' - / 19th November 2011


I wonít read through it really because Iím just showing you that what happens through all your movies becomes reality.  You copy fiction.  Most of you think you donít, but you all do.  Fiction and those who control fiction are very essential to controlling all of you.  Theyíre untouchable in fact, in what they put out there as fiction.  All ages too, theyíve got all ages worked out.  Theyíre working on all age groups.  And preparing even for the next, the ones who will be 40 in 40 yearsí time, theyíre already preparing the stuff now for them, starting at 1, what theyíll watch from cartoons onwards.  They always plan the society they want down the road.  You ARE in a totalitarian system, have been all your lives.  As I say, who are you really?  Youíre a composite of what they made you.  And you think youíre normal because everyone else is the same as yourself, with the same composite indoctrination. 


Anyway, hereís folk torturing old ladies by waterboarding them, because itís in all the movies.  You see tortureís good, tortureís good and thatís what you do with people who wonít cooperate with you, is just torture them.  And the elderly, well, who needs them anyway because you see, theyíre consumers.  They donít contribute to society, theyíre not producers, and what are they worth?  You know.  Because euthanasia is getting pushed more and more in the media and in universities. 


And police here murder a deaf cyclist...


Police 'killed deaf cyclist with stun gun after he failed to obey instructions to stop' / Daniel Miller / 24th November 2011


(A:  So...) A police officer killed an elderly, deaf and mentally disabled man (A:  Well heís got so many strokes against him:  heís mentally disabled, he doesnít contribute to society, so nothing will happen in this case. Anyway, here it goes...) riding his bicycle by shooting him with a Taser stun gun after he failed to obey instructions to stop. (A:  Stone deaf too, eh.)


Roger Anthony, 61, was killed as he made his way home in Scotland Neck, South Carolina, after officers responded to a 911 call about a man who had fallen off his bicycle in a car park.  (A:  Never call the police. Thereís been so many stories of folk calling the police and they come in and kill people, when thereís no need to be brutal about anything.  But this is the way theyíre trained now, you see.  They want itchy, itchy trigger fingers, they used to say.)


The caller told dispatchers that the man appeared drunk and that it looked like he had hurt himself.


Officers said they repeatedly told Mr Anthony to get off his bike, but when he didn't respond, they shocked him.  (A:  Thatís the new police.  There was probably about 20 of them standing around there and they couldnít handle him so they just shock him.  Cops at one time in lots of areas had no firearms at all.  In Britain they didnít either. And if two cops couldnít handle someone who was mentally retarded, and stone deaf, then theyíd have been fired.  And the guy wouldnít be bruised, shocked, shocked, tazered, shot or anything else.  But we accept all this today.  Somethingís happened to you all.  Anyway, it says...)


The state Office of the Medical Examiner hasn't yet determined a cause of death.  (A:  You understand, this is being used now, just like the waterboarding, same thing.  She wonít comply, she wonít comply so letís just torture her.  Itís the same thing.  This guy wouldnít comply to get off his bike.  Maybe heíd hurt his head as well, falling off the darn bike.  But no, it doesnít matter, wouldnít comply, torture him, to death.)  The state Office of the Medical Examiner hasn't yet determined a cause of death.  (A:  Oh, well, we know thatís going to get tossed out the window.  After all, you know, thereís no value....  You think life has value?  It used to at one time.   It doesnít have any value at all anymore.  Youíre all categorized according to your income bracket and what you can consume and what you can produce and how much taxes you pay.  Thatís your value in society.  Iím not kidding you.)


I mentioned this article the other night too...


Prepare for riots in euro collapse, Foreign Office warns - / / 25 Nov 2011


Take that very seriously; theyíre getting all prepared for it.  As I say too, theyíve also got this new treaty. 












And what it is, is a bunch of bankers who now are put... technocrats you call them.  Read Technocracy; itís actually supposedly a science and itís also a political theory that was set up back in the 20s and 30s, and eventually they would replace technocrats for your politicians and elected representatives.  Theyíve put them in charge of the borrowing, for all these countries, and theyíll spread the money, supposedly, across all these countries, but they will tell each country, I want more, give me 11 billion dollars by the end of next week.  And you better comply, or they fine you.  Itís all comprised of bankers, the new treaty.  Iíll put a little video up on it and Iíll put up the treaty itself, for those who care enough to read it. 


ESM, the new European dictator! - / article by Rudo de Ruijter / video by Jozeph Muntenbergh


Thatís the society weíre living in.  Most of society today are so fragmented with entertainment. They canít tell fact from fiction anymore.  They canít tell fact from fiction.  And even when youíre into something serious there are people who start blending the fact and fiction until the serious becomes bizarre and ridiculous as well.  And people donít really want the serious stuff.  They want the entertainment faction to be put on top of it.  Because it gets them excited, rather than read the dry boring stuff of whatís actually happening.  Itís quite sad, isnít it?  But thatís how youíre managed and manipulated.  You know, Huxley said the same thing, Aldous Huxley in Brave New World Revisited.  He says, most people today are living in conditions and they seem to be very happy and normal.  They are normal because everyone around them is normal, because theyíve all been trained, and they donít know it, to accept the abnormal.  And thatís how you verify your sanity.  You throw out ideas and if your pals all bounce them back to you, yeah I agree with that, you think youíre normal.  Youíre all abnormal, you just donít know it.  Youíre putting up with situations you should not put up with, if you were truly normal, if you were truly sentient and awake and alive.  Terrible, hmm?


Alan:  Now, Iíll go to the callers.† Now thereís Harriet from Michigan I think.


Harriet:  Hello?


Alan:  Hello Harriet, youíre there. 


Harriet:  Hi, thank you and I wanted to say I really appreciate everything you do for all of us.  I really like your show.  I wanted to ask, Iím in two different strains of thought I wanted your help on.  One has to do with the hermaphrodite concept and one little strain I was following on that was that this idea that sort of parallels another idea, that Iíve heard you debunk on the Annunaki.  But the idea is two different sort of species, from the beginning of time, with the Neanderthal, itís the hermaphrodite and then the Neanderthal.  And it seems as though the idea is the Neanderthal eventually up through the ages then becomes and turns into the group that we now call the Illuminati. 


Alan:  No.  No, no, no.Iíll tell you, itís much simpler than that.  Itís much simpler than that.


Harriet:  Okay.  But Iím wondering if you think...


Alan:  Yeah, I know.  I know, but what Iím going to tell you is much simpler than that.  All that stuff was put out, very carefully, by those who help rule the world actually, a long time ago.  And theyíve got lots following it.  Itís very exciting, and you mention the world illuminati and everyone goes ooohhh.   These groups actually are much more evolved into high social clubs, very respectable clubs now, and you can go into the RAND Corporation and find a bunch of them there, and all these big groups that advise governments.  Thatís where they all are in this day and age.  And they use computers and programs and algorithms to work out things.  Thatís what they do.  But when you get back to psychopathy, get back to basic psychopathy, and they even show you this in Arthur C Clarkeís movie 2001.  They start out with, basically it shows you apes and chimps and they all go to the water hole, and thereís two groups of them and they all shake their fists at each other and they scream a lot, drink their water and go home.  Nothing happens, nobody gets hurt.  But one of them eventually, and you would call him the psychopath, grabs a big bone and crushes the skull of the guy across there.  For the first time killed someone or something.  And then he becomes the leader.  Now, basically psychopathy being hereditary, once he starts inbreeding, and then of course you have a royal family, which will inbreed into its own, you are guaranteed psychopaths coming down the pike, for generations.  Now, you take that too, take that too, with an added particular religion on top of it, thatís very paranoid about every other peoples, and youíre guaranteed to have secrecy and domination by a particular group, who know how to use total force, etc, etc, etc.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I go on to Darren in Ireland, just to talk about the hermaphrodite for a second here.  Those who own the world and have had a master plan for an awful long time, have their own belief system and they take care of their own.  They also know how to destroy everything similar to themselves by destroying everything that works in society.  And when you want to own the world, and thatís your mission to own the world, and everything in it Ė thatís very important, everything IN IT Ė then youíll go into genetic engineering and eventually youíll make all kinds of slaves, more perfected slaves for specific functions, etc.  But first you must degenerate society so much to allow that to happen.  You do so by literally, while you keep your own morality amongst your own group, and the family unit is at the very top of the tree, you destroy it outside of yourselves.  Weíve lived through that period to today.  I donít think you can go back to it anymore in fact; itís destroyed.  Awfully successful.  A war was waged across the world on people who had no idea that they were actually being goaded into something and guided into something that actually wasnít their idea at all, never mind the consequences.  They never thought about the consequences, but those who planned it certainly did.  So a hermaphroditeís a way.  And even NASA put out a movie a few years back to do with long-term travel in space. They talk about creating hermaphrodites to travel in space; thereíll be no on-board problems with sexual rivalries, etc going on.  And how they could even give birth to them through programming computers to watch over these embryonic phases, as they give birth to these creatures, etc.   Something that could do nothing but really be... they call it actually, itís called a Golem.  A golem is a slave, a man-made slave for those who own them.   A computer is a golem.  A human being can be a golem if heís created to be a perfect slave, tirelessly working, never complaining, perfectly efficient at what heís been made, built to do.  And thatís part of what the hermaphroditic part is too.  But you must go into the next part of UTTER Ė thereís not much left Ė of utter sexual depravity.  Thatís what theyíre pushing for, pedophilia to be normalized and also all the inter... you know, inter gender... same gender sex, etc.  Itís getting pushed into mainstream movies all the time, big time, for a purpose, not just to titillate you and not for bucks.  This is to destroy whatís left of society, for those who own it.  This is all a warfare technique.


Alan:  Now, is Darren from Ireland there?


Darren:  Hello Alan, how are you?


Alan:  Not bad.  Yeah.


Darren:  As above so below, I suppose, isnít it?† You know, itís come to a point now where, when it comes to music or TV, I have to turn over to a classical station.  Because when I listen to words or if I catch myself during the middle of the day, I donít know where this thought comes from, but I end up repeating the chorus of some song. And you know, I kind of see the effect it has on me, but I also see the effect it has subconsciously on other people.  Like I can see people singing choruses and if they really listened to the words and if it was said to them in a casual conversation they wouldnít be depraved.


Alan:  It works along the way of memes, you know.  They talk about memes and trends.  They always give you the buzz terms, the trends, the memes, that become normalized into society as we use them.  Youíre quite correct.  Words are very, very important, as are pictures or images in your mind.  They alter you by the way that you use them and the continuous use of them.  And youíre actually being guided by other ones that will then add to those particular phrases and words, into thoughts, predetermined thoughts, with predetermined conclusions.  Youíre absolutely right.  Itís a science, a perfect science.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  Remember too, you can help me out by buying the books and disks and donating as well.  See you tomorrow. 



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