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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 13, 2011:

Deranged? -- No, All Planned Change:

"Perpetual Wars for Perpetual Change,
There's No Public Input, No Exchange,
In Fact the Public's Adapted Very Well,
Distracted by Finances and Bankers' Hell,
Amidst the Chaos, NGOs and Foundations,
Push Human Aberrations On All the Nations,
International Treaties, There's the Problem,
No Tools to Tackle, Nor to Solve Them,
A Global Elite with Armies of Special Interest,
Decide Our Fate, Since They Know Best,
While Docile Man is Mesmerized, You See,
And Women Dance and Dress for MTV"
© Alan Watt Dec. 13, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 13, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December the 13th 2011.  For newcomers, you should help yourself to the audio downloads for free at  On that page you’ll see other sites listed; these are the official sites I have.  You’ll find the audios on all of them.  You’ll find transcripts in English for print up on all of them.  And you’ll also see there the web site and from there you can find transcripts in other languages for print up as well.  So help yourself to those.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you, and if you want to hear more of this information.  I try and chronicle basically the events we’re living through and explain it – to the past, you must always compare it to the past – the big organizations that planned this particular time in history and how they’re also going ahead with the next 100 years, 200 years and so on.  Because we are living in a script; there’s no doubt about it.  So you can buy the books and disks I have at  And if you want to order [Order and donation options listed above.]  And donations are really welcome too, really welcome


I’ve been watching this globalization movement...  it’s not just globalization.  I think most folk really wouldn’t mind a form of globalization.  They think it’s a natural evolution and that’s how they’re trained to see it too.  Maybe it would be one day if it happened over a long, long-term basis but this is a forced evolution you might say with a particular intent in mind, by an elite.  Not to bring you all together as one big happy family, which is nice in Disneyland but nowhere else, but in reality to reduce the population of the planet to a manageable level they say and to bring us all down to a sustainable living type of lifestyle, which of course the elites, again, and experts and managers will tell you what you can eat and how much you can eat and what you can grow and all that kind of stuff.  In other words, they want a new civilization for a new period.  Not us, not the old man, you see.  A new type of man, a better man.  That’s why they’ve been running ahead with genetic engineering for an awful long time, using millions and billions of your money, of your taxpayers’ money to work on genetics.  And they’re really, really way ahead in it all because you see, they don’t want us all, the old types as I say.  They want a more efficient type, some type that won’t need lots of entertainment, etc, who won’t complain, object.  They’ll be quite content.  Maybe you can switch them off at night, kind of like what you saw in Star Trek with the woman who was a Borg; you know, just put her in a little closet thing and switch her off at night.  That’s really the kind they really want.  And they’re not kidding about it either, at the very, very top of this. 


They do believe in evolution. They do believe that they are on the cutting edge. They believe themselves they are at the top of the evolutionary tree, and the proof is the fact that they are up there with power and money and wealth and they’ve held onto it for generations without losing it, the money or the wealth.  They do arrange their marriages very, very carefully to make sure that good psychopaths are bred with good psychopaths of both genders, and that way the offspring’s pretty well guaranteed to be a good psychopath as well, not too stupid but they don’t have to be terribly bright either.  They can always hire those beneath them, the experts, who go up through university to do all the thinking for them, the work, the scientific research and so on. 


We are living in the past.  We live in the past, as I say, all the time.  Even the media is part of this agenda because they keep you living in what you think, what you think is the present.  Even when the big boys talked about these wars many years ago, all the wars that we’re going through now were discussed years ago, one after another, all in a row, and that’s what we’re going through.  All in a row.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big agenda, the big world plan.  I’ve watched it my whole life actually and I’ve noticed too, regardless of the country you happen to be living in at the time that it doesn’t matter what party, left-wing or right-wing, it doesn’t matter which party gets into power, the treaties, these binding treaties they keep signing at the United Nations are signed in by either; it doesn’t matter if it’s left-wing or right-wing.  So it’s an agenda. It’s a definite agenda.  Even Jefferson said the same thing, if you see the same agenda going through different houses – meaning changes of the houses of Congress – then you know, if it continues, then you’re under a tyranny.  It’s a silent tyranny, you see; they won’t admit to it but the evidence is all there by their actions and what they sign. 


So we are under it too, because that’s the big, big goal, has been for 100 years, and even older, but 100 years ago, as I say, the organizations that set out to take over all the world’s resources, run the world efficiently, not in a democratic way either – although they would keep using the term democracy to foment wars, which they of course would be in control of, to get the outcomes they desired too and it’s still going on today.  We’re seeing private corporations buying up the resources of the world, right down to your water supplies.  And that’s the feudal system that Professor Carroll Quigley was talking about in his book Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment that gives you a good history of how they caused wars and planned wars to get the end result, of themselves in charge. 


So we’re living through it today too.  It’s astonishing really; we’ve been at war pretty well continuously since Gulf War 1.  Even during the Clinton era there were so many cruise missiles fired over to the Middle East and Iraq day after day we got so used to it we’d just ignore it and then forget it.  But it’s never been ending, really, these wars on the various Arab nations one after another.  And then you find out in the New American Century group, the group that really has divided loyalties, put it that way, to other countries, they signed up the whole list of countries they wanted to be taken down by the US military one after another.  And we’re living through it, been living through it for years now.  But no one wants to talk about that, you see; we all feel embarrassed about it. 


Nevertheless we’re living through it and of course at the same time as we’re going through all these wars we’re watching more and more private corporations – and after all the treaties that were signed through the GATT treaty and others – other countries are now coming into our countries and grabbing resources.  If you stop them coming in you get fined by the World Trade Organization.  You can’t stop them coming in and doing what they want to do and that’s why China is in big time into the US buying up everything they can find pretty well and eventually including the roads.  In Britain Rothschild himself put out the bill to sell off the roads there.  And it’s just astonishing, the same old names crop up all down through hundreds of years, eh, still in charge of everything when it comes to the material world.  And that’s what it is.  It’s a material world isn’t it? 


But we are dependent upon this material world, as I say, and eventually the average citizen will have no rights to anything whatsoever, food, water or anything else.  That’s what you’re being told continuously by governments.  And government now is getting everyone trained who owns their own house – or the bank owns it, whatever – that you must let government in to inspect furnaces, etc, or you can’t buy oil to heat yourself.  Oh, no, you can’t buy oil; you have to freeze to death and this kind of stuff.  So you’re getting trained gradually to comply, comply, that there’s no such thing as private property.  And all these emergency bills they put through too, pretty well did away with all kind of rights that you thought that you had and people can come in all the time under various guises and march through your house with their muddy boots. 


Now, we’re also being controlled, as I say, through materialism, through what you need to live, your basic necessities, food, shelter, clothing and heating and so on.  But under the United Nations they have this great idea that we’re unsustainable, you see.  Every one of you is taking the earth’s resources, just to keep alive.  And there’s too many of you, they say; they want you down to few million, across the whole planet.  And every country’s been signing on to these agreements year after year after year.  The Kyoto Protocol was one of these agreements that would be the hammer eventually to do with not just cutting carbon emissions but also to do with how much you would be given to eat every day.  That’s true socialism.  True socialism was all about that.  Even the Fabian Society, look up the Fabian Society, look up the speeches by George Bernard Shaw.  He said that eventually you’ll have to come to us to justify your existence... and if we don’t need you, you won’t live, basically.  And there’s lots of Fabians in charge today as Prime Ministers across the so-called British Empire. 


Now, Canada... 


Canada formally withdraws from Kyoto Protocol / Michel Comte (AFP)  / 13 Dec 2011


OTTAWA — Canada became the first country to formally withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol, saying the pact on cutting carbon emissions was preventing the world from effectively tackling climate change.


"We are invoking Canada's legal right to formally withdraw from Kyoto," Environment Minister Peter Kent said following a marathon UN climate conference in South Africa, at which nations agreed to a new roadmap for worldwide action.


The landmark pact reached in 1997 is the only global treaty that sets down targeted curbs in global emissions. 


But those curbs apply only to rich countries, excluding the United States, which has refused to ratify the accord.


"Kyoto is not the path forward for a global solution to climate change," Kent said. "If anything, it's an impediment. 


What he’s saying is exactly what Bush Sr said, actually, on the same subject many years ago, because he knew that he wanted to have regional blocs sign agreements and we’d all be fined collectively if we broke them.  So they want this international court, as I mentioned yesterday, to deal with climate credits and climate fines and climate polluters and so on.  So anyway, Canada’s pulled out of it, some other countries have pulled out of it too.  And they’ll come up with a new one, with a nice fancy name and they’ll have it at some other city somewhere and they’ll name it after that; they love to do that at the CFR.  So there you go, there’s Kyoto down the tubes but not really.  I mean, we’ve already spent millions and billions into it and goodness knows where the money went.  It certainly didn’t go up in smoke.


Now another thing too, to do with this world order, it’s a feudal system, as I mentioned Carroll Quigley said that.  We are run by private banks.  In fact we’re run by private families that generally are intermarried with other central banking families and so on. And it’s just astonishing, we go on century after century like this without saying, how come, how come one particular group of people run all the money systems?  ALL the money systems.  You understand, you don’t get wealthy by working hard.  You don’t get wealthy by producing something.  You get wealthy by handling the money.  That’s the old maxim that Rothschild talked about.  He said eventually accountants and chartered accountants would catch on to the scam of money but they won’t complain about it because they will be really benefiting very well from it.  And that’s so true. 


We also have the privatization system going on as Quigley talked about, from the Council on Foreign Relations, a privatization of and the farming out of governments into private partnerships, private/public partnerships they call them too, and outsourcing schemes that they have.  The same with the military.  Now, when the military become...  You know the military really is a two-edged sword.  As I say, the founding fathers in the US all knew the history of Europe and that your own military are always turned on their own people, always.  That’s the history of military, you see.  So they had big debates about standing armies and they got around that one eventually by saying well we’ll call them marines; they’ll really be on the ships, you see.  And of course most marines are not really on ships at all; they might be transported by ships sometimes.  That’s how they got around not having a standing army at that time. 


Today we don’t need them.  We have these big mercenary groups, big, big mercenary groups.  Now I can remember guys in the military back in the 80s talking about this and even the big private security companies that were taking over.  And by the way, they were talking in the early 80s about the coming terrorism and that these private organizations and that these big groups would take off and get more and more power, over the police even, as they escorted VIPs in this interconnected global society.  Very wealthy VIPs would have all their little armies traveling with them and so on. And this was common knowledge in the hierarchy there.  There’s a lot of ex-military guys leaving special forces in the British Empire and elsewhere working for these groups and companies.


Eventually they came in and they formed into companies like Blackwater, which literally farms them out across the Middle East.  They’re not responsible to any governments therefore they can slaughter at will basically.  And nothing changes in the world.  You see, the first soldiers were always mercenaries.  In ancient times too, they were mercenary soldiers.  They got their cut really by the booty, the loot that they could rob and steal and plunder. And eventually once the money boys got in charge of armies they could give them pays and keep them there.  Otherwise an army that doesn’t have pay will eventually just say oh I’m going home, and off you go and you just go home.  So money, again, was the key to getting standing armies together and the power of money and those who control it could control armies and whole countries; long, long history there as they took one country over after another through the same techniques. 


So this article here is...


Another name change for former Blackwater firm

As the CEO explains how new title is inspired by Greek warriors.

(Alan:  They love this stuff.  The young guys in the military love warrior stuff and skulls and bones and stuff like that.) / AP  / December 12, 2011


McLEAN, Va. (AP) — The security firm once known as Blackwater on Monday changed its name for the second time in less than three years as its owners continue to reshape the company they bought from its founder a year ago.


The Arlington-based company announced it will no longer be known as Xe Services and is now called Academi. The name is inspired by Plato's Academy in ancient Greece and is designed to connote elite, highly disciplined warriors who are thinkers as well as fighters.  (A:  Well that’s a novelty, eh.)


CEO Ted Wright said a new name was needed to reflect changes the company has undergone since a group of investors bought it in December 2010 from founder Erik Prince.  (A:  I’ll continue on this story because it’s quite interesting the way they’re all going. And a lot of countries have their own little subgroups of these major companies too, as we all go private.  And God help us all.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about Blackwater that changed its name to Xe and now it’s got a new name again, as they admit themselves that the Blackwater name was badly tarnished after their companies gunned down lots of people in Iraq there, in Nisoor Square in Baghdad, that left 17 Iraqis dead.  So they’ve changed their name and they’re doing well I’m sure.  And they’ve got lots more work lined up for the future because there’s more wars; they’ve got Syria to go shortly and other ones to come after that.  And remember too, those guys are quite happy, since they’re international they bring them in from all armies all over the world and they can bring them into your country when, you know, the food shortages start the riots and etc.  That’s what will be used on you. 


Now I mentioned this about a year ago when the swine flu vaccine showed narcolepsy turning up in places like Sweden and elsewhere I think it was.  And this article’s in the paper today...


Narcolepsy link to swine flu vaccine investigated / 12 December 2011


For almost two years, an infant school pupil has found himself losing muscle control and falling asleep at a moment's notice due to a rare sleeping illness.


Six-year-old Josh Hadfield, from Frome in Somerset, had shown no symptoms of narcolepsy prior to February 2010, and it took another year for doctors to diagnose the condition. 


(A:  So anyway, he got the...) swine flu vaccine called Pandemrix which he received three weeks before showing symptoms.  (A:  That’s standard, three weeks prodromal period.)


Tests in the UK have not revealed a link between Pandemrix and narcolepsy, although the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency said "a similar risk had only been confirmed in Finland and Sweden".  (A:  So they’re trying to cover and backtrack and protect themselves because there’s more and more children coming down with this stuff.  Some will take a bit longer to show.  Some symptoms will be a bit different too.  And there’ll be different degrees of it as well.  Some children will just be tired, they’ll be called lazy, and probably get punished or put into Special Ed or something.  That’s how things really go.)


And in Italy, the technocratic country now where the guy from the Central Bank of Europe is now appointed Prime Minister, it says that he’s now declaring a new budget basically, massive austerity measures...


Italy welfare minister breaks down in tears as government agrees austerity measures / 5 Dec 2011


Mario Monti, the Italian prime minister, declared the package of tax hikes, budget cuts and pension reforms a "decree to save Italy" (A:  He says.), at a press conference following after a cabinet meeting.


Italy will "put its deficit and debt under strong control" so that the country is "not seen as a suspicious flash point by Europe," he said.


He also warned that Italians had to make "sacrifices" and said he was renouncing his own salary as prime minister in a gesture of solidarity.  (A:  That’s okay because he’s got thousands of shares in the private central bank in Europe.)


The three-year package includes a controversial pension reform that will increase the minimum pension age for women to 62 starting next year and fall into line with men by 2018, by which time both will retire at 66.  (A:  You understand, through statistics and so on, they’ve got it all worked out how much money they’re going to rake in through folk who die off, not getting their pensions, you know.  And the government snafus it, for the private banking boys, the guys with the little podgy fingers eh.)


The number of years that men have to pay contributions to receive their full pensions will also be increased from the current level of 40 to 42.  (A:  So isn’t that wonderful?)


Ms Fornero, whose proposals have already been criticised by Italy's main trade unions, broke down as she outlined the changes.


"We had to... and it cost us a lot psychologically... ask for a..." Ms Fornero said, but was unable to complete her sentence as she wiped tears from her eyes.  (A:  You don’t know if it’s because of all the money they’ll grab or because she feels sorry for the people.)


Mr Monti finished the sentence for her, speaking the word "sacrifice" that she'd been unable say.


The package also increases taxes on housing and luxury items and raises value-added tax - which has already been raised by one percentage point this year - by two percentage points to 23 percent from the second quarter of 2012. 


23% on everything you buy, eh.  And that’s what they want to bring across the world, this Value Added Tax.  Because we’ve all to go through the same stuff too you see. We’ve got the beginnings of it in Canada; they call it the GST because they refused to put a Value Added Tax through so they renamed it the GST, General Sales Tax.  The US still has to get theirs put on too.  Because as they join more and more free trade pacts with Latin America and elsewhere, and the Caribbean, then they got to make up all that lost money; they won’t get it on the tariffs coming in from import duties and so they got to get it from the taxpayer.  That’s what Value Added Tax was designed to do, for this free trade idea.  Quite something.)


And a good article too, from WattsUpWithThat about...


To Sahel And Back / December 13, 2011 / Willis Eschenbach


The Sahel, that stretch of harsh territory south of the Sahara desert, is a bleak region. (A:  It goes on to talk about how they’ve been using this, again, the climate change nonsense.  This guy talks about it and brings the reality, gives you the real statistics, and all the stuff that they’re talking about is absolute baloney.  He says...)


Anthony highlighted some science by press release in “Climate change blamed for dead trees in Africa“. The press release is about a paper that won’t be published until this coming Friday. The lead author provided the following quotes for the press release.


“Rainfall in the Sahel has dropped 20-30 percent in the 20th century, the world’s most severe long-term drought since measurements from rainfall gauges began in the mid-1800s,” said study lead author Patrick Gonzalez, who conducted the study while he was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Center for Forestry. (A:  So this guy goes over there and gets all the stats for himself, right, to counter this.) 


I thought, “Really”? Because I was sure I remembered all kinds of recent articles about the “greening of the Sahel”. In any case, I’ll take any excuse to learn something new. So I went off to see what the rainfall records had to say about the “world’s most severe long-term drought”.


I found three rainfall records that covered the Sahel in the time period from 1901 to the present. Two (CRU and GPCC) are available from KNMI Climate Explorer, and one (Sahel Index) can be downloaded from the University of Washington. (A:  And it gives you the links here so you can prove it to yourself.  And we’ll go on with this when I come back from this break.)


Hi folks, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about the Sahel region of the Sahara Desert and debunking again another study done to try and show global warming.  I’ll put this link up tonight will all these other links too and you can go through and follow up for yourself, because the proof is all here.  And this author said...


I’m sorry, but I’m not seeing either a “severe long-term drought”, or a drop of “20-30 percent in the 20th century”, or a human fingerprint in that record. Modern times are drier than mid-20th century, but not much different from the first part of the century. Rainfall has gone up, and it has gone down, and then back up again. Nor is there any obvious correlation with the general warming of the planet over the same time period. Given the close agreement of the three records, I think we can have reasonable confidence in the data.  (A:  They’ve had 3 record rainfalls but of course the warmists just omit that, every single event.)


It’s just astonishing the lies that are force-fed upon the general population.  And it comes from places like Berkeley and so on, and oh it must be prestigious, they can’t be wrong can they?  And that’s exactly how they train you.  You’ll believe anything the supposed experts tell you.  You’re trained to believe them actually.  You’ve already been trained. 


And onto, about the big... I mentioned it quite a few times before, Mexico.  It says...


Calderon spokesman:

 Mexico unaware DOJ was passing laundered cash to cartels / 12/12/2011 / Matthew Boyle


According to a spokesperson for Mexican president Felipe Calderon, Mexico’s government was left in the dark about a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration drug money laundering scheme that allegedly facilitated the transfer of millions of dollars to Mexican drug cartels.  (A:  And this is after Fast and Furious when they were trafficking thousands of guns in from the US into Mexico as well.  I mean, you know you have to either understand that either the whole darned government is in on what’s going on and the whys of it all, or there are so many departments and layers of government now that go off on their little own thing, secret little thing, that no one else knows what’s happening.)


The program was similar to Operation Fast and Furious (A:  And the links are all here.) in that the U.S. Department of Justice, under Attorney General Eric Holder, was allegedly furnishing narcotics traffickers with laundered drug proceeds in an attempt to discern how those funds would move, and to whom.  (A:  Do you really believe that?  Like they didn’t know how the money was moved?  You know the CIA is all over the planet, all over the planet, everywhere, with every gizmo you can imagine, to track, trace and so on.  So they have to put millions of dollars into Mexico and wait for it turning up to see how it turns.  Who’s kidding who?  Hmm?)


On this week’s Al Punto, a Sunday news program on the Spanish-language television network Univision, Calderon spokeswoman Alejandra Sota said the Mexican government was not aware of, or involved with, any DEA money laundering scheme.  (A:  So how come they wouldn’t notify the Mexican authorities?  Hmm?)


According to a New York Times report, “in operations supervised by the Justice Department and orchestrated to get around sovereignty restrictions” drug enforcement agents “laundered or smuggled millions of dollars in drug proceeds as part of Washington’s expanding role in Mexico’s fight against drug cartels.”


Almost immediately after the Times published the story, and House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa’s subsequent announcement that he will expand his investigation of Operation Fast and Furious to examine reports of DEA-facilitated money laundering, the Department of Justice released a public statement disclaiming the practice as perfectly ordinary.


In that statement, the Obama administration claimed it was “working collaboratively with the Mexican government” on the efforts to fight more widespread money laundering.  (A:  Well, if the Mexican government wasn’t told about it then that’s a big lie, eh. But what’s new, eh?  What’s new?)


There’s nothing you can believe from the top at all that they tell you.  You can’t.  There’s nothing you can believe.  Anyway, they’re stirring up the pot and of course it will be to get rid of all competition for one favorite cartel to continue, who’s in with the same boys that run the banking systems because drug money’s awfully important.  You understand, there’s two systems in the world.  There’s the overworld, the one that you’re taught to believe in where everything’s legal and on the up-and-up, and then there’s the underworld.  And the same boys run both of them, you see.  It’s that simple. 


This article too,


Hundreds of US-NATO Soldiers Arrive & Begin Operations on the Jordan-Syria Border / 11 December 2011


Foreign Troops Begin to Spread Near the Villages of Al-Mafraq (A:  And that’s on the Jordanian border with Syria.  I’ll put this one up as well. All the Special Forces are definitely all in there and they’re getting Syria ready to be the next one to fall down.  And we’ll all munch our chips and say uh-huh and then we’ll get distracted with something else at home and it’s all forgotten.)


Now it says...


Body scanners will be banned at European airports because of cancer risk / 12 Dec 2011


Travellers arriving at European airports won’t have to go through the full-body x-ray scanners being introduced in the US.  (A:  ...being introduced... they’re already here.)  The EU has decided the scanners are dangerous, and could cause cancer.  (A:  Well they know they cause cancer.)


The scanners use ionizing radiation, which could damage DNA.  (A:  Well it does damage DNA.)  Early studies suggest that they are likely to trigger a small number of cancers every year from the millions of air passengers scanned.  (A:  It’s accumulative too.  It’s accumulative damage it does.)


The scanners, which detect explosives by revealing the full body underneath clothes, are already being used in hundreds of airports around the US.  Eventually, every airport is supposed to get them.  (A:  So Europe’s at least cancelled them, and I mentioned an article about a year ago where they were talking about doing that too.)


Now, Sir David Attenborough is one of these front men, real front men for depopulation big time.  He blames, you know, the useless eaters, you know, the basic working majority at the bottom, too many of them, for the problems on the planet. And he’s a diehard on this.  He’s made a career at the BBC on his nature programs.  That’s what they always do, they give you nature programs.  Like David Suzuki does in Canada; that’s how he made his career.  And David Suzuki is a geneticist actually, and a eugenicist by nature.  And he actually called people maggots; that’s how he referred to the ones beneath him.  But he did say there were better classes of maggots; I guess he was referring to himself. Anyway, he’s got a lot in common with Sir David Attenborough.  It says...


Frozen Planet scandal: Sir David Attenborough defends fake polar bear footage - / Simon Boyle / 13/12/2011


SIR David Attenborough yesterday defended Frozen Planet’s (A:  That’s one of the biggest sellers abroad, this series called Frozen Planet on the nature of things.) fake polar bear footage – by comparing BBC nature documentaries to movies.


His blunt remarks came as more footage from the series was exposed as a sham.  (A:  They used fake snow and everything.  They used zoos in Holland and made you think it was the North Pole.)


[BBC: We Fake It All The Time - / 13 December 2011 / Simon Boyle]


In a surprising justification for duping millions of viewers, the TV star argued that owning up to splicing archive film with real Arctic scenes during the programme would have spoiled the mood.  (A:  [Alan laughing.] So he just faked it all.)


His blunt remarks came as more footage from the series was exposed as a sham.


Speaking after our exclusive story yesterday revealed shots of a polar bear and her newborn cubs were staged in a zoo using fake snow, Sir David, 85, said: “The question is, during the middle of this scene when you are trying to paint what it is like in the middle of winter at the pole, to say ‘Oh, by the way, this was filmed in a zoo’.  (A:  In other words, he’s trying to justify why they did that.)


“It ruins the atmosphere, and destroys the pleasure of the viewers and destroys the atmosphere you are trying to create.  (A:  ...which of course is a propagandic lie.  [Alan laughing.])


“It’s not a falsehood and we don’t keep it secret either. But to say actually in the middle of that sequence, I mean how far do you take this?  (A:  So there you go, everything to say that the pole’s melting and so on and ya-da, ya-da, ya, and these bears are drowning, ya-da, ya, even though they can swim hundreds of miles and it’s just astonishing what they can actually do.  And this article from the BBC too, it says...)


BBC Brand In Meltdown Over Polargate / 13 December 2011 / Ian Burrell


BBC feels the commercial chill of 'fake' documentary: Fake allegations are potentially hugely damaging for the BBC, which licensed the most recent series of Frozen Planet to 30 networks around the world.  (A:  Big part of the climate change group, you see.)


The BBC moved yesterday to protect one of its most valuable international brands amid claims that scenes shown on Sir David Attenborough's acclaimed series Frozen Planet were filmed in a Dutch animal park and not in the wild.  (A:  So... oh it must be true, it’s on TV, see, I saw it on TV it must be true.  Yeah.  There you go.  Fake snow and everything.  And then he goes on to tell you about, oh, the poles are melting, oh the poles are melting, you know.  Aaahhh, dear, dear, dear, eh.  Another article too, there’s about 3 or 4 articles on this...)


Frozen Planet Faked? David Attenborough Explains 'We Did It For The Polar Bears' / 12/12/11 save the polar bears, that’s why they lied, you see.


Now, the US of course are supposed to be pulling out of Iraq.  Of course they’ll have their mercenaries in there too, mercenary groups, private ones; they have already been there for quite a long time.  But they’re going to keep a hold of the oil for the big companies that actually were given rights to that oil before they even attacked Iraq; it’s quite astonishing, the stuff that came out of Britain.  Because they were going to see the Prime Minister and putting bids in for oil fields, and backhanders to the Prime Minister. 


'US to control Iraq oil always' / 13 December, 2011


Despite the US’s declared withdrawal of its military personnel and contractors out of Iraq, Washington has prepared to control the country's rich oil reserves in any case, shared Ranjit Singh Kalha, former India's ambassador to Iraq in the 1990s.


Having spent $3 trillion in Iraq, a country with harsh weather conditions (+50 C most of the time) and absolutely nothing valuable but oil reserves, the Americans simply cannot give up the plentiful and very high quality oil they went there for.  (A:  That’s what they went there for.  That’s one reason; there’s also another geopolitical reason as well.)


“It takes $1.50 to take out this oil that’s just below the surface. Anybody who has access to this oil can be a game changer – as far as the politics of oil is concerned,” Ranjit Singh Kalha concluded.


The problem Americans encountered in Iraq is that once given “some symbols” of democracy, the Iraqi voted for a Shia-led government. The headache is that the Shia traditionally have close links with Iran, the core territory of this affiliation.  (A:  Which means they’re going to keep mercenary troops there, etc, etc, to make sure that their newly plundered oil fields are kept running.)


It’s interesting too, the US taxpayer and the British taxpayer paid for all those new oil rigs there, and refineries, because during the Gulf War the pilots were told to bomb them all because they were obsolete, and of course they wanted new ones.  The big companies that made the deals with government before the war started wanted new refineries and of course it was all paid for by the taxpayers through Halliburton and all the rest of the big groups that profited from it.  Not bad, eh?  It’s not bad being a king of the world.


And the UK, which I don’t know how it’s still floating actually with all the debt it’s got and all the other problems it’s got.  Anybody with a bit of sense got out of that country a long time ago, because you could see what was coming, years ago.  And as far as I’m concerned they’ve been in a financial depression since at least World War II and they’ve never really got out of it.  And it’s getting worse and worse and worse since they joined the EU, and for years and years before all the latest kafuffle with all the banks going down in Europe and bailing them out, borrowing money to bail them out and get more compound interest for the big usurers, the big bankers, before all that happened they were paying for farms all across France.  Every plot farmer was getting handouts for having a plot farm and Britain was paying for it all.  Anyway...


UK green targets get even tougher...

but renewable energy 'still won't keep lights on' / Tamara Cohen / 12th December 2011


Britain pledged yesterday to sign up to some of the toughest green targets as critics claimed that even a massive expansion of renewable energy would not be enough to keep the country’s lights on.


Under a climate deal announced in South Africa after days of negotiations, world leaders agreed a ‘road map’ for all major countries to introduce legally-binding targets (A:  ...targets... plural.) to tackle global warming for the first time.  (A:  So they didn’t fail in South Africa at all. They got exactly what they wanted, which is a legally binding treaty, with a court basically that will fine you, and you’ll pay billions and millions for it, for whatever the fine is.)


But the world’s biggest polluters – including the U.S., China and India – will only have to start cutting their greenhouse gases ‘from 2020’ and it is unclear how stringent the targets will be.


In return the EU has agreed to negotiate even more ambitious curbs on emissions, which could see green taxes on energy bills rise to fund a new wave of wind farms (A:  More wind farms. [Alan laughing.] They break up and fall apart each time a high wind hits them.) and solar panels. Currently they cost £90 per household a year in the UK.


The Government will thrash out the details of a second period of the Kyoto Protocol next year, but it is likely the current target of reducing emissions by 20 per cent by 2020 will rise to 30 per cent. 


So you better just stop breathing folks and don’t heat yourselves at all, and grin and bear it, you know, that stiff upper lip and all that stuff, all that rubbish, because it’s going to get even more hellish if you can believe that, even more hellish than it is today.  They’ve never had a break over there, never.  Mind you, I used to wonder why the class system in Britain got on so well with the class system in India.  And in India it’s a caste system as well, you see.  And it’s because they’re almost identical, the caste systems, and they call it a class system in Britain.  Because the upper crust of Britain would go over to meet the high characters running India, with their massive palaces and living off the tax money of the public; that’s how they lived on them in India.  And the deal that of course Britain got when they ran it for a while, was to share the taxes off the peasantry, much as they were doing back home in Britain. But nothing’s really changed.  It’s just astonishing to watch it continue through different means and different names. 




Cancer Costs Forecast To Rise 62% By 2021 / December 12, 2011


(A:  Now remember, this ties in with euthanasia coming big time and just like Holland; you’ll get little vans that pull up at your home to kill you, by the government decree.  And don’t, whatever you say to your doctor, I’m a bit depressed doctor, because, actually, depression’s enough to get you euthanized.  No kidding, eh. )


Healthcare analysts Laing and Buisson warned diagnosis and treatment costs are set to increase by 62% from £9.4bn in 2010 to £15.3bn by 2021.  (A:  Well inflation alone would make that happen because the money’s always, you know, inflating anyway.  In other words, the buying power lessens and lessens with every year.)


This will mean the average cost of treating someone suffering from cancer will go from £30,000 in 2010 to almost £40,000 in 2021.


The Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment: A 2021 Projection report, conducted for Bupa, warns this will inevitably affect cancer survival rates in the UK. 


You know darn well it’s all coming down to euthanasia.  They’re trying to say, oh it’s just uneconomically viable so we got to do something else.  You know.  That’s what it really is.  You understand, we’re really at the last end of the mass man, you know, the mass market and ‘the masses’, the Marxian term that came up during the industrial revolution.  And they run us like conveyor belts now and we’re economic units, every one of us.  If we’re not producing AND consuming then we’re a bad citizen.  That’s literally, that’s simply how it’s worked out in economics, as simple as that.  So it’s interesting too that ties in with the World Health Organization’s report about the up-and-coming third world countries that are now getting all our tax money pumped into them, to the rich folk there, not to the ordinary folk though. And they said there was going to be a massive, massive... they were going to have to get ready for a massive cancer increase. Well why’s that? if these people are going to get better food and so on?  Well they get inoculations with everything to make sure that they go the way that everybody else went, sterilization and so on with all their inoculations. That’s why they can confidently say there’s going to be a massive, massive cancer increase in the third world countries that are coming up.  Isn’t that amazing, eh.  They’d never do that to you, would they?  No.  We’re civilized now.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll go to the callers and there’s Darren from Ireland hanging on there, if he’s still there.  Are you there Darren?


Darren:  Hello Alan.  How are you today?


Alan:  Not bad at all. 


Darren:  You know I was thinking of something you said recently about people not being excited or interested sometimes in what you have to say.  You know I found it funny, I’ve been round a few people now and again when I have you on, you know on the podcast, and they go, how do you listen to him?  They say, oh he’s so boring and this and that. And I was like, do you not hear what he’s saying?  Like, to me, it fills me with excitement and I guess kind of, you know, an interest when I hear the topics that you suggest. And it’s just funny that some people, I would read, say, oh you know he needs to, I guess, be more exciting.  And I’m like thinking, you can’t really make the truth exciting, you know.


Alan:  Well, that’s it.  See, they’ve been trained with entertainment from birth.  And if I put a lot of bangs and whistles and screams and so on in amongst it they’d be hyper, because I can get you hyper if I want to, by using types of music, etc – these are all used in the general business.  But I don’t, you see.  I’m talking basically to the ones whose indoctrinations haven’t really taken on them very well.  That’s who I’m really looking for.  Those people where their indoctrination’s taken full control of them and they live in this never-never land of half-truths, half-awake, half-hypnosis, you’ll never get through to those people because they can’t concentrate on what you’re saying.  So you got to discard them anyway.  They are the general herd who will go the way that the world will go.  But I don’t use any tricks on this because I’m not aiming at a general audience.  If I did, as I say, I could do it because I’ve worked in studios; I know exactly what to do, and give you all the psychological things which you’ve already been trained in by the regular media, you know.  You’re used to the regular media where the ads come on and they blow your eardrums out right off the bat, you know, and stuff like that.  So I can play music that will actually raise your blood pressure, get you nervous as I tell you a scary thing.  And you’d be hooked on it; I can hook you on it too if I want to.  I can hook you on fear, and that makes you kick in, it makes your survival mechanism kick in and you won’t turn away.  That’s why you watch horror movies from beginning to end, even if it’s a rotten horror movie; if you turn away your life is at stake – it’s a very primitive thing. So the guys who make horror movies understand that.  So I could use all these cons and techniques but I don’t do it because as I say, I’m not aiming at the general conditioned population. 


Darren:  You know, I was driving home and it kind of hit me, I was just stoking a fire in the house and it came to me that you know, in my time I will probably never see these things again, and I’ll probably never be able to drive a car again. And just you know, you’re kind of taking in these small things that people now take for granted. But you know it’s like, it feels like I’m kind of living like my last day, every day is my last kind of day and just kind of realizing that you know, these things will not be around and you know, my grandparents, they won’t be around, but I know their generation’s going to die out and it’s just not going to be the same and it’s kind of... it’s sad.  You know, I feel remorseful now [Caller chuckles.] before it even happened.


Alan:  It’s true.  It’s the same when you realize there’s no such thing as democracy.  You go through the same symptoms of a death.  You get depression, anger, all the same things hit you one after another.  So when you understand what’s happening, it’s a hard thing to swallow.  These guys are serious, what they do.  They’ve been serious; we’ve seen all the changes so far.  We know what they plan for the future; they’ve told us so.  And it’s terribly sad to watch generations, history come to an end for whole generations and cultures and ways of living.  It’s very, very... it’s terribly sad.  I agree with you.  But to go on, a few of us who understand what’s happened, must try and pass the knowledge on to generations.  And who knows, it might take hundreds of years down the road, like George Orwell said, it might take 1000 years before the change will occur.  We don’t know.... but we’ve got to keep trying.  That’s what the human spirit is.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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