Nov. 30, 2011 (#972)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 30, 2011:

The Brain-Drain:

"A Mysterious Thing Progress, Presented as Our Saviour,
Yet Each Little Invention Seems to Modify Behaviour,
Skinner Advised Masters On the Use of This Technique,
So Rich and Powerful Could Gain Control They Always Seek,
I'm Reminded of the Sleep Room, MK-Ultra, Psychic Driving,
With Information Overload and Deep-Sea Data Diving,
Algorithmic Programmes with Nudges, Prompts and Trends,
Mesmer You to Where Imagination, Truth and Fiction Blends,
Rationality Takes a Holiday as Others Fill Your Head,
Your Mind Professionally Hijacked, Occupied Until Your Dead"
© Alan Watt Nov. 30, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 30, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 30th of November 2011.  For newcomers, you should always make use of web site.  Youíll see a whole bunch of other sites listed on that one, these are all the official sites.  They all carry audios, hundreds of audios for free download and they have transcripts in English for print up as well.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into which is also listed on the site and help yourself to the variety offered there.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you because I donít bring on advertisers as guests, who terrify you and then sell you antidotes.  The advertisements you hear on this particular show are paid directly by the advertisers to RBN for the air time and for their equipment, staff, their power and their bills and so on, hopefully at least anyway, because these bills are pretty steep for these radio stations.  So anyway, you can help me out and keep me here by buying the books and disks I have at web site.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are certainly welcome too, because although Iím not building an empire here I do have to get by, as they say.  And my equipment goes bust as well and everything needs replacement.  The junk that weíre buying from China is just something else, because all these electronics are not intended to last very long because they keep coming out with new models, new models, and thatís the whole idea, is to make you keep buying more and more.  And you donít expect them to actually last very long nowadays.  Itís amazing how weíve been trained now, not to expect anything to last.  And we do, we expect that.  So anyway, things go bust and itís good if you can help me out with my little problems here as well.


I try to get information out on what was called the new world order.  The new world order is here.  Itís always new, theyíre just adding updates to it all the time.  And I try to go through the history of who started the whole agenda off, at least the ones who became visible in the 19th and 20th centuries to the present time.  And of course they are a front.  Itís always been with us really.  And of course moneyís always behind everything.  No one questions why the whole world is running on the same system of money.  And the last few countries that donít have central banks are being bombed into the dust right now and shortly more are to join them as well, to make sure they all are dependent upon The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements, something that was discussed a long time ago, by a group at least who came out into the open, eventually, when they were caught by Winston Churchill and others.  And they called themselves eventually the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations is the name they go by in the US.  Theyíre all across the world.  They have a branch for the whole of the European Union parliamentarians and they have ones for the far Pacific Rim region as well.  So they run the banking system.  They run ALL your media.... ALL your media, paper, electronic, all means, television, everything, because after all, for controlling a world you must control the minds of the public.  Thatís very, very basic isnít it?   And theyíre all coordinated together.  Almost all the news in the world now, for the West definitely, comes through really two venues and they come from the same owner basically.  The Rothschilds started up Reuters a long time ago and of course they got the AP, etc.  And they have their own branches across for China and everywhere else as well by the way, for those who think Chinaís really independent, the same with Russia and elsewhere.


So weíre going through a big, big change, a change that was planned.  And weíve all altered ourselves and adapted to the situations as we go through the changes for the actual changes to come.  We have already been adapting to them.  Most folk will take it all in their stride.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about this world system we live in.  You can call it what you want, new world order, a new beginning of things, whatever. Thereís a whole bunch of terms thatís used out there by the big boys themselves.  Globalism is another one of course.  Interdependence is part of it too and interdependence means really that youíre not independent for anything, yourself, in your own personal life or your country for that matter.  It means youíre dependent completely on every other country.  And itís not every other country; itís the guys that own the countries, all of them.  The money boys own them all.  Thatís because thatís who set up this system and the institution, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they were all bankers, international bankers, that set up the thing to take over the whole darn world, using wars as well by the way. 


The first one they used was the Boer War; thatís in their official history.  They actually caused the Boer War, and blamed it on the Boers, typical game that they play, for propaganda, still using the same techniques today.  They always work, you know.  And so you always demonize your enemy and say theyíve got weapons of mass destruction, etc, and theyíre the worst demon the worldís ever seen, and the Great Satan, all these names that they use.  And most folk donít really care what your country does with your cash, your tax money, as you go off to bomb other countries.  You get nothing out of it yourself, except more debt, more taxes.  And the big boys simply plunder and steal everything in those countries theyíre invading.  But as I say, go back to the books from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, go back to the books by professor Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment and youíll find their techniques are all in there.


Itís so interesting too, because the Cecil Rhodes group that formed part, one of the nucleuses, that joined with the Milner Group, the banking establishment, that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they used to use drugs.  From the very beginning they used drugs.  And they used drugs, too, to bring down China and other countries.  Thatís why they wanted India.  Thatís why weíre in Afghanistan still today; weíre guarding the poppy fields, for the same characters.  And yet the beauty of it is too, they understood that if you own the money of the planet, like Rothschild said, I donít care who the puppet in front is, he says, give me charge of the money and Iíll control the country anyway and the British Empire.  Well, it doesnít really matter what parties you vote in, theyíre all ruled by the same system, run by the same people, and obviously they get their way. They get their way.  Thereís only one agenda.


And the trick is to train us all, universally, across the world now, with a standardized education, with their standardized version of history which is always being rewritten, and training us all to be good, good citizens.  Every country says that, be a good citizen. And being a good citizen means simply being politically correct; that means updating yourself like a computer program with the next update, just jump on it right away and start parroting it, and pretend itís always been that way.  Oh Iíve always thought that about so-and-so.... or these people or whatever it happens to be, oh Iíve always been for that.  And youíll get up the ladder, you see.  So we adapt and we adapt and adapt in preparation for the next part of the agenda and the next part and the next part.  Very simple techniques. 


Neuroscientists by the thousands are employed by governments across the world, by the thousands by the United Nations alone thatís helping to form the nucleus of this order. Neuroscientists, psychologists, they have all kinds of anthropologists working with them too, everything to do with behavior of human beings down through the ages to ensure they donít have much of a problem bringing in this system.  Weíre allowed the few riots here and there, and thatís good for the terror business; they can always say we need more police, we need more tanks, etc.  And it lets off a bit of steam as well. It makes everyone else think somethingís being done about these rats that run the world.  But itís not really.  Nothingís really being done at all about them. 


So what I try to do here, as I say, is document it, give you the books to look at, fascinating histories, as I say, of just two or three of the institutions that run this world.  Fascinating histories where they actually admit in their own records that they would need world wars Ė that was World War I and II Ė before they happened of course, but they would need world wars to bring the people to their knees, so that weíd give up national sovereignty.  And it wasnít just national sovereignty; it was to bring in the whole agenda of what we thought was communism, all funded by the big international bankers.  Because under communism, you see, they could deal much more swiftly with governments.  They could lend to governments rather than lend to individual people; the governments would then get the heavies, or create a tax department to send out the heavies to collect the cash for them, on their behalf.  And they much prefer it that way too.  Then the governments themselves would act like lenders by signing treaties and dishing out the taxpayersí money across the planet, that would end up not in third world countries, maybe technically in third world countries, but really for their other branches of international, transnational corporations.  Thatís where the money all goes; hasnít changed today. 


Most folk donít really care, you know.  Most folk donít really care about it.  Theyíre too happy, because never in history has so much entertainment, cheap plentiful entertainment been dished upon them, across the whole world.  It doesnít matter what country you look at, they could be living in utter poverty, but someoneís got an iPhone there somewhere and someoneís got some gadget or other thatís getting some kind of electronic entertainment for free coming across the airwaves.  And itís an interesting thing because this has never happened in history before.  Never happened in history before.  Cheap, cheap, cheap, plentiful, ever increasing entertainment, just dished out by the ton every day.  And the people gobble it up. 


I can tell from this particular position Iím in here, where I get hundreds and hundreds of emails every single day and night 7 days a week, where peopleís minds are.  And you can see the trends.  Iíve talked about trends before, the techniques that are used to control you, your mind, to guide you and to guide your mind, even guide your opinions, and eventually even your vote sometimes.  Youíre always prompted and nudged Ė as they call it at the top; they actually call it nudging and prompting Ė to think in certain terms.  I can see how they work on the people.  And with every new computer version that comes out now, if you look into any site at all the darn thingís trying to say, well people who watched this or read that would also watch this or read this.  Meaning what?  See, they understand this strange thing about people.  People want to be the same, thereís a sameness in the people.  They all want to be this... well if they all looked at the same thing and then they looked at that, then I should do the same thing as well.  Why?  Why should you do that?  Because everyone else did. 


And for all the things that are happening across the world, NATOís given the go-ahead eventually, theyíre really ramping up against Syria and Libya at the same time for another plundering war.  And of course everyoneís going to be taxed, incredibly taxed to the hilt.  Weíve been plundered again with the latest climate fiasco thatís went on.  Donít believe what theyíre telling you.  Theyíve actually got us all down for giving out more billions of dollars across the world to supposedly stop climate change from getting too bad.  Thatís all happening but Iím getting letters in here, emails about ĎWoman gets run over by a steamroller.í  No kidding.  Iíve lost count of how many folk, woman gets run over by a steamroller... and trivia like this.  Thatís what you throw out by the bucket-full to the circus crowd, the ones that like circuses.  You know, the bearded lady, you know, and the dwarf and stuff.  And they lap it up.  They must lap it up because they send it to me.  And itís all going round and round and round in whatís called trends.  Trends. 


So anything that comes in... a little while ago too, maybe a week or so ago, you know, the great scientists that come up with all these theories Ė remember, a theoryís a guess Ė where a bunch of guys wearing white coats, with the same kind of degree, make guesses about the same thing and come to a consensus on it; so they call it a theory, you know.  And they were on about ancient man, different types of man, breeding with Neanderthals and all the rest of it. And you wouldnít believe the incredible questions Iíve had coming in here, incredible.  Never mind whoís running the world today, they want to find out how it started.  Was it these guys...?  And the thing is you see, with a good conspiracy theory you can keep it going forever, because no one can prove it right or wrong.  Thatís why itís a conspiracy theory.  When you stick to the facts, itís not interesting so no one wants to know. When you stick to stuff you can prove, no one wants to know.  But thatís the world we live in, entertainment.  And unfortunately people are really blending entertainment with all the serious stuff to such an extent now they canít tell the difference.  They canít tell the difference.  And itís a sad state of affairs. 


I remember doing a broadcast back in the late 90s and I mentioned that the libraries, I noticed the libraries had been changing for 10 years, even the bookstores as well, going the same way.  At one time you always had history, ancient history, medieval history, etc.  And you would have fiction, for fiction, and fiction was always fiction.  And you had nonfiction.  You would have religious sections and so on.  And then they started to kind of meld them all together and then you would get these weird, way-out things on ancient times, mythology really, put in along with the history, rather than being labeled under mythology, and now itís all mushed together. And this is deliberate, by the way.  It doesnít happen by itself.  Thereís no trend through any profession, including librarians, that starts off by itself, like one branch saying, I think weíll do it this way, and then they all follow suit.  It doesnít happen like that.  Everything in culture comes from the top down, you understand. 


That was in preparation for all the stuff thatís getting churned out by the ton now, and dumped on the public, who are so mind bombed already by flattened ladies by steamroller and stuff like this that itís quite easy to get them into a state where they donít know what fact and fiction is.  And then thereís even entertainment programs out there, television, radio, that really suck them in.  And thatís fine when itís classed as entertainment.  And itís fine too if the listeners could remember itís entertainment.  But itís often presented in a different fashion and they will often bring on real stuff and bring on entertainment until literally the whole stuff is just a mush.  Thatís a form of psychological warfare, you see, right up there with the best of propaganda or intelligence/counter-intelligence.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about how our minds are molded, always in advance of big changes, in preparation for the changes, and the last folk to figure it out are the ones whoíve adapted.  And thatís what itís about, adaptation, always adapting to the next part of the system, the next part of the system.  Of course now they can make it even more pleasurable to an extent with entertainment and stuff that used to be forbidden, etc, is now dished out there for you to lap up, to get you all ready for this new system where youíll be totally defunct actually Ė defunct is the word Ė and ruled very easily by a global government.  Technically you already are, because people who have nothing to stand up for, really are defeated; thatís what ancient historyís all about.  The ones who knew how to exploit that situation certainly did and of course the money boys came out of that system too.  It was far easier to go into those countries that couldnít stand together, and exploit them, and lend cash and give out trinklets, and then end up with debt and compound interest, and then you simply bought the country over, and sent their armies off to plunder other countries.  This is really what mankindís all about, or what they call Ďcivilizationí I should say.  And we take it all for granted because itís the same system weíre in today.


Iíve mentioned a thousand million times that every mammal, every mammal looks to its parent to warn it, as to what to be weary of, whatís its predator species, what to watch out for.  And if it doesnít happen, itís just bait, the animal is bait for the first one that comes along; it will run up to the thing thatís going to eat it.  And humans are no different.  If the parents donít know and their cultureís been destroyed and their moralityís totally destroyed, then they think everythingís normal and they pass that onto the child, who thinks everythingís quite normal too.  It never dawns on them there could be a thousand other ways you could go, that mankind could actually go.  It never dawns on them at all. 


So much so that when they grow up theyíll actually go and fight, and to earn money you know.  Thatís the reason people go off and fight, and be soldiers and stuff, is to get respect rather than being on the street, just one of millions, nobodies, and to get cash.  And so they go off and fight for other peopleís wars.  Today itís more mercenary; they donít really care what the reason is for the wars, because they know theyíre mercenaries.  They know theyíre not saving their countries from anything.  They see the same articles in the papers mainstream as we do, about the exploitation and the commandeering of oil fields and gold, silver and everything else thatís out there, water too Ė a big one, water Ė handed off to private corporations, big fat men that never put any combat gear on or dirtied their hands in any way, shape or form.  They know that.  And yet weíre told to worship them.  You know.  Well I never told them to go off to war.  So why should you worship them?  Who are they defending? 


Itís all to do with perception management.  And perception management is the key to everything.  EVERYTHING out there from the time youíre born is propaganda.  Itís an old, old, old art.  Running nations is an old, ancient art.  Itís not lost between generations, like the ruling elite lose it and let you vote for a party that could go any way.  No.  No.  They donít allow anybody to go any way they want to.  They got to be sure that everyone, everythingís going to run to plan, and it doesnít matter about the party, itís going to go in the same direction, under the same authority, for the same reasons.  So itís all perception management, all this left-wing/right-wing nonsense.  And the last ones to figure it out are the ones that itís played upon. But mind you, as I say though, in between it all you have these fascinating stories like Ďwoman gets flattened by steamroller,í stuff like that. 


Now, Iíve mentioned many, many times that one of the biggest hammers we have is this nonsense about climate change or global warming, Iíve given you the histories, from the Club of Rome.  And that was the big think tank that is funded by the foundations, the bankersí foundations, and itís the premier think tank, one of the premier think tanks for the United Nations.  They wanted a reason, a sort of semi-plausible reason to bring the world together. Theyíd already gone through in previous generations, could we have attacks by UFOs?  Prime Ministers said that.  One Prime Minister of Canada said that, if we were attacked by UFOs weíd all have to come together and dissolve our differences to fight a common enemy.  So that tactic, you see, is used.  And so they scrapped that one and the Club of Rome came up with the idea of something pretty close, something from out there. Well, the climate, you see, solar winds, all the rest of it, the climate change... global warming, and they said themselves, that would fit the bill, you know, it would cause famines and floods and all that kind of stuff, and that would fit the bill.  And the idea too was to go along the old Marxian road of whatís called the redistribution of wealth, of all the taxpayers across the world, that would sign on to treaties, to save this invisible threat thatís at us all the time...  out there, you know, way out there. 


And theyíve been awfully successful with it.  Regardless of the exposťs thatís come out on the frauds involved, it doesnít matter.  I said that at the beginning, it wouldnít matter if God himself came down and says this is all a scam and gave you all the proof, it wouldnít matter.  This is a must-be agenda.  Theyíve got everything pinned on taking all of your cash and putting you into austerity, on the way by the way, because you see, youíre post-consumer now so all the extra cash jingling in your pocket wonít go to buy yourself little goodies.  It will go to paying basic things and heavy taxations to spread across the world, for the corporations to claim, who are now based in third world countries.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about climate change and other things too, and all the cons that have been pulled on the public, who really donít care, most of them.  Most of them donít care.  And other ones prefer... you can actually choose what you want to believe.  They actually prefer to believe Ė and thatís what I mean, BELIEVE, itís a belief thing Ė they want to believe all the stuff that the BBC and the big organizations like that churn out about it, all the lies.  Theyíre always exposed, mind you; it doesnít matter.  Because if youíre a believer, itís like religion, youíre a true believer, youíll always believe in it regardless, as opposed to facts, you see.  So even when the facts are presented they still want to go back to their cozy little belief, which is the end product of socialism, where you are used to being managed by people you subconsciously take as your betters.  Thatís what it is.  Your betters and experts are up there somehow taking care of all this, this juggling act above you, stuff thatís too deep and complicated or time consuming for you to be bothered about.  And so youíve been socialized by socialism, which of course came out from the bankers.  And youíre conquered. 


But it really doesnít matter, as I say, because as I say, if God came down himself and showed you all the facts under the sun, it wouldnít matter to the agenda, theyíre going to go ahead with this anyway.  And weíre spending billions and billions, more dollars and pounds across the planet to supposedly, you know, wave off... maybe they will give us all fans and we can sort of cool the planet by all fanning at the same time across... Iím surprised nobody on talk radio or television or some bigwig on a TV station has come out and says, letís all hold hands and use the fans, probably made in China, at the same time and weíll take a temperature reading before and afterwards.  Remember, they used to do that with the pier [?] stuff, all those big cons?   That might do, you know, the butterfly effect thing, you know.  Anyway as I say, it doesnít matter how much proof comes out, this is a POLITICAL agenda, a social/political agenda, the whole Climategate scam.  Anyway...


Climategate scientists DID collude with government officials to hide research that didn't fit their apocalyptic global warming (Alan:  ...theory.) / Rob Waugh / 28th November 2011


(A:  It goes on about the...) 5,000 leaked emails reveal scientists deleted evidence that cast doubt on claims climate change was man-made


And it talks about meeting with the different scientists, who are getting highly paid for this political agenda, working alongside government to put out the lies to the public.  Iíll put that up.  Not that it will matter; everyone will forget about it pretty shortly anyway.  And then you find what really happens at these conferences.  Everyoneís saying, oh thatís the end of them all now, they wonít go ahead with this scam. Oh yeah, youíre still got more money to go.


Anger at aid to help Africa cope with climate change:

As UK (A:  The UK has just been pouring billions and billions of its tax money, and borrowing billions by the way Ė the bankers love this.  You borrow from the same guys, eh.  You borrow the money to give away and it ends up back in the same guysí pockets again.) faces economic meltdown, ministers (A:  The politicians.) hand over £330m, South Africa (A: fight global warming and  climate change.  And itís to go up to a billion pounds.  A billion.  Wow!) will be one of the main beneficiaries / Daniel Martin and James Chapman / 28th November 2011


(A:  You know, if they could... ha!  If you realized how much money is hung on your head by your politicians, every day, maybe then, I donít know even then, but maybe then youíd get a shock.  If you were given what you owe every month, given a bill, because the government signed you down as guarantors to pay off all these loans they give to the United Nations and all these plans they have abroad, etc, if they actually billed you for it youíd be in utter shock.  Hopefully!  I really hope, and keep my faith in humanity; Iíd hope thereíd be some reaction out of you.  But because you donít see it, itís like itís not you thatís involved.  But hereís Britain, and weíre all doing this by the way, not just Britain, but at least Britain publishes it, other ones keep pretty secretive about it.  Theyíre going to pay a billion pounds to Africa, from the taxpayersí money.  I mentioned two weeks ago, about all, what, 25, 30 thousand folk are dying of cold, in their own houses, in Britain, because they canít afford the fuel, every year. But letís give a billion pounds to Africa.  Which goes into, again, the same international corporations; it doesnít get to Africans or change anything.  This is the RE-DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH.  You never dreamed it was the bankers that dreamed up that.  You didnít know it was the bankers that funded old Marx, this poor guy, this working type guy, that had his own personal servant, eh.  [Alan laughing.]  Quite the working guy.  Bankers came up with the idea.  Anyway it says...)


The £330million handout will be spent over the next four years on schemes to install solar power plants and encouraging investment in low-carbon transport. 


All the same usual nonsense, eh?  All the same usual nonsense.  Then when you skip across to, as I say, this one here too, thereís one here about windmills.  Thousands of windmills in the States that have now gone defunct and are just sort of, well, like, you know, Dylan said, blowing in the wind.  Theyíre just sort of squeaking around there, rusty, and making a lot of noise, killing a lot of birds and theyíre all just defunct.  Old windmills, thousands, thereís 14,000 actually.


14000 (A:  14 THOUSAND...) Abandoned Wind Turbines In The USA / Nov 17, 2011 / Tory Aardvark


(A:  Whoís profiting on this scam, eh?  Is that hard to figure out?)


There are many hidden truths about the world of wind turbines from the pollution and environmental damage caused in China by manufacturing bird choppers, the blight on peopleís lives of noise and the flicker factor and the countless numbers of birds that are killed each year by these blots on the landscape.


The symbol of Green renewable energy, our saviour from the non existent problem of Global Warming, abandoned wind farms are starting to litter the planet as globally governments cut the subsidies taxes that consumers pay for the privilege of having a very expensive power source that does not work every day for various reasons like itís too cold or the wind speed is too high.


The US experience with wind farms has left over 14,000 wind turbines abandoned and slowly decaying, in most instances the turbines are just left as symbols of a dying Climate Religion, nowhere have the Green Environmentalists appeared to clear up their mess or even complain about the abandoned wind farms.


The US has had wind farms since 1981:  (A:  Thatís when the con men first got in on the act.   You know, the guys that wanted all these guaranteed payments for windmills, probably charging about 4 times as much since the governmentís going to use your money to buy them.  [Alan laughing.]  Then they go through the different places where they are.  Thereís even one thatís...)


. . . on the hundred-acre site of the former Kamaoa Wind FarmÖ  (A:  Some of them are in Hawaii, some of them are elsewhere in the US, mainly California, etc.  But there they are, just kind of spinning in the wind, and killing birds and squeaking a lot and, ah, making a lot of noise.  And they want to put more ones up elsewhere, you see.  And they hope you forget all about these ones, that didnít work either, for very long.  [Alan laughing.]  What a world, eh?  What a world.)


Now, Iíve mentioned many times too, about a society thatís got no moral stances on anything, no moral values, canít stand.  Iím not the first one to say that.  The ancients said that in Greece and Rome and elsewhere too.  Itís a symptom of a society going down, is when you get children who are at the mercy of pedophiliacs, and all kinds of deviant behavior bursts forth, thatís even for entertainment.  And even generations grow up eventually thinking itís all quite normal.  Itís normalized then, you see.  You normalize all perversion and the more perversion there is then thereís no memory left eventually, very quickly actually, of what normal was.  Well, normal was everything that kept you as a people, or a family or a tribe or a nation, intact.  It enabled you to spot what would destroy you.  So the greatest trick for those who want to dominate you, and this is an old trick too, used in ancient times as well, was to utterly debase society to the state where they couldnít tell, that really people sincerely couldnít tell what was wrong or right or anything else.  Itís all morally relative.  They call it moral relativism.  Nothingís really wrong, and well, nothingís really right.  It sounds like something out of Monty Python, isnít it, a Monty Python sketch?  So anyway...


Paedophile who downloaded extreme child porn spared prison after judge says it will make him WORSE / Chris Greenwood, Crime Reporter / 24th November 2011


(A:  So you see more and more of that, and I said years ago, eventually thereíll be no such thing in your dictionary as pedophilia.  They want to rename it, actually.  THEY want to rename it INTERGENERATIONAL SEX, you see.  Well I donít care how... even if a young child agrees, how could a young child agree to something that it doesnít even know the ramifications of down the road?  So donít give us... donít con us all with this rubbish, that comes from all the perverted side, you know. Thereís lots of them by the way.  So anyway, the pedophile, heís free because the judge says it will make him worse if he goes to prison.  I didnít know they were putting children in prison, unless this judge has got something else on the go.  It says...)


Judge Aliastair McCreath . . .  provoked outrage yesterday after sparing a paedophile jail because it would only Ďmake him worseí.


Christopher Arno, 21, faced up to 18 months in prison after downloading more than 800 Ďrevoltingí images of child abuse. 


Mind you too, it also tells you the cops are all watching these guys, because they know who they all are. And I wonder what it does to the copsí minds as well.  Remember, I read that article last week about a top psychiatrist in Canada who was given one of the highest awards in Canada, who had to go and end up seeing psychiatrists himself because he made this his study.† You canít allow this stuff into your brain folks.  You canít.  You canít.  And I know folk too, who will email me and say, oh but I love all that stuff, young people, who have been taught, from birth, itís okay, everythingís fine, itís wonderful, and then they get addicted to it, utterly addicted until they canít have normal relationships in any way, shape or form, which suits the agenda fine because thatís the end of the family unit.  Thatís another plank of the Communist Manifesto actually been successful.  Itís been done. Theyíve all been done actually.  And hereís another, thereís other articles here too, about other pedophiliacs too. 


Former MP Terry Martin walks free after sex with 12-year-old / Zara Dawtrey / November 29, 2011


(A:  This is a politician in Australia.  He walks free after sex with a 12-year old.  So theyíre getting us all ready, you see, for normalizing pedophilia.  And then they reword it intergenerational, consensual sex, you know. They actually say you can have consensual sex with an animal now too.  I guess that includes turkeys and things.  Anyway...)


TERRY Martin showed no sign of emotion and refused all requests for comment as he walked free from the Supreme Court in Hobart this afternoon after he was found guilty of having sex with a 12-year-old girl.  (A:  So he paid for sex, eh.)


Martin was last week found guilty of having underage sex - with a 12-year-old girl prostituted by her mother and mother's friend - in September, 2009.  (A:  So the mother and her motherís friend sold her basically to this perv.  And that shows you too, see, itís intergenerational, the perversion now too.  So fast... so fast it just takes off.)


He pleaded not guilty and argued from the start he believed the girl was 18.  (A:  Yeah, right.)


He became involved with her after responding to an ad for her services in the newspaper listing her as "Angela, 18, new in town".  (A:  Getting sold by the mother, eh, for sex.)


But the jury found he ought to have known (A:  So the jury knew, it was the judge basically...  He must have been pretty high... well he was high up there; heís probably in the best Masonic lodge there is too.) she was underage after the nine women and three men deliberated for several hours on Monday last week. 


(A:  And what the judge tried to dig up was, his medication for Parkinsonís Disease made him feel super sexual.)  Justice Porter accepted expert opinions backing up Martin's assertion the medication he was prescribed for his Parkinson's Disease had caused him to suffer from hypersexuality at the time of his offending. 


You wonder if this is actually an ad, because everybody will want this stuff for Parkinsonís disease now too.  You know thatís going to happen donít you?  Theyíre all so brain dead out there.  Anyway, this guy got off with it and he was acquitted for this, that and the other. And so itís okay for special people to do this, that and the other, isnít it?  But you got to remember too, 2010, remember all that stuff about Jeffrey Epstein?  Remember Jeffrey Epstein, for those who can remember anything?  The hedge fund mogul, remember?  He made all those millions, sharp mind, psychopathic type you know, bags of money.  He was bringing children from all over the world in his private jets, getting them flown into the US.  And he was given a little slap on the wrist too, really, wasnít he?  ...for what he was up to, because he was stinking rich, and in with all the big bankers, in fact related to a lot of them.  So no one really cares. 


Well as I say, when you canít really defend your children itís all finished.  Itís not even defending your children.... everybody wants to use them.  See, everything is used today. Everything is for your use.  You know, everyoneís hedonistic today and narcissistic.  Itís all about me, isnít it?  Isnít that what Bertrand Russell says they would do?  Weíll create a society where itís all about me.  And your little world will revolve around you.  And all youíll care about is your own... do I feel good, am I getting what I want...  Thatís all.  Again, when everyoneís doing their own little thing no one stands together for anything.  All techniques.  Very successful.  Very, very successful. 


And everything of course has its fallout.  A law of physics of course, thereís always a reaction to every action that comes out there.  Now Britain wants to pretty well test everyone that comes into clinics and to see doctors for HIV.  Because thatís a fallout of it, just like Papilloma virus, genital warts as they call them, is a fallout too of promiscuity, as is syphilis, still rampant by the way, and gonorrhea, and non-specific urethritis and a whole bunch of other ones, that make you infertile.  It says...


'HIV tests for all' proposed / November 30 2011


ďUK experts call for universal HIV testing in a bid to reduce infections,Ē BBC News has said. This widely reported news is based on recommendations in the Health Protection Agencyís (HPA) annual report on HIV in the UK. The HPA says that the number of people living with HIV has reached an estimated 91,500 (A:  Thatís what theyíve got from their clinic testing; they really donít know how manyís out there.  Itís a hell of a lot more than that.), but more than 21,000 of these people may not know that they have the infection. (A:  Itís a lot more than that.  It has to be a lot more than that.)


Why was that?  Itís because you see, when they first discovered this was out and it was called AIDS then, you might even say it was a different disease.  AIDS brought them down awfully quickly. And theyíd come out in all kinds of facial cancers and bodily cancers within about a year and die, very quickly.  But they would not Ė because it was a political agenda on the go Ė do what theyíd always done with anything that was highly contagious and quarantine them and stop it in its tracks; everything else they can quarantine people for, even today.  Everything else, when you go into a clinic for venereal disease Ė they now call them Ďsocial diseasesí; itís very intimate for a social disease, isnít it?  Anyway, when you go into a clinic and you got gonorrhea they send out tracers to try and find out all your contacts, so as they can stop it, contain it, and treat the ones that donít know theyíre infected.  But you couldnít do it with this killer, because of a social agenda.  And thereís a lot more behind it than that of course too. 


Anyway, thereís an awful fallout there too, and sterility is one of the biggest problems in the world today, in the civilized Ė oh, I hate that word Ďcivilizedí Ė but in the so-called developed world itís really going way down, weíre plummeting down in the developed group of countries. Really, thereís chlamydia and all kinds of things that people donít know they have, and it sterilizes them.  And then added to that you got all the attacks of all the estrogen mimickers that are put in your food and your plastics and bottled waters and all the rest of it too.  What a world... and we call this civilization.  And isnít it interesting with civilization, you got banking, then civilization and then something called progress.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and Iím also putting up tonight too, itís called...


30 Signs That The United States Of America Is Being Turned Into A Giant Prison (A:  ...for those who are not quite sure yet.) -


Alan:  And then weíll go to a caller.  Thereís Bob from Texas on the line, if Bob is there.


Bob:  Hello Alan, good to hear you man. 


Alan:  How you doing?


Bob:  Iím doing okay.  You know, we went through devastating fires here and I sent you some video of that. Weíre just kind of getting on our feet from that.  And Iíve been trying to post things and trying, you know, trying to tell people that these things are controlled by the weather, you know; we wouldnít be having such drastic fires if the drought, these drought conditions didnít exist. Weíve got a town here, weíve got counties in Texas that are, they canít even water their livestock.  Thatís because a lot of the water is running off.  Rice farmers are not being able to get their water; theyíre having their water cut from the Lower Colorado River Authority.  You know so, these sort of things.  And you know, people are starting to wake up.  Theyíre seeing this, with the chemtrails and you know, tie it in.  And Iím telling ya, people are waking... people are seeing it.  Itís like they donít want to see it.


Alan:  They donít want to, youíre quite right. 


Bob:  And so you know, on a miracle that our house made it, 15 homes down here all got burned up, total devastation.  And to me itís almost like... when I walked through it, the US Forest Service, they let me sneak in here and look at it while it was still smoldering to see if my house had made it.  And Iím looking, I saw... it looked like a war zone.  And the only thing I could think of was, I think of these countries that are being bombed mercilessly and how do these people feel, the refugees that have nothing to do, you know, with these people, these thugs that we put... I say Ďweí as in collective government as they see it.  You know, these thugs that are put into, dictators, theyíre put in there to loot these countries for years and then all the sudden theyíre the worst SOBs thatís ever walked the face of the earth.  And then all of a sudden we decide, well weíve got to go in and get rid of these terrible people.


Alan:  Thatís right.


Bob:  Well hell, they knew they were terrible to begin with. They put íem in there. 


Alan:  And they created Al-Qaeda too; that was a CIA operation.  And suddenly theyíre bad, theyíre back at shooting at each other, then theyíre the best of pals again to invade another country.  I mean, George Orwell said that.  He says, who are we fighting today, East Asia, West Asia...  They kept changing their sides and their gunsights, you know.  [Alan chuckles.]


Bob:  Then I heard something on NPR today coming from work.† Texas to me has become the most police state of the United States.  Youíve got kids that are being charged for criminal offences, you know, criminal records, in school.  Theyíre going before judges, you know, for skippiní school, truancy, tardiness.  Thatís so... itís almost like they want to slam these kids down before they even get started, so they have no hope, so they turn to a life a crime.  Thatís what itís...  And you know, I donít know, to me... and then Iím looking at, Iím making several points here and Iím going all over the place because I hadnít talked to you in a while.  The Ďtoken strikeí in the UK... I mean, they let them strike a day, you know.


Alan:  Thatís right. 


Bob:  I mean, come on!


Alan:  Yeah, token strikes, I know.  But really, the world, Iím not kidding you, the world is a circus now.


Bob:  Yes, it is.


Alan:  And it gets away with it because weíre so far, the people are so far gone.  Theyíre mind bombed into fiction; they canít tell the difference now.  And really, it doesnít matter what happens in the world, as long as it doesnít happen to them personally, thatís it.


Bob:  Yeah, exactly.


Alan:  ...thatís it.  Thanks for calling.


Bob:  Thanks for taking my call. 


Alan:  Yeah.  Iím glad your house made it though.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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