December 9th, 2011 (#979)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec 9th, 2011:

End of an Era Getting Nearer:

"There's a Spate of Government Moral Depravity,
As "Civilized" Nations Go Down the Lavatory,
Federal and Local Gangs Racketeering,
Plundering Elderly and Profiteering,
The War on Islam Will Go On for Years
As the Pretext to Play Upon Our Fears
And Give All Obedience to the Totalitarian,
Be He Left, Right, Fascist or Fabian,
There's No Point Appealing to Morality,
To the Lotus Eating Hedonistic Mentality,
Carefully Instilled Over the Last Generation,
By the Culture Industry's TV Persuasion"
© Alan Watt Dec 9th, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Dec 9th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December the 9th, 2011.  For newcomers, you should always help yourself to the audios available for free download at  You’ll see a bunch of sites listed there.  If you find sticking on downloads, try one of these alternate sites.  Sometimes, everyone goes into the .com at the same time, and that causes a bit of kind of sticking on download. All those sites listed also have transcripts in English for print-up.  If you’ll go into, which is also listed on the .com site, you’ll find a list of transcripts for other languages for print-up.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me by buying the books and discs at  And from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check or an international postal money order, which is about the same price as an ordinary postal order.  And you can also use PayPal to order.  Remember, donations too are really welcome.  And across the world, you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again.


And what I try to do on this broadcast is simply chronicle the events that we’re living through, and to tie it in with the past, to show you the past is definitely connected, because everything, everything, culture wise, everything that’s happening in the world today was planned long, long before you were born.  Everything.  In fact, the next century is already planned now, in fact.  And some of them are even implementing the changes that people who are living in the year 2026, 2040, will have to get used to.  They’re working on laws that will come into place in 2026, and 2040, 2050.  Right down to your DNA rights, etc, if you have any rights at all, and how they will choose the gender of children, and various other things as well.  All worked out by politicians and lawmakers right now as we speak. In fact, the Brookings Institute has a big lecture coming up on it quite shortly. 


So, they’re always at work, planning the future, to make sure, you see, for their masters, that it’s the future that they desire to happen at that time.  And so, the present is no different, because it was all planned, as I say, an awful long time ago.  A lot of the players involved in the big think tanks in the implementations of it all, wrote books about it.  They love to write books and their memoirs and to boast in their big part in the Great Work, as they like to call it, which is radically altering society.  Radical alteration of society. 


And the fact too, that big foundations, which are just fronts for the international money lenders and their armies of NGOs have had a big part in making the present reality as it is.  It didn’t develop by itself.  Nothing at all, nothing in society, nothing in culture developed on its own.  And that’s how you keep control of society down through the ages.  I think it’s been this way for an awful long time, because, in the ancient times too, they studied different societies, and how they worked, operated, cultures, systems, what bound them together.  Also how to disrupt them.  If you want to attack them, you disrupt them first, and they had many ways of doing that too.  Generally, you degenerate them into the state where they can’t function anymore.  And we are at that stage now, across the so-called civilized world.  That was all done deliberately too.  To bring in a New World Order.


I’ll be touching on some of those things tonight, because there’s some bills being passed now to do with special rights for special people, because special people now seem to dominate the world.  And if you don’t belong to a special group, you’re really a nobody nowadays.  It’s all the trend.  And I’ll also be touching on the hearings they had on Jon Corzine, who was the former CEO of bankrupt MF Global.  And it’s quite a laugh, of course, because it was a white-wash.  No real questions were asked.  And in other words, it was all staged before they even got onto the floor.  That’s how they do it, behind closed doors.  We’ll go through the routine, and you’ll get a slap on the wrist.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about these fake hearings that they have for the public, really.  It’s not for any other reason but a PR for the public.  The appearance of justice, as Plato said.  There is no justice, only the appearance of justice. 


Jon Corzine, former CEO of bankrupt MF Global, was subpoenaed to testify before the House Agriculture Committee.  Yesterday, he spoke for the first time since his resignation from MF Global on November 4, 2011…and honestly, I was in the camp that he would not speak (i.e. Take The 5th).  (Alan: 5th Amendment.)  However, Corzine had a 21 page statement (He only read a portion of it, skipping the part about his childhood and other meaningless facts) and answered every question that was put to him by members of the committee.


The questioning of Corzine by House members did not have many dramatic moments as other committee hearings that called corporate leaders to task. 


(A: In other words, they didn’t get asked any hard questions at all.  It was a show trial.  A hearing.  A show hearing.  It says:)


Compare yesterday’s hearing to Lloyd Blankfein‘s (CEO Goldman Sachs) ass-chewing he got for creating collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) for clients and then Goldman betting against those same investments (shorting) for a profit.


(A: You can’t get your head round these cons that these bar stewards, you know, that’s two words, do.  You just can’t get your mind around them.  They’re so, it’s not intelligence, it’s like an innate cunning, you know.  Anyway, it says here:)


Senator Carl Levin, asked Blankfein, “Do you think if your people (Goldman) think something is a piece of crap and then go out and sell that, then your company bets against that, do you think that deserves your trust?”  Blankfein fired back with his own reasoning, but you get the point…darts were flying.  Not so with the Corzine hearing.  It was difficult for journalists and bloggers to find a tag line that captured the hearing


So, in other words, there was nothing to write for the people sitting there, because the questions were so lame.  So that’s what they give the American people after getting plundered and Goldman Sachs laughs all the way to their own bank, basically.  Imagine that, though, selling them, creating collateralized debt obligations, and the CEO of Goldman Sachs, and then betting against the same investments for a profit.  Who would think of that?  You see, we can’t get our heads around this stuff.  These guys are born with it.  You know, it’s genetic.  And it’s intergenerational too. 


And then we go on to the Eurozone, because, again, the Eurozone has had it planned for a long time to create so much chaos, and they’ve even had articles in the Council on Foreign Relations’ own magazine, Foreign Affairs, that they would use every crisis to further integrate the powers from the sovereign nations, into the EU Parliament.  So, this is the reason for all this nonsense that they’ve been throwing billions and billions of euros to plug holes in Greece and elsewhere.  No one has ever come up and said where the money has gone, actually.  All they know at the taxpayers’ level is that they’re put down as the guarantors to pay all this money that was borrowed to throw in this black hole.  Anyway, David Cameron, of course, that’s not doing too well in the polls, is doing a bit of political grabbing himself right now.  And I love how this PR piece here from the Mail Online puts it across.  It says:


David Cameron stood defiantly behind his historic veto of a new EU power grab last night as France plotted to push Britain towards the EU exit door.


In the most momentous decision of his premiership, Mr Cameron resolutely defended British interests by rejecting demands for treaty change across the EU as part of a rescue plan for the single currency.


(A: Well, what they demanded was that you give up all of your sovereignty and all of your monetary sovereignty as well.)


Angry Eurocrats said the extraordinary and unexpected move – the first time a British prime minister has said ‘no’ to a new European treaty – marked a ‘great divorce’ and threw Britain’s future in the EU into serious doubt.


(A: Well, it doesn’t at all, because Cameron has already said that he’s not leaving it, and he’s still going by the old treaty, you see.  So, it’s just a little temporary thing to keep the taxpayers back home a little bit satisfied that he’s actually doing something on their behalf, which he isn’t at all, believe you me.  David Cameron was well selected, not by the public, but by those who presented him to be prime minister, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  So, he’s their man.  And it’s these guys who came up with the whole idea and drafted the treaties, and still are drafting the treaties for the European Union.  It says:)


‘This is going to cost the UK dearly. They have antagonised everyone,’ said one senior EU official. ‘I don’t believe David Cameron was ever with us at the table,’ complained Germany’s Angela Merkel.


France’s Le Monde newspaper pronounced ‘The Europe of 27 is finished’,


(A: That’s 27 members.  It’s down to 23 now, I think.)


while Germany’s Der Spiegel declared ‘Bye Bye Britain’.


But of course, as I say, you wait and see, it will come back stronger than ever.  And it’s just a bit of, you know, political gathering, power gathering for politics really.  That’s all this story particularly is. 


And this article here is from the Council on Foreign Relations.  It says:


A New Fiscal Union for Europe


(A: And it talks about the meeting of the:)


Meeting at an EU Council summit in Brussels late into Thursday night, leaders of the seventeen eurozone countries agreed to sign a new intergovernmental treaty


And of course, it’s to give them more fiscal coordination.  Actually it’s to give them total monetary coordination and budget discipline under one system.  That’s the IMF and the Central Bank, the private Central Bank.  So, that was the whole idea of all this crisis, and the black hole that you have to plug with money to keep Greece and Spain and different countries afloat, by borrowing from the same Central Banks and others, the private banks.  The whole idea was to get them totally cemented into this new system to save them, you see.  Create the problem and then say, oh, you have to give up your sovereignty to save you.  There’s no other way to do it.  That’s what they said.  So, that’s that. 


Now, you know, the average person floats through life.  They float through life.  They’re never really conscious.  They’re kind of semi-hypnotic most of the time.  And they’re full of data.  There’s data thrown at them from all angles, from radio, television, the internet, and they’re all walking about with their ipods on and all the rest of it and their blackberries, etc.  And data is just data, remember.  It’s just data.  Nothing.  It’s just meaningless information.  And they can’t discern, most of them.  So, that’s why most folk today accept anything that’s coming along the pike from governments or anything else.  They accept things because they’re so full of data they can’t reason anymore for themselves.  They wait for someone to do their reasoning for them, like Brzezinski said.  That is very true.  And they expect the media to plainly tell them what to worry about and what not to worry about.  They honestly, honestly do.  They think the media is there as part of their reasoning system for their brain. 


And I’ve mentioned before, a thinker just has to walk down the street in any major city to see the mess it’s in today.  They have to walk into abortion clinics and look at them.  Walk into venereal disease clinics, look at them.  And look at the statistics too on the rampaging of diseases, etc.  The fun diseases they now call them.  They used to call them venereal diseases.  Now they’re called fun diseases.  And you can also go into the TSA and watch these goons literally behave like thugs in an occupied country.  That’s what you’d think you were in, an occupied country, when you see the TSA pulling the pants down of children and patting them up, and getting them trained for the future, the hellish future they’ll grow up into, because this so-called “War on Terror” is to be here forever, folks.  That’s what they’ve said, forever.  And everyone is suspect.  And it’s going to expand too into all kinds of areas, because the term is not a thing.  It’s really, it’s like an adjective, basically, you see.  Terrorism can be anything.  Someone shouting at you could be a terrorist.  You know.  Someone who is so-called homophobic, could be a terrorist for saying something they didn’t like.  And so, you’ll have speech terrorists shortly as well.  They’ve actually used that term, speech terrorism and printed terrorism.  When you see the elderly being treated this way too, you know it’s all finished in your country.  I hope you understand that.  I hope you understand it’s all finished when children and the elderly are strip-searched.  And this article here is:


3 elderly women say TSA agents made them pull down pants, underwear


(A: And there’s a little video of one of them talking about it.  And they say that:)


the TSA is just flat out lying saying this never happened.


…they have zero credibility and everything they say can and should be assumed to be a lie.


With age come such things as catheters, colostomy bags and adult diapers. Now add another indignity to getting old -- having to drop your pants and show these things to a complete stranger.


(A: The ones who have already grown up in their 20s wouldn’t mind.  I think they’ll drop their clothes for anybody, because that’s the new lifestyle.)


Two women in their 80s put the Transportation Security Administration on the defensive this week by going public about their embarrassment during screenings in a private room at Kennedy Airport. One claimed she was forced to lower her pants and underwear in front of an agent so that her back brace could be inspected. Another said agents made her pull down her waistband to show her colostomy bag.


While not confirming some of the details, the TSA said a preliminary review shows officers followed the agency’s procedures in both cases. But experts said the potential for such searches will increase as the U.S. population ages and receives prosthetics and other medical devices, some of which cannot go through screening machines.


Well, the whole thing is a farce to begin with, all this screening.  It’s a training thing.  The public are being trained by it.  Even Israel that sells all these machines won’t use them.  They said that they’re garbage.  They’re rubbish.  They’re ineffective.  So, it’s a training exercise.  Everyone is being trained to obey the guys, you know, the thugs.  The thugs with the weapons and so on, who will tazer you or shoot you or put the knee in your spine until they break it.  That’s what you have now.  You’re being trained to obey.  Obey authority, blatantly, like an occupied country.  That’s what it is. 


Now, while the whole country is going down the tubes, and Hillary Clinton and others are out, all over the world, still pushing for war with two or three countries left, I think.  These aren’t the sole objectives, because she’s coming out now, demanding that gay rights are at the top of the list for Obama’s presidential campaign, etc.  But he wants it to be promoted globally, for all the financial goodies that are handed out across the world, one of the provisions.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about, with all the things that are happening in the world today, and all the coming wars that have to go on, and all the bankruptcies and massive taxations, the carbon taxes are still on hold.  They’ll come out again.  They’ll carry on merrily because that is the agenda.  They never retreat from their agenda.  And you think that the ones on the top would have more on their minds with all that.  But no, it’s of vital importance, you see, that homosexual folk get more special treatment.  Even more special treatment than they already have.  Strange that, isn’t it?  It’s only because you don’t understand why they pick certain ones to go up into politics.  That’s the only reason why you don’t understand it.  Because they’re utterly radical, you see, and they’re unbending.  I could name some countries that have got them in already at the top.


As the White House released a memorandum outlining President Obama’s strategy for promoting homosexuality globally,


(A: This is the job of the US, is to promote homosexuality globally?  Think about that now, eh?)


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was busy hectoring the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva with the same discordant anthem. Speaking on behalf of the President, Clinton exhorted the UN body concerning the evils of “gay and lesbian discrimination,” reported the Associated Press, “declaring the U.S. will use foreign assistance


(A: That’s their foreign aid, you see.)


as well as diplomacy to back its insistence that gay rights are fully equal to other basic human rights.”


(A: That’s homosexual rights for gay, you know.)


Harkening back to rhetoric she used over 15 years ago at a UN confab on women’s rights, Clinton “compared the struggle for gay equality to difficult passages toward women’s rights and racial equality,” noted the AP, “and she said a country’s cultural or religious traditions are no excuse for discrimination.”


(A: Well, that’s her opinion.  But you see folk who have religious traditions and beliefs have another opinion.  And you see, their traditions and beliefs kept them together functioning properly for an awful long time.  What’s functioning around us today, folks?  Hmm?  Totalitarianism is functioning around us now.)


“Gay rights are human rights,


(A: I hate that because gay used to be a word that meant happy and then they go and change it and then they demand that you call them gay.  Why?  You call it what it is.  You know, it’s homosexuality.  And who cares what they do in their bedrooms?  They’ve always been here, you know.  But to celebrate them and then push them off into your face is a different thing altogether.  There’s another agenda on the go here.  It says:)


“It should never be a crime to be


(A: I was going to say happy there, but they say gay again, which is homosexual.)


The Secretary of State’s UN audience included a healthy representation of officials whose cultures are repulsed by the immorality of homosexual acts, and where the retribution for such behavior is wont to reach beyond civilized boundaries.


Hillary made it clear that anything less than the civil — if not loving — embrace of gays, lesbians, transvestites, and other “LGBT


(A: I used to think that was a car, like a sports car.)


 persons” wouldn’t fly in an increasingly global community patrolled by U.S.-funded and -encouraged anti-discrimination police.


So, we’ve all to get policed now apparently.  And the US’s job, one of its main jobs is to make sure that everybody is happy I guess, or you know, gay around the world.  But this is incredible, isn’t it?  But there’s a very good reason, as I say.  You look at a lot of these top people, you know, and on the way up, they’re always very active in the school social politics side of things.  And I know for a fact, because I’ve met some of them, some of the females.  And they went through this lesbian thing because it was almost mandatory to do it, you see, to show you’ve really, really got no hang-ups on anything.  And then they’ll get to the top of the tree.  And as I say, some of them are on top of the countries now, in fact. 


And from the Presidential Memorandum, it says:


International Initiatives to Advance the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons


This is from the US government, the White House.  And I’ll put these links up tonight, and you can read all that stuff as well, if you can stomach it, because apparently it’s awfully important, while all the world is going down the tubes into totalitarianism that this is at the top of the tree apparently, you know, for some strange reason. 


Now racketeering is nothing new to the States, and especially when it was taken over quite a long time ago.  Racketeering became very, very prominent.  And it’s still going on big time.  This one, and again, it’s a sign of the times.  It’s a sign of a decaying society.  And it’s also the sign of immorality and lack of religious beliefs or at least culture, because it was only religious culture that gave you a workable society, whether you like it or not.  Whether you like it or not.  It says:


A federal racketeering complaint accuses high-ranking Philadelphia code-enforcement officials of looting the residences of elderly and disabled citizens "under the fraudulent pretenses of needing to clear the homes of various code violations."


(A: A federal racketeering complaint, remember.  High-ranking Philadelphia code-enforcement officials.  This is the government.)


The scheme, carried out as part of a purported anti-blight initiative called the Community Life Improvement Program (CLIP), "has so far resulted in at least nine felony convictions" on charges that include perjury, theft and gun running, according to Steven Tengood,


(A: It seems like government’s doing nothing more than gunrunning these days, eh, into Mexico and all over the place.  And it says:)


a longtime civilian worker in the Armed Forces who says the home he's lived in for nearly 45 years was plundered by CLIP workers.


Tengood, 62, says one of the stolen guns was later used in a homicide.


(A: So, even the feds here are selling the guns that they’re stealing from these old folk.)


He says he was forced to put his 96-year-old mother in a nursing home, because as a Holocaust survivor, she was disturbed "by the continual presence of City officials serving additional notices and bills [related to supposed property-code violations],


(A: That’s what they get you on now, it’s all, how long is your grass, you know.  Or how short is it?  Oh, it’s too short.)


and removing items from the exterior" of his home, according to the 60-page complaint.


Tengood says that when he tried to appeal the bogus violations through the city's administrative review process, a deputy city solicitor "willfully supported defendants inspectors' underlying plan to rob Mr. Tengood.


They robbed him of everything folks.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article about cities basically plundering elderly people under the guise of clearing some of their hoarding problems out of the house and robbing them blind in the process.  All authorized by city governments and so on.  Because they split the loot, you see.  They split it all among.  This is like the Soviet Union was.  That was what they did there, when the cops went in and so on.  They split, they took everything and split the loot.  Yep.  It’s happening here.  It says here:


 Tengood says that when he tried to appeal the bogus violations through the city's administrative review process, a deputy city solicitor "willfully supported defendants inspectors' underlying plan to rob Mr. Tengood and baselessly accused him of being a "hoarder."


Accusing CLIP crews of committing a city-funded "crime wave" of "break-ins and thefts," a Grand Jury in 2009 found that the crews "didn't simply pocket stray knickknacks. They drove trucks to the houses and took everything .


(A: This is lots of people.)


"In several cases, the property owners were forced out or locked out of their houses, even though the CLIP crew had no legal authority to enter the properties or displace the occupants," the Grand Jury found.


CLIP was designed to allow officials to respond quickly to property-code violations, by giving owners 20 days to remediate a violation or face unilateral action by city workers, who could cut weeds, remove trash or otherwise clean a property, then bill the owner for the services.


(A: That’s why you can’t allow any laws on the books, you understand, when it comes to your property, any at all.  Because they always expand them into this kind of con, this rip-off, this crime.  That’s how government works.  It says:)


But what may have begun as a well-intentioned anti-blight program


(A: No, they probably knew exactly where they were going.)




(A: And that proves it.)


quickly transformed into something far more nefarious.


According to the Grand Jury: "One 75-year-old woman was at home ... with her husband and disabled daughter when one of the CLIP crew members climbed in through her kitchen window and an ... inspector broke in through her basement door. After removing the family from the house, the crew ransacked their home, stealing over $25,000 in cash and almost all of the furniture…


When she later asked the supervisor of the crew what had happened to all of the money and furniture from the house, he told her to get a lawyer. One of the crew members testified that the supervisor, Rick Sicinski, allowed them to take money from houses, saying it was 'a fire hazard.'"


(A: Can you believe this, folks?  Eh?  Utter stinking crooks.)


Sicinski, named as a defendant in Tengood's complaint, pleaded guilty to a slew of charges and was sentenced to 1½ to 3 years in prison, according to court records and a report in the Northeast Times.


(A: So, apparently, this whole idea of:)


CLIP was launched by City Councilwoman Joan Krajewski in April 2002 as "a campaign to target 'quality of life' code violations,


Quality of life.  Yeah, we’ll rob you blind.  I’ll bet you it was set up to go this way, right from the beginning.  Right from the beginning, folks.  But, it’s a sign too, that your system is kaput.  It’s finished.  This sort of thing is happening all over the place. 


Also tonight, I’m putting up a link.  All these ones I’ll put up links to, but I’m putting a link to this article here.  It’s a PDF from the government.  It’s:


Strategic Implementation Plan for Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States


And it’s quite a lengthy PDF from el Presidento, and it’s to do with how to prevent violent extremism inside the US and all the different spying organizations and so on that they’re going to work with and partnerships and yadda, yadda, yah, to spy on everyone.  You have to watch every word that you say from now on, because you’re going to get some nutcase taking it the way they want to hear it, and no questions will be asked.  You’ll simply be grabbed, and you know, you’ll get the black bag over your head, pulled in a van, and you’re taken off to be tortured.  No kidding.  You think I’m joking about that?  No, I’m not joking at all about that.  That’s going to, you’ll see this shortly.  Very shortly in fact.  Very shortly.  So, I’ll put that one up too.


And we’ve often wondered too, we’ve had very good people come out in the past and expose the reason for the failing education system. It’s on purpose.  They don’t want intelligent people with rational capabilities and reasoning capabilities, at this particular time.  They want people who are pretty dumb, stupid, like lots of sex and drugs and go and wear black uniforms and watch old reruns of “The Simpsons.”  That’s the culture that they want.  And they’ve got it, actually.  They actually have that.  They raised a generation on purpose for this very time where they’ll bash even their parents’ heads in, but definitely the elderly and everyone else.  Here’s an article here from Britain, to do with exams there.   An examination chief, these are the guys who write out the examinations and control the examinations, she says:


'You don't have to teach a lot' for our tests’


Steph Warren, a chief examiner at Edexcel,


(A: It’s called:)


one of Britain’s biggest exam boards, has been recorded boasting about the easiness of the company’s tests.


Ms Warren, the chief examiner for Edexcel GCSE Geography, said that teachers should pick her company’s exam because “you don’t have to teach a lot”.


Ms Warren also expressed her disbelief that the geography exam had been cleared by the official regulator.


She said: “There’s so little [in the exam] we don’t know how we got it through [the exam regulator]”. She claimed it was “a lot smaller [than other boards] and that’s why a lot of people came to us.”


The conversation, involving an undercover reporter and two teachers, took place at an Edexcel seminar in Birmingham last month. It will also raise concerns about the rigour of exam papers and standards.


They don’t want people who can think and who can pull back on memory and lift things out of their minds into the present and use it against things that are happening today.  They want pretty stupid people, and actually they have a lot of them around, if you probably notice.


In Australia, as things go backwards, of course, that’s what tyranny always gives you.  You always go backwards. 


Fingerprint scanners are being used to monitor workers' hours and lunch breaks, with some businesses using the technology to dock employees' pay if they are late.


Workers at Qantas, Dan Murphy's, Breville and Unomedical are among those using the new system, called PeopleKey, which clocks employees in and out.


The scanners register workers' fingerprint and records the time they start and finish.


The information can be forwarded to payroll offices and employees can be penalised if they are caught arriving late or slacking off.


(A: I think they can also use it going to and from the bathroom.)


A Dan Murphy's spokesman said it used the system to monitor staff at its liquor stores, but said employees were not docked for a few minutes' tardiness.


So, it’s just once again, it’s getting you used to the step towards biometrics and chips and all the rest of it too.  So, you’re treated like criminals now, if you get a job.  You know, labor should be up in arms about this, because you’re not a criminal.  You sell your labor, you know, you don’t sell your soul.  You don’t sell your soul, you know.  And you don’t sell your respect.  Always remember that.  If you do, I have no, I’ve got nothing for you.  That’s as simple as that.


Now, those who go to church, if there’s anything called a church today.  They’re kind of like a Santa Claus they pray to these days, I think, because they don’t really believe most of it


If You Go to Church, Heed This Warning


The CDC and HHS held an “off-the-record, not-for-press-purposes” phone conference with church and community leaders.


(A: That’s the Center for Disease Control, remember.)


They want to administer flu vaccines in churches, synagogues and mosques.

They are encouraging church leaders to “influence” people to get the shots through clinics run by Walgreens, which would send pharmacists out to places of worship to mass-vaccinate people in the church/synagogue/mosque.


(A: By the way, pharmacists are not supposed to do invasive procedures and something being stuck through your skin into your body is actually classed, for those who don’t know, an invasive procedure.  They’re not taught how to do it, or anything else.  A pharmacist is just a pusher for pills.  He measures them out on a weighing machine.  It’s all automatic.  And then he sells you it at an extortionate price.  That’s his job.  And it says:)


Recently the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, held an invitation-only call.


The call was co-sponsored by the U.S. Health and Human Services, the Office of Minority Health, and CDC.


Conspicuously, the end of the invitation read:


“This call is off the record and is not for press purposes” -- but it became public when it showed up on the HHS website.


Fortunately one of our staff was able to get on the call.


The focus of the call was on getting faith-based organizations to sponsor flu clinics with Walgreens.


Basically, they want to move inside your church, mosque or synagogue, and set up shop, with your pastor, priest, imam and rabbi on hand to convince you to get a flu shot.


As an example, they cited a priest who stopped in the middle of mass to roll up his sleeve and get vaccinated, inspiring the rest of his parish to line up behind him.


All the marketing gimmicks, eh?  So, thank god to god, and get your shot, eh?  Eh? Ah, people are so stupid though, but what can you do?  What can you do, eh?  Just so stupid. 


Now, happy shopping really for those who live in Sandwell and West Bromwich basically in England, because I’ll put up a video tonight to show you what their version of the TSA is doing.  Because they use police to do that there, in the streets and everything, to show you how they search folk in the streets, as you go towards bus stations or passing the bus stations even.  And it’s called: Safer 6 in Sandwell.  It’s all for your safety, you understand, and Merry Christmas.  Oh sorry, I can’t say Christmas.  It’s happy holidays, isn’t it?  Happy holidays, whatever that means, eh. 


And this is a good article.  I’ve got to read this one.  Because it’s to do with, again, the debasement of society worldwide, as all morality goes down the sewer.  And that’s where it is, it’s in the sewer now.  It says:


Aliaksei Yafimau shudders at the memory of the burly thug who threatened to kill his relatives. Yafimau, who installs satellite television systems in Babrujsk, Belarus, answered an advertisement in 2010 offering easy money to anyone willing to sell a kidney.


He saw it as a step toward getting out of poverty. Instead, Yafimau, 30, was thrust into a dark journey around the globe that had him, at one point, locked in a hotel room for a month in Quito, Ecuador, waiting for surgeons to cut out an organ, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its December issue.


The man holding Yafimau against his will was Roini Shimshilashvili,


(A: I think his name is.  It sounds like Russian, a type of Russian, I’ll put it that way.)


a former kickboxer who was an enforcer for an international organ-trafficking ring, according to evidence gathered by police in Kiev. Yafimau says that when he pleaded with Shimshilashvili to let him get out of the deal and go home, the big man sliced the air with Thai-boxing moves and threatened him.


“He said if I didn’t go through with it, he would leave me in Ecuador and kill my family,” Yafimau says.


Doctors removed Yafimau’s left kidney in July 2010 and transplanted it into an Israeli woman,


(A: Most of it is getting bought by Israelis.)


 according to the Kiev police investigation. On the plane back to Belarus, on the western border of Russia, Shimshilashvili told Yafimau that if he wanted to live, he shouldn’t talk to police.


“I am afraid for my life,” says Yafimau, standing outside his mother’s Babrujsk apartment building, a nine-story, Soviet-era edifice that’s surrounded by weeds and trash. The traffickers paid Yafimau $10,000.


(A: Generally in the Philippines, they only give them five, and they spend most of that on the antibiotics they need to try and keep the other post-operative infection away.)


He says it wasn’t worth the fear that haunts him today.


Violence and Coercion


Yafimau is one of the faceless and neglected victims in a sprawling global black market in organs — where brokers use deception, violence and coercion to buy kidneys from impoverished people, mainly in underdeveloped countries, and then sell them to critically ill patients in more-affluent nations.


The middlemen form alliances with doctors in leading hospitals who do these transplants for a fee, no questions asked.


Organ trafficking is on the rise, as desperate people seek transplants in a world that doesn’t have enough donors. About 5,000 people sell organs on the black market each year, according to Francis Delmonico, an adviser on transplants to the World Health Organization.


(A: And then they go on about it’s against the law, the usual stuff, etc, etc.  And it says:)


It’s against the law to buy or sell an organ in every country except Iran, says Delmonico, who is president-elect of the Montreal-based Transplantation Society, which lobbies governments to crack down on illicit procedures.


‘Exploit Shortages’


“There have been successes fighting organ trafficking around the world,” Delmonico says. “But organ trafficking continues to flourish because criminals exploit shortages of organ donors.”


Bloomberg Markets reported in June that U.S. citizens and others from the Americas suffering from kidney failure were going to Nicaragua and Peru to buy organs in a shadowy trade that injured and killed donors and recipients.


(A: And it goes on and on and on.  It says:)


With a generally well-educated population of 7.4 million and a modern medical system, Israel has an acute shortage of organs, in part because of religious beliefs.


(A: I guess being religious makes you need an organ.  What are they saying here?  They want kosher ones.)


Just 12 percent of Israelis are registered donors, meaning they have consented to let their organs be used for transplants after they die, according to the Israeli National Transplant Center.


That compares with 40 percent of Americans. About 730 Israelis are currently waiting for a transplant, which is 13 times more than the number of such surgeries performed legally in Israel in 2010, according to the center.


Delmonico, a professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, has spent the past six years lobbying governments and doctors around the world to combat organ trafficking. He says Israel’s government is cracking down.


(A: On it too. Well, we’ll wait and see.  It says:)


The Knesset, Israel’s legislative body, passed the Organ Transplant Law in 2008, setting penalties, including imprisonment of up to three years, for buying and selling organs and requiring hospitals to scrutinize transplants by nonrelatives and foreigners.


(A: And then it goes on about trying to break up the gangs and so on:)


Israeli police have been among the most aggressive in the world against organ traffickers, breaking up three international gangs since 2008.


So a lot of them are based in Israel and some of them in the Soviet Union in conjunction with Israel, but it goes on and on and on.  And that’s the way it is in this disgusting world.  And an article too, I’m putting up tonight too, is to do about thinking twice before handing the EU power.  And it’s from the Scotsman newspaper.  And this guy goes through some of the history of how the EU has lied step by step, all the way into this totalitarian system, and he reminds them of the policies they’ve used in the past, including crisis to try to get all power away from the once sovereign nations. 


Now, I’m going to go to the phone calls now and see who’s hanging on the line.  And I think we’ve got, there’s Daniel from the UK.  Are you there, Daniel? 


Daniel: Yeah, hello.  Do you think eventually there will be separate housing for state workers?  Like they’ll be in separate little communities all gated and guarded for all the state workers, so it like widens the gap between us and them and that sort of thing. 


Alan: They’ve actually talked about that, even in the CFR articles, of the cities of the future for workers.  The cities of the future by the way are the present slums we’re in today.  And they’ve already set up, you’ve probably seen the articles about Prince Charles, these new communities for the middle class.  They’ll be your overseers.  They’re out in the country.  They have space between the houses.  They’re not big high-rises.  They have gardens and they’re all ecofriendly, etc, etc.  That’s for the middle classes. It’s already been discussed what’s to happen for the next fifty-odd years, etc.


Daniel: I mean, because I mean, from a security point of view from their point of view, they will probably become threatened.  I mean, people identify them as their tormentors and, you know, enforcing these unfair laws.  Surely, they’re going to have to, for their own sake, they’re going to be in guarded communities.  That’s what I see it as. 


Alan: Oh, they are in guarded communities.  You’ll see, they already have them in the US, these gated communities they call them, for those who can afford them.  And Britain is following suit right now with these ideas, under Prince Charles’s new free communities outside, but it’s only for the middle classes and the wealthy.  Hold on, back after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking to Daniel from the UK, about the types of places where workers will live.  Remember too, Daniel, they have plans, big plans, as people die off, up to the year 2050.  And as I say, there’s the Brookings Institute giving out lectures on the coming laws that they’re all working on right now to do with cloning, big time cloning.  And I think they’re going the way of Brave New World.  That was the agenda, where they’ll eventually breed the Alpha, Betas, and Thetas to take care of all sections of society.  And that really is part of their plan.  So, as the people die off, your tax money has been going all this time to find ways to create good worker bees that are kept quite content, very simply too, and don’t have to be propagandized into submission all the time.  They will be pretty submissive people.  They’ve figured all this kind of stuff out a long time ago, and most people today, by the year 2050, most of them will have no children anyway, except for the immigrant families.  They’re the only ones who still have families intact that have children, or want children.  And so, really for the next thirty-odd years or so, forty years, we’re simply being managed as we go down the tubes.  But they do, under Agenda 21, say that they want more and more people off the rural areas, except those who are of vital importance.  At the same time, of course, they’re putting up these special places, these gated communities you might call them in Britain as well for the middle classes, who will be working in government, in officialdom, and that’s where they’ll be all living.  That’s already happening.


Daniel: They’ll have to be protected.  I mean, that’s what I see.  And they’ll have to be separate.  But with regards to this medical thing you were talking about, one thing I was surprised at, you mention this higher level of science, this medical science at the top.  Well, that Sir James Goldsmith, the father of Jemima Khan, he was a high-up banker, but he died of cancer in his 60s, didn’t he?


Alan: He died of a very fast acting prostrate cancer, because he was trying to pull Britain.  He actually went rogue, and he was trying to pull Britain back out of the EU.  And so, you know one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it’s been out in exposés on the CIA and others, they scatter a tiny little bit of uranium on the seat of your car.  You won’t even notice it.  You sit on it, and you’re down in a week with cancer of the prostate.


Daniel: Well, this is it, because as far as assassination goes, giving people carcinogens is a very innocuous way.  And I’ve thought about this, because all the people you see throughout history who die of cancer who were very controversial figures, you think, it was quite easy, even decades ago for them to do that.


Alan: Well, I’ll tell you how easy it is.  Back in the 70s, a Russian assassin was caught in Britain, well, actually he was chased in Britain.  He left his briefcase behind, and it was full of all these different toxins, little sprays you could spray in a person’s face and so on.  He’d just killed a person, a defector in London, and he went on the run, but they got his briefcase with all his toys in it.  All the countries have the same stuff, by the way.  What they said was, these things they could spray in you, inject in you, one could be shot in with a little BB, a tiny BB, which this guy had actually used in an umbrella, hit a guy in the thigh.  That’s how he killed the Russian defector.  Anyway, they said that once these things take over, these various chemicals and bacteriums, they could attack your liver, and any postmortem would say that you died of cirrhosis of the liver, even if you had never drunk in your life.  That would be the verdict.  It would literally mimic all the kinds of diseases, advanced diseases and they could give you lots of different kinds of cancers.  And that was back in the 70s.  That was mainstream.  They’ve had this for an awful long time.


Daniel: It’s a wonderful world, eh, Alan?  Well, thanks very much, and have a good weekend.


Alan: And thanks for calling.  And from Michael, Indiana, Bob, Texas, and Jane, Ontario, maybe you could call again on Monday.  Thanks for listening.  See you then.



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