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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 7, 2011:

Canada for Sale, Very Cheap at That,
Roll Up --Sold!-- to the Man with Striped Hat:

"Gorbachev Reiterates His New World Order
While Canada, U.S. Integrate the Border,
Plus a Mobile Police to Roam the Nations,
Looking for Illegals Working Occupations,
War of Terror Turns the State into Stasi,
Berserk Power's the Same, Communist/Nazi,
Bosses Have Legalized Powers They Plan to Use
Under Guise of Peace, Prosperity, Efficiency Ruse"
© Alan Watt Dec. 7, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 7, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December the 7th 2011.  For newcomers, you should always make use of – it’s quite a large web site.  There’s hundreds and hundreds of audios that I’ve put up there over the years where you can download at your leisure; they’re for free.  You can try and understand this massive system.  It truly is massive.  I say try because it’s so convoluted, the system we call reality that you’re born into, a system that preexisted your birth and your parents’ birth and your grandparents and so on, a great master plan for the world.  And it’s not hard to find them, the basis of this plan.  Even universities and university courses, they’re always on about Marx and capitalism, etc, etc, all the great thinkers that all pushed towards this global idea, globalism, and it has many different names.  We also find the organizations that came forward to set up the structure of globalism, including those who planned wars to bring countries to their knees to get them to all amalgamate, they talked about a European Union long before World War II; in fact Karl Marx talked about it too in the 1800s.  So you’ve got literally an ongoing agenda backed by the big money boys who certainly are doing well off it themselves as they loot the countries in the process.  It’s to be a world where technocracy, a rule by experts, will take over from politicians and elected representatives, and we’re seeing that being installed in our own lifetime.  Of course the terrorism aspect etc really speeds it up and helps it along too; it’s an excuse to integrate.  That’s what NAFTA is using, the North American Free Trade Agreement deal; it’s still ongoing by the way. 


So help yourself to the audios.  Remember all those sites listed on the .com site all carry transcripts; you can actually print them up, they’re in English.  If you want them in other languages go into and you’ll find a list of the available transcripts there for print up.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I don’t bring on advertisers as guests.  If you like what you hear and you’re learning something, and really finding out what’s happening, what’s behind it, why it’s all working in concert, and it certainly is working in concert believe you me, across the whole world, then you can support me and buy the books and disks at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Donations are really, really welcome at this time of year; actually all the time because things are always busting around here. 


As I say, we’re going through a process and really it’s nothing new.  There’s nothing new in the fact that governments collude with other governments to bring something big in, big steps.  We’ve had the League of Nations before the United Nations, each one promised to leave every country as an independent sovereign state and of course that’s far from the truth.  You’d be surprised how many laws that we sign into our books at the national level that come from the United Nations today; there’s hundreds of them.  And they bind you together through treaties basically.  So it’s an ongoing process towards this great strange thing called globalization, equality, all of these things all combined together.  It reminds me of what they say in India about Brahma, because they talk about there have been many attempts at utopias, man’s always trying to create utopias, and they always end in disaster.  And the way it’s going today it pretty well looks that way, when we see the chaos that’s being induced, to make it all happen by the way, such as bankrupting all the countries to bind the countries together... what a great deal, isn’t it?   ...for the banks that is.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and I’ve mentioned so many times how we live through great changes and most folk really adapt so quickly they don’t seem to notice it much because it doesn’t hit them so hard personally.  They’ll find their taxation going up as the countries spend more cash on wars and different things and the redistribution of wealth across the world – one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto.  But as long as they can party and play and eat they’re okay.  It’s only when it hits them and they’re getting ready for the street, getting on the street, or put on the street I should say, and lose their homes, they get a bit annoyed.  And unfortunately it doesn’t happen all at one place at one time generally so there’s not enough people commiserating with each other to form enough of a group to start demanding things with voice.  It happens all over the place in scattered areas etc.  And that’s part of the problem with this.


As I say, you’re living through one of the greatest agendas ever devised, for hundreds of years, hundreds of years.  I can remember many years ago Rockefeller himself said that this was going to be the biggest shakeup of the world since the industrial revolution.  And in the industrial revolution they put millions of people off the land and forced them into the cities by importing cheap crops from abroad; that was how they did it.  In fact, Rothschild himself put the Corn Laws through in parliament to make sure it happened, and undersold everybody and therefore they all went out of business.  They all had to move to these new big cities, the red brick cities they called them, and they were purpose built for cramming folk in, maybe 12 to a room, who’d all work within the factories. And it was a life of squalor and misery and 16 hours a day work.  That’s what it was. 


We’ve got to understand that this sort of cruelty is not unique, really, in history at all.  We see it happening in other countries today, and the first world countries are sponsoring it all, and profiting from it as well.  So when it comes to money there’s nothing that cannot be done to people.  It’s always the same thing over and over again.  You become commodities and utensils basically, little robots for the big boys to profit by. 


And media, as I’ve mentioned before, is owned by the Council on Foreign Relations groups.  All the top boys, editors, owners, all belong to generally the 2 groups actually, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations or in Europe it’s the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  So they’ve been at this for over 100 years to bring in this world government system.  They’ve boasted in some of their previous publications that they literally have written the history for most of the countries, the first world countries, for 100 years.  And that’s the history that we are taught, and they manage to omit, of course, their own role in creating wars to make it all happen.  The only guy who put it out was the historian for the group themselves who got access to their archives, officially that is, and he published it in Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, Carroll Quigley.  He published how they’d manipulated history and the events for 100 years.  He thought they should come out in the open because they had played such a major role in shaping the events and the course of the world.  I guess he was a bit premature with it and they didn’t like that.  Anyway, he managed to get his books out before it was bought over and then they broke his plates, the actual plates that printed them. 


He talked about the integration and the different trade blocs we would have, an idea going back to Karl Marx who wanted a united Europe, and we have that.  And we have the ongoing process for a united Americas, and it really is ongoing by the way.  As I say, in 2005 they first came out publicly as the Council on Foreign Relations when the Prime Minister and the two Presidents, of Mexico and the US, met to sign the first stage of the official agreement, the open agreement to the public, which we haven’t been able to get all of yet by the way – it was 600 pages long I think.  And they’ve signed an agreement every year since for total integration.  Yesterday I mentioned that they’d met once again under the guise of border crossing and etc, etc, but it’s actually a deepening of the integration process with complete sharing of all citizens’ private lives with each other’s security services and governments, etc, and much, much more which they aren’t going to tell us yet. 


In fact it hasn’t even been discussed in parliament.  I don’t think we need parliaments anymore; we’ve got technocrats running most countries now. They just go and meet with other presidents and prime ministers and sign them in.  And they actually tell their own parliament, you know, eventually you’ll get it, eventually you’ll get it.  You’re still waiting for all the stuff that’s been signed today.  But what we do know is now the US police can come into Canada and they’ll start doing their cowboy stuff in Canada as well; that will break out.  And the media is only covering what the government’s actually doing, or the Prime Minister’s doing with the signatory of this latest agreement, because they’re trying to make it sound like it’s just about the border and it is not at all just about the border.  Now, tonight I’ll put up too, videos on it and one of them actually mentions they want Canada also to use biometrics for crossing to and fro, and the border, etc. 


New Rules For Crossing The U.S. Canadian Border -

Secret Canada-US perimeter security plans leaked -


And here’s what the media’s spin on it is.  And this is from CBC which is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation which is owned basically by the government, although we call it the Communist Broadcasting Corporation in Canada.  And they’re completely globalist, and CFR; although they have a different name for it here in Canada; they changed it.  Anyway it says...


Canada-U.S. border deal marks 'significant step'

Harper, Obama agree to increase co-operation on security and reduce trade barriers  / Laura Payton, CBC News Posted: Dec 7, 2011


A new perimeter security and trade agreement (Alan:  ...AND trade, right.) between Canada and the U.S. aims to make everything from travel to cross-border business easier, co-ordinating regulations to cut red tape that the government estimates costs the economy $16 billion a year. (A:  Now, they’ve been saying this for years.  Each time they’ve signed this they’ve always said this. So it’s not about that at all really.)


But in exchange for changes Prime Minister Stephen Harper hopes will smooth trade to Canada's biggest and most important partner, officials have negotiated information-sharing to ease Americans’ security concerns.


The government argues Canada loses no sovereignty in the agreement: both countries retain the power to allow people and products into and out of the country.  (A:  So this is the smoothing over of what’s actually taking place, this actual article here, whereas in actual fact we’re integrating further.  We’re combining our police services, even deeper.  We’re combining taxation, by the way, because import duties and everything’s to be shared; that all came out a few years ago after one of the agreements on the Peace and Prosperity Partnership and the North American Perimeter Security Agreement they signed as well.  And even the privacy politician, we always have a politician in the British Commonwealth countries who deals with privacy.  They have no power whatsoever, by the way, to enforce anything; they can only go out and tell the public once in a while you’re losing all your freedoms.  And of course the Privacy Commissioner came out again and said, you know, this is just not a good deal at all.  Because now you have all these agencies within the United States that can share information, they can get information on all Canadians.  We’re going to start to see the same kind of trouble they have inside the United States in Canada itself, as I say cowboy tactics take over inside Canada.  That will happen.  That will definitely happen.  This is what this deal is really all about.)


It will take months before people see the results of the agreement, but pilot projects will start as soon as April 2012.


"These agreements represent the most significant step forward in Canada-U.S. co-operation since the North American Free Trade Agreement," (A:  It’s actually part of the North American Free Trade Agreement; it’s ongoing.) Harper said in a statement Wednesday before a press conference in Washington, D.C. with U.S. President Barack Obama to announce the new "action plan."


Obama told reporters Canada is key to his plan to grow the U.S. economy, and he implored Canadians to travel to America and spend money there. (A:  Everybody’s scared to go down there, in case you get shot.)  And he noted the border security deal strikes a better balance by dealing with regulations that didn't need to be duplicated.  (A:  So yeah, why have two governments in the first place, eh?  [Alan laughing.])


Harper said the two countries are already co-operating closely on security and that will continue.  (A:  So it’s all PR.  This whole article is nothing put public relations spin.  And it doesn’t surprise me because you see, in 2005, as I say, when the Council on Foreign Relations appeared on Canadian television to say that they had actually drafted up the NAFTA agreement for the Prime Minister and for the Presidents to sign, they also talked about where they really wanted to take this:  this was total integration, total integration of the countries into one, exactly the same as Europe.  And one of their reporters was the guy who did most of the talking upon that very, very subject.  So it doesn’t surprise me a reporter, from the CFR obviously, is giving us this smoothed over, glossy thing that it’s just about the border.  It is not just about the border at all.  They also want, of course, it says they also want to...)


For travellers and consumers, the Beyond the Border deal should mean:


Not having to clear baggage at U.S. airports (A:  Blah, blah, blah...) if it has already been cleared in Canada.

Border crossings should move faster, (A:  Ya-da, ya-da, ya...) with commercial traffic getting more dedicated lanes and technology to move them through faster.

Wait times measured and posted at border crossings. 


(A:  But they also want the no-fly lists and they want Canada to also take the American no-fly list.  In other words, if they US doesn’t like you, for what you’re doing or what you’re saying, they’ll tell Canada that you can’t fly from Canadian airports.  That’s the deal.  So it says...)


But it will also mean the two countries will share information about who enters and exits the country, and Canada will adopt two U.S. screening measures over the next four years: an electronic travel authorization for visitors who don't need visas to travel to Canada, and a system to deny boarding to inadmissible passengers before they get on a plane.


Canada and the U.S. will also share information about people from other countries — not Canadian or U.S. citizens — denied boarding or entry because of national security concerns.


Officials say it's not yet clear exactly what information will be shared about Canadian and U.S. citizens when they cross the shared border. Currently, no information is shared upon entry or exit.  (A:  That’s not true because in one of their exposés, on the same topic by the way, after one of the agreements in 2010, they said that was already happening then.  [Alan chuckles.] So this is a PR nonsense spiel to smooth it over to make us all go back to sleep, which isn’t hard unfortunately for most folk in Canada.)


But it’s gotten worse and worse.  I mentioned in 2001 when all this started and when they started to go off to war first in Afghanistan and then they slickly turned the gunsights on Iraq, I said, you know this is going to be perpetual war.  And I’ve put up links to an article from the US Military magazine on that very topic; this is what they want across the world.  But I said, this big eating machine will eventually come back home and start eating us all then.  And it’s about to happen.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  And it is so astonishing to watch as they’ve used manufactured crisis to integrate even Europe into this more totalitarian system where they’re not sovereign anymore.  None of the countries involved are sovereign anymore; they’ve been told that over and over – they have their own national anthem and I’ll talk about that tonight too – how they started off and how they kept changing the treaties every so often until no one’s got any sovereignty left whatsoever.  Same thing’s to happen, you see, to America as well.  And I noticed too, as I read yesterday, about the Latin American bloc that’s formed; that’s the fastest way to get them all in agreement, and then they’ll sign a deal with the US and Canada and then it’ll be much quicker to all amalgamate completely, which is what they want down the road.  It’s far better than taking on one Latin American country at a time and getting them to take the deals. So it’s working the way it’s supposed to work, exactly the way it’s supposed to work. And if it takes sinking and taking all your savings from you, all your cash, whatever, to do so, they will do it.  In fact they like doing that, as we’ve witnessed in Europe. 


What a crazy, crazy thing... in order to keep a European Union together they’re willing to bankrupt every country, because they’re borrowing money, from private lenders, and then throwing it into the black hole supposedly to stop certain countries from sinking.  So they should all sink together?  That makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?  But they use that crisis and say, well now we have no option now but to stay together, and we’ve no option now but to integrate even further, and to give all authority to the IMF and the European Central private Bank.  Wonderful scam, isn’t it?  Exactly what Carroll Quigley said.  See, the Bank for International Settlements based in Basel, Switzerland, is the organization that runs all the private central banks.  And the BIS is private too.  And they decided to do this 100 years ago.  And we’re living through it. 


I remember too, one of the talks that was given, a global meeting to do with wildlife, etc, and all the big boys were there, and I think it was Rockefeller, and Rothschild was there too.  They said this present population are the cannon fodder for this global agenda.  The cannon fodder.  They planned it a long time ago.  So all the heartache you’re seeing happening to others will soon be hitting all of you.  And we’re all just cannon fodder to get their big idea to come into reality.  That’s how they see us.  And that’s not a new thing, as I say, down through history; there have been similar things that they’ve been up to as well.  Nothing happens, NOTHING happens on a big scale by itself, out of the blue. 


Now, I always get amazed too, to watch, you know, the kind of disc jockey type journalism that goes on, this kind of ha-ha/tongue-in-cheek journalism that’s popular with all the tabloids today as they cater to almost an illiterate population, that reads cartoons and plays video all the time.  And that’s just the way it is folks.  It’s not a put-down; it’s the way they’ve been taught.  And this is how the headline goes, from Australia, it’s about Greece...


Starvation Recipes help Greeks tighten belts

(A:  Starvation recipes... that’s supposed to be funny, you know.)

AP, The West Australian /  December 7, 2011 /


It's the ultimate belt-tightening handbook: No Meat? Push an eggplant through the grinder instead. Chew your food long enough for your stomach to feel full. And don't forget to sweep crumbs off your table and into a jar.


These are some of the tips Greeks used to survive the World War II occupation that have been collected in Starvation Recipes - a cookbook that has become (A:  That’s getting sold throughout Greece.  Isn’t that just wonderful... ha, ha.  Hmm?  Then they go through some of the stuff that they had to do to make ends meet during World War II.)


This is a damn disgrace this has even got this far.  Utter disgrace!   Goldman Sachs, remember, are the guys that okayed Greece after doing all its bookkeeping and fudging it all. They were the ones who okayed it to join the European Union; they fiddled the books.  If you’d left Greece alone they’d have been fine.   But that wasn’t the intention was it?  And the same with the other countries too. 


Now, Mikhail Gorbachev who’s still pushing globalism across the world, in fact when he first came out he talked about The New World Order.  It was big news, oh he actually said “The New World Order”, wow.  And he’s at it again...


Mikhail Gorbachev Says Occupy Wall Street

 Signals an Emerging New World Order

29/10/2011 /


As the Occupy Wall Street movement continues, some unlikely faces appear supporting the movement and some even more unlikely scenarios are presented as “solutions”.  While most protesters call for the return of grass-roots democracy and the stop of the unlawful rule of international banks, you have figures working for the exact opposite – (A:  ...such as...) a big, fat, socialist world government – supporting the movement. George Soros and Mikhail Gorbachev, two of the world’s most vocal elite globalists (A:  ...and socialists as well.), have indeed been working for years for a New World Order and everything it implies.  (A:  Now remember too, if you ever get confused and wonder why the top communists are always multimillionaires, and sometimes billionaires, and socialism is basically the slower form.  It’s the tortoise form of communism. Communism is socialism in a hurry; that’s what Stalin said.  So they’re still at the same old thing again and they’re very, very wealthy people. Well that’s why, you see.  The big bankers and so on believe in technocracy, the rule by experts; that’s what socialism was supposed to be based upon.  And we’re living through it now as they just appoint people into being Prime Ministers, across the world.  It says...)


Is OWS trapping people in Hegelian dialectic, where supporting the protesters becomes supporting a New World Order? Here’s what Gorbachev said during (A:  ...a talk...) on October 20th at Lafayette College.


“We are reaping the consequences of a strategy that is not conducive to cooperation and partnership, to living in a new global situation. The world needs goals that will bring people together. (A:  I’ll continue with this after these messages.)


Hi folks, we’re back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about a speech by Gorbachev on a new world order which he gave at Lafayette College.  And he’s talking about the US and how they actually still see things and he says...


. . . Other people in America are now giving thought to the future of their country. The big banks, the big corporations, are still paying the same big bonuses to their bosses. Was there ever a crisis for them? . . . I believe America needs its own perestroika. The entire world situation did not develop properly. We saw deterioration where there should have been positive movement.


My friend the late Pope John Paul II said it best. He said, ‘We need a new world order, one that is more stable, more humane, and more just.’ Others, including myself, have spoken about a new world order, but we are still facing the problem of building such a world order…problems of the environment, of backwardness and poverty, food shortages (A:  He’s talking about the redistribution of what wealth you got left, if you call it wealth, you know.)…all because we do not have a system of global governance. (A:  So it’s all because there’s no global governance, he’s blaming it on.)  We cannot leave things as they were before, when we are seeing that these protests are moving to even new countries, that almost all countries are now witnessing such protests, that the people want change. As we are addressing these challenges, these problems raised by these protest movements, we will gradually find our way towards a new world order.”

- Lafayette College website


So all your communists are also behind it as well, as all your right-wing guys are too.  Don’t forget, all these, the ones who went across the world, the Color Revolutions, were all trained by the CIA, MI6 and others, to lead them.  Don’t forget that for a minute.  So isn’t that rather strange that your top capitalists and your top communists are all on board together?  It’s not strange at all.  That’s the dialectic.  That’s what they always use.  I’ve said so many times, if you wake up, you’ll immediately fall to one thing or another, one theory or another, and believe you me, they’ll have one already made for you, tailor made for you to walk into. They have us all sussed out by our personality types, you see. 


And there’s an article here too about how the big banks are very unhappy that the carbon, the sales of carbon credits, which they’re all profiting off themselves, again the big multibillionaires, are kind of on hold right now and they’re waiting to see what happens after this conference in South Africa so they can get on with business.  So all the big boys who pushed for carbon taxes and used all the bottom ones, the NGOs that pretend to be grass roots leftists to help it forward, they all are really ticked off that it’s all on hold right now.  Mind you, all the money comes from you remember; it’s all about taxation from you.  Most folk are not up there in the high ranks; most of us are not. 


Carbon traders cut as climate talks stall - December 3, 2011 /


And talking about carbon taxes it says...


One lone East Anglia man stands up against poor practice.

Where are the rest?


(A:  From the East Anglia University where all the leaked emails came out of, it says...)

Allan Kendall is a lecturer at the University of East Anglia (UEA) with principles and an open mind, who gave his students the whole story. (A:  In other words, the other side of the story, not the fudged one that his colleagues were giving the world.)  I applaud his brave approach, he would have known he risked castigation and exile in his workplace, and that there would be little reward.  (A:  So it goes into that particular little story.  I’ll put that up tonight too at and you’ll see what happens when you turn against your colleagues and say, look we got to tell the truth here.  Oh, you can’t do that, you can’t do that.  You know.)


Another little article, it’s kind of interesting because there’s more of this goes on than is ever admitted to, because we truly live in a kind of fake reality.  You know, we kind of get lulled to sleep by the media and the news and even the movies they give us to watch that program us for what’s to come.  I can remember when Nick Begich went over to the European Union parliament because some of the members believed that there were magnetic attacks on them.  These are magnetic frequencies that are used, they kind of pulse a person when directed at them or aimed at them.  It can make you vomit and suddenly double up, things like that.  So he took a whole bunch of these things, old equipment, that the CIA used years ago, and demonstrated it on television.  Anyway...


Taiwan spy agency denies 'magnetic' attack / AFP – Tue, 6 Dec, 2011


Taiwan's intelligence agency on Tuesday flatly rejected allegations that it had launched "electromagnetic wave" attacks against the running mate of an opposition presidential candidate.


"The National Security Bureau has not owned the alleged technologies, nor have we used equipment to harass the alleged targeted person," the bureau said in a statement.


Lin Ruey-shiung, the running mate of independent candidate James Soong, surprised the public last week when he claimed to have been subjected to "electromagnetic wave" attacks by the bureau on September 20 outside his home and over the following three days.  (A:  This is old stuff, this technology.  They’ve got videos up there where you actually see the government agencies testing this stuff out, even bigger stuff too for whole crowds.)


"If I hadn't quickly moved out (of my home), I would have lost my mind," he told reporters.


Lin, an epidemiologist, was chosen by Soong as his running mate in a move seen as aimed at securing support from Taiwan's rich and influential medical circles.  (A: So this kind of stuff really does go on.)


Another article too, it’s just astonishing how much the big boys get away with.  I’ve got an article from a few weeks ago, actually, I never put it up.  It was to do with Her Majesty’s Revenue Collection agency.  Her Majesty... see, everybody in Britain, in the British Commonwealth works for Her Majesty; she owns the whole thing.  And like kings and queens all down through the ages they live off taxation of the public, and you pay it for the privilege of being alive, you know.  Anyway, they have different deals for different types of people of course.  And when it comes to big corporations they tend to waive it all together, or they might get a present given to them which doesn’t cost as much as the taxes and they might be quite happy with that.   Because they have that privilege of doing that kind of stuff.  Anyway on one, I’ll try to find this one here, one of her representatives, in other words a guy who was employed by the government, tried to get money from Goldman Sachs who owed them millions and maybe billions.  They had an inquiry about it and this particular lawyer, who worked for the government, for Her Majesty, the Queen in other words, refused to tell the commission just how much was owed etc or what he’d been really doing with Goldman Sachs, because he says it was ‘client privilege.’  And he had to be reminded who he was working for, but he still wouldn’t give up the goods.  So he’s been offered an awful lot of cash obviously.  I’ll see if I can find that one.  This is about a similar thing here. 


HMRC tax deal with Vodafone 'may have been illegal'

Parliamentary committee examines claims that waiving tax bill of up to £7bn was outside HM Revenue and Customs's powers

Rajeev Syal / / 6 December 2011


HMRC (A:  Her Majesty’s Revenue Collection.) settled a tax dispute with Vodafone in 2010 in a deal that cost the public purse billions of pounds.


A highly controversial tax deal which cost the public purse billions may have been illegal, according to allegations being examined by a powerful parliamentary committee.


The public accounts committee is considering claims from a whistleblower who says that an agreement to waive a potential tax bill of up to £7bn from Vodafone may have been outside the powers of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).


Separately, the whistleblower has also claimed that an agreement that HMRC officials claimed let the US-based bank Goldman Sachs off less than £10m was actually worth about £20m to taxpayers.  (A:  So they did let Goldman Sachs off.  Who rules the world, eh?  Remember that article, Goldman Sachs Rules the World, that was out a few weeks back.)


The committee wants to commission a QC to examine the allegations in depth.  (A:  So I guess you’re just too big to even prosecute eventually.  It’s not just too big to fail, you’re too big to prosecute.  And no wonder because you see, Goldman Sachs and all the other big boys, together collectively, they own the Military-Industrial Complex never mind all the corporations.  They OWN them. They own GE; they own all these big companies.  The banks own the Military-Industrial Complex.)


So that’s just the way it is, and they call that democracy, and the new society, and globalism.  Now, I’ve mentioned before too, that they’re using every crisis to radically alter the old treaties of the European Union into this new treaty they’re bringing up. They just come up with them all the time, new treaties.  So you have to all give up all sovereignty now to save ourselves.  We’re all sinking bailing each other out, you see.  So we’re sinking bailing each other out so we got to totally unify to stop us all sinking.  That makes sense, right?  When it doesn’t make sense you know there’s another agenda.  They’re using the crisis.  It’s an essential part in fact, is the crisis.  And this article here is to do with the...


Eurozone: France and Germany  (A:  Germany especially, since they are now the boss, they are the ones with the biggest banks...) urge common taxes   

(A:  So here’s common taxes to be introduced across the whole of Europe, as they take over all taxation.) / 7 December 2011


The leaders of France and Germany have called jointly for eurozone countries to have common corporation and financial transaction taxes.  (A:  That will expand right down to the common person.)


The tax policy would apply initially to the 17-member eurozone. France has long complained about Ireland's low corporation tax rate of 12.5%.


The proposal came in a letter to European Council President Herman Van Rompuy  (A:  Rompoi or Rompwee, however he pronounces it.), on the eve of a key EU summit.


Both countries want changes to the EU treaties to enforce budget discipline.  (A:  So much for keeping your sovereignty to yourselves, eh?  A meeting place to do with trade, eh?  What a joke!  It’s got its own national anthem and everything.)


The push for EU tax harmonisation  (A:  This harmonization word again, eh.) is highly controversial. The UK especially has for years resisted moves towards tax harmonisation in the 27-nation bloc.


There are elements in there to upset almost everyone. Britain certainly won't sign up to any financial transaction tax. Ireland jealously guards its low corporate tax rate. There are obstacles at every turn.


Even France and Germany have disagreements, but they still want a deal involving all 27 member states. If they can't get one, they plan to proceed with the 17 members of the eurozone, and any other country which wants to join them.  (A:  Why would you want to join them?  Well you know why you’d want to join them?  You see, this great treaty that they’ve got tries to cut out anybody else who isn’t part of this big union from trading AT ALL.  They’ll starve to death.  That’s it folks.  Literally, that’s it.  Yep.  That’s the dirty tricks that they play... oh you can’t trade with any of these countries, you can’t sell your produce anywhere, no.  Blackmail... that’s it plain and simple.)


So the intricacies of treaty change will loom large over this summit, but there is also a bigger picture. The EU needs to rebuild market confidence around the eurozone, and offer better protection to countries like Italy which have huge debts.


So here they are appointing Prime Ministers now as technocrats, and right out of their own bank by the way, the Central Bank of Europe:  you just go here and run that country and you’ll go over there and run that country too.  And this is the new technocracy you’re living in today.  Exactly, exactly what the Royal Institute of International Affairs wanted, and a long time ago, and now they’re getting it.  Now...


German Chancellor on the Offensive (A:  ...again...)

Merkel Blasts Greece over Retirement Age, Vacation

(A:  They want to harmonize the retirement age and how much holidays you get as a worker.  See, the big boss that holds all the debt, you know, all the bonds.) / 05/18/2011


It was the kind of criticism that one isn't used to hearing from Angela Merkel. Normally sober and analytical to a fault, the German chancellor on Tuesday evening blasted a handful of heavily indebted southern European countries, saying they needed to raise retirement ages and reduce vacation days.


Keeping debt under control, Merkel said in a speech at an event held by her party, the conservative Christian Democratic Union, in the western German town of Meschede, isn't the only priority. "It is also important that people in countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal are not able to retire earlier than in Germany -- that everyone exerts themselves more or less equally. That is important." 


So equal slavery everywhere, equal taxes everywhere, equal retirement everywhere.  By the way, there was an article in a paper the other day there, where it said, Is 80 Years of Age Going To Be the New Retirement Age?  And I’m not kidding.  You know, you’re right back into the old system of like factory towns, only it’s factory nations, where the corporation, the big private corporation owned everything. They own YOU basically.  And eventually you’ll get credits to take the place of money.  That is all on the books as well.


Now, there’s no point in telling people to be careful about what they do with their technologies now and sharing information across the whole planet.  They’ve been told so many times by people at the top themselves that everything is collected forever and ever amen.  Youngsters don’t mind; they’ve been trained from kindergarten for this very system we’re going into now.  They have been brought up going through electromagnetic sensors at school and being searched and having their lockers raided and stuff like that. They’re used to the TSA stuff before the TSA was up and running. They’re trained for it.  And they think that there’s no need for privacy.  Who needs privacy?  You want sockpuppet friends all over the place, oh yeah I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of friends, you know.  That’s what they think, yeah. 


Library of Congress to store tweets based on Twitter deal / Dec 6, 2011 / Melanie Eversley recently reported on a Library of Congress agreement with Twitter to archive every public tweet distributed through the social networking site, but as it turns out, the deal has been in the works for some time and was first announced last year, the Library of Congress has pointed out to On Deadline in an email. On Deadline reported on the arrangement in a post dated Tuesday.  (A:  So it says it’s been on the go for a year. They are actually doing it.  It’s obviously not just Twitter, it’s all emails, everything’s being catalogued and archived forever and ever amen.  I’ve no doubt about that, at all.  So I’ll put this link up as well for those who care.  [Alan chuckles.] I don’t know if anybody cares about it.)


And in South Africa, the big meeting is going on about how to revive the falling-apart Climate Con, it says...


Skeptics leap from planes to see if zombie media will finally notice ClimateGate emails


(A:  I’ve got 2 articles on that. It says...)


Many journalists are apparently trapped in a fit of ideological blindness — they can’t acknowledge emails leaked from their favourite scientists. What do you do when your religious idol turns out to be a mere fallible human — caught deleting emails, hiding data and pretending that their models are accurate when they privately admit they’re “all wrong”?  The “overwhelming evidence” for the prophecies of a coming man-made disaster are exposed in the emails as based on biased research, petty trickery, flawed assumptions and an all too human desire to “keep me employed”.  (A:  ...with big grants.)


The trance of big-government appointed prophets is so strong, skeptics such as Christopher Monckton and Craig Rucker (CFACT) are going to skydive into Durban to see if they can shake journalists out of their stupor.


The big jump will happen at 11am Durban time  (5pm Perth, 8pm Sydney, 9am London, and 4am New York time.) Right now!


Skeptics risk life and limb free-falling from 3000 feet to draw attention to Climategate 2.0


They’re also flying banners across the sky too, to demand that all these emails be actually debated, all the data in them and the fact that the top boys like Kelly and that says that, you know, we don’t have enough data to back up our assumptions, etc, etc.  All that stuff’s out there.  But they don’t want to debate it, like it never happened, never happened.  Because the big global agenda to get us all into poverty, paying carbon taxes, is a must-be.  That’s why.  It’s a must-be.


In Belgium...


Belgian king (A:  And here’s technocracy again...) appoints new Prime Minister, ending historic crisis - 6 December 2011


Because they couldn’t end this squabble that they’ve been having in Belgium, so the King just came out and appointed one, and said, you’re now the Prime Minister.  And I guess we’ll have to get used to this idea now, eh, and watch this happening across the world.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I take a caller, I’ve mentioned before about euthanasia is being pushed big time.  I mentioned The Pathways organizations for the National Health Service in Britain. They put you in a place and let you starve to death and give you no water. It’s far cheaper that way, doesn’t cost them pills or anything.  And your pension goes too, so the government can snaffle that.  Well it’s way further in Holland because now it’s...


Death on wheels:  (A:  They were the first ones to bring out euthanasia, and...)

 Dutch to send mobile clinics to euthanise people in their own homes / Simon Caldwell / 7th December 2011


The Dutch government is considering plans to use mobile medical teams which would administer euthanasia to people in their homes.


The units, dubbed 'grim reapers on wheels' by critics, will be called in to kill patients when their own GPs refuse to administer lethal drugs.


So now the government is directly involved in deciding who they’ll go out to kill that day.  This is genuine folks and it’s coming to a place near you.  Because it’s a global agenda and we’ve all to copy these countries, you see, that take these things first.  After all, it saves the economy and saves money on pensions. 


Alan:  Now we’ll go to Werner in Canada if he’s still hangin’ on from New Brunswick.  Hello Werner, are you there?


Werner:  Good evening Alan.  You cover a lot of different subjects in one hour.  It’s kind of hard to keep up with everything.  But I refer to what you earlier were talking about, the communists.  And well as far as what I can see, they betrayed their own ideology, especially in the Soviet Union and all the countries they controlled.  One of the basic, their basic doctrines was, the workers shall own the means of production so that they cannot be exploited anymore by the ones who own the means of production, like the factory owners and before, the big landowners.  And basically they turned it all around. 


Alan:  I believe that was the plan from the beginning though, because when you look at who financed the Bolshevik Revolution and again, there was a book out, Who Financed the Bolshevik Revolution, by Anthony Sutton...


Werner:  As you say, two wings on the same bird.  You know, the capitalists were financing the communists and the socialists. 


Alan:  Yes. And also George Orwell mentioned that in Animal Farm, where the animals who thought they’d won their freedom were betrayed by the pigs who got in with the humans, and the humans congratulated the pigs.  He says, that’s great, you’ve got them all working for nothing, we’ve been trying to get them to do this for centuries and you’ve done it.  So that was really the trick.  And of course, all the big corporations, General Electric, you had General Motors, Ford, they all had plants, big massive plants over in the Soviet Union and they also had tremendous deals to exploit the country for minerals, etc, and gold, etc, and all that stuff.  So yeah, it was a complete racket.  It was a racket, like a gangster racket from the beginning.


Werner:  See, this was something where George Musawas [?], Hungarian George touched on a few months ago, when he described about the way the American companies were building up Stalin’s industries.  You know, where they were supplying them with all the machinery, manufacturing technology and everything.  You know, basically two opposing systems, you know, at the opposing end of the spectrum.


Alan:  Yes. 


Werner:  But well, I look at it kind of philosophically too.  It’s an age-old battle between the wanna-bees and the worker-bees. 


Alan:  It truly is.  Absolutely.


Werner:  And Stone Age man, you know, when somebody had killed an animal or gathered up enough wood, you know, then there was some other, they were lurking behind the bushes and tried to steal it away from them. 


Alan:  That’s right.  The trick is to make you think you’re actually gathering the wood for yourself.  [Alan laughing.]  That’s the trick.  And they’re awfully good at that.... we’ll all work together for a great new world future, we’ll share the wealth.... as we all go into massive debt and austerity.  And who’s profiting?  Well look at the big, big banks.  Thanks for tuning in.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  And help me out too at my end; you know how to do it



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